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Sheriffs Standing Tall

January 13, 2012 by  

Sheriffs Standing Tall

Much attention these days is focused on the Republican Presidential beauty contest, especially now that primaries have begun. But a far more important election is much closer to home: the race for your county sheriff.

The sheriff is the top law enforcement officer in his county. Some Constitutionally minded sheriffs are standing up to Federal officers and bureaucrats, and the Feds are backing down. Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America recently told you about some New Mexico sheriffs threatening to arrest Federal agents. Now he has learned of some others who need to be applauded.

In Elkhart County, Ind., Sheriff Brad Rogers told Food and Drug Administration agents they would be arrested if they go on Amish farmer David Hochstetler’s land. Hochstetler is a raw milk criminal, and the FDA didn’t like that he was distributing it to people who buy into his herd of dairy cows. So the FDA issued a subpoena and declared it wanted to perform an inspection.

Rogers told the agents if they tried to inspect Hochstetler’s farm without a warrant they would be arrested for trespassing. The Department of Justice responded by threatening to arrest Rogers, but Rogers didn’t blink. The DOJ and FDA did, however. The subpoena was withdrawn, and the Feds slunk away into the night.

Rogers isn’t alone. Sheriff Joe Baca in Sierra County, Calif., told his county commission he would not enforce road closures on Bureau of Land Management and Gila National Forest Lands. Sheriff Gil Gilbertson of Josephine County, Ore., has told the Forest Service it has no authority in any county and he would protect those citizens using the forest.

Sheriff Johnny Brown of Ellis County, Texas, has said that he would resist any effort by the Federal government to confiscate firearms in his county.

Sheriff Billy McGee of Forrest County, Miss., stood up to the Feds in the days after Hurricane Katrina. With power out and food and medicine about to spoil, McGee learned that a Federal shipment of six ice trucks bound for Hattiesburg turned out to be only four. He went searching for the other two and found them at a staging area being guarded by reservists paralyzed with bureaucracy. When he tried to get the ice, he was told he was not authorized to take the vehicles. He handcuffed a recalcitrant reservist and delivered the ice. The Feds are now suing him.

Agents of the Federal government are under the mistaken impression that the 9th and 10th Amendments no longer apply. But some brave, Constitutionally minded sheriffs are standing tall. It’s important that each of you vet your sitting sheriff and the candidates challenging them and find out which ones are prepared to enforce the Constitution.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Thank GOD for REAL Americans who are also sheriffs. Speaking from experience, if you have a REAL sheriff who protects the people and the community, you have a RARE commodity in your midst. If you have an Obummer-style sheriff, you have an abomination where you live.
    When it comes to Washington’s parasitic brownshirts and their unconstitutional ways, if they dare to go against a sheriff, then let the frickin’ chips fall where they may. This is America.
    People, support your sheriff. If you have a pretender, you are morally and legally obligated to GET RID OF THE mammy jammin’ scum.
    Thank GOD for REAL sheriffs!

    • Vagabond

      s c you are so right about this. people better start paying attention to who they elect for Sherriff. if you have a sherriff who thinks law enforcement is all about playing highway patroll and setting up road blocks just to see if they can get someone with the smell of alcohol on their breath. or driving without a license you need to replace that sherriff with one who will have his personell out patrolling the community and protecting your propperty.

    • guest

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      • Old Henry

        A little ADD are we guest?

        • TIME

          Henry, I just LMAO, now thats a great wit!

          • Old Henry

            Insomnia TIME. It makes me giddy…

      • GrayStroke

        Thumbs up or down is a quick way for many to see how the readers consider the posts w/o having to make more posts. Just a good tool to have as many other forums use them as well.

        Now get back into the line with all the others and be a good comrade.

    • Mary

      Good they are still some few men in this country. I we will have after the election?. Look like more Obama. Stupidity is to wide spread.

    • http://none Harvey T. Huddleston, M.D.

      Forest Co. Mississippi Sheriff Billy McGee should be in line for the Buford Pusser “Standing Tall” award of the year!

