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Specter: ‘No’ to health coverage for illegal aliens

August 14, 2009 by  

'No' to health coverage for illegal aliens, says SpecterSenator Arlen Specter’s town hall meetings on healthcare may have been disrupted like those of many other Democrats, but he has stressed his support for the reform is not unconditional.

In fact, the Pennsylvania Democrat has confirmed his opposition to any healthcare legislation that would cover illegal aliens, a surprising statement given his long-standing support for an amnesty and his authorship of the 2006 amnesty bill that was ultimately rejected.

The senator’s stance was applauded by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), whose president Dan Stein reminded the American people that illegal immigrants and their children "account for as much as one-third of the medically uninsured [and] including them under the plan is unwarranted and would add billions to the price tag."

He went on to say that "We hope that others in Congress join Senator Specter in opposing provisions that would require American taxpayers to provide the full spectrum of health benefits to illegal aliens."

The organization worries that proposed legislation, which is due to be debated in Congress in the fall, could make illegal immigrants eligible for government-provided insurance or "affordability credits" to buy private insurance.

Earlier this summer, Specter stunned the Republican Party by crossing the aisle. His explanation for the move – saying he was doing it because he did not believe he stood a chance against a potential rival in next year’s primary elections in Pennsylvania – also raised some eyebrows.

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  • Robert

    Spector may say that is doesn’t include illegals but the problem is that is also doesn’t exclude them in any way. Experience has proven that what isn’t spelled out specifically will be open to abuse. The Democrats have steadfastly refused to put in specific language to exclude illegals from receiving the same benefits as tax paying citizens.

    • Robin from Indiana

      Robert… I haven’t seen the bill and even if I had it in front of me, it would take forever to read it. That is what we are electing people to do for us! I just wonder how many of them are doing their jobs. I do not doubt that the wording is such that it would be open to interpretation. And if it passes, there will probably come a point in time where that wording is challenged and goes all the way to the Supreme Court! I suspect we will then see empathy at it’s best if that happens!
      As far as Arlen Spector goes, who could believe anything he says? He tells people what they want to hear. He is trying to save his butt from being voted out. I sincerely hope the good people of Pennsylvania have common sense and have come to the realization that this man is only into politics for himself.
      I am following politics closer than I ever have. I will not vote for those who are not listening to me. If everyone would get more interested and make voting decisions based on the voting record of their elected officials, I think there would be a lot of changes coming the next election.

    • Daniel

      Obama said the same thing yesterday. Yes it doesnt say no healthcare for illegals, but it does say’ All persons in the U S on medicaid will automatically be enrolled in the gov run program! Man I DID read this bill, and this is a perfect example of what I have been telling anyone who will listen, that its the loopholes and gray areas that the liberals have built into this bill that makes it so dangerous! EVERY ILLEGAL that drops a baby or goes to a state clinic or clogs up our E/R Rooms will be automatically getting free coverage!
      Why do you thing Obama had 2 ignorant clowns, albeit very exp ones, write this bill? Pelosi, and Reid, along with lots and lots of help from the very expert man at “doing an end around” on congress and the laws, as he himself stated, PODESTA ?
      Now the liberals are threatening to shove this b/s thrrough anyway! If they do I for 1 will not participate, I dont care how they threaten me, and 2- I am very very concerned this will lead to a bloody revolution! Why else would Obama say he will build a civilian army bigger and better equipped than the U S military? Think about that statement!

    • Patricia Henson

      Robert Reply, You are absolutely correct! The democratic party will pass this thing at all costs and we supposedly have the deep pockets. I hope no one out there is fooled by these deceiving words from Specter. These people are here illegally proving that they don’t have a problem breaking our laws so why are we rewarding them? I was always taught that if you break the law you go to prison so why aren’t these people being deported. I’m sick to death too of being called a racist for speaking out on this issue. This country is in DEEP financial trouble and I beleive that the borders should be closed period. We need to keep our jobs for American citizens and reward them for paying into the system instead of draining it. Obama during his recent visit to Mexico told President Calderon that congress is in the process of drafting up amnesty legislation and it will be finished by the end of the year. He also said that it would be voted on and passed by early 2010. So I hope no one is buying the lies being told on this issue.

