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Staring Armageddon In The Face, But Hiding It With Official Lies

March 12, 2013 by  

Staring Armageddon In The Face, But Hiding It With Official Lies

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. economy created 236,000 new jobs in February. If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I’ll let you have at a good price.

Where are these alleged jobs? The BLS says 48,000 were created in construction. That is possible, considering that revenue-starved real estate developers are misreading the housing situation.

Then there are 23,700 new jobs in retail trade, which is hard to believe considering the absence of consumer income growth and the empty parking lots at shopping malls.

The real puzzle is 20,800 jobs in motion picture and sound recording industries. This is the first time in the years that I have been following the jobs reports that there has been enough employment for me to even notice this category.

The BLS lists 10,900 jobs in accounting and bookkeeping, which, as it is approaching income tax time, is probably correct; 21,000 jobs in temporary help and business support services; 39,000 jobs in healthcare and social assistance; and 18,800 jobs in the old standby: waitresses and bartenders.

That leaves about 50,000 jobs sprinkled around the various categories, but not in numbers large enough to notice.

The presstitute media attributed the drop in the headline unemployment rate (U3) to 7.7 percent from 7.9 percent to the happy jobs report. But Rex Nutting at Market Watch says that the unemployment rate fell because 130,000 unemployed people who have been unable to find a job and became discouraged were dropped out of the U3 measure of unemployment. The official U6 measure, which counts some discouraged workers, shows an unemployment rate of 14.3 percent. Statistician John Williams’ measure, which counts all discouraged workers (people who have ceased looking for a job), is 23 percent.

In other words, the real rate of unemployment is 2 to 3 times the reported rate.

Nutting believes that the U3 unemployment rate has become too politicized to have any meaning. He suggests using instead the workforce participation rate. This rate is falling substantially, reflecting the discouragement that occurs from inability to find jobs.

Williams ( says that distortions in seasonal factor adjustments overstate monthly payroll employment by about 100,000 jobs. The jobs data that is not seasonally adjusted shows about 1.5 million fewer jobs in the economy.

In a recent communication, statistician John Williams ( reports that the rigged official annual rate of consumer inflation (CPI) of 1.6 percent is in fact, as measured by the official U.S. government methodology of 1990, 9.2 percent. In other words, the rate of inflation is 5.75 times greater than the reported rate. If Williams is correct, the interest rate on bonds is extremely negative.

Over the years, the official measure of inflation has been altered in two ways. One is the introduction of substitution for what formerly was a constant weighted basket of goods. In the former measure, if a price of an item in the basket (index) rose, the CPI rose by the weight of that item in the basket.

In the substitution-based measure, if a price of an item in the basket goes up, the item is removed from the basket, and a cheaper item is put in its place. For example, if the price of New York strip steak rises, the new CPI will substitute the price of a cheaper cut.

In this new measure, inflation is held down by measuring not a fixed standard of living but a declining standard of living.

The other adjustment used to restrain the measure of inflation is to re-classify many price rises as “quality improvements.” Price rises declared to be quality improvements do not translate into a higher measure of inflation. In other words, if a product rises in price, the price increase or some portion of it can be assigned to improved quality, not to a rise in component or energy costs. As the incentive is to hold down the inflation measure in order to save money for the government on Social Security cost-of-living-adjustments, quality improvements are overestimated.

Consumers have to pay the higher prices. Except for the 1 percent, incomes are not growing; so higher product prices, regardless of whether they are quality improvements, mean a lower standard of living for the 99 percent.

The understated new measure of inflation allows the government to show real gross domestic product growth and, thus, the end of the December 2007 recession. It also allows the government to show in the latest report real retail sales again matching the pre-recession level. However, when measured correctly, as by Williams, the true picture of retail sales shows a steep decline from 2007 through 2009 and bottom bouncing since.

The reason real retail sales cannot recover is that real average weekly earnings continues its downward path. Earlier in this new century, the lack of income growth for the bulk of the U.S. population was masked by a rise in consumer debt. Americans borrowed to spend, and this kept the economy going until the point was reached that consumers had more debt than they could service.

Williams’ report of real average weekly earnings shows that Americans are taking home less purchasing power than they did in the 1960s and 1970s.

Reflecting the dollar’s loss of purchasing power, the price of gold and silver in dollars has risen dramatically during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama regimes.

For the past year or two, the Federal Reserve and its dependent banks have operated to cap the price of gold at about $1,750. They do this by selling naked shorts in the paper speculative gold market.

There are two gold markets. One is a market for physical possession by individuals and central banks. The rising demand in the physical bullion market points to a rising price for gold.

The other market is the speculative paper market, in which financial institutions bet on the future gold price. By placing large amounts of shorts, this market can be used to suppress price rises in the physical market. The Federal Reserve, which can print money without limit, can cover any losses on its agents’ paper contracts.

