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August 22, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • idiotproof53

    1_2_3_4_5________10! YEAH, buddy! U go Rand! Got the…well, I’ll be nice, Liberal “lady”, she working for the man. But its time we take a stand against big brother, big sister, big uncle…nanny state dot Gov. Ron “Common Sense” Paul for President_2012!

  • Doc Sarvis

    I think Rand needs MORE roughage!

    • Dan az

      Why his toilet dosen’t work now!The truth is sometimes hard to swallow isn’t Doc?Every thing that the gubmnt gets involved with is a total failure and that’s a fact.Common sense seems to elude you and your kind that needs to be told to do the things that we all know and refuse to be imprisoned or fined for.If they told you that you need to stop breathing because your producing carbon monoxide will you stop?I hope so!

      • Gina

        It seems to me that some things the government is involved in work pretty well. Fires get put out, libraries lend books and films to members of the community, the roads on which I get to work and school don’t crumble beneath the vehicle, and my mom continues to receive 50% of my dad’s military pension. There are professors in the classroom when I get to campus, and when I needed vaccinations to be admitted to the public university I attend, the Health District provided them at low cost without the three-hour wait I encounter at for-profit medical offices. Sure, some of these things could work better, but it’s not like they don’t work at all.

        • jr

          Interesting that almost everything you listed is managed and controlled at a local or state level… not federal.

          • Doc Sarvis

            Okay, I’ll add to Gina’s list. Your air is fit to breath, your water is fit to drink, you have a strong military (the best in the world) protecting you everyday, your food supply is safe, you can go all over the country on interstates, commerce functions fairly, etc., etc., etc.

          • libertytrain

            Food supply is safe? Roads and bridges safe? Hmmm.

    • L

      Doc and the other supporters of the dictatorship of the products we buy are sophists who do not address the issue Rand was trying to get this Obama robot to understand: choice in the products we buy!

      Our family is not going to spend more money to replace these ridiculous toilets the dictatorial government forced on us. They will, unfortunately, have to be flushed twice, thereby using more water (the boobs in government didn’t foresee that, did they?).

      And, by the way, we eat plenty of roughage. That silly comment by the supposed Doc was fatuous to say the least.

      • joel

        I actually directly addressed Paul’s remarks about choice. I said: Perhaps Mr. Paul would like to be able to choose cars without emissions controls or safety standards. He might like to choose to visit hospitals without sanitary regulations. He might like to eat foods that are unregulated, take drugs that are not subject to regulation, fly in unregulated planes, etc, etc, etc. The bottom line, from my point of view is this: I do NOT choose to live in a society were business is totally unregulated. I think that is actually the view of the overwhelming majority of Americans.

        I do not want you to be able to choose to drive in an unsafe vehicle because someone other than you could be hurt. That is why I do not want you to be able to choose to drive drunk, by the way. That is also why I do not want you to be able to purchase a rocket launcher, or a jet fighter, or a nuclear warhead. There are all kinds of choices I do not want you to be able to make. Want absolute liberty of action, buy a desert island and go live there!

  • Christin


    Ron PAUL for President in 2012!

    I have seen this video clip several times and Rand Paul is GREAT at making his point… What a Representative of the People!

    We bought a new clothes ‘washing machine and dryer’ for our country home almost a year and a half ago and they are HORRIBLE… they DON’T WORK either. The washer does not have a wash load size anymore like small, medium or large; it has “auto load sensing’ which is crap. I have lifted the lid and there is six inches of water in there for four queen sheets and four pillow cases or a boat load of towels… the clothes can’t even move around. And sometimes I have the opposite problem with the washer which is filled to the brim with water for only a small load of extra dirty socks I don’t want washed with the ‘whites.’ What… Al Bore and the Greenies (Economy killers) think I can’t figure out what size load I have??? Doesn’t look like the ‘machine’ is better at determining what size load I have. AND if you lift the lid too many times to add another item or add Downey the ‘electronic cycle system’ freaks out and stops working and you get to pay a bundle to have someone come out and try to fix it… try that an hour or so out in the middle of nowhere. Now we are having trouble with the dryer drying the clothes… great.
    I have purchased this same brand over the years with rarely a problem until it dies 13 to 15 years later UP UNTIL NOW that they changed it.