  • eyeswideopen

    Robert, it doesn’t say anything, because it is a reform of Medicare, not a new law. Why don’t you contact those Republican Senators who are drafting the reforms and ask them to include it?

    • Daniel

      Eyes? Great comment! I myself , have contacted 42 senators and 61 congressmen asking for EXACTLY that, put right in the bill, NO healthcare payments of ANY kind for illegal aliens, undocumented workers and their families! What needs discussion here is the sad fact that when here illegally, a huge % of illegals make babies with the knowledge that they will be granted U S citizenship immediately, then of course the poor illegal babies need their parents so we end up supporting them! Cut the illegas off at the state level also, this is how many are circumventing the laws.
      This fiasco is being made worse by Napolatano ordering illegals not, yes, NOT be arrested, all because they say they are going after the employers that hire them, lol. Gotta screw the American businessman first, he actually has money to steal from, lol, while we just pay to lock the illegals up, then DHS turns them loose, oh we have to watch out for their civil rights. I want Napolatano brought up on criminal charges, derelect of duty and ethic charges for ordering law enforcement officers to NOT arrest them!

      • Jimmie

        Daniel – I believe that we are the only country that makes any baby born within its borders a citizen. That’s the first thing we need to do – eliminate this law. I live in the Lower Rio Grande Valley 7 miles from Mexico – My sister-in-law said that 90% of the babies born in the hospital (where she worked) were from across the border….

        • Marie

          What Amendment 14 says: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

          The definition of jurisdiction is the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law.

          We obviously have no control over illegals so how can they say that we have jurisdiction over them – therefore, how can they be called a citizen when their mother only came here to drop her “anchor baby?”

        • Carol

          You bet that law needs to be changed! But they will never do it and that is what scares me so badly. Once this horrible bill is law…it will remain forever just like all the others before them

      • K Harrison

        According to Mexican Law it doesn’t matter where the child is born if the parents OR grandparents are citizens of Mexico so is the child. Since these children are already citizens of Mexico they can all go back otherwise they have a dual citizenship, why are we “gifting” these children an American citizenship when they already have a Mexican one?

      • eyeswideopen

        Oh yes, we need immigration reform…but none of our Congressmen have the nerve to do anything. I so thought that when we had control of Congress, that finally, something would be done, but nooo noooo nooo. I wrote so many letters to my Senator, Mel Martinez, and then he actually blocked my emails..I raised so much hell, he fixed it. We need some vehicle that we can bombard them with requests for reform. I have signed so many petitions that my niece, thinks I’v lost my mind. Let me know if you get something going.

      • Rob

        Impressive Danial.
        Contacting 42 Senators and 61 Congressmen is EXACTLY the kind of thing EVERYBODY must be doing.

        Those in Washington need to hear from us. Hold their feet to the fire.

        Americans don’t want this bill. We need to make that clear.

        Their will be a Great Toilet flushing sound come midterms. This current administration is far too extreme for most Americans. Although I do not disagree with everything Obama proposes, such as the Made in America clause in the stimulus bill, he is destabilizing our health industry, and wrecking the dollar. He has to go….

        Good work Danial.
        This is the way to do things. No bloody revolution.



    • DaveH

      It isn’t just the Supreme Court. Democrats encourage immigration from down south, because the perception is that the southern immigrants tend to vote for Democrats (when they become eligible).

      • Daniel

        Chris, the problem lies soley at the feet of the community organiser running the country today! He stated last week when pinned down about illegals, ‘ oh we will be working on “immigration reform , maybe next year”, well the goof promised it would be addressed THIS year! And we DONT NEED REFORM, the laws are on the books lock em up and ship them out! But when the head of DHS, Napolatano orders police to not arrest them unless the commit capitol crimes like murder or fed drug offenses, in conjunction with the clown-in-chief not addressing the issue at hand, you have to believe she is doing this on orders from Obama. After all the liberals have been exposed as the socialists they truly are and they will need every vote they can get and soon! Thus, O-Bum wanting illegals granted citizenship, not kicking them out of our country, letting them jack up the uninsured healthcare stats in this country to his liking, etc. Get the BIG picture here?

