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Still Voting For 'Mitt Romney'?

July 18, 2012 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • TIME

    Old Mittie said it best!
    You can’t take that away from old Mittie the “Flipper Flopper.”

    You nut cases who think MITTIE is better than B OMEN, WOW – your not very bright are you?

    You would trade an M OMEN for a B OMEN,
    ( why is that again; when the two are cut from the very same cloth! )

    Both owned lock stock and barrel by the Goldman Saks, who’s owned by the Rothschilds who by the way also own all the media base too, such as the AP UPI, UP, etc…!

    Look in the Mirror if you think either is worth more than what you flush daily.

    These TWO freaks are only a Symptom of the Mental Illness that many Americans have, {the CLOSED EYE – Mindless SLEEPING Sheepe – Illness!}

    Wake up – or shut up!

    Peace and Love

    • myopinion

      Because he’s an American. It takes an foreignor to destory a country,,look at Hilter, he was an Austrian, had no love for Germany , look at Stalin, he had no love for Russia.

      • californiasailor

        And the idiot that is in office is from Kenya! Simple enough!

      • TIME

        To address both of you – OMG!

        They are BOTH the Bloody same; what part of that is beyond your gray matter?
        YOU don’t have a choice is that something your small minds can grasp?

        Let me ask you both – if you hit yourself in the head with a hammer once – will twice make it 2X’s better?

        Saddly its people like you two that have doomed this nation with the same old mindless sheep like behavior.
        There is a special place in HELL for people like you.

        This nation had a chance with Dr. Ron Paul, but as per the norm the Idiots out number the people with gray matter. How bloody sad!

        Peace and Love

    • Rebecca Seriel

      We already KNOW what Obama can do and has done. It’s time to get him out. PERIOD. Sometimes you have to choose between dumb and dumber and in this case we need to replace dumbest.

    • James Edward Dal Cerro

      We are just cattle for the big companies to butcher, this country does not want clean electrical energy. I have created an power plant, i built at the age of 16 years old still running a small farm. Their is no need for nuclear power, as its so bad for the radiations waste of disposal, creation of cancers, and also the needed of fresh water to keep the power plant cooled. Salt water will blow up, as its heated turns into an dangerous gas, called hydrogen, I am sure of it. Also look at Japan, when they tried to cool their reactor with salt water from the ocean. To it down when their pumps for cooling went out these powers of nuclear also leek out radiations into the water, land, and more cancer is created. Also loss of land, water for ever, and ever. How many nuclear power plants around our fresh waters of the Great lakes, these people do not care about mumanity, JUST MONEY, It blows they move away from it, who cares about the land or the people, they are then expendable, so now they do not want my project, Now I show you why, Question, why is the power plant of Zion Illinois shut down, and its use is for storage of nuclear waste, why because they can’t burie it in Nevada, or any where, now where to put it? The cracked rods are doing so. Ever see the rods when they are changed out? These rods are worn out, and down releasing these radioactive materials into the water, lands of many. Radiation is forever, and lasts for many thousands of years, creating pollutions of death. Ever see the containments of these nuclear waste, once opened they are gone, down to china they went. Mabe they hit some oil polluting the oil, then what? How do you use radioactive oil, its not ever going to be safe to put any where. Also The dirty bombs are used in our military forces, and harm our own defence systems of men, and women, and the Military hides all of these finds. Look at the battle of Fulluja, on Utube. Also the laws of the regulatations of 1907 are broken their. Our defence is doing harms of many. Their denial, of this use of materials. These people now attack us back in the same manner now over this, creation of more problems, and the denial of our Military is their job to do so They are great for this, and thats is the reason.They will never admitt to it. The solders are infected, by us our own bombs. people are expendable, we have too many people on this planet said a other fat cat. These lies of nuclear material use, and their uses should be stoped at all costs, but no one want to talk about it. So if i die, it goes out any how, and they would love to find out how. I asking for an inturnal investagation of this power plant very soon, by the environmental agency of nuclear waste. I now then say why, and people will know why then they do not want to answer to my projects properties of their working capabilities. I show the world what they tried too stop at all cost. The wind generations are good if you want electrical energy, but they break down because of the heat created inside of generations of the unit, its created to do so to keep the electrical energy bills higher then you need. The generations of any power plant creates heat, any harvesting of electrical energy creates heat of any generator, or generations of any, more heat from small generations of powering of and power plant that takes up way too much land, they are ugly, they hum, and create an problem of close humans that live near by, of their hearing problems. Hearing is inpaired, as an high pitch hum is sent out of an wind generation unit of any, I seen this report of many. Repair men fall to their death repairing them also, and also create at lot of injuries or death hidden by the big corporations. These wind generations are built in fields of farms, and are hard to get too when need attentions of their repairing them for continue use, and they can’t get to these on farms fields of soft grounds, craines falter, fall by their tipping over, and other mess for us. helicopters are used more money, and more of the same, lowering them dowm with tools for repairing them this is so expensive.The project I can build does not use any fossil fuels, and this project will be built. I asked for funds, and not ever anyone has helped to do so. I asked the D.O.E. about the project, and they said good luck, ok. Big boys do not want the Howard Johnson Project either. Well thats too bad for them, One solar is very bad, and it changes our weather the laws of attractions of the sun, the bent rays not absorbed by the pannels are then reflected back into our inner atmosphere changing the cloud formations, also when these pannels are burn’t out, and their service is done, they also are put into large dumps, more garbage. These pannel are expensive, and not recyclable. More money spent for the higher electrical energy, not needed. Dams are good hydro power, and they are not good is water is not availably, I seen they took down river in south America to build a massive dam to run power a plant for the coming games down in you know where the olympic games of 2016 I believe. Now they can do this for the olympic games, but not for our electrical system no , money can’t be taken in. This country will not let the changes it needs badly right now. The project for Alternative, Renewable. Electrical, Power Plants, No byproducts Omitted are mine to build for the worls at first this country, America then JOBS all over the world building them for all friendly countries too America, and where will we find these countries. James Edward Dal Cerro J, on twitter, read my old posts. They hate me, as much as I hate them, the rich oil men, the Fossil Fuel ducks I call them. God help Us . Write me if you want to help me build these powers.

