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Stimulus to Stimulate Collapse of Currency

February 23, 2009 by  

Stimulus to Stimulate Collapse of Currency

The Federal Government is proposing an $787 billion economic stimulus plan to energize the economy, but will pumping that money into the economy stimulate anything other than the speed at which currency collapses? The simple answer is no.

The only way for true economic growth is by the transfer of services, goods or wealth between people (or businesses) who actually produce something. In other words, if someone provides a service and gets gold or silver (actual wealth) or widgets for compensation, both the service provider and widget maker has benefited and each has something that has bettered his standard of living.

If the one who performed the service uses the widgets to acquire trinkets which help him to perform his service, then the service performer has benefited. The trinket maker has also benefited, and can put the widgets to use. This sort of transfer has worked from the beginning of time, when the farmer took his produce to market where it was sold or bartered in exchange for wealth, tools, supplies and seeds so he could begin producing food for next year.

But the Fed produces nothing but more paper money, and it takes from the producers. Therefore, its only solution for the collapsing financial system is to steal wealth from the producers of goods and services through taxation and provide more and more fiat money and credit. This can only mean final and complete collapse of the U.S. dollar. Everyone should be aware of this and move as much as possible out of the dollar.

A second and primary concern of the Fed is their control of public perceptions. They must keep the crowd quiet. They positively do not want a panic and run on the banks. The very last thing central banks want is transparency. The vested interest (the paper money crowd) will color the news more and more.

Historically, the propensity of governments is to debase the currency. Americans now know what a sector collapse looks like. This chaos will continue for some time as businesses continue to cut back on inventories, production and numbers of employees or die altogether.

This should cause alert people to see the urgent need to move quickly to protect what they have.

Yes, I can easily believe that the crowd is still asleep but you readers are not.

Up-to-date Emergency Recommendations:

  • Have some cash at home.
  • Have some 1 oz. gold coins at home.
  • Take delivery of long-term holding stock certificates if you have them. They are not tied to any broker. Your dividends will come straight to you.
  • Have some silver coins at home.
  • All major companies like GE and GM and the big banks are major derivative dealers. In these times small banks and small brokers may be safer.
  • Avoid internet financial services, i.e. brokers and banks and be careful how you use the internet. The government is snooping and thieves are watching. Better to use fax or mail. This may not be private either, but better. Use the phone for travel plans.
  • Consider a Swiss annuity denominated in Swiss francs. Call 1-800-331-0996 and give your name and address for more information.
  • Buy oil, energy, uranium, and commodity related assets/stocks, including gold and silver stocks.
  • Store gold coins in the Perth Mint if you have the funds. Get details on the web at
  • As always have basic food and water stored at home.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • John R.

    They got the whole stimulus thing upside down. It is not about increasing spending it should be about stimulating our Earnings. It is not a secret that if I don’t think I’m going to have a job soon I’m not going to spend any money. If I know I’m getting a raise, or I have a business opportunity that will increase my earnings then I’m more likely to buy a new, house, car, vacation house, vacation, swimming pool…etc. This is not rocket science it is common sense. Printing paper for me to spend isn’t going to happen unless I need it to live on it. Once I need to live on it then the price of everything will go up because the paper isn’t based on an earned income, or what did I do to earn free money? Nothing. So it isn’t worth anything!!!

    • Robin from Indiana

      I agree. What are the people in Washington thinking anyway? We are in for some very scary times. Life as we have known it will be gone…

      • Joe Hooker

        What part of IN are you in?
        Jusyt wondering, as I’m in N.E. IN.

        • Robin from Indiana

          Central Indiana, just north of Indianapolis.

      • Dan Delaune

        get rid of the greedy corrupt back door politial garbage and illegals that rob from our welfare, medicare etc and all will fall into place.

        • Carolyn

          I totally agree with you. I received an email the other day that listed all the benefits illegals receive and it totalled more than $3,000,000. per year. Couldn’t that go a long way toward paying down our federal deficit and keeping all wage earners from paying everything they have toward keeping these idiots.

    • Danielle

      I totally agree too.

  • s c mailen, jr.

    Timely. Necessary. Understated. Should be required reading for anyone who doesn’t understand what’s going on with the economy and our wannabe government ‘saviors’ [also an excellent proof that public education is a waste of time, money and resources - or we
    wouldn't be in this mess]. Thanks, Bob!

  • Joe Hooker

    Actually, I’m just angry!
    I worked HARD for years, saved up every penny I could, & paid cash for the small farm where I live. Then worked HARD some more, kept saving, & paid cash for my spot at the lake.
    Some times it hurt, but I never once was late in paying my property taxes. In fact, I’ve always paid all of my taxes, & paid my tithes too.
    Now though, the federal government thinks that it’s perfectly acceptable to tax ME, to pay on the mortgages & other credit bills that other people borrowed irresponsibly & can’t pay back. To keep the irresponsible bankers, who lent out money to folks they KNEW would never be able to pay it back, from losing money.
    I’d say that all we’ve elected are a bunch of cleptocratic idiots!!

    • Larry K.


      I don't believe they're cleptocratic idiots. They are much too smart for that. The bunch "we" elected are taking us down the road to a socialistic country, unless they are stopped and stopped soon!


      • Joe Hooker

        By “cleptocratic idiots”, I meant that they are STEALING our liberty!
        But the aren’t smart enough to know what to do once they get themselves the power that leaders in socialist countries have.
        I think that our present bunch of leaders are sort of like control freaks, who have no idea what to do once they gain the control they so badly desire.
        I’m afraid that OUR country is going to break apart under this rotten new regime.

        • Gerald Arizmendi

          Guys, The Founding Fathers new that there was this International Entity that was controlling the show. And even they struggled to fight this money making machine. The Federal Reserve when signed into law in 1933, created a defacto in our currency. This was the beginning of the end for us all. Now we are facing total destruction of the United States of America. Pelosi, Reed, Dodd and Franks must be done away with. We need to find a way to get them out of office.

        • David

          Well the reason “they” get away with it is because you (all of you) voluntarily give them that “tax” fiat money. When you signed the w-4 “withholding tax agreement-you signed agreeing that you make “income” and when you voluntarily filled out that 1040 confessional form you told them how much “income” you made and then you voluntarily agreed to how much you would self-assess and pay them. The irs calls it self-assessment and voluntary compliance-and you all do it. Did you know that there is NO definition of “INCOME” in the irs Title 26 US Code,(ask a CPA to show you the definition of “income” in the tax code–He/she can’t-there isn’t one-and the 16th Amendment doesn’t get it either-it has to do with an indirect excise tax which does not have to be apportioned anyway-not a direct tax on the person this goes against the Constitution-Article 1;section 9;clause 4= NO CAPITATION (no direct tax on a person)- a direct tax HAS to be APPORTIONED according to the census so the irs lets you decide that you made “income” Did you know that a Progressive income tax is the Second step(plank) in Karl Marx’s communist manifesto. So get yourself educated -check out Family and freedom law –read the title 26 USC tax code- President Reagan formed the Grace commission in1984-it is online– in it states that not one nickel of the American tax money goes to the day to day operation of the government, it is all absorbed by the interest on the national debt and to transfer payments (like social security and foreign giveaway loans)

        • Joe Hooker

          Well, I think maybe the best that any of us can do now, is to just take care of our own, & watch as the rest of American society falls apart. Just make certain of 2 things– #1, that your family is well enough armed to defend what you have, & #2, that you’ve actually got something worth defending.
          If you can remember those books written by Howard Ruff a few years back, I’d say it’s time to get them out & re-read them.

        • Joe Hooker

          Maybe it’s time we gave warning to those we’ve elected, to let them know that they’ve gone too far.
          Why not buy three tea bags?
          Mail 1 to, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC 20500
          Mail another to, U.S Senate, Washington DC, 20518
          Mail the 3rd to, U.S House of Representatives, Washington DC 205155
          They’ll remember our “Deacons’ Revolt” (that’s what most British history texts stlll call our revolution) against illegal taxation.

      • Bob

        Poor sad people, the world will be much better after your gone.

    • Marcia

      Dear Joe, You are so rigfht. When the people that get the bailout of homes they cannot afford they will still go under as when the money is gone so is the house and the people in that house. You cannot bailout anyone that is over extened. I just saw a show on MSNCB called the “House of Cards” telling how people kept refinancing and thanking the extra money and putting in pools and large wall tvs and then going back to refinancing to pay off credit cards and then take the credit cards and charge them up again. It all is a house of cards and It has fallen down. They are so over exteneded they cannot never get out of debt

    • Domenic D

      Simple concepts are easy to over look.
      1) Less competition = bad (Walmart,Big Box stores, anyone buying from China)
      2) Buy locally = Good (most products are made in China,India,Pakistan and Indonesia known for sweatshops

      Any time money leaves your pocket and goes over seas your economy loses.

