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Small Business, Big Words

August 2, 2012 by  

Small Business, Big Words
Gaster Lumber and Hardware has often thrived and always survived in Savannah, Ga., through the efforts of its owner, Ray Gaster.

The sign hanging below the roadside marquee in front of Gaster Lumber and Hardware reads: “I built this business without gov’t help. Obama can kiss my ass.”

Gaster Lumber and Hardware has often thrived and always survived in Savannah, Ga., through the efforts of its owner, Ray Gaster. Gaster is a bit of a political player in the area, and his influence is considerable. But his success as a small-business owner is due entirely to a combination of dogged determination and excellent service. Lest you think I have turned this space into an advertisement for Gaster’s business, let me assure you that I’ve never been to the place. I don’t even know Gaster, although I do know his son well enough to say hello in passing. And on the rare occasions I find myself in need of some hardware-related item, I have to admit I tend to drive to Home Depot. But such a strongly worded message deserves examination, if not celebration.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised to read his rather — ahem — blunt response to President Barack Obama’s now-infamous Roanoke, Va., revelation. After all, I hardly expected to see a well-respected and long-established member of the local power structure of the fairly sleepy Southern city of Savannah step out to such a loud drum. To paraphrase Miss Manners: That sort of thing just isn’t done.

But stress can do funny things to a man’s thought processes. And stress unnecessarily created by a profligate, self-important elitist who declares your decades of tough labor and love in building a successful small business an exercise in futility can do doubly so.

I suppose I can’t really blame Gaster for his own declaration of business independence. While I suppose his wording lacks a certain poetry, it’s hardly fair to expect him to pen a sonnet under the circumstances. Gaster sells construction supplies to contractors. His clientele primarily consists of people who spend their days working jobs that guarantee that by the time they get home, they’re dirty, sweaty and tired. These are people who work hard, day in and day out. They aren’t looking for Shakespeare, and Gaster doesn’t offer it. My guess is the overwhelming majority of the people who spend money in Gaster’s store nodded their assent to his sentiment — probably with a fair smattering of adjectives which actually made his sign seem like a love note by comparison.

Democrats tend to go into hysterics when they see remarks like Gaster’s — especially when the remarks are so public. It’s no Olympian leap of logic to think that Gaster risked losing their business with his sign. It’s absolutely worth noting that he was so outraged by Obama’s slap in the face that he was willing to risk their business in order to take a stand. Some of the more prominent local liberals took offense at Gaster’s pronouncement. One, a local Democratic Party official, even complained about what he called the “vulgarity” to which Gaster had unwittingly exposed the Democrat’s daughter. I suspect his moral indignation gets lost in the laundry when far more prominent Democrats make far more vulgar remarks about far less deserving subjects. I wonder if he purchased one of those charmingly G-rated “BFD” T-shirts the Obama campaign offers (for a nominal fee, of course). One local union thug and “organizer” for Al Sharpton’s racist hate group has predictably demanded a boycott of Gaster’s business; here’s hoping the boycott doesn’t involve Sharpton smearing feces on a teenage girl — again.

This, then, is the real Obama economic legacy: Real unemployment in the double digits; Brobdingnagian bailouts for favored Obama cronies in the billions of dollars; a national debt that looms nearby like the villain from a slasher movie — just out of sight, but ominously close; a Nation as divided by the liberal politics of class envy and finger-pointing as it has been in nearly a century and a half; and a successful small-business owner reacting to an shockingly elitist statement by the President and taking a very public stand, despite the rhetorical storm his stand virtually guarantees.

I might have phrased it differently, but I can’t argue with Gaster’s sentiment. Mr. President, you can kiss my butt as well.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Harold Olsen

    I won’t be surprised if the owner of this business is suddenly audited by the IRS. I also won’t be surprised if they find something to fine him for.

    On another forum, one person said he had donated three times to Romney’s campaign and after each donation he was audited by the IRS, finding something each time. On the second and third occasions, he was fined for underpaying his taxes, but the underpayment was different amounts each time. The last underpayment was higher than the first. He has donated a fourth time to Romney and has received another audit notification.

    It appears that when Obama orders the IRS to audit someone, he also orders them to find something.

    • JimH

      Harold, He learned that from the Clinton admin.
      His critics got audited all the time.

