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Should Joe Paterno Have Been Fired?

November 18, 2011 by  

Should Joe Paterno Have Been Fired?

If you read the grand jury report, you would probably say hanging would be too good for Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno’s longtime assistant football coach at Penn State. I suspect you would want him drawn and quartered, with salt poured over the body parts.

The thought of a trusted adult taking advantage of his position to sexually molest young boys is absolutely sickening. The grand jury report said that Sandusky abused at least eight boys over a 15-year period. Since the scandal erupted, more young men have accused the former coach of equally heinous behavior.

If the news reports are to be believed, Sandusky was a serial pedophile whose perversions were known to head coach Paterno and his staff, as well as top university officials. There had even been some sort of investigation back in 1998. Yet nothing was done to stop him.

Can there be any possible excuse for such willful blindness on the part of so many supposedly responsible people?

Yet several things about this whole horrible story give me pause. First, whatever happened to the presumption of innocence? Isn’t one of the bedrock principles of our justice system that you’re innocent until proven guilty?

Try telling that to Sandusky or to all of the people who have been affected by this terrible story, including the students, coaches, players, alumni, teachers and administrators at Penn State.

As I write this, Sandusky maintains he is innocent. He has admitted to nothing more than “horsing around” with the boys. “I enjoy being around children,” he explained. “I enjoy their enthusiasm. I just have a good time with them.” Finally, reluctantly, he admitted, “I shouldn’t have showered with those kids.”

Sandusky no doubt will get his day in court. He will have an opportunity to face his accusers, present a defense and learn his fate from a jury of his peers. Of course, it will be too late to salvage his reputation, restore his career or protect the foundation he founded.

But what about Paterno? If “innocent until proven guilty” were true, he would still have his job. Hundreds of college students (who clearly have their priorities screwed up) wouldn’t have gone on a rampage when he was fired.

Please note that these young people — among the best and brightest in the country, from some of our finest families — weren’t furious because a longtime assistant coach at Penn State had repeatedly raped little boys. They weren’t indignant because all of the proper authorities, including Paterno, had behaved in a very improper manner.

No, they didn’t take to the streets to protect the innocent or to protest on the children’s behalf. They were behaving like spoiled brats because their football coach had been canned.

Sure, I feel sorry for JoePa, as he is affectionately known. One of the most amazing athletic records of all time will be sullied forever. This is a guy who spent 62 years of his life doing the one thing he wanted most to do: coach football at Penn State.

Since becoming head coach 46 years ago, his teams won a record 409 victories, including two national championships and all five major bowl games: Rose, Orange, Cotton, Sugar and Fiesta. He was the first college football coach named “Sportsman of the Year” by Sports Illustrated magazine. Four years ago, at the age of 80, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Now, the Big Ten has announced that his name will be removed from its championship football trophy. There will be no more Paterno Championship Trophy. Effective immediately, it is the Stagg Championship Trophy. The choice is a bit of a head-scratcher. Do you know Stagg’s full name? And when and where he coached? (The answer: Amos Alonzo Stagg, the University of Chicago, 1892-1932.)

By the way, Nike says it is standing by Paterno and has no plans to rename the building it named in his honor at its Beaverton, Ore., headquarters. But I’ll bet Nike executives wish they had chosen something other than the Joe Paterno Child Development Center to salute him.

There have been a ton of suggestions about what should happen next. Two of the craziest appeared in a column by Joe Nocera in The New York Times. One of Nocera’s ideas was that Penn State should show how sorry it is for what happened by canceling all of next season’s football games. How would that help anyone?

And Nocera wants Penn State to take all the money it makes from football (about $50 million a year) and use it to create a compensation fund for anyone who was hurt by Sandusky’s abusive behavior.

The claimants would line up for miles. I shudder to think about the depraved stories some people would concoct — and the media would gladly publicize — to get their hands on some of that loot.

It is ironic that so many officials tried to protect an institution (and a football program) they say they loved by ignoring a pedophile in their midst. Their willful blindness (and, some allege, deliberate perjury) got their college president and revered football coach fired. How much worse will the damage be? Only time will tell.

Did Paterno deserve to be fired? Yes. As the man himself said, “I wish I had done more.” I wish he had, too.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • DaveH

    Guilty it or not, the Government would want nothing to do with hanging Sandusky. There isn’t enough money in it. They much prefer to drag it out, make the MSM money, make the Justice System money, make the Prison system money, and give the Politicians a chance to pass more useless laws to give them more exposure so they can keep their Power and Perks.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Laws that come from this will not be useless if, as is being discussed, they require people to report sexual abuse to the Proper authorities. Another slash on the former head coach of PSU football will be that at least one of those laws will be known as the Paterno law.

      • Marlen

        You can not legislate morality.. Period!!

        • white tiger

          All laws “legislate morality”; that precisely what a law does. What you want to say is,”People cannot be forced to behave properly”, or some such.
          True. But they can be made to wish they had. Thats how God handles it. Perhaps we should follow His example?
          No one despises homosexual conduct more than I. But most americans have been conditioned to tolerate it; even condone it. And thats crazy. If it is criminal to molest a boy 17 years,11 months and 29 days old, how does it become acceptable to molest him 1 day later?
          The act itself is either good or bad.The Bible tells us that the Act, inside marriage is good and the Act, outside marriage, is bad.

          But we are smarter than God, so we changed the rules. And look what happened. Ain’t we, Oprah, Shirley, et al, really great?!

          • granny mae

            You know what? We have all kinds of laws civil and religious but that doesn’t stop any of the abuse ! My guess is when it was reported in the begining the powers that be didn’t want the scandle so it was brushed aside. The major thought here was not for the children where it should have been it was self centered ! Seems that all the acolades for the school and her God like coaches were just to important to set aside to protect innocent children ! To know what was going on and still interact with a pedophile, on a daily basis is not only disgusting it is unthinkable ! Coach Joe Pa must be the most self centered person in the world to recieve gladly all the praises and accolades over the years and knowing in the back of his mind that there was a dirty little secret going on , and one that he could have stopped and didn’t. How can you claim to care about kids and their future all the while you are allowing the destruction of the life and future of other children just by turning your head ? That man does not get a free pass nor does anyone in authority in that college that had knowledge of this practice ! Is the life of one child count for more than another just because they play on the team of the mighty Joe Pa? I think not. How many of us out here would justify the actions of these men if it were one of our children involved? I have 5 sons and at one time while they were growing up there was a man moved into our neighborhood that seemed to have an unusual interrest in little boys and girls. It was brought to my attention that an advancemet had been made to one of my boys, and the war was on, and it was a war I was not going to loose ! I reported it to the police but they could not do anything untill there had been a physical advance made, so I decided the best way to handel this was for the police to inform the man that he was to have no contact with any of the children in the neighborhood, and then I went door to door and informed all the neighbors,what had gone on and that he was tohave no contact with any of the children in the neighborhood and he was also informed that every neighbor would be watching every move he made and one step that even looked out of line he would pay the price. Things went along just fine for a couple weeks and then one day they moved ! I guess they couldn’t take the heat ! Problem was now he was in another unsuspecting neighborhood where he wasn’t known; but as life will have it when you really do take the welfare of the children to heart, I found out by accident where they were and again notified all their neighbors again ! The final straw happened when my friend decided to take in foster children and asked me to go with her to a meeting one evening. She didn’t want to go alone at night! I went and guess who was there? Yep ! They guy and his wife. They were wanting to take in foster children ! They saw me there and got real nervous ! I took the two people in charge aside and told them the story and the people involved and they agreed to handle it ! I never said anything openly at the meeting but this guy was so nervous that he openly made a fool of himself and gave rise to his true self. They were denied a license to care for foster children. Now had the coach made the right decission at the very begining he would have drawn more praise and accolades to himself and also saved many children from the humiliation and brutilization from a bully that has now effected them into their adult lives. No I don’t think any of these people involved get a free pass, especially the college itself. We send our kids to little league football and baseball, and soccer etc. to help develope their carecter and their sence of sportsmanship, and some sick”O” is tearing them down and intimidating them to not tell anyone what is going on. When discovered by another adult they get protected and the childs welfare is shoved aside so the school or the team or the coach doesn’t get marred by the publicity. I say wipe out all traces of this pedophile and the coach and the rest of those who knew about it so there is no chance of this being swept under the rug again and the false accolades for some man or coach doesn’t cover over all the sick crap that happened durring this time. For this coach to be smothered in accolades while all the time he did nothing to help these innocent children is simply sickening ! Don’t give me this stuff about being inocent until proven guilty. Are you going to add insult to injury by not believing the innocent children and call them liars over all the accusations from multiple sources ? Not me. This guy is guilty until he proves to me he is not. Especially after knowing that all these people knew about him in the first place. Is there some sick sense of funny , remember when talk, that this guy is going to be brought up in conversation years down the road and someone will say to someone else,”ya, you know that sick bastard was a pedophile for years. Everyone knew he liked little boys but no-one ever did anything about it ! What great conversation that would be ! Not one single one of them get’s a free pass for any reason ! If we don’t start holding these people to a higher standard, that are entrusted with the lives and well being of our children we ourselves will be delt with one day. It is time to insist on higher moral values from everyone, from the White House to the Out House ! That encludes women too. They don’t get a free pass either ! They also show no morals or self respect in public or in schools dealing with our children. It’s long passed time to lay down the law ! Better still just enforce the laws that do already exist !

          • JDubya

            grannie mae: what in the world is an advancement? You don’t describe what it was that your neighbor saw, so how do you know this guy was bad? Seems like a little more info is needed as to the type of activity the man was portrayed as engaging in before you would make such an accusation. Is it possible that his wife was after him to adopt a child and he just didn’t know if he could deal with someone else’s child and tried to find out? Do you understand how easy it is to sully someone’s reputation due to one innocent act and a little gossip? I understand your desire to protect the children, but the info you gave does not seem to warrant the action you took – so I assume what he did was very much out of line.

          • JDubya

            grannie mae: one more thing. You have very few of the facts right. Paterno was not the supervisor of Sandusky in 2002 when the apparent rape occurred. The witness to the rape or molestation, McQueary, had no business taking the report to Paterno except that his father knew Paterno. When Paterno arranged a meeting with his supervisor, Curley, the second day after the attack and one day after he was notified of it, it was already too late to stop the attack (McQueary might have been able to, but chose not to do so). There had been one previous report of impropriety with a young boy by Sandusky in 1998 although he had apparently been doing so for several years before that using his foster home as part of “The Second Mile”. None of this was known to Paterno, did you know about it? All of the testimony that Paterno could give was that of McQueary. He got Curley and McQueary together to start the inquiry. Curley and Schultz decided that there was nothing to it after talking with McQueary later without Paterno’s presence. Paterno was not a party to the actions of the University that covered this crime up. The previous reported incident was in 1998. It was brought apparently by the parent of one of the kids who said he had been showering with Sandusky. The police and child protective services decided that all they needed was Sandusky’s promise to not do it again. The University told Sandusky to not bring children to their facilities anymore. Paterno apparently gave Sandusky a bunch of grief (according to Sandusky) because he negotiated and took a retirement package in 1999. The net is that the grand jury testimony clearly indicates no failure on the part of Paterno, but the University board, to their discredit, dumped him anyway. His good name was taken from him by a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears so-called reporters that were unable to get the story right out of the grand jury report – probably intentionally. McQueary messed up in not trying to stop the attack when he saw it, Curley and Schultz messed up when they refused to go after Sandusky who was being protected by someone and the University top gun Spanier screwed up when he listened to these guys – perhaps he was the one who was protecting Sandusky – whatever the case, Paterno was apparently not the one at fault here and was maliciously maligned for his efforts.

          • Frank Clarady

            What, exactly, does homosexuality have to do with this? This isn’t about sexual orientation–homo or hetero; this is about RAPE! Period! And rape is most definately NOT about SEX–it’s about POWER and forcing your will on someone weaker than you. And it doesn’t matter is if some old perv like Jerry Sandusy sodomizing a te-year-old boy in the shower at Penn St. University or some skinny seak con getting gang-rapred in a shower at a state penitentiary–it’s RAPE! It’s the strong preying on the weak simply because THEY CAN–and sex and whether you’re gay or straight doesn’t have a damn thing to do with it.

          • bob wire

            Is rape the charge? ~ I have not read the whole thread yet, working my way down.

            My question is; what is young boys of 10 doing in a college locker room?

            and to answer yours question Chip,”Should Joe Paterno Have Been Fired?”

            I just don’t know, what is his guilt?

            If Joe knew that he had a sexual predator on his staff, did he do all that he could do to correct an obvious problem? I’d have to say “No!” But Until these questions are answered, I feel compelled to withhold judgment, while bearing in mind I don’t carry a huge burden and the responsibility of running an institution. It’s my guess is there more to this and will unfold later that will support Joe’s firing .

          • granny mae

            As for the incident that I went after, I did not lay out all the little details for everyone on here to read because they are sick enough to live through once without having to try to explain them over again. It happened to my child and another neighborhood child. I told that the interrest this man had was unusual not in the norm ! Flag number one ! Flag number two, Neighbor children being over heard telling each other about several incidences they witnessed and ran from, neighbor woman coming to my house to tell me what her little girl told her happened and then my confronting my son as to what happened to him and he telling me ! I will not go into details but I will tell you this, the only reason the police could not arrest this guy was because he had not nad the opportunity to penatrate my son, because my son got away from him and ran ! Now when I was confronted with all this information coming from several sources at each telling the same story, I took action and I will again if I ever had too. This guy was not looking for adoption at that foster child meeting. This guy was nuts ! He already had a child that died at his own hands, but was attributed to an accident ! His own words to another neighbor that worked with him at the time was he threw his 22 month old little boy into a swimming pool to teach him how to swim but instead he drowned !!! No this guy was sick ! He use to stand in the middle of the street and yell over to my house that I had no right to keep the children from him ! Like H–l you say ! His wife was also mentally off and would say she trusted him with all little children when she was away working! I won’t go into details as to why or how we knew she was retarded but trust me she was. Oh and one more thing; for the information of any of you out here that have small children and you take them to baby sitters and at first the child was fine going to the sitter, but then all of a sudden that child cries everytime you pull into the driveway or when you go to leave or put them down ! You get another babysitter ! This is from experience ! Something is not right and the only way your child has to get you to take notice is to pitch a fit or cry or even to spit ! Do not make the mistake in thinking the child is just wanting to be with mommy or daddy and doesn’t want them to go ! That is not the case, take notice of the behavior and switch sitters immediately ! I trust the actions of a child over the protests of any adult, anytime. Been there done that , and will never do that again.!!!
            My next door neighbor was taking her little girl to this same guy after he had moved, and that is how I found out where he had moved too. At first the little girl was fine and then she began to cry every time mommy pulled into the driveway of their house. Then she didn’t want to go in and then she screamed and clung to mommy and didn’t want her to leave her. This is the sign of a child in stress. Mommy didn’t want to believe me at first when I told her what was going on and just dismissed the behavior to the little girl being spoiled; then one day while changing her diaper she noticed some blood and redness in the diaper area ! I will leave the rest to your imagination ! You don’t ever dismiss your little ones behavior on anything. The next time you see them they could be in a body bag ! And since you seem to know so much about this deal with the coach and all, suppose you tell me why the college would jump to fireing him immediately when he is their ICON ! They would protect him at all costs if they could. He did not do enough in this case and he even said so himself. No-oe involved in this whole situation did enough nor did they do the right thing ! The police should have been called immediately. If what was wittnessed was enough to raise concern at the time it should have been reported to the police that night ! My concern is not with the adults in this case. It is with the innocent children. If you think a full grown man fooling around in the shower with a 10 or 11 year old child is appropriate behavior then you need an attitude adjustment ! It is not propre behavior at anytime by anyone ! Sorry but none of them gets a free pass in my book now or ever. These people are entrusted with the lives and welfare of our children and must be held to a higher standard ! Put yourself in the place of the child involved and then tell me how you would feel !

          • james

            HE SHOULD have knpwen
            Someting was wrong wrong.

          • Louis Stadlin

            Tiger, First of all I am not homosexual or a pedophile. What Sandusky did was not homosexual. He is a Pedophile which means he engages in sex with children which is as despicable as a human being can get. Pedophiles are heterosexual and have normal sex with the opposite sex.

        • Old Henry

          The only laws we need are laid out in the Five Books of Moses by Gad Almighty in His Holy Bible.

          • Rick

            What about the Koran, the Book of Mormon, the teachings of Buddha, Confucius, etc. Why do you think you have a lock on religion…idiot?

          • Evermyrtle

            If you want the complete TRUTH THE COMPLETE UNADULTERATED TRUTH, you can find it in GOD’S WORD, THE BIBLE. You will find all of GOD’S laws,you will find vast amounts of history, you will find all you need to know about your health, it tell of the greatest love that has ever existed, how to live forever,etc, etc. If you haven’t tried it, buy one and read it, you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for the truth.

          • Old Henry

            Thank you Evermyrtle. I’m glad I read your post before replying to Rick.

          • Erik

            The bible is a work of fiction that is responsible for countless millions of deaths in Europe during the past 1,700 years. The book should be banned and burned. Christians don’t really understand that the book promotes EVIL on a grand scale. They simply don’t have the smarts to comprehend the book, as most of them are of very low I.Q.

          • bob wire

            Well it’s not all fiction Erik but the rest of your posting is pretty accurate.

            The witch doctor got a hold of it and found it useful for compliance and cash.

        • Phil

          You’re right we can’t legislate morality, that’s why we have laws to protect youth from this sort of thing, until they’re old enought to make their own desions. Because of a corrupt government and education system we have been programed to accept this type of behavior. Maybe this is why Coach JoPa did nothing. Well liberial news media, government and eductaion, take a good look, are you proud of yourselves?

          • Kevin

            How have the media, the government, or the education system condoned pedophilia? There are laws that punish child molesters and children are taught in elementary school to avoid strangers and to not be afraid to tell their parents or teachers if someone is hurting them. I don’t see the media glorifying either Sandusky or Paterno either.

          • Jay

            Unfortunately, an unknown but sizeable percentage of adult child abusers are music, sports, coaches and teachers. Closet pedophiles (heterosexual child abuse) and pederasts (man-boy sexual abusers) are documented as strategizing to teach and counsel children about sexual issues such as sexual diversity, sexual orientation, “hate” crimes, and sexual (not racial) tolerance.

            The pedophile and pederast literatures clearly document the strategies used to for sexual predators to become involved with child victims. The pederast magazine, Palavar recommends pedophiles enter teaching and youth counseling, etc., to obtain children.

            [T]o spend all your time with children you must have a legitimate reason for doing so; as a teacher… as a social worker… as a play or youth leader… child care, youth work, teaching…charity and voluntary… there is the Free School movement; children’s rights’ and various alternative life-style projects…We believe that a paedophile relationship is no less legitimate and no more potentially harmful to a child than a normal parental relationship.

            Adults assaulted in childhood by educators also document the frequency of this “academic” abuse environment.

            SESAME, (Survivors of Educator Sexual Abuse & Misconduct Emerge) is an activist group of largely adult whilstleblowers who have survived sexual assault by those in the educational field. SESAME: “A Voice for the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment of Students by Teachers and Other School Staff,” focuses attention on sexual predators among a toxic subset of the teaching population. On the evidence, On the evidence, pedophiles and pederasts, independently and organizationally, seek out jobs and volunteer where they can have criminal access to children.

            SESAME reports that the Journal of Education Research (1991) finds in its “Survey of high school graduates …13.5% of those surveyed said they had engaged in sexual intercourse with a teacher.”

