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State Workers Don’t Want To Play By Same Rules As Federal Employees

March 4, 2011 by  

State workers don't want to play by same rules as Federal employeesLiberals across the United States are up in arms about several State proposals that would limit collective bargaining rights for public worker unions. Legislation has been filed, and protested, in Ohio, Tennessee, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas and Indiana.

However, FOX News reported that the public outcry against these bills might be much ado about nothing. The Republican model being considered by many State legislatures is quite similar to the set of limitations placed on Federal employees. The Civil Service Reform Act (CSRA) of 1978, which was passed by Democratic President Jimmy Carter, limited the collective bargaining rights of Federal workers.

No President or legislature has since overturned the CSRA because, according to a USA Today report, Federal employees are doing just fine. The news provider estimated that Federal workers out-earn their private-sector counterparts in the same jobs by an average of $7,000 per year. In regards to benefits, Federal employees, on average, earned approximately $30,000 more than their private-sector peers.

In addition, some GOP lawmakers are calling for the end of "closed shops," which require State employees to join a union. According to FOX News, the elimination of this system has alarmed many liberal politicians because a percentage of union dues, which are mandatory contributions from employees, fund Democratic election campaigns.

For example, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the 14 Democratic State Senators who have fled Wisconsin to protest Governor Scott Walker's budget have benefited from union dues in the past. Approximately 20 percent of all campaign funds raised by these lawmakers during the last two election cycles came from public employees, according to the news source.

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  • TIME

    Fire them all! Its a simple method of getting the point across to them.
    Unions are over the top and have out lived there value as a tool to aid workers. When Unions started out they had a value. Then when the Marxist got into these same unions leadership / power they lost all the credibility they had built of working for the Working Man.

    Marxist have never been for the working man, they have only one agenda Political power its a religion of Evil. Thus turning Good into Bad.
    By the yes I not only a SAG but a MU member as well so I do know what I am talking about.
    And niether are worth crap on a stick anylonger.
    With the SAG, to get work you need a SAG Card, but if your not in the IN, you can’t get a SAG card.
    The same with an MU Card. Now most people can’t even break into the Music Biz, the real talent gets overlooked in order to give you Justin Biber types, now theres some real talent, “NOT.”

    • thinking

      There is a way for states to balance their budgets. They are doing it in California like this:
      Costa Mesa Half-Way There

      The best way to deal with public employees and their overly generous pension contracts is to not have public employees at all.

      I commend Costa Mesa for a huge but incomplete step in the right direction.

      Other than a small number of elected officials and a few administrative assistants, the correct number of public employees is zero.

      Then without any employees collective bargains can stay!
      Taxpayer, it was your money, take some back…

    • concerned

      Reading this post is like watching a pack of dogs tear each other apart for a piece of scrap. We are missing the big picture here. Instead of saying why should they have. . . . let stick together and say, we all should have good jobs with fair pay. that should be an American right. You will never have what the next guy has, we need to stop attacking each other and learn to stick together and make life better for all Americans. Remember that there is strength in numbers. The system know that, so it throws out things like this to divide and conquer.
      God Bless you and yours and the greatest country in the world

      I will not post here again. May we all find the strength to stand together too defeat any and all enemies of the poeple.

  • s c

    Public sector union types are acting like corporate CEOs. They’re acting like robber barons. They’re acting like filthy rich, non-teaching bastards who put themselves before their students. And America is supposed to be SYMPATHETIC?
    Since when do these wannabe criminals deserve protected status? Who in their right mind would support them? They are is a herd of addicts. They’re addicted to taxpayer MONEY.
    If they may must to learn the hard way that they CAN be replaced, then SOBEIT. Give them what they need, and GET RID OF THEM.
    Send the police after them. Put them in chains.
    Give them a choice between going back to WORK or losing their jobs. HOW can they think they should been seen as valuable employees when they’re NOT working?
    They’re in the proces of living out a bum’s dream. That is, they want to be paid NOT to work. People
    of Wisconsin in particular, do whatever is necessary. Put the burden on those wgo are willingly a defiant ENEMY. This is America. We do NOT bargain with workplace terrorists, union bosses who are criminals or Bolsheviks!

    • Chris

      Well, S C, at least you included corporate CEOs in your den of thieves. That’s a step in the right direction.

