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Siding With Mexico Against Arizona

May 27, 2010 by  

A disturbing spectacle was on display last week as Mexican President Felipe Calderon and President Barack Obama—standing almost hand-in-hand on the White House lawn—trashed the state of Arizona over its new immigration law. Calderon then took it a step further by going onto the floor of Congress and trashing Arizona and Arizonians some more.

During the White House meeting, Obama told Calderon, “In the 21st Century we are defined not by our borders, but by our bonds.” He also agreed with Calderon’s description that Arizona’s law is discriminatory.

We’ve come to expect such treachery from the White House, which prides itself in traveling around the world bowing and scraping and accusing the United States of a multitude of sins—both real and imagined—and apologizing for every national and foreign policy decision the country has ever made.

(See Deputy Secretary of State Michael Posner’s admission that during a recent trip to China he brought up the Arizona law “early and often” as an issue of “discrimination or potential discrimination.” Again, he did this in China, a country that runs over its citizens with tanks, throws them in prison for practicing “unapproved” Christianity, and forces families to abort children to enforce a one-child policy.)

But then Calderon went into the halls of Congress—as an invited guest—and trashed Arizona some more saying the bill “introduces a terrible idea that uses racial profiling as a basis for law enforcement.” And for that Democrats in Congress gave him a standing ovation.

Never mind that the law does no such thing. In fact, it forbids discrimination and follows Federal immigration laws almost to the letter.

The Democrat Party continues to find new lows to fall to in its treatment of Americans—ramming through healthcare legislation over the objections of the majority, siding with enemies of Democracy and joining with the president of a failed nation to vilify a state that was forced to enforce laws the Federal government refused to enforce.

George Washington once wrote:

“We are either a United people, or we are not. If the former, let us, in all matters of general concern act as a nation, which have national objects to promote, and a national character to support. If we are not, let us no longer act a farce by pretending to it.”

More and more it seems Obama and the Democrats have decided upon the latter. And more and more the spinelessness of Republicans is on display as they fail in their duty to forcefully call out Obama and the Democrats.

Obviously the elites of the two parties have become peas in the same pod and they have chosen a path in opposition to the very people they supposedly serve. That they would side with the Mexican president over the citizens of Arizona—and about 70 percent of Americans—is despicable.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://AOL BRUCE


    • Ed Palmer

      Very Good Point of view.
      I don’t wish the People of Mexico any Harm. I wish them well.
      I also don’t want them to Harm the U.S. or undermine the Constitution of the U.S. by becoming pawns through illegal imigration.

    • Lewis Munn

      Obviously nothing the Press deems is newsworthy. Perhaps by attacking us they have kept our government’s attention distracted from starting even more wars to distract the Public’s attention from the real problems going on??

  • Al Sieber

    This president is a traitor to the American people. he violated his oath to the constitution to protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic, and he needs to be inpeached. the congress needs to be cleaned out also for their behavior in regards to president Calderon’s little speech aganist Ariz.’s immigration law, I couldn’t believe our congress clapped and cheered this dictator, they now longer represent the people. they also violated their oath to the constitution and need to be removed from office.

    • Jewel

      I completely agree-the actions he has taken are impeachable
      but I don’t see anyone really standing up against him. Maybe we should make a citizens arrest -:(((
      Can we do that? lol
      I know that 37 states have file for secession from the union-but that has apparently stalled as well. I think the senators or any state leaders that are still FOR the people should secede at the same time and overwhelm them. We should also have state militias

    • connie

      obama is an embarrasment to this country, i thank the voters for bringing him out of the shadow, now he can go back.

    • s c

      When Obummer brown-nosed that yahoo from Mexico recently, he used a certain word that must be understood in its correct meaning. Obummer, His unRoyal Lowness, likes to use words that he defines ‘his’ way.
      When he talked about ‘bonds,’ he meant that Mexico, America and Canada will (in the near future) be defined by our mutual bonds in slavery. Most people gloss over that word because they’re not used to thinking in terms of what is said vs. what is really meant.
      It is another proof that no country (let alone America) can afford to have such a devious, anti-freedom ‘leader.’ As American Indian tribes used to describe the federal government’s treaty-makers, “he speaks with forked tongue.”