      The USA has been put through the same tribulations that the pre world war1 and tore the German economy apart

      Points to look into
      NGO, SPP, NAU, Amero, CentralBank systems, Federal Reserve and the real reason the collapse is happening is they had it all planned since the 1930′s when they brought in Federal Reserve.They did it all with derivatives that many though was an endless cash cow.

      Everyone needs to learn the ways people are enslaved by the federal Reserve and the central bank cartels. I have been watching this for many years now.

      Canada is awakening America is next.

    • Edwin Slaten

      Joe you got it right. We have a bunch of socialist, marxist, communists in the congress and the white house whose one goal is to destroy our national soveriegnty and make a socialist nation dependent upon the idiots in Washington.

  • maurice rothman


    ‘the forces in “nature’ have more sense, than us, the product of a ‘higher source than
    nature’; it naturally ‘has more sense’ than we do – even though according to the ‘six
    days of creation’ we have power over ‘it’

    its an anomaly – but apparently ‘greed’ – the ‘ego’ per se – pretending to act for ‘both’
    has ‘had its day’ and as expected ‘lost big time’

    ‘there is no free lunch’ ! those days are over! the free ‘money days (credit) is also
    over – credit means ‘payback time’ – and apparently both creditor and debitor since
    both are involved, are ‘responsible for the economic recession/depression we are
    in without a ‘real clue’” of how to get ‘out of the mess we made”

    where is ‘wisdom’? where are the ‘true visionaries that ‘know in advance” what will be?”

    will we continue ‘going down the same path’? fiat money is phony money and the
    people that print it, know it! what constitutes ‘real money’ money that cant be printed
    like the printed money that landed in ‘waste baskets’ – a historical fact! why do we
    still ‘believe in fiat, gold unbacked printed money?

    the gold standard is the only standard ‘signifing wealth’ why dont the public know that?

    its time to ‘ to wake up the world wouldnt you say’? who is going to do that?

    everyone connected with the worldwideweb – if they could elect a unknown black person as president of the most powerful country in the world – then they are capable of ‘putting humpty duimpty back together again!

    now is the time – spread the word – let it resound throughout the world thru every
    possible way that ‘the most important development – most important innovation that
    the world has ever seen, the internet, within the last 30 yrs.

    now is the time to ‘put it to work – with everyone participating by ‘spreading the word where the ‘socalled free press, which anyone with only half of a brain knows is controlled, thus not free, will have to ‘go along with the ‘truth’ since the ‘cat is out of the bag’; – and the ‘truth will make you free – will spread throughout the world

    now is the time, not later!


  • Don

    For every one person that knows the facts of how things really work, 99 people are clueless and refuse to listen to those who do know. When our ignorance is our guide, conflicts abound and true understanding is subverted. Our very resistance to that only ensures the bleeding won’t stop until all is lost.

  • aman

    This “fiat” system has been a concern for quite sometime. Basically, it’s a system to give the government all the money it needs at taxpayer expense. “Taxation without representation.” But here’s your warning! Before our money becomes debased and the new world currency is established a massive debt will hence be financed…and guess by who????…Rich wealthy Muslims! Want proof. Last november at Harvard University a major symposium was held. And the topic, American finance and sharia law! So it looks more and more like it’s going to come down to two things, either war with red China and Soviets or selling America’s soul to Muslims! Haven’t you noticed that more and more Mosques are being built, and in all places the U.S. of A! Why would any Muslim want America, with all it’s freedoms and rights,as their place to call home. Look at Europe especially England! There’s an Islamic crusade taking place and we Americans are either afraid or ignorant, or both! In fact, I believe Obama was decidedly elected by the council of foreign relations and the trilateral commision. He hasn’t been forthcoming and he’s still a mystery! I never thought that a man with a vowel at the end of his last name could ever become president of America and especially one who is a black muslim ethically.Wake up America! and especially White America, we are being raped, pillaged, and misled. But that’s not the bad part, wait til the muslims set up intermit camps here!

    • Charley

      Aman, I regret to inform you that there are ALREADY terrorist training camps on U.S. soil that are not being closed down but allowed to train terrorist activity against US. Contact ACT for America for more information and I have a website I can send you to pinpoint their EXACT locations. It’s here – the time to act may be over.

      • aman

        Thanks Charley. I’m going to get on that. And you reminded me of a book I read but didn’t finish called “American Jihad” by a former CIA Opertive who’s name escapes me at the moment…I think it’s Emerson? He did infiltrate terrorist camps here in America. Now why we just sit back a do nothing freaks me out especially in the wake of 911. Any comment?

        • Charley

          The link is one to Fox News and it is . . . .

          It should still be on Fox news website or in their Archives.
          Let me know. . . . we need to arm ourselves since our
          Pres is “in bed” with the Muslims and no doubt plans on forming some kind of alliance with them . . . heard of
          Sharia Financing??? likely one of Obama’s ATMs and campaign financiers. . . educate yourself, lots of happenings
          all covert type going on now.

        • Charley

          Our government is doing NOTHING because it is aligned with Muslim interests and wants their sharia financing (money to bail us out). They have the dollars we’ve been giving them freely and through our purchases of oil and gas to operate the SUV monsters that dominate our roads and parking lots!!! Makes sense doesn’t it??

      • aman

        Charley, Aman here. Did you say you were going to get ahold of a website for me regarding Terrorist training here in America? Sorry, I just want to get started on this thing.

      • shirleyrigsby

        I have watched the Muslim growth in TEx. since the 80′s, Very troubling, and this one we now call President scares the hoot out of me, i am 85 years old, lived thru great depression, ,ww2, etc, Our country in deep trouble and90 percent of people in la la land as to what is going on, S/R

      • gailen oliver

        please send me that info, i am very interested

      • Marv

        Please send your web sight. Thank you

      • Marv

        jason please e-mail me mthe list of the terriosts camps. I never thought I would see our country in sutch a co0ndition. one of our problems is that most people will not beleive nwhat is happining when you tell them. thank you marv.

    • Gerald Arizmendi

      Man! you talk about Mosques. I live in South Texas. And there is one of those funky buildings right across from a local high school. Are these Muslims going to recruit our kids? Heaven help us.

      • aman

        Greetings Gerald,
        Contact the Mayor of that town and ask him who financed the Mosque? That’s all you need to know. If the good, red white and blue people of Texas aren’t cowards like us Jersey people you’ll be fine. Always remember that the cream rises to the top. Here in Jersey our kids are taught which way to turn to face Mecca. I’m concerned but I’ll really be worried if they are required to do it five times a day!Sad isn’t it!

        God Bless,

    • Jan

      In reading all these opinions, I am at a loss as to what is a “fiat” system. I have not heard that term before. Can you or anyone out there explain to me in simple language?

      • Linda

        Dear Jan:

        Never mind the fancy Latin, all this means is that the government declares a paper money to be as good as gold, or wampum, or cowrie shells. It has “value” by decree of the ruling forces, not because it has any intrinsic, or real, innate value.

        The best standard is gold, with silver for smaller purchases. If I buy something from you for gold you can trade it anywhere or turn it into jewelry, and over hundreds of years gold tends to be worth the same number of loaves of bread, or horses, or tea, or brandy. It holds its value because it is the standard against which prices are set, and you can figure out the relative value of a pair of shoes and a new tire in terms of how many grams or ounces of gold you will give or take for them.

        Paper currency that can actually be exchanged for gold and silver is very useful because it doesn’t weigh as much, but the important part is KNOWING that you can get gold or silver any time you ask. When I was a girl the dollars said they were “Silver Certificates,” and I could actually get a dollars worth of pure silver coins for them. Now they say they are “Federal Reserve Notes,” which means they are “worth” whatever people will exchange them for.

        Fiat money has value only so long as a system is stable and so long as people believe that it continues to be worth what it was when they got it. When we talk about inflation, we mean it takes more dollars to buy the same item, and we get unhappy when that happens. The money supply in this country has just been quadrupled, because Bernanke just prints all he wants to spend. This is counterfeit in a very real sense. If you had one dollar in your pocket six months ago, let us say that it was worth one dollar. Now, however, there are FOUR dollars in the world for every one there was before, so yours is only worth twenty-five cents, now. Actually, the dollar your great-grandfather got at the world fair around the turn of the last century is only worth seven cents in his money.

        Another definition of inflation is “too many dollars chasing too few goods,” which means that when there isn’t enough mayonnaise or peanut butter (oops, bad choice!) or wool blankets to go around, the price will continue to rise until it exceeds the point where no one will buy, and then fall back to what people WILL pay for the item.

        So long as we have money by decree, or fiat, we can never know from one day to the next what it will be worth, and when the same people that make it worth less ALSO get to set interest rates, when you are old and gray you will be worrying about living on a fixed income because the value of the currency will continue to erode, prices will continue to rise, but you aren’t going to get any raises.

