Speaking Spanish On The Senate Floor To Urge ‘Commonsense’ Immigration Reform


Senator Tim Kaine (D-Va.) spoke Tuesday for nearly 15 minutes on the Senate floor in Spanish, applauding the Gang of Eight bipartisan coalition that’s pushing for a sweeping set of immigration reforms and supporting the start of the debate process that could see an immigration reform bill move out of the Senate.

Kaine planned the stunt, for which fellow Democratic Virginia Senator Mark Warner called him a “show-off.” In the hours before he took the Senate floor, Kaine had been promoting his speech with bilingual tweets calling for “commonsense” reform to fix “our broken immigration system.”

“Thought it was important to spend a few mins explaining bill in Spanish — a language spoken by almost 40M in US w/a lot at stake in outcome” he tweeted.

The Senate went ahead and voted 82-15 to begin debate on the controversial 1,000-page bill, which President Barack Obama is urging Congress to approve without playing “procedural games.”

The United States has no “official” language, and there’s likewise no official language provision requiring government officials to speak English. The rules of procedure do require that a Senator receive unanimous consent of the full Senate before speaking in another language from the floor, as Kaine himself did.

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Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • babsan

    I suggest this non-American moves to Mexico as he prefers that language.Traitor!

    • jmprint

      I am American, I love my spanish heritage, and I love speaking in spanish, BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT I’M FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY. NOR A TRAITOR!

      • manuel

        Hey jimprint, my folks are from Scotland, but I sure do not speak Celtic. Either be an American, or be a Mexican. You cannot be both.

        • jmprint

          And now you want to infringe on our rights. We have been on this land way before it became part of the US, and no where in the treaty did it specify that we had to give up our culture. And I have news for you, I can be both an American and hispanic and YOU cannot change that. That is our constitutional right, or does that only apply to other races? You may not live in a state where most of the streets and and cities have Spanish sir name, but we do. So Manuel be ashamed of your heritage, but don’t try to pretend it doesn’t exist. I was defending the name calling of being a traitor, or to move to another country. I heard that same racist remark in the first grade. Why are we going backwards. You must be young and stupid.

      • Jeem

        We’re not talking about patriotic citizens who have various and numerous ancestral backgrounds. These people are selling out ALL of the CITIZENS. Generations from many countries have followed the law to become Americans. We really speak American not the Queens English here, think about it. That’s the reason people wanted to come here. It’s fast becoming “not” USA.

        • jmprint

          It’s becoming “not” the USA because the rich that own land and commercial properties are selling out acre by acre to non-americans. The Chinese, Russians and India own more land then most Americans. No one ever talks about that.

  • Tom Fischbach

    He should be impeached!

    • Andy44

      We had better hurry up before the impeachment line gets too long…

  • CJ

    Arrest him. I was told all government business was REQUIRED to be conducted in English, by law.

    • 57girl

      Since when does the President, Congress, or the Senate respect American Law, or the American people? They’ve gotten away with so much for so long, our only purpose, anymore, is to pay the taxes, to support these traitors and provide their cushy retirement packages. If I had my way, all of them would be sitting in prison, awaiting trial (do we still have trials in America?) for Treason.

  • jeem

    Tim Kaine is just another sewer rat turning the USA into another turd world sewer for free riding free loaders. You think he and his co-turds will figure out who will pay “their” check when we are gone.


  • manuel

    Send this piece of taco crap to Mexico – they speak Spanish there and he will be most welcome.

    • MargaretJacobson

      They will deport him !! They don’t want him either

  • Robbie

    Look, English was good enough for Jesus so it ought to be good enough for America.

    • Betta

      Jesus spoke Aramaic, a Hebrew language.

      • Robbie

        Yes, I know. I think you missed the point I was making about language(s) in America.

        • Scruddlyjr

          Robbie – Point?!? The accounts of Christ were translated with the distinct agenda to further the indoctrination of Christians in other nations/cultures. How, exactly, does that relate to our elected officials ignoring the desires of the vast majority of the US citizens to serve their oligarchic masters?

          • Robbie

            My point was about a general America xenophobia as relates to languages other than English.