    • Lorrence

      I’m sick & tired of all this talk! let us do something to vote him out of the office of the prezident! enough of talking!!!

  • Doc Sarvis

    Wow. An accurate slam on the presumptive Republican nominee.

    • Luis

      I’m surprised that even FOX News called him a flip flopper. Ouch!

  • MIKI

    Sooo let’s learn from history– dilute the vote and lose the office — IF there isn’t an effort to stand united – be sure we’ll fall and 4 more years of Obama — Your choice while you listen to the nay sayers — Let’s just vote to get Obama OUT – then march on to correcting rather than accepting the policies that have in the past 3 1/2 years destroyed our freedomes. PLEASE!!! or regret in November.

    • nc

      miki, how much change will there be in the Republican platform of the Romney campaign and the bush platform> Same tax breaks for the rich, Same attack on middle class labor to deny them a right to organize for their betterment> Same attachment to defense spending> Same attachment to Israel> Same attachment to deregulation of business practices that leaves the public vulnerable to fraud and other misconduct>Same attachment to foreign policy that has us hated around the world like never before!

      The last time we were subject to that platform was when george w. bush was going to improve on the country he inherited from Clinton! How did that turn out???? We are going to make our country stronger with the same policies that made us weaker?????

    • Liberty Minded

      I can gaurentee a vote for Romney will not change a thing! He will continue the agenda of Obama, we are doomed as a nation, God help us.

      • The GLB

        Right on, right on!!!

        Nothing ever changes in the false left/right paradigm from which we are told to choose. Our choices: Douche bag #1, who is beholden to the ‘banksters’ and loves killing babies; or douche bag #2, who is ALSO beholden to the ‘banksters’, but CLAIMS he does NOT want to kill babies (Hell, sometimes they say that they do want to kill babies only to change their mind later when they receive an epiphany from God — read: when it becomes politically expedient).

        The fact is both parties are a revolving door between big ‘gubment’ and big banking; big ‘gubment’ and big Agra, i.e. Monsanto, ADM, Conagra, Tyson, et al; big ‘gubment’ and BIG, HUGE, GINORMOUS PHARMA (The ten largest pharmaceutical companies out-earn the rest of the Fortune 500 combined). From my research our current form of ‘gubment’ looks like a photocopy of Mussolini’s Italy, or Hitler’s Germany, where if one is NOT in good standing with whomever is in office, then NO goodies for you.

