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Stepping down, Sarah Palin takes aim at media, Hollywood

July 26, 2009 by  

Stepping down, Sarah Palin takes aim at media, Hollywood Alaska governor Sarah Palin officially resigned on Sunday, offering few clues as to her political future but scolding media for "making things up" and the liberal elites for attempts to restrict access to guns.

Echoing suggestions she made on July 3, when she announced her surprise resignation a year and a half before the end of her first term, Palin repeated that the intense media scrutiny of her family contributed to her decision.

"Our new governor has a very nice family, too, so leave his kids alone," she stressed, referring to Sean Parnell, a Republican and Palin ally.

In her speech, the outgoing governor also went after Hollywood "starlets" who oppose gun rights, warning against "anti-hunting, anti-second amendment circuses from Hollywood."

Her political future and ambitions remain shrouded in mystery, but a spokesperson has confirmed Palin’s political action committee, SarahPAC, has raised more than $1 million to date.

And her parting words leave no doubt she is not leaving the spotlight.

"With this decision, now I will be able to fight even harder for you, for what is right and for the truth," she vowed, adding, "I have never felt you need a title to do that."


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  • Julie

    Go Sarah! Soon we will throw the Kenyan usurper trying to turn our country into a marxist gulag OUT OF OFFICE! NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE = NOT PRESIDENT!!! GO SARAH! GOD BLESS!!!!

    • Matt

      Julie, you are an IDIOT! How many times does the birth certificate need to be verified by the state of Hawaii. If you want to oppose Obama do it for his policies. But the fact that you idolize Palin the accidental governor who speaks more incoherently than Geoge W. Bush and is someone with obvious ethical problems shows that policy matters are to difficult for you to deal with.

      • DES

        Matt your the biggest IDIOT Hawaii verifying obamas birth is like jeremiah wright verifying obama as the Messiah

        • Lindy

          Des… when trying to take part in intelligent(?) discourse, to be taken seriously one should know how to use capital letters, basic punctuation and the difference between your and you’re. You went to American public school didn’t you?

      • Jim

        Matt… a few facts are needed.
        1. He has never produced a birth CERTIFICATE. if he had it would show doctors name… his” notice” of birth is not what people are asking for, nor is what he should be producing.
        2. He knows he must be a US born citizen and has had ample time to request said “certificate”
        3. he took an oath to uphold the constitution.
        4. he serves at the grace of the American citizen; He should have no personal issue with requesting the State produce said document.
        5. “IF” for some wild reason the state can’t find the actual birth certificate, he as a private person and as President could request the doctors records for that day, must be some doctor billing document around somewhere. No nurses present, no nurse or floor log?
        6. I am a Canadian (don’t hold it against me) and think the US is THE best place to live and has a fantastic constitution. PLEASE uphold it. it is your right to ask it be defended and the president’s duty to fulfill it.
        All the Best in the US and God speed Jim

        • Meteorlady

          to Canadian Jim – I think Canada is a great place. I would rather be there than here right now with all the Marxist changes proposed. In fact, if all this passes and they allow illegals a path to citizenship your neighbor to the south is going to loose a lot of it’s citizens to immigration = immigration to other countries that are free and fair about their laws and standards for citizenship.

      • Don

        You need to find the facts. The birth certificate the State of Hawaii shows is a not proof of birth in Hawaii. NO DOCTOR SIGNED THAT CERTIFICATE. HOW DO YOU PROVE “IT” OR “HE” WAS BORN IN HAWAII IF NO ONE CAN PROVE THE DELIVERY WAS IN FACT THERE. IDIOT

        • Lindy

          Don… go get YOUR birth certificate… go on, I’ll wait. Got your birth certificate? Good. Now find your Doctor’s signature. Let me know when you do… oh… and good luck.

          “Birthers” have sunk Republican “sore-loser” hysteria to new lows. It’s embarrassing to the Republican Party and it’s embarrassing to America.

        • http://SustainableNowTechnologies Algae ARTIST

          The “Birther” world has not required its patriotic citizens to show any proof of education to join their ranks, and in doing so, their ‘loyal’ followers have spun into a angry group of “conspiracy theorists”. I know it is harder to read, react and respond to social discussions or issues. But the greater American public should take a deep breath and realize we have a new President. Not a new marxist propaganda organizer, not a new Kenyan Senator and not a foreign usurper…we ALL have a new President. Do we all remember when the supreme court decided on the outcome of our previous President? Even after a court decision (and not a vote) picked the high office NO AMERICAN began to devalue the HIGHEST OFFICE of our free society. Please, let’s elevate the conversation to the obvious belief that this American citizen gained a majority approval from OUR COUNTRY. It may hurt and it may sting that this individual does not look at “the union”, “globalization” and “individual liberties” the same as you or I but we must all realize HE is OUR PRESIDENT. Any citizen that does not recognize this man as an extension of themselves, their society and their country does not deserve to tout their understanding of democracy. In four years, regardless of opinions, another race will take place and another leader will be chosen. WE CHOSE THIS ONE…if you did not like the choice, maybe you should have done more during the campaign season? All bickering to the legitimacy of this President as anything but American is a pure example of destructive PROPAGANDA. Who lives in the gulag now?

      • RDB

        If he has an original long form birth certificate why doesn’t he produce it and end the controversy? What he released is an abstract that non-citizens are issued in Hawaii all the time.

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        Matt… You are misguided. You are on a rightwing website. No one here is going to agree with you. Obama is a liar.

        • http://SustainableNowTechnologies Algae ARTIST

          I love the thought that…a right wing website’s only purpose is to allow like minded people to build their anger to a boiling point.

          Don’t listen to other viewpoints.
          Don’t try to understand issues from multiple sides.
          Don’t try to relay any information other than the focused rant
          you heard earlier on talk radio.
          Don’t have your own opinions…and definitely if you have opinions
          that don’t fall in line with mine, please, don’t tell me about it!

          Is that democracy? Do you think our founding fathers would like your type of discourse? No, i think they liked debate class.

          &(Obama is a liar)…i don’t think Obama is special. All politicians skew their words to stand on a side. So I think you meant to say…All politicians are liars? I don’t think you believe all the Republicans you have ever heard are saints. Do you? I think dishonesty is ample on both sides…”Clear Skies Initiatives” / “No Child Left Behind” Come on now, let’s be adults and realize not just the guys on “the other team” are bad. Let’s stop thinking teams and start thinking solutions?

          wait, i must be misguided…i’m on a rightwing website and I’m talking cooperation, I’ll shut up.

      • veronique

        Matt you are not only IDIOT you are MORON . To be the United State President you must be born in US !! perhaps you need to go back to study your history.

        • gene

          he has only produced a certificate of live birth which is not a birth certificate. If the liberal Morons don’t know the difference they should get a encyclopedia and study. Oh they probably can’t nObama doesn’t want an educated audience

      • bob

        I hope that you don’t call more than 50% of the people of the U.S. idots too. You see Mr. O’s approval rating keeps dropping and dropping. It is way below 50%. All you have to do is look at part of the new Health Care bill, trying to be passed as quickly as possible, to see what a bunch of idots can do when they get together to ruin America. Do you know how much money per day it takes now for us to borrow just to pay for the government to keep going. Oh yes, Matt you must stop reading the papers and watching the national news. You are not getting the truth any more. You have not been getting the truth for many years now. I suggest IIChronicles 7:14. Now there is something we all can do that is positive! I hope someday Matt, you too will learn the truth about all of this. The truth will set you free!

      • Mike51

        Mat, what type of Birth Certificate are you referring to sir. In the State of Hawaii, 4 types of Birth Certificates are available for parents to register the birth of their children with. 1 of the types available for parents, state that a parent can register a child even if that child is born on Mars, or anywhere else in the world, and it is still considered a legitimate registration of birth. So the question should not be whether Obama has a birth certificate registered in Hawaii, but what kind of birth certificate. Another type of registration according to Hawaiian law is that the child can wait 10 years before registering his or her birth, but neither of these types of birth registrations qualify Obama as a natural born citizen, so what really matters is what type of birth certificate does Obama have and does this type of birth certificate meet with the qualifications criteria of our U. S. Constitution.

      • John

        Hey guy’s . . . . Before you use the word “verified”, look up its legal meaning (in law) . . . . I have yet to see or be presented with ANY “verified” evidence that Obama IS a US Citizen by birth. I hope that catches up with him . . . . .

        Oh, and he’s got all the minorities fooled too . . . . He’s only 6.25% Black, 47.75% Arab and 50% White! Heck, he’s more WHITE than anything else! And he won’t tell anyone that either! That’s a secret he doesn’t want out!

        • http://SustainableNowTechnologies Algae ARTIST

          The secret that “You are not color blind”?
          There is no…I’m Black Barack Obama ads or I’m your buddy the White Obama. What are you talking about. He won’t tell anyone? Do you want him to have a press conference on his racial pie graph? I’m guessing you are 100% white…or wait 85% European, 13% Caucasian and 2% angry?

          Don’t let your secret OUT!

      • granny1

        Tsk! Tsk! What are you so angry about? Everyone is entitled to see this so called birth certificate and the one that has been flashed in the public’s eye is so obviously fake, even a newbie computer user could spot the manufactured details. Did you peruse the bottom of this BC of B. O. ? In tiny print is the word
        LASER. Yes, over the years, BC’s have been trimmed down from all the info they used to contain, but I’ve viewed Mr. O’s alledged BC and noticed the font is computer generated. Besides, the fact remains that even if his birth was in Hawaii, his mother marriage to B. O.’s father wasn’t legal, because he never divorced his first wife, when B. O.’s mother became pregnant and was not in the states long enough before the birth for B. O. to be declared a legal
        citizen. I can point you to a minister that oversees several presbyteries in Africa that can and will testify before a court of law that he knows B. O. was born in Kenya.

      • Kat

        Nobody cares what you think. And when your Gov’t turns totally socialist and you can’t make a move without Gov’t permission…believe me they won’t care either.

        • http://SustainableNowTechnologies Algae ARTIST

          I would love for the website members who hate europe…to list the European nations that they have visited,
          note the type of travel that took you from place to place,
          and to please note which countries looked like they have tied down their citizens in shackles and can’t move!

          I would never want to go to these horrible countries. Although, I have been to Europe before and can’t say that I recall the amount of prisoners-of-society I saw. They often looked a lot like us. They voted. They had freedoms; press, religion and transit. They did have a controlled commodities market which in theory is the apocalypse but in practice it meant fuel, food and medical at fixed costs. Yes, the costs were often higher than here in the states…but sadly it was usually from a regional source and of a better quality (it hurt just saying that). But to be true, no Home Depot for miles.

          When I landed back in the states, I definitely saw an eight member freedom-loving family (bursting with diabetes) each diving into their own MacDonalds cheese burger combo. They did have a beautiful strip mall on the corner to sit in with all these wonderful private enterprises; Starbucks, Jamba Juice and Boost Mobile. What a marvel capitalism is. Create stores and commercial space with the appearance of individuality…but give space only to corporate box stores that can pay rent 6 months in advance. We definitely put our “private” money to great purposes. Not any purposes that would enable mass transit, green energy, private small business ownership or medical well-being. But each of us is empowered to make our own private decisions…about which box store to shop at?

      • John the Carpenter

        Wait, wait WAIT!!!! Let me straighten this out a bit. Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the Untied States of America, ok? He IS a native born citizen. Do you nitwits actually believe he “pulled a fast one” on the US GOVERNMENT?

        Another thing that needs to be clarified here, is that MATT is NOT a moron, nor an idiot, he seems perfectly intelligent, and is correct in his statements. The State of Hawaii issued the easily available Birth Certificate. Do you also believe that the State of Hawaii is trying to pull a fast one on the rest of the nation? Can you say “paranoid”?

        As for Sarah Palin…. now THERE’S the idiot and moron that you all are looking for. Have you actually listened to her speak? Or do you just follow along like a bunch of good little sheep, everything that the right-wing propaganda machine throws out there? just because you can’t understand what she says, doesn’t mean that she’s smarter than you. It’s because she usually doesn’t any sense, usually can’t even put a coherent sentence together.

        Now, you all will surely come back with your insults and threats to me and this post, but you’ll have to understand that I will never be back to read your feeble minded attempts at bullying me. So go right ahead and waste your time here. It’ll most likely keep you from doing some real damage elsewhere.

        Tell one thing though, how does it feel to be the backwards, paranoid-bordering completely insane, minority in a diverse nation of forward looking individuals and groups? Must suck, huh?

        Have a nice day!

        • Lindy

          Right on John! The reason Sarah Palin hates Hollywood is simple. Hollywood is full of people that know how to write and deliver a proper speech (HINT: avoid having every sentence being a run-on-sentence.) You know, if Sarah Palin had a speech-writer (or speech therapist?) maybe she could actually become a better communicator. If the woman understood the the concept of “one idea per sentence” and dropped 99% of the “you betchas” and other corn-ball figures of speech, she could be a serious contender.

        • Linda

          Obama reads his speeches from a TelePrompTer.

          Citizens that do not agree with Obama are being investigated like Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin (just to name a few)., etc.

          We want someone who can actually answer questions impromptu like George W. Bush and Sarah Palin. Listen to Robert Gibbs, Press Secretary – he can’t answer any questions with inteligence.

          The reason you don’t want to hear any comments is because you know it is the truth.

        • Lindy

          Yes Linda… just like George Bush, Obama does read his speeches from a telepromter. The difference is he understands what he’s reading and doesn’t screw-up the words. Google “Bushisms” and read some of the incredibly moronic things that came out of that man’s mouth WHILE HE WAS READING FROM A TELEPROMPTER!! Such hardcore partisanship can make you deaf and blind to reality and make you sound incredibly biased without any logic to back-up your hysteria.

      • SMRTNUP

        Matt: . . There’s not enough space nor time to fairly critique all of Obama’s Policies, Mistakes, Goofs, Stupidity not his embarrassing egotistical displays and Narcissistic Behaviors. . . . You’re a fool if you cannot see that this guy is a TOTAL PHONY and is in WAY OVER HIS HEAD. . . . Of course, . .
        I can readily see why YOU think he’s The Greatest !!! . . .

        It’s only a matter of time till all the TRUTH will be exposed for all the World to see. . . .
        Even “HE” can’t hold a False Face THAT LONG !!!

    • Lindy

      STOP! The birth certificate issue is OVER. It’s been verified by independent sources and a majority of the Republican Party. You really have to come to terms with why you dislike your president, whether it’s the simple-mindedness of racism or partisanship… pick one and get back to us.

      • Kat

        Racism….HIS racism toward the American people.

      • Kat

        Racism….HIS racism toward the American people especially the “whiteys”

        • Lindy

          I know I shouldn’t… but I have to ask… how has Obama been racist to “white America”? And does this mean you’ve moved on from the ridiculous birth certificate issue.?