          • Scruddlyjr

            Whoa boy! You sure hit that nail on the head. Citizen outrage has nothing to do with border B&E, overwhelming participating in welfare programs, illegal alien crime including a dozen murders committed by illegal aliens every day like the sexual assault & murder of 9 month old Serenity Reed in Richland, WA last Saturday, competition with the most vulnerable Americans for low skill jobs thereby lowering the wages, competition for high skill jobs through H1B’s thereby lowering the wages, increased costs to education for across-the-board bilingual education, uninsured motorists, overcrowding, etc, etc. Nope, we’re all xenophobic and racist if we refuse to get behind the gang of eight’s amnesty. You pegged us!

          • Robbie

            So you’d kind of be against learning – or allowing school age kids from learning – another language such as French or Spanish. People knowing more than one language doesn’t sit very well with you right?

          • Scruddlyjr

            Robbie – you really need to get out more and realize that this issue has nothing to do with your language issue. It has everything to do with the sovereignty of this nation, the failed promises of the federal government, the countless unreported victims of illegal immigration, the impending amnesty of another 11M+ law breakers, the oligarchs that benefit from the failure of the executive branch to enforce existing laws and the astronomical costs that are incurred by anyone with cash, cash based investments or kids that will suffer the long-term consequences. Do I have any hope of convincing you of my viewpoint? Of course not – you reached your conclusions and closed your mind to alternatives long before you started your posts. On the other hand, there are plenty of others that might read these posts that haven’t slammed the door on reason.

          • Robbie

            These problems, too, will pass.

          • Rubygirl

            Robbie, schools have been offering second languages for many years. French,Spanish, Italian, etc. BUT never have we “demanded” that our children choose a specific language (Spanish)! This is what is aggravating US citizens so much.

  • rollervic

    I was so pissed off when I watched him speaking Spanish for 15 minutes on the Senate floor. I called his office to express my displeasure. The mail box was full. Who was he talking to? Don’t you think this matter is of great interest to English speaking, tax paying Americans? This poor excuse for an American Senator should be voted out of office. He is absolutely shameless.

    • Karen

      I was pissed also. I had to turn the channel. If he thought this was a good idea he was sorely mistaken. He needs to go.

      • rollervic

        I didn’t turn the channel. I watched it. My blood boiled. He doesn’t really give a damn about these people. He just sees votes for his party. He is a disgrace.

    • Gary

      We had a chance in November to make sure he never got into office. Unfortunately, my fellow Virginians decided to elect this mealy-mouthed, whiny little rodent as its Senator.

      • rollervic

        That’s too bad because he is a waste of space.

    • Rubygirl

      Wonder how many “illegals’ were sitting in the gallery? The audacity of even illegals being allowed to observe, much less actually stand up and say they are illegal like that student did during the Dream Act debate. Now illegal groups are meeting behind closed doors to “help” with legislation! Dumb!!!

      • rollervic

        Everything is ass backwards in this country.

  • sanman99

    What a American embarrassment especially for VA.

    • Gary

      I continue to be embarrassed by me elected officials in VA.

  • sanman99

    Another thing, having this immigration shoved down my throat has just made me extremely less tolerant towards them. if this passes there will be NO tolerance.

    • MargaretJacobson

      Our government actually invited these illegals here !! We need the army to fortify our northern &southern borders . We need the navy & coast guard for coasts . Illegals here in the USA could care less about us !! I see it everyday in Baltimore city and surrounding areas !! They are in your face kind of blunt !!

    • Rubygirl

      Can anyone imagine US (we the people) entering another country illegally and then DEMANDING that country give us all the rights of their citizens? This whole illegal aliens issue is just beyond ignorance. Let immigrants come…using proper channels, assimilate, learn English, etc. We are on the way to having a problems with Muslims, also, with their mosques and conclaves!!

  • Van Allen

    Out here in nearby Jackson Hole, the elementary children undergo immersion in learning Spanish. Talk about an upside down, irresponsible switch of languages in our country! Admittedly, multilingualism is important, but many of our citizens are challenged to just speak & write English properly! If anything, given the emergence of China & the Asian Rim as the signal powers in the future world, those are crucial alternative languages that we need to be learning in order to compete—not Mexican Spanish!

  • Katie

    Problem is…English has NEVER been made the official language of the US. That, to me, is a damn shame.

    I speak Spanish, BTW, but only because I wanted to learn another language. Helps a lot when I GO TO MEXICO!


    The US was founded by english speaking peoples, it uses english to this day to conduct the major portion of day to day business and those who come here to live assimilate and learn english, the world does most major transactions english and there is no shame in learning english and knowing other languages
    …English is spoken here…When in Rome.

