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Stink Bugs Making Their Way Across The U.S.

April 4, 2011 by  

Stink Bugs Making Their Way Across The U.S.They bite, they eat your plants, they invade your homes and they emit a horrible smell when crushed or smashed—and they’re showing up all across the United States. They’re the brown marmorated stink bug, and they’ve been reported in 33 states already this year, according to news reports.

The bugs came to the U.S. from China, Japan and Korea and began showing up in 1998 in Pennsylvania. Since then they’ve been spotted in all across the country, except for the Rockies and Plains States, and most recently they’ve made their way into Washington, Arizona, Georgia, Vermont, Wisconsin Minnesota and Michigan.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the brown marmorated stink bug feeds on a variety of plants, including fruit trees, ornamentals and some crops. But the real problems come when they find their way into homes, which they do by flattening themselves out and squeezing under doors and windows or by hitchhiking on clothing and bags.

"I would say people now regard them as an out-of-control pest,” Kime Hoelmer, a research entomologist at the USDA in Newark, Del., told USA Today.

Experts say that if they find their way into your home the best way to get rid of them is to pick them up in a tissue and flush them down the toilet. If found inside in large numbers, experts say a vacuum cleaner is the best method to remove them from the house, but the vacuum bag should be disposed of immediately to reduce the chance of the smell getting into the vacuum cleaner.

The bugs are susceptible to poisons, but when poisons are put out the bugs just avoid the area until conditions improve enough for them to return, according to entomologists.

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  • http://deleted Claire

    Stink bugs? For a split second I though this article was referring to politicians.

    • http://deleted Claire

      Oops, “thought”

    • Al Sieber

      No, you’re right claire they are politicians.

      • TIME

        DITTO on that number.

    • wandamurline

      Sorry to say, these bugs I thought originated in Washington as they have had an infestation there for over several decades. Maybe we should use pesticides to rid ourselves of these pests…but, wait, they just leave (Dems in Minnesota) until the pesticides wear off. We have to find a way to rid ourselves of these stinking pests.

      • granny mae

        Just like politicians these stink bugs are found in every state I have been in !

    • Mike in MI

      Claire -
      It is about politicians.
      They’re Obama flies.

      • http://deleted Claire

        MIke in MI —Don’t forget the RINOs.

  • Gordon

    We live in Northern NJ and began seeing them all over the back of the house late last summer. A few got inside and we did the flush down the toilet bit. The big surprise was finding about 3-4 at various times inside this winter.I assume they got in closer to warmer weather and had been hiding. Actually, our cat found them and I picked them up before the cat could eat them.

  • Dan

    The darn things won’t eat Kudzu though.

    • Eddie47d

      Now that would be a breakthrough.

    • granny mae

      hey you can make jelly out of kudzu and I understand it can be eaten too. They say it is good for alcoholics. It is supposed to help them sober up ! Don’t know that for sure though!

  • momplayer

    Just more illegals coming across our borders.They expect free housing and food and put up a stink when you try to cut them off.

    • Al Sieber

      I agree, good one.

    • Tony



      there was oceans put between us and them for reasons

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

      That was a good one.

      I wonder if ACORN will teach them how to vote…

      • granny mae

        OH Lord we are in good form today huh? LOL !

  • Raggs

    Hey,,, this stink bug sounds alot like obaba…

  • lee

    our house in maryland was filled with them get a cup with warm to hot water and some dish soap just kinda push them in it they drown and no stink some jump in for you

  • neilb

    They’ve been showing up recently in Michigan etc. yah like the illegals have been just noticed. I do remodeling in north central MI. and I’ve found them behind siding, roofing etc. since about 2000. Yes and the beetles that the MI. AG dept. brought in that look like lady bugs these were suppose to do a better job than them, what a mess.
    momplayer I digress they aren’t coming in there being brought in, it’s a swarm.

    • momplayer

      Have you ever been down around the Az border? They are being brought here and yeah you’re right their coming in swarms!!!!!!!!!

    • granny mae

      I was born and raised in Michigan and we had them there when I was living there only not a whole lot of them. Left there in 1976 !

