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Someone’s In Your Kitchen

June 21, 2012 by  

Someone’s In Your Kitchen
What people put in their grocery carts is none of the government's business.

Recently, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg infamously burst forth from Gracie Mansion to deliver a new set of culinary commandments to the citizens of the Big Apple. While many people grumbled at the politician’s parental behavior, many Democrats applauded “hizzoner” for caring so much. Of course, they applauded Bloomberg’s successful incursion into our cup holders — not Bloomberg’s concern for his subjects.

Unfortunately, this sort of nanny-statism is spreading. This week, the city of Cambridge, Mass. — home to some of the most annoyingly smug Bay State liberals outside the Kennedy Compound — announced it was considering a ban on soda sales in restaurants.

Of course, Cambridge offers merely the latest on a list of obtrusive efforts to reach much further into our lives than most of us would prefer. In fact, for those of us who consider our homes — and, by extension, our lunch — sacrosanct, politicians who mandate food and beverage guidelines have not simply invaded our homes, they’re in the kitchen and rooting around in the fridge. As an aside, I would caution these self-appointed guardians of the public waistline to keep their distance from the liquor cabinet, lest gunplay erupt.

I despise governmental dietary dictates for the same reason I despise their equally-egregious siblings: so-called “sin taxes.” When bureaucratic bugaboos begin decreeing what’s allowed on my table, they’ve stopped behaving like government officials and started behaving like prison wardens. As is the case with “sin taxes,” I’m doing time absent a crime. Instead of being sent to bed without dessert for refusing to eat my vegetables, I’m being sent to bed with my vegetables for thinking about dessert. Taken to the extreme, such enforced restriction leaves everyone from the most sanctimonious vegan to the most voracious omnivore choosing which flavor of soylent green they’d like for dinner.

But another problem looms, and it most severely affects a group liberals pretend to care most about: the “poor.” Inside the supposedly good intentions of nanny-staters exists a logical gap wider than Michael Moore slow dancing with Ed Schultz, and I examined it up close recently at the grocery store. As I waited to check out, I stood in line behind a woman whose cart was filled with all manner of stuff that would elicit tears from the eyes of the San Francisco busybodies who tried to ban Happy Meals™.  She had four different flavors of soda, those delicious Little Debbie™ cakes and a host of other items that are on the “only slightly more nutritious than Styrofoam” list.  And she paid for it all with an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card.

If the government wants to move in on my menu, shouldn’t there be even more significant restrictions on people whose menus are dependent on my dime? The woman in front of me bought a cartload of crap that would make a nutritionist compulsively start doing crunches, and you and I paid for the whole mess. So, I have to listen to lectures from Bloomberg, et al. while every trailer park Cleopatra and ghetto Nefertiti whose fertile reach exceeds her financial grasp stuffs her squalling progeny’s pieholes with high-fructose garbage, and I don’t even get invited over for cake and grape soda? Perhaps the nanny-staters should focus on the well-being of the less-well-off before checking to make sure I have enough broccoli in my crisper drawer. (I don’t have any broccoli in my crisper drawer. That’s where I keep the emergency 12-pack of beer.)

To be sure, most of us eat and drink far less healthfully than we should. As I’m writing this, I’m downing a “scotch coffee.” It’s like an Irish Coffee, except instead of Bushmill’s, I use Famous Grouse; and instead of coffee, I use more Famous Grouse. I’m grilling steak for dinner later. That’s my choice. Before the government decides to swoop down on me for living more like Michael Moore and less like Michael Phelps, perhaps it should narrow the restrictions on the EBT recipients whose grocery bills I’m also paying.

I’m not suggesting we limit food stamp purchases to Unimix and chewable vitamins; in fact, I neither want nor deserve any say in what EBT recipients feed themselves or their kids. But it’s worth noting that governmental busybodies seem more worried about what I’m buying for myself than what I’m buying for others. Of course, they’re already dependent on governmental largesse. At this rate, the rest of us will join them soon enough.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Frank G

    Governor Bloomberg is going about itthe wrong way. Why ban large drinks? What is that going to do? The money spent on enforcing this rule would be much better spent in educating the people of the city, letting them know that the drinks they are they putting in their mouths are less nutritious than styrofoam. Taking the drinks away from them will not help, but probably if you give them the knowledge, they will change their ways.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Bloomberg will just create another bureaucratic agency to be busybodies and possibly levy fines (tax revenue) on the non complient.

