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Splitting The U.S. In Half

September 27, 2011 by  

Splitting The U.S. In Half

Every year or two, progressive New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg actually says something I agree with, like when he recently warned that there could be riots in the streets of America if the economy doesn’t improve. On his weekly radio show, Bloomberg said that a lack of jobs is causing people to become desperate.

“The damage to a generation that can’t find jobs,” explained Bloomberg, “will go on for many, many years.”

But Bloomberg and I parted ways when he praised Barack Obama for offering a proposal to create jobs and improve the economy. “At least he’s got some ideas on the table, whether you like those or not,” he said. “Now everybody’s got to sit down and say we’re actually gonna do something, and you have to do something on both the revenue and the expense side.”

None other than debonair Michael Moore echoed Bloomberg’s sentiments with his recent Occupy Wall Street protest. In an interview with never-say-die wannabe journalist Keith Olbermann, Moore said, “… the smart rich know they can only build the gates so high, and, and sooner or later history proves that people, when they’ve had enough, aren’t going to take it anymore, and much better to deal with it nonviolently now through the political system than what could possibly happen in the future, which nobody wants to see.”

Moore is right in the first part of his run-on sentence, but wrong in the last part. Those who long for a left-wing dictatorship do want to see a violent revolution. Why do you think they keep encouraging worker uprisings — out of boredom? Violent uprisings are an excuse for government to implement a state of emergency and suspend habeas corpus.

The truth, of course, is that the United States, like Europe, is socially and economically beyond repair. Yet, the answer from the left is always the same: Take more money from small businesses and working people and redistribute it to handpicked corporations, special-interest groups and government employees and bureaucrats.

The problem is that there soon will be no wealth to redistribute. Sure, progressive politicians can keep the redistribution vote-buying scam going for a while longer; but, ultimately, a Greek ending is unavoidable. And when that happens, rioting in the U.S. will be much more violent than the rioting in Greece, because people have gotten used to a considerably higher standard of living than working people in Greece and the rest of Europe.

Here’s where it gets complicated. While the left continues to rev up its class-warfare strategy, there are tens of millions of Americans — primarily Libertarians and conservatives — who want the government to butt out. Specifically, they want to drastically cut back on government’s usurped powers to regulate, tax, redistribute wealth and interfere in the economy and people’s lives.

This is what the Tea Party movement is all about. Early on, it became such a threat to the aspirations of those in the big-government crowd that they began belittling it as a hatemongering fringe movement. Thus far, however, the name-calling hasn’t worked.

In fact, it has backfired, even though those on the left still refuse to believe the movement is for real. They can’t accept the fact that ever since the Tea Party came on the political scene, the freedom revolution has been competing with, and beating, the more-free-stuff revolution that lefties like the Michaels — Bloomberg and Moore — have been warning us about.

I saw this coming more than 30 years ago when I first wrote about the possibility that the U.S. might ultimately fracture into many pieces — perhaps as a result of states seceding from the union, which they have a natural right to do. But the philosophies of the two sides are now so irreconcilable that a more peaceful solution might be for them to just split the country in half and agree to part ways.

Those who believe in big government could take one half of the country and regulate, tax and redistribute wealth to their heart’s content. Within a few short years, of course, it would become a U.S. version of North Korea, devoid of civil liberties and mired in poverty. But, hey, we all get the government we deserve.

After giving the left first choice, conservatives and Libertarians could then take the other half of the country — any half would be just fine — and implement a free-market economy that would be as close to laissez-faire capitalism as possible. In a short period of time, it would become a U.S. version of South Korea (or the U.S. itself in the days of yore), with explosive wealth creation and maximum freedom for its citizens.

Failing a peaceful split, it is difficult for me to see how a second civil war in the United States can be avoided, unless the left is successful in getting a large majority of the sleepwalking masses to buy into the notion that socialism is the most humane and just system known to man. In such a boil-the-frog-slowly scenario, the voices of the Tea Party movement might then fade into the background over time and be relegated to a historical footnote.

Mark Steyn sums up where the United States is at this point in time in his great new book After America: Get Ready for Armageddon:

Even as America’s spendaholic government outspends not only America’s ability to pay for it but, by some measures, the world’s, even as it follows Britain into the dank pit of transgenerational dependency, a failed education system and unsustainable entitlements, even as it makes less and less and mortgages its future to its rivals for cheap Chinese trinkets, most Americans assume that simply because they’re American they’re insulated from consequences.

In paraphrasing the words of Cecil Rhodes and Bernard Shaw, Steyn continues:

In our time, to be born a citizen of the United States is to win first prize in the lottery of life, and, as Britons did, too many Americans assume it will always be so. Do you think the laws of God will be suspended in favor of America because you were born in it?

What Steyn is saying is that Americans are victims of the normalcy bias, a state of mind that stops people from taking seriously the possibility of a crisis that is outside their normal, day-to-day experience. My fellow Americans, it’s time to wake up. James Dean, The Platters, Mickey Mantle and the post-World War II baby boom are gone.

The problem, however, is that while the boom is gone, the boomers are not. They are retiring en masse, and they expect — nay, demand — that the artificial prosperity of their spoiled childhoods continue.

I say split the country in half and let the demanders argue about it with their left-wing dictatorship. As for me, I look forward to trading with you on a strictly voluntary basis in the free-market half of the country.

–Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer

is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and host of the highly acclaimed Liberty Education Interview Series, which features interviews with top political, economic, and social leaders. He has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, The Tonight Show, Today, The Dennis Miller Show, Good Morning America, The Lars Larson Show, ABC Nightline, and The Charlie Rose Show, and has been the subject of feature articles in such major publications as Time, People, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Barron's, and The New York Times. To sign up for his one-of-a-kind, pro-liberty e-letter, A Voice of Sanity, Click Here.

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  • DaveH

    “the artificial prosperity of their spoiled childhoods”?
    What spoiled childhood? I worked ill for 25 years of my life, supporting through my taxes people who were mostly healthier than me, instead of seeking the easy road of Government support. Is it too much for me to ask for the money back that they stole from me to protect me in my old age?
    They don’t even need to take it from future generations. The Federal Government can simply sell off or trade the vast assets that they have accumulated across the country. That of course would only happen if they truly cared about the citizens, so I won’t hold my breath.

    • GaryA

      Remember, not only did you contribute to Social Security but your employer did too. It totaled 15% of your income before taxes. If you averaged only 30K over your 49 year working life, that’s close to $220,500. If you calculate the future value of $4,500 per year (yours & your employer’s contribution) at a simple 5% (less than what the govt. pays on the money that it borrows), after 49 years of working (me) you’d have $892,919.98. If you took out only 3% per year, you would receive $26,787.60 per year and it would last better than 30 years, and that’s with no interest paid on that final amount on deposit! If you bought an annuity and it paid 4% per year, you’d have a lifetime income of $2,976.40 per month. The folks in Washington have pulled off a bigger Ponzi scheme than Bernie Madhoff ever had. Entitlement, my foot, I paid cash for my social security insurance!!!! Just because they borrowed the money, doesn’t make my benefits some kind of charity or handout !! Congressional benefits, aka free healthcare, outrageous retirement packages, 67 paid holidays, three weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days, now that’s welfare, and they have the nerve to call my retirement entitlements !!!!!! They call Social Security and Medicare an entitlement even though most of us have been paying for it all our working lives and now when it’s time for us to collect, the government is running out of money. Why did the government borrow from it in the first place?

      • Old Henry


        The emplyer paying half of the FICA tax is a myth, a lie. It is perpatrated by Uncle Scam so employees don’t realize the full magnitude of their tax burden. That way the employees do not realize they are paying nearly 15% of their gross to Uncle Scam.

        The employer’s “half” is simply figured as part of your wage / salary. They do not pay it just because Uncle Scam says they do / shuld.

        • isBubba

          @Old Henry – sure they do. I was an employer, and I had to pay it. I even had to pay it for myself…had to pay worker’s comp for myself too, even though I was not permitted to use it…

          • Ralph R.

            That’s right,I can’t even get my retirement according to the “IRS”here
            in Alaska,even though I am qualified,I read it before I tried to get it
            and was turned down at the window, by a foreigner at the window?
            My employer had their paychecks made out by foreigners,they came out
            like little bugs for a brake from a sweat shop!

        • JJM

          That 7.5% that the employer paid could have otherwise been paid to you as extra income. No Scam just financial truth. Yes the Employer wants to make profit and without would not have employees. So the 7.5% paid by employer is no longer available as pay to you. So in effect – yes, you have indirectly paid the entire 15% (which is a lot larger % than originally imposed).
          Let all younger than 50, 55 or 60 convert to a private plan with minimum required contributions with or w/o matching employer funds.

        • Jerome Bigge

          Employers pass the cost on either to the employee or to the business’ customers. This is why taxing corporations is a mistake. The corporation does not pay the taxes, the corporation’s employees and the customers who buy what the corporation makes pay the taxes. Most people don’t understand this. If the corporation is taxed here in the USA, it will move its production to where it isn’t taxed, or is taxed less. Why do you think so many products you buy today that have “American” names on them are now made somewhere outside the USA? All taxing corporations does is raise prices, export jobs to somewhere else! Don’t tax the corporation, tax the receiver of the dividends. Keep American jobs here, not in Mexico or China!

          • Navigator30

            You are SO RIGHT! That is why politicians like Obama want to raise taxes on the big corporations. It is a back door way to tax people who are too ignorant to realize they are being taxed.

          • Houizi

            You’re absolutely right, Jerome. I was a contractor with several employees and had to explain that to my father way back when. He didn’t understand that when they tax an employer, “He” (as I used to say) “just passed the ‘savings’ on to the customer.” We didn’t pay taxes … the customer did. It took a while of talking to this life-long democrat, but he thankfully died a conservative at 92.

      • http://aol Jen

        Gary A: I totally agree with you. It is just another way for the government to screw us over and spend OUR hard earned money recklessly.

        • denniso
          • DaveH

            It depends upon whether a person thinks the Government does better with your money, or if private enterprise would have done better with the money had it not been taken away.
            The Government we are talking about has a history of failure — Social Security, Medicare, Amtrak, the Post Office, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and just about everything else they get their paws on. And why wouldn’t they? They don’t have competitors, so no reason to be efficient. Their jobs are much more secure than those in the private sector, so why be polite to the consumers? They don’t need to make a profit, unlike those in the private sector, so if they screw up, big deal. They have the power to Force people to buy their products, so if the consumer is displeased they can take a hike. It isn’t their money, so if the Government Workers demand more money, why would the Government Employers resist their demands? Given those realities, why would anybody expect Government to outperform the Private Sector?
            And why would any intelligent people (except those feeding at the trough) want to let Government take over the production of goods and services?

          • eddie47d

            You present the same old spiel with some truth and some fallacies but never the whole truth. SS is not a failure even though you won’t look at the good side of that important and vital program. Government can and should do much better with many of their departments. You insist that government is a failure because you have made it so in your mind and won’t think beyond that. I could just as easily say private enterprise is full of failures and they have screwed the public on numerous occassions.You can say SS is a ponzi scheme although it really isn’t. Those who took money out for other programs are guilty of weakening SS and there are plenty of private investment companies who have done far worse to it’s share holders. How about Madoff Investment Securities? Sounds great doesn’t it but it wasn’t. Private companies can be tempting but doesn’t mean they are better because of those human failings that THEIR controllers have. We could continue on to the Adelphia Corp,Merrill Lynch and World Com or Lehmann Brothers as shining examples of private companies controlling our money. There’s allot of gambling going on with those types of companies. There is no guarantee with private companies. Here today and gone tomorrow such as Kodak,Saturn,Enron,Wards,Mervyns,Linen&Things,KB Toys,Sharper Image,Bennigan Restaurants,AIG,Wachovia,Washington Mutual,Pan Am,Trans World,Eastern Airlines.They all had competitors and failed. Yet most were good companies at one time and still got crushed for various reasons.

          • Old Henry


            And where is Madoff?

            And where are the thieving bastards that plundered OUR SS Fund? Living in luxury on the taxpayer’s dime and taking a dirt nap AFTER living in luxury on the taxpayer’s dime.

          • JeffH

            As the most-egregious—and unconstitutional—Ponzi scheme of all time (today’s elderly recipients are funded by young workers, not from their own contributions of yore), Social Security is irreversibly insolvent. In 1950, the worker-to-beneficiary ratio was 16.5-to-1. In 2010, that ratio is almost 2-to-1.

            Notwithstanding the political nonsense, Social Security’s failure is rooted not in actuarial anomalies but in the violation of immutable psychology: people succeed only when they are responsible for their own decisions and actions. When government manages your life, it will fail—and, therefore, you will fail.

            Any attempts to privatize Social Security(George W. Bush considers his inability to do so as his greatest failure)always result in bitter political wars and higher taxes.

            Without increasingly oppressive taxation and a corresponding hike in the retirement age, Uncle Sam’s Ponzi Scheme is mathematically unsustainable. Because half of Americans pay zero income taxes, and 25% pay 86% of income taxes, today’s young workers know that they’ll never receive a dime from this “security” money hole when they retire.

            According to the Social Security Administration, in the over-65 crowd, more than 50% of married couples and 72% of singles get the majority of their income from Uncle Sam’s Ponzi Scheme. This is blatant intergenerational fraud and wealth redistribution.

            Furthermore, for the first time since 1983, Social Security expenditures are expected to exceed tax receipts in 2010 by $41B (excluding interest income). So, why is anyone surprised that, during the Great Recession, Social Security is broken—again?

            If the “intent” of Social Security was to provide economic security to retirees (was that the intent?), what is the origin of its name?
            At the beginning of the 1930s, “economic security” was the term used by the original authors of the legislation and by President Roosevelt.
            A national leader in the social-welfare movement, Abraham Epstein, is credited with introducing the term “social security” to America and the world. The concept came out of the social insurance as worked out by Bismarck in Germany and the conception of social protection as elaborated in England.

            Obviously, the socialistic, progressive “people as a whole” concept caught on, dismissing individual liberty and responsibility, and the rest is insolvency (I mean history).
            If Social Security has been such a great idea and a huge success, there would be overwhelming evidence, right? Where is it?

          • eddie47d

            The simple fact that people are retiring and getting exactly what they were told and several years in advance shows that it is working. So what if people may get more in the private sector. They can also get much less than what was promised them. In order for those in the private sector to achieve their retirement goals they have to steadily put more and more into their account. That’s the ponzi scheme in making investment companies wealthy while the investors struggle. If their fund looses money they have to play catch-up and that’s tough in any bad economy. Not everyone is making money like in the Clinton heyday.

          • PWR11

            There were just over 1,400 millionaires that paid no income tax in the USA last Yr. The average millionaire paid over 29% in income tax, This is not seperating out dividend taxes by themselfs as you Lib.s like to do… I think that 29% of anyones income is more than their fair share… Alot more.. While I watch the 50% that pay no income tax at all wait for their fat return checks with it’s “un-earned” income and “head of houshold” deductions.. Not to mention the thousands of frauds that get money back each year… Do not beleive this “fair share BS” because thats just what it is BS. FLAT TAX!!! Whats not fair about that? Oh I guess that would wipe out the new years “stimulus” plan we pay for each year when those return checks come in the mail.. FAIR SHARE MY A$$

          • denniso

            Dear fair share my a**…Because YOU think some arbitrary percentage of income tax is more than fair,then we should go w/ your judgement? And the reason many Americans pay no Federal income tax is that their incomes have stayed flat for a decade at least and inflation has reduced the real value of income. These people who pay no federal income tax still pay federal and state gasoline tax,state property tax,sales tax in most states and many still pay state income tax. If people don’t make enough to be able to pay some taxes,you blame them instead of the low wages and employers they work for?

            Ever hear of the economic term,’disposable income’? It’s what’s left over after taxes and real living expenses. Most of the people you denigrate have very little disposable income,so how can they be expected to pay fed income tax? Many millionaires only pay 15% if they don’t have earned income,and even if some pay a total of 29% they are still left w/ hundreds of thousands in disposable,to do with what they please. The wealthy typically use more gov’t services,like subsidized air travel for instance and using the public highways to ship their goods to sale. They also get better police protection in their high end neighborhoods and can live in safer areas as well as send their kids to better schools.

            Watch the video above…NO ONE creates all her wealth on her own. It doesn’t happen in a vacuum,and most of society pitches in to create the environment that allows everyone,the rich included,to work and try to prosper.

          • DaveH

            They have “very little disposable income”, Denniso, because people like you drive the businesses that might employ them either out of business or out of our country with your thieving ways.