            In yet another survey reported by SESAME, “The best estimate is that 15% of students will be sexually abused by a member of the school staff during their school career.” “Criminal convictions of Ontario teachers in 1996-97 involves enough victims to fill an entire classroom.” And, “Many abusers are in positions of power or trust in relation to their victims which makes it easier to overcome a child’s resistance.”

            With today’s opportunities to bring sex into the classroom, legislators, parents and educators are obliged to question what percentage of those adults “helping” children on sexuality issues are likely pedophiles, pederasts or their naive supporters. We now know Kinsey, for example, “was deeply influenced by five paedophile headmasters who were quite clear they had very warm relationships with young adolescent boys of twelve or thirteen” in one New England area.


            Not only does AB 1785 clearly allow heterosexual and bi/homosexual pedophiles, pederasts and hebephiles to be identified as a protected class “orientation” and hostile children and parents as “bigots,” the bill additionally discourages children from reporting sexual abuse by a heterosexual or bi/homosexual teacher, administrator, school employee or even a fellow student.

            When children learn all sexual “orientations” are equal and that those practicing sadism, masochism, obscene phone callers and the like are a normal variant of sexual life, the child’s ability to withstand seduction or violation is severely compromised. In such a sexually permissive atmosphere, children are more easily manipulated into viewing themselves as at fault, as having seduced the offender, as having engaged in consensual relations, or as having been an inhibited prude, overvaluing the offense and overstating the injury‹even where a violent rape‹or gang rape–has taken place.


        • Tom

          My old drill sergeant told us, ‘People, we can’t make you do anything, but we can make you wish that you had.

          The one kernel of truth in that tired old chestnut that you can’t legislate morality is that it is not possible to, and, in justice, one should not attempt to, enforce moral opinions or beliefs by law.

          But what better basis for criminal law, or civil law, than what is right or wrong, that is, morality. Is there any other basis possible, except for arbitrary ideas which wil lfavor corrupt law makers?

        • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

          Do you mean even when it is a criminal act? If this were the standard of this Great Country, there is every reason to abandon it. Because it has simply become a lawless Country!

        • DaveH

          Speaking of Morality, here is an excellent article to consider:

          • DaveH

            This is an especially interesting passage:
            “Some years ago, a federal bureaucrat sent us the following article, to which he refused to attach his name. It noted:
            “What draws people to government work? What keeps them there for a lifetime? It’s simple: overcompensation, huge benefits, and great working conditions. It’s attractive to sign up and nearly impossible to leave…. What would I lose if I left the government? The short work week would be out the window…. Right now, I can spend 8.7 percent of my work time on vacation. That’s six weeks per year in perpetuity…. I could also forget about the unofficial “bennies”: for example, I take an hour-long jog every day, followed by a shower and a leisurely lunch. It keeps me in tip-top condition for my vacations. And shopping excursions during work are always possible. What about stress? If relaxation lengthened life, bureaucrats would live to be 150 years old.””

        • Peter S. Chamberlain

          Your statement is not only irrelevant but false. Why do you think we have penal laws against murder, manslaughter, theft, rape, perjury, failure to stop and render aid, child abuse, failure to report child abuse, reckless and drunken driving, etc.?
          Pennsylvania’s child abuse reporting law has more holes than a Swiss cheese and is itself a crime and a scandal. If a few more of our politicians were fit to be trusted alone with their own or anyone else’s child, it would be tighter and stronger already before this tragic scandal.

      • DaveH

        Come on, Doc. You live in a dream world.
        First the people who are expected to report must fear repercussions enough to compel them to do that which they are otherwise reluctant to do. Secondly, if they don’t report as compelled by law, they must be prosecuted by somebody willing to deal with it. What do you think are the chances that a jury will even convict an observer of a crime in a society where the actual perpetrators of the crime are generally coddled?
        Such a law (and I do think they exist in many if not most states already) is basically unenforceable except in cases where you have become an enemy of the state for one reason or another.
        I’ll give you a personal example. My first wife lied blatantly and repeatedly during our divorce. I told my lawyer that I had written proof of such lies. She told me that the chances of getting a prosecutor to busy himself/herself with such minutia would be almost non-existent. I asked her how could we expect courts to be Just when people were allowed to get away with lies? She looked at me with a very serious face and said “David, the courts aren’t Just”.

        • Doc Sarvis

          Ah, I see now. You have A Lot of baggage.

          • DaveH

            It’s called experience, Doc. Something you Liberals ignore.

          • Doc Sarvis

            So that’s how you phrase it, interesting.

          • DaveH

            Leave it to a Liberal to attempt to turn my story into a personal attack.

          • Doc Sarvis

            If your name calling is pointed at me I fail to see how I attacked you.

          • meteorlady

            You “see” what? Hmmmmm, we all have baggage.

          • DaveH

            I can’t believe you would try to deny the personal attack, Doc. But then, I can’t believe a lot of things Liberals say and do.

          • Doc Sarvis

            You can make the accusation but it looks like you can’t back it up.

          • DaveH

            What are you, Doc, 12? You replied to the proof. You have reached new lows in this thread.

          • Doc Sarvis

            Nice try but I did not attack you in any way.

          • DaveH

            Seek Help, Doc.

        • granny mae


          I know exactly where you are coming from. My son had a very similar experience. Like I said, we all have to dig deep for those morals and make use of them especially when we see something wrong. We have to get involved when we see things going wrong and make sure that people that do wrong pay the consequences ! By the way Doc, everyone I know comes with baggage. If you live long enough you pick up baggage, HUH ?

          • Evermyrtle

            But Granny Mae, That is not how we do it in this country, in these days. We just want to pull the covers up over our eyes and deny that anything worthy of notice is going on. Dear Granny, we ain’t gonna stick our necks out, let somebody else do it. We will get just as much good out of it whether we do or somebody else does it.”We ain’t gonna say a word!No Mam!!”

          • granny mae


            I’m afraid you have sized the situation perfectly. No-one wants to get involved ! Anyway not until it comes home to roost in our own lives ! What a shame !

        • http://slayerwulfe slayerwulfe

          She sounds extremely interesting, is she seeing anyone I’m 24 I don’t care how old she is.

      • socaldano

        But school employees, are already mandatory reporters of child abuse in most states, and probably Pennsylvania.
        New laws will either just harass innocent people or create more bureaucracy within the government/schools.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest vieteravet

          Yes, we have to report abuse to the administration, we don’t go directly the the police unless we witness the abuse. What didn’t Joe do right? He felt bad, he could have done more, yeah I said that after my daughter died, “I could have done more!” Hindsight – 20/20!

          • granny mae


            Those are some of the most forlorn words in the world ! I could have done more ! So very sorry for your loss ! May God bring you peace !

      • moonbeam

        There already are laws that abuse must be reported. But people do what they want to do.

        Should JoePa have been fired? ABSO FREAKING LUTELY. The guy, Mcreery (or whatever his sad name is), who witnessed a particular incident where Sandusky was sodomizing a 10 year old boy should be drawn and quartered.

        This poor scared little boy was being tortured, probably praying that someone would come and help and Mcreery did nothing to stop it immediately? Sandusky should have been found lying in the shower with his head (both of them) busted wide open, all his teeth spread around on the shower floor, penis removed and flushed down the sewer.

        THEN call the police and the boys parents. What really makes me sick is that all these guys posted bond and were back out on the street.

        How in Heaven’s name does a pedophile get bond? I don’t get that part.

        I read that Paterno got himself a lawyer. He needs one. He and others failed to report sexual abuse to the proper authorities as mandated by law. This makes them all equally responsible as Sandusky as far as I’m concerned.

        Franco Harris put his foot in it by coming out and supporting Paterno. He is now being asked to step down from some organization he is the head of. I met Franco when I was about 12 years old. The guy is as big and tall as an oak tree.

        Oh the lawsuits coming ’round the mountain here they come, here they come.

        • granny mae

          AMEN !

        • Evermyrtle

          Fired and jailed with a $50,000,000 bond. In other words, keep him the slammer where he will not harm another child.

        • motley59

          moonbeam, good post, I agree.

      • Mike in MI

        Doc Sarvis – “The laws tht come from this…”
        What a crock…of, of …of… sarvis. Sarvis to your fellowman, sarvis to your community, sarvis to your country, how about some table sarvis. Hell if this sort of blasphemy is taking place at Poon ‘Tate just imagine the locker rooms at NeutereD umb. The conscience desert there must be dry enough to kill cockroaches.

        We have the NEA and the Department of Education to thank.

        • Doc Sarvis

          HOW does the NEA and/or the Dept. of Education factor into this?

      • Jann

        Doc, the problem with this country is there are too many laws now. some even contradict each other. instead of rewriting a law to strengthen it, congress [both in WA DC and each state] write amendments to them which do nothing to close any loopholes.

        i’m sickened by what happened at Penn State, but i’m also very concerned by the penchant the media has these days to try everyone in the media before they see the inside of a courtroom. i think they’ve taken the ‘the public has a right to know’ thing way beyond ethical values, as this case proves. JoePa was fired as much to save the college president’s butt as to make the college look as if they’re taking control of this matter…when all the time the powers-that-be knew what was going on and did nothing. but if JoePa was so revered, why didn’t any of the kids speak to him about what was going on? maybe they did, i guess we’ll find out.

        so who’s really guilty here? the shame of it is that the kids will be victimized twice now. my heart breaks for them.

        • Doc Sarvis

          I SURE hope you are not advocating sweeping all this under the rug.

          As for the media, the public is eating all this up. They can’t seem to get enough. The media/advertisers win in this situation.

    • Old Henry

      Penn State Universtity should now simply be known as PU.

      How about re-naming the stadium “Pedophile Field” with a rule that all little boys under the age of 12 must attend games naked. If they get cold the coaching staff and school administrators will warm them up. The fans, parents and students shouldn’t mind for they will have their football.

      Paterno saying he wished he had done more is akin to the gang-banger telling the judge he was sorry for what he did – he was sorry he got caught.

      I’m guessing Patern is wishing he had done more to keep it covered up.

      • Mike in MI

        O’Henry – PU is good, but I think POON ‘Tate is appropriate too.

        • Old Henry

          LOL! Dats a goodn Mike!

      • GINGER


        • Shawn

          Not only should he had been fired, but we need to FIRE EVERYBODY IN WASHINGTON! “WE THE PEOPLE” MUST GET CONTROL OF OUR COUNTRY BACK!
          We need businessmen (large & small), farmers, Hard Workers That DO NOT TAKE 1/2 OF THE YEAR OFF & Others that believe that this ONCE GREAT NATION WAS FOUNDED AS “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”

    • Old Henry

      And of course DaveH Congress would EXEMPT themselves rom those laws so that the pedophiles in Congress could not be prosecuted.

    • Dave McFarland

      I would like to see ALL the past and current staff, administrators, professors, football players, media people who know the name Penn State, and anyone remotely familiar with Penn State to quit, step down, renownce their graduation, or simply not ever again mention the name of Penn State. I have read the entire grand jury report and see nowhere that Joe Paterno encouraged the abuse or denied that the accusations were false. Joe, like me, incorrectly assumed that the real people in charge at Penn State did not pursue deligently the investigation into these events. If one must be decapitated, then let all be treated the same. I find it hard to believe that the campus police din’t know. I find it even harder to believe that the media din’t know. JOE PA made his mistake by trusting his bosses. The DA made a mistake because he was corrupt. The staff made a mistake because they “had no clue”. I say, clean house and remove from the Penn State history any and all who are involved. That goes for the ignorant “tursties” who did know about the accusations for time but DID NOTHING. Who else are we going to blame? You know what, let’s fire Barack Obama since he is President of the United States. I’ll go for that one too.

      • Old Henry

        “let’s fire Barack Obama since he is President of the United States. I’ll go for that one too.”

        We’re working on that one Dave. Little Barry is one of “them”, but that’s another topic the MSM w’n’t go near.

    • simpleman1776




      • Kevin

        He molested 10 year olds, not college students. How would it be more appropriate if he was forcing himself on college students?

      • Tom

        The victims of abuse in this situation, according to reports, were children being helped by a charity called,
        Second MIle. They were not college students. The main story in the news concerns a ten-year-old boy.

      • Tom

        None of the victims of Sandusky were college students.

        People like him prey on those who are vulnerable. You

        should consider checking your assumptions before deciding that

        someone else is so clearly wrong.

  • DaveH

    Speaking of money, the propaganda continues:

    Since when can Government spend the private sector’s money better than the private sector can spend their own money?

  • s c

    I feel for Joe, too. His assistant coach, however, is fair game for whatever happens. No one has yet mentioned a possible ‘religious’ element yet, and that seems more than strange.
    Joe never heard of CYA? CYA, of course, means cover your rump. If the school says Joe should have known and acted, he’s toast. Jerry seems to have opened the door for much more than a slap on the wrist.
    It comes down to who has the most responsibility. It’s a matter of who did what to whom, and how many were involved. Do us one favor, though, Penn State, and keep the ACLU out of it.
    It would be nice to think of this in terms of real justice. Keep the ACLU in its political closet where it belongs. Good luck, Joe. You’ll need it.

    • Bruce D.

      I find it sad that a man of Paterno’s stature would allow something like that to go on under his nose. If you cannot trust a man like Joe Paterno to do the right thing it is dishearting.

      • Regina

        Of course he wishes he had done more. Did he know what else to do? This was 1998. The scandal did not yet rock the Catholic Church, which, by the way, knew about pedophiles in their midst for at least 15 years prior. People did not know what else to do. A head coach was paid to coach football. He is not the AD, and he doesn’t control everything that goes on in an athletic program.
        It’s 2011, and I have learned to spot possible child sexual abuse; I teach those skills to others. But I guarantee it was an eye-opener for me. One day, people will rethink what happened to JoePa. I consider this his purgatory on earth, and a way to develop humility.

        • granny mae


          Sorry but the head coach is paid to know everything going on in his dept. at all times, and it seems he did but didn’t do much of anything about it ! Pedophiles are found everywhere, and unfortunately they are rampent in our school and college systems, even though we would like to not think about that and we are now realizing that they are not just men but also women. Either way the innocent childhood of our children is being stolen from them. They are unprotected and we are to blame for not being tuff enough on those who take their innocence from them and destroy the mental well being of the children we so love and entrust to others. I don’t know about you but as for me if it was one of my children the men involved would be wishing they had never been born. I’m all for putting them in stocks in public and let the world mock them and ridicule them, and that would only be the beginning !

        • granny mae


          Sorry but the head coach is paid to know everything going on in his dept. at all times, and it seems he did but didn’t do much of anything about it ! Pedophiles are found everywhere, and unfortunately they are rampent in our school and college systems, even though we would like to not think about that and we are now realizing that they are not just men but also women. Either way the innocent childhood of our children is being stolen from them. They are unprotected and we are to blame for not being tuff enough on those who take their innocence from them and destroy the mental well being of the children we so love and entrust to others. I don’t know about you but as for me if it was one of my children the men involved would be wishing they had never been born.

        • Frank David Harrisson

          Regina, I do not agree with what is being said and judgement. JoePa did not witness the act. JoePa was told by a single individual what took place without the benefit of a second eye witness. JoePA did report the Heresay to a superior in the college. This is why JoePa is NOT charged with any crime. JoePa’s supperior should have taken the next step to take the information up top at the Penn State wherein the university police would start an investigation and so on. If JoePa went directly to the state police and the accusations were unfounded JoePa would have been in a world of trouble, slander and defamation of character. That is a problem with Heresay from a single witness. The Bible states that it takes two or more witness’. Our Laws state that one is innocent until proven guilty. In my opinion JoePa should not have been fired as I believe he did meet the letter of the law in reporting it to his superior.

          • Evermyrtle

            It is such a shame that responsible people will not follow through when these thing are reported. There is no legitimate excuse for it. The child should have been questioned, the abuser should have questioned and they may have been but it should not have stopped there. The man should have been watched and noticed if there were improper action or words or even looks going on. Every little thing should have been investigated. Nothing should have been unnoticed. The quality of children’s lives are at stake.

          • George

            I think it is a mistake to assume Joe didn’t know the whole story. His admission that he should have done more scares me.
            This inplies he le let some things go by the way without considering the evil of what had happen. I caan’t imagine anyone knowin or even suspecting that this type of act going on and not doing as much as he could to stop it, and to make those responcible pay.
            the good that might come from this is anyone else that is out there that knows of somone in their organization who is involved in such horrible acts might think twice before ignoring it. I am sorry for you Joe but this is like you called the wrong play and now you have to pay for your decision. We deserve people that can make better decisions when they are in high places where abuse can take place.

          • granny mae

            Sorry to dissagree but there were two witness’s There was the guy that took it to Joe and then there was the victim ! Only problem , the victim didn’t get a chance to make his claim because Joe and the guy doing the reporting took it to the wrong athorities ! Joe had to trust the claims of the witness or he would have never passed the complaint on to anyone. The child in question was in a place he should have never been in the first place, but got there only through the creep sodomizing him. A man that to the public eye was a wonderful caring person, only looking out for the welfare of the children ! Right ! People we constantly focus our attention in the wrong areas and on the wrong things all the time ! Joe focused on his team and winning games ! Everything else around him was left to the judgment of his co-workers and assistances. The focus was so intent on winning that it dismissed as secondary the welfare of a child that should never have been where he was in the first place. BIG RED FLAG people ! Then upon hearing of the activity and behavior of the adult involved, he was made to question and then push the responsibility off on someone else ! Good case of NOT MY JOB MAN ! As for people being afraid they will be sued for false witness ! BUNK ! Not in casses like this. A witness made an honest report and it is not held to redress unless it was malicious and that would be hard to prove. Beside’s if the police had been involved they would have discovered this complaint had been made before and again no-one acted on it ! Now there are how many more complaints comming to light? These kinds of people are surrounded with all kinds of signs that no-one takes serious ! Wake up people and start looking for the signs ! Unfortunately they are all around you, you just choose not to see them. Once it hits home you will see it everywhaere ! The one thing these people can’t stand is to be watched. What they do they must do in private where there are no seeing eyes ! Start being the eyes that see all the time. Watch for out of the ordinary behavior. Not only in the person in question but also in the children he surrounds himself with. There are signs, look for them and hold all these people to a higher standard always ! No excuses !

    • coontail

      the man said he didnt do it

      • granny mae

        The witness and the child involved said he did ! Who do you trust ?

        • DaveH

          None of them. That’s why we need thorough jury trials before convicting somebody.
          I was listening to a radio talk show once and the host had asked people to call in about their molestation experiences. The host was expecting a lot of calls from victims, but instead he got lots of calls from the accused. Several of the callers related their suffering (lost jobs, humiliation, etc.) as a result of being falsely accused of molestation. Most of them were eventually exonerated by children (almost always their own) who ultimately (after the damage was done) admitted that they were mad at the accused for one reason or the other and launched the accusation thinking it would be a way to get revenge. Of course, children have no clue whatsoever of the damage they do to the accused adult.
          And the authorities, as many of us already know, are eager to prosecute such cases, and sometimes stoop to pretty low levels to achieve their goals.
          Here is a story about a famous California case which should give the readers a clue as to the dangers involved with overly zealous prosecutors:

          Note that I say none of the above in an attempt to exonerate those who are actually guilty.

  • JimO

    Why is anyone surprised by Sandusky’s conduct? After pushing for “gay rights” and promoting it in TV shows, people are horrified when some actual does it? And as for Paterno not saying anything, that is the “training” given by the liberals; say anything bad about a homosexual and your will be smeared.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Gay rights has nothing to do with sex with children! What a stupid statement!

      • Angel Wannabe

        Doc Sarvis, Gays Rights, may not have anything directly to do with paedophiles, but the exceptance of Gay Rights, and the legality of same sex love, opens the door to further perversions, where will it end??…What next the legality of Beastiality???

