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Snoops In The Trash

September 17, 2010 by  

Snoops In The Trash

Government snoops are now checking your garbage and there’s no end the mischief that can lead to.

Local municipalities have begun putting low-power radio frequency identifiers (RFIDs) in garbage cans to monitor their resident’s recycling efforts. If some government bureaucrat decides you aren’t making enough recyclable trash you’ll receive a $100 fine in Cleveland.

Other municipalities are jumping on the “Green” bandwagon. Some are raising garbage collection rates to pay for the new technology that monitors whether you a separating your papers and plastics. Among the cities now monitoring your trash are Charlotte, N.C., Boise, Idaho, Flint, Mich., Dayton, Ohio, and Alexandria, Va. Not all of them have implemented a system of fines, but all say they want to use them “educate” residents on how to recycle.

Of course, governments aren’t interested in whether you are being responsible and recycling your waste… just money and power. The new technology is expensive. In Cleveland the new bins with the microchips cost $2.5 million and it will take 15 years to recoup the costs. In just a few years the technology will be outdated but Cleveland will still be trying to pay for its investment.

There are many problems with this idea. First, to pay for the technology municipalities are hitting residents with more fees they can ill afford and see the fines as a new revenue stream for their strapped budgets. Second, the idea that some under worked bureaucrat can sit in an office and determine whether you are producing enough plastic bottles or aluminum cans to satisfy some pinhead’s model for a certain family size should cause concern.

It may be that your family has sworn off soft drinks to avoid government-approved, diabetes-causing high fructose corn syrup. Or, it could be that you’ve installed a water filtration system in your home and are not using bottled water. Either way, in Cleveland at least, being responsible will cost you a $100 fine… there’s that $2.5 million investment to consider.

And the privacy concerns here are myriad. Government can determine you drink too much or eat too much junk food. It can know whether you’re smoking in your home, and what brand you use. Every item you purchase that has wrapping and a label will be open for inspection. Big Brother can learn everything there is to know about you just by going through your trash.

With government in charge of your healthcare under Obamacare, that knowledge can go a long way toward determining whether you get treatment or not. It could easily decide that smokers, drinkers, someone with a chronic health problem or gun owners don’t deserve life-extending treatment.

Now municipalities have vans that peer through walls and microchips in your garbage bins.

And Winston Smith in 1984 was worried about what the telescreen saw and heard…

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    We can look forward to a lot more of these, now that my health has become your business thanks to the Healthcare Bill:

    Kiss your food freedoms goodbye. And I’m not just talking about eating healthy. The Big Corporations and Government (who can rationalize any amount of intrusion to our Freedom) will no doubt get together and decide the foods they produce should be the only ones available. After all, Big Brother does know what’s best for us, doesn’t he?

    • Soldier

      I am going to grow food on my land, or eat insects, kill rodents, dig up worms… whatever it takes to eat non-big brother INC GMO food. If our “Godly” and “extremely praiseworthy” military wants to cut my body and my toddlers body in half with a 50 caliber machine gun, that I will see you GIs in Hell.

    • Bob

      No problem. We don’t have to worry because most people on this site are locked and loaded. I worry about what they drank to get loaded.

    • Vicki

      If I were MacDonalds I would seriously consider a lawsuit.

      • DaveH

        Kinda makes you want to eat yourself to death, doesn’t it? I always wondered how long it would take before the food police came to our once Free country.
        The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ought to mind their own business.

        We can abstain from liquor, and caffiene, and sugar, and fatty foods, and smoking, or anything else that might be unhealthy. And we may or may not live any longer, but it will sure seem like it.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          If you want to see an uprising in this country, then tell all ourvery repecctable and outspoken ladies out there that they can no longer eat chocolate!!! Just kiddin ladies!!!

          • Angel Wannabe

            JoeH, Hell that’d be a Revolution to take our chocolate!!!__lol

        • independant thinker

          Reminds me of the following.

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          And buying machines that they advertise to help you exercise.
          Herbs to revitalize you if you’re traumatized.
          Soaps that will sanitize.
          Sprays to deordorize.
          Liquid to neutralize acids and pesticides.
          Free weights to maximize your strength and muscle size.
          Shots that will immunize.
          Pills to re-energize you.