      • Mike in MI

        JimH -
        Clinton…Obama…Either of the Bushes…Carter…LBJ, what difference does it make? It boils down to some power-mongering, manipulative, sadistic type personality who likes to take away people’s liberty or the finances that can be used to help maintain freedom as government can facilitate freedom…or crush it. They take it by threats of audits (with their wasted time, tying up files and office space, fines/penalties, threat or reality of prison), interference from federal agencies (federal timber rules, EPA, USDA, wasted time and money assuring compliance with local, state and federal officials) with whom one must work or they can shut you down. On and on and on. All of it set up by and for protecting the darlings of government in return for funds and gifts. It’s buying somebody else’s bondage. (Somebody tell eddie and Flash.)
        Liberals are the best at it because they have no heart for morals, ethics and on their activities. So, it soon becomes easy for them to turn the reality Benn speaks of above into the lie that liberal government provides the way for and things that people need to conduct their businesses.
        That’s how OBAMA COMES OFF SAYING,”…you didn’t build that, that, somebody else did”.
        Well, if a successful businessman or woman needs government in order to succeed why is it that so frequently when the Boss decides to retire or just close the doors the business goes kaput? If government were as all fired omnipotent as Obama is deluded to think then that business should just continue on its own inertia and government help. After all government didn’t go away; only the heart, soul and life and vision of the builder did.

      • JimH

        Mike, You’re right. The abuse of power, by whoever is in power at the time, is wrong.
        It needs to be exposed and fought against.

      • pweiters9

        8/3/12, Clinton was (&still is) shrewd, but BO has the persona of a tyrant…a dictator.

    • tg sherman

      Hat’s off to Gaster!! When I driv from WI. to Florida this winter I will drive up to Savannah & buy something at his Hardware Store!! Ditto on his comment to Obama!!

    • Geo_jojo

      Obama is a snake, I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past him.

      • Dutchman

        There is one thing that I would never expect Obama to do. Tell the truth about anything.

    • Flashy

      Take away the federal timber program….we can start from there. Oops..he’s SOL and crying because the government cut the program. But…but…i thought he wasn’t reliant on government aid to be successful in business.

      That’s only one area of the federal alone he relies upon, not to mention those he utuilizes (utilizes … meaning by choice).

      dang pesky facts and reality…keep getting in the way of a good TP rant.

      • s c

        False ‘God,’ false disciples, false religion. I feel sorry for your teachers, for your family and for most of your ‘friends.’ Do you see ‘God’ when you look at a mirror? Did you keep the check when you sold your arse (and whatever else you sold)? Please say that you’re moving to Syria, North Korea or some other ‘enlightened’ country. Pathetic.

      • Jefferson Thomas

        The pesky fact you overlook is the blind spot you have in assuming that the “Federal Government” has the right to own anything outside of Washington DC.

        All Federal lands outside of DC should be sold to private citizens, corporations, foundations, associations with the proceeds going to pay off the “public debt”. Statist bureaucrats can’t control their spending, or manage anything else with common sense because they have no bottom line pressure and therefore no link to reality.

      • Mikey

        You miss the point, Flashy….A guy like this would have a successful business even if there were NO federal or state assistance, (and probably be MORE successful). He did the work, not the friggin government or lying liberal politicians. He EARNED the credit he deserves, unlike government programs that take from the taxpayers and give little or nothing in return.

    • Kinetic1

      Harold Olson,
      “On another forum, one person said he had donated three times to Romney’s campaign and after each donation he was audited by the IRS”
      And since it was posted on the internet, it must be true!

    • http://none Richard Weich

      I hear rumors that the auto dealer ships that were closed down even though they were profitable, were shut down because they didn’t contribute to the democratic party. Just how can a letter delivered by Fedx turn a dealership worth 5.5 millon to being worth nothing the next day? Look at all the sales people, parts counter workers, accountants and auto mechanics who lost their jobs for no reason at all, since the dealerships were showing a profit.

    • pweiters9

      2/12/13, He’s right about “kiss my ass;” hes also lucky those Chicago gangsters didn’t firebomb the store.

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  • dan

    They’re offended …by ass ?!!!!!!!

    It’s time to emphasize the sleaze behind Obama’s persona, including; killing newly born living babies that survived abortion, history of cocaine use, associations with terrorists and Marxist professors, stealing GM bondholders money, phoney real estate deal with Rezko, man behind Holder who is behind Fast & Furious that killed 300 Mexicans and 2 Americans, etc.




  • sabulaman

    I’m with Mr. Gaster. They can kiss mine as well.

  • dbear

    Lacks a certain poetry?? Man, “Obama can kiss my ass” is PURE poetry!


      I almost have to admit that it appears that the author is suggesting that the sign is not “Politically correct”, but in reality, it hit the nail on the head

      • independent thinker

        I do not think Ben is saying he thinks the sign isn’t PC but rather recoginizing that there are those who would think so.

    • Mike in MI

      Man, I wouldn’t want him kissin’ mine – probably start some sort of horrible infection.

      WHO KNOWS where those lips have been?

