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Social Security Disability Insurance Program Overwhelmed

August 23, 2011 by  

The current system will be unable to sustain itself at the current pace of applicants that are flowing in, adding to the backlog for the program that already exists.The Social Security’s disability program has been flooded with requests and benefit claims from laid-off workers and an aging group of baby boomers, helping to push the system toward complete insolvency, The Associated Press reported.

Applications to the program have increased up to 50 percent from over 10 years ago, as individuals with disabilities have struggled to find jobs in the current economy, according to the news outlet.

The current system will be unable to sustain itself at the current pace of applicants that are flowing in, adding to the backlog for the program that already exists. This problem has brought to light many of the inadequacies with the Federal organization, reported the AP.

New Congressional estimates lead experts to believe that the trust fund that provides money to the program will be bankrupt by 2017, something that may exacerbate the current situation, which has more than 700,000 more applicants for Social Security this year than in 2008, reported the news outlet.

There have been several measures enacted by the organization in an attempt to save money. For example, Social Security stopped mailing its statements to beneficiaries, something that could save the Federal program $30 million a year, The Boston Globe reported.

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  • 45caliber

    I don’t think this should have been on SS in the first place. The only reason it was enacted was to use some of the accumulating money that was meant for retirements. I think all of this should be transfered to the Welfare system and those on Welfare who can work should be shut off.

    • http://LibertyAlert Bud

      Social Security was originally established as a trust fund. During LBJ tenure, the money in the trust fund was moved to the general fund. The disability grab-bag was not a part of SS and should be under the welfare category, or SS will be insolvent.

      • Smilee


        Original means nothing any congress can change the law and often do and then that becomes the new original, tough you do not like it but that is and always has been the way it is in this country.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    i agree the ones that can work should be shut off the ss disableity.

  • Disgusted

    We need to look into why they are on disability in the first place. I have seen over and over again that the “disability” in fact is a direct result of the lifestyle choice. If people are making choices that cause health issues then they need to be denied and told to make better choices.

    • Leslie Gargan

      It will never happen, as our country has degenerated into a haven for the lazy and ignorant. Do you think those hardy folk in covered wagons heading West even gave “the world owes me a living” a thought. They were too busy just surviving; and they did it on their own.

    • DaveH

      This is something that should be handled with private charity where at the local level they know who really needs the help and who doesn’t.
      It would also be a moral approach where nobody is forced to carry others on his/her shoulders unwillingly (slavery).

  • Linda

    The SSA might be able to save a few bucks by having those on disability to be evaluated every 5 years. They should talke to the neighbors to find out what goes on with them. Some I know, who are on SSD, climb up on their roof, build porches or out buildings, chop down trees, etc. But they can’t “work.” Bless their hearts. For the love of this country, SSA, check them out!

    • Smilee


      They can be evaluated more often than that and are. No ones gets on disability unless a doctor declares them disabled and then ofter they are turned down and then it gets into the legal system and usually mpre doctors become involved. A lot of what you read on here is just not reality and I suspect that if they have not personally been involved they are just speculating and really do not know the real facts.

      • Russ

        I agree with linda, I know of several people (welfare moms) who after welfare reform got their kids on ssi for such things as asthma and ads. I also know of a 42 year old man who has been collecting for years off the system because he is “slow”, however he can work on cars for cash, outrun police, and hold up convienience stores. He has been in and out of jail and prison his whole life. I have asthms and copd, can barely walk a city block without stopping for air and am told I can still work. There are crooked doctors. Oh, yea by the way I drive a big rig, when I couldn’t pass my medical exam they just put a restriction on my licence so I can’t leave the state. Think about that the next time a big rig is behind you and your family.

  • concerned grandma

    The SSA disability program is set up in such a way that people are rewarded for enrolling. Today if one works until they are 70, their SS checks will be smaller than if they receive SS disability checks now. It is backwards from what it should be. Also there are too many on disability for bogus ailments such as ADHD or back injuries. Some receive their checks and then work for cash on the side. What a ripoff for tax payers.