      • gene

        It has never been verified you idiot he has only produced a certificate of live birth I have them for dogs but it doesn’t state where they were born. Why can’t the liberal learn how to look and think on their own with out someone telling them what to think.

        • http://SustainableNowTechnologies Algae ARTIST

          Your accusation…liberals don’t think on their own?
          I thought it was the Right-Wing claim to fame that they have slogans to
          pitch their ideas around. It has been a Karl Rove tactic for years that our country chokes down like Apple Pie. We have political opperatives who go out of their way to NOT EXPLAIN is happening…The party just has to come
          up with a good one-liner to get the gist across:

          Here’s some good ones:
          “I’m not voting for a JOBS KILLER.”
          (let’s not talk about the jobs inherent in the bill or the amount of state employees that were not laid off)
          “Drill Baby Drill!”
          (let’s not explain what energy independence actually is…let’s just get more revenue for the Oil Lobby of Alaska)
          (let’s not try to compromise and create bills that help the public that elected us…let’s settle political scores and stop any legislation and prove stagnation triumph over our opponents)

          There isn’t a Liberal version of the “Ditto-Head” is there?
          If there was…our one liners get a bit long and sound like thinking. Bummer, that is not going to be a good sound bite for radio.

        • Lindy

          Gene… I’m a liberal idiot who can’t think for himself?? Eight years of Republican half-truths from Bush, Cheney and Rowe and I’M the one who can’t think? Are you serious? The Iraq War and WMD? The Iraq War and Haliburton? The civil liberties you all so quickly gave away with The Patriot Act? Bush and Hurricane Katrina? The 2000 Election? The party line you so willingly swallow from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh? The walking under-educated hypocracy that was (is) Sarah Palin? Bush’s bail-out of the financial industry? You honestly look back at the last eight years and think that George Bush was more than a front man for Cheney, Rumsfeld and the religious fundamentalists? You can live with all that (and so much more) and think you are in a position to call people names?

  • http://Hotmail Mark

    Obamas Change

    State takes over the Banking Sector
    State takes over the Auto Sector
    State takes over the Health Care Sector
    State takes over the Education Sector

    His only CHANGE is to turn America into another red communist run counrty like China and Russia. I’m sure he dreams of their power at night.

    God bless people like Sarah. Dont let the corrupt red media stop you. 180 million people have your back.

    • BoneDog

      Obamas mission:

      Save the Banking Sector from itself
      Save the Auto Sector from … itself
      Save Americans from dying (that’s what health care is about)
      Save children from institutional day care.

      And please save us all from Dunder Woman … we’ve just barely survived 8 years of Dunder Boy.

      God bless America.


      • MSSouth

        Just go back to sleep little boy, it’s not noon yet! Seems to me that the Liberals are afraid of Sarah Palin. Seems she is all they can talk about. Liberals tend to degrade those things that they are afraid of because they don’t know any other way to approach someone who is threatening their beliefs. Be afraid, be very afraid. Sarah is coming!!!!

        • Dianna

          You R so right MSSouth, Even the womens libbers are afraid of a strong powerful inteligent pro-lifer. I am a pro-choicer and respect this leader to the fullest, and think she is the woman to teach your female children to be proud of what ever their belief is. Dianna

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          They are indeed scared to death of Sarah Palin, because she represents all of what is right about America. Family, God, and caring about others. She actually represented the people she was elected to represent, and the left says “how dare you” to her for doing this. What? Thats what they do. If all politicians represent their electorate as Sarah Palin has the people of Alaska, we wouldnt all be disgruntled with our current state of political affairs. Lets pick sides for a spelling bee, for a truth telling contest, for an ethics test, for a do whats right test, for a get in touch with the people contest, for a stand up for whats right contest, for a seek God contest, for a stand up for American contest, and who would you pick – Sarah Palin or Nancy Pelosi? I rest my case. If one of you, any one of you said Nancy Pelosi to this, please, pack your bags, and get the hell out of my country, because you are not American enough to live here.

        • http://SustainableNowTechnologies Algae ARTIST

          “You are not American enough to live here.”

          The most unAmerican sentence ever created.

          Mark, you most likely don’t live near a diverse group of Americans.
          Sarah Palin and her kind, speak only to other Sarah Palin’s and not to the citizenry of this country. To preach to the choir is not a talent. I hope Sarah Palin is a juggernaut these next couple of years, ranting and raving about all the issues that are not on the agenda for this country (gun rights, media bullying and ethics complaints from fellow Alaskans). Good luck to her and all the anti-abortion activists for all the hard work they are about to do! But last time I checked, America’s economy IS and WILL BE the major dilemma for the next decade. So if you are worried about your second amendment rights, don’t be. Who has ever said that you were going to have your guns taken away? Don’t be fooled into thinking that is the next stage of Democratic rule…that is a scare tactic of a party who has lost its way. It would be great for them if there was this societal backlash against firearms and they were the sound mind to stop it. But it just isn’t so. I’m a Democrat who loves the NRA. Don’t think that just because Democrats are in office that automatically your Gun Rights are in jeopardy. Anyone here a hunter? Anyone here eat what they hunt? Anyone here every eat a wolf?
          Not all FEAR adds up.

      • BobBartoe

        Bone dog???? It is a stunning fact that there are people like you who cannot find their butt with both hands!! You idiots on the left will just have to hang on. You have succeeded in getting a communist in office but don’t dismay. We, republicans, the builders of this constitutional “republic” will once again save you asses and then, in 8-12 years, you can come back and try to destroy it again. Idiots, all of you.

        • Larry

          Bob, I stand behind what you said but…I don’t think there is one whit of difference between both parties! We need to start or back a Constitutional Party. Get us back to basics and stand by it as it is RIGHT NOW and not try to change it. The government is taking over everything! Since when does the feds have the right to go into competition with business? Their job is to read it and follow it eg; “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Let’s take back our country and re-establish our sovereignty. We have never been like other countries and we don’t need to start now! Our uniqueness is what has made us Great. Nuff said!

        • 13th Gen. American

          Whatever and whoever the libs hate, lets vote them into office. That should be our way of telling who is best for the job. They are so far out in their lala land as proven by Bonedog that everything the libs love are the worst for us. They are the ones so far up Obamas ass they cant even see him for what he is. A snake in a jackass costume. So the man can speak well from a prompter but take him off of it he sounds like he cant form 3 words together with out a daaa uhhhh in it. Also the words that come out of both sides of his mouth are lies and more lies to hide his hate for America and whites in general. He tells people what they want to hear and none of it is the truth and fools like Bonedog and the rest believe it and are so self righteous in their stupidity it is so sad. To bad the rest of us have to suffer for their stupidity. I think because the libs hate her she is the one to win. They only attack what they are afraid of and what is opposit of their socialist agenda. SO GO SARAH!!!!!!!!

      • chuk

        HEY BONEDOG – Whats with the name – Your skull so thick you have only the brainpower of a dog Bonehead?? Dunderman describes your pinhead, big eared weasel of a lying sack — you have to be mentally disordered to for a moment believe that your boys efforts while squatting in the WH are anything but beyond stupider than anything that you can or want to blame GWBush for. Your boy has placed YOU your children and Their Children in debt so thick it about matches the thickness of your skull Bone Head. Its to bad that it isnt even your fault for being as ignorant as you are – after all after all these years of successfully raising children in a healthy home and schools that actually educate and prepare kids for the world – your team discovered that ‘IT TAKES VILLAGE’ of idiots to run Waashington and ruin our lives! And you pinhead are cheering for all of this? You are a dumb as a bag of hammers!

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          That bonedog is a sick SOB isnt he. What do you supposed happened to some people when they were young to make them end up this way? Suppose maybe he wasnt held enough as a child? Maybe he was held too much. Maybe he was a crack baby and cant help it. Maybe he became a crack head in his teens. Shoot, maybe he is a crack head now. I dont know, but something is wrong with his medula oblongata. That is surely evident.

      • RDB

        The government has no business saving any private enterprise. If those companies made bad decisions they need to be liquidated and sold off for pennies on the dollar to the companies who made the right decisions. I’m a small business owner and if I made the sorts of moronic decisions some of these large companies made I’d deserve to be bankrupt.

        • Mike D.

          ” The government has no business saving any private enterprise.”
          Agree 100% Our Gov. consists of “3″ and only 3 branches.
          Private enterprise does NOT fall into any of these categories! I see it as an illegal power grab as seen in other third world countries!

      • DaveH

        Saving the banking sector from itself? Read Thomas Sowell’s book “The Housing Boom and Bust” if you are really interested in knowledge. The bust was created by big government, not in spite of it. Big government is the problem, not the solution.
        Saving the auto sector from itself? The auto companies’ problems were a direct result of Unions. So, who is Obama rewarding? The Unions of course. Big government is the problem, not the solution.
        Saving the children from Institutional Day Care? So they can become wards of the intrusive state? Big government is the problem, not the solution.

      • Monique


        You are truly an idiot. I am left speechless that people with your level of ignorance are allowed to vote in this country. You’re supporting the faillure of these entities when you so mindlessly describe them as our government saving them from “themselves”.

        MARK: I think he’s just stupid. ;)

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        Bone Dog …. what are you smoking? It must be good stuff! Big government is not working. We are too large a country for DC to take over everything. He is a liar.

      • gene

        thd free market would save all that is bad let them go bankrupt get rid of unions and save our tax. they don’t need to be save but you need to be saved from stupidity tune in to sean, mark, rush and rusty let them educate you you Retard

    • Linda Cox

      One of Ann Coulters books is called Obamanation, so you hit the nail on the head.

    • John

      I strongly agree with your comments and the contents of Sarah’s speech!

      This country needs to wake up and stop this socialist movement. I am of Hispanic background. My father fought in WWII and is still alive today, he is 85 years old. He has always proudly displayed the American Flag (not the Mexican flag, don’t get me wrong I LOVE my people, Hispanics, but this is America) that is the way that I was raised and I will remain. I will not defer to a communist country or any other!

      God Bless America, our troops and our freedom!
      And our 2nd amendment rights!!!

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        John… My father was a WWII vet, too. Thank your father for me. I am not against good Americans as you and your family are, but I am against what is happening in our country. We need to stay united to make it through the next 3 1/2 years!

  • http://duped Peter Melville

    The liberals run like the cowards when Sarah steps into town. A real Chrisitan is living the abundant life and enjoying it. Hollywood tried to paste us as
    cowards and fools, but their real problem is with the Big Guy.

    • Foolpatrol

      LOL! If “liberals” want to evade Sarah ‘give me free, it’s not my fault’ Palin, all they have to do is run into a library and pick up a book or enroll in a remedial English and Geography courses. I guarantee you that Sarah, First Pimp or the rest of her dysfunctional Klan would never ever encounter them there.

      Sarah ‘give me free’ should have exercised her “real Christian” parenting skills and focused on her non supervised, sexually active, under age drinking, gang sign making, non self supporting, under educated, shacked up, knocked up, teen daughter and her vandalizing, drug dealing suspect, forced to chose the military or the poky son. Nonetheless, Sarah is cashing in! Hey, someone has to pay her to sleep in her own home (along with Bristol and Levi ), for the free family vacations and for the dysfunctional Plains’ clothes, right? You betcha! Wink, Wink!

      • Peggy

        You are sick!

        • shut up and fight

          hes what we call trolls.

        • Glenneth


          You might look @ your OWN values. If they are based in that’s it’s OK to KILL … & cont. to call media liberal ( that is OWNED by conservatives ) . FoolPatrol is one of the few here that makes any sense. The kind of corporate $ floating around conservatives these days .. it’s what’s SICK !! I personally think Jesus would be appalled.

        • Foolpatrol

          No Peggy, I’m not sick; but you’re drinking too much Kool Aide.

          This sums it up nicely. Linda H wrote:

          “Ms. Palin’s failing is that she hasn’t LIVED her conservative Christian values in terms of her sexuality. She was pregnant when she and Todd got married. Then she choose to ignore conservative medical advice that advises women over 40 of their highly increased liklihood of having a handicapped child. I know that’s a very personal decision. However, how our elected officials conduct their personal life (think of the present scandal of a governor’s infidelity), is indicative of how they will handle situations in their political life. In Ms. Palin’s case, it caused me to consider this point during the election.

          If she chooses to ignore professional advice in her personal life, it is reasonable to conclude that she will ignore professional advice in her political life. In fact, she doesn’t have professional advisors now. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Therefore, if she would be elected president, she wouldn’t heed professional advice then either.

          She has to develop some humility and accept advice from others. NO ONE has all the answers but she certainly gives the impression that she believes she doesn’t need advice and is NOT willing to accept it.

          She has a lot of energy and, as a poll on this site demonstrated, was a “beauty” asset to the McCain ticket. Her sharp wit CAN be an asset but not when the tongue is acerbic. And, even in beauty pageants, one needs substance and integrity.

          She lacks integrity in her personal life, having not practiced what she preaches. Yes, she’s to be commended for not having an abortion. But had she heeded the medical community’s wisdom, the need for any thought of an abortion would not have been there because she wouldn’t have willingly become pregnant knowing the dangers to the unborn fetus.

          I believe she could best serve a population that needs a strong advocate. That population is the disabled in this country. I’m including ALL disabled, not only those with Down’s Syndrome. Many disabled people live in abject poverty, unable to get the medical care they need. Ms. Palin could be a strong voice for them. She could leave a wonderful legacy to our Nation by helping those who can’t help themselves very well. But she needs to learn to tone down the rhetoric and work cooperatively with others. That is the quality of an effective leader. At the present time, she demonstrates qualities more akin to a bully in the playground, storming that she’s going to do it her way or not at all. It’s very unbecoming and very unChristianlike.

          If she continues on this path, she is self-destructing. And will have no one to blame but herself.”

        • Dickie

          Peggie,I let this piece of trash,caught me off guard the other day,It won’t happen again,It’s real name tell’s it all,[fool].It is a losser,& probably lives on welfare, That is why he has someone to help him look in the dictionary,To find big word’s,So we will think he is smart.But this parasite,Fall’s in the same discussing,snake pitt,With the anti-chirst hussein bama,The slug queen pelosi,the weasel reid,the under the table murtha,The banking queen b franks,& last but not least,The biggest thug of all time t kennedy,The best way,I found is to never respond to a snake,& it will eventuality crawl back under the rock to lay with the clintions,Where they all live,If WE AMERICAN’S IGNORE THIS PARASITE,IT WILL DISAPEAR>

      • Fools

        I agree with Peggy. Not only is he/she sick, but he/she make me sick.

        Foolpatrol demonstrates what is really wrong with those who voted for NObama. They blame others for everything, and they have no respect for truth, common sense, facts, hard work, and those who stand for these things.

