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Solar Panel Company Target Of FBI Raid

September 14, 2011 by  

The FBI agents had responded to the multipile search warrants that were out for the company following a joint investigation by the organization and the Energy Department. A team of FBI agents executed search warrants at the California headquarters of Solyndra, LLC, a company that was awarded more than $500 million in Federal stimulus loans in 2009, according to The Washington Times.

The search warrants were issued following a joint investigation by the FBI and the Energy Department. Lawmakers noted the mistake in trusting companies like Solyndra, a business that received praise from President Barack Obama last year, reported the newspaper.

“There is much to learn as the investigation moves forward, and it is imperative that American taxpayers are not paying the price for the sins of Solyndra,” said Representative Fred Upton (R-Mich.) in a statement.

Other Republican leaders noted that the FBI raid was symbolic of the failure that was the stimulus package, a mistake that is being paid for by the American taxpayers, according to Politico.

The news outlet reported that President Obama had gone as far as to say that the company represented the ideals of what American businesses should be and that Solyndra was an engine of economic growth.

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  • Roadkill


    • Patriot II

      Roadkill, you are entertaining and right on!

      • eddie47d

        So much hypocricy. You hype up the raid on Gibson Guitar as a Democrats plot against a “Republican” business with Obama leading the charge. Now we have a “Democrat” business being raided and of coarse Obama is blamed for that raid also. Why would he raid anyone’s business if something wasn’t right within that business? This only shows that Obama isn’t going to stand up for “his side” when they do wrong. Democrats and Republicans alike better have straight and narrow business practices or face the consequences. That is the right thing to do.

        • Dale on the left coast

          Don’t recall Gibsons getting $500 Million though??? Wonder how much of that generous donation of taxpayers money made it back into the Dimmicrap Coffers???

        • s c

          e, let me explain this in terms that even you can understand. First, you spelled hypocrisy wrong (what a surprise). Second, who’s the head screw-up in the W H? Who’s Holder’s boss? Who made the decision to raid Gibson? When you do the math (something like 1+1+1+1=4, it makes more than good sense.
          In Gibson’s case, his problems involve being on the ‘wrong’ side of Obummer. If the head of Gibson had his nose rammed up Obummer’s _____, you know damned well that Gibson wouldn’t be having any problems with the FBI or any other agency. Now, can you say that you finally understand?

          • eddie47d

            SC: Don’t worry we all misspell occasionally. So glad you had time to point that out. Now go back to sleep.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I hate to tell you, but someone has to, sc seems to be a lot more awake than you!! maybe it’s YOU who should go back to sleep. but, of course, only if the little guy isn’t there with you!!

          • http://naver samurai

            How is that possible when he is always in a perpetual sleep mode all day long, fellow patriot? (edduh) FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Bus

        Pretty weak article, any indication as to why they were raided??

    • Road Kill Hunter

      Roadkill says: September 14, 2011 at 7:26 am AND ERIC THE MONKEY HOLDER WILL SQUASH ANYTHING FOUND THAT INCRIMINATES BIDEN OR THE SUPREME MONKEY IN THE WHITEHOUSE. Roadkill, what are you, racoon, muskrat, squirrel, bird, deer? Cmon, tell us why we should listen to someone who calls himself a dead animal. Couldn’t come up with a better nickname, huh.

      • http://naver sook young

        I don’t know why you pick on someone about their name, when the message they have posted is clear and to the point. You are correct Road Kill. Have a good weekend. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

  • bill

    This is all well and good but does it get us any closer to finding out who is the
    character that sits in the W.H. ?

  • home boy

    your a little late to the table with this article since it happened last week. but what did you expect with government involvement in this company

  • Free Mind

    If the FBI really wanted to uphold the law, they’d arrest Obama for treason.
    Warning to FBI: raid this business and expect consequences.

  • Cliffystones

    As each day goes by, the events that unfold look almost exactly like they were taken from “Atlas Shrugged”.

