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Something’s Rotten

October 18, 2011 by  

Something’s Rotten

I do so love the scent of autumn. The crisp air is rich with the essence of nature’s fireworks, mingling delicately in the breeze with burning logs in happy homes, potpourri cooking on kitchen stoves… and the body odor of overeducated-yet-underinformed college students, their pseudo-academic professors, bloated millionaire and billionaire Democratic donors and fading Hollywood cretins. But noisome as the so-called “occupiers” may be, they’re about as novel a political movement as the Soviet Politburo.

Meanwhile, the redolence of brainless adolescents, ivory tower refugees, babbling Hollywood players and the billionaire liberal hypocrites who bankroll operations like the “Occupy” movement is made all the more rank by another stench: pure political desperation.

During a Sunday afternoon speech, President Barack Obama, who has been blowing kisses to the occupiers from across the political room, began playing the un-neutered puppy to the occupy movement’s exposed leg. Obama faces public dissatisfaction rivaling the sad days of Jimmy Carter’s Presidency: an economy his party has thrown into the deep end chained to a cinder block, a scandal-ridden cabinet whose peccadilloes include a gunrunning operation which involved more dead bodies than a Kennedy road trip, and a crowning achievement — Obamacare — which is dying like a sick old man denied care by a death panel.

The President needs help. He needs votes. He needs someone other than the sideshow freaks on MSNBC to take him seriously. So on Sunday afternoon, Obama turned to the only group of people silly enough to consider voting for his re-election and said he “…will continue to acknowledge the (occupier) frustration that he himself shares… if asking a billionaire to pay the same tax rate as a plumber, a teacher or a bus driver makes me a warrior for the middle class, I will wear that charge with honor.”

Begging the President’s pardon, but to which “frustration” might he be referring? He knocks down close to a half-million dollars a year in salary, dines regularly with billionaire entertainment magnates like Oprah Winfrey and is guaranteed the lifetime of easy excess granted to ex-Presidents. He has ascended the loftiest heights of political fortune in a remarkably short time despite a lack of meaningful experience, and he is backed by a king’s ransom paid by the same people the so-called “occupiers” claim to revile. He’s as attuned to the daily travails of average Americans as Nancy Pelosi is to the sort of real work done by “plumbers.”

And his claim to represent the self-and-grossly-inaccurately-monikered “99%” is laughable. Unless he is doing his taxes the same way Secretary of the Treasury Geithner did his, he is firmly planted in the “1%.” And why not wear the “1%” label like a badge of honor? That 1 percent covers close to 40 percent of the nation’s tax bill each year. Nevertheless, whether one employs the Obama litmus test of owning a corporate jet or earning more than $200,000 per year, Obama is very much one of the occupiers’ hated by “them.”

I suppose he should count himself lucky that the average “occupier” is about as astute as the sheep in the back of the flock. Furthermore, he enjoys the undying fealty of the corporate media, who have simultaneously offered both him and the occupiers underserved legitimacy. Add to that the fact that his party’s money and influence has turned what might have been a voice against injustice into the America-hating, flag-defiling, epithet-hurling asylum the Tea Party was wrongly accused of being, and he has a clear strategy: Identify himself with the Fleabagger mob and beg for their votes.

He may well pull off this “man of the people” charade, although I suspect he’s going to be disappointed that the “occupiers” don’t represent 99 percent of anyone except the audience at the Bonnaroo music festival. And he’s not fooling me for an instant; I can smell him from here.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    So The Anointed One is frustrated. So he needs something to soothe his feelings, eh? If he really wants to ‘make some points’ with a large segment of America, let him stand on principle, and bring home our worn-down military from the far corners of the globe. If you really care, prove that you sense OUR frustration with so-called ‘leaders’ who have no clue as to what leaders do.
    Every W H tenant learns that not everyone can be pleased. It’s the effort expended (or not expended) that puts a realistic tint on a leader’s image. What matters most is how the people of America are treated. If the leader’s party is not impressed, they can get in line with the rest of the riff raff.
    This W H tenant has chosen to suround himself with losers so varied and so incredibly anti-American that it’s hard to tell if we have a leader in the W H or a resident anarchist who is determined to do what no invading army could. This is a liability, not an asset.
    You’re on your own in the sympathy department, Mr. Prez. You’ve made some friends in the last three years or so, but you’ve also made a lot of enemies. You need to decide if your main priorities are more important than the American people.
    On the whole, you’ve abandoned us. For that, there is a price that must be paid. You OWN everything that happens while you’re still in the W H. You’re not immune from anything. Whoever told you that the job would be easy is a liar. Your administration is a lie. You seem to love lies, and how much that tarnishes your image is up to you.

