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Shield Your Electronics

December 12, 2011 by  

Dear Bob,

Will an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) occurrence affect everything with electrical wiring? I have a new metal roof and two barns with lightning rods with 6 foot solid copper rods for grounding. Would an EMP destroy this? Will my automobiles that have computers be worthless after an EMP? Could I take the batteries out of my 1980 and 1987 vehicles and transfer them?


A: An EMP will destroy all electronics that are not properly shielded. One way to shield them is with a Faraday cage. The EMP would not destroy the barn itself, but all electronics contained therein and their wiring would be fried. For your cars, all electronics would be fried and their computers would be worthless and unsalvageable, so transferring the batteries would be a futile exercise. Only older vehicles without computer technology would be useable after an EMP, but some of the ignition system would probably be damaged or destroyed.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • former walmart person

    I think you are pretty much screwed after an EMP… Even if you did shield your personal computer for example, thats not going to matter if power is completely out and there is no internet. The local power plant and internet ISP would have to be shielded also.

    Also, even if you were fortunate enough to have an anchient car that wouldn’t be effected at all by EMP, you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere, as the highways would all be clogged with useless vehicles. Even if you could travel, your local gas station probably wouldn’t work, so thats out of the question, and even if you solved these two issues, you being one of the few with a driveable car might invite some hunters who would all have functional guns… (guns would work after an EMO of course…).

    One question I have, is after an EMP, would all planes just fall out of the sky and would all cars immediately stop?? Or would the problem only be apparent when you try to start your car. So, if I happen to be going 70 mph down the highway when the EMP goes off, can I still keep driving, or would I immediately stop and probably get into a wreck? I would think that I would be able to keep driving, but not be able to start once I stop?

    Also, an EMP would be horrible for 2 reasons not normally discussed. First off, if all planes in the sky immediately all crash, fires would be spread all over the country as the coordination of fire and emergency services for the thousands of planes that just crashed would be impossible. Most of the country would be lit on fire eventually. Also, all of our nuclear reactors would probably start melting down, so even if you managed to survive all the fires (from looting and plane crashes), eventually the radiation from all the melting down reactors would kill you.

    The best thing to do if an EMP goes off seems to me to basically kill yourself and spare the pain. I just don’t see how it would be possible to get out of it as the entire country would be a fireball from all the plane wreaks and the entire country would eventually be a radioactive waste land….

    • David Ozanne

      Wow. Really a very sour outlook on life. All you can see is the negative. There will be the possibility of making it after an EMP.
      You just need to be prepared and have faith.

      • former walmart person

        No, I am being a realist. Even if you were a gung ho survivalist and could survive all the fires, looting, etc., you still have hundreds of melted down nuclear reactors…

        • former walmart person

          the only solution I see is to barter passage on a ship and sail to a country with functioning modern civilization. Or, if you hang out near the coast, you might get lucky if a nation sends aid and their military to protect you from rioters, and they send ships of people and supplies to rebuild, and deal with all those nuclear reactor meltdowns. Seeing the trouble with one melted down reactor (Fukishima), its hard to imagine dealing with all our reactors melting down.

          • alex

            if an EMP comes from the sun what makes you think there will be a country thats not affected

          • former walmart person

            ummmmmmmmmm, i don’t know, the part of the world expierecing night time? Or can a Sun EMP travel through the center of the Earth or wrap around through our atmosphere somehow?

        • Linda

          Don’t worry our nuclear power plants won’t melt down. The fuel rods automatically drop and it stops. Even IF there was a “meltdown” the plants in the USA have containment shield buildings and the radioactivity will not escape. Don’t compare nuclear power plants in foreign countries to the ones in No.America they are entirely different.I just consulted a nuclear power engineer about this, to be sure.

    • Wu Ming Ren

      Do nuclear power plants have manual backup functions for removing the fuel rods in an emergency? It seems to me that they must have, because even without an EMP, the computer controls could go down for any number of other reasons, including computer hacking, a computer virus, or even just Homer pumping a few slugs into the machinese because he didn’t get the raise he thought he was going to get. I would be very disappointed to discover that there are no manual systems to engage for core shutdowns.

