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SIOA Holds Anti-mosque Rally, Promises More Events

June 11, 2010 by  

SIOA holds anti-mosque rally, promises more eventsAn organization called Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) hosted a rally in lower Manhattan on June 6 to protest the planned construction of a large mosque overlooking Ground Zero in New York City.

SIOA estimates that between 5,000 to 10,000 people showed up for the event hosted by the organization’s executive director Pamela Geller, a blogger and columnist who publishes the blog, and SIOA associate director Robert Spencer, the director of

Participants arrived from across the United States to protest what the organization called "an insult to the Americans who were murdered there." According to SIOA, the main reason why the mosque should not rise near the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks is that it symbolizes "a radically intolerant belief system that is incompatible with the freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution."

Rally organizers have also promised to hold another event in the same place in September, when the construction is supposed to begin. The also said they would be filing suit against the Federal government, asking that the site where the "mega-mosque" is going to be built be designated as a war memorial, similar to Pearl Harbor or Gettysburg, because a part of one of the 9/11 airplanes crashed into the roof of the building that used to stand there. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19828655-ADNFCR

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  • http://Q@A mary howland

    Oh I:m for them protesting. This is a slap to the families that lost their loved ones and to all american people. This man who is behind this mosque plan is working with the terriost. Let them build their mosque out side Barry”s window. That way he can hear the sweetest sound he ever heard. an old man yelling it;s time to pray.I;m surprised the white house staff doesN;t have their azzes in the air five times a day.Maybe they do. who knows

  • s c

    Actually, Obummer needs to knock out a White House Wall and have a small mosque built there. Then he wouldn’t have to sneak around and pretend to be a Christian.
    He wouldn’t have any reason to leave the White House. He’d have a direct line to his ‘god,’ his ‘god’ would see him as a a worthy mortal, and we wouldn’t have to guess about his real character (complete lack thereof, actually).

  • Jay A.

    I agree with Mary and S.C. We have a Muslim in the W.H. He and all Dems now need to go. Thet have proved to be unfaithful to the people and our GOD. Lets pray to ours and thet can have there fake one!

  • john

    the muslims are NOT a religious group they are a CULT and they and obumma should NOT be allowed in this country with their intent to convert or kill all people who are not muslims

    • Doc Sarvis

      Looking up the terms religon and cult (in Merriam-Webster), there is very little difference in their meaning. For instance; cult is (1)formal religious veneration and (2) a system of religious beliefs and ritual. Could you clarify the difference you refer to?

      • http://Q@A mary howland

        doc, who cares. you can analyze all you want. I don:t care if its just a fad. These creeps come into our country do their freaken bombing crap and the great one says they are not terriosts. who gives a ratz butt what it:s called. I call them dirty little creeps that have no thought to human life. and to hear that bs all of them are not terriost. what are they going to do wear a sign? One bad apple spoils the whole basket. Even if some are not terriost they are just as quilty for not informing on the ones they know are.
        Eric Holder won:t even admit they are terriosts,
        And the dear leader here is supplying them.

        • skipfoss

          The whole thing about these jerks is that if you read and agree with the “Holy Koran” as Hussein so lovingly calls it you are a Jihadist because if you go by what it preaches you are to kill all of the infedels that will not convert to Islam,all of the Muslims I have met say they would do what the Koran says or die so what does that say to you? It tells me that today ,just as in the days of the Crusades they will kill who ever stands in the way of the word of Mohamad the pedifile that they worship as a sort of Christ

    • Jim Fridas

      I agree with you 100% John, what I want to know where in our constitution does it say we have to let these mentally inferior dessert rats into our country since they want to kill Christians like they do in their country, they are not for our constitution they want to install Sharia law in our country to wit I say that makes them eligible for deportation!

      • Dennis

        Thank you Jim,
        All those NON AMERICAN f#(ks need to get the hell out of America along with there kin fok like Obama.

  • http://n/a Lila O’Connell

    When announced that a mosque was being built in the location adjacent to GROUND ZERO, I could not believe such total disregard for the families whose lives were totally disrupted is being contemplated.