        • Doc Sarvis

          The rights to have sex – both homosexual AND heterosexual are between consenting adults. Perversion and predation for BOTH homosexul AND heterosexual sex acts are when it is imposed on unwilling/underage beings. Pretty simple really.

          • DaveH

            How come, Doc, you recognize the rights of consenting adults to sex, yet care nothing about whether or not those same adults have the right to choose Healthcare Insurance, or many other personal choices that Liberals advocate forcing upon people?

          • Angel Wannabe

            Daveh, Great question!!!!

          • Doc Sarvis

            Nobody is stopping you from getting health insurance!

          • alex

            doc ,when two males have sex it’s called sodomy and sodomy is illeagle in this country

          • Chris

            Alex, you are dating yourself. Sodomy used to be illegal in many states years ago, and sodomy has many variations so be careful if your state still has laws against sodomy.

          • Jim

            This was a homosexual act by someone that just lowered the age of consent to justify his actions. He never attacked any females, just the males.

          • Gerd

            Come on Doc, the libtard organization, the Aemrican Psychiatric Association that has told us for a decade now that homosexuals are normal is now telling us pedophiles are getting a bad rap and sex with children is not always harmful to the child. Look it up. Libs continue to dumb deviancy down. Animals next, incest after that.

          • white tiger

            You are attempting to impose your personal, subjective standards on the rest of us. And you contradict God in the process. Some of us suspect that He is a good deal smarter than all of us put together.
            Why don’t you?

          • http://Personalliberty Tony

            To Doc:
            Right on!! This isn’t about sexual preference but about deviant behavior where an adult force himself on a minor, especially, an elementary school kid. Sick!! Thanks again for your assessment.

          • Bill Willis

            Doc.. You are smarter than that! The question is not the ABILITY to purchase, but the REQUIREMENT to purchase! You just dodged the issue by proposing a red herring.

          • Angel Wannabe

            DS, its not simple for the child victims who are suppose to be able to trust an adult, just sayin….

          • DaveH

            Are you really that Ignorant, Doc? Nobody is stopping me from buying Health Insurance, but they certainly are trying to Force me to buy it. That’s the choice I’m talking about.

          • Evermyrtle

            Doc. that is not what GOD’S WORD says. You may not believe in GOD’S WORD but that does not make it any less true. If you have never read it, you would gain a lot, by getting one and reading it. You will be surprised at what you find there.

          • Old Henry

            Well Doc, God Almighty created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

            Homosexual sex is deviancy and an abomination to God. Any society that condones such deviancy will be destroyed by God.

            Look around Doc. God is getting warmed up right here in our country. He is attempting to get our attention just as He attempted to get the attention of the Israelites. He seems to be having the same success now as then.

          • Tom

            Perhaps we should amend the lsit to underage, unwilling, or incompetent, either temporarily or permanently. Consult Jimmy Stewart’s admirable line in ‘High Society,’ “But, you were rather the worse for wear from wine …. and there are rules abouthsuch things”

          • Doc Sarvis

            Old Henrey, God created us all.

        • Valerie

          It is time people stop Judgement no , I do not support the lifestyle
          but what proof that this individual is an Homosexual.
          Deviants come in all sexual orientation.
          The individual who witnessed the incident and fail to report it to the police is just as culpable. I would not call telling security or telling the coach responsible. Just blaming Jo is ridiculous
          I am sure other faculty members were aware

          • Tom

            ” just as culpable ” Distinctions must be made. Surely

            not just as culpable?

        • Valerie

          I am not codoning the behaviour but to blame homosexuals
          is a very narrow vies as a lot of these people are not homosexuals
          this behaviour is not new it is just being brought out into the light
          a lot of sexual molestation being brought to light occured years ago.
          People chose not to speak of it why do you think chilren were sent away. a girl got pregnant she was sent to the convent molestation has nothing to do with sexuality it has to do with Power and deviant behaviour. Why not do something in out community Just writing and judging serves no purpose/

          • granny mae


            I’m interrested in your suggestions as to what to do about these people! I hope you have something substantive in mind ! Something that really works. It seems to me we already have such things in place when the pedophile is convicted, what is missing in this whole thing is the lack of reporting by people like you and me so these people can be brought to trial and delt with. That is the thing in this case that failed was not reporting it to the police and actually stopping the action at that moment ! I have no doubt he was guilty because he was witnessed in the act! How much more weight that would have carried if reported in the moment of the act ! Too many wishy washy people that don’t want to get involved so they tell someone else and leave it up to them. They think they can justify their own behavior that way ! Not good enough. The break down in this whole thing was not reporting it immediately to the police !

      • Karolyn


      • meteorlady

        Really? I used to work part time in the sex offenders program at Steilacoom, WA. ALL were gay and all abused children at one time or another and believe it to be fairly normal behavior. I don’t believe in the time I worked there one single sex offender was ever cured…..

        • granny mae

          You are so right. In all the research I have done I have come to the same conclusion. These people are never cured ! There are always signs but people never accept them as truth. They don’t want to see the truth for whatever reason. This is rampent in our society and in my opinion-is due to the constant insistance of devient homosexual behavior ! It starts there as coming out of the closet and paves the way for every other kind of vile behavior there is! If you accept it in one instance you will eventually accept it in another. It is time to clean this mess up ! Call it what it is. Disgusting devient behavior in all forms ! The only one that can change it is the person themselves and they have to want to which they don’t ! So the next best thing is to lock them up !

    • Ronbo

      JimO – why are you attacking gays and lesbians? Pedophilla is almost always a hetrosexual individual reigning POWER over another individual. It is not sexual orientation, it is a POWER orientation problem.

      • HaNasi

        When you here about pedophiles it is usually homosexuals molesting boys. 69% of homosexuals say they were introduced to the lifestyle by a older person. All I have to say is that it wasn’t your fault when you were raped as a child so stop the cycle and get help. The reason most homos get so irate when you question there ways is because they are hiding great hurt from their childhood. They are hurt little boys that have to justify their life by making it ok in their mind so that it doesn’t tear them up. It does though through drug abuse and abusive behavior because they know they are wrong.

        • Cawmun Cents

          You are talking to a wall and expecting it to answer back.
          This guy is thick as a brick and doesnt care for your opining.

          I think they should fire everyone in the Universities and start over with folks with a little less sentiment for Marxism,dont you?
          Freakin’clean house.
          There are those out there who think keeping people stupid is the equivalent of higher education.
          They currently run our Universities and Public Education.
          Revisionists have stolen our youths imaginations and replaced them with tales of utter blind indecency.

          All in the name of Progression.
          It should be called,Revisionist Regression.
          We have been hijacked,and skyjacked, and circle jerked into accepting ways of thinking which are patently designed to make us falter in the worldly system which is being foisted upon us.
          How to make a once proud superpower look inept?
          Let communists and radicals run your academia.
          Yes folks…it happened when you let them convince you that Joe McCarthy was crazy.
          Now you have this mess you cannot rid yourself of without enormous bloodshed and another civil war.

          Your streets are stained with urine and fecal matter from trash that comes from political dissidence of foreign origins.
          And right here at home you have a gubment which wants to enslave you all into a new system straight from the place you left to come here from,Europe,so you can be just like them.
          Who’d have thunk it?
          That you’d be trying to go back to that same old place you left all those centuries ago?
          Monumental stupidity is at your doorstep,and you are letting them invade your house.
          Wake up and smell the fava beans and Chianti,before its too late America.

          • granny mae

            Praise God for all your wise words, my friend ! You have hit the nail on the head but saddly there won’t be many out there taking heed ! We are crying in the wind ! God Bless you Cawmun Cents.

        • white tiger

          Right on! And sexual molestation IS all about sex- period. That is why the sexual modality for the molestation is chosen- because it is sexually stimulating for the perpetrator. My experience is limited to nine years of leading therapy groups for convicted sex criminals in a bib city setting.Sexual stimulation is almost always the bottomline motivation; though other perceived benefits may also factor in.
          And, it really doesn’t matter WHY the act was committed. There are two questions: How do we fix what has been broken? And, How do we prevent recidivism?
          The answers are many and varied, and mostly wrong.

          First, the victim will never be completely healed. Second, in the OT, God had sex offenders executed. The necessary result was zero recidivism. In the NT offenders are to be converted; or punished according to a just State. Throughout our 57 states(I got that from the Highest Authority) we have no consistent methodology for processing homosexual behavior- except, increasingly, and wrongly, to tolerate, condone, even practice such.

        • Kevin

          HaNasi – Girls are molested at three times the rate that boys are. Most molestations occur at the hands of the child’s father, stepfather, or other family relative. Sexuality has nothing to do with it.

      • Gerd

        Not exactly. 90% of the children molested by priests of the Catholic church were boys.

      • Lisa

        Not true. It has been found that about 80% of convicted paedophiles are homosexual, so in general it comes from a homosexual way of thinking. AND this man only attacked male children. That appears to be to me a ‘homosexual paedophile’.
        It doesn’t matter how much the media try to persuade the general public that homosexuality is ‘normal’ it is not and no one can make us believe anything different. Just wait and watch how quickly the society will slide down into a ‘hole’ of perversion after calling homosexuality ‘normal’.

        • granny mae

          Amen Lisa !

      • Steve

        Ronbo, did you read: *”meteorlady says:
        November 18, 2011 at 2:56 pm”?
        I’ve heard similar reports, but publicizing these things is not Politically Correct – so these facts rarely reach you through the main stream media.
        Have you heard of the infamous ice-cream dessert at a local Penn State restaurant, called the Sandusky? According to Mark Belling (Talk Show), this dessert was on the restaurant menu for years (just removed recently for some reason). It consisted of two scoops of ice cream with a cone sticking up next to them, made to resemble male genitalia. So, evidently the whole community knew this Sandusky guy was some kind of sexual deviant.
        Now we find out that Sandusky was gay, but we don’t find this bit of info anywhere in the main stream media!
        Here’s my guess on the sequence of events at Penn State: The Sandusky incident is reported to Joe P.. He’s heard variations of Sandusky exploits for years. Joe P., along with the whole organization has been desensitized to Sandusky’s sexual dealings. On top of this it’s common knowledge that Sandusky is homosexual, that makes him a “protected class”, and it’s not Politically Correct to say anything against any of his exploits. After the rest of the world hears about Sandusky sodomizing a boy – the excrement hits the fan. I’m thinking at that point an honorable man steps forward and says “the buck stops here” fire me.
        The gay lobby has been slowly creeping and pushing its life style into the American main stream for the last 40 or 50 years. We are now accepting gays in every walk of life. We are living in modern Sodom and Gomorrah!
        I reluctantly go along with firing Joe P.. I would also fire the whole Penn State faculty, maybe the local authorities too. It appears they all knew what kind of deviant sexual behavior was going on, but never looked into it. It just wasn’t P.C..


        * meteorlady says: November 18, 2011 at 2:56 pm: Really? I used to work part time in the sex offenders program at Steilacoom, WA. ALL were gay and all abused children at one time or another and believe it to be fairly normal behavior. I don’t believe in the time I worked there one single sex offender was ever cured…..

        • granny mae

          I think you have pretty much figured it out ! That is why I said earlier that in time the older people would one day make this a part of their conversation as to remember when, and yeah everyone kew he was a sickO and so on. People knew and have known for a very long time, they have just tollerated Sandusky and allowed this pervert to destroy the lives of many young boys ! It is sickening, and they are all responsible !

          • granny mae

            There is a passage in the Bible that says the sins of the father are passed on to the third and fourth generation. Most people don’t take the time to figure out what is being told to them. When you have a sin such as this it effects the person to the point that even down to the third and forth generation it’s effects are still being passed on. This mess has to be purged from the very person involved and weas people must never impose these actions on another human being because it destroyes not build up! When you effect a child it is embedded in their very being and because it is abnormal they can’t deal with what it does and how it effects their body and their mind. They then must find a way to deal with this the rest of their lives. The brain of a child is constantly forming and learning quite like a computer, but unlike a computer you can’t use a delete button and what went in will crop back up at the least oportune times and can very well become permanent. How helpless the child was and felt at the time this was happenig to them is what will dictate as to how they can handle it in the adult life ! Think about it, to the third and forth generation !

      • Tom

        The words ‘almost always’ are a … terminological inexactitude

        What is perhaps true is that the offenders are almost always

        men, but even that is an exagerration

    • Kevin

      This situation has nothing to do with homosexuality or gay rights. Sandusky is a pedophile. Rape and molestation are about power and control, sexuality has nothing to do with it. Sandusky targeted boys because he had access to them through his camp and because he could sneak them into the boys locker room a lot easier than he could a girl. Also the boys in the camp came from impoverished and damaged homes, making them susceptible to a predators advances. Don’t blame this on homosexuals, keep the focus on the pedophile who commited the crime.

  • dan

    When children are taken from a normal home setting, with parents raising them up and fathers directing their training, and this is given over especially to the state, this is not surprising. Read more like
    commentary in , a truly conservative newspaper that compliments this website, which is a good website, attempting
    to go the right way.

    • Ronbo

      Children are not “taken from a normal home setting” – normally. Unless, of course, you believe the exception and not the rule.

    • Tom

      I believe that most children being ‘helped’ by Second Mile

      did not ,live with their fathers. Many male pedophiles seek out vulnerable children, including fatherless children. The State was not involved here, except for the State University as a site for some alleged crimes. The charity is a private, supposedly religious organization.

  • Greg

    I am not a Paterno fan, but what happened to him is outrageous. Guilt by association when he did everything that is required. Sandusky retired in 1999. If you have money, it would be foolish to accuse someone of a crime in 2002 you heard about. McCreary still coaches at Penn State and he supposedly witnessed a bad act. He claims he reported it to police. Any prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich with a Grand Jury. There was perjury by administrators, but not Joe. I would be suing Penn State for a billion dollars if I were Joe.

    • former walmart person

      Bottom line is if you hear of a terrible crime and don’t report to the police, the obvious answer is “why”?

      • Ronbo

        Oh poor, poor Joe. He knew of an ongoing crime against children and he did what? He allowed it to continue. Poor Joe thought kids deserved to be sexually molested and raped? Sick Joe and sick people who don’t hold citizens responsible.

        • Jeff

          Your comments are totally unfounded. There is absolutely no evidence that Joe Paterno knew of any ongoing beghavior by Sandusky. The District Attorney said that Joe was not a focus of their investigation. The only knowledge that Paterno so far as been linked to was report by now assistant coach whose testimony is in question. he now claims that he reported the incident to police and stopped Sandusky from continuing to rape the boy. Yet all police agencies have said they hve nothing on file regarding a report of the incident. Please stick to the facts and not gulit by assumption.

          • Gerd

            There is a desert at an ice cream shop next to campus that serves a “Sandusy” which is two scoops of ice cream under a cone. Seems it was public knowledge.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Yep Gerd, Rush Limbaugh stated that, and a transcript of what he said is on his site!

    • Doc Sarvis

      Paterno did what was legally required but the moral requirement was ignored by him.

    • wandamurline

      He may have done what was “required” of him, but he did nothing above just reporting it to the higher authority…he did not report it to the police, nor did he get rid of his helping coach. In other words, the football program was more important to Joe than the kids who were being attacked. At least eight kids have had their innocence destroyed and their lives turn upside down. This is what is wrong in America…school districts pay coaches four times more money than the teachers who actually educate the students and prepare them for their future…the schools spends thousands of dollars on astroturff, but fail to provide additional books. I guess my question is this…is sports more important to kids’ futures than a proper education? Sports are good for the kids, but how many of these kids actually make sports their career…about .00001%? And this is really our, the parents’ fault, because somehow we have changed our perspective on what is important.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        wandamurline…. Joe might have done what was required of him, but it still appears that office politics was in play here. The athletic department appears to have a good ole boy network. What Paterno failed to ‘get’ is those in power are more accountable. Turning a blind eye and not going that extra mile to make sure that the issue was taken care of was his downfall. Maybe if it was one of his grandchildren he would have been more likely to pursue an end to this horrible mess. He made the decision not to ripple the waters, and has paid a huge price for it.

        • granny mae

          You said it correctly, Robin

    • Darry

      You will soon learn just how stupid your comments are. If you’re some kinda lawyer, you are double-dumb. You should have hit your hornbooks in law school a bit harder. You don’t need a grand jury to tell you what Paterno did (or didn’t do!) is what a scumbag sodomy protector does. He even admitted himself by implication, that he should have called the cops.

    • jan2343

      Jow P. was THE Godfather . NOTHING HAPPENED AT PENN STATE THAT HE WAS NOT AWARE OF. There had to have been a massive cover-up by the 2 people who were fired as well as by others. All knew, in my opinion, about other Sandusky transgressions and put the football program and the $$$$ above the safety of the victims. Sandusky worked for Paterno and one of the greatest football programs in the country. Yet, when he left Penn, no other institution offered him a coaching position? Sounds like many others were aware of his unnatural fondness for young boys!..

    • Chris

      There are more important things in this country than football, football programs, and football coaches. Protection of innocent children against male or female pedophiles is certainly one of them.

    • meteorlady

      He may have done everything that was “required” but he certainly didn’t rock the boat and loose his job over it did he? After a few days, when nothing happened, Joe should have taken matters into his own hands and called the law in. You can do “everything right and required” but you still have a moral obligation to protect those children from a predator.

    • granny mae

      Your key word here is all that is (required). Yep, he did that ! But he himself said he did not do enough ! (His words). Doing all that is required is not enough in cases like this, it takes doing everything you can do untill you can’t do any more ! Everybody knew about this guy ! Nobody did anything for the most part. Mose didn’t even do what was required !

  • Tom Martin

    Jo Pa Was unfairly railroaded.
    He did his job – he told his bosses Athletic Director Tim Curly and Finance director Gary Shultz – those two (Campus cops report to Shultz) interviewed McQuery who actually witnessed the event and instead of telling the cops tols Joe Pa and McQuery that it was being taken care of. rather then tell the cops – who dropped the ball in 1998 with simular charges against Sanduski – Curly and Shultz covered it up. Dopes.

    Even IF they had executed a perfect coverup – that does nothing to stop a pervert like Sanduski from doing it again and again and again – which in deed that is exactly what he did and eventually got him in trouble.

    I wonder How many parents had to shut up and why?

    • Ronbo

      Joe did NOT report the child rapes and crimes that he knew of to the police. That is sick.

      • LetsBFair

        I do not now what the manual says at Penn State, but in every organization in which I have involved, the training is to pass along child abuse reports up the chain of command. There are several reasons for this, including getting the info to the right law enforcement agency, comprehensive evaluation of reports, and seeing patterns of false accusations. In my youth work, I have received over a half-dozen reports of sexual abuse, and all of them turned out to be false. (Better to get a false one than to let a true one go unreported, but remember the procedure should recognize the possibility of false reports.)
        Most people seem to be unaware that the accused did not work for Paterno, so Paterno’s actions make even more sense. Yet, if the reports to Paterno and his superiors were as graphic as in the grand jury testimony, then somebody — especially Mike McQueary — should have followed up on why no action had been taken.