It is important to the Federal Reserve’s low interest rate policy to suppress the bullion price. If the prices of gold and silver continue to rise relative to the U.S. dollar, the Fed cannot keep the prices of bonds high and interest rates low. If the dollar is widely perceived to be declining in value in relation to gold, the price of dollar-denominated assets will also decline, including bonds. If the dollar loses value, the Fed loses control over interest rates, and the U.S. financial bubble pops, with hell to pay.

To forestall Armageddon, the Fed and its dependent banks cap the price of gold.

The Fed’s fix is temporary; and as the Fed continues to create ever more dollars, the price of gold will eventually escape the Fed’s control, as will interest rates and inflation.

The Fed has produced a perfect storm that could consume the United States and perhaps the entire Western world.

–Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts

was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of The Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following, and can be accessed here.

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  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    But the stock market is at record highs, says the statist.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Heading for a record crash?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Cap at Birth say,: “What a crock” to GALT presumably.
        Then says, “Heading for a record crash?” to RevNow presumably.

        Am I the only one who is having difficulty understanding what these cryptic bits of wisdom mean? Seems to me like Cap is arguing with himself (?)

      • Paul B.

        Right Brain… it appears to me that Cap is arguing with Galt who states “we need to prime the pump” aka, increase DC spending, in order maintain economic growth… like we are seeing any NOW?!?!

        To that I would have to agree with Cap… What a crock!!!!!!

      • GALT

        Seems you have joined the other two “willfully ignorant, functional illiterates”, so
        here is some advice…….keep it short and meaningless.

        The reason you are being offered this advice is because you actually
        quoted what you clearly DID NOT COMPREHEND.

        That advice was not directed at government. Try Again!!!!!!

  • GALT

    Ah yes….the END is NIGHER……Eat GOLD, Pray GOLD, Love GOLD, and Silver too.

    And let us not forget, platinum ( which should be at 2x gold, but is not ) and
    paladium, and rare earth metals………hell, why not throw in a little uranium,
    which will certainly get you to NIGH if you’re in a hurry, Mr. Roberts.

    Actually, the CPI ( GALT VERSION ) did take a big hit this weekend. Seems
    the Whopper Jr climbed to an all time high of $1.29…….can this be the END?
    Are we never, ever, again to see the tried and true, 99 cent value meal?

    Of course this last bit could be in anticipation of the hike in the minimum wage,
    which should have a better chance after the “sequestration cuts” kick in…..
    and the dog days approach.

    Fortunately, and this is an actual bright side, wealth disparity is so great that
    messages like this have little impact………the audience they are directed at
    do not have the means to move the “markets”……..and each precise prediction,
    which states a date certain ( and there have been any number of them since
    the CRASH ) has failed to materialize……… it does not matter which
    newsletter you follow or been solicited with……….they have all been wrong,
    and will continue to be WRONG, for precisely this reason.

    Unless big money makes a move, things will continue as before………and
    the conditions are not right for it. One can anticipate a few more moves in
    an attempt to squeeze out a bit more lucre, through possible repatriation
    schemes, but all of the scams and their actual results are too recent and
    fresh to succeed…….and feeding the “mushrooms” on this “fringe” has
    little but entertainment value……..greed has run it’s course, at least for
    the moment……and the games the thing.

    Time to loosen the purse strings, prime the pump and get things
    moving again. You ( and I do not mean the victims ) dodged a bullet
    here and if you continue to allow this situation to stagnate, you will
    get what you DESERVE…….or did you not learn the lesson of 1929?

    The problem with being a “plutocrat” is that if you do not manage this
    correctly, you become impossible to ignore as the CAUSE. Frankly,
    I am amazed you have managed to avoid this for this long……and you
    are taking a big risk, because YOU ARE NOT NEEDED.

    Still……this is up to you a friendly word to the WISE. ( although I’m
    not actually accusing you of having any wisdom, I mean, how could you,
    possibly? )

    As for you, Mr. Robert’s, I’m sure that someone here will appreciate your
    opinion………….whether they are “buyers” or not, is another matter entirely.
    Do you take Federal Reserve Notes?

    “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past,
    controls the future.”

    • Capitalist at Birth

      What a crock.

      • phideaux

        And you can be sure that crock ain’t full of fresh butter.

    • tony newbill

      What Obama Needs to balance a budget is somebody that can Actually Count !!! He needs this guy ……

      • The Christian American

        When Hitler came to power in Germany the country was in the midst of a deep depression, far worse than us now. Say what you will about the man but he was an economic genius. What he did was, he froze everybodies all wages and let prices go where they would. His logic was that prices would have to come to a point where people could buy, and it worked. In three years and Germany not only came out of it’s depression but the country was solvent and growing.

        But we’re not in the same situation as Germany. The powers that be are not political but are financial, the Federal Reserve. They want the dollar to be not only as the world’s soverign currency but the medium of exchange in all countries. By making all oil (black gold) only traded in dollars they could succeed. Rothschild said: I care not who makes the laws, so long as I control the money.

