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State of Disunion

February 24, 2011 by  

State of Disunion

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States. During the depths of the Great Depression, Roosevelt’s New Deal, inaccurately credited with rescuing the nation’s economy, threw open the United States Treasury in an outpouring of feel-good, make-work programs which would have put even John Maynard Keynes (not to mention FDR’s pal Papa Joe Stalin) to shame.

Of course, students of mid-20th Century history are well aware that Roosevelt’s efforts to restore economic sanity to a nation reeling from the twin calamities of disasters man-made (the stock market crash and attendant economic fallout) and natural (the dust bowl) failed. The re-recession of 1937 proved that conclusively. FDR managed to hang on in office until World War II came along and a wartime economy ramped into full swing.

However, despite his socialistic — although not when it came to his own financial circumstances — attitudes, FDR did have a basic grasp of one theory: Government jobs. He certainly should have, since the New Deal put more than 15 million people on the government payroll. In a letter to Luther C. Steward, president of the National Federation of Federal Employees in 1937, FDR wrote:

"… the process of collective bargaining… cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations when applied to public personnel management. The very nature and purposes of Government make it impossible for administrative officials to represent fully or to bind the employer in mutual discussions with Government employee organizations. The employer is the whole people…”

Translated from the “excessively verbose politico-babble”:

“People whose salaries are paid by the taxpayers should treat their employers with a little respect.”

I suspect a casual poll of the union thugs, Democrat Party operatives and “teachers” currently engaged in the President Barack Obama-approved Operation Sour Milk in Madison, Wis., would reveal an almost unanimously positive opinion of the Hero of Hyde Park. Given that most of them likely don’t know more about economics than whatever’s printed on the cocktail napkins at AFL-CIO conventions, I further suspect that none have ever heard FDR’s prescient condemnation of their current actions.

Whether it’s Madison Teachers, Inc., the National Education Association or the International Brotherhood of First Ladies’ Food Tasters, a government-employee union demanding collective bargaining rights is essentially asking for the right to demand perks without input from their employers.

Hence, FDR’s warning: Unlike companies in the private sector, a government-employee union collectively bargaining with our elected representatives leads to — at best, a standoff in which both sides are employed by the taxpayers; at worst, collusion between two of the three interested parties. The Democrat/Union attacks on the taxpayer (and schoolchildren of Madison) manage to be both.

In essence, we’re paying our employees to rail against us. We’re also paying the freight to bus in their communist compadres, the Democrats who decided they would bounce to Illinois, the prosecutions of the doctors who committed fraud by issuing fake sick-out notes, any substitutes who have to be called in so the kids don’t forget where Wisconsin is on a map of… Wisconsin, and — and this is my favorite part — the people who will have to clean up the mess from Operation Sour Milk.

Before some of our port-side participants begin panting about the union employees’ fair claim to representation, allow me to point out that union labor represents less than 12 percent of the workforce, with fewer than half of those unionized members of a government employee union. Nevertheless, Obama and the Democrats have sided with this admittedly noisy minority out of deference to their own political passions (not to mention their job security). They’ve taken an active physical, financial and rhetorical role in the Madison melee — an admission of their complicity. Our (the taxpayers’) interests have taken a backseat to those of the unions.

A look at the Democrats’ donnybrook in Madison tells the story: Democrat legislators are skipping the State and union thugs are skipping work (just imagine how many naps, snack breaks and beatings of senior citizens are being missed while the Democrat Party’s Service Employees International Union stormtroopers are kicking the tar out of the taxpayers in the Cheesehead State). And the whole thing has the Obama seal of approval.

In 1981, President Ronald Reagan warned the members of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers union not to strike. They did, and he fired them. Despite their mass termination, the airlines continued losing passenger baggage without interruption.

It’s time for Governor Scott Walker to take the handoff from the Gipper and spike the ball in the Democrats’ end zone. Come on, Governor Walker, win one for the Taxpayer!

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • AnhydrousBob

    Ben, you rock.

    • Dogma-Free “The Trinity”

      “AnhydrousBob says:
      February 24, 2011 at 7:22 am

      Ben, you rock.”

      haha…yeah, he likely rocks, alright…back and forth, slowly, while sitting alone in his attic, wearing his mother’s clothes, and listening to 8-track tapes of old Ronald Reagan speeches…all the while, clicking his tax-cut financed ruby heels together, and murmuring softly to himself, [offensive language removed] over and over again…

      • s c

        Whoa, doggy-style. Are you talking about someone else or are you reading excerpts from your diary?
        I thought this was a website dedicated to discourse on politics, economics and topics that adults talk about.
        You might consider some therapy or a pill or two.

        • http://naver samurai

          Maybe he’s describing his boyfriend and their play time together. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Biff

            Samurai??? Why are you using Korean characters? The Samurai were Japanese.

      • Vicki

        Dogma-Free “The Trinity” says:
        “haha…yeah, he likely rocks, alright…back and forth, slowly, while sitting alone in his attic, wearing his mother’s clothes,…..”

        And Dogma-Free opens with an ad hominem attack against the author thus demonstrating yet again how few real ideas liberals actually have.

        • Bruce D.

          Just about everything coming out of Dogma Free’s mouth is nonsense. I do not think he even understands his own ideology. He is like one of those people who are at leftest demonstrations who cannot explain what their own sign means.

          • Vigilant

            You’re absolutely right, Bruce. Dogma-laden never once addressed the historical facts of either FDR’s failed socialism, or his antipathy to government unions. Pure Alinsky tactics, “full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing.”

        • Always Right

          that’s what alinsky told them to do. the 0-b0mb is an alinskyite and so are his drooling, foam-flecked followers, like dogbreath. What I find interesting about people like dogbreath is their choice of names, like “dogma-free” when there’s no more dogmatic a bunch in the world that those of the demoncrapic party. They live on and for dogma, facts be damned.

  • horner9324

    Pass a bill that says they waive their right to vote when they purposely leave a state to block a piece of legislation that certainly has a majority to pass it.