    • http://personalliberty June

      Amen Brother!

  • shray77

    To me it is like siding with the enemy. Do you hear what Mexico does to aliens there? He then has the nerve to come to MY country and criticize one of our states, that is trying to keep out the people he is abusing in his country? Go back and stay there and by the way don’t go through Arizona to get there.

  • Barb

    I am 55, not in good health, and I live in Tucson. I never though that I would EVER live to see the day that I fear going out to do ANYTHING.
    I have no one here to bail me out of jail should I get arrested for Freedom of Speech, having my American Flag flying on my car, a bumper sticker that says take back America in 2010. I moved here for my health and am 1700 miles away from all my family and friends. If I had someone I know that would bail me out should I get arrested, I would defy everything that I could, say what I wanted to say, fly my flag etc. This isn’t America anymore. I don’t know what to call the nation that we live in. I shouldn’t have to live…AFRAID. This is tyranny, when you fear your government because you exercise your freedoms.

    • Christina


      My heart goes out to you. I live in Kansas. We used to live in Kansas City. I hated it. My oldest son and any white or black child were made fun of at school because they were not Mexican. One teacher had even told me that the school was out of control. The majority were Mexican aliens. Some legal, some not. All of Central St. is full of store fronts in Spanish and feel free to fly or wear their flag. They even have private bars that only let Mexican in. Im sorry but these Hispanic’s have made this terible mess for themselves. KC is full of gangs and killings. Many are illegals ot here on green cards. Anyone who thinks there isnt a problem does not live near the problem as you do, Barb as I did. No and I mean no other flag should ever be flown in the country. I am all for Arizona!!!! I hope more states follow. It is time we take back America and follow the footsteps of our for fathers. I am a PROUD American. However I am not proud of my president, goverment, or for what they stand for. Mr. Obama I dont need you to apologize for me being an American. I am NOT ashamed of who I am or what my forfathers has done for my country. And how dare you clap for a tyrant such as the president of Mexico. If he is such a great man why are all his citizens wanting to invade my country?

  • Joyce from Loris

    Maybe if we, the American people, travel to Arizona to offer our volunteer time to patrol the border, armed of course, we would get the message across to our poor excuse of a government, that we MEAN BUSINESS! We need something spectacular to wake them up. There are 320 million people in this nation. If 60 percent support Arizona, that would be 192 million people showing up to take turns patrolling the border. I am ready to volunteer my week.If the elected government will not keep us safe from intruders and terrorist then we will do it ourselves.

    • Ted Crawford

      Joyce, while he can’t find the resources to send to help with the Gulf clean-up,or to secure our borders, we can be sure adequate,forces would quickly be amassed to but down what, I’m sure, would be termed “An armed insurrection”. We must remember that,over a year ago, he issued EO-13524! That,it seems, would give him the authority to use foreign troops,stationed here, to “restore order”!
      While I agree with your intentions,we can not give him the excuse to do wnat he, so clearly, would like to do, declare Martial Law and suspend the elections!
      We must,peacefully, hold the line untill November, when we can take our country back in the manner provided us by the Founders! NOVEMBER 2,2010!!! Let’s return our Country to it’s Constitutional roots!!

  • Susan

    I say shoot them. Send them all back and let the ocean swallow the
    country up. They are useless

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    I think the Mexican president sure has a lot of gall to come into our country and make the comments that he did. But, what is more appalling is Barry agreeing with him! I say lets adopt the laws of Mexico concerning illegal aliens! Surely the Mexico president couldn’t disagree with that, nor Barry as far as that goes.

    What is going on with this administration? He is completely nuts to take the side of others who run down our country! I am so sick of hearing how he cowers to the world when it comes to the United States. He has got to go! I don’t like living here knowing that our president thinks are country and our laws are not worth the paper they are written on!

    • connie

      i see obama as the antichrist, he is here to destroy the American people, and side with his demons (muslims, calderon and the rest of the democrats).