    • Art

      he’s a little commie dictator. Another rich (expletive deleted) that want to tell everybody how to live

      • Jim Cumber

        Earlier in the article, there is the line, “As an aside, I would caution these self-appointed guardians of the public waistline to keep their distance from the liquor cabinet, lest gunplay erupt.” I would merely point out that, perhaps, gunplay SHOULD erupt in order to STOP this “Crypto-Communist” insanity from our Communist-Muslim “pseudo-President!” Could it be time for ANOTHER “American Revolution” in the tradition of our nation’s Founding Generation? To quote a line from the supermarket tabloids, “enquiring minds want to know…”

  • Rocky Night

    That was GREAT!!

  • Rasta

    At least he’s trying to do something. The lard assed, poor health, complaining about insurance costs and coverage, citizens of this country want to have their cake, and plenty of it, and eat it too. The fattest assed people in the world are not apparently going to change their eating habits unless pressed to do so. I don’t know if this will work, but he had the courage to try!

    • none

      How sad, you haven’t a clue either. Better to be fat, than have fat for brains. None have the right to restrict what others may do, only morons with more notions than brains believe otherwise.

      • Michael

        We ought to be able to decide what to do on our property, if this is indeed a free country.

    • Rick

      Bloomberg needs t learn his place. It is not his business what anyone eats or drinks.He can barely control his own desires little lone anyone elses. People have the right to eat what they want and it is not the job of governement to dictate it. They can’t even keep their own back porch clean. Ever politicain is a crook and should be fired. Bloomberg should be tried and hanged for treason. For walking on the rights of the people. But they keep voting him in office so i guess The subjects of New York deserve what they get.

    • restorefreedom

      Not his job he should mind his own business.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      That is so wonderful that Bloomberg is trying to do something Rasta, he first went after the legal firearms that good citizens carry for self defense which is counterproductive to his trying to save us from killing ourselves with what we want and like to eat. Next he will be looking in your bedroom and bathroom to make sure you are not losing too much protein when you choke your chicken and I think that is when you will say enough is enough. If he restricts you to only whacking your chumpy to only 3 times a week that is when you will say whats this guy goofy?
      I will send him a message to inform him that you Rasta is depleating your protein by working Mary Palm and her five sisters 8 times a day and 12 times a day on weekends that will teach you that this Nazi should not interfere in our personal lives.

    • Michael

      Bloomberg’s courage extends just as far as he can reach – to exert more and more control over his subjects. I strongly suspect he cares little (nothing?) about the health of a single NYC citizen, but if he can control them through such things as this, he is accomplishing his goal.

    • eddie47d

      You also need to get a clue NONE. Obesity and Diabetes are becoming a serious threat . Some say epidemic and that cost you and everyone else. Everything in life isn’t always about you or a free for all where anything goes. At least the first commenter (Frank) had a reasonable approach.

    • Larry K.

      what’s next??? how many times we can go to the bathroom because we’re pooping to much???

      • 45caliber


        Don’t downplay going to the bathroom. That’s the only exercise many of those people ever get!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Be the first one to comply with Bloomberg’s whims and show us how to do it.

    • Steve E

      It’s really sad that people cannot mind their own business and subject others to be forced to do something against their will. It’s sad that some people think that it is up to government to control what people want to eat, and to think that that is not tyranny.

      • eddie47d

        It’s also sad that Conservatives have no idea what they are talking about. I haven’t seen many rational approaches to anything or on any subject. The bottom line is that you are blinded by programmed thinking and no different than the other side.

    • lyn

      There are many heavy people in the USA- not all of them are fat because of the food they eat. Many, many of them are fat because of Prescription Drugs they take affect their hormones and digestion, many are fat because of the Fluoride in the drinking water, it hurts the thyroid gland and metabolism.

