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Still Separate And Unequal

May 17, 2012 by  

Fifty-eight years ago today, the United States Supreme Court decided Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka and ruled that separate but equal school facilities stamped an inherent badge of inferiority on black students and public school systems were required to integrate “with all deliberate speed.”

Did integration accomplish what the court sought to accomplish? Hardly. Today, thanks to the Department of Education, children are required to attend a school near their home, with few exceptions. Most minorities now live in cities, while most white students now live in the suburbs and rural areas.

Studies show that students at inner city schools are less likely to graduate than students at suburban schools. A report by the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center in 2008 found that 75 percent of students at suburban districts received their diplomas, but only 58 percent of students in urban districts did. The main school districts of Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Baltimore had the lowest graduations rates in the country. All were below 40 percent. Detroit’s was 25 percent.

In Baltimore, suburban students graduated at an 82 percent clip. But only 35 percent of urban students graduated.

According to U.S. Department of Education statistics, most public school classrooms are either mostly white or all white or they are mostly or all minority. More than half of all public school 12th graders are in classrooms where either more than 90 percent or fewer than 10 percent are minorities.

Contrast that with private schools, which more accurately reflect the nation’s racial mix. Private schools draw students from across neighborhoods and consistently score better on standardized tests and have higher graduation rates.

Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka has done nothing to enhance the educational opportunities of minority students because of the policies of the Department of Education and the teachers unions, which have fought tooth and nail against school choice.

Giving parents the freedom to select the school they want their children to attend will improve the educational opportunities for all children. Failing schools would go the way of the dodo bird, and with them would go failing kids.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Originalintent

    It has absolutely nothing to do with school choice. It has to do with behavioral standards. Especially in the private schools, the children must observe a certain modicum of personal restraint and respect for others that is not enforced in public school, particularly the more heavily minority attended ones. If you doubt me, try visiting a few before you start screaming, “Prejudice!”. That way, you’ll have a clue. All of this is due to the Liberal/Union Teachers groups that do not allow the imposition of the strict behavior and academic standards necessary for scholastic superiority. There is also a matter of what is being taught. There needs to be a lot more concentration on such things as reading and writing and a lot less on esoteric Liberal idealism.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Originalintent,

      That goes back to choice. If parents could pull their kids out of failing (or undisciplined) schools and put them into schools that perform better, those failing schools would have to improve or die.

      Best wishes,

      • rodney burke

        Uh yeah, people in Dallas are voting with their feet. I hear more and more about people WORKING in Dallas and have kids in school somewhere else. The Dallas Schools are just like the Police Department, one scandal after another, Police Chief and school superintendent are a revolving door. When we DO have choice and we get rid of the liberalism in schools our education standards will go up not only within the states, but in the world.

        I agree, the Department of education should be abolished and the state board of education should be the final authority on what is taught and the discipline used to keep order etc. School shootings are happening for one reason; “Gun free zone” Idiots! Anyone who wants to enter a school knows that and EVERYONE is defenseless. Columbine, Virginia Tech etc.? Anybody get it yet! Except me that is?

      • Rod Roberts

        Originalintent’s first two sentences were on the money. “It has absolutely nothing to do with school choice. It has to do with behavioral standards.” I taught the last 21 years in a school district that changed over those 21 years from 25% Hispanic to over 70% Hispanic. I watched a lot of “duming down” and ways to make our graduation numbers look better. School choice had little to do with anything…we enjoyed reciprocity with 2 other districts, students could choose. Didn’t work! Behavioral standards were non-existant, gangs became the norm. Galt makes a statement that I’ve heard repeated for eons, “those that can DO! Those that can’t teach.” Being a good teacher is extremely difficult; you must compete with computer games, TV, movies, cell phones, and a host of other more interesting things for student attention. It takes a lot of work and preparation to present a good lesson and to keep student attention on what you’re teaching. Believe me, students would rather text than write a paragraph or work some algebra problems. Trying to keep some idea or order in your classroom is a monumental task sometimes. And it doesn’t matter what the teacher’s educational background is or how well the teacher is prepared — It deal with student behavioral standards. Some students readily admit the only reason they are in school is they get 2 free meals a day, they get to see/talk with their friends and they don’t have to work.