    GO NEW YORKERS! GO! For as many rallies as it takes to keep this travesty from coming to pass!

    Then too, getting a MEMORIAL built asap would be one way to show our total discern for the “mosque idea”.

    • independant thinker

      Build that memorial with a very large lighted cross and a very large lighted star of David on all 4 sides making sure one side squarely faces the location of the mosque.

  • LeeSilen

    America has hundreds of our men and women who we have put in harm’s way to protect innocent people from Jihad by Muslims who feel they must die as martyrs for their Mohammad.
    Muslims were the perpetrators of the 911 attack and to allow any Masque to be built in or around ground zero, where thousands of Americans were murdered by radical Muslims is only meant to inflame and desecrate Americans.
    Would any person or persons, “IN THEIR RIGHT MIND”, allow a person or group of people, who had attacked and murdered several members of their loved ones, to move into their very home and pander to these same DISPICABLE people—I THINK NOT!

    • independant thinker

      “to allow any Masque to be built”…………..I would comment on the spelling but I love the way the misspelling worked out for they are a masque hiding the true intent of the muslem fanatics.

  • ben smith

    Go Patriots! Go! I will hold up your hands in prayer against the abomination of islam!! Ben

    • Jana

      ben smith,
      They do need prayer to continue in this. I have a friend that lives in NYC and she went to this protest, and this is what she told me that happened. I have copied and pasted it.

      Yesterday the first Ground Zero Anti-Mosque protest took place in the shadows of the construction site at Ground Zero. About 5,000 people appeared for this protest. Among the speakers were relatives of the 2800 people who were murdered by Islamic terrorists on 9/11/01 and whose pulverized bodies were never recovered. All of the protestors were peaceful.
      NYPD did make arrests during the protest, not of any of the protestors, but of some NYC’s peace loving Islamic community who came there to harasse and intimidate the protestors. One Islamic man appeared with his wife dressed in a black bedspread and their young (about age 6) son. The Islamic dad walked up to one of the protestors and pushed him to the ground and insisted that the protestors did not have any right to speak out against the mosque. After the young man regained his footing, several protestors surrounded the Islamic man and his bed spread attired wife and demanded they leave. When the Islamic man continued pushing people and refused to leave, NYPD escorted the Islamc man and his bed spread wife and child from the area. Police placed hand cuffs on the Islamic man and took him away.
      A little while later another Islamic man attending a hot dog cart picked a young man at random from the crowd and rammed his hot dog cart into him while screaming something in Arabic at him. Police arrested the hot dog vendor.
      Three Islamics raised a large banner “We will stop our terrorist activities when the West apologizes for what it has done to Muslims”. When I saw the banner I called out to people to stand in front of the banner and block it. Within less than a minute about 50 people was standing in front of the offensive banner with our backs to it. An Islamic woman came up to me and grabbed my neck and hair and started pushing me while screaming I had no right to stand in front of their banner. I screamed for her to get her hands off me, but she refused; police removed her from the area.
      Al Jazeere appeared at the scene and within minutes a crowd surrounded the Al Jazeere reporter and his cameraman. NYPD removed them from the area.
      Furthermore, through the 4 hour protest, Islamic men walked the crowd taking pictures of everyone who attended the protest.
      I have attended several protests in the NYC area, mostly for TeaParty365, of which I am a committee member, but never have any of those protests been confronted by people who intended to start fights, and never has anyone been arrested or removed from the area by police.

      The Islamics that appeared at our protests intended to intimidate everyone by taking all of our pictures. The Islamic intended to start fights and more importantly intended to silence everyone.

  • Dianne

    We must fight against the insidious, creeping infiltration of Islam in America. Once they gain ground and start demanding their “right” to practice sharia law and we give in we ate DONE!! Please read and pass onto everyone you know the new book “The Grand Jihad” by Andrew McArthy. You will be stunned at the progress already being made in America.