  • John H. Holliday D.D.S.

    The entire U.S. Federal Government has criminalized itself by crossing the line into voluntarily and willfully discrediting and illegitimatizing itself as a legitimate representative government of, by and for We The People(the U.S. Citizen Taxpayers who subsidize and pay all of their salaries, perks and Life Time Pensions in the form of Mafia style shake down protection money known as excessive, unjustified and unaccountable Taxes). The Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen who are pushing Amnesty are BRIBING those millions of undocumented Democrats to VOTE for anything that is a Democrat and a RINO including to VOTE for anything that is found crawling under any rock. Amnesty is the criminal act of wanton treason by intentionally and deliberately placing all illegal alien foreign nationals ABOVE THE LAW by professional career political prostitute whore treason criminals, erroneously and fraudulently known as Senators and Congressmen who are voluntary and willful criminal accomplices and voluntary and willful criminal accessories to illegal immigration by willfully and deliberately refusing to enforce and obey all current U.S. Federal Immigration Laws(the most generous and fair immigration laws in history) and by Unconstitutionally, illegally and unlawfully aiding and abetting the millions of illegal alien foreign nationals with the two criminal acts of wanton naked BRIBERY to the millions of illegal aliens known as immorally rewarding unmerited, unearned, undeserved, unjustified and immoral Amnesty to illegal aliens and followed by the second BRIBE of immorally rewarding millions of unmerited, unearned, undeserved and unjustified U.S. Citizenships to those millions of unjustly and immorally Amnestied illegal alien foreign nationals that is intended to be used as a mass political weapon, against all legitimate REAL U.S. Citizens of LEGAL and LAWFUL immigrant ancestor heritage, to MASSIVELY OUTVOTE all of those legitimate REAL U.S. Citizens which will disenfranchise those REAL legitimate U.S. Citizens from their own country that their own ancestors originally founded, built and defended including sacrificing their own life in defense of their country. Those professional career political prostitute whore criminals in the U.S. Senate and House Of Representatives are deliberately prostituting themselves out to their millions of illegal alien Johns by cheating and selling out the REAL U.S. Citizens down the river by rewarding unjust and immoral Amnesty to their millions of self criminalized illegal alien Johns in return for Democrat votes and RINO votes. Amnesty to the millions of illegal alien Johns must be the greatest and finest mass political blow job orgy that VOTES can buy and it is all being committed by the Tax Payer subsidized professional career political prostitute whore criminals(fraudulently known as U.S. Senators and Congressmen) who walk the streets and stand on the street corners prostituting themselves out to anything that will vote for them at any price, including cheating and selling out their own REAL U.S. Citizens down the river, in the world’s largest national political prostitute whorehouse, bordello and brothel known as Washington D.C.. Also, a form of Racism known as Race Favoritism is identified as a very immoral part of Amnesty and “pathway to citizenship” when any politicians place any specific targeted attention and any favoritism to Hispanic or “Latino” illegal alien foreign nationals from Mexico and other Central American nations by intentionally and deliberately placing those millions of Hispanic or “Latino” illegal aliens ABOVE THE LAW(meaning PLACING THEM ABOVE IMMIGRATION LAWS) and by pandering to and making any special accomodations to illegally, unlawfully and Unconstitutionally aid and abet and harbor those Hispanic or “Latino” illegal alien foreign nationals from Mexico and Central America as a result of the millions of Hispanic or “Latino” illegal alien foreign nationals who are the 93% majority or more of the millions of illegal alien foreign nationals who illegally entered the United States and who illegally reside and illegally work in the United States AS OBVIOUS UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATS.

  • IsThisAmerica

    What the hell was he thinking? Speaking spanish on the senate floor? When the hell did I move to Mexico???? NO TO AMENESTY!!!!! OUR COUNTRY WAS INVADED!!!!! AND OUR GOVERNMENT IS DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT!!! They are going to throw our borders wide open!! Thank you Obama for driving our country straight to hell! Make ENGLISH THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE? Hah not now. I am super pissed off. Look what’s happening in Turkey, and England, the CITIZENS have had enough of being treated like 2nd class people. You think people didn’t like the illegals before? I will never trust this regime we have as a government. Now more border patrol and police will be shot, because of this bill. The government does not care about us! All they care about is VOTES and $$$$! One scandel after another, when are we going to impeach him and throw the rest of his CZARS out? Every time they open their mouth it’s nothing but LIE, LIE, LIE!

    • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

      Currently the ones that are prominently active in lobbying and activist are the illegals, homosexuals and blacks. This is the main reason Obama has won 2 terms, because the majority of Americans didn’t exercise their right and vote. When more people start feeling the effects of this Administration, they will start to wake up and take notice. As long as they can still have their SUV’s, home ownership, and their ipads and smart phones they will continue to stumble through life blindly not paying attention to what is going on in DC. Eventually the “silent majority” will stand up and start making demands as the illegals, blacks and homosexuals have been doing.

      Problem is the ones that are making demands and have the time to do so is because the majority of them are not working, nor paying taxes and living off the government dole and they have all the time in the world unlike the hard working tax paying silent majority in which are busy utilizing their time to earn a pay check to pay their family bills and debts and have little to no time to scan the internet to research and find out exactly what is going on in this Country.

      They certainly are not going to learn about it from listening to the radio on their way back and forth from work and they are not going to learn all the details from MSM because the Government is doing everything it can to gag the radio and MSM and control what is broadcast and now trying to control what is published on the internet. Though a large part of the working class in which has families they are trying to raise have little to no time to surf the web and research. They are busy with business and checking emails for the short time they have available on the web.

      Government knows this and they know the best way to keep the silent majority ignorant is to shut off the main avenue of information that can easily get to the majority being radio broadcast and MSM.

      This is how China has managed to keep its people ignorant to the rest of the world for years. This is also a part of the “45 goals of the Communist party of USA” has adopted, being gain control of communications.

      • IsThisAmerica

        I agree, they march through our streets demanding everything under the sun, but wait, their ILLEGALS, they should be in no position to demand anything. If this government passes that AMNESTY bill (which that is all it is), I think they may have an uprising of tax paying, law abiding CITIZENS. And stupid goes out raising money for the DNC and doesn’t care about all the scandels going on in this country, guess cause he’s not a citizen and DON’T CARE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY. I say they all go to jail for perjury, treason, and anything else you could add like IGNORING our constitution and all our rights.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    In my opinion, While they are conducting congressional business discussing and debating bills and legislating laws while on the tax payers time and their dime, then they speak English so that all the legislature knows what is being said as well as the viewers. If he wants the illegals who come here and cannot speak english or refuse to learn to speak and comprehend english to understand what is being said on the Congressional floor, then he can get the transcripts and have them translated or he can hold a townhall meeting on his own time and explain in spanish. His actions suggest he is more concerned that illegal invaders understand what is being said than being concerned for Americans and the majority of his constituents to understand what he is saying.

    When he took the floor and was speaking, who was he representing? illegal invaders or the majority of his tax paying constituents?

    His actions should prompt a bill be drafted that English is deemed the official language and any and all business conducted in governmental offices, departments and agencies be spoken and written in English. It can be translated into other languages afterwards when they are not officially conducting business on the tax payers time and money.

    • MargaretJacobson

      Vote all the traitors out of office !!

  • Jake Thomas

    I live in South Gate, CA – close enough to see downtown Los Angeles. My city is approx 99% hispanic. I get adds every day in the mail – even from the national chains, where they are in spanish with english sub-titles. So tired of this BS congress and president. They aren’t working for the citizens of this country, they’re working to line their pockets and for the “Power”

  • sanman99

    Here is my Spanish response to Mr. Kaine, PINCHE CABRON!!!

    • momo

      Here’s mine, hey Kaine chinga tu penche madre, cabron

  • jim b

    I’m sorry, we speak English here in America! Why…. Because we are Americans, not Mexicans…. get it! We already have a Russian Charm School graduate occupying the highest post in the White House, we don’t need Mexican Charm School graduates occupying the Senate as well. This kind of ridiculous stunt by an elected Senator should come with hefty ethics fine, and disbarment or whatever they do to relieve a Senator of his stead. When I saw this happening on the floor of the Senate I didn’t even care what the subject matter was about, I wanted to jump in the TV and punch the guy for disrespecting hundreds of millions of Americans!

  • BarrackHussein

    Well, you can throw out the assimilation into our society argument…
    Do Americans really need 20 million “lettuce pickers?” How about starting with a limited worker visa program?