    Fight for our Rights and Freedoms Constitutional Conservatives!

    • Gina

      Um, since you had the choice, Christin, why did you choose that washer/dryer? About a year ago our washer quit, and our landlord (no country house for us) sent us to pick out a new one. It allows us to choose the temperature, the size of the load, the degree of agitation, and whether to add fabric softener before or during the cycle. It makes no noises when we open it up, and we can open it as many times as we want during the cycle. It cost less than $500.00, and it’s an Energy Star machine. Perhaps you should invest in a subscription to Consumer Reports. It’s very helpful when shopping for major appliances.

      • Christin

        Um, since you asked, I didn’t buy the machine, my spouse did. He looked for one like ours (same reliable Brand I’ve had my whole life) on the internet to be shipped to our small country house in the middle of nowhere… it, too, is an ‘Energy Star’… big whoop, piece of junk.

        Whilst you turn green with envy, (class envy) let me please stop you and tell you that we had hocked our not so big suburban home in a not so prestigious subdivision to build the small country farm house and then when it was ‘time’ we moved to our country farm and sold our not so big suburban house.

        Sorry if he didn’t think to “subscribe” to ‘Consumer Reports’ when we were: running a business, clearing land & building a farm house out of town, purchasing appliances and furniture, selling the business, repairing the older house, getting forms filled out and buying school clothes to transfer our kids to the new school, planting & watering our property that is dying in the heat and drought, while packing the old house, giving away many of my children’s toddler toys to family, and unpacking into a smaller home…

        Try that Miss-Know-It-All.
        You must be a lib.

  • Joel

    This alleged smackdown is pure nonsense. Perhaps Mr. Paul would like to be able to choose cars without emissions controls or safety standards. He might like to choose to visit hospitals without sanitary regulations. He might like to eat foods that are unregulated, take drugs that are not subject to regulation, fly in unregulated planes, etc, etc, etc. The bottom line, from my point of view is this: I do NOT choose to live in a society were business is totally unregulated. I think that is actually the view of the overwhelming majority of Americans. There are historical reasons for regulation of big business. The labor movement in this country was a response to the gross excesses of unregulated business. That movement did not arise, as it were, from thin air or as an insane response to an ideal world–as a solution where there was no problem. That movement arose because the lives of millions of Americans were intolerable narrow and miserable. What is true of the labor movement is also true of the EPA, FCC, FDA, and various other regulatory agencies. These agencies did not arise because everything was perfect and people wanted to create agencies to ruin our utopian society. The idea that 1880 represents the promised land is both genuinely absurd and grossly irresponsible. Mr. Rand should read Howard Zinn’s, A People’s History of America, and find out something about the history of his country. Undertaking to govern from a position of gross historical ignorance truly is appalling; eliminating energy inefficient light bulbs from the market place is not.

    And just as a point of information: The claim that it costs thousands of dollars to change from one toilet to another, or to make any possible modification to a toilet other than gold-plating, is just plain false. Either Mr. Rand lied when he said that or, once again, a politician spoke without having any idea what he is talking about.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Excellent post Joel.

    • s c

      Definitely excellent, if you had included Zinn’s reputation as a social engineering space cadet with a Marxian twist. Would you also praise someone like saul alinksy? Some would define his ideas as better ways to influence people, although his real intent was destroy America from within.
      Zinn and alinsky are opposite sides of the same worthless nickel, dude. If you rely on Zinn for history, you might as well rely on alinsky for common sense and ‘values.’