          But remember that for all your pain and gain
          Eventually the story ends the same…
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          Cut out cokin’, but you’re still gonna die.
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          Cut nicotine tar, you’re still gonna die.
          You can exercise that cellulite off your thigh.
          Get slimmer and trimmer, but you’re still gonna die.
          Stop gettin’ a tan, you’re still gonna die.
          You can search for UFO’s up in the sky
          They might fly you to Mars where you’re still gonna die.

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          And all the Reeboks and Nikes and Adidas you buy
          You can jog up to heaven and you’re still gonna die.

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          Try high colonics, you’re still gonna die.
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          But when they do thaw you out, you’re still gonna die.
          You can have safe sex, you’re still gonna die.
          You can switch to Crest, you’re still gonna die.
          You can get rid of stress, get a lot of rest,
          Get an AIDS test, enroll in EST,
          Move out west where it’s sunny and dry
          And you’ll live to be a hundred
          But you’re still gonna die.

          You’re still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.
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          • DaveH

            Very Good, Thinker.

  • DaveH

    My gut feeling is that if recycling were indeed cost-effective, companies would merely need to be allowed to mine the dumps.
    Or even if we didn’t care if it was cost-effective but wanted to do it for “green” reasons, it would still be much more cost-effective to have trained workers mining the dumps for items, rather than waste the time of the average untrained citizen.
    Here is a comprehensive study on the efficacy of recycling efforts:

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      DaveH… Good post… How stupid this whole idea sounds. And they are doing it in Flint, MI!!!! Michigan is so depressed and Flint was hit exceptionally hard. What are thinking?

      • http://zzzz Preston

        9/17/10, Learn as much as you can from the Bear/Man vs Wild; your standard of living may come to this. ~~ ~~

        • independant thinker

          There is another program on now called “Man, Woman, Wild” that is just as good or maybe better than Bear.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        we have guys here that go around in pick-ups and vans picking up aluminum, brass, copper, washers, dryers, stoves, water heaters and such and take it to the scrap yards for money. I know one man that has a 2009 dodge ram he bought from doing this by himself!!! It so profitable that some cities have outlawed the taking of any trash or refuse from the curb! It is “property” of the city!!! Some of the “pickers” were actually going along and emptying the aluminum from the recycle bins!!!

  • dan az

    I say come check my trash its called a burn barrel good luck!

    • Al Sieber

      dan, I graduated to a burn trench, took my back hoe and dug a ditch, no neighbors no problems. I guess the “garbage” police are gonna cause a lot of problems in the cities. that’ll mean more “snitches” coming to a town near you. Homeland security already has a “snitch” number to call.

      • s c

        Al, this is a bit off-topic, but since we’re talking about “trash,” I’d like to know if the good people of Arizona are making Judge Bolton miserable and anxious to be elsewhere.
        As for regular “trash,” do what you have to do. You and I know Uncle Scam isn’t really interested in solving the problem. He’d lose ‘friends’ and his cash flow would suffer if he cared about solutions.

      • dan az

        ah the good old days works like a charm!

  • s c

    For the amateur morons (closet progressives) who infest this website, a government that is indistinguishable from a monstrous corporation is an example of fascism. I have a suggestion to stop Uncle Scam from ‘tracking’ purchases, and I promise that Uncle Scam won’t like it.
    Uncle Scam should be made to use various forms of RFID chips as suppositories. Career politicians should be the first recipients of this “love implant.” We are entitled to know where those worthless SOBs are at all times.
    Fair is always fair, and as long as this technology is being used against us, we reserve the right to make our own rules – just like the worthless SOBs in Washington. Line up, you miserable two-legged skunks.

    • Bud Parker

      s c,

      Brother, you are right on! Our great Republic has metamorphosed into a form of government that we used to fight on the battlefield. Now we have Socialists that think it is their obligation and right to inflict their delusional thinking on the public at every opportunity! Soon, an off-spin of traffic cameras will be observing your body elimination procedures in an effort to fine you for egregious over utilization of toilet paper. Cameras under the rim…

      Oh well, at least we have a President that does not hide any aspect of his previous existence on Planet Earth. Or, do I have that wrong?

