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Sooner State Declares Nation’s First-Ever 2nd Amendment Day

May 4, 2011 by  

Sooner State declares nation's first-ever 2nd Amendment DayOklahoma legislators have designated the nation's first-ever 2nd Amendment Day to celebrate citizens' right to keep and bear arms.

According to, the bill to create 2nd Amendment Day was signed into law by Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin on April 14. Beginning this year, the Sooner State will annually recognize June 28 as 2nd Amendment Day.

June 28 was selected to commemorate last year's decision by the United States Supreme Court, which ruled that the 2nd Amendment's right of individuals to keep and bear arms applies to the States. On June 28, 2010, the nation's high court nullified the city of Chicago's ban on handguns, determining that any such measure violates the Constitution.

In addition, Fallin recently signed legislation that will give Oklahoma business owners the right to use deadly force through use of firearms if they have reason to fear death or substantial bodily harm, according to news provider KFOR. Previously, Oklahomans only had the right to use deadly force in self-defense in their own homes.

This bill is designed to allow store employees to protect themselves against dangerous criminals without fear of legal repercussions. The law is scheduled to go into effect in November, the news source reported.

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  • Doug

    Great news a state that thats our rights to heart. Congrats Oklahoma and it citizens!

  • MIKE


  • Beaz

    I will be celebrating the 2nd amendment day as well here in Ohio. Maybe if we all did that, we could make it a national holiday. Thanks Oklahoma

  • ken

    This should be published every where.

  • Bruce D.

    It is a positive step in securing freedom when a State sets this kind of example. Gun rights are under constant assault at the Federal level. It is a known step in Marxixt ideology to restrict and eliminate guns. The Marxists on this site that post regularly with come out against Oklahoma. Seeing Libya rebels without a clue as to how to fire weapons is a good indication why Marxists want gun control.

  • Bear

    Lived in Oklahoma while stationed at Ft. Sill. Love Oklahoma and its’ people. Now, this measure should be adopted in every state. Colorado has the “make my day” law and it was proposed to be extended to businesses and to personal vehicles. I haven’t heard much more about it and believe it got shot down during Bill Ritter the dumb progressive’s reign. He also vetoed the bill that would have allowed concealled carry permit holders to bypass the background check when purcchasing firearms. That’s how liberals think. Don’t honor the 2nd amendment, infringe it further. Many are at the point of beliving the only way to get our nation back is to start getting rid of those who keep stomping on our Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution. Maybe it’s time to pull out the Declaration of Independence and start from scratch.

    • wandamurline

      The Liberals are “do as I say, not as I do”. Example, a SC congressman who has voted to do away with your guns on every bill that has come through the house, but when a guy breaks into HIS house, he shoots him with a GUN. He thinks he should be able to protect his family, but you don’t have the same rights. Need I say more? That is the way of the elists who have armed body guards to protect them, but don’t want you to have the same priviledges.

      • Damon

        You “hit the nail on the head” another example would be Diane Finstein who would take everyone’s guns away if she could, but guess what, she has a concealed wepons permit and has stated “my husband can’t be with me everywhere I go, so my gun goes with me for protection” OK for her just not for anyone else!

        • Cawmun Cents

          I believe that is known as hypocrisy.

      • 45caliber

        I’ve found that EVERY anti-gun person in Washington either carries a gun or has armed guards with him/her wherever they go. Even to the bathroom. Feinstein when asked stated that she had people out there who were dangerous who didn’t like her so she HAD to keep hers. Schummer just gives you a dirty look if you ask. Of course Oblama doesn’t need to carry and neither does Hillary or Bill. Bloomsberg is against guns in NY – and has guards wherever he goes. And so on.

        Basically, their attitude is that they have the right to protect themselves but you don’t. If you are killed you are just a peon after all. Not important like they are.