      • s c

        C, when I say someone (or a group) is acting like a corporate CEO, I mean they’re acting just like the people they love to hate (hypocrisy on steroids). In this matter, union types and their chums are showing America what they’re really worth (union types and their chums, i. e.).
        Hypocrisy is at the core of their disgusting behavior. They are no different than a closet Lenin or Marx. In fact, if it wasn’t for Lenin and Marx (Lenin in particular), we wouldn’t have any $#@^*& unions.
        As flawed as a corporate CEO can be, at least he or she is better than ANY public sector union SOB.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          at least the CEOs were OFFERED what they took, unlike the union goons and leaders that are holding a state hostage to get what they WANT!! A lot of those salaries of the company people were offered were offered to get them to leave a job they already had to come and work for the company that needed them!!

    • r k

      s.c. I have rarely seen a more perverted and ignorant mind like yours.

      “We do NOT bargain with workplace terrorists, union bosses who are criminals or Bolsheviks!”

      Who is a workplace terrorist and criminals?

      Filthy rich, corrupt & greedy to the core and inefficient Banksters (a.k.a. Wall Street gang) who brought down the entire financial system inspite of being the richest people on the planet and went to BEG & ROB the tax dollars from the US Treasury, of hard working people like you and me. Also brought down the stock market and wiped out SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS of savings of hundreds of millions of hard working Americans in the stock market in less then six months.
      And even then the entire clan of republicans and libertarians (both of them have ignorant and perverted mindset) do not realise the crimes of this Wall Street gang. If America was true democracy(?) then these Wall Street gang would have been behind bars for the rest of their lives.
      If this is not criminal, what is??
      If this is not financial terrorism then what is??
      And on top of this, you have the audacity to call meagerly paid State workers terrorists and criminals???, who are earning less then their counterparts in the private sector.
      Both republicans and libertarians, HAVE SOME BALANCE OF MIND TO THINK STRAIGHT.

      • s c

        Normally, a response in your direction would be a pure waste of time. Now that you’ve exposed yourself to the readers of this website [and your panties are down on your ankles], it’s painfully obvious that if you’re not on a union payroll you should be, comrade.
        Meagerly paid state workers, eh? Your kind is never honest. Why don’t you claim that union types are POOR? Between salaries and retirement, those #^*@s are the upper middle class version of the FILTHY RICH, you programmed, useful idiot.
        Class warfare is your game, comrade. Hypocrisy is your god. Get a brain transplant from your White House god, bubba. Then, come back, and maybe we can have a relatively intelligent discussion. Until then, you know what you can do with your hypocrisy (you DO know what you can do with it, don’t you?).

        • Dan az


        • http://naver samurai

          S.C., I’ve dug a lot of deep foxholes in my time, but htat’s nothing compared to the one you just put him in. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • mai ling

        RK – Your argument in this matter is totally off base because you are comparing apples to oranges. There is a big difference between the role of unions in the public sector and in the private sector. Your rant against wall street’s “robber baron’s” is a red herring argument because they are all in the private sector. Unions DO give some balance against the greedy evil bosses who may seek to get ahead at their workers expense. But public unions work for you and me and every other citizen. Therefore we are the people that they feel they must band together to protect themselves from – thus they see us as the bad guys.
        People who go into public service to serve the public – then see the public as the enemy have some fundamental problems with their thinking. If they do not want to serve the public, then they should go into the private sector. But too many people want to go into the public sector not to serve the public but rather to hold the very public they serve hostage by threatening to shut down the public sector unless the public they serve give in to their demands that they be paid more and treated better than the public they have chosen to serve.
        If the idea of serving others as a public servant is replusive to you – get out of the public sector and find a job that is appealing to you in the private sector where unions can play a necessary role.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I’m gonna waste a post on you! What about the union people that are holding the education of our children hostage and the conditions of our states as well just to steal more tax money from the people that can ill afford it at this time?? Remember, just because a homeowner is out of work, it doesn’t mean their tax bills stop comming! The schools i Ohio are funded from property taxes and you wannabe robbers just keep trying to drain more and more blood from the bodies of the taxpayers that you walk over!! all I can say to you is kiss where the sun don’t shine!!

      • Vigilant

        r k says, “s.c. I have rarely seen a more perverted and ignorant mind like yours.”

        Then you need to introspect.


      I wonder why the lamestream media is not telling about the results of a Parochial, non union education, including cost per student, compared with the results of public schools, with unionized teachers. If that is not a wake up call for America, then nothing is. When I was a student in Parochial school, there was no Federal money for any school, only local tax support. There was no Department of Education, or the myriad of government programs, which have been as effective as sticking your finger in a crack in a dam to stop the water flow. This new legislation to control the union confiscation of taxpayer money is long overdue.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        That’s always their answer to everything. got a problem? Throw some money at it! They don’t spend the money responsibly? Hell, throw some more at it!! Teachers can’t or won’t teach? Throw some more money at them!!
        The Cleveland schools spend more per student than any other school system in Ohio and have a larger drop-out problem, failure record and lower test scores than any other system in the state!! I would think that more than proves that more money is NOT THE ANSWER!!!

