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Sticking It To The Grandkids

July 19, 2011 by  

Sticking It To The Grandkids

I think by now everyone who is halfway honest and has an IQ above 32 realizes that the claim that the U.S. will default its debt if the debt ceiling isn’t raised by Aug. 2 is just another shameless Democratic canard.

Thanks to cable TV, talk radio and the Internet, the facts are well known:

First, while the exact amounts vary from month to month, the government brings in, on average, about $200 billion a month from (mostly unwilling) taxpayers and pays out, on average, about $20 billion in monthly interest charges. That’s a tenfold coverage.

Second, Social Security and Medicare, at least right now, are easily covered by government revenues each month. There’s no nice way to say it: Barack Obama has been blatantly lying about Social Security and Medicare payments being in jeopardy, as has the rest of the Democratic leadership.

Third, there would also be enough money available to meet our current military obligations (though we need a good debate about how much military we really need in order to defend our country).

Fourth, everything that’s left (about 30 percent of scheduled expenditures) can be prioritized, with the only question being who should make the decisions as to what goes at the top of the list and what goes at the bottom. Not doable, says Turbo Tax whiz Timothy Geithner. Turbo Tim insists that prioritizing government payments won’t work because it would “spur deep cuts in other disbursements and still cause investors to shun U.S. Treasury securities.”

No question about it, it definitely would cause deep cuts in other disbursements, but that’s a good thing. It’s a forced solution to government’s spending addiction. And the notion that cutting spending would cause investors to stop buying U.S. Treasuries is questionable, at best. On the contrary, the rest of the civilized world has made it clear that it is gravely concerned about rapidly increasing U.S. spending and debt.

Continued out-of-control spending is far more likely to cause investors to pull their money out of U.S. Treasuries than a fantasy default. Geithner, who was wrong on the Troubled Asset Relief Program (even though TARP was his predecessor’s creation), wrong on the “stimulus,” and wrong on his own taxes, said: “Ultimately, the notion of ‘prioritizing’ payments is futile because the debt limit must be increased regardless of which spending path is adopted. There is no credible budget plan under which a debt-limit increase can be avoided.”

Wrong again, Timmy. There most certainly is a creditable budget plan to avoid raising the debt ceiling. It’s called: Cut spending. That’s right, just cut spending enough, and you don’t have to raise the debt ceiling one dime.

And once that’s accomplished, a new House, Senate and President in 2013 could start making serious cuts in the budget, with the litmus test being whether a given program or expenditure is constitutional. Such a litmus test would make it possible to dramatically reduce taxes, borrowing and fiat-money creation.

Geithner warns that because the United States now borrows about 40 cents of every dollar it spends, prioritizing payments without raising the debt ceiling would force the U.S. to cut 40 percent of all government expenditures. Darn. And here I was hoping to see spending cuts more in the area of 80 percent of current expenditures.

Finally, Geithner got to the heart of America’s impending financial doom when he said that such spending cuts “would have painful implications for people in every walk of American life.” He included military families, veterans and government employees — all commonly referred to by politicians as voters.

The military families and veterans obligations can be whittled down over a period of time by closing most of our 700 overseas military bases and staying out of nation-building wars. For a fraction of current costs, we can bring our troops home and have them focus on defending our own porous borders rather than bombing, then rebuilding, countries on the other side of the globe that have no interest in establishing a democratic form of government.

As to government employees, do you know anyone who would be unhappy with getting rid of as many “public servants” as possible?

Those who insist that not paying for programs and employees already on the books is just as much of a default as not paying interest on the national debt are, in effect, saying: “Even though we have to go deeper into debt to pay for these government programs, which assures that default is only a matter of time, we have no choice because we’ve already made those commitments to people.” What great logic.

Sorry, but if Congress passes unConstitutional legislation to implement unConstitutional programs, it is not your obligation to pay for them. On the contrary, it is Congress’s duty to repeal all such legislation, because, first and foremost, members of Congress made a commitment that trumps all other commitments — the commitment to uphold the Constitution!  I’m feeling a bit lonely wondering about how many other people even care about this little inconvenient truth.

But let’s get real here and face reality. The U.S. will ultimately default on its debt obligations regardless of what deal Congress strikes. Every halfway honest person with an IQ below 32 knows that. All Democrats and most Republicans are doing is playing politics in an effort to prolong the inevitable so our children and grandchildren will be left holding the bag of hyper-inflated currency when the U.S. does finally default on its debt. Lots of luck, kids.

Our problem is not how to deal with the debt ceiling. It’s much bigger than that. Our real, underlying problem is that we have lost our moral compass.

–Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer

is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and host of the highly acclaimed Liberty Education Interview Series, which features interviews with top political, economic, and social leaders. He has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, The Tonight Show, Today, The Dennis Miller Show, Good Morning America, The Lars Larson Show, ABC Nightline, and The Charlie Rose Show, and has been the subject of feature articles in such major publications as Time, People, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Barron's, and The New York Times. To sign up for his one-of-a-kind, pro-liberty e-letter, A Voice of Sanity, Click Here.

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  • LarrWayne

    It appears Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate, that will not vote for a debt ceiling hike. 0bama’s new credit card granters, will be remembered next election.

    • Jeff in OH

      Not True! There are quite a few conservatives who will not vote to raise it. Bachmann has been saying this for months

      • DaveH

        Ron, though, would draw from traditional Democrat voters, as well as Republicans. It’s doubtful that Michele would be able to do that. Not to mention the fact that Ron Paul’s platform is more principled than Michele’s. She’s a good woman, but she still suffers from the same belief as so many other Americans that you can mandate goodness on other people (thus Big Government). When the Republicans want to get involved with other peoples’ sex lives and be the World’s Policemen, it just drives people, who otherwise might not feel they have a claim to other peoples’ wallets, into the Democrat camp. So, if you want a continuation of business as usual, that is, two groups of polarized people who think they know what’s best for other peoples’ lives, keep voting for people like Michele.

        • mariad

          to defend marriage is not the equivalent to being in the sex lives of others. that is a false arguement. their is a reason for marriage and a definition as well. you dont just change definitions of words. nor can you change the reasons for marriage. you are free to sex however you choose and if you care to you can create your own civil contracts and set your own definition. you cant redefine something that already exists.

          • FreedomFighter

            “There is no institution more vital to our Nation’s survival than the American family. Here the seeds of personal character are planted, the roots of public virtue first nourished. Through love and instruction, discipline, guidance and example, we learn from our mothers and fathers the values that will shape our private lives and our public citizenship.”–Ronald Reagan

            Protect the family.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • DaveH

            And that is why Republicans lose votes. Exactly what aspect of Freedom do you not understand? Freedom doesn’t mean “as long as people do things our way”.
            I would agree that family is a desirable goal. But let’s butt out of other people choices and let them find that out the hard way (if at all). The whole reason Freedom works is that none of us knows what’s best for anybody else’s happiness, so we shouldn’t force our ways on other people. Mind your own bodies and property. Let others mind their own.

          • DaveH

            By the way, you can have my family (childhood family that is). My surviving siblings are a couple of sociopaths who can rationalize anything that gets them more of what they want, kind of like most Liberals.

          • lkar

            DaveH, you butt out of people’s business like the GLBT have now pushed to pass an indoctrination program in CA? It i9s fine to say butt out, but the standard is not reciporcated!

          • sid

            being an independent, i find it rather amusing, that conservatives, want a smaller government, but want a handle on how you live your life!!! i like bachman’s politics, but what bothers me about her, is those religious views!!! most religious views have a little or no effect, on running a country. by allowing abortions, and gay marriages, how many chritians, have considered themselves, poor christians? how other people live their lives, has no effect, on your “MORALS”!!! what will happen to our economy, if gays want to marry(at a time when there are more singles living together then marrieds)!!!my father taught me one commandment, “TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT THEM TO TREAT YOU”!!!i don’t know about the rest of you, but i want socialism, gone, and the good ole USA, the one that i loved so much, “BACK”!!!

          • pete the simian

            The Tortoise writes well. I started reading Mr. Ringers books back in 1980 ! Really good advice for when I got out of High School. Looking Out For #1 is a great book to give to a High School graduate ….

            On a more serious note: I ‘ll bet you all some bananas that our country can be cured. The voters are so retarded that Obama will be re-elected.

            The people who post on this blog are mostly conservatives or libertarians. THE REPUBLICANS have already suckered most of you in to vote for them.

            I call it the “CONSERVATIVE CON” ……. HA HA !

            The voters are retarded but you all here are just a few more IQ points higher. The comments sounds like a sophomore high school values clarifications

      • AnhydrousBob

        You mean the Bachmann who wants to keep our global empire of military bases intact?

        • George

          Of course, nothing wrong with national defense — unless you’re a Ron Paul loon.

          • Dan az

            Tell me George
            Of course, nothing wrong with national defense — unless you’re a Ron Paul loon.
            What part of national defense means other nations defense?Where in the constitution does it say that the tax payers most provide other nations with a police force?Ron Paul Loon?Wow you must of thought that you were still on huff and puff.Sad really Sad.

          • TML

            LoL… why is that all you people got is to call supporters of Ron Paul “loons”? We don’t need NATIONAL defense OVERSEAS. The only loons are those like you who think we need to police the world, and have military bases in over 130 countries to ‘defend’ our nation.

          • TIME

            Yes George please do tell?
            Why is the blood of our Young to be spent on countries that hate us.

            Even better perhaps you can explain why we who pay TAX’S should want to invest in wars that EVIL politicians want to start to gain wealth by way of PayOla from companys like Dupont?

            We all wait with baited breath on your old sage wisdom.

          • Al Sieber

            Dan and TIME, you must mean continuous wars that accomplish nothing? wars that go on forever, the war on terror, drugs, etc. Obama is a war president just wait until we go into Libya, Syria, Jordan, etc. it’s on the agenda, we’re broke, it just hasn’t hit yet.

          • George

            Dan az: “They came for the gypsies, but I wasn’t a gypsy so I said nothing. They came for the Jews, but I wasn’t a Jew so I said nothing. They came for …. They came for me, but there was no one left to say anything.” (adapted) Why defend other nations? Because their defense IS OUR DEFENSE.

            TML, Why call the Ron Paul supporters loons? BECAUSE THEY ARE.

          • Dan az

            So George
            You believe that we should go to other countries and die for their civil wars that we created and financed.That’s funny we pay them to not attack us is that it?I don’t see Irag or Libya having the strength or the resource’s to invade a MC D’s and Syria oooooh watch out they may attack any day know.Give me a break.We spend a trillion or so a year just to protect them from who?Us get it!We are nothing but guard dogs for the UN to do as they wish with! FACT!!Why is it then the tax payers of this country that is broke BTW have to attack other countries because the UN says so?Let them pay for it!We guard their borders but can’t even guard our own.You sir are a Moron!

          • AnhydrousBob

            George said (July 19, 2011 at 3:14 pm):
            Dan az: “They came for the gypsies, but I wasn’t a gypsy so I said nothing. They came for the Jews, but I wasn’t a Jew so I said nothing. They came for …. They came for me, but there was no one left to say anything.” (adapted)
            Why defend other nations? Because their defense IS OUR DEFENSE.

            George, you really don’t listen to yourself, do you? Your quote from the good preacher was not about national defense, it was about stopping a police state from destroying all its internal foes so it could turn it’s attention externally. Funny how you are proving just what we are saying – not enough German people were willing to THINK about what was really happening when Hitler was scaring them into protecting themselves and the Fatherland in Austria, and protecting their borders from attacks – “the best defense is an offense”.

            Call us loons – that is fine – just don’t kid yourself into thinking that you are making a principled, intelligent argument when you can do nothing but call names because your position is indefensible.

          • TML

            @ George – “TML, Why call the Ron Paul supporters loons? BECAUSE THEY ARE”

            Really well thought out and reaonsable argument you have there, Georgie

          • Al Sieber

            A. Bob, good name. you know your science. well that was Rev. Martian Nieoemyer, that said that ( I might of spelled that wrong), but Hitler had him thrown in a concentration camp and he survived it.

        • Cawmun Cents

          Yes…thats the one.Unless of course you prefer letting our enemies get the jump on us ala Pearl Harbor once again….oh thats right…it actually happened.lets see Mr.Anhydrous…do you know any other military that can move like ours logistically and not put their troops at risk?Why?Because we have places to land aircraft that are not being fired upon.Nuff said.-CC.

          • Michael

            A strong national defense posture does not require wars in Libya or Yeman and I am not all that sure about the other 2 in which we are currently involved. None the less, there are ways to defend this country, if that is Obamasan’s aim, that can be accomplished at much less cost than we now spend. We do not need troops in Germany or England. Nor do we need a 4 star command presence in Africa. If national defense is a priority, we need to work on relationships with friendly countries in South America.

          • TML

            Exhibit A: “Unless of course you prefer letting our enemies get the jump on us ala Pearl Harbor” – The warrantless fear that drives pre-emptive war.

          • Andrea B

            I don’t understand your argument, as it can go a couple of different ways. Are you saying:

            a) building military bases in foreign countries makes them our friend


            b) building military bases in foreign countries keeps them from firing on us


            c) building military bases in foreign countries gives us a place to land while we attack a neighboring country?