    • http://Q@A mary howland

      Dianne you are correct and I said months ago that they are infilltrated in several states across america just plotting and planning for the jhad. and don:t be fooled Obama {though his name is barry soetero{ knows this. This kenyan is in on this. He and ayers have been talking about this for some time. The sheep will not even take the trouble to do any research on their own. They just take barry for his word, He is a christian. My fanny.
      The strange thing is what the democrat senators knows Barry is a kenyan and not eligible and sees what he;s doing but keeps numb. Don:t the dumb azzes know their lives ar in danger or do they think they are safe with mr kenyan

  • Eddie G.

    I’m all for the protest but 10,000 people standing at the site raising hell,will fall on deaf ears such as Mayor Bloombutt and the idiot city planners in the name of political correctness.

    Who approved the building permits for this abomination? Go to the root cause right there and get the plug pulled on those permits.

    Obama won’t go along with a national monument there and neither will our current pantywaists in congress. Stalling the permits until after November and then with demand of a new congress to establish a national monument encompassing a huge radius surrounding ground zero
    will stymie the project for good. Let the mosque be built in Washington D.C. as a monument to the folly of political correctness,and the memory of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi triumvirate,with a sign in front that says…Never again America,will we ever!

    • jimmimax

      Way to go Eddie, but be sure to buy and stock up on guns these left wing sodomites i.e. “Democrats in congress” and the islamofacists are planning a war in our country to kill Americans, they have 35 terrorist training camps in America Hannity exposed that on his program, not the idiots in the left, because they are to stupid, does not apply to politically correct, there is no such thing when it comes to survival

  • hoss

    I am an Infidel! My God is real! Jesus died for them (Muslims) as well as for (me)and mankind! Christ has risen from the Grave! and lives today! Jesus Christ
    (God) is Love! As a Christian, I am NOT a door mat to be walked on!
    I will defend myself if necessary! but my God needs no defending! He is TRUTH! and Truth overcomes! Anyone can come to Christ and gain salvation! Christ alone saves and regenerates man into a new creature.
    Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world!

    • http://Internetexplorer Sheila B

      I’de just like to add that mohamed is not GOD . just a phrofet.
      GOD would not condone the slaughter of inosence

      • Bob

        Sheila B
        You are right Mohammed was nothing but a sinful prophet like any one of us.He shows up nearly 960A.D. almost 1000 years after Jesus Christ and wants to compare himself to Christ-NO WAY!He’s a sham and a fake and the radical’s know it and hide behind the so-called religion.How can they preach”kill the infitile’s(us)and our STUPID country men/women appease such garbage.WAKE UP COUNTRYMEN AND LEND ME YOUR EARS-THEY WANT TO KILL ALL OF US!!!

  • Fergus

    This mosque will be built and there is nothing anyone can do about it. It is a slap in the face to all Christian Americans and perhaps the person who approved the building permit is questionable.GO PATRIOTS, GO. Stick up for your rights before it’s too late.

  • Dash

    Well, all I have to say about that is Muck them Fuslims.

    But really, try going after the unions on this one. any construction being done in downtown NYC will involve the unions, so go after them for support, too.

    • TIME

      Thats right Unions in New York are like water in the ocean.
      Much of the problems that NY faces are all based on Unions.

      Be that as it may this all flys in the face of logic.
      Its no differant than allowing people to dig up the graves of the dead as far as I see it, to many New Yorkers this would be the most Malicious thing anyone could ever do.

      For those that were not here back then, all I can say is you just can’t fathom how this effected people here in New York.

      To this day if you ask anyone they will tell you of someone whom they knew that passed that day, and tears still well up in their eyes just like it was yestarday.
      911 is something that will never die in the hearts of New Yorkers.

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    Allowing a mosque to be built next to the hallowed ground zero site in New York City would be likened to giving the Medal of Honor to North Korea. It is not that we in America hate the Islamic people but to show the World that within the Islamic culture there are Radical Islam terrorists that would kill every American alive today if they had the chance to. This is no joke,this a war with terrorism. Yes I did say War.Regardless what the current administration in Washington would say.