        • s c

          You’re right, JoeH. Cleveland is a typical example of what happens when Washington retards are given a blank check and never held accountable. This is another form of wealth redistribution in the arsenal used by politicians and their many camp-follower ‘pals.’
          Taxpayers get screwed, unions get stronger and our schools turn out students who can’t read, write, think or walk and chew gum at the same time. If those who are the source of the problem had to spend THEIR money, it would end the “let’s throw more money at it” syndrome.
          Those forkin’ porkers have had many years to ‘fix the problem,’ and all they’ve done is make things worse. I suspect that a great deal of the money wasted on public schools goes toward electing and re-electing political SOBs who create and maintain America’s education woes. It amounts to paying yourself to spend and waste other people’s money. Combine that with a cadre of state workers who have been conditioned to want, love and defend an entitlement mentality, and we get a Wisconsin situation. What a system, eh?

  • JJM

    Shut ‘em down as an enemy of the state. $7 K raise and $30 K benefits sounds good until you realize we are paying it. If they don’t like their job and compensation – let ‘em find something else. It might even encourage some new productive innovation in this country!!

  • Stephan F.

    At the risk of sounding redundant, I proffer the following:

    Look, it all boils down to this: either you’re a member of the elite & privileged political class (all government employees — unionized or not), or you’re not. Those members of the elite class live an artificially higher standard of living that is subsidized & paid for by those in the private sector, who don’t enjoy such privileges. I consider this hypothesis to be immutable and several thousand years of history validates this principle. Therefore, one must conclude that these elites, some 20+ million, are clearly parasites, and for the following reasons: (1) they are living at the expense of the private-sector working class, and (2) they force the latter mentioned class to live at a much lower standard of living than they ordinarily would. Simply stated, through the use of political maneuvering and government force, the elites have literally enslaved the non-elites. Welcome to the wonderful world of class-warfare.

    Now, if you reside in the former class, congratulations, you’re living a privileged existence and I bow to your greed. However, I suggest you start making plans to scale back a bit, because I assure you this gravy train is about to end soon, and probably rather abruptly.

    For those of you, like me, who happened to reside in the latter class, I have to ask: when are you going to wise up and stop these greedy, selfish & immoral elites from enslaving you? Or if you already understand the situation, what took you so long — economic enslavement by privileged government employees has been going on for decades now. Where have you been and why have you kept silent?

    In any event, get off your butts and get active !

    • Dan az

      Stephan F.
      I whole heartily agree well said again!

  • Mick

    JJM says:
    March 4, 2011 at 8:29 am
    Shut ‘em down as an enemy of the state. $7 K raise and $30 K benefits sounds good until you realize we are paying it. If they don’t like their job and compensation – let ‘em find something else. It might even encourage some new productive innovation in this country!!

    JJM ….I have been saying that very same thing for years but as usual people have to let these Unions push to the max and wait until it’s almost too late to reverse the result of their greed..
    The population better wake-up before they bury our asses so deep that there will be no return,NO COMPROMISE WITH THUGS,,,,,,,,,,

    • TIME

      Mick, JJm, SC,
      Its is to late, the system will fail and fall, thats a given thus we can’t stop whats coming.
      Nor can we allow it to ever start up and do the same gig over again after we suffer the rath of what can only be seen as a Civil War amoung the people of this land.

      This time the Slaves as JJM has noted will have only themselfs to rely on. Thus a faith in something much bigger we must all have to rebuild this nation when all is said and done. I pray that God give me the strength and the Coruage to do the work he demands at that time.

      Perhaps when we do restart the wheel new laws will be enacted that permote JUSTICE, not Gray areas of what we now call the LAW nor Courts with Arbitration & MEDIATION to solve problems.
      Where rather than Justice being served its a strong compromise.
      Compromise is not a form of winning, its only a loss no mater how you look at it in 90% of all cases the strongest case is the one who takes the hit, so the weeker side feels they have equal footing.

      I have been doing what I do for fourty three years now, and I still am the one to call. Why is that? I produce the results that make money TIME after TIME. There are still many of us out there that can understand thats how things work.
      I pray that there are enough of us to save this nation and rebuild it after the Civil War has ravaged it.


      When I was a teenager, there were two kinds of government workers. One was a person who really wanted to devote their life to public service, and the other was someone who was too sorry to get a productive job in private industry. Then the Mafia inspired Unions came in and organized the low producers, and the cancer spread from there.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    The unions need to go. They have outlived their usefulness. Greed and corruption is their only agenda now. Wipe out all unions and you put everyone on equal footing. The laws are still on the book to protect children from becoming child labor. They did what they set out to do. Now it’s time to shut them down.