            Please explain, because any one of these three possibilities is still unConstitutional and is NOT having the desired effect.

            Founding Fathers wanted peace, travel, and free-trade with all nations, entangling alliances with none, which is what Ron Paul has been yelling from the rafters for over 30 years. I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that SO MANY PEOPLE still do not understand that concept when they claim to know so much about the federal government and politics in general.

            Ron Paul 2012

          • Mark in LA

            Another lie used to supposedly make a point. We were attacked at Pearl Harbor for one reason only, we cut off Japan’s supply of oil and scrap steel. The Japanese Empire was dependent on us and was going to grind to a halt. The Japanese desire to save face could not live with that so they decided to attack us in the hope that bloodying our nose would get us to quickly sue for peace and give them a free hand in East Asia.

          • Allan

            Let’s not revise history here…Japan had been invading countries (i.e. Manchuria in 1931, the Nanking Massacre of 200,000 in 1937, all-out war with China, and invasion of French Indo-China in 1940 to take oil. The U.S. finally stopped its exports to Japan in 1941, partly due to domestic restrictions that had nothing to do with Japan. Japan was planning an invasion of the Philippines and the Dutch East Indies. It took out the U.S. Pacific fleet (with no warning) to prevent the U.S. from stopping the invasion.

          • Cawmun Cents

            First let me say this.I have studied history and learned from it.Okay,on to address this chicanery.People talk of political conditions for political reasons.I have no such inclinations.I merely see things how I see them.I am not as old as some of you,but I am not a spring chicken either.I never base what I am saying on a piece I just read,or from some half bsked knowledge coming from the internet.It comes from my interior.Disclaimer noted lets move on.
            The issue at hand here is the state of the world and its parts,per se.It is a volatile world,with different enemies than we had lo this past century.The interesting part is that it is entirely fanatical as was the last conflict we were in.The Nazis were obviously fanatical,as were the Japanese.But their brand of fanaticism was one we knew well.Fascism,was new and improved at that time.Today there is an old type of fascism,from a thousand years ago rearing its ugly head.
            The Muslim world is in a state of transformation.Their brand of fanaticism is difficult for us to comprehend.They are quite like the Japanese and the Nazis combined.The clincher here being Nuclear weapons.Yes…one of our Muslim nations is a nuclear power.This presents a challenge.The challenge of keeping nuclear weapons from the hands of feckless fanatics.This cannot be done by diplomacy.Nor can it be accomplished from an armchair.It requires being close by the danger zone.In a state of transformation,you will note that much attention need be given rhetoric.For someone to say they want to destroy you and have fanaticism at the same time,puts the prudent at alarm.
            A nuclear bomb can kill many thousands of people.If it is large enough,possibly millions.Do I need to ask what that type of event would do to a nation?I think not.Todays world is far more complicated than most of us realize.We see it from our own perspective and think we have summed up the parts vigilantly.But that may not necessarily be the case.
            In Pakistan,and for that matter former parts of the Soviet Union,there are nuclear bombs for which we cannot know the extent of their whereabouts on a continual basis.This poses a different problem than ones we have encountered previously in history.The need for action is more pronounced in todays volatile situation.It is not one we can afford to be wrong about even once.For disaster lurks around every corner of the globe.We can ill afford to take a retaliatory stance as we did with the fromer Soviet Union.We might not be quite sure who delivers the bomb to our nation,so retaliation would be non-exsistent.
            So at least one conflict we are currently embroiled in is likely neccesary for our immediate survival.Amyone with half a brain could imagine what a politician like Neville Chamberlain would do to us at this point in time.It would be over so quickly that you wouldnt have time to wipe your anus before the big boom would bring America to its proverbial knees.That is called fear-mongering by those same types of people who watched the NAZIS and IMERIAL JAPAN come to power in the early 20th century.But there were no nukes then.-CC.

          • Cawmun Cents

            It took two nukes to convince a fanatical nation to surrender during WW2.How many will it take Oprah watchin’tree huggin’vegetarians to cry out for surrender?Who will you sling the thousands that we have in the arsenal at?

        • George

          Let’s see, anhydrous is dry. On definition of dry is “electronics (of a soldered electrical joint) imperfect because the solder has not adhered to the metal, thus reducing conductance.” Yes, I would say that there is a poor connection here — no connection with logic or reality.

          • TML

            “no connection with logic or reality.”

            Yes, that about sums up YOUR comments, for sure.

          • AnhydrousBob

            George, please see my previous comment about not kidding yourself into believing you are making a principled argument. You are only making fun of an idea you apparently cannot understand: there is a vast difference between Defense of our Borders (which is Constitutional) and killing innocents in other countries because you are afraid of them.

      • TML

        You mean Bachmann, the crone who voted to extend the unpatriotic patriot act?

        • Old Henry


          Are you sure about that?

        • FreedomFighter

          “We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we may always be free.”–Ronald Reagan

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • TML

            “If crime fighters fight crime, and fire fighters fight fires… what do freedom fighters fight?” – George Carlin

            LoL… sorry, just thought it was funny.

          • Average Joe

            That’s easy to answer….Stupidity!

          • TML

            Well then spank my bottom and call me a freedom fighter then :o) lol

          • TML

            So then tell me Mr. Freedom Fighter, you actually support the Patriot Act on grounds of “being prepared”?

            Then let me enlighten you with another great quote (in the spirit of fighting stupidity)

            “He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.” – Benjamin Franklin

          • George


            It was funny. We need to be able to laugh, sometimes at ourselves.

          • TML

            @George – I’m certainly laughing at your loony idealogy, thats for sure. Can’t reply to those responding to your rediculous comment above or what?

          • Cawmun Cents


      • EddieW

        Obgozo, our Liar in Chief and his entourage…Move-on org are pushing FEAR mongering…SS people might not get their checks…a TOTAL lie!!!
        Obozo in a fear threat said, he might not be able to guarantee Senior citizens will get their SS checks…He don’t guarantee it anyway!!! One way for sure to tell if he is lkying….if his lips are moving…he is LYING!!
        Love thse 3 Scriptures!!
        Eccl. 20:28 The manners of lying men are without honor: and their confusion is with them without ceasing.
        Eccl:26-27 A lie is a foul blot in a man, and yet it will be continually in the mouth of a man without discipline..
        Eccl: 27..A thief is better than a man that is always lying: but both of them will inherit destruction.!!!

  • s c

    At last, we see what kids are really worth to America’s compassionate, social justice-loving, ‘you don’t know what’s good for you’ crowd. They’re really a self-destructive, arrogant, people-hating mob that should be put in front of a motivated firing squad.
    Fear tactics, quick fixes and a steady stream of lies is the best those SOBs can do. And they dare to tell us that they want to put America on a new path!
    No wonder they have to rely on money-laundering schemes, criminals posing as union members, dead voters and illegals for easy votes. No self-respecting American would have anything to do with the pathetic bastards, let alone send their sorry arses to Washington.

    • mark

      Arrogant people haters who should be put before a firing squad? Don’t you see the contradiction there – that you yourself are an arrogant people hater who wants to execute your fellow citizens without due process?

      • s c

        M, you’re new to this website, and like most ultraliberal progressive wingnuts, you brought tons of hypocrisy with you. At some point, societies that are played off against each other have to decide how much crap will be tolerated, which politicians have to be sacrificed (one way or another) and whether the cure will be uncomfotable or long and painful.
        Your icons specialize in stealing and wasting other people’s money. You try to clothe it through innocent-sounding phrases, but it’s always stright out of a septic tank – but you demand that we think of it as coming from a rose bush.
        The only difference between you and Marx, Mao or Hitler is in the fact that they didn’t try to disguise their mental defects. With ultraliberal progressives, those flaws are considered hallmarks of an “enlightened, superior intelligence.” Do everyone a favor, and shop around for another country that will put up with your ‘stuff.’ Consider Iran, Cuba or North Korea, comrade.

      • FreedomFighter

        Mark ask yourself comrade,

        “I have one question for those rulers: If communism is the wave of the future, why do you still need walls to keep people in and armies of secret police to keep them quiet?”–Ronald Reagan

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • TIME


        I recall a professor I had in a history class who’s first question on the era of the Third Riech. His question was this,
        ( If you know what you know now ~ as in 1969, but were alive in Germany in 1930. And if you had the ability to kill Hitler would you have done so or not?)
        { Knowing that you would have saved Millions.}

        We now face the same tipping point in history, where “PURE EVIL” is in control of the world, its leaders all “morally bankrupt,” as a matter of fact Barry Soetoro as well as countless other world leaders will in the end make Hitler look like school boy home on holiday if allowed to complete their goals.

        READ the UN Agenda 21, if your still in a haze after reading it all, there is no hope for you.

        WW II Produced a little over 90 Million peoples deaths world wide.
        The UN Agenda 21 will bring forth the death and destruction of 1000000 times that amount.

        And no thats not paranoia in any way shape or form its called perfect awareness. READ the {UN Agenda 21} then tell me I am wrong.

        JFTR, Its been being instaled in every nation as well every state in the USA from 1993 on, as in all the frame work is done and its only waiting on the EVENT.

    • Vagabond

      AMEN S.C.

  • Michael J.

    Mitch McConnell’s Benedict Arnold moment may be the last straw. Or do you naive denialist still think that these spineless betrayers with the moral fiber of a used car salesman are going to save the Republic?
    Are you content to wait till 2012 to cast your one measily vote in anticipation of a brighter future, while fighting back the nagging subconscious feeling that the elections outcome is predetermined anyhow?
    It’s totally insane to persue a tried and failed strategy over, and over again expecting different results.

    • Jeff in OH

      There Isn’t much more we can do but to shut down the Government as best we can and wait for a real president and congress..

    • DaveH

      I can spot Big Government Growthers a mile away. Am I somehow gifted with mental powers above everybody else? I think not. But thinking is the operative word. I think about what these people say, and what they actually do. It’s not hard to see their voting records these days with the power of the Internet. We just need to make the effort.

    • mark

      Yeah but McConnell is a real leader who has to govern, not a blog-writing yahoo who nobody knows and who couldn’t get elected dog-catcher in Bumpkiss, Arkansas. These people have to govern in the real world – not the cuckoo clock blogosphere where every nutjob who spews an irrational opinion thinks himself a genius and patriot on the level of Patton. Of course he will work out a compromise. That is what the majority of Americans – not the inhabitants of Blogomania – want.

      • Dan az

        So Mark
        You feel that we should be paying for this kind of research with tax dollars instead of cutting it?
        Thousands of these kind of wasteful spending is what is needed but he and you believe that it should not be cut,is that it.Well I could card less what size you have and I should not be paying for the information by way of forced taxes,just so you can see if you size up!

        • Dan az

          My bad typing skills just lets you know that it is me! :)

          • Old Henry

            Dan az:

            Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s your keyboard, not you.

            Guns kill people. Keebords mis-spel werds…

          • Dan az

            Thanks Old Henry,I feel better now :)

          • Average Joe

            Old Henry,
            I knew that…..that’s why I bought a multi-colored keyboard….so that my posts couldn’t be accused of being a racist.

          • Dan az

            Maybe I should do that to! ;)As long as it dosen’t look like a rainbow!

          • Average Joe

            Nope…no rainbows here…lol…It’s a black keyboard with white lettters and green lights under the keypad (so that I can still see to type in the dark).

          • Push comes to shove

            Ah, the low rider version. I like it.

      • American Citizen

        Why is it always the Republicans who are supposed to compromise? Obama is blaming the Republicans, when it’s the Democrats who refuse to negotiate.

        • Donald

          Obama has made so many concessions, including Social Security, that he is a far right as McConnell.

          • Push comes to shove

            ¿Que? ¿Si Habla English?

        • lkar

          Here is the way I see it A.C. The American people voted for the most liberal Senator in 2008 to be POTUS. In this “historic” election, the mindless voters did not care about the consequences of said action.However, many of us warned of the extreme left-wing ideals of BHO. In 2010, voters tried to correct this grevious error and voted in many very conservative Representatives and Senators (and the Republicans took control of the House). The consequences is a stalemate! Our mindless voters do not seem to get this. All they can mumble is that the R’s won’t compromise. How can they? Even if BHO moves a little to the right and the conservatives move a little to the left, they are still miles apart! Had the mindless voter thought about the consequences of their vote, they may have voted for a more moderate McCain. Then when we discuss compromise and bipartisanship the two groups are a little closer to start with.
          So when someone tells me I am being uncompromising, I point out the error as the POTUS is an extreme lefty and cannot even move to a moderate position on spending cuts!

          • Average Joe

            “Had the mindless voter thought about the consequences of their vote, they may have voted for a more moderate McCain.”

            Don’t you mean a “Rino” like Mclame? You know… the “Republican”(?) who votes more often with the Democrats than with his own party?

            Had the mindless voter thought about the consequences of their vote, they may have voted for a more conservative,Constitutional candidate like Ron Paul….just sayin’.

            Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.
            Douglas Adams

          • lkar

            I totally agree with you Joe. I was simply trying to point out how everyone in the LSM seems to label the current R’s as extreme but not the D that is president. In the case of McCain, we would have been screwed. But his compromise position would not have to move much to appease the D’s and still keep the RINO’s happy. BHO compromise position to appease the RINO’s is to far for his ideology. In both senerios the true conservative is left out.