        • Ron

          Fool Patrol

          Are you really that proud of the family that now occupies the White House, I happen to think they are all disfunctional !

      • DixieConnie

        Fools: you seem to protest toooooooooo much. Sounds like you really have a crush on her?

        • DixieConnie

          Sorry Fools, I meant Foolpatrol.

      • Truckmancarr

        Hey Foolpatrol… Lokk in the mirror and you found one. Just because someone is in the spotlight does not mean they may not have family problems. I know of very few family that don’t have a problem like she has or worse. Get a life and realize what the like of Barack Hussein Obama have in store for us.

        As Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism, eventually you run out of other people’s money”

        How’s that hope and change working out for you?

        • Don

          Foolpatrol proves that some idiots believe government should do everything for them. They all vilify people that don’t agree with them or PROVE they are wrong, stupid, ignorant and lazy. Get over it .

          PALIN WILL WIN

      • Brian Rawls

        Foolpatrol, If I ever ran into you in the streets I would slap you in the face with a glove. Then I would remove the horse shoes and anvil from that glove.

      • DaveH

        I thought you liberals were the champions of “free sex” and other immoral activities? But that does not apply to Sarah? Your gang certainly excused Bill Clinton for his sexual transgressions. I guess anything is okay as long as your candidates promise you a free lunch at someone else’s expense.

      • 13th Gen. American

        Right. She makes us love her more for her humanity and she doesnt pretend to hide it like most libs do. Everyone has issues in their family. EVERYONE> The libs hide their dirty mess and exaggerate everyone elses. Like all the nasty shit Obamas people and pastor said about whites and America. Oh thats OK His monkeyfaced wife is known for her antiamerican antiwhite bull and that is OK. His hate for his grandmother is OK. There is more…Libs are for no marriage. Killing babies. Gays and a whole host of perversion and antiGod anything. So crucify the child for making a mistake. I wonder what dirty little secrets you have to have to point others. You libs are the biggest hypocrites satan ever made.

      • http://duped Peter Melville

        You are welcome to your opinion of her Footpatrol. I don’t get all spastic when someone disagrees with me. I like her and I admire her. I’d be proud to have her as a sister in my family. Her whole family can come over for a visit. We’ll take off our shoes and kick back on the porch!

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        Fool Patrol…. You know nothing! I was 39 years old when my daughter was born. She is a 4.0 student and has been accepted at an accelerated high school. You are truly a fool. I cannot recall anytime where the media has hounded and gone after a candidates children as they did with Sarah’s family. You have to be a man. I know there is some guessing going on whether you are a man or a woman, but a woman who is truly a woman would never back down when it comes to her children.

        • http://duped Peter Melville

          Robin, We got the Fool patrol nipping at our heals. Obamam must be the head fool!

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      This is true. To those who are perishing, the cross is foolishness, but to us who are saved, it is everything. If you aint got Jesus, you aint got nothing. Everything here is fading away and will be left behind, except one’s soul.

      • http://duped Peter Melville

        Amen, when we have had our own sins forgiven, we have to careful how we treat others. God had mercy on me and saved me and I am forever grateful!

  • FRW

    I see her smarter than 2 millions bushwacker NObamas altogether (this might in denying racist-wetback sotomayor’s comment on ‘smarter latrinas’).
    She is a true American girl with lots of good things in her heart. I am not sure about her decision to step down, but there are 2 alternatives to that point;
    1.) she (or her entire family) was threatened, as was Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan earlier,
    2.) something bigger is in her mind, maybe she will come out as a ‘strike from heaven’ to bust all these leftist-Nobamist-marxist, democRAT trash out of power…

    Personally, I do not believe in any. She is smart enough to know at the recent situation (i.e.: devastation and decline) in American family values, that any ‘voting’ would help to restore our Country to the founded moral values.
    Sorry, folks we reached the point of ‘no-return’. You have been warned enough and in time.

    The only way-out from this situation America is sitting in, nothing more, but armed Revolution. Real Chrsitian men and women – as Sarah Palin – could lead us out from this misery and mess. But NOT with voting schemes…

    • Wendell


      • DixieConnie

        Wendell: Its only half time and the score is North 1 South 0 but again, its only half time.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Im from the North, and always have been, but you know, I love the way Im treated when Im in the south, camping in the smoky mountains. People treat you like people. It makes not think about how much better off we all would be had the south won the war. I know for one thing, we would be a united nation, not divided like it is now. I know that if politicians did things like the democrats are doing, empowering the enemy and harming the country, their butts would be in jail for it, or buried somewhere, and the way it is now, that isnt all bad.

        • DixieConnie

          Mark: I know you got here as fast as you could. I think it has to do with, we, the Southern people, were brought up with manners. One did what was right or we got smacked. Often I have said, and you will do that according to how you were brought up. I’m not sure, but I don’t think too many, especially politicians, were brought up with manners. A sense of right and wrong. And the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We need more of that in Washington DC.

        • 13th Gen. American

          Hey Im from the north and have traveled alot. People are people. I think there is less of humanity in cities that represent the north like DC and NY but there are good and gracious people all over America. I have gotten the same kindness from strangers in vermont and PA and the state of NY as I have in the south. I think it that it might be a different culture in different parts but I have been fed and invited into strangers homes all over this country and the food might be different but the people on a whole here in America are all the same. You might not find it as easy in east LA or NY as in texas or Alabama or Idaho but nobody has a market on humanity and kindness toward strangers.

        • DixieConnie

          13th Gen. American: you are probably right. I just like hospitality of the southern people better. No offense intended to the northern people. I have a sister born and raised in Houston and she now lives in East Lansing Michigan, she and her husband hate Texas, so there you go. Its good we don’t all think alike. It would be so boring.

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        Wendell… the south will rise again…. what does that mean?

        • DixieConnie

          I’m not Wendell but I will answer like this: If you don’t understand the statement, it’s not worth explaining.

    • shut up and fight

      i agree. sometimes i think aj is psyoops staying and telling we must remian pacifist….. pacifist is a psyoops and its prooved.

      i agree thought that unjustified violence is pure evil.

      well the wrath of violence we are about to unleash to those elites is frigin justified.

      why the pcifist psy oops? simple. they know if we get violent they can’t push their tyranical power anymore. they use violence on us to force us to submit.

      what do you do to the bully in school that push you on the floor then kick you when your down. you get up and smack him real hard.

      we should do the same with elites. the more we wait the harder it gets.

      i like it hard…. in video games but not in the real world. just because i havn’t had time to invent yet the nano cloning inside our onw body. to have acess to unlimited lives. unless you get blown to peices by a tank shell. (but just don’t stand in front of one it isnt a wise decision.)

      • GmaD

        Is there really a reason for your rambling? Anger, rambling, and liberal talking points are passe. When in the midst of an intelligent discussion, liberals cannot answer questions unless one of their learned talking points apply, if not rambling is their answer.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Pacifism and appeasement are sure fire ways of defeat. They have never won, and have lost every time at every turn. The democrats are pacifist appeasing pants wetting little girls, who curl up in the fetal position when someone says boo to them. They need to go.

    • DaveH

      On the subject of Sarah’s stepping down:
      1) The liberals claim that being governor of Alaska didn’t give her enough experience to be president. Never mind that Obama was only a Senator for 4 years. So, why is her resignation problematic? If the governor position doesn’t require much experience, then her successor should have no problem taking care of Alaska.
      2) Everyone knows that she was under incessant attack from the liberals, which in my mind would make it prudent for her to step down, so that Alaska could move on.
      I actually get a kick out of all this free publicity that they are giving Sarah, because as anyone who follows politics can tell you, it is the most familiar candidates that get the vote. Most of the ignorant voters couldn’t tell you what the candidate stands for, they are just voting for the familiar face or the familiar name.

    • Don

      I AGREE We will need a revolution. My prediction is before Hussien O’ is out in 3 more years we will have a world currency. No more dollar. Capture the money first.

  • FRW

    Another thing came to my mind; based on her anger to the ‘hollyjewwood starlets’ who oppose our gun-rights, we should start a political crusade against them; simply BOYCOTT those punks and cheap, drunken- drug-addict ‘starlets’, boycotting their trashy “movies” and let our children choose another film or entertainment with true American heroes (like Mel Gibson, or Steven Segal).

    • josh

      OMG… that is just funny, Can you even turn the TV off for an hour?? Can you?

      Inoder to boycott them, you have to boycott them all, they are ALL owned by the same media companies.

      You vote with your Dollar, make it count!

      • JOHNNY REB

        Yes. Yes I can and I do. If more people would just turn off their TV’s, they would find out that, “OMG…that is just funny”… I actually have a life and I have discovered that I have a loving family to have fun with and enjoy life with. You should try it sometime instead of allowing yourself to have a relentless daily and nightly brain scrambling. This is how the few “rich eliteists” can control the masses. You are a sheep. You don’t really know the facts, you just follow along and allow someone else to do your thinking for you and by the time you realize what is going on, well, its too late,you are the next one up for the slaughter.


    • Don


      • DaveH

        I agree. Julia Robert’s career was just about destroyed by her “Republicans are belly-crawling snakes” statement. And the same for Alek Baldwin after his many rabid political statements. I avoid movies that star known liberal activists, and support those that star the few conservative actors that are allowed in Hollywood. If enough of us vote with our money, we will bring them to their greedy liberal knees.

  • Al Farr

    Zec 12:3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

    Not supporting Israel and trying to divide God given land is putting the USA in a very dangerous position. I think we have another Anti-smite like Jimmy Carter in the office of the White House. Sarah were standing with you.

    • josh

      Those ZIONIST thugs can sleep in the bed they have made for themselves… Israel was given to them so that they could “share” it with the world…

      Not keep it for themselves.

      We should have NO part in the conflict between Israel and the Arabs, thats part of what has gotten us in the situation we are in now….

      911 was executed by ZIONIST terrorists, not Islamic…. They framed Islam for the attack. Just so the US could have a reason to invade the middle east.

      The Jewish Banker that bought the WTC, put the maximum amount of “terrorist” insurance allowable, only weeks before the 911 attack… What does that tell you?

      There are TOO many connections, for all this to be coincidence.

      • Monique

        Josh~ There are indeed some questionable pre 911 actions to consider, I’ve educated myself on many of them. However, NEVER HAVE I EVER HEARD OR READ OR RESEARCHED THAT ZIONISTS PLOTTED THE ATTACK ON THE WTC. You freaking fool, get your head out of your ass and take a good look around, MUSLIMS are World enemies. You need to do yourself a favor and stop regurgitating the leftist garbage you’re getting from the laughable American media.

        • josh




          If you have never even heard of that possibility, that say to me that you have not looked very hard, simple google search would reveal ample reading material….

        • Warisbs

          I have seen thousands of films on all events of 911, and one thing I will tell you is that there is to many things that do not add up.
          Since 911 I have made a mission out of this and as I said way to many things do not add up and Josh has one thing right that I do know is the man that owns the WTC did take insurance policy for that very reason weeks before 911!
          Also war is BIG business for military contractors! and banks! insurance! – is it making any sense yet?
          I know it is not easy to understand with all the info running around but I have been hard at it for 8 years now and I can say that this was a plot!
          They never found one drop of blood at flight 93?
          The Pentagon, this is the most guarded building maybe in the world! they have surface to air missiles there for this same reason! also the raidar defence system is program to take over if it is not done by a human within a X amount of distance of the building no matter what!
          Has it rang a bell yet?
          Next, that place has over a thousand cameras placed there and not one good shot of the plane?
          They even have a helo tower there!
          CIA took all films from surrounding businesses that had cameras that may have had any data on it that may show what hit the building.
          And the list goes on!
          I do think this, Us Americans better start demanding a lot of answers on 911 and what is going on right now!
          In Jan 2009 Congress took a raise in the amount of 51 million dollars! OMG did they really!
          Also I may add the Senators got a raise too! oops did I say that!

          BO’s BC – in the constitution, it states, By two natrual born citizens! – meaning both parents have to be US born Citizens! and I would like to also add if you remember the issue on McCains BC and place of birth stated his parents were of this and BO also stated (He knows the constituion well) that was correct! but why did McCain have to show it and show proof but BO gets a way with out really any true proof?

          Many question need to be answered to the people and they should be demanding it and ever more so right now!

          Lets see one last thing people, when the nation ignors the law of the constitution and does not support it, the constitution becomes nullified! and that is aslo law as well! – Question to that statement, do we really want this to happen? do we really want to change that bad? are we that willing to through it all in the trash this fast? if we don’t stop this monster right now it will have ill effects on this country that will not be able to reverse as the ball gets rolling even faster by the day!

          Good day and I hope, long live America
          From a Born American!
          Long live the US Constitution!

        • FaRightWinger

          Monique, are you kidding? The leftist jewsmedia will ever confess that 9-11 was a plot by the CIA/Mossad cohorts for the NWO one step ahead?
          You are ideologically confused if you think Josh’s statements are ‘socialist garbage’.
          It’s more likely you believe to the leftist jewsmedia lies and that makes YOU a socialist, brainwashed .
          The FBI has arrested 5 israeli citizens just 15 minutes later after the WTC was hit by the airplane, using cameras, set-up filming equipments and DANCING on the top of the building , celebrating the NWO.
          And why 900+ jewish (israeli) employees did NOT shown up for work on September 11th? NOT one jewish person has died in the inferno.
          And why ALL israeli- and jewish companies moved out 2 weeks BEFORE September 11?
          While Muslims are the enemies of certain issues, Zionists are the enemies of ALL PEOPLE, ALL RACES, ALL RELIGION (ecept their OneWorldReligion – satanism)

          Maybe you should check your ideological confusion more often.

  • http://none Dale

    Congress is democRAT and they knew McCain would not let them do as they please. They wanted NObama (BO) so they could do as they please… that is spend and pad their own pockets, now and when they are out of office. Ignoring the birth certificate issue is the only way they could achieve their greedy goal.

    One must remember that the govenment backs congress retirement plans so the down economy has no effect on their lives. Further, they won’t lose their jobs to the economic down turn. Their paycheck just keeps on coming no matter what. Voting them out of office is the solution, finding someone better may be a bigger issue.

  • DixieConnie

    I think Sarah is gonna do good. Everything is in the timing and it seems the timing is just right for her. Good luck Sarah.

  • DixieConnie

    They say “lots of folks voted for him cause he got the majority vote”. Makes you wonder where are all of these folks that put him in? How do you like your changes? And are you really happy with your choice? Just asking.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      DixieConnie, stand up and let me salute you. I never thought it would come to this, that a beautiful woman like Sarah Palin, would come on the scene, and have more sense and more balls than two men, Barrack Hussein Obama and Joey “I dont know” Biden. Well done Sarah, and well done American women.

