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States Controlled By GOP Seeking Change In Voting Rules

September 22, 2011 by  

Republican leaders within these States are moving to trim the policies concerning early voting days, increase identification requirements and put new restrictions on how voters receive notifications about their absentee ballots.In a move that might reverse the years of expanding when and how people are able to vote, State Legislatures that are under Republican control are looking to tighten the rules for the electoral process, The Associated Press reported.

Republican leaders within these States are moving to trim the policies concerning early voting days, increase identification requirements and put new restrictions on how voters receive notifications about their absentee ballots, according to the media outlet.

These Republicans say they are looking to change the voting rules in order to prevent fraud. This move allegedly came due to the lack of money that many local election officials have, and the potential for illegal practices because of this shortfall.

“We’ve had nothing short of a rhetorical firefight for years between the folks who are worried about fraud and folks who are worried about disenfranchisement — a firefight which is pretty much neatly broken down between the two major parties,” Doug Chapin, an election expert at the University of Minnesota, told the AP.

The State legislature in Pennsylvania has started a movement to award electoral votes by Congressional districts, something that could swing the outcome of a close Presidential election, The New York Times reported.

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  • JJM

    Does this mean my cousin can only vote 1ce each cycle? My non-citizen uncle cannot vote? My dead Grandfather cannot vote? Why not?
    Next thing you know, I will have to prove that I am a taxpayer, military vet or retired before I can vote for someone who will give me other people’s tax dollars.

    • Brad

      That’s right JJM,

      Each state should require all registered voters to present a state issued I.D./driver license to include a state issued voter registration card at their polling station. The final pieace, each state should maintain a voter registration data base and accessed by state polling station personnel indicating said person voted on said day. What this prevents, said person going to another polling station and voting twice, we all need to prevent fruad in our electoral system and that goes for all party’s.

      • eddie47d

        You are only registered at one polling station so it is not likely that you can waltz into another station and cast a vote. Mainly your name wouldn’t be on the list. Even if you previously lived in another district your chances of having two separate ID’s would be rare. You are only spooking folks with scare stories for if it were true then they could still do it with these new cards. I think the Republicans are trying to complicate the process for their benefit not for some high moral ground.Such as in Wisconsin and here in Colorado. Where R- Gessler is trying to stop absentee ballots from going out for November even though they voted in the spring election.

        • 45caliber


          You are either lying or you simply no nothing about the process of voting.

          It is easy to get multiple voting cards. Even an individual can do it. ACORN did it all the time. Then they would bus people from one voting site to the next. As they got off the bus they would hand the “voters” a card to vote under. And with “motor voter” you don’t have to have your name on the records to vote.

          With voter ID, they would also have to hand them a picture ID for the name on the card. This could cause them serious problems.

          • Fed up

            Wouldn’t that be awesome — No more dead people and dogs voting and actually being counted by the crooks that are in with it. We might really have a legal vote. It would be nice to set it up to penalize those states that intentionally wait to long to send out veterans voter registrations.

          • 45caliber

            Fed Up:

            Check which states have problems getting the papers to the military so they can vote.

            The military is primarily conservative. Only about 10% of them are liberal and vote Democrat. So most Democrat states don’t really want them voting.

            Not that it really matters. Unless the vote is really close they never bother to count any absentee votes anyway. It takes too much of their time to do it. Check and you’ll see.

          • Christin

            Well, 45, if the States aren’t counting Absentee Ballots and the Military Vote “because it takes too much of their time” unless the vote is close… then not everyone’s vote was counted… as stated by LAW.

            It is no wonder Demos win as probably more Republicans do Absentee voting, unless your employer is ACORN then you probably do a bunch of fraudulent Absentee-ballots. :(

            Stricter requirements for Absentee voting is needed with maybe an ID such as a valid driver’s license with address… as it was before, the only time you could get an Absentee Ballot was when, well, you were going to be absent on Voting Day for various REAL reasons like out of town, out of state, out of the country, in the hospital… NOT because you didn’t want to stand in line.

            Go to vote in person so your vote will count!

        • Wordwaryor

          But, at Early Voting Stations, you can vote at any of them. So you are not just registered at one voting station. Hopefully, their computer record will prevent you from voting twice …. but who knows if that’s the case.