      • JDubya

        Ronbo: According to what I read in the CNN reporting on the grand jury testimony, Paterno did not witness the alleged crime, McQueary did. And what McQueary witnessed was some sounds that sounded like sexual activity and subsequently he saw Sandusky and the victim both naked in the shower room. He did not see an actual sex act. He called his father, not the police (a 28-year old didn’t call the police in a situation like this? Must have been his secular upbringing?) – but with his father went to see Paterno. Had McQueary called the police and demanded that Sandusky stay there with the boy, he might have had a chance to bring Sandusky to justice – but he left them after they saw him. The next day after receiving this report, Paterno called his superiors to initiate an investigation. Only by the wildest stretch could this be considered improper action on Paterno’s part in view of McQueary’s actions or lack thereof. McQueary had the opportunity, but did nothing other than report. So at that point it is up to the University. Apparently, they got the police involved, not only the campus police, but local police because there was a DA involved, who was later killed in an accident of some kind – Universities do not have DAs. So as far as anyone can tell, everything was handled ‘by-the-book’ (maybe the book needs to be changed). Anyway, the police did not find anything that they could prove – probably due to McQueary’s failure to call police. Paterno cannot be held to account for McQueary’s failure. Sandusky was forced to resign in 1999. There were two questionable things, the other groups that Sandusky participated in were not warned of his inappropriate behavior and he was allowed to continue to use the facilities of Penn State until Paterno apparently took away his keys in 2000. I see nothing in this testimony that suggests that Paterno failed to do what he should have. His statements about wishing he had done more are based on his hindsight. The University’s dismissal of him was wrong, but within their rights. I hope he sues them for defamation of character because I think he will win unless the jury pool is full of people like you who don’t pay attention to the facts. Now years later, the grand jury is provided with all of this material – why now? Why did it take so long? It seems rather obvious that Sandusky was being protected, but it is also rather clear that it was not Joe Paterno doing the protecting.

        • JDubya

          I have since read the grand jury report. Correction to my comments above: both references to 2000 should have been 2002. Joe Paterno’s involvement was in the 2002 incident. Sandusky was not his employee at the time. The 1998 incident was reported and investigated by police and resulted in strained relationship between Paterno and Sandusky according to Sandusky although Sandusky was allowed to retire with continued access to the facilities. The inappropriate behavior was reported to the other group Sandusky was still actively involved with (the second mile). Inexplicably, the 1998 allegations did not result in any charges or changes except that Sandusky was allowed to retire in 1999 and was enjoined from bringing children to the Penn State facilities. I don’t believe these corrections affect the validity of the points I made.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      Most universities and for that matter a great number of large businesses REQUIRE that you use the “chain of command” It is then the person at top who should notify the Police, in this incident the Pres. of the Univ. decided to handle it himself. PSU pres. is not the first nor will he be the last to try and shove something “under the rug”, I feel for Joe Paterno as there probably was a memo sent to all involved told to keep their mouths shut that it was handled for the “betterment of the school”. Now let’s get that memo and show where the blame lies.

      • Donald

        Very Good Points!

      • Kevin

        If you knew of someone molesting children and received such a memo, would you do nothing? I would do whatever was necessary to protect the children and deal with the consequences later.

    • meteorlady

      He may have done “his job” but he didn’t take the extra step of reporting it himself when nothing was done about it after a week or so. That is called doing the right thing, not making waves so the university looked bad.

  • Angel Wannabe

    Good Read, Chip!__I didn’t want to believe it either!__Especially JoePa!_Although the Old Man is the only one in the house who likes Football, lol, JoePa’s name is a household name in Pa, only ever spoken in a good light!…
    As far as what happened to being “Innocent until proven guilty”, Your Right and I get it. I’d want that if it were me on trial..But quite honestly, if its true that what was seen and what apparently has been going on since 1998,(they ALL HAD TO KNOW, AT LEAST SUSPECT!) they need to fire the whole damn lot of them, not just Spanier & JoePa.__They need to start fresh! This is worst kind of abuse there is…I feel for those kids who are probably young men now, just sick and sad.

    • JDubya

      No, Angel, NO NO! The allegations in the grand jury showed that this started before 1998, but the perpetrator, Sandusky, was allowed to retire in 1999. Apparently, based on the Universities actions in only stopping Sandusky from using their facilities because the investigation by the POLICE at the time was that there was not sufficient evidence to indict. That is on the locality, not the University. If the University used its power to cause the police to quit, that is something else. But that has not been alleged. Another person claims that Paterno took away Sandusky’s keys in 2000. But Sandusky remained untouchable. According to the grand jury, the only thing that was known to have happened was that Sandusky was naked in the shower with the boy – that is all that was known at the time (1998). Even the boy’s mother did not prosecute! The people who have rewritten history with this outrageous misappropriation of the truth are the ones who need to be prosecuted. I hope Paterno goes after them with everything he has because he is the brunt of the most vicious character assassination since, since … well, that of Herman Cain. Don’t you see the parallels here? You would have thought Paterno was running for office as a Republican. Did I mention “Chicken Little – the Sky is Falling”? The fox is George Soros, et al, the people are the chickens, geese and ducks, and the media is Chicken Little. (The Looney Tunes version.) I don’t know why Paterno was attacked, but the whole thing stinks to high-heaven!

      • Angel Wannabe

        Jdubya, I look at it this way, apparently, this looks as if this was well known for a lonnng time, they’re all guilty as far as I’m concerned. Sadusky for doing the crime and the rest for not stepping up to the plate with what they knew!___BOTTOM LINE!__ TRUE, I think they threw JoePa & Spanier under the bus, so the media would focus on them and not the school. I also originally thought, when this was first this brought out as a way to get rid of JOePa. Why else would it have been brought out now?__ It will ALL come out in the trial,__ what we are discussing here is all thought and opinion and speculation!

      • JDubya

        I have since read the grand jury report. Correction to my comments above: the reference 1998 to 2000 should have been 2002. Joe Paterno’s involvement was in the 2002 incident. Sandusky was not his employee at the time. The 1998 incident was reported and investigated by police and resulted in strained relationship between Paterno and Sandusky according to Sandusky although Sandusky was allowed to retire with continued access to the facilities. The inappropriate behavior was reported to the other group Sandusky was still actively involved with (the second mile). Inexplicably, the 1998 allegations did not result in any charges or changes except that Sandusky was allowed to retire in 1999 and was enjoined from bringing children to the Penn State facilities. I don’t believe these corrections affect the validity of the points I made. The failure on the part of the University to realize the seriousness of the 2002 allegations and to then attempt to cover them up should result in the prosecution of only those involved. Except for the media’s character assassination of Paterno, it looks to me like justice is otherwise being served.

  • Art Kreuter

    Yes Joe Paterno deserved to be fired.

    • http://www, John Hanna

      Agreed! Hopefully the rest of his filthy crew supporting a filthy program will also be fired. Hopefully that perverted fart will soon be in jail for life and some of these stupid wasteful programs will be axed.
      These ‘students’ were important, as stated above, and these sport programs, if investigated which they never are, can be found to be surrounded with ‘unimportant’ people and students that are abused, raped, bullied, beaten and robbed.
      My own wife, with a newborn on her arm, was beaten and robbed in a parking lot in the daytime by a ‘sport’ from our ‘winning’ team just for ‘fun’ (and in this case, because she is white ).
      The perpetrator jumped from a new Lincoln (registered to the boosters) and was easily identified but the police informed us that if we pressed charges (because they wouldn’t) we would be sued and ruined by both the booster club and the NAACP.
      This only happened once, and we called the police, but what do You suggest I do if it were to happen again?

  • DavidL

    Joe did was was required by Pennsylvania law, he reported it to his supervisor. He was not required to do anything else. He didn’t hide anything. Of course in hindsight, that just seems inadequate. What a shame that Sandusky will forever tarnish Joe Paterno and his fine reputation as a football coach and member of the Penn State community. The initial reaction of the Penn State students
    was predictable and understandable. However, the way the Penn State football team and students handled themselves at the game with Nebraska is a model of sensitivity, awareness, and correct priorities. Penn State is a great university. It will come back from this. I’m sure all colleges and universities are reviewing their policies and procedures to ensure something like this does not happen at their schools. That is a good thing.

    • Ronbo

      Sick. He should have called the police ASAP. Child rape is about as bad as it gets. What kind of monsters stands by as children are sexually molested? Would you want to work alongside THAT monster?

  • Mer

    Joe Paterno absolutely deserved to be fired. How can you possibly argue that a man who is famous for knowing if a single player skips a single class didn’t know what was going on in his showers??? And even if he didn’t know the disgusting details, he knew that Sandusky had done SOMETHING inappropriate, and he never once said, “Why is this guy still hanging around Penn State???” after reporting to his superiors. It’s also very convenient that none of this came out until after JoePa had become the college football coach with the most wins in history. Those of you sticking up for JoePa might consider how you would feel if one of those boys was your son, and THEN decide if you think he did enough to protect them. Because he didn’t, period, end of story.

  • Paul Douglas

    I think JoePa’s goose was cooked as soon as the media machine’s appetite was tempted with all the makings of the perfect story….child predator, college football, iconic legend, coverup, slow news week, big money donors…..the reality is that Joe was going to have to go from the pressure but Penn State screwed Joe by not letting him bow out gracefully on his terms….firing him over the phone was pathetic…..

    • Ronbo

      Covering up the horrifying acts of a friend are what? Good? May you get what you sow.

    • alex

      why should the MSM get worked up about this all this is fine in their view they think you should be allowed to do what you want

  • Randy131

    You question whether Joe Paterno should be fired before he has been proven guilty? He, and his cohorts in charge at the Penn State University, were fired for not informing law enforcement of these heinous crimes, which our laws require of those in position of authority, or anyone else for that matter. People come to Joe Paterno’s defense by claiming he did what he should have by reporting it to his superiors, but when nothing was reported to law enforcement by those superiors, it was Joe Paterno’s responsibility to then report it to law enforcement himself, for how long did he wait to do this, never did he do what everyone knows should have been done, and that is why he was fired and is easy to see was guilty. Because of Joe Paterno’s inaction to report this matter to law enforcement, as well as his superiors that were also fired, many more children were molested and Penn State University will have to pay a great price for their inactions. Were Joe Paterno and his superiors so incompetent as to not know what the results of their cover-up would produce for them and Penn State University? I believe they knew, but decided to risk everything for football game wins and a record in the history books for their accomplishments, and for that Joe Paterno and his superiors are guilty and deserve even more retribution than just their firings.

    • Donald

      Where does it say that Paterno did not know that the crime had not been reported to the police by his superiors? By the way, how many people go around checking on their bosses to see if they are doing what they are supposed to do?

  • Mark

    Ethically the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding the Sandusky conduct invsetigation were complied with. Joe Paterno complied with them as written. If a morals clause is written for public employees of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is it possible to fire someone for reporting as current law(s) instruct? I have seen cognitive intellect abilities change as persons age, however, it would not be an acceptable excuse not to comply with laws as currently written because public institutions have attorney’s as solicitors to advise in legal matters. The Penn State solicitor either was not informed or shirked their responsibilities to see this matter through for the employer, as in us, the citizens of Pennsylvania. Joe Paterno and the others should not be a bunch of “Fall Guys” for Penn State because Sandusky was retired and not connected actively with Penn State. He represented the Second Mile group the he “Sandusky” helped found. The landlord and it’s employees should not be in jeopardy of losing their jobs because of a tenant organizations members conduct.

  • Ronbo

    “If the news reports are to be believed”? What about believing the many, many men whose lives have been scarred and darkened by this monster?

    Anyone who would make excuses for this situation stands for evil. It makes me question Chip Wood’s humanity. This site should be ashaimed.

    What is next? A memorial to the kind moments of Himmel?

  • VanZorge

    paterno deserved to be fired, and i hope that he ultimately has to face some sort of criminal charges.

    i am astounded by people who think that he is exonerated because he told his superiors, and that that is all that is required by PA law……………. shame on everyone of you, and i bet that if it were one of your children who had been raped, you would not feel that way. it is because of this type of thinking that our country is becoming so morally bankrupt.

  • Margo

    To begin with I am not a football addict. and I don’t pretend to know all the facts in this situation, but from an outsider’s view I must comment on why fire the coach and college president? From what I read the report of wrong-doing was reported by the coach and several others to the college. However the thing that vexes me is why is everyone against them as verses placing the responsibility for these wrongs on the persons who were the culprits…the adult concenting students and the assistant coach? We see it everyday all around us – lets blame society, the parents, the institutions, the very community but heaven forbid, don’t blame the culprits who actually committed the crimes in question. What ever happened to personal responsibility?

  • StGeorge

    The presumption of innocence is really a presumption of not guilty which exists only in the judicial arena. As I sit here now, in my home, I can presume whatever I want.

  • Warnin

    Paterno was responsible for Sanduski period! Both of them will end up broke if not in prison. The lawyers are going to eat them alive and Penn State will do good to survive. The people of Pennsylvania will pay tens of millions of dollars in legal awards because of Paterno’s neglect of the situation. The idiot publicly said he should have done more! This is what happens when an academic institution invest it’s soul in athletics.

  • Whatever

    Oh shut UP!! Paterno did EXACTLY what he was supposed to do. He reported the incident through the proper channels of command. What nobody ever talks about is what would have happened had the story reported by McQuery turned out to be FALSE?? Paterno had no first hand knowledge. Had he reported HEARSAY to the police, and the story turned out to be FALSE, the lawsuits against the university would have exceeded the national debt. Paterno is a good and decent man who was excoriated without cause.

    • Ronbo

      If it was your child, would you bury your head in the sand? Sick! Call the police ASAP. I don’t tolerate child abuse by anyone – anyone!

  • natalukjoe

    When Good Men Do Nothing………Edmund Burke, When Good Men Do Nothing, The Triumph Of Evil

  • jim kinek

    Does anyone remember the Duke Lacrosse rape allegations? The DA convicted those boys on day one!Remember the outcome, remember how the press painted those boys as guilty rich prep school kids! Sure you remember! You have all drank the kool aid and whatever the press says “Must be true”. In my mind, I believe Jerry Sandusky is a predator and did those disgusting things. But to say that Joe absolutely knew everything and should be thrown in jail is crazy. This is grand jury preliminary information. Is it possible that Joe did try to go to the authorities and Penn State forbid him? Is that possible-sure it is! The press also paints a picture of Sandusky and Joe as good friends. Anyone in the know about Penn State football knows that Joe did not like Sandusky. How about the DA that originally was on the case in 1998. He went missing in 2005 and is presumed dead-I am surprised that the media has not jumped on that and blamed Joe for his whereabouts. You are all ready to crucify a guy who has had a clean record for 61 years. Let this play out until you know the facts.
    If Joe is guilty of anything it could be his age!!!

  • Julius

    I think he needs to be tired in court right along with Sandusky for keeping his mouth shut as I see it he committed a felony by not going to the police when he heard about it the first time so he needs to go to jail right along with Sandusky and the red head need to go with them as well as he seen it and did nothing to stop it as it was going on what is this world coming to when people like Sandusky is seen doing this and no one stop’s it and all you hear about is poor Penn state what about the poor children that Penn state forgot to protect from people like Sandusky so shame on Penn state

  • CP

    To those of you who still believe in the presumption of innocence, take a look at Joe Pa. He has been accused of not telling all he knew to everyone who might have an interest in what he might or might not have known, not of violating any laws, yet he has lost his job simply because of an accusation, not a conviction against him or anyone else in the story. This seems to happen any time someone is accused of any sort of sexual offense, be it against children or adults. As soon as a sex charge is brought, you are presumed guilty until proven innocent. This is just as true for the people supposedly investigating as it is for the general public.

    • DaveH

      Yep, modern day witch-hunts. Many of the sex-offenders that are required to register wherever they live were guilty only of having sex with a minor who was just a few years younger than themselves.
      Someday people might just wake to the fact that it is all about the Big Government Gang feathering their own nests. We have become subjects to be treated as harshly as Government decides, and they can always gin up support for their actions from one group or other of the propagandized sheeples.

      • Bill

        So, DaveH,I suppose if it was your daughter, you would have asked the older man by a few years to have Sunday dinner with the family?

        • DaveH

          If the man was 19 and the girl was 17, the man would be guilty of a “sex offense”. Is that a good idea?

          Bill, in the past it was common for 13 year olds to get married. Some time around the late 1800s most states set the age of consent at around 12 years old. Our so-called “permissive” society is actually much more suppressed than those of the past.
          Consensual Sex is a perfectly natural thing which has been perverted by many religions to be a matter of Morality. Sex does definitely carry many risks, not the least of which is unwanted children. And that is how it should be treated. We should warn our children about the dangers and avoid making it a matter of stigma like so many parents do. The hangovers from such stigmatization are often manifested in a negative way in those children’s future relationships, often damaging them irreparably.
          To answer your question about my daughter, I let her determine her own future with no judgement on my part about her personal choices. At age 16 she had come to me as damaged goods from a Domineering Mom and Step Dad. I established one simple rule — If she screwed up, she had to pay for her own mistakes. She made plenty, but unlike other kids she had nobody to rebel against, so she learned quickly from her mistakes. She now is about as well-adjusted a human being as I’ve ever known.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Daveh, Male 19 and Female 17 huh?___Good Lord I’ve been with my Old man since I was 15, he was 18!__ I’ll bet he didn’t know he was breaking the Law!!!!lol!

          • DaveH

            I had similar experience. I was 17 and she was 15.
            Looking around the Internet, I ran across this list of consent ages by states:

          • DaveH

            I also ran across this attempt by some busybodies to get the Federal Government involved in yet-another Unconstitutional Law:

          • Angel Wannabe

            DaveH, What I can’t believe is the stupidity of some of these men and Women!_Screwing around on the Internet!__They get caught in these kind of stings All the Time!__Kids look, act, AND LIE about they’re age, all the time on the Internet today, If a man 45 is stupid enough to go after a teenager, without first checking into names, dates and backgrounds, he deserves everything he gets!__Same for a Woman!

          • Karolyn

            Dave – Raising the age of consent won’t help. What helps is proper upbringing and sex education. This woman has a big job ahead of her, since much of the whole world uses 16 as the age of consent.

          • One-Angel

            In Mexico, the age of consent is 12 years.

  • skyraider6

    What was wrong with the kids? How’s 911 do you, and Mom and Dad tell someone please. This all stinks.

  • Tom Cook

    My heart breaks for the abused kids, but also for the loss of a hero–we don’t have enough of them, and society thinks people like MLK and Rosa Parks are heroes who are not. There were heroes in the civil rights movement but the two mentioned weren’t among them. Joe Paterno was a hero, a legend, like the Bear, and Mike unspellable name at Duke.
    I believe society is greatly responsible by accepting the moral relativism of liberals and believing that queers, homosexual behavior, is acceptable thus making it less likely that good people like Joe Paterno will step up and condemn such perversion. Queers have almost become a favored group by the hoi poloi; they are the perverts who assault little boys and many are the serial killers. Society accepted the fag Michael Jackson who was a pervert and assaulted little boys. Much of the fault in the Penn State debacle rests with society’s tolerance of the intolerable.

    • Kevin

      Pedophiles are not homosexual or heterosexual, they are predators of children. Crimes like rape and molestation are not sexually motivated, they are about power and control over someone weaker and more vulnerable. To claim that gay rights has anything to do with this situation is erroneous and is misdirecting from the actual problem, which is Sandusky’s treatment of these children.

  • Carl

    I am not particularly a Penn State fan. But I have admired what I have known about Joe Paterno over the past 4 plus decades. I could not testify as to his veracity in all of this but I can believe that a man of his accomplishment and previously undisputed reputation deserves the consideration of judgment only after all the facts are in and the matter has been honestly and properly adjudicated in whatever courts will justly satisfy the aggrieved and the accused accordingly.

    There is not space to consider factors that seem to both relieve coach Paterno as well as indict him for errors in judgment.

    I could understand suspension with pay until properly rendered judgment is established. Does Penn State and certain people, no more knowledgeable than I, have the right to embrace a trend that is disturbing,a trend that must be cast down, which is GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN innocent. This is America! Coach Paterno, guilty or innocent, deserves his day in court!