  • Michael Jones

    Why there? So they can look down on what they done to us and take pride in it??? I think NOT!!! Their plans are to eventually take over our country and Obama is part of the plan. Round’em up, head’em out!!! Back to their camels and sheep across the ocean.

  • chuck b

    we keep saying the same things over and over, the islamic people are all good folks its just that there are terrorist in their mist. baloney!
    these people believe in the koran and it teaches all except islam people are infidels and its not a crime to remove them from this earth, the jewish religion teaches the same thing. the islams enforce it and the jews say they don’t agree with it even tho it is part of their culture.
    we should not allow the muslims to get a foothold in this country and along with the illegals should be removed. they could take barry soetoro with them.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      they might build it, but if we have a few good Americans driving concrete trucks and mixing concrete, it don’t have to stay up!!!

  • Merlin

    Muslims should NOT be allowed entry into the US PERIOD! They are against everything we as Americans believe in. They are against Christians and their faith; they are against FREEDOM; they are against government (except Islamic one). Now we have one in the Black House… I mean White House.

    • Glenn

      Sound’s like you’re prejudiced Merl. But let me be a nice guy and give you some constructive critisim. You had a good thing going UNTIL you said,”Black House.” I can understand your feeling towards 3rd world aborigine…but…once you inject race, religion, and other hot PC issues in a deprecating manner, then you’ve just shot yourself in the foot. All those good points you made are washed away with that one comment and from then on out you’re looked upon in the same light as the KKK. I’m no lover of ethnic minorities, but we do have to get along and tolerate each other; it pays more dividends. To end with a quotable quote, from whom, I don’t know:

      “Hate corrodes the vessel which contains it.”

      • Allan

        Perhaps he means that Obama is a racist, which I tend to agree with.

      • http://Q@A mary howland

        I understand his frustration and if he gets abit carried away who can really blame him. You know when we have to watch this crap going on and no one listens to us I myself feel like just letting go with my thoughts too. It just blows my mind how these senators sends the people in their states newsletter saying I am working for you. Mine sent me one and I sent him a reply telling him not very hard. If you are working for us make this {I;LL be nice} Kenyan show what he is by bringing out all those secrets he;s keeping. It;s no surprise to me. He did enroll in college as a foeirn student. But do they care about this> hell no. If he was a foreigner in college what did he do just change into an american over night? He is a freaken kenyan terriost supporter.

  • Bob from Socal

    Plain and simple this organization of Islamists are a hate group. It discriminates against all that do not accept its teachings. All of the liberals in congress should make them play by the same rules that they want everyone else to live by. Stop this partisan hypocrisy, they should be required to tolerate us , just as we are required to tolerate them. As a conservative I believe in live and let live. But, our politically correct politicians no longer allow this freedom. So if the Islamists are still determined to discriminate and plot against other religions and free people everywhere, they should not be allowed to practice their religion of hatred and violence in this free country. Love us or leave us Islam!

  • Tea Party Tim

    First let me say that I STONGLY oppose the building of this mosque. Whether you agree with my opinion or not is not at question, but rather whether you agree with the validity of our laws.

    That being said it must be noted that we are a nation of laws. Our laws are not tried in the courts of public opinion and public opposition alone will not be sucessful in preventing this building from being erected. The group that purchased the property and is planning the construction of this building are well aware of our laws and the fact that they could not legally be denied a permit.

    Quite honestly, the only sucessful means by which I believe it will be possible to prevent this from happening is through a legal challenge. One key will be in finding a legal president on which to challenge the construction that will not be thrown out of court as frivilous. However, perhaps the most important key will be in garnering the funds with which to bring such litigation.

    • Allan

      How about eminent domain?

    • http://Q@A mary howland

      saying that now the next block in this is the supreme court. take a look at who we have. judge david hamilton the pro_allah anti_ jesus judge{look him up} kagan who will back barry on what ever he wants, sotomayer strictly against americans , the rest are democrats in barry;s back pocket. Try getting any help in the courts.
      Our sweet land of America is now full of people that hate it.
      America needs to wake see how many eligibilty cases they threw out without even reading them. God Bless us

    • SHOLOM L

      I suggest we contact a good, non-PC lawyer. We can try to capture those funds intended to build the hated mosque. Then we merely petition the courts to use this money to pay the survivor’s relatives for the loving, humane Muslim’s terrorism.

