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Standing Up To UnConstitutional Acts: It’s Happening Now

February 12, 2013 by  

Standing Up To UnConstitutional Acts: It’s Happening Now

Imagine this nightmare scenario.

In the not-too-distant future, Congress passes a draconian, UK-style ban on all weapons. Or, maybe the Senate does it through an international treaty. Or, instead of Congress, maybe the President follows in the footsteps of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who whipped up an executive order requiring people to turn in their gold.

The method wouldn’t really matter. The end result would easily be one of the greatest attacks on liberty in American history.

States Nullify Federal Gun Ban

Now imagine a response to such unConstitutional Federal acts in this nightmare scenario. Your State legislator proposes a bill for your State that reads something like this:

A. This legislature declares that all Federal acts, laws, orders, rules or regulations regarding firearms and ammunition are a violation of the 2nd Amendment

B. This legislature declares that all such acts are hereby declared to be invalid in this State, shall not be recognized by this State, are specifically rejected by this State, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this State.

C. It shall be the duty of the legislature of this State to adopt and enact any and all measures as may be necessary to prevent the enforcement of any Federal acts, laws, orders, rules, or regulations in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.


In response, you’d certainly hear things like this:

  • A State can’t nullify a Federal act!
  • The Constitution says that all Federal laws are supreme.
  • Even James Madison opposed nullification.

Each of these objections, and others, could easily take a full article — or two — to dismantle. So, I’ll be brief before moving on the main goal here.

Article VI of the Constitution says that Federal laws are only “supreme” when made “in pursuance of” the Constitution, not any old law as the lovers of power would like you to believe.

As far as the Supreme Court goes? Let me say this clearly, those nine justices aren’t infallible gods. And they certainly aren’t the final arbiter of what the Constitution means.

The bottom line is straightforward, and my main point, too — the Constitution means what the Founders and Ratifiers told us it means, no matter what the Congress, the President or the Supreme Court happen to say or do.


When FDR ordered you to turn in your gold, it was unConstitutional the moment he signed it.

When Bill Clinton signed the Assault Weapons Ban, that was unConstitutional as well.

George Bush violated the Constitution the moment he signed the USA PATRIOT Act and expanded Federal control over healthcare with Medicare Part D.

Barack Obama violated the Constitution with an undeclared war on Libya, the Affordable Care Act, NDAA “indefinite detention,” and more.

The sad fact is this, every Congress and every President has violated the Constitution. As the years go by, those violations get worse and more frequent.

What To Do?

Back to our nightmare scenario. Your State legislator gets massive support for the bill nullifying Federal gun laws. It passes by a wide margin and is signed into law. It creates a ripple effect. Soon, another State follows, passing a similar law. And then another. In no time, the number reaches as high as 14.

In those States, gun shops stay open, people continue to keep and bear arms. A vast majority of them do so without any trouble.

Federal officials make threats. The DOJ issues a warning: States “cannot nullify an act of congress.” The Department of Homeland Security threatens to shut down air travel in States that refuse to comply. The President says he could designate gun shop and firearms owners as agents providing material support for terrorism and subject them to indefinite detention under the NDAA.

Mostly just tough talk.

Sadly, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives conducts some high-profile raids. They shut down a small number of businesses; some people lose their liberty. But the Feds lack the manpower to handle it all.

So, when one city alone reaches a point where more than 1,000 shops are conducting business, selling guns in open defiance to the Federal ban, people start to realize that mass resistance leads to the desired end result: a nullification of the unConstitutional Federal act.

Happening Today

While that particular nightmare scenario isn’t just happening yet, we’ve certainly been in a nightmare scenario in this country for a long, long time.

We have a Federal government that hates the Constitution. It hates your liberty and no matter what political party is in power, or what person occupies the White House, their power always grows and your liberty is always less.

We have a government that claims the power to tell you what size toilet you can have, and what kind of light bulb you can buy. It claims the power to throw you in jail for growing a plant in your backyard and it will tax you for — doing nothing. On top of it all, they claim the power to arrest and detain you — forever. That’s kidnapping.

But, that hypothetical response – legislation to ban and nullify Federal gun laws — it’s not hypothetical at all. Currently, there are more than 15 States considering legislation to nullify Federal attacks on the right to keep and bear arms.

Take this excerpt from Missouri’s HB436, for example:

All federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations, whether past, present, or future, which infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution shall be invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.

Or this, from Utah’s HB114:

An official, agent, or employee of the federal government may not enforce or attempt to enforce any act, law, order, rule, or regulation of the federal government upon a personal firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition owned or manufactured commercially or privately in this state while it remains exclusively within this state. Violation of this Subsection (2) is a third degree felony.

Or, on another issue, there’s HB2161 in Kansas, which would charge Federal agents who attempt “indefinite detention” with kidnapping. This could mean 20 years in prison and $300,000 fines.

Names, Names!

In 1798, Thomas Jefferson called this “Nullification,” and James Madison called it “Interposition.” Madison supported these views in his “Report of 1800.” Later, he flip-flopped.  For a while, he was even saying that Jefferson never used the word nullification. But, when a copy of the original Kentucky Resolutions in Jefferson’s own handwriting turned up, complete with the word “nullification,”Madison was forced to retreat.

And, even when Madison changed his mind on nullification in response to South Carolina’s version of it in the 1830s, he didn’t reject the notion of nullification as our story’s heroic State legislator has carried it out. In fact, Madison advised it.

He told us that when attempts to stop “usurpations of power” failed through the courts, the elective process, and even amending the Constitution, it would be a natural right for a single State to “rally to its reserved rights…and to decide between acquiescence & resistance.”

Today, people are using these principles right now on a wide range of issues, and their successes are growing by the year.

Call It What You Will

The fact is this: the Federal government doesn’t have the manpower to stop us. When enough people stand up and say NO to the Federal government – and enough States and local communities pass laws backing them up — there’s not much that the Federal government can do to force their unConstitutional laws, regulations… or mandates… down our throats.

Me? I call that kind of resistance “nullification.” But, I don’t care if you do too. You can call it defiance, civil disobedience or anything else you want. You can call the State acts Personal Liberty Laws or 2nd Amendment Preservation Acts. Refer to them as a reserved right, like Madison did, or nullification like Jefferson did.

It doesn’t really matter what words you use. What matters is what you do. Like Sam Adams leading the charge to nullify the Stamp Act, or States that pushed back against unConstitutional slave-catching laws, what matters most is what we do with our short time on earth.

For me, I’ll stand with liberty. I hope you’ll join me.

Michael Boldin

is the founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center. Michael has a full schedule working as senior editor of the Center's website, writes a regular column, fields media interviews, and travels the country (when invited, of course) to speak to crowds about sticking to the Constitution — every issue, every time, no exceptions, no excuses. [send him email]

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  • Vicki

    The OP writes:
    “Or, maybe the Senate does it through an international treaty.”

    Can’t be done. The OP even stated the article that affects the laws.
    “Article VI of the Constitution says that Federal laws are only “supreme” when made “in pursuance of” the Constitution, not any old law as the lovers of power would like you to believe.”

    Article 6
    “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land;”

    To be under the authority of is to be under the supreme law of the land which is to say the Constitution. So just like laws made in pursuance thereof, any authority must be in pursuance thereof. I.E. Constitutional.

    The founders were not stupid. They would never have left such an easy way for foreign entanglements (treaties) to bypass Constitutional limits on the government of our Republic.

    - The OP: “Or, instead of Congress, maybe the President follows in the footsteps of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who whipped up an executive order requiring people to turn in their gold.”

    We don’t work for the executive branch of government so executive orders have no effect on us. Unless Congress foolishly gave the executive more power then Congress has to give. Such as in the case of firearms, allowing the executive branch to change the definition of AOW in the NFA 1934.

    • Robert Smith

      “So, when one city alone reaches a point where more than 1,000 shops are conducting business, selling guns in open defiance to the Federal ban, people start to realize that mass resistance leads to the desired end result: a nullification of the unConstitutional Federal act.”

      Same thing can be said for pot. MOF, it already works that way.


      • David Main

        Robert you are absolutely correct. I am 62 now and I still remember what my father said (paraphrasing) “As freedoms are eroded away under the guises of benefit to the people and more and more people accept the erosion because of the disguised premise, those who promote these changes are embolded to continue this erosion and truly beileve they can get away with anything.”

        I have watched as control has been taken over through the media, the courts, our schools and the apathy of our nation. The biggest control idea was to consider this nation multi-cultural rather than as a melting pot. Through this our identity as a nation is eroded away.

        Hence pot (as I said you are definitely right), and its accepted uses, is a prime example of this erosion of what is right for the people and what is right for the government and what is truly a “freedom of choice”.

        Simply put, when is the apathy of those 4 million that didn’t vote going to change. When are people going to stand up and say “enough is enough”. When are people going to realize that their “political correctness” and their fear that others will not like them if they truly speak their mind is the only way to protect everyone’s individual freedom of choice.

        Robert, I know I went beyond your simple pot reference but what is happening nationally and the apathy that goes with it is what has been allowing our government (in many cases both political parties) to erode our freedoms.

      • BR549

        We have to remember that Lincoln refused to accept the nullification practiced by the Southern States, ….. not unlike what Saddam Hussein finally discovered in having a relationship with the US’s dysfunctional foreign policy. When he wanted out, like Mossedegh, Allende, Hurtado, Torrejos, Mubarak, Qaddafi, and so many more, ….. there is no getting out.

        Lincoln’s answer, then, was to vilify the South and put the South into a state of governmental slavery at the end of the Civil War. We are seeing the tyrannical results of that unchecked arrogance to this day except that we are ALL feeling the result.

        BTW, the banks made out like a bandit in funding BOTH sides of the CIvil War.

      • wandamurline

        I believe that the gun mandates and executive orders are worth about as much as the dollar bill being printed 24/7. This whole thing is a Rosa Parks moment…when she had had enough, she simply refused to comply. That is what I intend to do…noncompliance with orders and laws that are unconstitutional…they are worthless.

      • Michael Boldin

        Absolutely, Rob – same thing can be said of pot. In fact, that 1000 shops in one city alone is an example from real life, happening right now in my home town of Los Angeles.

        Could people supporting the right to keep and bear arms take the same kind of steps?

      • JeffH

        Michael Bolden asks “Could people supporting the right to keep and bear arms take the same kind of steps?”

        Absolutely! I’m going to start lobbying CalGuns, California Rifle & Pistol Assoc(CRPA), Gun Owners of California the NRA as well as other pro-gun organizations to help me organize and co-ordinate a timed pro-gun march and protest against the anti-gun bullies at the state capital in Sacramento and in Los Angeles.

        I’d like to set a date and recruit 10′s of thousands of pro 2nd Amendment supporters including business owners and industry professionals to let the anti-gun legislators and anti-gun lobby know exactly where we California gun owners stand.

        This quote by Henry Waxman is what makes me nervous.

        “If someone is so fearful that they are going to start using their weapons to protect their rights, it makes me very nervous that these people have weapons at all.”
        -Representative Henry A. Waxman (Democrat California)

      • momo

        JeffH, Waxman should be nervous.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Michael Boldin, Here alone is a good reason why we should fight for our second amendment. I was reading some prophecies from some people in the past, for our present day. (for you people that think prophecy is crap, then you also say the prophet’s of the Bible are too. For they all had visions) In one of them they said while we are fighting our constitutional rights against our government. Russia is planning. It goes on to say we the people win our civil war, thanks to the public populist, the gun owners. It goes on to say that Russia thinking the civil war has weaken this country, attacks us from 5 different locations, with the help of the Bric countries and the Muslims. Supposedly they already have sleeper cells and ammo cashes in this country in verious places. At the same time Russia and China and their Muslims attack Europe from three different sides. They said from the start of our civil war to us winning against Russia and their allies it takes just a little over two years. After we win, we go over to Europe and help free them. They say the war in Europe will take a little over 5 years. The reason why Russia and their allies attack us too, was to keep us from helping Europe like we did in both world wars. They prophecy that it will be a nuclear war. They say the first day of war in Europe there will be more die then all wars put together, that includes civil war , both world wars, Korean war, Vietnam, and all resent wars. But in the end Russia is completely distroyed, and good wins over evil, and we will have 1000 years of peace, and that people will turn back to God.

        After I read those I thought about what is going on today with Russia in Syria, standing up for Iran, getting friendly with China and other Asian countries, and Venezuela and Brazil, etc plus what Obama said to the Russian President, and what is going on in this country, bad economy, welfare, Homeland security gun buy, Fema camps, NDAA, the list goes on and on. Michael, what are your thoughts on this?

      • Old Henry

        BR549, you are correct. Getting out of U.S. foreign policy is akin to getting out of another gangster organization – the MAFIA. It ain’ta gooa happen…

      • Old Henry

        Michael Boldin:

        Out there in the Land of Fruits & Nuts should the phrase not be “Keep and Bare Arms”? LOL!

      • Old Henry

        JeffH & momo:

        The way things are right now, the entire freaking government should be, ah, nervous…

      • JeffH

        OH, :) I’m doing my best to keep ‘em nervous.

      • sam1966

        SSDD, eh Rob? Just can’t go without saying something ignorant about illegal drugs. Instead of doing that, why not get them off of their drugs, clean them up, train them (If they need training.), and get them back into the work force. This would be more beneficial for them and this nation, then just letting them get high. Sheesh! Why do you always want the things that are immoral, unethical, illegal, and just plain wrong in the eye’s of God? Keep them illegal. Let the ones who transpost, sell, distribute, and use these things be arrested and sent to jail. Increase the penalties they get if they are found guilty. Elkhart Courts and Judges just sent a man to jail for 50 years for distribution of methamphetamines. I’ve been writing out governor about increasing the punishments. Instead of having people like this be on the taxpayer dole for 50 years, why not execute them? They care not about who they are poisoning or how it hurts them, so why should we take care of them for so long? The ones that are charged with use or posession of them, give them a long sentence and hard labor. This may get some of them, not all of course, to think about what they are doing before it is too late. people like Rob here, are disgraces to America. Here is some good news on the abortion front.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

        “It is impossible for the man of pious reflection not to perceive…a finger of that Almighty Hand, which has been so frequently and signally extended to our relief in the critical stages of the revolution.”

        James Madison

    • Opal the Gem

      ““Or, maybe the Senate does it through an international treaty.”

      Can’t be done. The OP even stated the article that affects the laws”

      You are wrong Vicki. All it takes is for the people to sit by and let it happen.

      • Vicki

        I am not wrong. Such a treaty would be unconstitutional. That it might be accepted by the people (as was gold confiscation, the war on (some) drugs, etc) does not magically make it constitutional.

      • Opal the Gem

        No Vicki you are wrong. Your statement was ” Can’t be done” Whether it is constitutional or unconstitutional does not matter if the people sit by and let it happen. The act would be illegal but like I said if the people sit by and do nothing accepting it as inevetable then it can happen.

      • Vicki

        Semantics. I agree with the concept you are proposing. The Senate could ratify a treaty and the people might bow meekly and turn in their guns.

        I say they won’t.

      • Kate8

        Vicki – Unconstitutional acts are being forced on us at an alarming rate these days. In fact, most of what this guv has done in the past century has been unconstitutional.

        How about the 100 mile Constitution-free zone which has been declared around the entire US border (which is nothing less than martial law)? How about all of the land being deeded to the communist Chinese to build their sovereign manufacturing cities… hundereds of them all over the country, which are off-limits to Americans?

        This guv is allowing us to be taken over from within, being invaded by increasing numbers of foreign enemies who covet what we have… and are anxiously awaiting the chance to wipe us out.

        Obama is about to sign CISPA, or has already. NDAA, drones… none of these things are authorized by the Constitution, yet they are being foisted upon us.

        Now, it has been revealed that a Constitutional Convention is being planned (affectionately being called a con-con). Apparently this has been tried a few times before, but outcry from the people stopped it. Now it is being done quietly and under the guise of euphemisms…but the plan is to void the Constitution we’ve known and install a new, less freedom oriented constitution, which has already been written. Last I read only 2 more states were needed to make it happen. No one knows who the delegates are or how they are selected, but the people are not a part of it.

        And the people just don’t care.

        It seems that these criminals in charge can do whatever they darned well please.

      • Vicki

        An interesting concept having a con-con with the current crop of illiterates deciding what should go into such a “contract”. It would be interesting to see (in a gallows humor sort of way) what kind of contract it might be and how many states would willingly join such a union. Or is the con-con result automatically binding on all states?

      • sam1966

        Well said Opal, Kate, and Vicki. I understand all that you have posted. Here is something showing where our government has been messing up over the years:

        “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.”

