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Specter may have to send a refund to disillusioned donors

September 3, 2009 by  

Specter may have to send a refund to disillusioned donors Many of his supporters and donors were disappointed when Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania switched aisles earlier this year, and now they may be eligible for a refund.

That is because the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has given the green light for the lawmaker’s donors’ information to be used to inquire whether they would like to ask the senator to return the money they had spent to help him get reelected.

Spearheading the effort to obtain the permission from the FEC was a group called Club for Growth, and now it plans to use Specter’s campaign finance reports to contact his donors, inform them that the senator is now a Democrat and remind them he has pledged to refund campaign donations upon request, according to

Executive director of the Club David Keating says Specter "continues to face doubts about his loyalties, and I expect many of his donors will want their money back," quoted by the

Despite the media storm surrounding Specter’s decision to switch party allegiance, and the outcry among his more conservative supporters, the FEC was reportedly split in its decision, with the lawyers who make recommendation to the commissioners reaching two different conclusions on whether the move would violate the donors’ privacy.

The FEC’s agreement was required because federal law prohibits using information in campaign finance reports to contact donors for commercial or solicitation purposes. However, the commission decided that since the Club is not going to solicit money, it will not break the law.

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  • s c

    This side-switching opportunist needs to be under a microscope daily. He’s jumped ship twice in his pathetic career. How far off can the third time be?
    My main concern deals with how it’s possible for someone like this professional fence-sitter to last long enough in politics to become a career side-switcher. Does he resort to horoscopes from day to day? Does someone keep him supplied with a comrade obama-style kool-aid? Just what is in that drink?
    Pennsylvania, do America a big favor. Keep a very short leash on this yo-yo. It will make America a better country, and it might even force this boob to retire. Then, it will be time to re-think how it’s possible for him to be ‘entitled’ to draw a lavish retirement. Food for thought, people.

    • Son of Liberty

      Well, I and disgusted to say I voted for this charleton(sadly), only becuase @ the time he was the lesser of two evils! We were lied to, straight out of the gate, he knew what he was going to do, Biden and Obama had him in their shirt pocket for a long long time. I firmly belive that HE WILL NOT GET RE-ELECTED, one way or another. No one in PA trusts him, heck no one in the country trusts him! Here in the Commonwealth we call him “Benedict Arlen” and for good reason, he should be driven out of the state and tried for Fraud,Treason or Worse!

      • Chris

        Dear Son, I know what you mean by voting for the lesser of two evils. Did it myself for years at the risk of “Throwing my vote away” by voting for a third party. Then reality finally struck home. By voting for either of the two “Main” parties nothing for the better ever happens and it just gets worse. Perhaps that is why we have the growing number of independents. So I learned that by voting for a third party I was actually making a real statement for real change. And I learned that voting for either a Democrat or a Republican was actually “Throwing my vote away.”

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      If it looks like crap, and smells like crap, its probably really crap.

    • Bill M

      What amazes me is that PA voters Defeated a strict Constitutionalist like Santorum, and they reelected an idiot like this. What is wrong with the mental health of Pennsylvanians when they can elect people like Specter and Casey. Two more useless hunks of meat I have never seen

      • schaefman

        Don’t forget Murtha. He’s every bit as pathetic as Specter. I used to be proud to say I was born in PA. With their pathetic voting record, I’m glad my family moved away.

        • Dickie

          I am so glad to see people see what kind of trash & thief,muthar has always been,He was under investigation,For kick backs,bribes,But his cohearts stopped that,Just holder,Bullied the courts,To drop the chargers,On the trash thugs,black panters with filmed complants on bulling votes,From being able to vote in America,Spector,Has always been a corrupt scoundrel,If you look at the people that talked to this traitor,He just has an expression like [does this bum think I really care].He even looked at his watch like how much longer do I have to listen to this crap.You WATCH when real the crap starts with the demon-craps, He will jump back,People you can’t see what kind of loser he really is,Don’t worry he will dump on the demon-crap party to.It is not about the party now,It is about America,These socialist (WORD REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT),Look at the kind of [TRASH]Hussein has got around him.We have got to get this trash out of office,All the way across the board,I don’t care what in the hell we got to lose,NOTHING, Just get these [Parasites] OUT.