        Hope that helps! And…GOOD for you for asking. That’s how we learn. Linda

        • Jan

          Hi Linda,
          Thank you so much for your reply in easy, understandable language. I am 65 and I never dreamed our economy would be in such chaos! And I put the blame not only on the politicians, but the lust-of-money, greedy individuals who don’t give a tinkers-damn about anyone but themselves. What occured in the lending institutions is having a major trickle-down effect all over…from loss of jobs, higher prices, etc. In the Skagit Valley of Washington state we are seeing job freeze as well as raises being withheld. We will all need to tighten up on our spending and get back to the basics of growing our own, canning, cooking from scratch and less dining out (boo-who). And as the mighty (well no so) dollar says…In God We Trust…is exactly what I will do. For He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and will never let the righteous forsaken or His seed out begging for bread. God bless and again thanks for the clear explaination. Jan

    • mellie

      Aman, you are so right. I have known about the Council on Foreign Relations for some time. I read about it in a book, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”, by Gary Allen (but that is precisely what it is). The facts in this book frightened the socks off me, and what is being done to us now is the fruition of the conspirators and freaks in this book. If you want to read this book, it was published by Concord Press, Seal Beach, California. It may or may not be in the libraries (fat chance!). The moslems, leftists in “government”, the likes of Soros, et al, have been working feverishly toward this day for years. We had all better be ready for all the evil that is coming our way, and pray hard. Now, I must go and start getting boxes to pack everything in, because I am going to lose my house and live in government housing, which is precisely what I always wanted to avoid.

    • Cynthia Moak

      Just as the media has endorsed to election, not only the current president but the Republican candidate who never had a chance of winning, the media will not cover honor (some call them shame) killings that happening all over the country. The mainstream media will not report truth regardless of the topic. (Name them: fiat currency, depression, shortages, hyperinflation, government corruption, etc.) The media is a control mechanism which apparently works quite well.
      Educate yourselves, since the lack of any education in the public school system in favor of social experimentation, results in many of us having poor educations. Concentrate on history. Our country’s history is full of the miraculous intervention of God to preserve us as a nation while we continue to ascribe credit elsewhere. Read the accounts written by David W. Balsiger.
      Find out how Obama got elected by studying Community Organizing on Wikipedia, to start, and elsewhere for in-depth understanding. Then you’ll know what his overall strategy is.
      If you haven’t studied the Bible, which is the basis of all Common Law of the Republic (this is not a democracy), do that with a competent teacher who actually interprets all 66 books of the Bible as literal, which it is, regardless of the type of literature.
      Find out what Sharia law is. Understand the predatory nature of Islam and it’s overriding desire to dominate the world since it’s inception in the 6th century A.D.
      Ignorance is terribly expensive. Reading is the antidote. Do not be discouraged. Remember, we are the same people, several centuries removed, who fasted and prayed when the French Armada, consisting of 70 ships and 8,000 soldiers, was on it’s way to destroy all of the British colonies in 1744. Suddenly, 254 years of British settlements, soon to be the USA, were in grave danger. The colonists turned to corporate prayer, asking God to protect them from their enemies, confessing their sins, forgiving each other. God heard and set in motion the most unusual series of weather and plague disasters ever to afflict a naval fleet. First, they were delayed by prolonged calm,When the wind returned there was a fierce storm that disabled several ships, a plague broke out which killed 1,300 soldiers, the entire fleet was then scattered by storms, By August 26, 53 ships remained. Another violent storm, near the isle of Sable, stranded several more. The planned rendezvous with French ships coming from the West Indies, much delayed, never happened in Nova Scotia, as they had already returned to France. Duc d’ Anville,the commanding officer, seeing the ongoing plague among soldiers, the loss of the major part of the fleet poisoned himself. His replacement fell on his sword as more ships came in, their soldiers falling ill and food supplies running out. The third commander tried to recruit for an attack on Annapolis but was prevented by another 1,000 soldiers dieing of pestilence. On Oct. 13, the fleet set sail with the intent of attacking the English colony. New Englanders declared Oct. 16 a day of fasting and prayer for deliverance from the attack. Read how Pastor Jonathan French described the scene. (in a history book) On Oct. 15, another violent storm hit the fleet scattering and damaging the ships.The weather improved on the day of the planned fast and the French pressed to attack. That night a catastrophic storm devastated the remnants of the French fleet. The remaining ships limped back to France leaving behind the intact British Colonies. They knew the power of united prayer had been heard and that God had saved them. God claims He will do this for us under certain circumstances. Are we doing so well without Him? Just because they had no physical human protection and we have a mighty army, is that helping us? No. Read 2Chronicles 7:14 and do what it says. It is our only hope. He is the foundation of our help. All of the results of ignoring Him are as listed throughout your commentaries but no human device will resolve this. Otherwise, see the end of the country He so obviously gave us.

      • Charley


        • John

          Charley, It is up to all Christians and if the pastors are not doing God’s will then we need to move away from them. My church prays for different areas of life in groups. Our pastor belives in prayer and service. We need to get our hearts right and seek God’s will.


    I agree woth Bob.h

    We could go on forever like this, but why not try to recognize what I believe to be the ultimate aims of rhis administration.

    Hussein (the ultimate muslim), like Hitler and the Nazis of days gone by, is moving swiftly and without check to have us all absorbed by what we perceive to be coming our way in the form of redistribution of wealth. Our liberties are undermined since there is no real “voice” of oppostion. “voice” is not only the spoken or printed word but the call to, and enactment of action. If action isn’t taken soon this country is doomed to dictatorship. It is already an oligarchy (comprised of Hussein Obama, Read, and Pelossi, each and avery one an oligarch; superior to other men (women).

    It is so hard to believe that our senators and representatives believe, almost to a person, that what is now a fact ,with more to come, in terms of the economy, is the solution to our problem. These people were elected as leaders. They are anything but. They are followers, afraid to voice dissent lest their peers treat them as untouchables. God forbid they will not be supported by their Party for reelection! Who cares about Party acceptance. Plead to your constituents and you can overcome your Party’s non acceptance of your actions.

    Why not embrace a call for impeachment, at both the local and federal level. 30 days into Hussein’s dictatorship and this country is destitute, except of course for him, his cronies, and, oh yes, the labor unions and ACORN.

    I’m often on the verge of tears thinking of how we, a people, have allowed ourselves to be treated like sheep. Many times in our country’s history have we risen up to overcome being so treated. Why not now?

    May God help us.

    • James


      In your final paragraph is the answer to your own question. I disagree with some of the other posters that some nefariouis outside group or groups elected Obama. WE, as in a majority of the people of our once-great country, elected him, along with the better than 85% of incumbent members of Congress.
      The president actually has very little statutory power, according to the Constitution. The real power resides with Congress, who can override or undo virtually anything that the president does.
      A common conversation I have had with people for a long time has to do with what their Congressional representatives are doing, or not doing. Sadly, the vast majority neither know, nor particularly care, yet they still vote, usually for the same person they always voted for. They can say, with a straight face, that they don’t see a reason for voting for anyone else, even as they whine about how bad things are, and there is always someone else to blame. It is not fundamentally different than the stockholders of these messed-up companies: as long as I am making money, everything must be fine, while the companies are being systematically looted in various ways. At the individual level, it is what Francis Schaeffer described back in the late 60′s as “the age of personal peace and affluence.” In other words, as long as I can be comfortable in my home, I care about little else. The ripple effects of this worldview have substantially degraded our country, and we have become an entitlement nation.
      One poster mentioned our school system, and to a large extent, I agree. For the last three generations, approximately 90% of this nations students have been educated under the public school system, an unprecedented degree of influence anywhere in the history of the world. The result betrays not only the failure of the system, but also its fundamental flaws, but this is something else that most everyone has gone along with, particularly parents.
      Have we allowed ourselves to become sheep, as opposed to just become collectively stupid? In one sense yes, but let us not forget that these are real choices that people have made, and made when information to help choose better was available to all.

      • http://factcheck C D A

        excellent points you make. The baby boomer generation has grabbed for all they could, while seeing the s–t get sideways all around them. But, as long as they could keep grabbing all they could, they/we figured none of those other problems could hurt us. Like a racehore wearing blinders. Now the blinders are off and and we are complacent as sleeping sheep, and don’t have the huevos to get out in the streets and put a stop to it all. If what has happened here politically/economicaly, happened in most any other counrty, there would be politicians and fat cats hanging from every tree. There would be millions in the streets protesting. If we all said no, for one day. We could get all of their attention. But it won’t happen. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves. They fought for this ??!!