      Living in a city will be worse than living in the country in the event of an EMP attack. Fewer cars on the roads would mean easier driving. In fact, the EMP may be localized to major population centers, leaving you out in the sticks with operable vehicles. Gasoline will be available, probably for a king’s ransom, because many farms have gas tanks above ground that function with gravity rather than with pumps. I’m betting that country folk will take care of each other, while city folk will attack each other.

      As for your question about your car continuing to function if you’re driving 70 mph — no, the engine will not continue to run. I had the computer in a car go out while I was driving, and it simply shut down the engine. I lost power steering and power brakes, and I had to pull over and bring the vehicle to a stop.

      As for airplanes flying above you — yes, the engines will fail along with all computer- and/or hydraulic-controlled flight controls. Many aircraft will lose stable flight attitudes and crash. Some will be dead-stick landed by pilots whose flight controls are linked mechanically to the yoke/joystick and rudder peddles.

      Life will change dramatically, but not to where I’d want to commit suicide.

      • Linda

        Read my reply about the safety of our nuclear power plants. To answer your question : Yes our nuclear power plants automatically shut down. The fuel rods drop and stop working.

        • Craig

          What about the spent fuel rods? How would we keep these cooled, indefinitely, as far as our lifespan is concerned? Reference is made to the H2 Channel documentary, “Life After People” which aired December 30, 2011, showing that it is these which caused the radioactive dispersal after the emergency diesel generators exhausted their fuel.

      • Craig

        Has anyone actually tested an EMP effect on a vehicle, for instance, by using a hand-held EMP generation device? So far, about all I’ve heard are presuppositions of damage, but no demonstrations of specific damage. I understand that the EMP Commission was given some vehicles, but the Commission was placed under such severe testing restrictions as to render their testing rather useless. If such a hand-held device can be acquired, or otherwise constructed (internet designs?), then a useful test might be, first, against pre-1979 vehicles, their coils, condensers, points, spark plugs and wires. While at it, perhaps a test of a wrapping of a new coil, etc, with aluminum or copper foil might be useful both grounded and floating, with electrical characteristics measured before and after (e.g. continuity, resistance). It might be useful to see if any induced currents in the vehicular wiring might damage the light bulbs, solenoids, or any electric pumps. Then a test might be run against post-1979 vehicles (of perhaps a quarter million mile or more vintage for cost-effectiveness purposes) to check what damage may have occurred. The later from 1979 the vehicle is, the more the solid state electronic devices would be present.

    • Charlotte

      @former walmart person says,
      you’re almost right. Yes the planes will fall out of the sky and cause fires across our nation. That’s because they are computerized. All electronic parts will fail. The same with modern cars. They will just stop. If you have an older car and only the ignition goes out you may be able to drive for awhile but won’t be able to restart it. You would need to have an older car with spare parts stored for it and also store gasoline for it because you won’t be able to buy gasoline to keep it running. I don’t know if nuclear plants are hardened against EMPs so I won’t comment on that.

      If you really want to learn more you should read “One Second After” by Fortchen(I think) and Lights Out” by David Crawford. Also, for just a general meltdown of our society read “Patriots” by James Wesley, Rawles. These books will educate you and entertain you at the same time. You need to get educated, get some skills, and start prepping. If you’re unwilling to do that then YES, you will probably die if we ever have an emp. To be or not to be, that’s up to you. No one will do it for you.

    • http://google rose

      This reminds of talk during te Y2K scare.

    • TCII

      Your car would quit as soon as the EMP went off.

  • former walmart person

    The only way I see surviving an EMP would be if you can somehow barter passage on some old fishing boat or other ship not effected by the EMP and leave the continent. After an EMP, if you assume that only our nation was effected, I would think that other ships from other nations would of course travel to the USA with either the intention to help or to conquer. Since smart people would be desperate to leave the continent and go to Eurpope or something, it would be quite the business opportunity as people would barter anything or sell themselves into slavery to get off the continet about to be covered in fire and radiation.

  • JT

    Walmart, I’d like to offer my humble opinion. First, I believe the planes would crash since most aircraft today are Fly-by-wire, which means the pilots have no physical connection to the rudders and ailerons that control the direction and altitude, but are connected by electronic input controls. The controls fry, instant loss of control, the planes go the direction they always want to go without pilot (or computer) intervention, down. Yes there would be fires but no they wouldn’t burn the world up. While it would be a terrible loss of life, it would be survivable for the people remaining on the ground.