  • Jim Biven

    The law here is just common sense. Just about everyone owns guns or lives in a home where there are guns present. There have been cases where store owners acted in self defense and took out criminals only to be prosecuted later as the criminal. It’s stupid but, it happens all over the US all too frequently. People should be able to defend themselves wherever they are. The police are nice but, will never actually be there when you need them unless you’re under police protection and they’re standing at your door.

    • Christin

      It should be a law already in ALL STATES to have the right to bare arms according to the Second Amendment if you are a legal adult citizen (except convicts and mentally ill) to use a weapon in self defense: in your home, property, car, business, even at college, the park while you are running, or in the street IN EVERY STATE. That way ALL criminal elements will know they can’t go around killing, beating, and stealing from ALL American citizens as we are armed!

      Unfortunately, it seems our laws have been turned upside down and the Courts (Judges & laws) and Lawyers have been making the victim of a crime the guilty party and the criminal the innocent one by protecting him/her with the law. Have you noticed that.

      Originally, the Courts use to be Courts of ‘Justice.’
      Then the courts became Courts of ‘Laws’.
      Now, the Courts are just Courts of ‘Arbitration.’
      For examole: This person accuses you of something and you have to prove you are not guilty in court… and the judge or jury take a side even if it is not lawful.

      However, I know NOT ALL police are ‘nice’ and when the progressives make this country into the police state… I’ll bet 75% of the so-called law enforcement will go against the American citizens… for job income to feed their families and for pensions. Many city cops are abusive and couldn’t care less if YOU are ‘nice’ or innocent … not as long as they get their pay, conviction, holiday bonus, and pension. It’s a thrill for some throw their power around (breaking laws they won’t get punished for) and to wreck your life.

      • William

        Christen there is a law in existenc, it’s called the CONSTITUTION. I used to carry a copy in my car to show any cop who questioned wht I have my gun with me,

        • 45caliber

          There used to be a judge in Houston that would automatically give you a 6 month jail sentence for contempt of court if you tried to show a copy of the Constitution or said that his decision violated your Constitutional rights. He insisted that HE made the laws in his court and noone was going to tell him he couldn’t. They finally got rid of him.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            When they got rid of him, every one of the ones that got six months should have had the RIGHT to sue both him and the state for deriliction of duty!!

          • Cawmun Cents

            Funny how power corrupts people.But a”judge”is allowed to take the law into his own hands.Yeah it goes back to the Declaration.You were”created equal”,but after creation there were lawyers.Maybe prostitution isnt the oldest profession?

      • Buddy

        Nice post Christin — Very astute.

        I agree with your estimates about the police, and to that I would add in the firefighters as well — they too have adopted a Holier-than-thou attitude just like most cops. Since both have a “vested interest” in the system, one can logically conclude that when push comes to shove you can be sure which way they’ll lean – they’ll vote to perpetuate the system for their own enrichment and to heck with the “folks” — the guys who are stuck paying the bill.

        Best Regards

        “Of course most people will go along with pretty much anything the government spins as being in the “public interest”… and keep going along until they wake up one morning to find they live in the equivalent of a well-decorated prison camp”. – David Galland

    • Romantic Violence

      The police are not nice. The police are a part of the same structure that wants to disarm you and have the police and military; and a few political hacks, be the sole bearer of arms in the US. What do you think their primary function is as a paramilitary organization? To protect and maintain the existing socioeconomic order. Sounds familiar? The 2nd Amendment is a measure to protect citizens from the government; not just ‘street’ or familiar criminals but criminals in government-the same ones that you probably vote for every four years.


      • MG34shooter

        If you stop to think about it, pretty much ALL city police officers are really nothing more than corporate security guards. After all most all cities in this country are incorporated. Right?

      • 45caliber

        Many police in small towns are okay. Some are not. Most in the big cities are okay – some are not. Don’t paint all with the same brush. I gave some examples above that showed that very thing.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          there have been police here that have called into the afternoon talk show, Trivisonno and told how they were very much in support of the second as they can’t be every place at once and people need to be able to protect themselves!!