    • s c

      Robin, you’re basically right. If we could rid America of unions (especially public sector unions), career criminals (politicians) and the puppet masters who control them, America would
      again be a great nation. The polite term for all of them is domestic enemies.

    • Jeep

      Robin, you are right in that much of the need for unions has been long past. As we all know, this fight in WI is simply union thuggary trying to expand it’s base support for power. I cannot accept that if private industry workers want to “unite” then that should be outlawed. But, I will never accept that any govt employee should be allowed to unionize. There is a marked and unmistakeable difference that the protesters do not accept. This fight is less about unions, and more about the nature of unions. Do we allow govt servants to unionize and have the potential to stop govt while holding the public they serve hostage? The primary difference is that if GM goes on strike, you can get a Ford. But, if teachers go on strike, who takes thier place? You and I recognize how crazy this is…liberals don’t.

  • Howard Roark

    Even Franklin D. Rooselvt was against collective bargaining for Government workers. (see below)

    Even FDR Understood: No Collective Bargaining for Public Servants
    There is no legitimate role for government unions.
    February 23, 2011 – by Peter Ferrara Share |
    Public servants — meaning government employees — don’t work for greedy miscreants exploiting them for personal profit. They work for democratically elected officials representing the will of the people. This is just one reason why there is no legitimate role for government unions, and there should be no collective bargaining rights for public servants.

    Since public servants work for the people, their wages, benefits, and working conditions are set in accordance with the will of the people, as determined by the democratic process. This is why it is not legitimate to ask the people to compromise with public servants in collective bargaining. And this is why the pay, benefits, and working conditions for federal workers are set by acts of Congress, not through collective bargaining.

    If public servants do not like the pay, benefits, and working conditions offered to them by the people as determined through the democratic process, nothing requires them to be public servants. This is why public servants are not slaves without collective bargaining, as soon-to-be-unemployed collective bargaining agents have suggested.

    Since public servants work for the people, any strike by them would be a strike against the people. The government cannot allow the essential public services it provides to be shut down while it negotiates the pay, benefits, and working conditions for public servants through collective bargaining.

    The right of collective bargaining for private sector workers is not at issue in Wisconsin, though the government unions, the Democrats, and President Obama want to confuse the public on precisely that question. Under current law, there are plenty of market and legal checks on private sector unions to keep them from abusing the public. The ultimate limit if they push too far is that their company will be driven out of business. Though that does happen sometimes, it only happens when management fails to do its job in resisting excessive union demands. Otherwise, within current market and legal checks, private sector unions actually perform a helpful market function in ensuring that employers keep up with market wages and working conditions as expeditiously as possible.

    Not so for government unions, as governments cannot be driven out of business. They gain their revenue forcibly through taxes. As a result, there is no market limit to how much such unions can milk the public.

    Moreover, government unions themselves can choose who negotiates with them on behalf of the people, through their votes and political support. In return for lavish pay and benefits far exceeding private compensation, the unions provide a kickback in campaign contributions and muscle to their political benefactors, financed by the taxpayers. This inherent conflict of interest involved in government unions leads to oppressive political corruption, where there is no political limit as well as no market limit to the plunder of the public by government unions.

    What is at stake in Wisconsin is whether public servants work for the American people, or whether the American people work for a “public servant” aristocracy enjoying far greater pay and benefits than the taxpayers who are forced to subsidize them through the above-described political corruption.

    These are the reasons why even an ultimate liberal like Franklin Delano Roosevelt agreed with me that there should be no collective bargaining for public servants. As quoted by Michael Walsh in yesterday’s New York Post, Roosevelt said:

    All government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations when applied to public-personnel management. The very nature and purposes of government make it impossible for administrative officials to represent fully or to bind the employer in mutual discussions with government employee organizations. The employer is the whole people.

    What we are witnessing in Wisconsin today is the total breakdown of democracy, and the collapse of the rule of law. The Democrat Party in the state has refused to abide by the results of the election last November, and so has shut down the state legislature. The government unions are breaking the law by going out on strike. The anti-democracy protestors in Madison are breaking the law by continuing to occupy the state capitol. Doctors are breaking the law by writing fraudulent “sick notes.” The remaining Democrat state senators after last fall’s election have fled the state to hide from the law.

    The only people expected to obey the law in Wisconsin now are the taxpayers.