    I also believe your vehicle would quit running at the moment of the EMP because the electronic control modules in modern vehicles control not just the starting function, but the spark and timing and many other control functions of the engine. Frying this would stop the engine immediately. You would probably not crash though as you would still have manual steering and braking control to be able to glide to a safe stop (assuming you weren’t in the middle of a NASCAR-type pack going 80 mph on the interstate at the time.)

    Kill myself over this? I don’t think so. To many options available to continue surviving. Many did it before the advent of electricity and we can too.

    • former walmart person

      So we would go back to the 1800s only with an unprepared populice ready to go mad max road warrior, with tons of fires from the plane wrecks (I agree it wouldn’t burn the whole country – for example you would be safe in the painted desert of the west, as I can’t see the fires spreading through there. Just about all forests may go up in smoke though.), and with lots of radiation to boot.

      It would be the wild west for sure. Giddy up partner.

    • jimmy the greek

      that’s the reason i keep my 1970 land cruiser with breaker points and spear condenser’s in a small led lined box i have a ford pickup 1988 that i can put a points distributor into and i keep extra distributors for G M motors and my next door nabor used to make moon shine so fuel would be no problem just drill the jets up a little at a time till things run right . as far as guns and ammo i keep enough to start a border war .

      • crook

        An airplane fusalage is a natural faraday tube. I also have an old landcruiser but I have modified with a gm 350 with msd ignition and holley fuel injection. I have a spare computor and a spare distributor that I keep in a faraday box. If the worst happens I just put in the new parts.

        • CP

          The msd ignition will more than likely fry if all the other electronics go. More than likely, you would be reasonably save with the old land cruiser, as the only real thing there would be the coil, and it should stand up to anything short of a direct lightning strike on one of the outside terminals.

        • jimmy the greek

          Mine has a chevy stove bolt six pre 1968 no PCV valve the reason i keep most all old distributors is to get cars and trucks running .

      • GilaMonster

        Just because you own an older automobile without a computer will not get you off the hook. Most autos from the early 1960′s on use alternators instead of DC generators. The alternators have semiconductor rectifiers that would turn to jelly during EMP. Find an auto with a DC generator.

        • Joe H.

          Or keep a spare alternator in a faraday box. Or even two or three!!

  • artbrownsr

    Or live some where that already uses tech less conditions IE: Alaska in the “bush” (no phone, electric, or running water) wood stove, oil lamps, streams and lakes.

    • former walmart person

      So, you survive the fires, radiation, and mad max people, only to be killed by the conquering country that still has tech. got to hope the ships arriving from other countries are friendly. flying into our country would probably be imposible, so other countries not effected by EMP would have to send ships.

      • Curt

        Your assumptions leave out the fact that many of our ships would be out of country and they surely would return. As for invading foreign militaries, firearms are not affected by EMP. You also forget our old standby…The American Redneck. Say what you will about them, but those “good ol’ boys” won’t go down without a fight. Then there are former and current military persons, survivalists, prepers, no matter what you choose to call them, we will survive. Only people that would really suffer, are the welfare state that do not think anything bad will happen and that the government would come to their rescue. Like jack said “Man up and take responsibility.”

        • former walmart person

          I hope you are right about the toughness of red necks. Also, you are right about our american military returning. That might help some.

          • jack

            As far as rednecks being tough, you do not really know any, do you? I know folks (both men AND women) that I am glad to count as friends, and would hate to run across in ANY circumstances that would put me on their bad side. By the way, those “coca-cola cowboys” at your in town honky tonks with their pretty, shiny, day glow clothing, ARE NOT rednecks. A redneck wouldn’t be caught dead OR drunk in a place like that.

            As far as our military coming home, the only way that will happen, with all of their equipment, is if we put a president in office that will stop our meddling in other countries affairs. I suggest you find such a candidate and cast your vote for him.

            RON PAUL 2012

  • jack

    Most commercial aircraft are “fly-by-wire” and would suffer somewhat from an emp pulse. Almost all military aircraft are designed to operate after an emp. They are properly shielded when manufactured.

    Automobiles that use a computer controlled system of fuel delivery and monitoring will become spare parts sources. Most vehicles manufactured before 1980 will need only a refitted distributor and coil. Any points-type ignition and carburetor vehicle will be functional.

