Social And Moral Breakdown


“When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful, applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns its back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe.” — Frederic Bastiat

What would cause a nation or a people to arrive at such a state of decadence and amorality as America has today?

If we connect the dots, it is as clear as day. The above quote by Frederic Bastiat describes perfectly a society that has been undermined by the devaluation of its currency.

Yes, there is a direct connection between debauching of the currency and the moral and social breakdown of society. When people are forced into impoverishment by devaluation and depreciation of their money, not only they will be impoverished, but they are headed for social and moral breakdown and finally internal war and revolution.

The devaluation of the currency as in the United States today is nothing less than undeclared war between the government and the people. This is all under the umbrella of patriotism and benevolence.

What the American people don’t understand is that when the Federal Reserve creates trillions of dollars that it calls “quantitative easing,” it does two things. No. 1: It dilutes the currency, thereby reducing the value of all currency in circulation. No. 2: It is transferring wealth to the government away from all dollar holders.

This is stealth or silent warfare against the American people. This is serious because it leads to impoverishment of the middle class and finally to complete economic collapse. This is happening now!

President Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not the solution, government is the problem.” This puts the elected class all on the same side. They are all paid by the government, and they are all government employees.

The paper money that we use is fiction, created by the banksters. The banksters all destroy the paper money by printing too much of it. Too much paper money destroys savings and undermines morality as it becomes worthless.

The U.S. government is now creating and buying its own bonds. This is a hot air shenanigan that foretells that we are in the endgame. The whole U.S. government financial system is a charade.

The United States may look like the unsinkable Titanic, but the signs of collapse are already visible to all sober Americans and to the world. The icebergs of revolution are everywhere.

It is time and past time to prepare for survival. Nobody is going to hit you over the head to wake you up. Please look out and up and see the collapse coming.

Monetary Insanity!

The hard fact is that the central banks have concluded that to save the system it will be necessary to destroy it. This upside down statement makes all the sense in the world to a central banker.

The truth is any fiat money by nature self-destructs. When paper money is overprinted, it simply self-destructs. This is not hard to understand.

This further concludes that the final outcome of the expansion of the money supply is a lot of people with worthless paper money and suffering from general impoverishment. This is our near-term future.

The system must collapse. Then why don’t we all know it or see it happening? The answer is that it all happens gradually. The word “gradually” simply means that most people can’t see the collapse coming or see it going on now.

If the credit expansion is not stopped (and it won’t be), we will have a crack-up boom or a massive flight into real values. This means an increase in the velocity (speed) of money.

When this happens, it won’t be long until the end. People will be rushing to spend their paper money as prices skyrocket. The last thing that the government or the politicians will ever tell the people is that the system is now in a state of collapse. And they will not utter a squeak that government debt will never be paid.

Wealth Destruction — Special Appeal!

This is the time of the greatest transfer and destruction of wealth in the history of the world. This all swirls around the destruction of paper money and paper wealth.

Many will take the right action, but most of the middle class and all the poor are directly headed for hard and impossible times. Some few who invest in farm land, food, energy and hard assets (silver and gold), especially silver, will survive and grow rich.

None of this is new in history. All cultures and nations and people go through the same evolutionary process. Here is the pattern: They start with metal; and, as they prosper, they create paper money and debt. All collapse, and then there is a return to gold and silver or other metal.

Right now, we are in the midst of the collapse of paper and credit and notional “value.” Believe it or not, this destructive process will utterly destroy Warren Buffett’s paper empire. He knows it, and he buys companies as his hard assets.

Most people cannot see or understand this fiat paper world system that is now expiring with much anxiety.

We saw this same collapse of currency in the Weimar German Republic that culminated in 1923. Most Germans did not have a clue what was happening. Most could not believe that their own government was collapsing their currency by over printing. (The same is happening now in the United States.) They did not relate skyrocketing prices to German currency destruction.

Most were, therefore, impoverished. But those who had the perception to see the collapse eventually coming converted their paper money into gold and other hard assets. Believe it or not, some avoided the disastrous hardship by storing food and basic necessities.

The current wealth destruction process and transfer of wealth will continue until the collapse of the fiat paper money and credit system is finished. Afterward, there will be a great reset of values based on silver and gold money. The cost of a loaf of bread will go back to a dime, but a silver dime. What will you do if you don’t have a silver dime?

The manipulators have driven down the price of gold and silver by dumping gold and silver paper with naked short selling. The talking heads who spread the Fed’s propaganda message tell you that means the bull run in gold and silver is at an end. That is not supported by the evidence.

People are buying gold and silver at an unprecedented rate. Both will break out as the system collapses. Take some of your paper “money” and buy — if you can find it — silver that the money creators can’t print.

Personal Liberty

Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • hungry4food

    So whose is telling the truth about how many Bombs were found at the Boston
    marathone finish line and who is responsible ???

    First we have this Story by AP Newswire on how many Bombs
    were found at Boston race finish line ;

    Quote from a US Intelligence Official ;

    “As many as two unexploded bombs were also found near the end of
    the 26.2-mile course as part of what appeared to be a well-coordinated attack,
    but they were safely disarmed, according to a senior U.S. intelligence
    official, who also spoke on condition of anonymity because of the continuing

    Then we have this Reuters Article saying
    the exact Opposite , so WHOSE Telling the Truth ?????

    Only two bombs found in Boston Marathon

    And then we have this , Boston
    bombers: FBI hunting 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to brothers
    Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

    So they want us all to give up our GUNS ????

    • mark

      Competing newspapers and media outlets always get things wrong especially in the the first several hours of a crisis or catastrophe. This also occurred with the Texas fertilizer plant explosion and thousands of other stories throughout history. You are surprised by this? It happens virtually everyday – and always has. The facts of what actually happened typically all come out a couple of weeks or more after these incidents – often much longer. This will never change when human error and the desire to get something out to the public as quickly as possible during a 24 hour news cycle and crisis mentality ensue. Get used to it. It will never change.

  • hungry4food

    Everyone everywhere needs to
    start looking in your area for these cells !!!!!

    Boston bombers: FBI hunting 12-strong
    terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

    OK We need DHS Napolitano to Step Down due to her National
    Security Policies NOW !!!!!! She has disenfranchised the Conservative
    Unjustly by claiming it was Right Wing extremists that did the Boston bombing
    instead of DOING HER JOB of Staying Neutral and without PC conflicting her
    Judgment !!!!! She took her Eye off the TRUTH and we the People have been
    put in danger and the Boston Bombing Proves this NOW and people should demand
    her resignation NOW !!!!!