    • lkar

      The problem with lies is that to be called as such truth must exist. To our president and the Democratic party (and probably half the Republican party) truth is what they say. Facts do not matter in justifying a lie. They legitamize themselves by berating and demeaning any opposition. Their idea of debate, for example, is to argue over forgiving student loans or just renaming them student grants. The end result is unchanged!

    • eddie47d

      Everyday we read about the political desperation on this blog from the right. The author has made no exception for today.

      • Opal the Gem

        Every day you join the discussion and have nothing to say.

        • Jana

          Wow do you have him pegged.

          • bob wire

            eddie likes to poke at the tiger. My too! but not just any old tiger will do.

  • Vicki

    “Obama turned to the only group of people silly enough to consider voting for his re-election and said he “…will continue to acknowledge the (occupier) frustration that he himself shares… if asking a billionaire to pay the same tax rate as a plumber, a teacher or a bus driver makes me a warrior for the middle class, I will wear that charge with honor.” ”

    What is truly amusing about that statement is that I bet there are a LOT of billionaires that would love to have their tax rate lowered to that of a bus driver.

    Oh wait. Obama must have meant he was going to raise the bus drivers tax rate.

    • ernest

      ANYONE ever ask him where his Billion dollar election fund is coming from ?

      • Lewis Munn

        Probably nobody has had the nerve, but we know. He will print off another trillion or or so, to go, to cover his billions needs. Which will be approaching a trillion with the added inflation.

  • Donald R. Megerle

    Like Ben, s c always knocks it out of the park! Keep up the astute observations! Bravo!!!

  • Robert W.

    Ben Crystal, you’re one hell of a great writer!

    • bob wire

      Don’t give him the big head, he is already have trouble finding his hat size. Do they even make a 12?

  • JIM


    • Rich

      In the last quarter the Dems raised about $70,000,000 for the 2012 campaign. That’s a lot more than the Republicans. So tell me, if the millionaires are supporting the right, where did the $70 mil come from? Maybe the actual party of the rich is sitting on Pennsylvania Avenue right now. Remember back in January 09 when the Dems had the WH, a majority in the House and 60 votes in the Senate. After 8 years of whining about the Bush tax cuts [which required Dem votes to pass] when they had an open road to repeal those cuts, what did they do? Nothing! They knew they would cut their own throat if they repealed them. I don’t want to have facts get in the way of your dis information, but in the future you may want to remember you’re sending your message to generally educated people, not your buddies at the bar. As for the Tea Party why would the right oppose a group that is promoting fiscal responsibility? That’s what we want.

      • Thomas B

        You are right, the rich party is on Pennsylvania Ave right now. The Dems haver the huge bucks with all the gayos owning all the politicians. Their intent is to eliminate the Republican party and any one else who opposes communism. They promise to redistribute the wealth but that’s just their BS line to take over with the masses. Once they control everything, they will copnfiscate everything for the top thugs and basically won’t give anyone a dime. That’s why they will be fought tooth and nail by Americans guerilla warfare style like the IRA, with car bombings and land mines to constantly terrify and kill communist elites and their supporters. They can be plucked out with perseverence.

        • Lewis Munn

          How is Obama going to reconcile getting communists into power when he is Muslim and should be spreading his religion to take over the country. Didn’t realize Communism is OK for Muslims!

    • Jana

      At least that is what the Dems tell you and you fall for it hook line and sinker.