      The Muslims change Patrick Henry’s battle cry to “We take your liberty and we give you death.”

  • mehoward

    The muslims are getting more brave as we have a muslim as our president
    he shows us every day who he has aligned himself with. Re: Giving 400
    million dollars that we do not have but have to borrow from China to
    the terroist in gaza. I think this is against the law. If any of us did
    that we would be arrested for treason me thinks Obama has stepped across the proverbial line. meh pensacola,fl.

  • Basil Marasco

    If this piece of crap is allowed to be built there first sermon or what ever they call it The raghead giving this speech will say
    “LOOK AT WHAT WE DID NEXT DOOR” and by the way who is selling the land to them. HE should be exacuted in Times Square. If he is the JEW who owned all the land in this area he should be xacuted right next to the Raghead in charge of this project.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      how about dropping the racist banter about the Jewish people! I have quite a few freinds of the Jewish faith and not one time have I heard them use one racist remark towards people like you!! Before you start, I am not Jewish, I am Christian!

  • Glenn

    The only consolation is that when they complete their “madras” in New York City, and if we’re fortunate, they will impose sharia law upon thier inhabitants and hang the homosexuals and liberal/progressive Jewish folks, (I am a Jew myslf) and others of the same ilk. After they’re finished there, then we can step in and apply the required controls to these Muslims. See, we can really make lemonade from these bad lemons.

  • angel-wanna-be

    Could anyone slap the families of 9/11 any worse, than to allow a freakin’ mosque within site of Ground Zero?__Honest to God, this country is going to hell in a hand basket! Are we the only ones here who see this?__ Absolutely no respect for ANYTHING!__Now, I wonder if our President will be frequent visitor?__Christian President my azz, and I’m being nice!

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    What do you think the vote to allow the Mosque to be built next to ground zero in New york would be if the Relatives and friends of all who lost their lives in the Twin Towers explosion were allowed to vote instead of the New York city council? They should be the people to say yes or no to this major problem in the U.S.A.This has nothing to do with Muslim majority. Most Americans do not hate the Muslim population but only the Radical Muslin Terrorists within the Muslim community.These are war mongers toward the U.S. and hate us deeply.They will never change their minds as long as the world stands. War is War and Peace is peace and we are at war with the terrorists.Regardless what Washington says.

  • Jim Lally

    Someone told me 2 or so weeks ago that their was a plan to build a mosque near ground zero. I assumed the story was fiction. No one could seriously consider such an insult to the murder victims and
    their families. Hell, the police and firemen who lost brothers at ground zero would never allow such a travesty. And yet,I don’t hear
    or read of any outporing of rage over this proposal. WHY?

  • 4gsltw

    I love all people, but I very much hate islam. It is an insidious, murderous, satanic practice and should be banned from humanity.

  • Angela

    I am shocked that they would even allow this to happen in New York. The land should of not of been able to be bought for a Mosque or anything Muslim. It would be a slap in the face for every American. It was and still is such a TRAGEDY for every American. Will we ever recover, I don’t think so. I feel it will bring more hatred in this country and that is something that we really don’t need. It’s hard to think of what this will do for all the Victims of 911 and their families, my heart goes out to them all.

  • Jody

    I believe this mosque is a message to Islam that they have conquered us. This is just like any conqueror of a foreign land. Look back at history.

    If they are allowed to build this monument it will invite more radicals. If you read the Koran it states that it is ok for them to lie to the ‘People of the Book’. That is why they talk about it being a relion of peace.

    I think the we have to protest loud and often. Write to congress and senate. Start a mail campaign to Mayor Blumberg. Flood his mailbox, tie up his telephone and the phones of those who are in charge of the permits, stating your opposition to this Muslim insult.