  • James Maxwell

    I have listened to all the whining, crying, gnashing of teeth till I am sick of the lies spread by the obama soicalist plan and his minions from hades. They are acting like crackhads needing another
    “hit on the pipe”. Control is something that Washington DC politicians do not understand, both parties had gone to excess over many years. LBJ destroyed the Social Security when he placed it in
    the general fun many years ago and let the hogs run wild at the trough. Now trying to ween Congress and the president off the Tax Payers back is a long and extremely difficult process. It can be done but it will require first the people to stand up and say “No More”. The main question is can we wake people up and tell them to ignor the whining of politicians, unions and speical interst groups to make our elected officials wake up and face reality? If we do not then we will go down as a footnote in history as they let the corrution continue and we will become a socialist country with no GOD, no morals and no freedoms.

    • DaveH

      Actually, James, “control” is something the politicians know very well. They’ve been Controlling the citizens for over 150 years. It’s time we break the spell, and start controlling them instead.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    I don’ understand how ther is any debate on this subject at all. I have called my Representaive, Senators, McConnell. and Boehner every other day for the last two months, letting them know that I will vote for an alternative candidate in 2012 if they do not stop the spending now. We will see if this does any good or not in the next two weeks. Obama is intentionally attempting to destroy Capitalism and replace it with Facsism.

    • DaveH
      • Dan az

        This looks like mitch is trying to stop obummers re’election and thinks that we can afford it.This guy is a true moron!

        • denniso

          Ignoramus at Birth…Maybe you could read just a little recent history before you make such stupid statements. Dick Cheny,and his little sidekick Shrub,did more to advance Fascism in our country than anyone since tricky ‘dick’ Nixon and his pal J.Edgar Hoover. You don’t even know the definition of political movements like Fascism or Communism,but feel compelled to toss them out to try to smear Obama. The only area where Obama has been more heavy handed than Cheny is in healthcare and he proposed the mandates because Repubs originally supported the idea,as did their supporters the insurance industry. It was the biggest mistake of his presidency and the mandates will be struck down in the Court w/in a year.

          Otherwise,Obama has done essentially what Cheny/Bush were doing in war and the economy…attack those guys for a change,oh but I forgot,they are good elitist white guys.

          • Vagabond

            spoken just like a LIBERAL STUPID ASS.

          • FreedomFighter

            “You and I are told increasingly that we have to choose between a left or right, but I would like to suggest that there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down–up to a man’s age-old dream, the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order–or down to the ant heap totalitarianism, and regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would trade our freedom for security have embarked on this downward course.”–Ronald Reagan

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • Dan az

            dip sh-t
            (Ignoramus at Birth)
            Only you could could see that bush was bad too. NOT!
            All of them have been trying to break this country and divide us to keep them pulling the wool over your eyes.When are you going to wake up man.This game is over and yet you still refuse to see it for what it was.The take over has begone.Let me clue you in,NWO sound familiar?When you pull your head out maybe you can join us in the reality that we all lost our rights,but I know that’s not going to happen,you will just name call and provide nothing that will back up anything you say.

          • Old Henry


            The biggest mistake of Little Barry’s presidency is, his presidency. First of all he is not constitutionally eligible. Secondly you yourself stated he is doing everything Shrub and Cheney did – he campaigned AGAINST everything Shrub and Cheney were doing.

            So, he is nothing more than a lying cheat like the rest. The difference is that the rest were Americans and constitutionally eligible.

          • DaveH

            Those guys aren’t currently in office, Denniso. You must not get such news in your cave.

          • denniso

            Dan, I’ll bet you money that you didn’t bitch about the Cheny/Shrub
            cabal and all of the secret and illegal crap they did,or complain about the 2 wars they started and didn’t finish or fund in the budget. I’ll also bet you didn’t complain about the patriot act that they initiated,did you. You also never complained about anything Reagan did,like the illegal and traitorous Iran Contra deal. I’d be willing to bet that you still like Nixon and found nothing to fault him over,like his using the cia to spy on and harass American anti war protestors. You people are all hypocrites who ignore or support everything that your rightwing party does in violating the constitution or breaks all ethical and moral guidelines,and as soon as a Black man gets elected and before he even gets into office you attack him on any level possible,whether relevant or plausible or not. You are pitiable and hopeless and clueless,and luckily in a fringe minority.

          • Wapitiman

            “This has been the biggest mistake of Obama’s presidency.” Biggest mistake? Nobama’s presidency has been a parade of mistakes from the gitgo!

          • lkar

            denniso, you injected race into the debate. YOU LOSE.

            You made a good point about the PREVIOUS administration, but you blew it.

          • denniso

            And exactly how do I lose? No one who can think a little denies that there is a racist component to the hate and vitriol directed toward Obama and his wife from some people. Luckily it is probably a small minority who are racist,but to deny they exist is naive. Obama was attacked viciously even before he was sworn in…by Limbaugh,Savage,Reagan,etc. He comes in to the worst set of problems in our history when looked at together,and the haters were never gave him a chance to try and repair the mess left from Cheny/Bush.

            How do you explain the early hatred expressed? They don’t like Dems? No prez has experienced such animosity from the very beginning of his term…none.

          • lkar

            Jeremiah Wright!Saul Alinsky! Sure he started with circumstances, but he also started with some rather radical (under-reported) ties. Hows that 32 IQ?

          • DaveH

            The more you talk, the more people can see the true character of a Liberal, Denniso. So keep talking. Please.

          • Dan az

            Pull your head out and drop your pant’s because I can’t hear a word your saying.You will never get it will you?Both sides are the same,Get It!I’m sure you don’t!To bad the only thing that obumer has done good is made allot of you look like azzes.That explains why you still refuse to open your eyes.Zombies all of you!Have a nice life DS you wanted it and now you want to pass the buck for your own stupidity.Typical!!!

          • Average Joe

            denniso says:
            July 19, 2011 at 1:14 pm
            Dan, I’ll bet you money that you didn’t bitch about the Cheny/Shrub
            cabal and all of the secret and illegal crap they did,or complain about the 2 wars they started and didn’t finish or fund in the budget. I’ll also bet you didn’t complain about the patriot act that they initiated,did you. You also never complained about anything Reagan did,like the illegal and traitorous Iran Contra deal. I’d be willing to bet that you still like Nixon and found nothing to fault him over,like his using the cia to spy on and harass American anti war protestors.

            I would say that you’ve lost your bet…..but that’s what happens when you make assumptions with no facts to support those assumptions.
            Some of us (not you of course) actually “get it” that both sides are corrupt.
            I realize the the concept of looking at candidates in an honest fashion is an obscure concept to those of you who only know how to tow the “The Party Line”….It is evident from your posts that the liberal public education system has done exactly what is was designed to do….brainwashed and dumbed down your sorry arse…..
            OK, your turn….amaze us with your brilliant logic….open your mouth and switch feet.

            You live and learn. At any rate, you live.

          • Andrea B


            So, even though the problems that we are experiencing are CURRENT, you suggest that we should bash the POTUS from almost three years ago?

            …the ‘Blame Bush Society’ lives on…and on…and on…

          • http://?? Joe H.

            OOOOh denniso,
            you sound just like a war mongering prog!!!! Been hitting the “courage sauce” lately???

          • Dan az

            Well denny boy it looks as if you bit off more than you could chew.Truth hurts don’t it?

          • denniso

            Andrea,the state of the economy IS current,because NOW is the definition of CURRENT. If I burn your house down and you are homeless for 2yrs because the insurance gives you the runaround,are you still right to point out that I am to blame for what harming you 2yrs ago even though time has passed and you still have no house? Would your current bad situation be my fault? Of course it would,notwithstanding the delays by the insurance co.

            Obama has been in office for almost exactly 2 1/2 yrs,and you people have blamed him from the beginning of his term,when he had not had any time to do anything about the economy. You have also continually exagerated his time in office,as though you think that makes him more culpable. When he had been in for a little over a yr,the rightwing called it 2yrs. Now you say he’s been in for 3 when it’s only 2 1/2. No matter,he inherited the worst economy since the Depression,2 wars unfinished and not paid for and the most devisive politics simce the 60′s. You couldn’t stand a Democrat being elected,especially a Black one. You,following Limbaugh,never gave Obama a chance and only made things worse w/ the groundless and irrelevant attacks and smears. Limbaugh and most of the Repubs are no better than traitors,who are trying to cripple the economy and add to the hate and division for pure political reasons…the sole purpose is to elect a mindless Repub in ’12,no matter what happens to the economy. The worse the economy is,the better their chances in the election. That’s all they care about,regaining power. Scum…

          • Michael J.

            OK, so the house started burning prior to Obama’s inauguration. Obama was hired to put out the fire, but three years later the house is still burning. And now the bank has foreclosed on the mortgage, the price of gas has nearly doubled, inflation is rampant, August Social Security checks are in doubt. Some fireman indeed…

          • denniso

            You guys just want to stay willfully blind,so you can continue to attack Obama on phony issues…example: The price of gas under Bush went up to more than $4/gal. Gas is now well under that price. The so called doubling is a myth based on misusing statistics,since to get to a doubling now you have to use the low point just after the entire economy crashed and everything collapsed. Of course gas prices fell along w/ everything else and dropped to $2 or so. Demand plummeted w/ the falling economy and prices went w/ it. To use the price that was collapsed because of the dire recession in order to now say gas has doubled under Obama is just plain stupid and intellectually dishonest.
            Why not use the $4.50 price under Bush and say that Obama’s brought prices down? But of course that wouldn’t work w/ you rightwing ideologues because you would have to say something good about Obama.

            One thing that is so obvious to anyone who can reason at all,is that you people will never give him any credit at all. Even his getting Osama after all these years,and Bush/Cheny not doing it,you people had nothing positive to say about it…instead we heard and read all these absurd theories that it wasn’t really Osama,or Obama didn’t do it the seals did.

            I’ve said this before,and it’s even more true now…if Jesus was elected president as Democrat,you people would attack him on absolutely everything…and make no mistake,Jesus would be a Democrat.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    This isa scare tatic by the demos commies.

  • http://NA Joe Hooker

    The smartest & wealthiest man who ever lived, a man revered by Christians, Muslims & Jews alike – King Solomon. Once said that the borrower is always a sleve to the lender. Well, right now it looks like our polititions have already sold not only us, but even our grandchildrens’ children into lifelong slavery.
    I’m niether wise nor rich, but I say it’s time to force our “leaders” to STOP!

    • humble12

      AMEN – AMEM – AMEN

    • Mad Max

      If you aren’t wise then you should probably keep quite. There is a better way, Just listen and it may find you.

      OsiXs (Common Sense 3.1)

      • Andrea B

        Uh…keep quite what?

        Oh, did you mean ‘quiet?’

        How very zen of you…

      • Michael J.

        Mad Max,
        Common Sense 3.1 sounds like liberal anarchist mascarading as patriots. Worshipping techology like a new religion is not foresight, but a throw-back to paegan idolitry. Be very careful who you trust.

  • Patticake

    a good definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome.
    this is the best and most accurate article I’ve read yet! I totally agree with everything you’ve said, including bringing our troops home to defend our borders! If we would stop foreign aid to all these countries that hate us anyway, and ship all their people back home who are not here legally, we’d probably have a balanced budget this year – oh yeah, and defund obamacare. No more free housing, food stamps, medical care and free education. Take care of our own seniors and veterans. Get rid of NAFTA – instead, heavily tax all imports; and speaking of imports, stop importing foreign oil! Get rid of the EPA and utilize our own natural resources.
    I look at all the issues and wonder how we got to this point… it’s insane! It’s unreasonable to borrow $.40 on the dollar, then send billions back overseas! what??? we borrow it to give it away? who thought that one up???
    We need to impeach obama, seriously cut the garbage out of the budget, and start all over in DC. Then, and only then, will there be any hope for America’s future.

    • Ellen

      We could make major spending cuts immediately by stopping welfare for immigrants. They are not our moral responsibility. Next, end all foreign aid that is not currently necessary. Again, we are not morally responsible. Next, correct the wording of the 14th ammendment to say babies born in the US get citizenship if their parent is a citizen or a permanent legal resident (green card). Anyone visiting the US (student or tourist visa) or anyone here illegally does not qualify to get their children citizenship. Start deporting illegals. This is not too hard considering many collect welfare so they’ll be easy to find. Next, limit welfare to 1 child per woman. She may have all the children she wants, but not at our expense. Also, only let her get welfare if she names the father on the birth certificate. And, make the fathers partially financially responsible. These are the tip of the iceberg. Once these have been accomplished, we can start on other govt waste.

    • joe1cr

      What I think America should do to get it’s house in order.
      This is my opinion, some will agree, some will disagree, some will have better ideas.

      Our country was based on the Judeo-Christian religion and it’s time to put our god
      back into our schools, our courts, and our public buildings .
      It’s time to end the killing of our unborn 53 million and counting.
      It’s time to put the parents back in charge of their children
      My god we have sat by and are letting the lunatics run the alyssum

      1. Cut all foreign aid off, close all foreign military bases and bring our boys home.
      Get out of the U.N. and send all U.N. diplomats home. We have spent trillions since
      world war 2 trying to buy their friendship and failed. We are hated overseas
      for it. I say good riddance to them. Let them handle their own problems.
      This money can be used to get us out of debt and take care of our own.