      • Charley

        I agree, in part, with your comments. Congress is NOT exercising their powers but being led like sheep into whatever direction Obama wants them to go, and he chastises them for not agreeing with him (he displays many attributes of a dictator).
        Yes, we have enjoyed great peace and affluence, however, most people are not experiencing that now and will never again.
        I do NOT understand WHY people would vote for a person like Obama since he told everyone what he planned to do (if anyone was listening) I heard it but then the Holy Spirit gives me/us the ability to discern good from evil if we are aligned with him. Obama clearly told us the “change” consisted of socialistic ideas and actions he intended to take (and he has). I invite you to become educated about the New World Order that is being established and revealed each day which IS a creation of a group of individuals who care not about anything except absolute POWER over others, and Obama is part of that NWO plan which explains WHY he doesn’t care about how this country is being raped and plunged into unprecedented DEBT that will be used to “convince” people that the NWO is the ONLY way out of the financial dilemna so Americans will welcome socialism as a solution rather than turn to GOD.

        • James


          I agree that Congress is not exercising its powers, but this did not start when Obama became President. Yes, he is acting like a dictator, but is that not what the people who elected him asked for? You are absolutely correct in that Obama was unusually candid about his intentions during the campaign, so much so that I simply could not understand how someone could say those things and still win primaries, let alone be elected President. However, I agree with you again that the Holy Spirit does give discernment to those willing to obey, but I also know many without the Holy Spirit who saw, and see, Obama for who he is. Not enough, unfortunately.
          Obama is not the only one who does not care what is happening to America. The solution to debt problems is more debt? Grow out way out, like all the pundits said wouldn’t work when Bush was president? Seeing this problem for what it is requires no more than a fourth grade understanding of arithmetic, but even that will be incomprehensible to anyone who doesn’t care.
          Regarding the NWO, I seem to recall that the first mention of that term by a US president was by George H.W. Bush. I will confess that I am not much of a conspiracy theorist, and the world-domination talk is not new – it has been around since John prophesied it in the first century A.D. in the biblical book of Revelation. For all I know, Obama could be the antichrist, except that I don’t think he is smart enough. However, his rhetoric seems to inspire many, although personally I can hardly stand to listen to him anymore, let alone his lies. No pork in the “stimulus package?” Anyone on this post site believe that? Just one of the more recent lies, one of an uncountable many.
          One of the reasons that I don’t get as concerned as I might is precisely because I am a Christian, and don’t have any meaningful confidence in any worldly institutions or the people who inhabit them. As another poster described, people have come through difficult times before, whether it be the Dark Ages, the Soviet Union under Stalin, China under Mao, the Great Depression, or whatever. Don’t think that I have some rosy view of the future. As Thomas Jefferson said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have.” Although it will take time (as in, not in the next few years), this country is likely to see widespread problems at least on the same scale as the Depression. Whether this is internally inflicted or externally, or some combination of the two, is in some ways immaterial, but it will get bad. We prepare as best we can, pray, encourage one another, and be available to help our families and neighbors.

        • David

          Obama is a puppet- like congress of the Iluminatees, bildaberg group, CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) , the Federal Reserve-world bank conglomerates

      • Kevin W.

        One thing beople need to be doing is voting in primaries. Most wait until the general election when choices are limited to one person per party. If we start getting people to vote in primaries, then maybe we can get more conservatives into congress and the presidency, governorships, legislatures, etc. Why get stuck with more fence-riders when we could have someone with backbone looking out for our interests. Our Republican leaders all caved in for years, leaving us with a Democratic majority bent on re-inventing this country into a Marxist dream. Now our country worships men, not God, relies on government, not the Creator. We are in trouble unless we get off our seats and start speaking to anyone who will listen.

        • James

          Hi, Kevin,

          Excellent points, particularly about the primaries. That is where the real work is done in preparing for elections, but they are even more neglected than the general elections. This country had a real opportunity following 1994, but sadly, the “Republican Revolution” did not last long.
          I am not sure who wants to listen. It is hard to think this way, but perhaps the pain is not yet bad enough for enough people to have them start to question their position. It will get worse, so there is hope, and at least so far I agree with one of the posters who felt that there was enough reserve of good sense and determination in this country (my paraphrase) to see it through any crisis. After observing places like the former Soviet Union and China, however, I think it is clear that governmental policies and theology can change the mindset of a society as a whole, although not everyone.
          I live in a town in Ohio that is hopelessly liberal (went 80/20 for Kerry in 2004, 84/16 for Obama in 2008), and in a small way, we are facing the very same problem that the country is facing on a much larger scale: not enough tax money to do everything that people think they want. I was pleasantly surprised that the voters last year an income tax increase was voted down. I can’t remember the last time that a tax increase of any kind was not approved, and city council members have even praised the people of the city for choosing to tax themselves more, even as they admit that we are already heavily taxed. I can’t wait to hear that from Obama, except that neither he nor the current Congress has the brains, spine or principles to operate with true fiscal responsibility.
          Even if the country does collectively do get off our seats and act, we are still in trouble, but at least then there is hope.

    • Earl

      A couple of points: 1.A number of these “leaders” are actually members of subversive organizations, i.e., world socialist alliance, federalist associations, Bilderberg, CFR,Trilateral commision,etc,etc.
      2. most of the congress critters don’t have the cojones to risk censure. 3. Even if they did the speaker would block it.

      This downward spiral has been in action practically since the time of Jefferson and Jackson. The ones controlling the chain-jerkers aren’t going to give up without one hell of a fight. The saying ” these are the times that try men’s souls ” will become a reality soon enough. We can and will win if we stand and fight and are resolute.

    • Paula

      There is a resistance afoot for any of you who have not heard of it. Go to, if you would like to learn more about it. They are planning a march in Washington.

      I live in Michigan and cannot stand my reps or senators for my area. I have consistently voted against them, however they do keep getting reelected. As someone said people do not know or do not seem to care how their congresspeople vote.

  • Jacques Moore

    Folks I am 70 years old & my DAD was born in 1890 & he went through this mess back in 1918 & again in 1929 , He was a Farmer & a Rancher , but when the Goverment got through with him , he had nothing , but he still made & raised two sets of kids .
    I would like to think that we are just as smart as that old man who never learned to drive a car , but he did know how to work & my mother was a full blooded Indian that could take care of a dollar better than any banker & between the two of them , they mad $750.000.00 during WW l l & saved every dime of it . Not one dollar went in the bank it went in my DAD’S Money Belt that my mom mad for him & he lived until 1958. We always had plenty to eat & nice cloths to wear to Church .Yes it may get tough ,but they maid it & I know that we will make it to ,if we hang on to our BIBLES & our Faith in GOD .

    • Charley

      YES my brother with God all things are possible and I am a believer, however, they didn’t have the threat of “radical Islam” hanging over their heads so their heads remained attached to their bodies so they could continue to live their lives. You need to educate yourself on radical Islam and their plans for us. Contact ACT for America on the net and find out exactly what they have planned for us. . . . there is no future in America. Only God can keep us through the coming holocaust (or out of it) so embrace Him.

      • aman

        I apologize for my error Charley. I thought I was on Jacques reply site.


    • aman

      Very encouraging Mr. Moore. You reminded me what Harpo Marx said regarding the stock market. He prefers casinos to banks and stock markets because in casinos there’s pretty women who serve free cold drinks!

      God Bless,

  • Dave W

    I agree with all of it Bob, except the recommendation to store metals at the Perth Mint. See and type “perth mint” in the search window. It might be useful to sign up for Jason Hommels free e letter. Lots of good info.

    Dave W

  • Jacques Moore

    PS: Stop depending on BANKS & the GOVERMENT ,start depending on each other & go back to Basics, if you know how to , My mother would not buy anything on credit ,nothing . We must first learn to live on what we have & toss all credit cards away , this wont be easy ,but it is the only way & stop going out to eat , cook every thing you eat , & in the Spring Plant a garden , you will be surprised @ how much you can grow in a small spot & it will help you to get off the couch & turn of the TV, then when it comes time to put what you have grown up , you can pass the art of canning on to your kids , Remember GO BACK TO BASICS & we will make it just fine ……

    • aman

      You “ARE” a wise man!
      God bless,

    • Paula

      You are right. It is time to get back to basics. I have a unique situation, and I do everything I can to cut my bills. I no longer have cable TV, I lower my thermostat during the winter, do not turn the air on during the summer unless it is over 85 or 90, which living in Michigan does not happen often. I dry most of my clothes outside or downstairs on a clothesline, (only need to use the dryer once a week this way) and I plant a garden during the summer, and will can from the garden if I have time. I do not have credit card debt, and I pay my bills on time. The only loan I have is for my house. I do not want someone else’s money, I would like to be able to keep more of mine and stop losing so much in the stock market.

    • Mung

      Thanks Jacques Moore for the practical suggestion. We need to pray a lot too. I won’t be surprised to discover that all of these problems are intended to bring people down so that we can be easily controlled by a group of behind the scene powers.