      • Bear

        Romantic violence,
        Cannot agree with you. As a gun shop owner, I deal with virtually all law enforcement in my area. That would include, local municiaplity, Sheriff’s deputies and State Patrol. I have not heard a single one of them advocate disarming citizens. In fact, they feel that having armed citizens makes their job a whole lot easier. My brother, retired Maricopa County deputy, told me how the domestic violence and road rage incidents went way down right after Arizona passed its concealled carry law. I wouldn’t be so fast to judge law enforcement as being against law abiding citizens carrying guns.

    • 45caliber


      A couple of examples:

      In NYC, where guns are illegal, a man broke into an apartment and attacked the man living there with a knife, stabbing him over twenty times. Thinking he was dead, the attacker then turned on the wife, slashing her several times as he attempted to get her clothing off so he could rape her. The husband, not dead, crawled to the couch and pulled a .22 pistol from under a cushion. He shot the man in the leg, who ran off. The husband spent about four months in the hospital. The attacker was arrested and spent three months in a mental hospital. The courts ruled that the attacker was off his meds and therefore not responsible for the attack; the husband was charged with illegal possession which carries a one year manditory sentence. The attacker testified for the husband in court, stating that he thought he’d killed the husband and intended to kill the wife after he raped her. The judge threw it out. The prosecutor stated that “we have to show the people that we will not allow home-based vigilanteism.”

      The second case: Two cases actually on the same front page of the newspaper:

      In San Antonio, a woman was attacked in her bedroom by a man with a knife. She shot and killed him as he kicked in the bedroom door and came at her with the knife. The police were upset and wanted to arrest her for murder – or at least “using undue force to subdue a man.”

      The other case – on the opposite side of the same front page – a woman in Houston heard a noise in the living room and took a gun to investigate. A man was trying to steal her tv. She shot him, knocked him down. He got up and ran into the kitchen with her chasing him. She shot him again, knocking him down – and her gun jammed. She ran back to the bedroom and got another gun, came back and found him unconscious. The police said she did a good job and it was justified.

      Sad, isn’t it?

      • http://N/A Susan

        EXactly 45Cal; Does anyone see That The Police Departments Giving REWARD OF MONEY for Turning in GUNS was just the beginning Because EVERYBODY will GIVE anmything To GET N MONEY TODAY especially THOSE that are Willing TO BE POLITICALLY correct and THOSE That actually THINK THAT GETTING RID OF GUNS is the answer. It is no longer CORRECT to PROTECT ONES LAND HOME AND FAMILY AGAINST those that Come to Murder Steal and Destroy Like INVADERS IN YOUR HOME without an INVITE MEANING THE CRIMINALS LIKE drug ADDICTED PEOPLE, That are after ITEMS TO SELL FOR MONEY in the PAWN SHOPS that are also Sometime Corrupt. OR simple as ROBBING ANYONE IN THE HOME OF their POSSESIONS. BY CHANCE SOMEONE IS HOME thinking NONE were. OR Like The Manson Family That MURDERED FOR THRILLS SOME YEARS AGO. 45Cal’S post of Two Seperate Incidents Shows Two things. Woman can not Depend on others to Protect them. Apparently Men with a Family in any state or Country that has a NOBODY has any Registered or illegal Handgun for HOME LAND AND FAMILY PROTECTION is going to be Prosecuted FOR HIS RIGHT TO PROTECT HIS OWN.. HMMMMM a bit BACKWARDS IDEOLOGY IN TODAYS WORLD AFFAIRS it IS . Isn’t it? EVIL IS CALLED GOOD and GOOD IS CALLED EVIL. YES this is also In The Holy Bible. FULFILLING WHAT has been WRITTEN so LONG ago. TO be TO Tolerant of THE EVIL THAT REALLY DOES EXIST. IS NOT a GOOD THING..