      Some are fat because they are allergic to wheat or gluten which causes inflammation and don’t know about it. Antidepressants cause many harmful side effects besides weight gain.

      Rx drugs effects people brains, minds, immune systems and organs. They can’t function well and o they can’t follow what’s going on with politics these days. They can’t think with any skepticism.

      Blaming soda pop and cupcakes as the all end…..manipulative and the blamer is uneducated or out for the tax. Point – if they can get away with the soda jerk off blame game – what is next? Your T-shirt, your shoes? your couch? How about a tax on people who wear sunglasses?


  • peter

    Here’s an idea. Maybe the guv could have inspectors at the check out points of walmart. Given the size of some of those checking out, the inspectors would need to be suitably armed and prepared for some awesome resistance when they start pillaging and confiscating the no-no’s.

  • Mike V.

    Well, Obergruppenfuhrer Bloombag cleaned out my gun cabinet, why would he stop there. On to the kitchen. There is no stopping this megalomaniac tyrant.

  • http://none Anne

    My niece has cancer, and I told her to get vitamin B17. She replied to me it is illegal. Of course the FDA says so, because B17 will heal cancer, but it is a natural substance, so how can Big Pharma make any money! Thsi si another nanny state thing. I take no meds and have blood pressure of 110/60.

  • Buck

    I despise communists b–t–ds !

  • USA4ever

    It is not the food that makes these people fat it is the fact they shovel their face full all day long in front of the flat panel TV. If you get off you dead ass and go to work be surprised how some of those pounds will disappear.
    I eat nothing but organic food, my garden is organic and I take natural supplements
    and even though I am not a Jack LaLane physique I at least try to exercise either working in the yard or something
    The first gummit official that shows at my door to try to tell me what to eat I have a 44 caliber that will tell him/her different

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Way to go USA, but when they do show up at your door make sure you invite them in when nobody is looking then after you take their face off with that 44, just put a Ron Popeil vegamatic in there hands and say they attacked you the tell he cops they said they were going to slice and dice you with your own vegamatic since all you do now is eat vegetables and even if you aren
      t bald keep a can of Popeil coloring hair spray on hand to make them think you only watch infomercials whenever you see a McDonalds or Arby commercial come on, you won’t even have to go to trial with that defense.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Sharon Taylor

      Your self congratulating diatribe is actually drivel. You know absolutely nothing about why people are heavy. I have taken PRESCRIPTION medication (to keep me breathing) which caused extreme hunger. What should I have done? To top it all off, that PRESCRIPTION drug makes it extremely difficult to lose weight. I don’t “stuff my face”, don’t drink soda, seldom eat candy, and I walk for exercise. So, your ‘premise’ is ridiculous. Before you spout off, perhaps you should actually get to know someone who struggles with a weight problem. Or, would that mean you had to actually drag your nose out of the rarefied air you breathe. Stop being so condescending, it’s very unattractive.

  • Bob M

    Next Bloomberg is going to purchase a fleet of drones, so he can peer through your kitchen window to see what you are having for breakfast.

    You! in apartment 3B step away from the doughnut

    Don’t laugh folks the drones are coming and they do have the capability to peek into your kitchen or bedroom

    • Rick

      Remember last week Bloomberg had a day honoring doughtnuts. He needs to to be recalled and banned from holding office ever again. He has a superiority complex that need a dose of reality.Like a public lynching.

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        Was that after he left Nathan’s where he was eating hot dogs like he was going to the electric chair Rick? I thought he entered the eating contest when I saw him shoving those dogs in his mouth like a fanoik in Boys Town.

      • 45caliber


        You don’t understand. He dislikes large sodas because he doesn’t drink them himself. But he likes donuts. So he is simply banning what he doesn’t like while giving a pass to the things he does like. Just like all other politicians.

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    What we are experiencing; is government that does not understand that (Freedom) is a two part word——should be —-you are FREE to DOOM yourself. We have much experience with government decisions that have long term negative impact on our lives. Seems to me—that NYC population would tell Bloomberg—-NO-way get out of lives.