      • DixieConnie

        She sure as hell beats the looks out of Hillary. Oh my, what a dog. I think Hillary must be on Obama’s bad list. We don’t seem to hear much about her anymore. uuuummmmhhhhhhh????

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        You dont hear about her, because her and the other dumbocrats are getting their peas all in a pod for when they throw the Obamination under the bus, they will run Hillary. Thats how this brood of vipers on the left operate. This Obama guy has no plan, no position on things, no vision or direction, he just blindly follows and says and does what the dems tell him to do. It keeps blowing up in their faces, and turning out bad, because they are going in the wrong direction on everything. People are tiring of him allready, and when it gets bad enough, these lefties will save their face and pitch his butt under the bus. Thats where keeping Hillary hidden comes in. Watch and see.

      • DixieConnie

        Mark: Well, I hope it is sooner than later.

  • EJLima

    The queen of “Making things up” scolding the media???

  • Pete Burlington

    Sarah Palin should take a backhand to the snobbish Charles Gibson for the way this elitist treated her during an interview she should also go after Katy Curric for her snobbish and elitist treatment as well. The media is telling the AMERICAN PEOPLE who the left is afraid of and that is Sarah Palin. In regards to the SOCIALIST COMMUNIST PUKE obama he could put an end to this entire non-citizen controversy by just revealing or showing his real birth certificate to the AMERICAN public.

    • Ron

      Katie Curic is nothing but a has-been cheerleader who puts on her little cheerleader uniform, and does a couple of cart-wheels everytime Obama jumps in front of every T.V. camera he can find, just like good ole Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

      • DixieConnie

        I think many a man can not look at Katie Curic the same after she flashed her ass in front of the camera during her operation. What a nerd.

      • josh

        Now I am no fan of Katie, but if you are going on National TV, and a VP candidate…. Don’t you think you should have more of an opinion on foriegn relations than just knowing that Alaska is close to Russia??

    • frank12594

      Sorry Ron, But the dirty left wing media has completely destroyed sarah palin for good, just look at what that scum letterman did to her, I am all for her, but her chances of ever rising to power again to the white house are 16%,or less, to many stupid dumb woman hate her. I feel this country is in serious danger in the next seven years.{Obama Will Be Elected Again in 2012}Obama is out to destroy everything good in america. God help us all, Satan resides in the oval office

      • frank12594

        I ment to reply to pete burlington not ron

      • Darryl Pettigrew

        Where is your faith
        You have admitted defeat before the fight starts
        get out in 2010 and start the votes to make a change

      • DixieConnie

        frank12594: that’s just more publicity for her. Let’em talk. The more her name gets out there, the better off she will be. People see what is going on. Letterman is an idiot and he showed it completely when he just didn’t shut up. Poor guy, he just doesn’t know when to quit. You know what Will Rogers said “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

  • Dan Denman

    Listen to this woman. She is a God fearing REALIST! We need more like her to speak out in this country, which has no present leadership. The blind are trying to lead us, who have forsight and a vision, like lemmings into an abyss. Follow what is RIGHT an do so quickly, God Bless America.

    • josh

      Why would anyone fear god?? Thats like fearing the unknown??

      I do believe in god, however, I will have no part in organized religion… (the church)

      How long before religion is found to be the Sham that it is…. It is a method of control. Designed to put the “fear of god” into the masses.

      Religion is used in SOOO many awful ways that I just prefer not to participate, my maker will judge me on that decision when I die…


      • frank12594

        Keep your Liberal Far Left Politics Out Of Our Churches, And That Includes Gay Homosexual Marriages

      • Darryl Pettigrew

        part of the problem with this country is the disbelief in god
        this country was founded by godfearing people hence “in God we trust”

        • Smilee

          “IN God WE Trust” was a johnny come lately in 1954 by the Eisenhower administration had nothing to do with the founders.

      • chuk

        You dont believe in anything you sick twit!! You do not even possess the most fundamental of understanding of the reasons why Religions were established in the New World. Religious persecution is and was a real experience. Those who chose to worship in the Word through the Spirit and not through ritual or bequests left their countries and established churches — Ecclesia — the greek meaning “Called out ones” This refers not to a title nor to a building but the individuals themselves MORON who would bitch slap you if they were around stomping on the trials and sacrifices they had to make in order to worship God that you say you believe in. I hope this helps you see worship as separate from religion – and keep your Liberal crap such as homo marriages to yourself – God will judge them quietly in their closet when the time comes but I dont wnat to see it now have to care about it got me??

        • Josh

          I never said anything about homosexual marriage…??

          And chuk, you make my point better than I do…. FREEDOM of religion…. That means I dont have to believe, or worship the same thing you do… Right?

          The fact that the “church” was mostly responsible for the dark ages, by not allowing people to even learn how to read, claiming that only the clergy had that “right”…. how can anyone respect and institution such as this??

          As for god… I do not think any person on the planet earth has the intellect to be able to tell anyone why we are here, who put us here, and what it all means… I think its very presumptious of anyone to try…

          To that end, science is just about the best explanaition of “god” that we have, and thats the misconception I think a lot of people have, Science does NOT seek to replace “god”, it seeks to explain “God” And the world around you….

          “The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world were all considered by the people as equally true; by the philosopher as equally false; and by the magistrate as equally useful.”
          - Edward Gibbon

          “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.”
          -BLAISE PASCAL:

          “It ain’t those parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it’s the parts that I do understand.”
          - Mark Twain

  • don


    Is for REAL!!! Now she can’t be threatened by this Commi Administration!!!

    Everyone else in office – acts scared to death by these thugs!!

    She didn’t want to jeporodize her state’s welfare by standing against the (obomination!! czars, and B.S. chicago thugs!!!)

    now SHE IS FREE FROM THE RESPONSIBILITY!! so she can give em h–l!!

    Bring out all their lies, and corrupt socialistic ways!! She has the backing, and the


    GO FOR IT SARAH – we got your back!!

    If it means the beginning of Revolution 2.0 – we are ready!!

    We won’t let our country be taken over without a fight!!

    I was born free and I’ll die free!!

    • james

      g. w. bush in a female body is all palin is.

      • Ron

        George Bush could be in the body of a 120 year old and he would still be twice the man the skinny little big eared black man in the White House is !

      • DaveH

        Bush was promoted by the liberal media in the Republican primaries because he was one of the most fiscally liberal Republican candidates. They didn’t want him to win the presidency but he was their choice if the liberal Democrat failed. Sarah, on the other hand is not the liberal media’s choice, so they will pull out all the stops to defeat her. She is nothing like Bush who was a fiscal liberal, as his father was.
        If you aren’t a government employee, or somehow otherwise benefitting from government largesse, then I suggest you start getting a clue and do some real research on economic matters, because most of the rest of us, including probably yourself, are going to lose if the government continues growing in size.

  • Joan Hintzke

    I heard last night on Riley,that the birthcertificate has been shown, sometimes I think he has “fear” of telling the truth too! We have seen proof of a live birth,But no other documents that have been required to be shown have emerged as far as I know. McCain had to shown them,so why not BO?
    Anyway I am with Sarah Palin, I like the plain truth and honesty she comes with,some think she makes things up, well they don’t listen to the news or the speechs. These are the same people that thought BO would give them “everything they needed” sure he will, even take your life away,if he gets the Healthcare plan passed!!!
    Don’t fall for anymore of his “wants” they aren’t our “needs”.
    Don’t volunteer,for anything he proposes,even if you get paid,which then it is a job,one you may not like and may not beable to get free of, you may be asked to sign a contract,(thats my view)
    Take the names of the people in the Wh now that do us no good and vote them out!!!
    Look up and take down names of those that write things in his favor and look at those that just might want to run for an office, make sure they are the “truthful and honest” people you would want to have in the Wh. This takes dedecation but well worth the effort to insure a better America in the future.

  • Greenhouse

    Notice in that photo with Palin that she has her finger inside the trigger guard ready to fire even though she does not have her target verified. I could care less if it on a gun range. That is a major no, no of gun safety that even Ted Nugent might tsk tsk… What sort of image is Palin sending to children with this sloppy gun handling? Very disturbing her reckless disregard for safe gun handling.

    • DaveH

      Wow, she doesn’t have her target verified? You are so intelligent. I can only see a little bit of her background. I certainly can’t read her mind from the photo, or see what she’s pointing the gun at. And my guess is that neither can you! Liberals will weave tales out of anything available to them. You’re clutching at straws. Also, it is obviously a photo-op, most likely with an unloaded gun, or the photographer is very foolish (maybe, though, he is just a liberal).

      • Greenhouse

        Photo op or not it just goes to show that it may all a be photo op . Yet ,this does not discount nor excuse Sarah’s reckless with gun handling. My guess is she picked up a weapon she was not familiar with and out of poor training or simple ignorance thought it natural to put her finger inside the trigger guard before being ready to reap the consequences of a bullet rolling down the barrel. It is irrelevant if this weapon was chambered or not. She is not even close to being on a target other than pointed down range and getting ready to sight her weapon.

        Loaded or not, this is not on the photographer or the op it is on Sarah and her unconscious disregard for gun safety. She was most likely in “whee mode”,..“cool”… check out this nice toy. Not too sure after viewing her posture in this photo if I would want her to introduce my children to firearms.

        I wonder if she stepped into an excavator cab or other piece of heavy equipment if she would have automatically put her fingers on the levers? I think not and goes to show that far too many see firearms as toys and not tools.

        Gun safety, advocacy, and responsibility is far better demonstrated through ones consistent actions than rhetoric. She will not be invited to test out her new hand loads on my range.

        • DaveH

          Ok Greenhouse,
          I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are really concerned about gun-safety and not just about disparaging Sarah. But the fact is that gun-safety is often a tool of the liberals for their ultimate goal of banning guns. For instance, many years ago, there was a media push for “gun safety” requiring safety certification before anyone could buy a gun. So the light went on. I called the NRA thinking that I had a novel idea to diffuse their tactic (this was in California). I asked “Why don’t you push for legislation for gun-safety courses in high school?”. The NRA rep responded that they had done that and only two of the state representatives were even interested. The truth is that the liberals don’t give a rats ass about gun safety, it is just an excuse they use to make it harder for citizens to buy guns.

        • Greenhouse

          Well Dave if it were up to you and I over coffee, I am pretty sure we could change some minds collectively, share a few laughs, and even have more than a few disagreements but this “political game” is past the tipping point and the expiration date is far expired. I do not think anyone literally “representing” us or fugitively trying to “walk away” to the truth in able to do more… really “gets it” other than the next meal as the real goal posts that limit our lives dearly everyday do not move other than to find room for the next litmus test or booster club to squeeze in and then lets all play along.

          Know your neighbors and know them well and perhaps the burden has or will soon at last shift to where it always holds true as the political folly is really not sustainable and might even be argued suicidal on both sides of the current political spectrum.

          We are responsible for our own actions and how they affect others and the rhetoric nationally, at the state level, and all too often locally is in my opinion past the point of working itself out as far too many lines have been drawn . It seems as though the only real arguments left are trying to create legitimacy out of thin air all based on litmus tests that are so far off the track no one even pretends there is a train anymore.

          Humility and tireless effort are tried and true, and the only historical reality that will create a better world and that is on us like never before.

          I wouldn’t hold up hopes on the NRA as their rhetoric certainly does not support the compromises they have made along the way mostly for all the wrong reasons of “wanting“ a voice and more seating for donations and membership amongst the folly. In fact I would suggest you get to know a qualified machinist near you. Other than making sure your tools are at their capable performance levels, he/she might also be able to mill you a steel grapefruit/juice sized container calibrated barrel for your weekends on the range enjoyment with black powder. The only real “legal” fun left. Hey the cans filled with concrete make much more economical sighting in than lead. However, if you have the time your local school board in no way could prevent you from putting on some weekend gun safety classes that were advertised to the parents of the student body in a junior or senior high school near you. Good luck getting the tool concept across but it is done and very possible and one could argue as you have tried to make it mandatory learning inside the umbrella of the public system.

          Anyway, it is always fun living on a coast, as I do and seems you do as well, to have the United States Coast Guard be able to pull along side your vessel in a 20 foot skiff with a 20 year old kid in the bow armed with a 16mm machine gun as they perform a “safety and compliance” check, no warrant needed!. They always want to know more about the black powder and the canon and I always make sure they know that after they are sure all my flares are in date and I have my life jackets that I will give them a send off with a live round.

          They always come back for another look.

          I am feeling more safe everyday. Got a pony to bet on? The race is fixed why even try to foster its creditability?

          Relax and meet all your neighbors as they will be with you like it or not as the great unfolding inverts reality and the supposed differences will be more and more that vote you cast regardless of it box as the credibility train continues to figure out where the train is.

          Right next door.

          Life is good, protect and defend it humbly and at the ready. There is never an excuse for reckless merit less action. Safety first and know what is down range… then do something about other than get in line with the new rhetoric. Easy really after you get to know your neighbors regardless of their current politics
          Obvious in the end really. I have not meet a decent human yet who holds hubris over humility. Patience over certainty. Certainty over open investigation.

          Do not get on a train of rhetoric long off the tracks of legitimate regardless of your political seat simply to squeeze in just a little time here and there as it may seem to move a ball that is and will not leave set goal posts.

          Plow the field with your neighbors and grow a garden for your children. Bring every tool you have, no one said it would be easy and the check is not in the mail.

        • Greenhouse

          “Patience over certainty. Certainty over open investigation.”

          Inverted even with my own rant…

        • JOHNNY REB



    • Darryl Pettigrew

      is this your reasoning behind why to disagree with her because of where her trigger finger is in a picture
      get real

      • Greenhouse

        Who says I disagree? I was simply pointing out that in the photo that accompanies the article she obviously makes a classic and potentially dangerous mistake that is made far too often by many gun owners and even more by those introduced to weapons for the first time and to see it in print is a disservice that could have easily been prevented if Sarah were more conscious of her gun handling and less ready to be in the photo that would supposedly put a point across supporting gun ownership.

        It certainly would have been more profound and to the point to have a photo of her in focus and sighted on target with a few casings in the air flying past her head.

        Imagine if she were holding a sidearm in this example with her finger in the trigger guard before she even had the weapon to a sighting plane. Her basic disregard for gun safety would be glaringly obvious in such an example. However, in this example of her in the process of shouldering a long gun most everyone only sees the gun in this photo but it certainly does not take an expert to see that she is far from anywhere near having acquired a target.

        I would have nothing to say if she was in a sighted posture and on target in this obvious range photo op. It is irrelevant if this weapon is loaded and her politics are also irrelevant on the range. She is not even close to being “sighted” and obviously has her finger in the trigger guard if not on the trigger. There is no excuse for this in any setting and it is very disappointing to see this poor example from a outspoken “defender” of the second amendment.