    Most fueling stations have back up generators to keep their pumps going, and if they do not, a simple pump can be made to acquire the fuel from the tanks as needed, if you are willing to pay the price from the lawful owners.

    Nuclear power plants are designed with properly shielded controls, due to the inherent operating environment, and will NOT be doing a melt down (china syndrome). As well, all of them have manual controls available to commence a full emergency shutdown.

    If you wish to end your own life, go ahead. DO NOT tell others to do the same. Only someone that lacks ANY self confidence and is basically a “you owe it to me” type person that would be better off being gone along with the rest of society that believes in giverment as a big hand out generator. Most folks will make it after they man/women up and realize they are responsible for their actions and/or inactions.

    Your idea that the entire country would become a fireball is vastly incorrect, as the idea of that much fire covering that much of any landmass can ONLY be achieved by GOD himself. You really need to stop pushing the panic button and throw out your fear-mongering manual.

    Or are you just trying to make it easier on yourself to steal,loot, and attempt to enslave the rest of the survivors? If that is the case, welcome to your own personal version of damnation. The rest of us that believe in FREEDOM AND PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY will be watching you and waiting for you to try something stupid.

    No matter your personal inclinations, By reading between the lines, you make it clear that you are a city dweller that has not devoted a good percentage of your life to study of practical things, believe government is there only to make your life easier, and probably do not have a single “earned” callous on either hand. That will change rapidly should any of the above come to pass. In your world, you may be an executive, or a boss, but you will always have folks around that are better than you in many different ways.

    I urge you to come down from your ivory tower, get your hands dirty, your mind in gear, and learn how to do things you do not believe possible.

    • DJ

      Amen to that Brother!

    • Incredulous1

      Ditto DJ.


      I am disabled and wouldn’t be able to do what it might take to do to survive, but i would still have services to offer to barter for food or shelter. I might not be able to work the fileds to grow food, but I can damn sure gaurd them and shoot anybody who tries to steal are harm those trying to make things work. I would do my best to be useful and of service with whatever I have got, in skills, knowledge or anything that would help! I even play music and could help entertain around a campfire in hard times. The point is somewhere I could be useful to barter for food and shelter if need be. I am disabled not dead!


        Sorry for spelling…fileds should be fields…gaurd should be guard…

      • Joe H.

        Now THAT’S the way to TALK!! God Bless you!!! I’m sure you’ll make it fine!!!!

    • former walmart person

      On the contrary, my friend, I am not some big government progressive. I listen to Alex Jones, have bought over a years worth of storable food, support Ron Paul, am awake to the NWO, etc.

      What I am is a realist. Things are going to be absolutely horrible after an EMP. So, horrible, that realistically, very few will survive.

      • Craig

        If Prof William Forstchen’s “One Second After” scenario is more societally and technically accurate over David Crawford’s (aka “halffast”) “Lights Out” scenario, you might have a point as to survival rates.

        But what all these reasonably well researched scenarios (e.g., also “The Decline and Fall of PAX Americana,” “Cold Camp,” “Aftermath,” etc) have solidly stressed is the importance of an organized community with leadership that uses their heads and not their emotions, and a leader(s) who are experienced military, like a Command Sergeant Major or a Gunnery Sergeant. All else follows. “PAX Americana” has a scenario of an organized and well led survival community in an inner city environment, with a civilian “board of directors” akin to a city board of supervisors with a subordinate version of a chair of the joint chiefs of staff. “One Second After” is a small mountain college town environment. “Cold Camp” is more of a rural (New England) environment, “Lights Out” is suburbia. “Aftermath” is a rather unique wealthy professional bedroom community commuter environment in a California setting. There are other scenarios, (e.g., “We Interrupt this Program…..”) But what they all have in common is an excellent civilian and military leadership respectful of the contributions of all surviving individuals and families, and most important of all, a recognition that the world has irrevocably changed, and based on this recognition, how to cope, lead and thrive in it.
        Yes, it does turn out that all of these scenarios is missing the impact of what happens when there is no circulating cooling water for the spent nuclear power plant fuel rods, and for what this organization is tracking:, both of which are survival game changers.

  • Ned Sprockethead

    Why is a leftie reading this stuff anyway? He only wants to die because there is no government to babysit him.