    • Vicki

      Do it now while they are not there to block it. Having failed to represent the voter in Wisconsin I wonder why many of them will be re elected.

    • RonaldL

      The Federal Reserve continues to play reckless games with the U.S. dollar. The price of oil is skyrocketing and the global price of food just hit a new record high. Food riots are already breaking out all over the world. Meanwhile, the rampant fraud and corruption going on in world financial markets is starting to be exposed and the whole house of cards could come crashing down at any time.

      Most Americans have no idea that a horrific economic collapse could happen at literally any time. There is no way that all of this debt and all of this financial corruption is sustainable. At some point we are going to reach a moment of “total system failure”.

  • TIME

    So let me just ask all of you what happens when you get married to one of you’re cousins? No, I mean YOU as in a average American, what happens?

    • taxpayer

      the parents get walfare and the child gets social security disability.
      They all get front of the line entilalments or they work for the government.

    • TIME


      Perhaps a little study on FDR can aid you in understanding my question.
      Then you may wish to look in to what the PROGESSIVE movnemt was thinking, oddly all at the same time.

      Pure Blood, on one side of the big pond, Pure Blood on the other side, just differant roads. Same results.

  • s c

    Comrade FDR is no icon to me. He’s no icon to anyone who is on speaking terms with history. FDR had a lot of friends who saw Russia as a role model for the US. It was no coincidence that the State Department became a refuge for every dirtbag, traitor, useful idiot and wannabe retard since 1917.
    Any union member who never looked into the history of collective bargaining (ala Lenin and Marx) is someone who has embraced a Manchurian Candidate approach to life. To this day, there is NO union boss who has the guts to tell members that without the influence of Lenin, Marx and a host of prostituted slime, America WOULD NOT have UNIONS.
    Isn’t it bad enough that Uncle Scam always has his hand in your pocket? Unions are allowed to do the same thing.
    Thanks for nothing FDR. Lenin and Marx, up yours. Unions, take a hike. Useful idiots, get sterilized.
    State Department, start screening your employees (a bit late, I know). America, get off your mental rumps and act like citizens who give a damn.

    • 45caliber

      s c:

      I have noticed many times that everyone wants to lump Lenin and Marx together. However, as a note from a class I had in college (when it was illegal for a communist to teach), Marx HATED Soviet Communism. He insisted that he had nothing to do with it and they had bastardized his pure democracy. And that was what he pushed – pure democracy. He wanted every group of people to have such a thing. In a city, this would likely be those living on a single block. He had a small village in England for awhile of similar people. They even voted on what to buy at the grocery store. For some reason, after all the voting they had to do every day, (“John needs to go to the bathroom; let’s vote on it.”) they never had time left to do any work.

      • Raymond Babcock

        i would like to have a democracy democracy is when ever thing is voted on nothing is left out i would like to many things to the vote we could legalise many things nudity smoking reefer bad language being stupid

      • Vic

        45s, Marx died long before Soviet Communism even started. No offense but says a whole lot about college quality.

  • Rick

    For those who want to do more study on FDR and the socialist that he really was- I recomend “New Deal or Raw Deal” Burton Flosm,Jr. It has a chapter called “the making of the myth” that is excellent.

  • James tucker

    The unions are destroying this country along with the illegal aliens and politicians. And its time to put a stop to it. The unions don’t even follow there own rules. If you’re in the click you have it made, if not you get screwed

    • Mick

      James tucker says:
      February 24, 2011 at 8:20 am
      The unions are destroying this country along with the illegal aliens and politicians. And its time to put a stop to it. The unions don’t even follow there own rules. If you’re in the click you have it made, if not you get screwed
      James ,,,,What gets me is that it took so long for our society to begin to realize that and we’re not out of the woods they’re working very hard at convincing the weak minds that they’re still the best thing on earth for the free people…Don’t buy it folks, the only freedom the Unions are bringing is to an illusion of it………

      • George Edmundson

        Boy, isnt that the truth!

      • 45caliber

        I think the South has always known that. Unions have a hard time down here getting recruits. Generally when they do, it is people who grew up in the North. All the Southern states I know about have the “Right to Work” Law that states that everyone has the right to work without having to pay someone for the privilege. And the unions HATE that!

        • texastwin827

          45, it was not always that way. Texas was a strong union state for may decades (I know because my dad was union) however, at some point I think most began to see that the union’s were actually beginning to exploit them, instead of helping them, thus the change to Right To Work states.

          As for the current situation in Wisconsin…if they liberals who are supported by the unions want to “hide” so be it….the Govenor needs to start handing out pink slips, then instead of being held hostage by “business as usual” politicians.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you want to see them come back to their jobs real quick?? Have a recall petition start making the rounds!!! They’ll be back yeaserday!!

          • get right

            Texas, you need to read what your states status is without collective bargining, then think about the facts.

          • get right


    • George Edmundson

      I can certainly agree with that! I was one of those screwed by the union.

      • 45caliber

        The unions always remind me of the Mob enforcer who comes around saying, “Pay me some money as insurance and your house won’t burn down.” Probably because most of the original founders of unions were members of the Mob – or the Mafia.

        • eddie47d

          You either got that notion from the movies or from an underground Italian storybook.

          • pleasepassthetea

            Eddie47 – you are wrong and 45caliber is right. The union leaders are thugs. Compulsory union dues are collected from, in many cases, unwilling union members. The money is then funneled to the Democrat Party slush fund or the pockets of corrupt politicians and union officials. The alliance between the unions and the Democrats is one that the Founding Fathers would have called unconstitutional. The unions have become a parasite on the life blood of this country and their power must be broken if American is to survive. They are sucking the life out of the economy and impoverishing the taxpayers who pay the salaries of the union workers. Frankly I think public union members have a lot of nerve complaining about their salaries, benefits and vacations when the people who provide ALL of it (the taxpayer) are struggling to pay the mortgage and keep food on the table while simultaneously paying the salaries and benefits of union workers. And public sector union workers make more than private sector employees working the same job!! Yet the private sector worker foots the bill for the public sector union worker! The unions should be thanking us. Instead they feel entitled to OUR money and go on strike when their ability to demand retirement pensions for hundreds of thousands of dollars a year is threatened. It is an outrage. I say fire them all.