  • Truth

    Just do what i do; take and dump all my garbage at the local state Health and Social Services government building in their big green dumpsters. Bee doing it for approx 20 years. Saved me about $4800 in private company trash collection fees. At least I’m getting something back for my taxes.

    • dan az

      See there is a better way!thanks truth!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        dan az,
        Just don’t get caught! If I’m not mistaken, in Ohio it’s about a 250 dollar fine for dumping household trash in others trash dumpsters. this is because they have to pay by the dump!!!

    • Bud Parker

      Thank God I live in the country where I simply drop it into the dumpster down the road. Soon they will have Dumpster Utilization Inspectors at every dumpster to audit your garbage procedures looking for fine collection opportunities. Fines are simply another revenue generating TAX.

  • Angel Wannabe

    In our area, our trash collectors were caught, dumping the recyclables in the same “dump pile” as what they determined was unuseable. While We were paying extra!__Bogus BS!!

    • Angel Wannabe

      in addition “screw’em,” I pay for a permit and burn what I can!

      • Angel Wannabe

        We have to pay for permits to burn trash and leaves here, because the township says it causes cancer! Geez is that all its takes not to get cancer__a permit?__Apparently theres certain days you can burn. I wouldn’t know the days, I burn when I want!

        • dan az

          angel you discovered the cure for cancer!good job!

        • Bud Parker

          @Angel Wannabe

          Actually, they misspoke saying this procedure causes cancer. What they should have said was that it causes hemorrhoids. Need I say more?

          • Angel Wannabe

            Dan az_ bud parker___lol!

    • DaveH

      We had some old paint in a five-gallon can that we wanted to get rid of. We wanted to comply with the hazardous waste laws, so my gal called the Disposal service to ask where we can take it. Their answer was that we should take off the lid and let it evaporate in our garage until it was dry; then put the can of dried paint in the regular trash. So we were supposed to breath those fumes until it dryed (several weeks). What a bunch of bozos. I instead put it outside until it dried.

      • dan az

        I knew this painter that had cans sitting next to his garage door and the epa fined him for hazardist waste REALLY it was in calif. go figure!

        • DaveH

          It’s all about revenue raising, Dan. They could care less about the environment. If they did care, they wouldn’t be trying to turn California into a third world state.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            If they really cared, they’d be out on the trails getting the illegals that are trashing up the country side along the routes they use to come here!!!

      • Angel Wannabe

        Dave H, I truly don’t think we should purposely slop up our streams with Hazerdous Wastes, and believe each of us should police our own properties__What really fries my cookies is, these damn enviro wack jobs don’t really care about the enviroment, but acting like they do keeps them IN A JOB__AGAIN, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

        • dan az

          Hey angel
          thats a fact!If there wasnt any money in it they wouldnt have a job!

  • jim

    I want to join the garbage police when I grow up.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Jim, LMAO!

    • Warrior

      Just think, Nov 2nd we can consider ourselves trash police.

  • Willy

    What next? Unbelievable!

    • Willy

      PS. I knew that there were many reasons why I wouldn’t live in Cleveland. Add this to the long list.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Ilive all of twelve miles from it and it is way too close!!! It affects the price I pay for car insurance! because they have a lot of car thefts and car jacking there, I pay more! Never mind I have never put in a claim to them for any reason what ever!!! Twenty years in this area, paying the same company and never a claim! you would think they would give me a free year or something!! I have driven over 40 years and never had even a parking ticket! I’m about to start riding a horse!!!

        • dan az

          Joe H
          they will probably make you carry a shovel with you and a very large bag!And you will probably still have to insure it!when you get pulled over for no head lights and no horn and no tail lights tell them your green and the tail light is under the tail just look!


    The town we live in is only recycling newspapers, can’t find a market for anything else. And the men were cutting their hands to shreds when they were still recycling glass. If we are really going to be forced into this, then the FORCERS must figure out a safe way to do it. Everyone is putting their trash out in blue bags, paper-glass-plastic-metal, etc., and the city even sends a recycling truck, ahead of the trash truck, and it all goes to the same dump Ker Plop! I cook from scratch and I don’t buy things in little cans, bottles, or frozen packages.

    • Bud Parker

      This type of lunacy can be cured; at the voting booth. Sadly, once an idiot get in office (s)he is statistically likely to remain there. Citizens need to take out the political trash, also. Don’t forget to separate the Dem’s from the GOP’s for separate collection.

