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Shooting Children, Pregnant Women And Elderly People Should Require Hesitation

February 21, 2013 by  

Police officers in the field face an array of threats to their safety on a daily basis; sometimes these threats warrant the use of deadly force against a suspect. Unfortunately, with the advent of the Internet the civilian public has learned in recent years that many officers throughout the Nation are quick to abuse power or jump the gun, so to speak, in using deadly force with alarming frequency.

Reports flooded the Internet yesterday about a series of paper targets produced by Law Enforcement Targets Inc. that depict non-traditional threats that law enforcement officers may encounter in the field. Below are images of the company’s targets included in the series “No More Hesitation”:



The company has secured more than $5 million in Federal money, mostly from the Department of Defense ($3,124,371) and the Department of Homeland Security ($1,913,489). The company also does business with the Department of Energy ($150,877), the Department of State ($133,812) and the Department of Veterans Affairs ($51,822).

The Moral Lib­eral’s senior edi­tor, T.F. Stern, a retired police offi­cer, penned a column pointing out that the “No More Hesitation” targets must exist for a reason and that the reason likely amounts to demand, as more law enforcement agencies adopt the mantra that anyone who isn’t a cop is a threat.

Stern laments:

There’s something wrong, seriously wrong here.  If we start to desensitize law enforcement officers, have them disregard humanity, to feel nothing’s wrong in shooting a pregnant lady or an old man with a shotgun inside his own home…then what kind of society have we become?  How will police officers react after they no longer believe they are part of the society which they have been charged with policing, when they have become used to shooting pregnant ladies and old men?…

… Odd as it may sound coming from an old retired cop, if police recognition skills, the red flags that alert to danger were delayed for a moment, so be it; I’d rather get shot than develop the attitude that all or even most of my neighbors were a constant threat.

Stern’s mention of reaction time was probably in reference to a statement issued by Law Enforcement Targets Inc. to Reason, the publication that first broke the story: “This hesitation time may be only seconds but that is not acceptable when officers are losing their lives in these same situations. The goal of NMH is to break that stereotype on the range, regardless of how slim the chances are of encountering a real life scenario that involves a child, pregnant woman, etc. If that initial hesitation time can be cut down due to range experience, the officer and community are better served.”

The company also confirmed that law enforcement agencies have requested “No More Hesitation” targets specifically in the past.

While it is reasonable to believe that, over the course of a career, a police officer could encounter a pregnant shooter in a nursery or a boy younger than 10 with a weapon, it isn’t highly likely.

A report entitled “A Critical Analysis of Police Shootings Under Ambiguous Circumstances” published by The Police Policy Studies Council in 2008 gives some insight to the “critical microbehavioral issues that seem to have a significant cumulative effect on an officer’s decision to employ deadly force.” One interesting, and predictable, caveat in the report is that police often decide whether to shoot based upon visual characteristics of a suspect:

Officers/deputies are more likely to shoot when the subject is young (rather than old), in punk dress (rather than business dress)…

So, training officers to identify children, the elderly and pregnant women in the same threat category as young men in punk garb could have an impact on their willingness to open fire on members of the former group whether armed or not.

In a study conducted as part of the report, which involved using a video screen portraying actors — either armed or unarmed — turning in an officer’s direction, it is revealed why shaving reaction time almost to the point of “shoot first, ask questions later” can be a bad idea:

…[S]ince the officer’s decision to fire at the suspect predates the subject being shot .25 seconds or more, the officer can (and easily does) shoot the suspect as he/she is raising his/her hands into a “surrender” position. This was a frequent and somewhat unanticipated outcome in many of the shootings that involved “unarmed” suspects; suspects getting shot while “surrendering.” The officer typically has 1/3 of a second or less (from a critical juncture in each scenario) to decide whether or not to employ deadly force, and then to apply that force, before he/she risks being “shot.”

The results of the study point out what is already common knowledge: Regardless of an officer’s oath to “serve and protect,” the basic human instinct of self-preservation takes precedence in the face of a perceived threat.