    Barring that…after it’s built…. blow it up as if you were a peaceful Muslim. Would they allow us to build a cathedral in Mecca? In some of those countries they won’t allow a Bible. They do not allow anyone to convert their people but they are going to proselytize our citizens and try to take over by stealth.

    They are out-breeding us 8 to 1. If they are not going to convert or conform to our culture send them back while there is time.

    By the way….can we define American culture? Seems as if everyone has a “culture” that they are protecting but us. Well some have cultures here… the Native Americans, Indians, Blacks and Hispanics, Asians and so forth.

    But what about the average white guy whose family has been here since the 1600′s. The families who have fought in every war and skirmish America has been involved in. Those families who have bled and died for our freedom. Who are we????

  • Dennis

    All i can say is that these are Obamas people and he will allow it to be built, you want to stop it, Well try complaining about it, that might help, hmm but most people in this country didn’t want Obamacare and they still got it, owell he may listen.

    • Dennis

      Oh and by the way, although it was not mentioned in this story but, the same Imam that wants to build this mosque also wants to have SHARIA LAW APPLIED IN AMERICA!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!! NOT only that but he is also involved in financially supporting the “so called” “humanitarian” Turkey flotilla boat set-up to Isreal!
      Not only that but, yesterday Obuma just gave $400 million to, and we are also FUNDING construction of the 1,094 – mile Baky- Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline carring oil from the Caspain Sea to Ceyhan, Turkey. Also profiting B.P. WE ARE BEING SET-UP!!!!

  • arterk

    If we can’t stop the mosque from being built, the next best thing is our hope that William Aires blows it up. He said he felt he didn’t do enough in blowing up buildings in New York, DC and probably his bath room.

  • Bob

    Ok then we need to build twice as many Christian churches in their countries or as many as it takes to surround the mosque-seriously every one return home to your country and leave everyone else’s alone.After 9-11 I thought a proclamation not to build anything over or near ground zero was agreed upon.If any thing should be built it should be for those Americans who lost their lives in those spots!

  • Claire

    I wonder who owned the land where this mosque is to be built. Does anyone know?

  • Bruce Lammert

    If the Twin Towers Monument was paid entirely by the Muslin’s, I would not allow ANY mosque be built where the dust of it’s collapse landed.

  • bobinpa.

    Lets remember people, and get our ACT together. When a Marine or a Soldier looks down the sights of their M-16/M-4 at OUR ENEMY, what do they see? A MUSLIM. When our people are killed or maimed by IED’s, who planted the IED or set it Off?. A MUSLIM. What were the 19 people that flew the planes into our buildings on 9/11? MUSLIMS. Who isa this Muslim we have in the White house that keeps apologizing for America to? MUSLIMS. NO, we do not need or want a MEMORIAL to the MUSLIMS who attacked our country built at Ground Zero. Since there are those who go around falsely claiming that ISLAM is a religion of Peace, How about we FIRST make them allow Bibles into Saudi Arabia, and build a Baptist Church, a Catholic Church, and a Jewish Synogoge in MECCA. BEFORE we even think about building a Mosque Memorial at Ground Zero.

  • jopa

    So much anger and hate with the same solution Hitler used on the Jews and Jehova Witnesses.Watch out you might be on their list next.

  • JC

    Don’t count on Obama who says the “Call of the minaret at sunset is the prettiest sound on earth”

    The Kenyan is a traitor to the office he fraudulently holds.

  • JC
  • die hard

    i think its time to impeach obama and his cronies and tell these muslims where to go IMPEACH NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE.

  • chuck b

    just how would you go about impeaching “barry” with the congress we have in place??? (impossible) a better idea is we impeach the congress in november along with the senate. then elect palin in 2012, she probably will run against hillary.

  • bobinpa.

    JOPA- You speak about Hate and Anger. ou want to see HATE and ANGER??If so, READ THE QURAN.

  • Joanne V (Ginger)

    I say build the mosque out of pork chops since pork is a desecration to them.
    We should rally every day by that mosque to STOP it!
    Their ultimate goal is to convert 1/3 of New Yorkers to Islam.

    Please tell the Mayor to stop this horrific act.