      2. Tell the President, Senators and Representatives that they were elected by the
      people to work for them and they will perform the duties as outlined in the constitution.
      To the Supreme Court they also work for the people and will perform the duties as outlined
      in constitution. If they don’t want to work for the people , they can go to work elsewhere.

      3. There will be a flat tax set at a percentage and everyone will pay it. no exceptions
      This will do away with the IRS and all lobbyist will not be needed in our political processes.

      4. Wall street and the big banks will have strict regulations and they will be enforced.
      No more will the public investors be rip off by their schemes .
      Government will get out of the home financing and close Fannie and Freddie down.
      The fed will be audited, if the people decide to keep it, then it will be regulated.

      5. The government will turn all auto, insurance, banks and any other businesses,
      back to the public stock holder who owned them before the take over of them.
      Said companies will pay back to the tax payers all money barrowed.

      6. Borders will be secured, all illegal immigrants will be process and return to their
      home countries. All foreign students will be sent home to continue their studies.
      Colleges can hire more conservatives professors or lose some of their government
      funding. The liberals have controlled our colleges and secondary schools long enough.

      7. All government departments except Treasury,State,Defense,Interior,Postmaster General
      and Attorney General. Will be shut down turned back over to the states ,where they
      should have been left to start with.

      8. Unions will be free to represent their members in the privet sector, but not the public sector.
      To the political parties, millions and millions of dollars going to the campaigns is bullsheit.
      Here to I think the people are getting ripped off. The tax payers have funded public radio
      and TV for years and they should be used for your campaigns instead of paying the big networks
      for their overpriced air time. On second though they are kick backs for their media bias.

      9. Let the oil and gas companies drill and explore for all the oil and gas they can find.
      Every barrel we produce here, helps from importing it from overseas .
      Coal and nuclear fired power plants should not be shut down here and then be used overseas.
      Wind and solar have been tried in Europe and failed to live up to expectations, they are inefficient and very costly. If the environmentals don’t have a problem with it being burned overseas, then they should be ok with it here. How much have they invested on cap and tax fraud?

      10. Public welfare has to be cut back , we can no longer keep people that cant or will not work.
      They expect to have a place to live,health insurance,food stamp debit card,monthly check,cell phones,free meals at school three times a day, clothing allowances and free gas for their autos.
      Women and their husbands, boyfriends,live in buddies bilk the tax payer year after year with
      no end in sight. With some it’s passed on from one generation to the next generation it has to end.
      They have made this their job!!!! This is the group that broke the social security fund thanks to L.B.J.and brought down the housing market thanks to Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

      11. All subsidies will stop. All laws that are not back up by an amendment in the constitution
      will be null and void.

      • Howard

        To the response of Joe1cr:

        Well said. I agree with you, and those actions would be very much like setting the “reset” button on an electronic appliance after a thunderstorm. Each of these actions is needed. New Zealand went through a similar experience years ago when the taxpayers could no longer support the over-bloated government.
        The cuts they made restarted their economy and it is much healthier.

        But, perhaps, we could start in the right direction with just three simple cuts:

        The Department of Energy was created to free us from dependence on foreign oil. Has it done that, in over 30 years? Has it lowered or even maintained the price of energy? What, specifically, has it done? Get rid of it.

        Department of Agriculture subsidies, paying people not to farm, are a joke and have been a joke for my entire life. I grew up in a farming community. Even those people who took the money from the government laughed at the stupidity.

        Education is a local matter, and having federal busy-bodies stack on “one-size-fits-all” regulations has not improved our level of education, has it? Are we, as a country, smarter than we were 40 years ago?

        Eliminate the Department of Energy entirely. Eliminate the Department of Education entirely. Cut out the subsidies to land-owners and let the free market decide the cost of produce and meat. Those three things alone would free up more money than even the spendocrats in Washington would know what to do with.


      • patrick H.T. paine

        “To conquer, first divide!”

        “our country is based on a judeo-christian religion.”

        Which one? More importantly, while I skimmed through your idea’s quickly……none of them seemed to be related to THAT claim….and
        even more interestingly, Islam can claim the same heritage, with a twist…….Joseph Smith got even more creative, and L. Ron Hubbard,
        he just re-wrote the book regarding mystical belief systems.

        You can not grant freedon of religious expression/belief without
        granting the right to be free from it…so the freedom of worship
        is protected by the First Article of the Bill of Rights, while
        Article Six of the Constitution, makes clear, that IT is the Supreme
        Law of the Land and trumps any religion…….which is why it states that “no religious test” can be imposed as a requirement for holding
        public office. If your claim were correct, then surely a “religious test” would be mandatory?

        Further analysis provides even more interesting problems because the
        phrase judeo-christian is essentially a self contradiction…..and while it remains true that christianity arises from the judeo mythology, when it appears……it replaces it completely. We
        are redeemed for “original sin” and the ten commandments are replaced by the Great Commandment……

        What I find most curious about these faiths in things unseen and unproven, is that none of then concern themselves with the temporal realm……for the goal is to achieve “eternity” in the next life.
        Yet the instinct to survive for as long as possible seems to be
        pretty much standard for all life forms, despite “eternity” being at
        stake…….and for those true believers of any particular myth,
        why they seem to feel so adament about saving me, that they feel compelled to kill me to accomplish it?

        It could be just me, though…..

        Again I aplogise for the intrusion…..please carry on with what you were doing.

        ” Do not ask for whom the bell tolls……..”

    • Mark

      This is a response to isolationist, trade war monger Patticake.

      Please pick up an economics book and read about the damage that international trade wars and tariffs do to our economy. High import tariffs increase government revenues on the backs of the working man just as much as any of the other government schemes. They encourage inefficient high-cost, usually unionized, production of goods that then sell for significantly more money than they otherwise would. Purchase a Car today in Canada, England, or Australia, where the government tariffs are higher than in the US. You will see the real effects of what you are asking for. Just more burden on the backs of the American public.

      • Mark in LA

        Tariffs built our industrial base and the middle class it created. Free trade destroyed Britain’s lead in manufacturing technology and its done the same to us.

        Pick up any comic book and pick up an economics book and decide who is more ridiculous. From economists we leard that trade between countries makes them less likely to fight wars when it is just the opposite, a country becomes dependent and fights when trade is cut off or is made to grovel in its subservient position. We also learn that markets are self-regulating. How did that just go. Yes, by all means, pick up an economics book and laugh your ass off at the delusions these third rate mathematicians have cooked up on their blackboards or in their models and be amazed that people so out of touch with the real world can have any impact at all on society.

      • Cawmun Cents

        I Canada in debt up to their eyebrows?Just wondering……-CC.

      • Allan

        If picking up an textbook was a solution, then all the academics Obama relies on would have fixed our current problems. Obviously, they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Being short on real business experience, they should stick to simply reporting numbers. They have no idea what will happen tomorrow, but they are willing to say whatever you like because they have little at risk.

    • DaveH

      Heavily tax all imports? Are you kidding? A time honored military tactic to bring enemy countries to their knees is to blockade their trade. And you want to do that voluntarily to ourselves?
      Our problem is NOT Free Trade (although NAFTA, a program administered by Government is not Free Trade). Our problem is NOT the illegals (although they certainly should not be allowed to break our laws). Our problem is a Leviathan Government that is sucking 40% of our Gross Domestic Product away. Would anybody here voluntarily pay 40 cents of every dollar you earn to get what Government does for you? Not me.

      • eddie47d

        Hey I agree with Dave H on this one.

        • Dan az


    • Vagabond


    • http://?? Joe H.

      I’ll say it again! Even more idiotic is the practice of borrowing money to send to aid third world countries, but to then send aid to CHINA?!?!?!?

      • Dan az

        With the money that we barrowed from them?Why not we give it away to everyone else :)

  • David

    “I think by now everyone who is halfway honest and has an IQ above 32 realizes that” at least 99% of all federal spending is constitutioinal. The only real questions relate to the wisdom of some spending.

    • DaveH

      Oh, please. For those who think David is correct just read it. It’s relatively short:

      MOST of the Federal Government programs do not fall within its given powers. The Commerce Clause has been twisted into unrecognizable shape by a biased Supreme Court (remember they are part of the Federal Government, what else can we expect from them?) to justify practically everything the Federal Government has done. The original intent of the Commerce Clause was to prevent individual States from protecting their resident industries from outside competition with tariffs, differential sales taxes, and other forms of protection. That was all.
      The States had the original power to determine the Constitutionality of Federal laws, and they could nullify those laws, or even secede if they felt strongly enough. That was all turned upside down in the mid 1800s with the UnCivil War.
      The process of taking the power from the States to decide Constitutionality of Federal Laws was begun in earnest under Justice John Marshall in the early 1800s. He got away with it, no doubt, because apathetic citizens let him get away with it. Just like we have apathetically let our politicians walk all over us currently.
      As I recollect, the Supreme Court has not declared any Federal Laws to be Unconstitutional, just State laws. Is that any surprise? Do we really expect members of the same gang to police each other?

  • M.D.

    And anyone with an IQ above 32 realizes that it’s been the Republican Presidents that have done 90+% of the job getting us here. Anyone who disagrees hasnt taken 5 minutes to verify this.

    And Eisenhower’s administration allowed a 90% rate on the wealthiest during the 50s – one of Ametica’s most prosperous decades. Anyone who disagrees hasnt taken 5 minutes to verify this, either.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      MD: you evidently didn’t invest 5 minutes to look at who was in the majority of those congresses and senates during the Republican presidencies. The President can not enact legislation to spend; that’s congress’ mandate. In both Bush terms, the Dems controlled both houses. In 2007 when Bush Jr wanted to stop the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac debacle, what was he told by Barney ‘butfuch’ Frank? Bush was given the high middle finger and told to go Barney himself.

      Do some homework and learn the truth. Both parties own this mess, but the Dems have FOREVER pushed the spending envelope and continue to do so today.

      • M.D.

        Hey, whatever rationalization works for you, I suppose…

      • Thinking About

        Perhaps you was out of the country from 1997 to 2007 and did not know or understand republicians was in control of Congress but I must correct you on this issue. With this being said the old argument of poor George he had a Congress controlled by a different party and therefore don’t blame him. He was asking for budgets to be approved and outrageous amounts of money was thrown away. He went into office with a surplus and left in the red with high umemployment and had given big tax cuts to the job creators which did not produce jobs.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Thinking(?) About,
          you call 6% high unemployment? what the hell do you call obummers rate??? Remember he said if we pass the stimulous package it would not go over 8%!!! now it’s 10%!!! In case you can’t ‘cifer, that’s 4% higher than bushs rate upon leaving office!!!

          • Thinking About

            I was speaking of when W left office and my figures does not come from tabloid reports so often quoted. Guess what we was told if the bush tax cuts was not extended it would hurt the jobs market and unemployment would go up. It was extended and unemployment went up. Another wrong move.

          • Thinking About

            In case you are unable to do the research bush inherited 4% unemployment and when he left office unemployment was 8.1%. The was after the tax cuts so guess what, want unemployment to go up cut taxes, want unemployment to go down DON’T cut the taxes.

        • Dan az

          And in reality its more like 21% if you take the real numbers.I can’t believe that you still want to blame a president that has not been in the office for 2 and a half years.How lame is that.

    • Dagney

      You know, the only people who say others must be PERFECT are people on the LEFT. They claim no moral compass, so justify all their wrong-doing by saying “but, it’s what I INTENDED to do that counts!”. Making dishonest claims of compassion. All the while destruction of everything they touch is of NO importance to them. THEN when good people (mostly on the right), TRY to do the correct thing, whether it works out or not, the commies on the left will pick, pick, pick until nothing is left of any good that does occur. And, they will LIE and LIE again until the disinformation is what is known about the history. It’s time for people on the right to call them out for what they are…..LIARS.

      So, Eisenhower wasn’t perfect. You got anything else? Sheesh!

    • Jeff in OH

      And Eisenhower’s administration allowed a 90% rate on the wealthiest during the 50s – one of Ametica’s most prosperous decades.
      “Most Prosperous decades” Get it!! Not during a depression like we have now….

    • DaveH

      Let’s see, Eisenhower ruled from 1953 to 1961. In 1961, his last year, All Government Spending was $164.83 Billion, or 30% of GDP. In 2010, All Government Spending was $6063.34 Billion, or 42% of GDP.
      Yeah, I’ve thought for 5 minutes. I think I’ll take the size of 1961 Government.

    • Average Joe


      A little bit of factual information for the intellectually handicapped….

      Who’s better at running Congress?
      Since it’s Congress that sets the spending Budgets, sets the Deficits, and passes legislation affecting jobs and the economy (The President cannot spend one penny that has not been authorized by Congress), let’s look at the record of Congresses over the last 30 years (Through 2010);

      JOBS (39,761,000 Net New Jobs)

      Jobs created when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = 8,100,000 net new jobs.

      Jobs created when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = 21,773,000 net new jobs.

      Jobs created when Congress was split (8 years) = 9,888,000 net new jobs.

      DEFICITS (a) ($7.304 Trillion)

      Total Deficits when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = $5.022 Trillion.