          • http://naver samurai

            Come on edduh. You mean you never heard of the mob bosses and the union bosses laundering each others money, racketeering, bribes, etc? Don’t you remember the notorious Jimmy Hoffa? Who do you think killed him? It sure wasn’t the government or the police. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Biff

            Do you have anything to back up your statements? Or is this just something else you’re confused about our Korean / Japanese warrior?

  • Patrick

    Guys who was in the Whitehouse when the great Depression stuck??
    Hoover a Republican.Who was in the Whitehouse when this latest recession stuck in 2006/2007 ?? George Bush a Republican again.But hey it was FDR and Obama’s fault!!!How about dropping the party line for once and study the facts.

    • http://none BruMan

      So when are you going to “study the facts” Pat? George Bush is a Rino, not a Republican. But I guess you can blame him for eveything that has gone wrong in human history

      • Patrick

        What is a Rino?Back in 2000 and 2004 elections Bush had Republican party after his name and photo,did something happen since???

        • Average Joe

          R.I.N.O.= Repupublican In Name Only.

          • s c

            Average Joe, don’t take what I’m going to say as a slam, but you’re trying to reason with a progressive who hates common sense and does what he’s told to do by his masters. He’s happy being uninformed and ignorant. He can’t get through the day without parroting the same crap he gleefully swallowed when he became a card-carrying progressive.
            You [we] can’t reason with a child. And so it is with a progressive. He can’t understand how a limp-wristed twit like Sanders can call himself an Independent (he’s not). He doesn’t understand that McCain is a hardcore RINO. He’ll never understand that Obummer calls himself a ‘Democrat,’ while he uses ideas borrowed from socialists, communists, fascists and every other ‘ist’ in history.
            Some people just can’t bring themselves to prefer reality over whatever feels good or sounds good. It also explains much when it comes to understanding why America is in such trouble and how it got that way. If he lives long enough, he’ll understand. But, few people live to be 200 years old.

          • 45caliber

            Right on, s c.

        • barbm

          you bet your sweet patootie something happened. the REAL republicans took over. we’re called the tea party. obama was God’s greatest gift to our country. he awoke us from the stupor we’ve been in since the viet nam war and women’s rights when he started taking our money in trillions and throwing it at a problem that can’t be solved like that. i promise you we won’t be going back to sleep EVER.

          • Vicki

            When Obama was elected some of my conservative friends were worried about me because I was so happy that he won and that democrats had significant majorities in both houses.

            I told them the reason I was happy was that for many years we had republicans and democrats steering us to socialism. The only difference was the speed. Democrats have no patience and once they had full control they would try to ram their socialist agenda too fast thus “boiling the frog” too fast and waking up the people.

            The only concern I had is there comes a time when the frog is too weak. By what I see in states saying no to federal mandate and union thuggery I have hope that we can still crawl out of the pot.

        • Always Right

          Pat, there are number of videos on youtube where Bush and Cheney both warned that the housing market was a house of cards. Go look. But bawney fwank and hairy reed, nasty peelosi, et al laughed at the suggestion. You must remember that the dimmycrats controlled the house and senate. They paid ol’ bushie no nevermind and went on about their nefarious business. This is the end result. bush the RINO was a weak sister but the financial crash is not his handiwork. It was demoncraps all the way.

    • thinking

      Funny pat, that the road was paved before Bush was president. Seems the Dems play games with laws then let a Republican in office when the wreck is going to happen. Clinton pushed that anyone who could sign their name or X should be able to buy a house. Funny that so many could not pay their mortgage after the real cost went in and mortgage payments doubled. Even the bankers knew it would all come apart, but they were very successful as no one was prosecuted and all got bail out and bonus from Obama.

      • Vicki

        And even when Republicans WARNED us that the crash was coming the democrats blocked every attempt to put regulations into place to prevent it.

        Nice guys democrats.

    • Jon

      You comments are not only non sequitur but reductio ad absurdum. Those things are irrelevant to the fact that FDR was a socialist inspired by the communist experiment. Besides Henry Hopkins, he had an administration full of communist advocates. He was a friend to Stalin and was responsible for the great advances that the Russians made towards engulfing Eastern Europe. What has Bush to do with any of this? Read some factual history.

    • JLC

      Patrick — I was alive while Herbert Hoover was president. He was inaugurated in March, 1929. The Stock Market Crash was in October, 1929. Do you really believe that ONE man, in only seven months, could bring the country to its knees? C’mon! Get

    • Patriot1776

      Patrick, You are absolutely correct! That is the crux of the biscuit…. the two parties are no different when it comes to economics. The government should micro-,anage the economy according to the repulicrats. And that is precisly why we are in this mess to begin with! The U.S. does NOT have a free market. We have two parties who subscribe to the flawed keyensian model. The only difference is Republican= centrally planned economy 2.0 and Democrat= centrally planned econmy 2.5

    • Vigilant

      Patrick brain farts the following : “Guys who was in the Whitehouse when the great Depression stuck??
      Hoover a Republican.Who was in the Whitehouse when this latest recession stuck in 2006/2007 ?? George Bush a Republican again.But hey it was FDR and Obama’s fault!!!How about dropping the party line for once and study the facts.”

      (1) Your selectivity disgusts me. How convenient to forget that Carter handed Reagan double digit stagflation, and Reagan turned it around into the longest sustained period of prosperity in American history.

      (1) The real question is “how did FDR and Obama handle the recessions they experienced?” The answers: FDR both lengthened and deepened the economic downturn, while Obama did both, while bankrupting the country to boot.