          Dead people have voted. Dogs have voted. Cartoon characters have voted. What does that tell you ?

          And it is usually only ONE party that does this the most …..

        • Brad

          Sorry Eddie47d,

          There are no scare tactics involved; I have to present my voter registration card to include a picture ID, then a poll worker checks my name from a list of registered voters. Eddie, I live in Maryland a very left leaning state, so you have blown your scare tactics part out of the water.

          Secondly wasn’t it some Dem AG in VA. that prevented the timely mailing of military absentee ballots, that did disinfranchise those military members from voting because they wouldn’t of had the time to vote and return said ballots in time to be counted. As you say Eddie, get your facts strait and quit propagandizing our thread. It’s been proven over time, Dems rigg elections, more elections then Repubs, but I am saying they both do it the Dems more often then not. By changing said laws makes voting fair for all and prevents ineligible individuals from voting

          • eddie47d

            Sometimes ballots aren’t even printed up until a month before the election because someone challanges a ballot issue. By the time they get to the Post Office it’s too late to ship them overseas and get them back in time. If the ballot is dated the day of election and arrives a week late it is still valid but might not make any difference in the count.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            anyone that doesn’t believe in life after death should be in chicago at voting time!!!

        • Mac

          In 2004 in Salt Lake County, Utah, I did not have to present my registration card or any other ID. All I gave was my name, and when that was found I was allowed to vote. I hope that has been changed; I could see many ways to register multiple times, multiple names. Photo ID must be required at polling places.

        • The Mariel Martin

          Sir, no one is trying to spook people–the fact is, our election process has changed dramatically–early voting, much more absentee voting, electronic voting, centralized vote counting (instead of at precincts) etc., but the SAFEGUARDS are still the same–precinct boards, poll-watchers–and they are inadequate in the face kof modern voting practice. My husband and I have both run for office and I see numerous ways the results can be manipulated, some I was able to ameliorate by lodging complaints, others continue. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOLKS. Remember anything that causes you to vote at any place or time other than on election day at your polling place increases the likelihood that your ballot can be manipulated. If you must vote absentee, drop it in the ballot box at the polling place to be sure it is accounted for and not “lost in the mail.”
          And YES, people can vote twice by demanding a provisional ballot even if they are not on the list–make a point, poll-watchers, to be there when the provisional ballots are opened. Eddie, you need to read up on election fraud–John Fund has written a good deal on it.

      • Christine

        People who want absentee ballots should have to go pick them up in person and show ID to prove they are eligible to vote. Millitary would, of course, not need to show up in person, but would get the ballots mailed to them. The current absentee ballot rules pretty much let anybocy (or nobody)vote.

      • WickedPickle

        You wanna get rid of fraud? Then vote to abolish the electoral college.. Let the peoples’ vote decide the final outcome and not a group of politicians who manipulate their districts in the name of money and favors.. The electoral college was necessary in the times of the horse and buggy but it is nothing save another opportunity to gain a position in spite of the popular vote today. And do not allow Florida to be the final stand (there’s a reason for that hidden in obscure 19th century law).

        • gail lightfoot

          The purpose of the Electoral College is to balance the popular vote against the states preventing the large population centers from controling the outcome. The Founding Framers wisely set up those pesky checks and balances for good reasons. We should go back to how the Constitution was written [State Legislatures select the Senators] restoing all the checks and balances.

          CA requires ID the first time you vote but does not require it for an absentee ballot when you are a long time voter.

          Real fraud takes place in the counting machines. Computers will be able to do anything. Fixing the outcome is quite simple and, if discovered, takes so long to investigate that no one is removed for office because of a fraudulent election. Happened in Nevada. FEC said Oh Yea, you are right but it is halfway thru the term so we won’t do anything except say You are right.

    • wandamurline

      Texas just implemented a law that you have to have a picture identification to vote. I guess we will be disenfranchising all of the “dead” people who voted in 2008. It is about time.

  • http://ByGeorge By George

    At least the problem is now recognized and this is a first step to removing the ability of the losers, moochers and non producers from voting themselves other peoples money. Of course it would help if these people had jobs, even the menial ones to which they are apparently best suited; but as America is broke and so is the rest of the world, a new formula for assistance to the poor will have to be developed. Perhaps we can start by selling off their HD TV’s, air conditioning units, one of their cars (the expensive one), and other items that keep them forever in the poverty class. Just an idea.