          • eddie47d

            What a crock Dave. They only want more and more and if they can’t have it they take their toys and go home(to a foreign country) $4 million to several billions will never be enough for them no matter how much you defend them.

          • denniso

            Sure,we could entice big biz to keep production plants here,all we have to do is reduce our wages to third world levels…how about $2/hr? That might do it! Also,we should cut all benefits to workers…what right or necessity is there in geting sick leave,vacation pay,health insurance or maybe even a pension from your employer? Do the slave laborers in third world countries get that frivolous stuff? We can be much more competitive and re establish our manufacturing base overnight if we just take those simple and amoral steps. Good idea,DaveH!!

      • Awakened

        Gary, you speak the truth! Receiving Social Security benefits after a lifetime of hard, honest WORK in in NO WAY a form of welfare.

        Dave, I too am sick and tired of my tax money supporting the parasites who REFUSE to work because they have been educated that way.

        I like Ron Paul a lot, but fear he is already being marginalized in this race, and, given the shallow values of a majority of people, his age alone may end up eliminating him. This is a shame, because he is really the only candidate espousing true Libertarian values.

        God Bless America, and keep the faith, gentlemen!

        • denniso

          It’s the Republicans who call SS and Medicare, ‘welfare’,or entitlements. It’s the Republicans who are fighting to do away w/ both,raise the retirement age,resist raising the income cap,and in general trying to marginalize it,because if they can weaken SS and medicare then there will be less public support which will make it easier to do away with.

          • Ellen

            Denniso, The Republicans are simply trying to salvage both programs because there isn’t money to sustain them. The problem began when the government borrowed from the Soc. Sec. trust fund because it was loaded. Now, they can’t pay back the money ($6 trillion). Wasn’t it Carter who added immigrants to Soc. Sec.? The original intent of welfare (widowed people and disabled people) has been shifted to Soc. Sec. It’s time to end welfare and use the $1 trillion a year it costs to cover Soc. Sec. and Medicare promises and pay down some debt. Congress is looking at the wrong ‘entitlements’ to cut.

          • DaveH

            You’re equivocating at best. I have never heard a Republican call Social Security “welfare”. And I haven’t heard any Republicans talk about stiffing the current retirees or others who have already paid into the system. What they do want to do is faze out that Unconstitutional and Unsustainable system for the younger workers, or privatize it. The former is the morally correct thing to do, but the latter would be better than the current Ponzi-Scheme mess.
            Social Security is just a scheme to create dependency among the older generation, so that they, like the welfare recipients, can be manipulated by the Politicians who want their power and perks to last their lifetimes. Witness Obama’s little scam during the Debt Ceiling Debates.
            Before you whine about my Ponzi-Scheme reference, Denniso, you should read this:

          • Big Mike

            Denniso, that’s just a big fat LIE! Show me where Republicans have EVER called it “welfare”! They never have! And they are not out to destroy it, they are trying very hard to SAVE it! If it doesn’t get fixed it will be broke, and that’s what is known as a Ponzi scheme. Old folks retiring now will be all set, but their grandchildren will be left sucking wind. That’s a cruel hoax, and the Dems are ignoring the warnings, just as they ignored the warnings about Fannie/Freddie, and we all know what happened there! Speaking of cruel hoaxes, did you know that Obamacare takes money away from Medicare to pay for its unaffordable, unfair, unconstitutional spending! Obama and the Democrat politicians that shoved this vile scam down our throats are screwing the Medicare generation!

          • denniso

            Wow!! You think Repubs are trying hard to save SS? Where have you been for the past 10 yrs at least? They want to scrap it and replace it w/ private investment accounts,which are suseptible to the fluctations of the market. They of course have to tell older people that it will still be there for them,if they’re over 50 or so.
            While that is their only plan to ‘save’ SS,they fight the simple and workable plan that will fix if indefinitely…raise or eliminate the income cap on SS taxes and we have no problem at all. Even as it is,SS is sound for another 20 yrs or so.

          • DaveH

            You can whine and equivocate all you want, Denniso. Only the Liberal Zealots who are afraid to read pay any attention to your nonsense.

        • Kate8

          Awakened – The media is desperately trying to marginalize Ron Paul, just as they always have. And we have always allowed the media to control and manipulate elections, allowing ourselves to be led like sheep to the polls ready to vote for the choices of the elite (which is always one of their own).

          It is up to us to put a stop to this manipulation. Too many people still buy the idea that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama, or Hillary, or whoever. If we don’t step up and vote for who we want, and launch a campaign to take our elections out of the hands of the media, it isn’t going to ever happen. The media has controlled things for so long that we just accept it as a given. (Even the idea that Ron Paul is unelectable is a media-planted notion.)

          That’s the fact of it. Either we begin to think for ourselves and take responsibility for the outcomes, or we continue to be herded down the road chose by the elite.

          BTW, it’s obvious by the polls that Ron Paul is extremely popular. I understand he even has the support of the military.

        • Jerome Bigge

          Actually Social Security would be in far better shape if the money had been professionally invested instead of just being swapped for T-bills as it has been. To the spendthifts in past administrations, this was a way to do deficit spending that didn’t show up on the books. The problem with the T-bill replacements for the money that once was there is that the T-bill is a debt upon future generations. Who will have to make “good” on these debts when they come due! FDR could have set things up that way if he wanted, but he didn’t, nor did administrations after him. There’s the real problem. Our children are going to be paying European level tax rates, but they won’t be getting European level benefits… Instead they are going to get (slang term for sexual intercourse)!

      • Grandpa Harold Mawyer

        Your question, “Why did goverment borrow from SS?” Because they couldn’t continue to live ‘high off the hog’ on the paltry salaries and freebees we allowed them to vote for the fattening of their wallets. So, America, you are to blame for the pickle we are in, by continually electing the same noodnicks time and again. If the pres can only serve 6 years, please somebody, explain to me the rational in allowing congress to remain as long as they can buy your vote. Four to six years and then back to the farm, less they forget what it is to work for a living. Or left more than that 4-6 they would become corrupt. We need to start anew,by getting rid of all ellected persons.presently in DC, max. salary of $200,000 per year(how many of ya’ll could make do with this amount?), no freebees, 50 hour work week(in DC!) two weeks vacation(real vacations cause you will not need to shake hands kiss babies,etc) no gifts or gratuities, pay for own health insurance, pay into SS, which can be taken if desired when they go back to the farm; no lobbying allowed under any circumstance. In other words congress shall live and operate like the rest of Americans do! You must be born in USA or be a naturalized citizen, following the rules as set forth by the American people. English will be the language of the land. You no speaka da English, we’ll be glad to help you learn. Anyone attempting to enter USA illegally will be either shot on sight or hanged ASAP! HAve a few more changes to be instituted, but all present regulations will be immediately suspended and any new ones will be limited greatly in their scope.

        Realizing that these may seem a bit drastic, but perilous times require drastic measures if we are to save our land from the sure path to self distruction. Interesting note from world history, no nationahs ever been distroyed from without, but always from within. No nation has ever become bankrupt financially, but it was first bankrupt morally! Of course all of this is dependent upon where God fits in to America’s future. It is just possibe that He has washed His hands of America, He does declare in His Word that we can turn our backs towards Him, but there comes a time when He will turn His back on us. Have we reached that point in our relationship with Him? It is time for all to exam where we stand with an extremely patient God, who is also an extermely jealous God andhas warned of the dire consequences to those who would fall into the hands of an angry God.

        • Old Henry


          When the Republicans gained control of Congress in 1953 they put together a Constitutional amendment to limit the president to 8 years, 10 years max if the VP takes over during the president’s term like Truman did in April of 1945, just a few weeks after FDR began his FOURTH term. Who knows, if they had had life support them like we do now FDR might still be president…

          The Republicans did this due to FDR’s total disregard for precedence set before him for 130 plus years.

          Given Congress’ penchant for looking out for themselves they did not do the same for their terms for they are of the opinion that they are entitled.

        • Jerome Bigge

          The people in Congress don’t really represent anyone but millionaires because the average net worth of those serving in Congress is in the million dollar range. There are no working or middle class people there in Congress. A working or middle class person can’t get elected to Congress. So why do we think these people “represent” us?

          The solution to this is to select our representatives by lottery. Anyone who can qualify (test like what they use to get into college) would be able to stand for selection by lottery. This would greatly improve the quality of representation since they’d be people like “us”. Instead of a large number of lawyers and corporative executive types that we have now. Also, anyone lawyer running for elective office already has a “conflict of interest” in they are going to be passing laws for other lawyers to use to enrich themselves. How many people understand how “wrong” this is?

          • Old Henry


            We do have a lottery. It’s called the primary.

      • Sandy In Indy

        You are 110% correct! PLUS, they lied to us, that money was loaned = given is the correct word though – to sponser Non-Social Security “grants”, i.e., How homosexuals feel about homosexual movies. This is just the tip!

        And, I think we’re mad!

      • http://yahoo realist

        Gary u deserve every last penny !!! But had u been able to invest that money ur self instead of a bunch of idiots stealing it from u ,,, ur golden years would really be golden !!
        This is why we need to keep control of our money !! If we do not manage our money our selves then we have no one to blame !!!
        Even a monkey can invest his money better than the government (ss)
        We get to little from the gov. for as much as we are forced to give them !!! To me this is extortion ,,, AKA mafia only legal under the law !!

      • joseph Barone

        Social Security
        Remember not only you contributed to social security so did your employer a total of 15%of your total income.If you avaeraged 30k per year over your life that comes to $229,500.00

        If you calculate the future $4500 per year (yours and employer)@5% which is less then what th US Pays for money borrowed after 49 years you would have $892,219.00.

        If you took 3%per year you would get $26,787.00 per year this would last more than 30 years or until age 95 and tahts with no intrest paid on the final amount on deposit.

        The folks in Washington have pulled off the biggest PONZI scheme even bigger than Bernie Madoff ever did.

        Washington calls Social Security and Medicare an ENTITLEMENT.(SAY WHAT????

        I paid and my employer cash for Social Security.Just because the goverment borrowed money from the system did not pay it back nor pay any interest on borrowed money .Thus my benifits are not charity or hand outs.

        Congressional benifits —Free healthcare—free drugs—outragious retirement packages—-67 paid holidays—three weeks paid vaction—unlimited sick time—(Well I consider this welfaresince they contributed nothinc)They have the nerve to call Social Security an entitlement.

        In the past months we have poured out aid to Hati,Chile,Turkey,Pakastan(home of bin Laden)Litterly billions and they don’t have to pay it back.These counytries have vast commodities worth hundred of billions of dollars why are we not getting it back?????


        They call Social Security an entitlement even though the money we recive was our money paid into the system.Know they tell us Social security is running out of money were did it go I for one didn’t get it.The goverment took money did not pay it back and paid no interst.

        How sad is it when they want to cut benifits,give no increases but allow the wealthy right off billion in tax cuts.

        Have the Tea Party and all other political figure addess this issue.HAVE THEM EXPLAIN WHAT THEY ARE WILLING TO GIVE UP FOR THE CAUSE?????

      • susan

        oh you hit it right on the head .

      • Charles Maxwell

        You’re correct on most counts but, you missed one critical factor in your march to blame everyone but yourself in the current financial mess we’re in. Of course, SSI is a ponzi, bigger than anything Bernie Madhoff could have imagined but, our ponzi SSI is a fact of life now! No manner of bitching is going to change that. However, for the history books, Americans freely vote for those politicians that govern us. WE THE PEOPLE have given them the power to govern. WE THE PEOPLE can take that power away. Question: Understanding that the SSI program has been bankrupted by our political class, why haven’t you voted them out? Answer: You’re too busy blaming someone else! When your car starts to show signs of mechanical trouble, do you wait to repair it or, do you act to PREVENT further mechanical damage? My guess is that you wait until your car fails and then blame the failure on the dealer! As for me, I routinely conduct preventive maintenance in the same manner that I choose who I vote for! Had enough Progressives yet?

    • Alan18

      Exactly which side would the right get? I live on the east coast and I like it here. Cali sux, and I never cared for deserts! I think we have much nicer beaches here anyways! California is a bunch of lefty libs anyways along with detroit. So let the commies have the west. Everything past Oklahoma is theirs! Give everyone 3 monthes to move and get setteled into new housing which they can redistribute like they love to do so much! Then build a wall 50 foot high and in 10 years we can peak over and look at the chaos that has insued. They’d probably all be dead because none of them want to actually work or take anykind of responsibility for their own existence. So they would eventually starve or freeze to death. Good riddens!

      • Old Henry


        See my post below. I laid it all out there. The Missippi is the best dividing border.

      • Stuntman

        Outside of the west coast, the west is mostly conservative. The communists are mostly in the urban centers which the east has much more of. So a more natural split would be to give the good guys everything between the Sierras to the Mississippi along with most of the south (west of the Appalachians). The lefties can have the coasts along with everything else since that’s where most of them live anyway. We’ll still have the gulf coast for sea access…..

      • Grandpa Harold Mawyer

        Add Hiwaii to the western portion. Too liberal for me! (Been there couple of times, which was enough) We will keep Alaska for the other half. Conserative and think of the enormous deposits of natural wealth to be unearthed with Big Government interfearing! Been there and loved it!)

  • s c

    Someone (Thomas Jefferson, I believe) once said that ‘bad government is the result of too much government.’ What we have now is a lot worse than merely bad. This government is out-of-touch. It’s in full denial. It has no compass, and the captain at the helm of the ship acts like, and in some ways resembles, Alfred E Newman.
    I’ll drink to free markets, and anyone who is naive enough or stupid enough to tell me that Keynesian economics is our economic savior will get treated to something resembling Matthews’ tingling-leg ecstasy. In this case, it will be a wet, tingling leg. And, I will do my best to convince the recipient of the modified tingling-leg effect that it’s just a localized, harmless case of morning dew. Pre-soak it, and it will ‘come out’ in the washing machine just fine.

    • Old Henry

      Just a bit grumpy today s c? LOL! I loved it!

      Just tell ‘em it raining…

  • Karolyn

    I rather resent Ringer’s “spoiled childhood” representation of baby boomers. Neither I nor anyone I have known in my age bracket had “spoiled childhoods.” The majority were in hard-working middle class families and were most definitely not spoiled. We got jobs as soon as we could. I started babysitting at 13 and got my first real job at 17. My next brother, who is the only one who went further in school, paid for his own education. My youngest brother, who is still within that generation, although 10 years younger than me, was a bit spoiled because he was the baby; but by today’s standards, he was not spoiled at all.

    • DaveH

      The difference between now and then? Even if we were spoiled, it was done voluntarily by our parents. Now the people who are being spoiled are done so with the taxpayers’ involuntary donations.

      • Al Sieber

        I don’t understand the spoiled part either, I had a rough life growing up and us baby boomers put the most money in Social Security and paid the most taxes of any generation. and now they’re gonna tax us even more.

    • TheRealBob

      If I remember right, by your own admission, you are a tax-consuming SSI and Americorp drone, therefore you are a parasite masquerading as a hard worker. You have nothing to add to this conversation but lies.

      • Tom

        The problem is, FakeBob, that you don’t “remember right”…

      • Karolyn

        Actually, crotchety old bob, you are only partly right. I am a proud AmeriCorps member for one more year assisting a domestic violence and sexual assault organization in making this a better world. I am also retired and receiving my SS benefits. I have never been on SSI.

        • eddie47d

          “Real” Bob and author Bob are on the same page and doing a mighty fine job of spreading cow dung. So they want a second Civil War? They must have fond memories of the first to demand another one. You think we have a little calamity now just wait until they take over with their pious busting up the nation. Oh yes those rivers of blood do bring out the Dracula in them. We do see the troubles brewing and some are coming from the left and some are from the right. These 2 Bob’s want to throw their own chaos cocktails in defense of the right.

          • Jibbs

            And here comes eddie with his bs. How come you can never provide a link to where you get your information from? It indicates that all your info. comes from the msm, and left based liberals.

          • DaveH

            The only ones spreading Cow Dung, Eddie, are you and your fellow Liberals.

          • eddie47d

            There’s no need for a link Jibbs when it involves a simple comment or is that too much common sense for you?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            The problem is not too much common sense but in your case a complete lack there of!!

          • eddie47d

            I see Joe is in his basement building gasoline cocktails too! Drink up challenged one!

          • Old Henry

            Sh*t eddie, that reminds me….