        Article 4, Section 4
        U.S. Constitution

        When it talks about, “…protect each of them from invasion…”, they are messing up along our border with Mexico. Many of the illegal aliens coming here are no more than an invading force. Why don’t they do this by bringing our troops home, reopening many of our bases, and stationing these troops on our border with Mexico? I guess that this would make too much common sense. Here is something showing 2 states are standing up against the unconstitutional NDAA, one of which is Indiana and our own Elkhart County Sheriff:

        You have to thank our local sheriff for standing up for our God-given rights written in the Constitution. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “It may please the Lord of Hosts to grant that a spirit of incorruptible patriotism and a pure, undefiled religion may universally prevail.”

        Continental Congress
        March 16, 1776

    • willie lee

      In theory, on the books what you say is true. However, the Feds are counting on perception that they shape, twist and manipulate public opinion on to force their rule. They will declare what they want by the time O’s term is supposed to be over.

      • sam1966

        If we patriots stand up for our Christian founders, their Christian beliefs, and our Constitution, then they will not be able to succeed. This is a battle that no patriot can afford to lose as our country is at stake. Here is something showing a woman educating her elected officials on the 2nd Amendment:

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “And it is our duty to extend our wishes to the happiness of the great family of man, I conceive that we cannot better express ourselves than by humbly supplicating the SUPREME RULER OF THE WORLD that the rod of tyrants may be broken into pieces, and the oppressed made free again, that wars may cease in all the earth, and that the confusions that are and have been among nations may be overruled by promoting and speedily bringing on that holy and happy period when the kingdom of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST may be everywhere established, and all people everywhere willingly bow to the sceptre of HIM who is PRINCE OF PEACE.”

        Samuel Adams
        Proclamation of a Day of Fast
        March 20, 1797

  • GALT

    Since what the constitution has actually become is not known any claimed
    success is imaginary and a distraction………why rely on convoluted tactics
    and rhetoric which require organization and funding, when simple, direct,
    individual action is the most direct efficient and beneficial way, to achieve
    a positive outcome.

    In many areas, this is referenced as the “agency problem”, whose conundrum
    is far more insidious than in the past……because much more opportunity exists
    now……and has been created for, this to occur.

    To simplify the “agency problem”……it is essentially …” conflict of interest”.

    Which can take many subtle forms…….which pervade every aspect of our existence.

    To cure or solve a problem, means that one has rendered one’s direction and
    purpose, obsoete, especially if the path to ones goal, requires, time, money
    and effort, to even begin the task……..and one is paid for seeking, but not
    finding. ( ownership of the solution in these times does not necessarily go
    to the “solver”. )

    To further complicate things, some things can not be owned, therefor,
    seeking solutions in these areas is not rewarding……even though these
    solutions are the best ones.

    For this problem, this is precisely the predicament and the absurdity of
    these types of discussions………

    1.) Lawyers and judges are prohibited from engaging in the most direct
    solution by virtue of their “license to practice”……whether their ignorance is
    chosen or simply a matter of profit…… does not say much for the “integrity”
    of the profession….or any claim that it might have, with respect to the
    concept of “justice”………

    2.) There is no way the “knowledge” can be used to secure or maintain a
    a “profitable” endevour……….once known it can be acted upon by
    anyone who takes the trouble to learn and apply it….and the benefits flow
    to those who do so directly.

    in this case IGNORANCE is STRENGTH…..

    and not to YOUR benefit.

    • boyscout

      Again you provide some keenly astute observations. And thanks for the link; I have bookmarked it for further study. I do not feel that there is an appropriate solution here however (operative word – appropriate). Dichotomous legal systems and governmental systems (Fed vs a nullification State) are an abomination to common sense as well as to the common man. I am a common man.

      • Vicki

        To help reset common sense (and moral compass) try this.

        Your Creator gave you 2 gifts. Life and Free Will. How you use those gifts and how you honor those gifts in others is how you shall be judged.

        If you have questions about specific instances feel free to ask them. There are many here who will willingly share their reasoning.

        Here is a good example.

      • GALT

        Vicki, your god given gifts are somewhat mis-stated…..

        If god gave you life, it was clearly an unsecured gift… you do have
        the “free will” to accept or reject, your single unalienable right, provided
        you are not ignorant of it…….and if you do accept it, your moral compass
        will be calibrated correctly, although this doesn’t mean the choices that you
        will be presented with, will not prove challenging…….if you do not
        accept it, your moral compass will be drawn in many directions, you will
        be conflicted, yet certain…..but mostly you will be lost.

      • sam1966

        Wrong, wrong, wrong Galt. If you go by the Word of God and live by its precepts, then your moral compass will never sway left or right, but stay on the straight and narrow. You are also wrong about free will. It actually comes from the Doctrine of Free Will, which means that do your chose to obey, worship, and do what God says to do, yes or no. That is it. It is very plan and simple to understand. Here is what a local police chief is doing to help protect the citizens from taking away the God-given rights of Americans and standing up to the fed.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

        “Public utility pleads most forcibly for the general distribution of the Holy Scriptures. These can alone secure to society, order and peace, and to our courts of justice and constitutions of government, purity, stability, and usefulness. In vain, without the Bible, we increase penal laws and draw entrenchments around our institutions. Bibles are strong entrenchments. Where they abound, men cannot pursue wicked courses.”

        James McHenry
        Namesake of Fort McHenry

      • GALT

        Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, just think about all those “oaths” sworn on Bible’s.

        Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, just think about all those god has struck down for
        violating those oaths.

        Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, just think……….oh wait, I forgot to whom I was speaking.

        Never mind.

    • GALT

      I guess Michael Bolden couldn’t be bothered to respond to this….

      SUCKS when the solution doesn’t PAY, huh?

      • sam1966

        The personal attack. Classic 5th column strategy. Don’t worry about Galt there Michael. He says he is an intellectual, but then lies about our Christian founding fathers, our Christian founding, and about there being no God. Such a person is no intellectual. He just doesn’t understand how the Bible is intertwined with the Constitution. For example:

        Article 1, Section 8 – Uniform immigration laws ——- Leviticus 19:34
        Article 2, Section 1 – President must be a natural born citizen (2 parents being U.S. citizens.) —— Deuteronomy 17:15
        Article 3, Section 3 – Witnesses and capital punishment —— Deuteronomy 17:6
        Article 3, Section 3 – Provision against attainder —— Ezekiel 18:20
        Tax exemption for churches —— Ezra 7:24
        Article 4, Section 4 – Republicanism – Elections at local, county, state, and federal levels —— Exodus 18:21

        There are many more, but I don’t have the time to educate Galt right now. Since I’ll be on this site for many years more to come, God willing, I’ll be able to teach him more, little by little. Here is something that explains more about how Christians are to act and is covered in our Constitution.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves Galt out.

        “Those who expect to reap the BLESSINGS of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”

        Thomas Paine

      • GALT

        GALT says:
        February 13, 2013 at 12:05 am

        I guess Michael Bolden couldn’t be bothered to respond to this….

        SUCKS when the solution doesn’t PAY, huh?

        Argumentum ad hominem

        The phrase ad hominem argument (often called an ad hominem attack) comes from the Latin “at the person”. It also sometimes applies to any argument that centres on emotive (specifically irrelevant emotions) rather than rational or logical appeal. An ad hominem argument occurs when one attacks the person making an argument rather than the argument itself. It is therefore a special case of the broader category of formal logical fallacies, the non sequitur, in which the conclusion urged, e.g. that the disputant is incorrect, does not follow from the premise asserted, e.g. that the disputant is a dick.[1] Even if the ad hominem attack is true, e.g. the disputant really is a dick, that fact has no bearing on whether the disputant’s argument is logically sound.

        How ad hominem works

        Ad hominem arguments work via the halo effect, a cognitive bias in which the perception of one trait is influenced by the perception of an unrelated trait, e.g. treating an attractive person as more intelligent or more honest. People tend to see others as tending to all good or tending to all bad. Thus, if you can attribute a bad trait to your opponent, others will tend to doubt the quality of your opponent’s arguments.

        Strict usage

        An ad hominem argument has the basic form:

        A makes claim X
        There is something objectionable about A
        Therefore X is false

        Subtle uses

        Often, ad hominem attacks are used subtly in order to influence the views of spectators. There are many forms of this, such as pointing out bad things they (The opponent) have done in the past in arguments about morality (They are not attacking the person’s points about morality, they are attacking the person), or using exclamations (for example, “Jeez!”) to imply that the person is incredibly slow at understanding your point. While ad hominem attacks are used mostly in arguments about philosophy or morals, it can also be used in other debates, such as when people supporting evolution are said to be “justifying genocide and mass suicide”, though this could also be referred to as a straw man fallacy.

        Blatant uses

        Ad hominem attacks are hardly ever used plainly, and people who do are generally trolls who want to provoke people to fight. These are often partnered with not even responding to the person’s post, using arguments that make no sense, and thus have never been heard of, then mocking their opponent when they fail to find a rebuttal, and many other such techniques.

        Reductio ad Hitlerum

        A special variation of the ad hominem attack is the Reductio ad Hitlerum, which also invokes Godwin’s Law.
        A makes claim X. Hitler also claimed X. Hitler was a very bad person. Therefore X is false.
        An implication of this argument is also that A is a very bad person, at the same level as Hitler.

        False positives

        Ad hominem attacks are strictly fallacious when the attack has little or no bearing on the argument at hand, for example, dismissing a female scientist’s opinion on a subject because she is a woman would be a fallacious ad hominem argument – dismissing it on grounds of insufficient qualification or experience would not be, although it may fall into other fallacious categories and may constitute a Courtier’s Reply. Similarly, pointing out someone’s known track record on a subject would also not count. For instance, YouTube creationist VenomFangX has a past history of filing false DMCA claims, and it would not be an ad hominem attack to bring this up should he file another. It would be an ad hominem however, if it was brought up to refute one of his YEC claims.

        Calling someone an idiot when you have explained the evidence five times and they still refuse to address it, or provide counterexamples, is not an ad hominem attack, but rather a statement of fact. Similarly, tacking an insult onto the end of any argument might be bad form, but it doesn’t automatically make it an ad hominem. It’s only an ad hominem if you say the other person must be wrong because they are an idiot – not the other way round. Creationists sometimes make the mistake of calling a personal insult an ad hominem attack when it is not intended to address the truth or falsity of the creationist’s claim, but merely to denigrate the creationist. Likewise, creationists are known to mischaracterize logically sound arguments as ad hominem attacks in an attempt to obscure the soundness of the argument or their burden to respond by making an emotional appeal.

        A criticism is also not an ad hominem argument if a person’s merits are actually the topic of the argument. For example, “you’re drunk,” might be an ad hominem if used in an argument about epistemology – being impaired might stop you thinking straight, but it doesn’t automatically make you wrong. On the other hand, however, it would be a quite persuasive argument if used to support the proposition that the person shouldn’t drive as it has a direct relationship to the issue at hand.

        Sammy, Sammy, Sammy…… many times have I told you, you are a
        “willfully ignorant, functional illiterate”?

  • Doc Sarvis

    Pure NRA hyperbole.

    • Thaddeus Toad

      Hyperbole…… The reality is unless people of like mind start to form communities where they speak and interact with each other, none of these constitutional assertions will matter…Every community must call on the local sheriff and means test his positions regarding his oath of office ,if he is in conflict replace him…. The nullification starts in your community… meet in taverns and churches discuss community issues as well as national…just as the folks who fought the tyranny of crown did …. They worked in fields and foundries and made time to get involved instead of sitting on your ass watching the game or allowing Oprah to educate you ….

    • Andy

      Says the left wing lib nutball.

    • Steve E

      Yes, Doc, we all know you are a tyrant that is against the Constitution. You are so much that you cannot enter into an intelligent conversation on this subject.

    • Michael Boldin

      Interesting. The NRA doesn’t actually support or seem to like the work we do at the Tenth Amendment Center. And, I’ve never heard or seen the NRA cite pot shops or state resistance or nullification as justification for any of their actions.

      but, if you’ve got something I don’t – please share.

      • JeffH

        Michael, again you’re absolutley right.

        The NRA: “While widely recognized today as a major political force and as America’s foremost defender of Second Amendment rights, the NRA has, since its inception, been the premier firearms education organization in the world.”

    • Benjamin Fox

      Sorry the Doc is out to read some commie newspaper. Or was he seeing a doctor to get his head out of where the sun don’t shine? Anyhow he is out there somewhere but, nobody cares.

    • Matrix

      night doc

    • sam1966

      The personal attack. Classic 5th column strategy. Speaking of unconstitutional and a blatant violation of our checks and balances, just read this from NBC:

      Let’s see you answer if this is constitutional or not. I really don’t expect an answer. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves doc out.

      “The cause for America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind. Where, say some, is the King of America? I’ll tell you, friend, He reigns above.”

      Thomas Paine
      Common Sense 1776

  • Lawrence Sarsoun

    I speak out in defense of the Constitution each Tuesday 10 AM at

    • Steve E

      God bless you, you are a great American patriot.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Thank you for your work, Lawrence.

      God Bless you & all Patriots taking a stand against the Luciferian’s who worship in secret, yet still say they are our elected “representatives”. (Truth hurts…)

    • sam1966

      HHHHHooooorrrrraaaaahhhhh! Keep up the good fight fellow patriot! Here is some information about the SCOTUS:

      FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

      “We believe in the existence of God, and in the immortality of the soul.”

      Thomas Paine
      Age of Reason

  • John R. Howell

    You say that the federal government can’t do anything? They surrounded the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas with tanks, bulldozers sealed off all the windows and doors, and they burned it to the ground, killing every man woman and child within. When they come around to get your guns, and you defy them, they will lob a shell into your house from a tank and blow it up, killing you and your family, and destroying your home.
    A few hundred of these, and everybody will willingly give up their guns rather than die and see their families butchered. The people are preparing for war, and so is the government. Blood will run in the streets before this thing is over. The winners will be the ones who have tanks. John R. Howell

    • Max McLean

      and the tanks are driven by 95% conservative farm boys who at that point in the struggle would probably refuse to fire on their families, etc. It will get interesting, and ugly. As Thomas Jefferson said

      …. And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

      • Michael J.

        Max McLean said:

        “and the tanks are driven by 95% conservative farm boys who at that
        point in the struggle would probably refuse to fire on their families, etc. It will get interesting, and ugly. As Thomas Jefferson said”

        And it is precisely for this reason that what ever armaments the military have, will likewise be possessed by the resistence.

      • GALT

        Local militia’s have at times refused……the regular army has no problem
        following order’s or suggestions……..even against “other veterans”…….

        Names like, MacArthur, Patton and Eisenhower……or the farm boys at Kent State.

        Try reading “Kill Anything That Moves, The Real American War in Vietnam,
        by Nick Turse……..and that involved a military comprised of reluctant

      • http://yahoo Don

        you are absolutly right charlie. polititions cost this country thousands of lives of kids my age fighting a war that was a big loss of lives and money. iraq is another and it looks like afganistan will be the biggest waste of all with this country going out of business. blame the politition. owebunhole has had his nose in everything ever since day one. he just tries to fool everyone by telling them what they wanna hear. commo people wise. are you blind?

      • Elaine

        Yes, the poll showed 25% of US Marines would fire on Us Citizens if orders were given, BUT, don’t overlook the massive buildup of FEMA camps all over the US, the huge purchasing from many federal governmental agencies, (including the National Weather) of guns and ammunition, body bags, coffins, etc. and the most recent news that now the feds have drones that can tell what clothes you are wearing at 17,500 feet! There will be no need for “boots on the ground”. The legal system will not help! Research the RFID chip in obamacare! I’m not sure there is an answer to any of this! Resistance??? How???

      • Vicki

        Elaine says:
        “Yes, the poll showed 25% of US Marines would fire on Us Citizens if orders were given, ”

        You don’t really expect the other 75% to just stand around do you? They are US Marines. They took an oath. They are serious.

      • GALT

        Now if they only knew what the oath meant……and they are clearly subject
        to admiralty/maritime jurisdiction…..

    • FRED

      Tanks may win in the short run but ultimately we will all be judged by A JUST GOD
      and by HIS LAW. Small consolation you say–well, remember that this earth life is but
      A SMALL PORTION of ETERNITY. None of us want to be in any way supporting laws
      and regulations issued by tyrants having no respect for basic freedoms and those
      within the forces promoting slavery will have to pay a terrible price–THE LOSS OF ETERNAL SALVATION AND THAT MEANS FOREVER.
      So let us oppose with faith that A LOVING AND JUST GOD will make the ultimate
      judgment in favor of those who fought the good and honest fight by resisting evil
      coming to us in all forms.