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      Just ashame that John Gotti and the Chin are gone Jimmie, if he walked in their house when they were scoffing down huge bowls of gnocchi with meatballs and bracciole, he would be in a landfill somewhere with the back of his ear air conditioned.

    • mark

      Right, we should get rid of stop signs, traffic lights, and all speed limits, too! Just let everyone do what they want to do. It’s called freedom, dadgumit!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        There is a distinction between Libertyand Freedom and License and Hedonism. It seems you haven’t matured enough so you cannot tell the difference.

      • 45caliber


        Laws are supposed to be passed to protect you from the aggressions of other people. Therefore stop lights and speed limits are designed to protect you from people who pay no attention to them otherwise by fining them. They are NOT meant to protect you from your own stupidity but the government is trying to do that too now. Why should I want to have them do that? It’s like Bloomberg – he wants to bann the big drinks but won’t bann donuts or milk shakes because he likes them himself. Why should I want someone to make laws for me to follow based on what HE likes and dislikes? (Actually I don’t like sodas and don’t drink them but I’m against the government insisting no one else can drink them either!)

  • Jacquelynn Wendeler

    Maybe the restaurants should implement a byobs ( bring your own bottle of soda ) policy. They wouldn’t be selling it then.

  • bluemesa356

    I’m disabled, and need food stamps to pay for basic food needs. Purchases like soda, chips, and Reese’s (I’m a chocoholic) are paid with cash, since they are luxuries. food stamp purchase guidelines need to be tightened severly

  • http://google john p.

    All our Democrats across the country are starting to be Dictators .
    Obama is leading the way with Socialism and we got to vote them
    out . the Democrats want to control you they want power this
    is what Socialism is all about . Obama and the rest of the DEMOCRATS
    want to get rid of the Constitution . that way you won’t have any rights
    and they got control of you . remember spread the wealth well there
    go’s your bank account and you can’t do anything about it . so
    keep on voting for Democrats and we will all suffer .

    • http://http// sophillyjimmy

      November,2010 didn’t teach them a lesson, the they still didn’t catch on a few weeks ago in Wisconsin so maybe they will finally get it after the November elections and if they don’t I would like to see Bloomberg go into Harlem and take their pigs feet, fat back and orange soda from them, he will leave Harlem and not be Kosher anymore since his arse will be packed with pigs feet.

    • Isaac Davis

      You must remember, at it’s core, that the Constitution of the United States does not in any way “give” you anything. The Constitution merely specifies those UNALIENABLE rights that are from Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our God. It is up to YOU, the person staring back from the mirror, to understand, be engaged, jealously guard, and hold public servants accountable to those specifications.

      Far too many “residents” of the United States have no clue about who they are as Americans, they don’t care, and they wouldn’t spend 5 minutes attempting to find out; as long as they have their i-Crap, their streaming immorality of non-reality, and the idea that nothing has consequences then this incredible experiment of a Constitutional Republic will surely be wiped from the face of the earth in short order.

      Citizens are waking up and becoming what the Founding Fathers hoped that every generation would be–informed.

      As Thomas Jefferson profoundly stated, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

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  • mark

    Right, Ben. We’re the biggest fat slob nation on earth especially in the red, Southern states where obesity rates are off the chart. It is even becoming a national security issue as our military is having trouble finding enough 18-year-old recruits who meet the healthy weight/height ratios. At least some of our leaders are trying to do something constructive about this instead of downing another rack of ribs, a dozen corn dogs, and a bucket of grease for breakfast every morning like them good ol’ boys down South.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why are you stuck in the collectivist mindset? You and your family are responsible for your own wellbeing. MYOB how anybody else lives and you may find that you will not be able to be a Liberal/Leftist/Socialist/etc. any longer.

    • Isaac Davis

      Dude, get a clue…they are FREE. You are as close-minded as derivatives traders thinking that the housing market could fail in California and have no consequences in South Carolina. Everybody is potentially subjected to the modified food garbage that makes up the grocery shelves, and it has nothing to do with the geographic location in the U.S. Who is Frederick Douglass? Who is Margaret Sanger? How many black American fetuses are aborted every day in America without one whimper of “genocide” from those lame caricatures of benevolence Sharpton and Jackson?