    Governor Walker and the Republicans are trying to pass a moderate bill to the left of FDR that still maintains some collective bargaining rights for government workers. Moreover, their bill would greatly benefit state and local workers by terminating government collection and payment of their union dues. This gives power to each worker to voluntarily decide if they want to pay those dues. That is like a tax cut of as much as $1,000 a year for state and local government workers. That policy needs to be adopted in every state, as taxpayer money going to government union dues is the root of political corruption in America.

    Moreover, it is Governor Walker and the Republicans in Wisconsin who are protecting the interests of working people in the state, as it is these working people who must pay the taxes for the lavish pay and benefits of public sector aristocrats, and suffer their own lost jobs and wages resulting from high taxes.

    Peter Ferrara is Director of Policy for the Carleson Institute for Public Policy, a Senior Fellow for the Heartland Institute, and Director of Entitlement and Budget Policy for the Institute for Policy Innovation. He served in the White House Office of Policy Development under President Reagan, and as Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States under the first President Bush.

  • Sprock

    First lets get the facts right. The public sector unions had little if any affect on these budget deficits. Texas is a wonderful example. They are slated to have a $27 billion deficit in the next 2 years. Texas is a right to work State. They only have 14% of their public sector work force unionized. North Carolina, right to work, 8% unionized public sector, $3 billion deficit. Arizona, right to work,22% unionized public sector, $1.4 billion deficit. The argument is and always was total BS.

    • Vieteravet

      At least in AZ we pay 10% towards our retirement. I don’t think WI pays out that much money for the illegal alien problem as TX and AZ.

      • Sprock

        My point is this is an anti public sector union attack that has nothing to do with the State budgets. If your State has a $1.4 billion deficit and less than 1/4 of you public sector employees are unionized, They are not your problem. This is an ideological battle and the Republicans are flat out lying about it. What is most galling is how the “SHEEP” buy this crap just because they heard it on Right Wing BS radio.

  • Norm is resting

    Restructuring strike laws has been needed for yearsw. Government employees should not strive. Limiting their pay level to just above private employment levels needs to be done. The Post Office employees are not highly skilled, but they receive higher wages than thowe with the same jobs in plrivate industry. In addition, it is easier to manage foreign born employees that do not follow union rules that protect the health of workers.

    In about 1970, the air freight pilots and workers struck at Easter time when the flower industry in Hawai shipping to the United States. The flowers were not shipped and the flower industry never regained its clients the follow years. Transportation facilities should not be able to strike and destroy production.

    In France there is a postal strike every few years and they last a few months destroying many private industries. In Germany, the unions and management attempt to settle strikes and the union must have over a 65 percent vote. Almost all strikes that are not settled are ajudicated (settled) by a government commission of economists. ‘No nothing’ Tea Party politicians are in a position to make money for themselves at any costs.

  • http://com i41

    Spock, you aren’t counting a the bs manates of the federal slubs have enforced on States. One area when the posts claim CEO are the problem of giant paychecks, it is the board of directors, notthe citizens who foot the freight on these unions screw offs. Collective bargining is just from smucks, who are to damned lazy to bargin for themselves, union dinks need a damn nany to feed and take care of their sorry rear. If customers will not shop in a store if the service, from corperate ladder door knobs,don’t respond to complaints of wages compared to the CEO and what the average Joe makes, no sales start to show up. Look at Wal-Mart and how they keep downsizing. I haven’t shopped in any ofthe stores for over 3 years and let everyone I come intact with what smurfs the management is. Same goes for the teachers union and other union dinks. States,Counties and Federal governments should privatize the needed work out, weather snow removal, road work or anyother jobs to be done. We all know mail delivery has been working better the areas that have privatized for decades and get rid of the dead azzes in cubiciles. All mail moved between hubs and local rural carriers are private contractors, do it with all the hubs all way to Washington with small contracts. Same goes for police and firefighters, get rid of the dead weight that do nothing.

    • Sprock

      Spoken like someone who doesn’t have a clue as to the reality of the situation. Every time privatization has been tried in the Public schools it has cost the taxpayers untold millions. We have opened and closed 3 charter high schools where I live due to either misappropriation of funds or total incompetence. Contractors cost a 1/4 to 1/2 more, including benefits, than doing the work in house. And after the work is done we have chase them around to fix their screw ups.

      • Vieteravet

        I teach at one of the top schools in AZ, we’re a charter.

        • Sprock

          If your school is working that’s great. I wish you all the success in the world. How well are you going to keep that up if they strip $700 per student out of your budget? That is where the rubber meets the road.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I suggest you look at my post above about the Cleveland Ohio schools!!