        Two examples of this from the current regime: Solyndra; and “So, if somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can — it’s just that it will bankrupt them, because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.” — Obama Jan 2008.

        And an example from the other side, and there are many: One of the so-called ‘Conservative’ Supreme Court justices, who worked for Monsanto, wrote the majority opinion giving Monsanto the ability to patent life. A little reciprocal ‘kissy-kissy’ between Clarence Thomas and his Demonic masters at Monsanto.

        Volumes could be filled with examples of this symbiotic relationship between big ‘gubment’ and BIG business; and arguments could be made about when the collapse of the Constitution began, but I think the legislation that accelerated the whole stinking mess was the Fourteenth Amendment, which, coincidentally enough, was used to give corporations personhood.

        P.S. Lest anyone accuse of me of being anti-business, let me assure you that I am NOT, what I would prefer is a truly Free-Market system vis-a-vis Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”, NOT this crony-capitalism that facilitates BIG business and destroys small business.

      • John Thomas

        You can’t guaranty crap. Mitt Romney and a conservative congress have a chance to reel in spending. Obama will NEVER do that.

    • Steve

      Agreed MIKI!

  • Graciela Fox

    Graciela Fox

    • Doc Sarvis

      Which Mr. Romney? The one who made RomneyCare, supports TARP, supports a woman’s right to chose, and wanted the U.S. auto industry to fail – or the other one?

      • Sam Castorani

        EVERY politician flip flops!!! Obama’s no stranger to the “evolving” opinion. Here are just a few of his:
        As a Senator, Obama opposed raising the debt ceiling, and said adding 4 trillion in was ”unpatriotic”. As President, he insisted the debt ceiling be raised and has added substantially more than 4 trillion to the debt.
        In 2008, Obama said that, as President, he would repeal the Bush tax cuts for the rich. In 2010 and 2012, he extended those cuts.
        Same sex marriage, accepting money from Super Pacs, said he would immediately close Guantanamo, he still hasn’t. And the list goes on and on…..

      • John Thomas

        GREAT POINT!! Since most human beings NEVER make mistakes, its better for the few who do to stick to their guns even when they know they are wrong. The question is not whether he has changed, but whether you believe what he’s saying now. It is not hard to believe (from my perspective) that he is sincere about wanting to cut spending.

      • Robert

        The American people should realize, that there is a Big Difference between State Run Healthcare and Healthcare run by the Federal Government. They Are Not The Same.
        States should be able to do as they want with healthcare and other issues. We don’t need a Federal Gov. forcing us to buy anything. Keep the Federal Gov. out of our lives.

    • James Heronime

      You are both correct…They both have their numerous flaws but why hire another liberal when we already have one working right now! It would save a little money not having one of the world’s richest men living in my house anyway. Besides, I like drawing my social security and Military retirement. (actually I need it..I invested far too much in it to have it taken it away by republicans that claim it is an entitlement.) I paid for all their parents way through retirement and now it is your kid’s turn to breeze me through…So I will keep the misery index a little lower for myself and keep the same puke we have now. Maybe that will extend my life a little longer and don’t give me this crap that the Romulan would be any different.

  • jay

    I think voting for slavery is wise for those who beg to be chained. Obama will give you that slavery for which you so crave. At the point of his gun, you will work to pay for his government. I find it amazing that people will beg to be enslaved when given a choice while condemning slavery as bad. Please, i beg you, vote for the stupidest president to ever represent America. BObama.

    • The GLB

      Jay, the IRS raids homes and businesses with guns drawn regularly, watch “Freedom to Fascism”, regardless of who is in office. By the way: The IRS work for the bankers who control the ‘gubment’, not for the Federal ‘gubment’.

      The way I define slave: One who does NOT own 100% of one’s labor.

      Question: How long does the average taxpayer in the U.S. have to work for the ‘gubment’ before they own their own labor?

      If Romney says that taxpayers can keep the fruits of their labor after they have worked for the ‘gubment’ X number of days, then even if it is just one day that taxpayer is still a slave. I do recognize that the one party wants a higher percentage of the taxpayer’s labor then the other party, but it is still slavery.