  • uvuvuv

    this could hurt nyc’s own concessions in central park, and at jones beach and coney island, etc. if i was going to spend the day at the beach i would buy a quart sized snorter and nurse it for several hours. of course my preference is to get pickled with the zero cal formaldehyde but not everyone is on that wave length. there are many struggling restaurants and snack shops etc who would get creamed with this ruling. their profits are in the pop. what’s wrong with my getting a big drink at the deli or burger king and bringing it back to the office? where i worked (not nyc) guys were always finishing their drinks in those after lunch meetings. and what about coffee, where you take a 24 ounce cup and first run in 4 ounces of half and half? if the mayor is concerned about obesity, one suggestion is for him to direct that nyc reduce the welfare pay-outs, enabling their “clients” to economize in their food “purchases”, for those times when they don’t use the pocket discount, of course.

  • runstowin

    Government entities should not be involved in healthcare and nutrition other than to prosecute things such as fraud. The American people need to grow up and start taking responsibility for their own actions and lives.

  • uvuvuv

    another point, if i have that applebee’s triple chocolate meltdown, i realize it’s 700 calories and so that leaves me 1800 calories for the day. it’s simple math that anyone outside of the us education system can do. when you hit your limit, stop. now if i’m going to blow 240 calories on a mtn dew that pop better taste darn good, if it forces me to skimp later. of course, it’s really just 200 calories because of all the ice. i wonder if bloomy took that in consideration.

    • 45caliber


      Mmmmmm …..

      I don’t know about your health class but mine told me that a woman should eat no more than 1500 calories a day and a man no more than 1800 calories a day unless you are working VERY hard! A 700 calorie desert leaves you 1800 for the day? Wow! That’s 2500 calories a day!!

      • uvuvuv

        my breakeven is 2500 calories a day, based on 10 years of records. i dearly wish it was higher. with this long of a history this includes all levels of activity, but i have found that the only exercise that really kills the calories is the treadmill. for example i ride my bike 7 miles every morning delivering papers and it doesn’t do squat, i’m still stuck at 2500 calories.

  • 45caliber

    Just a thougt:

    Laws are supposed to be passed to protect us from someone else’s aggression. Things like murder, theft, etc. When did the government get the abiltiy and permission to start protecting us from ourselves? After all, isn’t freedom the ability to do whatever you wish – including putting yourself at risk?

    If they have the right to decide what we can and cannot eat, then they have the same right to protect us from other things … such as banning sports (after all, many kids and adults are injured and killed every year playing football, etc.), and deciding where we shall work, where we shall live, and whom we shall marry. All of these things can cause you serious harm or even death. Right?

    • sunny

      That’s the ticket! Start with little things, then move on until we can’t even go to the bathroom without being watched.
      Big Brother is here.

      • 45caliber

        Correct. And you know how they got that preceedent needed to justify this? The seatbelt law! Yes, indeed, by making you wear your seatbelt “for your own safety” this justifies all other such laws! They tried on the helmet law but the motorcycle riders kept shooting that one down.

    • Isaac Davis

      A few “numbers” to back up your claim: “1984″ and Agenda 21.

  • raw

    If they really cared about our health they’d outlaw GMOs!

  • speedle

    Ben Crystal, you are a piece of work.

  • 45caliber

    One thing to keep in mind …

    The laws of our country are supposed to simply keep you safe from the aggressions of others – such as murder, theft, etc. Where did the government get the right to keep you safe from yourself? You are supposed to have the right to make your own decisons … even if they are bad for you.

    If the government has the right to determine what you can eat, then they have the right to decide a few other things for you too … such as making all sports illegal since you can injure yourself (check to see how many pro sports players get injured every year – not counting kids). If they can decide and dictate what you can eat, then they have the right to decide where you work, where you live, and whom you can marry. After all, those choices are critical for your well being.