      • http://Personalliberty Julie

        Nice idea..I’m all for it since I chose to Homeschool. The logistics of it however might be a challenge. I dont think it would be easy to pull your child out of a school that is close to where you live, pay for them to go to school elsewhere, provide the transportation and the like. I agree with the poster that states discipline and teaching the basics are needed. Also, taking responsibility for your children, being involved in their education, and stop having children out of wedlock (no father in the home) would be helpful.

  • Vigilant

    Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka was an early example of an activist Supreme Court exceeding its Constitutional charter. Education is a concern of the states and the Feds had no business whatsoever in even agreeing to hear the case,

    It was this Earl Warren court decision that paved the way for the unconstitutional establishment of the Department of Education under Jimmy Carter. The Federal involvement in education is one of the main reasons this nation fails the tests of objectivity and excellence when compared to other nations.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Vigilant,

      You are correct, and I should have mentioned that as well.

      Best wishes,

  • Chester

    Originalintent, you are half right, in that decent behaviour is NOT demanded in public schools. However, you are laying the blame on the wrong people, as the teachers can only do what they are allowed, by law, to do, and disciplinary problems are something they are no longer allowed to handle at the teacher/student level. Corporal punishment, such as a smack on the butt with a bare hand, let alone serious stuff, is a sure way to go to prison for a long time, and administrative punishments, such as detention, has little, if any effect. In fact, a lot of those kids are pushing for expulsion so they don’t HAVE to be in school. Try teaching even young adults from this group, and you will find a contempt for anything that MIGHT come from a book, as it isn’t STREET smarts,

  • dan

    you can’t FORCE people to be equal any more than you can force someone to excel…
    or be moral …
    freedom to choose also means freedom to fail

    • Scott D

      Wow. That’s an excellent point. With all the idyllic talk of equality, we’ve lost the fact that across the board equality is impossible and, when you think about it, undesirable. What is failure to one man is the measure of success to another. We all have different levels of ambition, intellect and ability. If the government would leave us alone, a societal homeostasis could be achieved. All we need is freedom and opportunity.

    • GiveAwayJimmie

      Majority of citizens do not realize that Freedom is a two part word—–It means you are FREE to DOOM yourself. In todays society we do not want anyone to take responsiblity for/or experience failure or “DOOM”!!!! When one does not have an opportunity to fail/suceed—they no longer have a reason to excel in anything—–that is why we have so much mediocrity in the U.S..

  • GALT

    Could it be that the concept of “schools” and “schooling” are the dodo birds? The idea of education and literacy was at some point something that was eagerly pursued by students. What it has become and the purpose it serves today is some what questionable.

    Even the rhetoric of “diversity” should give one pause……..for if “diversity” is the goal, one does not achieve this by confining those of diverse back rounds together for 12 years and
    feeding them the same information while testing them to see if it has been absorbed? This
    sounds suspiciously like homogenization but it could just be me?

    It also does not seem plausible that this method would inspire individual creativity or critical thinking or questioning, for such students would probably be considered disruptive,
    while those who did well, would be those who conformed to what was expected…….

    Of course the future has already arrived……..and you are looking at it and using it.

    The math here is fairly obvious for all one has to do is take the cost per pupil and multiply it by twelve years, or more…………and observing that absurd amount of money, it should be clear that “educating” those that want to learn and producing the diverse, creative, critical thinking outcome that is the claimed goal …………THIS technology, is the most effective means of doing so. ( and there are some unintended benefits which also arise )

    Resistance to this will come from the “status quo” of the present system, and it will be, aided and abetted by “government” through the conventional means, so it may take some
    time for this “reality” to assert itself……….but two things will make this resistance futile.

    The first is the new “economic” reality……..where the sheer cost of continuing this system
    vs the alternative is overwhelmingly obvious…..especially when one examines the actual

    The second, is an old truth…….those that can, DO! Those that can’t, teach.