      • s c

        Connie, I know how you feel, as Obummer is definitely working for the various ‘chums’ of evil. He is anti-American, he’s anti-common sense, he’s anti-logic, he’s anti-business, he’s anti-Constitution, he’s anti-anything that keeps us safe, he’s anti-military and he’s anti-anything that will force him to honor his oath of of office, but he’s not the anti-christ.
        Now, if Obummer was a religious leader, then he’d qualify. Fortunately, Obummer is a political hack who can be manipulated by any puppet master who cares to buy or rent his sorry posterior.
        You’re looking in the wrong place if you think Obummer is a thoroughly evil spirit talked about in the Bible. Obummer definitely works for him, but it isn’t worth talking about (similar to a minor bureaucrat working for Hitler or Stalin in WWII).

  • http://SidingWithMexicoAgainstArizona” Gary

    Here are just a few LAWS ON IMMIGRATION INTO MEXICO.

    Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to re-enter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six-year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals.

    Authorities have a record of each foreign visitor,
    Foreign visitors do not violate their visa status.
    Foreign visitors are banned from interfering in the country’s internal politics.
    Foreign visitors who enter under false pretenses are imprisoned or deported.


    • Christina Churchwell

      Well, Gary I say we follow Mexico’s lead after all. Those are some mighty fine laws indeed! If we dont do something drastic and set an example they will keep on invading. If there are strong consequences they they will think twice!! During the war we gathered up Japaneese and held them in camps. That was cruel. They were Americans. However it shows me how loyal and strong our country was just 50 or so years ago. I say we need some of that back. We are full of politicians that are soft and have no balls. Im am so sick and tierd of the non Americans gettinig treated and handed more than my American brothers and sisters. We hand out medical, food stamps and cash assistance. Housing, charity, and free classes to them. Where can I sign up? They are killing this country and then our states wonder why they are broke. Send them back, reform welfare and make people stand on their own two feet. I have no problem handing out to OUR unemployed right now. But if your not American you shouldnt collect a dime from any of our tax payers benefits. Maybe I should run for president. I would give the change needed alright!!!!!!

  • Dan Burke

    It would have been humorous if someone had asked Congress if they approved of Mexico’s stand on immigration right after that standing ovation they gave the Mexican President. Then, right after they all exclaimed how great Mexico was you then say “We have written here a matching law, written almost word for word, policy for policy, for you to vote on. Since you all agree with Mexico’s policies on immigration, we expect this immigration reform to pass without issue.” Better yet, get them to have a “non-binding” vote first that they agree with the Mexico’s stand on illegal immigration. Then you can nail them no matter which way they vote. If they stay true to form and don’t read the legislation first, you get them for voting on harsh illegal immigration reform. If they actually debate and vote against the bill, you get the two votes and compare, of course leaking the results and what it means to the American people–showing the American people that the politicians applaud Mexico’s policies but refuse to implement them in America…. Ah, but we believe the best of our politicians and foreign dignitaries so we weren’t prepared to “catch” them in their two-faced nature.

  • Nickie Stevens

    Just how much of this traitor president do we have to tolerate before he is kicked out of office. The guy is for everyone and anyone who is against America.

    He has done his best to distorb, lie, cheat, and hide the truth from the American public….all the while the liberal news media and a bunch of idiots support him. Are the people who support him really Americans or just a bunch of traitors who want to destroy this country?

  • Norman

    Calreron just wants the burdens, expenses transferred to the US taxpayer. After all, we ARE too rich.More tax dollars please.Our government is a failure.

  • Norman

    What’s more freightening, Americans let this happen. We reap what we sow.

  • Norman

    You can’t be pro-active with this government every once in a while. Pressure must be applied on a daily basis. You’ll wake up in a concentration camp.

  • phyllis ilten


  • bobinpa.