  • s c

    I’d like to see less and less dependence on a voting system where dupes and shills can get in line to vote multiple times for the SOB who promises more than any other candidate. It hasn’t been that long ago that a certain loser [Gore] tried to block the votes of people serving in the military. Has that insanity been corrected?
    Does it have to be said that if one side concludes that veterans don’t need to vote, then veterans should be placated and know that no stinking DEAD voter can get his or her votes counted?
    Do it the old-fashioned way, and get rid of those damned electronic voting booths. If it takes a lot of time to count votes, that’s tough. Better to be slow than to be used and abused by those who should be posing in front of a firing squad or dancing at the end of a rope.

    • Ellen

      Didn’t most of the military ballots get ‘lost’ during the 2008 election?

      • ValDM

        They just don’t send them out in a timely fashion. Oh, it gets mailed on time, but there’s just not enough time to get them sent back to be counted. Talk about disenfranchising voters……they’ve done a fine job on the military folks.

      • eddie47d

        No roadblocks should be put up for any American citizen. If you are 18 years or older and a legal citizen you are welcomed and encouraged to enter the voting booth.

        • 45caliber


          There are no roadblocks for the American voter. If you want to vote, go vote. The closest thing to a roadblock is the failure of the states to mail out the absentee ballots to the troops. You can insist there are roadblocks – i.e., insist you can’t get a photo ID – but considering that you need it for most things you do anyway, that is a lie. Anyone can get one.

        • Mac

          As 45caliber says, there is no reason to allow someone to vote without a photo ID. No burkas, no masks allowed. The few individuals who are so handicapped that they cannot get a photo ID most likely don’t care about voting anyway, and are most likely voting the way someone else tells them to rather than voting intelligently.

    • DaveH

      Actually, SC, computerized voting could make the voting process much more transparent than it currently is.
      We could have two databases for each election. One database would store the ‘voter information’ (Identification, address, polling place, etc.). And the other database would store the ‘votes cast’ with a unique alphanumeric ID which was given to the voter at the polling place. The polling place would also be stored on this database for each voter to identify problem polling places. Only the voter would know his alphanumeric ID so secrecy would be preserved. The database would be accessible by the public. Anyone or any organization could check the ‘voter information’ database to see if any illegal voters cast votes. The votes in the ‘votes cast’ database could be easily tallied by anyone to see if votes were counted correctly and that the number of votes matched the number of voters in the ‘voter information’ database. Also, an individual voter would be able to check his alphanumeric ID to see that his votes are in the database correctly, and if not, he/she could notify the proper authorities or the proper news media.
      The question is, can we get the Politicians to go for such an ironclad voting system?

    • 45caliber


      I definately agree that we should do away with all this computer voting. One local site made a mistake and entered some votes wrong. They called to get a person to correct this. It took him less than three minutes to do it because it was so easy to change the votes.

      We need to go back to the paper ballots and let people count them. At least you can assure that the recount is correct if the first one was.

      • DaveH

        Not really. You still are dependent on the honesty of the people who do the counting. Do you or I have any way of knowing if our votes were properly tallied? If we had the database described above, anybody or any organization could count the votes, check to see if the voters are eligible, or check to see if our votes were entered properly in the databases, at any time. And it would be quick and easy.

  • CP

    I just saw here a suggestion for something that was eliminated a long time ago, the poll tax. For those of you lacking in historical knowledge. at one time you were required to pay roughly the equivalent of a month’s wages for a working man to be allowed to vote in any election. That way only the businessmen and rich would have any say in how things were done. Supposedly, they knew what was best for everyone else in the community and the country as a whole. I wonder why that was eliminated when our constitution was written? Could it be that our founding fathers saw what so many now can’t, that ALL the people deserve a voice in the country they live in?

    • Ellen

      While a poll tax is unfair, a short test at the beginning of the vote should be instituted. We could weed out the people who don’t think and just vote whatever someone else told them to vote. It would also weed out anyone who doesn’t speak English. People have to learn English to become a citizen, so anyone who doesn’t know English isn’t a citizen and should not be allowed to vote.