      I am a transplanted TEXAN from Heidelberg, (Jasper County) MS. It is glorious, to hear of a man who has the “cojones” and will”Cowboy-up” (as is said in TX) and do what is right and just in the face of one of Obama’s Communist Federal “Goon Squads”. Good People of Forest Co! Don’t let a man like this loose his next election! Furthermore, be aware that next election time Obama will likely spend much of his “Treasure ChestP of money stolen from us, the tax payers, to lie, denigrate, cheat and steal the next Sheriff’s election.

  • John

    I live in Kaufman County Texas and I also would like to thank the Sheriff of this county for he contineously stands up for the rights of his constituents obeying the constitution and performing his duties as sheriff for the Kaufman County residents as no other could! That means alot to me and I am proud of the record he is acheiving through excellence of a force dedicated to we the citizens of Kaufman County Texas!Defending the Few!

    • Old Henry

      Well John, it’s nice that you tell us here, but you really should call the non-emergency number for your sheriff and ask to speak with him. You can then tell him in “person” over the phone. I am sure he would be very greatful as I am sure his job sometimes seems to be very thankless.

    • GrayStroke

      Please share with me how you follow and keep tabs on his performance. We are having a county election and in a county where one former sheriff was known to allow drugs to run through here. So, I also would like to learn on how ot follow the candidates performance as I research their records.

      Thanks for your help and glad to see a fellow Texan has a good sheriff!

    • ImReady

      I live in Van Zandt county, our sheriff is a no good piece of crap. Been here a long time, but, people still believe his lies. There’s somebody else running against him this time, I sure hope he wins. He could NOT be a worse sheriff. Pat Burnett is a piece of crap.

      • FRANK

        Yes he is ! The county and the town is over run with Illegal Mexicans and the Mexican Drug Traffickers buying up houses and land to stash , and traffice drugs. Any and everyone can see this going on next door to them , the sheriff has done very little or nothing at all about any of it. You have a 21 year old mising person case, of Judy Foster that came up missing from Grand Saline 21 years ago . There is and has been one suspect, only one . And now that only one suspect works for the county. You have people dieing in Van Zandt county and it is over looked.

  • rhcrest

    Woo hoo! THIS is how the constitution should be fought – not in the courtroom by rogue judges but out in the cities and towns. We have become too whipped into thinking that we must obey laws, even unconstitutional laws and that we MUST obey the gov’t no matter what. Heck no! It’s about time we had some civil disobedience. The Constitution was written so that everyday people would understand it. We don’t need judges to sit there and tell us what is constitutional or not just as we don’t need them to tell us if the sky is blue or not. It’s obvious. They want a fight? Let’s give them a fight!

    • TIME


      We have not had any law passed in the last 150 years.
      What have been passed are “ACTS” Please do yourself a favor and google; { Billy Foust }

      “Watch all his Youtube feeds,” listen, and learn. BUT – First Empty your cup, so you can refill it with only TRUTH.

      Few Americans even know a single truth, let alone the hole ball of wax.

      We have not followed the ” ORIGINAL Constitution” from the point that the NEW Constitution was written in 1871, prior to that from 1860 until 1871 the Original Constitution was Null & Void as well.

      Thus after the creation of the City State of DC – Not one single law has been written.
      For even more intel on that Please google; “The Season of Treason.” Again empty your cup before you start so you can learn from Kurt.

      Then Google: “How can a country exist in two complety differant forms”

      Again throw out all of the cups contents before you start, Listen and learn, as after you understand the truth you can then aid others in waking up.
      We don’t have long if we can’t get at least 30 million more in the loop of TRUTH before the end of this year 2012.