        • Carol

          I feel in my heart that Obama could care less about this country or any of us. His total agenda is to bring down this country. He hates us that bad.
          We have all been so worried about being a Dem or a Rep. Truth is most of them are lawyers, and lawyers fight each other in the court room viciously until one of them wins. Then the court house clears and the lawyers all go out to dinner together. So it is with our elected officials. They bicker and fight, we take sides and duke it out. They walk away and go have dinner together and laugh their asses off at what idiots we are. They call us the illiterate masses don’t you know?
          Why don’t you all start being Patriots instead of asses and elepahnts

          • MissyKos


      • Dickie

        You are so right DaveH,That is why pelosi,boxer,& reid,Wants to make all these ileglas,legal,So the communist,Would be the biggest party,in American,Not to mention they are all catholic,But you have so many dumn asses in Calif,& NV,Brain washed they dont see what in the hell pelosi,boxer,has done to them,But the whole U,S. can see these two bitchs are evil,This is the same health-care the clintion’s tried to feed us then,After 8-yrs of planning these ass holes still dont have a solid plan,& dont know what is in this one,One day people [will see how hussien & the demon-craps are trying to deivied this country to communism,What other dictator wants the people to rat on each other,And if people dont believe that,One day they will,When it is to late.

  • Marie

    I do not believe US citizens should pay for any services for illegal aliens. My children are having a hard time taking care of their families and it is totaly unfair to expect them or anyone to pay for medical, social security, unemployment, food stamps, rent help and of course wads of money. Both of my daughters are raising their kids by themselves and they are always told they do not qualify for any assistance. So why do illegal alliens who pay nothing in get help. I will not vote for anyone who supports helping illegal alliens.

    • MissyKos

      I also have a single mom of 3 in my family who works full time plus cleans offices on the side and doesn’t qualify. Her daughter got a prom gown at the “Cinderella’s Closet” at her high school (donated formal wear is given to kids that can’t afford new). She was able to get a gown and the woman said, “are you on the lunch program?” (free lunches) She said she wasn’t, her Grandmother pays for her lunches….they said, “oh if you had the free lunches you’d be able to get shoes and a bag for free too”. So the system is set up so that if you struggle and TRY to do it all on your own, you can’t get the help. But if you pay NOTHING into the system, all is free!

  • DaveH

    Great, a whole new palette to paint on!
    Many liberals have attacked me for daring to say that government has created the health care crises. I am too lazy often (hmm, maybe I should vote for some freebies) to do the research. What I try to do instead is cite cases from my own life.
    I thought of one during the early morning hours that has often impacted my life. I have had an ongoing jaw infection centering on my #32 tooth (molar) for several years. I went to my dentist who recommended a root canal. A year after a very tedious and very painful (after the anesthesia wore off) procedure the infection came back with a vengeance. My dentist wouldn’t prescribe antibiotics because she didn’t think they would work. So, I went to an ENT and he prescribed Clindamycin. He told me that it wouldn’t be a permanent solution, as there was probably a flaw in the tooth structure that allowed bacteria to accumulate below the gum line. The Clindamycin kicked butt on the infection, and I had relief for about a year. Later, I got a different dentist to prescribe Clindamycin and it worked again for about a year. It costs me about $50 dollars to go to a doctor to get a prescription each time. They ask me if I have had any allergic reactions, and then prescribe the Clindamycin. Note that they are totally reliant on my word that it won’t harm me. My question is this – why do I have to spend $50 dollars to get a doctor’s approval every time I want to score some Clindamycin? Because the government is protecting me from myself!
    This is just the tip of the iceberg. My current doctor (a female who I hold in very high esteem) won’t take Medicare patients because of their meddling in the doctor/patient relationship.
    There are numerous examples of government meddling in health care, but you will have to do the research yourself. And I can’t cite too many instances from my personal experience because I lost faith in the medical field more than 20 years ago, and thus avoid doctors with a vengeance.
    I treat myself for most problems with various supplements which have proven to be very effective. I should mention that the government is already involved in that area. The FDA won’t allow the supplement industry to make claims about possible health benefits which have not gone through rigorous and very expensive testing, even if they simply say something like “Brazilian Native’s believe that it fights intestinal disorders” (so much for freedom of speech). And the government is pushing for much more involvement by the FDA in the supplement industry.
    Big Government is the problem, not the solution!

