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South Carolina’s Andre Bauer Takes Heat Over Welfare Remarks

February 2, 2010 by  

South Carolina's Andre Bauer takes heat over welfare remarks South Carolina’s lieutenant governor Andre Bauer, a Republican, has been heavily criticized for his remarks in which he compared welfare recipients to stray animals and called on the state to stop providing welfare services to them.

At a town hall meeting last week, Bauer said, “My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed. You’re facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don’t think too much further than that. And so what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to curtail that type of behavior. They don’t know any better.” (Reported by Greenville News)

Democratic State Senator Vincent Sheheen has called the remarks "immoral," and said he felt "disgusted."

"They show an unbelievable lack of compassion toward the unemployed workers in our state who are hurting during these hard times," Sheheen stated.

As the criticism mounted, the lieutenant governor took to the airwaves to salvage his image. In an interview with CNN, he stated that he regretted his comments, saying "I wish I had used a different metaphor."

However, Bauer went on to say that he would like to see "the culture of dependency" created by government assistance come to an end, as it takes away the incentive to be responsible.

"If some of these people who are currently on welfare were put to work you wouldn’t have an immigration problem," he said, quoted by the news source. "The welfare system is so entrenched that nobody wants to do manual labor jobs."

Bauer is running for governor to replace the incumbent Mark Sanford who has been involved in a sex scandal.

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  • Robert

    Not sure how I feel on this issue. Very bad metaphor but his follow up explanation has some teethe to it. As far as the Democratic State Senator is concerned. He can shove it. What’s his statement to the fact that Obama and his wife attended a church where the reverand said “Not God Bless America” but “God Damn America”. Where’s he stand on this moral outrage and treasoness remark? Or for that matter, recent disparaging remarks made by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid against Americans who are practicing their constitutional rights to voice their disapproval of this governments policies and actions? The news media should also ask these questions if they want to give a national platform with one politician who comments on another politician who makes on off the wall remark.

    • Disgusted

      Absolutely. It chaps my hide that Nancy Pelosi has called me an anti-american and a rasist because I participated in a TEA Party Rally. Those remarks were immoral and I felt disgusted when I heard them, but she wasn’t called out on it – you hardly heard anything about it in the mainstream media. I agree with Bauer and in a lot of cases his metaphor is spot on! There are families that keep breeding to be eligible for benefits and their children fall right in line when they are old enough. I used to see these people come into the restaurant my parents owned all the time. Disgusting! I think we should make drug testing mandatory in order for a person to receive a welfare check. That money comes from me and I have to take a drug test to earn it. I think it is only fair.

      • denniso

        Andre Bauer? What is he,a French Republican??? As for stray dogs or welfare recipients reproducing when we provide ample food,I just hope this guy doesn’t have ‘ample’ food.

        • http://Yahoo Dee D

          What’s the matter Bauer, are you afraid a few needy people will take a few dollars out of your pocket? Please stand up, get off your heart and start trying to help people instead of putting them down.

          • dmp says :

            denniso and Dee D :

            You both have similar mentality and shallow minded ideas. Are you related? If you are two of the millions of ‘ WELFARE ” people, it’s time to start looking for jobs, because, the government under a new President will abolish ” WELFARE ” that bankrupts the government and ” AMERICA “. IF you are “REAL” Americans, you should not tolerate ” LAZY” NO GOOD PEOPLE ” to remain ” USELESS “, encourage them to be productive and useful citizens, that someday, with hard work and positive good ambitions, they might become President like ” OBAMA “. We can not remain ” LAZY” all our lives. We have to help build America not bankrupt it. ” WAKE UP “.

          • denniso

            dump…you are fundamentally wrong in assuming that all people using unemployment,food stamps or free food are lazy and non workers,especially during a severe recession. Millions of people work,lose a job or get sick and then rely on support until they can get back on their feet. Many people are disabled and can’t work. You sound like a bitter and stingy person w/ no goodness in your ‘heart’.

            Me,I’ve never taken an ounce of gov’t help my entire life because I’ve been able to work,even w/ a bad back and arthritus. But I don’t begrudge those who need help. True, there are always people who cheat the system,but the same is true at the corporate welfare level where it’s billions of tax $ being sucked up by the wealthiest among us. Complain about that.

          • Karolyn

            He’s probably from an old SC family. Believe me, I know them. They live all around me. They have that old “southern charm” that comes from lineage and maintain their prejudices inherited from their ancestors. They stay in their big houses in or near Columbia and never come out to see what’s going on in this state. Just like our dear philandering governor. He spent more time in Argentina than visiting the poor towns in his state! SHEHEEN FOR GOVERNOR!!

        • Karolyn

          No – He’s just another elite South Carolinian whose family probably lost their plantation in “The War”.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Nothing would have been said at all if the man had been a Democrat like everything else. Besides he wasn’t talking about unemployed, he was talking about the lazy welfare people. Welfare was asystem set up back in the 60′s to a. buy votes, b. enslave people. Before that time, people took care of their own. Its simple, close down the welfare program in your state, those people can be put to work, cleaning roads, parks etc etc etc, and on Friday, after passing a drug test, can have their welfare check.

      • DaveH

        But Sally,
        That would be demeaning to them to force them to do janitorial work for their money.

      • Harold Olsen

        Try again. Welfare has been around a lot longer than the sixties. My own family had to go on welfare a couple of times in the fifties but only for a few months each time. These days people go on welfare and decide, “Hey, this is pretty good. Who needs to work for a living when I can get everything for free from the government?” Most people on welfare are nothing but leeches and parasites who are too lazy to work and decide they are going to live off of the rest of us. Back, I believe it was in the seventies, Republicans tried to pass legislation stopping increased benefits each time a welfare recipients had a child. It was clear that that was the reason they were having additional children, Guess what? They were called racists for it by the left. Also, I believe it was President Reagan, who tried to get legislation passed requiring single mothers to name the father of their children before they got welfare benefits and requiring those fathers to pay child support. Again, screams of racism from the left. The government puts people on welfare, not out of compassion, but as a mean of controlling them. You want proof? Look at the stimulus packages that were recently passed. They were nothing but corporate welfare. What happened? Companies were given million and billions in bailout money. Herr Obama then took over those companies that got stimulus (or I should say welfare) from the government and took control of them. Compassion? Hell no! It’s about power!!!

        • DaveH

          I’m would hesitate to call the welfare recipients names. They aren’t stealing our money. The Government is responsible for that. Let’s put the blame where the blame belongs. The recipients are just taking what is given to them. A cousing of mine went to a welfare office to ask about some temporary assistance and they actually coached her on what to do to become a full time recipient. She declined.

        • Claire

          Harold Olsen–I am not complaining but when I was a kid, we were so poor. My Mother canned, made our clothes, etc. She even made our underwear out of flour sacks. And yes, there was welfare back then. This was in the late ’40s. My Mother received what they called “ADC” for me and my two sisters. It was called Aid for Dependent Children. Everyone around knew we were on ADC. The kids made fun of me and my two sisters something terrible. I lived through that, and I never forgot it. But I did have a wonderful Mother. She taught us right from wrong, never to cheat, lie, or steal and to keep our clothes clean as well as our bodies and minds. We went to church and Sunday School. If we said a cuss word, we got our mouths washed out with soap. She did her best for me and my sisters. My Mother worked hard her whole life. And when she died, I cried my heart out because I felt she deserved a better life, but then again (it may sound crazy) we had a good simple life in spite of it all. Very poor, but we had pride and stamina. My Mother was a good teacher. As I was growing up, I made my mind up early on that I would never ever be on welfare. I just cannot imagine anyone milking the welfare system. I have too much pride. I would find a job if it killed me.

          • Claire

            And let me add this–I know in some cases it cannot be helped and people do have to rely on welfare and I acknowledge this fact. I just do not approve of the ones that partake of welfare under false pretenses.

          • denniso

            Claire…people rail against the individuals who cheat at welfare,but how often do we hear rightwingers ranting about the millionaires who get farm subdidies(corporate welfare) or the many other examples of corporate welfare that totals in the billions of $$ of tax money.