  • Wayne Morgan

    I’m with ya sc. Some years ago I read a book and in that book it told of the power of the Sheriffs’ in the US. That they had the power to hold the Federal Government at bay. That in their county they are the top law enforcement. Obama can “shred” the Constitution, but he still has to get by the local Sheriff. The Sheriff’s on the Southwest border were pushed into making a stand. As they realized that they had legal power in their county over the government, I think other Sheriff’s jumped on the band wagon. All I can say is all aboard. I hope all Sheriffs’ that believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights come forward and make their voices heard. And they will see that the people in their county was just waiting for them to make the 1st move, and that the people are with them, through thick and thin. We are lucky here in NC, we have some of the best trained and up to date Sheriff’s around and that carrys over to their departments. From the gangs moving in to the drugs being moved through the Interstate system in NC. But that also carrys over to the NCHP. So my point is in these days in which we live Support your Local Law Enforcement. I’d rather work with them than against them.But your point is well made. If your Sheriff doesn’t have a back bone, get one that does.

    • Diana

      Wayne, I Have lived in North Carolina for 3 years, unfortunately, and all I have seen is coruption. Your Govenor, Bev Perdue (Democrat) is the worse I have ever seen. All the Law enforment I have seen out here has done nothing but kiss her ass. They have done nothing about the illegals here and probably never will as long as she is in office. The crime rate is the worse I have ever seen in any state. And the County we live in does nothing to help unless you are a Bev Perdue fan, an Obummer fan, an illegal or a Democrat. I am guessing you are one of these or you are just plain lucky and live in a good county in NC.

      • Old Henry


        Maybe if she term limits out she could come to IL and run for guv up here. She would fit right in…

      • Bob M

        Same here in the Socialist Republic of Massachusetts, the constitution doesn’t stand a chance

      • http://naver sook young

        She wouldn’t stand a chance in Indiana. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

        P.S. Isn’t she the one that said we should suspend the federal elections last year?

  • Fox

    Pity the Sheriff in Waco Texas didn’t understand his real authority.

    I am thrilled to see this being put forth in a public forum at last since our government controlled schools no longer teach civics classes. The reason they don’t is because civics teaches people how to control government, not vice-versa.

    Now, while we are on this subject; show of hands; how many know what “Quo Warranto” means?

    I’d love to see you all research it and then apply it. The kenyan kommie would be ousted in a heart-beat!

    • Old Henry


      Here is a very good article on that very subject.

    • skip

      They don’t teach history either – otherwise we wouldn’t be in the international messes such as Iraq that we were propelled into by ignoramuses, and those who had a lot of economic gain to be made by being there – take a look at Halliburton, Brown Kellog, Blackwater – they got rich on our backs for a war that should never have happened, and we’ll be paying for the consequences of it for decades – maimed soldiers, letting Iran get strong, never paid for it in the first place. No sherrifs are going to prevent us from these sorts of blunders, but they surely can insure that we are kept safe in our communities. Another 3 or 4 shot dead with sidearms in North Carolina today, it seems – where was the sheriff?

    • gnafu

      Appears quite involved and a good deal of leg work to get Quo Warranto into action. I wonder if this is what AZ Sheriff Joe is doing?

      • Buster the Anatolian

        I read an article a couple of days ago that told of a big name lawyer who is working to get the Quo Warranto process started.

      • Thinking About

        Apparently he choose to overlook the sex crimes in his county, guess it would not be important unless he was raped.

        • Vicki

          Proof by bald assertion there Thinking About?

          Btw most people including Sheriffs are capable of doing more than 1 thing at a time.

          • JC

            Vicki, Liberals don’t need proof…they just have to “feel” that something is so…therefore it must be so.
            What a bunch of morons they really are.

  • roadkill


  • Mary

    All of these Constitutional sheriffs are meeting in Vegas at the end of this month. We will have well over a hundred. If we get more donations, we can have even more. It is our intention to unite as many sheriffs nationwide as possible with the understanding of their duty to protect the rights of the people and their oath to the Constitution. All of this is on the web site,

    • Fay

      thank You for the web site going on and see what it says. and maybe I can help by passing on the site to Others

      • Vicki

        A really good test of their convictions is how they handle firearms confiscation in their county.

  • Old Henry

    Thanks Bob. We need to see this sort of information as it will never show up in the MSM.

