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Special Report — ObamaCare Resistance Solidifies

November 6, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    What’s in the water in DC? It takes more than an accident for “adults” to be deaf, dumb and blind – even when you’re talking about politicians. On what planet did someone think it was necessary to create a 1,900 page abomination that will NOT be READ or UNDERSTOOD by the self-made RETARDS who want to inflict it on this nation?
    Ye gods, where did comrade obama find valerie jarrett? She can’t be from this planet. Maybe she came from the same planet that spawned harry ‘my way or the highway’ reid.
    People, this health care ‘reform’ SCAM is nothing less than HIGH TREASON. See it for what it is. See those who back it for who and what they are. They are semi-human SCUM. Anyone who wants this health care ‘reform’ SCAM has no conscience. To inflict this insanity on your children and grandchildren is to admit that you HATE everyone in your family and this nation. HOW did America become cursed with people who never learned the difference between common sense and fifth-rate CRAP?

    • Theresa

      I agree with you, absolutely! Further, this country is not and was not a democracy…but a Republic. A government by the people for the people. Our public schools are a disgrace. The rich have homes in other countries, and the corporations have a labor force in 3rd world countries and now they want to reduce this country to a third world status. Slaves to the tax structure…hyperinflation! This healthcare bill is an evil deception to control you! Where is the common sense in this country…it seems as if everybody has been dummied down through the water…What is happening?? T.S

      • Mark West

        I agee, But what do we as citizens do to remove these treasonist people in office? I’m game for what ever we need to do. We need our Country back, and put some Integrety back in the offices of Government

        • s c

          Mark W, I suggest two things. First (this point can’t be over-stressed) LET NO POLITICIANS HAVE CONSECUTIVE TERMS – EVER! Second, remind those in Congress and the White House that the Second Amendment can’t be bypassed or eliminated by ANYONE for ANY reason.
          The penalty for trying such HIGH TREASON is to ‘let the chips fall where they may.’ If that means a temporary high turnover in DC, then SOBEIT.
          Let the punishment fit the crime, and let NO ONE become a CAREER POLITICIAN.

          • CindyL

            s c. I agree, however I haven’t been able to get anyone to state that they would vote out a Republican. Would you? Just curious.

        • bill holland

          What we can do is cast our votes against the incumbent. In this way we could do away with the professional politician. No one would choose to spend his life in politics if he was reasonably sure to be voted out after one term in office.

  • picomanning

    President Obama is gaining a well deserved reputation as a president who cannot be trusted. He seems to have a cadre of philosophically like minded Senators and Congressmen pushing and pulling in the same socialistic direction. Who was the speaker in the video who claimed that small businesses will benefit by the health care proposal? Look if small businesses don’t have the option it ignore this bill then they will be COMPELLED to opt in to this scheme. This is so utterly unacceptable to a free soicety. Turn your thinging over to the government? That is, to the degree Americans allow government to control the health care system, the reality facing us. Shall we be free to choose. Socialized medicine extends the practice of socialism in America. Those who support this idea are the least willing to discuss it’s likely consequences. Look at what our “Leaders” are doing to us! No transparency; no time to study this new version; no attempt at bipartisanship; just no honest representation for the people! This is the time to express your solemn anger! Let your elected officials know how angry you are. Promise to get them out of office! Tell them!

  • Mary

    This is a deliberate plan to destroy this country.!
    Everything they are doing is to that end.
    Beck and Rush are right….they must be stopped …..soon they will start destroying lives……10% unemployment is only the beginning.
    Your Grandma will be refused treatment so lawbreaking illegal immigrants and their relatives can get the health care that Americans are paying for.

  • http://Personallibertysdigest Donna

    I wunder if anyone realizes that anything the Gov. gives us is not free. Those who work pay,and yes,future generations will pay also. Do those people in our government have to pay? I guess if they do they make too much to feel the pinch. We already have socialized medicine,it’s called Medicare and Medicad. Someone who is on one of these was raving about everyone being able to get health care and wouldn’t that be great. I asked her what she had when she told me it was Medicare I asked, “How’s it working for you?” She said,”Oh.” Get the insurance companies competing for your business prices will go down. Look to the future government, OF THE PEOPLE,BY THE PEOPLE,FOR THE PEOPLE. Not of the government,by the government,for the government. First came income tax to pay off WW1,than WW2 debt,SSI,SSD,Medicare,Medicade. We are a gready lot, which makes us no different than those in our government. How can we expect they to be any better.