          • Karolyn

            denniso, you are so right. They are so busy bashing Dems and libs that they have nothing to say about factory farms and the demise of the small farmer. They have no problem buying those tainted eggs and milk that line billionaires’ pockets. Put the anger where it belongs!

      • Rose Ann

        I was on welfare as a child since my dad was in prison and my mother could not find work. I didn’t like it, but we survived. My mother worked for her welfare check and as soon as we were old enough to work, we worked for our welfare check. I think that’s the way it should be. You don’t have to cancel the Welfare system, just give those that need work some pride. We all like to work for what we get, believe it or not.

    • BOE

      Mr.Bauer is right. We have 40% of the population that do not work,or have ever worked and paid taxes, There are whole family`s that have made this a way of life. And the boys that get these girls pregnant live off the system too. All they do is reproduce,hang out in the street,sell drugs,rob poor white people. They are parasites. Parasites have to have a host to live off of. You would think they would want a better life for the children. No..they are so stupid and lazy welfare is free money..I am not talking about people who have recently lost job….nooo..those people will not get any help because they worked…and probaly the wrong color!

      • denniso

        Why do you insist on lying? Your 40% of Americans who don’t work is ridiculous and flat wrong.

    • John Moore

      Baues’s right, people recieving welfare shouldn’t be aloud to vote either. Don’t get me wrong, there is a difference between welfare, and unemployment; unemployment is tempary, but still that money has to come from somewhere. Why should those reieving welfare be aloud to vote themselves a raise at the expence of the the taxpayer? These people are mostly uneducated, because they choose to be, or they let these community organizers and union thugs into their place of work. The business owner gets tired of being told how much to pay workers, taxes, and what other leftwing organizations wanting to sue, the owner moves to China then they’re all out of a job.

  • SS McDonald

    Bravo. A politician stands up and tells the truth for a change. Welfare is NOT a life long career and certainly not a generation to generation pass-a-long for the lazy to eternally sponge off the producers of our nation. It is long past time to reduce and eliminate government-funded welfare.

    • TIME

      It taks some guts to stand up and say anything anylonger as with the politicaly correct charged rhetoric that the media, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSN, MCSBC, seems to grab onto for higher ratings has preverted the very base of this human condition.

      Lets explore this isssue a bit as I live not far from SC, here we have EBT cards that are given out. This is how they work. The adult gets free housing, state and Fed paid. They get Free Phone and Cell Phone service, as well TV all paid for by TAX’s you pay on your bills, Electric and water all paid for by TAX’S paid for by persons who pay the bills. They get free Bus tickets.

      Now as to the EBT card, the adult gets the following $800.00 per month per person for food, so a person with 4 kids gets $3200.00 as a base, plus $200.00 x 4 = $800.00 more, plus $200.00 x 4 = $800.00 more. So thats $4800.00 per month, or $57,600.00 per year.

      Heres the break down; $200.00 per month for cigarette’s and beer / wine. Plus $200.00 per month for cloths, keep in mind thats per person. All medical is paid for by YOU the TAX payer’s as well your insurance has a TAX you pay for paying for the medical needs of said persons.

      Where we live its not strange to see someone on WF driving a brand new car, with the latest Cell phones, Gold chains and Diamonds. New cloths every day.
      When in at the food store see the cart thay have filled to the rim with Steaks, Sea Foods.

      Yet we who pay the tax’s that support this behavior are looking at how we can save a few bucks, we buy what we can afford.
      Afterall we also have to pay all the crazy TAX’s like our porperty taxs that went up, by 53% last year when home values dropped by 35%, strange?
      No not really as we have to keep feeding the WF people who PAY ZERO DOLLARS in TAX per year, so where else will that money come from, well if you said the people who work and pay tax’s you would be right on target.

      Do I feel that WF is needed sometimes, yes some times folks need a helping hand, thats all well and fine with me. We have helped out a number of folks over the years out of our pocket and we don’t ask for anything in return.

      But I have to tell you that when I see these WF people get all huffy and nasty over a simple mistake as a store made by a clerk who is “WORKING” and not sucking the system dry, it burns me in the wrong place.

      Our Politicians have truned Dr. Kings dreams in to a foul nasty system that rewards persons who are nothing less than a drain on the whole country.

      Just as with politicians there should be term limits on WF, as well they should be held accountable for finding work.

      • Idoubtyour”facts”

        $800 per person, I really doubt that.
        Aren’t people on WF who have another child while on WF denied benefits on that additional child? Thought that was one of the changes made over a decade ago.
        Most people seam to lose sight of the fact the WF system is to provide aid for the children.
        It never always amazes me that the same people that believe its their moral duty so see that these children are born but don’t spend a nicle to try to see that they have some sort a humane childhood. When judgement day come I wonder who GOD judges more harshly – those that tolerated abortion or those that withheld aid to them after they are born.
        I admit having people fixed who spend more then say 5years on WF “fixed” is an intriguing idea, but I doubt even the current Supreme Court would stand for that.

        • TIME

          My friend, thats straight from a EBT card member that I got that info from, so you can think what you will, it will not change whats going on.

          We also have seen other abuses such as selling of EBT cards for cash. There are many who hang out near Wallmart asking if you want to buy an EBT card for cash, they will take .50 cents on the dollar.
          {Thus I don’t say something unless I know it to be true.}

          • denniso

            Indoubt is right. How would Jesus look at the richest country in the history of the world not feeding it’s kids in poverty,through no fault of their own??

          • Karolyn

            I’m a 63 year old woman on SS retirement benefits of $698, and my Food Stamps were just cut to $78 because I bring in an average of $200 per month from online sales and odd jobs. (Although lately that amount has fallen). I am honest when I fill out forms, hence the $200 disclosure. However, I have heard from several sources that food benefits are being cut all over, even people with kids.

          • Karolyn

            denniso, you got that right!! If all of these whiny conservatives would fork out some food for the poor on a regular basis, we wouldn’t have to have the government doing it. There is plenty for everybody. (And that goes for money too!)

        • AnhydrousBob

          Here is a quote from Penn Jillette:

          “It’s amazing to me how many people think that voting to have the government give poor people money is compassion. Helping poor and suffering people yourself is compassion. Voting for our government to use guns to give money to help poor and suffering people is immoral self-righteous bullying laziness. People need to be fed, medicated, educated, clothed, and sheltered. If we’re compassionate, we’ll help them, but you get no moral credit for forcing other people to do what you think is right. There is great joy in helping people, but no joy in doing it at gunpoint.”

          And using your logic with abortion. What do you think about the Spartan system whereby babies not making the grade were left to die? You have basically said in your argument, whether you meant to or not, if we can’t give children a certain quality of life let’s give them none at all. That sounds a bit arrogant and elitist.

        • DaveH

          There is absolutely no reason that Welfare recipients shouldn’t be required to do something for their money unless they are truly handicapped. If nothing else they could provide day care for other recipients so the others could go to school or work a job.

          • Robert

            Terrific point! Now that would be change I can believe in.

          • Harold Olsen

            I believe Gerald Ford came up with that idea while he was president. He called it “Work for welfare.” It was not very well received. In fact, just like most things that the left don’t like, they called it racist.

          • libertytrain

            DaveH – they tried that in Milwaukee about 20-25 years ago – The Civil Liberties Union came in and had it stopped because it was “unconstitutional” or something to that effect. It was a joke.

          • Harold Olsen

            One more thing. One person actually said that if she wanted to work for her welfare she’d get a job. She added, “I have earned my welfare.”

          • Karolyn

            Back in 1981 I was on local welfare and had to work at the welfare office several hours a week to pay back.

      • dmp says :

        TIME I agree with you 1000%. It is time to let these ” LAZY ” American population that are wasting our money. The working-peoples” money. If we could mobilize, and come together and share our views and find a solution to end this ” WELFARE SYSTEM “, I would be glad to do that. I know there are millions of Americans who share our concerns and views who has been voicing our concerns, yet the government has been ” CLOSE-MINDED ” and ” DEAF ” not to hear our voices. TIME, find a way that we could organize ourselves to find a way to solve one of America’s ” BAD ” investment. I don’t want to reveal my email address, but if there is a way you could reveal yours privately with some of those who share our beliefs, then we do it. I have been writing our Senators and Congressmen even the president, but I don’t hear from them on this issue. Anyway, thanks for all your concerns and your positive ideas and your experience on this “WELFARE” thing.
        Thank you.