  • scrollerdust

    We have had stinkbugs for years in the Dallas area. Bummer!!

  • Dee

    We have them here in Massachusetts. I was sitting out on my deck and noticed them all over the outside of my house, then they started to get in. And they really do stink when you crush them. Yuck!

  • jopa

    Be careful what type of vacuum that you use on stinkbugs.If you use the type where the bug would go through the impeller and get chewed up you may as well throw the vacuum away.The smell is horrendous and it just attracts more bugs.

  • independant thinker

    “The bugs came to the U.S. from China, Japan and Korea and began showing up in 1998 in Pennsylvania.”

    Perhaps it is a different specie of stink bug but we have had them where I live as since at least the 1950′s. Thats the 6 legged kind the two legged kind have been around a lots longer than that.

    • independant thinker

      Never had a problem with them getting in the house though just in the garden.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I can remember the type shown in the picture being around when I was a kid. we used to put them down the back of peoples shirts and then my Dad would get pizzed at me for it!! Once you kill one on your flesh, you dam near have to WEAR the stink off!!

  • http://com i41

    Did the Dept of Homeland security and State Department have a safu, I thought these paper pushers were professional to protect our border and country frompest and invaders, damn I forgot State Departemnt is worried about internal possible theories going bad. More of this fine one world b–l s–t, of free trade.

  • Macawma

    What’s the big deal? It’s no different than the stink in the white house which we don’t seem to be able to eradicate either…

    • Mike in MI

      Macawma -
      That’s because the W.H. is still being assisted by the bed bugs, rats, moles, leeches and tapeworms in The House of Reps…which we thought was fumigated.

      • Carlucci

        Tapeworms – what a great way to describe politicians. They just grab hold and suck the life out of their host.

  • barbm

    we’ve had them what seems like forever in texas. they decimated my cucumbers last year, but i’ve never found one in the house. maybe that’s because it’s so warm here most of the year so they don’t need to get in out of the cold. they have hard shells like water bugs, so they’re susceptible to the ravages of boric acid. eats away their shell which then allows other bugs and diseases to get in and kill them. whereever they walk, they drop some, so they spread the stuff and kill more. best thing i ever found for kiling roaches and water bugs which are prevalent in the south. i still have’t figured out a way to get rid of the wetbacks, dems, and rinos though.

    • independant thinker

      “best thing i ever found for kiling roaches and water bugs which are prevalent in the south.”

      When my job required me to move often enough that it was more practical to rent than buy a house we kept Boric acid on hand all the time for just that reason. I read somewhere years ago that Boric Acid was the only poison a roach could not learn to detect and avoid.

      • Carlucci

        A friend of mine did that exact same thing with boric acid when he was building a brand new home. He went in while the house was still in the “stick” stage, and sprinkled b.a. before the drywall was hung. He has never had roaches inside his house, and we live in a roach friendly hot, humid climate in S.E. Texas.

      • granny mae

        Maybe we should send them all the stink bugs !

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The first one is allergic to lead dust!!!! They tend to run SOUTH!!!

  • Sadly Wiser

    They go seem to go semi-dormant in the winter here in SE PA, but still I find them in my trailer. They especially like to hide under cover. Then when it gets warm, they’re all over the ceiling & flying around. My cats don’t even like to play with them. There is one fun way to get rid of them–scoop it up with a folded paper or cardboard and drop it on top of a hot woodstove! They can’t get away, and they don’t stink as they cook! BTW, how do you get rid of them with boric acid?

  • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

    When I first saw the article I was sure it would be about ACORN, SEIU or liberals in general as the description sure could fit them all.

    We have the buggers and they go after our grape vines. They also killed an apple tree. We spray Seven on the grape vines and it helps, but as was stated once it’s gone they are back.

    From China, huh? Hmmmmmm.

    • barbm

      careful what you spray on edible plants. also, if you put poison on them, it can kill beneficial bugs including bees that you need for pollination. lemon scented dish soap helps by repelling bugs instead of killing. bugs don’t like the scent because citrus has acid that’s harmful to them. be careful to NOT use antibacterial soap as it kills the plant in a heatbeat. the stinkers didn’t hurt the cucumber and tomatoe plants, they ate the cucumbers and tomatoes. poofing a bit of b.a. on the bugs kills them without harming the plant or fruit.