The dangers faced by officers in the field should not be discounted, nor, though, should common sense in the name of faster draw time. Take, for instance, the overwhelming number of recent reports of educators throughout the Nation becoming shrieking alarmists at the sight of elementary-school students having pretend shootouts or bringing toy guns (even Hello Kitty bubble guns) to school in the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook shooting.

What happens if school officials call police the next time they suspect a child of having a toy gun? What happens if the child is wearing a “punk” T-shirt and acting defiant? And what happens if an officer trained to shoot a child without hesitation arrives on scene?

It may sound like a series of ridiculous considerations. But many people would likely think it ridiculous for officers to need to train with targets portraying pregnant women, children and elderly people in the first place.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • FreedomFighter

    This really put me on edge — they are training to kill us without emotion or hesitation.

    You people better wake up and start getting political, time is short, far more short than many realize. 2 billion rounds of ManRIPPER hollow points, machine guns, and targets of children, old people and pregnant women to shoot at?

    Evil has certainly taken over America.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • ibcamn

      This is why ive been telling all you people to wake up,know your rights and vote!

      Obama and his henchmen are like the creeping death(AKA-the plague)-rolling over everyone in their path!

      • Tony

        I agree with you 100%.However I am afraid the voting and talking has come to an end.Its time to load our guns and get ready to defend each other.It will take all freedom loving americans to get it done.And the fights coming, bad as I hate it.

      • Hey You

        Vote? Didn’t we do that just a few months ago?

  • wizzardous

    It is stunningly irresponsible for LEOs to train to shoot pregnant women, children and the elderly. This is a consequence of Obama’s Alinskyite willingness to decimate the population to further the ultra-liberal, progressive dominance of our nation. It is also congruent with DHS’s purchase of ammunition for “civilian” agencies and 7000 full-auto “personal defense weapons”. When you hear hoofbeats, you don’t think zebras and when you see this, you don’t think benign intent.

    • eddie47d

      Wacky Wizzard! Sounds more like something the far right wing fascists would come up with. Liberals are not fond of police brutality and that overreaching arm of the law. Consider also that its Conservative gun owners who want to arm just about everyone so maybe the police are responding to that new reality. Since most police situations are local issues yet you handily snuck in Obama’s name and the conjecture that he wants to “decimate” the population. Very cleaver of you [comment has been edited]

      • Raven58

        And you sir can go blindly walking into the night. Let just say for [expletive deleted] and grins that you are correct, can you please tell us wack jobs who uses hollow point ammunition for target practice? even our military personnel do not use this ammo for training purposes.

      • eddie47d

        If you want to hear hoofbeats go to the races! *#*###!**!

  • Fed up

    Evil=Federal Government

  • snoop dawg

    We should start shooting government officials, politicians now.

    • Vigilant

      You’re an idiot, albeit a dangerous one. Look up the term “sedition.”

      You have just advocated the gratuitous assassination of officials of the US government. And, no doubt, your comment has shown up on the radar of the monitoring agencies such as NSA.

      I’d like to be there when the Secret Service or DHS shows up on your doorstep. You have broken the law, sonny, and you deserve to be imprisoned for that statement.

      • Raven58

        Broken the law? Oh so if he had posters of a politician holding a gun it would be legal? [comment has been edited]

      • MSG Gordon R. Wales (USA, Ret.)

        I agree with your radar screen comment, but the threat was an indirect threat at best. I think it could be argued that his comment was an over-the-top suggestion by a emotionally unbalanced young adult.

      • boyscout

        indirect indeed.. sounds like a good opening defense. suggest it to you lawyer! Oh, and good luck with your case.

      • Vigilant

        MSG Wales, I think it could be argued that over-the-top suggestions by emotionally unbalanced people are signs that should not be ignored or discounted.

        We do so at our own peril.

        • MSG Gordon R. Wales (USA, Ret.)

          Well said Vigilant…I agree with you 100%

    • ibcamn

      whooo,we got courts and a constitution to follow!…we get em on treason and fraud and all that good stuff!!..and if their good little prisoners,give them the option of hanging or a firing squad!!(i think that’s the option here isn’t it)well i suppose if you throw in illegal wire tapping and assault and any other thing you can come up with!(sound femilier-cops)if they are they will get their day,..and karma’s a bitch and she’s coming into heat!!