  • Robert

    Remember a few months ago a story about a British citizen that GB was trying to fine for not recycling. He was running a business and reusing ALL of the business materials to avoid being wasteful. In the end GB had to back off because they inspected the business and found he was right and they were wrong. Imagine the recycle/garbage police being wrong. The same thing must happen here to get the garbage/recycle police off of our backs and make them leave us alone. #1 solution is to kill the RFID chips in the bins and NOT pay for the technology when charged for it. Let the people that bought that stupid idea pay for it out of their own personal funds. #2 is to do like I do and recycle directly back into the soil all the paper and cardboard that I get so all that is left is glass and plastic which I do have but very little of it. I shred even the cardboard and use it a mulch and soil additive. #3 Personally take your garbage and recycle materials to the proper places and get paid for the recycles directly to yourself instead of the town getting your money. #4 Recycle even your organic garbage as I do and compost or directly bury it in your garden. When all is said and done I have very little to dispose of, mainly plastics that I can not find a use for and metals that I have to little of to be worth recycling without saving up for years.

    If the garbage/recycle police come calling on me they will leave empty handed and on top of that I will not pay them for their visit.

  • Joyce from Loris

    It’s all pure madness! I just can not imagine all this. I do try to recycle, and we take our trash to the recycle center as well. I was told that if the market was up, say for glass, then the center will recycle. If not, then the glass goes into the land fill with all the other trash. Depends on the price! Imagine. We do not create much trash, as we do follow some of the ideas that Robert posted. However, we live on a two hundred acre farm, that use to have houses on it for the farm laborers and their families. 50 years later, I am trying to clean up their “trash piles” they created. Back in those day, there were no recycle centers. Lots of cans and glass bottles are still in the woods.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      In 1979 I worked for a special machine shop. One of the projects we worked on was a glass crusher for corning glass in toledo Ohio. Long rollers with short arms sticking out that we had to hard surface with a welder. This was 1979! Corning was using recycled glass then!!

  • http://http/ john littlefield

    they can take that and shove it.

  • jespren

    I grew up in the country with dogs, cats, cows, chickens, a horse, and a goat. Between what we fed to the animals, reused, composted, or burned our family of 4 went to the dump once in 9 years with a single truck load. I used to wonder where people got all this stuff they were supposed to be recycling (I now live in a city appartment-yuck!-without animals or area to compost or burn), I understand it somewhat now, but think how much ‘greener’ it would be if every appartment complex had a chicken coop or goat house, compost pile, burn pile, and open to all ‘reuse’ bin. Course that would make SENSE and loose all that $ for the city/private trash collectors.

    • Angel Wannabe

      jerspren, we grew up in the country too, we had a dump on my grandmothers farm, all the family & surrounding neighbors used it, and then we’d burn if off once a week. That is until, city goers, moved out here and started to complain about the cow patties on the road from the farmers, burning off the dump and the fact we had know street lights. Then to be politically correct we had to doz it under.
      I’d like to tellem’ all to go the hell back to the city, where the Government takes care of everything for you, out here we do it ourselves!!!

  • JoMama

    What will they think of next, huh??
    By the way – that is a HUGE waste of money.

  • FreedomFighter

    Recycle congress, the senate and most of the local state govement elected officials. Take the trash out.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Angel Wannabe

      FreedomFighter___Shyt, recycle congress?, with bunch that’s in there now, you wouldn’t get a dollar for the whole truck load!!!__lol

    • Earl

      EPA would classify it as toxic waste.

    • Jim H.

      FreedomFighter, Wouldn’t recycle mean we REUSE them? This batch is worthy of the landfill.

      • Jeep

        Well, Jim, I suppose it matters what we “reuse” them for…Shooting ranges comes to mind…You know! To help clean up the brass and all, not the other reason you were thinking! LOL

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Jim H & Jeep,
        We could always use them for what they would be good for….Cleaning the sh!t houses at the state parks!!! Hmmm Sh!t cleaning sh!t!! What’ll I think of next?!?!?!?

        • dan az

          there called honey dippers here!