      • BOE

        You ought to see how those welfare people treat the nurses when they come in to the ER/hosp. They rude hateful,stupid and demanding,call people names. And nasty!! Just flat out nasty with their bodily functions. I`ve had it .Will not deal with them “kind” anymore. Getting out of Pt. care. RETIRED RN

  • Bev

    You are RIGHT ON THE MARK!!! I have been saying this for yrs. & the newspaper will not post my opinion. This WELFARE PLAN that we have, IS A SCAM to WE THE PEOPLE. I do not mind giving a HAND, BUT NOT, a HAND OUT. Let,s really get this topic hot. I believe, ANYONE on WELFARE ( both Men & Women ) should be FIXED so THEY CANNOT HAVE MORE CHILDREN ON MY DIME. This is about the children born to these Acholic & drug addicted people,& Just deadbeats, WHO HAVE NO REGARD TO THERE RESPONSBILITY TO BE GOOD PARENTS to these children. ENOUGH OF THIS……… I just found out from a article, that THEY also get CELL PHONES!!! WHHHHHAAAATTTTTT , I can’t stand the insantity going on. Thank God, there are people out there that believe the way I do, Now Andre, get busy & Contact ALL THE other LT. Governor,s & get them on board. ALSO, BEFORE ANYONE responds to this point of view, Saying these people have a RIGHT TO HAVE , BABIES I say…. LAST TIME I LOOKED in the Dicionary, Responsbility COMES BEFORE RIGHTS!!!!!!

  • Tricia

    I agree that the metaphor was not in the best taste, but I agree with why he said it. People do run into hard times whether it be the econony or just life in general where we need a helping hand – that helping hand could be our families & friends and/or welfare. I have said for years that there needs to be a “time limit” placed on receipt of welfare if the person is able to work – take some of that tax money & teach them a skill instead of just handing over everything to them. What incentive do they have to work if they can get their basic needs taken care of for free????!!!! And, I also think there should be random drug screenings. To obtain a paying job at most companies these days, a drug screen is required, so since welfare is a form of payment, I think the screenings should be required to continue to receive benefits. Why should I pay higher taxes for someone who receives welfare & what money they do have, they spend on drugs and/or alcohol? I have no problem having my taxes go to help others who truly need it, but I do have a problem helping others who continue to abuse and manipulate the system & that has definitely happened for way to long in most cases!

    • Disgusted

      Same comment I made above. If I have to take a drug test to get my job and paycheck then they should ahve to take one to get the free money my job is providing them. If a family is having hard times and needs a helping hand to get themselves on their feet then I have no problem with it, but the majority of WF recipients in the system have been in the system for years. They have and continue to abuse the system since it is so easy to do so. Just estimating: If the government had to spend 30 million to beef up the monitoring of the system, but saved us 100 million or more in fraudulent WF payments; I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Something needs to be done!

      • Robert

        Problem is the governments would spend $100 Billion to save $100 Million. Just look at the so called Stimulus Bill. It is costing as much as $850,000.00 to create/save(sic) one job for 1 year or less. That’s more than a lot of people earn legitimately in their lifetime.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      You are correct. However, when some people occasionally need help they don’t get it especially if their are white. I know personally of a family of two, mother and child, mother working making minimum wage, has to pay for child care, rent, elec., etc. and couldn’t make enought for diapers, food for the baby and for that matter for food for herself. She applied, not for welfare, but for food stamps, got $600 worth of food stamps the first month, but when the 2nd month rolled around got 0 becaue she made too much money to qualify. She is now in school and her husband only made 23,000 in 2009 on 1099 as an air conditioning mechanic, so not only does he have to pay fed income tax but also social security. Just how can a family of three live on that amount of money.

      • DaveH

        Sorry Sally,
        They belong to the Slave class and they are just going to have to accept their lot in life.

  • Bruce C

    Another politician out of touch with reality. Just shut up already. He just can’t help himslef. Much like Chris Matthews who made a similar off the wall comment about Obama. Mathews forgot he was black? Can’t we insult people a little more inteligently than that?
    Too much education, I guess.

    • John Bahn

      You need a lesson in spelling…maybe a little more education would be a good thing. “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats every day”

      • Robert

        I guess Rahm Emanuel only believes in the first part about giving out fish. I guess he’s a good representation for what the Obama administration stands for and thinks.

    • http://AlbanyGa Charlie P

      Really? Bruce, Can you honestly believe what you wrote in your remark? I agree that to many politicians are out of touch. But again that depends on your definition of “politicians who are out of touch”. I see those who are in the Obama Administration to be out of touch politicians, and no I am not being “racist”. I have many black friends and we agree on many issues that are wrong in this country. We all agreed that welfare is wrong for the country. It is time to stand up to the truths, tell it like it is and stop hiding behind words which you think may offend someone. You need to do what I have done, that is go to Washington. Yes go to the Congressional and Senate Buildings, it belong to all of us who are citizens of this country. No one can not stop you from entering those buildings. Go see your politicians who suppose to represent you. See for yourself by talking and asking question. You will be surprised by what you will find and how much the government don’t give a damn about, you the constituents. Then come tell us who is really out of touch with who!

  • M Morgan

    Is the truth, expressed poorly, still not the truth? When you reward any behavior, you get more of it.

    • AnhydrousBob

      … and anything you “subsidize” will increase.

  • RivahMitch

    Kudos to Mr.Bauer. It’s about time some politician was honest about the effects of “welfare”. In a “free” country, people, rather than the government, should decide who can be their dependents.

  • Jim Robins

    I agree with South Carolina’s lieutenant governor Andre Bauer’ comments about the social welfare program. I was a Deputy Sheriff when the program was started. And we were tasked to go out and find what was at that time called “poverts.” Which was anyone who did not have a job, had an old car, and made less money than us. They were to be signed up for the “Poverty Program.” You tell what is called insanity. All the deputy’s looked at each other and signed up for the program????

    It is a historical fact that the majority of the people in the social welfare system are second and third generation welfare recipients. They are acclimatised to the program and have adjusted their lives to live with in the scope of the program, so they may profit from it. My late brother-in-law worked for the one of the Counties in California a number of years back. His office administered one of the Social Welfare programs, distribution of welfare commodities. Many of the recipients would drive up to the front door in Cadillac’s and insisted that the welfare workers load the commodities in the trunk of their car for them. Once the recipients had driven outside of and behind the building they would stop and dump the cheese, dried milk and anything else they didn’t like out back of the building. This has been going on ever since the program was started. It is the most abused Social Welfare program there is. And, the entire Social Welfare System should be abolished and the WPA and CC-camps re instituted.

    Thank you.

    • bill

      Many of the recipients would drive up to the front door in Cadillac’s and insisted that the welfare workers load the commodities in the trunk of their car for them. Once the recipients had driven outside of and behind the building they would stop and dump the cheese, dried milk and anything else they didn’t like out back of the building.


      • Dale

        Nobody said they were NEW Cadillacs and BMWs Bill . . . back in the day used nice luxury cars were very cheap . . . in fact 7 year old Bimmers still are today.
        Pres Johnston’s “Great Society” has been a huge success, since the 60′s “Social Services” has become a huge industry, absorbing almost a Trillion Dollars each year . . . and way too many folks have no concept of workin for a livin . . .

  • John Bahn

    OMG What a great analogy!!! The man hit the nail right on the head and simply quoting what his Grandmother once told him a child is a PERFECT way of putting it. Stop feeding them and they’ll stop breeding them.

    NOTE TO FILE: there will always be isolated incidents where people need it to get by for a period of time (my own sister who is a staunch Republican got food stamps because of her bum ass husband walking out on her and his two kids many years ago) and I accept that. But to make a life of it??? PUH-LEASE!

    • gaetano

      HEY jOHN ,HOW ABOUT THIS. Give a random drug test to people receiving welfare checks. If they fail, they are removed.after all we are the ones that pay for it,and we have to take drugs test to hold our jobs and receive our pay check.