    This Progressive Marxist, Anti-American Administration does NOT want to close the border. They want these people to come in. They WANT a Third World Welfare State where they can give the people Welfare, Food Stamps,Medicare,FREEBIES, etc, etc, and have the people DEPENDENT on these World Marxists in exchange for their VOTES so they can remain in Power. They want America to be like a third world OUTHOUSE such as KENYA. That is what Obamas father, a Communist, American Hateing Muslim was for and preached. He was a British Citizen living in Kenya. Overflow America with ALL these 3rd World parasites to gain power is their GOAL. The American people have endured too much to be conquered and over thrown in this fashion. These Anti-American Scum cannot defeat America, so they have to resort to other means. Remember during the campaign Obama and his Cohorts brought up “EMPATHY”??. The way to defeat America is to attack OUR GOODNESS. AMERICA MUST show the same resove against THI PRESENT THREAT as WE have to every THREAT in OUR Glorious History. America IS the Greatest Nation in the History of the World. And NO Third World Incompetent Weasels is going to destroy it. Forget being called names, Racist, Birther, and other B.S. names, And forget that Weak “Empathy” Crap. Lets Go America, “Time to take our Country Back” “SEMPER FI’.

  • Bunny Camlin

    As usual its talking talking talking talking talking talking. When does action ever take place?

  • http://yahoo Lois Stapleton

    These senators are gutless wonders!!!! Where John Wayne when you need him????

  • Candy Bender

    What has happenend to we the people?????? Come the next elections I won’t vote for anyone who has held office before. I think we need to rally and show the government we can and will take back our country one way or another! The government is corrupt and dishonest. I think more states should act like Arizona, afterall they are just enforcing the law!!!! Does that mean Obama is breaking the law? Why should he not be the epitamy of a role model?

    • Al Sieber

      There are 17- states considering Arizona’s law.

      • Ted Crawford

        The sad part of that is it should be 49 states! Well, wait a minute, mabey only 48. With a muscle-bound ninny for Governer and elected officials like pelosi and boxer, we can’t expect too much from California,can we??

  • s c

    Can we agree that Obummer will do anything, go to bed with anyone or sell himself whenever it’s necessary to appeal to America’s dumbed-down, useful idiots? Calderon is a pimped buffoon who is willing to be a useful idiot himself. He’s probably a puppet of the same puppet master who pulls Obummer’s strings.
    One of the questions that needs to be asked is whether or not Calderon, Mexico’s hero, would go for the idea of Obummer invading Mexico to clear up the ‘drug cartel and immigration’ situation. It’s rough jumping in and out of bed with so many foreign ‘leaders,’ but no one forced Obummer to get into politics, eh?
    Leadership at any cost. The Founding Fathers would never have believed how we could get stuck with so many well-paid traitors in every generation since 1812. So many people to enslave, and so many government, religious and financial “leaders” to act as Judas goats. Some people have to learn the hard way. Why do we have to pay for their insanity?

  • Bob Wire

    While I might privately agree with much of Mr Livingston sentiment, we could all perhaps take stock in the fact, The office of president is an office that provides “statesmanship” To be a capable and successful statesman require a mixed amount of directness and eloquence. For it’s an effort to seek resolve and resolution while attempting to avoid conflict and alienation.

    Basically a certain amount of sucking up while at the same time kicking some a$$. Creating situations that guide decisions.

    Like an old senior attorney told me one time while sitting behind his huge desk with 60 years of paper work filling the room, I’m paid big bucks to do “other people’s” dirty Laundry. Laundry they can’t or won’t do on their own.

    Both delicate jobs, that require mindful consideration while rooted in some over-view of a “Common Good” for an acceptable outcome, both can live with and abide by.

    It was in part the lack of eloquence that committed the USA to spending 4 trillion dollars, 3000 American souls and 6 years in the lands and sands of camel drivers. Tell me it not so! anyone?

    How would you like to have that 6 years, 4 trillion dollars, and 3000 American back? hmm? Where is the equity for such a great investment? I fail to see any “American Equity” worthy of such a large investment.

    All we got is a little feel good paybacks ~ America showed the whole world “How We can bring down the Thunder” but still not win a damn thing! Another stalemate! Ever since the 38th parallel “Police Action” ~ The commitment to win anything required a 100% effort and a darn good reason.