          • daniel

            eddie you spout off like a pimply faced child that has not had a nap. Why not ask yourself some questions first then try to find the answers in something besides the mindless drivel of political rhetoric? Quoting Jackson, Sharpton, Perry etc., is easy. It has the plus of you do not have to be responsible as someone else said it.
            Now, take a good look at the political makeup of this country, then look at the population centers as well. After that breakdown the demographics and history of those areas. You may find; if you are lucky that these rhetorical answers don’t apply to all. So yes this country is divided and some people will provoke violence even liberals. Instead try to find what unites people across the divides that are in existence. Do that then you may be taken seriously.
            Don’t you just love it though when a congresswoman says that a black person that does not follow the accepted line of action for “African-Americans” that they are Oreos. Black on the outside and white in the middle. Outside of racist in itself she denigrates her culture by not allowing for dissent or questions. How do you unite when there is that going on?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            eddie has taken the pee wee herman tact of arguing politics. It’s ” I know you are, but what am I?” type of nonsense!!

          • Old Henry



          • Chris

            America was a great idea in the beginning, but like a bottle of milk it eventualy turned sour. We the people let it get away by being too complacent and lazy.

            “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”
            ― Thomas Jefferson

            “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”
            ― Thomas Jefferson

          • eddie47d

            You should be more concerned about the rhetoric from the right instead of making accusations about me.Don’t feather your cap Daniel on my dime when the right is poisoning the well.

    • Old Henry

      I think perhaps Robert was making an indirect reference to the “Me” generation, or us Boomers. Deserved or not that is how we became known in the 60s and 70s.

      My folks put me to “work” about 8 or 9 doing painting around the house, yard work and helping to unload semis at my dad’s business. (Learned some good stuff from the truckers) LOL!

      About 10 I would work occasionally for an uncle pulling Button Weeds in the bean fields. Made a buck seventy five a day. Enough to buy an AMT model car and some paint.

      Got my first “real” jot at 16 in a car wash. Made 90 cents an hour and bitched like hell about the withholding every payday!

      • Karolyn

        My waitress job at 17 was 80 cents an hour and my first real job out of high school (1965) was $55 per week. I still remember bringing home $46.28 every week, paying $15 board to my parents and having enough to party on the weekends and wear nice clothes!

        • S.C. Murf

          Party at Karolyn’s, you party animal

          1963 worked at a bowling alley 75 cent per hr., 13 years old and was in hog heaven. Been busting my but ever since

          up the hill

          • Jibbs

            WOOHOO! I’ll bring a 1/2 barrel.

    • KHM

      @ Karolyn and others who objected to Ringer’s “spoiled childhood” reference. I worked from the time I was 13 also. but I agree with his assessment. The baby boomers grew up in the post-war economic boom. Few,even children in blue collar working families wanted for food, shelter, clothes (even if you got hand-me-downs), and had more than the basic necessities. We grew up expecting our life to be even better than our parents’. At the time of our teens, most of us bought into the hippie disdain for capitalism, our parents’ values, etc. As we grew up some had the sense to grow beyond that. The radicals or progressives unfortunately did not.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Spoiled? I don’t think so. I worked from 11 to 17! I turned 17 in December and Jan 31st I joined the army. If you want to call that spoiled, then maybe I am. BTW my first real job was with a hatchery and I worked up to a team leader by seventeen years old. From that, mowing lawns and shoveling snow,(both before and after school)I had damn near 5000 dollars in the bank when I enlisted.

  • Angel Wannabe

    Well quite Honestly, I’m not sure, I was ever spoiled, as Mama was sick and Daddy worked the Mill___ but my mind often drifts back to my childhood as I’m sure many do here.___
    Born in the fifties in the Country, Man, Times were so different then its hardly believable.__ Mom and Pop Shops all over, our door locks either never worked or we didn’t use them, without fear of intruders. Industry, Manufacturing flourished, there were specialty shops, who knew what a chain store was??. We all had dogs and yes they visited the neighbors, and sometimes they even brought them home with a smile..
    I keep hearing the phrase redistribution of wealth, which sounds more like Robin Hood, what happens when there is no longer the rich to take from__what then, where do the elites go for it then?___
    The Dictator in Chief acts more like King George, who eventually went mad, and I don’t mean p*ssed off!__I’m not sure what America resembles anymore, but “its no where near what I remember as a child”…I remember my Dad saying through the years” mark my words the commies are going to take over the US if ya don’t watch them” I remember telling him to “calm down Dad” in disbelief..I wish I could tell him now he was right!_

    I’m a fairly optimistic person, but Man we screwed up! We expected & elected those in office to speak for and do “We the Peoples Will”. We didn’t watch, we weren’t vigilant. They took/take advantage.

    bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
    strenghten the weak by weakening the strong.
    help little men by tearing down big men.
    lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
    help the poor by destroying the rich.
    establish sound security on borrowed money.
    further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
    keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.
    build character and courage by destroying man’s initiative and independence.
    help men, by permanently doing for them what they can’t and should do for themselves.
    William J. H. Boetcker

    • Joyce from Loris

      I, too, was born in the ’50′s. We were poor, but very rich in the fact that we could have whatever we were willing to work for. For years, most of us worked our butts off, sometimes working two jobs, just to have a better life. Those values changed to visions of “supporting the poor”. I get so tired of hearing about the “poor” today. There really aren’t any poor people anymore. The welfare system provides checks, food stamps, HUD housing, free medical-vision-dental care. The government posted that a family of 4 receives almost $45,000 in benefits through welfare today. WE, the hard working tax paying people, have to work mighty hard for $45,000. The welfare people live better than most working class people do today.

      • http://yahoo Lu Ann

        You are right…there are no “poor” in America…I call them underachievers. I dont mind someone makeing 25,000 a year…that is THEIR choice. I do mind the government taking from me to LEVEL the field because I chose to make to more money. Life is about what you choose….dont make me pay for someone else to choose to be lazy.
        That is what is wrong with America…. class warfare.

      • Grandpa Harold Mawyer

        Born in 1931, didn’t know I was poor, cause all my neighbors found themselves in the same situation. Living in very rural area, my nearest neighbor was 1/4-1/2 mile through the broomsage and woods.Miss Nanny Morris, the best cook around, never missed anyones birthday, always showing up, with a cake!! Miss Nanny was a petite black lady, who reared eleven children who all but one became professionls in teaching, nursing etc. She lived in a log cabin, with floors claean enough to eat off, bleached almost white from all the scrubs they got. My father labored for Southern RR whan RRs were king. He lost his left arm when got tangled up with a locomotive and eight cars, which was supposed to be stationary, but suddenly lurched forward knoking Dad under moving train. Fortunately he was thrown between the rails and would have escaped serious injury, but for tha “cow-catcher” attached to front of engine, which mangled his left arm. Dad was awarded $10,000 in damages, which was appealed by the RR before a crooked judge who threw the award out. So Dad got nil. No unions in those days! One armed men were not in much demand in those days.(No OSHAS!!) Dad managed to land a job with a hosiery manufactory and remained there cleaning machines until God took him home in 1950 at the age of 50. Mother had a job with a garment manufactory for many moons. We, five sister and one brother, never missed a meal. Dad raised a fantastic garden each summer, on a steep slope, which was plowed by hand( one of the old fashioned hand plows,withthe big wheel towed by, you guessed it, ME!) Dad always said that if a man had a plot of earth, he should never go hungry,growing his own food! So you see, poor is all relative. I enter the Navy in 1950, immediately after graduation from HS. Stayed 10 years, became a Police Officer and Narcotic Detective for ten years, ran the countrys largest Limousine Service for 7 years and spent the last 34 years in the insurance industry. Until 2007, when government started dictating to ins cos what they could market, where they could market,, how much they could pay in commissions,all was enjoyed. Now almost every month government(CMS) comes up,with some new idiotic rule and reg.costing taxpayers and consumers untold millions for paperwork alone.

        So America, you had better wake up before the last few Freedom that are left are frittered away by the lumbering numbskulls in congress and the wh.

        • LES

          Actually the RRs had unions in the 1920s. Your dad should have been in the Union. Actually in 1926 there was a national strike that shut down the RRs and many men were not called back to work, but those that did return to work were still in the Unions as they are today.

        • Old Henry


          To quote Harry Carey “Hoooly Cooow!” Glad you’re here, now we have somebody oldern most of the rest of us!

          And congratulations on being a “techie” at your age!

    • http://aol Jen


    • JeffH

      Angel, I was born in ’49 and was far from spoiled…quite the opposite as a matter of fact. I think Ringer’s reference had more to do with the more modern good times of a chicken in every pot, two cars in the garage and a white picket other words, a lot of Americans became spoiled with great jobs and income, color TV, affordable internet, electronics and reality TV…now the reality has set in…while most everyone was enjoying the fruits of their labor the transformation was taking place, right under our uninterested noses. Afterall, many were enjoying the “American Dream” and too busy to notice the thieves that were staeling it right out from under us.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Jeffh. I get what ringer meant jeff, but honestly the people today, will never know how good it was then. That’s what I was trying to point out.__ Our kids didn’t even have it that good, as when we were kids._Good Grief, we spoke to total strangers in a happy manner, even stopped to help them change a tire__We are spoiled today jeff, but actually I’m happy to report, that if need be I can live with out the all commodities. I never left myself, totally rely on everything we enjoy. I never forgot what it was like to really be poor and what it taught me.

        • JeffH

          Angel, I’ve always held with the idea that life was simpler, easier when I was growing up than it is today…I still believe in that, and I am more beholding to my folks for teaching the ethics of personal responsibility. Now that I’m retired, I make less than half of what I made in 2007 and am quite content. I pretty much get to do what I want when I want, have good family and friends, eat well and have all the necessities of life at my fingertips. The only think I don’t do is travel like I used too…I despise the now major expense of gas, which wasn’t an issue in the old days. I had to make some adjustments and choices and I’d like to have more, but I can easily live within my means…and heck, I have all these friends here at PLD…life ain’t boring, that’s for sure.

          • Angel Wannabe

            JeffH, it especially isn’t boring when we get to pounding on the progressives! :)

    • Old Henry

      Great post Ange, great post. Yeah, I got a little teary-eyed as I read it and began thinking in reverse. About once a year I walk around my old neighborhood on one of my walks to town. I always half expect a squad car to pull up and ask me what I am doing as I stand on a corner, or in the middle of the block, just looking around and listening to the memories… And then when I would begin to explain I imagine the cop shaking his head and saying as he drove off, “Sheesh, you sound just like my old man”…

      Sex, drugs and rock & roll. Remember that one?

      • Angel Wannabe

        Old Henry, I get it. I find my self doing it more all the time._ Once in a while I drive past my childhood home. My Mother’s been dead now 15 years, Dad 8, my Brother 14 years.__ Once in a great while I run down to where my Grandparents lived!_My Grandpop would shyte if he saw the coindition of that house he and Dad built.

        __The kids today will never know the kind of people, “people” were back then. But I guess we’re still around, aren’t we? :)

        • JeffH

          Thank God for the memories! :)

          • Angel Wannabe

            Jeffh, Those Memories’ll keep us warm we REALLY get old, lol! :)

          • Old Henry

            Yeah Jeff, I can’t tell ya what I did last week, but December 1966….

          • JeffH

            Old Henry, I know what you mean.. :)

        • Old Henry

          Yeah Angel, I know what you mean. I lost my grandparets in the mid-60s. It didn’t “dawn” on me, but then mom died in ’95, dad in ’98 and a cousin suddenly in ’09. It shapens your focus, doesn’t it?

          Mom was an only child and when her mom died in ’65 she had only us kids as dad was of not much use. None of that really hit home until we lost mom and we had each other – the 4 of us.

          I was lucky as my mom’s parents always lived close by and I got to spend a lot of time with them. I remember sitting with grandma on her screened-in porch the summer of 64 as she was dieing of cancer and still it did not sink in.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Old Henry_ I know I’m off topic, been off topic all day, but so what__I was glad for my Grandparents too, spent weekends with them. What I didn’t learn at home, they taught me.__ After the last of the family died, my Dad, it was just me, my Husband and the kids.__I have a Half sister who was my Dad’s Daughter, and 18 years older than I am. We weren’t raised and thus aren’t very close. This life has been quite a ride so far!!!LMAO___A friend sent me the following one day and it fits here, I have no idea who wrote it, but it fits me to a “t”!___

            “Life is not a Journey to the Grave with the
            intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body,

            but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming — WOW– What a Ride!”

            God Bless ya Bud!

      • S.C. Murf

        How about ” Live fast, die young and make a good looking corpse”. I agree with angel, I could live without all the modern goods. The army taught us how to eat out of a can, $hit in a hole, wash in the river and sleep sitting up w/one eye open and taking care of your Brother

        up the hill

        • Angel Wannabe

          SC Murf_-I’m hearing ya. In later years my folks bought a used 40 trailer for $100, yeah, I didn’t type that wrong, I said $100 dollars!! lol_ It was a trash heap. They leased some ground for $50 a year, in the Mountains of Pa. H*ll I thought Mom and Dad hit the Jackpot!____ they put it up there so Dad could hunt, but we used it plenty on weekends!.__ There was no running water hot or cold, if ya wanted to take a bath ya heated water in a metal bucket and poured it over ya while standing in the bathtub, or, ya just took a bar of soap ‘n’ a washcloth ‘n’ jumped in the creek in the summer.__Coffee, we made ponderosa coffee bolied it in sauce pan, (put hair on your chest)__ I learned to shoot a 30.6 and a pistol up there at the range, and a long bow, I was 13.___ We had it tough with my Mom being sick,but we had some good times as well___ but I’ll tell ya what, after I was grown and looked back, I was never sorry or mad about it, cuz it made me who I am.

          • S.C. Murf

            I’m glad you had such an enriched childhood, sorry about Mom being sick, and I can tell by your posts that it made you a stronger person today. Hang in there girl

            up the hill

          • Angel Wannabe

            S.C. Murf :)

          • Old Henry


            I think ya just wrote the second perfect country song…

            Soap in the crik? Werencha worried bout the EPA bustin ya? LOL!

          • Angel Wannabe

            Old Henry, H*ll they’d have seen the Joy Dish Soap Bubbles, floatin down the creek from and Airplane! LMAO__Incidently that crick water & Joy really make my long blonde hair shine!

        • Angel Wannabe

          Hey S.C Murf, Thought I’d post this for you too__A friend sent me this one day, I have no idea who wrote, but it remined of one of your posts earlier….It Goes something like this____

          “Life is not a Journey to the Grave with the
          intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body,

          but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming — WOW– What a Ride!”

          God Bless Murf__time to hit the sack!

          • JeffH

            AW… :)

    • Ellen

      Angel, The “We Cannot” verse at the bottom of your post is excellent. I found it interesting that it mentions everything the Democrats want to do. That needs to be posted everywhere as a reminder that we all need to be responsible for our own actions and our own lives. We cannot depend on others for them.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Ellen, Thank You! :) I thought it was perfectly relevant as to what we are experiencing today!

      • JeffH

        Ellen, agreed!

  • 4-just_us

    I would like to see Ron Paul as president and Dennis Kucinich as VP.

    • DaveH

      My dream ticket would be Ron Paul/Gary Johnson.

      • S.C. Murf

        Ron Paul/H. Cain

        • Angel Wannabe

          S.C Murf, I’m coming ’round to Ron Paul and I like Cain. I know most folks don’t like the fact, that H. Cain worked for the Kansas City Federal Reserve. But I look at it this way, his knowledge of the reserve CAN be an asset, just as well, as a problem?!

        • DaveH

          Herman Cain is not going to shrink Government. His agenda may be different but we will still have Big Government, just different people feeding at the trough.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Daveh, Well if these guys running for President do what there suppose to do, and surround themselves with like minded people after elected, who are gifted in the areas that the nominee isn’t. That would be half the battle.__ I don’t have much confidence left in any of them. They’re either career politicians being pulled around by the nose, or people well versed in business, but with no experience in dealing with the old dogs of Washington or Foreign Policy._

            -Whats going to happen with a “Newbie” they talk big out here, but if elected, the Old Dogs in Washington, are going to show he/she, just how its going to be. It’s a toss!