      You should watch Joe Rogan’s bit from his 2006 “Live” concert where Joe talks about the PTB discussing how stupid a candidate can be and still get elected. Personally, I think the PTB are still pushing that envelope, even though the MSM declared Obama the smartest man in the room. If intelligence is having the ability to read aloud, then Obama is probably the smartest man in the room (even when he is campaigning in Hollywood).

      When I look at images, or video, of Romney I think, “No brain, No headache.” He just has this vapid look in his eyes that screams, “The lights are on, but no one is home.” or “How did my handlers tell me to answer this question … today?” And before any of you Romney supporters start attacking me by declaring how successful he was in business and in bringing the olympics to his Mormon friends, let me write one word, “Connections”.

    • James Heronime

      The slavery thing is just for the whites. All others will get a pass. (guaranteed)

  • jopa

    jay I was watching a clip on Romney talking about the middle class.He is so clueless he thinks the middle class are waiters , waitresses that rely on tips for a living and his foreign gardeners.The rest are millionaires like him and the poor are the retired and jobless.His idea of job creation in America is everyone working for Chinese wages and benefits and him sitting on the throne because it’s his turn.He wants only the very rich controlling the very poor.

  • Dave

    So . . .
    Should I vote for the Fascist-Communist or for the Fascist-Capitalist?
    …Or maybe I should just concede that the Republican establishment has thrown my vote away, and write-in Ron Paul.

  • Dave67

    Can I get a REAL 3rd party please???

    Romney would be the second coming of Bush 2. He is done.

    • The GLB

      Dave67, I cannot tell you how many people feel the way you do, but then say, “I love ____, but he can never win.”

      Just about every single person, with whom I speak (including self-identified socialists), say that they would vote for Ron Paul, but …

      This indicates to me that people are fed-up with the false “choices” we are given, and the primary system has been compromised. How did Santorum go from having 6% approval on the morning of the Iowa Caucus to winning with 26% of the vote? And for that matter why did the percentage of Ron Paul votes come in virtually identical in every precinct? Conclusion: Romney was selected, NOT elected.

      I ask this question repeatedly to friends and family: Have any of you seen, even one, Romney bumper sticker, or yard sign? I see plenty of Obama 2012 stickers; Anti-Obama 2012 stickers, including the one on my truck; and tons of Ron Paul stickers and yard signs, including the one in my front yard, but I do NOT recall having seen even one Romney sticker or yard sign.

      Also Dave, if the majority of the people continue to vote for the ‘Selected’ candidates, and NOT vote for the candidate with whom they most closely align politically, then there will NEVER be a viable third or fourth party candidate. I am NOT a huge fan of Jesse Ventura’s, but he was able to beat the system.

      • John Thomas

        It makes me sad for our country reading the comments of you conspracy theorist morons. Ron Paul has some very good ideas, but he would make a TERRIBLE president. And he wouldn’t ever get elected president. He would pull enough votes away from the most conservative candidate available to ensure 4 more years with this communist. Watch out for that shadow in your closet….its the luminati!!

  • Millie

    So Romney changes his mind. So has Obama (compare his many campaign promises with present actions). Heck, I am still “self-debating” gay marriage, abortion, etc, and I bet in all honesty a few others are, too.

    We have lost credibility and respect of other nations and have no discernible way of turning the economy or employment numbers around. Hey, Romney made money so perhaps he can make some for the U.S. He turned the near-cancelled U.S. Olympics around. He fired people (if they didn’t do their jobs, to paraphrase the rest of his sentence). I would do the same. Romney changed his mind on abortion after he met with several scientific, medical, ,philosophical, et. al, experts.

    My instinct is to vote for someone who is proud to wear the American flag pin and who covers his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. I want a lover of America, not a hater. I have seen this Administration, and I am very worried.


    Obama is the worst President in all of american history, and no matter what people say about Romney, Romney is the best choice for a real american who knows how to build businesses that succeed. Every body has changed their minds at some point in time in their lives, so why can’t Romney have the same freewill to change his mind. We are all human, and as humans that what we do. I have changed my mind about many beliefs at different times in my life. People who use these low ways of attacking Romney are as low as their ways with the using of the smoke and mirrors game that confuses people to make the wrong possible choice. Any person, president, or not, who is trying to gain gun control through a world piece program targeted to limit or take away our right to bare arms, and rewrite or constitution is not a true american by any means. His job is to stand up for those rights as Obama took the oath, he lied straight to the American people as he took the pledge to be or leader and stand by our rights to the Constitution of the United States of America. Put this in perspective people, as you change your mind to vote.