      • The Christian American

        Obama isn’t interested in balancing the budget. Either he or his handlers want to control the budget at they’re pleasure. Again. Rothschild said: I care not who makes the laws, so long as I control the money.

    • The Christian American

      It’s not the metal but what people will use as their medium of exchange and traditionally people prefer gold. You can buy other metals and everything else with gold. Gold is the traditional medium of exchange.Legitimate we should value things by what gold is worth and that value is established on the free market. People in the gold business establish what gold is worth when they put it on the market. Put to much of it on the market and the price suffers. Put to little on the market and they loose buyers. We dictate the price as buyers and sellers. When paper cerificates entered the picture is when the trouble started. Governments and banks can counterfeit paper cerificates but they can’t counterfeit gold.

      • GALT

        Clearly you are NOT an economic genius nor do you know much about
        money, or history.

        So start with Debt: The First 5000 Years, where you will learn that the
        sequence is credit, money, barter and coined money doesn’t appear
        until 800 BCE, later as you move west. You will also learn that your
        biblical money is a measurement of “grain”.

        Then you can jump to The Lord’s of Finance where you will learn that
        the Gold Standard was the actual cause of the depression, along
        with wall st, and the monetary policy you are NOW advocating, and
        how Germany actually solved it’s “currency problem”.

        Then you can move on to Economics Unmasked, where you will
        learn that “economics” itself is a complete farce and that even
        supply and demand breaks down as soon as the desert island
        holds more than one person. You will learn that the reason economics
        fails is because there is no empirical way to determine the value
        of any asset, so it is neither scientific nor a discipline…….and how could
        it be when everything is based on “perception” and its manipulation.

        Then you can choose either Econned or Extreme Money, to trace
        the current crisis, as well as it’s economic historical antecedents.

        Then take a quick dash to Power, Inc which traces western economic
        development in Europe from 11OO or so, starting in Sweden, with a copper
        mine and rise of modern economcs and CORPORATIONS.

        This may take some time, as it will be somewhat traumatic, having your
        beliefs so thoroughly crushed, so take your time…….drink plenty of
        fluids and take frequent naps.

        Two things will occur if you complete this mission: You will be much
        better informed and you will no longer be restricted to quoting
        Rothschild, relying on Hitler, or having to refer to the bible, which
        has extremely limited value in comprehending the reality you presently

        So was it good for YOU?

  • Warrior

    “Inflation”? Just look at how much it now costs to “buy” a political office!

    • DavidL

      Public financing of all elections! No private contributions from anyone. Period!

      • Paul B.

        I completely agree. Set limits based on geographic coverage of the election, no lobbyist contributions, nothing, discounted TV advertising, equal time, more debates, etc. Campaigns could be run MUCH cheaper. The problem though is that since the lapdog media is so pro DEM, they provide CONSTANT promotion of the left’s policies, unrestricted as they are “media.” That is one reason Citizen’s United was accepted by SC. they saw that Media outlets were biased, and unlimited, they are corporations, so why not allow equal access to message delivery by OTHER companies wishing to have an impact. Basically it was a field leveling decision.

        Again… the media is to blame for so much that is wrong in this country. Out watchdogs have become lapdogs for the left. Sad but true.

      • tony newbill

        And while the Hierarchy Stashes CASH , they are Ordering the defense Dept to Stash Ammo ,

    • BigBadJohn

      LOL but the returns are well worth it…..

      • Paul B.

        LOL… so true, and more so as the years pass and the power of DC to control the market expand. Chicago mafia tactics of pay to play is how this administration operates. And that also includes the suppression of dissension through well organized bully tactics and outright threats as we have seen with media people who “dare” to criticize these guys.

        I am afraid it only gets worse as we proceed through this (hopefully) last Obama administration.

  • Mac the knife

    Your article is right on! It is amazing that we Americans accept the garbage fed to us by the government. We deserve better than that. You will notice that the unemployment rate dropped a week before the last election, but even a cursory analysis showed that that was bogus. It was done by Obama’s people with his connivance to boost his election prospects. Not a peep from (the Obama) press, as expected. Shame on you Mr. President, your shameful disservice to the American people is well documented.. I think it is about time that we fire the government statisticians who feed us this garbage and turn the task over to an independent agency. Who is with me on this?

    • GALT

      You don’t seem to have any problem accepting garbage.

      And why would anyone be with you? You would prefer the “honest” assessment
      of a “private firm”………like those who rated those mortgage tranches as

      • Paul B.

        There is no more corrupt entity in the world than governments… the ones people like you blindly place their trust to do what is “right.” Right is such a subjective word, based upon personal perspective. Since DC’s perspective is all about power and control, what is “right” for them is what creates benefit for THEM, not us.

        Our concept of right is what is best for the country, best for the people, best for promoting economic growth… none of these rank very high on the politicians concept of ‘RIGHT.”

