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SOPA Alternative Introduced

December 5, 2011 by  

SOPA Alternative Introduced

A bipartisan group of lawmakers has proposed an alternative to controversial online piracy bills currently pending in both chambers of Congress.

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which would enable the government and copyright holders to demand third parties delete links to foreign websites deemed rogue or dedicated to copyright infringement, has been labeled by critics as an assault on free speech and an underhanded government attempt to censor the Internet.

The alternate proposal would authorize the International Trade Commission (ITC) to investigate and issue cease-and-desist orders against foreign websites that provide pirated content or sell counterfeit goods. Instead of allowing third parties to sweep in and delete at will, the ITC would be tasked with providing proof that copyright violations occurred, according to The Hill.

As the new proposals are introduced, organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce continue in their vehement support of SOPA. Among those in opposition to the bill are free speech advocates, the Libertarian party, and many GOP and Democratic lawmakers, as well as software and Web-based communications companies.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    Sam, if this amounts to a left-handed version of the Patriot Act, I’m against it. As a rule, if something makes Uncle Scam more powerful, I’m against it.
    If the old fart is still using the hacked-out “it’s for your own good” approach, I’m definitely against it. If this is supposed to make Americans feel ‘safer,’ I’m against it.
    If our braindead Congress is still taking orders from shadow puppets, I’m against it. If this is supposed to make potential terrorists pee in their pants so we can sleep better at night [HA!], I’m against it.
    Common sense and experience are always better than unending episodes of Uncle Scam and his treasonous robots trying to threaten us and help us feel ‘safer’ in the same breath. Our elected scum need to read ‘I Robot’ a few times.
    And, our elected scum also need to be sterilized and retired early before they think they’ve EARNED their retirement.

    • Robert Smith

      In fact protecting intellectual property IS part of our government. Stealing is stealing.

      Or do you want the formula for Reardon Metal too?


      • s c

        So, you love the Fuhrer. I don’t. BFD! Why is it so hard for people like you to understand that being FREE from Big Brother and FREE from pc Nazis is the SAME thing?
        If you need an immoral authority figure looking over your shoulder 24/7, feel “free” to move to China or Russia, comrade. You’re already ‘there’ in spirit. If you don’t like to ‘think’ in America, you’ll LOVE Russia or China, comrade. Home is where your heart or conscience is – assuming that you have one.

        • Robert Smith

          I guess s c is firmly in the catigory of approving of itellectual theft.

          IMO a thief is a thief and weather I get to shoot them myself or the police work to catch ‘em it gets my approval.

          Why don’t you think a singer should be paid for their work? Don’t you like to be paid for yours?


    • Lisa

      You’re a bit cheeky SC, but I am with you. I AM AGAINST IT TOO. For one, it’s not real, it’s never real! The real motive is not to ‘catch’ theifs but to further demise the freedom of the people. CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL.
      There will always be theifs, they have been with us since time began. No laws stop them. They want, they take.
      This is about BIG BROTHER, that’s all. That’s the real reason, TO WATCH YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU DO…

      • Robert Smith

        From Lisa: “There will always be theifs, they have been with us since time began. No laws stop them.”

        Yup, that “thou shalt not steal” just doesn’t mean much.


  • Papa

    SOPA is stupid people in Washington doing stupid things while acting like they’re smarter than anyone else in the world. What we really need to do is bulldoze the entire place and start all over!


    Where do you find any authority at all to do any of the things you’re talking about???

    • Robert Smith

      Hey Papa!

      Are you suggesting that the Constitution allows stealing now?

      The fact is that the performance, be it on a CD, DVD, or memory chip, has value to the performer and they should be paid for their efforts.

      Sink pirates… It’s that simple.


  • Lastmanstanding

    I’m against any more laws being created. People need to be responsible for deciding how to protect themselves.

    We regular people can’t get justice any way…there as the elites are exempt from prosecution.