  • Patriot

    Somebody, please answer this basic question; why are unions needed in the Public Sector? Who are we trying to protect these people from? Maybe now is the time that we need to protect these good people (most union workers are very hard workers and do not agree with the unions that they have to be part of), many of these folks are screaming for help to avoid the iron fist of the union bosses and most see no way out! We need to help these people, that is what elections are all about in your local communities. The silent majority do not speakout since they are afraid of the ramifications. How do I know? I have lived in Chicago all my life and many people are still afraid to vote and different way, can you imagine?

    • Aix Sponsa

      IMO Unions for tax supported jobs should be illegal. That includes contractors who build things with tax money. Without Unions we might still be a nation of slave labor “who owe our soul to the company store.” Unions have just gotten out of hand demanding unreasonable unaffordable salaries and benefits. Or was it open trade with slave labor countries that send the USA goods at very low prices so that the American worker can’t have a job………… Chicken or the egg?

      • 45caliber

        Don’t blame the unions for all the problems with high wages. If the companies (or the politicians) hadn’t agreed as they planned to palm the costs off on the rest of us, they would never have been able to get where they are now.

        But if they don’t slack off, they are going to be regaled to the back pages of history – after they are terminated.

        • Vicki

          The problem with collective bargaining in government jobs is that the people negotiating for the employer (us) are spending other peoples money so have no incentive to keep costs down.

    • Aix Sponsa

      At the risk of sounding hypocritical I would like to say that I would personally prefer to be working and paying $100 month union dues than to have zero income and can’t even find a minimum wage job, while sucking down my life savings….and…. looking forward to having Social Security eliminated. But who really gives a xxxx about people like that? Everybody has their own problems, hun?

      • barbm

        unions don’t get you the job, they just charge you to tell you what to do and how to vote after you’re in. so what’s your point?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        check out how many times people get laid off after a union demands more money or benefits the company can’t afford!!! Where’s your job then??

  • Sam Vazquez

    Just when are these DUNDERHEAD union members going to stop looking at “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME” and look at “WHAT’S BEST FOR THE COUNTRY”. The labor unions are at the root of the problem with their practice of always demanding higher wages and outrageous benefits. We do not need labor unions to look out for the employees, there are plenty of labor laws on the books for that. The labor unions were born from the loins of the mafia and the gangster era and still operate that way today. Vermin in the belly of this great nation, they need to be relocated to the colon and excreted as the waste matter they are.

    • 45caliber


      You said, “Just when are these DUNDERHEAD union members going to stop looking at “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME” and look at “WHAT’S BEST FOR THE COUNTRY”.

      The same time our politicians do the same thing.

      • http://?? Joe H.


      • mark

        When are the greedy rich going to start putting the country’s needs and the needs of the Amertican Citizen infront of their profit margins? How many rich people are fighting in Iraq or Afghanstan?

        • Jay

          Never, and none!

  • Jonathan Gartrner

    Absolutely right FDR was one of the worse Presidents we have ever had he illegally (according to the Supreme Court who like all good progressives he tried to subvert) made this country twist to his will. In the end I believe all but one of his programs were considered illegal (or unlawful to use a more exact term) Hoover was a much better President and man (most people have forgotten about him more progressive propaganda) and he got us involved in a war (I’m one of those who believe the attack of Pearl Harbor was “allowed” to happen read the facts of what went on several years before he denied Japan raw materials and guided them to confront the US, England and France I dont agree with their aims at all however, they were given little option and FDR knew this). Now we all admit what Hitler did was some thing that drove civilization back several thousand years to a gutter level. However it is interesting to note that Joe Stalin killed more Jews than Hitler ever dreamed of (and the Soviet State continued well after WWII doing this). We must fundamentally change back wellfare needs to be some thing done by the churchs and others not with taxpayer funds, gays back in the closet back to 50′s to civilization with modern technology (not to mention ethics and morals)

    • 45caliber

      Without some sort of ethics and morals we cannot have civilization. Otherwise the laws would change daily, depending upon who makes what decision. What we are doing right now at the behist of the Dems is throw away those things and revert to the “law of the moment.”

      • Vicki

        Here is a moral compass for everyone regardless of religious belief or lack of.

        First Principle. Your Creator gifted you with life and free will.
        How you use those 2 gifts and how you honor these gifts in others,
        defines your moral character.

        Of course it does require you to believe in the existence of free will :)

      • http://naver samurai

        “It is religion and morality alone, which we can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.” John Adams.

        “Religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society.” Geogre Washington.

        “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality and indispensable supports.” George Washington.

        I could give a lot more of these quotes from our Christian Founding Fathers, but I’m affraid of overloading the pea brains of the libs on this site. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • barbm

      at least when fdr started welfare (wpa) he required them to work for it. that’s how it should be now. they work and, if they don’t make a living wage after childcare, we make up the difference. even if we just cut a couple of hundred a month off each one, with about 2,000,000 people recieving checks, that’s a nice chunk of change. we sure need to reform all entitlement programs.

      • Vicki

        How do we define “living wage”?

        • barbm

          well, i make $1060 a month after paying medicare. not quite enough to make it on, but almost. minimum wage gets you about that for a 40-hour week. how would you?

          • Vicki

            $1060 is way more than you need to live. I see lots of homeless folk living on a LOT less.

            3 meals a day $1.08 meal with tax in a high tax state. $3.24.
            water free.
            sanitation free.

            Large cardboard box. free.

            $3.24 day * 31 days = $100.44 mo.

            Clothing. Good will $5 a pound. need to replace every few months so add $5 month.

            You have lots of disposable income.

  • Aix Sponsa

    Having heard many persons who lived the 30s tell the stories, I feel that I should say that in retrospect the policy of putting millions on the government payroll to produce projects like the WPA highways, etc. was a worthwhile situation. People became productive. Desperately needed highways, etc, were created for the rapidly growing nation/infrastructure. Can you conceive what the late 40s would have been if this nation would have been 15 years behind? War was the result of the world financial collapse because tyrants took over nations using their enthusiastic speeches calling for CHANGE.