        Private entities, under the pressure of severe penalties for lying or cheating would at least put some accountability into the process. DC has ZERO accountability and that is mostly the fault of the media, but also the naivety and gullible nature of the uninformed masses, blind to reality as they pretend to be concerned.

        We are screwed!!!!!

      • GALT

        People can not be “corrupted” if there were not other people with the
        motive and means to corrupt them.

        Amazing that you seem to have such a clear view of what is “right”
        even while citing the “self interested” nature regarding the reasons behind
        its eventual determination.

        How is it possible for you to believe that “our view” of what is right for the
        country is in any way unified……or is as conveniently as polarized as
        you describe? ( even those you claim are the “most corrupted” are not
        unified……and there are those “seeking” that accountability you claim
        is needed. )

        You have just read an article telling you the things you already knew,
        and it wanders all over the place…….so what? What did it accomplish?
        What does your response to it accomplish?

        Here’s an interesting take…… are 2.7% away from achieving
        FULL EMPLOYMENT! Because 5% or below is how FULL EMPLOYMENT
        is determined.

        But seriously, if your final conclusion is “We’re screwed “, then you have
        just entered a “stress free” zone………..kick back, have a drink, smoke
        whatever you like and enjoy the ride.

        You clearly are not emotionally equipped to deal with the “complexity”
        that exists or the “frustration” of the sheer number of players and agenda’s
        in play. You seek a simple cause and a simple solution.

        This gives those who seek to shape your perceptions any number of
        means by which you can be manipulated.

        What was being sold here is DOOM. It seems to have worked.

      • Old Henry

        Hey GALT;

        DaveH has been missing and word on the street is that you snatched him and locked him in your coal room.

      • GALT

        Missing? Is he gone? Wow I hardly noticed…..guess the supply of
        “willfully ignorant, functional illiterates” is inexhaustible. Who KNEW?

        He musta fired the “other” satellite company. Or maybe they won’t take gold?

  • FreedomFighter

    “It is important to the Federal Reserve’s low interest rate policy to suppress the bullion price. If the prices of gold and silver continue to rise relative to the U.S. dollar, the Fed cannot keep the prices of bonds high and interest rates low. If the dollar is widely perceived to be declining in value in relation to gold, the price of dollar-denominated assets will also decline, including bonds. If the dollar loses value, the Fed loses control over interest rates, and the U.S. financial bubble pops, with hell to pay.”

    IMHO the Federal Reserve will “pop” the financial bubble when the powers that be decide its time or events in the world force the “pop”. According to some articles I have read the “pop” is a mathematical certainty. Also a currency war is being waged, and this usually leads to a shooting war.

    More importantly, worldwide food production is significantly down, and this usually leads to a shooting war.

    Iran is about to attain nuclear capability, this may lead to a shooting war.

    North Korea has openly threatened to nuke the United States, and I take them very seriously because they have nothing to lose: the starving people will revolt sooner or later with help of the military to remove the failed leadership; hence the leadership has much control to gain, and little to nothing to lose starting a war. This list continues A-Z until we run out of countries.

    We probably are “Staring Armageddon In The Face, But Hiding It With Official Lies”.

    I suggest buying silver and gold, after you have: Food storage for your family, water stored/filtration system, firearms and ammo, alternate lighting heating, most of all “A PLAN FOR SURVIVAL”.

    Even if we dodge the bulk of the problems it seems inevitable something will happen and you will need to be prepared for at least a few weeks to 6 months.

    Get Peggy Laytons books, excellent source of info, also Stan Deyo’s Dare to Prepare at do it fast, do it now.

    Just think this: The government has purchase 2 billion rounds of ammo, machine guns, armored vehicals, millions upon millions of MRE’s, generators and other SURVIVAL GEAR — basically all the gear YOU NEED — they expect problems so should you.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • steve

      maybe you should go back and read your bible again. armageddon is a battle between god and his angles(jesus is the leader) and satan and his angles. what you should call this is the great tribulation that the bible talks about in the book of mathew. this term armegeddon has been used wrong. get you fact straight.

      • FreedomFighter

        Relax Steve if you look closely you will see quotes around it, because its the title of the artical by Mr Roberts I am responding too…but thank you for the clarification

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

      • steve

        that’s my point . every one uses it wrong. if you want to scare people then use the great tribulation which says that if god didn;t stop it man would cease to exist.

        • danielbristol

          Does anyone out there have a solution?

          • tony newbill

            Follow the US Consitution and that means first end the Federal Reserves strong hold thats been for 100 years !!!!!! Restore the power of the Monetary system and the decsion making back to We the People its our Currency and that Represents OUR Resources !!!!