  • LC

    I’m new to this whole concept of an EMP. Freedom-loving person, but just didn’t realize this was possible. Obviously, many of you who have posted are far more informed than I. I would be so grateful if you could provide resources/info. to help me become more educated and prepared.
    Thank you!

    • Honestly

      I will be very satisfied to leave my future up to the LORD.

    • Charlotte

      LC, read the books I mentioned in my comment. They will help you get educated. then start your prepping.

      You should know the the idea of an EMP is not a fanciful notion. It happened during the mid 1800 from the sun. Just as the solar storms can disrupt cell phone usage and our satelites they can take down our electrical grid. During the 1800 storms people saw the northern lights in the midwest and the telegraph wires caught on fire.

      They also know about the EMP effects of nuclear explosions from testing they’ve done. So this is not a scifi what-if we’re talking about.

      Besides Walmart’s dire comments I’ll add that many many people will die in the event of an EMP. First the sick people that require things operated by electricity – like respirators and O2 machines. Also, the EMP will knock out people’s pacemakers. People will make a mad run on the stores to stock up but stores only carry a few days worth of supplies, including medicines. So when people finish the prescription medication they have there won’t be any more available to them. Some medications, like insulin, need to be refrigerated. Those meds will go bad within a few days and we’ll lose those people. Water will go out in many (most) places. You can’t live without water and you can’t flush the toilets. Illness, water, food, and no sanitation will take out many. And if it happens in winter many people will simply freeze to death. The power will NOT come back on soon at all so we will experience winter with no electrical power.

      The only way to survive is to prepare NOW. Educate yourself. You must have shelter, heat, water, and food just to survive and a way to protect yourself and your supplies. I don’t think those in the big cities will survive. The sad part is you will need to arm yourself to protect yourself as well. Many will turn into animals and will start riots and looting. Get a gun and ammo now. Only the strong and prepared will survive and only by the grace of God.

    • jack

      Suggest ALL check out this site:

  • Dorian Douglas

    This article is blatantly mis-leading, and undermines the other aricles from Livingston.

    Here is a comment from an electrical engineer friend of mine:

    Dorian…this level of damage would have to be from some sort of high tech warhead weapon that would create some sort of HUGE electro-magnetic pulse. Sunspot-solar flares would not be at this level of intensity. Otherwise the utilities would be going through all sorts of massive preparation…solar flares could cause some issues with long high voltage transmission lines and large power transformers and that’s really it.

    high voltage transmission = 345kV
    large power transformers 300MVA 345kV to 138kV transformer


    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Dorain Douglas,

      In what way is the information misleading? Please advise.

      Best wishes,

      • Walt

        Myth: Severe solar storms can damage automobiles and trucks.

        Fact: Solar storms, no matter how severe, will not damage vehicles. This is a myth that has arisen in the past few years, and that just will not go away. (If you have an electric car, and it is plugged in to the electrical grid for charging, it is conceivable, though very unlikely, that it could be damaged.) A nuclear EMP can damage automobiles through the E1 component, which is not present on the surface of the Earth during a solar storm which emits an E3 component.

        The voltages induced in automobile wiring by a severe solar storm would be less than 0.1 volt, and would be slowly increasing DC-like voltages. A typical automobile experiences voltage changes that are much greater, and that change much more rapidly, every time that the engine is started.

        Severe solar storms have been experienced in relatively small areas of our planet at high latitudes during the years since automobiles have relied heavily on microelectronics. There were billions of dollars in damage to high-latitude electrical grids in the solar storms of 1989. That damage was mainly in Quebec, in northern Europe and to one very large transformer in New Jersey. In 2003, a solar storm in South Africa damaged at least 14 major transformers in the South African power grid. That solar storm left large parts of the South African power grid crippled for months. None of these solar storms resulted in reports of damage to automobiles.

        Source: EMP Myths that was included in a report for Oak Ridge National Laboratories by Metatech.

        For a description of the differences between E1, E2 & E3 EMP components, go here:

    • Terry

      My understanding is that there are only about 300 ish of the large transformers that you refer to nationwide and they could all be protected with large shunt resistor circuitry (about a billion dollars for all)but without that foresightedness, an EMP could start a cascading surge failure that could take them all out one after the next. A large solar storm, like the one that fried telegraph lines in the 1800′s, could do the same. If the Utility companies ‘man up’ and install the shunts, that would be good. Then there would be much less disastrous consequence from either an EMP or solar storm.