      Total Deficits when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = $1.219 Trillion.

      Total Deficits when Congress was split (8 years) = $1.063 Trillion.
      NATIONAL DEBT ($12.878 Trillion = 93.4% of all the Debt in our History)

      Total New Debt when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = $7.859 Trillion.

      Total New Debt when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = $3.238 Trillion.

      Total New Debt when Congress was split (8 years) = $1.781 Trillion.
      ECONOMIC GROWTH ($11.873 Trillion of GDP growth)

      Total Growth (GDP) when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = $3.887 Trillion.

      Total Growth (GDP) when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = $5.623 Trillion.

      Total Growth (GDP) when Congress was split (8 years) = $2.363 Trillion.

      Draw your own conclusions, but these are undisputed facts from government sources.

      (a) Deficits do not equal the increase in the Debt because of the government’s ‘funny accounting’.

      Sources – Democrats controlled Congress from 1987 – 1994, and from 2007 – 2010.
      Republicans controlled Congress from 1995 – 2000, and from 2003 – 2006.
      There was a split Congress from 1980 – 1986 and for 2001 & 2002.
      Links to government data sites are as follows;

      Jobs –

      Deficits – See Table 1.1

      National Debt –

      • Dan az

        Average Joe
        Now you done it.I can just see the screens of all the libtards now.Now who is going to clean up that mess. :)

        • Average Joe

          LMAO….Sorry Dan….someone had to do it…….so I figured….why not lil ole me…hehe

  • Bob

    Unfortunately, Robert, there are many people in this country whose working IQ is well below 32 and they are all democrats. I say “working” because, while their nominal IQ may be just 10 or 20 points below average, their working IQ is much less because they support the democrats: those who are going to force them to work to feed those who won’t, who are going to force sexual perversion on their children, who are destroying the education system on which our future prosperity depends, who are destroying our once-great health system, who are going to murder future citizens in the womb, who are going to reduce our standard of living to that of Somalia, who exult the parasite over the producer, and who are generally going to destroy everything good and decent about this country. I mean they really must be morons, don’t you think?

  • Dagney

    There is hope, people! Watch this great video of the Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio. Without teleprompter, he articulates common sense and is obviously the only grown up in the room. His answers run rings around the liberal cry-baby media…..

    I’m sure Marco Rubio will eventually go all the way to the White House!

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      Let’s pray he does; and before he becomes ‘one of them’ in DC.

      • slapjack


        • Dagney

          Term limits will also “term out” good people like the subject of the video I posted. The best term limits are an educated population, laws like picture ID requirements to obstruct the commie vote cheaters, and people actually VOTING. Not staying home because their “perfect” candidate was beaten in the primaries.

          • DaveH

            With the computer technology we now have, we could have a very robust, and very transparent voting system, whose results could be verified by anybody or any organization with the proper software. As it stands right now, it is either not easy, or maybe even impossible for a person to check if their own votes were counted properly. There is no excuse for that with our modern technology.
            But the Politicians aren’t going to willingly implement such a system. We, the voters, need to insist on it.

        • Average Joe

          I posted this reply to you in another of PLD’s boards….I’ll try it again in hopes that you will understand….

          My only problem with Term Limits, is that is a double edged sword. Term limits would insure that they are only in office for a specific amount of time, but it also insures that they will attempt to fast track their agendas once they arrive in DC.
          Instead of term limits, I suggest that every Bill that they want to pass be done as a single stand alone Bill (in other words, no add on riders etc.)stating the purpose of the Bill,where it gets its’ Constitutional authority and written in plain English… and be no more than 5 pages long. Each Bill should be brought to the floor and subjected to a simple up or down vote (no more of this voting “present” BS from our Reps…we want to know where you stand on the issue…period).If this causes a backlog of Bills, so be it….the less bills passed, the better off the nation is as a whole.

    • Dan az

      Thanks for posting that.I haven’t heard anything about this sharp kid before and now that I have I would think he might make a good president.I’m impressed.These are the ones that we need more of.Can you imagine if we could get say 500 or so in congress what a great day that would be for this ailing country?There is hope! :)

      • Average Joe

        I’m from Florida….and guess who I voted for (and will do so again)……heh

      • JeffH

        Brother Dan, Marco Rubio has been a bright shining star for a while now. Me likes him too! :)

        • Dan az

          Then stop your whining and lets get busy putting this guy in where he needs to be.Only then will I stop pinching you. :)

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Dan az & JeffH,
            did something happen to you while I was gone?!?!?!? He, He, He!!!

        • Dan az

          you missed allot! :)

  • Warrior

    Watching the congressional subcommittee meeting on rules yesterday proved one thing. The only plan the dummycrats have is to raise taxes. They have absolutely NO plan to cut any spending whatsoever.

    When asked by several committee members to submit the dummycrats budget plan, chris hollingworth, or whatever this frauds name is, kept referring to oblama’s speech in april. Ya know, the one that the CBO director said that “I can’t score a speech”!

    Michael Savage is absolutely spot on. Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

    Again I ask, who believes the guvmint can spend us into prosperity?

    And all the hoopla about taking away loopholes for private jet owners, well it just so happens the depreciation schedule on private jets was lowered from 7 years to 5 years by the creeps who placed it in their stimulus bill. Talk about being disingenuous, that’s your democrapic progressive socialist party.

    • DaveH

      You will love this article, Warrior:

      From the article:
      “I mean by this that if there is anything that government is actually good at doing, it is destroying things.”

      • DaveH

        Why am I thinking about Karolyn right now? :)

        • Dan az

          No kidding!and as far as bed bugs go maybe that’s why your thinking about karolyn. :)

  • TONY D

    Let’s eliminate the debt ceiling, period.
    Let’s eliminate all business regulations, period.
    Let’s eliminate the EPA and all standards that they have implemented to protect land, water, air etc. period.
    Let’s allow the “markets” control everything, strictly on a supply and demand basis.
    Let’s eliminate all collective bargaining.
    Let’s revert to the 1600′s and 1700′s as it was when the nation was first being founded.
    While we are at it, let us also eliminate all government, Federal State and Local.
    Let’s see how long we last.
    As stupid as this all is, it makes more sense than most of the stuff that is collectively written about our decline into Obama based socialism and fear tactics in general etc.

    If we do not find a way to combine fiscal cuts on everything, (including the military and Corporations who live off government defense handouts) close the corporate tax loopholes, stop supporting multi billion Corporations, include some tax increases on billionaires……….. as a nation we are headed to a conflict which will most likely end with us the US being the best armed nation on the planet, with some of the richest Corporations, and a another civil war on our hands.

    • DaveH

      I like your idea of reverting Government to the 1700s (late 1700s, that is).

    • Dan az

      I think we should charge for our services,Not only when were called in by the UN but make them all pay for the expense of keeping the most powerful military in the world.Kinda like an insurance policy.Hey its better than doing it for nothing right? ;)

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Dan az,
        Actually a couple of the countries we are in DO pay for our services. Not NEAR what they are worth, but they do pay.

        • Dan az

          I heard that we spent a little over 1 trillion on Irag alone and when we ask to get paid they laughed at them and told them to leave.

  • DanB

    I am inclined to think they intend to fail to pay these payments if they have to choose between their green agenda and reshaping America’s economy or paying these obligations. I think it is a win-win for them.

    1. Progressives tend to believe in a whole life system. The elderly and sick are thus a drain on society. So this is a win. Plus, cutting these services will turn this voting block against the conservatives, which is also a win for them. Because it is all too easy to put the blame on conservatives for having to live within our financial means…. I suspect this would then set us up for those Obamacare panels that will decide who gets how much care and so forth–death panels by a more politically correct name.

    2. They want to reshape the economy. What better way to do this then to collapse the character of Americans and our way of life? Instant redistribution of the wealth in the world. Again, we’ll vote based on greed and turn against the conservatives who tell us that we need to live within our means. So the progressives get redistribution of wealth and a renewed voting block to stay in power.

    • Warrior

      If you really want to see the real model of progressivism, look no further than the decayed urban areas of chicago, detroit, cleveland and every other large urban area in this country. It’s pathetic! You have political elites and their cronies and then there are the sheeple.

    • Ellen

      The concept of redistribution of wealth is so frustrating. We’ve already redistributed it. Half of US ‘taxpayers’ pay no taxes and 40% of all babies born annually are born into welfare. We’re so far past ‘helping’ the needy. We can add to this the concept of providing for immigrants. Why are the American taxpayers paying to support immigrants? Worse is the fact that we can’t afford to support all these people, so we borrow 40%. This entire situation defies logic.

      • Mark in LA

        You should thank Ronald Reagan for opening the immigrant floodgates then. His fraud ridden amnesty, coupled with the family reunification priorities allowd millions of virtually useless parasites in with the added bonus of lowering the wages of the rest of the tax base – all to benefit the corporations and fat cats he was serviceing. His administration also used a big lie campaign to pave the way for our “guest” worker programs (signed into law by Bush I) that also bring in more immigrants who suck down welfare and get paid more by Social Security per dollar put in than the native born.

        Obviously Reagan was far too stupid to understand the consequences of his actions. However, his bought and paid for trainers knew exactly what would happen but they hated Americans so much they did it anyway.

        • Cawmun Cents

          But I bet we wont hear a peep from you when Omamba does the same thing.-CC

          • Mark in LA

            No buddy boy my many years supporting FAIR, CIS and NumbersUSA shows I am just a partisan clown like you. I was there calling and writing my and other Senators during the Dream Act debacle. Where were you when Bush and McCain were pushing for their amnesty?

            What is it with you people. Instead of saying, thank you Mark in LA for giving us the truth that Reagan really was a disater for this country and we all should piss on his grave, you immediately start crying “You must be a Democrat” or some other inanity like that as though it somehow absolves Reagan of being the idiot and disaster he was. I have even seen you guys say “Well, Reagan admitted it was a mistake” as though that makes it all better like when your Mommy kissed your finger when you had a bo-bo.

          • DaveH

            The main problem with the illegals (putting aside the fact they are here illegally) is their usage of our aid programs, right?
            Well, I don’t care if they’re legal or illegal, nobody has a right to ride on the shoulders of another man (or woman) without that person’s explicit consent. That’s our problem, we have evolved into a society which casts aside morality and turns its heads while ourselves and others are being enslaved. If we end that, we end the problem of illegals riding on the system.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Well have any of you here heard my saying what a marvelous man Reagan was?Not really.But you sanctimonious jackasses,sure holler loud when it pans out to be coincidentally a republican that you need to shout about.And,yet….I never hear you speaking a word against the progressives or the bills they pass.What hypocrisy,what arrogance!You seem to have a stick caught up in somewhere but you are not quite sure why.
            The onus of the conversation is Comprehensive Immigration then?Seems like we already have that.People are immigrating comprehende?But for what purposes?Is it to live here on a semi-permanent basis,draining our economy and taking our jobs to feed those in another nation?Is it to make us as Americans and our written laws look foolish,before the rest of the world?Is it so they can do as they wish,because they have no loyalty to our nation?Is it so they can drain us of our precious resources,and keep us making laws designed to protect them instead of us?If that is what is known as Comprehensive Immigration Reform,I’ll pass.I have seen unions give jobs away to immigrants so they can keep quotas.I have seen immigrants treated poorly,and taken them under my wing,helping them so that they would not be oppresed by employers,who made them into bondslaves.No my ignorant friend I havent written my politicians expecting them to do something.I have actively participated.I have collected goods for people too poor to pay for them,and helped distribute them too.I have housed the poor in time of need.Given freely to those who asked.But have I expected that from a politician?Not on your life pal.I learned a long time ago that if you want something done right,you have to do it yourself.So go ahead and join groups,write congress,pitch your complaints to the world about politicians you think did evil in your mind.But if you take action,you will get more done.-CC.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Mark in LA,
            Actually if you search just a little farther, you will find that Reagan made a deal with the dems to close the borders if he approved amnesty and then they renigged on it! Had the DEMS (or progs if you like that better) closed the borders like they swore in the deal they would, we would be a lot better off now!! If you are going to tell the facts, tell the complete facts!

        • independant thinker

          “You should thank Ronald Reagan for opening the immigrant floodgates ”

          No you can thank the lying, self serving democrat controled congress that promised to put additional effort into stopping illegal immigration as soon as the amnesty was signed and then did NOITHING to make it more difficult for illegals to come here. The democrat controlled congress reniged on their promises (like that is any suprise).

          • Mark in LA

            You are obviously not an independent thinker. Blaming the Democrats for not doing something you knew ahead of time they were against. Of course, even if your pathetic deflection of the blame from Reagan were true (which it isn’t) it still does not absolve him of his responsibility. Do some real research about that 1986 amnesty and see how it actually made it tougher to deport somebody who doesn’t want to be deported and then continue to blame Democrats. The Republicans were in the executive most of the time – the executive enforces the law. All the Republicans would have had to do is publicize their desire to get illegals out and the Democrats would have got out of the way. Instead, the Republicans willfully insert hidden bombs in any legislation that nullifies enforcement because they are bought and paid for by the Business Round Table. Go read Juan Mann’s columns on Vdare about how ridiculous immigraton court is since the moron signed the amnesty. Go to the center for Immigration Studies, they had an article by a Mexican government official at meetings with Republican congressmen where they laughed at what they put in laws to negate any enforcement.