  • http://n/a threefiftyseven

    Joel and Doc,

    I come from the bowls of the Ford Motor Company as did my dad and as did my grandfather. I am retired and 71 years on this earth listening to the stupid likes of you two. The Ford Motor Company forced their work force into the UAW Local 600 where yor have to be at least Marxian to hold office. They are the most ruthless thugs of the labor world. They distrubute the Worker of the Communist Party at the gates. You are of the mentality of a typical American child adult like O’Bomb-A-Nation. The government Regime is killing this country regulation by regulation. This destroys profitability and the free enterprize systm Period. You have no mind of your own just what the Lame Stream Media and the rest of Left Wing propaganda mills spoon feed you. The Democrats are not the ones I voted for and my labor inlaws of the past. We have mind numbing centralization towards dictatorship in this country brought to you by the unions and their dawdleing members who gave us the Democrats and the RINOs. The likes of the awakening Americans to the Liberal/Left/Socialist/Marxists are in the process of correctiong the mess we are in. It will be messy but we have a lot of crap to clean up in Washington while we move to restore the Constitution of our founding fathers.
    I love my country but I fear my government one lie after another. He is a liar and the father of them. I think I read that somewhere.

    • Doc Sarvis

      There is free will in this country and if you hated working in a union so much you should have found other work. Or maybe the union was actually working out for you, hmmmm.

    • jhhodges

      You are so full of…yeah… you know what. We need these regulations to keep the money grubbers at bay. You people are all about greed and screw all the folks that don’t already have the things that equate to the American dream. If you felt so bad about the unions, why did you keep giving them your money. I know why…they provided you with a much better income and working conditions than if you had not been in a union…You ingrate. You benefitted from being a member and now want to bad mouth. Shame on you. Oh by the way, I have something that will “reach out a touch” your 357 backside, so in the words of the infamous war criminal…”BRING IT ON”…

  • greenpropaganda

    Christin -
    You are right on!! We did the same thing as you almost exactly and still can’t get unpacked as we focus on growing our farm. What we lack in cash as a result we make up for in brains. Everyone else here is missing the POINT! Get over the idea that the government gives a rats ass about the environment – you show your ignorance and arrogance with such stupid statements. The “green movement” and forcing appliances/light bulbs on us to save the environment is horse crap – fools! DO YOU KNOW THE PLANET SAVING LIGHTBULBS FORCED ON US WILL KILL YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN?? THEY ARE FILLED WITH MERCURY WHICH SEEPS OUT AS THE BULB GETS WARM TO HOT AND IF YOU BREAK THEM YOU DON’T EVEN NEED TO TOUCH THEM TO GET THE MERCURY (DEADLY) INTO YOUR SYSTEM. I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU GREEN LIBERAL’S CHILDREN. WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. Suckers.

    • Christin

      Good post, green propaganda.

      Freedom… of choice, especially MADE IN AMERICA if we choose is the Point!

      Quit forcing pretend-green legislation on Americans and living like wasteful polluters yourselves, (Congress) Elitists.

      Let American ingenuity flourish and allow Americans to prosper again… deregulate burdensome business killing laws.

      Our son’s Nutritionist told us that if the nurse at the doctor’s office were to drop a vaccine or shot which has MERCURY as a Preservative they would have to call’ poison control’ to come and clean it up… and they are INJECTING it into our bodies!!!

      We still have some boxes and a warehouse full of furniture and more boxes filled with stuff.
      This house is smaller, doesn’t have the storage spaces, nor a much needed study and a garage, yet… but we have a BIG yard! We were out this morning watering our young fruit orchard, garden, and (dying) trees because of the heat and drought.

      We are trying to find a builder who will add cement to our existing garage pad and make it an additional room for a study, my family’s instruments (they play drums, piano and guitar), a connecting hall to house our second Freezer/Refrig from the other house and a big closet for storage. We will also need a garage/shop to put farm supplies and equipment someday, but one project at a time.

  • Simian Pete

    Wow, Rand Paul sure came through for the American consumer !! Good for him !

    I’m sick of all the damn regulations myself ! I live in an apartment right now – no access to a garage ! But “listen to me now, and realize I’m right later”, once I get a garage/house I’m going to build all my appliances – machine them myself ! Then I won’t have to buy crap from crappy regulated American companies. I’ll install my own “hybrid” toilet with a 10 gallon water tank of my own – the big flusher !

    Have you seen the high prices on cars ? You need like 13 grand to buy a strip down model with no AC ! It’s cheaper just getting some welding/sheet metal equipment and building your own ….

    • Doc Sarvis

      R. Paul was grandstanding with gobs of hyperbolie.

      • L

        I knew Doc was not a doc. He can’t even spell hyperbole. Rand did not exaggerate at any point.