            Second , Tell the WTO to Go To Heck !!!! As far as whats Plaguing the USA economy and Job creation Please check this sites out and Learn whats wrong !!!! The problem is these Facists are Not lobbying congress to make the currency manipulators like China value their currency in the Free Floating rule that should have seen their currency values par the dollar by now with all the industry thats flowed over there and grew their GDP over the Past 18 years of this WTO free trade agreement , and thats SUCKED our Jobs , and wealth away , Rember what Ross Perot said if we implimented this Trade agreement the way ot was drafted , we would Hear a Giant Sucking Sound on all our wealth and Resources , well thats exactly what has happened , But its because the People in the Middle of this Giant Currency swap have consolidated the wealth into the Biggest Fiancial Bailout in 2008 we have ever seen and that has created the Very Facist organization the Globalists wanted , under the Kissinger NSSM200 memoradum , they wanted this to happen as we the people were put to sleep with the dumbing down of the society that has happened over this same period of time !!!!!


          • libertyguard1

            So it sounds like, for a start, you oppose globalism. You also oppose the Federal Reserve. Lots of people are opposed to those. The next question is: How do we dismantle these harmful elements? Because believe me, Brother, I’m with you.

          • tony newbill

            Globalism under the current method is only consolidating all free market wealth and resources into the Globalists control under the guise of this failed so called free trade policy .

            Have you noticed how everything they say is to make you feel good about how and what they say and while they have your attention this way they are doing the exact Opposite and if anyone calls them out on this hypocrisy they call them crazy and conspiracy theorists ???

            Oh the ISM and IST world we live in is taking us down …………..

          • tony newbill

            This globalism is why Romney lost too , because everyone that was in the middle was thinking how does this guy who made his money off out sourcing our Self Reliance , thats Important to NOT Become a SERF which we are Today in what can now be dubbed the USAofC by being DEPENDENT on foreign Imports mainly from China , this has many us into the Russian SERF of the 21st Century !!! So what is our GDP Really Worth ??? And How long does the Foreign Suppliers we depend on for Our Vital parts needs keep taking our Paper dollars that are Now Nothing more than a Guarantee of Our Government saying they will just keep printing more Paper to pay the debt that these Suppliers take for a Parts supply that Sustains Life and Liberty , think about that Dependency and how long you think these guys will keep taking the paper play money before they say screw that we can use this dependency against the USA to make it into the USAof China ????? we have been sucked in the most treasonous manner ever seen by a Continent because its not just the USA its all of Europe , Mexico any country thats currency is higher than Asian currencies and this is called Greshams Law of the 14th Century , this has happened before so we are seeing history repeat itself On Purpose trade policy was the vehicle to implement the effects of Greshams Law , for a Idealism , mainly that of the Globalist idea that Earth has Peaked with Human Overpopulation , NSSM200 Google it .

      • FreedomFighter

        Im not trying to cause a scare…though it really is scary reality, but reality it is.

        Secondly, many here would not understand nor listen to scripture referances, nomatter the relevance and I dont use scripture knowingly for my own purposes.

        Here are a few vids that I reference for biblical inspriation:

        Chuck Missler’s Extended Interview: Interpreting Prophetic Events

        Awareness In Spiritual Warfare… Russ Dizdar

        I also reference Derick Prince video as sources of inspration for bible interpretation.

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

    • john811c

      It will lead to a shooting war with Iran because they and the countries that are trading with Iran will attempt to replace the Dollar as the worlds reserve currency they are currently trading between each other in Gold that is (Brazil, Russia, India & China) three of those countries are rising stars in global finance with Brazil taking 6th place over Britain’s economy. India and China have been gradually gaining ground with China becoming the worlds largest manufacturing country. The results of this since the US went off the international Gold Standard agreed to in 1944 in 1971 and allowing our currency to float. The only thing that temporarily staved off the piper was Saudi Arabia and OPEC accepting only using dollars to buy OIL do some study on the petro-dollar and you will see the ramifications and why it will collapse countries trading in Dollars are becoming dissatisfied that the US continues printing dollars devaluing the currency and transferring the inflationary pressure to the countries using dollars for Oil. people need to read and become educated as to what really is going on

    • Old Henry

      I don’t know FreedomFighter. With Dennis Rodman as our new Emissary to North Korea we may be cool with them. I read that he is vacationing with Kim whats-his-mane in August. What a guy! I wonder wht color his hair will be..

      Ther rest, however, you are dead on. Don’t forget emmunition. Lots and lots of ammunition, along with the launching devce of course…

  • ibcamn

    Most people just take the red solo cup full of the deluted koolaid the gov’t gives them and go back to what they do best,just ignore the facts!iv’e been hearing about the real numbers for some time now and i tried to follow them,but can only grt through most before i throw my hands up and scream at how the American people are just believing this crap!i can tell that it’s hitting the people hard,how can the others not tell(or care)they just keep telling themselves that it will get better,just give it time!well how much time you gonna give?aahhh!sheeple!how come somebody that has the ability to tell people the truth(media)don’t?why do yhet keep going along with this garbage?why not put up the true numbers all the time and stick to it?!wake the people up and make them question what’s all this!!make gov’t number crunchers fess up to what they been up to for the last six or seven tears?!?!

