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Shelby: GOP Will Regret Fiscal Cliff Deal

January 3, 2013 by  

Shelby: GOP Will Regret Fiscal Cliff Deal
Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) is one of eight lawmakers from both sides of the aisle that rallied against the fiscal cliff deal put together by the Senate.

Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) said Wednesday that the United States is “headed down the road that Europe’s already on” in reflection of the Senate’s fiscal cliff offer.

Shelby is one of eight lawmakers from both sides of the aisle that rallied against the fiscal cliff deal put together by the Senate. The deal extends George W. Bush-era tax cuts for families making less than $450,000 a year and wards off sequestration for another two months. What it fails to address, however, is a plan to cut debt or entitlement spending.

“I [would have liked] to see a grand bargain,” Shelby told Fox and Friends. “And I believe you never know — if we would have held out, maybe it would have done something. The pressure was building on the president to do something. He certainly doesn’t want us to go into recession. But we need fundamental tax reform. We need to reform our entitlements. We need to look at the spending ledger.”

The Senator was joined in voting against the measure by Senators Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), Tom Carper (D-Dela.), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Mike Lee (R-Utah), Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Tom Harkin (D-Iowa).

Republicans who voted for the fiscal cliff deal, Shelby said, made a big mistake and will “rue the day.” He said he was proud of those lawmakers that stood with him in opposition.

Paul, in a statement before the fiscal cliff vote, outlined why he would note “nay”: “It’s impossible to get to any deal on the fiscal cliff when Majority Leader Reid and President Obama refuse to consider meaningful cuts in spending. They are demanding we raise taxes on working families and small businesses — and worse — using these tax increases for more government spending.

“Sending more taxpayer dollars to Washington isn’t the solution to this situation; cutting wasteful government spending and enabling Americans to keep more of their own money is.”

The fiscal cliff bill moved on to the House Tuesday for consideration and passed 257-167. Congress will now shift focus to its next looming crises and opportunity for political theater: the debt ceiling. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner submitted a letter to Congress on Monday saying he had begun a “debt issuance suspension period” that would last through Feb. 28. The Department of the Treasury will employ a series of “extraordinary measures” so it does not exceed the debt limit before lawmakers work out a deal. The debt limit is currently set at $16.394 trillion.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    Thirty-one years ago, when I became a Republican, after having been an Independent for three years after quitting the Democrat party, I made up my mind to never again vote for a Democrat. I’ve kept that vow. In 2008, I quit the Republican party and am once again an Independent. I’ve pretty much made up my mind never to vote for a Republican, either, unless that Republican can convince me he/she is a true conservative. There are no conservative Democrats, though the brain dead media often labels some as conservatives, and Republicans, at best, are left leaning moderates. There are very few Conservatives left in the party, and those that are do not get support from the party. Many on this site and on others have stated they are also through with the Republican party. So, yeah, the Republicans are going to suffer for betraying us. The American people mean nothing to politicians of either party. The only time they pretend to care about us is at election time when they want our financial support and our vote. Why should we give them either???

    • rendarsmith

      Amen to that!

    • DC

      I disagree Harold. I’ve been an independent for years and then became a Republican. I’m working within the party towards CHANGING their attitudes toward conservatism.

    • Steve E

      I think the Republican party is dead on the national level. There are just too many RINOs that vote other RINOs in office. I believe that is a cure that can’t be fixed until there is a third party.

