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Social, Political & Economic Myths

December 5, 2008 by  

Social, Political & Economic Myths

Myth: Multiculturalism

Answer: This is a euphemism for race, mongrelization and dumbing down. Democracy implies an open and free society in the public mind. Democracy is a great pretension of open debate. Indeed it is open debate but only on spurious issues.

Myth: Democrat vs. Republican (two SEPARATE political parties)

Answer: It’s hard to believe that the American people can even imagine a difference. This is a great charade but millions of people harbor this deception.

Myth: The government promotes savings for retirement through IRAs and 401Ks.

Answer: Government uses these deceptions as one means to regulate consumption by taking vast sums of “dollars” out of circulation until they can inflate the purchasing power out of existence.

Myth: The National Debt

Answer: Impossible, according to the Federal Reserve publication Keeping Our Money Healthy, published by the Federal Reserve of New York. The Federal Reserve System works only with credit. It is an imaginary system represented in the public mind as numbers or computer symbols. How can there be a deficit of numbers that can be created to infinity?

Governments consume the wealth of nations with this deception called the national debt. The impossibility of payment or repayment implies the fraud. Nobody has ever seen, smelled or touched any money as dollars because it does not exist. A dollar bill as money is a mental fiction. The paper is only the symbol of the fiction.

Banks lend credit, not money as they say. There is no money of account in the United States of America.

In the above referenced Federal Reserve publication is the statement “The Federal Reserve System works only with credit.” Credit is not money. It is a mental system. Credit is not money or wealth.

This is precisely why governments do not want gold and silver in the hands of the people. Gold and silver are real wealth whereas bank credit is a mental (mind) tracking system. It means absolute control over the people and all means of production.

Government controls everything by manipulating the volume of credit, that is, by increasing or decreasing the numbers exactly as you do in your check book except the government can create credit to infinity.

There are two ways that government creates credit. The first is bank credit. This credit expands as long as people “borrow money.” When a debt overload develops, bank credit contracts as the people stop borrowing credit.

The second way is when the government “pays” credit into circulation through huge social programs or starts a war (like we are in now). When the public mood reverses from euphoria and optimism to despair and depression, bank credit collapses.

As long as the volume of credit is expanding, government and its political system will reign. But an involuntary contraction of credit brings people back to reality after bank credit strips them of their property through debt. The public becomes more hostile toward all government, politicians, authority and taxes.

This is why governments always try to extend the credit machine, even creating wars. They really do succeed for a time as they create larger and larger imbalances, which always end in a credit collapse such is now brewing.

There would be no wars without government/banker credit. Nobody would pay for wars with gold and silver, not even the government.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Ondina Soler

    I like what I was reading up on the top of the page and would like to receive more.

  • http://n/a Martha WMS

    Thanks for confirming what I have thought for a long time. Keep on keeping us
    informed about all the issues of government and how it affects the American people.

  • http://n/a Martha WMS

    Thanks for confirming what I have thought for a long time. Keep on keeping us
    informed about all the issues of government and how it affects the American people.

  • Pam

    Last Contango in Washington…

  • jeerry silovich

    what gives the power to press. Bush to give the uaw a bailout?
    the gop senators are rihght! us treasury is not the national bank!

  • http://personalLiberty L K Broadrick

    Why has so few so called conservatives radio and news magazines not mentioned Obama being born in Kenya, and not elgible to be president because he is not a natural born citizen.

    • http://personalLiberty L K Broadrick

      I already submitted my comment. Why Obama is not elgible to be president since he is not a naturalborn Citizen.

      • http://none blake brown

        Why have we allowed as consumers, our industries to be over-regulated to
        where manufacturers can no longer make practical products? Environmental products are nice when they are a servicable asset, but we can no longer maintain the products we purchase and are behholding to warrantees and service centers with special tools and diagnostics. Americans used to pride themselves on being able to service and maintain what they own, and we have gotten away from that self-sufficiency. No wonder we are beholden to the systematic process of politicians who promise to take care of us. We are not able or allowed to take care of ourselves! We have lost the value of material assets… so we depend on the inert value of precious metals for the simplicity of maintainence. We have lost our selfsufficiency that permits our independence!
        We need to require industries to make a product we can maintain and produce on the home front before we support any more tax-funded bailouts.