    • Walt

      For a good source on EMP reference information, go here:

      Many articles that explain solar and nuclear induced EMP damage, the difference between both types of EMPs, and which might leave your car and other electronic devices disabled.

  • JC in CA

    Bob and Others, I thouroughly enjoyed the book ‘One Second After’ This plausible fiction is an excellent read.
    Upon reading the forward by Newt Gingrich and the author’s acknowlegements of all his military advisors, I knew it was going to be chilling. You see, The EMP commision received no coverage as it presented it’s report to congress following the 9-11 commision. Not
    too many fictional books make me cry. I am compelled to share my copy of the book to all I know, family and friends. They have all said thanks for sharing with a look of astonished and nakedness. A most humbling book that exposes your inner physical and mental preparedness for such an event.

    I believe now is a time where this event could take place. Anyone on the west coast remember the unexplained ‘missle’ object off the coast of California earlier this year? Our government is MOST AWARE of an EMP and the havoc it would unleash upon our current , soft society. My iPhone —-> iPaperweight or iSkipping Stone.

    My personal recommendations have grown from many discussions on these P.L. threads. An EMP event would be the most devestating, more than a pandemic or all other forms of devestaion. Learn to live on your own, plan on where you will get your water, talk to your neighbors and plan and learn with them and share your knowledge. Learn to use a firearm…even if it is someone else’s. Store up on non-parishables and canned goods with calories. I love chile con carne. Learn to start a fire and save your dryer lint and candle stubs. There are many skills to learn and share. One is to build your own simple faraday cage and store some two-way radios/batteries, maybe a HAM radio. Get/Store some local area maps.

    Pray. Pray often. May God have mercy on our souls.

    JC in CA

    • Robert Smith

      From JC: “Pray. Pray often. May God have mercy on our souls.”

      That didn’t help anyone except Noah, his family, and Lott and his family.

      Looks to me like that brutal christian god has caused more problems than he has solved. If he were my god I’d fire him and get a kinder one.


      • Curt


        I don’t think that you have read the Bible or you would know why Noah and his family and Lott and his family were spared. Oh, you forgot, Lott’s wife died because she failed to have faith and obey one simple rule ‘Don’t look back’. God has given us free agency (the ability to choose for ourselves). Educate yourself before you speak.

      • Charlotte

        @Robert Smith,
        The problem in America is that too many people have already fired God and now we’re left to our own devices. We told Him to get out and leave us alone and He did. He has lifted His hand of protection. So don’t blame Him. Blame yourself.

        Here’s a real good video from David Wilkerson on this SHTF topic.!

    • Seanoamericano

      Disagree a pandemic and the use of bio weapons would be much worse than living without electricity. Considering the diseases that have been weaponized and the results are trully horrifying, At least with EMP you may have a little more time to be of help. If you are laying on a mat to sick too stand up and spreading the disease to others including loved ones, Thats another thing. I grew up knowingpeople that had no running water or electricity in their homes . I asked one time what it was like “Why get used to something that can be taken away” was the reply. So what if no electricity. People got along with out it and lived just fine. Now this also means that The people that have been working to put us in this position wont have it either. That levels the playing field. Hopefully all of the neat stuff we pay for fails and they cant get into their safe places and have to do something for them selves for a change. I seriously doubt much help will come their way.

  • Kris

    It will cost about 900 million to fix the grid so that it would survive a emp attack. The congress knows this and it has been discussed but they DO NOTHING! Instead they spend our money all over seas or on worthless projects that fit their agenda. This is the govt. at work! We all need to demand that they spend the 900 million to fix the grid against any emp attack!

    • Craig

      You’re referring to HR 668, the ‘Shield’ Act “Secure High-voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage Act” from the 112th Congress (2011 – 2012), right?