  • Dasschultz

    I have been a law enforcement officer for nearly 30 years. Please remember that deadly threats to officers can come in all shapes and sizes. These targets, in conjunction with threat assessment training, are a valuable training tool. Look closely at each target and you will see a potential deadly threat being presented. These targets do not represent normal every day circumstances. Seeing the target representing the elderly male with the long gun brings to mind the killing of a Texas DPS officer by an elderly man with a rifle. Understand that the decision by an officer to take a life is one all of us in law enforcement pray we never have to make but we need to effectively train for that possibly. With very few exceptions, we are the good guys. We cherish liberty as much if not more than anyone. We even have paid the ultimate sacrifice way too often in defense of the liberty of others.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The people potrayed in these targets are not the enemy of the law enforcement. Who is the idiot who came up with these representations?

      • ibcamn

        The progressives!..oh,and i’m sure Obama looked them over too(he helps out with DHS)and he gave them taxpayer money towards all this….

        off note,what’s really messed up is,the police already know how to tackle and arrest and beat-women,old ladies and old men and even a few preg women!(video proof on all those)

      • eddie47d

        I don’t agree with these pictures anymore than I do with the fright wingers who put pictures of Obama at the local shooting ranges. Then we have Snoop Dawg below who advocates killing politicians and government officials. Every damn one of you have creeps in your ranks too! Evil is Evil so that is your plague Ibcamn. A year ago I confronted the soon to be mayor and asked him what he was going to do about these police brutality cases in Denver. He said that would be a top priority and although two were fired two others were reinstated. Last week I confronted him again (Hancock) and he said he is working on it. Today in the paper one of those cops was officially fired so it can be done but change is a slow process. Confront your mayors or police departments and find out if they have been requisitioned and then request that these targets be removed.

    • ibcamn

      Dasschultz say’s-”I SEE NOTHIIINNG,I HEAR NOTHIIINNG!!”,were you a Sgt.?

    • Dennis

      Look at all the deadly WHITE poeple, the very people that would be willing help a LEO are being targeted as crimminals. It’s cops like you that shoot the wrong people.

    • SGT YORK

      was this a reenlistment speech? If so are you gonna reenlist to get back into the game? Life is tough anywhere you go and you knew when you joined it was possible you were gonna get shot at somewhere along the line,but now we train to get your share of Civilians protecting there Freedoms.

    • LeeRomine

      Dasschultz: Isn’t that what you are paid to do? I don’t know of many police officers that do their job for free!

    • Hedgehog

      Dasschultz; take a real good look at those targets. The first one of the old man, with the shotgun outdoors. Are the hammers on that gun cocked? I can’t enlarge the picture to see better. The young mother in the playground has 2 children with her, looks like a lot of potential collateral damage to me. Maybe the little boy behind her has a gun too. Kill them all and let God sort it out? The little old lady in the bathrobe, she is mightily POed. Probably wakened up from a sound sleep. Surrender quick or prepare to meet your maker. All of these targets are tragedies waiting to happen and now that the civilians have seen them, the cops’s chances of survival just went way down!

    • FreedomFighter

      Training to kill pregant women and children is Bravo Sierra — Nobody should be desensitized about doing it.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

    • Don 2


      You bring up the story of a Texas DPS officer being killed by an elderly man with a rifle. I have no doubt that one can find almost any appropriate scenerio to make a point regarding any conceivable shooting of a law enforcement officer, even if that type of situation were to only have occurred on a single occasion. However, as someone who has retired from law enforcement myself, I do find the “No More Hesitation” targets somewhat problematic.

      The concept of subliminal messaging is not lost here. All of the targets displayed are of the Caucasian race, undoubtedly the largest population of lawful gun owners, and 2nd. Amendment supporters in the country. Basically, the entrenched enemy of the anti-gun Obama regime.

      In a similar way, Adolf Hitler systematically dehumanized the Jews. The Nazis utterly mastered the art of propaganda, fabricating a national ideology around their twisted beliefs. Poster art was often at the heart of the publicity machine. Posters were a powerful means to simply communicate the main Nazi policies, through simplified and metaphorical imagery.