      • Roy Banes

        Good one Mike, it hits the nail right on the head. I am with you, I don’t want Obamination kissing anything of mine, but I will allow him to Kiss My Dog’s arse.

      • JimH

        Roy, Hate your dog that much?

      • Marten The Canadian Libertarian

        Are you thinking of Ram???

  • WTF

    let’s hope the boycott goes the way of Chic-fil-a. thank you mr. Gaster for having the Kohonas our Congress doesn’t!

  • muhamed kalema

    This the first time 2 here mr president comment such a comment and now he hs 2 apologe BP

    • Bill Phelan

      Now try that again, this time in English.

    • swampfox

      ?????? Huh????

    • Mike in MI

      muhamed kalema -
      You said that right, Muhamed. He should have to apologize, but it certainly isn’t the first comment or action of this kind from the campaigner-in-chief. But, you will waste a lot of days if you wait around expecting him to apologize.

  • TIME

    Dear Ben,

    Why is it that this person used the flag of the “United States” for his sign?

    For you that refuse to get it, the “American” Flag is not the flag of the “United States.”

    I don’t say this to be arrogant, but you all really do need to start waking up to what is and what is not.
    Thus if I took the TIME to figure it out, then its only a single RAY of Light that you should at least try and Comprehend rather than dismiss due to your ignorance or lacking ability to understand one more part of how we have all been deceived.

    I am not being malicious, but only a MESSENGER.
    The flag of the “CITY STATE of the District of Columbia” is the Flag of the United States. Thats not a Conspiracy, its just a FACT of TRUTH.

    *** Otherwise I agree 100% with this business owners mind set.

    Symbols as well as Iconography are a language in and of themself. Learn them and you will better understand whats really going on.
    AKA the NWO as it were.

    The Olympics in London is a very strong case in point of just how dominant they truly are.
    If you so refuse to see them for what and who they really are they win.
    So ask yourself do you want your freedom? Or would you rather be a slave to Satan thats the question you need to ask yourself.
    Your choice as you all have FREE WILL to Follow Good or Evil.

    Again its not my being Arrogant, nor my being a Conspiracy nut, its just what it is. 13 Familys
    bloodlines, 13 Pyramids, can you get it?
    The Blood Sacrifice that was done in the opening, OMG it just can’t get any more clear.

    Peace and Love

    • Vigilant

      “Why is it that this person used the flag of the “United States” for his sign?”

      How is it you can so egregiously mistake a banner on a sign for the American Flag? It is not.

      Not that it much matters. You simply used a poor pretext (any pretext) again to engage in your pet conspiracy subject.

      Ever find that sentence/paragraph in the Organic Act of 1878 that makes the USA a corporation? …I didn’t think so.

    • Rosemary

      Time, what the heck are you talking about???



    • Winddrinker

      Time, Americas have not embraced the NWO, and won’t!

    • Rosemary

      Are you talking about the logo at the olypics? The puzzle pieces? I saw that too, but thought I was seeing things.

      • Rosemary


  • Bill

    Obama’s speech “You Did Not Build That” is just a smoke screen to warrant stealing more of your money and pissing it away. To give Obama more tax money is similar to putting it in a shredder.

    • gary baker

      really 6 trillion dollars borrowed for wars to rid sadaam of WMDS is not pissing money away. lol Remember the great bush admin lie about that?? It is by the way what got obama elected to begin with and if the neo cons keep beating the drums about a war with iran then obama will probably get re elected. Romley will have a 12 trillion dollar bill for you if that war takes place. But they are not telling you what the cost will be just like they didnt with the iraq afghan war. OH yeah condi rice said it would be paid for with oil revenues from iraq hahahahahahahaha

  • Wyatt

    In reply to Barry’s “You Did Not Build That” rant , Dear Barry , go to hell ! Go straight to hell , do not pass go and do not collect $200. People work hard to build their business . The government does nothing to help a business grow , I do not see them sending customers or helpers . I do see them collecting taxes every year form said business . I have to agree with Mr Gastner . and to Muhamed Kalima , yes Obama should apologize to everyone in America !

  • http://none Lee Kresser

    I just called Gaster, and left a voice mail message of how I can buy something (anything) and have it shipped to my house. Ths intimidation won’t stop until standing strong for the right things happens.



    • Nadzieja Batki

      They will do it within the confines and subtlety of the Law.

    • jopa

      Hort;Why would anyone want to vandalize Mr.Gasters sign.It is just a sign of ignorance in that he more than likely only saw the edited version of President Obama’s speech on infrastructure.Mr Gaster has the right to put up any sign he wants even if it’s fiction.This is the sad part about the American public, when they don’t take the time to find the truth and believe what Fox or any of the news channels broadcast.I mentioned Fox here in that they are the ones spreading this particular lie.