  • sivad notsle

    I live in Oklahoma; I dont think this is a good idee. I reckon now I gotta buy a gun to pertect myself from all them gunslingers who’ll be walkin the streets armed.

    • jimeee

      Hey, you’re free to leave at any time. If you have a problem with the Constitution or the Bill of Rights you have the right to buy a ticket on the first train out of town! In fact I’ll pay your cab fare to the train station.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      Your just being silly…remember that without that Amendment no other amendments exist. Its the “Metal backing” to the paper the Constitution & Bill of Rights are written on! (Unlike our Federal reserve notes)

    • wandamurline

      Maybe you should try New York…Bloomberg doesn’t want you to own a gun…so you should fit right in. Just remember, when you are alone and you have no way to protect yourself, you may find that a stranger who is carrying will save your life.

    • William


    • Reddog 245

      Elston: First, you sound more like you are from Alabama or Louisiana, states where there are actually people with your name. Second, there are already a large number of “gunslingers,” (AKA concealed carry permit holders)roaming the streets, but you would never know it, as we are a responsible and peaceful lot here in Oklahoma. This day doesn’t change anything, it just recognizes that we are a state of free men, unlike the slave states where only the masters can be trusted with weapons.

      • independant thinker

        “First, you sound more like you are from Alabama or Louisiana,”

        Don’t insult them folks. He sounds more like a yankee liberal trying to make us believe he is from OK or a southern state.

    • JC

      sivad notsle says:

      May 4, 2011 at 8:09 am

      I live in Oklahoma; I dont think this is a good idee. I reckon now I gotta buy a gun to pertect myself from all them gunslingers who’ll be walkin the streets armed.

      Another one raised by Hollywood…

    • Vicki

      Davis Elston says:
      May 4, 2011 at 8:09 am

      “I live in Oklahoma; I dont think this is a good idee. I reckon now I gotta buy a gun to pertect myself from all them gunslingers who’ll be walkin the streets armed.”

      Sounds like sarcasm. Fake hollywood oakie accent. The entire statement, The reverse spelling of his name. (Could be Elston Davis too :) )

      If you are serious I strongly suggest you do follow the advice of others and move to a safer (for your feelings) country. Already all around you are gunslingers walking the street armed. Some of them are bad guys. Yet still you don’t even know they are there.

    • 45caliber

      I’m sure you are fast enough.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      elston davis,
      you need to be able to protect yourself from the CROOKS and THIEVES, not the legal gun owners. I have four all total right now and other than the range or hunting, I’ve never taken them out of the house!!

  • TIME

    Saddly folks, when it’s “TIME” to pull the plug on gun ownership the Progressive’s will do just that.

    They slowly over the years have re’educated the YOUTH to aid them in this quest. As well have also written in backdoor laws that set the ground work that will aid them to do such.
    Thus when the “TIME” is right it will happen.
    Oh and BTW that “TIME” is well on the way.

    At this “TIME” the Bill of Rights looke more like Swiss Cheese than a Document that sets the “STANDARD” of this once GREAT Nation.

    Sunday May 1st 2011, was a very large step in breaking the BACK of the remaning Freedoms you have. The Fall out is on the way, thus when one stops and thinks about the facts that it was all a well staged PLAY, the “TIME” is very close.

    Keep in mind that a Fog in a pot of cool water ~ that’s raised to a boil slowly over “TIME” will allow its self to be COOKED.

    You all have been snowed, or perhaps you like the term LIED to better, but the “TIME” in near and the end is rather clear. Get ready for your Chains of Bondage, the soft ones will be coming off and the IRON ones applied very soon.

    How bloody sad, a nation that self destructed that was once Greater than any Nation ever in “TIME.”

    • jimeee

      You sound ready to surrender. Remember what Churchill told England in their darkest hour, “NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER EVER GIVE UP”!!!