  • Anthony A Capobianco

    If in fact Joe Paterno knew what was going on behind the scenes regarding sex crimes, then I see him as being just as guilty as Sandusky.

  • CAM

    As many post here, provide examples of the great convenient confusion regarding homosexuality and pedophilia: Why does the age of the two matter? The overwhelming tide of “Political correctness,” includes giving gays a free ride. Joepa and the administration at Penn State, simply did not want to call attention to what may have been perceived as homosexual activity. Perversion is pervertion regardless of the popular label many want to put on it…

    • Kevin

      Homosexuals are not interested in children, they are interested in consentual relationships with other adult homosexuals. Pedophiles are predators. Girls are molested at three times the amount as boys are. Of the boys who are molested, it is usually by a father, stepfather, or uncle. Sexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia, it is a crime about power and control.

      • Jim Henderson

        Kevin, you keep reiterating the current psychobabble that pedophilia has nothing to do with sexuality; that it’s all about power and control. First, even if it were true, who cares? Like the motivation makes any real difference. Maybe, if we were talking about treating the aberration, but that’s not what is being discussed. Second, believing that BS is like bowing down to Freud. Taking the sexuality out of sexual acts, is like trying to take water out of ice….just plain ridiculous.

      • Tom

        Girls are molested at three times the rate of …” If this is correct, and it may well be, but valid statistics arfe quite hard to rather in this area, it doesn’t point in the direction you think it does. Heterosexual men are far more than three times as common as homosexual men (the actual ratio may be closer to twenty to one), thus the rate among heterosexuals is,according to your threefold data far lower than the rate of predation among homosexual men

  • Tom

    Joe shouldn’t have been fired. He followed the schools procedures. It is the policy of alot if not most or all businesses including hospitals. I worked for a hospital in Philadelphia that had the same policy. The system worked as it should because everyone followed the policy and the administrator notified the police about an incident that occurred and a doctor went to jail for letting a fetus die after an abortion because he didn’t do anything to save a live fetus. The peoabove Joe who didn’t do what they were suppossed to should get proscecuted. There was an investigation of Sandusky ( by who ) if it wasn’t by law enforcement that was wrong. If it was by law enforcement what was Joepa to do? If the law investigated and did nothing there is really something amiss.

  • FreedomFighter

    We are liveing in a society ruled by not laws and morals, but by money and self interest, governed by sociopaths and psychopaths.

    Goverment officials, judges and those in powerfull positions are positions of power riddled with perverts, that recruit more perverts that cover for each other, creating a culture at the top of lawless perversion.

    Insider trading by the likes of N. Pelosi, a cheat is a cheat is a cheat and Nancy is queen liar and cheet. B. Franks and the housing debacle, then he lies, misleads and slobbes on. Holder trying to create a situation to disarm the American public by giving automatic weapons to drug cartels – gets caught and lies.

    I have never seen such a cabal to liars, thieves, and miscreants such as the Democratic party in my intire life. No wonder the rest of the world has a dim view of America. look at our current leadership, they are disgusting.

    Obama is a liar, destroying America with the help of the most disgusting collection of human excrement ever assembled in a political party in American history

    Im not proud of them or America at the moment, in fact they disgust me and what they are turning America into is even more disgusting.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • DaveH

      The Leaders can only get away with their Immoral and Unlawful actions because a majority (or very large minority) of people avert their gazes or otherwise suspend their Morality in order to curry favor (usually financial) from those in power.
      We have become a Society of Criminals:

      • FreedomFighter

        “There is nothing wrong with telling people that taxation is robbery, that regulation is trespass, that drug laws are assault and robbery, that politicians are criminals, and that the state is a monstrous criminal agency.”

        Good artical.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

  • justme

    I’m sorry, when people are made aware and don’t step in to stop it? And I mean stop it, not just report it. That creep Sandusky should have been forced to go to the police and owned up to what he had done. You have Paterno admitting he shoud have done more, what else do you need?
    Have to say, this whole thing makes me wonder where else this kind of unforgiveable garbage is being allowed to happen. With luck, if it is, there are now some good people stepping up and seeing that it ends…. on their watch.

  • Bob Warren

    Knowing football as I do, I believe you cannot keep a secret from spreading all through the football community.
    A lot more persons knew what had been happening than didn’t.
    The whole football program should be dropped as a punishment and mostly as a warning that something as disgusting as this will not be tolerated, not even once, let alone numerous years.
    I would think the proper punishment for Sandusky would be a sentence, that would last until his death.
    I also believe a monetary fund to care for these children, should be put in a trust fund for their life time, paid for by any and all monies Sandusky may have, along with the University.

  • Edwin Shelton

    With the current state of affairs concerning Gay rights, it makes me as nervous as a center on a Greek football team. Watching our mushy mouth congressman from Mass, Barney Frank, on T.V. and in the liberal press, makes me lose my dinner.

    Thank GOD, at age 84, I remember the real America where everyone worked and prayed. Old folks had the option of going in a home to live their remaining years if needed, and most sick relatives were cared for by their family. NO MEDICARE, NO SOCIAL SECURITY, LITTLE GOVERNMeNT INTRUSION IN OUR DAILY LIVES AND DEMOCRATS WHO WERE REAL AMERICANS.

    • DaveH

      There have always been immoral and criminal elements in this country. The difference between now and then is that they weren’t institutionalized in Government in the past.

  • Dagger

    All of these people at Penn State knew what was going on from 2002 until 2011. The President of PSU right down to Joe Paterno and his assistants knew what was happening and did little more than nothing to report the conduct to the authorities. This means that for at least 9 years there was a cover-up of this horrible tragedy.
    Should JoePa have been fired? The answer is YES !!! Just because he was considered a “legend” as a coach does not mean he is above the law.

    • Doc Sarvis

      I totally agree with you. I also find it curious that this does not hit the fan – after all these years – until shortly after Paterno gets his most wins ever record.

  • http://charter howe

    The same ideology in play today at Penn State is what’s going on with the POTUS and his CZARS. Many people think that McQueary should be lined up against the wall with Sandusky because evidence suggests that both men were responsible for violating the written and moral law of these heinous crimes against childre. McQueary was complicit by failing to report and follow-up on the reported molestation. The police have no record of his claim that he reported Sandusky on one other occasion. Besides, shame on him for failing to notify the Dean and at least doing a follow-up. It is unfortunate that a legendary coach has to fall, but he is the person with the ultimate responsibility for the actions of his coaches, players and the atheletic program. I hope that Joe Paterno can clear his name of any wrongdoing other than stupidity and failure to follow-up on the sexual allegations which he knew about, which in itself is bad enough especially if its a repeat over the years of other complaints. This same situation most likely ocurrs at other universities, so I hope this is a teachable moment to get engaged and clean up this deviant behavior by school hires. Too much importance is placed on a college campus name rather than on protecting vulnerable youngsters. I would love to see a nation wide house cleaning of perverts in all schools by doing very careful vetting of all teachers and coaches. Penn State can’t blame it on Bush so the University is going to have to police their own by people who are responsible. Penn State is a great college and Paterno is a college football legend, but there is much work to be done to restore the image of the University. The ideology of putting football operations or other sports ahead of student welfare is a culture that a university cannot afford to engage in.

  • Bob


    As a life long penn state fan growing up like mose kids alwasy wanted to play football for Jopa. Hearing what has happened just killed all football for me the pro’s I don’t watch because of teh criminal’s that are welcomed back to the league. Joe was wrong and yes should have been asked to retire. Personaly I would have liked to see him finish out his year and retire but from what we are hearing there is more and more coming out of people that have been involved in this even the gov of Pa has been contributing to Jerry’s foundation.

    Sandusky if found guilty should never see the light of day it is just shamefull how one sick monster can take down a institution like penn state. your column was very well written and I apploud you for looking at the things you did.

  • Jackie

    As a student with no interest in football back in the 70′s, even I was aware of Joe Paterno’s conviction that football is an adjunct to a college education, not a substitute for one. Joe demanded of his athletes that they attend classes and study in order to play football. This concern for his students is inconsistent with the “football is everything and sweep anything else under the rug” bandwagon that so many seem to be jumping on. The man spent nearly HALF A CENTURY building up the reputation and goodwill at that university. You think the students were demonstrating for football?!? They were showing support for Joe as he has shown support for them.
    Nothing can change what happened to those young boys at the hands of Sandusky, but targeting JoePa is targeting the wrong individual. Let’s get the facts and then prosecute the guilty party.
    I guess it was easy for the Board of Regents to dump him at the end of his career. No loyalty. No support. No waiting for the facts. Craven, low class treatment. Gee, I guess half a century doesn’t count for much.

  • Robert Ashfield

    everything that I have read previously is so true. The blame for these pedophiles getting any way with what they do goes all the way to the top the money makers of the school the stockholders go a long with the cover ups. The school doesn’t want to lose the money they get from the government I don’t feel sorry for Joe Paterno losing his job he did it to himself. He should have given more thought to the child being molested. I could go on and on about pedophiles mail or female.

  • Karen King

    All Penn State was doing was trying to find an excuse to fire JoePa, and they found one. I believe JoePa did the right thing by reporting it to the higher-ups. They say he should have went to the police but I believe that would have gotten him into trouble also. He had turned in his resignation and said he would quit after the season, but noooo! they had to fire him. *sigh! Another case of you’re danged if you do and you’re danged if you don’t.

  • Rob Christy

    Hey Chip you should have stopped writing your article at “First, whatever happened to the presumption of innocence? Isn’t one of the bedrock principles of our justice system that you’re innocent until proven guilty?”

    Bet you didn’t know that grand jury indictments are supposed to be sealed from the public you morn.

  • Old Henry

    We had to find out the definition of what “is” it, so we probably need to find out how this sub-himan defines “horseing around”.

    We’ll give him a fair trial and then hang him.

    ALL the up-stream sub-himans should also be hanged – after a fair trial of course…

  • Jeff

    It is amazing reading some of the comments here. Even the article itself is really quite stupid. First question has anyone here actually worked for a major university and thus understand that as a employee of that university you have procedures and policies to follow. The authorities in this case are campus police not the loacl police they don’t have jurisdiction on campus. Based on grand jury story Paterno DID NOT have first hand knowledge of what was going on. Paterno followed university protocol by reporting incident to the Atheltic Director who told Paterno it would be taken care of. Also Paterno is of my parents generation and what he did is what my patrents would have done. He was not an actual witnes to these events. I have worked for a major university as a Grad Assistant. Even if I had seen something like this and reported it to police they most likely are not going to beleive me against a well know Assitant Coach like Sandusky. The then Grad Assistant and now assistant coach really had no credibility at the time of the incident. In addition Universities for many years have been craming down students and employees throats diversity and tolerance and that anything is okay as long as you are happy and get pleasure from it even homosexuality. It is very clear that if Sandusky truly did these terrible acts he is acting out his homosexual desires. It only upsets people because these were kids not adults. The incident is a result of our culture and should not be a great shock to anyone. Should Paterno have been fired, absolutely not, he was a scapgoat by the University to show that they are in control. Those who tried to cover it up should have been fired and anyone else who is exposed as trying to cover this thing up should be fired. I hope if Sandusky is guilty that he goesto prison where justice wil be served. Harden criminals don’t like child molestors. Even they have a sense of what should not be tolerated.

    • Kevin

      Wheher or not Paterno is being scapegoated remains to be seen. But don’t scapegoat the homosexual community by linking Sandusky to them. Pedophilia is a crime about power and control, sexuality has nothing to do with it. If Sandusky were acting out his homosexual desires, he would have sought out an adult homosexual, not a child.

      • Karolyn

        I don’t think pedophilia is totally about power and control. I believe pedophiles are totally attracted to children, and many of them believe they are bringing pleasure to the child. I have read of instances where this is stated. They usually don’t use forceful rape, which is definitely a crime of power and control but more often use coaxing and play.

  • Pete0097

    They are all innocent until proven guilty. None should have been fired, only put on administrative leave. Joepa should have followed through with the original problem that was observed. As an educator, he has the moral requirement to turn him in. Once he has done that, he should be done. Due to confidentialty laws, once Sandusky was turned in, Joepa was out of the picture. He should be done with it.

    • FreedomFighter

      The elite already knew thoy were guilty, it was damage control: so they could point out how fast and good they reacted.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • justme

    Someone here actually thinks it was a show of respect by those kids to flip over a van???? I’ll bet Paterno just about died of embarrasement over that.
    Those are not ‘honorable’ people, they’re just destructive little chits who see what the OWS’ers are getting away with and figure they also can do any thing they want…. pretty much like Sandusky.

  • justme

    I don’t study human sexual behaviour, but…..
    I can’t believe a baby raper is any more choosing an orientation than a man who rapes women.
    It’s all about control over a victim, and total lack of control over ones self.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest John

    Salem, Massachusetts witch hunts are alive and well and Joe Paterno is their victim … Sandusky is supposedly innocent until proven guilty by trial, McQuearey gets a pass … this whole affair has been in the news since 1998 there were investigations back in 1998 by the District Attorneys office and the courts … they chose not to proescute Sandusky … WHY? … Sandusky was allowed to retire at the end of 1998 and the university let him retire under “Emeritus” status … WHY? … He was afforded all the perks that go with Emeritus honor … WHY? … He was allowed to use the Penn State facilities … WHY? … BTW these are not Joe Paterno facilities they are Penn State owned! In 2002 McQuearey reports what he saw in the showers and Joe Paterno takes him to repeat what he (McQuearey) witnessed! Now as we know today the higher ups at Penn State decided not to report this to the police … WHY? … disregarding the past history surrounding Sandusky … WHY? … In this country you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty … so lets get on with an outside independent investigation and get to the bottom of who did what and when … and who allowed Sandusky the use of Penn State facilities and WHY! Until then we don’t know who knew what or when did they know it and how did they exercise their authority after they knew it! Get to the bottom of it all!!!!!!

    • Jim Henderson

      Good comment, John.

  • Chuck Case

    I agree with the poster who brought up the laCrosse example. The press tried and convicted the ‘rich, spoiled’ players.
    I say, let the facts come out. How do any of us know if perhaps Joe was instructed to step away and let the university handle the situation?
    Joe could have been fired for insubordination or sued for defamation if he disobeyed ‘orders’.
    We are talking about a very large organization here with a great deal of power.
    Frankly, the Penn State football program would not have suffered any permanent damage if an assistant coach was fired over these charges.
    I find it hard to believe that Paterno would cover up for Sandusky for fear that the football program would suffer. How do ANY of us know they were actually friends?
    Let’s wait for facts people!

  • Ybob555

    Just a comment to the writer. You state in the first third of your piece that there are several things that give you pause about the allegations & mention one of them being ” a bedrock principal in the justice system of being innocent until proven guilty”. But then in one of your ending paragraphs you say ” everyone ignored a pedophile in their midst” to protect the institution. Are you not ignoring the “innocent” premise by labeling him a “pedophile” before an investigation has been completed, all the facts have been brought forth and a possible trial has been held?
    Just wondering.

  • Merriel

    Have none of you ever heard of hear-say evidence. Even if Joe Paterno had reported it to the police, it would have been hear-say evidence. If he had to go to court, his evidence would have been thrown out!! He did not actually see what was done in Penn State’s locker room. He only heard what someone else, who should have gone to the police, told him. I think that PSU used JoPa as a scape goat.

    • Kevin

      Many cases of molestation and rape are based on hearsay. As a teacher, I would be required to report any suspicions of abuse involving one of my students. I would not be privy to physical evidence or have witnessed the abuse, but it would be my responsibity to report it and to let the proper authorities sort it out.

  • JDubya

    All of you who write on here so viciously about Joe Paterno are guilty of the most heinous maliciousness imaginable. The reports in the news are for the most part over-blown or at the very least incomplete. The so-called “sexual abuse” that Joe Paterno was supposed to have known about was a singular episode of what McQueary thought was sexual abuse (and might well have been) but he did NOT actually see it – he heard what he thought was sexual activity. Whatever the case, according to the grand jury information, he did not stop it, although he claimed that they (Sandusky and the victim) saw him. But at the time they were not engaged in anything other than being disrobed. Now don’t get me wrong, that is bad enough – but it does not rise to the level of sexual abuse (it is molestation, again which is bad enough) However, McQueary did not immediately call the police (911), he called his father, who then went with him to Paterno’s home. Put yourself in Paterno’s shoes. The allegations were tenuous at best because had McQueary really seen what he thought he saw, he should have called the police immediately and attempted to detain Sandusky – but he didn’t, he was old enough to know better. So now it is a ‘he said/they said’ situation, and McQueary is on the losing end (2 against 1). Paterno’s reaction was to contact his superiors. What else could he do? It was not Paterno who made the decision to cover-up the situation – the University did that when the investigation could not prove the allegations to a sufficient level to get an indictment. So it was dropped and Sandusky, not Paterno, went on doing what he had been doing – molesting little boys. Paterno was essentially out of the loop when he reported it to the University, and the University officials failed in their duty to protect the boys in that they only demanded that Sandusky quit bringing the boys to their facilities. They did report the allegations to the police and the results of the police investigation for some reason resulted in allowing Sandusky to continue his brazen activities in the groups that did not know about or turned a blind eye to his actions. Apparently, Paterno’s hands were tied by the actions of the University, but he did what he could in forcing Sandusky out in 1999. And now there is also a report that a Penn State alum has had a job offer put on hold because he made some comments about how bad Paterno was being treated. See how far these politically motivated assassinations extend? The media misreports and we as gullible sheeple eat it up.

    • JDubya

      BTW the regulations and laws already on the books for all kinds of things like this, put the administrators in such a bind that they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Sandusky is protected by all kinds of regulations foisted upon the administration by well-meaning legislators – protecting, auspiciously, his privacy, his free speech rights etc, etc. Although the University was within their rights to terminate Paterno for whatever reason they felt was usable, I think they set a grievous precedent in doing so in this case. Now the media knows just how far they have to go to get rid of someone they don’t like – and believe me, they are not above using this power as we have seen in recent years. I don’t know why, but I would bet that eventually we will find out that Joe Paterno angered somebody in the University system and they manufactured this whole vendetta against him. Sandusky was just a convenient means to that end. He found himself in a ‘catch-22′ and there was no good way out. He took the prescribed course and got burned – he was burned as soon as it happened regardless of which approach he took. Some people have asked, how would you like it if your son was mistreated this way? How stupid is that question? It has nothing to do with any of my points – I would want the McQueary in my situation to call 911 and stop it, of course. but you miss the whole point – I don’t want one of the investigators or anyone else to suffer because they followed the direct orders or procedures given to them – that is just plain wrong. And it appalls me that many of you don’t see that point, being willing to castigate the innocent for something someone else did. Reminds me a lot of that jerk who dragged the homosexual to death. The holier-than-thou progressives got his sister to make an ad castigating Bush for the failure of the justice system to execute one of the two perpetrators because Bush had not supported a law that in effect would require the perpetrators to be executed twice for the crime. I believe the second ‘go along with it’ guy was given a life sentence rather than executed and that was Bush’s fault.

      • Mike

        Thanks for your insight. Even though it maybe a bit premature, it’s highly unlikely that we will ever really know what transpired. Much damage has been done and I expect the worst is yet to come. No doubt, books will be written and opinions rendered that will further obfuscate the honest-to-God to truth, even before this matter comes to court. The blame game and what ifs seem to be omnipresent which only complicates matters. Even a thorough investigation may now become impossible since a political consensus has entered the picture.
        In the final analysis,the only winner will once again be the media.