    • texastwin827

      Aix…I agree to some extent with your comments. I am into genealogy and mentioned to one of my older cousins that I could not find her father and mother on the 1930 census, to which she replied “that could be because, for a while, they lived in a tent.”

      The major difference in what FDR did and what has become the norm is that he put them to work, not just doled out money to those who wouldn’t work. While all of us probably agree the welfare system, as it is today, should be abolished at least he received their labor back for the work that they did and build an infrastruction second to no nation, at the time.

  • Howard Roark

    The three progressive presidents that destroyed this country were Teddy Rosevelt, Woodrow Wilson (gave us the fereral reserve, the income tax and the US Senate elected by the people rather than be appointed by the State legislatures.)and Franklin Rosevelt.

    It seems that many people do not realize the importance of the 17th amendment making US Senators elected by the people. The founders set up the Congres so that the House represented the people and the Senate represented the interest of the individual states. By making the Senators elected we now have in effect two houses of representives. The original Senate before the 17th amendment was tasked with looking out for the interest of their own state and to protect their State from the Federal Govt.

    If we were still operating with State appointed Senators things like Obama Care would never have seen the light of day. if you look back on history it becomes clear that the framers had it right, and every time we change the intent of the framers with the amendment we screw up the great system that the framers invisioned.

    • Aix Sponsa

      20/20 hindsight. 70 years from now who can tell exactly what the people will believe about 2010. Revisionist history will take over just as it has done for millenia.

      On a daily basis, each of us makes a personal choice to do the best we can. Maybe 15 years from now we will be proven wrong on many of our personal decisions. But they look good now, huh?

      • bob wire

        So true, thank you. ~ If I hadn’t won all that money in Vegas, I wouldn’t have bought this home and married this woman and drank myself to death! So Vegas lies at the core of my grief! Let’s remove Sin City for the face of the map! Let’s not permit anyone else to be exposed to what I went through!

        This “thought process” is referred to as circular reasoning and deferred blame.

        or I had to have the gun to get the gold and had to have the gold to get the girl and now the DA office is picking on me!

      • 45caliber


        All history is written by the winners. As a result, it is ALWAYS revisionist. What we call revisionist now isn’t due that; it is due to the people who want to rewrite history to show how they would like it to be rather than how it really was.

        For instance, a history professor in Berkley wrote a book that gave the Africans the glory of inventing things like the hang glider over a thousand years ago. When it was pointed out that he was wrong, he stated, “But they would have done it if the other people of the world hadn’t interferred.” Today, a lot of our history is that way and it is getting worse. The teachers are told to teach it to the kids that way, regardless of what really happened, because that is the way the government wants it taught.

        • texastwin827

          So true, 45! I listen to my high school age grandchildren and often I say “Where did you hear that?”. LOL Then grandma sets them straight and I give them the REAL facts…the ones they could verify if they want to. Hopefully, when I am gone and they are grown and listening to their children/grandchildren say the same things, they will set those generations straight.

    • LimestoneFreedom

      Absolutely right on, Howard!

  • Les

    Yes, GW was a Rino or worse, but the Dems held the house. This is not a pass for anyone who was party to the treason. An interesting aspect of these “More money” political/union battles is how they always hit the Public Safety sector. Their contracts are different and their political sway tends more to American, perhaps that is why their services are the first to be cut. The socialist don’t get as much support from them and the disobedient taxpayers get punished, like the family that died in Pennsylvania because the fire station was closed.

    • 45caliber

      They hit the police and fire departments because they WANT to spend all the money. It is like the school systems now. 50% or more of the people hired by school systems are not teachers – but who do they lay off if a cut is required? The cities are the same; they want to keep all the people but know that if they target the police and fire the population is more likely to agree to a tax increase.

  • George Edmundson

    I have always said that government employees should not have the right to vote. They are biased and will always vote for their own self interest.

    • bob wire

      good point!, I have never said that but I wished that I had.

    • 45caliber


      I always liked Heinlein’s idea of government. You can’t be in government unless you first put your life on the line as a member of the Armed Forces. And you can’t vote either. That way, you have PROVED that you are willing to put the country above your own life.

      • texastwin827

        That way, you have PROVED that you are willing to put the country above your own life

        Ironic you say that. My father enlisted at age 35 in 1942 and NEVER voted. Texas had a poll tax when he was alive (he died in 1967) and his attitude was that he refused to pay for the priviledge of voting, when he had earned his right to do so.

      • Bud Tugly

        How about women, or the physically handicapped? They should be denied the vote? … or scientists working on vital projects that help the military?

        There are many ways to be a patriot besides serving in the military. I am a Viet Nam vet and some of the most courageous people I met over there were civilians doing vital work that made our jobs easier. They deserve the right to vote as much as my fellow vets.

        • Carlucci

          One of my dearest friends is a Vietnam vet (most of the time he served as a LERP, and in Special Forces, Cambodia).

          God bless you.

          • Bud Tugly

            Thank God he made it through.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            so your friend doesn’t get mad at you, it’s LRRP. Stands for long range reconisance patrol!!

          • Carlucci

            Thanks, Joe. I wasn’t sure how LRRP was spelled or what the initials stood for. I should have looked it up.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            the unit I was in used to insert them into the field and then about a week or more later we would go back out and pick them up!! They always looked like they had been through hell in a hand basket!!! Them and the navy seals, I got a lot of respect for them!!

  • MR.Washington

    higher oil prices – check.
    skyrocketing debt – check.
    accelarating inflation – check.
    rising interest rates – check
    falling dollar – check.
    unemployment – check.
    open borders – check.
    civil strife – check.

    The Soros-Obama fundamental transformation demolition of America continues.

    • Mick

      MR.Washington says:
      February 24, 2011 at 10:04 am
      higher oil prices – check.
      skyrocketing debt – check.
      accelarating inflation – check.
      rising interest rates – check
      falling dollar – check.
      unemployment – check.
      open borders – check.
      civil strife – check.