    I said long ago, if you want a worthy war, Mexico is the place to start one. She’s a rich nation. But if your heart is not in the fight ~ be nice, as our President is attempting to be this day.

  • Magee, Robert H.O.

    It is interesting how most comments ignore USA’s status in the world as a supper power. Our leadership role does not allow States like Arizona to behave like it did to foreign nationals, or even undermine Federal Government policy on immigration.

    While we understand the dilemma Arizona is going through; it is also true that if every Hispanic is removed from the Yuma area the vegetable industry will actually collapse. Not many young Americans want to work in that industry. Second, construction industry is strengthened by the present of a strong labor force which keeps wages low.

    The Two Presidents’ remarks last week were in order, diplomatic and supportive of those who are here illegally at the same time trying to discriminatory is trying to turn back the clock on issues of discrimination. This behavior by the State of Arizona in my view is character unbecoming.

    A state that thinks can survive in US Uniform commerce by isolating itself it actually will collapse very soon. The rule of law that harasses people providing important services to the state.

    As more and more Hispanics are going to be rounded and deported the more it may never find enough workers during the harvest of the crops. This may be a short term solution but certainly it may cause more shortages of labor in the agricultural industry leading to poor crops.

    Securing the border is not declaring war against poor people that live in the United States searching for economic opportunities. Labor opportunities that bring about these people to unfilled jobs may cause losses how does Arizona cope then when its goods and services begin to rise in value getting costly to export to other states. A better approach is to respect residents right of privacy and ask that employers enforce immigration laws. Insist that the federal Government intervene on the problem to resolve the illegal immigration

    • Meteorlady

      Oh boo hoo – in my area children are moving back with their parents because they have lost their construction jobs to illegal. They are taking jobs in our Pecan orchards where Mexican illegals used to work. The reason those jobs in the orchard opened up was because the orchard had “immigration problems” and some of the workers left. I worked with 27 high school students looking for summer jobs and only one of them found a job. This was to support them earning money toward their college eduction. Meanwhile most jobs that used to be summer jobs were filled with latin men. When I go to my local grocery store I see latin women with 2 to 5 children paying for groceries with food stamps while seniors in my area are struggling to make ends meet. My hospital emergency room is filled with non-English speaking people who have non-emergencies. I look around my area and see entire crews of latinos working in construction – for cash and earning around $10.00 per hour. An American cannot afford to take those jobs because after they pay their SS, Medicare and federal tax they take home nothing. So have a nice day eating your illegal provided vegetables.

    • s c

      MRHO, is it more important to do the right thing, or is it more important to compromise? Yuma will survive. Compromise is a Washington specialty. How often does Washington do ANYTHING right by doing it in the name of compromise or good intentions?
      The bottom line is in doing the RIGHT thing. The Yuma area has PLENTY of young people who can replace every illegal. Would you have us believe there are no high schools or ag-related groups (or even a community college) in the Yuma area? What matters is to do the RIGHT thing. Should we wait for Washington to “create” jobs?
      ‘Convenience’ is a false god, Robert. Every time we choose to brown-nose a false god (especially an elected false god), the net result is always predictable.

    • gary

      don’t worry about the vegetable industry it has done well for nearly a hundred years. more american would be willing to do that work if their was better pay. to pay minimun wages a head of lettuce would cost $.08 more, cucumbers $.07 more. what are you willing to pay?

  • Meteorlady

    I say we all boycott Mexico – no more vacations. What arrogance to come to our country and criticize us when his country is one of the most corrupt nations around. Maybe he should stay home and do some real house cleaning and give up his hugh ranch.

  • thomas ebbers


    • dan of arizona

      that means that the un also

  • Ray

    This is shocking News Just what the DNC and Obama are trying to do Illegally. I borrowed some materials but put together this Message that I sent to the DNC. I Hope they haven’t abolished free speach Yet!

    I was sent this; by DNC
    Friend –

    On March 7th, 1965, 600 of us lined up to walk from Selma to Montgomery, to march for voting rights.