    We need to be constantly reminded that we are not alone in our battle with the out of control DC.

  • JC

    This is probably the best way to enforce our rights, get behind an Oathkeeper and let him or her know they have your support on “every” level. They need to know you’ve got their backs.

  • Jesse

    Everyone including the Sheriffs seem to overlook that all of the alphabet soup agencies are still run by so called Americans. The agencies are not entities that think and do on their own, there are real live human beings that enforce and believe they are doing the right thing.

    Not until these idiots, meat puppets, amerikans, wake up and realize that what they are doing will affect their children and their children’s children will this nonsense stop.

    Look up some homeland security training videos on Youtube and watch the idiot instructor tell the trainees that our founding fathers where the first terrorists….What? This is what Americans have stooped down to? No education, no respect for others, no respect for themselves, yet Americans are the most arrogant people on the planet. We know it all!

    Just read some of the comments on this site, liberals, democrat’s, republicans, etc., that’s all for you idiots who argue this nonsense, they still go have a beer together at the end of the day and laugh at you. Their only purpose is to divide Americans and nothing more. Keep the sheeple arguing amongst themselves while we do what we want…they are too stupid to see it.

    Just remember that the brainwashing called democracy only means that a very small group controls another. It still has no real freedom, someone is still controlling another and this is not the way it supposed to be.

    Wake up, your future generations are counting on you.

    • 101stRECON68

      I am sure that many of the SS thought they were “Doing the right thing too”. That “It’s my job thing and I was only following orders”, crap doesn’t cut it anymore. One day people will be held accountable for their actions, period!

    • skip

      It sounds like you want to live in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia – no problems with the evils of democracy there, Jesse.

      • DaveH

        This isn’t a Democracy, Skip, and for good reason. IT’s a Republic!

        • http://naver sook young

          Yes, we are a Constitutional Republic that elects our leaders democraticaly by voting. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

          • Vicki

            Many of us got to witness Democracy in action early last year (2011). We got to watch as people voted to take a pickup truck, tear it apart and burn it. We got to watch as the same people voted to beat up the driver. We got to see lots of other examples. Democracy had come to the Middle East. Democracy. Majority Rule. Mob Rule. There is no difference.

            This link is still the best description of the differences between democracy and Republic that I have seen.

          • http://naver sook young

            I’ve seen that video before and it was very interesting and informative. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • vicki

            you’re welcome. It is such a clear description of several types of government and the paradigm of 100-0% government that I use it often.

            It completely explains why the left vs right debates are but a tool of those who would (have) enslave(d) man for most of history.

      • JC

        skip says:
        January 13, 2012 at 2:10 pm
        It sounds like you want to live in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia – no problems with the evils of democracy there, Jesse.

        skip, surely you must realize by now that it is through a system of (so called) Representative Democracy that we have arrived at our present situation. It does not work. Restore the Republic and abolish the Federal Reserve and we just might see a free nation again.
        OH! And support you local Oathkeeper. :)

  • TML

    Thank you for the important reminder Bob! Sometimes things get so focused on Primaries for Presidency we forget about the other, possibly even more important, elections going on. Also brings the call for people to get more involved in their country, and that it’s not all about voting for a President, as if he were King or something.

    I love articles like this one.

  • http://n/a tedsmith

    This is the type of info we need because shouldn’t take a Rhodes scholar to see where we are going. Ex vet, ex lawenforcement, Patriot & christian & I remember the oaths I’ve taken as civilian & military & if you fit any of the above, I don’t remember rescinding any of those oaths. Hope I’m wrong, but think we are approaching crunch time in our quest to remain Free. God bless these professionals who not only put thier asses on the line in thier sworn duty, but thier careers when they stick with the oath they took to protect thier country & citizens.
    God bless our Patriots

    • http://naver sook young

      Do you mean:

      “I do solemnly sware that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…”

      My husband swore that when he entered the army and every time he reelisted. I also found this quote which deals with the discussion:

      “Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.”