    • Daniel

      Excellent down to earth explaining of real life problems due to gov intrusion. Yes gov is getting bigger and bigger heres a few examples;
      1- cash for clunkers havent paid the dealerships back, only 2% so far, so what did they do? Hired 1100 MORE people to do the paperwork! This wouldnt be so bad unless you understand the big picture here’ When asking to do this “program’ they did so on the stats of what it would cost the taxpayer, with 256 people doing the paperwork. So after it gets approval, they add the salaries of 1100 more to the backs of the taxpayers , all because they are too ignorant to actually study the true cost of implementing the plan! So now the liberals want these same morons to govern and dish out 1/6th of the U S economy and tell our doctors what we can and cannot have? Scarey isnt it?
      2- Obama and company stated they would ‘fix’ THE HOUSING CRASH. fACT; After giving the corrupt and criminal inept people at Fannie mae and Freddie mac billions of dollars ( 96), and the housing industry getting worse they give them another 11 billion? Whats wrong with that picture?
      3-Have any of you in here EVER seen 786 BILLION dollars? Well it got wasted on a stimulis package that has done absolutely nothing except create 140,000 more gov jobs! My total could be off here its hard to know exactly the true numbers but its darn close. You get the picture? Evidence of this is the fact that the ONLY state or district that will be under 7% U/E in the next 5 years is;;;;;; Wash D/C ! Yes the home of our so called government!

      • Jimmie

        Kuddos to you Daniel. I have seen some of the clunkers and some look pretty good…but..why don’t they take the clunkers that do look good -and run good – find someone with a real clunker they are driving because they can’t afford a better car – and trade with them. This way we would really be getting the clunkers off the road (ones that smoke, etc.) (women who have kids and can’t afford better) and see that people who really need a better car gets one of the so called clunkers? Hope I’m clear on this. The people who have the smoking clunkers can’t afford to trade in..

        • Carol

          Great idea Jimmie why NOT give these cars to someone that REALLY needs one. I guess you know the crushed cars are being sent to China

      • Carol

        And I heard from a Banking official (not saying who or what) but they are expecting ANOTHER big crash in the mortgages in another year. I am not sure we can survive another one. There again, they created the problem. All part of the plan..They are smart people, they knew what they were doing when they did it.

      • Rob

        Danial, what bothers me is when Obama says he wants to “Fix” the housing crash.

        Fix it? You mean restore housing back to the unaffordable levels that they were at? Housing was driven to those levels because of government meddeling. Lowering the lending bar to enable minority home ownership, resulted in millions of people getting mortgages that they would otherwise never be able to afford. The problem was not that minorities could not get mortgages. The problem was that minorities could not AFFORD those mortgages. Loosening standards proved disasterous. I am not blaming this on minorities to be clear here. I am blaming it on misguided government policies.

    • Carol

      You are so RIGHT every major issue we have has all been manufactured by our elected officials. They create the problems so they can try to fix them. They use absolutely no common sense in so much of the junk they pass. It is pretty obvious now that they have not been reading any of the the bills they have been signing. Just scratching each others backs (or whatever) for decades. I signed your piece of crap legislation, now you have to sign mine. And so it goes

  • Chris

    Why is health care for illegals even a topic of discussion?
    Shouldn’t the discussion be about getting rid of them? ALL of them? All races that are here illegally?
    I live in SE TX. If someone were serious about roundin them up all they would have to do is go to the local walmart after 5, lock the doors, bring in the busses, load em and head south!
    All the money we are spending on them now would be more than enough to build the fence to keep em out once they are back. And it would also supply ample BP agents to maintain the borders of the south and north. The fence is keepin em in at gitmo!
    The thing that steams me is the fact they do get the med treatment, the govt is payin for their housing, and the are buyin thier groceries with food stamps!! I see it every day!! Not to mention the jobs they have stolen!

    • K Harrison

      The best way that was found to get rid of them is to have local police search for stolen ID’s! To go from business to business looking for those with either no ID or stolen ones. With that they can be arrested and deported.
      The federal government has a multitude of laws on the books already to get rid of them but because they want them they won’t enforce them.