      • Dan Mancuso

        Mr. E;
        You are on the right track in realizing the two party system doesn’t work. But don’t buy into the illusion that a third party will make a difference. Look at the example of the Tea Party grassroots movement. If they have not co-opted themselves in order to get and maintain a semblence of ‘power’, they have be co-opted by the SYSTEM! More’s the pity!
        An example of the three party system; in Canada, where I’m from, we have a three party system, the Liberals and the Consevatives sort of coincide with your Democrats and Republicans. The third party, the New Democratic Party (NDP), are blatantly socialist, with many of their leaders being – literally – card carrying Communists! The problem here is that ALL three parties are socialist – just like the two parties in the States and all other Western countries. On basic, fundamental fiscal and and social policy they are all the same. The problem is the SYSTEM. Socialism has been imposed!
        To paraphrase the British warmonger Winston Churchill, ‘Democracy may be imperfect, but it’s the best system we have’. This is not merely a cop-out, this is socialist sophistry.
        America has been the ‘shinning city on the hill’ to many of us around the world. The American Constitution of a Constitutional Republic is the best idea so far in man’s history. The problem is, you have thrown it away, or let it be stolen, but for whatever reason you don’t have it anymore and look where that has got you!
        I don’t know HOW to pull back from the precipice of Totalitarian Global Fascism we are all headed towards. The solution is in WHY your Constitution was written the way it was. The premise being inherant rights given to you the people, by God. The biggest stumbling block to regaining your sovereignty as individuals and as a nation is not the sell-outs in office and their minions – they are scum and can’t help themselves – it’s the 47% who buy into the Democrats lies and the rest who buy into the Republicans lies.
        I guess the only avenue you have open to you, is to go through the fire, allow the SYSTEM to collapse and die. Don’t allow yourselves to be ‘rescued’ by the One World Order – rebuild from the grass roots and most important rebuild from the God given principals of your wonderful Constitution…each one of you has to take responsibility for what has happened and why, and each one of you has to take responsibility to get your country back! Good Luck and God speed!

      • Benjamin Fox

        Third parties have throw the elections to the worse guy each time they try. They will never have the power unless maybe the Tea Party keeps it’s conserative roots? I was a demo-rat for years and then I realized everything God is for, the demo-rats are against as proven when they booed Him at their convention. Became a Republican and have to agree most have become RINO’s, I belong to the Tea Party and hope some day they can carry the nation back to greatness? Was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 04, had media all over me wondering why I left the demo-ratic party? That was easy as I have already said. We kicked God out of schools and now evil has replaced Him as we have seen, kicked Him out of the public square with 10 good rules to live by and crime is all around us. Have even kicked Him out of many churches and even they are under attack by those who hate Him. God said He would judge a nation for certain offense’s, homosexuals being called normal, killing of babies and we have murdered almost 6 million. Destruction of the family and we have a 75% divorce rate and climbing. We have let the socialist education unions propagandize our children into all that is immoral. I’m not sure we have another year or not?

    • Lawrence

      To Harold Olsen,AMEN! I gave up on them in 2008.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Mr. Olsen, I believe we are sunk no matter who we vote for. We sent a horde of T.E.A. party reps to the House in 2010, and they quickly morphed into the DC mode of transportation (aka “getting along”) by voting with the majority just about every time. As a group they are unidentifiable. As individuals they mean nothing. With no one in DC to stop the train, it barrels downhill on a greased track with no brakes.

      • Steve E

        I may be off on my numbers slightly, but I believe that out of 60 Tea Partiers that were elected to Congress in 2010, Most have turned Establishment and there are only about 25 true Tea Partiers left.

      • Bob Reynolds

        “Nobody’s Fool” – This response isn’t just to you. I just chose your comments to respond to. This response is to every conservative (forget “Flashy”) that is in the response list. I have viewed comments of concern about the direction of our country via cyberspace for years. Those comments have not made one difference in our concerns. The change we desire will begin when we cease the rhetoric and begin the march. The patriots, that won our freedom from tyranny, did so with the ultimate sacrifice. Their passionate diatribes were breif and their actions were swift. We expect our military personnel to defend our freedoms on foreign fronts, but we will not equal their sacrifices by defending their vacancy? Liberalism is gutless, as it requires no responsibility. Our adversaries are much more committed than we are. We can hang together or we will surely hang separately!