    • Jim

      I believe that all adult citizens deserve a voice in the country in which they live. Unfortunately, this may lead to the election of ill-informed, self-serving idiots since people tend to vote for candidates similar to them. What to do? What to do?

    • witsend

      CP, I have reread the comments and I just cannot find where anyone advocated the reinstatement of a poll tax. You would be correct about a poll tax being just plain wrong. However, you are incorrect with your statement “ALL the people deserve a voice in the country they live in?” All citizens have a right to vote, but not all deserve it. No one, in any country, DESERVES the right to vote in a language other than the language of that country. Anyone who has not done at least a cursory study of the candidate and/or issue DESERVES to vote. Anyone who cannot take the time to register and get a pictured ID (needed for all kinds of other reasons) DESERVES to vote. Nonetheless, in the USA, they do have a RIGHT to vote.

    • DaveH

      When the Constitution was designed, the States were Sovereign, and it was intended to stay that way. The Constitution was created primarily to describe the duties and functions of the Federal Government. The voting processes that the Constitution describes were solely in relation to the election of Federal officials, not State officials.
      The Constitution.

    • 45caliber


      You are wrong about our founding fathers wanting everyone to vote. They wanted only PROPERTY OWNERS to vote on the argument that only people who are solid and settled in a district should vote. This was changed nearly a hundred years later. And from what I’ve seen, I tend to agree with them. You need someone more concerned about improving the area to vote than you need someone who hasn’t an axe to grind to vote for whoever promises the most “free” money.

  • death to non belivers

    there was a time you had to be a land owner to vote. i dont know why we ever changed that law. people who receive any form of payments from any govt entity shd not be allowed to vote. those votes will be bought by the person who will contiue to give them cash and more.

    • Commonsense


      • eddie47d

        Really Now! That would also include Veterans who live in Apartments or Veterans homes.More cheap shots from the bow of the right.

        • DC/Tex

          Still licking your fingers Eddie, was that the clean end of that turd?

    • ValDM

      With that suggestion, death, you will have eliminated EVERY person who draws SS. Our retirees would have no say, and they’re some of the most commonsensical people we have in this country. What would you do with those folks that own land AND draw SS?

  • Ted69retiredof Virginia

    Picture ID must be presented in order to vote. Maybe if the ID is also digitally tagged so it would immediately show at all other voting stations in the district that the voter is from that he/she has voted. Attempts to vote more than once should be treated swiftly, out back at the voting place where the firing squad would be set up. It would probably take only a few instances to reform the rest of the voting public that freedom isn’t free and that one man one vote is a citizens privilege, and honesty is necessary for a nations survival. Another benefit would be that a lot of liberals would be looking for other jobs, rather quickly instead of mysteriously located ballots in trunks of cars presented as victory, like in say Nevada, maybe.


    Wow! Only property owners vote? SS recipients ineligble to vote? What happens if you receive SS and own property? Do you get half a vote. In all sincerity, there has been very little fraud in recent elections. If you want fraud though, look at Florida, Jeb and George Bush, 2000. Predominately black districts get few voting machines. All types of road blocks were set against the elderly and minorities including the poor. Although this wasn’t fraud by the definition, it served its purpose to rig a state. Why else would Jeb tell George not to concede. He knew the die was cast. The days of Tammany Hall are well behind us, but the Republicans want to bring them back.

    • newspooner

      Voting fraud has be frequent in Massachusetts elections over the years. Tea Parties are making some progress in cleaning up the situation. Compulsory unions are squawking.

  • Mac

    When I lived in Utah I was amazed that I did not have to show an ID to vote. Sure, they found the name I gave them- what I was registered under- but I did not have to prove that I was that person. I can see all kinds of ways to have registered in advance at different precincts and voted many times. Showing a state-issued photo ID or drivers license only makes perfect sense. ANY one with the intelligence to vote intelligently can get a state photo ID, regardless of handicap. No photo, no vote.

  • newspooner

    Voting is the only situation in which a person should have to show a state-issued picture “ID”. Just be sure that in advocating this you don’t encourage the abomination of a “National ID Card” that must be routinely carried by citizens. Always remember Nazi Germany, Communist China, and Communist South Africa, among others.


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