    • AnhydrousBob

      … but should the government be the one giving out the food stamps? If we didn’t have a government system (with all kinds of waste, and a bureaucracy to support) wouldn’t most of us find a way to help others? The gov’t system preys on our desire to help others – without it we would create a system to help others, much like Goodwill, Red Cross, etc that has a much more efficient organization. Plus, you could give whatever amount you wanted to, or choose to pull your money if you disagreed with what they were doing, or if some scandal erupted. With the government system there is no accountability.

  • Isirio Abelon

    Bravo… Lt Gov. Andre Bauer.(R). Its about time, some Republican is speaking up, telling the truth. Welfare should be good to a certain period of time to help people who are really need help. Not welfare to the last drop (drought). Mexicans, Filipinos, Koreans and other immigrant who came here in USA started in a low paying jobs, such as digging ditches, cooks, flipping hamburgers, dishwashers, farmer etc. Their new found fortunes did not stopped there; some went to colleges, universities to better themselves, and so on… look at the results. I am happy and thanks to America. Adios.

  • realbigal

    Establishment radio and TV reporting made it sound racist. Actually, the federal government is the worst racist of all. When the Census (Acorn???) people come around, be sure NOT to answer the racist questions in the Census. Anyone who would work for an organization that asks racist questions becomes a racist themselves, by definition. Tell them to put the pen or pencil where the sun don’t shine.

  • mike

    Pretty blunt way of telling it like it is. Thank you, I’ve also been saying myself how our government has created this mess about welfare and it’s time to change it. It’s changes like this that our president should be looking for.

    • chipshot

      Any changes your president makes will not be in the best interest of the Republic, and will lead us farther down the socialist trail. This president and his co-conspirators in congress, and the band of thugs he has surrounded himself with, has no intention of doing anything that will improve the economy, increase free enterprise, raise the level of capitalism, or improve the lifestyle of the average person. He is out to destroy the economy, ruin the dollar, and lower the US to the standard of a 3rd world country.

  • Norm

    It was a crude and insensitive remark.
    I do agree with the fact that wellfare often begets more welfare. I believe that helping a person or family temporarily over a hard period is fully justified, but when people look at welfare as as occupation, we need some changes.
    But then I, unlike Andre, am not a member of the united methodist church.
    From a UMC:
    The congregation of Union UMC has a long history of helping out others in need. The people of Union UMC are always generous and willing to show other’s Christ love through their deeds.


    • Too Tall

      Norm, I scratch my head over your “ironic” comment. What is the irony? You lead one to believe that you are in some agreement with Andre’s position that changes are needed with the welfare program. It then seems that you want to make the point that there is a contradiction between Andre’s position of government providing assistance to the needy and Andre’s church providing assistance to the needy. I see no irony. I cheerfully tithe to my church. I am grateful for every penny that I have to tithe. Of the money that I tithe, I EXPECT a significant portion of that money to go for helping people – to share the Word of God, and the hope that goes along with it, and also to help the poor and needy. This is what Jesus taught us to do. It hacks me off that a significant portion of the federal budget is in the form of an ENTITLEMENT to give money to people for doing nothing productive. Where is welfare in the Constitution?

      So wrap your head around this concept: monies that I tithe, I do so cheerfully; monies that are extracted from me in the form of “taxes” are done by confiscation. Where is the irony?

      • Norm

        Too Tall
        I guess I just don’t understand “fundamentalist christianity”. Unlike you, there is no way in hell or heaven that I would tithe a dime to any preacher(talk about welfare)so he can push, often unwelcome, religious propaganda down other peoples throats.
        My point with the Lt. Gov. is how can anyone who suscribes to goodness and christian charity even think in such vulgar terms.
        Also, unlike you. I understand the necessity for paying taxes. I don’t like seeing the money wasted on perpetuating welfare, fighting unnecessary wars, helping other countries when we are in need, etc.

        • DaveH

          “push, often unwelcome, religious propaganda down other peoples throats”.

          You mean like Jesse Jackson does?

          • Norm

            Yes, e pluribus unum.

        • Too Tall

          Norm, forgive me for not responding in a more timely manner. Your response troubles me as I did not say that taxes are unnecessary, only that they are taken by confiscation. Nevertheless, I do not feel that a public forum is the best place to discuss many issues. In particular, if you are interested in discussing “fundamentalist Christianity,” whatever that may mean to you, drop me a line at

    • bbstacker

      And THE PEOPLE are where the charity should come from, NOT the gov’t mandating that we all be taxed to support this welfare state. The welfare state serves ONLY to be the slave voting class to continue to elect the masters of the plantation…the liberal ticks who feed on the power of being re-elected for generations by the welfare herd. The Lt. Governor of South Carolina speaks the hard truth; it isn’t pretty and it made not sound nice, but it is the truth. If it isn’t, then you do the math on $3.8 TRILLION dollars that will supposedly put Americans back to work. What? You think the gov’t runs some lemonade stand somewhere to fund that kind of criminal activity? The few who remain employed will be gutted with taxes and then they will be coming for the wealth of us all. And, the welfare state will still be voting these vermin into office who have now borrowed so far into the future generations that it is unfathomable–and unpayable.

  • workaholic

    I know exactly what he means, and although not tactful, you get the point. All the immigrants that came to this country worked hard, AND learned to SPEAK ENGLISH! I*ts amazing what is going on now. All I see are recent immigrants on welfare or on disibility! My grandfather worked 2 jobs, and had only one kidney!Yet, I see welfare receipents get up early, shovel snow, to get their car out, get their check, and head to the liquor store! What*s wrong with this picture? Please get this, if it*s free, -it*s for me attitude out of America! Give them a pee test, like us workers have to get! URINE OR YOU*RE OUT!

  • home boy

    this whole problem of welfare stems from the home. children follow in their parents foot steps. if the parents are not going to show their children that they work hard and have pride in what they do then the children will think their way of life is normal. and it will go on for generations. either your lazy or your not . your only as good as your teacher. some people should not have kids. they lack the proper skills to teach their children . some people want others to support them so they work the system. cut off their money and you’ll see how fast they change. this welfare has to stop.

  • http://AlbanyGa Charlie P

    I totally agree that we need to do away with welfare. It is un-constitutional, alone with Social Security, Medicare, and all the government socialist subsidy programs. Our founding fathers did not want our government to get involved with peoples lives, the people needed to govern the government not government govern the people. This is what churches do best do best in help others. I see nothing wrong when we can “help” others to get back on their feet after a disaster. But in the same breath I will not help anyone who will NOT help themselves. There is a big difference in people who just plain damn lazy and those who could not help in a disaster. Everyone in this Republic has the right to succeed not live in a socialist government of “take it from the wealthy”. If this is the new meaning of being a “Racist” then I am proud to be the “New Racist” alone with the few politicians who has the balls to stand up.To be honest I take my stand alone with our founding fathers any day, at least these were Godly men, and if these so call welfare people want to call me a “racist” then I stand not alone. Thank you, Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, may God lay many of his blessing on you and I applaud, alone with stand with you on this issue!

  • Flynn

    Good Gosh! $57,600 per year is more than I make working, and I thought I made a good salary. It is much less after I pay my taxes. I don’t live in South Carolina. Perhaps I should move there and go on welfare. It is no wonder our government is broke.

    Leutenant Governor Bauer had the guts to express the truth as he saw it. I hope he becomes Governor some day, or even Senator. Perhaps he will work to give genuine welfare recipients a subsistence allowance rather than making them rich at taxpayer expense.

    • TIME

      Keep in mind your also paying for your home, your cable service, cell phone, phone service, your insurance, for med, and car and home, your TAX’s, your electric, and water. Thats all coverd for FREE to these folks, they pay nothing for such services.

      We work until July just to pay just tax’s. There is something just so fundamentaly wrong with that.

      • Idoubtyour”facts”

        While it is true that we work until almost july to pay our taxes. The 2 biggest taxes are SS, a forced retirement plan and property taxes which largly go to educate our kids, a forced tuition payment.

