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So Long Solyndra

October 5, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • BrotherPatriot

    Yep…just keep revealing that which isn’t talked about.

    It’s our only hope…and there is so much more truth to tell.

    God Bless America.

    • Christin


      But we need to get this type of ‘truth about Solyndra and this WH administration’ video to the all the people of this nation , not just the Conservatives who go on this site…

  • frankfurter

    What the hell else can you expect when you let one of the most crooked administrations gain power? Starting with the incompetent president to the crooked, racist and incompetent attorney general ,Eric Holder.

    Congress doesn’t have the balls to do anything about these crooks. Our only hope is next election time.

    • Handyman

      They work for the communist, muslim, run, United Nations, New World Order!

    • Scott Ward

      I’m agreeing with you, friend. But, there is something no one else is sayin’. Remember when we the people shouted loud and but apparently, not clear enough, for the Wash-ed up crowd in D.C.? What if election time comes near, and they (D.C.) says, “Oh, we suspended your constitutional voting rights.” “We are now your dicktaters.” What do we the people do then? Just sayin’ friend(s).

      • NH Constitutionalist

        Scoot I understand your concern but the socialists are outnumbered.

        One way to suspend them temporarily is for the CIC Corrupter In Collusion to declare Marshall law. This could come about because of the great unwashed mob of protesters on Wall St. and elsewhere.
        They are being bused in and some are paid to protest along with the useless unions.IMO, This whole BS protest by the scumbags is a set up for a $h*t storm, compliments of the liberal snake oil imbibers.

        • Rayma Dorsa

          Obama has sent them to protest,this is part of his “package”,but don’t worry to much, you know America is a great nation and there are somethings going on “underground” to save Ameria,God Bless America and all her people…

    • Joe

      There IS ,70 Socialist Democrats in Congress!!!!

  • Jeep

    From Solyndra to “Fast and Furious” there are an abundance of scandals that are not reaching the ears of the electorate, or the halls of justice. Where are the Republican attack dogs anyway? I guess, as usual, they are out “playing nicey-nice” with their friends.

    • Handyman

      What do you expect when, They work for the communist, muslim, run, United Nations, New World Order!

  • s c

    Now for the question that hasn’t been asked. When a certain law enforcement herd raided Solyndra recently, did they do their job in protecting America, or did they do whatever Holder told them to do to protect the scum who owned and ran Solyndra?
    Either America was served in that raid, or Obummer has pulled off another obscenity. Ask questions, people. Confront authority. Challenge media. NEVER submit to what passes for “leadership.”
    This is America, and scum who belong behind bars can be motivated to flee before their day of public comeuppance runs over them.

    • BrotherPatriot

      “This is America, and scum who belong behind bars can be motivated to flee before their day of public comeuppance runs over them.”

      This will trigger only from an aware & properly motivated public.

      In such a state, the bare truth must be revealed openly and ruled by a nation that is governed by a Constitutional Republic form of government & laws. This would allow our country to react as it would naturally to a given situation within the scopes of it’s own moral laws viewed through our judeo-christian mentality.

      But even then our religion must be reviewed with the self same clarity of truth and that may very well open up other new rules of interaction that we must guide ourselves by within the Light of God’s truth as perhaps, our way of thinking is shaken by what we discover.

      These people who have been in control for so very long now, have lied to us for so long that we must review all we know to discern the truth.

      All of this review must be done w/out special considerations being given due to any political or other influencial intrigue.

      This is how America originally was established to be but it’s path was quickly scewed to the side by a massively influencial secret society that got officially disbanded (the Illuminati) but instead, quickly spread like the plague within another already, secret society (The FreeMasons).

      As the original Patriots began to pass on and more and more influence from the above bankers and their secret society began to have its effect upon the very shaping of the society of Humanity, this parasitic organisim accomplished these goals and also gained purchase within all of own very lives. The secret societies have been shaping our history now for quite some time. They have been making decisions that are clearly self motivated and have shown that they are not the ones to be imbued with Regency for society as a whole. They have failed horribly & killed so many of our people all across the world. They profit from our misery while they keep us entertained.

      Their old school form of power must be brought to an end. They have a beginning that stretches down through egypt and even further from what my research has discerned…

      I keep harping on this subject because I’m a firm believer in ROOT level thinking. Solve a problem at the source and many other problems go away. Bring the truth out into the Light of God and let the lies burn away revealing the proper form of action within His eyes. Yes, this will hurt abit but in the end our society would explode with abundance, wealth and good will and of course be the better for it.

      The Man is keeping us down…literally.

      It’s time to wake up to some simple truths my brothers & sisters of this world. Patriots all across this Nation & the World are waking up to what History is telling us is the truth about these people and what they have been doing.

      This truth directly points a finger at the same people who have financed all the major wars. All roads lead to Rothschild. They are interlinked through their membership with a secret society called the FreeMasons. If you look at what History is telling us about them we see that they are a bunch of humans that have accumulated absolute power over their environment. Unfortunately, absolute power corrupts absolutely. They have a confliction of interest with their Nation as they hold loyalty to each other above it.

      In the deepest levels and in the most secret of secrets of their organization there lies some horrid truths. Truths that speak of a demon god named Molech in which children were burned alive as sacrifice are linked to the ancestors of this ruling body of elite.

      It gets deep folks, really quickly but it’s the duty of all men of good will to become aware and this can only come by researching into the above subject matter I speak of.