          • DaveH

            And that, Angel, is exactly why we need to put up the candidate who shows the most promise of shrinking Government — all Government. Because he is going to be under tremendous pressure to conform to the system, and I don’t think the majority of the Republican candidates could withstand that pressure.
            There are only two Republican candidates who will make that effort, and one of them, Gary Johnson, has already been effectively silenced by the MSM. The other, Ron Paul, has too big a following to silence, but the MSM will still try. Even my neighbor from Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) has bought into the MSM propaganda that Ron is a kook. And my neighbor escaped from Communism 40 years ago, so one would expect him to understand Freedom, but one would be wrong.
            Even if Ron got elected and the Congress effectively stymied him, he would have a national platform with which to further the awakening of the American people to the realities of Big Government. Once people experience the prosperity and peace that Freedom brings, there will be no turning back until the future generations have become so spoiled and complacent that they forget once again that Freedom does not come easy.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Daveh, Nah, I don’t think Ron Paul is a Kook, I didn’t like his stance on drugs and prostitution.
            I look at it from the kids perspective. Of Our kids today, half only have one parent at home. They’re alone more than not and are seriously influenced by TV and social media, they believe & hang on every word. We seriously lack heros today, the heros we looked up to when we were kids.__I just think this type of behavior ought to be spoke against and not for. __I get why he says drugs and prostitution should be legalized. In a Republic we are to Govern ourselves and have the right to do with our bodies what we will., but my concern lies with the kids._The Liberals have taken over the colleges years ago, we need to get to the younger kids, before they become college age.

          • DaveH

            The wildest kids I’ve known, Angel, came from strict families. People behave best when they’re free.

    • http://wildblue C Derr

      To 4-just-us, While i would certainly agree that Ron Paul is a good choice for President, Dennis Kucinich is part of the problem in this country. Mr. Kucinich is one of 70 communists or socialist, which ever you prefer from district 10 of Ohio. He is helping Obama rip this country apart along with Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Abercrombie,Jesse Jackson,Barney Frank. I don`t have the space to list them all, so do some checking before you wish for something like that. These are all members of the congressional progressive caucus. You might note that there are 11 of these guys from California on this caucus.FRom Ohio there are 4 Dennis Kucinich being one of them. Every one of these people should be targeted for defeat in the next election. They are the problem not the solution.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        C. Derr,
        I agree 100% Dennis “I saw a UFO” Kooksinich is the worst thing to happen to Cleveland Ohio in a long time!! He bankrupted cleveland and soeone wants to see him as VP???? did you see where he had a very large lawsuit against the house snackbar for breaking a tooth?? Lucky for them, he finally got a little sense.

  • TheRealBob

    The only hope that something good will survive from the USA is partition. There are too many violent, selfish, lazy tax-consuming parasites on the left to effectively control and they will eventually destroy us if we don’t control them. Any partition will soon end because these scum will quickly destroy their half of the country through drug abuse, poverty, violence, and rampant disease. Once they have destroyed themselves, we conservatives can take their half back and build a new America that isn’t infested with these intestinal parasites.

    • Covert1970

      Make sure you have unspoiled food and lead, plenty of lead ! If the parasites want to destroy their side and then come over to ours, give them a quick lesson on you’re not welcome ! I was born in 1947, worked delivering papers from the age of 11 every day including school days and ten more papers on Sat. and Sunday ! Did this until I could get a reg. job working in a grocery store at age 15 and have worked since then until 2007. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, cousins then people started moving away from home area and are spreaad all over THE country. I am a disabled veteran of Vietnam and now get SS too so I paid in, earned my share and don’t feel bad about collecting as long as it lasts ! Both parents are dead as are my grandparents, save my Aunt who is 93 and in great health ! God bless us who were taught to say yes sir and yes mam, not to steal and to help those in need and not just with money ! When I broadslide into my grave it will be with a smile !

  • Sapient


    I agree…split the nation in half…the free half and the imprisoned or deported lawless.

    Our differences are far beyond political philosophy…as Jefferson made plain:

    “Where the principle of difference [between political parties] is as substantial and as strongly pronounced as between the republicans and the monocrats of our country, I hold it as honorable to take a firm and decided part and as immoral to pursue a middle line, as between the parties of honest men and rogues, into which every country is divided.” –Thomas Jefferson to William Branch Giles, 1795. ME 9:317

    The US was designed to be a place in the world where honest men would want to live and raise their families. Rogues should be dealt with as such. Splitting into two nations only postpones the problem…for then, we have a rogue nation next door.

    We can ask Israel how well that works.

    God speed

    “We may be tossed upon an ocean where we can see no land nor, perhaps, the sun and stars. But there is a chart and a compass for us to study, to consult, and to obey. The chart is the Constitution.” — Daniel Webster

  • DROB1776

    Michael Moore, says that rich cannot build walls high enough, as he is one of the rich, you better keep a low profile fat man you are on the people eill be coming for if things break into class warfare.

    • Angel Wannabe

      DROB1776_I’m always AMAZED at the people who are rich beyond belief because of Capitalism, and then turn around and protest against it!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        That’s because people like him are so self centered that they are always afraid that somebody else is gonna make just as much as him and make it look easy, thus making him look BAD!! He’s a fat SLOB!!!

        • Angel Wannabe

          JoeH. That guy makes me absolutely sick to look at him!__Obnoxious Pig!

  • Cliffystones

    Hey Robert,

    Making blanket statements about an entire generation (Baby Boomers) will come back to bite you in the arse every time.

    Like others have replied. I grew up in Downtown Los Angeles. My Dad worked 2 jobs, full-time in a cardboard box factory (anybody remember factories?) and part time as a bar tender at the local Moose Lodge to support his family.

    I started working at 17 (told them I was 18) and worked at the same cardboard box factory the summer after graduating. I went on to work in a glass container factory, a copper pipe factory and a grocery warehouse. I lived within my means, seldom used credit, and saved some from every paycheck. I got in on the beginning of IRA accounts and 401K plans and always invested at least the “match” amount in the plans when possible.

    And for all of my truly conservative financial lifestyle, I’m cast as a spoiled child simply based on the year I was born?

  • http://YAHOO NAM67

    all left liberals,progressives,commies same thing send to the west coast.

    • Don

      Sorry Charlie, we don’t want the azz-holes here in the west, except for mexi-fornia that is, everything east of the Mississippi river is liberals and real Americans get the rest !!

      • JeffH

        Don, agreed! The western US is by far the most productive region of the US…especially agriculturally. Send the Marxist/socialist/communist progressives south to Mexico and beyond or let the move to the more socially minded counties of Europe.

    • http://wildblue C Derr

      NAM 67, We do not want these SOB`s out here either. Here is a list of the communists and where they are located. Earl Hilliard- Alabama-distric 7. Eni Falco Mavaega Alabama. Ed Paster-Arizona- Dist. 2. Lynn C. Woolsey-Cal-Dist 6. George Miller- Cal- Dist. 7. Nancy Pelosi- Cal- dist 8. Fortney Pete Stark-Cal.-dist 13. Henry Waxman-Cal.-dist29. Xavier Becerra-cal-dist 30. Julian Dixon-Cal-dist 32. Estaban Edward Torres-cal dist 34. Maxine Waters-Cal.-dist 35. George E. Brown-cal.-dist 42. Bob Filner-cal- dist 50. Diane Degette -Colorado-dist 1. Eleanor Holmes Norton-DC-AL. Corrine Brown- Florida-dist 3. Carrie M. Meek-Florida-dist 17. Alcea L Hastings-Florida-dist 23. Cynthia A. Mckinney-Georgia-dist 4. John Lewis-Georgia-dist 5. Neil Abercrombie-HI.-dist1. Patsy Mink-Hi.-dist 2. Jessie Jackson-Il.-dist2. Luis Guitierrez-IL.-dist 4. Danny Davis-IL-dist 7. Lane Evans-IL.-dist 17. Julia Carson-IN.-dist 10. John Oliver-Ma.-dist 3. Jim McGovern-MA.-dist 3. Barney Frank- MA.-dist 4. John Tierney-Ma.-dist 6. David Bonior-MI.-dist 10. Lynn N. Rivers-MI.-MI.-dist.-13. John Conyers-MI.- dist 14. Bennie G. Thompson-MS.-dist 2. Melvin L. Watt-NC.-dist 12. Donold Payne-NJ.-dist 10. Jerrold Nadler-NY.-dist 8. Major Owens-NY.-dist. 11. Nydia M. Velaquez-NY. dist. 12. Charles Wrangel-NY.-dist 15. Maurice Hinchey-NY.-dist. 26. John Lafalse–dist 29. Marcy Kapter-OH.-dist-9. Dennis Kuchinich-OH. dist 10. Louis Stokes-OH. dist.-11. Sherrod Brown-OH.-dist13. Elizabeth Furse-OR.-dist. 1. Peter Defasio-OR.-dist 4. Chaka Fattah-PA.-dist.2. William Coyne-PA. dist.-14. Carlos A. Romero Barcelo-PR.-AL. Robert C. Scott-VA. dist 3. Bernard Sanders-VT. dist. vt-al. James A. McDermott-WA. dist-7. Each and every one of these people should be targrted for defeat in the next election. The is no excuse for people such as these people holding public office and working against the will of the American people. They are supposed to be working for us rather than against us.

  • CJ

    The government has effectively put sugar in the gas tank, and now tells us we MUST buy costly additions and improvements, while buying expensive gas, to fix the problem, all the while putting more sugar in the tank. The simple fix is less government. Start passing laws that remove current regulations that are IN THE WAY. Businesses can’t exist spending half their capital just to comply with regulations.

    • Old Henry

      Sounhds like it may be time for another Cash for Clunkers program…

      • Angel Wannabe

        Old Henry, I’d rather see “Cash for Congress”, nobody would go broke, cuz they’re not worth much more than 2 cents for the whole lot! :)

  • joe

    this guy is a tard, I love Bob’s insight, but the idea of relinquishing ANY part of OUR country is f-ing suicidal, and just wrong. The gregarious dogmas of this fake two party system are destroying this country- welfare recipients just hear you want to make life harder on them- most blacks and hispanics are Christian, and are effected disproportionally to the upper classes by things like inflation, which is the REAL economic problem, along with corporate welfare and central planning…the FED is screwing us, and the chicken hawk neo-conservativesare driving the lower class to near starvation through inflated commodities prices…and they are being used to champion the lib-tarded policies which most people DON’T agree with…we a need a libertarian to unite this country, end the wars, corporate welfare, and reduce the income tax to a piddly 6 percent with consumption tax, and start to restructure medicare/ cade, and ease people off the food stamps until the economy is looking up again… while you, Mr. Idiot, are in the corner, shutting the F%@# up! Split the country? URGHHHHHHH

  • Charles

    I can’t believe I am reading that people actually considering the idea of splitting up the United States! That will only result in making two smaller, weaker countries and setting a precedent for more fracturing, ultimately leading to small city-states and anarchy throughout the countryside. Read about how ancient Rome collapsed. If we allow the Union to dissolve it will be history repeating itself.

    • mrcave

      The idea of splitting the country is horrible, but I’ve started to feel that it may be the only way to save what the founding fathers gave us.

      A leg with gangrene must be cut off. It is not what is wanted, but it is necessary to preserve life.

      I feel that California, New York, and Illinois (at least Chicago)are already a part of some socialist country. They are beyond saving.

      Some part of the world should be free.

      • Bob McCormick

        Don’t forget to include the Socialist Republic of Massachusetts in your list

        • eddie47d

          Go ahead and Balkanize America. A few states here and a few states there and you think everything will be hunky dorey! You’re isolationists and right here in America. There are plenty of reasons that the left dislikes the right and the conservatives do have a self righteous demur. In other words your sh*t can stink and no different than a few on the left.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Well said EDDIE47D!
            Actually…I cant believe I just said that.

      • Marty S.

        The country is already split up. Obama incites class warfare at an unprecedented rate using all things including the media drones, SEIU thugs and executive order (which was meant for emergencies only), pooping on our Constitution the list goes on ad infinitum. The only thing that has yet to happen is some sort of a physical reorganization of the country and it isn’t going to be pretty nor favorable (can you say FEMA camps) to those of us who believe in free enterprise as long as he is running the show. Sorry for the doom-n-gloom comment but “hope and change” has wore me out.

  • Patriot

    Politicians will always find a way to steal money, if they are in office long enough. For some reason they cannot find anywhere to cut, let’s do some research and investigation on Fannie & Freddie, the corrupt money laundering scheme. Good intentions turned into the top people and their political enablers to reap huge benefits and payoffs at our expense. All in the name of low interest mortgages this money was stolen from these institutions so that “we the people” could not figure out where the money went. This is the exact same scheme as our Federal Reserve. I believe in the Tea Party and what they stand for, the work has started and both parties are a frightened, we need to take control and start putting these jokers in jail where they belong.

  • Jeryl

    No government on this earth truly cares about it’s citizens, with the possible exception of Israel. All governments and government elite care about is power and control. I would not be surprised to see the current administration use the unions and far-left extremists to cause literal bloodshed, then use that as a pretense for declaring martial law immediately prior to the elections (or even during the elections).

    • eddie47d

      Since division and blood shed is being advocated from the right I think you need to go back and reread the article. You don’t advocate for something you don’t want and he wants it.

      • Cawmun Cents


  • 12AngryMen

    As gratifying as it sounds to split, history does not support its success.
    The ancients that lived on this continent before us had a long history of repeatedly straying from the principles of freedom. It resulted in war, captivity, and devastation from which they had to rebuild every time but two.
    The first time they avoided the cycle was when the creeping slavery-minded people were purged by indignant patriots. The anarchists were hunted down, sworn to oaths of loyalty to freedom, or otherwise put to death. Sounds harsh, but they had seen the alternative too many times. This decision led to a time of enormous prosperity and happiness for several generations.
    The second time they did not need to rebuild was after dissension had split them into two great nations, one following Christian values, the other intentionally pagan and war-like. The Christians were able to fight off their enemies for all the years they were righteous. But as soon as they forgot their God, they were completely destroyed. There were none left to rebuild because they were hunted down and exterminated.
    Point is: Allowing enemies of freedom to organize together is a recipe for disaster. When their system collapses, and they see a prosperous neighbor, what morals will keep them from doing the absolute worst to then and the world? If you think they are hateful now, what till an entire generation has been taught that Christians are the cause of all their suffering.

    • isBubba

      You’ve got your history and terminology wildly wrong…a product of the leftist school system no doubt.

      • 12AngryMen

        You mean the leftist school called the ancient scriptures written by prophets of the Lord?

        Fine, let’s say you have never studied the ancient Americas. Is there another civilization in any time or place where this concept did work?

      • 12AngryMen

        Just for your reference, I am talking about events around 400 A.D.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone here:
    I’m a fiscal conservative and for small government like any rational being would be. However, we as Americans are going to have to come to grips with the fact that our nation has been living high on the hog since 1950. Our nation has the highest standard of living than any nation in the world. In addition, we’re only 5% of the world’s pop.
    yet we consume 25% of the world’s resources. That means our nation using 5 times more resources per capita than our overall representation to the world’s pop. We’re going to have to cut back.
    Granted habits are hard to break but this nation is going to have to take bold steps in correcting these problems. Next, to the subject of dividing the nation. It’s not going to work. We, as citizens of this nation, have to work as a team to solve these problems no one gorup can do on its own. Also, if we persue such an ackward course, our nation is in danger of becoming the way Yugoslavia did in the early 1990′s. Lets not make that mistake. Thanks!!
    P.S. The candidate i’m starting to like is Herman Cain. With the exception of Ron Paul, Herman Cain has done the best in the debates. Maybe a Herman Cain/Ron Paul ticket could win in 2012. Lets pray so.

    • http://yahoo Lu Ann

      Tony….Why shouldnt we have the highest standard of living in the world? We have oil, but we dont drill for it, we have coal but the epa is going to shut down coal burning electric plants. We have farm land for abundant food. We have been blessed by God with all we need. The problem is the welfare state… we cannot continue to provide for a people too lazy to provide for themselves. The problem is living outside of our means, it is not that we live with abundance.

      • Karolyn

        Try again regarding the farmland. Our land is so nutritionally depleted due to factory farming it’s amazing it keeps producing. It only does because they keep adding chemical fertilizers. Yeah, keep tearing down mountains for coal until West Virginia has no more mountains. Try living in coal country. You might like living with lung disease and cancer, but it’s not a pretty picture for many.

        • Jibbs

          We grow our own veggie’s and make our own compost from old cow pies veggie peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, leaves, and weeds that we pull around the house and garden. it’s a great way to enrich the soil without chemicals.
          For pests on the plants, I take a few drops of dish soap added to a quart spray bottle and mist a light coat to the plants, very safe and effective.

        • S.C. Murf

          Big K, the bible teaches us that every seventh year the land is to go untouched so as it can replenish itself, but the greed of man has to keep making money

          up the hill

      • eddie47d

        We do drill for oil,frack for gas and dig for coal. That can be a blessing and a curse and few complain about it being done but how it is done. Most want responsible stewardship of our resources.