          • Angel Wannabe

            dan az, we callem’ Honey Wagons here!__lol

    • Richard Pawley

      Yes, vote them out in November and if the new batch doesn’t shape up vote the rest of them out in two years. Keep it up and they will get the idea. It took the Progressives and Marxists almost a hundred years to get us here and it will take more than one election to get them all out, but we can do it! Yes, we can!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Once they start seeing how short their job lasts, I don’t think it will take a hundred years to turn it around!!!

  • Cheryl

    People, you better start standing up and protesting this government. If not, they will soon be telling you what you can wear, what you can say or do, what you can eat, where you can go, what you can drive. The list goes on and on. They will totally be running your life. You will have no say on your own life whatsoever. Is that how you want it to be? It’s definitely not how I want things to be.

  • Pat

    I would have to believe that the good people of Cleveland will figure this out and begin dumping trash into Lake Erie ! One day they maybe able to walk to Canada !

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Incredible!! And I thought it was bad here in NYC!! We recently heard of a guy who was slapped with an outrageous huge fine by sanitation police for taking an air conditioner off the sidewalk – even with the home owner’s permission!! They told him that once an item is placed at the curb for pickup, it becomes the property of the city/sanitation department. However, more common in this area are public litter baskets being used to dispose of household trash – despite signs forbidding it. People will walk a few blocks to empty their trash instead of using pails in front of their houses, presumably because they fear fines if they’re not in compliance with these ridiculous recycling laws. The litter baskets become an eyesore. Of course, this condition can be corrected quickly if recycling laws were repealed!! LOL!! That won’t happen, thanks to the leftwing democraps, as well as some RINOs and GOP wimps who are unable and/or unwilling to just say “NO” to the environmentalist wackos. Rush Limbaugh said the environmentalist wackos believe Americans waste too much. His advice to the environmentalist wackos – if they really want to cut waste, they should just button up and start doing real work, like most other Americans!! Dittos to that!! Likewise, I’d also like to tell the environmentalist wackos – if they believe in recycling so strongly, why don’t they eat recycled food????!!!! LOL!!!!!

    BTW, is this legal or constitutional?? Forcing people to provide recyclable materials?? Doesn’t that violate the ‘involuntary servitude’ amendment?? I also once heard somewhere that it was illegal to search trash – for evidence, etc. of course, with leftwing statists, I guess anything goes!!

    • Richard

      If you had any idea what is coming to the economy of the United States you would be thinking of moving to a much less populated area. All cities are going to be terrible places to live before this decade is over and certainly by the next decade. Keep reading on this web-site and you will find many helpful things that may help you survive the terrible food inflation and all things imported and all the changes that are coming because of the trillions of dollars that Congress has wasted. We always blame the president, but presidents come and go. It is Congress that continues forever or until we vote them out. We have a chance to do that on November 2 but the Democratic Socialists have done so much damage in the past few years along with RINO Republicans that the inflation I spoke is inevitable.
      At least make sure that you have a few months on hand of non-perishable food and you will be grateful in the not-to-distant future. Good luck to you because living in the city you are going to need it.

  • Raggs

    Lets take all of the trash out starting with obama!!!!

    • Dee

      I’m with you. Should have been done a long time ago.

  • Dee

    If that’s they way they are going to be, people should plant loaded mouse traps in the garbage.

  • Stephen Russell

    More wasted tax $ vs for Real issues.
    Who cares about Recycled waste, some places have 2-4 reycle cans alone. Get over it Obama & Govt.
    Wasted money & time.
    Check USFS parks, have TONs of Recycling each year or after Summer

  • Thom Allen

    If Charlotte follows the State Constitution and recent NC Supreme Court rulings, it is not going to make any money from this endeavor. All fines collected by any state or local governmental agency in NC goes to a central fund, which is divided up among the school systems in the State. If Charlotte tries to keep any of the fines, it will have to battle the most powerful lobby in the State, the public school lobby.

  • DaveM

    I have a few sugestions….switch your RFID tag with a neighbor you don’t like. As far as people pawing through your garbage just dump a can of drano in the bags once in a while.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Just set a couple of rat traps in it. but wear gloves when you handle them!!

  • NormP

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new Soviet Socialist States of America. Someday the progressives will ‘get it’, but I fear it is already too late. And you thought 1984 was a joke!!!