      • TIME

        You have no clue what I sound like, nor what level I am on.

        Perhap you should read my words again, but this “TIME” absord them in to your deeper brain tissue.

      • RandyH

        Yet England’s “subjects” gave up their gun rights and are now being contolled by muslims. Start learnin’ sharia law ya’ll.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I’ll not learn it in THIS lifetime!!!

      • Cawmun Cents

        I once saw a sign that i will never forget.It was a billboard in a small town in California,where(strangely)there are many people from Oklahoma residing.It showed a photo of Adolf Hitler,with his hand held high in the customary Nazi salute.The caption read,”Anyone for gun control,raise your right hand.”At the bottom it read,”paid for by the Jewish Defense League.”

    • wandamurline

      Before that happens, the patriots in this country will fire another shot heard around the world. We will have a revolution and take down the tyrants before we allow that to happen.

      • Romantic Violence

        I doubt it. How do you think that people got to this point, fewer and fewer civil liberties. Remember, this totalitarian transition was a gradual occurrence; similarly with what is happening today with the formation(s) of TSA, DHA, OCSE, DMV, FBI, CIA, EPA, and a host of other alphabetized bureaucracies that hold increasingly more sway over the individual. These are regulatory agencies and have nothing to do with public safety if there is such a thing. I wouldn’t buy too much into state sovereignty either because a legislative ‘state’, if not held accountable for its actions, can be just or if not more oppressive than a centralized government. You can be sure nothing will happen because 51% of the people are satisfied-period.


    • JC

      That’s what triggered the first revolution. Gun Confiscation.

      • Vicki

        Then we are running behind since gun confiscation has been going on for many years here in the USA. The most recent were the “evil cosmetic” gun bans with required turnin. Fortunately mostly ignored by the populace. The earliest I know of was the NFA which outlawed the possession of guns that could fire more than one round per trigger pull unless you paid ransom to the king.

        So far the successful gun confiscations have been to individuals and small demonized groups so as to not trigger another shot heard round the world.

        That combined with educating (brainwashing) the populace that guns are evil has gone way way forward in suppressing the chance of that shot heard round the world.

        It is my hope and prayer that, thru the use of the soap box like this site and the recent decisions of the Supreme court, we can re-educate (deprogram) enough of the population that the tyrants of this country learn again to fear that which must hide behind every blade of grass.

    • 45caliber

      They are certainly working on the youth but it only seems to be taking in the big cities. I think that is where they plan to get their “Homeland Security Force” for Oblama when the time comes. They are also educating them to believe that the military is bad and should be disbanded. Sounds a lot like the Youth Corps in Germany prior to WWII – where Hitler got all his Gestopo and SS troops.

      • gordon

        you are so correct 45 thanks for your insight

  • fred lozon

    many people dont know that the only gun law in the state of vermont is that you cant use a gun to commit a crime.there are know conceal can carry a concealed gun anywhere without a permit,unless there is a is the only state in the united states with no concealed laws.what is going on in the other states?i guess law abiding citizens cant defend themselves in 49 least police departments will fill out a report of your death after the fact.the police cant be with you every minute.

    • Romantic Violence

      “police departments will fill out a report of your death after the fact.the police cant be with you every minute”. I’m sure that you are aware that upon many occasions, the Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no obligation to protect you.


      • Thamera

        And many times, they aren’t even on the right side of the issue. And please, don’t get me wrong, I have family that are in law enforcement but even they will tell you that the “bad apples” in law enforcement are a serious problem….a thin line separates them from the common criminal.

    • Damon

      Fred; you asked “what is going on in the other states”? Its the “people” in the other states who have been brainwashed into believing that the “state legeslatures” have the “right” to impose gun laws, such as a “pemit to carry” which is illegal and unconstitutional according to the “Bill Of Rights” and the “Second Amendment” We have the “RIGHT” to keep and bare arms…and that RIGHT

      • Damon


    • 45caliber


      I understand that at least one other state now has the same laws – or are at least working on it. Several states like AZ allows you to carry openly without a permit. But I do like Vermont’s laws. I was amazed when I first heard about it several years ago considering the laws in all the neighboring states. I’m surprised – according to the stories the libs insist upon – that Vermont hasn’t wiped out all the other states there since only bad guys would carry a gun or even want one.