    • Old Henry

      Ah yes, the kool aid, a large bag of Cheetos and reality TV. Good to go!!

      Those idiots are why we need voter control.

  • Chester

    Well, don’t particularly CARE what the official, or unofficial reports say, my visual report says things ARE picking up. There are more full time employees at a number of different factories in my area, some of which build for sale to other manufacturers. When companies are buying stuff to build what they sell in increasing amounts, they must have a growing market. It also means they are putting more people to work.

  • BigBadJohn

    I think it all depends on where you live. Here in North Carolina the housing market came to a stand still in 2008, housing prices dropped by about 25% and new subdivision went bankrupt and sat as vacant land. That has all changed, housing prices are back up and those vacant subdivision are now 50% full of new houses with more going in all of the time. Housing alone the job market and values are a lot better.

    As far as professionals, companies laid off a ton of older high paid workers and have been hiring college students and crying they can not find qualified workers so that they can bring H1B candidates from other countries.

    • john811c

      Companies will not hire older more experienced workers, they will instead hire who they can get cheap. But remember this cheap is not always good quality will suffer

  • The Christian American

    Let’s look at it this way. For a society to grow and prosper, it needs a trustworthy medium of exchange. By that I mean something all people will accept when they are buying or selling. We can’t barter as a regular means to exchange because that it to cumbersome for the most part. Somewhere down the line men settled on gold and silver as their medium of exchange, then carrying the metal was cumbersome to. To safeguard their gold and silver banks (vaults) were established. The banks gave their depositors paper certificates that they could redeem in their silver and gold at any time. Because the banking business was profitable people went to bankers to borrow silver or gold but instead of them, people became satisfied with the paper receipts. Bankers realized that at any given time at least 50% of the silver or gold on deposit with them was always there. So bankers broke the law, became thieves, and started to print counterfeit certificates, certificates the did not have gold ro silver backing them. This “business” became very very profitable to the point that lords and governments were borrowing from the banks. Thieves steal until they get caught and that’s what happened to bankers. As they counterfeited paper, the market realized the paper wasn’t worth as much when there was 100% backing of silver and gold. Because governments got caught up in the scam of living beyond their means, governments passed laws protecting bankers. With this kind of protection, governments joining in with bankers to steal from the wealth only the people can provide the counterfeiting ran rampant over the people. The people themselves joined in with governments to get counterfeit money. They turned and turn a blind eye to the situation. Everybody looks at the paper as if it was the medium of exchange, not the gold and silver that’s suppose to be backing them. The thieves are getting caught because there isn’t enough gold and silver to back even a fraction of the paper that’s printed. Gold and silver aren’t going up in price. The counterfeit dollars are going down in value with all of them they are printing around. Silver and gold? if you had twenty $20.00 dollar gold pieces you could buy a $34,000.00 car with them. To make matters worse. The government pays it’s bill with the new money they print. As it circulates the market realizes it and the purchasing power of the paper declines. This is a form of tax. There are ways to reverse the situation but that is going to require sacrifice on the part of all and nobody wants to hear it. “For the love of “counterfeit” money is the root of all evil”.

    • john811c

      You and I both know that we have to get back to the biblical definition of what money is that is Gold and Silver we should not accept paper certificates for any purchase but we know the bankers have us by the balls they and the government will never put back what they have stolen.

  • http://BuddieDavid BUD USMC


    • The Christian American

      That’s what they did when they declared the Revolution. Read the Declaration of Independence. With minor editing it applies

  • angelwannabe

    Washington is one big dog and pony show. _There are signs everywhere that life as we know is about to change.

    As far as housing goes around here, there are still houses that were half built in 2008 and 09, that have been left, in the same condition, or erratic finishing as the money comes in. People continue to lose jobs, with people traveling farther and farther awayfrom home, to find jobs. Gas prices up, food up, everything is UP! the NON Obama Taxes have cut to our bottom line, 30, 40 50 dollars.__how do I know , i’ve been askin!__our son-in-law has an additional 60 bucks taken out of his check!

    Every damn number imaginable in the economy is manipulated, ALL to reflect how good the the administration is doing, in power.__So who’s skimming the money from the higher taxes, the higher price on gas and food, who’s getting it??_

    The whole thing is one big SHOW!!! WAKE THE H*LL UP!

    They’re driving the middle class onto the GUV dole on purpose.The more people on the GUV dole, the better the admins policies look and appear successful to the naive, WHICH MEANS MORE FUTURE VOTES, as if votes count!.

    __Manufacturing and industry is gone in our area,. 21 companies disappeared in sight of 30 years. Three reasons, first, non compliance of unions with the companies, second, tax and regulation, third, CEO deaths of a company and companies were sold.__ I know i did the research! 3 years ago NO COMPANIES ARE MOVING BACK IN!!!__if you don’t punch a cash register or work for yourself, YOUR ON UNEMPLOYMENT! __Period!
    from the comments below i see several still living in the land of utopia__I gotta laugh, i just gotta laugh, such idiots……

    • Old Henry

      Well Angel, it’s at the point where if you have a job you are one of the rich not paying your fair share.