    • Richard

      70 members of Congress are members of the Democratic Socialists of America, but we can vote some of them out on November 2. If not it really could get as bad as the old USSR, and worse regarding food. They at least had a lot of small farms so there was food to eat but they are having severe drought in Russia right now and have ceased to export food. Even if a Joseph appeared, like one in the old testament who interpreted the Pharaoh’s dream and warned of the seven year famine, and told the people or the president that a famine was approaching the USA, they would not be believed. Some experts believe the union bosses will be making their members riot within a decade but it won’t make any difference. When the dollar is toast and Congress has finally destroyed it many will be going hungry. We can vote the Congress out and that would only be justice as it is they who have caused this to come about, giving the people what they wanted, dependence on the government, free stuff which is never free. At least they aren’t requiring worship which is what some of them really want. Vote like your life depended on it, or don’t complain on November 3.

  • jopa

    Bob said”A lot of people on this site are locked and loaded”. They do sound like they are loaded and should be locked up.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Just you try to lock us up!!! Please do!!!

  • jopa

    Actually todays comments I mostly agree with other than Truth’s when he talks about saving money hauling his trash to the state health dept dumpster.It is taxpayer dollars paying to have that trash hauled out that Truth pays and the rest of us,then there is the cost of hauling it to the dumpster and time involved so where is the savings?

    • independant thinker

      Many of these commercial dumpsters are serviced on a regular basis just like the residential trash service so as long as the container is not filled so rapidly it requires an extra pickup there is really no extra expense. Don’t know if that is the case with the one he uses though as he did not say how it is emptied.

  • http://gmail i41

    The last ten years the EPA beltway pencil necks, are trying to fine grain harvesters for the green enio chap the gets expelled out the back of a combine, because it classified as dust contamination, every equipment manufactor is being ragged on to stop dust. When wheat is at 12=16 moisture there will be dust particiles, which out in mile long feilds it settled with in a few minutes. These same overeducated appointed smucks also want the exhaust from equipment to be put back under ground, put them underground and let them breathe. Manufactors have even put water spray bars in side the combines, which a bug with a brain knows the kernal will not thresh out of the head, with even points of humidity when climbs. The last 2 years I contacted SBA, cities, and towns to untilize wood and paper trash for emergy and compost. First problem I had to bring in any elitist swinging pinhead for their cut, get permits from the county, state, and federal clowns, in other words pee money away way before I could even set up anything. These same asses want to see the project and what I was going to as a permant site, which I wouldn’t so another problem arose, because after a 10 year contract I’d put the wheels under the operation. Any one will find out pretty quick who thinks they are the bosses of their feifdom. The sen. and reps are worthless on the permitting process and beleive the system is just great. These are same damned morons that see no problem with the EPA coming out on private property to install air qualitity control you the rancher must pay for, with out a search warrent or noitification. It might fly in some areas but the chance of fewer EPA government wonks are a great possiblity. I’ve known a few county board members and a couple of law officers that got run off of private ranches and nothing went down on that. Enough irate people can usually back down several government dinks on private property, just don’t think these socialist asses and tyhe marxist muslim moron are going to be able to treat people niggardly and get away with it.

  • Lost Dog

    DaveH Is there money in posting here? Or, is posting a major pastime for you?

    You all have been chipped. One way or another. Passive chips, active chips, and GPS. Phone ,landline and cell, recorded. Text messages recorded. Right along with email and sites visited. The need to know is triumphant over freedom. Government has won. All will be sacrificed to further the benefit and aims of the Chip Masters.

  • dan az

    If they come looking for me then thats just what I would want!To be the first to start the revolution against big brother!

  • Carol

    Our RECYCLE container is a MUCH larger container.

    People already get stickers on their recycle containers here if they catch them not complying with recycle rules. (They put garbage in the recycle container or fill it to overflowing.)

    We share garbage containers in the alley. Most people who rent throw recycleables in or next to the garbage receptacles. Maybe they don’t want to bother rolling their recycle containers out every week.

    As for garbage, renters mostly chuck it over the back fence to land near or on top of the garbage can. I guess they think the garbage man will be getting out of the truck. He won’t. I was told that some people just don’t care. They might want to care about the varmints it attracts.


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