        • http://Personalliberty Tony

          To eddie47d:
          Amen to your post. The only sad thing is i wish more people on this web-site would realize this. You know watch the dvd Earth 2100 or the
          reason fox network show Terra Nova. These are examples what will happen to our nation along with planet if we don’t have good stewardship plus if these fool hardy Tea partiers get in charge. Thanks!!

          • http://Personalliberty Tony

            To Everyone:
            A correction, recent not reason. Thanks again!!

    • DaveH

      Herman Cain is NOT going to shrink Big Government.
      He’s a militarist. Haven’t we had enough of being the World’s Policemen?
      He’s a Drug War advocate. Haven’t we had enough of the futile, freedom-robbing, Drug Lord enriching Drug Wars?
      He’s a former Chairman of a Federal Reserve Bank. Do we think this man will reign in (better yet eliminate) the Federal Reserve currency thieves? Most likely not.

    • Void1972

      You need to move yourself and your offspring to a third world nation. I’m sure you and yours will be more at home.
      You might be a “fiscal conservative” (cheap liberal) on the outside, but your an out right communist in your soul.

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To Void 1972:
        Honestly sir, get loss Hoss and i mean it. People such as yourself is the reason conservatives look like fools and why we will lose in 2012. Now scatter, thanks!!

  • Monte

    I agree with you Robert. The situation can’t remain stable much longer. Here in the South, Obama and his radical agenda are considered pure poison. We wonder what morons put this idiot in office. The only solution is, as you said, to split. We here in the South can live the way we want. And the others can live under communism with queer preachers or whatever other perversion turns them on. But, wait a minute…isn’t that what was tried in 1860? Does this mean the work of the ‘great emancipator’ was a failure?

    • DaveH

      Are you talking about Dishonest Abe? The only people he “emancipated” were the Politicians and their Cronies in the Federal Government.

  • isBubba

    Bob Ringer is exactly right, except for one detail. There should be three splits made: the left-coast (for the leftists), the right-coast (for true conservatives), and the center or central section (for those who don’t know who the h3ll they really are).

    Short of killing the left and ones who might as well be (so-called “centrists”), or splitting as above, there will be no resolution to the great divide in our country.

    There are not 15 gazillion fractures of substance in this country; there are only two. And the differences between them are far deeper than economic or social, but encompass both. There are some who are leftists socially, but somehow manage to be conservatives fiscally, but these are only leftists, since leftists don’t use reason, and are clueless. These are the types of people who should be in the “center” (central) section, as they won’t be accepted on either of the coasts.

    Some commenting on this blog are these “center” people: the people who don’t know what’s going on, and don’t identify fully with either sides of the issues/battle. Furthermore, all the fractures the “center” people in these responses cite, merely represent two fractures, left and right. This follows because, as any devout leftist or true conservative will tell you, there is no “partial progressive,” and there is no such thing as a partial constitutional conservative either.

    Speaking from the true conservative’s perspective, if you buy into the Constitution, you buy into personal, God-given rights and the Christian God of our forefathers. Having bought into God, then you must buy into fiscal and social conservatism, and you must buy into charity (and a whole lot of other good character traits). That’s the way it works. Hence the split can be called left and right or, as I believe truly, good and evil, but it’s still a single split. An if you don’t see it, then, no doubt, you belong in the left or central portion of the country.

    • Tom P

      Why do you believe the center of the country needs to suffer? Most that live West of the Mississippi, as I, might object to your proposal to contamimate our self sufficent mentality.

      • isBubba

        Well, the idea was “Left Coast=leftists, Right Coast=right people, Mid-West/Mideast=so-called centrists.” But does it really matter where? From people like myself, who live east of the Mississippi, the leftists live #1-on the left-coast, #2-in the northeast and #3-in most other major metro cities. So the fewest moves would seem to be either left-coast to east or northeast to left-coast. Center is the buffer, has less pop than moving the Southeast, so it’s the natural choice for the “Centrists.” Also it would be good to have some varied terrain. I like wide open spaces, but not all the time. But to be honest, like I said, it not the where that’s as important as the who.

        So as long as the land is generally arable and not subject to turning to dust or desert, it would be truly sustainable. In my mind, that leaves either the east 1/3 or the west 1/3. I’d be OK with any third that has a wealth of resources for sustaining life ongoing without the aid of the other thirds’ resources. Again, that leaves east or west…not so much central. I’ve lived all over the US, and that’s how I see it. Not to say the central doesn’t have it’s places, but I think it would be hardest to sustain a large population there.

        • Jibbs

          Come on down here to Missouri and see how far your idea goe’s. I’m a coservative from Chicago, but I know some good ole boys that will not care for you idea due to the fact they are conservative’s also.
          Nice try.

  • robert shrugged

    I have built a 4o1k to 7oo,ooo and I have retired, bur the federal government wants to tax me into poverty for being sucsesful. they want to cancel my right to social security that I have paid during my working years. the congressmen and women, and government employees get full and have not paid for it, and their retirement benifits are much more like doulbe social security, so I believe the federal government needs to take a fifty percent deduction in their benifits to balance the feild of play.

  • Old Henry


    Yet another good article. I too have been saying we should split the country, however, not for 30 years. I started the chant about 20 years ago.

    I think the Missippi River would be an ideal east – west border as it runs the width of the country. It would also be more easily defendable as one of our borders.

    Everything west is the good guys country. Everything east is the communist country. Since the east is mostly communist already this would help minimize re-location of communists from the good guys country.

    I have not been able to come up with an idea of what to do about the good folks in the south, however.

    Perhaps a third country called the New Confederate States of America. We could leave the Missippi River bridges linking them to the good guys country and dynamite all of them linking to the communist country.

    Mexifornia? A one-way plane ride from LAX to Boston.

    The damned illegals? Rounded up and sent on buses back home or to the communist country on a plane.

    We would not need immigration as abortion would not exist and we would proliferate.

    • Don

      Old Henry, you have hit the nail on the head with that one, i agree 100% , we wouldn’t want to disturb miss Kerry now would we !!

    • JeffH

      Old Henry, you’re a man after my own heart…I like the idea of splitting the country down the Mississippi with the western part of the country as the “good” country. California is the largest producer of agricultural products in the world and nothing would be better than to toss out all of the Marxist/socialist/progressive/commies and start anew.

      • eddie47d

        How about putting all you “conservative” nut cases in the state of Kansas (sorry Kansas) and leave the rest of us alone.Deal!

        • JeffH

          Well eddie, after reading your earlier posts, if I were you I’d be carefull about using the term “nut cases”…you most certainly fit the description.

          • DaveH

            Comparing Eddie to Nut Cases is an insult to Nut Cases.

          • JeffH

            DaveH, good point :)

        • eddie47d

          You all belong in the State of Confusion and there are several openings. You can then babble all you want in your own State of mind.

          • JeffH

            HELLO! eddie, the only one babbling here is U!

          • eddie47d

            Can’t handle it can you Jeff since you are the one who brought it on.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I don’t know, JeffH seems to be handling it pretty well, while on the other hand, you seem to be the one that’s getting a little hysterical!!! Kitchen a little too warm for ya???

          • JeffH

            Joe H. :) wait til he get hysterical, then laugh like hell!

          • eddie47d

            Not a chance Joe-not a chance!

        • Cawmun Cents

          Gentlemen/Ladies…I think we ought to call up the old system of political argument for the sake of our fine nation.
          I speak of dueling.
          Yes….by blade or bullet we can then decide who be the victor,in a disagreement pertinent to honor.
          It seems only just,and fitting that half of the upstarts in this nation should be removed completely.
          There you have it.-Signed Cawmun Cents.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Oh yes and leave us not reconsider Obamacare just yet….only after the dueling is complete,shall we remove it completely.-CC.

  • Brent Pittman

    Both the Republican and Democrat parties are going in the wrong direction. To SAVE the US entrepreneurial ranking, credit rating, stock market, the $, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and the police, fire, k-12 public school, library, military, defense and homeland security budgets while CUTTING government spending, debt and present tax rates without causing inflation or high interest rates; both State and Federal parties would be winners if they would compromise with the following strategies:

    Create good paying American jobs with good benefits for American citizens by repealing all sales taxes & replace the lost revenue with an import tax/tariff on imported labor & manufactured goods. Increase the federal income tax deduction from $5700 (2010) to $15000 for American citizens. Increase the IN state income tax exemption for non-dependent adults from $1000 to $5000, up to $15,000; depending on disabilities and age. All standard deductions and exemptions should be adjusted for inflation. Collect an export tax on natural resources/commodities such as coal, oil, natural gas & grains.

    Repeal all wealthy individual, business and new development/construction tax incentives such as tax abatement, tax increment financing, grants, deductions, credits, tax free bonds, earmarks and loopholes that are creating poverty wage American jobs or exporting jobs. OR, require these corporate welfare kings to pay a living wage, minimum wage of $15/hour with good benefits; adjusted for inflation. Collect mandatory impact fees (IN code: 36-7-4-1300, only infrastructure today); but, expand the code to collect impact fees for schools, libraries, parks, police and fire. Search for Brent Pittman at and for more information and details.

  • Commonsense

    Don’t care if you had it easy or hard! Your government is robbing and stealing everything in sight!!! As far as SS’ the only thing in the coffers is a bunch of IOUs. Quit whining and badmouthing and vote out the schmucks that have ruined the system. If the government is handling your money’ you get what ya voted for:( Social Security was a good theory until you implement it with human greed and no repercussions. I for one think instead of SS, let me invest my own and keep the government out. Make your future your own responsibilty. SMALL GOVERNMENT=BIG FREEDOMS……..VOTE RON PAUL:2012!!! AMEN

  • Bob McCormick

    I certainly didn’t have a spoiled childhood. I grew up in the 50s when kids mowed lawns, shoveled snow and delivered papers. By the time I was fourteen I was repairing cars in the shed beside our house for people in the neighborhood. My parents never gave me an allowance, I did chores because it was expected, my parents provided for me, sent me to camp, paid for private school, music lessons etc, so chores were generally part of the deal. Throughout my working career I learned what I needed as I went along, it took most of my life to find the time to get a degree as my parents could not help when I was young. I have been laid off in every major recession since the 80s and I have always managed to pick myself up start over and provide for my kids. SO DON”T TALK TO ME ABOUT BEING SPOILED.
    The government has been taking my money since 1964 with the promise that it would be there for me when I retired. I know it may be naive but I expect my government to keep that promise .While Robert Ringer is entitled to his opinions,no matter how misguided, I find it extremely insulting for someone with what I am sure is a fat nest egg to be lecturing us “spoiled” baby boomers about social security. Hey Bob are you going to file for your social security benefits when you retire.
    One final point. Social Security is unsustainable because the system has been mismanaged and plundered over the years. What government needs to do is take responsibility, fix the problem it created and honor its commitments. Is that too much to expect?

  • Remembers History

    The thought had already occured to me to split the US. We should start by ceeding California to Mexico and letting Oregon and Washington State go with them if they choose. If all three states joined Mexico, the new state, a merging of California, Oregon and Washington into COW would give West Coast liberals all the uneducated voters they could ever hope for without harming the rest of what is now the United State.
    We should encourage leftists from the East Coast to move to COW. This would satisfy La Razda Unida, who claim (probably accurately) they have already taken California anyway.
    The rest of the country could pass stringent laws agsint illegal immigration and give free transportation to the West Coast to all illegals that are currently in the rest of the country. West Coast liberals never get enough illegals to suit them, so perhaps this would help them out while helping out the rest of us.
    Stripped of the largess of hard-working conservatives, California would be forced to redistribute the incomes of liberal Hollywood types like Sean Penn, Susuan Sarandon, Hanoi Jane Fonda, etc. etc.
    COW leaders could take over the governance of Mexico and legalize drugs, which would put the cartels out of business while furnishing Californians with all the free heroin and pot they could ever desire.
    Of course, once COW has taken over Mexico, they won’t be content to watch us doing better over here and their policies failing. They would run out of Other People’s Money much quicker, then they would become the equivelent of North Korea and would soon start threatening us. By then we should have recovered from the weakening effects of their Marxist policies to deal with them.

  • Antonio

    I am for a complete division of the U.S. One for the socialism that they want and one for the capitalism that we want. They would really hate us then, but i wouldn’t worry about them rioting on our side of the fence since guns would be banned over there and everybody over here would have at least 10 or so… Upon starting our new conservative side, we absolutely need to abolish the IRS, FEDERAL RESERVE, ATF, SWAT, FDA, EPA, UNIONS, DEA, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. Create a sells tax and state and thats it. we would be very prosperous and very envied. We would secure our borders with armed troops and citizens being able to shoot to kill those who are crossing their ranches. We would end all entitlement programs ALL OF THEM. Welcome to the new conservative states :)

  • chuckb

    social security would be in fine shape if the bolsheviks had kept their hands off the trust fund and using those funds for welfare and illegals.

  • robert shrugged

    Tony I hate to tell you but we are giving social security to illegal aliens, and we are also giving them welfare until they are old enough for social security. as for welfare if you are a woman and have a live in man and you have a child you get wilfare for 2, and well baby benifits. the man lives in and causes another baby and up goes the costs. if a woman has one baby out of wedlock and is on welfare i say that she should be given her welfare, but if she has a second child she loses her welfare. that would be a discouragement for welfare families. there is too much being given with no accoountability. if the librals want to take care of the of the poor and the welfare they can give their retirement and wages to take care of them with no help from the taxpayers. the truly poor in the depression were abel to get by because they did have help from neighbors and freinds. they did not get welfare. it did not exist then. when polliticians see something that is sad they get out the checks to take care of it, but social security and medicare are are of no importance because they have already paid in an so they do not need it according to the politicians. to the politicians people who work are either slaves or idiots and should not be taker care of.

    • Karolyn

      robert – I don’t know where you live, but welfare is not like that in SC.

    • Jibbs

      Sounds like you have some bad dis-information

  • Kevin Beck

    I would like Michael Bloominidiotberg to explain why he is secretly cheering on the rioters. And why, when the Federal budget expands by 25% from 2009 to 2010, that a measly reduction of 0.002% of spending is so impossible? Does this doofus recognize any of the principles that made him wealthy? Or does he want to guarantee that no one else will be able to enjoy the same benefits from attempting the same or a similar protocol?

    Too many questions; too few liberals to answer them.

  • simian pete

    The Tortoise has some good advice. The BOOMERS are “spoiled” compared to their parents, who survived the Great Depression and World War 2. Some boomers here have posted that they worked hard – at a job – at young age. The boomers’ parents survived in an economy where jobs were few …

    Once again, due to those BOOMERS who are running Washington DC, we have scarce jobs … So I guess what comes around goes around. You may an industrious individual, but your kids (like the Boomers) lack the “can do” toughness of our forefathers.

    Their AIN’T no jobs ! Most of this propserity we had was taken from the work of a few industrious individuals – who wisely used industrial machinery (physical assets) to produce wealth. Then the government (run by the “Boomers”) redistributed most of it to them “spoiled Boomers” !!

    It doesn’t matter if you were “libertarian” or “conservative” or even “liberal”. WE BOOMERS ALL BENEFITTED IN THE LOOTING ! SOME MORE THAN OTHERS ! DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY !

    Now all the industrial mchinery is gone – no more factories- most are closed down. It doesn’t look good…. No Factories – No Wealth !!!!!

    • simian pete

      The line that says “You may an industrious individual, but your kids (like the Boomers) lack the “can do” toughness of our forefathers.”

      SHould read “You may be an industrious individual, but your kids (like the Boomers) lack the “can do” toughness of our forefathers.”

      Pardon me, I left “be” out ..

  • robert shrugged

    and that is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. you may not like it but it is so.

  • robert shrugged

    simon pete I was born in Pitsburgh and got a first hand look at a great city killed by the librals. when I saw japan shipping steel into Pittsburgh I knew the city and the nation were in big trouble, Pittsburgh first and the U S slowly one knife after another. We are dying a slow death because of the socialist, marxist, leftist ideas being imported into the U S A. when you allow the leftists teach our children what would you expect? When you allow the lazy to pick up welfare checkx, what would you expect? When you preach that capitalism, God, and our founding fathers not applicable what would expect?