    And also all MSM that are Reporting a Political Agenda
    need to be Freely termed as Propagandists based on National Security not
    being their Primary Objective !!!!!!

    Chris Matthews blames radical right for Boston Marathon

    CNN Analyst:
    ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Could Be Behind Boston Marathon Bombing

    • Betta

      “Everyone everywhere needs to start looking in your area for these cells”

      And do what? Do we just start indiscriminately start accusing people of being part of a terrorist cell? What do they look like? How can we tell? Leave it to the experts.

      • polmutant

        this is foolish statement, the first cell is your commandturd in chief, the second is the adminstration, these are the experts. lie down and go back to sleep, it is only a dream.

    • polmutant

      federal government knows where these ilk are, but then again, they sponser the ilk. so now you know where they are.

    • Sharon Reeder

      Resign Ms. Nepolation or get fired! We’ve had ENOUGH of your unconstitutional power grabs, reckless spending and ineffective policys. Your thoughts are wayy off base and blaming other Americans for the mayhem in Boston in a GREAT measure of just what a nutcase you really are.

  • hungry4food

    I think beck is right ,

    • Mike in MI

      Glenn Beck may be trying to point us in the direction of “Truth”, but face it and inform your friends, the FCC and their alphabetical matrix constrict info dissemination. Glenn is walking a very thin line and has warned us he is

      closely monitored. So are you if you comment in certain ways in certain fora.

      They have your personally submitted evidence and whereabouts, so that if they bring us in (for any reason) it can be used by them vs. us. This is present day America if you use the “wrong” words, phrases or “codes”.

      This land isn’t at all the place you grew up in since New York’s, Geo. shrub period. Make up the mind now, ’bout EveryThing. This nation has had The Truth made known as it has not been known since the First Century – that’s 0028 and henceforth to 0325 A.D. The response has been less than good or, maybe, at best fair. If you’ve had the PFAL class or the WAP class and walked off, in the last 40 years, you are why we are at in this present predicament.

      The “mysterion” was revealed once,,at the first, recorded, and then, recently re- revealed. Where’re you ALL at?
      Ain’t no hidin’. Take a stand or seal your fate. You got, and acknowledged your answer, … now stand up.

      • polmutant

        sheople will not stand ” too poor to pay attention the sheople cry out day and night, “take our wool, eat our children, only leave us grass to eat” these are the real monsters and terrorists to the free man, those who choose not to be respnosble ” I am a man, a proud american man, someone give me a food stamp to feed myself? house me? pay for my foolishness, my disease?” and the governement wolves feed off the sheople.

      • Bob666

        Now that’s funny!

      • Karolyn

        Has Beck come out with his earthshattering expose today? He said if the gov. didn’t come clean by today, he was going to come out with some big news. Another publicity tactic? I haven’t heard of him being found dead yet.

        • Alondra

          What a filthy and disgusting snake you are!!!
          You are so deepen in your insanity and misery, HYPOCRITE.

          • Karolyn

            If you don’t understand the comment, don’t respond.

          • Karolyn

            Well, then if that’s what you are concluding, then your brain must be addled. Talk about lack of discernment! If you took the time to actually discern what I was saying, you would realize that I was not wishing Beck dead, and that is what I believe you thought I was saying. Give it a rest Alondra. Your efforts to paint me as what you, in your almighty judgment, believe me to be are waaaay off base. I have no reason to defend myself; however, I like to have people understand me. It is very unfortunate that so many are so judgmental and lack discernment. Just too bad there is no coming together or even attempt to understand. It’s just your way or the highway. Why do I keep trying? Guess I’m just stubborn and hope that I can light a candle in the darkness. Too bad there are so many like you who relish their anger and hatred. Of course, since you joined PLD, you have taken over the lead by a longshot! It doesn’t matter what you say; I will not hate you – just feel sorry for you.

          • Alondra

            It’s déjà vu all over again

            Karolyn: “Well, then if that’s what you are concluding, then your brain must be addled”
            My brain is OK. But “you need to have your head examined.” – wagontrain to you on April 20 and I agree with him.

            Karolyn: “Give it a rest Alondra.”
            Who has to “give it a rest” it is you. “Give a rest” to your out of place stupid sarcasm, which is exposing your evilness and ignorance.
            In your post you asked: “Has Beck come out with his earthshattering expose today?”
            Yes, he did. If you missed it, so move you buttocks and do research.

            Karolyn: “Your efforts to paint me as what you, in your almighty judgment, believe me to be are waaaay off base.”
            I have no need to PAINT you. You do “paint”/expose yourself very well.
            “A person’s words speak volumes as to what is in their hearts.” – WTS/JAY on April 20 and I agree with him.

            Karolyn: “I have no reason to defend myself; however, I like to have people understand me.”
            So do NOT defend yourself. People understand you thru YOUR words. Your EACH AND EVERY ONE comment reveals the condition of your heart and mind.

            Karolyn: “It is very unfortunate that so many are so judgmental and lack discernment.”
            Are you talking about yourself?
            “K, sometimes I wish you would just shut up…this is one of those times. You are such a hypocrite that it’s sickening.” – JeffH to you on April 20 and I agree with him.

            Karolyn: “Just too bad there is no coming together or even attempt to understand. It’s just your way or the highway.”

            “Between good and evil there is no reconciliation.” (Alexander Soljenitsen)

            And between STUPIDITY/Mental PERVERSION and LOGIC/ Common SENSE there is no reconciliation as well.
            And you are promoting only YOUR pervert way.

            Karolyn: “Guess I’m just stubborn and hope that I can light a candle in the darkness.”
            I do not have to “GUESS”. It’s indisputable that you are “stubborn”. But I have to disappoint you: neither the STUBBORNESS nor the STUPIDITY are the “LIGHT”, so you CAN’T shine in the darkness.

            Karolyn: “Too bad there are so many like you who relish their anger and hatred…I will not hate you”
            Thank you Karolyn for NOT hating me. I do NOT hate you either. But I have to point out that YOUR definition of the “hate” does not match to its TRUE definition. Your definition of the “hate” is a childish
            caprice and dissatisfaction that the thing aren’t go YOUR way and that people do not support your stupidity and your support for the immoral life style.

            Karolyn: “I just feel sorry for you.”
            You should feel sorry for yourself, Karolyn.

            “Do not speak in the hearing of a fool, for HE DESPISES THE WISDOM” – King Solomon (Proverbs 23:9)

            Karolyn, it’s time to WISE UP.