      • JDubya

        I have since read the grand jury report. Correction to my comments above: Joe Paterno’s involvement was in the 2002 incident. Sandusky was not his employee at the time. According to the grand jury report, McQueary said that he did see them physically copulating in the 2002 attack. That only makes it worse that he left. According to the grand jury, the 2002 attack was never reported to the police by anyone. But it is clear that Paterno did what he could legally do. The University administration erred. The 1998 incident was reported and investigated by police and resulted in strained relationship between Paterno and Sandusky according to Sandusky although Sandusky was allowed to retire with continued access to the facilities. The inappropriate behavior was reported to the other group Sandusky was still actively involved with (the second mile). Inexplicably, the 1998 allegations did not result in any charges or changes except that Sandusky was allowed to retire in 1999 and was enjoined from bringing children to the Penn State facilities. I don’t believe these corrections affect the validity of the points I made.

  • Rene Donk

    JoePa was indirectly involved because of his knowledge. He reported it to higher hand and did his duty as far as responsibility was concerned. It is my opinion that the bunch that kept this incident under wraps (in this case the bunch that rule the University) are more guilty than JoePa. They should all be relieved of their positions. JoePa is 85 so what does he got to loose. Stripping him of what he accomplished during his life is whimsicle nonsence. The memory will live on anyway. It is just like those dummies protesting the people that are keeping this country going. What a waste of time and tax dollars. Their eyes should not be on Wallstreet or the moneymakers but the Whitehouse where the leading of this country has to come from. Where has common sense gone. Nobody seems to posses it anymore. Take the inside trading. Martha Stewart goes to jail for it and members of congress doe it all the time and nothing is said about that. It is about time we do a clean sweep of the WH personel and Congress too.

  • Charlie

    Who is really to blame ?

    On the radio this morning was a person discussing Graham Spanier. He met him at a meeting where Spanier was requesting funding from the legislature in 2002 for PSU. During that meeting Spanier was questioned about a ” sex fair ” that had taken place at PSU and was sponsored by the University. There were graphic exhibits of a sexual nature and there was a ” tent of consent “. Students could go there and take part in an assortment of sexual activities. Paid for by the PA tax payers. Spanier was asked if he thought that this sort of thing was ” right “. He could not answer definitively because the determination of what is right is not an objective thing. Meaning he does not know the difference between right and wrong.

    Spanier wrote his PHD thesis on deviant sexual practices. Though he did not call them deviant, just a different choice that may be considered immoral by one persons standards, yet acceptable by another persons.

    So, why would we expect him to report deviant sexual activity to the police when he does not even know what it is ? And in fact probably condones the activity.

    Secondly, why do we as a state and a nation hire these people to teach our children and represent us ?

    Third, why do we send our children to these schools ?

    If you hire a moral vacuum to lead a university system why would you expect the result to be a system that values morality. Or even knows what it is !!!!

    Who is really at fault here ?

    Maybe we should all get copies of the papers written by our local school administrators and teachers and see what they are thinking ? Maybe it should be a part of their permanent employment record, available for anyone to see whenever they want to. Maybe we should do the same thing for presidents and all politicians – though most are pretty closely scrutinized.

    Of course this is probably all moot. It is probably illegal to discriminate against people just because they have no morals, especially at a public institution. I think this gives new meaning to the term institution.

    My son graduated from PSU in January 2010. My wife ,my daughter and I went up for his graduation, even though there was a prediction of a heavy snowstorm ( we drove home with 8″ on the ground and still coming down ). My daughter took her sons as well. They were 8 months and 2.5 years old at the time. My son’s comment upon hearing that the grandsons were coming, ” Penn State is not a safe place for children “. ….Indeed !!

    • Peter S. Chamberlain

      Thanks for relevant and material information about the President of Penn State I didn’t have that may explain some of this. If the President of Penn State didn’t believe in right and wrong and wrote his dissertation on this, he knew.

      What I can’t understand is why a report or word about this abuse from someone as prominent, and “bulletproof” as Joe Paterno didn’t result in an immediate and thorough investigation, arrest, prosecution, and conviction.

      Why, oh why, didn’t Paterno go to every authority from the University Park police to the State Police and state DHS, Attorney General, Governor, and, if necessary, the media when the first report to anyone from someone of his prominence didn’t get action? I’ll tell you why. Trust me, you don’t want to know. Both parties got caught with their pants down in the Foley scandal. In my law practice, I very unexpectedly found myself in attorney-client and other privileged and confidential relationships with an awful lot of child and adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Some were daughters, sisters, nieces, and some of those victims, of elected and high appointed officials palmed off on us by both parties. I wasn’t the first person who knew about these situations. Trying to get action in such cases is not only frustrating but dangerous. Cases with physical and other evidence were never investigated or covered up. When threats didn’t deter me, I got drugged, thrown into a state snake pit for three months, and suspended from practice for questioning the mother of a client, very privately, about rape by her prominent husband, based upon a mountain of evidence from several credible people in responsible positions.

  • joe e

    NO one has been proven guilty yet. There is no longer presumption of innocents any more or grand jury testiomny being secret there is a rush to judgement by the press and don’t forget the book royalties and the political boost the Pennsylvinia attorney general will get. Thank God the media wasn’t around during the Salem Witch Trials no one would have been left to inhabit North America

  • Big Woody

    Read the grand jury time line. In 1998 the county prosecutor declined to press charges against Sandusky. That makes it apparant that “somebody” contacted the police. PaJoe and Penn State went beyond the prosecutor’s position and retired Sandusky in 1999 even though he was in line to replace Paterno as head coach. In 2002 childrens services refused to take action when Sandusky was again accused. Again PaJoe took action by taking Sandusky’s keys away which denied him access to Penn State facilities. The county prosecutor andchildren’s services have been aware of Sandusky’s activities for a long time. If the proper authorities refuse to prosecute somebody, there is only so much an employer can do without making themselves liable for serious lawsuits. Paterno’s firering will probably end up in a very messy lawsuit against the trusties. They jumped to too many conclusions too soon. Don’t forget that the Govenor of Penn was in the states attorney’s office while all this was going on. Let’s see how political the scandal gets now.

  • Patriot

    Great column Chip! Nicely done.

  • joe e

    Right on Big Woody anyone who doesn’t smell politics and Government neglegence in this is missing part of the picture.

  • Charlie

    I read the grand jury report.

    Who said what ? I have read the report of the grand jury on the Sandusky case.

    In the section titled Victim 2 – there are numerous ” quotations ” of what Curley, Schultz and Spanier said. There are No – ZERO quotations of what either ” the graduate assistant ” or Joe Paterno said to anyone at any time.

    Hence any reference to what the graduate student saw or said are hearsay and not presentable in a court of law.
    Likewise for Joe Paterno.

    I have to ask myself why neither was quoted, while all the others were quoted.

    Could it be that the Attorney General is trying to win her case in the media and that she really does not have the evidence to present in a court of law ? Evidentiary requirements to indict for a grand jury are far below what is required in a court of law to convict.

    Note: the Attorney General is an elected / political position. The last PA Attorney General is the current governor of PA. He got a lot of notoriety by prosecuting corrupt politicians.

    Second note: this investigation has been going on since 2008, and the report was just issued at the height of football season — coincidence ??

    Something doesn’t smell right here !!

    • Peter S. Chamberlain

      Something certainly does not smell right, but, as an atorney familiar with the developing law of evidence, etc, in such cases, and having handled cases of true and false allegations and knowing top experts as well as survivors and a few child rapists, what’s wrong is why it took this long for the tight lid to blow off this cess pool. Learning that the President of Penn State was an expert who had published his dissertation on child sexual abuse raises all kinds of red flags.

  • HWLone

    Why don’t we call this as it should be a queer pervert sodomizing children. It shows the low standard of the so-called Gay community how can there be anything gay about this.

    • JP

      Hold on. Yes, if proven, Sandusky is a pervert, but whether he’s gay or not is not the point. He may be gay. He may not be gay. By your logic, every Catholic is guilty of the sins of Catholic priests.

  • Geronimo Schmidt

    Has Sandusky been tried and convicted? No. We are all in the suposition of a man is innocent until proven guilty
    Therefore, how can anybody approved of Paterno been fired for an assumed crime he did not committed or even witnessed?

    We all tend to have knee jerk reactions in this country. To me this is similar to the FDA official been fired a few months back without even the courtesy of listening to her point of view, OR all that hysteria back in the 80′s about child molestation in nurseries (most of that were “created memories” by the therapists)

    I believe Sandusky should face his accusers (not the lawyers of victim #1 BS) in court and may the evidence determine guilt or not

    Until them, let us make sure we do not screw up anybody’s else life or reputation.

  • Roger

    Paterno should not have been fired! Period! He was unjustly inplicated and then fired with a lousy phone call after 62 years of dedicated service along with major monetary contributions to the University over the years! A man respected across all of the Sport’s World for decades! His immediate firing gives new meaning to the phrase “How low can you go”! JoePa did what he was supposed to do. He reported the incident to the proper authorities “following protocol” and THEY in turn dropped the ball! He became simply a victim of circumstance! Many, in hindsight, said he should have done more. WRONG! He did the right thing and it shouldn’t have been expected of him to do any more! Would you? I doubt it! You expect the powers-to-be to handle situations like that as that is what they were appointed to do! Paterno was unjustly disgraced and railroaded out in a heartbeat and Penn State will now not only have to live with the scandal itself but the disgraceful way in which they handled the entire situation up to this point! Shameful!!

  • haditinsd

    There are and need to be exceptions to “Innocent until proven guilty” or there would be no such thing as bail because all accused would be free until proven guilty in court. There are the RISK factors involved such as “Is the accused a threat to society?” “Is there a risk the accused may flee?”. Our system is not perfect in dealing with these factors but so far nobody has a better plan.
    I always wonder why we give so much attention to college demonstrations. These are people who have yet to take on the responsibility of making their own way in this world yet the media and most other treat their idea’s like the wisdom of Soloman.

  • Lil

    Our Judicial System is really messed up, all things should be on hold until guilt is established. Also, why are there so many IDIOTS who want to punish the kids at that school, they are feeling this horrible crime also, and they should be allowed to continue to play their games and do their everyday normal things.

    • Kevin

      I agree, the players should not be punished for any of this. They had nothing to do with it.

      • granny mae

        Unless you count rolling over cars and setting fires and just plain vandelism on the announcement of the fireing ! Thats right they had nothing to do with it ! Their activities should all be excused because they were upset and they have a right to act like idiots ! Let me ask you what do we send our kids to college for ? To learn how to demonstrate, and vandelize, or are they there for an education? If you answer education, then what kind of education do you want them to have ? If it is poor behavior, I have news for you, you can teach them that at home at far less cost !

        • Kevin

          If they can prove that there were football players involved, then those specific players should be punished, not the entire team.

  • http://PersonalLiberty D.M. Shore

    PediPa was more concerned about getting in his wins than the children being abused. Make no mistake about it the reason nothing has been done about this is will all come down to the “MONEY”. Raping kids doesn’t bring in as many dollars as a winning season in an overrated conference. While PediPa has been in a mild coma on the sidelines pretending to be a head coach he couldn’t take time out to be a decent human being. As for Sandusky–I hope he rots in HELL !

    • granny mae

      You said it all, AMEN !

  • http://personallibertydigest Lyle McDaniell

    Question . fire him ? fireim,damn betcha.

  • Mark Kortum

    1. As a University of Chicago graduate I know who Amos Alonzo Stagg is and so do most College football fans.

    2. Innocent until proven guilty is not a standard for employment. He did not appropriately address the issue and should have been fired. The University did exactly the right thing!

  • lektra

    There are layers to this story: pedophilia; why victims remain silent; why some tolerate or deny the behavior based on “who” committed the atrocity; and, in my view, the biggest of all: this new paradigm of public opinion’s knee jerk need and ability to punish.

    People get fired over a word. Someone across the nation is offended by a TV interview and demands reparations. One person can get rid of a school play, an art exhibit or, or , or because they are offended.

    Offended should not be our standard for seeking retribution on strangers — it is as wrong as Penn State students being angry their coach got fired and not that children were violated.

    Talk radio, blogs, internet polls have all given the chance for the darkest righteous indignation to come out. We are all still flawed and imperfect, all of us. Yet we engage in putting others down in an insane effort to elevate ourselves, perhaps?

    Paterno SHOULD have done more. But taking his statue down or name off a trophy — both of which were awarded for the GOOD things he did — neither helps the victims or punishes the perpetrator. And it smacks of the old Soviet Union who tore down Stalin’s statues or ancient Eqypt where a pharoh’s name was chiseled off of the obelisk.

    But such is life in this new milennium where words have more power than action. Lazy but true.

    • Geronimo Schmidt

      What Paterno is going thru reflect our current mob mentality stirred up by the never ending cycle of news media outlets looking for your attention.
      The moment we hear of a malfeasance being done, people grab their pitchforks and torches and march on the assumed culprit without giving them the benefit of his/her day in court.

      It is happening with crime, politics, etc. A free media is a basic for a free society. Now we have too much media that is no longer free (owned by corporate interests more interested in profit and in their particular agenda than in balance and impartial reporting)

      Boy do I miss Walter Cronkite !!!!!

  • Ralph E. Nix

    For many years I have resented the use of the word Gay in reference to a Pedophile. We had the proper name when I was in high school but evil transferred the name to Gay which is an insult to a wonderful English word shared by people who have that wonderful name with happiness people shared with each other not more than fifty years ago. My wonderful useable word has been taken from me by evil perverts to bestow upon the character of such evil as existed at Penn State and all around the world– to state a fact. Did I say ‘ existed ‘ ? We may rest assured it still exists and will not be going away as long as this Babylon System exists.

    • Karolyn

      “GAY” does NOT represent pedophile! They are not interchangeable! Pedophiles are those who molest the children of their choice, whether male/male, female/male. male/female or female/female.

    • Geronimo Schmidt

      Come on Ralph!! Have you not heard is not PC to bad mouth Gay people??

      I know you did not mean it that way. I agree with you, to me
      Gay=Happy…which I never understood why the use of that word since most homosexuals I know are not very happy

      Karolyn is right in one point
      A person can be a Pedophile and not be Homosexual
      A Homosexual with a preference for children of the same sex is also a Pedophile

      As far as I am concerned, they are both abhorrent behaviors that have existed before Babylon

  • Chas

    Lets be honest ,the trustees are worried about their reputation(Penn State
    Fire Joe but let the indicted alone. Who gave permission for Sandusky to have access to the showers it wasn’t Joe, and the 28 year watching and then calling Daddy.He could have pound the guy during the act, and then he supports him for 10 years with is program. Too much is not being told here, Joe is just good scapegoat.

  • Dee Dee

    Thank you Granny Mae for having the courage to confront the neighborhood molestor. I grew up in a large family. One of my older brothers was molested by some gays in SF in the early 1950′s. He went on to be a fixated pediophile. Only once was he caught & sent to therapy. My parents didn’t know what to do & just helped him move here & there. This sounds cruel, but thank God, he has gone to meet his maker now & God will judge him. Let’s hope God has more compassion for him than I feel. He was a smooth talker, very generous, but definitely a USER.

  • Ron

    Well stated, how ever I think of Bill Clinton and can’t recall any adverse or consequential action taken to hurt his accomplishments if there really any. I think Joe allowed his friendship with this child molester to override him taking the appropriate action. I think of how life seems to excuse some and others receive the full consequence as joe will undoubtedly reap. I am sure we remember OJ and others who seemly got away with murder, how tragic to see so many escape the punishment they should have received. I think of Pete Rose and his lack of good judgment, how can we allow some to flourish while others bare the full load of disgrace. I wonder how much money Monica received for her part in the Bill Clinton’s immoral behavior as President of this country. I could go on for hours but it only depresses me the more I think of the sickness we have in people of power and leadership. God Help us All.

  • RichCon

    Some limousine-liberal, islamo-fascist, ann arbor thought police (aclu) member and saddamocrat out there suggested paterno should have gone to the homosexual child-molester’s house and confronted him! This “excommunication” would work in a perfect world of scriptural theocracy, but what this dipstick didn’t understand ref. the depraved world of, e.g., “militant gays” (read/translate “assaultive, criminal homosexuals”) is that they are “Duh” dangerous! Maybe this dhimm-wit homosexualphile should have gone to where Manson (Charles not Marilyn), Speck, Dahmer, Gacy, Charles Schmid and of course Malvo & Muhammad “stayed” and accused them face-to-face?!

    • Kevin

      First off, pedophiles are not homosexual or heterosexual. Their crime has to do with exerting power and control over someone they view as weaker and vulnerable. Sandusky worked at a camp for disadvantaged boys, that is why he targeted them, it has nothing to do with sexuality. Homosexuals have for a long time denounced the activities of pedophiles. Your comparison of homosexuals to serial killers is both ignorant and offensive.

    • JDubya

      RichCon: What all of these folks are overlooking is that Paterno was not Sandusky’s supervisor. Sandusky was retired in 1999 and this ‘thing’ happened in 2002. Since McQueary had run from the scene and contacted Paterno the following day, there was nothing that Paterno could do that he did not do the subsequent day and that was to get McQueary together with those responsible for handling Sandusky. If he had taken ‘action’ against Sandusky, he would have implicated himself into the mess. He allowed those in charge of the problem to handle the problem that the University had allowed to continue.

  • Ron Reale

    Paterno, and any real man, given the information he had, should have refused to take the field until Sandusky was fired, if he didn’t have the power to fire him himself, period.
    As he didn’t, he is as guilty of the assaults that continued as Sandusky. He might as well have held the kids down. As a past molestation victim, I would be for taking back every penny he earned from the time he knew and enabled Sandusky, and strip him of any titles and awards he ever got, besides putting him in jail as a sexual predator enabler.
    Ron Reale

    • granny mae

      Ron Reale,

      You are exactly right! You know full well that all it would take is for someone to show some responsibility and stop these bully’s ! I am terribly sorry for what you had to endure. Let us all work to stop this mess in it’s tracks and prevent it from happening again. People have to be aware of the signs of this problem. Children give signs and bits and pieces of info. that must be recgonized immediately by parents and those in charge of the care of children. I also think that we should set up safe havens where the children could go where they could tell someone and have them believe them and step in and stop this crime ! I don’t care if it is a father , uncle, brother, neighbor, teacher, priest, pastor, scout leader, the guy at the gas station or who ever, it is time to physically stop this and prosecute the criminals ! I’m not even that interrested in giving them help. I’m more interrested in giving the child help.

    • JDubya

      Ron Reale: the real man who had the opportunity to stop this was McQueary. He made a serious error in not attempting to physically stop the activity when he saw it. In 2002, Paterno did not have supervisory jurisdiction over Sandusky and was not in a position to have any effect on Sandusky’s job. Besides that Sandusky was retired, not fired. I think that Paterno had some effect on Sandusky’s retirement in 1999, but it is not known for sure. However, the 1998 incident was brought by the mother of a boy who discovered that her son had showered with Sandusky. The police were involved, the Child Protective Services were involved and the University was involved. they decided to let Sandusky off without repercussion apparently because they could not prove his complicity other than being naked with the child. Paterno and the University apparently decided at that time that Sandusky would not be the next head coach. He retired in 1999. That is a big penalty. In the 2002 incident, Paterno was not culpable any more than you or I because he was not Sandusky’s supervisor and he did everything that could be done by an employee of the University in that he made sure that the complainant, McQueary, got together with the ones who were responsible for dealing with Sandusky. So all in all Paterno did everything reasonably possible to stop the man from doing these heinous acts. He is not responsible for the acts of a man not under his supervision, any more than you and I are responsible for those acts.