  • Raygatz

    Nobody likes the Idea of a divided USA, BUT THIS is what we have… The “lazy poor- entitlement sponges” will keep sucking up to “big brother” with their votes not caring about the economy or issues of freedom… Meanwhile the current snakeheads in the last 10 yrs have amassed a government machine that has grown 16 times faster than private sector’s employment… 16% of USA voters are NOW GOVT. Employees,include their spouses and that’s 32% and growing… So between the “Suck ups” and the overpaid amassing “Govt. employee pawns” they’re becoming the majority…Its almost GAME OVER… That’s how “THE Big government Special Interest” spirals into tyranny over the True Americans…We are almost there my friends. Unless something HUGE happens, The socialists win… Next is Communism… Welcome to AmaeriKa –> I will move to the FREE America… GOD help us…

  • robert shrugged


  • robert shrugged

    Remember the politicians buy votes with our money.

  • Bill

    Our government is broken. Maybe it is time to think way outside the box. Why not locate and build a NEW capitol at maybe the geographic or population center of the US. Start small, plan and design well, elect AMERICANS, and gradually shift power from Washington. It has become irrelevant and a drag on a free America. Obama has his own billionaire in Soros, plus some other rich libs. Do we have any of our own billionaires who would help start this?? Start NEW political alliances/parties. Maybe stop voting at all for Washingtonians. Run our own slate of candidates. Elect our own PRESIDENT!! One small step at a time. We can use some old document as our basis, like the “Declaration of Independence” and that much ignored document, “the US Constitution”. Maybe our motto could be something like “Don’t Tread on me”. It worked once before.

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      To Bill:
      You do have billionaires on your side, they’re called the Koch brothers, who formed that God forsaken foolish Tea Party movement.
      Just telling the truth Ruth!!

      • Jibbs

        Tony says:
        September 27, 2011 at 2:43 pm
        To Bill:
        You do have billionaires on your side, they’re called the Koch brothers, who formed that God forsaken foolish Tea Party movement.
        Just telling the truth Ruth!!

        Your a straight liar!

        • Jibbs

          I meant, straight up liar!

          • JeffH

            …and you’re correct…

          • eddie47d

            Since the Koch Brothers initiated the Tea Party and infused it with buckets of money then I would say they started the party.

          • JeffH

            …and I say you are a proven liar and cannot provide one shred of evidence to support your allegation…

          • eddie47d

            I guess that makes you and Jibbs double liars. You are such a sore looser Jeff.

          • Jibbs

            I think Eddies whole life has been a lie, and he can no longer tell the difference between fact or fiction.
            He never provides one shred of evidence to back up anything he says.
            Sometimes I think he should be banned from this site, but then we all need a daily laugh to get thru the day.

          • JeffH

            Jibbs, absolutely. Sore loser? Liars? ROFLMAO!

            I’ll remind eddie of who is the proven liar by simply saying 20 – 0!

            LIE#1 – eddie says, August 19, 2011 at 7:27 pm
            If someone is not a Libertarian (according to Jeff and maybe Jana)they have to be a communist. There is certainly nothing wrong with being a Libertarian except for the arrogance that flows from some of it’s members mouths.

            LIE#2 – eddie says, August 20, 2011 at 11:25 pm
            We do see Jeff and Dave H. making personal threats (mostly mocking) against those they disagree with. That is everyday right Dave?

            LIE#3 – eddie says, August 21, 2011 at 11:39 am
            Dave H can be a liar and a slanderer.As a matter of fact Jeff can also be a liar and a slanderer. You keep on doing it so I will assume the rest of us will have to put up with your occasional “fib”. I love when Dave says he didn’t say something when the words are right there in print. I may be misinterpreted in what I say but I won’t say that it wasn’t my words like Dave does.

            Here is the link to the comments where Eddie said that:

            LIE#4 – eddie says, September 16, 2011 at 11:23 am
            I see Jeff is still playing his silly troll game of hysterical nonsense. I don’t know if a doctor has a cure for your malaise but seek help. Now once again since I didn’t lie that makes you the liar.Now can you wrap your tiny mind around that?

          • Jibbs

            eddie47d says:
            August 21, 2011 at 11:30 am
            An opinion can be a fact or just an opinion on a subject. What should we call your “opinions” Song? Maybe you are too “opinionated” to answer that.


            Knowledge or information based on real occurrences: an account based on fact; a blur of fact and fancy.

            Something demonstrated to exist or known to have existed: Genetic engineering is now a fact. That Chaucer was a real person is an undisputed fact.
            A real occurrence; an event: had to prove the facts of the case.
            Something believed to be true or real: a document laced with mistaken facts.

            o·pin·ion (-pnyn)
            1. A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof: “The world is not run by thought, nor by imagination, but by opinion” (Elizabeth Drew).
            2. A judgment based on special knowledge and given by an expert: a medical opinion.
            3. A judgment or estimation of the merit of a person or thing: has a low opinion of braggarts.
            4. The prevailing view: public opinion.
            5. Law A formal statement by a court or other adjudicative body of the legal reasons and principles for the conclusions of the court.

            [Middle English, from Old French, from Latin opni, opnin-, from opnr, to think.]
            Synonyms: opinion, view, sentiment, feeling, belief, conviction, persuasion
            These nouns signify something a person believes or accepts as being sound or true. Opinion is applicable to a judgment based on grounds insufficient to rule out the possibility of dispute: “A little group of willful men, representing no opinion but their own, have rendered the great Government of the United States helpless and contemptible” (Woodrow Wilson)

          • eddie47d

            Then Jibbs and Jeff would be permanently banned for all the lies they tell. I’m standing on solid ground compared to you two slicksters.

          • JeffH

            eddie, then prove it…you are a “proven” liar and, as of yet, have not proven otherwise…whereas it has been proven multiple times that you are a liar and every time you deny said proof you are telling another lie…you are a pathalogical liar and carry no credibility to boot. Every time you deny it, you just add to your ever growing list of lies.

  • S.C. Murf

    Jesus said a house divided cannot stand. We have to pull it together, get the right people to do the job or it will be death to America. The people that don’t believe it could happen to America need to make that popping sound and get with the rest of us and make a stand. The immoral people are getting bolder and bolder, case in point, the 2 gal pals that were kissing on the plane, the gay marches etc. We have been making our choices of good or evil every day of our lives, now it’s time to stand up and scream at the tops of our lung’s. Maybe it’s time to get rid of keeping a low profile and show them exactly who we are and what we stand for. And for those of you that don’t believe in Jesus that’s alright, I not going to shove Him down your throat, I’ll let Him talk to you later

    up the hill

    • joseph femiani

      you have a great mind. the freedom of speach doesnot allow public speach against our constitution nor speach for sharia law or any other laws against our constitution.freedom of speach against politicians and president against businesses and religions ok.government needs to be critized especially when they are transforming our nation. why this president hasn’t been confined for violating his oath of office is beyond me. he is being let lose by congress and our military both who should be acting to defend our constitution from obamanation of our way of life.

  • Dan az

    You be the judge,here is a site that I think all should read and its about today!

  • S.C. Murf

    Why split up North America? Why not just send them all to South America? And when I say THEM, you all know of whom I speak.

  • joseph femiani

    how are we split? let me guess! there are us who think objectively and of course the leftist who think ? mabe subjectively.i just herd the woman speak about how companies need to pay more taxes.lets have the fairtax then. this will answer all the questions and make everything fair. now who wouldn’t want that?i know the subjective thinkers? they can’t understand fair to all since they don’t pay tax now.our nation has been divided from the start when the dems wanted slavery and woman suppression just like muslims do. isn;t that coincidental?our nation will do fine with a revolution to fine all the congress and presidents who are responsible for the delition of our ssi funds and creation and support of nationwide wellfair as well as the program that put minorities in unions so they could steal money from unsuspecting manufacturers paying for unskilled labor and being forced to do so.this is criminal and supported by our government.we need congressmen who are not lawyers but workers and businessmen and we need a president who has no color and hates to spend grand daughters know of b.o. as president but no other pres. because their teacher is black. this is what they said but when they have a standin they are told of other realities and the troubles this country is in and how they will be stuck with the bill because no one will hold obama to his responsibilities to pay for his bad judgement calls with their lives. GOD gave us this land and we are letting it be taken away by muslims.

  • Roger

    Splitting the U.S. in half,on first glance, seems like a great idea but ALL Libertarians( and libertarians)forget the MOST important factor-ETHICS!!!

    Lack of Ethics is what is destroying Western civilization.

    If and when the U.S. were to divide into a Libertarian half and Socialist half , where do you think the SAME unethical WEALTHY and POWERFUL individuals who got their money through Corruption in the form of ,Government Privelege, use of Power and receiving Bail-outs are going to go???

    Why, Of course,they will go to the Libertarian half and use their ill-gotten wealth and power to corrupt the government in the Libertarian half.It will be only a matter of time- albeit,generational time.

    No I am afraid the ONLY SOLUTION is is going to be more complicated and to involve doing the “UNTHINKABLE”- To take away the ill-gotten wealth and return it to the rightful owners, or we will be right back to where we are now in a matter of a few generations.That solution is pragmatic and the result is certain

    Then of course there is the MORAL issue: The WEALTH does NOT belong to them.It is STOLEN!

    Doesn’t sound very Libertarian does it BUT there is no doubt, based on my many years of thought,observation and study of history,in particular, a FREE MARKET will be corrupted by lack of ethics if the same corrupt wealthy individuals and corporations populate a Free Market country, with unearned wealth!

    Something for THOUGHTFUL LIBERTARIANS to consider, honestly and objectively.

  • Donald

    Splitting Ringer in half would be a better idea. Nothing like the good old free market of Enron and the Banks. The inefficiencies of the Banks and their foreclosure attempts make the Government look like geniuses.

  • Paul

    I have imagined the concept of a Split America for many years but this is the first column I’ve seen on the subject. I’ve always dismissed the theory as an unattainable fantasy, but it is still a compelling dream.
    The timeless values which made America great continue to be corrupted beyond recognition by our power hungry political hacks and their collectivist, parasitic, and “enlightened” constituencies. Their class warfare strategies are pathetic. Their “change” for America, even in its dialogue, becomes more evident every day. And we are beyond repair. Half a loaf is better than none.

    There could be two separate Constitutions. The left could have their democratic “living” version, whatever that is. The right would require a constitutional republic based on the Original but with fail-safe provisions to prevent the sort of reinterpretation and erosion it has suffered. It would need to be tightened up to prevent the sort of abuses of power by our political elite that is so prevalent. We have now become more of a democracy where two wolves and a sheep decide what to have for lunch.

    Anyway, it’s a nice fanciful dream. Just as the one was when Ben Franklin said “…we have given you a (constitutional) republic, if you can keep it.”

  • Angel Wannabe

    BoB Livingston, I’d like to make a suggestion. Is it possible to be able to put an “edit button” on posts, that we can correct our spelling mistakes?…Just a thought, Thanks! AWB

    • Raggs

      Hi Angel.

      I use word for spell check, but as we all know by my spelling it is not idiot proof. :)
      God Bless.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Raggs, yeah I use spell check too, but sometimes I get going too fast and make mistakes, then if I forget to click spell check, I don’t notice it until after I post it.

        • JeffH

          :) same here :)

          • Dan az

            So where do you get spell check?

          • JeffH

            This is what I use…ieSpell – A Spell Checker for Internet Explorer


        • Raggs

          That only proves that you like me and everyone else are human.
          So we are all by birth not perfect and we are not meant to be.

        • Angel Wannabe

          Dan Az, In Internet explorer, if you have Google ToolBar |search|check|more__Hit check, it will drop down a menu bar, click on “Auto Fix” mispellings will be highlighted–then just correct away!

  • Raggs

    From out of all of this chaos in America as it stands now it will not be long before a revolution.
    And in my opinion that is what the left is hoping for and all that you have to do is turn on the tube and you will see all of it….

  • eddie47d

    Class warfare is alive and well and is being practice in spades among all these conservative fellow travelers. Between 1979-2005 the inflation adjusted income of families in the middle of the income distribution rose 21%. That was moderate but slow growth because after WWII income rose 100%. During that same 1979-2005 period the income of the very rich rose by 480%. Their income went from $4.2 million to $24.3 million. In other words the wealthy have never been victimized or suffered hardships as compared to the Middle Class.All the sustained attacks on organized labor and deregulating the markets caused the Middle Class to slide downward and the rich became even more wealthy. There is certainly class warfare by the rich and for the rich and they intend to keep it that way even though their policies did much to create the economic disasters we and the world are now seeing. Tax rates on corporations,profits,capital gains and dividends have all fallen while the payroll tax the the regular folks pay has risen. That is class warfare and a small minority screwing the majority of us. This is from the Tax Policy Center where 1/4th of those making over 1 million a year pay income tax of 12.6%. That is class warfare perpetrated by the wealthy on the rest of us.Maybe we would have a more United States of America if they hadn’t taken advantage of this countries generosity and exploited this ease in which to make money.

    • JeffH

      The Secret to the Suicidal Liberal Mind

      Envy is the source of tribal and traditional cultures’ belief in Black Magic, the fear of the envious “Evil Eye”.

      Pandering to the envious, and intimidating those who are afraid of them, has been the path to power of all modern demagogues, from Lenin and Hitler to Yassir Arafat and Osama bin Laden. The three great political pathologies of the 20th century are all religions of envy: Nazism, preaching race envy toward “rich, exploitative Jews”; Communism, preaching class envy toward the “rich, exploitative bourgeoisie”; and Moslem terrorism, preaching culture envy toward the “rich, exploitative West.” Envy-mongering has always been and continues to be the underlying strategy of all variants of the political Left, such as the Democratic Party. What a Yanomamo woman calls “black magic” and a Marxist professor at Harvard calls “exploitation,” Tom Daschle calls “tax break for the rich.”

      This is the secret fear at the source of the suicidal liberal mind. It is envy that makes a Nazi, a Communist or a terrorist. It is the fear of being envied that makes a liberal and is the source of “liberal guilt.” This is most easily seen in the children of wealthy parents. Successful businessmen, for example, who have made it on their own normally have a respect for the effort and the economic system that makes success possible.

      Their children, who have not had to work for it, are easier targets for guilt-mongering by the envious. So they assume a posture of liberal compassion as an envy-deflection device: “Please don’t envy me for my father’s money — look at all the liberal causes and government social programs I advocate!”

      The liberal’s strategy is to apologize for his success in order to appease the envious. The lethality of liberal envy appeasement is that personally felt guilt is projected onto the various social or tribal collectives to which the liberal belongs and are a part of his self-identity. Self-loathing is transformed into a loathing of one’s society or race.

      Dime-store demagogues like eco-fascist environmentalists, feminazis, animal and homosexual rights types, race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton all get their strength from the liberals’ fear of their Evil Eyes.

      • eddie47d

        That is why nothing changes with the Elites because the Jeff’s of this country pander to them while they are picking our pockets. The Jeff’s always come up with cute little terms of Envy when it really comes down to honesty. He labels anyone who speaks out about greed and the gluttonous behavior of those wealthy as commies. That pleases his supporters but does nothing to solve the manipulations by those Elites.He coyly speaks out against the Elites when it suits his point but then when it doesn’t he slips back in bed with them. Which side will Jeff be on tomorrow?

        • JeffH

          …ah yes…envious eddie…never one to dissappoint… :)

        • JonKemp

          Why is eddie so ignorant?

          • eddie47d

            Prove it coward Kemp or do you blow hot pastrami like Jeff does.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            e doesn’t have to prove it, you already have to all here!!!

        • Angel Wannabe

          eddie 47d, there is a big difference between CORPOTISTS & ‘ENTREPENURES. What exactly do you hate???

          • eddie47d

            That sounds like a negative accusation and since I have never once used Entrepreneurs in a negative light what is your point? Entrepreneurs deserve the fruits of their labor and crony Corporatists seldom do.

          • JeffH

            AW, eddie doesn’t know the difference!

          • Angel Wannabe

            eddie, I’m sayin, that I was a professional Artist on the open Market for years, I guess as long as I stayed collecting a reasonable amount of money “according to what you think is fair, I was allowed to keep my spoils????___I don’t get, who gets off, telling me how much I’m allowed to make!

          • eddie47d

            I never said that about you. Now several on here have said they have a right to take away money from union members even though they earned what they received. Sounds like a double standard to me and I hear allot of that here.

    • Jibbs

      Here is what you are eddie47d, if the shoe fits, wear it!
      I’ve just had enough of your bullsh!t lie’s and name calling.

      Identifying a Pathological Liar

      Pathological liars – or “mythomaniacs” – may be suffering from histrionic personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder. The following comments basically reflect a pathological liar who has the characteristics of histrionic personality disorder.