        • DixieConnie

          And I bet if she had had her finger anywhere else, somebody who write “what a dummy, she doesn’t even know where to put her finger.” Right now, with some, she is not going to be able to win for losing.

  • james

    SARAH PALIN where is the 150,00 worth of clothes you said you would donate to charity after the election????? dont trust her never will. we had 8 years of so called moral conservative leadership. now can you see what we got in return for it. bankrupt america.

    • Darryl Pettigrew

      you are worried about her clothes???
      how about the real issues that effect the prosperity of this country

      • Lena

        Darryl, you are not really making a case here by saying that Sarah Palin is awesome. I mean she did spend lots of money on clothes that could have been used for something better. What real issues? That she would make it illegal for women to have an abortion just because she doesn’t believe it is right? I think a woman has the right to make her own choice… within a small frame of time that is. That isn’t even the half of it though. Palin had some beliefs that were just too out there for your average everyday American.

        Not to say Obama is doing a great job of things right now but I doubt Palin would have done any better. She should have at least waited until she was elected to start blowing thousands… heck millions of dollars. I guess she knew she wouldn’t make it that far so took advantage when she had the chance.

        Obama isn’t really in charge of things anyways. He has not followed through on anything he said, probably because he now realizes that his job is just to represent, not actually do anything unless he is told to by the real people running the show… those with the money.

    • DaveH

      I see the problem. You can’t even spell 180,000 right. No chance then of you being able to comprehend the trillions of dollars that Obama is spending.

    • DixieConnie

      James: And where is the $350,000.00 that Michelle Obama made while working at a Hospital and where are the $500.00 tennis shoes she wore while feeding the homeless and where is the $6,000.00 clutch purse she had under her arm in Paris while on vacation with her husband. OMG James, please don’t be so petty. Did you see the receipts on her clothing? Did you go with her to shop? Do you know for a damn fact that she spent the money. Maybe someone printed that to hurt her.
      How much do you think Obama spends on his suits? How many suits do you think he has? Shoes? His DOG? Come on man !!!!!

    • http://duped Peter Melville

      James, How do you explain that Alaska is in good shape financially compared to Democrat run California? Also Sarah turned down ear marks that were stupidly drummed up by the democrats.

  • DaveH

    I don’t know enough about Sarah to say she has my vote yet, but what I have seen, I like. Whatever she wants would be better than what the theiving, controlling, liberal elites want. Wake up Democrats!
    Your leaders are in this for themselves, they don’t really care about you. And many of the Republicans are also. Witness Arlan Spector who switched parties because he was probably going to lose in the next Republican primaries. Once he found out that he was too conservative to win in the next Democratic primaries, his voting record became decidedly more liberal.
    I believe Sarah will make it very difficult for the good-old-boys to keep their positions of power, so they are going to pull out all the stops to defeat her. The fact is that most of the Congressmen of both parties don’t care about we-the-people as much as they care about themselves. I think Sarah may change that. I wish though that she would run on the Libertarian ticket.
    As an aside, I know that many liberals think she is bad because she advocates hunting. But then many of these same people support the repopulating and nurturing of grizzly bears and wolves. Don’t they also hunt? Don’t they also kill their prey? What kind of hypocrisy is this? My personal opinion is that it is all about power. They use their hysterical rantings to scare the public so that they (the leader class) can gain more control over the citizens.

    • Darryl Pettigrew

      you are right todays politicians are about themseves and not about the people
      GO SARA

    • Lena

      Are you seriously stating the obvious that Grizzly Bears and Wolves hunt? I mean of course they hunt. They are carnivores. That is how they survive. That is their purpose. They are at the top of the food chain and if you watch documentaries like Shark Water it shows the effect of wiping out animals at the top of the food chain.
      Humans on the other hand don’t have to eat meat at all in this day and age. In fact, the meat people eat is loaded with toxins from the run-off water the animals drink and growth hormones they inject into them to make them grow faster. It is being proven now that such things are hurting the human population and causing a number of birth defects, illnesses and diseases.

      It is okay to hunt so long as you hunt only if you need to and use everything the animal has to offer the way the Natives used to. To hunt and kill such beautiful creatures just for sport is sick and stupid and last time I checked that is the kind of hunting Palin advocates.

      You are right however about it being all about power. Everything is all about power. Always has been and probably always will be.

      • DaveH

        Yes, I am serious. We are at the top of the food chain. And I choose my fellow human being’s freedom over the grizzly bears and wolves. As a matter of fact, I don’t hunt. I used to until I saw a movie that depicted human beings doing to other human beings what I did to animals. But, I don’t disrespect the freedom of others to hunt. I love animals and nature, but not more than I love the freedom of my fellow human beings.
        I am a health nut and was vegetarian for a time. But, I don’t believe that abstaining from meat is the answer to all our health problems. If you do, fine, I respect your freedom to pursue your own health solutions. I don’t know if you are aware, but there is a huge movement to restrict our health choices (such as supplements, and abstinence from vaccinations). You can bet some special interests who want us to buy their products are behind this movement. It is all about money.
        Those same liberals that I surmise you support (hopefully I am wrong) do all kinds of proactive things that change nature. I saw a program the other day that talked about the release of cultured bacteria into the oceans to supposedly protect us from “Climate Change”.
        Who knows what kind of imbalances that could cause in our environment.
        Also, please refrain from manipulative name-calling such as “sick” and “stupid”. It just makes you look like someone whose arguments aren’t good enough to stand by themselves.

        • Lena

          Hey Dave, You have some good points. I am a vegetarian currently, not for health reasons but because I don’t know where my food is coming from or how humanely the animals was killed. I don’t care if people are Liberal or Democratic. They both seem to be on the wrong page to me. I don’t support people putting anything into the oceans and I doubt that these bacteria could save us at this point. “Climate change” is questionable but something bad will come from people spitting on the earth. I also think everyone should have freedoms but animals should be allowed their fare share as well. Do you want the earth to be a barren land occupied solely by humans? People aren’t even that nice. In fact, most people I meet are quite rude. Animals are just living their lives and deserve more respect than they are given. So does the environment. No one recycles. People just throw their garbage anywhere and expect someone to take care of it for them. It is careless and there is a price to pay for not respecting the world we live in or those we share it with.

          Wow, you think I sound bad saying sick and stupid. You should see what these other people are saying to one another… like I said ‘rude.’ It does make me sick to see people kill bears and wolves and pretty much anything that was once alive. I also think people who enjoy doing it are stupid. Even when I was a little kid I knew that killing anything was wrong. I am sorry if that bothers you. You should watch Earthlings. It shows everything man has done to those we share the planet with. It is quite a eye opener. Try eating meat afterwords.
          Also, good job on the no hunting! You are cool in my book for it. ;)

      • Greenhouse

        Dave actually without our minds and the tools our minds do, can, and will continue to create we are literally not at the top of the food chain. This may be wise to remember.

      • DaveH

        Of course, I respect your right to eat as you please. You may even be making better choices than I am making. But if we all try to impose our personal choices on everyone else, then it is going to be one ugly world.
        I could argue, for instance, that grizzly bears are killers and they have no right to kill all those innocent fish, and rabbits, and elk, and whatever else they kill, just to support the life of one creature (themselves). Therefore, they should be hung. Of course, I am being extreme here to make a point.
        Think freedom. Think smaller government. Think fewer people trying to impose their personal convictions on others by force. If we don’t, remember that saying: “Be careful what you wish for, as it might come true”.

  • Keith H

    I think Sarah Palin stepping down is interesting, most of the politicians are bought and paid for. Every single politician that gets elected receives large amounts of funding that comes from the elites, even Obama received millions in Goldman Sach donations that the mainstream media failed to tell us about. Thats why the politicians have a hard time passing a healthcare plan that covers everybody.
    In a way, I can understand why Sarah Palin stepped down, the elites control the democrats and republicans.
    The republicians put us in war and the democrats keep us in it. and the elites are making lots of money from it…?

  • Kris in CO

    I admire and applaud Sarah Palin. She’s got the guts and brains to do some real good. Fact is, we need someone like her, regardless of what the left and media say. Sarah has got my support. Go Sarah! Can Sarah do it?? YES SHE CAN!

  • james

    where were all of gripers and protesters when g. w. bush was bankrupting america why werent you protesting and gripeing when he was spending billions in iraq??? oh no but get a prestdent that wonts to spend money here in america and all hell brakes out. people you cant have it both ways. i am willing to give ob 8 years like our last so called moral president that had killed over a million people for no reason. wake up conservatives you lost the game no one trust you any more.

    • Don

      A president that wants to spend money in America ARE YOU KIDDING Where did the first 875 BILLION of bailout money go? to AIG and they gave the Bank of France 150 billion, the bank of Germany 100 billion and the Bank of England 65 billion to bail them out. Wake up and look with both eyes

      • DixieConnie

        Sounds like BIG BUSINESS as usual.

      • Smilee

        Don Reply:
        July 28th, 2009 at 2:18 pm

        This was the bill that Bush signed into law last fall, remember.

  • Susan



    • frank12594

      Sorry Susan, but the people of this country harbor way to much hate for Sarah Palin, She will never ever see the light of day of the White House, Although I to wish she would have been president, but the left wing media has completely destroyed her credibilty and thrown their complete support to obama for the next seven years.

      • DaveH

        The left-wing media is losing their credibility with each passing day. Thanks to the internet, the citizens can get alternative news that wasn’t available before, and we rely much less on the misinformation of the main-stream media. I believe that their rabid, unfounded, hypocritical attacks are just going to bring more people into her camp. Don’t despair.

      • Smilee

        Media does not vote, people do and it is up to her to convince them to vote for her, not likely she is up to the job mostly only conservatives like and trust her and that is not enough to get the job done. I know you like to blame the media for all what the people do but that is just a conservative excuse for all their failures in the last few years and they just are not capable of taking responsibility for it themselves.

    • Susan

      I don’t know why people hate Sarah Palin so much. Why was the attention towards her instead of Senator Mccain who I voted for?

      Thank you, Frank!

      • DaveH

        They are afraid of Sarah, because she has a reputation of going after the good-old-boys in power. They don’t want to lose their high-paying jobs to competition. That is why the major-media fights so hard against anyone who believes in free enterprise.
        As an example, in the 80s there was a big to-do about the dastardly “corporate raiders” who were destroying companies. What the “raiders” were doing was buying companies that were underpriced in the stock market because they were being managed inefficiently. The “raiders” would furlough the dead-wood corporate officers, and split the companies into smaller units that would be run more efficiently. The government got involved after all the media propaganda and turned a blind eye to blatantly immoral tactics such as “poison pills”, which made it much harder to unseat the high-paid dead-wood corporate officers.
        The Libertarian Party champions open-markets which would foster competition and thus threaten the livelihood of corporate officers (including those that run media outfits). This, I believe, is the major reason that the media tries so hard to keep information about the Libertarian Party away from the masses.

  • Darryl Pettigrew

    I am totally disgusted with what is happening to this country
    All of these fools who need the govt to tell them how to run their lives
    Whatever happened to liberty.And for all you uninformed people out their liberty means the freedom to make your own decisions on matters that effect your life which is part of freedom.
    when are you people that do not hold a job or pay your own bills going to grow some balls and take control of your own lives instead of letting all the hard working and responsible people to bail you out
    We are not guaranteed healthcare or mortgage protection or the bailout of banks and businesses these are not rights
    you have the right to buy or obtain through an employer your own healthcare you have the right to purchase mortgage protection and big businesses that cannot stay afloat can sink and someone else will come along to fill the gaps
    Americans used to be a proud people we used to make our own rewards and have accomplished great things
    I cannot be proud of myself if I need to ask or even demand a handout like most lazy americans do today

    • DaveH

      The real kick-in-the-butt is that the power-brokers (be they Democrat or Republican) don’t really give a damn about the citizens. They just want the power and the perks that go along with the political positions.
      I have had Chronic Fatigue Immune Dyficiency since I was 26 (60 now). I worked hard and made good money and paid big taxes most of those years even though I was sick about 2 days a week (flu-like symptoms). I had to work much harder on my good days to make up for the bad days. So, recently I had been dramatically sicker for about 6 months and couldn’t work. I tried to get Social Security disability and was turned down because I didn’t have enough medical history. I had quit going to Doctors in my 30s as they were just costing me thousands of dollars and could not help me. In fact, they often insulted me by saying it was in my head. The rejection letter that the SSA sent me had wording that indicated to me that they didn’t even read my application attentively. And they made no effort to thoroughly examine me.
      I would never ride on the taxpayers’ backs, I just wanted some of the couple hundred thousand after-tax dollars that Social Security has taken from me over the years (for my own good).
      My main point here is not to say whether my case should or shouldn’t have been rejected. Rather, I am trying to illustrate that the government administrators don’t really give a damn about the citizens. They just want power and money.

  • Susan

    To Josh,

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. PSALM 111-10

    God created you and the earth belongs to him. Christianity is not a RELIGION, it is the only way to live your life.

    May God bless you and open you heart!

    Many people are lost and seduced in this evil world.

  • JKeyes

    Way to go Sarah Palin.!! Pull that trigger and let them have it.

  • BoneDog


    This is a really funny place.

    • Darryl Pettigrew

      are you talking about america
      its not funny it is saddening what has happened to American values

  • Truth-Seeker


    Well-said–you are right about both 9/11 and organized religion. The evidence is overwhelming that 9/11 was carried out by people in our own government (most of them Zionists, with little doubt) and almost certainly aided by the Israeli Mossad. The purpose was to give the government an excuse to start an open-ended “War on Terrorism” so that it could attack any country it wished–which country would be portrayed as a promoter of terrorism. More specifically, it gave us the chance to establish bases in the Middle east and take over Iraq’s oil reserves (the world’s second largest). Another purpose was to scare Americans into giving up their rights in the name of security (Patriot Act, etc.). As for squabbling about Obama/Clinton vs Bush-Cheney/McCain–all of these people have sworn their allegiance to Israel and to the Council on Foreign Relations. That’s why nothing much changes from one administration to another. Until the American people wake up and realize all of this, we will continue to be victims moving toward fascism.

    Sarah Palin seems to be a good-hearted woman, but I don’t think she understands how the world works. She may be able to do some good campaigning for our rights and values–but I don’t think she is Presidential material.

    • chuk

      The world cant work without the USA — Its trying to as we self – limit our capabilities through sick assed liberal policies. We are Americans Josh — And unique a people on this planets face — No other country has a Constitution and Set of Rights as we do which uncovers why it is we are not a global nation. Losers have to team up in the way they are doing — but America can only weaken itself through homogeneity with the rest of a unaccomplished, weak and uncreative globe. You yourself are mislead and have been lied to to even consider yourself so low as to HAVE TO consider globalism — America is where it is at but Liberalism and now the more diseased Communialism which is surfacing due to this ignoramus in the WH is a foreign virus and must be wiped off the slate that is America!!!!