  • Karolyn

    Regarding the adult who is attracted to children. Throughout my life I have heard men speak of lusting after young girls. While moral men will not act on that lust; pedophiles will. It’s the same with females and gays. Gay men do lust after young boys, just like straight men lust after young girls; however, if they are not pedophiles, they don’t do anything. NOT ALL GAYS ARE PEDOPHILES! And please don’t tell me that men don’t lust after young girls, because it would be a lie. We are all animals and should own up to our instinctual behavior. Fortunately, most people do not act on instinct. I wonder why we never hear about adult females being involved with girls but do hear about them with boys?

  • RichCon

    Kevin, U should have gone to, (e.g. Detroit), public schools back when we could READ our diplomas! Audie Murphy, Barry Sadler, James Gavin, Jack Kennedy, Roy Benevidez, Commando Kelly, Col. Tibbets, Dwight Skip Johnson, et al. (that means “and others,” Kevin.) were serial killers. Those previously identified were “serial murderers.” They were also homosexuals. Got it now?! BTS!

    • Kevin

      Their crimes had nothing to do with their sexuality. You cannot lump an entire community based on the acts of a very small group of psychopaths. These men were not having consentual relationships with anyone, therefore they do not fit the actual definition of a homosexual. They targeted victims of the same gender, that does not necessarily mean that they were motivated by homosexuality. Also, murder and pedophilia are not the same thing.

  • Pako

    Joe Pa is guilty of cover up, looking the other way and generally avoiding his responsibility as the Head Football Coach. He should have taken all parties to the University President’s office, laid bare all the facts, inuendos, etc. and asked that law enforcement be brought into the senario and investigated. Anything less is unacceptable by Joe Pa, the AD, and the University President. This is a vast cover up to protect the university and football program reputation at the expense of the victims. Unfortunately, most all the students, alumni, and community supporters are willing to overlook the victims and the crime in order to keep the “good guy” image of Joe Pa and the university safe and beyond reproach. It all stinks and reflects very negatively on Joe Pa, Sandusky, the AD and the university president. It will be a cold day in hell before this all blows over and rightfully so. 45 years as a successful football coach is no excuse for covering up this atrocious crime at the expense of the victims. Pedefilia State University (PSU) will pay a huge price in all this.

    • Donald

      There is no evidence the Paterno covered anything up. All we have at this point is hearsay.

    • JDubya

      According to the grand jury report, that is precisely what Paterno did – he made sure that the reporting person, McQueary, got together with the administration rep, Tim Curley, who was Paterno’s boss. Paterno was not in charge of Sandusky because Sandusky was retired since 1999 and this occurred in 2002. Because McQueary decided to call his father and go to see Paterno rather than call the police on the spot – the perpetrator was allowed several more years of this reprehensible activity. Somebody was protecting Sandusky, but it is pretty clear that it was not Paterno. Apparently, the 1998 incident was hushed up when they couldn’t prove that Sandusky had done any more than shower with a boy. The police and the child protective services people were involved with that incident which also had to do with Sandusky showering with a boy. However, shortly thereafter, Sandusky was forced to retire (I suspect that Paterno had something to do with the retirement based on Sandusky’s comment that Paterno was causing him trouble.) The whole problem stems from regulations about protection of rights of employees, people refusing or unable to come forward (kids), parents not paying attention, and just pure bad luck. It took until sometime in 2009 before the activities of this man were again brought to light and he was finally accused of wrongdoing. However, whatever reprehensible things that Sandusky is accused of, the fact that the stories have improperly rubbed off onto Joe Paterno is unbelievable.

  • Lew Archer

    Got to jump in on this one: not positive who Schmid was, but apparently we’ve been misinformed when told that Manson, Speck, Dahmer, & Gacy had consensual (not “consentual!”) intercourse w/victims including minors?! Murder and pedophilia, altho not synonymous, I thought were both proscribed by Christian, Jewish etc. Scriptures. But they may be contradicted by your closed/union-shop federation of teachers?!

  • http://personallibertydigest seymoure

    YES, Joe Paterno needed to be fired………he drove the getaway
    car. What an Awful situation for those Pitiful kids…….theirs
    will be a lifetime of Pain, since No one really cared. Sad to
    say, but Paterno, let this situation “blow over” until now. Only
    Now, Sandusky Is being brought to Justice, after Years of torment
    for these Kids. McQueary seems to be caught in a LIE, after saying
    he Notified the Police.
    Hey, Any Lesser Known man would have the book thrown at him. Teach all Freaks a lesson…..send these guys to Prison—NO LENIENCY!

    • Dr. Raymond Murray

      Why would you assume that McQueary lied? I think it would be more likely that the police buried the report, after all they wouldn’t want the community mad at them for opening that can of worms and showing their university in a bad light.

    • JDubya

      seymoure: I don’t know where you are coming from with those statements, but there was no getaway car, McQueary didn’t lie and only the guilty should be punished. Sandusky was not working for Joe Paterno. McQueary should not have reported this to him, but since he did, Paterno made sure that McQueary was able to get his report to the proper channels. If anyone fouled up, it was the University’s administration who claimed that McQueary didn’t report the sexual portion of the allegation. They, Shultz and Curley, then used that lie to misreport to the University’s head guy. Due to that failure, an illegal act of failing to report sexual abuse to the police was made, and they will be prosecuted for it. The University board decided that due to this situation both the head of the University, Spanier, and the head coach, Paterno, had to go. They were within their rights, but at least in the case of Paterno, they were misled by media reports and they threw the entire life of a good man under-the-bus. Shame on them. Perhaps they had more info than we do, but from what I can see they just threw in the towel in Paterno’s case.

      • Big Woody

        According to todays news. The trustees have now hired lawyers. The plot thickens. An official OOPS may be forthcoming.

  • Dr. Raymond Murray

    This happened because it makes you all feel good when you ejaculate. The Men, Women and the young. That’s why the kids never complained about it. Joe-Pa did tell his superiors what he saw… he did nothing wrong. Just leave alone who just want to feel good for a very short time at that.

  • An Inquirer

    I am bothered by what seems to be a pattern of “cover-up” or failed investigations at Penn State. Okay, I have only 2 examples, but the similarity is noteworthy. In e-mails that were leaked from England, we see Professor Mann participating in discussions to hide data, destroy e-mails to thwart FOIA inquiries, dissuade journals from publishing articles that challenged his conclusions, and promote biased reports. Penn State’s investigation was ridiculous — no interviews of those hurt by his activities, no rigorous review of the issues, filling panel with those sympathetic to his views, no inquisitive investigation of the complaints . . . .
    No doubt, the apparent injury from Sandusky is more immediate and severe than the injury Mann’s activities. But if Penn State was willing to be superficial in investigating Sandusky, how much more willing would they be to treat Mann’s issues on a superficial activities, especially — as the investigation reported — Professor Mann brings in millions of federal dollars to Penn State.

  • otis austin

    it seems to me the one person that could have stopped all of this was the cpllege student a 20 something adult male football player / assistant who personaly wittnessed the ugly incident of soddamy on a ten year old kid he still has a job in my mind this coward who tucked his tail beyween his legs and ran a way did not do what was right and that is to knock the snott out of this pervert and take the child to safety and then call the police himself and stay with that child until help for him arrived and if the school or anyone else tried to cause him trouble Oh well as A human being it would be worth taking. because he that does harm to a child does harm unto me

    • JDubya

      otis: you are right, McQueary should have stopped it or at least attempted to do so. But he was a graduate assistant, not a football player. He was 28 years old at the time – should have known better. Had he called the police and had he stayed there without putting himself in harms way attempted to stop Sandusky from leaving, things might have turned out quite differently or he might have been hurt. But he didn’t even try. His choice was to call his father who was friends with Joe Paterno and the next day reported everything to Joe, who early the ensuing day reported everything to his boss. At that point Paterno was out of the loop and the administration guys, Schultz and Curley, dealt with McQueary directly. They then decided to let the whole thing slide – didn’t call the police, etc. McQueary did not indicate to the grand jury that he called the police.

  • Jean

    Sodomy should be back in the criminal code. No civilization lets that one, and abortion, out of Pandora’s Box.
    Very hard these days to prosecute sodomy inflicted on a child…. too many people are doing it themselves, including women, and teenagers. It is a sign of these times. Criminal all the way.

  • hitthedeck

    The way the media has pushed Paterno out front on the coverage of the sex abuse scandal makes nine out of every ten ignorant people think Paterno is the pedophile.
    The facts should have been verified before Paterno was fired. Justice was not given a chance to make a true appraisal. It looked like Paterno was a scapegoat used to protect the collage administrators that should have made the right decision in the beginning of the first report.

  • James

    If Sandusky sexually abused those boys, he violated a Pennsylvania state law. It is now up to State investigaters to esatblish evidence of those crimes. If evidence is found, Sandusky will be indicted and tried for those offenses. “Innocent until proven guilty” applies to criminal defendants prior to their conviction, Sandusky’s being fired before being convicted did not violate any law. Paterno’s being fired didn’t violate it either, if he thinks he was fired, without a cause, he can sue the university and attempt to prove that. However, there seems to be evidence that Paterno knew what Sandusky had done, and was doing, and not reporting such crimes is also a criminal offense.

    • hitthedeck

      (There seems to be evidence) doesn’t cut it! It seems is not enough to punish a person who has given his life to a noble profession.

      • James

        I didn’t say that it did, if Paterno was fired for assumed misconduct, he can sue in court, so charge, and if proven can collect damages for defamation of character.

    • JDubya

      James: Sandusky was not fired – he retired in 1999. Paterno might have known something about what Sandusky was doing and it appears that he caused enough trouble for Sandusky so that he retired. However, after the whitewash of the 1998 incident by everyone involved, NOT including Paterno (I am referring to the parent of the boy, the police, child protective services and the University administration.) All they did was slap his hands and elicit a promise not to bring children onto the premises again. Even “The Second Mile” did nothing to curtail his activities. In 2002, Paterno did as he should have – reported the allegation up the chain to the University administration. He was not Sandusky’s supervisor because Sandusky was retired. They made sure that Sandusky no longer had keys to access the building any more. But it was the administration that failed to report the illegal activity. You are correct, Paterno’s firing was not illegal, it was, however, just as bad as the administration’s failure to act because Paterno was not guilty of anything that the lamestream media implied. His firing was an outrageous affront to a long-time employee. Shame on the University’s board for taking such an outrageous step! I hope he sues their collective pants off.

      • James

        JW, Thanks for the correction. If Paerno doesn’t sue for damages, it might indicate that he did know Sandusky was a child molester

  • One-Angel

    Those who believe that homosexuality and pedophelia are not interrelated apparently do not know about NAMBLA.

    Dr.Martin Luther King has been quoted as saying one cannot legislate morality, that laws were not made to change hearts, but to restrain the heartless.

    • Karolyn

      NOT ALL HOMOSEXUALS ARE MEMBERS OF NAMBLA! I would venture to guess it is a very small percentage.

      • bob wire

        Interesting thoughts, places I don’t normally go and never considered.

        But it makes sense, they are born and grow twisted, bent out of the norm.

        In this case, it crosses boundaries of children and a criminal act.

        It’s not the first time criminals are known to be “born”.

        As a society, this presents on heck of an issue. Needless to say zero tolerance must be offered. ~ but what do you do with the “actor” ?

  • l grapentine

    I have heard a lot of talk about why firing Joe Paterno was reasonable. But not a single word about what he knew that the police did not know that they needed to hear from him. The police (campus, local and state) had already investigated Sandusky for prior complaints, and had found them without apparent merit. McQueary had reported the specific incident to the police and the senior administrators at the university responsible for university investigations, and for reporting same to the authorities. All Joe Paterno could do was to repeat that Sandusky had reported an observation to him as well, which he did do. If the press believes a different result would have transpired if Mr. P had called the police, they should be willing to say why this is so.

    So far, all I have heard is journalists who profit from lurid headlines attempting to justify character assassination by innuendo.

    • JDubya

      That whole business about Paterno not reporting is bogus. He followed the protocol of the University for reporting. The grand jury does not fault him for that, but they do fault Mr. Schultz. The only ones going after Paterno are those who did not bother to find out the true story. They used lies and innuendo to sully the name of a decent man and for that they should be held accountable. It appears that Paterno was the only one who tried to hold Sandusky accountable for his misdeeds with the boys, but the Police and Child Protective Services did not. At least the University did get Sandusky to retire. It is important to realize that Sandusky retired in 1999 and this activity occurred in 2002. McQueary could have stopped it – maybe – but he did not, choosing instead to go to the wrong person Paterno. Paterno was proactive in getting McQueary’s story to the right officials. What happened from then on was not within his control. I absolutely agree with your last paragraph – this is character assassination at its worst.

  • mark

    Isn’t there some way this can be blamed on President Obama? If all patriotic Conservatives and Libertarians put their heads together I just know they can come up with a way to connect all this to that socialist, Nazi, Muslim, communist, Templar, illuminati, Rothchild, Protocols of Zion, Kenyan in the White House! C’mon guys think real hard, I know you can do it. This must be Obama’s fault!

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest John

      Mark … Whoa with trying to instigate blaming Obama … I don’t think conservatives and Libertarians reach as far as the leftist progressives in character assination. Just because the leftist lawyers are out running all over the country to help the Occupy Wall Street gang and at the same time trying to make every possible Obama opponent under the sun unacceptable to the voting public … I don’t think that the conservatives and libertarians are wanting to blame Obama for something he didn’t do … besides everyone was looking forward to the “Hope and Change” he promised rather than the “Fear and Protest” that Obama sympathizes with … it looks as if it will be ugly in 2012 when the leftists unleash their lawyer minions on the voters of America … another contested presidential election … like 2000 and 2004 … hmmm nobody contested the 2008 election … oh yea the leftist lawyers won!

    • JDubya

      Mark: conservatives and libertarians are not into the blame game – we let the leftists, marxists and communists do that. I do think that the Chicken Little comparison is apropos (Looney Tunes “The Sky is Falling”) The fox is George Soros and his ilk, the poultry are the sheeples being taken in by this condemnation, Chicken Little is the media, and the rooster is poor ol’ Paterno. I think there could be a possibility that the media has been given the suggestion to test how to bring down influential people using coordinated ‘moral outrage’ technique as character assassination based on innuendo and outright lies. It fits the MO. I don’t know why Paterno, but I suspect that it will come out at some point. There are currently practice runs going on against Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich, for example. Why else would all this be going on? Perhaps Paterno was just convenient – doubt that he is a lib.

    • Jay

      Actually mark, you’re closer to the truth than you realize!

  • Dave Bishop

    Should Joe Paterno have been fired? Yes. Should Sanduskey be prosecuted to the full extent of the law? Absolutely! But Paterno’s place in history should not be erased. The disgrace he has endured should be enough. To erase his memory from the annals of football smacks of Orwell’s “1984.”

    As an aside, I understand that pedophilia will soon be recognized as a legitimate behavior, like homosexuality, by the American Psychiatric Association. That would mean that the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)will not be far behind. So why are so many people so upset?

    I for one disagree with the previous psychiatric determinations. I imagine all those people are unhappy for the same reason I am. Children should not be subject to the abuse that is forced on them; the toll on their lives is unspeakable.

  • Moses

    Seems to me that every one is so wrapped up in condemming Sanduskey, on so-called allegations of him molesting students and younger boys while being an assistant football coach at Penn. How do we know that all of those coming forward, with their allegations, were really molested by Sanduskey? I would be willing to bet that over half of those claims were not from the claimants being molested by Sanduskey, but by some one else. Not only that, I would also be willing to bet that those making such claims, are closet “gays”; and that by hacing sex with other students, they could enjoy being what they wanted to be. Then this scandal erupts, and rather than keeping their mouths shuts about what they didn’t experience with Sanduskey, they jump on the band wagon, claiming that he molested them also.
    I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that all of the latest rash of claims being made are claims against Sanduskey; but claims made to garner some sort of twisted publicity for the claimant. Could be the claimant actually wants to “come out of the closet”, and doing this makes the claimant feel safe.
    Still, the whole idea of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”, should still be how we see it. Instead, since such accusations are so tittilating, so media circus, we continue to pre-judge those who get tared with that brush.
    One thing to remember though, and this is from the Bible: “Judge not lest Ye be Judged”. You want to stand before your God and have him look for your name in the Book of Life, and not find it; all becuase you pre-judged someone a guilty, before the facts were in?
    For my part, I won’t have to cause I believe in the Great Spirit.

  • http://slayerwulfe slayerwulfe

    Innocent until proven guilty, is the most interesting part about this whole story excluding our sick behavior in totally disregarding victims.
    I wonder also if some of these later accusers are grinding a different ax. I think that there is more to this Chip than even you considered. I believe Paterno is admitting guilt by not fighting for what was so important to him,read if your able to his communication to his wife upon being hired and about his one set of clothes.
    A person geographically at the least close to this moment
    slayerwulfe cave

    • JDubya

      slayerwulfe: what would Paterno say? He hasn’t been charged with anything. The dismissal from his job was for a different reason. It is like flailing at the wind. Even on this thread, the posters are assuming that he has something to do with Sandusky and somehow knew of his problems, hid them and won’t fess up. The grand jury testimony confirms that Paterno was not involved, most of the really bad stuff was done after Sandusky was retired and out of Paterno’s jurisdiction. When Sandusky was caught in 1998, he escaped because he apologized and swore he would never do it again. He lost his chance to be head coach as a result and retired in 1999. In 2002, the incident was witnessed by McQueary who proceeded to leave rather than face the perpetrator, Sandusky. McQueary went to Paterno who was not involved nor responsible for anything Sandusky might be doing. Even so, Paterno got McQueary together with the proper authorities who should have contacted the police and investigated. They did not do the right thing. Paterno got caught up in this ‘moral outrage’ and is screwed because of it.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest John

        Good synopsis JDubya, it’s good to sse all of society has not gone off the deep end!

  • Jean

    St. Charles, pray for us.

  • C Colin

    The answer to correcting this problem and stopping recidivism is the same. Character Education. By learning how to control anger and resentment through self-control, self respect, responsible behavior, social skills and positive character traits. Our society must value morality and see a need to teach this to our children and members of our society. Go to and be part of the solution.

    • James

      I agree, if we value morality, men who have sex with each other should surely be put to death.

  • coontail

    did the boys stay gay?

  • coontail

    are they gonna get rich now?

  • Ridge Runner

    I have first hand knpwledge ot what this does to a young child it didn’t happen tome but one of my children and i didn’t know about it for over 29 years.The perpertrator is in prison now and i can’t get to him. If and when gets out and i am still able he will be history.I remember a case where this man raped a child and was placed in re hab and put back on the street. He raped this little boy 0f 7 years old and was not going to do much about it just more rehab and the little boys mother took charge of the situtation and the sob if any thing is left of him is still pushing up daisies.She killed him dead right in front of the judge and should have given the judge a couple of bees in his bonnet.I don’t remember how much time they gave her but they should have bought her a second gun and gave her a job as court balif.

  • Jay

    The Penn State/Jerry Sandusky scandal may just be getting started, and undisclosed allegations implicate Sandusky in a massive homosexual pedophile ring. It is reported Sandusky, pimped out, boys to donors and that list includes POWERFUL POLITICIANS.

    I believe the Penn State scandal is part of a worldwide pedophile network where POWERFUL HOMOSEXUALS prey on vulnerable youths. This includes the Franklin Cover-Up (1988-1991) where boys from Omaha Nebraska’s Boys Town were trafficked to WASHINGTON POLITICIANS.

    It includes the 1996 Detroux Affair in Brussels when a sex predator serial killer implicated much of the Belgian elite and many EUROPEAN ARISTOCRATS.

