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Stakeholders Disagree On Healthcare Bill’s Impact On Small Businesses

November 18, 2009 by  

Stakeholders disagree on healthcare bill's impact on small businessesThe passage of the House healthcare reform bill has prompted small business sector insiders to offer conflicting assessments of its impact on the sector’s fiscal burden.

Among the critics of the bill is the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) which says a report from the Joint Committee on Taxation found the provisions to increase taxes on the wealthy in order to finance the reform will translate into a big tax hike on small business owners.

SBE Council President & CEO Karen Kerrigan said this will "deprive the private sector of the capital it needs to hold onto their workers, create more job opportunities, invest, innovate and grow."

Meanwhile, several Democratic lawmakers, joined by a group of small business owners, participated in a press conference, and stressed the legislation will end the insurance industry practices of hiking premiums for small businesses when an employee gets sick or because the business hires a woman.

Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa said that "[the] bill will end the practice of denying coverage based on preexisting conditions or increasing premiums based on health status, gender or industry."

The Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship says studies indicate small businesses—which employ nearly 40 percent of private labor force in the U.S.—are likely to see their premiums rise by 15 percent in the coming year, twice the rate of last year’s increase.

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  • Francis W. Porretto

    I fail to see how the nationalization of Americans’ health care decisions, and the imposition of a tax (regardless of what Barack Hussein Obama chooses to call it) on every American just for existing, can possibly be Constitutional. Until that question is answered, considerations of impact on this-or-that community of interest are secondary at best.

    • Dave Ross

      If you drive without auto insurance you get fined. If you go without hospitalization and need a hospital then taxpayers have to pay (as they do now). So everyone should have coverage and pay. Just like your auto insurance.

      • Dee

        People have a responsibility to take care of themselves, not the government. Every time the government takes control, it messes it up.
        Just look at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Amtrack, Post office.
        The government is way too intrustive in people’s lives.
        There is nothing in the constitution that can force people to buy anything, whether it be broccoli or this very expensive obamacare.
        It is unAmerican to fine people for not having health insurance.
        It is just the people that don’t have it that wants the government to take care of them.

      • Jana

        Yes Dave, but the government does NOT need to be THE INSURANCE COMPANY. It is not about insuring us, it is about controlling us. Some bureaucrat will decide what treatment you should have or not have. That is not right. There are better ways to handle this.
        I do agree that we all should have insurance coverage of some type, but not by and for the government.

        • Jana

          One more point that you bring up is we all have to have auto insurance. But, we don’t all have to buy automobiles. We have a choice to have an auto or not, therefore not every citizen has to buy auto insurance.

          • libertytrain

            And Jana – he has forgotten that Auto Insurance is mandated by each respective State – not a Federal issue – As I understand it, the Feds do not have the Constitutional right to mandate that each American be required to buy health insurance in order to live in this Country -

    • s c

      Well-phrased, Francis. Does anyone really think it’s a coincidence that this caring, compassionate, ethical, divinely-inspired, open and world-class administration is simultaneously destroying the judicial branch?
      Compromise the judicial branch, and America is history without firing a shot. And stalin and adolf and mao had to work so hard for their prizes.
      Some dare to claim that progressive utopians don’t care about anyone but themselves. Perish the thought. Can you feel the ‘love,’ America? It’s gushing forth from Washington every day.

  • DRobert Roenbaugh

    Its time , long past due, that all parties need to appoint members that can work together to work out a decent Health care bill, Im sic and tired of the bad mouthing of the so Call Liberal Dems, and the so to the right GOP , and all does is confuse most people or force the general public to take sides that are H Ass Ideas. All the bull that if a bill is passed one wont be able to get certain care etc, If they dont get care, the need a new Doctor,, a good doctor cares for the patient he/she doesnt look to see if they are covered with government insurance, Lots are going to the Hospital because is FREE and many DRs I think have patents there so the can have a daily income for a 2 minute appearence. amen

  • Larry

    What a joke this health care bill is. There are approx 300 million people in America, 250 million who have insurance. That leave 50 million who have no insurance, but wait, 12-15 million are here illegally, 15 million have chosen not to by insurance. That leaves about 20-23 million people who really need coverage. So tell me why are we turning the medical health of this country upside down for the 15% who don’t have insurance? I would be easier to just put those on 15% Medicare (and far cheaper). After hearing the announcement by the Gov Med board that women under 50 don’t need to do breast exas, or get mammograms, (my wife found cancer at 42 by doing a breast exam and getting a mammogram for confirmation), I have not faith in the gov running healthcare.