            Reagan was a brain dead idiot that did exactly what an organ grinder monkey does – he get the pennies for his master and trainer.

          • Mark in LA

            One more thing for dependent thinker. Pete Wilson was a Republican Senator from California then. He got the most egregious piece of legislation inserted into that bill. This was the part that gave any “farmworker” legal status if they supposedly worked in the US for as little as 6 months. He did this for those stallwart Republican farmers who didn’t want that pesky United Farmworkers Union to get decent pay. There was no real enforcement of this provision and much of the fraud this amnesty was associated with came from this provision and is possibly why California’s electoral college votes are forever lost to the Republican party.

          • Dan az

            your problem is that you have Know facts!why not go here and find a few and come back and show us that you actually research truth!
            For everyone else this is a great site check it out!

          • Mark in LA

            No Dan with my head up my Az I sure don’t have any facts. Why Pete Wilson was never Caifornia’s Senator was he?


            What is it with you delusional idiots who get all your information from Rush Limbaugh? He is a shill for the Republican party like Reagan was a shill for his corporate masters. Get it through your heads – ALMOST ALL of our problems today started because that moron was too stupid to see past his advisers.

          • independant thinker

            Just for your information Mark in the socialist republic of Los Angeles I was opposed to the Amnesty under Reagan and have opposed it every time since that it has been mentioned.

          • Dan az

            You assume to much you sound to me like a progressive more than a conservative I on the other hand am a libertarian.So don’t through your BS around and assume that know one understands you.We Do and its not looking good for ya.

      • Mikeg

        Do you have data to back this figure up? That sounds like a gross overestimating that you didn’t check and just accepted as fact.

      • Vagabond

        just keep voting for a damned democrat,

  • Jim

    Well, if the s–t needs to hit the fan, then let it! There is only one truth i am seeing over and over again….there is no real difference between DEMs and REPs! None have brought to the front the fact that our Constitution is being disregarded on a regular basis by Homeland Security…by the TSA…even by Congress when they allowed Obama to become President without proper proof of being an American citizen.

    So, what is the only solution before us to try,…..simple…..never vote for anyone who is a DEM or a REP AND vote everyone that is currently in office out (perhaps Freshman can stay another term to see how they do)….demand Campaign Finance Reform to allow all to run for office free of any charge (this can be done with some smart moves)…..Revert back to a paper trail form of voting (NO COMPUTER VOTING ALLOWED)…and demand that Supreme Court Justices be voted on by the public, not Congress also eliminate the current length of “Life Term” they chair as a Justice.

    Well, maybe not so simple, but the time has come for “We the People” to take back our Country and show those in DC who the boss is suppose to be!!!

    • bob wire

      oh Jim! that horse is dead, quit kicking him, he won’t get up.

      and there is no way people are not going to vote for dems and repubs.

      That is just not going to happen either.

      Think inside the realm of probability. Otherwise , you are fanning the wind.

  • Mikeg

    Interesting opinions. Nothing more. For example, the TARP program was not a failure and actually posted a profit, since in fact it was nothing more than loans to troubled banks. While I didn’t agree with it you need to get your facts right, it did help and even posted a profit.

    Whether you don’t believe what either party is saying in reference to the debt ceiling doesn’t matter. The fact that Moody’s and a few other credit rating agents have unilaterally said that they will downgrade our credit rating as a county if the debt ceiling doesn’t expand (causing defaults on some payments) is reason enough to lift the debt ceiling this time around and work on serious cuts for the next budget. Serious cuts to Defense (which neither side has even considered) should be considered first.

    • Mark in LA

      Yes TARP posted a “profit”. We know because the government said so. So how do you separate TARP from all the other free money we are giving the banks like taking on their real estate losses and lending them movey for nothing and them buying Treasury bonds with it? The who program is a fraud and we are paying for it that they pull one program out and use some accounting gimmick to show a profit is a joke.

      • Mikeg

        I agree that there are many programs that are corrupt and are failures and need to be put to an end, but putting TARP in with them is not factual. That is my point, stick to the facts, don’t say that this didn’t help, when in fact the TARP program did. Putting a blanket statement on everything one party or another does is what got us into this mess to begin with. Put emotions aside, because ramping up illogical emotions is what both Reps and Demos want to get them re-elected. Break the chain.

        • Mark in LA

          I think you missed my point entirely TARP is part of the rest of the bank bailout BS we are doing. You are pretending that you can separate one program out from the money AIG and Fanny and Freddie get or the losses the banks are handing the Treasury and the FED, or the interest free loans used to clean up their books. The idea that one program is showing a profit while the rest of them are shoveling money to the TARP recipients as fast as possible is an accounting gimmick.

          On the one hand you lent me 25 billion but in the side door you left a bag of money with 50 billion in it. I pay back the 25 with interest and TARP is a “sucess”. This is what is happening.

    • DaveH

      Some reality about TARP:

      • DaveH

        From the article:
        “The TARP was crooked from the very start, using taxpayer funds to bail out some of the world’s richest people from their own foolish investments. The claims that it made taxpayers money are unfounded. Even worse, TARP taught investment bankers an important lesson: During a boom, make as much money as you can, no matter how short-term the profits will be. When the bubble pops, the Treasury and Fed will be there with a taxpayer-funded pillow.”

  • bob wire

    “All democrats and most republicans?”

    Hmm? How about most democrats and republicans Robert?

    But , mo, your are right,I don’t believe it’s in anyone’s best interest to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

    It’s sales hype and thumb twisting time. A scramble up to the play offs in 2012.

    The seniors are excited as grandma in tied on the railroad tracks and the train is coming.

    The Seniors vote is one you can count on rain, sleet or snow.

    After the poor timing and roll out of the Ryan Plan the GOP pants is on fire. Don’t expect the DNC to not take full advance of such a blunder.

    • independant thinker

      “After the poor timing and roll out of the Ryan Plan the GOP pants is on fire. ”

      That is not half as bad as Obama making veiled threats to not pay SS in August.

  • Raggs

    Funny how oblama is calling his own handy work a “CRISIS”…
    What is even dumber is that he blames everyone else and the sheeple believe him… He is making the democummies and the repubs fight over this all the while taking the publics eye off of his incompetance and gross lack of leadership..

    • bob wire

      well I certainly don’t see it that way, considering the debt ceiling was raised 17 times during Reagan tenure without much fanfare.

      I suggest you carry a predisposition to blame the current administration for the weather.

      If we plan to make it to Houston, we need to add fuel to get there. Maybe you don’t wish to go to Houston? Where do you wish to go? Wherever it might be, required fuel.

      I suppose we could just park, get out a stretch until 2012 and pick up the issue again. But the cost of failing to appear will eat up what we might save by doing nothing.

      “O’s” not the one making this a huge deal, but the behind the scene effects of your little tea party at work as they attempt to hold the line on “certain” spending.

      accept it as so Ragg. You should be pleased with your efforts instead of sour grapes.

      • Bob

        he debt ceiling needs to be lowered, not raised. The way to do that is to eliminate the transfer of funds to the parasites who support maobama from those who are actually productive members of society. You want to see it raised because you are obviously a tax-sucking parasite.

        • DaveH
        • bob wire

          and obviously what was intended to create and form your brain ran down your mothers leg my mindless friend.

        • bob wire

          at not one time in my posting did I imply “my wishes” but spoke of options offered and presented Mister.

          I work for my money and more then likely I’m carry your tired old crippled up a$$, which I’m willing to do until you start cracking wise with that alligator mouth and humming bird a$$ of yours BOB!

          You are a sick man BOB and it’s coming though that you are sick.

          • Song

            Is this the pot calling the kettle black Bob W? I have read several of your posts and have yet to ever see anything factual presented from yourself except hyperbole and vapid rhetoric and your last post, response to Bob, was nothing short of disgusting.

          • DaveH

            You see, folks, Bob has verbalized one of the very real problems with Government programs — the sense that one person is carrying another through his taxes. As a result, Bob expects you to do things his way or else. Do we need that? Wouldn’t it be a much more peaceful society if we got back to people helping people voluntarily without Government coercion or theft? And more efficient, because at a local level people are a lot more likely to know who really is suffering misfortune through no fault of their own, and who is suffering misfortune because they just aren’t willing to exert themselves.

          • Bob

            Bob Wire: I seriously doubt that you have worked an honest day in your life and I seriously doubt that you could. I have yet to meet a maobama supporter who was anything other than a lazy, selfish parasite.

          • bob wire

            Song , if you are looking for “facts”, this is commentary and you looking the wrong place. And if Bob would refrain and compose himself and stick with what he knows about me, he’ll fare much better and be afforded civility. He started it and I finished it. An a$$ whooping is not known for it’s subtle pleasantries.

            and the same goes for you David. I’m the one to tell people what I want, I don’t need you and it not for you too tell other’s what I want. For now, I want you to be civil and rational and place yourself in check.

            I never spoke a word about my desires to either raise or lower the debt ceiling. ~ You people made that up in you own minds and now you are attempting to “tag me” with your thoughts and tell everyone want I want and what I think.

            Dave , you and Bob need to get a grip on your thought process, both of you are pulling things out of the air and it makes for very weak debate.

            You are attacking me because I question and expose the nonsense in poorly crafted statements and irrational thoughts.

            I don’t mind the attacking ~ but you better be prepared to volley what you send out.

            I know ~that you don’t think I’m on your side of this argument while all along I am. But we can’t win in the court of opinion with nonsense ~ not even by bullying and shouting. I’m here to improve your banter,~ Bob’s stinks ~and David ,yours is beginning to smell too. I’d expect better of you.

            We must slow the spending and everything should be on the table for consideration ~ everything. EVERYTHING !

          • DaveH

            I attacked you, Bob Wire?
            Wow. If that’s how you took it, it was a mild attack indeed compared to this statement of yours:
            “I work for my money and more then likely I’m carry your tired old crippled up a$$, which I’m willing to do until you start cracking wise with that alligator mouth and humming bird a$$ of yours BOB!”

            Put down the bottle, Bob Wire.

          • eddie47d

            Dave H.; Bob is a very sick person with a sick mind and Bob Wire has him tagged correctly.

  • Artlady

    Can you tell us exactly which government programs are the ones that are ‘unconstitutional’? I’m serious, I’d really like to know.

    • Mikeg

      The only one I know of that remotely could be called unconstitutional would be the Healthcare (insurance) revamp that passed last year. Since it requires everyone to buy coverage.

    • Maranne

      There are many that are UNCONSTITUTIONAL but an extreme example is the Dept. of Education. The Federal government has NO -NO– constitutional authority to be in education AT ALL! Read the Constitution. It is left to the “states or to the people”, I am a retired history teacher and taught the constitution to my 8th graders BUT the schocking part is that Obama was a constitutional lawyer. He relies on the ignorance of the voters! Note I said IGNORANCE not stupidity. We are beginning to wake up to see that our President, Secretary, Fed Chairman Bernake, Congress (some of them) have LIED to US!

      • Artlady

        Uh, wasn’t the dep’t. of education around long before Obama came on the scene? Just askin’!

        • DaveH

          So what?

        • independant thinker

          Just because it started before obama does not mean it is constitutional. Like many federal (and state) programs it started out with good intentions but what is the old saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

    • Fred Marrs

      ARTLADY: QUID PRO QUO: You might start with all of Obama’s Tzars, non of which are Constitutional.

    • DaveH
  • DaveH

    Robert Ringer gets it.
    Go Robert.

  • Bert Cundle

    Our Government… Must Quit Derailing Its Obligations! We must Quit Blameing. Democrats & Republicians! The Country is in Demolition, by our aclaimed rulers! (for a very long time!) Citizens Must Rebel…

  • Mikeg

    I do find it funny though that people think that by cutting Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid they are actually saving money. Think about it.
    Grandma’s SS check gets cut or stays the same, cost of living continues to rise, at some point her children are going to have to start supporting her either by purchasing more grocieries for her or paying her rent or allowing her to move in…
    The same holds true with elderly healthcare. Healthcare bills that don’t get paid cannot ever be written off by a bankruptcy, so guess who pays for them in the end if grandma can’t?
    I believe in cutting a lot of waste and streamlining many areas of government with spending cuts in certain areas, but not too deep to cause situations like above. Except defense. The industrial military complex needs to be cut in half, IMO.

    • Bert Cundle

      As for Our Military… & Over seas Commitments. That muat be addressed. By invokeing Peace NOT War! When We Have A STRONG BOARDER we will have peace with others! INTERNALY: Get Civil! Respect the RIGHTS of others! Get Our Spending & Saving in order! “PAY the Debts, WE HAVE ALLOWED!” TAX Fairly… 10% Every Person income, Corperation, & Orgination! Sift out the Elegal Alians! ( NO AMNIASTY.)

    • Mark in LA

      What you don’t realize is that people should have some responsibility to their parents and grandparents. There used to be three generation households before Social Security. The problem is the SS was nevre intended to be a retirement program. Claude Pepper turned it into one when it was taking way more money than it was paying out and it was put on an unsustainable path with generous COLAs and payouts.