          • Sprock

            I agree money isn’t always the answer. I believe we should mandate that every parent spend a set amount of time each night going over their children’s homework and upcoming assignments. After all it was the parents who either decided to or through their neglect brought these children into this world. Also they should be made to pay additional taxes to fund the education of their children as they were the ones to impose this expense on society. You can’t have it both ways. I have seen too many cases where parents show up at school and scream at the staff that it is the schools burden to do everything from teaching their kids math and teach them how to be responsible citizens. I have seen countless times when parents drop their children off at school at 6:00Am when school starts at 8:30AM and scream at the school staff that they have to go to work and it is the schools job to take care of the kids for free. Then the parents drive off in their Lexus. Home School your kids, PLEASE, and you bear the burden of preparing them for the real world. When it doesn’t work out look in the mirror and SCREAM AT YOURSELF.

      • coal miner



  • Tom Waterloo Iowa

    Hiding out in Illinois at a retreat….. Paid for by whom? Is’nt it
    against the law for legislatures to take money or other compensation for doing their job, or not doing in this case. Are they not in breach of their Sworn Allegance to the Constitution of their State.
    ( Receiving funds to stay at the retreat). Time for a mid-term re-election…

  • Philip C.

    They need to something about these shiftless-a$$ed federal employees too. I have been told by an acquaintance who is a federal employee that almost all of them work around 20 percent of the time, and the rest of the day, email, use Facebook, and play computer games.

  • http://com i41

    Sprock, spoken like a soros socialist democrap nunskull. In the early 60s when the federal mandates from the dems and the unions hit state and their schools, scores slipped and stupidity set in. To graduate out of the 8th grade students needed to have a grasp of money, how basic manufacture and developement was accomplished as well what the branches of government limitations were and their purpose. The costs after elected coutyu boards of education were disbanned, cost per student climbed over 80% in 32 years. The board could fire and hirer teachers if trest scores went down and each country took care of costs. Your comment about privation and public schools is pure bs, home schooler can educate a student for about $1500 dollars a year and get some real eduction taught to them, in 4 months instead of 9 months. I know because my freshman son was not doing to well, I banned him from any sports and gave hin till the first semester was up. When grades stayed the same I pulled him out and he had 4 hours of reading, out lining and doing math and sciences , doing it by hand and no cacultaors allowed. When he went back to high schoool his senior year he was 6 months ahead of his class mates and graduater the upper 10% of his class, where he had be sitting a the bottom 30% before. If the union slubs taught students in stead of worring about he bs feel good crap we would get a hand on this unemployment crap. Every day he work at least 8 hours in the real world repairing equipment, building and fishing houses if I contracted to build something. After he had went out and had worked a several different trades he got his Commercial Licence for a wider range to make a living for his family. As for being out of work non of my 6 kids have every been unemployed over a 3-5 days because business will use and higher skilled people. Whenmy kids run into several of their classmates who are multidegreed book smart idoits, they cann’t find jobs, just like most union dinks that are are one shot wonders with out any practical experience. That is what should happen to all the unions smucks and the crap headed wimps that are hiding out.

    • Sprock

      Wow, apparently Mom was handling the English lessons. I can figure out
      “nunskull” but I’m having trouble with “graduater” and “fishing houses”. It sounds like you wanted him to work for you instead of going to class.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Very typical progressive lib. Can’t hold a intelligent conversation so he insults a mans job, family and anything else he can grasp his little worthless mind around!!!

        • Sprock

          Do you want this person teaching your child????

      • coal miner


        i41 is a Yale graduate.What do you expect?HA HA Ha

        • http://naver samurai

          Read Joe H’s post above yours, moron. At least he graduated from college. Where did you go abnorm? Alinsky U? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!


      The trash that was left behind by the Union protester trash is going to cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. Once again, these so called caring people have proven that they don’t give a damn about anyone but their own sorry selves. If they were so caring, they would have policed up their area like the people did after the 8/12 Rally in Washington.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Prog kid comes home from college. “Mom, can you do some laundry for me?
        conservative kid comes home from college. ” Mom, can I use the washing machine to do some laundry? while I’m at it, is there any you want done?
        Prog kid. “Dad can I get a few dollars from you for my date tonite?”
        Conservative kid. ” No dad, I don’t need a loan for my date tonite, I went down the street and mowed a couple of lawns so I’ve got some cash.”
        Prog kid. “Well dad’s getting on in years so we better find a home we can leave him in!”
        Conservative kid. ” Dad, it’s getting too hard for you to take care of this big old house, why don’t you come and live with us?”

        • Dan az

          Samuel Adams, Founding Father & American Patriot:
          “… it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds ….”

        • http://naver samurai

          Good post and very factual, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!