  • Maria

    Since illegals are included in the number they give us of 46 million uninsured, of course, we should believe that they will be included in this big scheme to take over our liberties. Illegals don’t pay taxes, but they will be included. It is insanity. Now La Raza is sending their goons to disrupt the town hall meetings and carrying Mexican flags.

    • Daniel

      Good observation there, Maria! As 1 liberal stated but illegals pay taxes when they buy things, lol. Yes but even if they are legal and pay fed taxes, at the sign up of the w-2 they put down 18 dependants so almost zero taxes are taken out, then when filing fed tax returns they get all the credits and get a huge check back , actually making them a further drain on our system!
      I say illegals paying fed taxes because of a little know fact; The fed government is so stupid that thousands of illegals are working under the social security number 000-00-000! And these idiots want to be in charge of my medical and 1/6th of the u.s. economy? I DONT THINK SO!

  • s c

    Yet again, arlen “I’m-for-sale” specter is finding ways to cram both feet in his back-stabbing mouth. He has shown his true worth to voters who have standards for those who are obligated to represent them in Washington. Never again should he be given the benefit of any doubt. Politics being what it is, specter is no doubt fishing for fence-sitting ‘conservatives’ who might be persuaded to sell themselves and ‘convert.’
    For many years, specter always had his chances to be honest and
    responsible. He blew it. Nobody forced him to be a turncoat. Experience says if we had a third major party, specter would consider joining it the day it was ‘convenient’ for him to further his multi-faced, unworthy political career. The good people of Pennsylvania need to send him packing, so he can enjoy a posh retirement he never earned.

    • Daniel

      Specter has been exposed as the wishy washy politician and traitor he is, we all know this fatc! I do give him a litle credit for facing the people, unlike the rest of the cowards! But he did so knowing his cushy job will be up for vote in 2010!
      My question, for the good people of Penn, of which I have 16 family members, is are you going to vote this fence straddler out people? I hope so! We need agressive socialism-fighters in there period!

    • Daniel

      Specter has been exposed as the wishy washy politician and traitor he is, we all know this fact! I do give him a litle credit for facing the people, unlike the rest of the cowards! But he did so knowing his cushy job will be up for vote in 2010!
      My question, for the good people of Penn, of which I have 16 family members, is are you going to vote this fence straddler out people? I hope so! We need agressive socialism-fighters in there period!

    • Dickie

      Bobby,He is snake,A loser,He is liveing proof that these politician’s are not only liers,But arrogant,And we are stuipd for putting them back in,We the people need to have balls,And change them all,And put all new ones in,We sure dont anything to lose but OUR NATION & WAY OF LIFE.

  • http://SpecterhealthcareforIllegals P.Barman

    Now we have to give health care to all illegals as a flaw in our border security or what, why are democrats insisting for it. For god sake don’t we have enough burden in giving aid to Africa,Israel,Egypt,Asia and South America. But Why please ? This is a non starter. Language has to be in the bill –NO COVERAGE FOR ILLEGALS.

    • http://firefox Bobby

      How would the democrats ever be elected again without the illegals, etc?

      • eyeswideopen

        Bobby, the illegals didn’t vote. It was registered legal Americans who made the choice.

  • http://SpecterhealthcareforIllegals P.Barman

    No to health care for all illegals. And now we should also say no to all who should not be here like South Americans and terrorists countries like Libya,Pakistan,Afghanistan and they are breaking the bank in USA.

  • DaveH

    The fact is that both parties have been growing government bigger. Of course the Democrats grow it faster than the Republicans. My question is “If you had to pay for these government services out of your own pocket, how many would you purchase voluntarily?”. For me, the answer would be “not many”. Typically, the government (through the media) gets the people alarmed about an issue, then laws get passed, more bureaucrats get hired, and the government grows larger. In many cases, if not most, they charge us $2.00 (or more) to save us $1.00. The people in power (both parties) are making fools out of the rest of us. We need to wake up to that reality or our freedom and money will be gone.

  • K Harrison

    Remember . . . this is how communists work: propose something the people definately don’t want and then to appease them, because they have been “offended” at what has been offered, offer something “less controversial” but just as deadly!
    The real solution to Americas medical problems is to get rid of the “cleaners” that are polluting our water! There is a book that documents the rise of heart disease correlating with the chlorination of our water! psst…The rest of the world uses hydrogen and copper pipes to purify their water. Europe stopped flouridating their water over 10 years ago because “there was no real evidence that it was profitable to continue.” Yet we have a government agency suing cities because they refuse to do it!!!