  • Don

    SARAH ILL DO IT!!! By the way have you noticed the ads for the new health care bill? The sponsor is the PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES I guess we know how is going to really benefit from the BO health care bill

    • DixieConnie

      Talk about BIG BUSINESS. And I thought OB was for the little person not for big business. Isn’t that what he bashed Bush and McCain? Big Business? Isn’t that what the liberals bash Bush for, big business and here we go again.

    • Smilee

      Don on July 28th, 2009 at 2:13 pm:

      Not nearly as beneficial to them as Medicare D is, which Bush and company designed for their benefit only and thus the most expensive drugs for the US citizens in the world. So far the pharmaceutical companies have volunteered to close half the donut hole, in hopes of minimizing losses under BO so they as least see BO as less help to their profits that they saw Bush. It still is not enough, we will see in the end though.

  • RDB

    Based on what I’ve read of Palin I don’t know if I could vote for her. Ron Paul is more my speed. Straight constitutional, limited government type who understands that our constitution was created to chain government and free the individual from the ‘tyranny of the majority’.

    • josh

      AMEN TO THAT!!

    • http://notyet Richard Pawley

      I agree, Ron Paul, would be a reasonable person to be president but the condition of the country is going to be so bad by 2012 that I don’t think anyone who has been in Washington will have a chance. I fully expect ‘big’ inflation by then, even food and fuel shortages. Even Obama has admitted we are broke but the truth is we have depended on foreigners to loan us the money we needed to run the country since Carter was president. No country in the history of the world has ever monetized it’s own debt without creating big inflation and we have just started to do that this year. It’s why I have a chapter in my recent book called, “2009, Our Last Normal Year – Sort Of!” No country in the world is on the gold standard so countries just print all the money they need and then try to hide that fact. It has been several years since the FED stopped revealing M3 and we are the only major nation that doesn’t reveal how much money we are creating out of nothing. I don’t even think an outsider like Sarah Palin can straighten out the mess in Washington but at least she is an outsider not contaminated or controlled by Washington insiders and Wall Street. I certainly don’t want another member of Congress for president. There are a few good people in both parties but it is Congress that votes for everything that Bush or Clinton or Obama proposes and I think Americans are beginning to discover that Congress is not for “We The People” but for themselves. What both parties have enabled the government to spend in the past 12 months is going to cause tremendous inflation or we will be the first nation in the history of the world not to experience the results of this ridiculous waste of money that we don’t even have. We owe more money than any nation has owed in the history of the world and the banks with their derivative investments which require inflation to profit owe far more than that. Get ready for gold to double and food to triple and I won’t even guess about fuel. May God help us all because no one else is going to do so.

  • Sisyphus

    If I must comply with the I-9 (citizenship) requirements for a factory job, I think that the elected holders of Constitutional offices must.

  • Susan

    Israelis held a large anti-Obama rally in Jerusalem.

    The bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

    Daniel 2: 40-45 scripture

  • Jesse James

    Glenneth and FoolPatrol….you’ve just showed your foolish lack of knowledge. I guess you must be the Son of God, never made any mistakes and lived the perfect life. Jesus said to the mob that was ready to stone the adulteress, “Whoever is without sin may throw the first stone.” They all left. Maybe you should leave too. Jesus said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” THEY KNOW NOT THE TRUTH FOR THERE IS NO TRUTH IN THEM.
    Then he told the woman, “Neither do I condemn you. But do not sin again.”
    Whether you believe it or not, and if not, one day you will, Jesus (Yeshua) is the ONLY way. He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me. Follow me.”

  • Government school teacher

    The hate on both sides is dismaying. I have watched what entitlement programs have done to families, neighborhoods and the work ethic in my 36 years of teaching in urban and inner city schools. Title I and Headstart and WIC have been awarded Billions of my tax dollars in the last 30 years and poured into the poor black communities yet we still hear about the “poor and disadvantaged” 60 % of minority children are born to single mothers, 50% of black youth drop out of high school, black on black crime is a fact ! Students openly play the race card and try and intimidate their teachers. Liberal entitlement programs and race baiting are the agendas that keep the poor poor and voting for Democrats and provides their power base. There are men and women of color who are conservative and educated but are derided by other blacks as “Uncle Toms” or “acting white” what ever that means. The politics of hate and name-calling are the Dimocrats and liberals way of deflecting real conversation. Don’t get on their level, ask them to provide evidence of their rantings….then watch them run or change the subject. Until everyone is willing to stand on their own merits instead of blaming someone else for their problems, there is going to be a willing politician who will tell them what they want to hear…..Liberals or conservatives educate yourselves about policies and issues and have real debate and quit the name calling!

    • DaveH

      Right on Teacher!

  • Paul

    I think Sarah Palin’s shot at the media has merits, I can’t speak against your news organization because I have just discovered it, but just recently one of the top mainstream media took comments made out of context making it seem as though her family had no idea why she resigned at this time, when in actuality the comments were made to the question about what her plans were for the future, that is Tabloid journalism in my book, that is part of what Sarah means when she says stop making things up.

    We’ve gone from reporting the news to making the news and sensationalizing it. Again I am not speaking about P.L.D. because you are new to me, I hope you don’t do that. at least you acknowledge she gave her reasons why at an earlier conference, so I know you aren’t playing dumb like the previous mentioned outlet is. thanks for giving us a voice!

    • Smilee

      Paul on July 28th, 2009 at 3:26 pm:

      Oh boy , I hope you do not think this is a news organization of any kind. It is just a conservative blog pursuing conservative ends and that is not what a news organization is.

      • Paul

        Ok thanks for clearing that up Smilie :-)

      • DaveH

        I have listened to the biased sensationalized media for 30 some years. Blogs like this are the only place where people can hear the other side of the story. Watch out what you wish for Smilee, because it might come true.

        • Smilee


          Surely you do not think this is the other side of the story, Blogs intended to advocate a bias as this one is never give either side of the story and are far worse than the media today albeit is not the good job Cronkite did it still gives more sides to the story than you find hear. If this is the only source of your information is it any wonder you have been lead astray from the truth

        • DaveH

          I have been bombarded by the biased media side of the story most of my life. I probably read a wider variety of alternative sources than you do. With all due respect Smilee you wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the butt.

  • Dianna

    Some of U R really brutle but, that is why I love America and am very proud to be an American that what makes America Free is we all can have opinions and many may disagree with it but just remember put ur vote where ur mouth is. “Freedom is not Free” go America I will keep my guns, I will keep the money I earned!, and many of U can keep the “Change”. Dianna

  • Smilee

    Oodles of muddle speak, your will never get a court to hear your BS so why not hang it up, this Birth Certificate is a fantasy in the minds of conservatives everyone else thinks its a joke on you and your failure to get any traction on it but fiction is never reality.

  • veronique

    Amen …you are right on .

  • Anaheim Phil

    We all know that Capitalism is the most efficient system known to man, it is “common cense” system, people do (or trying to do) whatever makes cense.
    But we will never understand what is going around us, if we will not understand the following :
    Capitalism never stays the same, it is always developing and transforming.
    Capitalism is developing in stages. There is young capitalism, perfect age capitalism, middle age capitalism, and old age capitalism. Capitalism is the most effective when it is not old. Older capitalism becomes, less effective it is.
    Old capitalism is monopolistic capitalism. It is very difficult to avoid monoplism. Like person which is going from new born, to kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school years, marriage, and mature years, nothing can stop this process.
    Monopolistic capitalism is not “common cense” system any more.
    It makes cense only to small number of monopolists, but makes no cense to majority of population.
    In any country capitalism tends to become monopolistic. Monopolism can kill capitalism.
    Even if it not 100 percent monopoly, but several very big companies in one particular industry, it is real bad for economy of country. Any country should use any means to avoid monopolism.
    Capitalism of USA is entering monopolistic stage and it is more aggressive than capitalism in Europe and other countries.
    American capitalism can become run-away train, which is going faster and faster to own destruction.
    French remedy for run-away capitalism is big tablespoon of socialism.
    What will be best remedy for USA capitalism remains to be seen. Try to look into things from independent point of view, not as Republican or Democrat, not listening to any propaganda, and you will understand our society much beter.
    I loved era of “Golden Years” of perfect age of American Capitalism, and hope that we can bring it back.
    Anaheim Phil

  • Reno Bob

    As I read through all of the conservative support and the liberal attack of Sarah Palin, I reflect back on one profound statement that has influenced my belief in mankind and the modus operandi that they posess. “There are none so blind as those who choose not to see”. Do your homework, “Liberals”. Cant you even muster any reason, any common sense, a bit of God given morality? Why is it that you must attack in an effort to elevate your self esteem. Be secure in yourself and your abilities. Don’t rely on a union to protect your lack of desire to sustain yourself. Why would a liberal vote for independent thinking when he can’t even be independent in his own life. Why not let the government take care of you, you would have your workload distributed to those who work hard to support the “America” you so gleefully take advantage of. Time to wake up and look at who you are, what you do and who you are “for” your fellow man of your own volition. I do trust in God. without Him we, as Americans, would not have this great country. After all, that’s why the originators of this grat nation left the church of england; to worship God without the Government in the middle of it all. Thus the foundation of seperation of church and state. Not to keep our spiritual beliefs out of the government. But, rather to keep the government out of our spiritual beliefs.

  • Sherea

    I voted for Sarah Palin in 2008 and will do it again if I get a chance. I like what she says and I like the way she says it. I am not afraid of her Christian beliefs and it doesn’t bother me that she is “imperfect” and let her daughter get pregnant. Professing Christianity does not mean we never make a mistake or that we are perfect. Christianity is not a religion – it is a personal decision. It means we believe in telling the truth, we believe in honesty in dealing with our neighbors, and it means we thank God for our freedoms because they don’t come from government – they come from the Almighty. I notice when anyone wants to get elected, they have to profess Christ – even Obama did it, and Hillary talked about feeling the spirit of God in her life. See, they do think this is a Christian nation afterall.

    • frank12594

      To Sherea, The mere mention of christianity Today sets people off on a childish tantrum Of strong hateful words, like right wing nut job’s white trash, I have nothing against Sarah Palin at all, but the people in our local town news paper hate her with a passion,Especially the woman,always calling her stupid and dumb. I have even been called Backwoods Hillbilly White Trash cause of my support for Sarah Palin. Not to mention the Gay’s would like to see her dead. I have a real bad feeling about this next election, that Obama Will again win in 2012 by a Land Side Vote, and that we will be stuck with him again til 2016

  • Thomas Bendoraitis

    Democrats, GOP, blah…blah…blah…doesn’t matter. The real players are always the same. What does it matter if Obama is a Russian or Mossad mole, Americans won’t do shyte anyways. Who are Obimbo’s advisors? The odious former annihilator of the American dream via the mortgage carrot Alan Greenspan, the perfidious architect of the Vietnam war, Henry Kissinger, and of course, last but not least, good old “body count Clinton”, Hillary, and that’s just a start. The CFR, Trilateral Commission, the odious UN, Stanford institute etc. remain populated by the same puppets of the one eyed pyramid. Gates is still in there so…like what has changed? No one can say that an individual can’t wake up to the Machiavellian apocalypse being brewed by the Manhattan controlled Whitehouse. The federal US leadership is dead and/or innocuous against the cabal, controlled by the banker industrialists as it has been since shortly after the war of independence. As long as American money is controlled by a private enterprise that being the Federal Reserve visa vie the IMF, the mephitic World Band etc. Sarah Palin is just as legit as the President and Bozo the clown which both supplicate to the creators of FEMA, the odious “Shadow Government”. It’s a sad state of affairs. Bush not being impeached is a testament that people like Palin have a place on the stage of the American psyche, I’m sure she can lie as well as the rest of them and maybe she’s even a better tail, I meant quail hunter than Cheney. She might even entertain illusions or deceptions of mass construction for the Middle East and smiling faces on the children currently under the weight of foreign oppression. Can’t say she’d get my vote however, if Bush can displace millions of people, kill hundreds of thousands under the thumb of the Illuminati, then Palin might as well be honored as well, at least she quit! Not unlike Amschel Rothschild said in 1838, “Let me issue and control the money of any Nation, and I don’t care who makes the law.” And that’s where were at. Palin or no Palin, the impact is as significant as a soap bubble bursting in the wind. In God I trust

    • josh

      AMEN Brother!

    • Sherea

      I have wondered about the fact that Sarah Palin had to have a meeting with Kissinger soon after she started campaigning with McCain. Then a couple of people were riding around on her plane either grilling her or telling her what to say. I think maybe she didn’t say the right things to them, and soon after that the media started trashing her big time. It’s like someone pays them to take a candidate down.

      • DixieConnie

        Sherea: I had not heard about this. I find this very interesting. Where did you read about this?

        • Sherea

          To DixieConnie,
          It was just on the news at the time it happened. We discussed it at my church. I’m not sure how we can find out who those two guys were on her plane, but the McCain campaign know. And Sarah knows. I’d like to know more about it too. I save a lot of news stories and I will thumb through them and see what I can find.

        • Sherea

          DixieConnie, I just googled “Palin and Kissinger” and found an article dated 9-25-08. Katie Couric brought it up in her famous interview and asked Sarah about meeting Kissinger the day before. (There are also some interesting comments after the article.)

        • DixieConnie

          Sherea: Thank you, I’ll look into that.

  • Dickie

    It is a known fact that the demon-crafts,Are scard of SHARA, That is why the goverment own media puppets, Could only jump on children,I wonder how these lossers would feel,If someone would find dirt or just make up garbage,Like these misfits,I guess this makes them feel real big, When they go home to their children,If they have any,But these people don’t have a sole,They would sell their own mothers,To save their nowhere jobs,Some people nowaday’s don’t care about morial’s or pride,It’s all about money & greed.

  • http://duped Peter Melville

    There are no real he men in the Supreme Court to enforce the laws of our land.
    There are not enough real men in Congress to do what is right. We have lost our separation of powers and a dictatorship will ensue unless NObama is forced out of the Country.

  • Richard Willey

    The gun barrel is plugged fools. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! Its time for a true american in the white house .These so called experienced politicians that we have are not worth the powder to blow them to hell. What we need is a person with no experiece and the guts to defend our constitution.NOT THAT DIFFICULT!! The people are starving for a leader.We have the greatest country on earth.Hard work and sacrifices by our forefathers ,and the citizens of this nation is what made our country.There is no need for any apologies,no need for any disgrace .This country has always helped the down trodden.WE ARE A PROUD NATION!! do not listen to these lib. fools.ITS TIME TO CLEAN THE WHITE HOUSE!Americans help americans 1ST.