    • Ralloh

      I disagree. I personally believe if push comes to shove we will have the military and most law enforcement on our side. They will follow the oath they took. Hopefully they will drag that disgusting liberal/progressive/Marxist out of the White House in chains and put him before a military court, along with many in Congress.

      • http://Facebook David Bowman

        You should remember that the oath the military takes also states that the orders of the President will be obeyed.

      • Vigilant

        David Bowman, you’ve apparently never spent any time in service. The UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) is clear in its prohibitions against the following of unlawful orders…unless, of course, you feel the president has the right to order you to kill an innocent child without cause, for example.

        “I was only following orders,” said the Nuremberg defendants.

      • An Old Seabee

        The military oath is to obey the orders of a LEGAL PRESIDENT, not an imposter.

      • charlie

        David Bowman never spent time in a military uniform, or it would be abundantly clear to him that ‘military personnel ONLY obey “Lawful” orders.
        Sometimes people just talk and talk and talk!

      • Don 2

        Unless that order be unlawful.

      • Cap Poose

        The military officer oath is only to the constitution, not the president. Read it.

      • momo

        The military oath:”I will defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.”

      • GALT

        Clearly, never ever Vigilant, you have never spent any time at war……

      • sam1966

        And where and what war did you serve Galt? It seems that you are the one that didn’t serve or go to war. Here is a report about how Obama bin Laden’s gestapo, the DHS, are attacking anti-Obama bin Laden sites.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        you need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves Galt out.

        “It is impossible to enslave mentally or socially a Bible reading people. The principles of the Bible are the groundwork of human freedom.”

        Horace Greeley

      • GALT

        Here is a book about war and what soldiers are capable of:

        Kill Everything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam….

        Based on classified documents and first-person interviews, a startling history of the American war on Vietnamese civilians

        Americans have long been taught that events such as the notorious My Lai massacre were isolated incidents in the Vietnam War, carried out by “a few bad apples.” But as award‑winning journalist and historian Nick Turse demonstrates in this groundbreaking investigation, violence against Vietnamese noncombatants was not at all exceptional during the conflict. Rather, it was pervasive and systematic, the predictable consequence of orders to “kill anything that moves.”

        Drawing on more than a decade of research in secret Pentagon files and extensive interviews with American veterans and Vietnamese survivors, Turse reveals for the first time how official policies resulted in millions of innocent civilians killed and wounded. In shocking detail, he lays out the workings of a military machine that made crimes in almost every major American combat unit all but inevitable. Kill Anything That Moves takes us from archives filled with Washington’s long-suppressed war crime investigations to the rural Vietnamese hamlets that bore the brunt of the war; from boot camps where young American soldiers learned to hate all Vietnamese to bloodthirsty campaigns like Operation Speedy Express, in which a general obsessed with body counts led soldiers to commit what one participant called “a My Lai a month.”

        Thousands of Vietnam books later, Kill Anything That Moves, devastating and definitive, finally brings us face‑to‑face with the truth of a war that haunts Americans to this day.

        Sammy, Sammy, Sammy how many times have I told you, you are a
        “willfully ignorant, functional illiterate”?

    • JJM123

      I am young and agile enough to resist and too old to surrender to slavery. I prefer death as a freeman rather than life in chains. Historical instances of effective resistance on one’s own turf. Many “Will Never Surrender” and those who readily do deserve their loss of “Life, Liberty and Persuit of Happiness”.

      • Benjamin Fox

        JJM123, this old Marine of 12 years will stand with you any time. Live Free or Die or as I say now is Live Free in Jesus Christ or die and live with him forever.

      • momo

        “It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” Emiliano Zapata

      • GALT

        Chains are not required, dues are payable on April 15th.

        Will you resist? Have you resisted?

        Chains are not required.

    • Steve E

      We had tanks in Viet Nam, Korea, Afganistan, Somalia and Iraq. Did the guys with the tanks win then?

      • charlie

        My feeling exactly, Steve.
        With all the muscle and might of ‘The greatest military’, in the world, directed by the ever worsening Liberal political jug-heads, we are spending the Bravest and most Patriotic members of our society for naught.
        Without compromise, I can say – Wars are won under the command of Generals, Politicians get people killed!
        I do not fear, a political attack on our ‘Civil Militia’. They may end up with another Korea on their hands.

      • Vicki

        Over 200 years ago the American people defeated the mightiest army in the world. If we have to do it again. We will.

      • Chylene Ramsey

        I know of at least one National Guard Unit who, if ordered to fire upon or otherwise take aggressive action against the citizens of the US, have vowed to a man to rebel and turn each and every resource they have to the defense and security of their state against the Federal government.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      John what sorry SOB was in the WH, and what Party was this perv in. Rapist Willie, is still fawned over and his Hag Hillary still is pushing gun bans, only now the witch wants the UN to be the enforcer.

      • http://yahoo Don

        yo hillary wants the un to enforce our laws over the constitution with the un. you know what. the taxpayers fund 1/5th of the un funding to operate thats 20%. theres over a hundred nations in the world. seems like the idiots who run this country is into the usa fools giving everything away. the un is nothing but an elitist organization aiming for control of the world. too bad people are fooled into thinking it’s the greatest. this country goes under and our aiming to be dictator in the white house and elitists will call it an national emergency and will summon in un forces to control the masses. i’ve already read things where he goes to the un for help and cosultation. the un small arms treaty is part of it. if he can’t get thru congress he’ll force it on citizens thru them. that un is the most ineffective waste of money this country ever got into. is there a way to start citizens petitions to remove this country from the un? if the un had its way we would not be doing what i am doing right now online. we would not be so informed.

      • Wil

        During WW2, the emperor of Japan, when asked why he had never attacked the U.S. mainland, was quoted as saying, “because there would be gun behind every blade of grass”. I believe that still holds true today, now with even more people owning more guns. I wouldn’t worry too much about the U.N. True, if they try it there will be a bloodbath, most of the blood their own.

    • roger

      I’m still spry enough and carry the balls to jump on a tank and light up a can full of thermite on the hatch. A few of these and they’ll stop coming for us with tanks and APC’s.

      • roger

        this was supposed to be a reply to John R. Howell, kinda missed the mark.

      • Karolyn


    • Michael Boldin


      I certainly agree that the feds are violent and use that violence. I also know that when small groups resist alone, they get killed. But the hypothetical growth of the movement I mentioned is actually supported by real-life examples….when the feds are resisted in LARGE numbers, they’ve backed off. domestically, at least.

      Check some of the links in the article for more details.

  • Flashy

    “Imagine this nightmare scenario.

    In the not-too-distant future, Congress passes a draconian, UK-style ban on all weapons. Or, maybe the Senate does it through an international treaty.”

    Hmmm…right up there will “imagine this scenario…aliens from a distant galaxy land and begin farming humans for food ….”

    About the same odds.

    Typical extremist crazy scenario. Find an idea to hype, make people afraid and fear it, troll for donations. Get rich feeding off of fear, hate, and ignorance.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Flashy, Perfect analysis again.

      • Benjamin Fox

        Neither Doc Sarkiss or trashy flashy dashy have anything but a commie mind set, neither can talk with out first drink too much cool-aid and not enough V d, because thier heads are always in a place where the sun don’t shine, there comments are like reading about Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot, just more lies on top of more lie’s. When God said Brain Line, they thought He said Train Line and jump on board.

      • Wil

        Now imagine this nightmare scenario. People like Flashy and Doc Sarvis running (ruining?) the country…oh, right, that scenario is already the problem. Never mind.

    • David Main

      Hi Flashy:

      Your last sentence proves the point of the article : Get rich feeding off of fear, hate, and ignorance. If you look at our present leaders and their backgrounds, both financially and philosophically, your statement is correct.

      I have found that what people fear the most is: what they find to be incorrect they fear there is some truth in what is stated.

      I mean this sincerely Flashy, may you have a wonderful and glorious life no matter what you choose to believe.

      The freedom to express one’s viewpoint, whether it is accepted or rejected, is what has made this country exceptional. What my fear is is that someday under the mask of what is happening in this country now is even you nor we will not have the freedom to express our opposing views. You see the question needs to be asked are we trully free in this country or is it only a “perception of freedom”. Ponder that.

      Have a great day Flashy

      • Flashy

        David… I agree with you in the main part. my pint is, what the extremists and crazies demand, are not based in reality. What they scream for cannot work. What they stomp and cry about for the most part is exactly what they asked for in the past.

        Their solution to almost any issue is to a) revert back 200 years ago when we were an emerging, birthing, agrarian nation still trying to find its way; or b) demand some nutcase based program which is obvious in its intense and vast negative effects on our nation and society; or c) demand to have weapons without responsibility so they can shoot it out with the vast majority who dare object to their insanity.

        take for example the debt and deficit. The extremists and crazies say ‘slash it all but the military”. (leaving aside the fact they demand weapons because the military will be sued against us according to them). Ask those wacked individuals…i ask you. What would you cut, what will be the effects on our economy, what would be the effects on our society, and those areas not cut and slashed would emerge with more power and what effect economically, politically and socially would that have?

        Oh wait…that confuses the simplistic mind. It’s far easier to demand insanity and suffer the consequences

        • David Main

          Hi Flashy:

          Some of your last points I agree with to a point. One thing stands out. I even have trouble with my side of the political aisle on that point. So I pose a question: Why is it with opposing views that each side takes the position that the other side is “extremist and crazy”?

          The one point people missed in the last election is why a large portion of the so called winning side voted the way they did. That miscomception will come back to haunt the winners in 2014 and 2016. Only time will tell if I am right.

          I will not see your comment Flashy since I took myself out of the loop. Too many emails in my inbox.

          But it has been a pleasure conversing with you. I wish you well in continuing to promote your point of view whether I agree or not. If I come back to this article I may see if you left a response.

          Again Flashy have a great Day.

      • kkflash

        The most simplistic mind expressing its views on this site is yours. There is nothing insane about states asserting their constitutional rights against a federal government run amok. What is insane is trying to cure a spending and debt problem with more spending and borrowing. What is insane is trying to ban personal assault weapons while simultaneously buying arms for the employees of the Social Security Administration. What is insane is allowing a privately owned central bank to print money at will, destroying the value of our currency and eroding the savings of every American. You are insane if you support this government in its efforts to steal our individual liberty and increase its own power.

      • GALT

        You will never have to fear that………the mindless babble of victims blaming
        victims, will be encouraged without any fear of suppression……

        Mindless opinion is a distraction…….exhausting itself in it’s own impotence, with the obvious result……….

        Breaking News……Final Battle between “less filling” vs “tastes great” unavoidable….
        film at eleven.

      • Wil

        Flashy-first, race relations, unifying the “two parties”, ect., over the past 5 or so years, has already been set back decades. Yet those pushing the main cause, division created through use of the race card and various agendas, call it “progress”.
        And though I was not the one you asked, I would say the very first things to slash would be the taxes on businesses and the overburdening regulations,which are doing nothing but destroying both jobs and the economy. I would reward business expansion and job creation. Then,when it is done the RIGHT way, the economic growth would bring more revenue. I still can not understand how liberals can so completely fail to grasp something so simple.

    • Warrior

      You are absolutely correct. See “War on Women”, “Terrorism”, “Debt Ceilings”, “Global Warming”, “War on Poverty”, “Sequester” and the list just keeps growing. Good thing we have the likes of oblama, schumer, piglosi, mccain, graham, durbin, et., al. in control. I feel sooo much better now. How about you?

    • Steve E

      Hey Flashy, I hope you enjoyed your trip to the tropics. Did you drink a beer for me a Sloppy Joes? Just one point to make. There are many people out there that don’t fear man or government. I think they will be the formidable to recon with.

      • Flashy

        Steve E. i may have visited. Admittedly a few nights are rather hazy. I’m not able to visit here and play much these days, new duties and responsibilities. I’m here now for personal posting.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        What a hoot!!! flashy admits he’s a paid shill!!!

      • Flashy

        nancy..that’s not what i said. I know you’ll twist it and make it into an untruth…but that’s not what i said. Hoot yourself, you’re the one deluding yourself

      • JeffH

        Falsy says “I’m here now for personal posting”.

        What? Did you get assigned to another website blog? Are you no longer recieving monetary compensation for disrupting PLD?

        Sure Falsy…and pigs can fly!

      • eddie47d

        Aren’t you here “for personal postings” Jeff H? So what’s the difference or are you trolling for someone else? LOL!

      • JeffH

        eddie, I’m not sorry that you’re just too stupid to even understand the comment in the first place.

        Whoosh…straight over your head!

      • eddie47d

        I understand all your snippy remarks and put downs Jeffy!. We just aren’t buying!

      • JeffH

        Hey dummy, like I said before…it went straight over your head!
        Telling the truth and stating facts is not being snippy.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Have you not read what these people have said in the past? Obama has stated that he sees no reason for individual citizens to own fire arms. Dianne Feinstein has stated that if necessary we should confiscate all fire arms along with Cuomo, Emanuel. Are you insane to deny that this is in the realm of possibilities? Oh that’s right you are a Totalitarian, so that means you have a mental illness.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Some people will say anything for money!!! Probably your tax dollars at work!!!

      • http://yahoo Don

        hey, Bob Livingston, why don’ you send this article to our loser president, her royal majesties Fienstien and Pelosi , almighty elitist Bloomburg and every gun controlling anti-gunners you can come up with and publish their lame responses.

      • Ron r

        no was then governor Reagan who said after the black panthers brought guns to the state capital.i see no reason why American citizens need to carry loaded weapons. (;para phase)

    • S.C.Murf

      flashy just your typical response nothing to add to the subject matter except some out in space negative comment. But it doesn’t change the fact that there are states that are starting nullification processes to push back, and I might add that the ones that are implementing said processes are in a position much higher than your station in life. That’s good to know. TIME for you and doc to make that popping sound

      up the hill

    • Michael Boldin

      If I’m rich, dude….that’s pretty awesome. come out to LA, I’ll show you examples of how an entire city is nullifying the feds. And since I’m so loaded, I’ll take you out to sushi.

  • David Han

    Any military is indicative of the population from which it is drawn. Our service members represent various types of people and belief systems that make up the United States. They also know that is a crime to follow an illegal order. If the Federal government tries to use our own military against us then I pray that they will refuse such illegal orders. I find it hard to imagine that our service members will use deadly force against their parents, their families and their neighbors.

    • Kane

      But, should they try, there are still those of us out here who know what it means to be a real American…a true American…a free American and we will “correct” their misguided actions…immediately.

      • Raymond

        Amen my friend!

      • Vicki

        Hopefully better then the people of New Orleans did during Katrina. Then again I suspect that most of the people there were disarmed by liberals long before the hurricane came. The remaining folk who’s guns were taken were few and far between.

      • mike thurman

        AMEN WE ARE THE PEOPLE THEY Are merely clones of obama

      • CZ52

        “Then again I suspect that most of the people there were disarmed by liberals long before the hurricane came.”

        Only the law abiding. The thugs, crooks, criminals, and other scum kept their guns because no attempt was made to confiscate from them.

    • http://Facebook David Bowman

      I would hope you are right, David, but I recall vividly what happened in New Orleans after Katrina, when the National Guard and local law enforcement went door to door in areas that had not even been affected by the storm, confiscating weapons from law abiding citizens who needed them for protection, and using force to do so, Their is a video on You Tube that documents a little old lady being beaten to remove a pistol from her hand. in her own home. She was no threat to anyone there, and only produced the old revolver when asked if she had any firearms. So, yes, I know it can happen, but yes, I hope not.

    • Texas Ride

      David Han, it is hard to believe that our military personnel would fire on family and neighbors. This rogue regime finds it hard to believe, as well.

      As a solution, there are thousands of UN tanks and UN military equipment being shipped into areas surrounding the largest American cities. There are miles of trucks, loaded with this foreign equipment coming into the States.. UN troops will follow, as soon as all the equipment has arrived. Believe it. It won’t be Americans that come for our guns, but it will be blue-helmeted foreigners. And, it won’t be Americans that are in charge of the FEMA camps. The True Americans left in our military will be hunted down.

      Our Navy Seals are bearing the brunt of an assault by government. Listen to the news. Twenty-two of our elite Seals were “executed” after the Bin Laden execution. The Seals names were made public and it was made public where they and their families live. The Seal shooter is on the news today, telling of his treatment by the government he served.
      These things are but omens of what is to come. The regime is passing out “punishment” for deeds well-done.

      Meanwhile, what is left of our military is being demolished. Military personnel are being discharged and our remaining military is being ill-equipted and significantly disarmed. Our men and women are being badly mistreated. I read an article where our military personnel in Afghanistan had no breakfast because of a lack of provision. Putting homosexuals in the military, and women, will further destroy cohesiveness among the ranks. The military is suffering the same abuse as the rest of the Nation…the adversarial position the government has taken against the people and our military.