      Abraham Lincoln

      Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

  • KJ

    Congratulations to all those Sheriffs who registered for the upcoming
    Congressional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association Conference in Las Vegas, NV at the end of Jan 2012. You, Sheriffs, a part of the Executive Branch of government, are the frontline masters who can help return this great country of ours to its Constitutional formative years. You recognize the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and their interests in the states rather than the federal. America was founded as a constitutional Republic, a representative form of government. Is that what we have NOW? The Sheriff has the authority, the power, and the duty to end “venal and oppressive government”. The County Sheriff is our Last Line Of Defense for the preservation and return to fundamental and individual liberty. Sheriff, You are America’s Last Hope (Sheriff Richard Mack; County Sheriff, America’s Last Hope

  • Wyatt

    Here Here ! I applaud all of these Sheriffs who stand up to the strong arm tactics of Eric Holder and the DOJ as well as Government Agencies who seem to enjoy the passing of oppressive rules and regulations in an effort to restrict our liberties . Thank God that we still have Sheriffs who take their jobs seriously and protect the people they serve and our Constitutional rights . It would seem that we have an elected leader and a bunch of his cronies (minions) who think that America should be what they want it to be , not what our founding fathers envisioned for us . When an elected President publicly states that our Constitution is outdated and obsolete, there is something very wrong . This is the very document that our country is founded on . It has served us well for 200 + years . We as Americans must back our Sheriffs who are protecting us and our freedoms.

  • alexa

    “All politics is local.”

  • diogenese

    The sheriff of Nye county,Nv relocated from Chicago.Il! (and after a brief residence, defeated a well known and capable sheriff !) I wonder if that has anything to do with the “legal” brothels of the county ?

    • R.E.Massey

      I believe that the Nye county Sheriff is a member and participant of this event.

      Registration is due by January 11, 2012. Oath Keepers has just learned that it is possible to register after January 11th, but Sheriff Mack has asked us to urge registering as soon as possible.

      A tireless warrior for freedom in America, Sheriff Mack is at it again. He and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association are pitching a remarkable conference in Las Vegas during January 29-31, 2012.

      Sheriffs and Peace Officers from around the nation will convene to discuss timely issues of duty and responsibility enshrined in their positions.

      The Purpose of this convention is twofold;
      1) To increase the understanding and awareness for all sheriffs and peace officers regarding the true power of our constitutional authority and duty to serve and protect the people for whom we work and;
      2) To unite in a concerted effort to uphold and defend the United States Constitution.

      Currently there are Sheriffs all across America taking stands against the unlawful incursions and overreach of state and federal governments and their agencies. The list of such patriots is long and growing. Many will be at this conference to share their experiences. One need only view the list of Directors in CSPOA to evaluate the caliber and quality of this conference.

      The CSPOA Board of Directors:

      Dean Wilson, Sheriff Del Norte County CA
      Jon Lopey, Sheriff Siskiyou County CA
      Ron Bruce, Sheriff Hinsdale County CO
      Robert Douglas, Chief of Police Chiefland Levy County FL
      Cornel Rasor, County Commisioner Bonner County ID
      Brad Rogers, Sheriff Elkhart County IN
      Chuck Korzenborn, Sheriff Kenton County KY
      Donnie Smith, Sheriff Washington County ME
      Billy McGee, Sheriff Forrest County MS
      Christopher Conley, Sheriff Carroll County NH
      Tony DeMeo, Sheriff Nye County NV
      Glenn Palmer, Sheriff Grant County OR
      Gil Gilbertson, Sheriff Josephine County OR
      Bunny Welsh, Sheriff Chester County PA
      David Medlin, Sheriff Oldham County TX
      Mark Gower, Sheriff Iron County, UT
      John D’Agostini Sheriff El Dorado County, CA
      Richard Mack, Retired Graham County Sheriff, AZ


      The County Sheriff Project helps sponsor this conference.

      Sunday January 29: Arrival at Tuscany Hotel.