    • http://firefox Bobby

      Why change when there is money to be made by the lobbyists who own the politicians?

  • http://firefox Bobby

    Only Arlen Specter can change on a need to basis. He is more a camillion than a person.

  • Wilma

    The issue of illegals is harmful to all of us and especially to our children and grandchildren. I went to Wal-mart to buy groceries. I have to be careful of what I buy because I only have so much money to use. In front of us a hispanic family had two buggies overfilled. I watched as they paid for the majority of it with food stamps and them after buying their groceries asked the cashier to cash his pay check which was $500 that he was able to put in his pocket. I didn’t have $500 of my check left especially after buying a non overfilled buggy of carefully chosen groceries. Our border patrol are the ones who get arrested and put in jail if they have to use force to stop them from crossing the border (Fair). Our policemen cannot do their job without being called by the President if it is a friend of his. They can appear to break the law and get invited to the Whitehouse for a beer party with Mr. Obama. A nice role model with his smoking and drinking while he destroys our country. He bows to Queens and Communist leaders which if he had done that when our forefathers were getting away from that he would have been shot for treason against the country. Now he wants to do away with our money and accept the currency of other countries. I personally do not have to apologise to no one for the way our military operates or for the way my wonderful United States of America. Obama does not have that right either from the people he just does his own thing. I could go on but it would take a longer time than I have. ABC also refuses to run ads against the health care plan Obama wants. I wonder who they are getting paid off by or threatened by.

  • Elise Placido

    Daniel H,

    You are so right!

    Good and righteous governance perpetuates itself resulting in good and righteous citizenry, self reliant, self governed and free.

    The politicians are cultivating victims, illegals and etc. to secure their own positions of wealth and power. “The higher percentage of lawyers who hold office the more decrepit the financial system they devise”. There are more than twice the amount of attorneys than doctors in the U.S. Our founding fathers intended that we have a blend of regular folks, business people, etc. taking their turn to volunteer in Wash., D.C. to represent the people and after a reasonable few years (term limits) would return to their regular endeavors.

    We definitely need to get involved to the degree that we will know what they are actually doing (voting) not what they are mouthing…
    I have faith in the American people that we will do what we have to do to get through this.

    I am registered as a conservative. It is my way of drawing a line in the sand. It is no longer a matter of red or blue team. It is much more serious than that. I will cast my vote according to the way the representative is casting his vote or votes, and not along party lines, etc. The worse thing we could do is allow them to continue to divide and conquer….
    We could get the upperhand here if we all changed our voting registration tomorrow. It would be a good start…

    I hope this is of some comfort to you.


  • Martha

    Non of You( above have any) idea what are you talking about!!!This country was always about immigrants!!!We ARE all IMMIGRANTS!How many of you can say that your family(great,and grandparents) were born here in U.S.???Yeah,not so many….!!!!!! Didn’t think so!
    I am illegals in this country for about 15 years…but from the very first day that I went to work I pay ALL my taxes,just like any of You!!!And I bet that part of my taxes that I’m paying goes also to cover all the lazy LEGAL AMERICANS who are on welfare for the longest time just because they CAN!!!I pay for my health insurance over $280/mo.I work with sick LEGAL Americans(suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia!)and I,m loved and respected by my patients and their families,because I CARE!!!!And YES,it bothers me that I’m trying to become LEGAL for a long time but this stupid system does not let me!I love this country and I want to do everything that I can to proof it but so many people like YOU will never even think about giving me that chance!It is really sad that you all think about illegals the way you do.And if it comes to “TAKING”your jobs away from you….just T H I N K!!!How many of you will spend all day doing landscaping while is 90-105F outside for $5/hr.or less????Do you see many AMARICANS working in housekeeping,laundry,kitchen or in the nursing homes as a nurses aids???Of course NOT!!!!And it is NOT because we took it away from you but because non of you have the guts!!!!You don’t have any idea how much you would pay for your fruit and veggies if illegals didn’t exist??? Reading what all of you had to say makes me wonder:are you really this stupid or just pissed off at illegals because there is nobody else to blame for your own problems?And sadly,in the end of my little input to this blog I think… that after all…FASCISM was NOT SO BAD!!!
    Your hard working,taxpaying
    ILLEGAL ALIEN from next door.