    • Bob

      Saw that 40 yrs ago their all self centered liars out for themselves. They should all be tried for treason or with NDAA called terrorists and kept in prison for life. All this should have been about spending and debt but no one has the balls to take a real stand. The republican party should be dissolved their taking god votes from good politicians like Ron Paul. Gop are spineless liars that want to destroy our country and take our rights away OH that also describes the dems we’re screwed!

    • Rhonda Reichel

      I voted for Chuck Baldwin of the constiution party in 2008 and Ron Paul in 2012 but I wouldn’t vote for any of them with the exception of Rand Paul or Lee. Marco Rubio is still a neocon and supports the NDAA so he’s out. Besides he’s not eligible.

      I mostly vote 3rd party anyway. Republicans are CINOs CONSERVATIVE IN NAME ONLY

  • JimH

    Mr. Shelby, Not only the GOP will regret this deal. All of the U.S, will regret what you did to(not for) us.

    • Flashy

      “Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) said Wednesday that the United States is “headed down the road that Europe’s already on” in reflection of the Senate’s fiscal cliff offer.”

      Well…not only have we pursued economic policies much different than the path chosen by Europe when the Great Recession hit, the results show the US to be holding the world’s economy together as Europe flounders and struggles under its chosen path (the Euro path being a path which, if you will recall, was the one demanded by the far right extremists, the TPers and the American Taliban).

      Notice his subtle wording about “the president” sending us into a recession. Which is so far disconnected from reality as everyone but the extremists tried brokering a deal which slowly reduces spending and slowly raises revenue. In other words…easing our way out of the mess Shelby and the extremists put us into.

      Another subtle change of wording …exemplifying the TPer / American Taliban profile. it’s not their fault, everyone else is at fault. And they ‘know’ the way…everyone else is wrong.

      And yet another subtle change of wording. before this, if you will recall, any tax cut was automatically paid for. tax cuts had no cost. “growth’ from tax cuts would pay for them. A bunch of malarkey but it became mantra to the TPer / American Taliban cabal. Now? Why…surprise! Any tax cut had to be accompanied by reduction in spending because of the lower revenue created by said tax cut.

      It’s the profile of the extremists. Everyone else is at fault, they don’t have to pay for anything, the wealthy should have it all and we rely on the benevolence of the wealthy, and fear hate and ignorance will lead us to the Promised Land.

      Social contract? Uh uh …only if they get the bennies. The Northeast and emergency aid from the hurricane? Nope. they pay more than they receive from the feds…no need to help them out.

      Now the latest … they’re promising to have the US default on its obligations (again) unless they get their destructive way. their way or no way is the threat.

      Patriots? they have no claim to anything near that title.

      • Bill

        Blah, Blah, Blah, liberal claptrap. You are so predictable. In fact we could write your comments for you

      • Dale left coast

        So Flash . . . explain how the next president solves the 20+ TRILLION national Debt Issue? What you can’t . . . how lieberal of you . . .
        What happens Flash when interest rises to say 5% ? . . . The interest on the debt will be over a TRILLION dollars a Year . . . who pays that Flash?
        I know . . . you want to TAX the RICH . . . insane ! ! !

      • Flashy

        Dale…try to think OK?

        As i stated, balance is when revenues are between 30-32% of GDP. That’s modern history. It’s a fact unless you want to screw the Middle Class and rip apart our societal fabric. We were “blessed’ bu the neo-cns, supported every inch of the way by the right wing extremists..with two unfunded wars. On that, I blame Congress as they should have demanded those wars be paid for by increasing taxes and/or other revenues. The GOP cooked the books…and the extremists were handing them the pens when they ran out of ink.

        Be that as it may…we now have to pay for that. Who benefited? Not the Makers and Job Creators (Middle Class). Who should pay? those that reaped huge benefits or those that took it on the chin?

        As you state, interest rates will eventually go up. We will need to go back to the Clinton tax rates. That’s not a question…it’s a fact. I see the battle in 2015 for the GOP will be the minority party…unless they can somehow miraculously remake their brand.