      We need to keep it but means testing needs to be looked at as well as refiguring the benefit so that immigrants don’t get a higher payout than the native born per dollar contributed. The SS calculation is based on the highest 35 years of wages and determines an average monthly wage adjusted for inflation over that time. The benefit pays comparitively more back for the lower incomes than the higher incomes. That an immigrant does not work all 35 years means his average monthy wage is decreased so more of it lies within the low wage band than if it was divided by the number of years worked. The resulting the payment would be higher but it should also be prorated for the number of years contributing. The native born also lose out because any work longer than 35 years is not counted.

      • Jack

        “means testing” is just another class warfare trick. The income tax, remember, was only supposed to be paid by the “rich”. If this flies, every time the Marxists get back in power, they will lower the bar. In a few years, those who saved and invested for their retirement, in addition to paying into SS, will be told, sorry, you have outside income, so we will give your benefits to the freeloaders. They vote too, you know, and it is only fair they get just as much as you do.

      • DaveH

        The concept of Social Security is morally wrong. For one man to take another man’s property against his will is just theft no matter how you rationalize it. Imagine your neighbor coming to you and demanding that you give him some of your money to invest “for your own good”. Imagine further that your neighbor is even a financial expert. Would anybody say it’s okay for him to “demand” that, even if he is an expert? Of course not. And worse, the Government hasn’t even managed that taken money in a prudent manner. How can any thinking person make excuses for that system? Above all that, the Federal Government does not have the enumerated Constitutional Power to take care of you against your will.
        By all means they should at very least return that money to the victims by selling Federal Assets or other legal means. But we can not conscientiously force future generations into that immoral system.

        • Mark in LA

          Its also morally wrong for people to put their money into Wall Street based on promises that it will be invested for them and be there when they retire and then find out it was all esentially stolen and they can’t arm themselves and extract some street justice. But that is what happend in 1930 and its happening again. If I could pick up my rifle and shoot the guys at Goldman Sachs, the next bunch would be more wary of ripping off the public. In the third world ripping people off is far less common because of this. As is was then and is now, there needs to be something for people who contributed all their lives and are left destitute through no fault of their own. This is why SS was created.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Disclaimer to Federal Investigators reading this thread:”Mark in La does not now,and never has advocated firearms violence as a solution to our nations condition.The word”if”was inserted as part of his official disclaimer,however the standard by which records are kept and scrutinized are currently desrving of further discourse,regarding procedural content.”-CC.

          • DaveH

            Put your rifle down, Mark. The solution is much simpler. Don’t bail them out. Let them fail so there’s a message to others that when you don’t run a company efficiently you go out of business. And please don’t complain to me about their depositors and investors. Their losses do not justify the forceful taking of other peoples’ money to bail them out.
            If proven fraudulent the officers of Goldman should be punished severely. Problem is that the Government (which is virtually immune from punishment) is in bed with these people. How can they punish Goldman when they might turn on the Government and reveal all?

      • http://SS Critarun

        does anyone at all know there history or am i the old one social security is not part of the federal gov. budget it was set up that way so the gov. could not get there hands on it. It is not the gov budget it belongs to everyone who works and pays into it like a bank account, with your name on it. The federal gov. should be arrested along with every sen and congress men for taking money that doesnt belong to them. If the Fed. Gov were to pay back the money they stole from SS the elderly would not have to worry and medicare people pay for there medicare out of there checks which by the way go up every year NOT like medicade and seniors have not gotten a raise in 2 years and it is there money we are talking about. thanks to the great president we have now oh isnt he wonderful. The only increases this country has seen is the growing white house staff and the sen. and congress soda bills

  • Raggs

    If you cut it, it will bleed.

    I say sharpen your knives….


    Lets take fresh look factual look at what our tax dollars have funded .Both parties are guilty and is time to publish the list of bridges to nowhere ,shrimp on treadmills ,$500.00 hammers etc . Politicians love to inject fear in the people and divert our attention away from their special favors to campaign founders . We all know how this done ,they put all this wasteful spending ( pork belly ) pet projects in a bill that has nothing to do with the bill . This is a great place to start to stop the unauthorized spending of taxes . How many of us would vote for a candidate that would spend our money for shrimp on treadmills ? Why do we let this go on ? Publish the list ,expose the politician so you will have no excuse to waste your vote in the future . The elephant in the room entitlements to a large voter block . Our politicians will hold on to their offices at any cost ,including back room deals ,golf outings and pushing class warfare .Let us hope our new tea party members will do what they were elected to do ,STOP THE SPENDING NOW !

    • http://?? Joe H.

      POINT MAN,
      The worst one on that list was the $750.00 toilet seats on military aircraft!!! Bet all those went on the flights that carry pols as they are ALL big A$$E$!!!!!

  • coal miner

    Science News:
    Fewer Verbs and Nouns in Financial Reporting Could Predict Stock Market Bubble, Study Shows
    ScienceDaily (July 19, 2011) — When the language used by financial analysts and reporters becomes increasingly similar the stock market may be overheated, say scientists.

    Experimental economics
    Computing power everywhere
    Speech recognition
    After examining 18,000 online articles published by the Financial Times, The New York Times, and the BBC, computer scientists have discovered that the verbs and nouns used by financial commentators converge in a ‘herd-like’ fashion in the lead up to a stock market bubble. Immediately afterwards, the language disperses.

    The findings presented at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Barcelona, Spain, on July 19, 2011, show that the trends in the use of words by financial journalists correlate closely with changes in the leading stock indices.

    “Our analysis shows that trends in the use of words by financial journalists correlate closely with changes in the leading stock indices — the DJI, the NIKKEI-225, and FTSE-100,” says Professor Mark Keane, Chair of Computer Science in University College Dublin, who was involved in the research.

    “By plotting the distributions of words used in financial articles published online between 2006 and 2010 into a computer model, we were able to identify what we call ‘verb convergence’ and ‘noun convergence — where the language used by financial journalists shows converging agreement.”

    “Our study shows that reporters converge on the same language — ‘stocks rose again’, ‘scaled new heights’, or ‘soared’ — as their commentaries became more uniformly positive in the lead up to the 2007 crash.”

    “They also appear to refer to a smaller-than-usual set of market events — presumably because of an increased fixation on a small number of rapidly rising stocks,” explains Professor Keane.

    “Google predicted car sales from analyses of search queries, and the Amazon book recommender system captures consumer preferences by correlating book titles, so why not listen to the language used by financial commentators to see if it could help predict the stock market,” says Aaron Gerow, who completed the research as part of his MSc in Computer Science at University College Dublin.

  • Maranne


    google the CAFR! This is the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report required by lay to be made ANNUALLY since 1946, broadened in 1952 and later. It includes EVERY governmental body down to cities.
    It shows that THEY have more assets and collect More money from them than are collected in taxes!DON”T believe me? GOOGLE IT!


  • Ron

    I think that there is only one conclusion that can be drawn from the Obama agenda. They intend to bring the country to economic and social collapse and a one-party dictatorship will arise from the ashes. Nothing else makes any sense to me.

  • George

    While a number of essential items are covered by revenue coming in to the treasury, it may unfortunately be necessary to raise the debt ceiling one more time (hopefully the last if we can instill some fiscal responsibility). There are many other functions which will cause the necessary outlays to exceed the revenue. In the meantime it is necessary to hold the big spenders’ feet to the fire and require them to make true cuts in spending. Unfortunately they have been able to fool people by claiming to make cuts in spending when all they are doing is to decrease the rate of the increase. As an example, if I had an item I normally sold for $1 which I then proposed to sell for $10, I would not be reducing the price of the article if I were to “merely” charge $5 for the article. Such is the babble in Washington which confuses many citizens who fail to pay close attention. What we need, however, are real cuts where I would not simply “reduce” the price of the item to $5 but would make a real cut in the price to 90¢.

    • DaveH

      We’re almost there, just over that next hill. How many times have we all heard that?
      There is only one way to stop the borrowing — cold turkey.

  • Fred Marrs

    That the Government can Legally Dafault under the given numbers, is a “Damn” lie, as they say down south in Georgia
    by Fred Marrs 14. July 2011 11:35
    With $200 Billion in monthly taxes and revenues to the government, and with about $30 Billion in monthly debt service, principal and interest, the government won’t and can’t Constitutionally default. The 14th Amendment requires debt service to be paid out of first revenues to the government. Ergo, there can be no legal default. Entitlements are second on the priority list. Accordingly, $170 Billion is left to pay the Aug. $23 Billion in Soc.Security, leaving $147 Billion. Entitlements run about $300 Billion a year, so about $25 Billion a month. The Obama propaganda threat of default, is a red herring issue parroted by the national liberal sycophant media carrying Obama’s water. Given the admitted numbers, the government can’t legally default, and its a “damn” lie to say it can in an attempt to pressure yet more spending, debt, and resultant national economic disaster. And, if Obama ordered the debt service payments not to be made, he would be committing an unconstitutional act in violation of the 14th Amendment, constituting treason, high crime, and misdemeanor, thereby authorizing his Articles of Impeachment by the House and his removal from office by the Senate. So, give Obama the rope and hope he dispenses with himself. And not a few dims would have to vote for Impeachment in the Senate in order to save their own arse.

  • DaveH

    This is a great article for those who want to broaden their understanding of the economy and Capitalism vs. Marxism:

  • Mike

    I don’t think people really understand our system.

    Gold is finite.

    Paper money is infinite.

    We have had debt going back to the Reagan years and that doesn’t stop the US from being a super power, doesn’t stop it’s citizens from prosperity, and there are no hard ramifications for a nation of our size and strength to carry debt.

    By printing money we create something our of nothing. And the only downside is a little inflation. Repeat: WE CREATE SOMETHING, WHERE THERE WAS NOTHING BEFORE.

    So as we raise the ceiling once again, let’s also raise our head and make a toast to best American ever to walk US soil, the man who eliminated the gold standard and created a game of monopoly (that’s right- the game where the bank never runs out of money because it prints more). That man is Richard Nixon.

  • professor

    This is a great article and it delegitimizes many of the arguments made by the radicals to, “keep spending.”

    First of all, our Constitution is no longer a part of this government! This regime passes unConstitutional Laws, by unConstitutional means, that support unConstitutional agencies!

    The government has lost its way and has become more and more tyrannical. The Constitutional purpose of government is to provide National Security, provide and support a military, and keep us a Sovereign Nation. Government was meant to be small, effective in its purpose…that of keeping us “One Nation Under God.” We know our country is in trouble when it is becoming illegal to recognize the presence of God in this country..Our foundation was built on a population that instinctively knew, “right from wrong.” And, the Constitution will not work when the government is run by ruthless criminals, with a secular agenda of debunking religion. By striping a people of their allegiance, faith, pride of accomplishment, and feeling of community, the battle is already half-won!

    The Constitution has been eliminated because it is an obstacle to the plans of the “One World Order advocates” which appear to be in control of our government! Finally, they have a president in place that has no allegiance, nor affection for this country. He is ready and willing to put this country “under” at any cost!
    There is nothing that is too despicable, nor any lie that is too great. Tyranny is being use to take away our freedom, liberty, and our financial stability …not to mention our status as one of the greatest Nations of the world..

    If there are any politicians in Washington that still loves this country, they must hold-fast and not increase the debt ceiling. Government must be made to realize that the spending “has to stop!”
    The more money they are allowed to borrow, the more taxes they are allowed to collect, the more they will spend. It has become an unending cycle, nearly irreversible. This administration has every intention of continuing to growing government, becoming a one-party system (ruling class), and putting our country in financial ruin. At that point, there will be Marshal Law and we will have lost the “good fight!”

  • Old Henry

    Mr. Ringer:

    You forgot to mention eliminating ALL foreign aid and eliminating the money that is being front loaded into ObamaCare.

    We should also shut down the Departments of Energy, Education, BATF immediately in order to cut expenses. The rest as you say can be given the litmus test in 2013.

    It would also be good to immediately cut the White House budget by 50%. Sell off at a minimum 40% of all Federal land.

    • eddie47d

      Although foreign aid is a noble goal we can’t solve or correct all the tragedies out there. Foreign aid is a crap shot where we sometimes win hearts and minds and other times we only build a more ruthless dictator. Too often we end up on the short end of the stick.When it comes to selling off 40% of Federal land I say hell no if it involves our national treasures. Whether museums,monuments or National Parks. They belong to all Americans and not some fly by night circus outfit making amusement parks out of them. We may not have much gold in Ft Knox and that is another issue. We do have wealth stored up in the land that has been preserved for all of us and many future generations. Once you give up certain venues,especially land, it will be gone for good. It will be used and abused for short term profit and then dumped at taxpayer expense. We’ve been down that road before and don’t need those repeat problems.

    • American Citizen

      You left out the EPA which is responsible for some companies either shutting down or leaving the country.

  • Mad Max

    The real canard is that republicans or pretending to be fiscally responsible after they pretended to produce jobs. Snap out of it!
    The reason this counry is so screwed up is because the people are so screwed up. Stop looking for someone to blame. Look in the miror. You pick crap you get crap.

    Memo to America: Stop waiting for Democrats and Republicans to save you. It’s bad for your health and your future.