          • Alondra

            “A person’s words speak volumes as to what is in their hearts.” – WTS/JAY

            ALL your comments are exposing not only your STUPIDITY but also your EVIL nature. They are very much lucid and evident.

          • Bob666

            As opposed to a filthy hoofed creature that speaks Russian and wallows in waste while quoting scripture in an offensive way.

      • Charlie

        Claim and Proclaim “The Truth” and it will set you free… King Jesus Christ at John 8:32……………………………

  • MNIce

    The assertion that paper money is causing moral collapse is an example of the “post hoc, ergo propter hoc” fallacy (after this, therefore because of this). The moral breakdown already present becomes apparent when the people tolerate dishonest money for the sake of short-term material gain.

  • Bimbam

    Did this article really have to be written? I means it’s a given you steal you’ll get people pissed off!

  • Betta

    “Then why don’t we all know it or see it happening?”

    The ones who don’t see it happening are the ones getting free checks, food stamps, free medical care and last but not least, free phones with 250 free minutes/month. There’s more of them than there are working folks who pay for everything. There are people who have been getting checks for years putting nothing in compared to what they have taken out.

    The soon to be extinct middle class, the ones paying for everything who just had their payroll taxes increased, know full well what is happening. The government continues to clusterF**k the people.

    I saw a report today that demand has decreased and is having a snowball effect. Nobody’s got money to spend or are holding on to what they have. The economy is at a virtual standstill and when obamacare hits the fan it will be that much more astronomically devastating to our economy. It is already causing problems.

    The folks with pre-existing conditions have been cut off from obtaining health insurance. Appears Obama’s signature legislation has already burned through $5 BILLION dollars for that and can’t accept any new clients at this time. How ’bout them apples? In addition to this, health insurance premiums are skyrocketing. NO ONE will be able to afford it. Refusing to fund this monster or repealing it in total seems to be our only options.

    We’re in BIG trouble up to our nostrils, folks. Bush will look like captain Kangaroo compared to what Obama has done, is doing and will continue to do until he is stopped. He’s pissed that his gun grab was an epic fail. He threatens to go around congress to get a gun ban passed, which would be unconstitutional. But he’s an unconstitutional kind of guy.

    • KG

      Well, if “the People” had more $$$, then we could rebuild this nation. But, the “petit bougeouis” or “teabaggers” keep our country hostage over issues like Abortion, Gun control, Taxes and a wide variety of crap that is doing nothing usefull.
      What needs to happen is working people (and I’m talking about the REAL working people, not the “teabagger” small business rapist) need to organize and demand higher wages. If all the money stays in some rich guys retirement account, then how is it going to help the economy? I’d rather see millions of people buying a steak rather than one rich guy buying ONE steak.
      Power to the People

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Where is the money for higher wages going to come from? You apparently do not run a business or run a home because you have no idea what the cost is.

        You throw out lots of verbiage about steaks but you have no idea what it costs and takes to raise a cow to have it become a nice steak on a plate.

        It would have been better if you had kept your fingers off the keyboard because you let the readers know how totally stupid you are.

      • LisaT

        I hardly think the Tea Party is the elite. It’s the wealthy leftists who are bankrupting the country. Your “dear leader” and his leftist goons are the ones taking us out. Are you blind or just willfully ignorant?

        • KG

          Who started this decline we have seen the last 30 years? Ronald Reagan with his “low tax, to starve the beast” agenda as well as his business buddies scouring the earth for the lowest wages thereby destroying our manufacturing base.
          Oh, yea. It’s the “left” thats at fault. We have been telling you guys, but you just refuse to listen.

          • Sharon Reeder

            The decline has not come in just the last 30 years but it sure has accelerated in the recent few. With low taxes the government can’t grow so out of control. Higher taxes DOES feed the “beast”. Government has a place in our society, it’s just far from being in it these days. Elitists from both sides of the isle are taking us out. The left is just more active. It was NAFTA that went the furthest in the destruction of manufacturing. Since then, it’s been the lack of decent government policy and MBA (LIBERAL arts) schools that have accelerated the demise of manufacturing. Mr. Obama just propped up that system by bailing out failing companies that should have been left to die. I can’t imsgine anyone wanting MORE taxes…….

          • KG

            Hmmmm…. That acceleration really took off about April of 2003. Under the ‘darling” of both the Religious Right as well as the Ayn Rand Atheists. NAFTA got passed so Bill Clinotn could do something. Only by appeasing Newt and his band of merrymen could Bill pass any legislation. And, as a result, in the middle of the night in late 1999, the Glass-Segal act was demolished which opened the doors for the disaster in 2008. All done with the help of Republicans. So there!

          • jase

            its not a Republican vs. Democrat thing, it is a government against freedom thing. raising taxes takes money from the working class. a working class that organizes so they can lazily get more takes money from the working class. a liberal agenda takes money from the working class. free trade takes money from the working class. big business unchecked takes money from the working class. debt of any sort government or private takes money from the working class.
            Take responsibility for your own life. Get out of debt, work where you can advance with out having to threaten your boss. Build assets, skills, and generational wealth, not fiat debt based money. Buy local. stay healthy, and demand the best from yourself and those around you. that is the answer.
            Freedom is not free, and neither is lunch.

      • FreedomFighter

        KG your idol Marx was a dirt bag, he copied the communist manifesto from the illuminati manifesto, he is a fake, a drunk, abandoned his children. He never had an original idea in his head.

        Rebuke your false religion of communism, become a man of righteousness and truth,

        They will not give you a seat at the table, don’t be a fool tool like your idol Marx

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

        • Nadzieja Batki

          Marx copied his ideology from ideologies that are as old as mankind.Europe and the rest of the world were ripe and rotting and they accepted his ideology.

          We are accepting his ideology in America but it is disguised as “Christianity” but the better title would be Liberation Theology. The best definition of Liberation Theology is from a man Dave Breese and it is as follows, “What is liberation theology? It is the view that holds that Christ came into the world to be our economic liberator. It asserts that His first purpose was to free the poor and the oppressed from the shackles of economic constriction. In actuality, liberation theology redefines sin. In liberation theology sin it to possess wealth in the face of the world’s poverty. Righteousness is therefore to redistribute that wealth, giving it to the poor. Evangelism is also redefined. It is seen as the announcement of the economic liberation of Christ and the invitation to the oppressed peoples of the world to join in the revolution He now ordains.Liberation theology advances another fascinatin rationale. In that possessing money is the essence of sin, it follows that the most sinful system in the world is capitalism. The liberationists then ask, From whence dowws capitalism come? The answer is, of course, the United States. Foar the liberationist, then, the sinfiul system is capitalis, the iniquitous nation is America….Most interestingly, by these twists of logic liberation theology joins the Marxist cause and advocates the overthrow of the United States—-and, for that matter, Christian civilization—in the oncoming Marxist revolution. ….The emergence of liberation theology makes clear that Marxism moves across the world in many a strange disguise”. The information is from a 1990 book by David W. Breese titled Seven Men Who Rule the World from the Grave.