  • Rosanne

    The above Crimes Against ‘We The People’ are the reasons ‘Tea Parties’ are rising up. Tea Parties rose up against an oppressive Political Regime in early American history and they are again waking from their long nap. Join one and learn how you too can make a difference….taking back America from Obama and his monsters!

  • s c

    You are known by the company you keep. If you hang around losers, expect to become a loser. In comrade obama’s case, his icons are no better than his ‘friends’ – especially when some of those icons are properly known as mass murderers and proven haters of freedom.
    Comrade obama doesn’t hesitate to ‘borrow’ ideas from sleazy, historical figures. He has made FDR’s power-mad attempts seem weak. Comrade obama has even borrowed a page from Adolf Hitler. Guess who – way back in WWII – tried to win easy votes from the people with health care reform? You guessed it! The little corporal. That moustached, paranoid murderer himself – Adolf Hitler.
    If there is any justice in this world (I’ll believe it when I see it), comrade obama, the DNC and all of his backers should start quaking in their rotting boots now – to avoid the rush. If anyone in recent memory has much to answer for – and will be seen as the WORST prez America ever had – it’s COMRADE OBAMA.

  • J C

    Obama is a straight up Communist. And if he’s not…he’s working for the Globalists. One thing is for sure….he’s NO AMERICAN.

  • Snowbird In New Hampshire, USA

    Obama is a traitor!!! He must be impeachment for treason!!!

  • s c

    As of Saturday (7 Nov), score one for elected scum, freedom-haters and those who happily confuse leadership with treason. This health care ‘reform’ SCAM is not over, people. 39 dems have a functioning conscience. 1 scuzzoid repuliloser needs to be held up to public ridicule and scorn.
    Know this. Comrade obama’s health care ‘reform’ SCAM has much in common with Hitler’s approach in WWII. It involves the consolidation of POWER, and it has NOTHING to do with freedom or positive ‘change.’
    Now is the time for the Senate to do right by the nation, and repudiate the abomination wrought by the House. Call, write and e mail your ‘leaders.’ Demand true leadership. Express your wrath. Americans, we have very little time. Washington does not serve the truth or the American people. Let those who stand for freedom honor the Founding Fathers. The rest have dishonored America. MAKE THEM P A Y.

  • http://WindowsInternetExplorer Larry E Johnson

    Barack H Obama,Is a puppet controled by those who bought the White House,and are holding a knife to America’s Throat. We freedom loving people,have been gagged,our voices mean nothing to this comunist administration,The mind of Obama is no different than that of Van Jones,in spite of him being thrown under the bus once the truth came out.We can’t wait till the next election to act,America,will be so motally wounded at the end of these four years.It will take an act of God,just to stand her on her feet.Obama,has to be impeached along with the rest of his wolves in sheeps clohting.We need a team of constatutional lawyers to take America case to court.And charge these crooks for the high crimes they are engaging in. Soft speach is not enough. It’s time Washington,feels the exstream anger we Americans are feeling.Get them out of our White House!

  • Ramon

    I’ve experienced the “lightbulb” bubble. The entire “Healthcare Reform” effort is a giant exercise in deflecting from the REAL evil, the rampant, wanton OVERCHARGING by all elements in Big Medicine, that’s Big Pharma, Laboratories, Physicians, Hospitals. ALL are COMPLICIT in the RACKET of INSULTING, RIDICULOUS charges for services and products which are nearly always procured at far, far less expense to those doling out the insults to the public. Big Medicine is all about BIG PROFITS to the point of fraudulent mark-ups. And CONGRESS has been COMPLICIT in this evil. Now, the BIG BANKERS, the International cartel of finance oligarchs who are bent on shepherding this country into socialist subservience under an economic world governance and to whom many treasonous members of Congress owe their allegiance, are exploiting this “crisis” (“never let a good crisis go to waste,” – Rahm Emmanuel), are exploiting the state of increasing inaccessibility of medical care to bring the American people into complicity in their own victimization by having the Democratic congressional majority spread across the nation’s populace the INFLATED costs of existing medical care while leaving the existing profiteering racket system intact and even rendering it more powerful.

    Where is the citizen’s oversight committee that over these last several decades should have been in existence to scrutinize and eliminate the egregious profiteering of Big Medicine?

    What we TRULY need now is a citizen’s federal GRAND JURY, for which the U.S. Constitution does PROVIDE, which would be empowered to subpoena all documentation necessary to REVEAL the true fraudulent mark-ups of products and services so that once and for all BIG MEDICINE is shorn of its not-so-hidden GREED and so that indictments may be brought against the profiteering CONSPIRATORS.