  • Dr. Bad

    Matt is right. You folks are idiots.

  • josh

    How many people could actually provide thier original birth certificate?

    Could you?

    Now, lets talk about casting stones….

    • DixieConnie

      Josh: Yes.

  • Jon

    There are still many unanswered questions about Obama’s child birth and including changing his name and not disclosing all the facts and reasons why he did this when he went to school in Indonisia. His real name was Barry Satoro.
    See below:

    Obama’s family moves from H Ramir Street to Dempo Street and Obama enters the 4th grade at the Besuki Primary School, a government school. He was enrolled as Barry Soetoro, Muslim.

    All Indonesian students are required to study religion at school and a young Barry Soetoro, being a Muslim, would have been required to study Islam daily in school.

    He would have been taught to read and write Arabic, to recite his prayers properly, to read and recite from the Quran and to study the laws of Islam.

    In his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,” Obama mentions studying the Quran and describes the public school as “a Muslim school.”

    According to Tine Hahiyary, one of Obama’s teachers and the principal from 1971 through 1989, Barry actively took part in the Islamic religious lessons during his time at the school. His teacher was named Maimunah and she lived in the Puncak area, the Cianjur Regency. “I remembered that he had studied “mengaji” (recitation of the Quran)” Tine said.

    Obama himself recalls, “In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell mother I made faces during Koranic studies.”

  • Jon

    Dr.Bad and Matt:
    You guys need to look into Barack Hussien Obama’s back ground and little more. The guy studied Islam and is a Muslim and even admits it. In his own book he also mentions that he studied the Quran ! It’s time for people like you to wake up!!! It’s very clear that since they tried to blowup the trade center the first time and then succeded the second time that they are wanting to kill our finacial stability since this is how America buys the most advanced weapons and has the best military in the world. Now we have Obama trying to do everything in his power to bankrupt America while saying it’s to help those that don’t have what others do have. Why do people not see this!! Are they stupid or what???????

  • Frederick H

    Well Jon, where’s your rock hard proof that the President is a Muslim? No lame allegations please, but a genuine and fully authorized text indicating his adherence to the Islamic faith!!! I’m waiting for your dependable response…. But indeed, even if he were a Muslim, so what? In fact many millions of your fellow citizens are fully law-abiding, hard working and tax paying Muslims. Very, very decent people, contributing to the prosperity of this country. People who would not even dream of committing the hideous atrocities folk in in Afghanistan and Iraq have had (and still have) to endure at the hands of our “very civilized, Christian American troops” over there. No Jon , it’s not the Muslims or President Obama’s policies that are going to bring this country down. It’s your primitive provincialism, your narrow-mindedness and really ridiculous paranoia that’s going to bring the US of A in exactly the same position Rome found itself in around 476 AD: a has-been, a country that had (and in the case of the USA has already) lost most of its power and significance to a number of other nations around (such as China, India and Brazil). And oh, lest I forget, it’s your selfish greed (refusing to pay your tax dues e.g. and wanting to make more and more and more and more money at the stock markets, for instance) that’s surely going to bring you way down to your sorry soil. Just you wait and see!

  • sparky

    as to Frederick H comment
    “People who would not even dream of committing the hideous atrocities folk in in Afghanistan and Iraq have had (and still have) to endure at the hands of our “very civilized, Christian American troops” over there.”
    U need to shut your mouth and thank the troops there and the troops that fight for our rights and our freedoms since the revolutionary war, civil war, WW I, WW II, Koren and Vietnam, Your a dumb Arse
    just like alot of the Left, want your freedom for nothing, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE
    It cost us our families, friends and Fellow Christians lifes, fighting and dying for your freedom of speech, and other freedoms in the Constitution
    You dont know squat about the Muslim faith do you? There so called holy Qur’an tells there followers to do 2 things 1, convert all infindells to Islam, 2. Kill all Infindells

    at least here in the US a Chrstian Nation our Holy Bible tells us to love your neighbor as your self, NOT KILL THEM

    ‘Well, sir, I have a real problem trying to imagine Pope John Paul commanding all Catholics to kill those of your faith or Dr. Stanley ordering all Protestants to do the same in order to guarantee them a place in heaven!’
    ‘Would you rather Allah, who tells you to kill me in order for you to go to heaven, or my Jesus who tells me to
    love you because I am going to heaven and He wants you to be there with me?’
    If your not careful you will be praying 5 times a day to allah,

    as for Pres Obama
    He is either Hidding something or he is mentally Ill
    No one in there right mind would spend millions of dollars to keep his records from the public.
    Would you spend any money at all to hide yours or would you simply show them so this would stop. I had to show 3 types of ID Including my birth cert. to git my drivers license renewed the last time, He is spend our money (tax payers) keeping this from our view,
    I dont think he is mental, He’s Hiding something

  • Montana Ron

    Esteem Saria Palin,

    Your right on point!

    Obama is a full blooded card carring ‘narcissus’. Pray were not lead to the ovens.

    Greenbacks soon will be exchanged for bluebacks – i.e. pennies on the buck


  • Frederick H

    Gosh, Sparky, don’t you the difference between fighting for freedoms, as you say, and harassing, torturing, killing ruthlessly and raping? That’s what so many of your precious freedom fighting troops have been doing over there where they merely sent to keep the oil wells flowing for our fossil fuel addicted fellow citizens in the US of A. Really, don’t give me that crap about freedom fighting. It’s purely insane power hunger and perverse greed for the natural resources in that “poor” country (Iraq) that made Bush rush our troops and weaponry to the region. And let us tax payers bleed for trillions of hard earned dollars. At least ,the trillions Obama is spending are already being paid back by the banking corporations involved. Every single penny spent can and will be accounted for vis à vis our Congress, that’ll duly keep a keen eye on what Treasury’s doing. Well, let’s hope Congress isn’t just loaded with incessantly martini sipping 1st class morons…..

    • sparky

      You know what they are following ORDERS from P Bo ——->Pres Obama
      You need to call the white house and complain to them, Bet you never spent a day in uniform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next Person you see in a US uniform Why dont you say thank you for you being able to open your mouth with out fear from any harasment besides from me
      and as for your comment on every penney spent, they have allready lost count on millions given to AIG, But you know the money they spend for building up this government they wont lose track of, Im going to retrack that statement just like they will do in lets say 1 year from know
      No comment on P Bo and him spending our money to hide his Place of Birth or do you think hes nuts too?

  • Frederick H

    Oh yes, Sarah Palin. You might just as well say Sara Appalin’. The hypocrisy and cynicism of that woman will never cease to amaze me. She’s been wailin’ and cryin’ pro-life this, pro-life that and pro-life what not. And now look what she’s been doing to the endangered wild life in her area; killing innocent animals from helicopters. just for fun. What a very courageous woman, eh? Stuffing her living room with dead animals. She’s a murderess herself and deserves to be put behind bars. Besides, this woman’s just too dumb and too mentally unstable for the job of President. You can be sure that when the going gets really, really tough in the White House, she’ll want to do a fast runner just as well. All that bullshit about being harassed by the media. Well, she wanted to be VP, didn’t she? Then she’ll be grilled as hell by anyone available and rightfully so. How I detest that joke of a woman.

    • DixieConnie


      Whatever you give a woman, she will make it greater. If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.

      You wait: she is gonna give Washinton DC a whole new look.

      Go Sarah.

      • frank12594

        To DixieConnie, How on earth can we win against these stupid dumb liberal’s when they are so hateful against anyone that is supporting Sarah Palin, and calling anyone that disagree with them Right Wing Nut Job’s White Trash, this next election in 2012 is going to be a land side for the liberals again and their great Messiah Obama, Will be elected president again in 2012, and then we will all be stuck with this dictator of a president again until 2016, and not only that but its the dumb stupid age group of 18 to 45 that will put this moron back in office again, the hate from these type of people is over welming, they hate christians, republican’s and call conservatives all kind of foul names.How do we fight all of that,?? when even now obama has mostly all the media in his pocket ready to support him agan in this next election

        • DixieConnie

          frank12594: I gotta believe that its not going to happen that way. I heard today they are not going to be able to vote on the health care package. So that is good. We take it one day at a time and keep up all the noise we can. Light will always prevail over darkness. Keep the faith. Hey, what does 12594 stand for?

      • Sherea

        To DixieConnie. You really have a way with words! I’m going to write this down and quote you.

        • DixieConnie

          Sherea: write it down but unfortunately, I did not create it. It was given to me on an email. I thought it was very appropriate to reply to Frederick H.with.

    • DixieConnie

      PS Fred: right now the only really joke we got going is that B.O. in the house.

  • mike231

    I am a devoted member of your forum and I want to see you down in the lower 48 kicking the living shit out of the left field loonies and you have our support.
    The media only bothers Sarah because they know she is a major threat to the liberal personna and they don’t know how to deal with it.
    I think the media has a awakend a sleeping Giant in Sarah and she is going to make a steak dinner with all the trimmings from liberal carcuses..

    • sparky

      You are so right Mike
      The left no I will say the Right is awake finally, We need to tell every one of the ways of the left and quit being complacent, Stand up people and let your voice be heard, We do not need the Wash DC telling us every move we need to make.
      and telling how they are going to do it. call today White House switch board—————–>202-224-3121 ask for your Senators Office If they are not voting the way you and your friends think they should tell them, also tell them if they keep voting the wrong way you will do everything in your Power to remove them from Office in the next election
      Also Pray to the One that is in control That would be God , Not President Obama, Thank him for These trying times (its only to make us stronger) And also thank God for Our Savior Jesus Christ, The Way The Truth The Life, Because If you do not know Jesus , I will Pray that you Find Him.

  • Frederick H

    Aunt Sarah Appalin is a full disgrace to (the reputation of) this already tattered and torn country of ours. How is someone who’s not even able to sustain the pressures of the office of Governor in an outlandish US region, going to keep matters rolling properly in such a horribly demanding capacity as President of the US of A? Come on folks, don´t let me laugh. She´ll just go out of her way to copy the Bush-Cheney crappo politics and once again totally estrange the US from the rest of the world. If you want another round of static, harebrained power politics, just pick yer Auntie S and see how Americans are going to be spit at and mocked all around the globe. That woman really has no imagination at all, no original political vision whatsoever. The only things I hear her prattling about is the restriction on gun ownership and the risks of cap and trade regulation, both of which may surely jeopardize her corporate friends´ very huge profit margins!!! That´s what Middle Class Conservative America can´t seem to (want) to understand: this woman is just the well-lipsticked puppet of Corporate America, who´s ready to restart it´s con games in a jiffy, rob us of our savings and bring our jobs to low-pay third world countries. (Obama was quite right about the effect of lipstick on a pig).

  • Voice of Reason

    Oh my Lord, first the GOP and Fox news sponsored tea parties, then the ridiculous Obama birthers, followed by the Republican conspiracy theorists, and now Glenn Beck calling Obama a White Racists. Isn’t anyone here at this site embarrassed to be a Republican?

    Anyway, I listen to Palin’s farewell speech if you will, in its entirety. With her speech going off in multiple tangents, and the incoherent chatter. I felt kind of sorry for her. I really wonder if this woman is off her meds, and I am being serious about this. At any rate, I do hope she comes back in 2012 as a Republican candidate. It would be amusing to say the least…

  • Anaheim Phil

    correction for
    Anaheim Phil on July 28th, 2009 at 5:54 pm:
    written: cense
    should be: sense

  • James Corbin

    Why would we think Obama would try to pull a fast one on us!!! ANSWER; He
    does it all the time. This is one of O’s big tricks! As for Sarah, She is honest and says what she means. I would say she is smarter than our community organizer!
    He finally made it to senator. Sarah —-Governor.

  • James Corbin

    Jon, you are right!! I have thought this for a long time. Obama, has been groomed for this for along,long time. Everything he does is against america. If you notice he never builds us up. never says anything good. He isn’t building up our military. If ever we need a strong military it is now!

    ” Beware of the enemy from within!!! Every nation that has fallen, has fallen from within.”

  • Harry

    It is regrettable that both sides (left and right) must resort to name calling and insulting the other side’s protagonist. Much more could be accomplished if one would stick to the issue rather than ad hominem remarks toward either the person writing their opinion or their hero or champion.

  • Richard Willey

    I”m going to borrow $5000.from Matt.Then I”m going to make his children and grand children pay him back.

  • DixieConnie

    I think we should ALL go to the White House and have a BEER with BO. Didn’t he look ever so cute in his rolled up sleeves, he and Biden. I bet they got a whole lot accomplished in that meeting.

  • Frederick H

    Right on Harry, fully agreed. Yes, you want to deal with healthy, civilized people here at the Forum, not with totally sick Nazi psychopaths (such as our friend Farrightwinger here above), calling the President N*****bama. On the other hand, that’s America in the 21st century just as well, apparently. We’ll have to deal with it. Scum will be scum and very slow to go extinct. (See what the IRA is still doing in Northern Ireland and the ETA in Spain and France). Anyway, perhaps the heart of the matter we’ve been discussing here lies not so much with President Obama’s alleged obstinacy, foolhardiness or whatever you want to call it or with Sarah Palin’s lack of intellectual aptitude or cultural finesse, but with American socio-political culture in general. Matters which have been settled a long time ago in other Western countries (such as the legalization of abortion and of the distribution and use of soft drugs [under certain strict conditions, of course]; gay marriage, embryonic stem cell research, profound health care reform and the explicit endorsement of ‘green’ energy technology) are still heavily debated in the USA. Considering the level of progress made in all these matters in e.g. the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Japan and even Spain (despite the Vatican’s staunch opposition). I really, really pity America, that’ll soon find itself in state of full-blooded cultural backwardness if the powers out to maintain and reinforce the status quo regain the upper hand. God forbid. Oh, lest I forget: I’ll surely report FRW’s psychiatric Nazi filth to the moderators; rest assured! t

  • Byron

    There is proof, that Sen. Joe McCarthy was right.

  • Byron

    Now that i understand, i can see why there was a Hollywood actors black list. It is more evident with the current actors we have now. How can a bunch of hedonist, atheist, anarchist, narcissist, alcoholic, drugged up low budget trailer park trash try and push their twisted views on America.

  • Free American

    First I am proud to be an American! Always have been. At this time in our history I do mourn the loss of the values that made this country great.

    Where is the truly free debate at election time? Where are the real town hall meetings that welcome everyone? Why is everything so scripted? Why are only political views reported, not true facts? Where is my free America that encouraged debate in school? We didn’t accept half baked theories in high school as fact. Our teachers encouraged and assigned debate on every topic to encourage free thought. People were allow to mention all literature, even the Bible. Okay liberal friends, said Bible. Quit being so narrowminded and allow people to think and worship freely.