          • Michael Shreve

            Christ never condemned money, only the LOVE of money.

          • Alondra

            You RIGHT.

            Here is the Jesus’ view on the “Making money”:
            “[A] man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted to them his property. To one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away.

            He who had received the five talents went at once and traded with them, and he MADE FIVE TALENTS MORE.

            So also he who had the two talents MADE TWO TALENTS MORE.

            But he who had received the one talent went and dug in the ground and hid his master’s money.

            Now, after a long time the master of those servants came and settled accounts with them. And he, who had received the FIVE TALENTS, came forward, bringing five talents more, saying: ‘Master, you delivered to me five talents; here I have made
            five talents more.’ His master said to him: ‘WELL DONE, GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT. YOU HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL OVER A

            And he also, who had the TWO TALENTS came forward, saying: ‘Master, you delivered to me two talents; here I have made two talents more.’ His master said to him: ‘WELL DONE, GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT. YOU HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL OVER A LITTLE; I WILL SET YOU OVER MUCH. ENTER INTO THE JOY OF YOUR MASTER.’

            He also, who had received the ONE TALENT came forward, saying: ‘Master, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you scattered no seed, so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. Here you have what is yours.’

            But his master answered him: ‘YOU WICKED AND SLOTHFUL SERVANT! You knew that I reap where I have not sowed and gather where I scattered no seed? Then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming I should have received what was my own with interest. So take the talent from him and
            give it to him, who has the ten talents. For to everyone, WHO HAS, WILL MORE BE GIVEN, and he will have an abundance. But from the one, WHO HAS NOT, EVEN WHAT HE HAS WILL BE TAKEN AWAY. And CAST THE UNPROFITABLE SERVANT INTO THE OUTER DARKNESS. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’” (Matthew 25:14-29)

            By the other words the hard working and thoughtful men were praised and invited into the business. But lazy one was fired. Jesus is very critical of bad stewardship/bad investments.

            This Parable shows that Jesus would be against the bailouts of the banks, automakers and other failed institutions.

            The Jesus’ Gospel is not about social justice. IT IS ABOUT EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

            “The best way to help the poor is to make them uncomfortable in their own poverty.” – Benjamin Franklin

            But according to the DEMONcrats/communists/marxists/ progressives and Liberals:
            “Why buy cow, if you already got milk for free?” – Rush Limbaugh

          • Nadzieja Batki

            Then accordingly, make sure your definition of LOVE of money reflects what Christ said and not some power hungry Marxist.

        • KG

          Marx is as much of an idol to me as Pinochet is an idol to the Austrian school fools.

      • Sharon Reeder

        The “teabaggers” are the last stops for the usurpation of our basic rights. If we let those go down the tubes then we are as a nation have lost our course and are on the slippery slope of incrementalism. Big government has to be stopped and so do big unions that represent their constituency about as well as members of congress these days. Starting small businesses that grow into bigger ones is a key for success. Huge corporations are just as godless and faceless as huge government and about as manipulative. They can buy influence and be bought, hire minions of lawyers to avoid taxes and create virtual monopolies to charge whatever they want. We have absolutely forgotten Teddy Rosevelts’ trustbusting and the reasons for it. What we really need is a way to prioritize the things congress works on. Gun control & gay marriage should NOT be on the radar.

        • GALT

          The “tea baggers” are simply dupes of and funded by your
          “real enemy”……which you seem to know and not know at
          the same time.
          If nothing changes, they win…….and as long as you
          fail to make the distinction between government being your problem” and “corrupted government being your problem”….
          YOU WILL LOSE!
          You have a middle class because of “unions” and the “other Roosevelt” who was considered a “traitor to his CLASS”.
          1/3 of private wealth and 1/2 of world trade, is carefully nestled
          “off shore” beyond the reach of any nation or their central banks.
          Less government and less regulation is NOT a solution.
          “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

        • Right Brain Thinker

          I guess KG started using “teabaggers” somewhere earlier in the thread. FYI, that term is not a good one to use to describe proponents of the Tea Party philosophy. I have it on good authority from a friend (a retired USN Master Chief) that the term refers to a sexual activity involving mouths, tongues, and scrotums—-he so informed me after I called him a “teabagger”. I had never heard that definition of the term before, so perhaps it’s a “navy thing”? May I suggest “TP-ers” as an alternative?

    • FreedomFighter

      Listen to the LAMESTREAM MEDIA, they are quoting DHS sources and the usual commies like Diane Finemstien and others in the commi’s in the regime as wanting to:



      Battlefield and war zone rules apply, find out what this means, and you will be afraid, very afraid. Its martial law, the final take over starting, and nobody is even seeing it.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

      • KG

        Well, after seeing “preppers” on the TV, I realized what those guys want to do – shoot and kill a satarving American. So, who’s going to defend their rights? Just remember, there are many “liberals” who have guns as well.

        • FreedomFighter

          Ever been in a war zone KG?

          “If we take the generally accepted definition of bravery as a quality which knows no fear, I have never seen a brave man. All men are frightened. The more intelligent they are, the more they are frightened.—George S. Patton

          Laus Deo
          Semper FI

        • KG

          FreedomFighter bought his uniform at an army surplus store and thought he knew about war.

          • FreedomFighter

            Kiss My Glock


            Laus Deo
            Semper FI

          • KG

            Gee, It makes me wonder whose “morals and social skills” have broken down? Hmmmm. Gee, now I see why people were accusing right-wing terrorists before the chechen brothers were found.

          • FreedomFighter

            Where does anyone learn: Trained by the Best to Kill the Rest.

            Shoot to Thrill-another tactical kill

            Hope that answers your wondering

            Laus Deo
            Semper FI

          • samurai

            I see that a communist/libturd has shown their true colors. All yellow. Why are you spewing lies, innuendo, rhetoric, and hate here? Go somewhere else. Here is something telling what the Brits think about Obama bin Laden.
            But alas! We already know this. Why are there so many sheeple in this country? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!
            You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.
            “Respect your country always. Respect your government, when they earn it.”
            Samuel Clemons

        • samurai

          Ever been to a hot zone KG? No nads? Need to speel check before you post. Here is something about how Obama bin Laden is not really looking at terrorists.

          FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!
          You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.
          “Duty is ours. Results are God’s.”
          John Quincy Adams

          • KG

            “You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot”.

            “Rebels, not against the nation, not against the State as
            such, but against a form of government which in their
            opinion was bound to lead their own nationality to its

            MEIN KAMPF – Adolph Hitler

          • KG

            “Even the great medieval Empire was based upon the triumph of Christianity. Therefore the patriot prefers to seek out the ‘life
            forces,’ the irrational impulses, which seem to him more chat-
            acteristic of the German mind. ”

            MEIN KAMPF – Adolph Hitler

    • GALT

      Wow……demand has decreased? Say it ain’t so? Really? Breaking news
      is it? Just today you say?

      Now imagine what “austerity” will actually do for you when it finally arrives?

      But you will have your guns……maybe you can shoot it?

    • Philip E Hathaway

      Well written.

  • steve

    ezekeil 7;19.

    • KG

      I like ezekeil 23:20 better ;)

      • hungry4food

        Hey you fit the Description of what Mr. Livingston quoted in the first Paragraph then KG .

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I don’t know you from Noah’s house cat, so as far as I am concerned you are are a “Christian” Liberal using the Bible.

    • Charlie

      Very good Scripture to describe America’s coming condition,,,but,,,notice it applied to basic heathens,,,non Christians per Acts 2:38… Keep up the Scripture posting…………………. Maybe some are smart enough to read it…

  • KG

    Mr. Livingston,
    I thought you were a “freemarket, libertarian, Austrian School of economics” kind of guy. What gives you the right to make “moral” judgements about people? Being the free market kind of guy that you are, you should be in total agreement. After all, isin’t it a marketplace of ideas as well? So, if the majority of the people disagree with your assesment of their “moral” condition, shouldn’t you “go along” with it?

    • Ringgo1

      Full of it, as usual, we see.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      You are absolutely insane.

      • KG

        We will have to see – remember the French Revolution. The “capitalists” heads were floating allong the left bank. Got you scared?
        Power to the People

        • LisaT

          You are a backwards nutjob.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          KG, your Communist slip is showing.
          So the savages were used to destroy a productive society and ended up starving in the process.
          That ploy is too obvious to use again, so you and your your termite compatriots are using Liberation Theology to undermine America.

          • speedle24

            Actually I think KG just likes to see his BS in print. He writes the most outrageous crap he can manage just to see someone respond to him. I doubt he would know a real Stalinist if one were sitting in his lap.

          • Alondra

            He likes attention.

        • momo

          Those were royal heads “floating along the left bank”. And the French revolution managed to kill alot of the leaders who fomented it, it also brought Bonaparte to power.

          • KG

            You have made my point. Thank you.

    • Nadzieja Batki now you want consensus morality instead of Biblical morality. What do you plan to do about people who still believe that God is the author of morality? You will redefine words, so what else is new.

      • Flashy

        “What do you plan to do about people who still believe that God is the author of morality?”

        how about treat them as they want to treat those who aren’t of their dogmatic religious cult? ya think that will be OK there nad?

  • Peter Barney

    impeach Obama!

  • Peter Barney

    Impeach Obama!

    • MexicansaysLibtardsRpukes

      The problem is Democraps always get away scot free, See Rangle, Edwards, and so on!

    • Alondra

      Arest the Kenyan Kriminal!

  • Flashy

    Mr. Livingston, much of the diatribe you write today has a ring of economic reality. But the end supposition and urgings to buy gold is somewhat skewed from the situation. The price of gold today, and the decline recent six months plus of the price, is unrelated for the most part in the Fed actions. you know it, I know it, why mislead those who aren’t savvy enough to know the basics underlying the decline of gold and precious metal prices?

    China’s purchasing of gold is showing a sharp drop. China was a significant buyer of the metal in recent years for economic and industrial needs. China has entered the beginning phase of an economic readjustment. One which will in all likelihood be years in struggling to right their ship. they face a few problems, graft, corruption, a growing middle class demanding more of the share while an entrenched few try to keep what they hoarded, a growing elderly population, invasive new from the outside world educating the population, environmental stresses, and the cost of trying to grow their sphere of international influence. Europe, a huge buyer on the market, is now in the sixth year of economic stagnation brought about mainly from the austerity policies which they adopted in 2007-08 and we rejected (except for the radical right..which continues to insist that real life examples of austerity in recessionary times and the laws of economics don’t apply). India slowed down its purchases, and Japan has decoded that the policies of austerity in times of recession aren’t working…and have switched to monetary quantitative policies.

    There ya have it. When the Top 11 gold purchasers slow down purchases of gold…what happens/ The price of gold goes down. And PLD forecasts economic calamity and pushes for the unwary to buy gold.

    As for devaluation of currency. it is not a good thing for the most part. If it is occurring past usual foreseen adjustments. Yes, the dollar would have declined more than an adjustment value but that most currencies have devalued in an attempt to grab business from the single strongest economy in the world. Even as th zealots insist we should practice economic killing austerity, push for job killing policies, and paralyze Congress…what little this administration has been able to do has prevented us from the Europe model and given us meager growth…meager yet better than the rest of the world.

    Capitalism has, as the very basic core rule, inflation is a necessity. not a high rate…2-5% is the “bucket’…just enough to encourge people to buy now for tomorrow it will b more expensive. just enough to give higher prices for investment even in times of flat values. Just enough to give more earnings ahead of the slow rate to enable wealth to be created. This is when you have an empowered Middle Class and the welath is not concentrated in the hands of a few.

    When we have experienced the most massive wealth redistribution in the history of Man…bequeathed to us beginning with Reagan and culminating in Bush II (unbroken except for the years of ’92-2000) what would anyone expect? And as the radical right extremists/TPers/ American Taliban fight the war on behalf of the wealthy to continue the redistribution and concentration of capital, as they push for policies to further take wealth from the Middle Class, as they urge for the decrease in the massive consumer base which must buy to have growth and solid investments made… you have what we have today.

    just correcting your logical fallacies Mr. Livingston…no need to thank me. Glad to do it …

    • speedle24

      Flashy, it is amazing how you have completed a long diatribe with some astonishingly astute observations, and then manage to come to the ultimately inane conclusion that “quantitative easing” is necessary to sustain long term economic health (I am paraphrasing here). Put another way you somehow have rationalized that there will never be a point in time when the piper has to be paid.