      • mark

        Yes Texas Ride, you are absolutely right. UN forces have already taken over 14 states. Haven’t you read the news this morning? Turn on your televsion for God’s sake! Their forces will soon be moving on the other 36 and will no doubt have them all conquered by Saturday especially with our treasonous military helping them. Thank God for your alert vigilance. Otherwise, we might have missed this. Well, I’m putting in fresh clips in all our rifles now. I’ve handed out the cyanide capsules to my wife and children. Yes, it’s all happening right before our eyes right now! All those stupid liberals, progressives, and socialist were dead wrong as always. Well, we’ll probably all be dead by the end of this week as Personal Liberty Digest has long predicted. But at least we’ll go out fighting!

        Semper Fi! Oh, I have to go! They’re…. they’re shooting their way in right….right now…. I have to reload. And you’re right they’re all wearing those blue helmets like the UN always does. Well, actually blue caps….Oh, I think…I think I just shot the mail carrier….I mean, he did have a uniform on so what was I suppose to do? Well….OK, I made a mistake but at least we’re ready over here. Oh no! No, Tommy, don’t swallow that pill now!! No, no that’s only for when the UN takes over! Don’t swallow it now, Tommy!

      • Texas Ride

        BTW, Mark, there is a documentary video that I watched,on the importing of UN tanks. UN Soldiers are already here and training. The fact that you have to act stupid in response to my post, shows how inept you are at presenting an opposing viewpoint.

        • redd1958

          LOL….You Got that Right Texas Ride!! When you Can’t Confuse Them with Logic, Baffle them with BullS**t!!!

          • mark

            I guess I don’t understand your comment. Either you misunderstand what I said or I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      They have plenty of UN soldiers to fall back on if the American military will not comply! Hopefully, our military will side with us!!!

      • mark

        Don’t count on it! They’re all Obama traitors! When are you sheeple finally going to wake up!!

      • Vicki

        If the UN has all those soldiers why do they keep coming to the US for military support?

      • Texas Ride

        Vicki, it is because of one thing…”Money.” They want the U.S. taxpayers to foot the bill for all their little excursions. Why not, we pay for everything else the UN wants.

        I got a question for you. Why do American cities care what the UN wants and why are our cities implementing the UN Agenda 21?

      • Vicki

        Texas Ride says:
        ” Why do American cities care what the UN wants and why are our cities implementing the UN Agenda 21?”

        Cause they are staffed with brainwashed liberals?

        A more serious guess would be “follow the money”.

      • JC

        Think about the logistics of getting a sufficient number of UN troops here to patrol the streets or enforce martial law. The US military is the only outfit on the planet with the equipment to pull it off. Now think about being , oh, say a French paratrooper being asked to come to Dallas and enforce martial law…ain’t going to happen, as long as we remain armed the UN boys won’t want to tangle with American streets. Never, Ever, give up your guns.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Clif

      If what was said is true about 25% of marines would fire on innocent American people then logically that leaves 75% who would take out the ones who do so I don’t see any big worries about the military being used against us. It’s the hundreds of thousands of non-mexicans flooding the border from the south that will be used against us that worries me. Who do you think the government is buying all these guns and ammo for?? Not some IRS office worker that’s for sure

      • Texas Ride

        Clif, you have a point. They are not buying all that ammo for a bunch of office workers!

        Obamacare provides, mandates, that a Civilian Army be funded at a cost of $600,000 out of the healthcare budget. This Civilian Army will be separate but equal to the American military. And, the Civilian Army will have alligeance onlyto the president. He will have his own personal army. Why do we need to fund two different militaries? You can draw your own conclusion.

        They are already recruiting graduates from highschools. One recruit was interviewed and he was asked what he would be doing in “obama’s army.” The recruit said that he didn’t know, but he sure liked the uniforms. The new Civilian army will recruit all the malcontents in this country that will pick up a gun and take aim at Americans.

  • Ron r

    Mr. Boldin,if you are in any way advocating the overthrowing of this republic then you should be called and classified as a domestic terrorist and carted off to Cuba . Your right to have such an article like this printed is proff enough that the constitution is strong. You are not in an enemy list like the one the NRA has for people who disagree with them.
    In fact you are free to write and print any conspricy theory /lie you choose.where we’re your concerns during the arms for hostages deal. were we’re your concerns when our troops were put in harms way because a president wanted to settle a personal s ore and his number two wanted to make Halliburton richer?? A man with a questionable military past the other a draft dodger. Now you are up in ae
    S because some want to stem the tide of child killings. Or do you like some others of the reich believe that Obama and his Kenyan /negro army staged Newport ????

    • Andy

      What I really think is that you are just another nitwit inhabitant of Lala Land and represent everything that has gone wrong in this country.

      • Ron r

        Both of you are reich wingers so I will overlook the juvenile insults and allow the two of you to get back to marrying your first cousins .

    • Kane

      OK Ron. Back to your parent’s basement and report in to obama hq that you did your troll job for the morning. maybe they’ll send you a new phone as a reward.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      I would choose to make myself richer, not Haliburton. Have you seen the enemies list of the NRA? I am sure you are on it. I would hope that someday, maybe you will learn the English language well enough to learn to speak, write, and read it well enough to be able to communicate your ideas in a manner that those of us who have can understand a word you speak/write.

    • Arthur Russell


      Your statements are endemic of what I don’t understand. You stand on the graves of the children of Sandy Hook, and throw out the race card, in an attempt to appeal to the “white man’s guilt”, and argue that the article is proof of the constitution’s strength, all the while the federal government is seen to be consolidating it’s power, and increasing it with onerous bills and hidden clauses in bloated legislation.

      Will banning weapons reduce the number of killings of children? I wonder. Had the man gone into the school with a machete, wouldn’t he have been able to kill them all the same? We have the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Our constitution protects many of the individual portions of those rights, speech, press, assembly, religion, but those rights are in turn all protected by the second.

      The second amendment is a sort of “doomsday clause”. It isn’t all that big a deal until it comes time to protect the other rights stated. It is both the least and most important of amendments, least while there are no threats, and most when the threats are evident.

      Our rights work together, and the 2nd is an important part of them.

      That all said, you show yourself to be rather uninformed when it comes to the “protecting of children”. Are you truly of the opinion that eliminating the right to bear arms would protect the children from those that would do them harm? You do know that it was this basis that Hitler used to enact gun legislation, disarming those people that may have prevented his atrocities. “Think of the children” is another guilt-causing cry used for so long as a cane to support weak, emotion driven arguments, and has been wielded like a sword in the hands of the pre-tyrannical.

      Ron, part of the problem, as well, is your use of “the race card”. It’s growing tiresome. I did not own slaves, I don’t care what color the president is. If there was a competent purple person running for president, promising something more than undefined “change” I’d have voted for him. The race card is getting tiresome, and those who have had it thrown in their face will inevitably begin to ignore it, and that’s if there is not a rubberband backlash effect from it’s overuse.

      As to your more worthy statements, like you, those who are conservative acted on what we saw produced for us in the “mainstream media”. At the time, you would have been the one on the “twilight zone” side of things.

      In the end, I believe that we do not have an isolated problem. This is not just gun control. This is not just the patriot act, ndaa, or any other individual freedom reducing legislation. We have a systemic problem. Our entire country is being devoured by a cancer of “big brother knows best” and “the government should fix things”.

      Our entire culture has become, for lack of a better term, spoiled and whiny. Is it your job to ensure that I can pay my bills, Ron? Should it be? Is it my job to pay yours? Or is it my job to pay mine and you yours?

      We, as citizens of the United States, should stop entertaining the delusion that it is the government’s job to take care of us. That is our job, as individuals. If I make free choices and wind up a pauper, then that was my choice. I should have the freedom to do right or wrong as I see fit without denying anyone else their do likewise. These freedoms come with the responsibility to act in my own defense, to care for my loved ones, and to further be charitable to those in need while not pandering to those who would use my charity for ill gain.

      I, for one, will not act openly in defiance of our government unless they throw down the gauntlet of firearms confiscation or similar. I will work within our established system to try to change things for the better, to increase both our freedoms. But, should they throw down the gauntlet, then I will stand against any who try to enforce such odious laws. I will take up their gauntlet and, though I know it will be likely my death, will fight for the the freedoms I hold dear for myself and my children, and yes, even for you, Ron.

      I believe it was Patrick Henry who said,”Give me liberty or give me death!” That is my position, Ron. It is worth my life to die on the altar of freedom, though I pray it never becomes necessary.

      Are you prepared to do the same?

      • Ron r

        the problem with your argument Arthur is that no one in no way has advocated the confiscation of any ones weapon. Some ,mostly paranoid delusional reich wingers have consistently continued that lie. As far as any guilt by white men or any other man for that matter I could care less. The fact is there have not been so many so called constitutional laymen since the dam thing was written. Now that Obama is president everyone is an expert, and Obama is this.muslim Manchurian candidate who can’t produce a birth certificate good enough for the reich.
        You tell me what the heck that’s about.
        No one wants to take your guns and the only ones using the children of Newport are the idiot reich wingers who have pushed the conspricy that it was staged by the president .all the while praising the likes of draft dodgers and child exploiters like Ted Nugent. But thanks for your riveting response!!!
        BTW ,Yes I have in the past put my life in harms way for this great nation. Something Ted refused to do.

    • Steve E

      Ron r, are you really that stupid, Or are you just acting in character of that of a wimp brainwashed coward?

      • Ron r

        Yes Steve E,you are that stupid!!!

    • Bill Henry

      The only fact is that we now have the freedom to post here and the realization that what we say can and probably is being monitored. We are trying to tell those who are monitoring that regardless of what or who they send against us that we will be glad to die rather than be part of the program. That you want to be part of the program is your choice, to not be is ours. That should be easy enough for even am Obamabot to understand. I will not try to sway your opinion, and you can stop trying to sway mine. We both know that is not an obtainable goal. My goal is to try and encourage those who share my opinion to join us in our attempt to maintain our liberty and freedoms and “defend” the Constitution of these United States of America “against all enemies, foreign(especially) and domestic(especially if they attempt to abrogate our rights under it). BT AR.


    • Texas Ride

      Ron proves, once again, that liberalism is a “Mental Disease.”

      • eddie47d

        Your comment at 10:55 rather proves you are the one with the mental disorder T.R. You seem to believe anything from the far right that get passed your way. Now go cure yourself before it spreads!

      • Texas Ride

        Eddie, I am glad to know that my post bothered you! That is a good thing!

        Liberalism is a Mental Disease!

      • eddie47d

        Its so easy to pick out hate and ignorance Ms Ride!

      • JC

        And God made a Liberal:

        You’ll love this eddie. ;-)

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Another product of the public indoctrination centers i.e. public schools! Ron, go buy a book or two! Educate yourself! Start with grammar and syntax, then move on to history!!!

    • Michael Boldin

      In my neighborhood, this is how we respond to rambling statements like that:

      “dude, you’re gross..”

    • Bill Henry

      The only fact is that we now have the freedom to post here and the realization that what we say can and probably is being monitored. We are trying to tell those who are monitoring that regardless of what or who they send against us that we will be glad to die rather than be part of the program. That you want to be part of the program is your choice, to not be is ours. That should be easy enough to understand. I will not try to sway your opinion, and you can stop trying to sway mine. We both know that is not an obtainable goal. My goal is to try and encourage those who share my opinion to join us in our attempt to maintain our liberty and freedoms and “defend” the Constitution of these United States of America “against all enemies, foreign(especially) and domestic(especially if they attempt to abrogate our rights under it). BT AR.


      • Bill Henry

        Please excuse me for posting twice. Ignore the second post as the first one better expresses my opinion, sic Obamabot. I could not find my original posting when I returned from a link, and it was still in the reply section. “NON SIBI SED PATRIAE”

      • GALT

        And they are happy to hear it too…….so you keep right on saying it.

    • Vicki

      Ron r writes:
      “Mr. Boldin,if you are in any way advocating the overthrowing of this republic then you should be called and classified as a domestic terrorist and carted off to Cuba .”

      Since Mr. Boldin is clearly advocating the restoration of this Constitutionally LIMITED Republic, you have no need of concern for him being a domestic terrorist.

      The ones to be concerned about are those who are clearly advocating killing of Americans without benefit of the protections in the 6th Amendment.

      Those who clearly advocate banning firearms (except for them) in direct violation of the stated limits on government power in the 2nd Amendment.

      And there is a matter of those advocating the restriction of speech and petition.

      Then there is the matter of those advocating the disappearance of undesirables.
      (See NDAA 2012)

      So that takes care of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Amendments.

      9 and 10 also seriously damaged. Many proofs available.
      NDAA alone hits 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9

      • JeffH

        Easy Vicki. Don’t confuse ron r(lower case)with any facts.

        ron r(lower case)…NRA hit list? I guess pigs can fly too!

      • Ron r

        Yes Vicki my public education was cut short because I went to viet nam so that you could post the very intelligent conspricy theories that you do. Never thought I would enter the domain of the super so this is what non public school people do when not moving the world into the 22nd,what a reich wing.

      • Vicki

        Ron r says:
        “Yes Vicki my public education was cut short because I went to viet nam so that you could post the very intelligent conspricy theories that you do.”

        My parents (who lived thru the vietnam era) and I thank you for your service. Just as a matter of curiosity what theories have I offered that you consider to be “conspiracy theories”?

        - Ron r: “Never thought I would enter the domain of the super brains”

        Welcome aboard.

        - Ron r: “so this is what non public school people do when not moving the world into the 22nd century.”

        What makes you think we are not also survivors of the pubic indoctrination system?

        - Ron r: “wow,what a reich wing.”

        WoW. An argument to ridicule. What a surprise. Not.

      • Ron r

        Mr.Boldin,where were you and the others during the Bush years. Yes vicki he is calling for the overthrow of the republic. Typical chicken hawk,or chair borne ranger.

      • JC

        ron, our republic has already been overthrown. We’re now (ostensibly) a democracy of completely vile and corrupt politicians who think they’re royalty. And now they’re putting the apparatus of a police state in place…think about it.

  • Ralloh

    We can do this on an individual basis too. I have vowed not to participate in that sham called Obamacare. I refuse to buy the insurance and will take care of myself. If I get sick, and alternative medicines don’t work, and I am blocked from access to traditional healthcare, then maybe I’ll die. So be it. I am that adamant about this.

    • Steve E

      Ralloh, we need more original Americans like you. I’m with you brother.

    • Texas Ride

      There is a lot more to it than just refusing to purchase health insurance. The “New Gestapo” that confiscates your money is in charge of making sure you comply with everything in obamacare. They will take everything you have and when that doesn’t work, they will think of something that will work as punishment.

      The States had better stand together and pass “Nullification” as soon as possible!

    • Michael Boldin

      Absolutely! Millions of individuals standing up and saying NO is what it’s going to take.

  • FreedomFighter

    For me, I’ll stand with liberty. I hope you’ll join me


    If we dont stand UNITED we all will hang SEPERATE>

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • Capitalist at Birth

      I had never owned a fire arm, even though I learned how to shoot in 1958 and have used them infrequently since then, until November 4th 2008. I have more to purchase and hope to continue adding ammunition as well. I decided in May of 2008 after reading “Obamanation” by Jerome R. Chorsi that it was my duty as a citizen to arm myself and be prepared. When I discussed this with my Father, who received two Purple Hearts in the battle of Luzon in World War II, he said you have never fought in a war. I responded that I was going to die a free man and never voluntarily become a slave. In the words of Patrick Henry: “Give me liberty or give me death” That will be my motto until that fateful day should it come. There are many more of us than you think. Unfortunately, we have to be secretive as there are those who have adopted the talking points on the validity of the Constitution that must be like a mantra on the MSM.

    • An Old Seabee

      UNITED we stand, UNTIED we fall. Our Fed has become very UNTIED. The States need to form a knot and REUNITE!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Or as they say, “tie a knot and hold on”! Tough times ahead!

  • Grandpa Frog

    Jury nullification is effectively what stopped Prohabition. Any person that serves on a jury trail should become well aware of this juror responsibility, as the judge and court certainly will not.

    This nullification is also available to the several states, and is occurring right now. Just witness the passing of decriminaliztiion of pot in Washington and Colorado. All of a sudden the Federal Government is starting into the process of legalizing pot, an action that they have been strenuously avoiding up to now.

    Grandpa Frog

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Marijuana was made illegal by the Cotton lobby to protect their profits from hemp which is the strongest fiber known to man. In fact most of the ropes used by the Navy in World War II were made from Hemp. It is also impossible to tax because anyone can grow it once they learn how, in their back yards or closet. Unlike Tobacco which takes a great deal of space and processing.