    • Raven58

      Sir, No matter what you state in your response make sense, yes, I agree that every possible threat to our police should be addressed as it is most citizen’s wish that you all make it home safely each and everyday to be with your families. But, I have 2 very serious concerns with your assessment, first being why are there no other ethnicities depicted? All White? Think of the outrage if these targets had all been of minorities. second, your job as a sworn peace officer is to protect the citizen’s of your jurisdication and not blindly follow your commanders orders to indiscriminately shoot the civilian population. Remember that oath, sir. Well, that includes a tyrannical government. I truly hope if that day ever comes to bear that most law enforcement and military personnel will remember that before you shoot a neighbor for defending his constitutional right to protect his country from the government within, that just maybe someone maybe pointing a gun at your family later. Just always remember we all American’s and that is what you are suppose to defend not a radical government hell bent on destroying what founded our country.

    • ranger09

      I guess in all your 30 years you never Knew are learned what a Threat was, man if they need to be shown They should have that Badge or Star removed and get them a job at walmart, Sorry there they would also have to have common sense. Thank goodness my teacher taught me the Rights and Wrongs of being a good PeaceOfficer.But today you should not expect much from the overpaid and well educated revenue writters.

    • Bruce

      I think when cops were encouraged to LIE to get confessions, I lost all respect for them. I hate liers!, always will. Then you see video of cops planting evidence, and you wonder, that guy in jail who keeps saying he was innocent, maybe he really is…. They burn whistle blowers in mountain cabins, so……They traded their trust for the ability to lie to get prosecutions. They beat people, hurt people, and scare people. When law enforcement and the people they are supposed to be protecting are as divided as they are now, one must look to the reason such a unhealthy divide has occurred. Is it possible that, by their actions they make it hard on themselves? When law enforcement is as divided as it is today, from the community, it is more like a invading army, than the friendly cop on the beat. No one wants a invader controlling your neighborhood, and punishing as many people as they can get a hold of, just a punishment crew, round up a new bunch, the jail is getting empty. What is a warning? O that is so last century, we got a jail to fill.

    • Edwin

      Thank you for your service Dasschultz. Anyone ever see Robocop III? If the feds BATF, DHS, etc etc. were to try to take away our guns, I’m pretty sure local law enforcment even state police, and ANG, AANG would side with us, the citizens! As Dasschultz has said, “We are the good guys”. Cops have families, friends, and other people they love and they are sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution. If the feds ever tried to take our guns, I’d be in line first to be deputized by our local police, State, AANG, ANG to defend the Constitution, my state, my city, those I love, and the people in my community!!!!!

  • hudson

    Remember Kent State? No hesitation there.

    • Robert Smith

      Nobody was looking down the barrel of a gun except the students.

      What would YOU do if any of those folks were pointing a gun at you?

      I know! I know! Give ‘em your gun bullets first.


    • Carlucci

      I was remembering Kent State as well….

    • Old Henry

      That is an excellent point, hudson! There should have / needs to be some Nuremburg Trials. Lacking that, the parents of the murdered students should have guned down the murdering NG. Tit for tat. An eye for an eye.

  • tim

    So wheres the list of police depts that these are sold to, oh that would involce transparency!!!!

  • ibcamn

    HEY,where’s the target of the corrupt cop shooting back??

    • Hedgehog

      ibcamn, it’s in the same garbage can with the one of Obama, Holder, and Biden. Right alongside those of TSA agents, cops , soldiers, DHS agents, etc. The company is obviously not interested in a soon to be extinct civilian market!


    once again ill say this,folks the civil was is beginning and those who you thought were on your side are your enemies, just waiting for the word from O’Vomit. Remember count your guns,swab them barrels clean,keep your powder dry,lock and load and take right sharp aim.

  • JohnC

    Fist where is the outrage at the company that is printing and marketing these targets, I f I was in charge of that company they would not be produced. I believe police officers are smart enough to realize a threat and the use of deadly force. This is nothing but deadly force training to make it easier for the police to shoot legally armed Americans at first sight and why are these people being portrayed as being criminals, what are you doing that could provoke the situation and to have them point a gun at you. The other question is why is a little boy holding a handgun unattended by a parent or guardian I guess this is to train the police officers to shoot him dead at first sight.