      Enjoy Las Vegas

      Monday January 30: All day meeting

      Guest Speakers in the morning

      Sheriffs Defending Bill of Rights in the afternoon

      Joint Declaration discussion late afternoon

      Banquet, Photo, more Guest Speakers at dinner

      Finalization of Joint Declaration

      Tuesday, January 31: Optional activities

      News Conference

      Rally & Guest Speakers TBA

      Speakers for the conference include:

      Stewart Rhodes, founder, Oath Keepers; Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America; Aaron Kennard, CEO National Sheriffs Association; Sheriff Richard Mack, Founder & President CSPOA; Dave Mattis, Fmr. Big Horn County, Utah Sheriff; Thomas Woods, Author, Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in 21st Century; Joseph Banister, Fmr IRS Enforcement Agent; Michael Badnarik, Author & Trainer,; Clyde Cleveland, Author,

      Sheriffs: Your travel expenses, hotel for two nights, (Sunday the 29th and Monday the 30th) and meals during the convention are all paid for. You will be provided a conference handbook with support materials on the topics we will be covering, along with a digital version suitable for sharing with your staff.

      In order to secure your complimentary seat at this important and historic event you must RSVP by registering at on or before January 11, 2012. Space is limited and sheriffs who RSVP first will be the first to have their expenses paid. Your identity and personal information are held absolutely secure.

      We have a website dedicated to the promotion and fundraising for this important event and I encourage you to explore the FAQs, videos, sheriff survey and news links at

      If you have any questions please feel free to contact Michael Badnarik at 512-461-0995 or email

  • R.E.Massey

    Oath Keepers is a non-profit, educational organization that has a membership of active duty, retired and former military, Peace Officer and EMS personnel. We Reach, Teach and Inspire all of these people in these organizations to honor their oaths to the United States Constitution and not give in to illegal orders that they may be given by a tyrannical and lawless leader. I urge all civic minded and constitutionally minded citizens whether they have taken the oath and served our Republic and its people to join in our mission to restore this great Republic back to its original state that made our country a beacon of liberty for all the world to strive for. Do not be afraid to approach your county sheriff to learn if they have this same spirit burning inside their chest for liberty. If you find that he or she is a tool for oppression and at the beck and call of the occupiers in our Federal Government then work diligently to oust them from their office. If you find that he or she is like minded and supports and defends the constitution then offer up your service and support to them and ask them to help and guide you in starting an enhanced neighborhood watch program that he can call on at a moments notice when he needs you and believe me that the day is coming when he or she will need your help so do not sit on the fence come down and get active for our Republic. RLTW and Oath Keepers preserve our freedom.

  • http://yahoo scout

    These sheriffs are the exception, not the rule………

  • Shirley

    Luckily, we have the toughest Sheriff in America! Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

  • Shirley

    Luckily We have the toughest Sheriff in America!! Sheriff Joe Arpaio!
    He enforces the law no matter what. He stands up to the Feds and even Obama. The Man has a backbone of steel! Would that every county in this country had a Sheriff like him. He catches alot of flak from those who prefer we had no laws and just do whatever they want, but he is an inspiration to those of us who love our constitution and our country.

  • Niemand

    Here in the county whose seat is the Murder City and whose epicenter is Dearbornistan the sheriff seems a puppet of the county’s CEO (himself under investigation/subpoena by even Barry Hussein and Hess-Holder’s “Justice Department” for alleged, evidenced crimes so egregious that the black & Muslim-mafia wings of his party suspect each other of receiving more racist favoritism). The CEO, who has appointed the sheriff to a second hat (altho he really doesn’t wear a uniform as a real sheriff) and salary, in ’83 had his own appointment to sheriff confirmed by a judge whose fiance was doing time in a FL country-club prison for bond fraud! This person-of-interest in his decades as co. sheriff and ceo then destroyed efficiency, morale etc by implementing racialist quotas to promote marginally- and unqualified (translate couldn’t pass the real test!) “members of the black races” to supervisory and investigative positions and recently “influenced” Co. commissioners, commission chairman and chairwoman to let him pre-empt, seize and requisition at least $32 million for his appointees (including the current sheriff!) that had been earmarked by contract, labor concessions and co. ordinance for a retirees’ minimal cost-of-living allowance!
    Conversely the sheriff/ceo preceding him was a NY LEO, Fordham/DoJ rights attorney, church-going family man, FBI S/A and chief deputy/undersheriff. People rejected him for governor, and he is now an honorably retired judge (having been once appointed and thus respected by the governor who defeated him), in other words a “Good man.” But I digress: welcome to S/E Mich., the armpit of the rust belt, where “election” by labor skates, mainstream isvestia/pravda/tass media, “union” hacks et al. still manage to foil posse comitatus: the masses are asses!