  • Ramona Kulp

    Ms. Pelosi,
    I just wanted to let you know I was overwhelmed at your audacity.
    The way you treat the AMERICAN people is an unbelievable farce,
    Do you really feel you are the only voice that needs to be heard?
    Do you understand what you have done with the forcing of the health care bill?

    By forcing this bill you have in effect stated that the governments (you), are the only force to be heard and WE THE PEOPLE have no real voice. I hope and pray…yes, I said PRAY… that America can overcome the foolishness that you, ms pelosi, as a representative of OUR government forced down our throats (in the form of your health care bill) can be rewritten as to save our GREAT NATION from your form of socialized government as soon as We the People get a chance to vote most of your lapdogs out of the jobs WE THE PEOPLE have given them ( I am well aware of where your from, so I am betting that your job is safe. )
    Now, I wonder if you will let a vote come up on Joe Wilsons bill to force you into the same plan you have forced on us and if you do allow a vote, how you plan to vote on it. Well ms. pelosi, what do you have to say on this? I feel a deep need to know your answer,are one of us?, or do you feel your better then the rest of the AMERICAN PEOPLE? I am VERY interested in your answer .

  • s c

    Ramona, America shares your frustration. Queen Pelosi sees herself as better than the rest of us. Do some research. Get an idea as to the identity of her REAL boss (no, I don’t mean people in California or the rest of America).
    Queen Nancy is a wannabe ‘elite.’ She will never admit that she’s as ‘elite’ as an aromatic manure pile. Power is her god. Manipulation is her drug of choice. Her ego is a gigantic balloon, ready to be popped. Queen Nancy will make an interesting picture when she is seen as THE Queen of the Washington Septic Tank (a most fitting title for her).
    Her plans for America go far beyond Orwell’s 1984.
    She thinks no one can make her accountable. What she has done rivals the insanity of the French Revolution. She has given herself more than enough rope to hang herself, but she needs constant reminders that she and comrade obama and his flunkies have a date with destiny. That ‘date’ will be her downfall, and its effects will show her true face to America and the world.
    Queen Pelosi and all her icons are false prophets. NO ONE forced her to join that ‘club.’ No mortal can afford those dues. She won’t realize it until it’s too late.
    Score America, one. Pelosi, zero. At long last!

    • John

      I agree sc Ms. Queen Bee needs too go. She is about as big a hypocrite as Obama is a liar. We need to take our country back. There is not a week that goes by, or a day, that some kind of filth comes up on those people. They are literally destroying this country. I’m sick of watching these liars, they’re so arrogant and they think that we’re so stupid. The only stupid people that they’re fooling are the ones that support their agenda. We get a few on this site. They need to wake up and pay attention. Sure I could back up what I’m saying with facts go ahead and challenge me. As I’ve said before there is just too much dirt on these people and the list grows daily. Its disgusting.
      2010 will mark the beginning of taking our country back, we’re off to a good start.
      Lets vote them out of office.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Marie Kenneally

        Yes, by all means, LET’S TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY BY VOTING THESE TRAITORS “OUT OF OFFICE” NOT ONLY IN 2010, BUT BY 2012 for sure — especiallly everyone who votes for this absurd so-called Health Care bill!

  • American Mom

    Reading your posts is my calm in the storm.

    It’s so nice to know there are many others out there who agree that Obama is guilty of TREASON!

    BO, Pilosi, and their band of socialists are earning their way to Hell for eternity. I won’t be joining them.

    They clearly serve evil with their LIES.
    WE, the PEOPLE, will hold to the TRUTH as our weapon of choice.

    In the end, we know TRUTH will prevail over LIES.

  • William R. D.

    If we had elected members of Congress that had the moral fiber of those who were in Congress in the 1950′s, Pelosi would have been tried and convicted of treason for going to Syria and trying to close our military supply line through Turkey to our troops in Iraq during a time of war. She should be in the company of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg as we speak.
    By following our Communist-educated, illegal occupant of the White House, she has (by her words and actions) become a follower and believer in Socialism. Hitler brought his Socialism into Germany in the same manner that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are bring it into America. The Obama/Pelosi/Reid “healthcare reform bill” is not intended to reform the world’s best healthcare system. It is intended to control every facet of our lives.
    The un-informed of America elected the enemy (“We have met the enemy, and he is us”).
    Why are they doing this to us? Why?