      • independant thinker

        There is a soap you can use as an insecticide I believe it is Fels-Naptha. It has been around since the 1800′s if I remember correctly.

  • Ira

    Live Free or Die! The ultimate survival preparation!

    What’s all this “stink” about stink bugs? Serious survivalists know that these little critters are actually edible; and that they are eaten by various ethnic groups worldwide. Did you know that in addition to stink bugs, the world offers you many different kinds of edible insects? Bet you didn’t know that most insects contain an average of 70% protein, and that meat only contains an average of 25-30% protein, and unlike meat and most other protein sources, insects are organic, contain no growth hormones or antibiotics, contain no additives or preservatives, are never cloned (like some cattle are), and most importantly, are not genetically modified, as long as they have been gathered in areas where genetically modified crops have not been grown. In addition, many insects and their larva are edible, including many grubs and worms. Edible insects, their larva, and certain worms can be used to make highly nutritious smoothie drinks by properly preparing and cooking them first, and then by using a blender (such as a Vita-Mix) to turn them into a puree along with organic fruit juices, common organic vegetables, or wild edible plants to make them taste really good or at least passable (for most). Edible insects, their larva, and certain worms may also be pureed and used as a soup, soup base, stew base and even a pasta “sauce”. In addition, many can simply be added to soups and stews without blending, and meals can be prepared by stovetop, campfire or solar cooker. The book, “Man Eating Bugs” by Peter Menzel provides a good introduction to the wise and healthy use of how the peoples of the world use insects for food. CAUTION: Not all insects are edible, and some are poisoness. Many cause stomach upset and may cause serious health problems when eaten raw… KNOW YOUR INSECTS!!! Cook edible insects as a precaution unless you are absolutely certain that it is safe to eat a specific kind raw.

    Forget about what others might think about eating insects! Be bold and lead the way! Be a leader and not a sheep! Be adventurous and make learning fun by creating your own survival scenarios and practicing your skills in the field with a friend until it’s an efficient daily routine. A practical working knowledge of edible insects along with a practical working knowledge of gathering and preparing wild edible weeds, plants, and grasses WILL enable YOU to make it through virtually any difficult situation you could ever find yourself in; because possessing such skills (along with a general working knowledge of survival), will actually enable you to live APART from the culture WITHOUT MONEY or virtually any money if you want to, or if life’s circumstances force you to. rising food prices (which are caused by inflation), hyperinflation (currency collapse), food riots, social unrest and an increasingly invasive world government all lose their influence over you when you know how to gather and prepare your own food efficiently and effectively, and know the methods of getting pure water for yourself; because if you are proficient in all these things, you won’t be dependent on money, government, a job, welfare, or even silver or gold! You’ll truly be free from the above and this is a huge benefit! In addition, the more you practice your survival skills (which should wisely include using insects as food), the less you’ll have to barter to get the few key critical items you need to survive.

    Another benefit of insects and their larva for food is that they are very easy to gather (a bit harder in high desert areas) and are usually very plentiful during months where temperatures consistently stay above freezing. Because of this you will only need to stockpile food during months when cold weather kills off insects or the ground is frozen; except if you are very good at survival hunting, trapping and fishing OR if you live in a climate where freezing temps are rare or nonexistent because you can then gather insects year round OR if you have learned to live off the abundance of the sea along the seashore, or a combination of the above. To the degree your local climate allows you to gather insects and worms year round, is the degree that hunting, fishing and trapping become OPTIONAL since the insects provide all of your protein needs instead – which is the degree that you don’t have to depend on food storage! Raising worms is an option but the downside is it ties you where you’re raising them. Ragnar Benson’s “Survival Poaching” and “Hardcore poaching” books teach very effective methods of survival hunting, fishing, and trapping, but much of what’s written involves unlawful harvesting methods. Not needing food storage is the best way to go if you can, because it effectively eliminates the problems associated with stockpiling such as the high cost to purchase food and preserve it, food spoilage, degraded food quality over time, the need of a job to produce income to purchase the food, the need to be near your source of food to survive, and theft or confiscation of your stockpile by hungry unprepared ‘masses’ or even confiscation by an out of control government or during wartime. Don’t laugh! Widespread government food confiscation happened in Russia and many others… even right here in America during the 1930’s. (An old friend who lived through the great depression gave a first-hand account of widespread U.S. government food confiscation). With so many numerous health benefits and freedoms that come from possessing survival skills which also make use of insects as food, it is wise to quit making fun of the idea, swallow your pride, and get out there and start learning about edible insects while there’s still time. If you already have and practice this knowledge, you’re extremely unlikely to go hungry. Most importantly, you’ll be prepared for the worst, even if nothing serious ever occurs! Having these all these skills makes sense, but please don’t let survival training (or anything else), get in the way of your own spiritual survival. Spiritual survival is eternal, which is why I believe it is the most important kind of survival of all.