      Some characteristics

      1. Exaggerates things that are ridiculous.
      2. One-upping. Whatever you do, this person can do it better. You will never top them in their own mind, because they have a concerted need to be better than everyone else. This also applies to being right. If you try to confront an individual like this, no matter how lovingly and well-intentioned you might be – this will probably not be effective. It’s threatening their fantasy of themselves, so they would rather argue with you and bring out the sharp knives than admit that there’s anything wrong with them.
      3. They “construct” a reality around themselves. They don’t value the truth, especially if they don’t see it as hurting anyone. If you call them on a lie and they are backed into a corner, they will act very defensively and say ugly things (most likely but depends on personality), but they may eventually start to act like, “Well, what’s the difference? You’re making a big deal out of nothing!” (again, to refocus the conversation to your wrongdoing instead of theirs).
      4. Because these people don’t value honesty, a lot of times they will not value loyalty. So watch what you tell them. They will not only tell others, but they will embellish to make you look worse. Their loyalty is fleeting, and because they are insecure people, they will find solace in confiding to whomever is in their favor at the moment.
      5. They may be somewhat of a hypochondriac. This can come in especially useful when caught in a lie, for example, they can claim that they have been sick, or that there’s some mysteriously “illness” that has them all stressed out. It’s another excuse tool for their behavior.
      6. Obviously, they will contradict what they say. This will become very clear over time. They usually aren’t smart enough to keep track of so many lies (who would be?).

      Another WikiAnswers contributor adds:

      •They lie about even the smallest things. For example, saying “I brushed my teeth today,” when they didn’t.
      •They add exaggerations to every sentence.
      •They change their story all the time.
      •They act very defensively when you question their statements.
      •They believe what they say is true, when everyone else knows it isn’t.

      An alternate ‘checklist’:
      •Lies when it is very easy to tell the truth.
      •Lies to get sympathy, to look better, to save their butt, etc.
      •Fools people at first but once they get to know him, no one believes anything they ever say.
      •May have a personality disorder.
      •Extremely manipulative.
      •Has been caught in lies repeatedly.
      •Never fesses up to the lies.
      •Is a legend in their own mind.

      More opinions and input from WikiAnswers contributors:

      •I have found a few differences in pathological liar and a “slime ball” liar. Pathological liars cannot tell that they are lying; they actually believe the lie as soon as it comes out of their mouth. They lie about unimportant things that don’t really matter to anyone. This can be caused by mental defect but isn’t always. Slime-ball liars lie about things that make them look better or embellish to get attention. They also lie to keep their butts out of trouble and to get what they want.
      •Here are things to ask yourself: How could this many things happen to one person? Would believe these stories if someone else told you? Think back to the beginning: you had red flags and alarms going off in you head. Learn to trust your instincts.
      •It is very hard to tell when one is a pathological liar. Some people just are liars and lie to lie because they can and they don’t care about getting caught and aware that you know they have lied. These people care not about lying, it’s no big deal. It’s like “ok, so what? I lied”. The pathological liar on the other hand, IS aware that they are lying BUT will go to extremes to make you believe that they are truthful. They appear to believe their own lies BUT in truth, they know their lies are just that, lies. But because their efforts are constantly backing up their lies, it appears to us that they actually believe their lies, when we eventually do find out about them and then we tend to feel sorry for these people. Then they have an excuse, “I am sick, I don’t know why I lie, I believed what I was saying etc.” The only truth was the fact that they don’t know why they lie. Other than that it’s crap. It is true that most of them have an extremely low sense of self worth and are continuously trying to make themselves feel better about THEMSELVES and this is one reason they lie. It is about them but the lies are not always set up with the purpose to hurt some one else; it’s that these people feel so low about themselves they need to create ANYTHING different from the ugly reality they feel about themselves so they lie about even the most tiniest little thing. The people closest to them get sucked into these lies which sometimes start as something very trivial and then turn into something that can turn everyone involved worlds upside down and inside out.
      •Unmasking the pathological liar is an easier task when the pathological liar is no more than a casual acquaintence to the “un-masker.” Close relationships provide camouflage for the pathological liar, and intimacy provides a heavily-fortressed breeding ground.
      •Other indicators: 1) Rage attacks after they realize you’re questioning their lies. 2) Distraction techniques, e.g. hanging up the phone when you catch them in lie, playing word games, or even just running out of the room. After using the distraction technique, or rage attack, or sometimes both, they will pretend that nothing ever happened. They re-write history, so it never did happen in their minds. Normal people do it too, but these people take it to the extreme.
      •From “Go Ask Alice”: Lies are unplanned and impulsive. Behavior is repeated over a long period of time. Lies don’t seem to exist for any external reason. Behavior may not always be a conscious act. Lies are admitted, changed, and/or adapted if a false story is challenged.
      •From Andrea Broadbent “The Truth about Truman”: To begin, the definition of pathological actually means abnormal or grossly atypical. Therefore, a pathological liar prevaricates more frequently than the average person or tells more abnormal lies. In most cases, pathological liars tell lies that are “unplanned and impulsive” (Hausman). These lies are usually very emotional stories that tend to serve no purpose except to impress people (Ford 133). As of now, psychiatrists are unsure whether or not pathological liars are fully capable of realizing if and when they are lying, so detecting whether or not a person is a pathological liar is a very difficult task (Hausman). By looking at the list of conditions commonly connected with people considered to be pathological liars, psychiatrists are better able to determine whether or not a person might actually have the disorder. Some main qualities linked with pathological liars include dysfunctional family origin, family lying patterns, anomalies of sexual life, frequent substance abuse, and a great capacity for language.
      •From Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D. “Psychological Honesty”: Even a pathological liar carries deep in his heart a desire for goodness and honesty and yet, because of painful emotional wounds, believes that the world never has, and never will, recognize his pain. And so, to hide that pain from himself, he uses all the lies he can concoct to hurl at the world as he runs in fear from his own goodness.

      •For me, the first indication has been that I hear them tell different things to different people and they can’t all be right, because they directly contradict each other! And I am able to prove it. If you can prove over and over again that things someone is telling you are outright false, then you have a pathological liar on your hands.

      With the Internet, it is now easier than ever to “fact-check” even the most mundane things. I think pathological liars often lose track of the lies they tell different people and it will eventually catch up with them.

      Read more:

      • eddie47d

        You are an excessive compulsive Jibbs and waisted much JIBBerish. Looks like you got caught in your own “wisdom”. At least we know you are full of it.

        • mey

          just a spectator but…. LOL!! love that comment

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    Corporations and Congress are killing the dream and there motto is “Greed before Country”

    [Rest of post deleted by moderator]

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear SMSgt Z retired Nam68,

      Please refrain from posting entire articles you have copied from other sites. A link is the appropriate way to reference articles. However, limit yourself to one link per comment. More than that will be trapped in the spam filter.


  • chuckb

    we are all looking for the perfect government, this does not exist and will not. our ountry has probably reached it’s limits. we have allowed our laws to be trampled on such as immigration, welfare has gotten completely out of hand, mainly caused by politicians selling out for votes and power.
    the cure would be easy, just abide by the existing laws and not let the politicians do an end run by reforming laws they do not want to enforce for political reasons.

    when we have people running for president and wanting to assist illegal immigrants who broke our laws by giving them free tuition to our universities, isn’t this aiding and abetting crime. california’s governor is doing this exact thing while our citizens are going broke having to pay for high tuition for our own.
    they call this charity! i call it plain out crooked and stupid.

    we do need a change, a complete change. next election every imcumbent should be removed from office and new terms issued for all new lawmakers. barry soetoro should go to jail for outright forgery and fraud.

  • Angel Wannabe

    Hey folks__ whoever May be interested, Trinity Broadcast Network has David Barton on from 4:30 to 5:00 Discussing Founding Fathers DEc of INd & the Constitution__Just sayin!

    • Raggs

      TBN is good stuff!
      I watch several programs online as well.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Me Too Raggs! :)

  • George Peck

    Dear Congress and Govt. We all know that you all are the most brilliant minds in the universe, so much so that none of us can begin to understand what you do, but shucks alive, would you please tell us how to borrow our way out of debt?

  • 45caliber

    Dividing the country in half will work for about ten years. Then the side with the leftists will attack the other side due to the need for more money. “Those people on the other side deliberately took all the wealth to there when the country split. And we deserve that wealth!” Then, in affect, it will be a civil war except that both sides will have time to arm for it. And you can expect to see nukes used since both sides will have them. By the time it is finished, there won’t be much for the crows – or other countries of the world – to pick over.

    • Raggs

      That wisdow escapes the blind and the deaf.
      In other words that wisdow escapes the left.
      It is only a matter of time before this country will see what you have said.

  • TML

    “…the U.S. might ultimately fracture into many pieces – perhaps as a result of states seceding from the union, which they have a natural right to do. But the philosophies of the two sides are now so irreconcilable that a more peaceful solution might be for them to just split the country in half and agree to part ways.”

    There’s a very big problem with this…
    You are suggesting that the country be physically split based on personal views. Should we fracture it into many pieces and have a state for left-wing, right-wing, liberals, conservative, gays, straights… where would such ‘reasoning’ end? Do we provide ‘zones’ for each and every personal standard of morality? Religion? And does that reasoning even follow the ideas of this country was based upon, that you say you wish to preserve, with this idea?

    “For from that scrutiny comes understanding; and from that understanding comes support or opposition. And both are necessary… … I not only could not stifle controversy among your readers–I welcome it… …Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed–and no republic can survive.” – John F. Kennedy

    It is the right of each state to secede for any reason, which, to them, shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness…. But to orchestrate such a split seems more like an effort/task of big government, rather than the individual freedom of the States which make up this voluntary union.

    Let the chips fall where they may

    • Raggs

      Interesting concept but lets not debase the reality of a divided nation. In order to achieve a division you must have a common factor or a divider and we do have that. Our foundamental principles as a nation are corrupt from within and its structure will not last. You can call this a racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic are just plan braindead but the bottom line is that the answer is NOT within man.

    • Buckeye

      TML, Why do you think the repubs wanted the Patroit Act so desperately. They had it drawn up waiting for the opportunity to spring it on the American people. Try anything unusual and watch yourself being shot down in the street and being called a traitor. Also everyone seems to think the anticrist will be a person and it will be whoever is head of the republican party at the time it takes place. Soon perhaps.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        and the progs thought it such a good idea that they kept it and even beefed it up!!!

  • Joey Biden

    I have a good plan that should make everyone happy. Move all the Democrats, Liberals, Marxists, Commies, etc etc to California. They can be thier own little country to do what they want and govern it any way they like. We’ll see how that works out. The rest of the common sense patriots of America could finally get on with running the rest of the USA by the Constitution.

    • Buckeye

      Joey Biden, Just like Bush said in a speech on national TV, I don’t have to go by the constitution because I am president of the United States and guess what all of the repubs cheered him.

  • Captain America

    I long for the opportunity to live in the free America of my youth. I would be thrilled to live by my own means. Yes, I would give up the celphone, heck even the telephone and TV. I would long to live in the mountains and breath free air. I would be willing to give up SS and medicare. I WOULD NEVER ASK ANY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT TO GIVE ME ANYTHING other than a promise never to communicate with me again.

    I would be willing to volunteer my time to the needy. I would share all I have with others just to be free again.

    I would be willing to give my life in defense of the nation and ask nothing in return. I would triple tithe to help the less fortunate.

    Captain America

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Captain America,
      God bless you for your very heartfelt thoughts! I’m sure they are echoed by many here!!!

  • WoodPecker

    Left-wing Dictatorship? This guy never stops spitting out all these right-wing and ridiculous and venomous nonsense. The little republican dupes should realize by now that they’ve been conned and taken to the cleaners … by their evil right-wing, Reaganesque, evil, for-the-rich ideology — How had this ideology got us since the 1981 — the year that devilish Reagan got in the White House? I pointed out before — just look at the tax rates, regulations, economic growth, overall economic well-being for America, etc. from 1940-1980! These decades created the greatest middle class in the world!

    • Raggs

      What did that “change” do for you?

      • WoodPecker

        There’d been NO “change” as preached; he pretty much perpetuated Bush Jr.’s policies; and that’s the problem. BO ain’t no modern-day FDR; we sorely need one to cleanse out the Wall Street/financial system and to rectify the economic unwell-being of the “people” — just go back and reimplement most of FDR’s policies would go a long way!

  • Buckeye

    This is a direct result of the corrupt Bush Adm. tax cuts which paid for corporate America to move to China and still enjoy hugh tax cuts. As we are finding out most of them pay ZERO TAXES.

    • Raggs

      You should really stick around and learn something or two before you post an ass out of yourself.

  • WickedPickle

    I was born in ’45 into a poor family.. Beans & taters were our staple and the only reason we had chicken on Sunday was that we had a small chicken population and my mom was a great ringer/plucker. I started working around the house before my teens and up to the time I worked outside the home, I got paid zip (our roof, the food and paid utilities that my dad had to slave for was considered pay enough) I received one nickle a day for school and got bumped to a dime when I passed on to junior high (and a quarter throughout high school).. All my working life with a high school education (considered a big feat back then) I got paid less than minimum wage unless I was lucky to find a job that offered a bit more for exceeding daily quota.. Basically my family lived in the same manner until I finally gave in and was forced to ask my wife to help make a living (that was raygun’s greatest scam, the separation of family).. My point? Not once did I EVER consider welfare or unemployment hand-outs.. I was subjected to a strick and stern parent and I wasn’t about to be controlled by total strangers in that same manner so instead of taking a few months off from work (on unemployment) I went out and found a job toot sweet and instead of supplimenting my minimum wage I held down two jobs until my wife contributed her time.. Yes, today is tougher in finding jobs but I tell you the same thing occured in the 70′s as well. No one should rely on the g’ment for their livelyhood if their physically able to work and not one retired recipient is taking welfare under the guise of social security.. WE PAID FOR THIS PRIVELEDGE!! It is not GIVEN to us… It is OWED us and I’ll fight to the death any political pencil neck who dares take this away.

  • Raggs

    eddie is a product of a “blame someone else”.
    It is a typical pattern of a pathological depressant.
    And what eddie fails to understand is that his own mind is being skewed by the very ones that feed his hate.

  • Gene Hoover

    Folks seems like someone liked my Facebook post back on July 30, 2011. No seriously, I beleive a lot of folks are getting the same idea. Below is my FB post:

    FB Friends – a little humorous approach to the ills of our country and the seemingly intractable divide separating the various segments of our society. I know this is a farce, but humor me with your reading.

    First let’s have a secession movement, much like the North and South, but not for the same reasons of course.

    The Republicans and the Democrats can divide the country. The two new countries can both use the current Constitution. Then each can operate their respective societies as they choose. For example, a Republican view that the Founder’s Vision is still valid or a Democrat view that the Constitution is a “living” document subject to revision to fit the “times”.

    Citizens will get a one-time pass to choose their allegiance.

    If, they choose the “Republic States of America” all will be expected to do their fair share. All will be expected to pay into the Treasury. Free enterprise will be the prime source of the economy’s energy. Unreasonable regulation will be abhorred. As stated in the Constitution, what is not expressly reserved to the Government is reserved to the states and to the People. Rights of the People will not be infringed. Citizens, private or Corporate, will bring their respective assets and income producing capacity to the new Country. Individuals and businesses will be allowed to succeed or fail on their own merits and rewarded according their results. Children will be taught from an early age that not everyone can win every time, but rather with hard work and working as a team they can succeed.

    If they chose the “Democratic States of America” no changes will be needed, they can even keep the same leadership and regulatory structures. The same approach to the treatment of personal and business assets. Treatment of how much success, wealth anyone citizen will be allowed accumulate will be as it is becoming today. The beginning Constitution can be adjusted to make sure the sharing of the wealth is uniform and that no one is slighted. The process for changing of the Constitution can even be adjusted to allow for the whims of the moment. All industry will be standardized and every firm and employee will get the same pay and profit for goods they produce, there will be no losers. All children will still get an award in every contest and no one will be allowed to feel bad if they don’t win. They will be conditioned to not worry about needing to be successful, because there will always be a safety net from their Government insuring that the wealth will be distributed on their behalf.

    Sort of like the country at the end of “Atlas Shrugged.”


    Write a comment…

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    If rioting occurs it won’t be over jobs. Rioters tend to come from the non-working class; college students and the dependent class. There are a lot of jobs out there just not enough qualified people to do the work or that want to work.. The oil and gas industry is begging for people who can get a CDL but too many people have DUI’s or drug arrests to get one.
    It would be an interesting expieriment to divide the country in half and move conservatives to some states and libs to the others. They could set up a political system as they each see fit. In a decade the libs would be screaming for help and the conservs would be healthy and wealthy.