    • http://peronalliberty Kevin

      Grandma:: I am one of the people that you call out because of back injuries, I worked very hard, too hard maybe in the trucking indus. for 40 yrs. have paid into this program, every day I went to work I either had to unload furniture out of a truck, up stairs ect. or had to go to a grocery warehouse and unload 45,000lbs of groceries, depending on the load it could be 450 pcs. or 4500 pcs, all separated, put on pallets ect. Now I have been injured on the job, fell off the back of a dup truck 12′ landed on by back on concrete, I have damaged 4 disc. one of witch collapsed, lots of pain, and the workers comp. people have draged this out for two yrs. making me try everything but what the Dr.’s said I should have, surgery, and all this time the pain was so intence, I had to take Ocycodone, after the opp. I hade to also take Oxcycontin, well to say the least I got Addicted on top off it all, the whole story is too long for here. My lawyer sugested that since I have been paying into the S.S.I. for 40 yrs. I should not feel guilty to Apply, I was out of work for 1.5 yrs. at the time, my claim went right threw, the person from S.S.D.I. asked me why I waited so long!. Now on top of all this I have to put up with biddies like youself, who would condem me for trying to be able to keep my house! never mind my life style, (quality of life is gone). So before you or anyone rant about this system, remember that there are some of us who do need, no deserve what we have paid into, what they have to correct is the real scammers, illegals that come over here and take advantage of the good nature of this great Country, I agrre that there are lay-abouts, so be careful how you word your rants, don’t use such a broad brush. May God Bless The United States Of America,(qwe need it now more than ever)!, if everyone and I mean everyone was to give up a little some way some how I would be the 1st in line. Everyone try and have a nice day.

      • DC/Tex

        Very good post, and I will pray that you will have more comfort and quality of life.
        I have worked over forty two years before I became ill and unable to work, I worked long hours in order to make a good living and maxed out my SS payment in the 70′s. My wife of 43 years is a cancer survivor and had server back degeneration and has two rods and eight screws in her back and has been in constant pain for about twenty years, if we could afford insurance no one will take her.
        The talking heads and greedy corrupt politicians call SS an entitlement, I paid well over 42 years and that is my money. My dad passed away at 63 from cancer, my brother passed away at 49 and they worked and paid into SS all of their adult lives and never received a penny in return. What happened to that money?
        If the government would payback the money they have borrowed and stolen from SS their would not be this problem. I also think that that the government pension should be abolished and the money moved to SS and all government employees past, present, and future draw SS same as the real hard working folks.
        I pray God will bless American again.

      • DaveH

        I’ve been ill since age 26. Flu-like symptoms at least two days every week. I put up with it, made big money, and paid big taxes for 35 years, so that others, many of whom were not as sick as I’ve been, could live off mine and other peoples’ backs. Government has no business forcing people to carry the weight of others. The only moral approach is private voluntary charity. If we got the Government out of the charity business there would great prosperity, and there would be plenty of money to help the truly needy without the moral hazard that results from Government involvement.

        • http://peronalliberty Kevin

          Wow what I woudn’t give to have (fly like symtems) for 2 days a week. Are they on Sat-Sun.? together, or one day then 2 days or so latter?, I would trade you any day, try being in pain for 24hrs/7days, for going on 4 yrs. I can feel for you, but don’t dump on me! you could have directed that a million other places! jeeeees fly like……….

    • lkar

      Kevin and Tex I agree with you. If you paid in you should be re-paid. However, past policy decisions has sent the system on a course that is broke. The money is gone! Blame LBJ if you need to, but blame all those that elected officials that set this policy in motion. The older generation is the fault! Our younger generation will reap what they are sowing today. They voted for BHO, they will reap the disastorious results of that election (Obamacare death panels). WE THE PEOPLE are to blame.

    • Smilee

      concerned grandma says:
      August 23, 2011 at 8:34 am

      The SSA disability program is set up in such a way that people are rewarded for enrolling. Today if one works until they are 70, their SS checks will be smaller than if they receive SS disability checks now.
      RESPONCE: Not true, if you are receiving SSD benefits you get the amount equal to SS if you where age 66. If you work until you are 70 and do not draw any SS you will get more than if you are getting SSD benefits.
      It is backwards from what it should be. Also there are too many on disability for bogus ailments such as ADHD or back injuries.
      RESPONSE: Your an expert on someone’s disability?? and most likely without seeing the medical records.
      RESPONSE: Some receive their checks and then work for cash on the side. What a ripoff for tax payers.