        • s c

          L, D might enjoy that “meal” better if he had some catsup, some mayo and a bit of salsa on it. Dontcha just love it when progressives and other types of tree-dwellers reveal themselves in public? It sure makes a strong case for the idea that public education is an absolute FAILURE (just like almost everything else Uncle Scam touches).

        • Doc Sarvis

          This from someone who goes by “L”???

    • ace


  • Sirian

    This is really a good one!! Rand Paul lays it out simple and straight and the ever so knowledgeable novice of common sense he confronts has very little to relay in return. It amazes me as to the inability of many to understand what both is and has been in progress for over a hundred years. As to how so many comments above have brightly illuminated the shear lack of common sense continues to reinforce my present day sentiments of how endangered our country and Constitution truly are. Listen closely – if you think that Uncle Sam will take care of you and your family (that is if you have one) then why wait for that to happen? To stay ahead of the curve in understanding the true nature of “government knows best for all” why not spend a couple three years in Cuba, Russia, China, Cambodia or Vietnam. There you would be rewarded in the knowledge you would gain pertaining to government control that you could return with – maybe. Keep in mind, ideological & political stances don’t always end up on the top of the heap of garbage. They build up but after just so long that too falls apart and the “revolutionaries” usually run back to a corner and sulk.

  • http://charter howe

    I know what Rand Paul is saying, because I also do not like the nanny state way of doing things. Aside from losing freedom of choice, the fact that big govt is needed to install, update, evaulate, inspect and monetarily fine people through mountains of regulation is just another way for govt to enslave us. WE THE PEOPLE cannot afford to pay the salaries of all these public sector employees who are hired and payed on the taxpayers dole and thats the bottom line. That my friends is why we are having debt and deficit problems on an enormous scale. As long as the democrats want to create bigger govt and support the food stamp entitlement crowd without the stomach for reform, there will never be a compromise, because their is no money left in the U.S. Treasury. Does anyone think for one milli-second that we can continue to borrow money from the Chinese at a 41% interest rate and ignore the cost of entitlements and big govt. Because we take in 200 billion a month in tax and other revenue and all our bills and payments out total over 300 billion, it appears we come up about 100 billion short every month and even if a 10% tax were imposed on everybody or a 30% more tax on the millionairs and billionairs, it still would not be eough revenue to meet the 100 billion dollar shortfall, so allthis democratic crapola about taxing big oil and the super rich would account for 10% of what we need. When is one of these articulate corrupt democratic lawyers going to explain how we derive the other 90% of the needed shortfall to impact our debt and deficit problem. The Chinese are rumored to cut off our borrowing in early 2012, then what do we do to cut the welfare checks for 70 million people including seniors and the disabled. The entitlement programs have gone on for so long that many people believe that it is a constitutional right to get welfare and food stamps. In fact many of these moochers who don’t work for a living because they don’t want to, will be the first to start a riot in which there are always casualties and massive amounts of stolen and damaged property in the aftermath. So much for doing whats right. Right and wrong irregardless of the law depends on who is eating. I guess my thought is, if you can work get a freakin job doing anything legal, so your hardworking neighbor doesn’t have to pay huge taxes.

    • joel


      I know many of you are allergic to facts, but the crushing debt that is constantly decried by right-wingers results almost wholly from the grossly excessive military spending and tax cuts for the rich that were sponsored by Republic administrations. Every president from Truman to Carter paid down on the federal debt that ballooned during WWII. Just to be clear, that is a factual claim, it is not just my opinion, and it is true. Try looking it up. Then, in four years, Ronald Reagan accumulated more debt than every president from George Washington to Jimmy Carter put together. Just to be clear, that is a factual claim, it is not just my opinion, and it is true. Try looking it up. Reagan took us from the number one creditor nation in the world to the number one debtor nation in the world in four years. Just to be clear, that is a factual claim, it is not just my opinion, and it is true. Try looking it up. After Reagan and George the 1st (sometimes know as Bush the Smarter–a very small honorific indeed!), Clinton was elected and, low and behold, the debt again began to decrease and budget deficits were wholly eliminated–the government actually RAN IN THE BLACK. Just to be clear, that is a factual claim, it is not just my opinion, and it is true. Try looking it up. When George the 2nd (sometimes known as George the dumber–and that is saying something!) was elected there was budget surpluses projected until 2025–as far out as the projections went. Just to be clear, that is a factual claim, it is not just my opinion, and it is true. Try looking it up. It took exactly two years for George the 2nd to turn that around and get the government back in the red. How? Well, through massive increases in military spending, multiple wars of choice, and tax cuts that accrued disproportionately to the richest Americans. Just to be clear, that is a factual claim, it is just not my opinion, and it is true. Try looking it up.