      The Soros-Obama fundamental transformation demolition of America continues

      MR.Washington ,,,OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! HOW RIHT YOU ARE….
      How can a rational person NOT SEE THAT ? It floors me………

  • http://com i41

    FDR was the idoit that formed the Sept of Agriculture and hi first Sec of Ag was a registered communist. Who love USSR, every one the same pay and wanted ever thing controlled from Washington. method of food production. Why do you think there has been 3 decades of paying landowners on the average of $52 an acre to do nothing, but cash their checks. They do nothing, grow nothing and there is 30 million acres of idle farm ground that used to produce something called food. There is Congress people that are gaming us tax payers on the CRP and other worthless money wasting taxpayer programs. One Congress person gets at least $2000 a week plus their $176,000 federal pay check, not counting bennies.

  • mark

    If the USA had no Unions and no-welfare programs (food stamps, education grants, no emergency care, no housing subsides, etc) you would have children starving, senior citizens being thrown out of nursing homes, people laying in the street after they have been hit by a car and dying. I do not think that is what the average American wants to see everyday when he goes to work. We live in a human society and we need government programs to help us take care of ourselves and our fellow human beings!

    • Aix Sponsa

      Don’t fret. We’re headed back to being a third world country. The industrial revolution created the middle class that is fast disappearing today. People who bitch about their pay, hate the rich, and rant about government inequities, rush to buy the cheapest COMMIE slave labor made goods possible all the while not realizing that THEY themselves are their own worst enemy.

      American children ARE starving. American children are being taught by incompetent teachers who should be fired…. should not have been hired in the first place. The USA is 46th in education.

      Old people ARE eating dog food. Old people ARE being put out on the street, or freezing, or sitting in the dark. People ARE being denied basic medical care after their insurance and money runs out.

      All the while 80% of Americans go about their daily routine choosing not to acknowledge that these atrocities ARE happening right here in the “good old USA”.

      Damn, if I keep this up I will start sounding like a liberal.

      • bob wire

        “We’re headed back to being a third world country.”

        You bet cha ~! The Republic of Mexico is a perfect example of where America and American’s are attempting to be lead.

      • Bud Tugly

        Aix, your observations are correct.

    • Mick

      mark says:
      February 24, 2011 at 10:08 am
      If the USA had no Unions and no-welfare programs (food stamps, education grants, no emergency care, no housing subsides, etc) you would have children starving, senior citizens being thrown out of nursing homes, people laying in the street after they have been hit by a car and dying. I do not think that is what the average American wants to see everyday when he goes to work. We live in a human society and we need government programs to help us take care of ourselves and our fellow human beings!


      mark….there is need and there is ABUSE, the Democrats stand for Abuse and don’t give a damn about need, the longer they can keep the folks on the poverty level the better chance they have gaining their votes by lying and bribing them with the promise of better days,,,Wake -up >>>>>>>>>>>>

    • LimestoneFreedom

      mark… You have learned well exactly what the government wanted you to learn. The truth is, it is NOT the government’s responsibility to take care of everyone, it is the PEOPLE’S responsibility. Every person and community should be free to handle the problems that arise as they see fit, not as government dictates! Everything that government does could be better accomplished at the state and local levels, with much less cost and waste… except for providing for the national defense, as the constitution provided for. Entitlement Mentality… get over it and get to work!

      • Carlucci

        And don’t forget that many years ago, it was the churches that helped people in need – not the government – !! Government has no business doing “social work”. Welfare has created millions of people looking for a handout, and I’m not talking about the truly disabled. I’m talking about the people who keep having baby after baby to get welfare payments because they won’t get off their dead asses. Go to any hospital E.R. (if you can find one that is still open) and observe all of the non-tax-paying illegal aliens with their anchor babies getting free care. Then watch the movie “Precious” and you’ll get the idea……….

        • mark

          I do agree that the illegal alliens should be expelled from the US and the parents should be citizens so their children can become citizens.

      • mark

        The only way to feed the poor, provide them shelter, healthcare and education them is through governmnet programs. We are living in the 21 st century not the 18th century. Providing people food stamps is a lot more efficent than baking a cake and knocking on their door and giving it to them.

    • s c

      M, how long have you been a teenager? You sound like someone who stopped growing (mentally) when you were 16 years old. Please feel free to move to Russia or China. THEY need you.
      America, on the other hand, has all the space cadets, wackos, geekoids, moonbats, useful idiots and assorted mental defectives it ever ‘needed.’ Zowie! I almost feel sorry for you. Get help – NOW.

      • eddie47d

        Your hero Reagan ” fired the Air Traffic Controllers and the airlines kept loosing luggage” The airlines used to be classy but after Reagan kicked those controllers in the groin things started to go down hill. Where was the incentive to do a good job if you could be fired nilly willy? The airlines became just another job so who cared. The conservatives want to do the same to all other unions.

        • Carlucci

          eddie47d – FYI – many air traffic controllers were in Saudi Arabia the same time my husband and I were. Like all ex-pats, they were making tax-free money working overseas, doing a job they were trained in and good at. Many of them were not interested in coming back to the USA, and chose to retire in places like Cyprus. So out of something “bad” (getting fired by Reagan), something good came of it.

        • http://naver samurai

          They were fired because they weren’t allowed to strike against the government, but did. Ergo, they disobeyed orders and were given the proper punishment for doing so. You shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • mark

        I am not a teenager, just a compassionate person that cares about my fellow American Citizen! I feel sorry for your hard-heartedness.

    • 45caliber


      Yeah, right. How come we didn’t see that BEFORE Welfare started in the ’60s? If that had occured as you stated, there would be no humans at all – we’d have all died off. If you want to support such things, feel free. In fact, I’ll let you have my share of this fiasco too…

      • mark

        If you remember before social prorams, we had people going hungry, a very high illeteracy rate, people living in shacks, a low lif-expectacy rate. senior citizens not getting health care and of course we had the conservatives favorite idea, SEGREGATION! I believe that you conservative were against the Civil Rights Laws that made SEGRAGATION ILLEGAL!