      • Steve E

        And Congress passed the anti hemp law in the middle of the night also, so it would not get much attention.

    • Texas Ride

      This regime would love to have every American on drugs, the more drugs the better. Makes people not care about what is going on around them.

    • Michael Boldin

      Great point! my friend Steve Palmer has recently written an article exploring that history…it even goes beyond jury nullification to a number of states refusing to comply with Volstead.

  • Sgt. York

    All in all it comes down to, All Americans stand up to the Federal Government on laws that go against Our Constitution.

  • RD

    Wow. Ron r I see that you are a supreme Kool-Aid drinker. You need to wake up and think for yourself instead of buying into every talking point your beloved political party spews!! I am a former peace officer and I can assure you that disarming law abiding citizens will not prevent criminals from aquiring the weapons you are so readily agreeing to give up the rights to own. Good luck when the wolf comes to your door, what will you use to protect yourself with? Oh I forgot you actually think the police will be there in time to protect you don’t you? Think about it by the time they know there is a problem it is already to late. The government knows the only way they can take our guns is to convince all the lambs that it we will just give up our rights for the promise of security they will protect uou and we will all be safer! “What a fricking fairy tale” open your eyes and look around, start thinking for yourself instead if being indoctrinated by a bunch of power hungry narcissist!!!!!

    • Ron r

      Gee RD, the black hellicopters just landed in my back yard with more kool aid prepared by Ted Nuget . Should I drink it?????

  • The Christian American

    Uncontitutional acts have been happening for over 150 years, if you take the spirit of the original Constitution into consideration. John Adams, one of the authors of the Constitution, said: “This constitution is for the governance of a moral and religious people. It is UNFIT for the governance of any other”. We’re proving that aren’t we? Take the 14th, 16th and 17th amendments / changes for example. Read them for yourselves. Their posted on Then we have Truman. He ignored the claus referencing America at war and committed American soldiers to war to fight under the UN flag, and that’s what’s been happening ever since Korea. And you know what? We’ve NEVER won one of our uncostitutional wars, but they’ve sure cost us in blood and money haven’t they they? It seems that the unconstitutional issues that effect us personally are all that we’re concerned about.

    When Alexis de Tocqueville toured America on the part of the French government he observed the American people practically always carried their Constitution and the King James bible. Just about all of them would qualify as supreme court justices, and watched the ones sitting there like a mouse watches a cat.

    We knowingly vote in people that are bald face liars in that they probably never read the constitution yet they are swearing to behold it. The government is ignorant about the consttution and the people are ignorant about the consitution so what do you expect? That wall against tyranny on the part of the goverment to be standing? We hire these people to run OUR business then take direction from our employees, worse yet run the business as if it was theirs. Read “Not yours to give” by Davy Crockett. It’s on the net. Take a look at The founding documents plus is there. It’s never to late to save America if we repent to God. Proverbs 3:6 says, “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path. He made the Universe and everything that’s in it so I imagine he can save America, if the people repent and ask Him.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Thank You for the reminders! Many good points!!!

      • mark

        Amen Nancy. A true statement. My only hope is these people have finally pushed us to far so now is time for their reckoning.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Keep electing any idoit from the Dung Party and there will not be a Constitution. Every year these facist/communists and now a muslim marxist, the wanna be dictator, are in control of the USA freedom gets less. The attackss has been costant and anti Constitution to destroy personal freedoms and your liberty. Every time these one these jackasses get in to office, they never leave, and that from the time of this communist beleif party was inflicked on American people..

    • The Christian American

      What Party would you suggest considering together they make up the REPUBLiCRAT Party? Neither one of them pay any attention to our wall against tyranny, the Constitution. They both see themselves as the rulers of the people, not the servants of the people.

      • http://midcontent rydge runner

        If youn are this damn stupid, stay at home and sit on your thumb. Get involved in the Republican Party. It has been changed before. Go back and read tour history books, the republican party help get the voting rights for blacks, but they can only see black, and the Dung Party has kept these people generation after generation, as wards of the state. Something brainlass idoits never figure out, same as the generational union dorks.. A dime to a hole under a dog’s tail have you ever ran for any offfice, school board, county commision, state representive, state senator, sherriff, or any type of office. Get involved with a making a change, it can be done, and you do not need the party leaders of controller to give you their blesssings. Dung Party ccanidates have to get approval from the central commission, and the so called leaders. Which means you have no core values or standrads, if you are a Christain as your tag says, get a spine and step forward for any spot that opens up. To see what kind of spine you have go after any Fed elected offical on there voting record, we have a Sen that will not show up to answer questions from journalist, or open forums of the public. The sorry puke has done what the muslim marxist wants, he will be up for election in 2 years, Onumnutts gun stand is going to hang several dung heads. Dung (democrat ) Party core values are to create a centerlized control,over everyone and everything, same as the start of this scrub group continuing today. All the libitarian, Green, and any other fringe group, only guartees the dung party to stay in control. That is why we have the same controlling pukes in office until they croak. So if you think you can become part of the dung party, give up your firearms, screw around with any warm body you can, cheat on your taxes, defraud every government program you can get on, and embrace anything perverted , so becoming a pedophile worshipping perv muslim , and you will be the perfect federal canidate for the,

      • Vicki

        Or you could join and support the Libertarian Party ( and let the other 2 parties follow the wig party.

        What I don’t understand is why more people are not in that party.

        It supports your RIGHT to consume drugs that you do not take from others by force.
        It supports your RIGHT to keep and bear arms
        It supports keeping Americas soldiers out of foreign entanglements.
        It supports keeping Americas soldiers strong and able to defend America.
        It supports your RIGHT to marry as YOU choose
        It supports smaller government for all.

        What’s not to like about it?

      • GALT

        probably because it fails to mention those missing common law and equity courts,

        making them and you impotent…….while screaming loudly?

  • tony newbill

    We need to stand up and demand the USA take care of herself at this point in time because the Resources as a whole are unsustainable in the sense of trying to sustain a International market system . The USA is a sustainable resource if we go back to a Domestic Driven economy and focus on our Own citizens sustainability .

    This story explains simply this Fact and the need facing our nation if we want to secure our nations .
    We only consume a 13rd of the food we produce but when you try and feed the world today that supply vanishes in the blink of an eye and that vacuum is now causing the US citizens Hyper Inflation in an unsustainable measure .

    Wall Street WILL NOT WANT TO HEAR THIS OR DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT and will Lead ALL OF US and the Washington Idiots right over the cliff … so when do we take a stand and call for Succession from the WTO and take care of our Own nation and her people ??????

    • tony newbill

      These links explain why its time to STOP trying to feed a International market system and start taking care of Our Own nations NEEDS !!!!!

      And the International Trade Policy is Killing the USA financially and sovereignty and we the people must ask for what Purpose do we continue in this Economic Death Spiral of our Independence and Liberty ????

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        The purpose is…one world government! A new world order! The purpose is for evil to overtake good! It is written!!! We must repent and turn our backs on evil! We must put this country back on the track on which it was founded! We must not let the loud voices of evil influence us any longer! Stand up for righteousness and goodness!

  • Chip Dooley

    Since Obama and others want to get rid of the 2nd then they should have to get rid of the 13th

  • Capitalist at Birth

    For those of you who agree with the gun grabbers, COME AND GET IT!! Only I challenge you to do it yourself, and NOT send your thugs in the ATF, TSA, FBI or any other alphabet Federal agencies. Of course you are cowards who will hide behind the Federalist skirt. Be ready for an all out war. The first people I will go after are the people who have swallowed this crap on CNN/NBC etc. hook line and sinker, because you will all become rats, just like in Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China, Castro’s Cuba, etc.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Molan Labe!!!

      • JeffH

        Molon Labe!

  • Varian Wrynn

    The more I read about “Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933″ the madder I get. The law was passed to legalize the actions of the President after he took them. Nice.

  • By George

    A splendid little book on the subject titled: Nullification Manifesto, by Bert Loftman. is available on Its inexpensive. Get one

    • Michael Boldin

      Why did I not know that Bert has a book? He’s been blogging with us at TAC for a while now, and is extremely knowledgeable on these issues.

  • Raymond

    You are talking my kind of language. People that refuse to stand up for their freedom don’t deserve it. I will trust the common wisdom of the American people any day over a bunch of damned bought and paid for politicians! Resistance is in our blood!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Wrong!!! ALL of mankind deserves freedom!!! Freedom is a GOD given right!!! Even our founding fathers believed thus! Read the Declaration of Independence!!!

      • The Christian American

        It’s not freedom that is a God given right Nancy but LIBERTY. Freedom merly denotes. status, like serfdom. There is a line in the word freedom, the freedom we associate with morality and the freedom we associate with immorality. Liberty on the other hand is a gift of God, Because God gave us Liberty, we form governments to protect our liberties. When government becomes a predator on our liberties, we have right to ignore it’s edicts and decrees, or abolish it if the occassion warrants. That’s where the second amendment comes in.

      • Vicki

        God gave us Life and Free Will. Our liberties stem from the natural application of those gifts.
        Our forefathers knew this when they stated that “We hold these truths to be self-evident….”
        How we use the gifts of Life and Free Will and how we honor those gifts in others that will be how we shall be judged.

        Freedom: 1: the quality or state of being free: (Websters Dictionary)
        Liberty 1: the quality or state of being free: (Websters Dictionary)

        That means they are equal.

        Absent Life AND Free Will those (and indeed any) words have no meaning.

  • USN retired

    If I remember right, the constitution starts off with “We The People” not we the government or congress or president or federal courts. We the people are the states with representatives in Washington to do the bidding of the people. Our elected official seem to think they have the freedom to promote their individual agendas. We the people keep sending idiots back each time we vote because “we the people” are not schooled to understand what the results is of these politicians’ actions are on the states “the people” with their individual agendas. We need to reinstate our control over our politicians in order to regain control of the federal government. Bureaucrats and big money has bought them and their agenda becomes self preservation and greed. The states are taking it back with these laws against unconstitutional edicts of the Feds with royal manifestations of their positions.

    • Bill Henry

      Hey USN retired. I am a retired CPO with 20+ years under my belt. Welcome aboard. I share your thoughts totally. “NON SIBI SED PATRIAE”

      • mark

        Wow brother good to hear from you, U.S. Air Force. Have the utmost respect for you and your thoughts thank you

  • mark


    The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be in agreement. It is impossible for a law which violates the Constitution to be valid. This is succinctly stated as follows:

    “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void. ”
    Marbury vs Madison, 5 U.S. (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176, (1803)

    “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them quot;
    Miranda vs Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 p. 491.

    “An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no right; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”
    Norton vs Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425 p.442

    “The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and the name of law, in in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it.

    No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.”
    16th American Jurisprudence 2d, Section 177
    late 2nd, Section 256

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      EXACTLY!!! Thanks for stating it!!!

      • GALT

        All pointless after 1938…………including Miranda.

        “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them quot;

        Miranda vs Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 p. 491.

        While the meaning of what you are reading seems clear, this only applies if
        it is consistent within the “jurisdiction” to which you are subject……..there are
        no rights secured by the Constitution, in admiralty/maritime………here you have
        benefits, privileges and immunities……..and these are subject to change, with
        every court, decision, legislative act, or executive order………


        There is a catch, however……..YOU have to actually DO SOMETHING.

        Probably a deal breaker…….since most of you are just “talker’s”.

  • stupidamerkin

    When are all you sheeple going to quit calling this corporate fascist regime a government?
    When are you sheeple going to quit calling all these local empires a county?
    When are all you sheeple going to wake up to the reality and quit calling these dens of corruption courts of law?

    • mark

      Amen brother, I couldn’t agree with you more. The people in this country not all of them but the majority have turned into, products of our educational system. The definition of fascism.” When the government allows the public to retain ownership of property and businesses but controls them through heavy regulation and taxation.” If this country has not morphed into full-blown fascism as in Hitler’s Germany than definitions don’t mean what they say. I like to also say I have abject contempt for the people we have in the White House. And especially Congress because Congress will not do anything about the Marxist we have in the White House congresses become useless as one of the three branches of government intended to keep the other two branches of government in check. And therefore totally useless.

      • mark

        Sorry I do not know how to edit my statement. I said in my statement that the United States has not morphed into fascism. I didn’t mean not morphed I met it has morphed into full-blown fascism.

        • tony newbill

          This Fascism is a product of a Unsustainable International Trade policy thats gutting USA sovereignty for the few that are Raping the economic liberty and freedoms that USA resource Sovereignty affords the Vitality of the American people .
          Today those resources are being SUCKED right out from under our feet and what will we do when we reach a point that these supplys are not sustainable any longer for the USA citizens because a few In Wall Street are ONLY FOCUSED on a Paper profit ?????
          Watch this Video and Learn why we need to END our Involvement in the WTO and start recreating a domestic market system again in the USA !!!!!

  • albob

    February 23, 2013 is the first Day of Resistance at your State Capital. There will be more…

    “While Barack Obama is calling for Americans to give up their freedom, their rights, and their guns, we’re calling for Americans to resist. We’re calling on Tea Partiers, moderate Republicans, Libertarians and even moderate Democrats to stand up one month from today, on the 23rd of February and say, “No more!” Right Wing News is joining Dustin Stockton, Western Representation PAC and The Tea in calling for rallies all across the nation next month on the 23rd. It’ll be a Day of Resistance where gun owners and patriots can peacefully gather and show Barack Obama, the media, and the knockkneed Republicans in Congress that we may have lost a battle last November, but we haven’t lost the war. Don’t meekly give up your 2nd Amendment rights when you can stand with us and RESIST!”

  • ldarrell

    Obama’s only concern with the law is that all are to respect them and obey them no matter whether they be constitutional or not. They are the laws as I see them.
    This is not the form of government WTP subscribe to ,or at least those of us that believe in the constitution and the rule of law.
    The states have been bullied for years by being blackmailed by the federal monies that will be cut off if they do not comply with federal law, legal or not. It is time for them to stand up and say we make the laws that effect this state.

  • Steve Rhinehart AKA Peter Propwash AKA Rufes Macgoofis AKA Outlaw Aviator

    I wish it would work.
    Most of you are to young to rember the double nickles (55 MPH) speed limet imposed by the federal government. The state of Montana refused to go along with it, but gave in when the feds refused to relice funds for highways.
    They quite literly bought the state off.. Do you think it wont work again? Political blackmail works.

    • Vicki

      Paying states (with their own money) has been the way the Federal Government has gotten MANY unconstitutional powers handed to them. The 55 speed limit is just one (obvious one) of many.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Yep…Nullification is our Magic Sword…no matter what name its called by and requires True American’s standing together, unwavering in order for it to work.

    God Bless this site & your work, Michael Boldin.

  • mark

    The Most Informative little books on the planet. You can see it online and read or you can order it online is called.
    The Citizens Rule Book
    LINCOLN said “Study the Constitution!”
    “Let it be preached from the pulpit, proclaimed in legislatures, and enforced in courts of justice.”

    This small but brief book, I believe is the individual US citizen information that will shock you. We the people do have the power to stop our government at all levels dead in their tracks. Read this small book. Anyone who’s ever read it tells me that it surprises them that they have the right to not only decide the facts in the case but the validity of the law. When you’re on a jury. Judges will not tell you this. But it’s a fact. We as jury members can nullify bad law. Just by saying not guilty. No judge, no president, and the Congress United States can reverse a not guilty verdict. This is the power our founding fathers gave to us the citizens. It’s called quote” jury nullification”. If the state will not nullify bad law. We the people can do it when we get to the courtroom as a jury member. No matter what the instruction should the judge are. Use a jury member can just say not guilty. I know judges try to bully jury members but that’s all it is bullying you can still say not guilty even in the face of the law on the books because you don’t believe the laws fair or righteous. If you really want to understand this look up the citizens rulebook jury handbook online. The information contained in this small book is extremely enlightening.

    • GALT

      It has always been de facto, but it is no longer de jure.

      1.) There are now jury oaths.

      which means…

      2.) You can not argue “nullification” in deliberations, you have to just refuse
      to convict, and you should strive to remain anonymous, which will be difficult.

      3.) You must be able to respond to the judges questions regarding your
      refusal to convict……correctly, remain steadfast in this, and this still may not
      be sufficient to prevent your removal…..

      Other than those things, prior to 1938, you would be correct…….

      • mark

        Understood. I always knew I needed to remain anonymous. I always answered the call when asked to do jury duty. My belief being I might be the only chance some poor guy has against what I consider somewhat of a corrupt judicial system. Nevertheless all I can do is try.

      • GALT

        Good, here is an interesting question for you, mark.

        In common law and equity, the standard is “corpus delecti” which means

        Corpus delecti is proof that a crime has taken place. It literally means body of crime.

