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November 3, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://google mike b.

    Hussein Obama is a THUG!!!!!!!

    • http://personallibertydigest royalone

      It’s all about red neck racisim; they can’t stand the thought of a black man in the White House!

      • libertytrain

        Who is the they you refer to – are you talking about the 50′s-60′s democrats?

        • Fed Up Gal in NM

          LT….you got that right…and “that” confused individual…aka royalone, must still be living in a 50′s – 60′s democrat commune and therefore on the wrong page…so to speak….LoL.

      • s c

        R, do you know the difference between manure and mother’s milk using a taste test? Can you find your way to a bathroom without getting lost? Did your parents have any kids who lived? Can you pour #^** out of a boot? Do you help dead voters vote? Can you boil water in less than 24 hours?
        Frankly, you sound like someone who can add one and one and get a different answer each time. Either Jesse Jackson is your only friend, or you were programmed without a programmer. I wouldn’t trade places with you for any amount of money. You are proof that not all ‘humans’ are human, and that if given enough time, the really big CHUNKS will somehow find their way to the top of the septic tank. You have no idea how ‘special’ you are, chum.
        And yes, you will be reminded of that every time you dare to spew your stench.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          HaHaHaHa!!! go get im’ guy!!!!

        • Fed Up Gal in NM


          ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahaha :-) I’m so glad you’re on here….love it…love it…love it….thank you!

      • Roy Nielsen

        royalone…you allege that he’s a Black man in the White House! Your confused; he’s a dingy Whiteman impersonating a Black man…you give him to much credit…you’re insulting to Black People.

        • Sal

          Awesome answer!

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Roy Nielsen / Sal,


      • Brian

        Typical, ignorant and arrogant response. From someone with less IQ than an embreo. Your showing your lack of intelligence anotherwards. I pray you can’t breed for the sake of humanity. If so, you should be sterilized. Racism is a cheap cope out from the truth. Obama is a man, a human being, just like any other man. Whether you like him or not.

        • s c

          B, here’s your report card for today. Your first sentence is incomplete. There is no such word as ‘embreo.’ The correct word is ‘embryo.’ Look it up, genius. “Your” is wrong. “You’re” is correct. “Cope out” is wrong. “Cop out” is correct.
          Your English skills S U C K. Do you care? You sound like a 7th grader who should be in the 4th grade. I won’t waste my time or yours talking about an IQ.
          You’d do well to abandon public school, and get a real education before you turn 18. You are so
          typical of self-centered boobs who refuse to learn the difference between @#^* and shinola. Your White House “God” is a false god.
          You are a dumbed-down, useful idiot. And, you can take your cheap shot about the race card and JAM it wherever it feels good. FYI, your grade for today
          is an F. Next time, bring your dictionary, a computer and a nickel’s worth of common sense. Ciao.

      • Grandmomma

        Yes it is always about racism and Obama is the racist!

  • s c

    So what else is new? What does it take for adults to understand what is so wrong about pc Nazis who are determined to control everyone on the face of the planet? ‘Arbeit macht frei’ is alive and well in America. Its temple is in Washington, and its believers are spread across America like a plague.

  • Wendy Price

    No one is listening to me when I say that this whole thing with this current administration is rooted in old fashioned 1968 styled civil rights crap. Obama is setting this country up for the worst civil war ever seen in history. He is a bitter, biracial guy who wishes nothing more than to be the 100% African American he claims to be. I myself am a biracial person. That’s what it means. You don’t get to choose sides.
    It is sad to see any person living in such a state of denial. It is dangerous to give that sad person the keys to country. This was a clear violation of the rights of Mr. Hammond.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      I heard you…and agree with you!

  • Storm

    I think this illustrates the bad karma of the unions. They have been taken over not by Democrats, not liberals, not progressives…but the Communist Party USA….we need to reduce the horsepower thes groups seem to have…I have served in the Navy and I will wear any shirt I please…I have been a Union member and they could not would not and did not tell me I could not wear a Navy shirt on a Tazmanian Devil shirt….
    We need to clean out the Commies….NOW

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      I tend to agree with you on this point. I’m retired military and I was also a union member, and local union official…until I realized the union (mostly at the district and national levels) is at least as corrupt…if not more so…than the agency/organization they are attached too.

      I believe unions came about mostly for good reasons….now they are [for the most part]…a cross between a crusty barnacle and a slimey slug.


    It’s all about the Federal Reserve Bank — fiat money to support fascist enemies of liberty. Read my book to understand the predictable demise of FRB and how it will thrash around before its done.