  • Roger Henry

    I wrote a letter to the editor of the Courier Journal several months ago advocating the same idea as your article. I suggested that we call the two countries: USA for the Unconstitutional States of America and CSA for the Constitutional States of America.

  • Theotherhalf

    I read about half these posts and decide y’all are a bunch of nutballs.
    Calling the liberals elitist? Really? It’s business run by republicans who have the money. You can’t tell me that the bush family is down home when one of them live in highland park near Dallas. That neighborhood is elitist. GWB went to an ivy league school not some Podunk state college. Granted his grades were not elite but his family money was elite enough. So you conserves should really think about that one before you spout out elitist.
    Also, this whole thing no matter who is president it’s congress who is making the rules right now. So you really ought to be blaming yourselves for the sorry state of the country.

    Average folks of both sides are really want the same things. And while everyone argues wall street is robbing you blind. The fact of the matter is congress is heavily invested in banks and wall street so they r going to do whatever it takes to keep their money. Which is why you won’t get rid of the fed like Paul wants to do. The chaos is gonna be bigger than you think. Everybody wants taxes to be fair. EVERYBODY. Nobody want regulations until some one dies. Why are the rich bailed out and the poor not? Because the rich own congress and the rich are congress and congress passes laws to keep congress and it’s friends rich. All of them are the exclusive club. Democrat AND republican.
    The right to me is so unchristian. Jesus was poor. Helped the needy. Cared for the sick and elderly. And helped the woman at the well when she wasn’t even his race, creed or color i find this the greatest hypocracy of the tea party

    So before you all just completely bash liberals remember Rick Perry is gay, Gwb is an alcoholic. Cheney is so greedy haliburton wouldn’t take proper care of the soldiers in Iraq. Daddy bush did not compensate the soldiers who went to Kuwait. And elects were stolen by bush jr. Trickle down means being pissed on. Take the log out of your own eye first. The definition of Elite – means the best. As in the marines are the elite force of the military. You do Obama quite a favor when you call him elite. I thank you.

    • JonKemp

      Goldman Sachs, GE, Monsanto and Obama’s elitist greedy globalist puppet masters are what make him considered elite. Without them he’s just a skinny suit behind a teleprompter doing their bidding.

  • Rosco1776

    You give credit to the tea party where it should be to Ron Paul for waking people up. ;)

    • JeffH

      Rosco1776, FYI…did you know that Ron Paul is considered to be the Godfather of the Tea Party movement? Certainly Mr. Paul is the one candidate that has stood behind his constitutional political convictions for 30+ years ut there is no denying the fact that the Tea Party movement has also had a positive effect on the polical thinking of millions here in the US.

  • Jay

    ‪Former IRS Agent Joe Banister and Ron Paul On CNBC‬

  • Downs1

    Many of us still believe in God Almighty. We believe His Word is truth and that it is applicable for all time. He said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” This applies to America as well as to a family. Class warfare never results in a stable robust society. It results in an relatively small elite class and then everyone else. It is necessarily totalitarian and usually violent. The misery is unspeakable. History has shown this repeatedly. But then, the main lesson from history is that we never learn fropm history. The Michael Moores, Barack Obamas and others think they are better and smarter than those who went before. They aren’t! Besides, God is not “pro-America”, He is “pro-Israel”, The Jews, after all, are His people! If we were smart, we would be pro-God! But we’re not! We threw God under the bus decades ago. What we are seeing is the result of that unfortunate truth!

  • John R. Harbison

    I am a Texan, if the north and south were split into I would go with that, if not I wish Texas would form it’s on country. I would like to see Rick Perry as President of the U.S. or better yet of Pres.of Texas

  • http://MSNHotMail Robert Ryan

    The United States of 2011 is like a bad marriage AND IT IS TIME FOR A DIVORCE. Let those who want to live in the past, meaning the Calvin Coolidge/Herbert Hoover 1920′s, have their own Christian Fundamentalist nation essentially comprising the states of the Old Confederacy. The lack of regulation of greedy/reckless financial sector Capitalists in the 1920′s AND NOT Socialist economic policies led to the Great Crash of October 1929. We had the exact same deregulatory idiocy in the Housing Bubble years of the 2000′s that led to the implosion of the U.S. housing sector in September 2008!

  • http://MSNHotMail Robert Ryan

    Deregulatory policies in the 1920′s led to the Great Stock Market Crash of October 1929 and once again led to an even larger calamity in September 2008 when the housing bubble of the 2000′s imploded which in turn triggered an implosion of our financial system. People who believe in the proven absurdity of financial sector deregulation and the superstitious nonsense that is religion-ALL RELIGION-should be allowed to form their own nation in the Deep South. Enlightened Northerners can then move forward with strong unions and green energy!

  • http://MSNHotMail Robert Ryan

    In addition to the coming necessity of splitting the U.S. between the North and South (this can be done without violence this time by amending the U.S. Constitution to allow states to secede from the Union)we must accept the hard reality that African Americans, who originally migrated from the South to the North starting in the World War One years for relatively well-paying factory jobs that are now largely gone, should have THEIR own nation (or at least some measure of self-rule) comprising those areas of the Deep South where they already form a numerical majority. Unfortunately, there is now nothing much left for them in a largely de-industrialized North except for either menial jobs or seemingly perpetual welfare dependancy in ever-bleaker ghetto areas. And one more note: if largely French-speaking Quebec ever makes good on its long-running threat to secede from the rest of (largely English-speaking)Canada then, conceivably, there could come a time in the future when a Great Union between the Northern States and one or more Canadian Provinces could become a reality filled with incredible potential!

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    The country is already split in two; those who pull the wagon and those who ride in it.

    • http://MSNHotMail Robert Ryan

      The real welfare parasites in America, the ones “riding in the wagon,” are corporations (like highly profitable Big Oil)who get massive government “subsidies” and the tax-dodging wealthy. Also, it is a hard fact that many U.S. corporations pay ZERO TAXES!And if you want to talk about bums getting a free ride look no further than the Wall Street Gang(sters). How many TRILLIONS have been spent thus far bailing out the parasites running America’s super-corrupt Financial Sector? Why do we have such an obscene concentration of income and wealth amongst a tiny ONE PERCENT of our population? I am all for stopping the abuse of our welfare system by loafers and deadbeats but I believe that most people who are just scraping by with minimal government assistance would rather have the dignity and enhanced income that steady employment would provide. Why can’t Corporate Capitalism, which claims to be so efficient, not match American workers skills to the pressing needs at hand? Why are large businesses sitting on record amounts of cash and not hiring workers? Are they deliberately trying to sabotage the Obama Administration? I don’t know the answer to that one but I would not entirely rule it out. Like it or not the federal government must be the employer of last resort as we desperately need to fix our crumbling infrastructure before we are completely left in the dust by the likes of China! LET’s PUT ABLE-BODIED/NON-MENTALLY DISABLED WELFARE RECIPIENTS TO WORK, AT DECENT PAY, REBUILDING OUR INFRASTRUCTURE. Also we must bring back our manufacturing jobs, outlaw treasonous corporate outsourcing of American jobs, and go all-out to develop alternative energy-including Hemp biomass-that will free us from foreign oil dependency. AND DEVELOPING OUR FURURISTIC HIGH TECHNOLOGY SECTOR MERITS THE ABSOLUTE HIGHEST GOVERNMENTAL PRIORITY!

  • iam

    Ringer, you have said the one thing that I absolutely despise: “We all get the government we deserve.” What a load of crap! Why do I deserve a government I never voted for? Why do I deserve an arrogant, selfish, power-mad Congress and Executive, when I have voted against every one of them? Your use of a cliche is sickening.

  • TLR

    I wonder, if all the liberal dems migrated to one side of the US, and the conserv. repubs. migrated to the other, and couldn’t cross boundary lines, which one would survive and thrive? I’m not being facetious and have no pre-conceived notion. Which one, and why?

  • Poorgrandchildren

    Our entire Federal government is one giant Ponzi scheme, and “public debt” is our term for forcing our grandchildren to invest in it. Unfortunately, ours is no longer producing the fantastic returns they all are supposed to do–before they implode.

  • D.Mastramlaw

    The fate of nations and men is determined by the trends and momentum of history. There can be no lasting solutions to the problems of the moribund USA which is now irreversibly joined at the hip to globalism and the decline of the nations collectively. Oswald Spengler saw the future in his book, “Decline of the West” (circa 1920?). Robert E. Lee, in a letter to Lord Acton(December 1866), accurately predicted the inevitable results that would come from the concentration of power in the central government….aggression abroad and despotism at home.
    For those who might be interested to explore an indepth explanation of how the present federal leviathan in Washington, DC came into being, — the book, “The De Facto Government of the United States”, is suggested reading.

    Among the myriad reasons for the worldwide malaise are lack of a sound money system (referred to by Moses as “just weights and measures”, i.e., no intrinsically worthless fiat currencies, etc), — and the rampant growth of the world work force (WWF = male/female persons, ages 18 through 50) versus computer technology,robotics,automation, and JIT manufacturing methods which are constantly reducing the need for human labor. No political party and no combination of governments has a solution for this condition. In a televised documentary hosted by Tom Brokaw (1995), the notables interviewed, regards the WWF, concluded that, as of that date, 3 out of 5 persons in the WWF were unneeded for any purpose!

    Robert Ringer is not alone in advocating a separation of contending, hostile factions in the United States. Wilmot Robertson wrote, “The EthnoState”(1992) and Thomas Chittum’s “Civil War 2: The Coming Breakup of America” was published in 1991. Of course, La Raza and other like organizations are working delingently to “reconquer the stolen lands”. Will this happen? The fate of nations and the momentum of history will determine the outcome.

    • http://MSNHotMail robertryan

      You are right in that, thanks to abundant cheap oil-now in serious decline worldwide-and advances in medicine/agriculture there are now far more Humans on Planet Earth then there are jobs OR resources for. Even fresh water is becoming scarce in many places. In the coming (some time before 2020) Great Worldwide Debt Deflation that I forsee-quite possibly accompanied by severe inflation as desperate governments crank up the printing presses as never before-there will be an unfortunate but inevitable “culling” of excess Human populations most notably in Africa and Asia. Beleagured governments in the Developed World will have all they can do to feed their own impoverished populations so the food aid that too much of the Third World has for far too long been dependent upon will not be forthcoming. I do take issue with your claim that we are now “inevitably” joined at the hip to globalizatin. With our still-tremendous resource base we could if we choose be completely self-sufficient! We could further not have to militarily involve ourselves in the miserable affairs of foreigners. WE OWE NOTHING TO FOREIGNERS! Globalization is and always has been a scam to benefit corporations and the wealthy, a “mad dash to the bottom” for ordinary workers around the world. We cannot compete with Chinese slave labor nor should we try. Finally, we need to get rid of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL (having usurped the power to coin currnency, in modern times this being electronic currency) Federal Reserve and have the Treasury Department coin American currency INTEREST FREE. The United States currently has way too much debt and, short of horrific debt-devaluing inflation, will never be able to pay it off. Let’s bring in a new, DEBT-FREE currency-popssibly called EAGLES-that would initially at least be partially backed by gold and silver in order to win public acceptance. Let’s also Nationalize the banks and the entire thieving Financial Sector and finally prosecute the WALL STREET CROOKS that wrecked-with their subprime mortgages securitization scam-the United States Economy and spread this toxic sludge throughout the world!

      • D.Mastramlaw

        A sound money system would be the first requirement necessary to preserve the moribund USA. The Coinage Acts of 1792, 1834 and 1873 clearly describe the legal money of the United States. But the majority of those who sit in the seat of Moses in the U.S. House and Senate are not inclined or motivated to repeal the Banking Act of 1913 and abolish the Federal Reserve’s “legal tender” notes. The conduct and ideoligies of the members of Congress are congruent with the nature of the de facto form of government now prevailing in the United States. They dance to the music of globalism and international banking interests. We’ve heard that “we get the kind of government we deserve”. The leadership of any nation is, generally, a reflection of the character of the public at large,—the rank and file. In the USA there is now a “mixed-multitude” having in it a great number of persons who are hostile to the principles of the Founding Fathers and/or, have no interest in, or knowledge of, same!

        Correction: My error, Thomas Chittum is not an advocate for breaking up the United States as I stated. He believes the break-up will come via armed conflict between competing ethnic factions in a contest to determine who gets the spoils. Wilmot Robertson opined that Spengler’s dire predictions didn’t have to happen; that men of reason can devise solutions. However, history supports Spengler’s conclusions.

        • http://MSNHotMail Robert Ryan

          Under our present system of governance it is almost inconceivable that we could ever get rid of the consortium of thieving private bankers known as the Federal Reserve Board. Make no mistake: their primary purpose is to serve the interests of bankers, not of ordinary workers. For years they have been systematically devaluing the once-migthy Yankee Greenback. In the Real World this is called “counterfitting” and will get you a long “vacation” in Federal Prison. We desperately need a new grassroots political party, uncorrupted by corporate money, that will fight against what has become a parasitic, Cancerous, all-powerful American Financial Sector. Right now, despite recent protests against the excesses of Wall Street, our greatest problem in this land of “bread and circuses” remains POLITICAL APATHY. How bad will things have to get before large masses of people finally wake up? Throughout Human History all great empires have declined over time and ultimately ended up on the scrap heap of history and THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. The military costs of maintaining our Empire are rapidly becoming unsustainable-just look at the super-expensive wars in faraway Iraq and Afghanistan. We need to start solving our own problems here at home. REBUILD THE UNITED STATES, NOT THE THIRD WORLD HELLHOLES IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN! We have been sold down the river by the Internationalists and the Globalists. What is “free trade” but a euphemism for “unfair trade” in which American Workers get the short end of the stick? And we have an insane government tax code that actually ENCOURAGES the outsourcing of American jobs! This insanity must stop. Further, we need to sharply limit immigration into this country which, from a quality of life and ever-growing pressure on resources standpoint, is already overcrowded. I have no problem with using the American Military to safeguard the borders of the United States. GET AMERICAN SOLDIERS OUT OF FOREIGN LANDS AND USE THEM TO DEFEND THE NORTH AMERICAN MAINLAND!

  • jopa

    Dan az:Be careful with your contacts.This Jeffh guy keeps calling you brother Dan.I remember a few months ago with all of his wisdom he claimed he went belly up lost everything he had and moved in with a guy he calls his brother.This guy may be getting tired of him so he may be looking for a new brother to support him.

  • Susan

    I wish this article was set up so that I could share it on Facebook.

  • always right

    Go “hands on” against the political class and the gliberals, along with the criminal/entitlement class (but I repeat myself)? That would be a war that went faster than GW I. “Shooting fish is a barrel” comes to mind. It would only take some careful targeting to keep the military from coming in on the wrong side. As it stands, especially after the DADT debacle, the military isn’t real fond of P0TUz (Pronounced “Putz”). We could put the word out that we’re defending their homes and familes and DADT will be instantly repealed and they’d be in on the right side. LE wouldn’t even be a factor if patriots rise up; a speed bump on the road at the worst. Even with the 3% figure, they just don’t factor in as there is no place where they can make a stand and count for anything when they are outnumbered 1000/1. This wouldn’t be Thermopylae. Their perceived “enemy” would be on all sides and those at their front would sweep past them in the finest blitkrieg fashion, leaving them uselessly defending whatever it was we drove right past.

    • http://MSNHotMail Robert Ryan

      You are living in a fantasy world. The American Military is highly disciplined and has been firmly under civilian control for over 200 years. They will do precisely what they are instructed to do by the United States Government. There are numerous instances throughout American History when soldiers were used to crush strikes by American Workers-such as in 1877-and not once did the United States Military refuse to do so! Further, any eruption of out-of-control rioting in the ethnically diverse America of today would likely quickly degenerate into a pointless Race War where poor people of all races would be killing each other while the rich sat back and laughed! What we need is a peaceful division of this now-hopelessly divided nation-divisions bound to deepen in sync with a deepening Economic Crisis-between conservative Southern States and more liberal Northern States. This has always been the GREAT MYTH OF AMERICA, that we are one nation. Northerners and Southerners are TWO DISTINCT PEOPLES WITH TWO DISTINCT WORLD VIEWS. It is now time to end this “forced marriage” that was essentially forged in the incredibly bloody Civil War of the early 1860′s. As a Proud Northerner I am not about to have a Southern world view forced down my throat very much including their exrteme religiosity! GOOD FENCES MAKE GREAT NEIGHBORS.


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