  • PAUL

    Too bad, under Obamacare, he wouldnt get treated for his cancer since he is too old. BUT, his criminal buddies in the house and senate will exempt themselves from this socialist program and he will get covered
    Remember he was the moron that came up with the single bullet theory on JFK. If you believe that one too, I have a bridge for sale that goes to Brooklyn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DKS inTexas

    It is a shame for the people of Pennsylvania, that they have this guy representing their “interests”. If Cap and Trade passes, which he supports, many jobs will be lost due to the strong presence of the Coal industry. They know not who they elected…..but I bet they do better next time!

  • Robin from Indiana

    How can anyone in Pennsylvania have any loyalty to this man? I can’t imagine that he would find enough supporters to get him reelected. How wrong that would be! It will be interesting to see if he has to repay donors who donated to him as Republican. I know I’d want my donation back!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Dumb democrats gladly embraced him, and the dummies will blidly pull his lever and lose jobs, just like the thousands that pulled the Obama lever and have lost their jobs. Bon Apetite Idiots.

    • Chris

      These guys get re-elected thanks to the way they gerrymander their districts. How can you not get re-elected when you draw your district to only include supporters? To get real change we need to re-drar our districts. For starters let’s pass a law where districts are drawn by cities, or in the case of large cities they are divided in equal parts without zig-zagging down different sides of the street to gain support. The stench of our politicians is amazing.

      • eyeswideopen

        Chris, we have the same gerrymandering problem in Fl. But no one wants to fix it.

  • vern

    How can the people of america stop Obuma, Can he not be ousted? I would like to help in that case, I did not like this man from day 1.

  • Shar

    Vern, I agree with you!! How can we get him out befor he does any mor damage. I would like to see impeached & disgraced! If you know how we could do that, let me know..

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      We vote all his stoolies out in 2010 and make him irrelevant, where he just sits there doing nothing for the last two years of his term, kind of like Jimmy Carter did for his 4 years. Then in 2012 we kick him to the curb, and he can go back to organizing neighborhood muslims again.

  • JohnB

    To imagine they keep electing him even though he has proved to be an opportunistic and deceitful person.
    The voters need to take a close look at themselves and question their thought process when choosing someone to represent their state.
    He is one of the poster children for term limits.

  • Larry

    I think all polititions who decide they want to change parties should have to have a special election and run on that party or step down.A republican was voted in so a republican should sit that seat.That refers to the other way as well.They should be recalled and everyone should push that.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I agree. Totally agree.

    • American Citizen

      I also agree, and if it’s a Republican that votes like a Democrat or vice versa, that person should be voted out the next election. It’s called taxation without representation.

      • s c

        Americn Citizen, you’re absolutely right. When those pampered, underworked morons don’t take time to read proposed legislation, the polite term is taxation without representation.
        To me, they’re traitors.

  • ChristyB

    The most important thing we must insist on in the next election is that those running MUST agree to push for TERM LIMITS! How much more effective would our government be if those running for office actually worked for us, instead of constantly working to keep themselves in office?

    We must also take away their ability to give themselves raises and outrageous benefits. A one term Representative should NOT get full pension and benefits!! If we vote them out after one term, then they do not deserve it. Our Rep. is definitely gone next year, and it makes me sick the benefits and pay she will receive after two years of angering her constituents!