      • bob wire

        well Jana , once burnt twice shy for sure.

        But that sure is a lot of people subjecting themselves to an assortment of discomforts and hostile elements to be professing and proclaiming issues that they are disingenuous about.

        Would you not agree?

  • Gayle

    I’ve read where this might be a practice ows for the spring of 2012. But hopefully that was just speculation, and these people get on with their personal business. Hopefully by that time they will have took a bath. While it makes me glad that obuma is desparate it also is bothersome to see how far he will go. He must be stopped.

    • Lewis Munn

      Station somebody close to his path with a container of pig’s blood, and toss some on him. Then he can never get all his 90 foot tall virgins!

  • Tom Cook

    Second! Robert W’s comment. The weekly videos are the bees knees too.

  • Donald

    Ben seems to be hitting the panic button with all this name calling!

    • bob wire

      Yea, he does that a lot, keeps the message down low so the sheepeoples can eat it.

      If he’s actually brings something forward worthy of comment it’s rare, but the responses are always a hoot! The thread takes off and flies on it’s own with the target of hostility identified and in clear sight.

      Crystal is a agitator and instigator, doesn’t play the devils advocate deliberately and loves to push hot buttons and watch knee jerkers dance the right wing strut. I’d enjoy such a job and to actually get paid for it a treat. Sometime I feel like the Maytag repairman and would do it just for the diversion.

      It’s all in good clean fun with a serious bite.

      • GaryA

        Jezz Bob, I didn’t know theleft was pouring the koolaide so far up your arse these days? Another prime example of a liberal mental giant eh Bob?

  • theodorej

    Ben …. You might want to focus on the consequences of BAD education but first let me give you the essense of our system of education today ….First …. you memorize the text… than you take the test …. if you pass …. you get a piece of paper attesting to your brillience and let us not forget that there are those who never memorized the text they just cheated and got a piece paper attesting to their brillience anyway …. The bafoons that are in classrooms today masquading as teachers are these people…(case and point examine Ward Churchills credentials)P.S. Iam a college dropout and small business owner…

  • Alcam

    The article, and some of the comments that follow, it are clear reflections of what America has become. A lunatic asylum run by the inmates. The Mafia must feel ashamed that it would rate as a charity when compared with the finance and pharmaceutical world. It seems that “corruption” is now an honour and integrity a swear word. Good luck, there are still some people who can work out how to build a guillotine.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    In other words we have over educated idiots that useful to the left.

    • eddie47d

      No it means you are the gatekeeper and control the keys of the right wing insane asylum.

      • Lewis Munn

        Liberals, communists and and other left leaners go directly into the left wing of the same asylum!

  • Clint

    I have followed the chat on occupymn and have noticed that they have monitors that discourage religion/political systems that end in (ism). Watching the general assemblies and smaller group meetings I noticed how asinine the process was. I had just sent a post stating how Jim Jones would have been proud and the chat was immediately zapped and cleared without my post. They seem to have no problem pushing the Zeitgeist movement though. Ulterior motives?

    • Lewis Munn

      Truth is excruciating to these people, and they react so nicely! Watch our token leftists in the threads here!

  • Monte

    I have lived to see Mad Magazine become real life. I can find only one word to describe our current state of affairs, ‘pathetic!’.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    The thing that stinks is the wall street occuptors.

  • F86

    With the stanch of a burnt out economy, the stench of dead soldiers from an aggressive war, the stench of a political system sold wholesale to Wall St. and corporate predators, I’m surprised the smell of a “few” protesters could get past his nose. I wonder if it’s his own pits he’s smellin’.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Are you one of the useful idiots?

    • Opal the Gem

      Nope F86 its yours he is a smelling.

      • eddie47d

        Yup Sean got it right it’s those who occupy the floors of Wall Street that stunk up our economy and helped to bring it down.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Miffy

          Wall Street didn’t pressure banks into approving loans to people who couldn’t afford to buy a house. Wall Street didn’t pass that ill conceived “stimulus”. Wall Street, while blamed for just about everything that’s wrong, didn’t do what they are being blamed for. Congress is the culprit, so why are all these idiots protesting Wall Street?