    I also read that the first in line to collect assets from the bankruptcy is a clown that padded Obama’s election campaign. If that’s the case he needs to be reminded that there’s no place to spend it in the Super-Max prison :)

  • Warrior

    I’m sure axelrod has a good explanation for this. As soon as he talks to bookkeeper joe who has maintained the journal on all stimulus spending.

  • coal miner

    It is all political.Don’t believe any of them.
    Solyndra’s problems, Resch said, stem from global … given to an Obama supporter for a pie-in-the-sky scam … © 2011 POLITICO LLC. Terms of Service; Privacy Policy

  • Dan az

    The suspension will result in the immediate layoff of 1,100 full-time and temporary employees, Solyndra announced. The company said it will evaluate options, including selling the business and licensing its technology and manufacturing expertise.So will this firm sell to china!Probably.
    In July, as the House Energy and Commerce oversight subcommittee was preparing to hold a hearing on the DOE loan guarantee, Solyndra President and CEO Brian Harrison gave an optimistic assessment of the five-year-old company’s future.

    “In advance of the subcommittee’s meeting, Solyndra’s 1,166 American employees want to ensure that everyone has the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding our performance in the market, something that has been widely misrepresented thanks to a reliance on outdated information,” Harrison said at the time. “The fact is that Solyndra is growing rapidly. We are installing our products around the globe, we have created and supported thousands of American jobs, and we are on track to nearly double our revenue this year.”So we see that this was a scam from the get go but was the prez aware of it?Sense with his vast knowledge of green energy and the complexity of the market place I would say that this was nothing more than a pay back for the votes that he got along side the dead voters.

    • s c

      Dan az, I just heard on the radio that just before GB left the White House (to make room for The Anointed Con Artist), he balked at the idea of giving funds to Solyndra. The ‘prez’ has already churned up the media to try and blame the Solyndra fiasco on (who else?) GB. Well, so much for that attempt.
      It sounds to me like Obummer’s jockstrappers should consider heading for the hills. Not only has Obummer lied to America AGAIN, but his scheme to transfer yet another contrived fault on GB’s shoulders is right where it belongs – in the TOILET.

      • Dan az

        OMG…your serious :) :)Thats just unbelievable :) sorry I cant stop laughing :) :)

        • http://naver samurai

          I second that motion! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Dan az

    The Energy Department — in a blog post just before the company’s noon announcement — touted its loan guarantee programs while acknowledging that it does not always pick winners.

    “We have always recognized that not every one of the innovative companies supported by our loans and loan guarantees would succeed, but we can’t stop investing in game-changing technologies that are key to America’s leadership in the global economy,” wrote Dan Leistikow, the department’s director of public affairs. “The changing economics have affected a number of solar manufacturers in recent months, including unfortunately, Solyndra, a once very promising company that has increased its sales revenue by 2,000 percent in three years and sold more than 1,000 installations in 20 countries.”
    So I guess thats ok then,hey everyone makes a mistake now and then right?When the gubmnt gets involved you can bet on a sure thing that its going to fail!

    • Raggs

      One question that nobody has asked yet is did this money go overseas to a foreign company?… I would say that YES it did.

      • Opal the Gem

        Another question I have not seen mentioned……….How much if any of the stimulus grant went back to obama in campaign contributions?

  • coal miner

    Science News:
    A Guiding Light for New Directions in Energy Production: Optofluidics Could Help Solve the Energy Challenge
    ScienceDaily (Sep. 12, 2011) — The science of light and liquids has been intimately entwined since Léon Foucault discovered the speed of light in 1862, when he observed that light travels more slowly in water than in air. This physical harmony between the two materials is now being harnessed to collect and drive light to where it can be the most useful. October’s issue of Nature Photonics focuses on optofluidics, the study of microfluidics — the microscopic delivery of fluids through extremely small channels or tubes — combined with optics. In a review written by Demetri Psaltis, Dean of EPFL’s School of Engineering, he and his co-authors argue that optofluidics is poised to take on one of this century’s most important challenges: energy.