      You attack the hardship that “austerity” begats in the short term without recognizing the ultimate reward. In other words, like all “live for today” liberals you seem to have no sense of responsibility for caring for future generations. I find your thought process to be most curious because you seem to be informed (on some level) and still a liberal, while the majority of liberals (or at least the ones who vote that way) are horribly ill-informed of economic facts. But ultimately your ignorance of (or refusal to accept) the facts surrounding wealth and incentives and their relationship to economic health for all society is your undoing.

      By the way, it is not the “middle class” in China that will be demanding more. They really have no middle class. It is the lower class working for peanuts that will bring the Chinese economy back to reality, and there are well over a billion of those folks who fall into that category. Along with Obama, China is the world’s poster boy for crony capitalism.

      • Flashy

        Speedy, I never stated QE will need to be ended. It will…and inflation is a danger to be watched. because of the depth of the world recession…and the insistence of Congress to stop any efforts at creating a sound economic recovery (egads…can there ever be a more dense set of leaders in their approach to economics than that shown by the radical right in the Congress?), QE has been forced to be the monetary policy.

        Austerity in the face of recession and economic hard times has never worked. As well, printing money when not in recession has resulted in bad results. It’s a delicate balance which i envy not the Fed to determine. had it been a usual recession, we would not be in a QE environment this late into the game.

        but it’s not a “usual recession’..not by any measure. The GOP ran the economy into the ground, concentrated wealth has restricted the amount of consumer spending, and Europe and Asia went the way of austerity and are flopping around like a gaffed salmon on deck. Add to that the extremist crazy right wing contingent in Congress who place politics and fealty to the wealthy above that of this nation…and the only recourse is the QE Policy the Fed is practicing.

        Speedy…when the sequester is embraced by the radical Right…and everyone..everyone..states it will result in a decrease of GDP of at least 1% this year…when any stimulus is rejected, when all spending targeting the Middle Class and Small Business is curtailed while large corproations continue with their wasted subsidies…there is no recourse but QE and hope the credit markets open up.

        Yes…we are going to get hit with inflation. If it’s done smoothy in easing up the QE policy..we should see inflation between 5-7% for a two or three year period. That’s the price we have to pay because of the refusal of the right wing crazies to face economic realism.

        • momo

          You know flashman, every once in awhile you have a cogent thought, but then you go on a rant…and it goes way.

          “Yes…we are going to get hit with inflation. If it’s done smoothy in easing up the QE policy..we should see inflation between 5-7% for a two or three year period.”
          That sound more like a hope than reality. How many trillions of dollars are sitting in the Banksters reserves? Have you tried to get a loan lately? Good luck with that. As soon as that money is freed up and hits the market prices are going to rise because the marginal utitliy of the dollar will go down.
          As foir the “right wing crazies” there are plenty on the left that can join them, starting with their patron saint Krugman. I wonder if the President of Estonia is still calling him a wothless POS?

          • Flashy


            IF the Fed slowly constricts monetary policy as they plan, accepting a mid point inflation as the result, the credit markets won’t flood the system. If they do flood the system with the held funds, the Fed will clamp down, restrict monetary growth, and they won’t be able to extend credit…thus losing money as it sits idle unused and shrinking in value.

            Yes, the marginal utility of the dollar will decrease, and the multiplier effect will be at the low end of each industry, but such are the result of the policies which the radical right wing crazies have forced upon us.

            As for the Estonian President and his opinion of Krugman…i’d say in about a year we shall see the result of Estonia’s monetary policy. they have room for growth in the private sector and funds available via the Russian investment circles (i.e. mob). if you don’t mind ceding your country to organized crime, you can make it if you are a small, unimportant, economically miniscule country….

        • speedle24

          Flashy, you are operating under a couple of incorrect assumptions. First, to suggest that “austerity” should not be exercised in the face of a recession is the same as saying an individual in credit card debt should seek more credit at a higher rate to pay off the first creditors. And no, that is not an oversimplification. The basics of macro and micro economics are the same. The bottom line is that either the current generation can take an economic hit or the next generation can take a much much bigger hit. Take your pick as a caring liberal. Any other hypothesis is nothing but mental flatulence.

          Secondly, “QE” is the essence of “crony capitalism”. It is really not a free market practice of any kind. Banks and large corporations that fall on their ass should not be helped up by the taxpayer, regardless of how many jobs and/or fortunes are lost. It is actually the very nature of life that this should happen. It is the manner in which nature maintains and restores itself. Before you start in about “law of the jungle” economics you may want to ask yourself if it is that you deny the validity of the “law of the jungle” or just hate its existence. There is a big difference.

  • GALT

    P.L.D. continues its commitment to Recycling Garbage.

    Just curious, Bob…..has the April surprise already taken place?


    Here is the pattern: They start with metal; and, as they prosper, they create paper money and debt. All collapse, and then there is a return to gold and silver or other metal.


    Actually that pattern did not begin until 800 to 600 BCE, and the reason it began was for the conduct of WAR and CONQUEST. Prior to that, economies were localized and operated on a credit system, with centralised authority ( government ) making “markets” possible, and it is here that the evidence that “economics and economies”, were doomed to failure…….because economics is neither empirical nor a discipline.


    That this is TRUE, is known to everyone here……especially for those who claim that “unregulated free markets” via “capitalism” ( whatever that IS, because no one seems to know ) is a “solution” to what ails us.


    There is no “mystery” behind this statement………it lies in a simple and fundamental TRUTH……in any system of economics, where “capital” exists and can be extended in the form of credit……with interest due, that system is DOOMED to eventual collapse.


    After all, how many times have you heard that while the “capital” is loaned into the “economy”, the “interest” is not? It does not matter in what form the “capital” takes…….marks on a clay tablet, or bits of metal, any form of “usary”…….provides the “illusion” of wealth, and sows the seeds of eventual destruction for that economy.


    Prior to the “economic ignorance” stated above, credit systems which existed BEFORE the magical age of WAR and CONQUEST made possible by “coinage”……..there was a solution to the inevitable imbalance and wealth disparity ………..”debt forgiveness” or “jubilee”, which……given a choice, was to be preferred over the “collapse” of system. This “solution” is evidenced in legal codes and in the Bible also.


    Give todays theme: “Social and Moral Breakdown”, it would appear that the two preceding TRUTHS are somewhat INCOVENIENT, and directly contradict the supposed source of the problem…..little bits of metal as “wealth”, as “money” or as a “measure of anything”… the PROBLEM…….which in turn is the “cause” of social breakdown and immorality……for “usury” is immoral. ( or it used to be…..but this rests on another flawed foundational assumption……that the human species was predisposed to “morality or ” logically reasoned intelligence”….when it is clear that…..we are simply “talking hominids”, who have failed to adapt to “civilization” and are now, having exceeded the “limits of growth” and the “limits of nature”, determined to maintain at all costs this path toward self imposed extinction.