  • s c

    Is is true that comrade obama was asked by Charlie Gibson if he would cancel his cadillac health insurance? I was told that comrade obama made N O effort to answer Gibson’s question. If that is true, then what does that really say about comrade obama and his true plans for health care?
    I am sorely tempted to conclude that comrade obama has MUCH to hide from America, and that the best way to view his health care ‘reform’ package is that of an utterly deformed, twisted and Frankenstein-style MMMM MMMM MMMM!
    Here’s your chance, ultraliberals. Defend your god!

  • Debobar

    Has anyone thought of SEIU’s involvement behind this? According to recent release of the WH visitor log, Andy Stern (SEIU pres – you know, union boss) is the #1 MOST FREQUENT visitor to the WH! He’s logged 22 visits this yr (and Gen McC got 25 min facetime!). The more I look, the more it becomes clear – SEIU is probably the biggest supporter of the HC “reform” (check out their website & how they are playing the employees!) I’m thinking they actually wrote the bill and put O in office to get it passed. Why would that be his #1 priority?? Now the media is making a big deal about AARP supporting the bill. Hmmm… I think we can figure that one out. But… does everyone remember that they went into a partnership w/SEIU in ’07??? Is anybody thinking what I am?

  • minnie

    Now that obama is allowing HIV TRAVELERS INTO OUR COUNTRY, what it says is he does not care if they spread that desease, never mind he wants to push his insurance and then with more sick people with HIV, OUR COUNTRY IS GOING IN the WRONG WRONG DIRECTION. THERE IS MORE TO FEAR FROM THIS PELOSI/OBAMACARE THAN FROM THE TERRORIST OR THE UNEMPLOYMENT. VOTE REPUBLICAN ALL THE WAY IN 2012.

  • AmericanPatriot

    After the HC reform and the immigration reform, Obama should work with the education reform. It is neccesary to educate ignorant people. People who talk and talk and they don’t have any knowledge or common sense. If somebody call Obama a communist…je je!… This people don’t have any idea what is communism. Also, they said that economy is going to be in terrible shape….hello!!! the county was bankrupt already before he started as a President!!!!. The ones who just move out from DC, they were the real terrorist!!! I just want to finish with this …wake up! We have an american president…..and is black…and he will do social reforms for all of us.

    • Nellie


    • bill holland

      The sad truth is that Obama’s actions will make it harder for good well qualified African Americans to be elected in the future.

  • Lillie

    Ms Polsi and the Obama administration does not care what the american people think or want. All they can think of is making us the american people subjects of there’s. They are power stricken and money hurger kings and queens and rulers and thats because people like me and the nation in whole have turn our back on God.

  • s c

    Is comrade obama going to continue to make Americans suffer via billions of dollars and useless forms of cancer therapy? Didn’t he say something about hope and change? We’re supposed to believe the so-called War on Cancer has been a success. Survival rates are not any better now than in the ’50s.
    Chemotherapy is touted as the FDA’s gift-from-above (or is it below?). Isn’t it interesting that 3 forms of cancer respond to chemo, but not one of the worst types responds to it? Still, MDs and Big Pharma get incredibly RICH.
    Can you say NON-SCIENCE, ‘scientists’ who are more akin to overpaid PROSTITUTES and EASY MONEY? Is this quality health care or a concentration camp experiment?

  • Ardell Nagle

    We seem to be shouting and saying no to Health Care Bill and Cap and Trade, but no one is listening. How the Democrats don’t see what is in store for them come election time is beyond me. They should have got the point when 2 states tossed out their Democratic Governors from their state. It would not matter to them if a million people marched on Washington with signs that just said NO. They feel they are in power and that they are right and it doesn’t matter what the majority of the American people want.
    Here is what we need besides continuing sending emails, faxes, and phone calls. We need to thoroughly check out who plan to run for any office in the future. That includes local offices as well. They need to be able to say that they support the constitution and are willing to abide by it’s values. Next we need to check the records of all our representatives to see where they got their campaign contributions. I have already checked out mine in my state and I was not pleased with what I saw. I don’t care if he is a Republican I will not vote for him when he comes up for reelection. He bows to special interest like the rest. Besides he has been there to long.
    We need to stand together and bring back America to it’s greatness. We need people in Washington who are willing to stand up to the lobbyist and say take your business elsewhere. We need men and women to tell the lobbyist I answer to the people in my state and that will not take money from any special interest group ever.

  • Barb

    I agree wholeheartedly with ALL of the above. ALL must go.


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