      Fraud is possible in any set of circumstances but policy is not set on that basis and is punishable when caught.

  • http://yahoo Rob

    OK…here we go again…When you have the government dipping into the SS fund and not paying back and allowing ILLEGALS access to a program not meant for them….what are we to expect….people not paying into the SS system should NOT have the benefits. AGain, NO OUTCRY……WHEN DO WE LEGAL CITIZENS STAND UP? ENOUGH is ENOUGH already!

    • Smilee


      You have to work 40 quarters and pay in for that long before you can get SS or SSD, there is a welfare program for those that are disabled and have not paid in and it is administered by SSA but not paid for from the SS trust fund but from the general fund of the Treasury and is capped at a lower amount and is the same amount for all.

  • David in MA

    Looks like it is time to remove all those who never paid into it and all the immigrants whose sponsors are to see to their keep as a condition of immigration (send momma back to china, israel, france,spain & anywhere else they came from). Make the slackers in the hood get a job. stop all the SSI payments to those married people who get legal separations so the wife can collect.(I think there is one in my building doing this)
    YA KNOW WHAT? IT IS WAAAYYY PAST TIME TO HAVE ANYONE WHO IS COLLECTING ANY FORM OF SS (food stamps, wic, etc.) GET RE-CERTIFIED AND VERIFY THEY ARE STILL ELIGABLE, and I don’t mean by their local SS office because there might be some cooperation in fraud going on between the bro’s & sis’s, or the, we be hispanic bunch who have the mindset to “lets do the man” …Know what I mean?

  • s c

    It has taken a long time, but the fact that Social Security is a FRAUD is out and it can’t be a secret again. Most people finally know that Social Security was used, abused and manipulated by those who have NO interest in taking care of Americans (LBJ comes to mind).
    It’s the same with food stamps, too. At the moment, I’m referring to Soc Sec, Soc Sec FRAUD and those who have a deep, vested interest in making sure that the system FAILS (useful idiot politicians who are anything BUT Americans).
    WHY do we have to do Uncle Scum’s job for him? If someone gets disability benefits and doesn’t deserve them, put the SOB behind bars. Put politicians who mutated the system behind BARS. Either the bastards are responsible, or we work for them, people. What’s the verdict? Aren’t you TIRED of being treated like DIRT?

  • Raggs

    I think that if SS would stop mailing checks to the dead oblama voters in Chicago it would save a few dollars??? And what about all of those convicted murders that will be spending their remaining days behind bars that receive a check every month????

    Otherwise we are facing yet another failed liberal nanny system policy.
    And just to think… oblama wants another nanny system policy oblamacare…. OH boy cant wait to screw this one huh oblama?

  • gypsy

    We can safe a lot of money by deporting illegal aliens that are using our system. But until Obama is done using them for there votes we will see our system drain of funds that should be going to people who need them American citizens should be the only ones receiving them. We could free up more then 8 million jobs right now if they would enforce our immigration laws.

    • DC/Tex


  • Stephanie

    In 1997 I was working and fell and broke my back, though I didn’t know it at first, so I kept on working. That evening, in a lot of pain, I lost all feeling in both legs and control over my bowels and bladder. I was rushed to the hospital and emergency surgery, but too late, the damage was done. I spent the next 3 YEARS trying to get social security. Even in the condition I’m in, I really had to fight to get it. I get a whopping $700.00 a month. Hardly enough for rent in my neck of the woods. I worked since I was 12 yrs. old. I would give anything if I could be whole again and work. But I can’t! I also have a friend who was born with spina bifida. He can’t work either, because of frequent infections. He’s been on SSD and SSI almost since birth. He was 1978 poster child for the March of Dimes.
    I get very angry too when I see “able bodied” people recieving these benifits, but what would you do to fix it? Would you “throw the baby out with the bathwater?”
    I once read somewhere that you can tell how good a society is by the way it treats it’s weakest members. What does it say about us as a society when we stuff our aged into stinking nursing homes and we throw our sick and disabled in the streets? Heaven forbid that any of these things happen to the commenters here, but if something should happen, wouldn’t you be glad to know there was at least a little help?
    Please don’t paint us all with the same brush!