        Added: Corpus delicti is a Latin term meaning “body of the crime”. It is the essential facts that must be shown to prove that a crime has been committed.

        Now “common law” is clearly cited in both Article Three and the Bill of Rights.

        In a case where a man or woman is charged with operating a motor vehicle under
        the influence…….of “whatever”, yet there is no “corpus delecti”… would you

        To rephrase… common law and equity……one must show ACTUAL
        damage or harm…..hence the “body of crime”.

        As a further conundrum…….if my right to freedom extends to the point of
        approaching but not committing actual harm, and I am within that limit, and
        did not cause actual harm… would you vote?

        Finally a very clear choice……a person is on trial for violating the speed
        limit………….he was driving twice as fast as the “law” says he can…..and
        he caused no damage or harm, to persons or property.

        He took the stand and admitted that the facts of the case were true,
        and that he did no harm……….how do you vote?

        • mark

          GALT So you stimulate my thinker and challenge me to think about something I love it.
          The answer is pretty simple. It’s called faith mercy and judgment. That is the factor that jury members bring to the court room. Case in point, a father whose toddler is choking on a piece of meat, life-threatening circumstance. Rushing her across town to the emergency room, going twice the speed limit. Police officer writes the man a ticket for speeding and reckless driving. Letter of the law. But he goes to court with these charges and the jury is informed of the law. And as a jury member so noted but justice is not served because of the law. And so far as I am concerned the man is not guilty. Though he broke the letter of the law the law itself cannot discern circumstances. The law is not fair in that case. So for me the man’s not guilty. That’s what jury nullification brings to the judicial system. Now on the other hand we have a guy who’s a responsible who would like to just charge across town damn everybody else. He’s a threat to everyone else and himself. I don’t have a problem hammering him for that. All I’m saying is that I believe jury nullification is a good thing it brings a factor to the courtroom called justice.
          We do not have a justice system any longer. It’s a legal system. Big difference between the two. Another example I saw a show on TV, an 18-year-old gal shot her father dead. She had been abused by him from the time she was a toddler until she was 18 years old. Apparently at 18 she was finally able to tell him no . However he started to abuse her younger sister. The 18-year-old seeing that her younger sister was not able to resist her father shot him dead. She was tried the law in the state said she had to go to prison for the rest of her life. And indeed she was sentenced to life in prison. If I had been on the jury I promise you I do not give a damn what the law says I would’ve said not guilty. This young lady did not deserve to go to prison for the rest of her life.
          Jesus said you take the law wrap around someone’s neck and omit the weightier matters of faith, mercy and judgment. All I’m saying is that jury nullification is a good thing. It interjects the faith mercy and judgment many times that our legal system doesn’t afford. By the way the young lady that I talked about. Her sentence was commuted by the governor of that state. After a television investigative report was done on her circumstance. God bless that Gov.

      • GALT

        mark, thank you for your response, but that was not the intent of the
        question you were asked although it does raise the problem of the
        jurisdiction in the courts now and why jury nullification is not available in
        them, which would not only require an informed juror but one who was
        willing to take a certain amount of risk.

        In common law and equity courts, these charges could not be brought,
        because there is no victim or damage, hence no crime has been committed.

        Also, jury nullification is available in common law and equity and can be
        raised directly by the attorney or the defendant, whether the judge chooses
        to instruct the jury or not…… should such a case involve the condition
        for which nullification exists, an effective check against bad law, it IS available
        in common law and equity.

        My question was asked to determine if you were willing to accept the standards
        of common law and equity…….that crimes requires a victim or harm to have
        actions be considered criminal. Action which causes no harm, is therefor not
        a crime.

        The person who speeds is not committing a crime, unless his actions harm
        someone…..same with an intoxicated driver……..that his actions might cause
        harm, is irrelevant…………

        The Constitution authorizes four jurisdictions in article 3, law and equity,
        and admiralty and maritime, and the latter two are in force in all courts,
        and are referred to as “statutory”, which means that regardless of what you
        think the Constitution says or means, it is illusionary, and only matters in
        so far as it is consistent with admiralty and maritime law, which might be
        true, but in most cases is NOT TRUE.

        You do not have rights in admiralty and maritime, you have benefits,
        privileges and immunities, which are determined by legislative acts of
        congress and rulings by the supreme court…….any reference made in
        so far as the “original intent” is concerned, is simply a smoke screen,
        since it quite clear that a legal system under admiralty and maritime,
        was not their intent……

        Attempts to access rights as they appear in the Bill of Rights, through
        the present legal system, is simply an effort to obtain a determination
        of what they mean in admiralty and maritime NOW……and this is
        essentially a waste of time, because these rulings will reflect what
        ever the government or the courts require them to be……..without
        revealing the fact of the nature of the present jurisdiction.

        As an example…..Seventh Amendment –

        In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed
        twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact
        tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any court of the
        United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

        Hardly rocket science as to meaning BUT, there are no common
        law courts…… how is it a right? And by extension, if these
        rights are common law rights, and common law no longer exists,
        then you have no rights.

        So for all the time that is spent TALKING about the Constitution and
        its intent and all manner of profound references to people who are
        long dead…….what is the point, if the venue that would give it
        meaning is no longer available……and until that venue is restored
        all other effort is a waste of time and a distraction from the only
        ACTION that is actually available to you.

  • mark

    The South tried all this nonsense out in 1861. How’d they make out?

    • Michael Boldin

      They did????

      What the heck was the south nullifying in 1861?

      Suggestion: Read the South Carolina “Declaration of Causes”

      This is their official statement on their reason for secession, There, you’ll find that their leading complaint was the northern states nullifying federal slave laws. In their own words.

      • TML

        Correct, however, the fugitive slave laws were not unconstitutional at the time (See Article 4 Section 2, superseded by the 13th Amendment), even if they were considered to be immoral. The nullification in that case, by the same reasoning, was not constitutional as it is in instances of nullifying laws, acts, or treaties, which clearly are not in pursuance of the Constitution.

      • mark

        Dear Michael,

        The South having already participated in it, and then not liking the outcome, decided to nullify the results of the Presidential Election of 1860 within its states and territories. That’s the presidential election, you can read all about the rules and dates pertaining to it in the Constitution of the United States, Article II, Secton 1. But none of that Constitution meant crap to the South by the Spring of 1861. That is until Grant and Sherman visited and made sure that the Constitution counted again – even for crippled, starving, and beaten traitors.

        Now several of them say they want to secede again. Can’t wait.

        Best Regards, mark

      • TML

        Mark says, “The South having already participated in it, and then not liking the outcome, decided to nullify the results of the Presidential Election of 1860 within its states and territories. That’s the presidential election, you can read all about the rules and dates pertaining to it in the Constitution of the United States, Article II, Secton 1. But none of that Constitution meant crap to the South by the Spring of 1861.”

        While secession can be seen as the extreme version of nullification; the secession in 1861 wasn’t a nullification of the Presidential Election. Lincoln being elected was mentioned, but was not given as a decided reason for secession. It only asserted that a sectional party had found within the Constitution the means of subverting the Constitution itself through Executive Order… and low and behold, Lincoln was the first President in history to write many, many unconstitutional orders, even denying the right of habeas corpus, which power was given only to Congress in Article 1 Section 9

        “For twenty-five years this agitation has been steadily increasing, until it has now secured to its aid the power of the common Government. Observing the *forms* [emphasis in the original] of the Constitution, a sectional party has found within that Article establishing the Executive Department, the means of subverting the Constitution itself. A geographical line has been drawn across the Union, and all the States north of that line have united in the election of a man to the high office of President of the United States, whose opinions and purposes are hostile to slavery.” – South Carolina Declaration of Causes of Secession

        At the same time, you have to remember that different States seceded for different reasons. For example, it was not until after Lincoln, in excess of the powers afforded to him, decided on an unconstitutional invasion, that the Border States of Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Virginia seceded as a direct result of that decision. It wasn’t traitorous of the South. It was a peacefully declared withdraw by entire state legislatures (hardly rebellious or traitorous) from the compact based on the compact being defaulted, and for South Carolina it was as Michael pointed out:

        “By this Constitution, certain duties were imposed upon the several States, and the exercise of certain of their powers was restrained, which necessarily implied their continued existence as sovereign States. But to remove all doubt, an amendment was added, which declared that the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people. On the 23d May , 1788, South Carolina, by a Convention of her People, passed an Ordinance assenting to this Constitution, and afterwards altered her own Constitution, to conform herself to the obligations she had undertaken.

        We hold that the Government thus established is subject to the two great principles asserted in the Declaration of Independence; and we hold further, that the mode of its formation subjects it to a third fundamental principle, namely: the law of compact. We maintain that in every compact between two or more parties, the obligation is mutual; that the failure of one of the contracting parties to perform a material part of the agreement, entirely releases the obligation of the other; and that where no arbiter is provided, each party is remitted to his own judgment to determine the fact of failure, with all its consequences.

        In the present case, that fact is established with certainty. We assert that fourteen of the States have deliberately refused, for years past, to fulfill their constitutional obligations, and we refer to their own Statutes for the proof.

        The Constitution of the United States, in its fourth Article, provides as follows: “No person held to service or labor in one State, under the laws thereof, escaping into another, shall, in consequence of any law or regulation therein, be discharged from such service or labor, but shall be delivered up, on claim of the party to whom such service or labor may be due.”

        This stipulation was so material to the compact, that without it that compact would not have been made.” – South Carolina Declaration of Causes of Secession

        It is rather simple, mark…. The Constitution does not anywhere mention secession, nor even how a State could go about secession, thus it is not a power delegated to the Federal government by the Constitution and thus is reserved for the States alone. They were not traitors; they were well within their rights as outlined in the Declaration of Independence, and did so as a direct result of others not adhering to the Constitution. So you can’t say it didn’t mean anything to them. And for you to say Grant and Sherman through unconstitutional invasions (and who had their practice in the unconstitutional invasion of Mexico), and indiscriminant killing and pillaging of even non-combatants in the south, actually made the Constitution count again, is utterly laughable. They, along with Lincoln, were the traitors to the Constitution. Only tyrants would agree with your view of the matter.

      • GALT

        Interesting gymnastics TML, but how is secession a “power” or a “right”, how
        many states have claimed it or reserved as a right for their own citizens, and how
        would it be consistent with the claimed intent of the Constitution itself, the goal of
        pursuing a “more perfect union”?

    • Redd

      Obviously you don’t know your History Very Well MARK!!! When you Consider the Fact that the South had Half the Manpower of the North, Inferior Weaponry the First 2 years of the War, but still Won Most of the Battles During the Civil War, I’d say we Did Pretty Well!! The only Reason that the North Won the War was Because Sherman fought to Cut Off the Supply Lines to the South, and it Took him Over 2 years to Accomplish that Feat!! Tanks and Heavy Weaponry is NOT what Wins a War!! Ask that of Any Military Strategist, and he’ll tell you the Same thing!! Guerilla Warfare is a Consuming, and Effective Strategy for fighting any Conflict!! Study your Books about Quantrells Raiders, Look to the Guerilla Fighters in Afghanistan, or the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot in Cambodia!! Guerilla Warfare is a Very Effective Tool in Warfare. And that’s the Kind of Fighting that will Happen Here in this Country when it Begins!!
      Learn to Study MARK!! And Learn from what you Study!! Dictators have come to Take Countries by Force Ever Since there has been Countries!! But Less than Half of them Succeed in their Efforts!! Don’t try to make this Banana Republic Dictator we Have in the White House More than what he Actually Is!! This Man is Merely, and Simply a Narcissist and a Coward!! And Nothing More!!
      GOD will Be the Judge of what happens to Us All!! We have turned our Backs on Our Founding Doctrines, and Our Pledge we Made when this Country was Founded. Look at this next Few years as an Awakening!!
      “When You Walk In Your Sleep, the Eventuality Arises when you will Stub Your Toe, and it Awakens you from that Sleep”!!! And WE THE PEOPLE, Are about to Stub that Toe!!

      • mark

        Right, the South almost won. The Germans almost won in both World Wars. And the British almost won 1776-1783. I think we should all count it as a victory when you almost win. Exactly, the San Francisco Forty-Niners won the 2013 Superbowl. Let the Baltimore Raven fans have their Lombardy trophy, city parade, and reception at the White House. It doesn’t matter! We almost won. That’s fine with me.

      • GALT

        Really is that how it will begin when it begins?

        That is not the way it began in the war you cite……nor was it required to
        preserve that which was the reason for doing so…….the institution of slavery
        was immune from any constitutional challenges via amendment….and refusal
        of northern states to comply with the fugitive slave law was simply an
        inconvenience which could have been used as an economic incentive by
        the KING COTTON states…….to involve the rest of the “slave states” in
        the economic advantage the BIG FOUR were enjoying.

        Unfortunately PLUTOCRATS while sharing the common vices of greed and
        avarice have never been very intelligent in their pursuit. They do not seek
        success thru excellence or by demonstrating superior ability in competition,
        the seek to achieve it by eliminating competition by any means necessary,
        and then maintaining their position, by expending the least amount of effort.

        The confederacy was ill prepared for an unnecessary confrontation, they
        had a single general who may have been able to achieve victory…..and since
        they were no more intelligent than we are today, they lost everything……
        to other PLUTOCRATS……who just happened to be on the proper side
        of the ‘resource’ equation.

        Two recent volumes: The Fall of the House of Dixie; and The Real
        History of The Civil War; A New Look at the Past will bring a little more
        reality into your present understanding………..where as:

        MODERN WORLD by Bevin Alexander


        by Bevin Alexander

        which may be more suited to your prejudices, but will still educate you,
        in spite of yourself. Here is a link if you are interested:

        But I am far more interested in this “beginning” you imagine……

        What precisely are your goals? Who is your enemy? What are
        your targets? and if you are successful in assaulting your targets,
        how will this this achieve the “goal” for which you are striving?

        I hope you do not not find these questions too tedious?

        In the world of “mindless rhetoric” I am often confronted by a very
        strange situation….in that all participants seem to know what everyone
        else is talking about……

        Until someone is ASKED to explain it.

        Could just me ME, though……yuh THINK?

        ” He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the
        past, controls the future.”

    • TML

      This isn’t the 1860′s anymore, mark

  • Michael Boldin

    cool. thanks!

    • Carlucci

      Can the same thing be done on “Obamacare”?

  • mark

    Missouri’s law forbidding any restriction whatsoever on U.S. citizens owning guns is terrific. Under this law, past convicted murderers, child rapists, armed robbers and burglars,even those who committed past mass killings of unarmed U.S. women and children and were then released from mental facilities, will all be able to buy and own all the firearms they want. This is a wonderful law that I fully support. Thank God for the patriots of the Missouri State Legislature. If only this law could go national and all violent criminals with past convictions on armed robbery, murder, armed rape, etc, could freely buy and own all the guns they want, we would finally be returned to that great land of liberty that our Founders sacrificed so much for. Finally a law that makes sense. And one that the NRA will no doubt, fully support.

    So, please fellow Patriots, write your Congressmen, Senators, and all your state legislators to back these laws that remove every and any legal constraint on gun ownership as our Founding Fathers called for. Like you, I want all my fellow American citizens, even those convicted in the past of murder, mass murder, armed robbery and rape, especially the rape of children to be fully armed – and exercise their right under our Blessed Second Amendment to possess a virtual arsenal of powerful firearms and massive quantities of multiple-round magazines in their homes, apartments, and trailers. Only then can we truly protect our sacred freedom. Sincere thanks for your support of these Patriotic laws that will preserve the Second Amendment as originally envisioned, untainted by any treasonous restraints proposed by these treacherous liberals and gun grabbers. Semper Fi.

    • Vicki

      mark attempts argument to ridicule by writing:
      “Missouri’s law forbidding any restriction whatsoever on U.S. citizens owning guns is terrific. Under this law, past convicted murderers, child rapists, armed robbers and burglars,even those who committed past mass killings of unarmed U.S. women and children and were then released from mental facilities, will all be able to buy and own all the firearms they want.”

      Unfortunately misses the key point that the intended VICTIMS will now be able to be armed (if they choose). Thus any of mark’s straw criminals who has not learned from previous punishment will simply be neutralized by their intended victims.

      The rest are either reformed or will go to any of the many gun free zones around Missouri.

      • roger

        Right on Vicki. This country got along swell with NO GUN CONTROL WHATSOEVER until 1934. That’s quite a long time. I’m pretty sure all of the gangsters who precipitated the first gun laws to hit the books are still safely in their graves.