  • Michael F Douglas

    I love Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona.We need every sheriff in the USA to be like Joe!

    • rocquedog

      Arpaio is a patriot. Dever and Babeu are also in that catagory. Right now we need to help Shrf. Arpaio, as the Imposter’s boy, Holder is out to try and hammer him, thru public opinion/courts. Everybody needs to go to his website and donate what they can. We real Americans cannot let him go down to the Obamanation.

  • Olen Barber

    I am a retired deputy shirff with 21 years service. My congradulation go to the sheriffs that are helping us to reclaime our country and its consitution. It appears that the Government is systamicly taking away all the things we can use to defend ourselfs in case of an unjust Government take over. Washington can not fix this country so we have to by forcing them to stay within the guide lines of the Consitution.

  • Deerinwater

    Your sheriff office and county judgeship’s is indeed where the rubber meets the road. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, all depending on prevailing county politics.

  • Nancy

    There is a reason why the sheriff is called The Lord High Sheriff. They are the highest law enforcement official in the country.

  • rocquedog

    Here in Az. we have several real patriots that are also patriots. Shrf’s Arpaio, Dever and Babeu. All 3 have stood nose to nose with the Feds and they’ve come out winners. There are a few other shrf’s that have appeared to have “grit” but haven’t been bloodied yet. But we have one, in Pima Co. (Tuc.) that is a real Traitor to the Constitution. Clarence Dupe nik. He’ll be voted out this yr. so hopefully, we’ll find another patriot. Nuff said about picking the right person for the job!!!

  • Jay

    Finally, some good news! As i suspected, the DOJ and FDA are nothing then over-paid TRANSVESTITES, who love to dress-up in leather and thongs!

  • Morgan

    Houston County Alabama is in trouble.. The sheriff apparently is quietly taking away our Second Amendment Rights by denying gun permits if you ever spit on the side walk when you were a kid.
    He recently denied permits based on 3rd degree misdemeanors that occured when they were teenagers 40 years ago. Never mind that is unconstitutional. A kid that failed to pay for $5 gas 40 years ago does not lose their Constitutional rights under the real law, but under Obama law he does. and Sherrifs that are brown nosing Obama are carrying it out. WAKE UP AMERICA.. THE COMMUNISTS ARE HERE HOLDING OFFICE IN OUR GOVERNMENT…TAKING OVER QUIETLY..

    • Vicki

      If that sheriff is truly upholding the Constitution why is he even handing out permits?

      • emily

        You seem to be one of the sharper tacks this morning. :) I agree with you one hundred percent. Nothing is said in the constitution that says I have the right to wait for a permit to carry a gun.

  • Anumber1

    1)Sheriff Chuck Wright of Spartanburg County, South Carolina is a good one. He recently urged women to carry firearms to ward off attackers. He believes in the Second Amendment.
    2)A looming possibility for confrontation is with the TSA roadblocks. The TSA has no legitimate jurisdiction over our highways and they have no right to stop motorists to check IDs. Only the local (police & sheriffs) and state (highway patrol or state troopers) authorities have that right. If I’m stopped in my car by the TSA for an ID check I’ll keep the windows closed and I’ll dial 911 on my cell phone for the local and/or state authorities. I would expect that they would come to my location and run the TSA off.