  • bob wire

    Sounds like a rewrite of history to me, “The new improved version” It’s a good thing that pigs don’t fly!

    That someone has the courage to make a decision in our darkest hours, there will always be second guessing arm chair quarterback sitting in the comforts and confines of their warm homes with full bellies pointing out errors in judgment, where the train left the tracks and swell with pride for their keen ability of insight.

    Ben Crystal has a talent for the absurd and selling it a insightful commentary.

    So, which way ~ is “down” exactly ?

    • Angel

      Ben is just doing what the billionaires want. Don’t blame the sheep.

  • Stephan F.

    Look, it all boils down to this: either you’re a member of the elite & privileged political class (all government employees — unionized or not), or you’re not. Those members of the elite class live an artificially higher standard of living that is subsidized & paid for by those in the private sector, who don’t enjoy such privileges. I consider this hypothesis to be immutable and several thousand years of history validates this principle. Therefore, one must conclude that these elites (some 20+ million) are clearly parasites for the following reasons: (1) they are living at the expense of the private-sector working class, and (2) they force the latter mentioned class to live at a much lower standard of living than they ordinarily would. Simply stated, through the use of political maneuvering and government force, the elites have literally enslaved the non-elites. Welcome to the world of class-warfare.

    Now, if you reside in the former class, congratulations, you’re living a privileged existence, and I bow to your greed. However, I suggest you start making plans to scale back a bit, because I assure you this gravy train is about to end for you soon, and probably rather abruptly.

    For those of you, like me, who happened to reside in the latter class, I have to ask: when are you going to wise up and stop the elites from enslaving you? Or if you already understand the situation, what took you so long? Economic enslavement has been going on for decades now. In any event, get off your butts and get active !

  • Angel

    I suspect a casual poll of the teabag thugs, Republican Party operatives and phony Christians currently engaged in the Governor Scott Walker-orchestrated Operation Destroy the Working Class in Madison, Wis., would reveal an almost unanimously positive opinion of the Hero of WW2 – President Eisenhower (President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was elected in 1952, was the first to publicly address and congratulate the AFL-CIO union, which was now the largest in the world.). Given that most of them likely don’t know more about economics than whatever’s printed on the cocktail napkins at Koch-sponsored tea-bag conventions, I further suspect that none have ever heard Ike’s prescient analysis:

    (from Wikipedia):
    In Eisenhower’s telephone broadcast to the United States he acknowledged the impact union members had made to better the nation and one of these impacts was “the development of the American philosophy of labor.” Eisenhower states three principles which he feels apply to the philosophy of labor. The first principles states that: “the ultimate values of mankind are spiritual; these values include liberty, human dignity, opportunity and equal rights and justice.” Eisenhower was stating that every individual deserves a job with decent compensation, practical hours, and good working conditions that leave them feeling fulfilled. His second principle speaks of the economic interest of the employer and employee being a mutual prosperity. The employers and employees must work together in order for there to be the greatest amount of wealth for all. Workers have a right to strike when they feel their boundaries are being crossed and the best way for the employer to fix the employees unhappiness is to come to a mutual agreement. His last principle which he preached stated: “labor relations will be managed best when worked out in honest negotiation between employers and unions, without Government’s unwarranted interference.” Eisenhower was saying that when both parties cooperate and act in mature fashion, it will be easier to work out situations and a better outcome will result because of it. Once he was done delivering the speech, everyone across the U.S. knew of the new AFL-CIO whose “mission was to bring social and economic justice to our nation by enabling working people to have a voice on the job, in government, in a changing global economy and in their communities.”

    It’s time for Governor Scott Walker to take the handoff from the Gipper and spike the ball in the Democrats’ end zone. Come on, Governor Walker, win one for the billionaires!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Daryl… When Eisenhower was President the unions had not crossed that greed and lust for power line. They were still doing good things and helping to form laws and regulations to keep employees and employers both happy. It’s not like that any more. They are no longer performing in that capacity. Greed and power have corrupted them. Will they be able to go back to those days when they were the ‘good guys’? I doubt it. Greed and power are some pretty big obstacles to overcome.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Remember that they have a right the next time the firedepartment goes on strike and your house burns down!!! Or the next time the cops get “blue flu” and you get robbed or killed!! Remember, they have the right to strike!!!

  • Linda

    What would FDR say to this article? He would “welcome their hatred.”

  • texastwin827

    I am a firm believer that all individuals, with the possible exception of the elderly or disabled, who draw welfare (also another program that FDR initiated) should be required to work (and not 2 yrs AFTER they start drawing it).

    There are many infrastructure projects that otherwise health recipents could be put to work on, repairing, so two things are accomplished…we repair our aging infrastructure and make use of labor that is paid for by welfare monies. As for “training” to do these jobs…it’s the good old “on the job” training that is the best, not something you learn (but never use) in a classroom.

    • 45caliber

      Actually Johnson started the Welfare Department we all know and love. But FDR would have if he had thought of it.

    • mark

      I agree, lets bring back FDR’s work camps and public workers projects. Have people in housing projects cut their own grass. There are just no jobs in the ghettos. The govenment needs to creat jobs if the public sector cannot

  • texastwin827

    As an added note, should someone feel that the women are being allowed to slide and only the men would targeted. There are many clerical type jobs that do NOT require formal training. You would merely “hire” some woment to provide the day care for other women to work. That eliminates the excuse that they can’t afford to work because of the day care costs.

    And please don’t bash me…I was a single working mother more years than a married working mother who paid dearly for day care for all 3 of my children so I do understand the costs related to daycare. I also do not have a college education, however, my high school education (back in the 1960′s) was likely as good as most Soph/Jr college kids have.

    • 45caliber

      Some years ago, a town in Maryland decided to do something about Welfare. At that time, if you had a better program than the feds did, you could take yourself out of that system.