    • s c

      ChristyB, PLEASE realize that it’s one thing to have term limits for a president. You MUST understand that America can’t afford to have ANY career politicians! They are NOT accountable to the American people. Do Byrd, Kennedy, Pelosi, Waxman, Schumer, Durbin, Rangel, Frank and Reid sound familiar? Remember Specter? Thay all have the same thing in common. THEY”RE CAREER POLITICIANS!
      No, that’s not the complete list (we have losers who need to be ‘back home,’ too). When we allow people to stay in Washington, we give them power over us. Why is that so hard to understand?
      By permanently ENDING a politician’s ‘right’ to get into office and stay there, we will restore America’s freedoms. NO CAREER POLITICIAN CAN BE TRUSTED. To think otherwise makes it possible for comrade obama and his stooges and czars to exist. Keep things simple. NO CAREER POLITICIANS!

      • Dickie

        S.C. I can’t AAAMMMEEENNNN!

        • Dickie

          I got so exicted to much,A MEN LOUD ENOUGH!S.C.

      • eyeswideopen

        WELL, please don’t leave us out, how about:Pete Hockstra, Thaddeus McCotter,Henry hyde, John Hostettler, Jim Demint, Mitch McConnell, Bill Frist, Orrin Hatch, John Warner, Saxby Chambliss, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley,Richard Lugar,Lamar Alexander, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Robert Bennett,Trent Lott, Thad Cochran, ALL OF THESE REPUBLICANS CAN GO, HAVE SERVED THEIR TIME AND MORE…

  • Nancy

    I’m with Vern and Larry, how can we put a stop to this madness? Is there nothing the CIA or FBI can do about the Obama and his advisors. What about “We the People”. It concerns me that we will even have a fair election in 2010 because of all the groups like Acorn that surrounds the Democrats. It’s time that the GOP takes a stand and quit being so spineless. If they had fought for us before instead of just going along with the far left, we would not be in this shape. What really makes me mad is the fact that our tax dollars is going to support Acorn and groups like them.

  • Gretchen

    I am from PA, and unfortunately, I had voted for him in the past, because that’s what my parents did. But he doesn’t have my support, and hasn’t for some time. I like how he critcized other politicians when they switched sides in the middle of their terms in the past, and now does the exact same thing! He is a liar and a crooked politician, just like our wonderful governor here (“Fast Eddie Spendell” aka Ed Rendell). I will be laughing my A** off if he has to repay his donors! What comes around, goes around.

  • Rod

    We have to vote in 2010 and elect a new Congress. We have to get
    rid of Palosi and the lefties who would attempt to destroy our
    country. We have to keep protesting this so called health care
    plan and defeat it. Obama’s and Palosi’s (so called) health care
    plan has nothing to do with health care! It would take away your
    freedom and mine.

  • Rod

    I’ll say it again. We need to call our Congressman and Senators and
    DEMAND to see Obama,s REAL, that is to say “certified” Birth certificate all of his records when he was at Harvard and all his
    passports from 1988 to 2008. These records will tell us where he said
    he was born. What we need to do is VOTE in 2010!!!! We have the oportunity to vote in a new Congress, get rid of Palosi and alot of
    other lefties and we need to DEFEAT Obama’s and Palosi’s health
    care plan! The American people need to see through these Dem,s
    that would attempt to distroy our Country.
    I have talked to a great many people who voted for Obama and now
    say they are sorry. That smile they thought came from a good guy
    well, it came from SATAN and he wants your FREEDOM and MINE.

    • Gretchen

      Speaking of our “leader,” Rod, it’s funny, I was just watching two documentaries on the life of Hitler, and noticed parallelisms to what Obummer has done: the way he speaks so enthusiasically to be able to pursuade the “hungry”; once he was in office, he was able to magically come up with his “birth certificate” just like Hitler was able to hide his family heritage; attempting to brainwash the young; and, of course, the Marxism, which we the non-sheeple all are aware of anyway.

    • eyeswideopen

      Rod, just hold your breath, cause you aren’t going to see it, I hope it drives you wild.