        • Rosemary

          Why are you making his sign a race issue?

      • Pathfinder

        So Obama, is a” Blackman” and any negative comment is “fighting words”. Talk about Bias. All politicians (black or white) are subject to criticism. The sign criticizes the president and makes no mention of race, does it. It is the biased mind that is super-imposing race here. It will be interesting to see how soon Negros (like the minister who recently criticized Obama) tell him to kiss off. Apparently not all blacks are buying Obamas deceptions and are speaking out agains his policies.

      • Pathfinder

        Hey Jopa; “Blame Fox’ … They are the only ones spreading this lie” …. have you not surfed the net (PS you are on it) Many others have carried the story. Obama must be held to his words as they are very clear. Apologists do not need to translate his meanings.

      • Kinetic1

        A white man telling a black man to kiss his a**? Wasn’t it you who pointed out that President Obama is Half black, half white? While it is not clear whether you are truly a “negro” or not, your tendency towards racism is.


        “Rosemary” AND “Pathfinder,”




        • Rosemary

          The sign says “President Obama” who is in fact the first President of mixed race. Morgan Freeman made the statement “President Obama is not the first black President”, he is not only black, he is white as well. So stop shouting your racial hate as well as your fairytale of race baiting. Americans are not falling for your crap. This is about a speech given by the President, not a racist rant. Get over yourself.





      • Vigilant

        jopa says, “Mr Gaster has the right to put up any sign he wants even if it’s fiction.”

        You bet he does. If fiction were outlawed in the media, you would see no more Obama campaign ads on the airwaves.

    • Jon

      They won’t vandalize it because it would take work to do so. The dems will pass an ordinance and then have some policeman take it down.

  • http://yahoo Renee Christensen

    I dislike Obummer but he is not good enough to kiss my ass!

  • Fedup

    What the heck is Time talking about?!

    • Winddrinker

      Fedup, lets see if Time can explain himself. I am guessing but he thinks America is already part of the NWO and we have no sovereignty as a country!

  • uvuvuv

    if ronald reagan was president, he would be thanking business owners for their contributions, not tut tut reminding them of who really did the work. also business owners contribute to various fund raising efforts that instead would fall to the government if the privately supported charities didn’t exist. what is interesting is that in the dave maraniss book about obama he tells how his grandfather and then father took trains and buses that were built by the british occupiers in kenya, and obama’s father went to schools established by white missionary societies. they were the ones who steered him to hawaii. and so barack obama can get to his knees (again) and thank the british empire for getting him to the presidency. i mean, if anyone didn’t do it on his own, it was he. i now expect a knock at the door any…

  • Bob

    i WOULDNT WANT THAT SLIME BALL,TO KISS MY a–,BUT, A bj WOULD BE OK,if he could get the crack pipe out of his mouth long enough!!!!!!!!!!!

    • momo

      The mental image is disturbing, funny, but disturbing!



  • swampfox

    He is NOT a Mr nor my ‘president’,
    Yes,the scum sucking ovomit Marxist turd monkey can kiss mine as well!

  • Lasse Latvala

    i must agree with Renee; I would not want his puckered mouth tho touch my anal ring.

  • SomewhereInTexas

    Dear Leader: go to hell! We don’t need or want anything you’re offering. Go home to Islamistan where your miserable marxist, mulatto, moozlim ass belongs. You are not of America, and it’s abundantly clear that you hate everything that is good about America.

    • Winddrinker

      SomewhereinTexas, you can say that again…from a former Houstonian!

  • kitty

    The American goverments,like congress,senators,.they r suppose to be working for the good of the amercan people.God is not happy with what is going on,God is working in the back ground,and the goverment can not see that,God will take their rights away soon,We as americans have not been living by the 10 commandments that is why things r going so wrong and have been for many years

    • uvuvuv

      kitty, he has already taken away the rain. what if this isn’t just a bad year, but the start of a bad decade? the good news is, this is one time when people are getting exactly what they asked for. not directly, of course.

      • Mike in MI

        Hey uvuvuv_
        Thanks for reminding me about that admonition God gave the Hebrews re His way of warning that the axe was about to fall due to the people becoming unclean which would cause them to lose His umbrella of protection. I’ll have to look for that because there is a specific order of year long events to it.
        God bless —unless, do you know where it shows up?

  • jopa

    Let’s see.Mr.Gaster probably went to a government funded school on a guv funded bus and was taught enough of the three R’s buy guv funded teachers to learn how to start a business.The roads leading to his business were probably guv projects,the sewer system to deal with his crap and the power to light up his business sign were all because of guv funding.However Mr. Gaster thinks he did it all on his own without any government help.More than likely he even received a small business loan from the guv as did several of the participants in the Mutt Rummy ads.