      From, there are 37 co-sponsors (|/home/LegislativeData.php|) as of this date-time, Jan 11, 2012, 17:00 EST. If your Representative isn’t one of them, then it’s time for you to exercise your “American Organizational Self-Governance Citizenship” and ask/e-mail your Rep to co-sponsor this bill. Ask your neighbors and others in your Congressional District so concerned to do likewise also. You see, our Constitutional Republic, such as it still is, only works if we “citizens-managers” start directing our “contract temporary hireling” 2-4-6 year term representatives. This does work, based on results, because these contract representatives know that if they are insubordinate to too many of their citizens-management (voters), they stand a good chance to get their contract terminated and another voted in their stead. By the way, notice my terminology when I refer to “elected public officials”? That’s the way we American voting citizens should regard these fellow citizens who agree to be chosen by the rest of us in our exercise of our aggregate American organizational self-governance citizenship. They are NOT our masters, even though many of them has shown up that way, owing to OUR failure to sustain our active management of their activities (‘nature abhors a [power] vacuum,’ Congress and any legislature is no exception).

      Getting back to point, yes, there is an active bill in the House of Representatives to harden our EHV electric power grid transformers and other related appliances ( We citizens just need to set our fire of feedback accountability to our Representatives, Senators and the President to get this bill enacted into law, and enforced through the Federal executive branch, such that, hopefully, the electric power grid is cost-effectively protected in a timely manner, and we citizens-management need to keep up the pressure until completed and tested in a timely manner (according to as of this point (warning us since 2006), the solar flare season has already started (February 2011 impacting on mainland China) and lasts through the end of 2013. And Iran is starting to come to a boil, based on current internet media events (I don’t pay attention to TV or radio for world view reasons).

      So there is a lot that we citizens can do, governmentally-wise, in advance of any EMP strike, natural or “man-caused” (if I may use such a term), along with individual, family, neighborhood and community preparation in case of disaster.

  • ajax

    I read in a scientific publication in the late 70s or early 80s that a hydrogen bomb detonated just over 100 miles over Nebraska would effectively fry these electronic circuits over most of the nation. Russia it was reported , stayed with the tube radios and wiring in their military lines. Air force one was equipped this way as well as the lines to our ready missiles. Just a few months ago we learned that hackers had cut communication to them.Be ready for the unexpected. That is why you keep dry powder and spare flints.

    • Joe H.

      Just an idea for you. if you or anybody you know gets the desecant packets in their meds, seal them in a vaccume bag with boxes of ammo. it helps keep them fresh longer. A buddy of mine uses them in his coin books in bags to keep them from tarnishing. It works!

  • Mac

    Bob, how about a brief description of a faraday cage, or a link to more information on the requirements?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Mac,

      If you use Google, Yahoo or Bing you can easily find both written and video instructions on how to build a Faraday cage.

      Best wishes,

  • Mac

    Engineers, please chime in: doesn’t the metal structure of most automobiles provide enough shielding to protect the electronics in the engine compartment of automobiles?

    • Robert W6

      The simplest Faraday cage is an old broken microwave. The same shielding that kept the microwaves in will keep the EMP out. Store a couple radios and other valuable electronics in one.

  • FreedomFighter

    I am somewhat prepared for EMP.

    Alternate lighting/Heating
    F-Caged radios
    Long Term Food storage
    Hand pump well access
    Sanitation — fill tank from well flush as usual to septic tank
    Old motor scooter gets 100 mpg – can pump gas from wrecks

    Your welcome to copy

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Jonkon

    As an electrical engineer specializing in electromagnetic compatibility, I am with Dorian and Mac. The very same article, like this one, that warns that our automobiles will become scrap metal in an EMP attack, recommends that all electronics be enclosed in a Faraday shield. Yet an automobile is a Faraday shield. This is why you can drive safely in a lightning storm. Also the automobile presents an extremely harsh electromagnetic environment. One of the standard susceptibility tests for electronics is an auto spark ignition circuit. While a power line will act as an antenna for an EMP pulse, lightning is an ever present risk for power lines, requiring extensive suppression circuits for power lines and transformers.

    I recall that EMP was identified as a risk during atom bomb tests in the 1950′s and 1960′s. The proliferation of electronics since the 1990′s, however, has required extensive EM shielding and protection in equipment so that they can all work together. How up-to-date is our information on the risk posed by the threat of EMP?

