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Sheriff Describes Gypsies, May Face Lawsuit

July 18, 2012 by  

Sheriff Describes Gypsies, May Face Lawsuit
The American Civil Liberties Union wants a Colorado sheriff to apologize for giving a physical description of gypsies.

The American Civil Liberties Union is demanding that a Colorado sheriff apologize after he issued a warning about gypsies.

Arapahoe County Sheriff J. Grayson Robinson recently issued an alert titled “Gypsy Scams” in which he warned citizens about gypsies who target the elderly and commit frauds and burglaries. Allegedly, several homeowners in the area have recently been duped by gypsies.

Robinson’s description of gypsies is what upset the ACLU. He described a gypsy as a “medium to dark complexioned Caucasian” with “dark hair and dark eyes.” In the eyes of ACLU, Robinson’s depiction will cause racial profiling.

Staff Attorney Sara Rich said that Robinson’s warning “can only serve to heighten any preexisting biases that community members may already have against ethnic groups that fit this general description, including Latinos.”

Furthermore, the ACLU believes that the description will subject “countless innocent individuals to the risk of potential discrimination and harassment.”

ACLU attorneys want the sheriff:

  • To retract his warning about “Gypsy Scams.”
  • To publicly condemn discrimination based on physical appearance.
  • To release any records in Arapahoe County related to gypsies.

The ACLU has given the sheriff 10 days to apologize before taking further action.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • revnowwhilewecan

    Speaking of Sheriffs. This is from yesterday…..

  • JT

    The ACLU – what a waste of good oxygen. What happened to the days of calling a spade a spade and not sugar coating everything and being politically correct? That’s half the reason we’re in the mess we’re in now. How ’bout just calling it like it is. This sheriff observed a problem and notified his citizens exactly what to be on the lookout for. Good for him!


      If bears and mountain lions are attacking people, you don’t issue a warning about viscious toy poodles.

      • 45caliber

        I LOVE your example! And it is true too….

  • Steve

    Don’t be wary of those guys at your door just because they are wearing orange jumpsuits!

  • Chester

    Steve. I don’t worry about the guys wearing orange jumpsuits, as I know pretty much exactly who they are. The ones I worry about are the two white guys who pull up in front of my house and offer to seal my driveway with some stuff they have left over from another job, or the ones who knock on my door and tell me they are there to investigate a reported gas leak or phone problem when I have made no such report. All three of those are among the “Gypsy” scams the sheriff was talking about, along with a couple of hundred more. This is one time the ACLU should butt out.

    • http://PersinalLibertyAlerts Betty

      I live in an area of Georgia and South Carolina where a clan of Gypsies live called Murphyvillage. They are known for stealing and misleading people. Plus some of the clan old men marry 10 year olds. I have a friend who makes the wedding dresses for these young brides. It makes you sick! A lot of business will not take checks from these people. This doesn’t mean all of them are ruthless, but most of them are. You ought to see the houses they live in. Most people could not afford them. What you say about them are mostly true.

  • FreedomFighter

    Political Correct speech is nothing more than a control mechanism for confusing issues, control of thought patterns and furthering the communist agenda.

    Reject “politically correct” speech.

    If its a black crime wave say it.

    If its gypsys, say it

    if its whites say it

    if hispanic say it

    if you dont people have not idea what they are facing, who, or what. — Confusion.

    What the commies what in the USA, Americans confused, and unaware

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • anon

      Semper Fi
      Thank you for your service…
      Thank you for your continued service against domestic enemies …
      God Bless all our Military past and present….

    • 45caliber


      They want Americans fearful of all strangers as they do in the Mid-East. Fear gives those in government power when they promise to act to eliminate the fear. The real problem with that is that those in power are the ones to fear. If Americans didn’t fear everyone else, they might actually form groups that could force those in power to run.

      • Miatyank

        Better to be fearful from them.I know a lot of them,you barely have some here.This is the mildest they do.Killing 80+ old ladies DAILY. Oh I forgot: raping them before that.”That’s their taste)
        And it is not a single case it happens daily in certain parts of Europe.Much better to have Mexicans, they are capable to work.For gipsies this is a biggest shame. Trust me (don’t! just check it!) a single 45caliber will help but no chance against their illegal AK’s. So just fear it, you’ll live longer.

      • 45caliber

        Sorry. I’ll do something about it – even if I am killed – before I will fear it and kneel to it.

    • TML

      Reporting the scam is all that was necessary. Tying it to a specific ethnic group with such a vague description of ‘who to look out for’ not only could result in things such as described in the article, but its also down right stupid. I’m sure a blonde haired, blue eyed, white guy could pull the scam just the same.