  • http://NONE rmgdnnow

    I hate to be ultra cynical, but I could point out that those folks who eat and drink items which are detrimental to their health will die earlier, and usually quickly, and therefore will no longer be taking food stamps, medicare, social security, rent subsidies, and other public benefits, therefore saving the taxpayers a bundle of benefit money. the same idea could apply to users of various kinds of dope (“drugs”).
    I, myself, have never smoked anything, or drank alcoholic beverages; I am on a “heart-smart” diet, with medications, and am still fairly healthy at age 83 1/2. Not bragging, just reciting facts. My family is afflicted with high cholesterol and heart problems; I discovered the problem early (and the remedies) and am still here………

    • uvuvuv

      good good good points

  • Ted Crawford

    I believe that the next Political Party Boomberg joins should be “The Rent’s Too Damn High ” Party, I’ll even buy him his Top Hat!

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    The government doesn’t care about your health and welfare. If they did they wouldn’t allow gmo’s, artificial flavors, colors etc… This is only about CONTROL!!! These are experiments to see how much you will allow! They have NO right to dictate what you eat and drink! If you allow them to dictate on this, there is no end to what they will dictate!!! WHEN are you going to stand up and say NO?!? This is a slippery slope and we are rapidly losing ALL of our rights!

    On the issue of food stamps, I believe that we should give people food, nothing more! If you are relying on someone else to pay for your food you should not have the luxury of choice. As the old saying goes: beggars can’t be choosers. There is much corruption with the current food stamp system. People claim that they lost their cards and get new ones. People sell their cards and have money for other things such as drugs. Eliminate the corruption by only giving out actual food. You can also eliminate the use of food stamps for junk food. If the people receiving the free food don’t like it, they will be more likely to get a job and support themselves so that they will be free to choose what they eat. They’ve made being on food stamps an acceptable practice. It should be a last resort.

    • uvuvuv

      nancy, it’s me again. it’s food additives like anilinehydroxychloride-2,2 that gives us all these gays. they started with the additives in the 1950s and here we are decades later reaping the mutation harvest. my personal theory. i agree, if on the dole they should be issued usda suplus bags of flour, sugar and dried peas. frozen commodity grade ground beef. powdered milk. oatmeal. margarine. 3 lb cans of peanut butter. raisins. shortening. gallon cans of green beans and van camps pork and beans. that would get them looking at the want ads, wouldn’t it? if they complain, instant cut-off.

      • 45caliber


        The problem is that they no longer stock those items. At one time, they tried to maintain either a 5 or 7 year supply of food for all the citizens if there was a famine. This was ended back during Clinton’s day. They gave/”sold” all the extra food to Russia (who resold it) or India. Their argument was that today we can import food from places like Brazil or Austraila so they don’t need to stock it any more. So they can’t hand out the food as they used to do since they don’t have it.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        uvuvuv, I agree with you on the food additives. I believe that gmo’s and additives are responsible for many of our health problems today. There is an epidemic of low testosterone in men. There are high levels of estrogens in the food and the environment. The average age of puberty in girls was 13 for many years. It is now 9! Cancer rates in children have skyrocketed! One out of every 63 children is now diagnosed with Autism. The cause has to be either vaccines or environmental (including crap in the food). No one in the government cares about these things because somebody (their cronies) is getting very rich off of these things! The only laws and regulations being passed are those which limit your choices and your decisions. They don’t care how much poison is being put into our food. They only care about controlling us and seeing how far they can push us before we explode, then they’ll lock us up. Then the blinders will come off and everyone will see that they consider us as their slaves.

    • 45caliber


      I agree – except they don’t have food any more. See my answer here to uv. They had a problem with this in AR some time back. A dealership would allow people to buy new cars with food stamps (discounted of course). The owner had a couple of convenience stores so he would launder the food stamps there and got caught. I also saw one woman with a new Caddie and a mink coat (in July, yet) buying all her food with food stamps. The government WANTS people to be able to buy other things with food stamps, etc. because this gives the criminals a place to go to rob other than the big businesses. They can prey on each other.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        They can go back to food storage and hand out real food but alas you are right. The corrupt system encourages its corruptness.

  • Rebecca

    A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have……

  • sunny

    Funny and enlightening at the same time….GO BEN!!

  • http://facebook Namvet66/67USMC

    Nanny Bloomberg is Senile and no one should listen to him or do what he demands !