  • http://PersonalLibertyWebsite l Newman

    BRAVO, Ben Crystal. Keep up the good words!

  • Bill

    If it truly is the communists pushing the OWS crowd, then they are making war on America. I know that within our military we have some pretty capable, pretty nasty special operations forces; however, as active military they are duty bound to follow the president and the constitution, so they cannot fight this war. We also have in this country a lot of ex-military, ex-special operations forces, who still have their skills. They are no longer encumbered by the president or their oath.

  • daniel

    Obama is getting plenty of help. Look at all of the trips he takes on our dime and we get the privilege of paying for his re-election campaign er bus tour. We even get to pay for his retirement even if ours were wiped out. Where is the bail out for the IRA’s?
    Yeah, o is all for equality and justice. He is just making sure he is a little more equal and has a bit more justice than the rest of us.
    I am sorry if I sound bitter but I am tired of watching us get screwed and being told how good it feels.

    • Buddy

      Many people are sick and tired of the way political activities in the USA play out. But it’s alway been that way and is only getting worse.

      The question is, if it’s been that way (research some facts about WI, WWII and Vietnam and you’ll see), why are things getting worse by the election cycle? Can anything be done. Possibly something can be done. Every heard of “Dump D.C.”?

      • Monte

        It has NOT always been that way. In the early Republic, they left office and returned to work. They received nothing from the treasury after their term of office was up.

      • eddie47d

        Since the Republicans are desperately trying to move up their primaries and make elections a 24/7 daily event then you’ll have to ask them. Are they trying to wear us all down and numb us with political propaganda every waking hour. They are up to something and it doesn’t feel right.

        • bob wire

          Yea eddie , that came to my attention last week. ~They are trying to get as much game time in as possible, basically running out of bounds and stopping the clock. Making 7 minutes of game time an hour and half long.

          They are depending heavily on their propaganda machine, that takes time and the time bring in more money.

          But, it’s double edges sword, cutting both ways and can turn against them.

          My thoughts on it, whatever it takes to keep people from sitting on their hand and gets them up and on their feet spending money, it’s a good thing at this point in time.

          We need people spending money on anything, as long as it’s inside the US. Even Cooperate America will let go of some serious loot. I hate that it won’t reach down to everyone, but still~ many will be effected by this spending.

          Politics seems to be a thriving industry much like pro wrestling. With the media exploiting even angle for profit by selling soap, insurance and erectile dysfunctional products. That way, we can all smell good, be insured and be ready for when the time is right.

          • Lewis Munn

            Yea, we just have to make sure the people are too stupid to see what led to WWII…ambitious politicians who wanted to run everybody, and printing fiat money until the monitary system collapsed, and many people grabbed at any strinq …and the rest is history! Millions killed, and all the other horrors of all-out war.

            I think one reason Obama thinks he can pull it off and get away with it is he feels he is better than Hitler! And Islaam is more powerful than fascism. I am dubious.

  • Buck

    President Obama is a blessing in one way , he is bringing all the cockroaches out into the sunlight . Now if only a fwe Americans awaken in time they can start stepping on them before they scurry back into the shadows . Come on America , lets dance !!!

    • bob wire

      You’ve got a lot of dancing to do Buck!

      Maybe you can show the devil a brand new dance?

      • Lewis Munn

        Too bad their skin is too thick for Borax to work, as it does on ordinary roachea!

  • Dave Bishop

    Obama, the who “feels our anguish and pain” is proving once again how much he respects the “common man” by flying in his private jet to campaign for the unions and teachers. He has shown what his incentive initiatives are worth…just look at the debt washing across the shores of GM.
    It is time to stop the union gambit against Boeing and the thuggery that is going on against those who oppose the pressure the union bosses are pushing for. They must be held responsible for the crimes they tolerate.
    It is time for Eric Holder and his thugs to be brought up on criminal charges for their gun-running activities and his blatant lies that he did not know what was going on.
    All of the above are a drain on our economy, an assault on decency and an example of what “change” can mean in the vernacular of thugs, politicians, unions, and ACORN organizers.