  • cawmun cents

    Ask a liberal……its Bush’s fault.Ask them why,and you get what the progressives have been teaching your kids since the gubment took over.
    How to point the finger of blame at someone else.That is the entirety of the curriculum being scrubbed into the minds of our youth.How to blame someone who’s views are different than yours.Someone on this blog(a progressively based moderate liberal,their own words not mine)once told me Jesus was a liberal.But if that was true,then why did they throw Him out of the public schools?
    Can you riddle me that Batman?
    In an effort to push Darwinism,and what is tenatively known as survival of the fittest,the schools decided to leave God out of the equation.The problem is that they could have never perceived that GOD IS the fittest.And now that there is a push to make gubment the equal of God,they think that their educational standards will improve as a result.But since there is no discipline amongst the youths,for discipline is a bad thing according to the daytime television show hosts,there will be noimprovement.
    It has to do with accountability.If you are teaching children to point the finger of blame at someone else,and after learning that habit for their entire scholastic tenure,then you will notice how well that pans out in the survival of the fittest ideology.
    It simply does not.
    When you have no higher power(other than the kid with the bestest bong down the street)to be accountable to,then it is easy to point the finger of blame at someone else.
    In a connect the dot world it is not rocket science to be able to make that picture come alive.You teach the children to shun responsibility for their own actions,in favor of blaming empirical bureaucracy,rather than taking responsibility for their own actions,and then you wonder why they are not surviving and thriving like good Darwinists think they should be.
    In the name of Darwinism the term natural selection becomes the focus of most learned scholars.In other words the conditions inherently present at the time of the events,determine the survivability of the species being discussed.
    Ergo:the term”natural selection”.
    The problem you encounter when applying that to the human species,is that it rules out critical thinking.
    The ability to lend criticism to ones own thoughts,and take responsibility for their own actions would likely be crucial to survivability,wouldnt you think?
    How did most Jewish folks survive the holocaust?(notice the term “most”)
    They left Europe,and went elsewhere.Thats critical thinking on their part.The ones that failed to leave,didnt fare so well in historical context.They were rounded up and murdered on a scale never before seen in the annals of time.
    In a problematic world,it was known by its architects as the”final solution”.
    Our school system is facing its final solution.And when the tendency to leave for safer venues is denied the youth of our nation,then how can they survive in a world that has no accountability?In a world where finger pointing and passing the buck are staples of their education,how can they hope to compete out in the world?
    Its alot like one guy blaming the other for why they are on the cattlecar to begin with.
    It doesnt make any sense in the grand scheme of Darwinism.
    But it is what your youth are being taught from one end of the spectrum to the other.
    Conspicuously,through it all,a higner authority is missing.
    So it must be Bush’s fault,right?
    Those damnable God loving conservatives and republicans are to blame for us not achieveing like our worldly counterparts.If we had more money,we could then afford to pay off the union bosses and then some of it would trickle down to our children,instead of paying for so and so’s retirement package.Those damn republicans wont let us pay for the pensions of alll those retiring union members,so we have no money for our schools.
    I know!
    We can just tax the honest hard working folks to pay off the union bosses!
    But we will blame it on the republicans,and make the folks who work hard for their money seem like they are the evil ones who wont fund the retirement package for the union bosses.That way when we ask for more money,we can just print it out of the air, or pullit off the money tree that we all know comes rom our gubment.
    There it is……the battered corpse of survival of the fittest educational standards.
    Natural selection has killed it off.
    It went on the cattlecar with good sense and responsibility to a higher power.
    Blame Bush…..its the thing to do.

    • GALT

      Slight correction: “survival of the fittest” is Social Darwinism, the brainchilde of Herbert Spencer, not Darwin……..and while “natural selection” is one of the three elements of
      Darwin’s theory, the actual mechanism for it… it operates, is the only element of the theory which is not understood……..but this, because of mitochondrial dna, is not an if question, but rather a when question…….being unveiled, as we speak.