  • Steven Archibald

    Ben,some are on “ebt”because they have no choice if they want to eat.Not to afix blame to any one individual,but,once Ronald was out of office,the middle class jobs started to disappear.The for the little guy/gal political party in congress,did little,if anything to help us little guy/gals.When “slick willie”/Bubba/Hillbillary(my favorite)got in office,even more of our middle class jobs “moved oversea’s”.Those that could,went back to school to learn something else to put food on the table.FF to ’05-Alot of “us” were lucky to find retail jobs,only,little by little to lose them to “downsizing”of “full-time”workers,..

  • Steven Archibald

    In ’06 i went back to school,looking to add to my Construction Technology knowledge.Hopeful,but not overly hopeful,that construction would pick it’self back up,dust it’self off and get back to work.Well,here it is the middle of ’12,and,..We have a government full of greedy,i do not give a rats _ _ _ about my constituants type’s bent on nothing but s.o.s. day after day,..

  • Steven Archibald

    Now,it seriously look’s as if we have crook’s running the country!.For god’s sake,even the mob was not this crooked!.The entire administration,along with any one who has been known to associate with them,should be hauled off to no bail jail for crimes against the people and country.Oh,and these are the same people who allow people to stay on welfare their entire lives,without lifting a finger to do any damm thing.Some of these people are making 50-75 thousand a year on welfare!,while those of us looking for work,and even those with part-time work,are scraping by on 24 thousand,or like me,not enough to even file is positively disghusting.

  • Donald York

    Bloomberg bought his mayoral position in New York. The people of NYC need to throw this big money guy out of office.

  • Mary Ann Ludwig

    There was a time when parts of California gave food stamp takers actual food instead of money equivalent. They had to eat what was given them. Maybe that is the answer to the problem of the tax payers having to pay for the welfare takers. On the other hand, those of us who actually pay taxes should have the right to choose whatever we wish. It comes under “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Oh well… The point here is that it is not the job of a politician to tell anyone what to eat or drink, or what activities to engage in, etc. It isn’t a huge leap to see that if the population lays down and accepts this, it is a guarantee that more of their lives will be regulated into the great pit of political correctness and loss.

  • Ms. PAZ

    I agree with Ben about putting some restrictions on EBT (food stamps) cards. I have witnessed both those who are very careful in their purchases & those stocking up on items that do not contribute to their nutritional needs, as well as those who are misusing it in other ways.

    A loyal volunteer at the huge food bank here recently quit after many many years of service She was disgusted by the wasted food that was being left in the parking lot!
    Taking her lunch break outside she witnessed too many leaving fresh produce on the pavement and complaining loudly that there was no Hamburger Helper, instant rice, macaroni & cheese or frozen pizza.
    One pound bags of rice, bags of dried beans & such were sometimes thrown down so hard they burst.
    She was grateful that another woman & her kids were picking up much of it until she heard her say she was taking it to the Swap Meet to sell!

    Such ungratefulness & waste by those benefiting from the generosity of others has caused me to back away from the Food Bank to direct my help to my church’s pantry or directly to someone in need.

    My husband & I eat anything and everything we want to but IN MODERATION & are not at all over weight. If I want a couple cookies I have them, but do not have a couple more 30 minutes later, followed by more as my breakfast dessert.

    My mother was a compulsive eater so I know what it can do to both the compulsive one & to the family.

  • rocco

    for once I agree with this guy. But I disagree with all forms of our nanny state, there are a lot of things that would be better for us to do or not to do, but I don’t believe we should make laws about personal behavior. Drugs should be legal. There should not be seatbelt or helmet laws. People should be able to marry whom they want and as many as they want. Government should stay out our personal lifes. And so should everyone else. as long as my actions are not physically hurting anyone, then butt out. this should be a free country, I will respect your beliefs and I expect you to do the same. it would be a better nation if we all lived our lives and let others live theirs.

  • Joel Copeland

    I hear ya, Ben. A glass full of alcohol seems to be the only cure for dealing with the expanding waistlines and oblivious stupidity of the general population our country insists on spitting out of the so-called “educational system.” Hang in there and mud in your eye!


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