  • Dennis

    Anybody notice that it’s only White people on these targets, No targets of terrorist, muslims, blacks, hispanics an so on, you get the point. dosen’t it make your skin crawl just a-little when your being targeted as a crimminal ? Pregnant woman, mother’s, Old men & Old Woman, Little boy’s & gril’s. Bad Bad times are coming.

  • jdn

    I can hear the outrage now if we had targets of a fat cop in black busting through your front door with his assault rifle at thr ready .

    • ranger09

      Now that would make sense, If you know of anyone printing them let me know, BUT if a printer did this they would most likely be jailed as a terrorist.

  • Dennis

    Anybody notice that it’s only White people on these targets, No targets of terrorist, muslims, blacks, hispanics, an so on, you get the point, doesn’t it make your skin crawl just a-little when your being targeted as a crimminal just because you are going to protect yourself from crinninals, Obama the RACIST said he would change America, WTF, White Pregnant woman, White Mothers, White little grils & boys, White old men & old woman, Bad Bad times are coming.

    • Vigilant

      Good point. Did it also escape everyone (including Sam Rolley) that there’s a reason why the lion’s share of the $$$ went to DoD and DHS?

      We’re NOT talking, as so many here seem to think, about local law enforcement. We’re talking about FEDERAL forces, and there’s no doubt in my military mind that when the balloon goes up, as a result of massive economic collapse, EMP disaster or attempts to confiscate weapons from Americans, the targets portray EXACTLY the types of people expected to confront federal forces.

      This sordid attempt to desensitize military and other federal forces is despicable. The weapons will be turned on YOU, John and Jane Doe, not as an exception but as the rule.

      • ibcamn

        You are right on the $$ about that,so when SHTF, the biggest threat will most likely be the FEDs and LEOs…guards are door to door and assist LEOs!….

    • Mike V.

      Yeah, all that’s missing is the NRA baseball cap on each of them.

      • Old Henry

        Or…. ar Ron Paul cap.

    • ibcamn

      Holy Christmas your right,that went rite over my head!

    • eddie47d

      Yes the pregnant woman should have been black instead of Italian. I reckon that is what you are getting at.

      • Hedgehog

        Eddie, the woman was American, your racism is showing!

      • eddie47d

        No the racism is coming from those who insist that the targets should be darker in color. I think you have read them. By the way where does it say she’s an American?

    • Kay

      That’s because law enforcement gets all the practice they need for them on the streets

  • John

    My second son, when he was very little, drew a too-realistic looking toy gun on a SWAT officer who was taking a break from training on our property. With no hesitation, the officer grabbed him, took him to his mother who was nearby but hadn’t seen it, and told her what had happened. Had the “No Hesitation” targets been the norm back then, the result could have been quite different, with tragic results. And yes, we learned our lesson about realistic toys, so please save your breath.

    • Old Henry

      John, it was not a too realistic toy. It was a lack of instruction regarding how to, and how not to, use that toy.

  • Tony

    People this is serious.Go buy you the best weapon you can afford,as much ammo as you can get.Dont worry about the economy or any other govt bs.The greatest threat in your life at present is the local police and the fed govt.Unless you want to be laying in a ditch with a bullet hole behind your ear, you best prepare to defend yourselves.

    • tony newbill

      Why I need a Gun ……..To protect myself so I can Pay my Fair Share of the Federal Deficit !!!!

  • Lana1

    One more confirmation that government does not “work for the people”. I say” think not what Government can do for you, but make sure you get into Government and get it for yourself’. 40,000,000 people there made it and get everything – money, insurance, police protection, security and so on. What do you get from government but taxes, inflation, inability to protect yourself from common criminals and government bullies alike?.
    Fully agree with Biden – what do you need guns for? You already have nothing to protect!

    • Tony

      You have your life and the lives of those you love.It is not stuff these retards want to take away from you. Make no mistake,its the lives they seek.

      • Vicki

        Her point is that government considers you to be a subject. They own you. THEY will protect you if they choose. or not

  • Phil Chimera

    they should have a cop target then, lets really desensitize them !