        • Earlw

          SS is a safety net for older folks who find themselves destitute for various reasons, I’m OK with that, I’m on it. On the other hand, Taxes to support schools that don’t teach, other than socialist indoctrination? Why should people who don’t have children anymore be required to pay for other children’s education? I have to pay property taxes every year, and am 65 and on SS. My wife works an hourly job. I say let all parents pay tuition to send kids to their choice of schools, possibly subsidizing those who genuinely can’t afford it (means test)

          • Claire

            I sent my kids to Lutheran schools and have never regretted it. I had to, there was “unrest” at the time and it scared me. I had no choice. So, as a Lutheran, I sent them to the Lutheran schools. It cost me and money was tight but a person does what they have to do. After the “unrest” went away, I decided to keep my kids in these schools until they graduated from high school. At least they were safe, they didn’t get stabbed, beat-up, etc.

        • Norm

          South Carolina needs some new politicians. Dump Sanford, Bauer, DeMint, and Graham for starters.

          • TIME

            Why is that Norm for telling you what you don’t want to hear? Barry Soto is a lier?
            Or is it for telling people that Well Fair can’t be a full time job for generation after generation?

            Do you know why the progressives are using them, or what their fate will be?

            Any ideas Norm?

          • Norm

            Demint and Graham are obstructionists. Demint has one goal in mind; the destruction of PRESIDENT Obama. If the country goes to hell in the process, so be it. Graham is a little more reasonable, but he is very very concerned with his own future. Sanford is a womanizer and a fool. Bauer is obviously a very crude individual.

          • chipshot


            Thank GOD for “obstructionist” by which I assume you mean anyone who opposes islamobama’s marxist policies. If it weren’t for “obstructionist” we would have medical “reform” that no-body but the braindead liberals want, that would bankrupt the country, and would reduce the best health care system in the world to the level of a 3rd world country (which, of course, is what islamobama and his band of thugs want).

            If it weren’t for “obstructionist” we would be saddled with cap and tax which would essentially destroy the US economy, eliminate several million jobs, and sink the U.S. farther into the depression this idiot president and his co-conspirators in congress have gotten us into.

            And if it weren’t for “obstructionist”, the whole idea of “global warming” and the bogus science which was used to “prove” it was caused by man would still be in the forefront of liberal, power hungry, big government, socialist arguments to enslave the world with false “the sky is falling!” propaganda.

            I’m not sure about Demint but, in truth, graham is a RINO and is little better than the slimeball fascist who have taken over the democratic party.

            Bauer may be crude but if you can focus on his message he has made some excellent points. Of course, the liberals do not want to see the welfare state end because the economic slaves they have created are some of their strongest support. As usual, liberals don’t like anyone that has a viewpoint different from the socialist party line, and they especially do not like anyone who is intellectually superior, which Bauer obviously is.

            And, yes, Sanford could be called a womanizer, like a former president I can think of.

            While we are on politicians that the state should get rid of, what about the 3 witches of the West (boxer, pelosi galore, and roughstein) from the not-so-golden state?

  • Robin from Indiana

    The comparison to stray animals was a tad bit crude, but truthful. I speak as one who used welfare for a short time to get on my feet. My ex husband didn’t see the need to send support for his son, even when he was only court ordered to send $150.00 a month! Of course this was 30 years ago, but it still didn’t cover diapers and day care! I would never condone generational welfare. The problem lies in not enough enforcement. They want to create jobs? Hire people to work the welfare cases. What they end up uncovering would be worth it! Hire day care people to watch the children of families living in poverty so they can get out to work. Welfare has a larger need to be overhauled than health care!

  • derVenerschnitzel

    Rather than putting subjective time limits on the wars in Iraq and Afganistan, we need to place time limits on welfare. I, for one, have been paying for this for 40 years… and it is not getting better. Handouts and other welfare programs are causing the problem, not providing a solution.

    • Earlw

      Interesting note here….
      This board hasn’t even touched on the issue of CORPORATE WELFARE.

      • DaveH

        Whether it is Corporate Welfare or Personal Welfare, it is not the Government’s money to give. We need to take our country back, and it isn’t going to be Republicans that get the job done.
        Vote Libertarian.

      • American Citizen

        How about all those government employees that are paid with our tax money? Could that be considered welfare?

  • Bill from Kansas says

    I’ll be sending a contribution to his campaign.
    I would not wish to eliminate welfare entirely but to reduce it to those who really need it because of circumstances beyond their control and to things they really need like food, clothing and shelter.

  • Beverlyc

    I too have experienced what I thought was worst case of this touchy feeley idiocy. I worked for public housing eons ago and saw how so many of my people were dumbed down into thinking it was o.k. to live on the rest of the people. Wake up in the morning, do as you please, including creating problems for working people, breed, teach the ones old enough to breed to breed and increase the dole. Oh yes, then the next generation could get their own apartment and continue the cycle. They even put them in your neighborhood in homes and will not train them how to live as those people live…and it is a hellish thing to deal with. Oh yes, regarding the dole of food?…they’d SELL the excess to those who worked and couldn’t afford to buy what they got for nothing. This mess was a planned bullcrap system from jump street and they are still doing it today. There are too many people who are healthy and can work but don’t because they can get ‘help’ including the laughable ssi. I look at what is going on today, killing off jobs to destroy the middle class and put them in the position of going to look for food in the public pantry. Jobs should have been on the front burner from the beginning of this administration’s stove, but we are supposed to be so stupid as to think that their activities are what this country needs…more socialism…more dumbing down…more telling grown people what they need. What I need is for you to get the fk out of my face and let me make my way the way God intended for me to be able to do…given some axe handle does not throw hinderences in my way. ALL PRESENT INCUMBENTS IN THE WHITE HOUSE NEED TO BE PUT OUT AND WE START FROM SCRATCH. The intent of this bunch has been evident since they were giving Bush the flux. THEY were doing what they accuse the Republicans of doing…not getting anything done for the American people…now they are trying to ram nonsenicle crap down our throats and accusing the (yes weak) republicans (those that are real) of just saying no…when in truth, they just don’t want to have anything to do with their version of anything. That bitch they call a health care bill needs to die and get something going like: reforming the system of tort health care (they are lawyers so why would they do that?); coming up with parameters that insurance companies can operate in; make a yeoman”s effort to cut the waste in medicare ( KNOW FIRST HAND that much is wasted). There are other things that the Republicans put forth along with these that would save sooooo much money that it would be ridiculous. They have dumbed us down so badly that this is also ridiculous. In times past, if these people had tried these measures on the populace, the streets would be bloody. Not now, we drink s..t for water and food (read up on the effects of flouride) and the Universities teach the younger ones the Socialist, Marxist, whatever… and they come out with ideas in their heads that when they share, you think they came from the moon. No, they came from an education system and other mentoring of the kind that BHO, et al have come from. Please pardon my rambling on but I am so sick of this. By the by, the talk of guns all the time…of course you know that they want to not have you with guns so that as we wake up to the fact that we are being royally screwed of our freedom and made more and more into the modern slave who has nothing of any real value (hah hah…money…nothing but paper and ink, and as you have seen…they can make your home theirs whenever they want!)with nothing to defend yourself against them. You do know that your right to bear arms was not against a nut job here and there who would want to breach your property and do you harm…but was given to give you a means of protection against a gone awry GOVERNMENT! Government is supposed to fear us…not the other way around. I have friend who are afraid to speak against the government online…hah. When will we get a grip? I know…when you had better get in that line and have a chip put in your ass or wherever they put it…bad enough that we have this ss #. Notice that children have to have one now. I was not required to have one until I was ready to go out and work. BHO thinks it is a good idea that when YOU have a new baby, that some government goon of his would come to your house to check it out…examine it. If this is what this generation of people will fall for, I am glad that I am on my way (in my fall years)out of it…maybe not, because if their health care passes as they want it, some idiot czar will be determining how much money will be spent on me should I wind up needing care that I cannot afford myself. My plan for myself is to eat as much organic as I can and stay away from bottled and faucet water. Too many chemicals and other crap pertaining to life and death.