    • DC/Tex

      AMEN! The immoral in this country and the world will answer for their sins. The gay agenda is the absolute worst cancer on morals of the USA and the world, they want to teach our children that there is nothing wrong with their lifestyle while they are young and do not know the difference in rite and wrong. Then their are the abortion folks that kill the unborn for money and convenience. Don’t forget the corrupt, greedy, evil politicians that are making all of this possible. “O”ne “B”ig “A”ss “M”istake “A”merica leads the pac.

      • Stephanie

        Thanks for that DC/Tex. I believe that if we want our children to have our morals, work ethic, values, etc., then we must teach and example them ourselves. I homeschooled all three of my children. It was very hard but I simply didn’t see any other way that my children could grow up happy, healthy, free human beings. Some day this world is going to be in their hands (what’s left of it). I want to know that I did everything that I possibly could, to ensure their success in life. I did not want them to have an entitlement attitude like so many of the young (public edu.) people that I see today. I raised them to use their strenghths and talents to be self-sufficeint.
        I have been preparing for years for the eventuality of no money at all. I’ve put up little bits of food, equip, etc. as my meager funds will allow. I’ve seen people that use their SS to buy alcohol and such. I’m not angry at them. If that’s the way they want to deal with TEOTWAWKI, then so be it. I have bigger plans, to survive and thrive on my own without government help! RonPaul2012

    • Raggs

      I dont think that anyone is trying to say that people like you that have a condition should not recieve SS… We all know that the system is broken and it is due to our government stealing our money to pay for special interest like the unions… Corruption got us here and corruption from oblama will NOT fix it!!!!

      • Stephanie

        Still, there are folks who take advantage of a broken system. I am just as angry about it as anyone else. What about illegal immigrants, can they really get it too? I saw on another site yesterday that there is actually an American Social Security office in Mexico City! Does anyone know if this is true? If so, what’s it’s purpose? That would make us all really angry, wouldn’t it?
        Please support Ron Paul!

        • exbobbie

          Hi Stephanie, There are only three SSA field offices outside the U.S, Canada, British Virgin Islands and Samoa, however there are SSA personnel employed in American Embassies in many countries all over the world, including Mexico, that will address all Social Security related problems, including filing for Social Security payments.

  • pinkgin

    If Social Programs are to be cut, or indeed eliminated, then it should be done ‘Cold Turkey’…not in dribs and drabs…

    The first priority would be to bring all the troops home from Foreign lands to be ready to assist the Police of ALL the Cities which would be awash in rioting..They could also round up ALL illegal aliens and take them back to the borders,,,Instead of Luxury flights to Mexico City, Military aircraft could be loaded to the extreme and used instead.
    Queues would form at the Social Security offices and then and only then would a person be allowed to re-register for allowances ( this would include ALL, even the elderly of which I’m one )..Unrest would follow, as in recent riots in Britain..but a sharp shock would really cull the unworthy from the rolls.
    All this may be extreme, but there could be variations on the idea,,,but it needs to be done either today, or tomorrow morning.

  • Naomi

    The problem with SSI is the corruption between some of the big Disability Legal Reps and the judges that ok all of their claims. If the person applying doesn’t fit into a disability category, they’ll “work something out”, by finding any reason they can. A man told me he was encouraged to apply because he could not hold a job due to the fact he was unable to function in society since he had been institutionalized for a large part of his life. The institution was Prison! Unbelievable!

  • Naomi

    @Stephanie I sympathize with you and I’m so sorry you had to go through that! I have a disease that causes my joints to deteriorate. I had a double hip replacement when I was only 27 and have had 3 more replacements and revisions since. When I tried to apply for SSI on my own, the Dr. Working for SS actually laughed at me! Once I got a lawyer, it was ok’d with no problem. That’s why I believe there is collusion between the lawyers (who get a large chunk of your settlement) and the SS judges.