    My spiritual survival is the eternal foundation on which my physical survival forever rests, and is based entirely on the following: Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ personally as the Lord and Savior of my soul, by faith in Him alone, APART FROM my own good works – Period. My own good works cannot and will NEVER be able to make me spiritually alive (save me) or secure my eternal spiritual survival because my Bible makes it clear that I would have to live a perfect life in the God of the Bible’s eyes to accomplish this. “For whosoever shall keep the whole law [meaning keep all God’s laws perfectly], and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. (James 2:10). Therefore I am no better than anyone else apart from God, and therefore I have nothing or no one else to boast in except God alone! I’ve learned that according to Jesus’ own words, spiritual survival and eternal life with God are only available through Jesus Christ. “Jesus saith [said] unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6). Jesus wrote this because His words effectively preserve God’s own right to make the rules apart from what mankind might believe or want. Secondly, Jesus’ statement is intended to keep mankind from boasting in his own righteousness and good works which it effectively does since spiritual freedom is only available through Him. Jesus’ statement is one example of an eternal spiritual truth. It is one of the truths that lead to true spiritual freedom and true spiritual survival when fully accepted and believed on with one’s whole heart. To benefit, one must be totally committed to this truth apart from any other spiritual path including one’s own good works, religious or not. Choosing to turn away from one’s own life of imperfections (which are called sins in the God of the Bible’s eyes) and asking Jesus to supernaturally come into one’s life and heart and make one spiritually alive results in a spiritual freedom unlike any other in the world because it’s an eternal spiritual freedom! I am absolutely certain that the Biblical path I’ve explained leads to eternal spiritual freedom because the Bible which is God’s own word promises it, and God cannot lie because God (unlike mankind) is perfect. Furthermore, life without any fear, boredom, stress or anxiety, along with being full of God’s LOVE and PEACE towards friends and enemies alike is beyond awesome and gives irrefutable evidence that the eternal spiritual freedom I experience daily is genuine. I’ve been experiencing this kind of freedom for many years… have you?

    I boast only in God and praise and thank Him for this eternal spiritual freedom he’s given me because I do not deserve it and I’m no better than anyone else. If you doubt that eternal spiritual freedom is only available through Jesus as I’ve explained; I lovingly challenge you ask Jesus to come into your life and heart and be your Lord and Savior. Then and only then will you see for yourself whether what I’m saying is true or not. Spiritual freedom becomes increasingly evident when one continues to study and apply the Bible’s truths to one’s life after being made spiritually alive through Jesus Christ. This is what ultimately sets one free!!! “Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:31-32. Knowing God as my Lord and Savior and applying God’s word to my life for many years has made me THIS FREE!!! …and will make you this free as well IF you choose to follow God’s Biblical spiritual path far enough. The biggest question is: Are YOU spiritually free? “But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:22-23). – by Ira

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If you run low on insects (six legged) let me know, you can have all you find in my back yard except the praying mantises and true ladybugs!!!

  • Ridge Runner

    I aim to raise as much as i can to eat and preserve as much as i can so i and my family want go hungry.I wdon’t like the idea of any one stealing from me or the gov. confisticating my food i will probably become very violent an i have plenty of ammo.Don’t tread on me.


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