      Evidence suggests that we are far more motivated by our “biology” than our “intellects”,
      and that there does not seem to be a mechanism that selects for “intelligence”…..

      • cawmun cents

        You got that last sentence right pal…..haw!

      • cawmun cents

        And I didnt think it was needed to add,but Darwinian Evolution wont work without”survival of the fittest”.Thanks

      • GALT

        While your imagination might require it, Evolution does not……which probably explains why
        Darwin didn’t include it………..which only leaves the restatement that empirical truths do not require that you believe them.

      • cawmun cents

        Or perhaps like you,Darwin couldnt accept that like in our school system,those who cannot survive are not to be considered the fittest.Which is why we cannot compete scholastically by worldly standards.You see if you are not among the fit on the savannah then you will likely fall prey to predators.
        Same in human society.
        If you are not being taught what needs to be part of your knowledge before you are thrust into the jaws of the real world,then how are your chances for survivability among those who are fit,and properly educated?
        Not very good,which makes the conditions for evolution unlikely.
        But not when it pertains to the natural world right?
        Its not like the whole of the environment is taken into account by the environmentalist.
        Otherwise why would there be inner city strife and nothing being done to improve the conditions?
        Why would there be people so angry over their conditions,and staying so very loyal to a political idealism that just doesnt work?That doesnt seem like ideal conditions to evolute further does it?
        That is tantamount to a gazelle being lazy,unattentive,and slothful,and expecting the lions to leave them alone.It just doesnt make sense.the ones who keep watch,who are aware of their surroundings at all times,who run fast,and are healthy,usually avoid becoming dinner.
        If that isnt survival of the fittest,I would like you to issue forth your opine of what is.
        The same can be said of learning and scholastic educational standards.The ones who watch for opportunity,who are aware of their environmental circumstances,who think critically and are efficent at absorbing knowledge,are the ones who do well.
        Those who cannot fall prey to failure.
        It seems to me that someone of your advanced knowledge could put those factors together and see truth to this ideology.
        Maybee yer book lairnin’has got ye in a bit o’ the fuzz?
        But what do I know?
        Apparently very little……

      • GALT

        What you do or do not know is not relevant……nor does it change the “slight correction”
        that was presented to you, to increase your knowledge base…… that regardless of what you actually DO KNOW,…….today you KNOW a little bit MORE.

        Rather than accept this “new knowledge”… continue to defend your ignorance, and claim that Darwin was wrong by not including “survival of the fittest”…….and that it somehow bears on the rest of your rhetoric regarding schools……….unfortunately, your attempt does not stand up to scrutiny……….since you fail to understand “survival” in the context of nature or civilization……….

        In nature, survival of the individual is of no importance, and natural selection through genetic mutation is one which affects the continuation of species…….with the key one being reproduction……….so that all things being equal, sheer numbers will be sufficient to insure continuation……..and based on where one is on the food chain, the lower on the chain, the greater this number will be.

        Spencer’s, Social Darwinism, the so called survival of the fittest, had another purpose, which resulted in the “eugenics movement”, which attempted to improve the “species”, by various methods…….the boy scout movement, selective breeding, forced sterilization, culling by extermination, etc. and you may have some familiarity with the most notorious application: that attempted by Adolf Hitler.

        Now it does not appear to me that homo sapiens sapiens are under any threat as a species, although it may at present be in the process of “self extermination”……so it becomes difficult to understand…….what you mean by the terms: survival or fitness and in what sense schools have a role in this? You seem to be talking about “success” as an individual talking monkey, maybe with a bit of patriotic nationalism thrown in? Clearly the best way to insure this, is to be born to rich parents…….

        Whatever you are attempting to address it has nothing to do with Darwin’s Theory of

      • James

        Galt, Natural selection starts with skin color. If you put a bunch of people, of different ethnic origins, into an auditorium, within five minutes they willl have themselves sorted out by skin color – by their ethnicity. Kind begets like kind, and people naturally seek that option.