  • Cara C

    We might not need an impeachment, as Obama has not shown he is eligible for office. A brave active duty soldier has just signed on to be a plaintiff in a challenge to Obama’s eligibility.

    Spread the word! Call the media, your reps, the GOP, and demand that American citizens have the right to have the president’s vital documents released so we can determine his citizenship status and see if he is Constitutionally eligible to be president. He must be a “natural born citizen,” which has historically meant born on U.S. soil to two American citizen parents. Under a certain set of possible circumstances, Obama might not even be a citizen and his legal name might be Barry Soetoro.

    “Soldier doubts Obama’s eligibility, defies president’s orders…”

    “A U.S. soldier on active duty in Iraq has called President Obama an “impostor” in a statement in which he affirmed plans to join as plaintiff in a challenge to Obama’s eligibility to be commander in chief.

    The statement was publicized by California attorney Orly Taitz who, along with her Defend Our Freedom Foundation, is working on a series of legal cases seeking to uncover Obama’s birth records and other documents that would reveal whether he meets the requirements of the U.S. Constitution.

    “As an active-duty officer in the United States Army, I have grave concerns about the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of president of the United States,” wrote Scott Easterling in a “to-whom-it-may-concern” letter.”

  • John

    Soon the world will have a one government headed up by the leader mentioned in the book of Revelation.
    He is called the Anti-Christ in the Bible.
    Half way into this seven year period all those on planet earth will need a computer chip inplanted in their body to be able to buy or sell. The number of the Beast is 666. Do not take this mark for if taken you will doomed for all eternity.

    • gailen oliver

      yes i agree john, and i am afraid it is closer than what most people think

  • Anne

    I have a question about gold. Will people who have gold actually be able to use it? It seems to me that if our money system fails, and it looks like it is, how will there be anything to buy or sell? So what will people who have gold be able to buy?

    What are people who cannot own gold going to do? There are suggestions above, but my husband doesn’t get it. He will not do any of those things and unfortunately, he holds the family money by himself.

    Also, if so many people see what is happening to our country, why doesn’t anyone do anything? What can I do? I don’t know what to do.

    • aman

      Every wise person should have some gold and silver in possession along with the legal right for a fire arm! You can aquire gold as a bar, coin, and bullion. In my estimate your husband is being foolish. Why don’t you start like this. If you have cable or satelite tv watch a show called fine coins with Jimmy Gerstal. I think he’s a fair and honest person. But also important is that he takes the time to teach you about the need to own precious metal. His partner Barry Chappel is also very informative. Hear what they have to say. Try and have your husband sit and watch with you.

      Best Wishes,

    • Bob Livingston

      When the fiat money system fails, all that will remain will be gold, silver and barter. Those who have gold and silver for trade will be considered the wealthy. Those that do not have any hard money or commodities to trade will be forced to barter with what they can. Bob.

  • Anne

    Does anyone know how to contact Michael Savage?

    • Dan

      good luck on that one. ive tried several times. hard as H even when calling.

    • John

      Anne, should work. I had it before but not sure what happened to it.

  • aman

    Ladies and Gentleman pardon me for being a bore and this really doesn’t apply to the topic but you know the heroic pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson, names Sullenberger. Well he’s a pitchman now warning of a shortage of good pilots like him due to pay cuts. Does this strike anyone as funny????

  • Cara C

    Bob Livingston, I agree with your assessment of the stimulus package and its intentions, and I thank you for stating it so clearly and for providing some practical suggestions we can take to protect ourselves.

  • Dan Delaune

    fast resolution to the economic mess is:
    1. clear out washington of all corrupt lawyers etc. More than likely means cleaning out everyone and have appointed not elected individuals. selected only after these people have proven they want to help not fleese the sheepeople.
    2. stop giving away american funds to illegals who are draining needed capital from american citizans.
    3. fortify our boarders, and resolve all energy issues by utilizing our resources not over seas.

    • http://factcheck C D A

      ah, a realist, how refreshing. I don’t know if your’e DEM/GOP, but what matters, you mention 3 major issues that havehelped sucked the life out of USA. I mentioned 2 of your 3 items later here, w/out knowing you stated the same as well.

      clear perspective Dan. non partisan perspective is what it’s going to take.

      but even I would like to get rid of Pelosi. Put her and Cheney in a speeding car w/out steering, and point them to the cliff.

  • Jan

    Aman…what is a “fiat” system? In simple language, please.

    • David

      It is fake money-not back up with anything–in the 1920′s we had real money backed by gold and silver -that is in our Constitution- FDR stole it from the American people and gave it to the federal reserve ( the federal reserve is NOT a branch of this government -we are their customer and they charge interest on the paper money they print and your “tax” “money” pays for it –The actual definition in Black’s Law dictionary 6th edition is Paper money not backed by gold or silver

    • David

      I forgot – the “money” you have is a Federal Reserve NOTE- A note is a IOU only backed by a “Promise to pay” but since it isn’t backed anything of value (gold or silver) you never really “buy ” anything–it is called discharging the debt, not paying for it

    • aman

      Sorry Jan I was off the air awhile. Like many people herein will explain in their own way, my explaination is simply ” We want it, you pay for it”.

  • GODS handgrenade

    There is no place to hide in the world. There is no safe haven to be found if man has anything to do with it. We are in the end of times, we are at the end of the world. No one in any government is to be trusted. They are all liars and full of evil. Satan knows that his time is short, so he has filled the men and women who are right now slowly killing you with more draconian measures. The NWO, Iluminati, Masons, Black Pope, The Bildebergs, The Vatican, and many other secret societies and all of their minions have one thing in store for you. That is either total enslavement or death. Everything that is taking place, has been planned, everything has been set up for failure. Each day it will get worse until they usher the anti-christ onto the world stage. Just an example of their evil look up “SILENT SOUND”. Ask yourself this question, why do they want everyone on digital tv? There is only one way out, one way of salvation! That salvation and way out is JESUS CHRIST! If you don’t know JESUS CHRIST as your LORD and savior, who came and as GOD, but walked as a man, commited no sin, was crucified and beat for all of our sins, so that we might have eternal life, taking our punishment of which we deserved, and then rose on the third day, showed himself to many, and then ascended into heaven, and is waiting for this day to come, then you need to. We as an individual,community, city, state, country need to all repent of our personal sins, more importantly are collective sins. We need to be crying out for the forgiveness of all of the evil that we have allowed our leaders to enact because we were asleep. I’m talking about abortion, the killing of innocent babies, homosexuality, pornography, taxes, murder in the form of needless, and contrived war, just as a start. Satan knows his days are short, so his plans are to ramp up his efforts to take as many people to HELL with him as possible. If you are in the Catholic church, or any church that is one of her daughters you are in a false religion. The Catholic church took every other pagan religions practices and incorporated them into their religion. If you don’t believe me, just read the BIBLE! ALL RELIGIONS ARE BORN OF SATAN!
    JESUS is not about religion, HE is about personal relationship, HE personally died for you and your sins. What that means is that you had a DEATH WARRANT on you, and HE came and took your place, so you should be dead. That said, since you are technically dead, HE bought and paid for your life, so you should live your life as HE wants you to according to HIS WORD, the BIBLE. HIS yolk is easy compared to the bondage that Satan and this world put on you. Not only that but HE offers help with any problems that you might have with HIS HOLY SPIRIT. If you have JESUS living in your heart, with what is coming on the earth, you might live through it all, but even if you don’t, you will have eternal life in heaven. If you have a hard time receiving or believing this, I understand, so , read the BIBLE, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the WORD of GOD, that WORD is the BIBLE. Then ask JESUS into your heart, and to come and be your LORD, then get baptised under water to complete your new start on life. Then find people who believe like you do. One last thing, the King James version is the only true interpretation of the BIBLE.

    I hope and pray that the GOD of all creation, JESUS CHRIST, calls you, and opens your eyes, and ears and heart to receive HIS truth and HIS grace and mercy fall upon you.

    GODS handgrenade

    • GODS handgrenade

      One last thing, Satan will show you any way, any path, tell you any lie to keep you off of the “RIGHT and ONLY WAY”.

      • Charley

        You are correct about the wiles of the wicked one, however, the way we keep from deception is through the operation of the Holy Spirit in our lives. You never mentioned the importance of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives AFTER we have received our salvation. It is the Holy Spirit who knows the hearts of men, the future, and the Will of God the Father. Without the Holy Spirit we cannot effectively, powerfully live the Christian life.
        Receive the Holy Spirit today, just ask. God bless.

    • Charley

      I agree with you on the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ, however, I do NOT believe righteous, reborn believers will be left HERE to go through the darkness and judgment that is coming upon the earth for we are “not appointed to God’s wrath”, but Christ is coming for those “who are looking for Him”. I assume you don’t believe in the resurrection of the righteous and living dead the Scripture speaks of in IThessalonians 4:15, nor are you aware of the resurrection of many people at the time of Jesus’ death, but these events are in Scripture. . . this event has NOT happened yet so it is future, and we are to COMFORT each other with this hope.