  • Syl

    DON’T ALLOW THE GOVERNMENT TO GET ITS PUSHY NOSE UNDER THE INTERNET TENT! What is a rogue site anyway? A site that allows one to buy vitamins and a certain class of meds without a prescription? If someone in the U.S. violates my copyright, I must hire an attourny to come in and make them desist. Now the government is going to do it for me instead of lawyers? The lawyer lobby is not going to like that.

    • Robert Smith

      From Syl: “Now the government is going to do it for me instead of lawyers?”

      Yup, stealing is stealing.

      “The lawyer lobby is not going to like that.”


      Do you want to have to call a lawyer if your car is stolen?


      • Rick

        Rob right stealing is stealing but, even your car theif example gets his day in court SOPA does not allow for it. It Just gives people to ban access to websites without due process. But, that’s Ok as long as those that are already rich can get risher and the rest are kept from moving up. SOPA was apoorly conceived and even more poorly written bill. The best way to stop these site is to use the existing laws and hit them where they live in the pocket book. If they are really infringingon copyrights.

        • Robert Smith

          Ah, so you agree,in principle, but not in method.

          It’s quite clear when copywrite is violated, particularly with album duplication.

          How would you stop it?


          • Joe H.

            The problem is, mr smith, the government doesn’t ACT, it OVERREACTS!!!
            In the end we the people always get the short end of the stick and the criminal, usually in DC, goes scott free!!

          • Truth

            “It’s quite clear when copywrite is violated, particularly with album duplication. How would you stop it?”

            First, in response to your repeated, simplistic, obviously-ignorant, entirely-false-claim that “copywrite”[sic] violation is “theft” (BTW, it’s “copyright”… you might learn that, if you ever make it through high-school)… Clearly, you know nothing of the actual law. Copyright-violation is a civil, “tort”, matter (as laid down by our founding fathers, the courts, and the actual law. The fundamental premise is that the “value” of a “property” is theoretically diminished by violating the “rights-holder’s” property-rights. However, no property has been denied, hence it is -not- theft… period. Frankly, only simpletons, the grotesquely-ignorant, and flat-out liars, claim otherwise.

            Furthermore, we are talking about mere -allegations- of “copyright-violation”… -not- legally-recognized, investigated, nor adjudicated, instances of actual criminal-acts. This law [SOPA] was designed, basically, by corporate lapdogs specifically to benefit the most corrupt private-interests. And, as written, would also empower the government to spy-on, block, and attack citizens most basic rights… or, require various “private” entities to do so, as the government’s proxy.

            Furthermore, “SOPA” is in no way designed to actually protect “performers” (as you have also falsely-claimed). “SOPA” does not return revenue to actual creators/artists. This law was created by, and for, specific corporate-interests (and it is also clearly being misused by certain elements of the government)… as a weapon… against the American People.

            So, basically… we have a set of corrupt industries, effectively paying politicians to protect and enforce the grandest whims of greed and avarice. And, they [politicians] are also taking the opportunity to un-Constitutionally invade, and control, the citizen’s lives. And, you… Robert… are childishly defending this …with pedantic sound-bites ["stealing is stealing"]… and rhetorically demanding that we [the American People] accept that allowing preemptive spying, and arbitrary control of our actions, as the only solution to this made-up, corporate, temper-tantrum.


          • Robert Smith

            Yup, it’s simple: Stealing is stealing.

            Allowing it because of your paranoia isn’t right.


          • Truth

            > “Yup, it’s simple: Stealing is stealing.”

            Robert Smith…

            No, “copyright infringement” is not “stealing”. That is the legal fact. And, the only thing in this discussion that is “simple”, are your inane, and apparently-intentionally childish, arguments. Frankly, I simply cannot believe that you are actually, anywhere near, as dim-witted as your posts would seem to demonstrate. So, it would appear that you are actually arguing (and making asinine assertions and repeatedly demonstrating complete ignorance of these subjects) solely for the sake of annoying people… thereby, completely invalidating anything that you say.

            Furthermore, you have, basically, flatly stated that the U.S. Constitution, our Founding Fathers, and the very principles upon which, our nation exists (namely, liberty, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, due process, and equality under the law, …and the most heartfelt beliefs of the vast majority of the American People themselves), are “simply” wrong… which, more than anything else, clearly demonstrates exactly how vitriolic-ally deranged you, and your posts, truly are.