  • Bruce

    Dear Francis, I agree with you 100%, this whole issue is a ruse for gaining controll, It’s a Power grab and nothing less.
    Lets hope that enough Americans see this for what it is, one more fialed program doomed at its inception by its basic flaws. “Socialism” is nothing less than being a NAZI. Our current leaders are nothing less than Nazi’s, thus the actions we see them working daily. So how about that 3% pay raise for our PART TIME workers?
    Thats while the mess they have created is still effecting the workers of America, who are not getting pay raises let alone anything else in the way of PERKS.
    Power creates hunger for more POWER, and to keep that power a Government must enslave its population, as in to be owed by the company store.

    Let alone whats going to happen when all 50 million NON Government workers / tax payers are all in camps / jail for not paying the health insurance payments forced on them as in this new TAX of what is “100% Un Constitutional.”
    And where is all the money going to come from to pay these crazy fines. And what will happen when the only jobs are GOVERNMENT jobs, keep in mind that tax’s pay for such jobs. So who’s going to pay for these persons, again keep in mind that Government is the number one employer now.

  • Robert

    I would like to pose this question. Let’s say the health care deform bill passes. Now the government says you MUST buy insurance or else you will be fined. And if you have an insurance plan that we deem as better than most others, you will be taxed with an assessment. And anyone who earns over $250,000.00 will also be assessed a health tax. So what happens if most Americans refuse to obey? What if people without health insurance tell their employers that if they withhold this penalty from their paycheck they’ll refuse to work. What if a large percentage of Americans don’t accept this government mandate and rise up and tells Washington to shove it? Are they going to mobilize the National Guard and put us in prison? Are they going to evict us from our homes and confiscate all out assets? Will we be tried as traitors? I would like to see one politican tell all of us what the government will do to us if we don’t obey. Think about it. What will they do if a large portion of the US population tells them to stick it? For those that are against Washington’s meddling in our health care business, may I suggest a petition be started to sign up those of us that are against their plans and send it to every media outlet, the White House, Congress and the Senate. Then let’s see what they have to say. They are suppose to be representing us not repressing us.

    • http://msn Shirley

      Robert I couldn’t agree more….this is my exact sentiments. If everyone stops working and goes on State Welfare, the States will go broke. If everyone gets thrown in jail/prison then where is the money going to come from, everything in this Nation will collapse. Then, Where is the money going to come from!!! These people in Gov’t better pull their head out of darkness and realize they are but a handful of people compared to the American Society. If this Country ever rebels….I hate to see what will happen, but Gov’t is definitely pushing our buttons. Petitions, Petitions, Petitions….I agree. I don’t know how much more TREASON can be done before We The People get these so called White House Administration out of office.
      Seems as tho We have to fight our own Gov’t to whom WE are paying their absorbant paychecks while we live in almost poverty. I use to be in the top of the middle class, now I feel I have dropped to the bottom of the middle class so Gov’t can live in luxury.

      • Robert

        Been out of work for 9 months with a very bleak job market. I used to consider myself middle class also. But that has changes over the past 10 years. Now it’s to just survive and pay my obligations, just like every decent American in this coutry is doing. But what does the Washington crowd care? They don’t represent America, they represent themselves and their flunkies. I don’t plan on voting for any encumbent this comming November. I’m looking for fresh faces and real solutions. And for those fools that thought Obama was the answer, look what we got. Red ink, unbelievable unemployment and soon to happen enslavement. That’s the change he talked about. Get even with whitey.

        • Robert Too

          Robert, I agree with you. I plan to vote the incumbents out. As far as I can see, most if not all, are self serving and the public “be damned”. Soon there will be two classes; the rich and the poor!

          I still don’t understand why we really need a health care bill. If we vote the rascals out, things will clear themselves up.

  • Bruce

    Dear Shirly,
    Saddly I don’t think any Petition will replace the feelings one gets when they see a Guillotine set up on the Mall.
    I can see all those convicted of Treason be they Congress, Senate, White house staff, JD workers and #44, all CNN and NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, personel, awaiting thier turn.
    The convictions have the names of the guilty written on them already so a trial is not a vice any need deal with. The laws written and passed by these Criminals we call Politicians all have been signed sealed by them. As for the alledged News persons well guilty as seen daily.

    This I fear is the one and ONLY way that DC Criminals who have played PONZI on the United States of America, {that by the way} make’s Madoff look like a Girl Scout, ( can grasp.)
    As it stands NOW these person are much to arrogant to care about a Petition. They just don’t care what you think; that was blatantly obvious with the vote. Folks there will be no other way, its them now or US later. Do the math. And we have the UN agreement on the way in December so should Americans rise up now and give our selfs a Christmas gift early?
    Lets face it three more years of this and we will not have a country.
    Don’t bring a squrit gun to gun fight.