      • GODS handgrenade

        Not only that but HE offers help with any problems that you might have with HIS HOLY SPIRIT. My main concern was getting them into the WORD after being saved. I very aware of the HOLY SPIRIT’S ministry, but I was getting them to the door first. If they became born again, the HOLY SPIRIT would be living in their hearts, and it’s HIS life to lead from then on.

      • GODS handgrenade

        The last trump is when the dead in CHRIST will arise first, and then we who are alive will be translated into SPIRT and join JESUS in the sky. No I don’t believe that we are going to be here to suffer GODS judgement, but I believe that we will go through the tribulation, which is from Satan. To be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD if you are a believer.

  • Dan

    Bob, could it be that what is going on is that the powers that be are setting up the markets up for the arrival of the AMERO? trying to line up south america with north america labor, product and service values to be equal? conspiracy theory anyone?

    • David

      Absolutely that’s the game -make people cry for the Amero – then first form the American union- scrape our Constitution- confiscate our guns put people like me in the re-education camps– Why not– this is the government that brought down the world trade center towers and building 7 with engineered implosions and cruise missiles with airliner holograms over them –cruise missile into the pentagon-no airliner wreckage or bodies there- cruise missile in pennsylvania- no airliner wreckage or bodies ther either

  • sarah h

    Good grief!…Obama a muslim..If you believe that, you’ll believe any paranoid mongering out there..GET to the truth and stop the “holier than thou” stuck in the mud
    doom and gloom attitudes.. Holocaust be Damned
    I fully agree with Jaques Moore..Brilliant positive wisdom..
    Holy rollers roll away..
    Bored of ALL religious dogma wanking..!
    Peace and Love

    • Sean R

      Obama is a lot of things. And he is a muslim, he even said it himself. However, he likes to changes his mind and what he says. He is also a liar and bringing us change that we could do without. After he gets done screwing the hell out of Amerika, you will see what an A.H. this guy really is.

      • http://factcheck C D A

        Obama is no more Muslim than you are intelligent . He just doesn’t quite yet know how to help. Neither do you. So, if the GOP knows how to correct it, let’s hear it. ………………………silence…………………………..

        Know of any other liars ? Look at the bunch that just moved out of our white house. get real. if being a hypocrite was a crime, most of the world would be
        ( including alot of bad memory folks here) in jail.

        • aman

          C D A Will you please explain the following… Where was Obama born?
          Who payed for his College Education(s) Why doesn’t he fully disclose his college records, his medical records, why was he campaigning in Germany,
          What’s his connection to Frank Marshal Davis? Who’s Larry Sinclair,
          why doesn’t Obama disclose his oversea’s donor’s. What’s your ethnicity?

  • http://factcheck C D A

    while I agree with many points made herein, most of you forget some facts.

    Bushs’ repay-the-oil-barons-war didn’t go as planned. so big oil owes us billions in taxes and royalties that were never paid.

    Bushs’ war has drained us of hundreds of billions in capital. why did we never kick out other dictatorships such as Idi, Pol, and many others whom murdered millions? because they had no OIL !

    Feds are, by law, obliated to secure our borders. they have not. illegals have drained our society so far as to need an IV of sanity. Hospitals are not broke because of Med. care providers.

    The bailout began by mortgage houses pleading to the GOP, not Obama. it all started before Obama. Funny you all forget that John was pulling away from the race to go talk about bailout requests coming to the GOP .

    Bush took away all funding for alternate fuels, because why ? because big oil didn’t want to refocus their business on alternatives. they’re in the oil business!!

    Historicaly, factual 3rd party numbers tell us that there has always been greater economic growth accross the board, under Dem leadership.

    Manufacturing has always got the USA through tough times. We no longer make anything because it went overseas. Catterpillar right now, is building a plant in Panama, and setting to lay off thousands. All the fat cats had to have BMWs, Mercedes, and the rest. If we bought American, our men and women would still be working, and the profit margin would have allowed American makers to put more money into making a better car. Our makers margin allows less than 1% for tech. improvement. Toyota/Honda spends just under 5% for tech. improvements. I would gladly pay more for a product so my American brothers and sisters could have homes, and make a living wage. But GOP always wants to bust unions. A private project electrician is lucky to make enough to have an apartment. A union man can eventually afford a home for his children, and buy American products. Homes have made up almost 1/2 the entire economy in California/Forida/Colorado/Arizona.

    what do liberism and socialism have in common? NOTHING! get real folks.

    I’m a realist, was always a GOP man, but now neither Dem or GOP. Bush’s 8 years did nothing but bust the balls of the working man, bankrupt healthcare, reward failure, destroy our integrity in the world, create the largest (until bailouts) deficit known to modern man. those are the facts boys. DEM or GOP matters not anymore. Dems will not shine your shoes anymore, the GOP cannot be the elite class anymore either. deal with it and let’s go forward. Obama can’t do it, McCain can’t do it. We now know what unregulated business does. eat your crow and let’s get on with making the USA strong again. You may have to get a Ford, and buy Arrow shirts for a while, get over it. The fat cat greedy days are gone. We need to put people back to work in manufacturing. We all can’t be brokers, or we’ll all be broke, and soon. If you were so against someone like Obama getting in, why then try and spin a Sarah Palin as our VP. Come on folks, get real.

    • sarah h

      Concise, and reeks of the truth to me…Thanks
      Let’s make the difference….

  • Allan

    C D A I couldn’t have said it better. When we Americans started buying those cheaper products from foreign soil and let our monies bulge their pockets we began the game of always ending up with the shorter end of the stick. The steady influx of foreign goods gradually brought our manufacturing companies into a downfall. Thank the people that did buy American made goods for the great life style we once had. I always found that I saved money over the long term by buying either American or Canadian products as they lasted much longer. Now it’s hard to find either country’s products in stores. By buying all that cheap junk from foreign lands we have destroyed jobs and money for Americans. I guess the good days are gone for good. Just like much of our Heritage.

    • http://factcheck C D A

      thank you Sarah and Allan

      i try and find the facts, and ignore news media and partisan politics. It totally sickens me to listen to the partisan BS. it’s entirely hipocritical, repulsive and absurd.

      One of our own “inside” sabateurs, is technology. That sector truly doesn’t give a damn about manufacturing or the general economy. They have for many years, been only interested in developing, then selling technology globally, as US firms couldn’t even afford it. So, software firms and developers got rich without having to become integrated into the US industrial sector. And, they used thousands of cheaper techs from Asia and India as data input and software engineers. Very few Americans, in relation to our population, made a living in this sector. But the profit margins were far greater than in any other sector, right up there with oil. Oracle is a major player, and the worst. At least Microsoft and some others spread some money around. Not Oracle. They sell a system that hardly works, and charge a million a month to large firms to try and make it work, calling it a “maintenance contract”. Unlike Microsoft, Oracle doesn’t give you upgrades to correct problems or bugs. That’s arrogance and thievery at it’s best. At least car manufacturers have a warranty.

      It was told/sold to us that if we allow them to run uncontrolled, and unethical as well, by using their technology, other countries would become more affluent, then buy more American products, rather than the cheaper Asian junk. So what’s there to buy that’s American made anymore ? Well, guess what, technology. And we won’t be leading that sector for long, as a lot of ours goes into military, NASA and medical uses. None of which puts food on my table.

  • Joseph C. Moore, Cpo USN Ret.

    Fiat currency is what our dollar is. That is, not backed by any commodity of any value. When we were on the gold standard, the dollar could be redeemed in value with gold. Now we are on the IOU or take the government’s word for it that it is worth something. What that something is, depends on the whim of govermental bureaucracy as to the value. The value of the dollar diminishes by the minute as the government continues to keep the printing presses rolling with nothing of value to back it. Pretty soon we will be like those countries that carried their money aound in wheelbarrows when the value plummeted. We would be much better off if we went back to barter/ trade. (Goods for services or services for goods)

  • http://factcheck C D A

    JC Moore; you’re right. only problem is, bartering doesn’t generate cash.

    consider the mortgage market, which is pretty strange itself considering that a mortgage has no money. The only money generated by a mortgage is when it changes hands, or is opened. The escrow agent, sales broker, and loan broker make money from the transaction, but there is no money in the mortgage itself. it’s a “vehicle” to create cash flow. so then, why bail out mortgage bankers when in fact there exists no money in the mortgage as it’s only a “note” ? So the thieves can pay each other huge salaries, keep their mansions, yachts and limos. If we give them money to back the mortgages, are we not then purchasing the note ? Something is really smelly here. The money we are tossing around has no actual value anyway.