            And that, -is-… the “simple” truth.

  • CP

    SOPA should be DOA, plain and simple. I will agree halfway with the new proposal, as long as it isn’t a Government mandate. All too often the sellers of pirated goods keep on getting away with it because the owners of the copyrights and patents aren’t aware they have been pirated.

    • Robert Smith

      So you think it’s OK to steal intellectual property.

      Guess that’s one way to even things up. Welfare for the thieves.


      • s c

        Comrade, America already provides for welfare for thieves. Some even get it (Social Insecurity) while they’re in prison. Others (politicians) get it via early retirement. Still others get it via Medicare fraud, and some of those worthless SOBs are DEAD.
        A bit behind the times aren’t you, comrade?

        • Joe H.

          It’s ironic but Europe was told by the US that they had to get rid of their birth to death social care if they want US dollars in support!! Immagine that!!! We, who are heading further and further into socialized society are telling others they have to scrap it!! It was said on the news today that we may have seen the deat of the european socialist model as it stands!!! They are using something like 117% of their GNP and according to the report, we are now using 100% of OUR GNP!!! What a mess!!!

          • Joe H.

            excuse me, that should be GDP!

  • rjh

    China controls it’s Internet. Not for the protection of its people, but to prevent
    anti-gov postings.

    Laws are only as good as the affordability to enforce them.

    Using our taxes, Gov. can enforce what it wants.

    It’s not OK, to steal intellectual property. It’s up to “property” owners to use existing laws to defend their ownership.

    • Robert Smith

      rjhj says: ” It’s up to “property” owners to use existing laws to defend their ownership.”

      Really? If someone steals your car and the police pull them over for speeding and discover it to be stolen do you want them to let them go?

      Stealing is stealing. It’s that simple. If Uncle Sam can help stop it I’m all for it.

      Maybe if someone could figure a way to just shoot them there might be more support around here for getting these cyber crooks. They are taking property just as if they were getting your lawnmower out of your garage without permission.


      • s c

        Wow. You really do worship tyranny, don’t you? If Obummer gets his way, you will absolutely LOVE living in an American gulag. Maybe you can call your house/apartment/hut ’1984,’ too.

        • Robert Smith

          At least it will be with more thieves caught.

          Oh, that’s right… Congressmen can do that insider trading thing that got Martha Stweart sent to jail.

          I guess the extreme right lives in a different world than the rest of us.

          BTW, if you have 12 cookies on the table the CEO is going to talke 11 of them and tell the Tea Partier, “You better get yours before the union guy gets it.”


      • independant thinker

        RS why don’t you try using a little common sense and logic in your agruments. If the police know the car is stolen then you as the owner have taken the first step towards defending your ownership. After you report the car stolen it is the responsibility of the authorities to follow up and enforce the law against the thief just as it is in intellictual property cases.

        • Robert Smith

          And what would YOU give them for tools?


      • Joe H.

        mr smith,
        I’ll give you an example of what you speak of. A friend of ours has a black boyfriend. He was driving her car, with permission, and was pulled over by the police. They asked her name and because he was nervous he stuttered a little on her last name. Well, since she was white, and he couldn’t prove he had permission to be in possesion of thevehicle, they took him in, towed the car, and detained him till they finally got in touch with her and confirmed that he did have the right to be in the car. Oh, they appologized, but she had to pay a tow and storage of one day. the whole SCREW-UP cost her almost 150.00!!! YOU WANT THAT???

        • Robert Smith

          Hey Joe, I simply don’t believe you. Do you have a case number, etc?

          I find it amazing when there is such a handy “anecdote” that allegedly proves a point.

          Your guy caught DWB should sue and win if the story is as you tell it. I’m optimistic that the ACLU will take his case. Black guy and all the rest of the crappy stereo-types I see around here about the ACLU should facilitate this case being picked up in a heartbeat.

          BTW, the RULES say he should have had the registration, etc. Did he?