      • afdbghq

        True, but if it were white guys and the sheriff reported the description as being white, males, with blond or brown hair then the ACLU (American Communist League Union) would be OK with it. It is only when anyone other that a WASP is described that it is racial profiling. If Gypsies are committing these scams and the majority of them fit the sheriffs description then that is what it is. It is time this country woke up and stopped committing PC suicide.

    • Dan Mancuso

      Right on the money FF. The only profiling that is acceptable today is against white Christian heterosexual males.Pro-lifers are domestic terrorists, and this includes anyone owning a gun or wanting to defend their 2nd Ammendment rights or any other Constitutional protection. Wake up America – take back your country!

  • Mike Austin

    On of the victims should sue the ACLU for preventing the Sherrif from accurately describing the potential crime so they could take the proper precautions.

  • Steve E

    Gypsies have a history of conning people. That’s why they are called Gypsies. Now go get your palm read.

    • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

      Steve E,

      The “PALM READING” says: the same libtards’ NONSENSE with the old slogan “RACIAL PROFILING”.

  • AK Tom

    When I was a kid the country store down the road had some gypsies stop in their store. Several of them kept the owner distracted while other members of the group went through the owners house which was connected to the store and stole jewelry, cash, and other miscellaneous items of value. They kept asking her(the store owner) questions and talking to her, told her they were Cubans and were traveling around performing cuban dances. at various locations. It wasn’t until after they were long gone and she noticed things missing from her house did she realize what happened.

    • Jim Park

      When I was a teenager in our country town, everybody started to hide their stuff, whenever the gypsies came through the town. Take the clothes off the clothesline, etc. Gypsies have to steal; they aren’t working and they just travel through each town as they go, taking whatever they need. Oh oh, I’m not politically correct. But then, I never am!

      • independant thinker

        I used to sell a wood plaque that said “Politicaly incorrect and proud of it”. Sales were rather brisk too. Feel free to use the statement if you wish.

      • JUKEBOX

        When the Gypsies made their annual trip to Memphis for their burials , the crime rate went up. This could have been a coincidence.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Many moons ago, when I was a teenager I worked at K Mart. There were roving bands of gypsies that would hit all of the K Marts. They would come in, in large groups, spread out, and steal everything they could. They would often leave by the back security doors, which resulted in alarms ringing, chaos and the fire dept. showing up. So they developed a code to announce over the pa system when they entered the store so that we knew they were there. We all dropped everything we were doing to watch them and guard the emergency doors. I don’t know how successful we were but I’ll never forget the excitement of it. There is NOTHING wrong with profiling! The government does it with us “patriots” all of the time! Everybody profiles whether you want to admit it or not!!!

      • 45caliber


        The gyspies are simply another type of family who teach their children it is alright to steal from someone else. The main group in the US who does that today are those on welfare since crime is the only way they can get more money without losing their welfare benefits.

  • Steve

    I love it. I can just see an aclu member trying to report a mugging. Yes officer I was mugged, but I can’t tell you what the person looked like, because that might be profiling, but I demand action and that you catch the mugger :)

  • dcjdavis

    PC police always turn the victim (or, as in this case, the one who only wants to warn or protect) into the criminal.

  • RalphNader

    I want the the over funded mentally derelect elite of the ACLU to pack up their tents and steal off into the night! They are a bunch of clueless Bimbos! Being namadic is not a crime and indded in the past the list of Adrian messenger and even Dannay Kaye celebrated Gypsies! Taker the good with the bad And if you aren’t good little boys an gurls I will give you to the gypsies! Aren’t we all so bloody culturally sensitivew these days! The fabric of this society is has become evil because of oversensitivity! Gypsies are gypsies in our society because they choose to be… and can be! You adapt adjust overcome! We are the first nation that considered “the nature of man… and woohman!

    Get over it and address the real problems in our society killing drugs child abuse spousal abuse!
    And above all learn to defend your self against supid people! We are a nation of stand up people who seem to have forgotten what it take to keep and hold what is dear to you! backbone and the ability to stand your ground that and a tad of CHRISTIAN charity thrown int the mix! We are a Christian Nation founded upon the ideals of Roman christian Dane & english juris prudence! We exist because it lies in the nature of man as a social being laced with flaws yet endeavouring to make it better! Not perfect better that is GOD’s realm me i strive for excellence and try no to knowingly harm my fellow man! SOOO mr ACLU know it all muckraker advocate of non issues take down a drug dealer a person who who holds others in indentiture, bondage or slavery! It exists and so doesn’t stupidFreedom cannot exist without risk or committment! Knowing what you are confronting and how to confront it is one of the responsibilities that allows you to claim that inalienable right!


      Hey Ralph, you cannot fix “STUPID”, but it does need to be painful.

    • Neil Swan

      We are not a Christian Nation we have freedom of religion in this country.
      The ACLU is an excellent organization looking out for Americans and American law.


