Should I Eliminate Salt From My Diet


Dear Bob,

I have been told that I use too much salt and I should virtually eliminate it from my diet. Is this so?

A: Dr. David Brownstein, M.D., says in his book Salt, Your Way To Health, "It is impossible to have an optimal functioning immune system when there is a salt-deficient state present… a low-salt diet has been associated with a greater than 400% increase in risk of myocardial infarction (heart attack) in men."

Think how chemically close ocean salt water is to human blood. Both strive for stasis. The ocean is always clean no matter how many animals die within it. This is due to its chlorine content of sodium chloride, and also to the chlorides of magnesium, calcium and other minerals. The chlorine is invaluable to health and longevity to human and sea life.

When I go to the ocean, I always bring back two gallons of sea water. I take at least one tablespoon per day. I learned this from Dr. Royal Lee’s lectures. (More information on Dr. Lee can be found in his books and lectures which can be found at and other locations.)

Best Wishes,

Bob Livingston

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