    Renewable energy
    “By directing the light and concentrating where it can be most efficiently used, we could greatly increase the efficiency of already existing energy producing systems, such as biofuel reactors and solar cells, as well as innovate entirely new forms of energy production” explains Psaltis. “EPFL is the world leader in optofluidics, our institution is in a position to develop truly efficient and disruptive energy sources.”

    Sunlight is already used for energy production besides conventional solar panels. For example, it is used to convert water and carbon dioxide into methane in large industrial biofuel plants. Prisms and mirrors are commonly employed to direct and concentrate sunlight to heat water on the roofs of homes and apartment buildings. These techniques already employ the same principles found in optofluidics — control and manipulation of light and liquid transfer — but often without the precision offered by nano and micro technology.

    A futuristic example: Optofluidic solar lighting system

    How can we better exploit the light that hits the outside of a building? Imagine sunlight channelled into the building An optofluidic solar lighting system could capture sunlight from a roof using a light concentrating system that follows the sun’s path by changing the angle of the water’s refraction, and then distribute the sunlight throughout the building through light pipes or fibre optic cables to the ceilings of office spaces, indoor solar panels, or even microfluidic air filters. Using sunlight to drive a microfluidic air filter or aliment an indoor solar panel — which would be protected from the elements and last longer — is a novel way to use solar energy to supplement non-renewable resources.

    In such a system, it would be essential to deviate from the secondary devices such as air filtrage and solar panels to maintain a comfortable constant light source for ceiling lighting — the flickering of the light source due to a cloud passing over would be intolerable. In order to modulate these different channels to maintain a constant light source, a system using electrowetting could deviate light from one channel into another both easily and inexpensively. A droplet of water sits on the outer surface of light tube. A small current excites the ions in the water, pushing them to the edge of the droplet and expanding it just enough for it to touch the surface of another tube. This expanded droplet then creates a light bridge between the two parallel light tubes, effectively moderating the amount of light streaming through either one.

    Up-scaling for industrial use

    “The main challenge optofluidics faces in the energy field is to maintain the precision of nano and micro light and fluid manipulation while creating industrial sized installations large enough to satisfy the population’s energy demand,” explains David Erickson, professor at Cornell University and visiting professor at EPFL. “Much like a super computer is built out of small elements, up-scaling optofluidic technology would follow a similar model — the integration of many liquid chips to create a super-reactor.”

    Since most reactions in liquid channels happen at the point of contact between the liquid and the catalyst-lined tubes, the efficiency of a system depends on how much surface area is available for reactions to take place. Scaling down the size of the channels to the micro and nano level allows for thousands more channels in the same available space, greatly increasing the overall surface area and leading to a radical reduction of the size needed (and ultimately the cost) for catalytic and other chemical reactions. Adding a light source as a catalyst to the directed flow of individual molecules in nanotubes allows for extreme control and high efficiency.

    Their review in Nature Phontonics lays out several possibilities for up-scaling optofluidics, such as using optical fibers to transport sunlight into large indoor biofuel reactors with mass-produced nanotubes. They point out that the use of smaller spaces could increase power density and reduce operating costs; optofluidics offers flexibility when concentrating and directing sunlight for solar collection and photovoltaic panels; and by increasing surface area, the domain promises to reduce the use of surface catalysts — the most expensive element in many reactors

    • red daniels


      I love your post,keep up the good work.You are all ways on the mark.

  • knights templer

    With this administration, spending is the key to economic collapse. This is simply another example of blowing money with noting in return. Same with Healthcare, people are getting less healthcare, less prescriptions, less coverage. If you are over the age of 60, out of work, have a disablitity you will be squashed, put on the back burner and forgotten because you are no longer of use to society.

  • s c

    cm, did no one ever take the time to try and show you how to ‘borrow’ ideas that you come across and put those ideas into your own words? About two years ago, your comments were predictable, but at least you weren’t sending in ‘comments’ that were long and boring. You switched gears, and now your main approach is in sending in “comments” that someone else said.
    Dude, either put things into your own words, or give us a break and stop taking up so much space with ideas that aren’t yours. You remind me of a high school freshman who has little or nothing to say, and so you stoop to using other people’s words and ideas in a vain attempt to make it sound as though you’d say the same things if only you had more schooling or more practice in expressing “ideas.” Dude, either do what you came to do, or “get off the pot.”