    • swampfox

      Wow,as you were typing this,did you take a glance at your obamass shrine and get that weird ‘tingley’ sensation?

      • jopa

        swamp;No what does it feel like??

      • swampfox

        I get mine from Jesus himself the TRUE messiah,
        I would tell you to pray to god,but since obama is your god,well consult your aforementioned shrine.

    • Rosemary

      Jopa your comment is small minded. As just about all Americans went to public school and went to school on a bus. The taxpayers, i.e.: most of us paid for those things. Nothing is free, food stamps, welfare, schools, buses are paid for with taxpayers money. Do you think the Government has a money tree and provides for Americans out of the generosity of their hearts. No we the taxpayers have paid for all of the items you list. The same taxpayers make a decision as to create their own business and bust their ass to make it successful. One may apply for a SBA loan, however again it is taxpayer money. And it has to be paid back, not free money. You seem to think that the taxpayer works for the Government, actually the Government works for the taxpayers. Do yourself a favor and do some reading and educate yourself before you make ridiculous comments that show your ignorance.

      • jopa

        Rosemary;We are the government.Time for you to read up on reality.The government is supposed to work for us as it does by building roads, bridges,hydro power and whatever else it takes to make our country function.Without our infrastructure in place most businesses would never get off the ground.This is just so elementary, turn on a fan and blow away the smoke.To say you started a business without government help is ludicrous.

        • Rosemary

          “We are the Government.” If that were true, I assure you we would not be in the hell hole we are in now. You may work for the Government. You may agree with Government, your choice. I see a Government that is out of touch with the very people that sent them to Washington to represent them. Americans voted for Change, not Chains. Government is no longer working to protect the American taxpayers. Government is working on pet projects with taxpayer money, funding non-existent shovel ready jobs with taxpayer money, going to a bizillion conferences that only show a regimen of wasting taxpayer money, stimulus money paying for guns to walk to Mexico. I could go on and on about waste fraud and abuse of taxpayers money. Where is the outrage on the LIBOR scandal? You don’t seem to get it, people build businesses to better themselves, their families, their communities. You seem to want small businesses to be ruled and regulated and taxed as to take away inspiration, motivation and financial prosperity. If true, what is the reason left to have a dream?

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “The government is supposed to work for us as it does by building roads, bridges,hydro power and whatever else it takes to make our country function.”

        Where do you think the government gets the money to pay for all those things it “does” for us? It gets that money from the taxes it collects from us. So, Mr Gaster and all other taxpayers has paid for all those things it takes to make our country function as you put it.

        “Without our infrastructure in place most businesses would never get off the ground.”

        That infrastructure would have been built anyway by private enterprise as it became economicaly feasable to do so. We might have many more toll roads and bridges than we have now but that money would go to those who invested in the construction of the roads etc.

    • the big easy

      @-dopa——————-COMRADE————-Just where do you think the gubermint comes from ? ? ? Just a little history lesson for you,(and you could go look it up)’ WE THE PEOPLE’ ARE THE GUBERMINT,if you take away the monies that the gubermint STEALS from us you have a big zero,no funds for anything,not roads,not bridges,not stimulus,not son of stimulus,not the bail outs for such as the banks,wall st.,insurance co.,car co.,u.a.w.,teachers unions,s.e.i.u.,planned parent-hoods,acorn,pubic radio and t.v.,the muzzlum bros,the u.n.,etc.,etc.,even the monies that were used for the ‘FAST AND THE FURIOUS’ project where the flea-infested flea-bagger eric (the red ) holdum sent SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF HIGH POWERED AUTOMATIC WEAPONS to the mesican drug cartel so as to get SEVERAL of our Border Agents MURDERED,so as to get sympathy from the AMERICAN CITIZENS so as to REMOVE the SECOND AMENDMENT from the CONSTITUTION.————-so puke,get off the welfare dole and go get a job—————What a obummer- ZOMBIE PUKE———————

    • Winddrinker

      jopa, the taxyers payfor everything, that includes Mr. Gaster. THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO MONEY! The money is confiscated from the productive citizens and the businesses they own! Government and their parasites can’t pay for anything! Without businesses and producers, this country would come to a screaching halt. Why do you think the middle class and the business community, both, are under attack by the illegal foreigner.


    Awesome message to slimeball oscumbo.

  • diane smith

    If everyone in the United States who agrees with Ray Gaster would send Obama a Chapstick for all the ass-kissisng he will have to do in addition to all has already done for business and pleasure, it would be an impressive statement.