    • Thomas

      Pictures tell stories. You have to look at these pictures longer… This is what I see:

      To one hand a potential threat is anyone pointing a gun at someone, including law enforcement. However, to the other hand, these people on the posters from the looks and surroundings could very well be in a defensive position too? How come police is training to shoot people in their homes and in their playgrounds? Don’t these people in their homes have a right to be left alone from the cops? They have done nothing wrong, according to the pictures. And in my story that I read off the posters, these people are just defending themselves and their homes/playgrounds/families.

      The scenario could be: “LE entering the woman’s home (Woman in the bath robe) and she thinks its a home invasion and thus the gun.” What the heck is the cop doing their anyway in the first place? He does not have the right to be in that house. Get it? That is plain and simple home invasion by cop. Will be dealt with just like we should deal with criminals. In fact, a cop coming into my home uninvited or without probable cause is a criminal!

      Sorry, a man in uniform or not, we should not hesitate… The only hesitation I train for is the beautiful faces of my daughter and my wife. Everybody else that does not ring the bell and suddenly shows up inside of my home uninvited…. guess what? That is pure simple illegal trespass or home invasion. If that threat wears a uniform, then that person is a disgrace to his uniform and the oath he has sworn to uphold my constitutional rights.

      Police can’t just enter my house or my playground. And these women, children, and men are certainly only in the Gestapo’s-point of view a threat, because they choose to carry a firearm for self defense. (The child with gun…, if on private property and with adult supervision, not a problem…, but why would any adult let a child that young have a firearm unsupervised? Just look at how he holds the gun. Clearly not trained properly. I see in the poster that the child was likely unsupervised and untrained. He could be a scared boy defending himself against the intruder. Who knows, the cop could be in civilian clothes and perhaps just scared the kid by his sudden appearance in the backyard…)

      …that’s just my different point of view (all hypothetical speaking, of course). Thanks to all LE out there trying to do their best protecting us. If that were only for real…. and not just for a paycheck… See Police Shooting Rampage recently enfolding on the C Dorner manhunt….

      Suggestion: Contact your local LE department and introduce yourself. Get to know them, work with them, volunteer with them… And report a crime every now and then. turn in speeders, illegal dumping, call on your neighbor’s dog, or call 911 when you witness child abuse or domestic disturbance, disorderly conduct, … there is lot of things you can see and report… These cops will quickly get to know you as a law-abiding citizen and respect you for it….OR NOT

  • Mike V.

    The police have slowly morphed into a standing army of occupation, the bane of Liberty. These targets are conditioning tools to get the storm troopers used to killing ordinary citizens when the big gun grab order is given and grandpa won’t surrender his shotgun.

  • Bernie

    More and more we are seeing across this nation Officers making poor decisions that end up either injuring or killing innocent people. Abuse of power under the color of authority is on the rise and all that is coming out of I A is either a slap on the wrist or cover up… It has to stop.

  • Motov

    We must retake DC, and remove the evil government that is there.

  • Motov

    I think the true terrorists are in the White House, The House of Representatives, The Senate, and the Supreme Court, and I’ll even say the Lame Stream Media!

  • By George

    I do not see any black or brown faces there, only the now despised race. There’s a reckoning coming and it will be awful.

    • boyscout

      Plenty of black / brown faces on the streets and LEOs quite used to their specific target acquisition. Welcome to the jungle. Now as a suggestion for added capital gains, greater sales, and even more profits for the manufacturers of this tripe – how about printing targets with the likeness of swat teams, ATF agents, FBI, etc.? With the number of PO’d preppers, I foresee a good marketing op here. Personally, I am gonna stick to eliminating zombies (I prefer the nazi ones) when I continue the “war on paper.”

  • afdbghq

    This is just the next step in the government’s program to get all law enforcement, DHS, Defense, etc. ready for their war on the law abiding citizens. You know the ones – the ones who believe in the Constitution as originally written, who believe in limited government, and as much personal freedom as possible – in other words the ones the obummer calls domestic terrorists.

  • Toy

    Die on your feet or live on your knees?


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