    I’ve stayed with gold for over 20yrs. But, If the Iraqis ever get there act together, their dollar is going to be an immensely profitable investment. If you run the numbers, on a 50K investment, when the Iraqi dinar goes up even a slight fraction when they get their production under control, which is inevitable, your 50K will be worth several million. That’s why our big oil boys are over there right now trying to make deals. Bush let them run wild here in the US because the invasion didn’t quite culminate lin the sweet deals they hoped for. Now the oil boys are scrambling and scared stiff of alternative fuels. The age of entitlement is ending.

  • IKD – California

    Just came across some interesting statistics, thought you might want to know!
    Only the uneducated voted for Obama!

    Lecturing a conscript conclave of Justice Department bureaucrats, Attorney General Eric Holder last week called America a “nation of cowards” for not spending more time talking about race.

    Reading his speech, however, one recalls the sage counsel of Pat Moynihan to President Nixon in 1970: This whole subject might benefit from a long period of “benign neglect.”

    One point Holder did allude to, without specifics, was this:

    “It is not safe for this nation to assume that the unaddressed social problems in the poorest parts of the country can be isolated and will not ultimately affect the larger society.”

    Fair point. And what are some of those social problems?

    A 70 percent illegitimacy rate in black America, an incarceration and crime rate seven times that of white America, a 50 percent dropout rate in many urban high schools, African-American graduates reading and computing on average at eighth-grade levels.

    And about these problems what is the black leadership doing?

    Unlike Bill Cosby, the heroic Holder was virtually mute. Rather, he is upset that “on Saturdays and Sundays” we don’t go to church or hang out together. But why are the free associations of Americans, of whatever creed or color, any of Eric Holder or Big Brother’s business?

    Having insulted us, perhaps Holder will start doing his own sworn duty. For one area where he has a lead role is enforcing the nation’s laws — in particular, the U.S. immigration laws. For the federal failure to enforce these laws is a contributory cause of one of those “unaddressed social problems in the poorest parts of the country.”

    Case in point — rampant unemployment among minority youth.

    According to the Center for Immigration Studies, among African-Americans 18 to 29 with only a high-school degree, unemployment is now 20 percent. Among black adults who do not have a high-school diploma, it is 24 percent. Among teenagers under 18, black unemployment is 30 percent.

    Among native-born Hispanics with only a high-school diploma, the unemployment rate is 13.6 percent. Among high-school dropouts, 16 percent. Among Hispanic 16- and 17-year-olds, the jobless figure is 40 percent.

    As these figures were compiled in December, before the last two months of sweeping layoffs, they surely understate the situation. And with both black and Hispanic dropout rates now reaching 50 percent in major cities, the social dynamite is piling up.

    Last month, USA Today reported that the FBI estimates there are now 1 million gang members in the United States — up 200,000 from 2005 — and these gangs are responsible for 80 percent of all U.S. crimes. From other studies, young Hispanics are 19 times as likely as white youth to join gangs, while African-Americans are 15 times.

    These millions of teenagers, and unskilled and less-educated young adults with no jobs and little prospect of finding them, are recruiting pools for criminal gangs.

    Who is getting the jobs for which these native-born black and Hispanic young could quality? Illegal aliens hold literally millions of them.

    Last week, the CIS reported, “An estimated 6 to 7 million illegal immigrants are currently holding jobs. Prior research indicates they are overwhelmingly employed in lower-skilled and lower-paid jobs.”

    Exactly what sort of jobs?

    “Illegals are primarily employed in construction, building cleaning and maintenance, food preparation, service and processing, transportation and moving occupations and agriculture.”

    With the exception of agriculture, a majority of the workers in these occupations are native-born Americans. Thus, illegal aliens are taking jobs Americans are not only willing to do, but are doing, and taking 7 million of these jobs from young Americans now out of work.

    By failing to enforce U.S. immigration laws, the government of the United States is selling America’s working class down the river.

    In addition to the 7 million illegals holding jobs, legal immigrants have another 15 million. In 2008, when Americans lost 3.5 million jobs, 144,000 immigrants were admitted every month.

    Why do we have an open-borders immigration policy that annually allows in millions, legal and illegal, to compete for jobs, when 10 million Americans are out of work and half a million are losing their jobs every month? The political correctness and moral cowardice of our Lords Temporal, who refuse to call a time-out on immigration until our own people go back to work, is killing the American dream for millions.

    According to the census, as reported in The New York Times on Saturday, 97 percent of immigrants from Mexico do not speak English at home. They are less skilled and less educated than the average American.

    Says demographer William Frey, “The new immigration magnets especially in the Southwest are disproportionately attracting young Mexican men who are willing to accept low wages.”

    What further proof is needed that mass immigration from the Third World is taking jobs from Americans and driving down their wages when they do find work?

    Here is a problem more serious than whether black and white elites are getting together on weekends to gabble about race.

    But, dealing with it, Mr. Holder, will take courage.

    Mr. Buchanan is a nationally syndicated columnist and author of Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World, “The Death of the West,”, “The Great Betrayal,” “A Republic, Not an Empire” and “Where the Right Went Wrong.”

  • waltinseattle

    when it started “income” was what fat cats got on investments, not what workers got as wages. Like the “alternative” minimum tax, it morphed into taxes on the defenseless (those who don’t retain lawers by wholesale volume). Frank James (bro to Jesse) got it right::’ when revolution comes to America’ “it will be farmers vs bankers.”

    Ever think about that little clause about our money being backed by the “full faith …” etcetc of we the taxpayers? Do YOU have any faith left? I don’t, either.

    I do know they can’t get enough collection goons to take us all on.

  • Allan

    I do not agree that the uneducated were strong Obama supporters. I believe it was main stream America feeling hopeless from corruption, greed, low morals, anti American Heritage and Constitution that felt anything is better than another Republican government with no schematic drawn up for recovery. I believe there will be many mistakes made before we recover. The answer to recovery though will be from learning by the mistakes. It took us years to fall into the economic pit. We began buying bargain price merchandise from foreign countries. Cars, clothes, tv’s stereos,from foreign or outsourced American companies became the every day items in our markets. You would think that our citizens would be able to foresee what the eventual outcome would be but this didn’t happen. There is a whole mess of issues out there that our previous government turned a blind eye to. With such a liberated, look the other way attitude it was inevitable that America would end up on the low end of the teeter totter. We certainly have a long long road to travel to restore the America that many of us knew. May God Bless America and our Government and restore us to the balance and values we once possessed.

    • Mary Beth

      I disagree Allan. Obama was a virtual unknown with no accomplishments and bad associations. Any person that did their homework (and if you vote you should) would know this man was NOT honorable. They turned a blind eye and voted for a man that “talks nice”. BIG F DEAL. I can speak elequoently myself. I don’t expect sheep to follow blindly. You should know who you are voting for. And many that voted for this fool, did not know.

  • Citizen Joe

    I will simply say one word that will be worth gold. Ammunition …

    Socialism is evil and we are destined for another revolution. I’m very well prepared.

  • madjimp

    Well, I’ve read allthe comments, but what I haven’t heard is one word-REVIVAL and another word-NOW!
    In Jesus’ name Amen
    Evangelist Jim

  • Richard

    If a person cannot make his house payment, too #@&*# bad. Let it go to foreclosure. If a bank made too many bad loans, let it go bankrupt. That is the old way. There are tons of legitimate banks out there that did not climb on the socialistic bandwagon and allow themselves to be forced to do what all these upside down banks did. Now, with the blessings of the very people who initiated this screw up and are still in charge, we see our very currency being depleted in value by the blind idiots that think they can spend their way out of debt. It cannot be done. The crooks in charge of the bankrupt banks are using your tax money for golden parachutes, high placebos to their employees while the depositors and investors get to “go fish”. The restr of us are expected to fork over our worth to a bunch that would give it all away to the unworthy and entitlement subculture crowd. Time for the pitchforks and torches in the streets folks. This shit has got to stop!

    • Mary Beth

      I totally agree!

  • John Zuna

    We need to figure out exactly how the Democrats won last time, then we can block it and get President Obama out. Much more important is the replacement of Congressmen and Senators… noone has a plan except the Government…

  • lee

    strong textAny one who dips into this spending bill for their own greedy reasons are no better than a leech! I have honor in my self to do what i have to do without a hand out by Obama and his slimy gang. Now Frank wants to come through the back door on centcership of the talk shows whats the matter the truth making him uncomfortable, sounds that way to me. Our congress has down greaded to a bunch of greedy self serving slime balls that are power hungry and care nothing about the people they serve, they work for us or did they forget that? Nah the just don’t care!!