      • mark

        There is no ridicule whatsoever here, Vicki. If you rape a 6 year old girl holding a gun to her throat, according to the Missouri law, the day you get out of prison having served your sentence for the crime, you should have an absolute, unconstrained right to purchase all the firearms you want. This is the NRA position. No background checks whatsoever. And I am sure it is supported by the majority of posters on this site. There should be absolutely zero infringement on any American owning any firearm regardless of all the firearm murders, robberies or crimes he or she has committed in the past. Anyone who does not support this position is a traitor to the Constitution and as such should be executed, presumably by firearms. But the released child rapist, who believes and practices the right of gun ownership is a patriot who should be recognized as such. A patriot with a criminal record of gun violence for sure, but still a proud gun-owner and American citizen exercising his Second Amendment rights.

        In constrast under our current system, hundreds of thousands of felons are denied the right to purchase firearms legally at gun shops every year across the country when they fail background checks. Others are deterred from even attempting such purchases by our current unjust laws, knowing they will fail such checks. These violent felons with documented records of gun crimes are being discriminated against and I urge you to petition, march, protest, and even send them funds to aid their efforts in overcoming this discrimination. There is nothing in the Second Amendment that denies these violent criminals the right to gun ownership. Our current system of background checks as the NRA espouses should be ABOLISHED TODAY! Under our current system, these violent, convicted felons have to hide in shadows, purchasing their firearms in back alleys, in midnight parkinglots, in clandestine, illegal black market sales. These murderers, burglars, rapists, and thieves should be able to come out of the shadows and into the sunlight, so they can walk proudly with their heads held high into any gunshop in America and purchase any firearm they chose. This is the NRA position. This is every violent American felon’s right. Please, I beg you, help us to support such men practice their Constitutional rights..

      • Vicki

        mark says:
        “There is no ridicule whatsoever here, Vicki.”

        We don’t know which “mark” You are. Since you have not explained adequately why, I tend to presume you are the one who is an obvious statist based on his many previous posts.

        - mark: “In constrast under our current system, hundreds of thousands of felons are denied the right to purchase firearms legally at gun shops every year across the country when they fail background checks.”

        Under the current system they do not even try. And there are pleanty of sources of guns on the black market. Here is one of those sources.

        - mark: “These violent felons with documented records of gun crimes are being discriminated against and I urge you to petition, march, protest, and even send them funds to aid their efforts in overcoming this discrimination.”

        Obvious argument to ridicule continues. Thus we know you are “that” mark. Key identifying phrase is “violent felon”.

        - mark: “There is nothing in the Second Amendment that denies these violent criminals the right to gun ownership.”

        Correct. It’s cleverly hidden in the 4-6th amendments. (key phrase “due process”).

        - mark: “Our current system of background checks as the NRA espouses should be ABOLISHED TODAY!”

        Well. True. But that is because there is a much simpler and less expensive system I proposed a few days ago.

        here is a common sense background check system. It is a LOT less expensive then the privacy invading one currently used and new one proposed.

        Check the background. Is it a prison (county jail etc)?

        If yes then don’t sell a gun to the inmate.
        If no then sell the gun to a free citizen.

        KEEP Criminals IN JAIL. It’s that easy.

        - mark: “Under our current system, these violent, convicted felons have to hide in shadows, purchasing their firearms in back alleys, in midnight parkinglots, in clandestine, illegal black market sales.”

        Additional evidence of argument to ridicule.

        - mark: “These murderers, burglars, rapists, and thieves should be able to come out of the shadows and into the sunlight, so they can walk proudly with their heads held high into any gunshop in America and purchase any firearm they chose.”

        Additional evidence of argument to ridicule.

        - mark: “This is the NRA position. This is every violent American felon’s right. Please, I beg you, help us to support such men practice their Constitutional rights.

        Additional evidence of argument to ridicule.

        The astute observer will notice my background check system resolves ALL of mark’s straw men without infringing on ANY law abiding citizen.

      • mark

        I still don’t see the ridicule, Vicki. This is the NRA position: zero background checks. All Americans over twenty-one, regardless of past violent criminal convictions or incarceration in a facility for the criminally insane, should have an unrestrained right to purchase firearms. Wayne St. Pierre said as much before Congress last month. Prior to this in the 1990s, he had supported background checks. I am simply stating the NRA and the proposed Missouri law’s absolutist and extremist position. Do you support this position?

      • Vicki

        mark. I offered you my position. Keep criminals in jail. You won’t need a background check system.

      • JeffH

        mark, mark, mark says “If you rape a 6 year old girl holding a gun to her throat, according to the Missouri law, the day you get out of prison having served your sentence for the crime, you should have an absolute, unconstrained right to purchase all the firearms you want. This is the NRA position.”

        That is a complete lie!

        Missouri Revised Statutes
        Chapter 571
        Weapons Offenses
        Section 571.070

        1. A person commits the crime of unlawful possession of a firearm if such person knowingly has any firearm in his or her possession and:
        (1) Such person has been convicted of a felonly under the laws of this state, or of a crim under the laws of any state or of the United States which, if committed within this state, would be a felony; or
        (2)Such person is a fugitive from justice, is habitually in an intoxicated or drugged condition, or is currently adjudged mentally incompetent.
        2. Unlawful possession of a firearm is a class C felony.

      • GALT

        Now here is an interesting question for all of you……..

        Do any of you reside in a state or commonwealth, where references to statutes
        to not contained the word “revised”?

        Mr Boldin?

        Does anyone think it means anything?

        Just a coincidence?

        and how would you demonstrate if it was or it wasn’t?

        Yeah I know…….questions that require you to expend effort and think.

        Mindless rhetoric by comparison is “effortless”………

      • JC

        I don’t buy that Missouri or any other state allows felons to legally buy guns.

    • GALT
  • Michael Boldin


  • Mike

    1999 Time Almac:Accidental Deaths by pricipal types large to small
    Motor vehicles
    Poison Gas
    These are pretty standard statistics over the last twenty years
    So level the earth and lock all windows
    Drain all water and no child gets to bath
    Eliminate matches ,lighters etc and no smoking unless you rub two sticks
    No more plastic, or evil people
    Firearms are banned
    Poison and poison gas are beyond me but that means no gas ovens or chemicals to hurt us.
    Find the whole quote from Patrick Henry.
    “Would one stay and be bind by chains of slavery? As for me give liberty or give me death”

  • Raul Solis

    I am so glad that alot of the comments here, reference both party’s equally quilty of getting us in the mess we are in. Name calling and finger pointing and all the fighting we do, is how they are able to play us like puppets on a string. When we quit fighting each other we are able to focus on Washington, where our problems are. We are able to take control of our lives back, and focus on solutions. Don’t listen to their lies anymore. Figure things out on your own. We have the solution to our problems, not government. We are smarter then all of them combined.We the people need to quit being from a party, and start being AMERICAN FIRST.

  • Ray Marner

    I believe that truth is like a light switch when entering a room, when you flip the switch light comes on and darkness disappears, same as truth comes with the same power, it corrects the lies or if you will evil. So I just want to say good job and lets keep getting out the truth.

    • The Christian American

      When Christ was on trial before Pontius Pilate, Pilate asked him, “What is truth”. Christ answered: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except by Me”. We have become a nation without Christ, hence a nation without truth.

      • Marie

        Yes, to the truth you have written and all Christians should help to get Bill Mawr fired no television show or cable show if no one watches or attends his shows he can’t make money and that is the name of the game. The man is the worst of Christian haters and Bill Mawr should not be viewed by any one who cares about other peoples religions.

  • FreedomFighter

    A message from Canada news for Americans:

    Warning To American Gun Owners From Canadian News Anchor

    “Brian Lilley gives an important warning to his American friends: registration of firearms will lead to the confiscation of firearms.”

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • The Christian American

      Of course registation leads to confiscation of firearms. The German people living under Hitler and the Russian people living Lenin and Stalin could of told you that. Obama is a dedicated Communist and to reach his goals it is necessary for him to strip the American people of their ability to defend themselves, from their own government as founders warned. He hasn’t even been re-elected month yet and look at strides he’s made in tearing down our God fearing Constitutional Republic.

      Are we audiences to this tyranny, or are we going to stand tall and say NO? Are we going to rid America of this cancer? We should’ve when the tyrant Bush started to tear down our Constitutional Republic

      • Vicki

        EVERY case of registration has ALWAYS led to confiscation.

  • Dad

    Lincoln was a hack. If he hadn’t gotten his head blown off, he’d gone down in history down there with the two worse presidents in history… Carter and Barry.

  • Adolf Schmidt

    It is a conflict of interest for the government to take sides in the debate over gun control. The 2nd amendment gave rights to bare arms in case tyranny was present in government. The amendment was intended to protect us from government. The government does not want the people to protect themselves. This is a matter that should be decided by the people without interference from government!

    • Vicki

      Adolf Schmidt writes:
      “The 2nd amendment gave rights to bare arms in case tyranny was present in government.”

      A minor but REALLY IMPORTANT point. The 2nd Amendment has no power to grant any rights. The 2nd Amendment PROTECTS our God given right to keep and bear arms.

  • David

    Works for me.

  • J R

    We can do a lot of things individually that will have small impacts but banding together and getting local,county and state support will I hope show others that we as a nation stand together.
    I don’t care what oath I took in the service I as a human being would never fire upon a innocent person on my homeland and we can only hope our soldiers will feel the same way when faced with that situation.Yes I truly do believe they will have that grim choice very soon.
    I don’t single out anyone on here but some of you act like what is happening around us is like a TV show and it’s just not real.I will admit that this is being run by a script but that script is reality and the writer of that script is Hitler Obama.
    Most of us on here know what the writing on the wall is and it’s in plain English.This country is being run by a tyrant that worships Alluh and not God.He has disciples that are brain washed just like Hitlers elite.
    I truly feel sorry for the people who can’t or won’t see what lies ahead.I have no intention of letting them take me alive and I can only hope my family gets away safe and I someone with no matter what color helmet they have on.
    If tactics are run like they usually are then the large cities will be hit first and those of us living in the country can at least have some chance of getting away,My closest border is Canada and that is exactly the way I’m heading.
    All of my guns now have slings on them for easier carrying and I have back packs ready to be filled with ammo.Again those of you who refuse to see this and are supporting this total disregard for human life,liberties and freedom I feel sorry for you.

  • J R

    My brain went ahead of my fingers “I can only hope my family gets away safe and I take someone out with me no matter what color helmet they have on”

  • http://na al

    I enjoyed your article : Unconstitutional acts, The government is in an all out assault on the constitution and that should be obvious. I have long contended that the “One World Government ” is real and is currently being implemented. When this stuff is happening I cant see how people call this a conspriacy. The perpatrators are even pretty open about it. I hope people can see 9/11 for what it is a “False Flag Attack” by now. Most of the nation still hasnt heard of wtc 7 or building 7 as some call it. We must show this to everyone because when they accept that 9/11 was a government attack to further this World Government agenda they will know they cant trust the government anymore. They now need guns so we get a lot of highly publicised shootings, they wanted to attack the constitution and we got 9/11. This is not rocket science.

  • Steve

    Unfortunately if it comes to a shooting civil war, then we have all failed to protect and defend the constitution and we all lose, the last civil war was very bloody and a modern one would be ultimately worse. the problem is that it might be to late to avoid it now. the US constitution was written for a moral people and is unsuitable for any other and this country gave up morality in the early 1960′s when it allowed 9 idiots in black robes to kick God out of society without even a whimper now we have a Godless society .led by Godless politicians. there should have bin no way a communist should be elected to the office of president or anything else for that matter, this one was…twice. the problem is not just with the political leaders but with the people who elect them and then do not stand up to them when they start to lord over us because we like the “free stuff” they promise(with the money they extort from us through taxation) and it would be inconvenient to do so anyway. it was once said that people who trade freedom for security deserve neither, and get neither. we may be at that point now. i hope freedom wins out, i just don’t think everyone is ready for the heavy sacrifice it will cost. please let me be wrong. God help us!

  • Lawrence

    I would be very happy to see the states standing for their constitutional rights, but I fear most will not. The legislators in those states know that their voters elected this fascist and don’t have the gumption to oppose federal unconstitutional actions.

  • Adolf Schmidt

    This one goes out to Ron r. Ron said that no one is trying to take our guns. If anybody gets a chance, look up “U.N. Arms Treaty of 1961″! For close to fifty years it has been this governments plan to eliminate all guns from the citizens of The United States! The legislation that Obama is trying to pass will have little or no effect on curbing gun violence, so more bans will be needed until the 2nd amendment is completely gone.I still say it is a conflict of interest for the government to be involved in the gun debate. The 2nd amendment was to protect it’s citizen from a tyrannical government. The same government that we may have to protect ourselves from is trying to limit the possible ways we may do that! That’s conflict of interest!

    • Karolyn

      Ain’t gonna happen! All you are doing with all of this paranoia is pushing extremists off a cliff! I live in SC, and I a m so sick of hearing guys saying “They ain;t takin’ MY guns!” Jusr keep pushing, and see what happens wtith extreme radicals.

      • Adolf Schmidt

        It’s already happening! Some will push back and some of you will cower down and be stepped over!

      • JC

        Why do you think they’re saying it Karolyn?

      • JC

        And what makes people observing their Constitutional rights, “radicals”?

  • Don 2

    Consider for a moment who Barack Obama is. His childhood mentor, and believed to be real father, was Frank Marshall Davis, a Marxist and Communist Party U.S.A. card carrying member(card no. 47544) and propagandist, and a staunch supporter of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Davis was a communist organizer in Chicago and Hawaii. The F.B.I. had Davis under surveillance for 19 years, compiling over 600 pages with orders to pick Davis up immediately if war broke out with the U.S.S.R. Davis had an affair with Stanley (Ann Dunham) in 1960, and took nude photos of her while she was 5 weeks pregnant with Barack. Barack Obama is a red diaper baby. As a matter of fact, Axlerod is also a red diaper baby, but that’s another story.

    Barack Obama entered Occidental College as a self-declared Marxist. Obama transferred to Columbia after 2 years, and dedicated himself to radical courses and associations. He studied Political Islam under Dr. Edward Said, known as The Professor of Terror because of his relationship with the PLO. He also studied under Professor Richard Cloward, a Marxist, who authored “The Crises Strategy” which advocated overwelming the welfare roles with minorities, to collapse capitalism.

    On April 1, 1983, Bill Ayers and Barack Obama attended the “Socialist Scholars Conference at Cooper Union in New York City. The conference emphasized “Community Organizing” as a political strategy which argued that the Democratic Party could be turned sharply leftward by polarizing populations along class lines, forcing Democrats to embrace socialism as their national ideology. The strategy was simple. Inflame the lower and middle classes against American corporations. Obama himself thought this was a skillful adaptation of Marxist principles.

    Bottom line, the U.S. Constitution, as well as the Second Amendment, are in Obama’s way in his mission to carry out both his real father’s dream, as well as his own dream, to turn America into a socialist country where there is only one class, a lower class, ruled by the elites.

    There is no Socialist Utopia. Under socialism, the rich get poorer, but the poor also get poorer.

  • TML

    Michael Boldin (or anyone who cares to take a stab at it),

    I have noticed an apparent conflict within the Constitution as it pertains to the Writ of Habeas Corpus and the 4th, 5th, 6th, & 8th Amendments, as well as Article 3 Section 3.

    The apparent conflict comes from Article 1 Section 9 Clause 2 which reads:

    “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.”

    The problem I have is with the second portion of the clause which is vague, and highly dependent on the definition of “rebellion” and “invasion” which the Constitution does not enshrine. This clause, while maintaining that the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, gives the exception that Congress has the power to suspend it under two cases, and even calls it a privilege instead of an inalienable right.

    It seems to be, that this is a conflict with the Bill of Rights which throughout many Amendments, clearly defines habeas corpus as an inalienable right, and that it could be argued successfully that the NDAA’s suspension of that right – having been passed in accordance with the article by Congress – could be justified vaguely by a supposed invasion (or infiltration rather) of, another vague term, “terrorists”… citing public safety.

    Furthermore, Article 3 Section 3 enshrines that even those accused of treason must be allowed equal justice under a court of law requiring at least two witnesses to the same act. Yet, rebellion may also be seen as a treasonous act, but the second portion of Article 1 Section 9 Clause 2 give Congress the power to suspend that by merely calling it rebellion rather than treason.

    Being a strict Constitutionalist, I find this to be a conflict in terms. I am tempted to argue that the small, vague second portion of Article 1 Section 9 Clause 2 is nullified by this conflict with (and by) the other numerously well-defined Amendments, along with Article 3 Section 3 and I’m sure that argument would be valid.

    Seeing as how you are the executive director of the 10th Amendment center, and because the 10th Amendment Center website ( actually uses Article 1 Clause 9 as a justification for nullification of the NDAA Sections 1021 and 1022, I am wondering what you might have to say about this.