    • John Thomas


    • Rebecca Seriel

      Lance, I totally agree. Get on the ball folks! We have already passed the candidate selection process. Either you vote for Romney or Obama. Those are the choices. If you think things are bad now, get prepared for them to get worse. He was the wrong candidate at the wrong time and still is. There is NO more money to give away in social programs. Please don’t throw out your vote because you don’t like either one. Vote for the more acceptable candidate, and to date that is Romney. He has not harmed our economy like Obama. Please don’t throw away your vote! We need to help our country and children!

  • jopa

    Lance;The same could be said of you as being very low with your attacks on a sitting President.Then you come up with this lunatic idea being passed around by idiots such as Limbaugh about international peace initiatives being used as a way to control guns.How about the five dollar a gallon gas, where did that story go.Where is the common sense in America today when so many believe the Faux noise channel?

  • jopa

    A Ron Paul – Bernie Sanders would be pretty cool.Maybe even Barry Sanders.

    • nc

      Or Palin and McCain and Ron Paul on “The Naked and the Dead” ticket!

  • Rt

    The sad truth is missed every 2 to 4 years we fail to recognize the one entity that virtually sets the precedent for all the events of each term. The politicians who support the UN And its agenda to create an amoral World System or New World Order, if you will. Will undoubtedly continue to deliver our country and others into the hands of the United Nations.

    Article 25 in the UN Charter automatically strips the sovereignty of all the members nations of the UN Security Council.

    This agenda goes from the Presidential nominees down to your local county council members. So it is safe to say if your candidate pledges their support to an International entity before his/her own country you bet your sweet $&@ your gonna get more of the same every time.

    Getting us out of the UN is a step in the right direction, if it will happen? not sure. All I can say is this, the less politicians there are in our system of government that support the UN the less support the UN will receive to carry out their agenda, in theory.

    All the over the top and draconian legislation comes from proponants of the UN, the CFR or both attached with a global problems, require global solutions clause just to create an urgency to strip away freedom and sovereignty. Most of the corporate donors are aligned with either one of these entities or both. So do a little digging to see where your candidate lines up.

    It is all there. You just have to dig a little. Sometimes you don’t have to dig at all.

  • Steve

    So Bob,

    What do you suggest we do for the moment. Vote for Obama? WE DON’T HAVE ANOTHER CHOICE right now do we. Vote for a 3rd candidate that won’t make it into the White House? Vote for Nader? Huh.?/////

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Steve,

      You write: “What do you suggest we do for the moment. (sic) Vote for Obama?” It does not matter as both Romney and Obama are bankster and Bilderberg approved. They will do whatever their masters direct. Your best bet is to identify liberty candidates to put into your state legislatures and when possible, in your House and Senate seats. Congress, when it does its job, holds more power than the president anyway. As for the Presidential race, if Ron Paul is not the nominee there is no need to participate.

      Best wishes,

      • Rebecca Seriel

        Bob, are you kidding me? I cannot believe you would rather stay home. You read all the mess we are in… and you are going to stay home?! Vote for the alternative, that is all we have in the presidential race. Yes, it’s not what we want, but it IS an alternative. Obama is NOT an option and by not voting he is one vote closer.

  • MIKI

    Has anybody bothered to review history????????? When a weak third choice is on the ballot the incumbent wins!!!! No matter how honorable his is, no matter principled he is, his candidacydilutes the vote. and the winner in this coming election IS Obama folks and four more years of forfieting our freedom, our pinciples and our privacy, For those of you who stubbonly insist on promotiing additional candidates, don’t complain during the next four years of devastation to our country.

  • http://aol theno1chief

    WOW: All I can say is we have a large number of folks smoking some really bad stuff!!!!!

  • Barry Eacret

    Romney id a financial genius. He is the only one who can lead this country out of sheer bankruptcy. All of this sound clips stopped short of his final message…note they cut out the most important part if you heard some of these interviews. And yes, some of his ideas have changed since he was 20 years younger. Don’t we all do that with age?
    Pure and simple, Obama was not experienced enough for this job….and he is a socialist like his father, his mother, and his grandparents.


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