  • bob wire

    “Meanwhile, the redolence of brainless adolescents, ivory tower refugees, babbling Hollywood players and the billionaire liberal hypocrites who bankroll operations like the “Occupy” movement is made all the more rank by another stench: pure political desperation.”

    Yea Ben, I’m sure that the Kouch Brothers backside smells like roses in comparison.

    and your article smells like sweet desperation,~ smells GOOD!

    “whether one employs the Obama litmus test of owning a corporate jet or earning more than $200,000 per year, Obama is very much one of the occupiers’ hated by “them.”

    Considering I have a photo of Obama as a Freshman Senator, leaning back in a chair with his feet propped up, exposing the holes in the sole of his Wing Tip shoes, your statement is laughable.

    And yes, He is now paid $400,000 per year while he still promotes more equitable contribution on the part of higher wage earners. Ain’t that a kick in the head?

    • GaryA

      And I have one of the little muslim token on a doobie and wearing a panama jack hat…so what bob, oh I get it you stinkies in the OWSgang had a few moments to come and peck out some left wing dish water? I will agree on one thing, this is the “left wing communist PEE party for sure. Sad none of your group have a single solid thought amoung themselves.

  • chuckb

    bob wire, check out clintons monetary value when he arrived in the white house and where it is today. the clintons were most likely the most corrupt husband and wife team to ever preside in the white house, now barry gets his chance, so far he’s making the clinton look like pikers.
    it is surprising to hear barry had holes in his shoes, wonder how he afforded that high price education he supposedly got. of course, if you voted for barry you would be inclined to believe anything.

    • bob wire

      He hasn’t leased out George Washington’s bedroom yet has he? !!! Sold spend tubes of Presidential Afro-Sheen? Autographed back copies of JET?
      or his favorite MOTOWN hits? or his favorite bedtime story, “Snoop Dog goes to Washington”?

      LOL! so success and acquired wealth can be seen as a bad thing?

      I guess it depends on who you are and how you acquired it, doesn’t it?

      If you are Donald Trump and hiding behind the courts systems and bankruptcy courts, while you don’t pay your creditors and living large, you are good, suitable for a Presidential hopeful!

      But if you survive a four year body cavity search by teams of Special Prosecutors paid millions of dollars with a political ax to grind and one thing on their mind, then your are bad!

      I see! I got it! Chucky

      Maybe you need to tell us when it’s okay or not okay to make your mark on the world.

      Now Ron Paul, ~ I confess, has turned in a low bid for the position few can match, maybe Rommy. Perry and Bachmann no way! I fear he won’t make very many friends on Capital Hill with such a low offer. Wage concession seem to be an alien term when it applies to them, that’s for other people.

      Have you ever visited a Presidential Library Chuck? It’s an eye opening experience, make one if you haven’t, the collected wealth alone is amazing.

      • eddie47d

        That is amazing how much some of them fawned all over Trump treated him like a savior and then dropped him like a hot potato. I’m not sure if even they know what they want.

        • Opal the Gem

          Re-writing history again are we eddie. Trump quit the race before he entered it no one had the chance to “drop him like a hot potato”.

          • bob wire

            correct ! but I seem to recall Trump being romanced and the notion entertained by many self proclaimed “conservatives” ~ is this not so Sir/Madam?

  • chuckb

    bob, it’s how you make your mark on the world that counts. the clintons made their mark on the world by insider trading, land schemes and just plain ol’ crooked poltiics, such as pardoning crooks like marc rich, wonder what the payoff was for that one and eric the red holder was in on that one to.
    my experience in this world makes me believe that dishonest acts will eventually catch up with you in one form or the other.
    we have the opportunity in this country, somewhat that is, to make our fortune, the ones i know did it on their own and not at the expense of others. our politicians don’t care how they do it as long as it is at the expense of the tax payer.
    this guy in the white house wants total power such as hugo chavez in venezuela, he will do anything to retain the power of the white house and the present protests are the assimilation of his political troops to come. we have a minority mentality gaining strength in this country, they want the government to take care of them and furnish them with all their needs at someone else’s expense. that’s what barry is striving for, to be their messiah, the ignorant being led in the dark by a blindman.