    I think th final battle in Wisc. is about to be fought concerning whose money is going to run the government and it is going to be the tax payers money and they are going to get a chance at a decent election to vote in who they want and not membership dues picking out a cronie to further the cause of unionism in government. There is no need for civil servants to have a union, especially if they tend to corrupt.

    • Sprock

      Obviously you missed the “facts” on Foxnews. The 7 top ten contributors in the last Governors race in Wisconsin were Republican contributions. The bottom 3 backed the Democrat. Among the top 7 contributors was the republican Governors Assoc., the Koch Bros. and the Koch Bros. PAC. And let’s not forget the untold millions spent by the National Chamber of Commerce in support of Republican candidates. Sorry to ruin your theory with facts.

  • FlyOnTheWall

    I live in one of the poorest counties in the entire nation. I live out in the country near a small town of around 2 thousand people. The largest employer in the city is the city. The largest employer in the county is the county. I live in Tennessee and the largest employer in the state is the state. Its ironic that the 56% of those in the most recent pole objecting to illimination of public employee bargaining rights is exactly the same percentage of people employed by the cities, counties and state here in Tennessee. In other words, a minority 44% of the population in Tennesse works to pay for the salaries and benefits of the majority. Those employed by government in Tennessee receive free eye, dental and medical insurance on top of those salaries that on average are higher than their private sector counterparts. Those medical benefits are being paid for by the same people who can’t afford those health benefits for themselves. The privateers who have benefits through their employers,usually have to contribute a portion towards their coverage. Not government employees, nor are they required to pay taxes on the additional income…thats what it equates to when you don’t have to pay for it. All done without a vote, just a pen stroke by politicians buying votes from the only constituents that matter…their hogs at the trough employees. Want to talk about retirement? The average on the street citizen can look forward to working 37 years before being able to draw a dime. Government employees at any level can start drawing after 20 years of service, young enough to start another government career and double dip. Want to save some real money? Start at the bottom….every burg to metropolis accros the country and eliminate every slacker position at every level. Enact legislation that prevents any politician from determining wage or benefits for themselves or employees without a public vote. Require all government employees to have worked that same 37 years or be age 65 before they draw a dime. That includes the military and the civilian workforce that they employee…what a racket!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      FlyOnThe Wall,
      I agree with all but the military. There are very few civillian carreers that require you to risk life limb and liberty to do your job!

      • Dan az

        I might add that they also pay ssi and for the clothes they wear and the food they eat and are working 24/7 for pennies on the dollar.And now obummer wants the parents to pay for the medical insurance until they are 26 yrs old all the while they are putting their lives on the line for liberty and freedoms that you enjoy.

  • Janice Fortin

    It is blatantly unethical for unions to contribute to political parties. Cortruption on both sides. And, as you can see, borrowing from Social Security had a predictable snowballing effect which ended up with Social Security BROKE with nothing but a bunch of IOU’S…..Congress’s SLUSH FUND, right? BACK UP, FOLKS. Make Social Security UNTOUCHABLE. Return Medicare to the ELDERLY as it started out to be. An INVESTGATION FUND weould pay for itself. Set limits and make sure Congress, the Senate AND the White House pay back every cent of excess out of their own $$$. The lady from San Fran is so flush with TAX PAYER $$ that her city is a SANCTUARY CITY and her
    no expense spared transportation costs over $2 MILLION ANNUALLY while she does nothing but PARACHUTE TYRANNY and the burden of an unholy
    unconsttutional healthcare plan and informs the AMERICAN CITIZEN PEONS: YOU’RE GETTING IT WHETHER YOU WANT IT OR NOT!!! C’mon, AMERICA, SHE AINT WORTH IT !! bANNING ssanctuary cities would sure make USA look a lot less retarded. What is it but coverup for drug cartel and other possible crimnals in the country illegally, and would save millions, maybe billions, annually. why does the first lady need so many, and such LAVISH vacations and so many aides?….
    investigate violations of entitlement programs. and make the investigators EFFICIENT not sluggish. TRY THESE SAVING MEASURES AND GET AMERICA ON SOLID GROUND AGAIN.