  • Schautzie

    Where did the money come from to: build the roads, build the schools, pay the teachers, pay their unbelieveable and outrageous benefits, insurace, retirements, provide materials, etc. Somehow – I seem to think that TAXPAYER money paid for all of this. Was it free? EVERYONE PAYS FOR THIS. Mr. Gaster has the right to speak out. B O surely does…he has thin skin. I don’t want him to kiss me anywhere, either. I JUST WANT TO GO TO AWAY AND NEVER RETURN. I hope all you people responding WORK AS HARD AS YOU CAN!

  • David

    Did any of you graduate higher than the 6th grade?…. I knew we had an issue with education in this country but DAMN!!!!…. Turn off the TV….. read the speach for yourselves, if you can even find a library, and stop being such haters…. I’m sure most of you supported W…. but do any of you know his famililies history???? Did any of you speak out about the crazieness W was doing while POTUS? Dwight David Eisehauer once stated that the ‘Industrial Military Complex’ could become our worst enemy if we let it…. That those with greed and disdane for commoners would would rise to heights of great power and influence… They would mislead the masses and we would then turn on one another…thus destroying this great Nation from within…. Are you all a part of this great destruction that is welling up from within?

    • the big easy

      @-david—————COMRADE———-You asked if they had graduated higher than the 6 th grade? Let me ask you,what is it that you are trying to say with, ‘ READ THE SPEACH’, perhaps people who live in glass houses should NOT throw stones. 6 th grade,really ? ? ?
      —————What a puke————————

  • Jeremy Leochner

    The only real issue is misinterpretation. A lot of hoopla has been made about the presidents statement. The problem is a lot of focus has been made on a specific sentence but not on the content of the speech itself. The president was not saying the government built your business. He was also not saying you owed it to the government. The president was saying that a business is not s solo endeavor. Whether from family, friends, government investment, your own money or just interested supporters. With help from people who build the building where your business is centered or just the customers themselves. The point is a successful business is the end result of many people and groups working together. The president was not saying that government is the biggest contributor. He wasn’t even saying government was a big contributor. He was just saying that government can help and sometimes is a source of help for a successful business. However he never put down individual ambition or initiative. So I believe the problem is Mr. Gaster believes that Obama has no respect for small business owners and that Obama is saying that Mr. Gaster only succeeded in his business by getting help from the government. The simple truth is that is not what President Obama said or believes. Mr. Gaster put up that sign based on a misinterpretation of President Obama.

    • Jonathan

      And just as Gaster interpreted it his way… That is your interpretation of what Obama said or meant… Unless you are him, or talked to him personally, you really can say what he meant. I don’t care for Obama. I think he has no idea what has built this country and made it what it is. I think that the best thing America can do in November is FIRE him.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I will grant it is my individual interpretation. What I do know is among the many news networks that showed Obama’s “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that” gaffe, few if any made any mention of the rest of the speech. In particular they ignored the paragraph before the gaffe in which Obama said “If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.

        “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.”

        None of the major news networks that showed Obama’s final statement in that section and started discussing Obama’s anti business bias and his “grade school marxism” made an analysis of the rest of the section. They just focused on the final statement. In fact on Fox and Friends they actually showed the president speaking at the beginning of his speech and then just fizzled straight to “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that”. My point is and this is my interpretation, it appears that when Obama said “You didn’t build that” he was actually garbling his statement with the previous statement about roads and bridges. It was a gaffe on his part to not specify what he was talking about. However I believe that the rest of the speech before the gaffe contradicts the idea that Obama was saying that business owners are not responsible for the success of their business’s or that the government is what they owe their success to. I believe what he was really saying is summed up in the first sentence of that section of the speech which pointed out that “If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own”. I believe that that statement represents what Obama was trying to say as well as his view on small business like the one owned by Mr. Gaster. And since I strongly believe that I also believe Mr. Gaster has no reason to tell the world that he built his business without government help. Because no one said he did it with government help.

  • oldbutnotadumbass 2012

    Good for Him,my kind of person!!!!

  • Middleman2012

    If it isn’t the Goverment screwing things up.its the Gays!!!!The man has a right to say what he feels (First Amendment)without being called names!!!If the gay get so mad when people speak out about them,why don’t the gay be a little less public about their choices!!!I I wonder if I will get any (rude)remarks From gays now that used my first Amendment?Watch what they will call me….bigot,hateful,and terms like that!!!

    • Jeremy Leochner

      I pose this quandary. If it is not okay to call you names for exercising your right to speak why is it okay to make fun of gay people for exercising their right to be honest about who they are. Why should they be “less public” about who they are when you should be allowed to say whatever you want publicly. Why are your rights to speak more important then theirs.

  • fedup 2012

    I agree with you Middleman 100%!!!The man has a right to an opinion ,to hell what anybody else thinks!!There are three ways to do,or,say something,Right,Wrong,and Half assed.Just respect other peoples opinions,as they should yours!!!But I’ll be watching to see if your right!!