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

    • FreedomFighter

      “In the words of Thomas Paine: “These are times that try men’s souls.” We need more than summer soldiers and sunshine patriots. If we believe in principles of free enterprise that made our country great, we must stand up for them again today. We must draw anew on the individual strength, ingenuity, and vision that built America. But our gaze is not set on the past; it’s firmly fixed on tomorrow. We must not mortgage our children’s future to pay for the mistakes of today. The choice before our generation is grave, but clear: We must either face and solve our problems now or surrender to them forever.”–from a speech by you guessed it Ronald Reagan

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Joe

    I believe Obama’s job as the marxist in chief is to destroy the capitalist system and the middle class. Look at previous marxists in history such as Stalin and Mao to see the beginning steps they took.

    • eddie47d

      That is a very typical reply yet way off base. There was no Middle Class in Russia or China and almost no Capitalism. All they had was Czars and Warlords respectively.Poverty,slave labor and no individual rights whatsoever. Then Communism stepped in and became forced Nationalism and blind obedience so little changed. We have individual rights in America and once had a strong Middle Class.Where did it go,Corporate greed,NAFTA,an imbalance in salaries,a growing government and too many wars. Looks like Capitalism is eating itself and Fedzilla isn’t helping much either.Marxism may be an obnoxious form of government but that is a cop-out in blaming our troubles on that system. If we can’t get a handle on the real culprits then they will snooker you again. We need folks that can tackle big government,Wall Street,Corporate loopholes and whacked out salaries that give us our imbalance.

      • Push comes to shove

        I think what you have failed to mention (or think about) is that our legislators and govt dept’s have passed laws and regulations that bind capitalism, so in essence we do not truely have capitalism or the free market system that made our country great. Political favor has created crony capitalism, it is not the free market that has failed but our gov’t in thier wishes to be re-elected time and again.

        Capitalism got the U.S. to be the greatest super-power in the world, laws and regulations have stifled true commerce. Like Obama and his minions picking a certain auto maker to take under his wing for protection, and lest we not forget that GE is his boy too, so don’t cry to about the republicans are for big business when the dems do the same thing, the only difference is each side choses a different winner.

        P.S. Please tell you were NOT just promoting communism or socialism, because it sure came off that way

        • eddie47d

          If that were true why would I have said “communism is forced nationalism and blind obedience”? I understand why communism came to being but that doesn’t mean I have to accept the way it turned out.I also see the faults of Capitalism and don’t have to accept corporate piracy.

  • Donald

    The Government will start to work again when we get rid of the extremists in both parties. So, if you are a Republican vote in the Primaries for the most moderate candidate. If you are a Democrate vote in the Primaries for the most moderate candidate. Then in the General Election, vote for the most moderate candidate.

    This will get rid of all the extremists and give us politicians who are willing to work together, as opposed to reviling one another

    Such is the road to progress

    • Mark in LA

      Yes, get rid of the “extremists”. You must either work for the Business Round Table, Likud or Mossad. If you get rid of the extremists you won’t have gridlock but you won’t get any government that looks out for Americans first.

  • bob wire

    “First, while the exact amounts vary from month to month, the government brings in, on average, about $200 billion a month from (mostly unwilling) taxpayers and pays out, on average, about $20 billion in monthly interest charges. ”

    Just because you and perhaps you friends are “UNWILLING” to pay their taxes Mr. Ringer is a large part of the problem today as taxes are lower then they have been for several decades. As today I struggle with paying mine, I would hope that it’s not any easier for you.

    Where did the notions of “Country First” run off too? Where is your little plastic flag?

    Is being good citizens and patriots much like being a good Christians, a matter of convince of the moment?

    At a point in time when seniors was not exempt from paying school taxes, as a boy I helped my aging grandparents work 3 weeks pick pecans on the halves, until our fingers was black as coal and it would not wash off, try as you may.

    I’ll never forget grandfathers great pride in paying his yearly taxes off with the money they made. He and grandmother had shouldered their load, asking for no privilege or favor.

    I couldn’t understand his pride then, as I was only a child but I do now.

  • chuckb

    eddie47, take a look where the middle class went, they were forced out of business by the bolshevik environmetalist. so look in the mirror.

    • denniso

      Corporate America,union busting,resisting min wage increases,higher and higher healthcare costs,most middle class wages stagnating w/ respect to cost of living, all have helped diminish the middle class. It’s way more than simplistic to lay any blame on environmentalists,and utterly wrong. Sure,if we clear cut all the forests,strip mine everywhere possible,dump any toxins we want into rivers,lakes and air,get rid of all health regulations,drill for oil and gas in all national parks…we would create more jobs in the short term…would they be high paying? Not necessarily,and it wouldn’t last long before the environmental damage and exxcessive use of our natural resources would catch up w/ us and have a totlly negative impact.

      Corporate managers work every day to cut costs and maximize profit,that’s capitalism,and part of that is cutting labor costs which means lower wages for workers when they can do it.

  • skyskiers

    Click on the link to hear Ann-Barnhardt-Discuss-Terry-Lakin.flv or scroll down to
    read the content of her video.

    Hello my name is Ann Barnhardt and I’ve been asked to say a few
    words about Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin. This is being recorded on
    Sunday July 17, 2011 and tomorrow Monday July 18; I will be the
    guest on the Terry Lakin action fund radio show. I can’t wait to
    meet with Lt. Colonel Lakin even if it is only over the phone,
    because he is a stalwart patriot and a true hero.

    The word hero gets thrown around a lot in our culture lately, but
    Terry Lakin is genuinely heroic and will go down in history and be
    remembered for centuries to come, as one of the first men to stand
    against the OBAMA REGIME. And as the OBAMA REGIME’s First
    Domestic Political prisoner.

    All Americans owe Terry Lakin a debt of gratitude, because Terry
    Lakin has single handedly insured and guaranteed; that history
    will never be able to look back at our culture and ask “Was there
    not a single decent American citizen willing to stand up against the
    OBAMA REGIME? Did these stupid fools just sit and watch their
    country being taken over by an obvious fraud and not one of them
    said a word?”

    Terry Lakin has stood as a proxy representative of all loyal intelligent,alert, moral Americans. And insured that our cry of recognition anddistress, as our REPUBLIC is attacked and
    overthrown before ourvery eyes; by non-state non-uniform enemy belligerents fronted by BARACK OBAMA – BARRY SOETORO – BARRY SORBARK – HARRISONJ. BURNELL, what ever the hell his name is.
    That our cry will ring out and echo throughout the long corridors
    of history.

    We’re all familiar with Terry Lakin’s story but I want to briefly
    re-tell it from the USURPER OBAMA’S point of view. Because I think that brings out the complete horror of OBAMA’S truly psychopathic
    mental comportment.

    Imagine that one day after getting a great new job in a big company
    that required a security clearance, you received a phone call from
    anin-house attorney telling you that there had been an oversight in thepaperwork that was supposed to have been done when you were
    interviewing for the job. It turns out that your identifying
    documents are not on file. And since your job requires a security clearance andyou have been privy to classified information; this constitutes a security breech.

    Because a breech has occurred, the secretary, of the secretary, of
    the secretary of the employee who runs the security clearance
    recordsoffice in your human resources department; could be fired, lose their pension, and face felony charges which could then result in that person serving hard prison time.

    Yeah that’s right. This mid-level employee could be torn away from
    their family and thrown in prison. And this person wasn’t even the person responsible for gathering your identifying documents. No!
    The person who is staring down prison time is the secretary, of
    the secretary, of thesecretary of the person who is responsible
    and failed to collect youridentification.

    But there is good news. In order to make all of this go away,
    and everyone keep their job, and their pension and nobody goes
    to jail; allyou have to do is present your birth certificate.
    And no rush, by the end of the week would be fine. In case you
    need to dig it out of storage or goto the bank and retrieve it
    from your safety deposit box. WHATEVER! There’s no rush.

    What would your reaction be if it was you who received that
    phone call?I know what mine would be. It would be instantaneous
    one hundredpercent cooperation. Want my birth certificate?
    Here’s my birth certificate. Is that enough? Do you want my
    drivers license? Here’s my drivers license. Umm how about my passport? Here’s my passport. Umm how about my concealed carry permit? Ok? Got that. How about my dental mold? Do you
    need these? I’ve got them. You can take them if you need them.
    Umm here’s my REI membership card. What else do you need?

    Because that person is not going to go to prison. We’re going to
    get this squared away right now. It isn’t anything difficult.
    And I will do what ever is required of me to make sure that no
    one loses their job or HEAVEN FORBID goes to prison over this.
    This is simple. I’m certain everyone of you out their watching
    would have a very similar response. Why is this?
    Well, simply put it’s because we are sane. Yeah sane, S A N E!
    And I’m not saying that as a joke. I’m deadly serious.

    A person who would sit and watch another person lose everything
    and be imprisoned, by refusing to produce a simple identifying document that every person in the civilized world posses; and
    has to produce numerous times throughout their lives, IS NOT SANE!

    In the case of BARACK OBAMA we are dealing with a psychopath!

    It turns out that the reason OBAMA refused to produce a birth certificate and eventually produced what will go down in history
    as the single most inept obvious laughable forgery in history;
    even surpassing the McGlovin fake ID. It’s because BARACK OBAMA
    was not born in the United Statesand thus is an ENEMY USURPER!
    And what kind of a person would you have to be in order to
    attempt to overthrow the United States government? Yeah. That’s right. You’d have to be a stone cold psychopath. And that’s
    exactly what OBAMA is!

    By taking his heroic stand, by truly living out the words of his oath, Terry Lakin has revealed to all of us that we are in
    terrible, terrible danger. he has revealed not just OBAMA but also the depth of the corruption in our government and in our military;
    as he was denied discovery and the ability to call witnesses who would testify directly to the facts of this case.

    Lt. Colonel Lakin also revealed the massive corruption within the
    so-called press which we now know for a certainty is nothing more than a paid propaganda service, whose sole function is to
    perpetually foliate theOBAMA REGIME. While murder trials for
    bar-flys and trailer park denizens receive endless, breathless reportage; Lt. Colonel Lakin’s KANGAROO court martial, precipitated by the single largest fraud ever perpetrated in human history,

    If There was any lingering doubt about the TREASONOUS nature of
    thepress in this country, Terry Lakin removed it. Finally a
    word about Lt. Colonel Lakin’s upcoming book “OFFICERS OATH.”
    Colonel Lakin is co-writing the book with another outstanding American Dr. Jack Cashill.
    Dr. Cashill is the author of the book “DECONSTRUCTING OBAMA”,
    which will go down in history as one of the most important works
    of literary forensic and investigative journalism ever produced.

    After He (Dr. Cashill) thoroughly and completely destroyed the
    myth of OBAMA being the author of either of his (Obama’s) books. OBAMA isn’t smart enough to write a lucid grammatically correct paragraph much less a book. If you haven’t read “DECONSTRUCTING OBAMA” you should. Colonel Lakin picked an outstanding co-author
    and I’m certain thatColonel Lakin’s memoire will be top notch.

    Remember also that Lt. Colonel Lakin has been essentially
    financially drained and has lost his pension, in his brave fight against the OBAMA REGIME. The royalties from this book will
    helpfully go a long way toward replacing if not exceeding Colonel
    and Mrs. Lakin’s lost pension. That’s why I would strongly
    encourage everyone out there to buy the book “OFFICERS OATH” and
    even buy it as a preferred gift. Not only for your patriotic
    family and friends but also for those special OBAMA-ZOMBIES
    in your life.

    It occurred to me today that if the OBAMA REGIME is successful in
    collapsing our economy and the government itself, all government
    pensions will be lost. That’s what collapse means. But Colonel
    Lakin because he honored his oath, and was willing to lose
    everything including his freedom; will have had his government pension essentially replaced by the royalties from this book in
    the form of cash in hand whichhe can then invest and protect.

    So it may just turn out that one of the only military officers to
    not lose hisretirement nest-egg; will be the very man who
    willingly laid down and gave up his pension; in service to his
    OATH, the rule of law, his country and the TRUTH!


    Pretty Kool Huh? The Lord works in mysterious ways, if we will
    onlygive HIM something to work with. And that is exactly what
    Lt. Colonel Lakin did!

    Thank you Sir. You are an inspiration and an example to us all.


    • pete the simian

      That’s one really long and crazy post !!!

  • Thinking About

    In all these post and articles I have yay to see and real reasonable plan to pay down out debt. I sure do not see anything sane coming from tea baggers just ranting and raving and no idea how to properly manage anything. To refer me to tabloid articles which are based on fact or even sounding reasonable will not convince me.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      changing some peoples mind is like changing a crappy diaper. It’s a stinkin job but somebody has to do it, preferably somebody else!!!!

  • jopa

    Thinking; The Teabaggers are funded by the Koch brothers and their agenda is to get rid of the EPA so they can pollute more and get away from regulations where they can destroy the environment and not pay the mega fines incurred in the past.The Koch’s apparently don’t have too much of an economic agenda so when it comes to the economy the Teabaggers make up silly crap as they go along.Their numbers have been declining now that more and more of them realize how foolish they look.In the beginning I thought it was a good concept until I realized what they really stood for.

    • denniso

      Nothing wrong w/ people coming together as groups to garner attention and exert political pressure on the system…but, when the group uses mob mentality and waves their guns at rallies,then talks of revolution and violence,all the while backed by big corporatists w/ their own personal agenda,something’s wrong w/ it.


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