    “Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory.” Franklin Pierce Adams


    Of course, in this case it is not bad memory, but “false memories” of all manner of things………history most of all……


    As for the “scenario” imagined here…..( again ) this is NOT POSSIBLE. The “currency” is not available for “hyper inflation”, and any “panic” is easily prevented…….so buy all the gold and silver you like, it is just a commodity and its value is dependant on perception….it is not a store of value……after all when gold and silver dropped precipitously……..did the price of anything change? No! Gold and Silver LOST value in what it could purchase.

    “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”


    • Charlie

      You are great at pointing your intellectual figure at people and problems ,,,but,,, We have yet to see any real solutions , that,the 90% can put into applications … Meanwhile…. try………………………
      Praising King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 IS salvation…

      • GALT

        Your willful ignorance must truly be a comfort to you…..since
        you have just read the PROBLEM and the SOLUTION to it.
        “When gods cease to be powerful, they necessarily become good.”

        • Charlie

          Thanks for your advise,,,but,,,We are trying to work our way out of our ignorance… You may “Think” you have given a “solution” to some people ,,,BUT,,,are they in the 90%”s group??? The average white American can barely read a Maintenance Manual and apply what it says……………..

          • GALT

            There is little evidence of what you claim……for maintaining ignorance and remaining “victims” is precisely what the majority
            of “mushrooms” who frequent this site are here for……..
            But you are correct, they ARE “functional illiterates”……
            the only question is….who will “profit” from their “ignorance”?

          • Charlie

            You and I both are trapped by our ignorance of some subject matters… Your ignorance is , to communicate to a “functional illiterates” on their level of understanding so they may be able to apply your intelligence to solve a problem… You lack “Grunt” language skills,,, “the majority of mushrooms”, are “Grunts”…
            Meanwhile… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 IS salvation…

          • GALT

            Sorry, but communicating with a ” willfully ignorant, functional illiterate” on their level is by “definition” impossible.

            What you are suggesting is called “manipulation”, because that
            is what happens here……that is why they are here and why
            they vote for the posts of others who are equally ignorant, yet
            seemingly share the same “myths” as each other and their host.

            One is never “quite certain” what these “myths” are specifically,
            because they are vaguely alluded to……., patriot, constitution,
            rights, founding fathers, morality, god, country, etc…..of course no one knows the meaning of the words or the “history” behind
            them……and the manipulators know this, so the next step is to allude to the enemy with more words, elitist, globalists, crony
            capitalists, progressive, liberal, socialist, communist…..and the
            manipulator succeeds.

            ( it is clear that the manipulated have all heard what they came to hear and all believe they are included as one of the “chosen people”…….this becomes obvious when
            one reads the diverse insanity of the “mushrooms”, which our
            “manipulator” has no problem with……..since none of it
            “challenges” the source of this wisdom…….of course, given the
            impotence of the almighty to communicate clearly, which has
            produced so many variations of his word……why would a man
            not exploit this rather obvious foolishness? )

            One can no more conduct a successful intervention with a
            ‘willfully ignorant” person by manipulation, than one can do
            so with any other “addictive disease”.

            There is only one road to recovery for the w.i.f.i. Charlie.

            You may be familiar with it. It begins…….

            “Hello… name is Charlie and I am willfully ignorant,
            functional illiterate.

          • Charlie

            Ha haha hahahahan,,,that’s grunt,,,meaning I enjoyed your fat headed ,ego manic statement ……… Anyone that “Thinks” he/she can communicate better than The Almighty God as called out in The Holy Bible,,.has some ego problems… Your basic “”Sin””is “Pride of Life”… The 3 basic sins are named at 1 John 2:16… Any sin will come under one of those 3 basic sins…
            Have you tried “Humble pie”? it’s a diet to reduce a fat head…
            Most of your comment is mostly true…. But I can’t be a total w.i.f.i.,,,I ask too many questions,,,that, you don’t have “grunt” answers for………..Meanwhile……………. Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing…Acts 2:38 is salvation………………..

          • GALT

            Like I said, you may believe whatever fairy tale you like.
            Your god does not exist, which means you have no clue
            where you are or why you are here…..and you are so easily manipulated……although the chances are that like most, it
            is simply pretense…..and you are just another hypocrite.
            To me, you are just another w.i.f.i. and of no consequence.

          • GALT

            P.S. That you ask questions does not change your w.i.f.i. status.

            You believe in that which is not possible, so you have never asked the right questions and have never found the right

          • Charlie

            Well,,, thanks for the progress report,,,but,,,another question came up because of your comment… What “Scripture” have you proven wrong with concrete evidence ???
            Meanwhile,,,,, Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

          • GALT

            I am not required to prove anything. What you believe in, doesn’t exist……..and you have no proof that it does.

            Game over!!!!

          • Charlie

            What “Game” are We playing? there is The “Proof” that King Jesus is Alive and Well AND He and His Father Have “Created” The “Game” and all the players… Meanwhile… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing, while you can still “Play”, who knows when your game will be over?,,, Acts 2:38 IS Salvation from ALL Your enemies… Without King Jesus, there is No Salvation… Read The book of John…
            Charlie Freedom

          • GALT

            “life is a game, played for keeps.” Emmet Grogan

            There is no after and there are no second chances.

            “PRAISE LIFE…….it’s what you KNOW!!!!!!”

          • Charlie

            Does Emmet Grogan claim to be a God / god? Who is the Creator of all life??

          • GALT

            Dear w.i.f.i… are dismissed.

            You have been dismissed!

            How many further repetitions do you require?

          • Charlie

            Well,,,chicken,,,are you afraid to go in circles for a while ? God’s Earth ,,,that your riding on, has been going in circles for about 5000 years.. I think We should go in circles UNTIL you admit God Owns you ……………….

          • GALT

            Dear w.i.f.i… are dismissed.

            You have been dismissed! ( as inconsequential )

            How many further repetitions do you require?

            P.S. Ptolemy was wrong.