    • coal miner

      s scab c,

      If you are too stupid that you don’t understand what I am pasting than don’t try to read it.I know its beyond your comprehension.I know and understan it.If you you don’t like it, don’t read it. Here explain to me in your own words Schwarzchild’s radius to me or Oppehiemer’s theories on the black holes better yet Einstein theory of relativity.Without pasting
      Can you?Pascal’s triangle,or can the riddle of PI be solved? Can Epsilon be understood or is like PI? Explain Pythagorean theorem to me.

      • coal miner

        explain this equation?

        mc(delta)T ==

        Q=thermal energy

        m= mass

        c=specific heat (ex. water is 4.184 J/goc)

        deltaT= change in temperature

        This formula: q=m(dt)cp.With out looking it up.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          coal miner,
          You put the dare out, so YOU explain it! all you do is paste something up that looks good whether you understand it or not trying to look like you understand everything you paste!! the only thing you understand is dig a little, scoop a little!!

          • coal miner


            That one is the formula for thermal energy.My great grand daughhter loves Science Daily,she is only ten years old.She understands it.She shares it with her classmates and teacher.Here I am going to explain the other mathematical anomalies to you,starting with thermal energy.

            Q=thermal energy (thermal energy)

            m= mass

            c=specific heat (ex. water is 4.184 J/goc)

            deltaT= change in temperature

            Pi: used in all branches of physics and all mathematics(simple or complex)
            Epislon: formulas for compound interest,mathematics,calculas and in temperature physics.

            Pythagorean theorem:Old as man himself,it was well known to the Egyptians and the American Indians.(sums of squares of a right triangle)used in geometry and engineering.C square=(a+b)square. Example: 4 square +3 square= square of five.4+3=5(4y2+3y2) =25 squaren root of 25 =5
            If you got any more stupid insults?Let me know.

          • http://naver samurai

            Thanks for the answer coal dungger. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • http://naver samurai

          I’ll admit that you have me stumpped on this one coal dungger, as I’m no scientist or mathmetician. Do us all a favor and post the answer. If you did, it may make your little lib mind expand a little with the introducing of some intelligence. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • coal miner

            samurai joeh and sc

            Pythagorean Theorem‭ ‬
            sqrt‭(‬A2‭ ‬+‭ ‬B2‭) = ‬C eample(a^2+b*2)
            (40^2+69.3^2)=square root of 640249=80.80 is the hypotenuse of triangle,the other two legs are (a+b)=c

            A+‭ ‬B‭= ‬C,‭ ‬or
            sqrt(A+‭ ‬B‭) = ‬C 80 is also the longest leg of the triangle.

  • Raggs

    And what happems now??? NOTHING!

    But you can bet your ass if a republican prez or a white prez did this all chit would hit the fan and impeachment proceedings would be in place…

    • AJ

      Raggs you forgot to include a non-Closet Muslum president also.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    They fearthered thier own nest with the money.

  • http://yahoo skyraider 6

    the brillant one had to know that’s how brillant he is

  • red daniels

    red daniels

  • coal miner


  • Antonio

    Apply for a stimulus loan so that you can open and run a business and hire a bunch of people, preferably illegals since they cater to them more. Then take the 500 million bucks a buy a one ticket straight to Colombia and live happily ever after. :)

    • Raggs

      :) :) you would make a great politican :) :)

      • Antonio

        LOL Thank You :)

  • AJ

    What’s the matter didn’t Solyndra follow through on promising Obama they would go union after he gave them money?

  • HWLone

    An FBI raid or Holders goons rushing in to destroy any culpable evidence?

  • Jim

    HWL 1, OUTFRICKENSTANDING! Just when i thought… Now THAT makes the ONLY real sence! Kinda goes with OBUMMER telling the WORLD..against ALL protocol, Seal team 6 got Osama BEFORE they were even out of harms way! and the Helo got shot down. SOB! But THAT’S another thing

  • Jim



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