  • Roy Nielsen

    Vietnam Veteran here…no surprise to see the “SPIRIT” that surrounds the false “Messiah” and his Obamanation w/ten extra enexplained stars on his flag. He got away with calling his own Grand Mother a “…typical white person…”; he started out by thumbing his nose at our military on inauguration night when he failed to show at the Medal of Honor Inaugural Ball and really shined at being more interested in high stepping with jerk dancing and shmoozing w/Hollywood. He continues to prove that he’s a non-tollerant sicko that refuses to negotiate with other side or even allow Americans to read the bill before it is voted on and passed “so we can find out what’s in it”. Firing a PROUD FATHER for wearing his son’s ship!!! Obama himself should get the mans job back…anything short just adds to the defication pile that he’s building! In the woods they call it “scat”…in Washington District of Criminals we’ll call it Socialized S#i^.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM

      Roy Nielsen,


  • Shirley Brackeen

    This is NOT right. They should have asked him about the hat and shirt!!
    BEFORE doing what they DID !!! Obama should get HIS JOB back!! This is NO different than wearing a shirt with the American FLAG on it!! In MY EYES.
    This man did NO Wrongs!! He is helping out here!?
    Someone HAS GOT to give this MAN, A Proud Parent, HIS RIGHT’s BACK !!
    This is Unconstitutional in this situation.. I am praying for this Fathers Rights!! This has to be looked into further!!! I will be praying for those that are causing this PROBLEM !!

    • Brian

      Obamas way of “Freedom of Speech”. 1st Amendment rights are diminishing slowly.

  • mj mahony

    Hey( obum a) what is next ?

  • John GrosVenor

    I can’t put a whole lot of Blane on this presedant no on the current administration
    I’m somewhat a student, amateur, of history.
    And have been aware that this government has been headed down the sewer of materialistic communism for many generations.

    There have been “socialist-communist” people involved for many, many years.
    No, we’ve NOT drifted into this mess…. It’s been manipulated….directed!
    And the citizenry has been UN-INVOLVED
    and apathetic!!! They’ve been so content pursuing creature comforts
    and laid on the couch for generations.
    John GrosVenor
    United States citizen on one side of my family for 400 years & on the other side been here
    for thousands of years!

  • Dave R.

    I agree with John G. here. It is the typical response of the “other side”…read that whomever isnt currently in office, to throw stones at the man at the top. As if his is the only voice…or the only vote that counts. This mess our country is in has been building, taking 4 steps backward and sometimes one forward since the mid sixties…but it must be this…this… “one man’s doing”!!!! The apathy of the American public…spouting dissent but not acting on it…has more to do with where we are at than Obama ever will! Makes me sad to hear from so many hippocrites on these sites. ReallY?!? Did he just call us all hippocrites?!? Look it up…when a person says one thing “I dont like where this country is headed” but refuses to do somethimg different and…”continues to vote for the same 2 party, professional politician system” thats hippocracy!!!

  • Ron Burbank

    I agree with both John G and Dave R, except that rather than adding more parties to the electoral mix, I believe we just need to make those in the current parties who have been elected live up to our expectations. If they don’t play right then we remove them from office. Every state should have a means to recall them from office when they vote against the will of their electorate.

  • JimH

    How petty and vindictive. How can anyone feel threatened by a hat and tee shirt depicting one of our nations ships in our nations navy? They’re pathetic. This shows the current administrations stand on FREEDOM of expression. Don’t show any support for our military men or women, it might upset their commander & chief.(community organizer& thief?)

  • Joyce Walker

    I AGREE with Ron Burbank and Jim H. They know how to hit the “nail” on it’s head.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Jim H. and Joyce Walker,
      What do you expect? These azzholes are the 60s love childs all grown up and still demonstrating against our troops!!!! I hope that father takes the union to court and sues!!! I pray that he wins!!!

  • LouiseCA

    Yeah, that’s right, Liberals, you can’t win an argument, so you resort to pulling out the race card. Everything is about race with you liberals, you’re obssessed with it. You can’t get past the fact that Obama is black. And he isn’t even really black, he’s a mixture of at least three races. And who cares anyway, what color he is if any? Only liberals because liberals are the true racists. You have no arguments, no new ideas, and you’re destroying the country, so you use union thugs to take away the First Amendment rights of working citizens who don’t happen to agree with your bullying ways. I hope the Alliance Defense Fund or the ACLJ comes to this man’s defense. Lord knows, the ACLU certainly won’t. If Obama had any class whatsoever, if he hears of this, he would step in and tell his union thug buddies to reinstate this man’s job. This is totally outrageous.


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