  • The Christian American

    Devaluation is exactly the same as grand theft. Bartering is trading one’s goods for anothers. Both parties are winners. Money came along as a medium of exchange. People accepted money instead of bartering but the money has to have value in and of itself, a commodity like gold or silver. That is genuine money. The paper we use is suppose to be nothing but a certificate that the holder can exchange for money at his pleasure. When someone prints certificates that are NOT redeemable in gold or silver for the full value they represent, THEY ARE COUNTERFEIT. Stalin said: Tell a lie often enough and it becomes truth. We accept the paper as money when all that it is is worthless paper. The lie has become truth and unscrupulous bankers and government rally in the lie. Because the whole thing is a lie, we’re dealing with the lie as truth, but our inner conscience knows it. “For the love of money is the root of all evil”. Christ is the medium between men and God and we’re putting money there in His place. Money is the world’s god. With it men sell their souls. Without it there’s no telling what men will do. To fix the situation, all that we have to do is convert our paper into certificates fully redeemable in Gold, silver, whatever man will accept as a medium of exchange. Not impossible put it will demand sacrifice, repentance before the Creator, Our security will rest in our labors, nothing else. There’s nothing for nothing and our use of counterfeit paper is proving it.

    • GALT

      Yup, that’s the solution… money for money.
      All of history is there to tell you……YOU ARE WRONG.

  • hungry4food


    Here is a Perfect example of the Moral Breakdown thats effecting the social element !!!!!!!!!
    Its amazing that the Media is not all being called accomplices in this Blatant attempt to Ignore this In Your Face Fraud by the FBI !!!!!
    Caught in a Web of Lies in Boston , Now ain’t this something ??????

    • Alondra

      IMPORTANTMessage from Lieutenant Colonel Potter on Boston Attack

      Independent investigators uncover the government operatives involved in executing the Marathon bombing. Other information I present shows the desperation of opposing elements in our government at war with each other, and the American People. MIRROR Please make it viral by PASSING IT ON

      “[T]he DEVIL HAS COME DOWN to us, having great wrath, because HE KNOWS THAT HE HAS A SHORT TIME.” (Revelation 12:12)

      And he is furious, because he knows that his days are counted, therefore he
      “walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” (1Peter 5:8)

      • Bob666


  • Terry

    Look at Germany today. A hardy and industrious people. A global manufacturer.
    Yet earlier in history they had hyperinflation, amorality, decadence, national ruin.
    As long as the breath of life is in man, there will be amorality and decadence in
    every land and in every heart.

    The fed is going to raise interest rates. The U.S. is going to stop importing oil
    and gas. The trade deficit will become a trade surplus. The dollar will recover.
    The US will be the world’s leading manufacturer. The federal budget deficit
    will disappear. The dollar will never lose its status as the global reserve currency.
    And there will still be amorality and decadence in every heart. That has nothing
    to do with currency valuation.

    “There is none that doeth good. No, Not one.”

    • Michael Shreve

      Should be done, won’t be done.

    • GALT

      Currently, oil is our largest export…..and the XL will increase this.

      Natural Law ( the real one ) requires no morality, all it demands is that
      you suceed in exercising your single ” unalienable right.”

      Whatever “morality” is; requires that it be consistent with and a logically reasoned extension of “natural law”…….

      Since the species remains willfully ignorant of both of these things,
      prospects for the future are poor to non existant.

      “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

      • momo

        Galt, could you expound on Natural Law (the real one)?

        • GALT

          You have the single unalienable universal right to continue
          to attempt to survive. ( the same as everything other living thing )

          This is your biology and you are compelled to act upon it.
          You may try to suppress or deny or rationalize this TRUTH, but actions usually will bear this out……

          Do you need further expounding?

          • GALT

            Sorry for the double post……seems the board took it’s own sweet time letting these posts stick……I’ll leave them both…..after all,
            this has been posted many times by me…..and it never seems to stick… I guss there is no such thing as too much repetition, even for the most basic, self evident TRUTH.

          • Charlie

            Give us a triple post and continue to prove The Holy Bible is “Truth”,,,see Psalm 119:160…””the sum of God’s words is truth””

          • GALT

            The w.i.f.i. now demonstrates the desperate and boringly
            unimaginative “non sequitur”, with the declarative appeal
            to an “imagined authority”…….

          • Charlie

            Well,,, if I am a non squirter , what is Your “”Jurisdiction””??? remember ,,,Jurisdiction has 2 meanings ,,,so,,,use the right definition or We may have to assume you are part “”w.i.f.i…………
            Meanwhile… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 IS salvation…

          • GALT


        • GALT

          You have the single unalienable universal right to continue to attempt to survive. ( no more or less than any other life form )

          You may deny, supress or attempt to rationalze this truth,
          but actions under threat and even rhetoric when not, clearly
          makes these attempts obviously fraudulent, especially by those
          who claim to be acting under “moral authority”.

          This is your biology and it is inescapable…..therefor any quest
          for that which may be moral, must begin with the acceptance
          of this right and the agreement to respect it, since the right
          to exercise it always exists… may not succeed, but it is
          always available. If you wish to find other rights on which a possible agreement may be reached, this can only be done, if
          the primary right is understood first, for it does not require
          permission and it can never be immoral if its exercise is
          required. There is no ‘guilt” in nature or survival.

          You can not own the means of survival and any attempt
          to do so invites retaliation for which there can be no moral claim because at this level, one succeeds by “surviving”.

          Do you require further expounding?

  • MexicansaysLibtardsRpukes

    How soon when US dollar will become toilet paper??

    • momo

      It already is.

  • Oliver_K_Manuel

    I agree with you, Bob, society is now crumbling.

    The root cause is the 1945 decision to form the United Nations, end national boundaries and national constitutions, and to hide the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    That is also the source of energy that made our elements, powers the Sun, and sustains our lives [1,2].

    Now world leaders face an impossible situation of their own making:

    1. A growing world population
    2. A limited supply of fossil fuels
    3. Science advisors incapable of developing the only energy source that can allow our society to thrive in the future.

    With deep regrets,
    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    [1] ”Neutron Repulsion”, The APEIRON Journal 19, 123-150 (2012):

    [2] “Yes, the Sun is a pulsar,” Nature (submitted 12 Dec 2012)

  • ridge runner

    Don’t forget all the beltway federal elected whores, who get the max earnings check every year till they become worm dung. First place to cut is on these worthless fks, which costs taxpayers about 850 billion a year. Get kicked off a cush job, tough nuggies, these pukes have been screwing taxpayers all the time they are in the beltway!!!

  • Oliver_K_Manuel

    As E. M. Smith notes in his blog,

    “There is an objective reality.
    There is an objective truth.
    There is an unseen creator force, call it God, or not. It still is.

    Doesn’t matter what kind of hat is worn, either…”

    World leaders lost contact with that reality in the aftermath of WWII.

    • Charlie

      There are only 2 kinds of hats to wear in America,,, a Cowboy hat or a Baseball cap , both should be made in America…