  • middleman 2012

    Jeremy Then why are the gays ding what they’re doing to Chic-a-fla????The owner just spoke his opinions,And look what Happen!!On other web-sites, I see many remarks made by “Gays”,who are on the Attack,calling people rude names,just because they used their First Amendment,that doesn’t seem fair to me at all!!!And another thing ,I’m not making fun of any one,I’m just stating THE facts!!!!

    • Jeremy Leochner

      First I do apologize. You were not calling anyone names.

      Second. Gays are not the ones attacking Chic FillA. If they are they do not represent all gays.

      Third: It is wrong to call people rude names no matter what the circumstances. And I disagree with people who call for a boycott of Chick FillA and who want to ban them from Chicago.

      Forth: I would like to point out that gays as well as non gays are upset at Chick FillA for a reason. Name calling is going to far. But when you compare homosexual marriage to “Thumbing our nose at god”. Gay people have a right to be themselves and be honest about it. It is wrong to try and silence someone just because they say something hateful about you. However there is also nothing wrong with calling something hateful what it is: hateful. Prejudice is prejudice. Its important to verify and prove and be professional in your language. But saying that homosexual marriage is an afront to god is prejudice. It is contingent on a prejudgment of homosexuality and homosexuals with no basis on individuals or their individual choices. Anger over Mr. Cathy’s comment has gotten out of control and is being expressed incorrectly by some. I admit that I do agree with the anger. However like you I feel it should be expressed differently.

  • A

    Obomba can “kiss my ass,” too.

    When I’m not working I’ve lived in a tent, sold all my possessions on eBay and Craigslist and haven’t received a dime in “UnEnjoyment” in over a decade when Unemployed – the maximum “benefit” doesn’t cover COBRA payments let alone a house payment.

  • Jonathan

    I have seen signs like that, on business that have been started by Ordinary People, who had a vision do do something, and did it. My wife and I in 1999, my wife and I had a vision to start our own Privately owned and operated Computer Company. 12 years later, we still are privately owned, and have never taken a dime of Government money to further our business. It has been our sweat, our tears, our blood, our money that has built it. Obama can’t say “someone else built it”…

    • Kinetic1

      I hate to belabor the point, but who built the roads and airports that allow you to receive and ship your computers and parts? President Obama did not say that you did not build your business, but that you did not do it all on your own. The taxpayers that helped fund your education (assuming you went to public schools) and provided the infrastructure that allows you to run your business had a part.

      The government had nothing to do with the design of the products that I produce and sell through my small business, but without our nation’s infrastructure most of my stock would be sitting on my shelves collecting dust.

  • Talldarkandhandsome 2012

    Some people don’t like to smoke,and are very offended by someone who is smoking to close11(thats a Fact) other people may be offended by gays,and that too is a fact!!!Im’not calling anyone,anything,but it would seem to me that if something that might offend some one, while out in the public,maybe that”something “shouldn’t” done publicaly !!1

  • taroth

    First and foremost, I would not imagine any thing more subtle would get the point across. There are those that even 500 years ago would have or create a business, those people are still the same today. Consumers would only use that business for several primary reasons at first, then if available change their reasoning. Mr. Gaster, I hope that you can continue with the cost of defending your point, as it is very sad to watch the horrific, sick and wrongful Government interlude on your tax’s and other ways they are trying to MAKE you change who you are. You are a creator of commerce, a man that helps others with creating family and to continue commerce throughout surrounding communities.

  • FreedomRules

    If it weren’t for people who built businesses “on their own” their would be no roads, no sewers, no infastructure. The government wouldn’t be broke because they would never of had anything to spend. Jopa, you’re a dope.

    • Kinetic1

      True, businesses and their employees pay the taxes that pay for the roads, but if not for the government that collects those taxes and uses the proceeds to build the roads, what would we have? I suppose we could go back to the days of dirt and gravel, or maybe we could depend on the businesses to put in the roads. How many small businesses could afford to put in roads on their own? Maybe if everyone on the dirt path agreed to pitch in! I live on a private road that works like that …. well actually it doesn’t. There is always some piker who refuses to pitch in. So now we have companies putting in their own streets. Will they agree to a regulated width? Who will be responsible for repairs when a power or water line fails below? Will they even allow water and power lines under “their” streets?

      No, the government is not responsible for all the hard work that business owners put into their business, but you all know that that wasn’t what President Obama said. And whether or not you agree that government, using our dollars helped build these businesses by providing the infrastructure, you have to admit that it would be awfully hard to start or maintain most businesses without roads, water and power. As for this lumber yard, I wonder how many government contracts they have received over the years?