    • Grandpa

      Perhaps you should try leaving the country and entering legally. The system was not meant to accomodate felons that break our immigration laws. I do respect the fact that you have been paying your taxes, thank you for your contribution. Did you know that your social security just goes into a slush fund and never gets put into actual social security benefits? $250.00 a month for health care seems really cheap? The average American family pays over $13,000.00 a year, how did you managed such a low rate? The Center you are working at must be footing the bill. And who do you think pays for that? Thats right, us Lazy US Citizens…

  • john w

    The real problem is if Obama has his way there will be no Illegal Immigrants. He will give everyone of those bastards amnesty and make them citizens. It’s what he isn’t telling you that makes the man so dangerous.

  • Martha

    I hope that one day You gonna think about “DHOSE BASTARDS” in a very different way,while the cashier in your supermarket will ask you to pay 10 bucks for a # of apples that LEGAL AMERICANS picked!!!
    And I hope that one day hiring a landscaping company will cost you an arm and a leg because LEGAL AMERICAN will knock on Your door asking $20/hr instead of $5 or less.And I hope that if You finally get rid of US, lunch or dinner in McDonald’s for your family will be $100 instead of $1/meal deal,because that person cleaning the bathrooms is AN AMERICAN and gets pay like ONE! Why don’t You all open your eyes and see the obvious:YOU DON’T HAVE THE SLIGHTEST IDEA WHAT ILLEGALS IN THIS COUNTRY REALLY DO!!!Tell me: how many of you would work for that kind of pay???I bet…not so many!!!
    Maybe one day this wonderful country will send all illegals back when they came from? But if that happens I will be sorry for all of You LEGAL,PURE CITIZENS!!!And what makes me smile right now is a fact that we still have SOMWHERE to go …You ALL are just gonna be stuck HERE!
    And if you think times are BAD now?????Just wait!

    • Grandpa

      Martha, just who do you think did those awfull jobs before hispanics overan our country? Why it was us Young Americans, trying to make extra money for school clothes, new ball gloves etc. Then the US politicians in all their wisdom made it illegal to hire young kids to do temporary work. But it is ok to inslave an entire race to do it, right? Are you saying that Americans that are needing work would not do the same work that illegal workers do? Or are you saying that you would not do the work. There is a big differance, I would appreciate it if you spoke for yourself not for the rest of us Americans. I for one, would work any job if the need arose. I would do any menial job to prevent me and my family from being on welfare, how about you?
      1/3 of the medically uninsured in our country are illegal immigrants, this strain on our health system has put our country in the toilet or least the medical institutions. Another thing, you usally get what you pay for in any labor job. My neighbor hired some illegals for awhile to look after her yard. She was braggin about how cheaply it was being done the other day. I had to point out to her that they did not pick the weeds, just trimed them. They did not rack up the leaves and remove them, they just used a blower and blew them in my yard. All other debris was piled between our houses where this lady never looks. They tampered with her automatic sprinkler system and ruined the timers, then let the lawn die because it was not getting water.. but on the bright side it did not cost her much..

  • Smilee just put out a release on the HR3200 health care bill. They had been asked to check out 48 claims about it mostly being circulated through emails but also many other places including some that are found here. They checked the claims against the actual bill as it is written now and this is what they found, 26 claims where found to be totally false, 18 were misleading or half truths and only four where true. The claims being made about a whole lot of misinformation being out there apparently are true and of those that I have personally read I came to the same conclusion they did. The News Hour last night also had a segment and looked at five claims and all were not true. WE are living amongst a lot of lairs and this is too important to not find out the truth for yourselves. You can see the details on all 48 at:…..t-hr-3200/

    or you can go on the house site and read it yourself and you will also find this to be true.

  • Smilee

    Hear is another fact check that should be of real concern to all who value the truth. Please read

  • kids martial arts houston

    AIDS was first reported 06 5, 1981, when the U.Azines. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) documented a bunch of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (now still categorized as PCP but known to be due to Pneumocystis jirovecii) in 5 homosexual males in La.


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