      • Rick

        Arizona passed a law that you no longer need a ccw permit to carry concealed. You don’t need a ccw permit in alaska either. So now there are three states that you do not need a ccw permit to carry concealed.

  • Dan

    This should be declared a National Day for the 2nd Ammendment and remain for all ro honor!

  • Raggs

    I hope that all states will soon follow suit, I’m surprised Texas hasn’t done this yet…

    • independant thinker

      Texas will probably wait until at least one other state passes it now so it won’t look like they are following Oklahoma.

    • 45caliber

      Probably no one here thought about it. I hadn’t. But we still have a number of anti-gun Democrats in the legislature unfortunately.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Time:
    You’re right we will lose our rights if the 2nd amendment isn’t enforced. As everyone knows, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will
    have guns. Thanks!!

  • James

    You all, including Governor Fallin, are nuts. The Second Amendment is a restriction the States placed upon the federal government. I tried to copy and paste the arms section of the Oklahoma Constitution, but to no avail. There now seems no way to do that. The right to bear arms is an unalienable right, it isn’t dependent on any document for its existence. By standing up for one’s Second Amendment Right, he is placing the right under federal jurisdiction, the very thing the amendment was designed to prevent.

    • Vicki

      “Section II-26: Bearing arms – Carrying weapons.

      The right of a citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of his
      home, person, or property, or in aid of the civil power, when
      thereunto legally summoned, shall never be prohibited; but
      nothing herein contained shall prevent the Legislature from
      regulating the carrying of weapons.”

      Now about the 2nd Amendment. It is a restriction on ALL government at ALL levels not just the Federal government. Look at Amendment X of the US Constitution. Then look at Amendment I. Notice that only Amendment 1 begins with “Congress shall make no law….” All the others clearly address limiting our power to delegate to ANY government body the power to regulate or restrict the carrying of weapons.

      Thus the 2nd part of the Oklahoma Constitution is in violation of the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution.

      Our right to keep and BEAR arms comes from our Creator and not from “permission” of some would be king.

      We, as individual property owners CAN regulate or restrict the carrying of weapons on OUR property. The 2nd Amendment is a limit on what powers we can delegate to government. It is not a limit on our powers as a free and sovereign people. Thus I fully support the existence of the right of people to forbid the possession of guns on their property.

      • James

        Vicki, Thank you. Since Cox redesigned their system, I haven’t been able to ‘copy and paste’. I have all of the State constitution’s arms sections. Fourty-four States have them, six do not.
        However, you are incorrect about the 10th Amendment. The Bill of Rights are restrictions the States placed upon the federal government, I have a legal brief of Supreme Court decisions which state that. The Bill of Rights starts with “Congress shall make no law…” concerning the five rights mentioned therein, and that applies to the first eight amendments. The 9th Amendment reminds Congress that ‘the enumeration of certain rights shall not be construed to deny…others retained by the people.’ The 10th Amendment reminds Congress that ‘powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution…are reserved to the States respective, or to the people.’
        The U.S. Constitution doesn’t trump State Constitutions. Certain powers were delegated to the federal government in Article I, Section 8, all other powers were retained by the States or the people.

    • 45caliber


      You are wrong actually. The 2nd Amendment was a right specified that the government could not remove. And it extended to the states since we are officially – under the Constitution – members of the states first. However, EVERY state has a similiar statement in their own Constitutions.

      The point of the federal Consitution actually meaning it is federal only is the libs hope of getting the federal law to overpower the state’s laws.