  • R.E.Massey

    I would not bet on it, the police,sheriffs, state patrol have to get a court order to set up road blocks and the TSA has absolutely no right to ask you for anything short of the time of day. Does the 4th amendment ring a bell. If they do not have the permission of a state judge to conduct a road stop or DUI check then they are working under the color of law and that can be entered in a class action suit against them. Keep you windows up and your doors locked but as your calling for local help just ask them for their authorization in its writen form, that would be the court order signed by the state judge. If you know your rights and are not afriad to use them then you will likely be sent on your way so they can find a sheeple to violate because bullies love to pick on the weak not the strong. I was stopped at a road block in my state and asked the patrolman who was doing the checking and he waved my on just about the time I got these three words out, (may I see). Be calm and respectful but stand up for your rights and if you take a ride for standing up for your rights then take the ride but also remember that when you persue the case they will be taking a ride themselves.

  • ranger hall

    The County Sheriff is the Main Law Inforcement Officer in the Country, He is the only Peace Officer that is Elected By the People.

    A Sheriff is to Protect the People and There Property in his County and Also the Constitution, AS all Peace Officers are supposed to do. And as some one said. A few do there jobs well, The many do Not.Chiefs of Police and their policemen are under the Powers to Be, They do not work for the Citizens. The Supreme court Said so.

  • James

    I can remember when raw milk was delivered to the house we lived in. In the winter, the cream would freeze and push the cap up about an inch. That was real ice cream, my sister and used to fight over it.

    • James

      That was also a small town in Indiana.

  • Theresa Gilbertson

    TooShaa!!!!! For the Sheriffs protecting our RIGHTS as citizens of the United States that fought for that Constitution!!! We will not be bullied by “our” government!

  • Michael

    I am a firm believer in our constitution with a family dating back to the pioneers. May God bless all these men for standing up to tyranny. We are one nation under God and they know it and show it through their actions. I pray for these men and for men like them to stand up. Let us remember that when we vote for all our politicians from city to federal government. Jesus is our King and He will show us the way with men like these.

  • Angel Wannabe

    One of our own is on the Board of Directors!

  • KJ

    Dear Friends and Supporters of the Sheriffs Project;

    We still have available space for sheriffs at the Constitutional sheriffs conference. If you have sheriffs you want included, please contact them quickly so we can get them registered. Time is of the essence. We are recommending that you print out the invitation, hand deliver it and encourage your sheriff to attend.

    Unfortunately, because of the drastic increase in air fares as the event gets closer, we have to limit the amount we can contribute toward their flight. We can pay $400 toward the flight or they can drive and we will pay for their gas up to $400.

    Here is the invitation. This should be a historical event and definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Also, there will be an event on Thursday evening open to the public and the press at the Tuscany Hotel in Las Vegas. There is a flyer posted at Tickets are $10 when purchased prior to the event or $15 at the door. Hear what transpired at the sheriffs conference and more.

    We had a little glitch with pay pal but all of that seems to be corrected at the moment. We are waiting for the funds to arrive in our bank account. We are still accepting donations. We are hoping to accept sheriffs right up to the day of the convention. We will be able to do that if we have enough continued donations. So please keep those donations coming in. Any funds left over will be applied to the next conference, hopefully, within the next 3-4 months.

    Our gratitude is not enough to thank you all for the hard work, support and generosity you have demonstrated. This event is a manifestation of your continual efforts; your contribution to history in the making and to freedom. Bless you all for helping us hold the Light of Freedom.

    Yours in Freedom,


    PS Please help us spread the word.

  • KJ


    Also, there will be an event on TUESDAY evening open to the public and the press at the Tuscany Hotel in Las Vegas. There is a flyer posted at Tickets are $10 when purchased prior to the event or $15 at the door. Hear what transpired at the sheriffs conference and more. Should Read: Tuesday evening, Jan 31 2012


  • Angel Wannabe

    I don’t know if this problem was reconciled or not, concerning the Sheriffs Donations and PayPal….


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