    Islam is responsible for the butchering of over 300 MILLION PEOPLE. They don’t tolerate any churches and take Christians/Jews rights away from them so why should we tolerate those terrorists. Yes not every muslim is a terrorist but every terrorist act is by the muslims.


    I am APPALLED!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Joanne V.,
      no but you did give me an idea. Pour pigs blood into EVERY load of concrete that goes into building this abomination!!!!

  • 45caliber

    This is like allowing the Japanese to build a memorial to their victory at Pearl Harbor.

  • alex

    I served 20 years in the Air Force,,i did it because i loved this country. And now its not the same nation that i dam near gave my life for,,sometimes i wished that i had given my ultimate sacrifice. I am so bummed out the last couple of years,, i hate what i am feeling right sick of everything–whats going on with the USA and the world in general. I see and hear things that disgusted me. At this junction in my life, i dont know if i should scream to my fellow Americans,,or whats left of them,,,that there are changes ,,real changes coming,,,and it is not good,,it will be bloody i think,,there will be a civil war again in this country. And slavery will once again be the issue. Because we free men who will have to fight for our freedom from the bonds of our very own Government,,the freedom that we already have lost ,,the many will fight to take it back. I say unto you,,,its coming, blood will be shed,,i do not see any other way,,May God have pity on our miserable souls,,because we will if have’nt already become mad men.

  • Don Malozi

    I hope it gets built so that someone can blow it up and we watch in glee. Allow the Muslums to leave our country now before we slaughter every one of them – its coming to that!

  • ginnymay

    Here are some facts: Mohammad childhood was not good; later he went off by himself and studied astrology and became interested in the moon gods – one was his favorite – when he died, the Shittes believe one of his family was the “true” person to carry on and the Sunis disagree and believe it was another family member – and thus the Muslums don’t agree among themselves.

    In order to bring their Messiah back there must be catasrophic things take place and much bloodshed -the more blood the better. They call Israel “little Satan” and the west they call or America, they call “big Satan”. Their goal is to destroy both.

    If they can’t defeat us as they do say, in Nigeria where they go into a village and just kill everyone that is not a Muslum, they do it through a sneaky means or infilltration called FATAH. That is exactly what is happening in America and has been for some time. That is why they refer to Obama as the Savior and their brotherhood – they have had a free pass now and will for a total of 4 years.However, Obama is trying very hard to get the same guy who helped him get elected in 08 to run his campaign again. Illegals are welcome because it will reset boundries for the number of representatives in Washington.

    More time must be given to him to complete more devastation to America. More time for more Muslums to enter and set up their mosques.

    Now here is the highlight – Muslums are told to reproduce quickly in order to rule and take over the world. The catholics have already announced that they have exceeded them in their race to populate. Ande,they are doing it in America. FATAH

    Two weeks ago 2 christians in Egypt were shot and critically wounded because they wanted to build a church. There are 8 mosques on the street but no christians are welcome. They are killing christians in Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, Egypt and now they are pushing around Americans at ground zero. Their only intention is to destroy us.

    Why has Obama treated the Israelis so badley? Hmmmmm I wonder why.

  • Ed Bertolas

    I am looking to make my reach larger ……I have over 150 people in an inner circle plus I acomment on Worth Reading Often and saw thru Assmeblymen ( lol) professor ( lmao ) Ali Babama . is my email and I am straight an known to be across the board .
    VIDEO: No mosque at Ground Zero

    Can u imagine they want to open it on the 10th anniversary of 9/11

    We need to tell the group and politicians ………..who back this audacity that we do not accept or want a Mosque near the sacred site in NYC ………Perhaps Death Valley

    We cannot let this occur …..Please reach out to the common sense people out there .

  • Cee White

    Let’s have a welcome party Hawaiian Style Luau, with a huge buried PIG right there, Mosque Central.Then we can break bread with their E- MOMS and talk about it??? Sound like a plan? sort of “welcome to the neighborhood” AMERICAN STYLE.

  • Sherie

    Are there other Anti Mosque Rallys around the country? I’ll be in Sacramento and want to attend one.



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