      • James

        45caliber, By the U.S. Constitution, the States created the federal government, it had almost nothing to do with the States. The Bill of Rights was added to restrict the new federal government from making any law that would meddle with our rights.
        Neither the States nor the people are under the U.S. Constitution. The right to bear arms is not a Second Amendment right, it is an unalienable right that doesn’t depend on any document for its existence. Many congressmen refer to the right as a ‘Second Amendment Right’ because they want us to believe the amendment is the source of the right, and thus falls under federal jurisdiction. (How can they agree to apply certain arms’ restrictions to Americans, via treaties, if they have no power over our rights?) Unfortunately, too many of us believe that. From now on, just say “My right to bear arms” not ‘my second amendment right.

      • James

        45caliber, the Second Amendment says nothing about removing the right. It just says “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” and that applies exclusively to Congress.

  • Tasmanian devil

    It makes one wonder how our liberals think. My 25 year old son had to defend himself two summers by using his 357 mg. He was cited and arrested. The case was dropped but it took almost two years before the courts would allow him to retrieve his gun. He went through hell using the law as written. I live in Oregon. Does that tell you something.


    • Christin

      Sorry about your son… sounds like he won in the end… good for him.

      I think MANY pro-gun citizens in MANY states are having problems with the law not being clear TO THE POLICE who are arresting them with a gun be it concealed inside their clothing, or car, or in their trunk… even dismanteled and with out ammo which is kept in a separate container. Their are all kinds of different laws for different states and when you travel different cops even in your own state may arrest you anyway to intimidate you and make you think twice as to carrying or transporting one again. It seems like they (government police employees) want to be the only one who has authority to follow the Second Amendment and have possession of such a weapon of protection or assault.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        yes, he won in the end, but what did it cost him?? Maybe his job? His life savings? Even possibly his wife and kids?? The government, whether they are right or wrong, will use everything at their access including tax money to ruin or imprison you. You can never match their funds or power!! Please don’t think I don’t agree with him fighting, I do and I applaud his efforts and if I had known, I would have donated to his defense fund!!

    • 45caliber

      Not a surprise as to his problems. I’m glad he finally overcame them. I shot at a criminal once but was careful to miss him. One of the cops asked me why I didn’t at least shoot him in the leg. I told him I figured I’d get in more trouble that he did if I had. He laughed and said, “We’d have taken you to jail but we’d have released you later. And you’d have gotten your gun back – eventually.”

  • http://com i41

    sivad notsel, you don’t have to buy a gun, but keep your pie hole shut and act civilly and you are goingto be just fine. You sound like a lap pooch for Billary the B–ch and Onumnutts and their UN morons. Oklahomians will be able to vote with out some club carrying Black Panther stopping them. Same goes for the rug scrubbing pedophile worshipping muslims start raising hell and think we are all going to be pced with their s–t. Everyone that wants to carry a gun should able to, a for people with supposedly “mental” problems, look at the mental midgets we have in the beltway and the WH.

    • 45caliber

      I really think his statement is sarcasm.

  • Tasmanian devil

    Hmmmm, I smell a Democrat

  • Bob from Calif

    Good job Oklahoma, could you please take California to the back of the woodshed and give them a good talking to.


    Move to Texas, folks! We now have the “Castle Law”, which gives every citizen the right to lawfully have guns in our homes, carry a firearm in their car (even if they don’t have a CCP), and use it, if some scumbag tries to car-jack them or otherwise try to harm them. We also have a very liberal Concealed Carry Law, which requires those applying to attend an indepth class on laws, show proficiency with a firearm, and submit to an intense background check. Texans are aware that, “When seconds count, the police are just minutes away”, and we are willing to take responsibility of our own safety at homes and in our cars (or trucks).

    • 45caliber

      But if you are liberal, stay where you are. We don’t need your bad ideas here.