    • bob wire

      Well, the final page has yet to be written for Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, he has been demonized by the right and for good reason, he won’t bend over and let them pack his fudge. They are not use to that. Pan American relations has never been what it should as we like dictator’s that are sympathetic with right wing views, money is just wasted on people that don’t know how to even spend it. In the end, Chavez might well turn out to be a real horsesa$$. ~ These country’s have not yet to understand the fine points associated with peaceful transition of power, it’s hard for them and often impossible.

      Okay where were we? ~ Clinton’s ! and evil deeds! yea , I figure Clinton’s have receives more then his share of inside tips and information. Done things that would put Martha Stewart under the jail house.

      And like you Chucky, I surely don’t approve of such activities. But so far, Teflon Bill has yet to get anything to stick and I might add, it’s been tried by the best, leaving us to go with what we’ve got. It’s not like he is the only one Chuck.

      In part this is what OWS is about today. Just One of the things they want stopped!

      For what it worth, Bill is deeply engaged in Humanitarian efforts you know? Lending both his name and hands on efforts to causes that effect global issues. Seeing it as inappropriate to address National matters that might perhaps be found in conflict or undermining the sitting administration, he stays engage as a statesman and public figure on a Global stage. He’s done well for himself, coming from very humble beginning, a barefooted Arkansas Ridge Runner. The American dream come true, you might not like him but Bill is bigger then life. A very personable man that comes across as genuine where he is or not. He can talk a man out of his money and woman out of her britches.

      In contrast few GOP presidents, if any engage in humanitarian efforts after leaving office. Which suits me fine. It’ll take a few more years for me to get un-mad with 43, I don’t want to even look at him for now.

      If you can’t do some winning while you are dealing ~ why play Chuck?

  • Alex

    How funny that you include amongst the Left’s supporters “fading Hollywood cretins”—what a hoot!

    So, you are terming as fading cretins George Clooney, Sean Penn, Jeanine Garofalo, and Brad Pitt—and yet who from the entertainment world is on the Right? Scott Baio, Kelsey hide-the-young-girls Grammer, and Ted Nugent—-how silly are you?!?

  • Alex

    Let’s see: Occupy Wall Street sprang from the grassroots in, what, 31 days and has quickly strengthened in many US cities AS WELL as cities around the globe.

    On the other hand, the Teabag Brigade, funded by the billionaire Kock Brothers, has taken root in trailer parks across the land, but no overseas action, disrupted Town Hall meetings meant to at least let the public hear what the Health Care reform entailed, spit on and hurled racist invective at Congressmen, and is fading as quickly as a snuffed match.

  • Dr. smith

    what do they want? Insight into the genius of the Occupiers world view can be found at this link:

  • Christin

    Ben Crystal,

    BRILLIANT.. and entertaining… too bad it is true.

  • AJ

    Both these parties have lied to us since LBJ and beyond. Each one of the NWO POTUS’s stunk some more than others. But the one we have now, his stench is smelled around the globe. The corruption in his administration may by far exceed the Clinton’s and the Bush crime
    family put together.