  • coal miner

    2 days ago … SOPA Supporters Push Back Against Antipiracy Alternative … The SOPA bill was introduced with bipartisan support meaning that it had a …

  • Rick

    The SOPA is unconsitutional and would be found so by the courts. Because no investigation, no hearing, no right to confront the accusers. It is strictly a heavy handed attempt at regulating the internet and people who are trying to be creative or just be entertaining. If someone make a video singing karaoke, and posts it on youtube they could be jailed. is the really stealing IP no it’s just having fun. Is any one out anything in such a case? answer= NO. It’san attempt at censoring people and the internet.Cpoyright laws are in place use them.

  • Buck

    If you don’t want to see internet supression and restrictions you will have to vote for the small goverment advocate RON PAUL .

    • Robert Smith

      Really? What about net nutrality?

      If we don’t have net nutrality companies will decide what and how fast you can download.


      • Buster the Anatolian

        With net neutrality the government will decide what and how fast you can download. Of the two I prefer the companies to decide.

        • Robert Smith

          Buster says: “Of the two I prefer the companies to decide.”

          Yup, gotta get that bottom line for the stockholders. I’ll bet you really want to support all those cable companies who don’t want you to download from Netflix and Hulu. They WILL slow them down if they get the chance. Uncle Sam will keep the speed up with Net Nutrality.

          BTW, I’ll bet you like it when insurance companies decide who gets what health care too. Does it make you feel all a twitter when someone is told from India that their life saving procedure is denied?


          • Buster the Anatolian

            Obviously you get off on the thought of the government deciding if you get a life saving treatment or not.

          • Joe H.

            now that would depend on what age you are!!! If you are over 50 and need an expensive life threatening procedure, I hope your will is all in order!!! The government does it already. My father was 79, with prostate cancer and the drs told my mother that socialsecurity would not pay for the agressive treatment as he didn’t have twenty years of productive life left. I wanted to pay for it but my dad wouldn’t let me, as it would put me in debt. I watched my father go from a hale 6′ man to a fragile skin and bones shell in just over a year, to death!! Those ba$tards in medicare just as much as killed my dad!! BTW, they said at 79 he didn’t have twenty years of productive life left? My mom was just shy of her 99th birthday when she died!! How do they know HOW MUCH life a man/woman has?!?!?

          • Emoke

            Hi Rob,

            Before you get all gungho about net neutrality, as defined by a government agency, research what happened to the railroads. Whenever the government passes any laws interfering with capitalism they make it exponentially more difficult to remain in business. Before you know it they will be subsidising the internet just so it will be around the way they do with the rail roads. Not to worry a less efficient more expensive alternative will be found and the government will continue to subsidize the internet. They like to steal from us as they support their cronies and increase our costs and steal from us as they drive the costs of goods and services up all in the name of helping us or leveling the playing field or whatever other feel good mantra they come up with. A more recent example is healthcare and health insurance. The cost of that sure has plummetted hasn’t it? As they mess with the business model and make it fair for all people. I cannot buy a major medical plan for a substantial savings because the government dictates what it must cover. It is no longer a contract between me and my insurer. The government needs to stay out of private enterprise. I have my best interests at heart a lot more than some beauracrat that is feathering their own nest.

          • Robert Smith

            Here’s Joe with an other anecdote for us, as if that “proves” his politics: “I wanted to pay for it but my dad wouldn’t let me, as it would put me in debt. I watched my father go from a hale 6′ man to a fragile skin and bones shell in just over a year, to death!!”

            He had the ability to get treatment via your offer. HE decided not to take it. His CHOICE.

            Too bad you didn’t respect him enough to accept his choice and blame it on others.


          • Robert Smith

            From Emoke: The government needs to stay out of private enterprise.”

            I agree. The government should NEVER have given the land grants for the rail roads that made millionairs. They called them “Robber Barons.”

            Oh, and electricity as a utility! How about that?

            Used to be that utilities were among the most heavily regulated things in America. And they were among the safest of investments. Deregulation hit and wow have electric bills gone up. And we got things like Enron, one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever.

            Yup, you can take your version of “deregulation.”

            I prefer honest business.



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