      Yeah, we have lost 95% of our manufacturing jobs in our area over the last 20 – 25 years. Some due to poor mgt. and union excesses coupled with the off-shore competition. Some due to buy-outs and moving from The Land of Stincoln / high taxes / over regulation / corruption.

  • dan

    I just keep thinking that eventually everyone will HAVE to wake up…
    i mean this isn’t part of the GREAT DECEPTION ,is it ?

  • tony newbill
  • john811c

    Liars can figure and Figures can lie if you keep changing the standard with which you measure you can make a statistic say anything you want it to say

  • http://Newsmax Don Q

    I am one of those unemployed persons who is no longer being counted. I have been unemployed since 2008. I have submitted over 4000 resumes in 5 years and I have been on exactly 3 interviews. I suppose you could call me one of those disillusioned job seekers.

    I have however been working all these years on my Masters of Divinity. But many of the denominations are telling me & my seminary classmates that there will be no place for us when we graduate. There are very few congregations that can afford full time pastors with many churches closing and merging. If that isn’t a testament to the hopelessness in this world I don’t know what is.

    • FreedomFighter

      Keep your faith, they didnt pay Jesus either.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

  • STEVE E.

    It is sad to say there are just two reasons why the U.S. is not yet a banana republic. The first reason is that the US dollar has not yet lost its world’s reserve currency status, which is helping to keep interest rates at record low levels. If the dollar, yen and euro were not involved in a currency war, the dollar’s intrinsic decline would become much more evident, causing domestic inflation to soar, and our bond market to immediately collapse.
    The other reason why we have not been declared a banana republic is because America is not located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn

  • tony newbill

    Why did they study this ???? Govt spends $1.5M to study why lesbians are fat

  • http://personalliberty Alondra

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded $1.52 million to study biological and social factors for WHY “three-quarters” (75%) of lesbians are obese and why gay males are not, calling it an issue of “high public-health significance.”

    $1.52 Million of Taxpayers money(!!!) for lesbians obesity, but the White House still closed for public and school students.HOW MANY jobs were created in the

    How do you think HOW many jobs they created?

    P.S. I think that the Findings of the study will be: the Republicans WAR ON WOMEN.

    • Old Henry

      I would think that the male deviates would be overweight since they get fed with a tube…

    • danielbristol

      We’re falling to pieces as a nation and an economy, and people are STILL allworried about how many lesbians can dance on the head of a pin? Here’s the answer: If you want to be a deviant, do it on your time. It doesn’t warrant billions of taxpayer dollars being spent to figure out why Johnny Lesbian is fat. Message to the ENTIRE government, left and right: FIX THE DAMN ECONOMY YOU OVERPAID CLUMPS OF ELEPHANT DUNG, OR YOU’RE OUT OF A JOB……AND NOT NICE AND EASY.

      • Chris

        Absolutely agree, but it may be too late to fix this economy. It may already be circling the drain.

        • tony newbill

          Once the Bond market starts demanding more Interest which is a 3rd Japan and China , the rest is the Federal Reserve monetizing the debt , and the rest of the industrialized nations we depend on for our Vital Parts supplies tell us they will not take our Paper dollars for products that actually give you Life , this Paper propped up Wall Street Market collapses …. Get ready because all the Ammo being stockpiled by DHS is for those who are not Ready and go Nuts when they cannot get what they need at the stores and drive ups as this fundamental transformation takes place !!!!!

  • bychoosing

    Our whole system is based on lies. If, for some strange reason, politicians began telling the truth, our whole system would collapse. This is the power of truth, in that it destroys the strongholds of lies…be careful what you ask for!

    • tony newbill

      Heres a great article on the political deception that the shell game you are talking about keeps popping up as the shells keep getting moved and uncovered …. DHS Purchased Enough Ammo to Sustain a Hot War in America For Years ,

    • GALT

      At what point in HISTORY has the “truth” ever been a priority for

      More importantly, what makes you think that YOU would be capable of
      recognizing the TRUTH, if it came along?

      This site isn’t any more about TRUTH, than you are its messenger.

      What we can be certain of is, that whatever the TRUTH is, it does
      not appear to be one you approve of.

      • bychoosing

        Galt: At what point in HISTORY has the “truth” ever been a priority for

        An impossible question, considering you are not in possession of perfect knowledge/truth. Who is?

        Galt: More importantly, what makes you think that YOU would be capable of
        recognizing the TRUTH, if it came along?

        What makes you think you, could/would recognize TRUTH, if it came along?

        Galt: This site isn’t any more about TRUTH, than you are its messenger.

        What is TRUTH, and who is it’s messenger…you?

        Galt: What we can be certain of is, that whatever the TRUTH is, it does
        not appear to be one you approve of.