  • Alex

    Hopefully, on their Second Amendment Day, they will recognize the crucial roll guns played in the Tulsa Massacre, the most famous thing about Oklahoma ever (next to Bo running right over Bosworth—HAAA!).

    Perhaps at courthouses and town squares across the backwards state, home to the laughable Senator Jim Inhofe, the names of those innocents killed by firearms can be read, followed by the names of those saved by firearms—the first list will be considerably longer.

    • 45caliber

      Never heard of it. But I have heard of all the gunfights in the Indian nations.

    • 45caliber


      You really ought to do some checking. We have, nationwide, about ten times as many people saved by having a gun as are injured or killed by one – unless of course you are also talking about the criminals shot by the police. But even then it is about nine times as many people saved.

  • tracycolorado

    Thank GOD , For The Sooners . Where Common Sence Is Not An Endangered Species

  • Harry Sothern

    Guns don’t kill – people do. Oklahoma is enforcing the 2nd Amendment according to the constitutional right of every law-abiding U.S. citizen to keep and bear arms.

    The only caveat that should be required is this: People with small children should offer proof that their weapons are keptlocked up in a place not accessible to anyone but the licensed owner.

    • MIKE


    • Romantic Violence

      Hence the words “licensed owner”. License=permission! Once you have to get permission from a group of self appointed and self important people to exercise a ‘right’ then it becomes a privilege. People we continue to believe that we still need permission to exercise any right. It states nothing in the Constitution in regard to permissions or licenses to exercise the right to keep and bear arms. These edicts came about via state legislators, in many instances without the consent of the governed; I personally never gave anyone consent to do anything to me or for me. By the way, your suggestion in regard to locking up weapons is already in practice in JAPAN. Yes, Obama and his crew want the same here for everybody regardless of whether you have children or not.

      • 45caliber


        Not really true in Japan. They aren’t locked up – you can’t have one at all. There is a one year manditory sentence there just to be caught with a single bullet.

        But interestingly enough, Japan has the second highest level of deaths by guns in the world – suicides. (Russia is first)

    • 45caliber

      I taught my kids to leave the guns alone when they were toddlers. And they are still careful today. My grandson is taught that way and my 2 year old grand-daughter is being taught now. The problem with kids with guns is when they are NOT taught because people have the guns locked up – and useless.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        The only time I put up my guns is when there will be other kids in my house! mine have been around them all their life and wouldn’t think about picking up one of my weapons! (guns or knives)

        • Cawmun Cents

          Both my son and myself have been raised with loaded firearms in the house,and there was never a problem.”Safety”,implies that you know enough about life,and its inherent value,to remain alive.When people who could care less about the value of life,(whether from bad parental skills or from just being callous)obtain a firearm,they tend to wield it like a progressive wields laws.It is a position of power,from which then enables you to take a life.Power over life and death is seen as being a good trait.Callousness is seen as being virtuous in many parts of society today(I call it prison mentality).But let me be perfectly clear,that these spoken of parts of society lack discipline in the home.The parents have no values,or the one with values is no longer present.When life is not considered of value,then you breed callousness.We must never give the callous an upper hand.And furthermore we should never let politicians and judges give the callous an upper hand.When they try,they should be treated no better than common criminals.That is why our founders wrote this into the fabric of our nation.Never let anyone take it away from you.It is a good reason to declare war.No one Federal,state or local government is more powerful than its citizens.An effort should be made to teach this in our schools,from a very young age the children should be made aware of this fact.Just as they are made aware of the three r’s.-CC

    • James

      Harry Sothern, the Second Amendment is not a proclamation to the world at large. It is solely a restriction the States placed upon the federal government. No state law has ever been held violative of the Second Amendment.

  • JD

    I live in Oklahoma City and it would be nice if we didn’t have restrictions on the 2nd Amendment here . Open carry should be the law of the land and hopefully one day we will be able to over ride the liberals in Oklahoma and celebrate having the true and full 2nd Amendment.


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