  • Mark

    i’m really sad that people actually believe this.

    the great depression didn’t destroy the dollar, so why would this round of bailouts? bush et. al. spent trillions of dollars on the iraq war, which was YOUR MONEY too, or have you forgotten that?! and all to satisfy a personal vendetta. no nukes should mean no war, right? well his administration didn’t want that, they just wanted an excuse for going to war. and guess what the war caused, as has all other middle eastern US military adventures? HIGH GAS PRICES, which hurt the dollar and the american people.

    yes, banks gave out bad loans. that was stupid. but should we really let the entire system collapse because we’re too greedy to help out our neighbor in need? it’s just as much the fault of people who did pay their mortgages as it is the people who didn’t that we are in such a mess now. weren’t you watching the news for the past four years? every day, every national news station was covering the sub-prime mortgage crisis that has been hurting american families for years and NO ONE DID ANYTHING! did you write/call your congressman/woman? of course not, they were republican so they MUST have been doing the RIGHT thing, right? um, wrong — they were sitting back and letting it all happen because they wanted to see if their economic philosophy actually worked. and guess what… it didn’t, so now we’re here with the biggest economic crisis we’ve seen in decades.

    i tried to listen to limbaugh’s speech yesterday, but i couldn’t stand to hear him lie to people for too long. i did catch a part about how reagan got us out of the 1980s economic crisis through tax cuts. yeah, right! read a book! reagan didn’t solve that crisis — it was still going on in the early 1990s (through bush sr.’s administration) and into the first year of clinton’s first term, until clinton’s economic policies turned it around.

    stop blaming the government for the free market’s mistakes! the republicans legislated away practically all regulation over the markets through the early 2000s and stonewalled everything the democrats tried to do to fix things from 2006 through 2008! but with a firm belief in a failed economic philosophy, the republican-controlled congress passed out any and all chances to stop this crisis from occurring.

    • Mary Beth

      Why would it? Because the people that really run this country and world planned it that way. Would any President that was serious allow the earmarks that he has? NO. He doesn’t care because he is a puppet. He was supposed to win to bring the country down. Did you hear the FDIC Chair said that the FDIC may be insolvent this year? It’s all part of the plan!

  • teora

    i have no more money left so i can buy gold.but i still have my collection of, silver,gems.what about these jewelry.can they be a future financial reliant for me?. please excuse my spelling as i am a beginner in English.thanks.

  • Jill Joyce

    Stop with the Gold stuff. The government HAD to bail out the banking system last fall because Democrats had destroyed it with Fannie Mae abuses. Bail out, then correct those abuses. Stabilize, then reform. We get so “principled” we miss the obvious. If your son drives his trike off a cliff, do you sit there and say, you should never have done it — you’re on your own? I came to this website because I saw a poll on who was responsible for the crisis. The closest answer I could respond yes to was “The Democrats and the Congress.” It should have said, “The Democrats.” Period. Until you and others stop blaming Republicans, we are DEAD. Those people are fighting for you with very limited power. Conservatives are a faction and can be a powerful one if they stop being so negative and get involved. There is so much fear-mongering, it’s stupid, counter-productive, and depresses action. Building your little fort is what got us in this mess. You’ve got to give it to the liberals, they hang together and they roll up their sleeves and work.

    • Mary Beth

      Yep, they work… on sticking earmarks in the bill and ignoring the Republicans…. No one in their right mind would vote YES on any bill will UNNEEDED SPENDING when this country is in DIRE danger of serious downturn and eventual collapse!!!!! Wake UP!

  • James Barrow

    Hi Jill Joyce.

    Jill said: ” I came to this website because I saw a poll on who was responsible for the crisis.”

    Me too.

    Jill said: “The closest answer I could respond yes to was “The Democrats and the Congress.” It should have said, “The Democrats.” ”

    OK, let me get this straight – the Republicans have been in power for 8 years, letting the bankers build up huge debts, and the Republicans give a yes to the initial huge bailouts,…. and yet this whole thing is the fault of the Democrats? Why – because of fannie mae? PUHLEASE!

    There are good people on this site, fighting for the best of America, but please use your brains as well as your hearts before blaming Obama. The Republicans and the bankers gave him this mess – he’s just trying to get everyone out of it.

  • Craig

    The current world economic crisis will get so bad the nations of the world will push to have a one world financial (monetary) system. No more dollar, no more pound, no more yen, no more etc,etc,etc. When the One World Monetary system is in place the whole world will be same unit of money, then start looking up to the HEAVENS because that one event will trigger the beginning of the end, the anti-christ, one world government, etc,etc,etc. However, the great news for all man-kind–THE RETURN OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. Read the Book of Revelations and be truly informed. The preachers of today are preaching to the choir, their “Feel Good” sermons, they are afraid to call sin what it really is–SIN! They are afraid to call homosexuality a sin because they don’t want to offend some-one, well I will and so will Bill Keller of Live, homosexuality, abortions, same-sex marriages, pornography, Oprahs so called self-help (false) religion, are all going to lead those who follow those things right straight to HELL. They are SINS and this nation is being lead by a sinful man and a ungodly congress (not all members). This country is going down and going down fast because there is now SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP. Our economic crisis is NOT man-made, it is spiritual and only a spiritual revival in this country will change it, no amount of bail-out money will fix this crisis. This country MUST turn from it’s decadent, immoral ways or else. Thank-you God BLESS America and God BLESS the ONLY nation which can save America—-Israel. Bill Keller Sign up for the daily devotional and archive some of his messages.

  • Craig

    In my previous comment there is a line which is wrong, it should read—This country is going down and going down fast because there is NO (not now, wrong word) spiritual leadership. Thank you.

  • dave

    Mark – keep drinking the liberal kool-aid! Democrat Congress control since ’06. Take an Econ 101 course [not taught be a liberal].

    Bottom line: Limited government per the Constitution is OUR right. We the people” ARE the Government….they represent US….. NOT themselves!

    Keep writing Congress daily and remind your Reps of that fact!

    The only Fed expenditures should be for National Security and Infrastructure per the Constitution! Most people don’t get the fact we should not be spending all the other monies at all. We need a FAIR TAX system ASAP, get back to States jurisdictions and eliminate all the excess FED Dept of Gov that are unconstitutional. Health care back to the providers – the doctors [not the insurers, lawyers or Big Pharma]

  • Jason

    Quote: i’m really sad that people actually believe this.
    the great depression didn’t destroy the dollar, so why would this round of bailouts?

    Mark, this round of bailouts and stimulus package could very well destroy the dollar. See, our money is backed by nothing. So the Federal Reserve can create as much of it as they want. But the trouble with that is, that when they do, they dilute the “value” of the money already in circulation.
    Example: If there are 10 trillion dollars in circulation, and lets pretend that each dollar is actually worth $1.00, and the Fed dumps another 10 trillion dollars of currency into circulation, now there are 20 trillion dollars in circulation, but each dollar now has the buying power of .50 See how it works? They have done just that so many times over many decades that our dollar is now worth about .04 and dropping like a rock. What do you think will happen when it reaches ZERO? Thats right. A dollar collapse. Printing money without taking money out of circulation, like they do through federal taxation, results in INFLATION. Prices appear to rise against the dollar.
    So all this new money for the bail outs and stimulus is being printed and dumped into circulation. They only way as far as I can tell that President Obama can make this work, is to remove the money little by little as the economy picks up. That would hold down inflation, and help the dollar.
    We’ll see what happens. I hope it works. I just bought a rifle and thousands in gold. Planning for the worst, hoping for the best.


  • Jason

    Quote from Richard: Richard on February 26th, 2009 at 7:12 pm:

    If a person cannot make his house payment, too #@&*# bad. Let it go to foreclosure. If a bank made too many bad loans, let it go bankrupt. That is the old way.

    Richard, if these were good times, and a bank made bad loans and got into trouble, then yes, I would say let it fail. But we are in trouble here. Businesses run on credit, and its hard to get credit from banks right now. Businesses use this credit to make payroll and pay their bill, if they come up short some month. When the credit dries up, it threatens a businesses ability to function. How long would you work there while waiting for your boss to, “Save Up” so he can pay you? We cannot let the major banks fail, not right now, not during this economic crisis. The ripple effect will reverberate through out the entire economy. Right now we need to hold together what we have and stave off further deterioration. Can you imagine what the economy would look like after the failure of the major banks, the auto industry, AIG , ect? The economy is so interconnected. A layoff at GM, hurts the local Detroit 7-11, lost business at 7-11 results in smaller orders from 7-11′s suppliers, and on and on. That impacts the trucking industry, that delivers the goods, which impacts the truck drivers ability to buy a new car. What goes on in Detroit, or some major bank can affect you in direct and indirect ways.

    Now is not the time for corporate tough love. Now is the time to plug the holes in the ship before it sinks. I hate the bail outs too. It pisses me off. But unless you are ready for a potentially radical way of life, {Kill your own food, collapse of society} then just accept the fact that we have to hold together what we have.

  • andry

    ViFVYG comment6 ,


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