    • mike

      Beverly, I think there are a lot of Americans with the same thoughts. We the people are going to clean house this fall. Democrats and Republicans. Our representatives have forgotten who they work for. Problem I see is how in the hell are we going to correct the mess that has been created? Another thought is that the mess was built on our watch because we let these people dumb down the welfare groups since we were too busy taking care of our immediate responsibilties.

      • DaveH

        If we could get rid of the Income Tax System which provides a disincentive to work, get the Government out of the Marketplace, and cut the Government to about a third of its current size, this country would boom. Imagine all those negatively productive workers being put back to productive work in the private sector.

  • Jeff

    There’s a huge difference between unemployment compensation and welfare. Welfare is generational and rewards those who for all intent and purpose don’t work regularly. Unemployment compensation is for those who always worked but have lost their jobs thru no fault of their own in this very bad economy. When the economy picks back up, the unemployed will go back to work as they’ve always done. While those on welfare will remain on welfare as they always have. See the difference? I put fourteen years into my last two jobs, one in construction, the other in manufaturing. They both went filed for bankruptcy. And I had to go on unemployment because the economy is so bad in my county and state. No-one is hiring. And many other businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy, struggling to survive on skeleton crews. It’s bad….the worst Iv’e ever seen in forty years of working. At any rate, the unemployed are’nt wild animals. Heck the minimum requirements for unemployment compensation are that you had to work at least a year at your previous job and were laid off thru no fault of your own. If you didnt have a job or quit your job or were fired for policy violations such as tardiness and so forth, you don’t qualify for unemployment compensation. Unemployment compensation is for workers. Welfare is not.

    • Jeff

      PS: This bad economy is not the time to reform welfare. They should wait until the economy is strong with plenty of jobs. For now, there are no jobs for welfare people to provide for themselves.

      • DaveH

        That may never be, Jeff, if we don’t start pushing hard to get Government out of our lives and our businesses.

        Also, I would like to add that almost all of the people I have known on Unemployment have milked it out to the very end, making very little effort to actually seek employment.

        • Joe H.

          sorry guy, but I take insult in the statement you made about those on unemployment. I have been on it a few times and collected the whole amount one time only, during the recession of the 80s. I lived in Michigan at the time and everything in the state was connected in some way to the auto manufacturing. the other times I was on it I found a job within one to two months by 12 hour days of hunting! I have never liked standing in line to get my pay and never will. I have been an honest worker all my life giving more than I got and at times people didn’t like the fact that I worked hard and made them look bad, but I know no other way of working than hard!

          • Claire

            And now look at all the people that are out of a job. And they have children. How do they make ends meet? How will they survive? I know several people from church that have lost their jobs and they are out every day pounding the pavement trying to find a job! They go to work at McDonalds, Hardees and some of them have 3 jobs! I feel for the honest people that are trying to do something about their plight. The others that have milked the system for years and continue to do so (and get by with it) are an abomination.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      He wasn’t talking about unemployment, he was stictly talking about welfare period. Unemployement is paid by employers on payroll. They also have to pay, Federal Unemployment which doesn’t click in until the Federal Government extends the unemployment from 26 weeks to whatever. This is not Welfare. He was speaking solely on Welfare!!! that the Carter Administration put in back in the 60′s to buy votes, with his Health, Education, and Welfare Department. The states don’t need any of that = Get rid of it. Each state can control its own. I think with what the the fellow above said about SC, we should all move there as they pay the most. California use to pay the most but since they are almost bankrupt, no. State of Texas years ago, paid the least. They would give the welfare recepiants, a bag of rice, some of the other staples, I forget now and that was that. No food stamps, you had to cook which I thought was absolutely great!. I don’t know what they do now.

  • Christopher

    He’s absolutely correct! Not politically correct, but none-the-less, correct. As we all know, political correctness is a series of speed bumps on the highway of truth.

    I was born and raised in New York City. I have personally witnessed generation after generation of career welfare recipients. Welfare was supposed to be a stop-gap measure, not a career.

    All of us city dwellers knew enough not to feed the pigeons. The only thing that will be accomplished is that they will become lazy and will not forage for natural food. They will also make more and more pigeons and eventually… they’ll crap on you.

    • DaveH

      Good analogy Chris, but you can no longer run for a political position.

      • Claire

        DaveH–the discussion of welfare brought this to my mind–look what the government did to the Native American women that lived on reservations back in the fifties and sixties. Some of these women were told that they were being “fitted” with birth control devices, BUT they were “sterilized” instead. Of course, this was done to prevent reproduction of the Native American people, to keep the population down. The agents also took children from their mothers so that they could be raised the American way. When I think of American women that keep having babies to get the extra money in their welfare checks, I always remember what they did to the Native American women.

        • DaveH

          I’m not aware of that Claire, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I saw a lady on a news program once that had been separated from her 2 siblings at childhood by government. Judging from the approximate age of the woman, it would have occured about 50-60 years ago. The authorities claimed that the mother was not able to properly provide for her kids. Their solution was to split them up amongst 3 institutions. The woman being interviewed said that she was locked up in a closet several times (as a child) by people at her orphanage because she wouldn’t quit crying. It certainly is comforting that the Government knows what is best for people.

          • DaveH

            That last sentence was sarcasm.

          • Claire

            DaveH–Sarcasm welcomed, you are correct.

  • Roger

    The Lt Governor has a point. Many people make it a career to be on Welfare. The more kids, the more money.
    There needs to be a limit to how many kids (2) can be claimed. Before a person receives his/her welfare check every month, they should be required to have a Drug Test. Fail it, no money.
    The Demo Senator is just playing politics as usual.

    • American Citizen

      One child should be the limit, After all, we know what causes children.

  • Beverlyc


    It should not be the Government to help out people who need it…unless (perhaps) they are disabled to the point that they cannot be productive). Just like the American people help out in cases of a temp. family disaster or an act of God in some area, they also should be the front line to help out when their neighbor needs help. (temporarily). The American people are very generous, and as Norm brought out…the church should be the front line. Many of them are too concerned with growing up a hugh edifice with many bills, that they can hardly help on a scale that is really needed. They are busy asking the congregation for dollars to pay those bills leaving less to help on the ground…leaving polititians the opening for their politics of free goodies for votes. You see, if the churches and the congregations help you out, or your neighbors help you out, they are going to know whether you are bs’ing and just too lazy to work. They WILL get tired of throwing money down a black hole. No skills? Get off your butt and go to school…no excuse, you have no job.

  • Publius

    At last someone had the balls to say it! Grandma was right! When will we stop subsidizing the production of illigitimate babies by unwed mothers? After decades of financing this self-defeating program the problem is now greater than ever.
    Welfare programs are necessary. I, myself was a ‘welfare mom’ for four months some years back. Being forced to rub shoulders with professional welfare recipients was a tremendous eye opener. I would estimate that at least 95% of the recipients were lifetime users. Many were second, third, or more generation abusers of the system.

    Our hyper liberal politicians have created a segment of society that feels they are entitled to a good life furnished to them for free by the the sucker taxpayers – you and me. The sad part is that as this segment grows, so does the constituency of those politicians. Would the last election had the same results without the massive efforts of ACORN?
    America is cursed with a sort of Christian guilt that prods us to go along with setting up programs for the needy. Unfortunately it blinds us to the end results of such programs. We must remember the wisdom of “Teach a man to fish…… etc.” If we don’t, we will be overrun by the progrny of our failed welfare system.

  • Beverlyc

    Balls is what these politicians do not have for the most part. The balls they have are warped by being dumbed down by hard leftism. They have them to go to Washington and show their behinds to the people who sent them there and get together with the other power (like heat seeking misles) greedy politician to GET PAID by helping to carry out the agenda of main group of those who are running this country. That agenda, which contains a lot of the crazy programs being pushed (such as the false global warming bs which will super enrich the rich and enrich those who help to push it) Yes, as Mike says, all of this was on our watch…we were too busy…I’d add Mike, these people KNOW that you are too busy making ends meet…that is why the economy is set up as it is. Everybody clammors for a job and nobody gets rich…they just contribute more. This is called the middle class. This is the group of people who are being decimated to be like the poor. We are the new poor…still too busy to stop and take time to reason out what is going on and fend it off.. If you figure it out and for whatever reason you have time to take part in rallying against the government your government calls you unAmerican, ‘can’t understand the plans we are trying to forge for you’…etc. Yes…you are too stupid. This is just a new wave (what we are experiencing today) another wave of scraping the wealth out of this country…making you more dependent. I really believe that another wave will happen in the near future. They employ, among other things, hiding things in bills that receive a lot of attention and unless you are really paying attention, the hidden agenda passes and then you know about it…maybe.