    When we tried to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge over the Alabama River, we were met by state troopers. They attacked us with tear gas, bullwhips, and nightsticks.

    It became known as Bloody Sunday, and the national outcry over the brutality that day led to the enactment, exactly 45 years ago today, of the Voting Rights Act.

    The progress we’ve made since then is remarkable.

    But the expansion of voting rights for millions did not happen overnight. It was the product of a continued struggle, by many people, over many years.

    And just as change did not come easily then, it does not come easily now.

    Discrimination still exists in America — its effects can be as harmful as they were decades ago. And we can always become a better, more just society.

    Two years ago, this movement — led by Barack Obama — brought millions of people into the political process for the first time.

    I’m told that many of you are working hard now to get as many as possible of those folks — and others from across the country who are with us in these fights — to the polls this year.

    It’s an important effort, and the legacy of the fight for the Voting Rights Act is that it is not only our right to vote, and to help others do so — it is our duty.

    Can I count on you to help out between now and the elections in November?

    When I was a child, I tasted the bitter fruits of racial discrimination — and I did not like it.

    That was what spurred me to act. In those early days, we sacrificed our very selves for our rights as Americans. But we never gave up.

    And now barriers that kept an entire people from full participation in this country have been removed.

    No longer are people who look like me met with violence when we register to vote.

    No longer is the idea that an African American could become president just a dream.

    We live in a better world, a better country.

    But our work is not complete. We cannot wait for someone else to make change.

    We must all do it. You must do it. I must do it.

    Please sign up to help millions more vote:

    Thank you,

    Representative John Lewis


    Many of the illegal immigrants are using false documents to vote, The same false documents that they use to gain access to American Social Systems and Aid. They have done this even though, their actions may have disqualified them as ever being American Citizens. Can’t wait for this case to come before the Supreme Court.

    Ever wonder what the Penality of Illegals registering and Voting in American Elections Are.

    Question: What are the Penalties for Registering/Voting Before I’m Eligible?
    Information From immigration law, concerning voting rights.

    As a permanent resident, you can only vote in local and state elections that do not require you to be a U.S. citizen. It is very important that you do not vote in national, state or local elections that require a voter to be a U.S. citizen when you are not a U.S. citizen.

    If you register or vote in an election for which you do not meet the citizenship requirements, you can face criminal penalties which may include a fine and or imprisonment, and possibly deportation.

    DO NOT register to vote before finalizing your naturalization. Even if your Oath ceremony is taking place in the very near future, you cannot legally tick the “Yes” box to the question “Are you a U.S. citizen,” until after you officially become a citizen.

    Remember: Registering or voting in an election limited to U.S. citizens when you have not yet become a U.S. citizen, or claiming to be a U.S. citizen when you are not, whether or not your intention was good and you performed the act knowingly or unknowingly, will result in serious legal consequences.

    From Washington Post
    But border enforcement is not something to be manipulated in return for legislative favors. It is, as the administration vociferously argued in court in the Arizona case, the federal executive’s constitutional responsibility. Its job is to faithfully execute the laws. Non-execution is a dereliction of duty.

    I am beginning to think he should be tried for Treason.
    His and your duty IS.
    Not Just making sure noone illegal is voting , but also to SECURE THE BORDER as already in Law.
    Also to Question, Detain and Deport those who don’t meet the requirments
    as already in Law.
    Also to Protect, our Citizens who have been Invaded by Invasion, from Illegal Immigrants as written into our Countries foundations, Constitution and Law.
    Also to Stop The Drug Cartels who are selling their POSIN to our Children as already written in Law.
    Also to Stop immigrants from using Falsified State and federal Documents which is a felony, ontop of the thieft of our Social Systems which they have no Rights, as already in law and also felonies.