    Why can’t you judge fairly? Sarah is a bright, attractive, down to earth woman with a resume thicker than Obama’s. As a woman, I watch this all of the time. Jealous women always bash and try to discredit anyone they see as a threat. Sarah has some good ideas. Yet, those are not even given any ink. Why didn’t the media lay off her family as they did Clinton’s or Obama’s? Liberals have been playing dirty politics. Research should not be a foreign language and should be done on the things that matter rather than on an individual’s child or family life. We do care what influences our leaders, but give equal coverage and consideration to all candidates. Liberals just don’t get it. If an individual disagrees with a church, you leave and go somewhere that teaches something that aligns with your beliefs.

    The reason people have buyers remorse with this president is that we can no longer believe anything he says. Because what he does speaks so loud we can no longer hear him or want to even listen to him. HIs color has nothing to do with his disapproval. His beliefs and actions do not align with the average American. We love this country. We love our constitution and wish all congressman and senators felt as we do. We wish a degree in early American history and economics would be required of anyone holding an office in this country.

    Sarah P., Mitt Romney. Mike H. and John McCain are all great countyman and would have all made better choices than our president has in this office. We want men of integrity surrounding our leaders, not the crowd we now have. Americans do have buyers remorse and wish they could hold the election again!!

  • Frederick H

    Well, Free American, crying for those good old, cozy times, eh? My dear, those times are definitely over, thank god. We live in a practically fully globalized world and you still seem to linger in the rosy and golden 1950′s? How pathetic. The world is changing incredibly rapidly, Free American. The US of A is not the super power state so many of you diehard conservatives would like it to be. Just a couple of weeks ago a book was published stressing the rapidly increasing role of China not only as an Economic Factor of major significance, but as a cultural Mekka just as well. Yes, Uncle Sam’s position noticeably resembles that of the ancient Babylonian king Nebukadnezar’s nightmare statue. Its “earthen limbs” are just not strong enough to sustain the pressures of these postmodern times. Conservatives are so totally blind to the fact “reform” is not a dirty “four letter word”, so to speak, but a dire necessity in this day and age. If the old 20th century US consumer mentality (fueled by the perverse and selfish greed of Corporate America, especially the banks, the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry and the hundreds of commercial lobbyists), doesn’t dissipate quickly, very quickly, our entire economic system will collapse within not even a decade. And this will not only render hundreds of thousands of folk jobless, but it will cost lives just as well. President Obama is absolutely right about this: change or suffer the horrible consequences. For instance, the cost of care for the aged is increasing at an incredible rate (we’re growing older and older and older), so the insurance companies (will have to and) are already raising their premium rates to incredible heights. How’s the average middle class family going to survive financially if they have to keep up with the speed of inflation? And now you want President Obama to solve this problem for you. Where’s the money going to come from? If he keeps spending and letting the dollar engines roll, you start complaining that he’s gone awry and is putting us and our offspring in debt for ages to come. But what’s he supposed to do then? Just sit on his hands and pray to god for a miracle or two? Come on now, grow up at last, be realistic. All over the world political leaders are wrestling with the exactly the same problems the President is facing and yes, everywhere people are accusing the government of incompetency and idiocy. (Look at what’s happening in Japan and what happened in Iceland recently!). Well, Free American, as he old saying goes, bachelors’ wives and maidens’ children are very well taught……

    • Anaheim Phil

      You are right, Fred.
      Capitalism of USA is entering monopolistic stage more aggressively than capitalism in Europe and other countries.
      American capitalism can become run-away train, which is going faster and faster to own destruction.
      French remedy for run-away capitalism is big tablespoon of socialism.
      What will be best remedy for USA capitalism remains to be seen.
      What we can do? Wake up and open our eyes for a starters.

  • Richard Willey


  • Frederick H

    You know, Anaheim and Richard, what saddens me no end is the fact that the situation in which President Obama finds himself now (being accused of ill-will, a profound ethnic bias and a diabolic political agenda) manifests itself practically all over the planet. Need I tell you what’s happening in Northern Ireland, where Catholics and Protestants are still slashing each other’s throats, because of a whole load of deep-seated mistrust that’s been there for ages upon ages? Need I mention the Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plight who’s being accused of favoring the poor Indians at the expense of the rich Whites (and Indians for that matter) and should therefore be kicked out of office? Need I indicate what happened in South-Africa after former President Mandela came to power? Thousands upon thousands of white citizens fled the country for fear of constant harassment or worse. But neither Bolivia nor South-Africa evolved into totalitarian states where there’s no place for wealthy individuals or where whites run the risk of being lynched on a daily basis. Quite the contrary, it’s the poor “colored” inhabitants who still have to struggle for a decent living day by bloody day and whose hope for improvement of their predicament is being persistently challenged. And let’s not forget my dearest Michelle Bachelet, Chile’s first female president, a fully declared socialist who nevertheless succeeded in convincing friend and foe that she is not at all an enemy of free enterprise. So, did Chile turn into a totalitarian dictatorship under Mrs. Bachelet’s “rule”? Rhetorical question: of course it didn’t, but many a right wing Chilean politician at the time of Michelle’s presidential campaigning in 2006 did try to turn up the scare screws and taint her reputation as a dependable and well-balanced candidate for the job. But, of course, in the US the army of right-wing political scare-crows has been rattling their tam-tams increasingly louder and louder from the day President Obama first showed his face on the networks up until now. And, quite obviously, a whole parallel army of parrots started screeching along by the roadside, as loud as they could: *beware, he’s a socialist, he wants to destroy America, he’s out for the hides of whites, he must be kicked out of that White House or maybe even killed as swiftly as possible*. But that’s the way things will be in a country that largely stopped developing socially (not technologically, of course, but really socially), somewhere in the 1960s. Martin Luther King’s dream is still waiting to be fulfilled, despite all the whole hubbub about the colored senator Obama having been elected President. Change still seems to be predominantly cosmetic, as it is!

  • Richard Willey

    Frederick: u started your last tirade by calling evryone but u and the left wing pathetic. A typical condescending left wing expect me to support your views .i dont.The USA is unique .We are not Chile ,Eu,Cuba, Russia,N.Korea,Iran,neither communist or socialist.I dont care to be .I and millions of other Americans are very pround of every thing we have stood for .You may be ashamed .I am not .Taxing our chidren their children and who knows how many generations beyond this into subservance simply makes us and them slaves to you and your foul attitudes.I have no desire to go global.Trade yes ,but keep our unique independence.To say we cant is to ignore 200 yrs of happiness and independaence. The scum that is in Washington have raped this country.We cannot spend our way out of our obligations .Let the chips fall where they may . Global warming is a hoax. healthcare is a joke.bailouts are a scam. Gov. is not the answer.people are the answer .A united people We the people.When the chips are down americans help americans without interferance from the gov.

  • Frederick H

    The irony, Richard Wiley, is that you’re in fact literally quoting Mao, Lenin, Castro and yes, Hitler, by saying (and I quote) people are the answer .A united people We the people. But, unfortunately, Richard, people only govern themselves in fairy tales. In reality, the so-called people will always look for a leader, someone (or a body of political know it alls) willing to come up withpractical(most of the time pseudo) solutions for their problems. And we all know what that will amount to eventually, dictatorship. The tragedy of (what you call) The American People is the state of Total Illusion, they´re living in currently. People think that they´ll enjoy freedom by puttingGovernment` tightly on hold. But they forget that a whole army of Corporate Emperors and Princes is already heavily controlling their lives and will do even more so without proper Federal and State control. Big Pharma is dumping all kind of poisonous shite on the market and you keep popping their pills and capsules by the millions, crying out loud for help when your body is infested with incurable cancer. The Food Industry is killing us and our children with a whole load of fatty, sugary and salty garbage, hugely reinforcing the incidence of obesity, diabetes and cardio vascular diseases. I should know, because I´m a medical specialist myself. The insurance companies are charging us outrageous fees annually and may even refuse to grant you proper intensive care when you´re in dire need of it. So, come on man, wake from your dreams: people can´t rule themselves, in the end it´s the money hungry Corporate boys who´ll do that for you and lull you asleep with their commercial crap ads, when you begrudge Government its responsibility to keep a sharp eye on the movements of Corporate America ( as the Obama administration is gladfully doing now).
    This is what Fox News is ramming down your throats day by day, leave it all to the world of Big Business and everything will be OK. Well, remember the recession we´re enjoying right now????? Think again, bud.

  • Richard Willey

    Fredrick: You should have been a comedian. No more comments 4 you.Maybe 1. Cuba is not that far ,You would fit in nicely there.N.korea is another option.bye

  • LB

    It is almost humorous to watch and predict what the liberals are going to say next. Throwing stones seems to be the norm, not the exception. Bush is out, so get over it. If you have any real common sense, you will know that the housing failure is not Bush’s fault. If anything, and I mean no slur on him, Clinton would be more responsible for our present condition. Yes, he is the one that forced the banks to make loans to folks that they knew could not qualify for, or afford. So, you have many folks that couldn’t afford these homes and when their Adjustable Rate Mort. went up, and the worth of their investments declined, they were stuck and broke. Many of these foreclosures are from investment properties. Folks that wanted to make a million over night. Anyway, the banks couldn’t afford it,,,,so on and on. It is a domino effect. It has nothing to do with the CEO’s making big bonuses. No one likes this, but it is not the Gov’s responsibility to tell these companies not to give bonuses, it’s the stock holders job. They have been doing this for many years. Anyway, quit throwing stones.
    Obama is not the major concern here. He can’t do anything without Pelosi. She is the power of the Democratic party. Without her, some of the moderate Democrats would get their guts and fight all of this health care rubbish. Yes, it is rubbish. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be lying to us about what is or not in the bill. There is absolutely no reason that someone should be faulted for demanding that they read the bill before having a town hall meeting with the people. Hey, they can’t/won’t even answer questions. Why? Because they haven’t read the bill. Pleases find me one congressperson that has so that I can ask them some questions about it. And please tell me where we are going to get the money for it. Or, for that matter where are we going to get the billions needed to fight another war in Afghanistan. Folks have been hollering about how Bush left us a trillion dollars in the hole. How much has Obama put us in the hole in six months? I think he has already doubled it, right? So, lets get over Bush.
    Palin? She has done an excellent job up there in Alaska, mostly on her own. Obama hasn’t done anything on his own, in his whole life. I don’t mean to bash him, just stating facts as we know it. Of course, it is kind of hard to know otherwise when everything is a secret. Palin has guts and honesty about her. If she wasn’t so good, the liberals wouldn’t be trying so hard to bring her down, even after the election is over. You know why? Because they are scared! They know that she has a chance of beating Obama next time through, and on her own too.
    It makes no difference to me whether or not Obama’s COB is legit. But, I am just like many others that have developed a curiosity about it. Are you going to fault me for that? You can scream all you want the he has proved it, but it is obvious that he hasn’t proved it enough to satisfy a large group of folks.
    Yes, Obama does believe in Socialism. I have been all over the world and I know you don’t want socialized medicine. He also wants to limit health care to our older folks and cut medicare. Don’t argue with me, he said it.
    Don’t bash Palin for her speaches. Look at what happens to Obama when he is not reading. He called police officers stupid. He said old folks may not need a pace maker,,,,just give them a pill. He said they don’t need hip replacements,,,they can be given a pain pill. Don’t believe me, than open your ears. Maybe you are screaming so hard that you are not listening to what is happening to our country. I didn’t make it through three wars, to have my country given away without a struggle.

  • Frederick H

    Again LB, all we read here in your post amounts to totally lame allegations, hear-say and outright lies. First off, you conservatives keep bleating that Obama’s so keen “Socialism”, but where is your hard evidence? When and where did he unequivocally indicate his adherence to socialism as a socio-political ideology? Do you even know what socialism is at all? Apparently, you conservatives are only capable of thinking in terms of black and white, nothing in between. It’s either socialism or blunt capitalism. Well, talk about primitive thinking. I think you should educate yourself on the difference between socialism and social democratic politics. Politicians subscribing to the latter favor a full balance between governmental and corporate power. But mind you, government (the President or the prime minister in many countries as well as Congress or Parliament) comprises a body of chosen administrators, people therefore with a clear-cut public mandate. So, government is fully entitled to keep a keen eye on the machinations of Corporate representatives. In times of crisis (such as we’re experiencing presently) government has every right in the world to launch (temporal), control-related initiatives towards socially and economically highly significant corporations (banks, major industries, etc.). This has absolutely but really nothing whatsoever to do with socialism. In a socialist system, such as observed in a.o. Cuba, N-Korea and Venezuela (up to a large extent), political leadership entails total and permanent dictatorial power over corporate decision making. Besides, any critical discussion of the government’s social and/or legislative initiatives will be duly discouraged (at best) and eventually severely punished. President Obama’s policies don’t come close to such a mentality for even a shadow of an inch. Quite the contrary: through his weblog as well as public meetings and hearings he’s consistently encouraging an open debate of his policies. As far as I know, no president before him has so diligently tried to get his message across the arena of parties concerned and respond to criticism as best as he can. But, of course, some parties will be full of paranoia, envy, spitefulness, outright bigotry and, not to forget, sheer ignorance. For instance, where in the health reform bill did you read, precisely, that the aged will be treated as third class suckers and send home with a pill instead of e.g. a decent pace maker or an expertly constructed new hip? It’s all rumors and smear-campaigning without the slightest hard, factual ground whatsoever.

    As for Palin, this woman is mediocrity incarnated. She’s merely parroting the blah blah that conservative pundits and media hot shots (such as Dick Morris and Glenn Beck) have been strewing around ever since President Obama took office (i.e. stop cap and trade, restrict abortion, keep drilling for oil despite the very, very bleak perspectives fossil-fuels in the near future as well as irreparable damage to the ecosystems involved). But, surely, the cliché mantras she’s reciting endlessly are honey to the tongues of a whole host of industrial tycoons who are shitting their fancy pants for utter fear of losing their trillion dollar profits under the Obama administration. The conservatives’ naiveté in this respect keeps astounding me no end.

    No LB, the liberal press isn’t preoccupied with Palin because of her strength or her talents, because she possesses none of these. They’re merely concerned about the fact that a complete intellectual non-entity with a pair of glitzy glasses will enter the WH and put us (and a substantial part of this world) back a few decades. Bush sr and jr all over again. Yikes…..

    • Sir Terrence

      I say we all calm down; A Liberal will be a Liberal and a Conservative will be a Conservative but when the Mid Term elections come in 2010 we all will know for a fact what the peoples voice will be and then I suppose this battle will again rage on.
      I am a stanch conservative but in-fighting want resolve anything but more of the same and a way to vent your opinions. Let us wait and see when the voting starts… let us verily see by “WE THE PEOPLE” who are the winners and yes… the losers.

  • The Insurgent

    Comment removed for offensive content.

  • Richard Willey



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