        According to the way of the world, truth is subjective…remember? Are you now suggesting that there is such a thing as absolute truth? If so, do tell?

        • http://Freemason1! libertyguard1

          Be careful. GALT is the type that usually gets very nasty when you argue them into a corner. It re-introduces the consistency he’s trained himself to attack.

      • GALT

        Actually the truth is not subjective…..

        You have one unalienable right. What you do with it is up to you.

        Hope you don’t THINK that was nasty, but then since you didn’t actually
        say anything…………

      • WTS/JAY

        Galt: Actually the truth is not subjective…..

        An absolute statement…so, what then is TRUTH?

        Galt: You have one unalienable right. What you do with it is up to you.

        Only one?

        Galt: Hope you don’t THINK that was nasty, but then since you didn’t actually
        say anything…………

        On the other hand, you have said much…but then again, you always do…?

      • GALT

        That there are no absolutes…….is an absolute statement.

        “You have the single unalienable right to continue to attempt to survive.”

        That is an objective TRUTH.

        Which, based on your comment, offers you a number of relevant responses.

        Your turn Jay? ( please try NOT to see, that which is not there to see. )

      • duane

        You cannot handle the truth so you have to distort everything and all of the conservative agenda by calling this site a bunch of lies. So the question is? Why in the hell are you even on this site other than to instigate and foment disorder. I have been reading and puking on your comments for a long time and I have discovered a basic truth about you. YOU CANNOT PROVIDE ANY SUBSTANTIAL SOLUTIONS TO ANY OF THE PROBLEMS THAT WE ARE FACING TODAY. ALL YOU DO IS COMPLAIN AND MOAN AND GROAN ABOUT THE SO CALLED LACK OF SUBSTANCE (YOUR THINKING) ON THIS SITE. YOU HAVE NO VIABLE SOLUTIONS TO TALK ABOUT. At least others are providing some clear thinking. SOMETHING YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF DOING.

    • http://naver samurai

      You’ve got that right. Here is something showing how the 5th column (libturds and progturds) are mentally ill.

      The answer to that question is a big, fat yes. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

      “A patriot must be a religious man.”

      Thomas Jefferson

      • Tony

        If you are a chsistian, and belive what the Bible teaches then you know that there is absolute truth. Jeasus said you shall know the truth and truth shall set you free.

  • Dan B

    I don’t know any more. all this political commentary and I’m still out of work. My marriage is fine, my wife is employed, but we BOTH need to be. I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs and if you’re not a black lesbian socialist they [expletive deleted] your resume. OR they want 17 years experience for an entry level receptionist job. I got no fight left. I got nothing left. I’m on empty and there’s THOUSANDS of jobs if you’re a black lesbian socialist who once did welding for Circue De Soleil and Homeland Security for 300 years during the 1950′s. Employers out there have gone [expletive deleted]. I need money and I’m done playing their games. I need a job. Not excuses, not cool ideology and debate. I need a damn JOB. I’ve got an AWESOME resume and it means nothing. I’m at the end of my rope.

    • tony newbill

      Dan B , start looking at your living costs and see if there are things that you can produce and substitute for what you buy as a finished product at the store . Heck even eating Nutria systems are cheaper now than actually buying food from the grocery , so if you put in some gardening items you can really cut the food bill .
      It might even lead to a popular website that you can share your gardening and how you cut your living costs ???

    • tony newbill

      Dan this lose of Jobs is because of the Globalist agenda to elevate incomes to those in other poor countries to brings self reliance and a greater level of education then can be had in giving these people who are Overpopulating their societies a greater understanding of this . Its why we are Losing our Industrial base and these globalists are taking the world this way as a way to stabilize the growth in Population because they are convinced that earth is Peaking on Resource availability in the next 20-30 years .
      This will lead to Inflation on everything you need as more people around the world who were not accessing these same qualities of life products gain more access to them . So you have to find ways to create your needs Independently from the main system of resource production and distribution .
      A off the Grid Mindset will stabilize your Cost of Living .

  • Chris

    Excellent article on the money and banking system of the Federal reserve and the US government. Of course the big question is, “How do we escape the grip of the monster?”

    • GALT

      Really? You saw all that in those brief closing paragraphs?

      One wonders why anyone bothers to write books anymore, when such
      in depth understanding can be conveyed in a few sentences?

      • duane

        That’s because a person with such a liberal thinking simple mind like yours cannot understand or follow the what was written.

  • Tommy cunningham

    Americans need to stand up for themselfs in cases like this, Suggest people read the Supreme Court case of John bad Elk Vs The United States of feb 26, 1900. This is how we stand up for our life, liberty, and property . Yes there are good, respectful cops not operating above the Constitution , for those bad apples, I won’t surrender my liberty or be subjected to abuse, I will resist with the appropriate force needed in the situation .

  • Julie

    People read the book “Future Calling” It has a lot of references to what is written in the book. It tells the truth about our history. You can find it at


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