    • FreedomFighter

      North Korea Tests ‘Super-EMP’ Nuke
      Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 09:05 AM

      By Ken Timmerman

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      Read more on North Korea Tests ‘Super-EMP’ Nuke
      Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

    • Hat Bailey

      I have doubts that all cars and trucks would be disabled. There was an article I read about some time ago on the internet that described a test that was done with a number of vehicles and an artificial EMP of the magnitude expected, and while the majority of cars exposed to the test were disabled many would still run, some badly, and most diesel trucks still ran, though some that ran did not run that well. It would no doubt be a major catastrophe, but it would not be as universal in effect as some have described here.

  • Jon

    The key is preparation and education. Those are things we can take care of now. My great grandparents crossed the US in a wagon without any electrical or mechanical devices. They survived ok, and can I. One recommendation I have is not to rely on anything further than you can walk, ride or bicycle to. The idea that other countries would lift a finger to help us, even if they could, is hilarious. Almost as funny as believing our government would save us. Only one person can save you and your family, and he is reading this right now.

  • http://aol tessie3940

    There is a book I read “Two Seconds After” last year that was built around EMP. It is certainly something that could happen which was somewhat disturbing to me. All electronics need to be “Hardened” to be protected. It is my understanding that most electric grids, etc, are not hardened.

  • simian pete

    The Amish get by quite well without electricity …

    I guess you need a horse for tranportation. Or you could build a small steam engine for your car or boat …. they don’t need electronic parts .

    All them transistors just going “pop” inside your computer ! HA HA ! People would go back to pencil and paper for awhile.

    • Joe H.

      Yeah, some people would probably commit suicide just due to the fact that they couldn’t be liberal pains in the azz to so many people!!! The big “E” comes to mind!!

    • Craig

      Yes, the Amish also have a surrounding compatible social-economic-cultural-agricultural-transportation-political support infrastructure to support their electricity-less living as well.

      We high rise inner city urban dwellers are exclusively dependent on our piped in electricity, and the urban support infrastructure that this electricity supports. Our rural fellow citizens might have it somewhat better, especially if they prepped as many of us has suggested in this forum, including year-round gardening/farming. By definition, us city-dwellers are not defined well at all for disaster-living a la Prof Forstchen’s “One Second After” characterization of the aftermath in New York City, largely due to lifestyle, but also due to municipal or multi-family association rules and regulations (like no vege gardening off the condo window treated-wood trays). And yes, I can see us types panicking and going nuts when our expressways abruptly turn into massive LA, NY or DC parking lots. And even those of us who urban-prepped might find ourselves questioned as to why we are still alive, the odoriferousness of our high rise caves notwithstanding, and then we urban preppers get done unto. I haven’t forgotten the stupid disarmament of the law abiding citizenry in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina either, leaving them defenseless against the lawless elements with arms, such is that kind of world view in such areas (in part, resulting in Governor Jindal’s hiring). This kind of disarmament stupidity is rampant in nearly all urban areas of this country, with the same results–criminals won’t give up their armaments by definition. Kennesaw GA is an extremely rare exception. The aftermath of a severely impactful EMP strike, no matter the source, is extremely frightening, unless there is a very solid prepped community to begin with, like the inner city Chicago community described in “The Rise and Fall of PAX Americana.”

  • Todd

    It has long been my opinion that we wrere better off before all of the tecnology that has made us soft. I do the food, fire, water mode very well. Light the fuse let’s get the party started!

  • s c

    Assuming that rational people understand some of the more important facets of this topic, it still makes me wonder about another part of the problem? WHAT is Uncle Scam doing to insure that America’s electronics [military, government, etc.] are properly SHIELDED?
    Call me a pessimist, but I’d be surprised if you can find a handful of ‘leaders’ in Washington who know squat about EMPs or care enough to see that what needs to be done HAS BEEN done. You see, in Washington you don’t have to know anything because ‘someone else’ is obligated to do the job. HA!

    • Craig

      Yes, ‘S C,’ there are Congressmen in DC who *do* know about EMPs; 37 of them as of this writing to be exact. See my posting above (when moderator approved) about HR 668 from this 112th Congress, incidentally called “The Shield Act.”

      Try not to be *that* cynical :) about life over here in Washington DC. DC.

      America works as a Constitutional Republic when we, the Citizens, actively participate in our own organizational self-governance as a lifestyle, even so much as to set our fire of feedback accountability to our hireling 2 year contractor Representatives and 6 year contractor Senators (see my posting above more about this relative to EMP legislation). Doesn’t take long from our day, about 5-10 fast minutes.


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