    • chipshot

      You are right on. I believe they do count on us to be too busy to see what is happening. And the “big government”, tax and spend, welfare supporting anti-capitalist, American hating globalist NWO types are leading the way. Conspiricy, you better believe it. That is why anyone who has the balls to stand up and say it like it is does not last long.

      Stop and think for a moment about the turn of events just during the last two or three years. Can you imagine the circumstances that would have to be perfectly aligned for someone who is not constitutionally qualified to be president, who has never held a real job, whose only experience was as a marxist “community organizer”, whom we basically know nothing at all about, who was voted into the senate as a stepping stone to the national spotlight, who had no real platform except for “change”, who cannot give a speech without a telepromter, and is elected president without any major news media asking not one tough question about his past, what he believes, or anything?
      And who was the sacrificial lamb acting as a “republican” alternative?
      Do you remember at one time mccain was essentially written off and you didn’t hear anything about him for weeks, nay months. And suddenly, just like that he regains momentum and shoots to the front of the repub nominees.
      I do not believe in circumstances. I believe in cause and effect. For every action, there is a reaction. And when you think about it, with the national media perfectly aligned, with mccain who offered no real conservative alternative to the socialist programs that were proposed by islamobama, I believe the only logical conclusion is that this was the result of a gigantic conspiricy. And many of those that were involved probably did not realize they were taking part in anything.

  • DaveH

    What a tangled web we weave when we first practice compassion with other peoples’ money.

  • chipshot

    The welfare system was designed by the libs to enslave the recipients so that they will keep re-electing the same old politicians over and over. So, the re-elected politicians keep on expanding welfare programs to get more economic slaves who will in turn surpport their re-election. et cetra, et cetra.

    The socialist libs in power have NO intention of allowing their slaves to escape the welfare roles. That is the way the system works.

  • Millie

    What exactly is the alternative? If you are a conservative Christian, and you say you don’t believe in abortion (which I am and I don’t), then you are saying Mr. Bauer, that these children should be allowed to starve to death. Which to me is much more cruel than abortion which I don’t believe in. I personally cannot believe this guy is calling himself a Christian. He somehow believes he is better than other people, somehow more deserving. This is not Biblical. I have a friend who was fired from her job in a very unfair manner (very highly educated). So she decided to return to nursing school so that she can much more easily get a stable job. She is working hard, doing well in school- but if she did not have the “welfare” she could not afford to care for her children (her husband left and he is disabled- so he has little money for kids, again she is not a “welfare queen”). Without state funded insurance, her kids would have no medical care, no vaccines etc Is that what you want? And how do you know it couldn’t/wouldn’t happen to you? And this does not even get into the sad state of our public schools in which kids are bringing weapons to school, teachers are too busy controlling kids to teach, principals won’t kick the misbehaving kids out because then they will be on the streets which the politicians don’t want either… So what is the option for people who already have kids but have lost their jobs? I am keeping my kids in a Christian school and pray that we don’t lose our jobs.

    • coal miner


      You tell them.Andre Bauer is a pompous wind bag.Our kids are the future,we must do everything to insure their well being.

      • Keith The Coolest

        I am sorry but the perpetual irresponsibility of the incumbents have destroyed any hope the children of this country have. They will become servants to our governments lavish spending.

    • DaveH

      These children will not starve, Millie, unless the Socialists get their way and impoverish our country.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      You miss the point. This is not what the man is talking about – Your friend is fine, she is doing something about it, to get off the dole eventually, that is what welfare is about. He is talking about the peop-le who continue having babies (most don’t know who the father is or don’t care) from generation to generation . That is what was being discussed.

    • American Citizen

      Go back and reread the article. It’s about personal responsibility.

    • Claire

      Millie–I agree with your comments, all of them.

  • Alexis

    Excellent work! Your Grandmother was a wise old owl!! This nation is dying because it has become a welfare society. Personal responsibility is not even taught, which is death to any society. WE are behind you all the way. Thank you for the courage to speak out!

  • Warrior

    SC needs to vote that Sheheen OUT! HE’s now been identified as part of the problem – not solution.

  • American Citizen

    Finally, a politician who speaks the truth. It’s been said that the more things you want of, the more you subsidize.

  • Johny Belgarde

    I agree. If you feed them with no expectation of self sufficiency they will breed another generation of entitlement give me citizens.
    I donate money to charity and help feed and cloth those less fortunate. I do it through organizations that spend the money with the goal of teaching self sufficiency. Charity is something that US Citizens practice and we are proud of our ability to help others. We did it long before the Federal Government mandated the entitlement society.

  • Miss FedUp

    You know it’s quite ashame that the TRUTH to what he said will be lost due to the ignorant way he expressed it. I work in a grocery store, and if the voting public saw the abuse of the EBT (food Stamp) program…… well lets just say they wouldn’t be so quick to condemn the comments made by Mr. Bauer. Customers paying for $600 wedding cakes with food stamps is just a drop in the bucket. Recently a customer ordered a steamed lobster ($25.00), when she went up front to pay with her EBT card(food stamps)she was told that she couldn’t purchase hot prepared food with EBT. The store had to throw the lobster away and give her a fresh one. I ask you….. when was the last time you ate lobster? Why should we scrimp and save while we foot the bill for the lazy to eat a healthy diet of steak & lobster? I realize that this program also helps the truly deservant…. but 90% of the time that is not the case. A single mother I know that busts her but to provide for her son (while her p.o.s. ex-con, ex-husband sits on his lazy backside and collects undiserved disability) broke down and decided to try to get assistance from the food stamp program. DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE WAS TOLD? They told her that she made to much, then they procceded to advise her to drop down from full to part time at her job, and then she could recieve benefits. UNREAL! She told them to keep there help.
    This program is more broken than I think can be fixed, and I am sick of paying for other people to live high on the hog. But I guess that’s the american way……

  • Harold Olsen

    I don’t see anything wrong with what Bauer said. He was giving a personal opinion about something which is his right as an American. Oh, I forgot, freedom of speech is guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution which is considered by the left to be an illegal document, therefore he didn’t have a right to say what he said. My bad. My opinion is that the majority of welfare recipients are nothing but a bunch of leeches and parasites. I agree that some have no choice but to go on welfare. But most of them do it because they are too lazy to get a job and earn their own way. They want to live off of the rest of us. Years ago, I lived in an apartment building where I was one of maybe five people living there who had a job. Everyone else was on welfare. On the first of the month, these leeches would crowd the lobby waiting for their welfare checks. And while waiting they’d be bragging about being on welfare and about how they wouldn’t work even if they could find a job. One guy said that if he was told he had to get a job or lose his welfare he’d find one and then do whatever he could to get fired so he could go back onto welfare. When these parasites found out that I had a job, they told me I was stupid for working. What welfare does is take away peoples’ self-respect and dignity and that is what the left wants. It then becomes easier for the government to control someone if they have lost their dignity and self-respect and that is what liberalism is all about–not compassion–power over people!!

  • Keith The Coolest

    I believe he was professing a certain degree of self reliance. This political correctness nonsense is what got many killed at Fort Hood. He was simply calling a spade a spade. Anyone who can not handle that can not handle the truth and therefore ought to seek a mental health specialist.

    • usmadgirl

      Keith the Coolest,

      AMEN!!! Political correctness is going to be the death of us all!

  • ecologist

    The answer to the question of helping or not helping is this: feed the animal and have the animal neutered, so more are not in the same situation. When people receive taxpayer dollars to survive, there should be restrictions such as a drug test, pay them for child and me classes to encourage them to become involved in their children and act as good parents. THe father needs to be identified and he should have a vasectomy if he cannot pay the children he already has. Break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

    Before one gets too concerned about what is happening with welfare, one should remember that it also serves as a safety net for those who cannot work or who do not believe in the policies of a corrupt organization. Without it there is no choice and you will be stuck with a job because you cannot afford to leave it. You also then will be a slave not only economically but morally.