    Anyone else is free to respond and correct me on this issue as well, if I am wrong. What’s your take?

    • Marie

      This is where some lawyers give the rest a bad name. The context of the whole written word makes a vague clause understandable, but in order to go to war illegaly the people who wanted the war needed to make what you refer to as a vague clause sound a certain way. In come the evil doers, the lawyers with no morality who are interested in their own power and finances not the consequences of their actions so war it was and is and the destruction of our constitution and way off life. Thank you Bush Jr. and Cheney and the rest of that crew and now we have the ultimate charletons Obama and their crew…I think they are all on the same page and fooling the people.

  • http://N/A Tom McRay

    Excellent article! But not comprehensive by any
    means, as you noted. Government is force. If
    The local law forces will not go against the Fed
    forces . The Feds can do anything they have the
    firepower to do. Why do you say they don’t have
    the manpower? They have the USA armed forces! Only if the military stands with the states
    would mass resistance work .

    • kevin

      they don’t have the armed forces. i’m it. i have my oath to uphold the constitution not government rule and to defend the citizens of america many of my brothers that are active will not follow a order to fire on citizens just the opposite will happen. we protect from attack and fight with..


        How many soldiers are willing to kill True Americans for a Communist Presidents agenda ? Their job is to destroy him and his followers not innocent freedom loving Americans. He never proved hes American and by his actions he is anything but American. God help us Obama plans on killing us all !

      • Naomi

        Good to know you are out there, Kevin. I pray for many, many more like you.

  • Philip Wallace

    I believe that we should up for our rights, and for the constitution, in particular the Second Amendment. I believe that every State in this country, has the responsibility and duty to stand united against this band, and the disregard of the Constitution!

    • JC

      I’ll bet 30 to 40 million hunters with scoped rifles and countless target shooters with semi-auto’s would agree with you.
      And I’ll bet the rate of compliance to any gun regulations by these same
      hunters will be about zero.
      The article points out a very real possibility.

  • Steven Woodruff

    1. Proper flag display requires blue field with stars be at the top left from the viewers perspective with flag horizontal or vertical. Just FYI your picture at the top displays the flag incorrectly.
    2. I served 20 yrs in the USAF both enlisted and commissioned. The oath for both requires sustaining the Constitution and obaying LEGAL orders. Many Nazis were hung with “I was just following orders” on their lips.
    3. I love my country but fear my government as every citizen of every country should. Our founding fathers knew that all governments over time will seize all rights and powers unless from time to time that the citizens are not willing to allow it.
    4. I pray we will not be lulled into complacency to the point where we wake up one day with no guns and no freedoms left.
    5. Praise be to God that we have a 2nd Amendment to protect ourselves and a 1st Amendment that allows us to express ourselves in forums like this.

    • Naomi

      I am wondering if this display of the flag is meant to represent the upside down distress signal…..

  • Spencer Cameron


  • Jeff

    The writer of this article is expressing his opinion, and a bad interpretation. It’s poorly written by a hack who’s very words and alleged acts he would commit are silly. Although the Constitution is written in legal form, it is typically misinterpreted by the same individuals who misinterpret the Bible and believe it states and means something it actually doesn’t.

    Most of these supposed freedom fighters and strict Cinstitutionalists will do nothing but talk and write. They have nothing better to do….

    • Howard C

      Your opinion on this forum carries ZERO weight as time and time again you have shown yourself to provide no insight to the topic being discussed. All you do is throw out useless negativity and try to distract from the discussion. TROLL!!

  • Walter Warner Fisher

    Thank you for the excellent article, Michael Boldin.

    • Matrix

      If you just open your eyes to the insanity of the world of a nigga!

  • Barney Murrell

    Although I do not always agree with everything government does, it (US government) is the difference between anarchy of a third world country and the relative civilization of America.

    Conservative writing generally consists of nonsense and lies that deny economic and social history. Before the Great Depression there were few government agencies and little government regulation Between 1865 and 1932 government spent little beyond bare necessity. Consequently, there were eight recessions and three major depressions, not including the Great Depression, up to the great recession of 2008.

    Previously, the United States was little more than a third world country, where laissez faire economics and social Darwinism ruled the day and over half the population lived at are below poverty level – who were called paupers.

    A weak federal government encouraged southern conservative states to become Americas original traitors by withdrawing from the Union in order to perpetuate slavery and state rights. Later, low pay and lack of a “safety net” encouraged child labor and efforts to end it were called “communist” and “socialist”.

    Visual proof of conservative encouraged – by small government ideology – racism and child labor can be seen as follows:

    (1) With wages at subsistence levels and no “safety net” to protect the sick, injured, and mentally ill from destitution even little children were forced to help support their families by working in factories, and they can be seen in Lewis Hines photos of “Child Labor in America 1908-1912,”

    (2) State Rights and slavery were major reasons for the Civil War; but southern conservative attitudes were not changed then or now by their loss of it. How southern conservatives brutally treated African Americans around the turn of the 20th century can be seen in the following lynching photography sites: and

    (3) Even WWI veterans did not escape the evils of conservatism. In the summer of 1932 thousands of WWI veterans and their wives and children marched on Washington to petition for advance payment of a bonus they had been promised for wartime service, that was not due until 1945. Congress refused to grant early payment; and, after the veterans refused to disperse, President Hoover allowed ‘General Douglas, leading four troops of cavalry, six tanks, and a column of infantry (with fixed bayonets and teargas), to destroy the encampment and drive the veterans and their wives and children into Maryland.’ (

    • Marie

      twisted history…fact mixed with fiction in not truth.

      • Marie

        I should add to my comment…any general or military and government officials from the president down who do harm to Americans citizens should be court martialed and put in prison for life.

    • Grumpy

      Sorry Barney! It ain’t the US government that’s the difference … It’s the US Constitution that’s the difference. It’s not working up to par right now because the President and his cronies are not honoring their vow to support and defend that Constitution. The President’s oath includes “preserve, protect, and defend” but he has said that he considers the Contitution the biggest obstacle to achieving his goals and his appointees to the Supreme Court have talked of interpreting the Constitution so it accommodates contemporary social concepts. I presume you are in the second generation of the “me first” generation educated by the “historical novels” passed off as history by the first generation. The U.S. has been a major world power since well before WWI, with hardly a blip in the rising GDP until the Libs CRA brought it down in 2008 and even that took them seven successive modifications of the original act.

  • Ode Coyote

    FDRs gold grab only got 20% compliance and only 2 cases were ever prosecuted.
    Can’t seize what ya can’t find.

  • Howard C

    Only 20% of the American male population fought against the British in the Revolutionary War and DEFEATED them. 20% of todays male population is a pretty big army. They like to tell us that we don’t stand a chance against them, but I beg to differ. The North Vietnamese drove out the big bad US military using Guerilla tactics which is what would be required of us.

  • Howard C

    We need to learn from the tenacity of the freedom fighters in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan that our soldiers have faced in the Unconstitutional conflicts that Little Bush started and Hussein has continued. They keep on coming even in the face of seemingly overwhelming force from our military. We will be in the same position as these people who have faced invasion from foreigners before it is over.

    • Uncle Sam’s Misguided Child

      I thought the V.C. did real well. Get with your older vets and learn all they can teach you.

  • Barney Murrell

    The hypocrisy of the FALSE patriots on these conservative web sites is truly astounding.



  • Co-opted Confederate

    What needs to happen and happen very very soon is:
    1. the legislaotrs of every state should cease to recognize the United Nations,
    2. the United nations buildings and grounds and all UN property in the U.S. Seized, the UN nd all foreign nationals employed by the UN shall be banished from the USA for ever. The building should become the heaquarters of the United states Constituional Co-ordinating and Concurrence Authority.
    3. Which would consist of one (1) certified legitimate bonefide Citizen from each of the 3,300 countys in the U.S.who are: legally eligible to obtain a concealed Weapons(fire arms license, are in fact a qualified resident of the county they are elected to represent.
    4. The those Elected to the USCCCA will be paid out of the U.S. Treasury at the equivalent of and enlisted soldier in the grade of E-9 and will be housed in government quarters as close to the former UN building as possible.
    5. They will for the 2 or 3 year terms they are electedt to will scrutinize every document put before congress and all federal regulations, presidential executive orders put into effect since 20 January 2000 for compliance to the US Constituitonsal provisions as they exist as of Midnight January 1, 2000. They shall have the power to prohibit congress from voting on any thing either in committee or on the floor that does not pass constitutional muster.Any act of the USCCCA that will sacve the tax dollars of the US citizen shal be approved by simple majority and action that requires expecnditure of any amout of money out of the US treasury must be approved by a 3/4ths majority (75%) . each county representative will reciev 2 weeks of Leave(vacation) all expenses will be paid for, up to $1,000 out of monies saved from salary reductions for congress, federal judges and the President and all cabinet levle appointees. all expenses over $1,000 willbe paid by the indivivual. No individual shall serve more than one term conscutively and may only serve a total of 3 non conscecutive terms.
    6. The election of these 3,300 citizens will be conducted so that no one will have the opportunity to campaign for the position.No person can nominat more than one person and can not name any other person subsequently ever. Nominations will be opened on the first Monday of February every other year and nominations will close on the first Thursday of that same February. ballots will be prepared in such manner as to be available so that elections will take place on the third Monday of the same February as nominations., all ballots(votes) shall be coounted and made public within 24 hours of the closing of the last pollingplace in the state.No announcement of the results of any states election shall be made public however until such time as le last polling place in Hawaii is closed.
    7 ALL voting will be done in person only and proof shall be furinshed as to eligibility to vote ( a state or county issued photo ID required)
    8. The initial iteration of these elections and the first term of government housing will be paid for by the US treasury from the proceeds of the sale of all excess UN property, and the savings of UN Subsidies and foreign aid reductions.
    9. Each state willl subsequently be required to reemburse the federal government for the actuall housing costs only for eacy of their county representatives.
    10 Should any U.S. Territory such as Guam, Saipain(Northeern Mariannas), American Samoa, Puerto Rico wish to send delegates to the USCCCA then ALL cost shall be born by the territory from tourist revenues.
    11. Those elected from each county shall have one week to elect their officers and representatives to the President, the Chief Justice, the Speaker of the House, the Leader (President Pro tempore) of the Senate, and to each of the cabinet heads. all county representative shall be required to obtain a concealed weapons permit(license from their home state which shall be recognized and respected any where within the USA its territories or protectrorates. Any attempt to bribe, coercee or intimidate, threaten an electee to the USCCCA wil be considered treason and will result upon conviction a death penalty

    • Marie

      I agree with you and I stand with you.

    • http://yahoo dave

      Ifully agree and think this is a wonderful idea. Wish I knew how to instagate it.

  • robert

    sounds good, hope everyone does push back.


      IMPEACH COMMIE [expletive deleted] NOW !!!!!

  • Wayne Hess

    As to your comment about laws not compatible with our constitution are void, you have support in Federalist Paper #78. I expect you know that.

  • Don Ruane

    We should also make the MEDIA accountable for their lies and slavish devotion to the Democrat Party.

    By their own admission the MEDIA is the official mouthpiece for the Democratic Party.

    Now, I am not advocating any harm to the overpaid, over feed and ignorant Media, but red dye, environmentally safe of course, has been called free speech by our Supreme Court..
    Some balloons and a coupe gallons of red dye should do the trick.

    Just a random idea for the Masses.

  • Ladyhawke

    Idaho State Constitution,
    ARTICLE 1, SECTION 11. RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. The people have the
    right to keep and bear arms, which right shall not be abridged; but this provision
    shall not prevent the passage of laws to govern the carrying of weapons concealed
    on the person nor prevent passage of legislation providing minimum sentences for
    crimes committed while in possession of a firearm, nor prevent the passage of
    legislation providing penalties for the possession of firearms by a convicted felon,
    nor prevent the passage of any legislation punishing the use of a firearm. No law
    shall impose licensure, registration or special taxation on the ownership or
    possession of firearms or ammunition. Nor shall any law permit the confiscation of
    firearms, except those actually used in the commission of a felony.

    • Lee Carlson

      I wish my state had a constitutional clause like that. But then I live in Minesota, the land of of loons and liberals ( maybe the same things?).

      But then again Minnesota is #1 in voter-fraud!

  • Marie

    2/16/13 on c-span I watched a re-run of a congressional hearing on the US post office and the new plans from the post master general and republican and democrat senators changing the rules for mail delivery. They quoted foreign countries and that makes me cringe. We have a constitution and I don’t care what other countries do! Our mail delivery is guaranteed under the constitution.
    They intend to stop Saturday delivery of mail, so what if people have been convinced to buy their medicine through the mail. If you want mail on Saturday it is going to cost an arm and a leg.
    One Senator Jon Tester from Montana complained and voted against this every time it was brought up in congress but now the big push is on and it is all about money.
    Join together all states and let these federal criminals know we said no to this idea and the post office had better give an accounting to the people on the amount of money in their coffers since I think they cry poor when they want to take more money. Sen. Carper, Del. chaired and I think he was under the influence of something. Coburn looked mad and didn’t say anything, we call that a cop out. Congressmen Issa and Cummings were the mouth pieces for this legislation. It is time to get mad folks and vote all of them out of office.

    • GALT

      Wow. ole Michael Boldin inspired two idiots in a row….and being
      the genius he is….didn’t bother to respond to this one either.

      Darling…..the reason you are losing saturday delivery, from the usps
      is because, your duly elected representatives, of this republican government
      have decided that the usps pension fund, must be funded, completely
      for the next SEVENTY FIVE YEARS, in ADVANCE!!!!!!!

      Most of the workers this is directed at……..haven’t BEEN BORN YET!

      • Alex Frazier

        Most often I’d sooner smack you than respond to your troll nonsense. But in this one instance … I actually agree with you. My father is a postal carrier. The union propaganda has his head so full of crap that he doesn’t have a clue what’s really going on. They are prefunding pensions. The union long since negotiated for overtime pay for anything over eight hours a day (as opposed to the usual overtime after forty). Their rate of pay is through the roof, at least around here. And the Post Office doesn’t charge enough. Compared to its competition, it’s very low. Overall, it over pays employees, under charges customers, and provides benefits that can’t be funded.

        The end result is that local Post Offices have closed, or shortened their hours. And now they have to scale back their available days of delivery in order to cut costs and remain remotely solvent without massive infusions of tax dollars (apart from the occassional request for funding, the Post Office is actually self sustaining, though most are unaware of that).

        The Post Office is broke. People need to be willing to either allow it to go under, allow it to raise prices, or be okay with a new Post Office tax to help foot the bill for what essentially amounts to a bad business.

  • Marie

    What a great article and thank you Michael Boldin for reminding and teaching us about our great liberties. We need to teach all children the constitution and the bill of rights.
    Thank you to those who publish this web site and giving us the opporltunity to voice our opinions.

    • GALT

      Yup, he is so cool… idiot, but a cool idiot…..

      teaching you about the “liberties” you DO NOT HAVE……????

      • Naomi

        So wrong, Galt. We DO have these liberties. They were and are granted by God (the Founding Fathers knew this and so stated, did they not?), every moment of every day and no man on this planet can take them away. They may appear to – they may terrorize, oppress, murder, or torture in the name of their agendas and mandates, but these liberties exist in a place they can never touch or destroy. The Christian martyrs knew that place. Ghandi and Mother Theresa, Jesus, Buddha, and any of the great masters knew it. Many more are learning of it in this lifetime with the big push of “law of attraction” into the modern consciousness, and modern masters like Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson – there are literally hundreds of them. No lack of faith can change it, any more than someone not believing in gravity can change that. It is there, waiting for each heart to open, each mind to know, each eye to see. It is Law. I’m not saying that undesirable things are not being done. I am just urging us all to acquaint ourselves with the larger picture in a very personal way.

  • v steve

    It`s great states can nullify unconstitutional legislation, however in order to keep our second Amendment our Constitution as well we have to do away with the Federal Department of Education. The Federal Department of Education is brain washing our children in Socialist thinking. Socialist thinking is opposite of Constitutional Republic thinking. The Federal Department of Education is having our children taught socialism, teaching our children not to think like Constitutional Republic Patriots. Socialism is the dumbing down of a society and the destruction of human will. The Federal Department of Education has to be abolished at all cost.

  • Michael

    I will join you

  • Doc

    Even Reagan talks about it in his Time For Choosing speech. Granted he talks about it in regards to communism, but the meat of the message is applicable today within our own borders.


      counT us in impeach obama he is satan

      • http://naver samurai

        Me too! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “The true Christian is the true citizen.”

        Theodore Roosevelt

  • Pingback: State Governments and the People Must Resist Un-Constitutional Acts


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