  • hitthedeck

    I am up in age and can remember things in our American history that the kids today don’t get in their history classes in school. I can remember the McCarthy hearings back in the fifties on un-American activities. McCarthy exposed a lot of communists that were organizing to subvert the American democracy system. McCarthy and his associates became overzealous and his investigation started to look more like a Salem Witch hunt. A lot of good people were slandered and black listed that had never officially associated with the communist party but there were quite a few that were out to destroy our democracy. After McCarthy was reprimanded nationally he faded into the background and the word communist became a political incorrect word to openly use in conversation. McCarthy was fearful that communists had infiltrated into the offices of government. He would have a field day if his committee could hold hearings on the people and politicians holding office in Washington today. Socialism, communism and Marxism are no longer movements that have secret movements or members lurking in the halls of justice or using the back door of the Whitehouse. Today they are in your face bragging that Mao was their hero and Chi was a South American leader of social justice. We even had a self confessed communist appointed by president Obama to head a Green movement. These un-American types all have adopted the word Progressive to describe who they are. Now they have taken their subversion to the streets under the old familiar banner of class warfare. Wall Street is evil and unfair making someone wealthier than others. The old story that everyone has the same things! The China syndrome look alike of the culture revolution. Take down Wall Street destroy the system causing a market crash. Riot, loot and burn businesses and cause a run on the banks. Look to the Unions to have community organizers to reeducate the masses. Turn in your neighbors and become card carrying party members to gain special favors and benefits. Every one wear the same cloths and carry a little guide book to live by. Then What???? Where in the hell is McCarthy?

    • bob wire

      well? you said that he faded into a footnotes of history labeled as a zealot.

      My guess he’s in Zealotland Texas, right next to Potterville, south of Gun Barrel and just east of Goat Neck Texas.

      McCarthy used his political position to feed the people not facts, not knowledge, not enlightenment but Fear. He was a fear monger and disrupted and destroyed many peoples lives in the process of attempting the purge of unlike minds wherever he found them. Focusing on Hollywood and actor(s) and actress(s) that had the keen ability to project and act in character, alien from themselves for the sake of “art” and Americans citizens general entertainment and amusement became his target.

      He was so convinced, he thought “acting” was real and mounted attacks on actors for the roles they played and the company they kept. Serious character research of unsavory and politically incorrect persons became a liability and actors found in questionable surroundings became subject to acts of extortion and blackmail.

      Crazy as it might sound, this was just one more attack on the Jewish Community by a Fascist Mind in middle America.

      One insane MF! as far as I’m concerned. The Salem Witch Trials part 2 sums it up. People were killed and tortured because of fear and lies among small gains of truth.

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        The problem with Joe McCarthy was that he was right. Many gvt. agencies, especially the State Dept., were full of Communists and Communist sympathizers. Somethings never change. To quote Jack Nicholson is “A Few Good Men”; “We can’t handle the truth.” The Communist connection goes back to the FDR White House. One of FDR’s advisors was a known Communist agent of the Soviet Union. The saying then was from FDR’s mouth to Stalin’s ear. There was, is, a definate connection between the Communist Party and the labor unions, the enviromental movement, and the so-called progressive movement, both in and out of gvt. History has proven this out but the problem is that media and acedamia have done an excellent job of covering it up. Many icons such as MLK and others were up to their eyeballs in the “movement”

  • Debi

    I only wish this kind of wisdom would be quoted on primetime news media shows. But of course, the left would never allow it.

    • bob wire

      What wisdom? where? let me go back and look again!

  • http://Boblivingstonletter Lyle McDaniel

    Yep , hitthedeck..and ride the same color of bicycle, green…

  • chuckb

    bob wire, so mccarthy was a fear monger, how about john and bobby kennedy are they fear mongers too? you have no idea what you are talking about. your problem is a lack of factual history not the history presented by the biased media. hollywood the media and government was infiltrated by communist jews, mccarthy proved it, however, we didn’t realize how much power the communist possessed. they denigrated mccarthy by false statements thru the power of the press. mccarthy was a veteran of ww2 and a very loyal american, john and bobby kennedy served on the hearings right alongside mccarthy, i watched and listened to the complete hearings on tv and i repeat you don’t have a clue in what you say.

  • Polski

    Ben, is it really that hard to come up with an actual subject for discussion, as opposed to your standard political drivel? Between you for the republican side and your counterparts for the democratic side we see the “dumbing down of the population” in action. It really is boring. Don’t any of you have any actual thoughts? You give real meaning to lemmings and clones!!

  • chuckb

    so where does that leave you polski? do you avoid mirrors.


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