  • Alex

    The failings of our ‘urban’ schools must be viewed in historical context. Brown v Board of Education meant to remedy a century of mostly Black public schoolchildren attending substandard schools absent the option of attending much better-funded White public schools.

    A sad legacy of the laughably misnamed “Greatest Generation” is the acceleration of White Flight throughout the late Forties and the 50s and 60s. Soldiers returning from the Second World War, aided by interurban Albert Speers like Robert Moses, abandoned the cities to the Blacks, who fought along side them so that White people in Europe might enjoy freedoms the Blacks did not have at home. Rather than welcome them into a more modern and, yes, PROGRESSIVE America, we Caucasoids across the country left our homes in the cities, but NOT our jobs!

    By retaining our employment in the cities whilst continuing to obstruct the hiring or advancement of Blacks we effectively pulled the seat at the dinner table out from under the emerging Black middle class: by fleeing to Whites-only Suburbia on Moses’s concrete ribbons we took along with us much of the metropolitan tax base. Cities saw funds for such things as education, transportation, infrastructure maintenance, etc evaporate.

    For some peculiar reason White people have developed and nurtured a very special contempt, a hatred in fact, for Black people, an animus directed at NO other race or culture. Racial apologists often flail at reason with the old canard that “The Chinese were victims of racism, but they are okay. Same with the Irish and the Italians and the….” Show me, then, the photographs of smiling White children posing with their grinning parents under the smoldering, swaying body of a lynched Chinese or Italian.

    • cawmun cents

      Perhaps its the old chestnut of”though I’ve been away from Africa for hundreds of years,you cannot breed the tribal warfare out of me”,syndrome.
      Look I have lived in many different neighborhodds with many different neighbors.Three times I have been shot at,twice by persons of color,once by a person of european descent.
      Twice I have been robbed at gunpoint,with a 50/50 split there.
      I have never been in a street fight with any people of color,but I once got an eyefull of state trooper right before I was going to throw down with an Iranian bloke.It took all the fight right out of us and we just went our separate ways.Fought plenty of white folks though.
      But when a certain segment of society believe that they are entitled to special considerations,because of varying concerns among special interest groups and minorities,there is a feeling that there has to be someone like me to blame.
      I disagree with that assertation,and take umbrage with the fact that you agree Alex.I dont know you personally but I think the black people here in America are afforded opportunties galore that they do not quite understand,and are not widely available to them in other societies.
      People create their own environment within their own minds.
      As human beings,we are speciffically designed to be able to adapt and overcome our circumstances.Anyone who argues this is just emotionally distressed,and needs to get an idea of how to improve the conditions surrounding themselves.
      Schools are no different,but we are told to tolerate poor and really bad behavior by mental physicians,(an oxymoron if there ever was one)in an effort to create an easier societal feeling amongst our peers.
      I call horsepuckey.
      What has occured is the mollycoddling of the criminal element of our youth.
      That is where the special interests fali to comprehend the damage they do to our educational standard as well as the society at large.They say we have to make special concessions to these minority and special interest groups.
      But that belies the fact that if they are given special treatment and opportunity not afforded by the populace as a whole,then when they get out into the dog eat dog world of adulthood,they cannot and will not have the skills to compete with the other folks who had to work hard for those opportunities.
      But this is seldom discussed in favor of making sure that everyone is treated fairly.
      Which is,in the real world,a fantasy of monumental proportion.
      “Fair” is where hogs compete for ribbons.
      The term”fair”bares little resemblence to the real world and its standards.
      That is where our educational system fails miserably to prepare our youth for the competetive lifestyle which is todays job market.
      I am but the humblest of observers,yet this is patently apparent to me.
      How can a highly educated person with pedigrees,and degrees from major universities not see what is right in front of their face?
      It is certainly incredulous.
      I have my doubt that this registers with you and your agenda.
      But it is a factor which should be considered when pandering to anything called special,or minority.The one who fight hardest usually wins the fight,unless of course a ringer,or a fall guy is brought forth.
      Dont make your youth incapable of fighting hard for anything that they hope to achieve,or you are endangering their survivability.
      Just look at it objectively and you will see that this is true.