    More for this subject:

    Seems to this; mere student of the “jus naturale” True Law of
    nature’s GOD and formenr U.S.Army M.P. attached to C.I.D. that
    pursuant to the solemn oath or affirmation of the P.O.T.U.S. Sworn to
    under the spectre of Million of the Publick’s eyes in: bona fide
    Witness to said voluntatary assent to Terms of the Contract the
    Constitution for the Continental United States of America Republic,
    de jure, that the Party assenting to the onerous terms of obligation
    of the Contract, Barrach Hussein O’bama is by: “mere tacit operation
    of Common Law of the sovereign Nation” the “Commander in Chief of the
    Armed Forces” thus subject to the: “Uniform Code of Military
    Justice”(UCMJ)and may then be in Violation of several Articles therin
    in re: Treason , Neglect of Duty, Subversive acts to subvert and
    DESTROY the Federal Govenment by express Acts of: Omission and
    Comission, devised to FOMENT insurection and violent revolution by
    means of: muliliferous ATTACKS on the Security and Dignity of the
    Nation and coconspiritorial efforts to: effectuate stealthily
    conjurgated “artful” crafting, of legislative acts, to invoke
    involuntary servitude, by a scheme of: Communist Slave Nation as
    evidenced in the specifically express: multifaceted installation of
    the: 10 Planks of the “Communist Manifesto”, by artful crafting, of
    dubious voluminous conflagurations of asserted Legislative Acts!
    (Violative of the Constitution and specifically in explicit
    contradistinction to the: Source of the Powers Absolute: We The PEOPLE
    This Satanic Conspiracy of evil, may offer multiple grounds for
    Arrest and Incarceration, as an Absolute, bona fide “Enemy of the
    State”by “Military Court Martial” as a “Foreign Insurgent Enemy
    What SAY YE NOW? see: (Blacks 6th) for definition of terms within

    I will Fight with every Breath for as long as I have Breath against such unjustice. I will Not vote for anyone who supports such actions as I have been wittnessing coming out of the DNC or Obama. I am beginning to feel ashamed to even be a Democrate. I voted for Obama Once, will not make that mistake again. I Once thought You were the Law of the Land, now all I am seeing is squabbling and Law Breakers. Hang Your Heads in Shame.
    Surely this isn’t the kind of History you really wanted to make.

    With No Love:

  • Vincent Scungio

    I can’t say I’m too surprised with the actions of obutthead, all his cronies & this mexican moron. The thing really strange is if the mexican people love their country so much, they should go back to their country & stop trying to take over OURS! Everything obutthead has done is impeachable. & I don’t know why he hasn’t been arrested for treason. Every one of the morons in government offices should write their letters of resignation & GET OUT. My biggest problem is knowing who is Truly for “We The People” / who is worthy of Our Vote for any office. I will not vote for a Dem. Period.. Then you have the Republican party, & then the Tea party candidates, Well what I’m afraid of is this; if “We The People” stand undecided & half vote for a Tea party candidate, & the other half vote for a Republican, the Dems will win anyway. That really scares me! But I’m trying to keep my head up & believe we as Americans will win in the end.

    My Father gave his Life for this Country, Our Freedoms, Family, Duty, Honor & the American way of Life. I can Not stand by & see his or any Service Man or Women’s Sacrifices be in Vain. Obutthead & All his Cronies are running this Country into the ground. We have to STOP Them 2, Nov.. If there was only a clear vote as to whom. A few years ago I wasn’t afraid, but now I am, I’m handicapped & I keep loaded guns not far from me at all times. I’m even more afraid for my children & what they will have to deal with once I’m gone. I have trained them well in self defence & firearms.

    God Help US. God Bless the USA!

    Vince in Northern Mi.

  • Tired Of Washington

    Bruce started the feedback with a very stupid question and I quote “I’M JUST WONDERING SINCE WE HAVE “SUCH” CLOSE BONDS WITH MEXICO, JUST WHAT HAVE THEY DONE ON THE WAR IN IRAQ, AFGANISTAN, LET ALONE ANY WAR THAT WE HAVE BEEN IN?” Bruce, are you illusional or what? All of the wars you mentioned are meaningless. At the end of the day Bruce, the only war that Mexico cares to participate in is the one they are winning everyday with America! With OBAMA supporting them and cheering them on, all our kids will be have to speak spanish to get a job and english will be the official second language.


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