      They hired every person in town that was on welfare at minimum wage. The mothers who had small children were “hired” to take care of them until they went to school – and many times were also hired to take care of other kids as well. The men all went to work for the street crew picking up trash.

      Six months later, only two people still worked for the city. The rest all decided that if they were going to have to work anyway to make a living, they might as well get a better paying job.

      The mistake the city made was telling other cities about what they had done. Those working in the Welfare Department realized that if all cities and counties and states did this, they would themselves be out of a job. So they went to the Supreme Court who ruled that everyone had a right to draw a welfare check without working for it. If you had to work, it was a form of slavery.

      • Vicki

        45caliber writes:
        “So they went to the Supreme Court who ruled that everyone had a right to draw a welfare check without working for it. If you had to work, it was a form of slavery.”

        Would love to have a cite for that so we know to whom to send the bill for all those checks. :)

  • http://com i41

    mark, you are definately a soros socialist slub. If we got rid of housing subsidizes, food stamps, unemployment, farm programs, wilderness areas that nobody goes to, there would not be any starving children. The reson instead of breeding like rats, never working just having fun and playing. Since most of the houses owned by taxpayers will sit empty until they disenergarate and cost taxpayers more to tear down. Put these welfare queens in them and make the sires pay the housing costs, lights, water, sewer and trash costs as well as 1/2 the food costs for mother and children. Males refusing, nut them clean and put them to work doing street repair or what ever. It isn’t slavery but an exchange of work for money not being paid. Mothers will work to grow food and trade baby sitting of other kids on a rotation basics. Become abusive, and a permant slot of working in feilds would iron out a lot of issues. Sunshine fresh air and 12hr days dries out drunks and cleans drug heads. Some responsible females would be in livestock raising, since they usually do a way better job of taking care of mothers. So there should be a prettty small amount of purchased food. Since there is a lot of federal land that grew crops many decades ago. The lost skills would be taught again and same goes for schooling and education. Something marxist/communist muslim moron and his fat roping mare would never understand, nor would the soros socialist union democrats.

    • mark

      The hatred and racism you expose is sinful. You have the compassion of a Nazi! I really feel sorry for you!

  • kevinl

    Many of you in here are very crazily stupid, just like the author! First of people elected him to multiple terms(most in all the presidents?), and that alone proved you crazy partisan clown bashing FDR. So why people voted for him many, many terms if he was that bad? You clowns don’t know how much good you had in him; he was for the common, majority people, not the callous elite — his own class. You crazy and fool-hardy Republicans did your best to undo his policies(even still today), and you got what you deserved, but it’s not just you people but the whole country, that suffer the current financial crisis. The same things as in the last Great Depression; FDR put his policies to prevent that kind of things from happening again, and it worked for some 50-60 years until your types messed up big time. Now enjoy your 21st century financial crisis.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      and it has been proven that his policies lengthened the depression by two years!!! you want to dig him up and plant a good wet one on his lower extremities be my guest! I don’t and won’t!!!

  • charles stewart

    Yes I would vote for FDR and his policy’s not that fool Reagan who you republicans want to dig up and run again. Reagan had alzheimers his first term in office he was nothing but a puppet of the rich, he took his marching orders from the big business bosses and weejee board reading Nancy. Now you pigs want to take collective bargining rights from the workers, you probly still want slaves and child labors. Americans made their own problems, we don’t make anything anymore, and they believe that their enemy’s make better product than they make themselves, to much money is leave ing the country, for foreign products that puts nothing in our pockets. I know that the Germans, Japanese , & Koreans are assembleing cars here, but 95% of that money leaves this country. American middle class is soon to be the poor class, working until they drop, retirement is just a dream of the Union worker.

  • Tom Anderson

    Little known info about FDR.

    FDR accused UAL (United Air Lines) of underhanded methods to gain air mail contracts. He ordered those contracts void and ordered ARMY pilots to fly the mail. As I recall, 29 Army pilots died in accidents while flying the mail – strangely, the UAL pilots had much more experience than Army pilotsflying in bad weather. Those Army pilots were dropping like flies before FDR finally relented and had to eat crow and allow UAL to fly the mail again.

    As I recall, FDR accused the President of UAL and defamed him. The VP of UAL at the time, a fellow named Patterson was infuriated by FDR’s vicious attacks on his boss for whom he had great affection. Within a few years, Patterson was elevated to President of UAL and he filed a personal suit against FDR – took several years, but I understand that Patterson won the defamation of character suit against FDR.

    FDR gave E. Europe to Uncle Joe at Yalta – complicit in the death of millions. I have no use for FDR. I think that his ONLY good point was that he did NOT micromanage WW2 like Carter, LBJ or Truman. He allowed Ike to do what Ike did best in Europe and D-Day.

  • Raymond Babcock

    iam not real sure about roosevelt i do no that some of the work done by the programs wpa is still with us if america is being rebuilt and americans are being put to work people are being trained for jobs that are relivent in todays world it ius very hard to detail the good being done america is at a cross road will the rich keep geting richer or are we going to help the common person some things should be done by the goverment i love america i love the exsperment are we going to leave the world a better or are we going leave it a worse place

  • chuckb

    roosevelt was our first bolshevik president, he landed out peso’s to the peasants and they bowed to his feet. much like barry does with the union elite. going into ww2 we had 19 million people un-employed the depression was still going and if not for the war we may have collapsed as a nation. roosevelt helped many people survive,but unfortunately he created a class of people that looked to the government for a hand out.
    the wpa hired people for public works at $30.00 per month and people were glad to get it. gas was $0.10 pg.
    roosevelt was a typical democrat politician, he was from all indications eyeing the possibilities of a third term and the european war was a sure bet for a third term. strange things happened before pearl harbor, the failure to warn admiral kimmel and general short of the japanese attack was never answered.
    so you can see lots of the ghost of fdr in this present administration. it’s the people you don’t see are the ones that beat you.


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