  • http://None Harry McLemore

    I agree with 99.99%…nah … 100% of the comments. The Congressional persons should be required to watch “Mr Smith goes to Washington” w/Jimmy Steward. Good required watching. #1: Campaign spending Limits should be manditory, and much lower. Stop the Soro’s from buying votes. #3 Glenn Becks 9-12 gathering in Washington. If you can make it, do so , I’m going to try. Wonder how parking would be? Watch Glenn on Fox News nightly at 5pm, (Fox Nation). #4 Ted Kennedy said we did have “Term Limits”. He called it the ballot box. He just wouldn’t say that applied only to his state, and one he bought at that. The other 49 states, (not 57 as Obama said he campained in) don’t have a vote on out-of-state representatives. #6 Phil English (PA) lost because he wouldn’t do what “We the People” asked of him. He wouldn’t stop ‘ear marking bills’. Told me personaly, that he wouldn’t announce them until after they were passed and wouldn’t stop doing it. He’s out! Now Kathy Dahlkemper is in, but she too is a ‘by the book’ democrate. Her Office Boy told me on the phone that she read all 1000 pages of the $783 B. stimulas bill Friday night, and that he had read over 700 pages of it. I called him a liar and that NO ONE in the USA could read 1000 pages of a bill in legalese, in one night, and understand it enough to vote on it. This as been documented by a Dem. Senator on TV, when he said he couldn’t understand what was in it if, he had two lawyers and two days. Make it manditory to keep bills to under 100 pages. If it requires more, then it’s wrong. #7 The House & Senate should read the Bill of Rights and not try to change them. Article #19 gives the U.S. Gov’t certain rights by the states and they are listed. Obama is taking rights NOT given and our congress is not questioning any of it.

    I had voted for Spector up till the last election and didn’t vote for anyone then. No good choice. I saw Spector working too closely with the Democrates and not for the people. Santorium was the one breath of fresh air we’ve had for some time. He personaly would answer letters and questions. All the people we have in Congress can be attributed to “Straight party votes”. Pull one lever and be done with you civic duty. B.S. This is the fault of the ‘People’ for not studying the candidates. If we have only a choice of two, there is sometimes No choice. Look for a 3rd party. It’s not really throwing your vote away, but a vote against both. I hope we can survive this delima.

  • Ted Christy

    To all the people who donated money to Arlen Specter. Why would you want your money back? A retarded monkey could see that he was nothing but a democrat in republican clothing. Now he is what he has always been. A liberal democrat. Get over it. Wise up. Smell the roses. Do a little reading. Educate yourself.

  • http://aol Shawn

    What I don’t understand is… if the public voted in a republican,(republican checked on ballot)how can a democrat hold the seat? What exactly is going on? If I cast my ballot for a certain party and that person is no longer affiliated with that party I want my vote back.

  • Wally

    Taxpayer/voters should demand 1 additional box to check when they vote.
    It could be labeled “none of the above are acceptable,give us better choices”.

    Voters should also demand a, one 4 year term limit for all senators. One of the 2 senators to be replace every 4 years. Representatives should have their numbers cut by 50% in total. Then, a a 4 year term with half being replaced every election.

    No special taxpayer funded health care will get Americas health care fixed rather quickly. Same for social security, if they had to pay into it they would most likely have it fixed in several months.

    A 4 year term limit with no chance of re election would stop the need of looking for political donations and campaigning for re election. Also, with no chance for re election, lobbyists would find it a lot more difficult to buy their votes with political donations.

    No retirement benefits either. They should get the same benefits as if they were a member of the military for 4 years.

    • Smilee

      Both of your suggestions require constitutional changes (amendments) the people who support your ideas cannot even get a simple majority much less 2/3 majority in congress, so why fret about it

  • Kevin Beck

    I’m glad to say that I moved away from this jerk years ago. I just hope and pray that our country can survive with him in the Senate for 15 more months. Since I still have many relatives in Pennsylvania, I will make every effort to assist anyone who runs against him in the primary; if he survives the primary, I’ll contribute both time and money to anyone running against him in the general election.


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