  • Carol J

    I wonder what Helen Keller would think of what’s become of the foundation she created. I doubt she would recognize it today.

  • geo_jojo

    You mean we can’t call a thief, a thief, or call a criminal a criminal? What the hell are we suppose to call people if we can’t say anything that describes the person? Next time you witness a crime and the cops ask for a description, just say “i can’t tell you, I might be sued by the ACLU. Besides if you look for someone by description, that is profiling which is also illegal…

    • 45caliber


      Apparently we can’t call a thief a thief. He must be called a suspect or something similiar. Apparently no one is a criminal unless the court rules they are one, regardless of what they do to you. To me, a criminal is someone who commits a crime, whether he’s be caught and found guilty or not. A thief is someone who steals. A murderer is someone who murders someone. But the courts and media seem to disagree.

    • Karen Griffee

      Well we can’t call an illegal immigrant what he/she is, They have to be undocumented residents. I guess next we will have to call drug dealers independent pharmacists!

  • Jay

    ACLU: The foremost missionary organization of Abortionism and related cults such as Evangelical Paganism. Variously known as Atheists, Communists and Liars Unscrupulous; Anti-Christian Litigation Union and Abortionite Confraternity of Litigious Ultra-Leftists.

    An organization devoted to destroying the moral foundations of American society by eradicating the influence of religion from public life.

    • Neil Swan

      The ACLU is for the constitution.
      The religious right of course isn’t.


    • http://PersinalLibertyAlerts Betty

      I agree with you Jay! I wish they would allow the names of members of the ACLU. When I think of the ACLU I think of the KuKlux Clan.

      • Jay

        Bingo! KKK by a different name.

  • terris

    I agree with the ACLU.


      If someone assaults you or robs you in the future, don’t call the police, call the ACLU.

  • 45caliber

    Sadly we need to be able to profile problem areas of people. While criminals come in all shapes and colors, there are groups. If such a group (as the gypsies apparently are in Arapahoe County or terrorists from the Mid-East) is causing problems in an area, the residents need to be able to know what to look for to identify them. Simply saying criminals are in the area does no good except to encourage people to be fearful of everyone – which may be one of the reasons the ACLU is against profiling. After all, there are people in the US who WANT the citizens of the US to fear everything … particularly other people. That is how the terrorists control the populations of the Mid-East – fear. When I hear on the news about the need to watch for some criminal, it always amazes me that they fail to give a description that might help find that person. It may be called profiling but it is sometimes necessary.

  • Jay

    Critics say racial profiling is evidence of “institutional racism.” But profiling can just as easily be a reasonable strategy based on hard statistical evidence that shows young black and Hispanic men committing disproportionate numbers of crimes.

    Why is it that the same activists who insist upon racial bean-counting in college admissions and employment demand “colorblindness” in police work?

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    Assuming it is true about Gypsie “fraud”, i guess, for Sheriff, Robinson,their “frauds”which might amount to thousands of dollars is more important than the TRILLIONS of dollars of FRAUD perpetrated by the Zionists and Freemasons in the Banks and other financial industries .

    Part of the Establishment tactic of “Divide and conquer”. They point their fingers ( indirectly and via theri controlled media) at an easy target for blame and Useful Idiots, like the Sheriff fall in line to begin the blame game……..Mission accomplished !!!

    One can only guess who the Sheriff wishes he were in bed with !!!

  • dbur

    Profile!! Do it!! It works.

  • rightgunner

    Is the ACLU competent to make these demands?

    The Sheriff has the right to counter their demands with: After the ACLU proves that there have never been Gypsy scams perpetrated in the United States I will pass that information to those in my jurisdiction.

    If the ACLU has a description that better allows one to identify a Gypsy, please provide it and I will provide it to those in my jurisdiction.

    If we wish to alert black folks to the large black-on-black crime in areas of this country, are we not allowed to use the term black on black crime, and are we not allowed to use the term white on black crime when discussing that category, because someone may use it to profile someone else?

  • Oldbutnotadumbutt@2012

    ACLU Take a hike!!!!

  • GANGBUSTER @2012

    It just goes to show the Public;what dumba#s they are!!!!

  • GANGBUSTER @2012

    The Good Sheriff was just doing his job!!!ACLU should step aside,and let him do it!!!!!!What kind of a dumda#s world are we living in anyway?????

  • middleman @2012

    T Agree 100% !!!!

  • Hanshi

    While gypsies vary in skin, eye and hair color, they tend to be dark in those areas. After all they originated in northern India. Don’t think there are too many blond haired, blue eyed people there. If you are in a room and hear running hoof beats outside, most rational people will think of a horse, not a zebra. Let’s get off the PC insanity.


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