    • Smilee


      By law lawyers get 20% of the backpay if your disability is approved and if it is not the lawyers get nothing. Lawyers if they take these cases must represent you and never at any cost to you.

  • insurance gang

    Insurance be it government, worker’s compensation, or otherwise is not good business with everyone form doctors, hospitals, lawyers, governments, department of labor judges, and insurance executives and employees and others all with their hand out to take a piece of your pie. The injured human being is not getting what he paid for and was insured for. It is a racket full of greedy leeches, some subjectively prejudiced in the legal system, taking everything they can get their hands on and working in compliance with each other to steal your insurance when you are injured, in pain, and have suffered a loss. Disgusting system with not much left in it for the injured and disabled who must fight the system while they are suffering for their small piece of insurance that is left and after everyone else involved gets something for your pain and suffering. Time to clean up the system and everyone involved.

  • pinkgin

    Since I have Muscular Dystrophy and my wife has Dementia, we are both in our 70′s but are very wary on asking for any kind of help …the more the Gov knows about us, we believe, the worse it will be when the hammer drops.
    I say this as a warning to all the people who have frivolous claims of ill health being from obesity to the old ‘Chronic back pain’ also known as the ‘English disease’..When the hammer does fall, and people are being rounded up since they would be of no further use to mankind, please hide your ailments,,,can it happen ? you bet it can.
    Socialist Government is a weird enterprise and to give an example,,,before my rant get’s any longer.
    We emigrated here ( legally ) from Britain in 1974,,,we left behind our parents,,,my Mother died a while later and so Dad was living in our beautiful family home on his own, he made the mistake of asking for a bit of home-help with the chores etc…He was helped alright, the Government took his house and furniture and put him in a tiny apartment without his beloved garden ( but with a weekly visit from a carer) and the house was GIVEN to a family in need,,,he got Nada.
    Could this happen here,? is my house safe ?,,,I think we shall all find out when THE HAMMER DROPS.

    • Russ

      You are absolutly right pinkgin. We are a socialist country. The communists have been working on this since the early 20th century. A good reference book on the subject is DUPES by Paul Kengor. A country should take care of it’s elderly and disabled. SSI is broke due to corruption and theft. A way to solve this is first go to every politition and corporation that was involved with placing the IOU’S in the trust fund and seize their pensions and assets. They won’t need them as they will be going to peison for embezelment. Next you get all the drunks, druggies, and scammers off the system by regular re-evaluations and drug tests. Third you divert all congresional pension and healthcare for life monies to SSI. Fourth you put a once in a lifetime 2 year cap on welfare and other freebe payments. These young honies should be out working instead of having a sole job of laying on their back. Divert that money to SSI, and fifth put a import tarif on every corporation that has their products manufactured overseas to make up for the displaced workers in this country who would be paying into SSI. This would also help small businesses who employ Americans be more competitive. Whoo,La problem solved (of course corporate campain contributions may suffer but who cares)

  • 1776

    Let us pray that you never get so severally hurt that you can never work again, I fell – they figure between 11 to 15 feet and landed on my head on a concrete slab, 4 surgery’s later, I still cannot use my hands, arms and legs, I am a white male and have seen abuses in the system – mainly minority’s, you think it’s a cake walk !!, come sit in my wheel chair with me for the past 10 years, I WILL gladly trade places with you, you can have every thing I own, just trade places with me. It’s real easy to judge if you haven’t been severally injure.!!! but I do agree with you – that there is abuse that needs to be addressed, Like the SSI could bring you in every 5 years for an assessment – with several Drs assessments of you. and by the way how many of you making these statements are EMPLOYED


    Ever notice that all these wonderful entitlements managed by the government are strained for loot, no oversight and full of thievesand the US government has no intention of clearing up the mess they created or providing a place where you tax money is used in a efficient way. Notice also that this administration is hell bent of growing government, spending more to get less, allowing theft to increase no matter how much can be done to put a stop to it.

    Do you understand the debt is nover going to be paid down because this government is to big, too expensive and so inefficient it cannot police itself….the trick here is for We the People to regain the control by leashing our elected officials and getting a contol of the money supply, it can be done with term limits and removing the IRS, progressive taxes, decertifying government unions and using a nat’l sales tax or flat tax voted on by nat’l ballot every ten years.