    • Robert

      That’s why the heat is on for gun control. These moron’s are not stupid. Disarm Americans and we can do anthing, including ramming it up our you know whats. Too bad our armed forces are deployed overseas, we could sure use them now to throw out all the traitors who call themselves our representatives. I truly believe that at some point, most Americans will say, I’ve had enough and you got to go. Hopefully it will be at the ballot box this comming November and not on the streets of our cities and towns. The politicans should take heed at what the Japanese admiral said after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. “We might have won the battle, but I fear we have awakend a sleeping bear.”

  • Bruce

    Dear Robert,

    I agree with you. Here is a tid bit of just how corrupt our government really is for those that don’t know; this should make you really think good and long and hard.

    H1 N1 strage how something thats alledged to be so new that they have just discoverd it in 2008, is it not VERY odd that in 2006 a pattent was applied for the cure to this REALLY NEW Flu unknown until 2008?

  • Bruce

    Look into Baxter Stock, can you guess who owns that stock? You will just love the cast of players, to include #44.
    So now you understand why selling this Flu is so important. {$25.00 x a say billon,} equals how much again?

    • Robert

      Bruce, better not let on where to get these flu shots for 25 bucks. Fox News reported earlier today that Pharmacies are goughing consumers for the oral prescriptions. Prices range from 34 bucks to 140 bucks. These are mostly prescribed for children, so you know responsible parents will pay whatever to protect their children. I wonder why those knuckleheads in Washington are outraged and calling for an investigation. Oh yea, BO made a deal with big Pharma. They’re going to pay $80 billion to the government over 10 years. I guess this is how they plan on paying on their promise. Gouge the public now so we can keep paying our high salaries and big bonuses. Hey BO, FU and that whole bunch of crooks in Washington.

  • s c

    In effect, comrade obama is gleefully willing to sacrifice the rich, the middle class and small business to ‘level’ what he sees as a societal playing field, and ‘donate’ America to a paranoid cause so the undeserving and the prostitute, false elite can try another experiment. Does anyone in the white house (or most of congress) still have all their marbles? They do seem to be hell-bent on replacing raw, inept ‘leadership’ with a diabolical cabal that would make Hitler’s handlers envious.
    It’s time for psychiatrists and psychologists [and all Americans who refuse to become slaves] to grow a spine and label, analyze and understand what is going on in Washington. This isn’t fiction, people. This masked ball is reality.
    Comrade obama and his warped-out flunkies want us to see ‘abandon hope all ye who enter’ as a new
    catch-phrase that will usher in a progressive paradise. So what does comrade obama think the REAL
    cost will be? It may be inevitable, especially when ‘leaders’ don’t have to read, think, have a conscience or be accountable to mere mortals.
    Anyone who wants to endow this nightmare with divine facade should be looking downward to the infernal regions – not up.
    Quo vadis, comrade obama? Does he have either foot in the real world, and can he prove it?

  • Dee Holsem

    Socialism didn’t work in Europe. My friend there tells me you wait in line for medical treatment and you get doctors who are not real good and don’t care about you personally. Also, I don’t want the govenment saying I cannot get medical treatment because I am getting older. I want my freedom to decide if I want treatment or not. Also if I want to change insurances I want the right to do so, not be forced to take the government plan if I want to change my paid plan to another. Where is our freedom? It’s time we remind the people we vote for to represent us fairly and not put into effect only the legislation they want.

  • Wanda

    The people in Washington are stupid if they vote for this health care bill. It will affect their lives just the same as it does ours. I don’t know if their smart enought to know that but it won’t take them long to find out if this bill goes through. We have to get them out of office forever and ever. When we do if they can’t pay a big fine for all the corruption they let happen and did nothing about we need to put them in jail. Were learning from them, what they do to us we can turn it around and use it on them.

  • Paul Revere
    November 21, 2009
    Editor’s note: The Obamacare bill, HR 3590, is now in the Senate and faces a “cloture” on the “motion to proceed” today. Call your representative and tell him or her to vote against “cloture” (a motion to bring debate to an end). You can call your Senators toll-free at 1-877-762-8762. The alternate, non toll-free, number is 202-224-3121.

    Help yourself to letting your Government know, Americans want a say in their lives, let those Senators know a vote for the Health-Care Bill from your Senator, equals a definite vote against him or her from you come election day!


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