  • coal miner

    The Kansas City Star
    More News
    Working people deserve the safe feeling that unions provide Early sign of spring comes on beating wings Peter Ackroyd’s ‘Venice: Pure City’ touches on city’s many facets Recalling another epic day in Egypt Fortitude in a freezing clime That one moving Super Bowl memory Terrorism brings old foes together We’re still fighting for King’s dream Lebanon offers us a serious lesson Buddy the dog has lived up to his name Africa of villains also has virtuous Vultures find new feast: settlements from Madoff victims Families past and present celebrate in this house Forgive our imperfections Fighting back against furry intruders Crowded skies make flying a challenging ordeal these days An education in exasperation Travel at the speed of a mouse Moves against mines too long in coming A season for celebrating colors and memories Many share blame for liberals’ losses Powerful China is no master of paranoia The pace of aging only gets swifter Reunion confirms truths sown in youth Wonderful place seen with the heart Contrasts in Siberia range from tranquility of a Buddhist monastery to threats from men in black suits Terror, berries on country ride On islet, signs of resurrection from oppression Even in tempest, Siberian lake is a jewel Beautiful stones a balm for letdown Whatever the legislative outcomes, the union-busting Republican governors of Wisconsin and Ohio already have lost — by nearly a 2-to-1 margin — public support for their attempt to weaken collective bargaining and balance their budgets on the backs of working people.

    In a test of fundamental principle, the American sense of fairness has prevailed over the bullying of wealth and privilege. The motive was political, not economic. The complicit politicians, their cohorts and their financial angels have covered themselves with shame.

    I celebrate this as someone who has never belonged to a union but who has seen firsthand the importance of the organized labor movement in creating and protecting the middle class.

    During my 56-year association with The Kansas City Star, I recall one effort, possibly two, by The Newspaper Guild to unionize those of us who wrote for the paper.

    What caused both efforts to fail wasn’t an intrinsic antagonism to unions. More than anything, it was the clumsiness of the organizers, who seemed to have little in common with actual journalists and no interest in the real concerns of writing people.

    Yes, we were poorly paid. My generation of reporters began at $275 a month, with the shabbiest of benefits. But money wasn’t our grievance. The issue was the overbearing nature and ingrained conservatism of the entrenched old-timers who ruled the newsroom.

    Reporters and younger editors wanted greater influence over the values and editorial priorities of the institution. But none of that seemed to interest the union organizers.

    “Shorter hours” was the enticement of one of them. “And if you’re in the middle of a story when quitting time comes, you’ll have the right to just get up and leave.”

    Whatever else he might have promised, that alone was fatal. So the attempt to organize the newsroom was decisively rejected.

    But my other exposure to unionization was more positive. It was the example of my father’s workplace experience and the lessons I drew from that.

    Raised by a widowed mother on a hardscrabble hill farm, he came to the city with only the most basic education and was lucky to find work at the municipal electric utility.

    But he brought with him a gentle nature and an inexhaustible capacity for friendship and loyalty, and on the strength of those virtues he managed to make an entire career, until retirement, with that one company.

    His associates there were like family. For other than his real family at home, his work was his world. I would almost be willing to bet that he never earned as much as $700 in any month of his life.

    He never complained — not about wages. But all through my boyhood years there were times when the house was filled with a palpable but unspoken anxiety. For in those days few office workers had union representation.

    In hard times, it wasn’t uncommon for clerical folk to be given a brutal choice: Either accept half a wage or clean out the desk and leave. Also there were periodic shuffles in top management of the company.

    When a new boss took charge, reorganization was apt to follow. And that could result in consolidation of departments, with inevitable layoffs.

    Though largely sheltered from the details of such worries, I could sense the tension in the air.

    I remember, too, that, despite being entitled to annual vacation, my father sometimes was hesitant to take two weeks off all at once, for fear it might cause some department head to decide he was expendable.

    Just when the office workers of the municipal utility became unionized, I can’t say. But it was well on in his working years. What I do recall with great clarity is the precious gift of relief that it brought.

    For the first time in what ultimately would be his more than four decades of service to that company, he believed himself and his family safe.

    It is a feeling to which, in a truly fair world, every working man and woman ought to be entitled.

    Posted on Sat, Mar. 05, 2011 10:15 PM
    Buzz Up Share Email Print

    Read more:

  • http://com i41

    Any simple minded idoit that thinks everything can be made safe, wheather work, driving, walking or even eating. Must think the tooth fairy is real, nothing is safe and if workers are so damn stupid to think working at the same place is a real accomplishment, don’t have a clue how to save some of their pay check money or know how to do anything else. Any pinhead that cann’t get wages they want with being mature enough to get what they want. Another worthless numnutt who is a is a one job wonder. Of course that is the crap that comes out of schools and colleges, get a degree and get a job in one feild and do the same damn think till you die or quit. The idea if you work some where for years, and you are entitled to a free ride for years is crap. Get a life you simple minded union democrat slubs, the company or taxpayers don’t take care of smuck idoits for ever and a day.

  • coal miner

    When are you going to learn how to spell?I can’t make out what you are saying.


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