    This is how child trafficking in plain sight works in America.

    Children and teenage minors without parental care become ‘WARDS OF THE STATE’. It means CPS (Child Protective Services) has custody of them and juvenile court judges can hand them over to whomever they deem fit.

    If you’ve ever known people that were trapped in the ‘JUVIE’ system, they’ll tell you RAPES and EXPLOITATION happen all the time, and rarely does anybody get in trouble.

    Though foster care is usually living hell for children trapped in the CPS system, high profile group homes are often a wonderful reprieve that offer children a safe haven and real chances to aspire to a decent future.

    But some are owned and operated as fronts for the ELITE PEDOPHILE RINGS.

    Sandusky was charged with sexually abusing eight boys over a 15-year period. During the entire time, Sandusky was running a foundation for “THROW-AWAY BOYS.”

    A homosexual demands intimate contact with members of the same sex. The history of homosexuality carries with it a strong connection to PEDERASTY, and a disproportionate link between homosexuality and pedophilia. Why else are most child molestation victims BOYS, when less than 2% percent of the population is HOMOSEXUAL?

    The Illuminati use pedophilia to blackmail and control their members. Perhaps the public can wield the stick.

    The Penn State scandal demonstrates that the Illuminati are made extremely vulnerable by their SADISTIC PEDOPHILE PRACTICES. So far they have been able to cover up the extent of this NETWORK. Further investigation and public pressure could expose and neutralize more Illuminati perverts.

    There are many more Jerry Sandusky’s in the Halls of Power, and this is a way to identify and remove them.


  • Jay

    In mid 1993, after The Franklin Cover-up, had been circulating for almost a year, the British based TV station, Yorkshire Television, sent a top notched team to Nebraska to launch its own investigation of the Franklin case.

    Yorkshire had a contract with the Discovery Channel to produce a documentary on the case for American television.

    Finally, the big day came. Their documentary was to air nation-wide on the Discovery Channel on May 3rd 1994. It was advertised in the TV Guide and in newspapers for that day. But no one ever saw that program. At the last minute, and without explanation, it was pulled from the air. Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed. It was not shown then, and has never been broadcast anywhere since. This documentary exposes a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies.

    I have a copy of that program, which arrived anonymously in my mail in late 1995. When I watched this pirated copy, I could see clearly why the program had been suppressed. Conspiracy of Silence proved, beyond doubt, that the essential points I had stressed in the book (and more) were all true.

    Many children suffered the indignity of wearing nothing but their underwear and a number displayed on a piece of cardboard hanging from their necks when being auctioned off to foreigners in Las Vegas, Nevada and Toronto, Canada.

    A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired FBI Agent Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved.

  • Alex

    I am a Pitt alumni and I truly believe in the loyalty of JoePa to both his College and his staff. He did what was required of him in turning the whole mess over to Shultz of the Penn State Campus Police. PERIOD…

    The Gentleman has represented one of the TOP College Football programs in the Nation for more than 4 decades and has been the TOP promoter of Academics in Sports of ALL time. His Students have gone on to top positions nationwide when not pursuing professional sports!

    Kudos to Franco Harris for supporting one of the best coaches of all time and losing position and money in the process!

    SHAME on all of us for allowing this amazing 84 year old to NOT finish his LAST season (and with the announcement of lung cancer) of his career and LIFE! PLEASE understand that I do not support the actions of Jerry Sandusky and all the others that perpetrated the crimes against children but lets not forget the honor of THIS man and especially while removing him from all the honors He has accrued nationwide…

    PLEASE….PLEASE….. PSU reconsider the firing and ALL the other losses of honor thrust upon JoePa by the entire media…ALL of US on the ‘net’ also…….

  • Paul S.

    All this banter about legislating morality. There are two dynamics at work here. Doing what is legal, and doing what is moral. I reject the notion that morality is subjective, thus the individual is free to act according to his or her own level or understanding of morality. First of all, just because something is legal does not make it moral.(Slavery) Conversly, one can fulfill a moral obligation and be afoul of the legal system (sitting in the front of the bus, ala Rosa parks) One can attempt to hide from moral justice by claiming one was following the law, but does that really exempt that same person from moral obligation? It is most disturbing that many who scorn Judeo Christian ideals find it OK to discredit the moral obligations spelled out so plainly in the scriptures. I am not a religious zealot, nor do I think for one minute that what I believe spiritually holds any sway over what someone else may believe, but, folks, I am not so naive as to think that there are not fundamental and worthwhile moral value in true Judeo Christian principles. There is nothing whatsoever that any human being, regardless of his religious beliefs, can find within the Ten Commandments that run contrary to basic human morality. For example, it is not unlawful to covet (envy) someone else, but to do so creates a whole plethora of ills and immoral actions that so often are unlawful. Morality is not simply something one should practice because it satisfies some legal standard, but doing what is moral is simply doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Joe Pa, from every thing I have read broke no laws. Some may say he did because he did not notify the police when he clearly should have. He did notify and met with Mr. Schultz who was at the time in charge of PSU Campus police who have jurisdiction over campus activities, not unlike the Vatican police in Rome. However, what I find astonishing, and where Joe pa failed was that while he did comply legally, he failed morally. He had every moral obligation to follow up vigorously the status of the investigation into the alleged sexual abuse perpetrated by his former assistant coach. He should also have insisted that Sandusky be denied access to any University facilities until any and all investigations were conduicted and carried out to their final resolution. Thst would not have violated Sandusky’s rights, and it would have demonstrated Joe Pa’s active role in getting to the hard truth, wherever it may land. So far as has been reported, paterno did none of these things, and simply brushed everything under the rug. I wonder whose morals such inaction were compromised. I dare say that the basest of human morals do not protect such inaction. Perhaps greed, (Joe Pa wanted to be known as the greatest college football coach ever, and didn’t want a scandal to derail that quest) Perhaps it was envy (Paterno chased Eddie Robinson’s record jealously, to the point of hanging on to his coaching career beyond his time, which is certainly subjective. Perhaps it was power. Make no mistake about it, while there was a technical chain of command at PSU amd he had bosses, Paterno was Penn State, and, in reality, there was no higher single authority, not only on campus, but Paterno WAS Ctate College Pennsylvania. Whatever Paterno wanted or wanted done, Paterno got or got done. The President had no real authority over him. Only the State Board of regents had more power, ultimately, than did Paterno. Therefore it was Paterno’s duty, and moral obligation to pursue whatever allegations were presented in behalf of the alleged victims, and to do all in his power to make sure that justice was done. That is a no brainer. That he did NOT do, and that too is a no brainer. It is the existence of people like Paterno that forced Dred Scott back into Slavery.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest John

      Paul S. … Let’s flash back to 1998 when this was first in court the district attorney’s office and the grand jury failed to indict Sandusky … Why? Penn State allowed Sandusky to retire with “Emeritus” honors which means he retained access to Penn State as if he didn’t retire … Why? Then in 2002 McQueary comes to JoePa with “HEARSAY” evidence and JoePa took him to higher authorities, now you keep saying that Joe had a moral obligation to do much more … but this was hearsay evidence (which is not recognized in court) “NO ONE SHOULD BE MADE TO ACT MORALLY ON HEARSAY EVIDENCE”!!!! And if you don’t understand that “Slavery was not HEARSAY EVIDENCE it was fact … SANDUSKY has not been found guilty yet … And for JoePa to act morally to go above Penn State authority makes him GOD … and he would be the first to tell you he is not GOD and neither are you!!! Have a good day! :)

    • James

      Paul S., When Dred Scott’s owner, Sandford, took him to Illinois, a free State, Scott thought he was free and sued in federal court for his freedom. The Supreme Court dismissed the case for lack of jurisdiction. Article III, Section 2 states that federal court jurisdiction is limited to the types of cases listed there. The High Court dismissed because Scott wasn’t a ‘citizen’ and had no standing. The Court was obeying the Constitution not upholding slavery.

  • Thinking About

    Seems like a lot of bleeding heart posts, I think it is “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law” but this does not mean a person not guilty of violations. I also did not know an employee could not be terminated from a position until proven guilty by law terms. The real tragedy is loss of innocence of young children all for the pleasure of perverts.

  • Capt. Sheffield

    “First, whatever happened to the presumption of innocence?”
    That went by the wayside long ago (if, indeed, it could ever have been said to be a principle honored in practice in this country. I fear it’s always received little more than lip service from most). Just ask Virginia McMartin and the staff of the McMartin Preschool. 6 years of trials at the end of which no convictions and a pile of recanted accusations. The final conclusion was that there was nothing to the original accusations. However those folks so accused will be branded the rest of their lives. Even to this day I run into people who insist on believing that “Justice” failed rather than that children lied.

    • DaveH
      • Thinking About

        So far I have not seem any charges against Paterno but I am not aware of a requirement to have charges brought and a conviction against an employee in order to terminate employment. Talk about loss if freedoms but to insist on employers to be unable to make decisions on retaining employees and terminating their employment.

        • DaveH

          Employers should be able to fire anybody they want for any reason. It’s their money. Those of us who don’t like that can start our own businesses.

  • http://deleted Claire

    Paterno got what he deserved, so should the rest of the people that were aware of the situation. The administrators, all of them should be thrown out. Is there no decency and morals left in this world? They all knew–but did nothing for the “sake” of football. I will tell you this–if my son had been molested by any of these creeps, I would have killed all of them. Little boys were at the mercy of these lowlife.

    • Jay

      That’s just one of the reason’s i’m a proponent of “HOMESCHOOLING”! Unfortunately, most parents are clueless, or don’t give a hoot.

    • DaveH

      We really don’t know that they all knew, Claire. All we know is what the media tells us, and you know they aren’t exactly pillars of honesty. We need to get back to trials by court, and eschew trials by media.

  • Jay

    Pope’s child porn ‘normal’ claim sparks outrage among victims

    Tuesday, 21 December 2010

    Victims of clerical sex abuse have reacted furiously to Pope Benedict’s claim yesterday that paedophilia wasn’t considered an “absolute evil” as recently as the 1970s.

    In his traditional Christmas address yesterday to cardinals and officials working in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI also claimed that child pornography was increasingly considered “normal” by society.

    “In the 1970s, paedophilia was theorised as something fully in conformity with man and even with children,” the Pope said.

    “It was maintained — even within the realm of Catholic theology — that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself. There is only a ‘better than’ and a ‘worse than’. Nothing is good or bad in itself.”

    The Pope said abuse revelations in 2010 reached “an unimaginable dimension” which brought “humiliation” on the Church.

    Asking how abuse exploded within the Church, the Pontiff called on senior clerics “to repair as much as possible the injustices that occurred” and to help victims heal through a better presentation of the Christian message.

    “We cannot remain silent about the context of these times in which these events have come to light,” he said, citing the growth of child pornography “that seems in some way to be considered more and more normal by society” he said.

    But outraged Dublin victim Andrew Madden last night insisted that child abuse was not considered normal in the company he kept.

    Mr Madden accused the Pope of not knowing that child pornography was the viewing of images of children being sexually abused, and should be named as such.

    He said: “That is not normal. I don’t know what company the Pope has been keeping for the past 50 years.”

    Pope Benedict also said sex tourism in the Third World was “threatening an entire generation”.

    Angry abuse victims in America last night said that while some Church officials have blamed the liberalism of the 1960s for the Church’s sex abuse scandals and cover-up catastrophes, Pope Benedict had come up with a new theory of blaming the 1970s.

    “Catholics should be embarrassed to hear their Pope talk again and again about abuse while doing little or nothing to stop it and to mischaracterise this heinous crisis,” said Barbara Blaine, the head of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests,

    “It is fundamentally disturbing to watch a man so conveniently misdiagnose a horrific scandal,” she added.

    “The Pope insists on talking about a vague ‘broader context’ he can’t control, while ignoring the clear ‘broader context’ he can influence — the long-standing and unhealthy culture of a rigid, secretive, all-male Church hierarchy fixated on self-preservation at all costs. This is the ‘context’ that matters.”

    The latest controversy comes as the German magazine Der Spiegel continues to investigate the Pope’s role in allowing a known paedophile priest to work with children in the early 1980s.

  • Jay

    Charlotte Iserbyt is to be greatly commended for having put together the most formidable and practical compilation of documentation describing the “deliberate dumbing down” of American children by their education system. Anyone interested in the truth will be shocked by the way American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of leading the American people into a socialist world government controlled by behavioral and social scientists.

    Mrs. Iserbyt has also documented the gradual transformation of our once academically successful education system into one devoted to training children to become compliant human resources to be used by government and industry for their own purposes. This is how fascist-socialist societies train their children to become servants of their government masters. The successful implementation of this new philosophy of education will spell the end of the American dream of individual freedom and opportunity.

    The government will plan your life for you, and unless you comply with government restrictions and regulations your ability to pursue a career of your own choice will be severely limited.

    What is so mind boggling is that all of this is being financed by the American people themselves through their own taxes. In other words, the American people are underwriting the destruction of their own freedom and way of life by lavishly financing through federal grants the very social scientists who are undermining our national sovereignty and preparing our children to become the dumbed-down vassals of the new world order. It reminds one of how the Nazis charged their victims train fare to their own doom.

    One of the interesting insights revealed by these documents is how the social engineers use a deliberately created education “crisis” to move their agenda forward by offering radical reforms that are sold to the public as fixing the crisis—which they never do. The new reforms simply set the stage for the next crisis, which provides the pretext for the next move forward. This is the dialectical process at work, a process our behavioral engineers have learned touse very effectively. Its success depends on the ability of the “change agents” to continually deceive the public which tends to believe anything the experts tell them.

    And so, our children continue to be at risk in America’s schools. They are at risk academically because of such programs as whole language, mastery learning, direct instruction, Skinnerian operant conditioning, all of which have created huge learning problems that inevitably lead to what is commonly known as

    Attention Deficit Disorder and the drugging of four million children with the powerful drug Ritalin. Mrs. Iserbyt has dealt extensively with the root causes of immorality in our society and the role of the public schools in the teaching of moral relativism (no right/no wrong ethics). She raises a red flag regarding the current efforts of left-wing liberals and right-wing conservatives (radical center) to come up with a new kid on the block—“common ground” character education—which will, under the microscope, turn out to be the same warmed-over values education alert parent groups have resisted for over fifty years. This is a perfect example of the Hegelian Dialectic at work.


  • Jay

    Educated men are as much superior to uneducated men as the living are to the dead.
    —Aristotle, 384–322 B.C.2

  • hoser

    Yes he should be arrested. He knew about it and covered it up. Anything else is rubbish.

  • doc4977

    he got what he deserved. the only thing bad is he is still going to collect a $500.000 thousand dollar pension, so you think this is fair that pension should be forfit when he was fired he broke the law and should be punished.

  • Jay

    RE: AB 1785 (Villaraigosa)

    Testimony (A Work in Progress) by
    Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.
    The Institute for Media Education
    Research Advisor, California Protective Parents Association
    Sacramento, California
    August 2000 © Reisman

    While AB 1785 defines a “hate motivated incident” as an “expression of hostility … against …sexual orientation” AB 1785 does not define “sexual orientation.” However, the standard non-judgmental dictionary definition is one which is also largely accepted in the human sexuality field:

    “Orientation: a. A tendency of thought; a general inclination…b. Sexual orientation.” (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1992).

    Hence, this “sexual orientation” bill forces acceptance of sexual felons as well as other deviants, including sado-masochists, necrophiles, pederasts, pedophiles, zoophiles, hebephiles and similar populations. All of these sexual “orientations” have their own publications, internet sites and organizational structures.

    AB 1785 would put children under the control of sexuality specialists whose training is uniformly unscientific, pro-pedophile and deviancy-based. By repudiating discrimination against sexual deviants and by promoting bi/homosexuality as genetic–unsupported by science or cross-cultural history–AB 1785 increases attacks on children while undermining the self-esteem of child victims of predator abuse.

    This is done by pro-actively labeling victims of heterosexual abuse as sexually precocious and victims of homosexual abuse as “gay,” thus dismissing the extensive evidence of injury from early sexual abuse and/or brutal or absentee parents in both cases.

    By undermining children’s faith in their own asexuality and their natural modesty and innocence, AB 1785 compromises children’s ability to disclose both educator abusers as well as other molestations.

    A toxic subset of heterosexual and bi/homosexual pedophile teachers and counselors are well documented by Survivors of Educator Abuse Emerge (SESAME) and others. Educator-pederasts, hebephiles and pedophiles will hasten to sexualize school children, without parental consent re-programming children and violating parental rights.

    With “hate” crimes claimed by roughly .0003%, this bill defames law-abiding American citizens by claiming a real problem of “hate” based on anonymous calls and unverified charges.

    Moreover, most current human sexuality information as mandated by the DoE arguably qualifies as “fraud in science,” as “defrauding the government,” using educator authority to contribute to the delinquency of minors, as engaging in educational malpractice and as distributing “harmful matter” to minors.


  • Russ Martin


    I agree whole heartedly with what you said! The Grand Jury testimony leaves more questions UNANSWERED than answered! McCreary lately has been changing his testimony that he gave to the Grand Jury! Folks get a hold of yourself! Is your lack of ability to control this sort of thing, what’s really getting up your “IRISH”? The majority of you seem to have already made up your minds that everything printed is the GOSPEL TRUTH! A Grand Jury report is NOT a trial of guilt or innocence but a determination if there are sufficient grounds to do a further investigation through the TRIAL PROCESS!!! What is this Anti-Paterno attitude about? I guess everybody thinks that Joe PA should have been the “WHITE KNIGHT” in all of this! The board of trustees were in a BIG hurry to take advantage of the opportunity to fire Joe. They have wanted to do this for a long time now! Now for the sake of argument let’s say that one of you anti-PSU people knew Jerry Sandusky for a long time aand never knew about these “DARK SIDE” activities and McCreary came to you and told you that he heard something that “sounded like” sexual activity going on in the showers. I’d like to know who of you are going to go off half loaded for bear and call the cops? If your answer is yes you would then lets take this to the next level and change this to seeing an actual crime committed on the streets in front of you. Now who is and who isn’t going to get involved and what would be the extent of your involvement? The true nature of man is not to get involved in anything for fear of recriminations! Let’s not forget that Mr Schultz was a director of the Campus Police and reporting to him was tantamont to reporting to the Campus Police. Now in this light I don’t think there was much more that Joe PA could have done and certainly not to prevent this from happening. There is nothing that could have nor can prevent this from happening in the future, maybe at PSU but not someplace else! In my opinion the grounds are set for a potential case of slander against quite a few individuals! The “WHOLE” situation was handled carelessly, erroneously and hastely! Joe did not have to be fired immediately. Doing so didn’t change anything about the situation other than to tick off the Alumni and many other supporters. I know I for one will limit my support to Penn State Hershey Medical Center. I call on other alumni who feel like I do to “Boycott” PSU support for the main campus and start a petition for removal of “ALL” trustee members because they are just as tainted as the people they fired!

  • Thinking about

    Guess innocent until proven guilty might apply to the UCD students, cops stepping in, declarin, them “violent”,and “out of control” deserved to have punishment of pepper spray. Looks like this is a shameless production.

  • Dan

    Chip why is everybody tar and feathering Joe but making excuses for the one man who had the gold star chance at doing something.
    We do not know all the facts but one thing that Joe did more than the law required.
    It is my understanding that at least one DA refused to even investegate this case.

  • http://explorer Scout

    Why do so many of us wait until we’re 60 years of age before we discover all the answers are in the Bible. I wish i had read it years ago. I was too busy working and I thought learning. I learned very little from 40 years of work. I learned much, much more reading and studing the greatest history book of all time, The Bible.

  • http://explorer Scout



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