  • Rural Dweller

    The root problem with schools today, are the parents. They demand
    very little from the system, their children and themselves.

    • s c

      It goes much deeper than that, Rural Dweller. Amerika’s utopians have been running public education for many years. Uncle Scam is engaged in a form of open warfare against the people of Amerika in education. The old retard’s main solution is to throw more money at it.
      This is his ONLY tool. It’s monkey-see, monkey-do on steroids, and neither Congress nor the W H gang have what it takes to SOLVE the problem. Ergo, either trust to “luck” or take kids OUT of public schools. SOLVE the problem. Amerikans DO have choices, and they are 1) church school 2) private school and 3) homeschool. Einstein said that to ‘keep making the same decisions and expect different results’ is a good way to define INSANITY.
      Remember that not long ago, Amerika’s schools were the BEST in the world. NOW, via money, incompetence, career criminals in Washington and indifferent parents, Amerika’s schools are now # 15!

  • Big Woody

    Brown vs. The Board of Education has worked for the American public education system. We are all now dumbed down to the level of the dumbest and least disciplined. It would have been nice if we had all risen to the top, but we are now equal none the less. At the rate the Federal government is going (both parties) we will all be equally poor soon too.

    • James

      Brown v. Board of Education was outside of federal court jurisdictiion. If Kansas had filed a Motion to Dismiss For Lack of Jurisdiction, it would have been granted. Article III, Section 2 lists the types of cases to which federal jurisdictiion extends. And two of those were removed by the Eleventh Amendment in 1796. In Brown, the plaintiff and the respondent were both of the same State (Kansas) a category of cases that was never delegated to federal courts.

  • Johnny Bailey

    Call it a character flaw if you will, but i’m PROUD OF MY HERITAGE, and i’m proud of being white! I’ve been part of the “White Flight” more than once. Wasn’t too bad when I was single, until I got married and we had children. Then, staying ahead of that curve became an imperative. We bailed out of Broward county ,Florida when it became an ethnic toilet, and moved to Unincorporated West Palm Beach. Just fine there for 7 years, until it too, began to deteriorate into an ethnic cesspool. Moved to rural Georgia, and we couldn’t be happier.
    I’m sorry, but I feel under NO obligation to drop my kids into a cultural cesspool because someone ELSE thinks it’s racist if I refuse or resist. I WANT my kids growing up proud to be white, and who they are, not berated, hassled, or pressured into mirroring the immigrant or urban values around them. I will not have them turning into the MTV “Ho’s” you see in rap videos. I do not want them coming home with habits and vocabularies acquired in order to fit in at a minority-dominated social scene.
    I want my children hanging out with “Becky’s, Jenny’s and Samantha’s; NOT Tamika’s, Tonisha’s and Consuella’s.” Same with the homes we’ve purchased over the years. I want to be in Neighborhoods where people cut and water their grass, and don’t park on what used to be their lawns. They paint their houses, and don’t leave wrecked cars in their side yards, and broken refrigerators on their front porches. I want to wave at people named, “Tom, Steve,and Mary, NOT Jaquan, Ignacio, or Hortensia.”
    I want to be around folks like US! And i’ll apologize to NO ONE for that. I want MY values and beliefs reflected in those around me, AND my family. And before folks would label me an ignorant racist, I’ve traveled and lived extensively overseas, and engaged different folks of ALL kinds, and sorry; I prefer my OWN people. And that INCLUDES Schools that reflect our values.

    • Big Woody

      So, you think you deserve the life of Ozzie and Harriet or the Partridge family. How about the Brady bunch. Well, let me tell you that I agree 100% and I hope you find that GOOD place to raise YOUR family like YOU want to. Moral, social and religous values in tact. God bless you and your family.

    • James

      Amen! The United States was originally peopled by five European nations. The colonists were of five different cultures, but they were all of the same race and religion, they were all white christians. The diversity that is now hailed as our strength will destroy us. The Zimmerman/Martin event could well escalate into a race war, the major media seems to be beating their drums for that.

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