      I harp on this because I believe solving this ROOT problem with secret societies is integrally important for our species as a whole. The simple fact that this isn’t talked about screams out how terribly important this subject really is.

      God Bless.

      • AlleninReality

        If you really seek the truth, you had better head to the middle east and I am not talking about arabs. There’s your secret society. ’nuff said!

      • Clint

        Hello BrotherPatriot, You seem to be very astute with your knowledge of the Bloodlines. I believe also that they are a menace to society but they hide behind corrupted politicians/judges/law enforcement and use centralized banks to print fiat currencies then with usury they enslave the populace and further finance wars. Trying to spread these truths to others usually is met with scorn and incredibility. We are few, how do we best expose these eugenic sociopaths?

        • BrotherPatriot

          I hear your concern Clint and I feel the weight of your question.

          I think the best answer I can give right off the top of head is that we simply…must expose them by talking about them with the proof of History to back us.

          From what I have found…many people don’t even want to hear the truth. They are very comfortable living in their corner of the illusion that is provided for them. However, I still feel it’s my patriotic duty to speak out about this topic. I honestly feel it’s what is wrong with our world. They are the core ROOT level of WHAT is WRONG with our World. Only when you look at Everything through this filter of knowledge…only then does the worlds issues start to make sense.

          When you look at a world issue, see what key people or organizations are involved, and then back track to an earlier Bilderberg meeting…often you find the key people or members of an organization had attended the earlier meetings.

          You should become familiar with Jim Tucker over at American Free Press. He has been chasing the Bilderberg people for over 25+ years now and started off as a sceptic that there was even were people like the Bilderbergs in existance.

          Not only are there people like them…they have spread out like an infection into other organizations as well. Thus, you have differently named groups all still following the same Agenda.

          The Bilderbergs/Illuminati Agenda.

          These people own all the news stations, own Hollywood & the rest of the intertainment industry, own our government all the way down into our local town hall meetings and often the Sheriff. They print money as they need to as they control the money supply.


          But still very human and full of mistakes just like the rest of us. They have left enough evidence down through History to reveal their true intent.

          So I say again…the greatest thing we all can do is to start talking about that which is not talked about. To bring out into the Light of God’s TRUTH the simple facts that History has provided to us. Arm yourself with the truth of History and have the Constitution close as well.

          Together, History & the Constitution (which is the highest law of the land…or should be)…together those two facts can provide enough Patriots all they need to wrestle the power away from these Luciferian worshiping social degenerates.

          God Bless all those who fight the Good Fight. Never give up.

  • Michael J.

    Nothing will happen. Solyndra does not out weigh the eligibility issue and nothing is being done about the fact that we have an illegal alien posing as POTUS. What makes you think that anything will be done to address the taxpayers losses in this case?
    Sure, heads will roll, but it won’t be Obama’s. A sacrificial lamb will be trotted out onto the media alter, shackled by shame with head slung low in order to pacify public dissent, but in the end the real perpetrators will be shielded from prosecution.

    • steve psaros

      You mean like Charlie Engles and Maxine Waters?!
      Holy Linberger Cheese Batman!

  • Bandit

    Holy S ! who cant see that Solyndra in a co they let go down in flames w our $$$ !!! This is still just a distraction ! Who doesnt get it ??? This admins goal is to b certain we lose our standing as world reserve currency before they r ousted ! Solyndra is just 1 more sacrifice to reach a goal !!! Keep up people !!!

  • jopa

    Today’s topic is Solyndra.This is just peanuts compared to the billions that Haliburton received under the Bush and today’s administration.Not only that, Haliburton banks offshore so they don’t have to pay taxes on the money they have ripped off of the American public.

    • s c

      j, why is it so hard for you bubble-head utopians to stay on a topic? You ADMITTED that this topic is SOLYNDRA. Amd then, in typical, bubble-headed, utopian, schizophrenic fashion, you throw in Halliburton. That makes as much sense (as little sense, actually) as adding something about GB.
      Once again, this topic is Solyndra. Do you need “help” when you’re tempted to send in feedback? You make yourself sound like a hormone-driven teenager.
      By the way, your ‘check’ is probably in the mail. Since you fogot to mention something about GB (it’s in your utopian contract), you will have at least one deduction made against the check’s total amount (so sorry about that).

    • Dee

      Jopa, I agree. At least we only lost 1/2 billion on a company that was possibly poorly ran. I’d rather shut it down now than after $3 billion. I believe there is a lot more to that closing than is being released to the public. Perhaps the shareholders didn’t want to invest in the long-term and wanted their money ‘now’. Perhaps, espionage or infiltration from one of the fossil fuel giants to protect their insane profits? Let’s look for the technology to show up in the future at BP, or one of the other newly formed ‘corporate green energy initiatives’. How many multiple billions are we losing to the Halliburton’s, the bailed out banks that are not investing in our communities and infrastructures, blood thirsty CEO’s, etc?

  • Pay day coming

    Solyndra, like all things “allowed” to be scrutinized by the “press”, is probably the least damning for the the administration. Compared to the “back-room” dealings that will surface as regulations and executive (midnight signed) orders.

  • Pappy

    What has Obama cost you lately?

    • Dee

      Troy Davis.

  • John P.

    Lets vote all socialist democrats, lefties and rhinos OUT in 2012.


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