    Put the civil back into public service….

  • Rick Manning

    I’ve paid into the system for 34 years and my 15 yearold can’t collect because my wife and me work. She has cerebral palsy and can’t walk or talk. It really grinds my gears that all of her classmates parents get disability and other benefits from the goverment and don’t pay to the system. Because we do pay my child doesn’t collect. That is screwed up.

  • Diane

    Hey guys what about all the alcoholics, druggies and ex-cons who get SSD just because of what they are. Took me three years and being homeless for 18 months to get benefits but these groups seem to be able to get benefits right away. I’m in a wheelchair and live in pain. I’d give anything to be making my 100 grand a year again. My opinion is if you are drinking druging 0r a felon no SSD all it does is let them keep up the bad behavior and these things are a life choice not a disability.

    • meteorlady

      Sorry about your condition, but….my brother lives in pain every single day and works. He works hard because it gives him a sense of accomplishment, pride and he feels like he’s independent. Sorry, just can’t buy all the disability crap – I paid into that system with the expectation that it’s initial promise would be kept. It was always intended to be SUPPLEMENT RETIREMENT INCOME. Now it’s open to everyone that has a scam. It’s called CHARITY and it should be in the private sector, not run by a corrupt government. There are entire industries out there for helping people scam the system and get their benefits. Those benefits are money that I worked hard to pay in and I expected that I would get them back when I retired.

  • Raggs


    The very first to say that conservatives are evil are the very same that live off of the system and place blame or scare tatics all around in order to achieve control…

  • meteorlady

    This program was never meant to be a disability fund. It was meant to be supplemental retirement income for people that actually paid into the system. I’m so sick and tired of this I could scream. They just keep taking my money and giving it away. So much for the original promise that it would be only for it’s intended purpose and that it would be held in TRUST for the payees.

    I know personally about 10 veterans that have scammed the VA into disability payments ($1050 per month) and once that is done they get social security disability.

  • Renee

    I am also on SSD. I am a Registered Nurse (I keep my license active because I WORKED hard to earn it, and hope although the possibility is remote, to work again someday. 6 yrs ago, I walked into a patients room just in time to see her passing out as she attempted to walk to the bathroom after surgery without asking for help. I lunged forward and helped her to the floor safely and without harm… her. Me? Well that is a different story. I ruptured a disc in my lower back, and tore my rotator cuff in my right shoulder. Two surgeries later, I found out I have Degenerative Disc Disease and am now facing another disc repair, having my spine fused and to make matters worse, have some bone growth removed before I am permanently paralyzed. I am 43 years old and have children at home, the youngest is 7. It is harder than you can possibly imagine to not be able to play with my kids, work at a job that I was called to even as a young girl. I have always wanted to serve others. Now I am disabled. Collecting SSD that pays less than what I earned as a nurse in a week. My children help me when they can. Probably more than they as children should be expected to at their young ages, but they do it out of love and concern. We have learned to live on much less financially, but our home is full of love. The story worsens from here, but I won’t put you through any more of my “sob” story. Suffice it to say, that while I am not proud of having to depend on SSD, I did pay into it. I teach my children the value of earning money. My 11 yr old son sat in the doctor’s office last week with me and listened as my doctor explained why things are the way they are. My son said, “Don’t worry mom, someday I will take care of you.”. That broke my heart. He shouldn’t have to worry about caring for me. Not at this age. My job is to care for him, which I do the best I can. I didnt walk into that patients room with the intent of living off the system for the rest of my life. Each one of us is a moment away from tragedy or catastrophe. Sure there re those who shouldnt be able to collect from a system they haven’t earned, but the great majority of us are just like you….want to work, contribute, and be meaningful members of society. Circumstance changed that for me, just like it could for you tomorrow. I pray it does not. I am not stupid. Overhaul is necessary, and if/when I need to take a cut I will. I am 100% conservative. I will do what is asked of me if it helps our great nation. I just pray that each of you will quit blaming those like me who would give anything to be in your shoes and not our own.


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