      • Rosemary

        transportation within each State could very well take those tax dollars and provide the funds for roads, schools, buses. I am an Independent voter who would rather see my tax dollars stay withing the State. I would then be able to hold my local Government accountable. Instead of having so much money throw into a huge pile in D.C. and watch it wasted away into project like Fast and Furious, Solyndra and all of the many other “green projects” that have ended in bankruptcy.

  • Middlemant@2012

    I agree with you Rosemary,the money for roads should stay in the state!!I think having a stronger state goverment,would be better than what we have now,because the money collected from each state would be used more wisely,than its used by Washington thats for sure!!!Its no wonder our nation is messed up,look what our National goverment is doing to our money!!!If anyone values his,or her future,and the sake of our nation,come Nov.Vote against obama,and anyone else thats destroying our country,and on top of that,set term limits on both the House .and the Senate.,and after that outlaw SUPER-Pacs

  • Middlemant@2012

    Jeremy no apologize needed,you were simplely making a statement!!the point i made was that people should not offend others that have different life styles !!!

  • Nana

    Everyone of us helped this man create his business via our taxes, which federal government handles. We’ve paid for the roads his customers arrive on and he uses for deliveries. Our taxes pay for the fire dept. that’s on standby in case his business has a fire. He probably has public water and sewage–paid for with our tax dollars. His mail service is publicly funded…there isn’t enough space here to list all our taxes have done and continue to do for this man and every business owner.

    Does anyone honestly think that local or state governments have enough money from their own residents to keep all of that and more going with strictly local taxes? I suppose it might if every state raised taxes enough to cover what it will lose in federal assistance.

    States and local governments definitely would have to raise taxes in an amount equal to what they get in assistance plus more to keep everything running smoothly and have a reserve for emergencies, like floods, etc. And considering that some states have much smaller populations than others, some of us will be hit very hard in the wallet if we want our states to maintain a standard that keeps our area profitable and prospering.

  • tom tee

    He has no water that govt. provides? He has no sewer that govt provides? He uses or his customer use no public roads that the govt. provides?……………………………..He is an idiot and has no idea what he is talking about!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Silas Longshot

    Next trip to Savannah, I reckon I’ll buy some lumber. Wonder how Mr G will vote this time? LOL

  • Jim Klein

    I can’t believe some of the comments here. Are you guys really this ignorant? You are free from foreign invasion due to our military and national guard, plus local police forces who benefit from federal monies. Fire fighters protect local businesses, traveling on roads build with state AND federal funds. ALL infrastructure connecting states depends on federal oversight, including the post office, internet, highways (I wonder how Mr. Lumberyard would get his lumber without trucks), bridges, airports FREIGHT TRAINS (again with the lumber). If you read the speech instead of just stupidly taking the one sentence Fox News soundbite completely out of context, this is exactly what our president was talking about. Why is it that Mr. Lumberyard is able to hire employees who know how to read and write and work the cash register? Federally funded PUBLIC education, perhaps? It might be tough to find workers if nobody knew how to read, huh? What if he had to pay for his workers’ training as a cost of doing business? Nope, it’s that pesky GOVERNMENT that takes care of education. Do you think our lumber guy ever received an SBA loan? Plenty of small businesses have, that’s for sure! That’s all Mr. Obama was saying. Nobody built a business on their own. I’ve built two of them. One failed, and one has supported my family for 25 years. I got lots of help from family, friends, my local bank, and……THE GOVERNMENT. And, by the way, so did Mitt and Bain Capital. They got plenty of government help in the form of tax breaks, deferrals, and guarantees.

    • Rosemary

      Are you a Liberal Progressive Democrat?
      Do you have children and or grandchildren?

  • Talldarkandhandsome 2012

    The Goverment help edus so much,look what kind of trouble we”re in!!!!

  • lou manwaring

    i too have a small co for 32 yrs, for now. blood sweat and tears, now its pretty much just tears, I built this all on my own, with the help of my employees, I had 22 employees, now 4, wheres the help this clown is talking about. hes done nothing to help us small guys, but the corps are thriving, what a joke!! and people are voting for this ass. Now we losing everything i worked so hard to get, good job obama, Change!!!! yep you were right, you didnt let us down. another 4 yrs, were doomed. Never borrowed a penny from anyone to get where i got, so you can take your, you didnt build it and stick it in your ass. he cant even do his job, and he has the nerve to say that!!! all i can say is kiss my ASS!!!

  • http://none Claire

    A product or products that the consumer needs or wants, good management and good employees are the makings for a thriving business. The consumer has a lot of say in this matter too.

  • http://none Claire

    If anyone tells me to kiss their assssss, I would have to tell them “No thanks, looks too much like your face.”

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