    We also give welfare to the rich and no one says anything about that. The rich get handouts through loopholes in the tax laws and some don’t pay taxes at all. They also skim off the labor of those under them and collect the profits without sharing it with those who labored for it. Some just play the stock market with their ill-gotten goods without lifting a finger to do anything but play golf. They may also be the ones in charge of selling drugs to the vulnerable and promoting scams that prey on trusting individuals. “It will be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get to heaven.” (taken from the Bible). We are our brother’s keeper, let’s get smart about creating a better society, through our thoughts and actions. Get the profit making schemes that damage our communities such as human trafficking, drug dealing, prostitution, child porn, and immoral and unjust wars killing innocent people who did us no harm out of our social agenda.

    Finally, there are not enough jobs to employ all who live here. What do you think will happen to your pay when all who are on welfare compete for jobs? You become a cheap commodity. “No man is an island unto itself” we need to see the whole picture and work with the carrying capacity of the land and reproduce accordingly. If you cannot afford to have a child, do not have one until you can. It cost 220,000 to raise a child with some decency. We all need a lesson on family planning or we will all face the same fate: either hoping someone will care about us or selling our soul in order to survive.

  • American Citizen

    Do-gooders who don’t put their money where their mouth is, are also contributing to the decline of this country. Charity is not the business of government. It’s the responsibility of individuals.

  • chipshot

    You make some very good points but you lose me on others. I like the idea of drug testing and counseling to ensure any child is taken care of and given a chance to succeed. But I would also add that the mother and/or father should be asked to do some form of public work during the time he/she is collecting welfare. Maybe only 4 hours a day, but there should be some payback for the support they find on the welfare rolls.

    I would also support training classes to develop a marketable skill that would make the welfare recipients a productive member of society.

    Can we imagine for a second the US without an Income tax? Can you imagine eliminating the federal reserve and the fiat dollar and returning to the gold standard to stabilize our currency? Can you imagine the US when we are free to develop our own oil and gas reserves without the interference of the radical environmentalist and their co-conspirators in congress and the whitehouse? Can you imagine building nuclear power stations without spending 10 years to get government approval? Can you imagine the US as an energy independent country, without having to send nearly a billion dollars a day foreign countries to pay for our energy requirements? Can you imagine the US worker, free from the cost of corporate income tax (highest in the western world)?

    We would be the most productive country in the world if we could just get the government out of the way. We were at one time, we could be again.

    What does this have to do with welfare? Well, If you allow free enterprise and capitalism to operate without government interference, there will be plenty of jobs for everyone. In fact, with a stable currency (no inflation) and without overbearing government restrictions, the day of the single bread winner in each family would return.

    I don’t buy the Malthusian concept that there are too many people (not enough jobs). Get the government out of the way, create a stable currency, and watch the economy take off.

    You may be surprised.

  • jim

    In our society when an unwed mother has a child the father pays child support, unless that mother is on welfare, then for some reason the state thinks they need to pay child support. When a welfare mom gets pregnant the father should pay the child support, just like he would if mom is working. If dad is on welfare take a percentage from dads check and give it to mom. Just like in working people world. We also need to know the difference between giving a handout and offering a hand up.

  • American Citizen

    They say welfare is giving the recipients fish. Do you know how bad fish smell after 3 days?

  • bob

    definately wrong metaphore, but, there is truth in what he says. workfare, isn’t that what clinton wanted, and in some areas it worked. get people some kind of a job, anything, grocery store bagger, fast food clerk, grounds keeper, make their current recipt of any welfare programs dependant on this work or get cut off. kids stay in school, get tougher on finding the other parent if not around and force them to pony up or else. a little hard work never hurt anyone!!

  • Shelley

    I don’t know that much about welfare. I’m just glad that the new US senator, Scott Brown’s mother was able to collect welfare when he was a child so he could grow up to be a successful business man and senator. Or then again, how about that guy, Joe the Plumber who also collected welfare. Or that successful cooking show host, Sandra Lee who’s family also had to collect welfare when she was a child…..I’m just glad they all benefited from welfare. Now let’s get rid of it! Those people are lazy!

  • Dale, Oklahoma

    Perhaps the better analogy/metaphor would have been about
    giving a man a fish so he can eat for a day, or better yet,
    teach that man to fish so he can feed himself instead of
    being dependent on others ( the government/taxpayers ).

    What irks me is when I hear many of my co-workers ( who
    are African-American ) say that it is common in their
    community to take advantage of people who are on food stamps,
    by getting a higher dollar amount in groceries than what they
    pay the food stamp recipient for. The out of work, impoverished
    carrier of the food stamp card will go the grocery store with
    their working relative/”friend” and will, for example, buy $40.00
    in groceries on the food stamp card. But the “friendly” relative
    will only give the down and out food stamp recipient $20.00 .
    How is that fair or equitable? It sounds to me like one person
    is taking advantage of their own blood kin.
    Does that make one or both of them breeding mongrels? No.
    But it sure makes one of them seem like a greedy vulture.

  • Pam

    I agree with his statement. It was the phrasing that went wrong. I can not tell you how mad I get in the grocery when standing behind a pregnant women with 3 small children in the shopping cart as she pulls out food stamps. I paid for those food stamps through my taxes and I think that unresponsible people should be spayed and neutered. Under no circumstances should any welfare woman receive anything but birthcontrol from the welfare dept.

  • Bill Clasko

    I wouldn’t go as far Pam as saying Spayed-Neutered BUT Norplant contraceptives, especially for young teen gals wanting to be “emancipated via the welfare” I agree with. Where I beg to differ with Andre Bauer (and several other politikos) is that they DID mean to lump all those receiving unemployment benefits with those in the generational dependant class. We who are unemployed were told that WE needed to take drug tests. That WE were lazy and not taking the jobs out there. (What jobs Andre, Mark, David T?..Those that pay minimum wage, only last 88 days, just enough to disqualify us from further unemployment when we get laid off at their end?)…

    We didn’t fund unemployment in the rainy-day fund. We gave all these companies fees-in-lieu of taxes, while passing the full tax burdon on to the workers all the while the same companies were using the savings to build off-shore swat shops. YET, how about so-called “higher-education”. How many jobs has USC, Clemson, and all the myriad of other state-taxpayer supported colleges created?. OR, have they like USC in particular, used our tax-dollars to mostly entertain and extend childhood for lazy out-of-state rich brats who stay four years then leave? USC by itself takes 660 MILLION a year from taxpayer money, local, state, and federal!. That’s nearly 1/5th of the ENTIRE SC State Budget all by itself!. Everytime I drive thru their campus, I see ALOT of Chinese Students too. What are we doing?. Educating Communist Kids to keep beating America’s Economic Brains out on the world market too?. The so-called “cuts” USC and the other schools were required to make were mostly in rates of EXPANSION, not elimination of redundant, uneeded, waste. Ask for accountability from Higher Ed. in this state and you’re called an anti-education RUBE.!. It’s time to take on ALL the sacred cows in South Carolina’s budget not just kick the unemployed when they’re down.

    We need meaningful JOBS in this state. We need to use grades K-12 to emphasize “The Trades”. We need to give small and medium business some of the breaks we’ve been reserving just for the biggest companies too.
    We need to eliminate redundancy and emphasize relevancy in our higher-education system. (How many art history majors do we need?)
    But mostly as a people, we need to quit selling ourself either short OR cheap. Settling for wages that are signficantly cheaper than anywhere else in America doesn’t do us any good in the long-run.
    Instead of Mister Bauer kicking the unemployed for receiving benefits, he and others need to think about how South Carolina should start using it’s natural resources, including natural gas and oil production, to create meaningful HIGH-Paying jobs instead.

  • flash

    All people on welfare are not as he described. But the 75% that are makes the 25% that aren’t look bad.

  • Karolyn

    Thank God we have a wonderful moderate Democrat, Vincent Sheheen, running for governor of this pitiful state. Andre Bauer is an idiot.


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