State Of The Union Date Set, Conservatives Await Progress Report


State of the Union date set, conservatives await progress reportPresident Obama will deliver his much anticipated State of the Union address tonight. Experts believe that this year’s speech will be especially vital for the popularity of the current administration as it has introduced a surplus of legislation that has been heavily criticized by conservative leaders.

In his address to Congress, Obama will most likely touch on the healthcare bill, the cap-and-trade environmental plan, the proposed fee on banks that were bailed out by the government and several foreign policy issues including the closing of Guantanamo Bay and the unrest in the Middle East, according to Fox News.

"He is a president who has laid out an agenda much more specifically than previous presidents, which has gotten him into trouble because it’s a broad agenda," said Brookings Institute scholar Stephen Hess, quoted by the news source.

"He has a lot of pieces that have to be reconciled and it will be noted if any of them [are] not mentioned" in the speech, he added.

Democratic leaders in Congress set the State of the Union address as a third timeline to pass the healthcare reform bill. It is still unclear whether that goal will be accomplished.

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