      Want to get the country’s financial house in order? Stop electing Republicans! They simply pour money in the military-industrial complex (Eisenhower’s nightmare come to life!) and redistribute wealth by giving enormous tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans.

      Just to be clear, I did not like Clinton and I do not Democrats–they swim in the very same cesspool as the Republicans. They, too, are largely bought and paid for by corporate America–by the way free speech is the new name that the Supreme Court has given to corporate dominance of American politics. Still, it is just a plain fact that Republican policies have devastated this country financially, shipped countless jobs overseas, redistributed wealth so that the rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer, made us largely hated around the world, and in short, seem to have effectively stolen this country’s future.

      One last point is in order: Calling people names, attaching labels to dismiss arguments, is both boorish and logically defective. That happens again and again on this site and is, I think, very revealing. If you have no real arguments, if you cannot answer facts with facts, perhaps you should consider the possibility that you may be wrong. Certainly, you should go looking for some real information to support your point of view and be silent until you have found it! Name-calling is the last resort of scoundrels when the reasons start to stack up against them. To take one example, characterizing Howard Zinn as a “social engineering space cadet with a Marxian twist” can hardly substitute for having facts and arguments to support your position and is pathetic and laughable as a refutation of the substance of a well-documented 700 page book such as A People’s History of the United States.

  • thomas

    that is the point: control, limited choicges and force–through regulation. one might say it’s irrelevant how people are subjugated, as long as they are.

    point isn’t about regulation from admin. it’s about gaining access to people’s lives, and assuming control over what they purchase in order to control what’s coming. all of this is leading to a head, people standing against the machine of government control is a good thing.

    FDA? you mean the ones that approves all the drugs advertised with all the side effects? including death? loss of eyesight, hearing, migraines or makes the symptoms you’re trying to alleviate worse?

    • joel

      1. The fact that drugs have side-effects is hardly an effective refutation of the FDA.

      2. Many people would be dead right now if they were not taking drugs with side-effects.

      3. The FDA has banned many dangerous substances that pharmaceutical would otherwise be selling to Americans as we speak.

      4. The FDA is certainly open to a good deal of valid criticism. It is far from perfect. Still, no matter what Paul and Paul say, it is better than nothing.

      5. You can only argue for the necessity of regulation of corporations
      with people who do not understand corporations and their history. Go to this site ( and learn.

  • John

    When was the tipping point that we lost our independant spirit? When did the majority of us decide that we need to be taken care of instead of taking care of ourselves? The clean air and water issues were started by groups of individuals. Not the Gov’t. The Gov’t just took control of it. Then huge bureaucracies were formed and not dissolved once the problem was taken care of. What we have now is a gov’t full of waste making bureaucratic laws to justify their meaningless jobs.

  • Blind Melon Chitlin

    “Doc Sarvis says: August 23, 2011 at 8:16 am: Okay, I’ll add to Gina’s list. Your air is fit to breath, your water is fit to drink, you have a strong military (the best in the world) protecting you everyday, your food supply is safe, you can go all over the country on interstates, commerce functions fairly, etc., etc., etc.”

    Air is NOT fit to breath – can you say “chem-trail”?
    Water is NOT fit to drink – can you say “fluoride” ?
    Military, I will agree – BUT not to be used as ‘enforcers’ to oil corporations…..
    Food Supply is NOT fit to eat – can you say Genetically Modified Foods?

    We need to enable Americans – common everyday folk – to network with one another and enable them to bring in the reins of government.

    I like the web site I listed simply because they are only trying to get Americans to talk and act.

    Yours in Liberty,


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