  • AlPon

    Hurray, hurray … some of us are finally getting to the ‘real’ truth. The world IS controlled by a few hundred, maybe a thousand or so, ultra rich, ultra secretive families. For all who still wonder why and for those that can’t seem to understand what’s going on in the world. For all those still divided by petty differences. For all those that still have a partisan mindset. In other words; us vs. them and Dems vs. Repubs. Let me present the ultimate evidence of world wide manipulation and control. Written over 150 years ago, by the evil doers, for the evil doers, this document has been denied by them as bigotry. But after you read it and see that all the plans and proficies have come to fruition there can be no denying the truth. They never denied the existance of this document, only to say it is racist and bigoted. They never deny the contents thereof. For over 100 years it has been hidden and censored.
    Every citizen of the planet needs to read this book. It will rock your world and you will never be or think the same afterwards. I’m not selling anything. Unlike so many web sites trying to get rich by informing us of what we should already be aware of. My only motive is too circulate this publication. To help the citizens of the US and the world in general to see and discern the truth. The REAL truth.
    At the risk of disappearing or being ‘rubbed out’ I am revealing this to all the world. The name of this tome is “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. If you can’t find it with your browser, as I said, they want this kept under wraps, I will provide it free as a PDF document. Just request a copy from I will promptly reply and attach said doc to my email. Let’s see how many people have a quest for the truth or just like to hear their own gums slam together.

  • Angelo

    Credit and wealth and debt…. a trilogy.

    Your article attempted to establish meanings for the national debt and credit, etc.

    Money is only the tool of bartering. If someone has no needs, then he (I’ll use “he” throughout just to keep it simple) needs no money, but that’s never going to happen. He usually does something to get some money… “earns” is a good word for it. His government defines what the nature and denomination of money in his realm. So he now has a paycheck of a maybe some coins, or some dollar bills.

    He will spend (the art of bartering money for food and implements) some . He also will save some. If he spends any money the day he receives it, he gets proper use and value for it. That which he saves should normally be good for use any time later, right? Aye, there’s the rub, for the future brings subtle changes. In my life time, the money I have saved became worth less year after year, It is not worthless yet, but BO wants to accelerate the process and one wonders WHY, or is it just stupidity? But that’s not my main point.

    One has to wonder why more money or “credit”, as today’s politicos want to describe it, is DEMANDED to be issued by the POLITICOS, but NOT the people. Strange!!!

    People are smart enough to know that one must not pretend that they have money (that’s insane), they want to earn it. This is universal, and you think otherwise, you a foolish paranoid, of whom I now see more than a few in the democratic party. This desire to earn, since it comes from the people, means that we can earn our way ot of this recession. If I need my grass cut and you can do it for me, I will give you some food from my garden to do it, and the day passes nicely. There will always be tomorrow, and life will go on nicely. If we both had saved some money, then we can both buy some hardware. That’s how recessions transform and mutate into better times.

    That being the case, why does the BO administration want to spend so much money? Really, they are really creating NOTHING of value because a few years from now, each of those 2009 dollars will bring only half the value in the form of goods, property and services they give at this instant in time. A SURE, SURE way to induce, cause, create, whatever you want to call it, inflation is to spread more dollars over the same goods, property and services, and that is exactly what the BO administration is doing with glee. It does not take a law degree to understand that, and you have to as kit it is being advanced by thsoe educated politicos. What is the hidden agenda?

    Carrying this conundrum further, I say that the entity that gets “First-Use” of any dollar (usually the banks but now even the Federal Government) also gets the MOST value for that very dollar than any holder thereafter shall ever enjoy. See how today, the administration demands OWNERSHIP in Chrysler and GM for the “Bailout Dollars” granted. Carrying this condrum to the limit, the mantra now becomes “I owe my soul to the company store”.

    The Point to Ponder now is what is the BO administration and the democratic party gaining as the Early Value Premium for this new money, and who is benefiting? Cries of “Socialism” are rippling over the land from sea to sea. The precepts of socialism is that a new ruling cast emerges to hold the power, separate from an power structure while the people as a whole permanently own less and have few privileges. I have yet to envision these players..Certainly, it ain’t me.

    Keep your mney close, and your family closer.


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