        Going back to the Clinton tax rates will bring revenues to about 35% of GDP. We’ve cut spending, flat lined spending as a matter of fact.

        The deficit should be about 4.0% of GDP. That level was exceeded by Reagan (almost 6%) and Bush’s i & II. President Obama inherited a deficit which was 10% of GDP. It now sits at 10.5 (est.).

        Now also consider. A portion of the “debt’ is US treasuries. Who owns those? Just under one-third of the Federal debt is owed to other Federal agencies. The next largest part (21%) is held by other governmental entities, like the Federal Reserve and state and local governments. the remainder..less than 50%, is held by businesses, like banks, and insurance companies, a mish-mash of trusts, businesses and investors, and foreign governments.

        So more than 50% of the debt is what we owe ourselves. now think about that for a second. Seriously. It’s as if you borrowed money from yourself and now claim to be indebted to yourself for that amount. Over half the debt is a fictional creation to balance books ! (unlike most foreign governments in debt crisis…who sold their notes to outside interests)

        Yes…we will need to raise taxes to the Clinton rates. Revenues as a % of GDP will need to be about 35% for awhile. We will need to cut spending. We’ve gotten a hold on spending and away from the bleeding of the GOP years. We have flat lined spending, that is a good thing.

        We will have to assume GDP will grow, and we have to cut spending. The mix of the three will work. The question is…do we stick it to the Middle Class, weaken it further and lower our growth? Create a sub middle Class who can’t make it except under subsistence living? Or halt the redistribution of wealth and welfare to the wealthy programs?

        I’d say we’ll need to target a spending level at 8% in the next few years, which can be achieved by eliminating the welfare to the wealthy programs, and Big Corporation subsidies …and trust the growth of GDP will decrease the margin further. Then re-examine the issue …

        There ya go …

      • S.C.Murf

        flash you are a dreamer

        up the hill

      • Mac M

        Not really directed at just Flashy, but if the shoe fits.

        OK, I read a lot, actually all, of the posts that show up here. Some I agree with. A lot? Not so much. Sorry this is lengthy, but ya finally ticked me off.

        The Criminal in Charge says that he wants to “Level the playing field” and for “everyone to pay their fair share”. Then his actions show differently. He and his family take off for Hawaii for a combined cost for their vacations (?) of somewhere in the neighborhood of $11,000,000,000, all on our money. He made a big thing of pointing out that he was in the group that the tax hike was going to be aimed at primarily, the rich. Is he paying for his and his family’s “Vacation”, nope. Does he pay taxes on what he spends? Nope. Does he (and his Army of Accountants and Lawyers) claim every conceivable deduction? You betcha.

        How many vacations (ALL expenses paid) did you have this year? And did that also includes the additional C5 cargo plane that has to go with you to carry the vehicles and security equipment. How about Michelle’s “Personal Staff”. Use your own common sense for that part, doubtful that you have any. His “Home State” may actually just be the state that he SAYS he was born in. But his home of record is in Chicago. And the last time I checked that is a LOT closer than Hawaii.

        What happened to Camp David? That is a short Helicopter ride. Who pays for your Golf? Who pays for his? When was the last time you got ALL of Disney shut down so your family could go on the rides? Or when did you get the Vietnam Memorial shut down so you could give a speech, then not even take the time to look at the names on the wall. Or get a National Day Of Prayer cancelled, then show up in a Mosque? Or send someone else to do what every President and Vice President has done since it began. Lighting the National Christmas Tree. He is known as the “most absent President in history”.

        They want to make it all level? OK, how is this? Everyone pays the same rate based upon their GROSS income. Companies, Corporations, businesses as well as individuals. Period. No deductions, for anyone. If they want to do donations to charity fine, but it is not deductible. If a business wants or needs to do research to improve what or how they do business, GREAT. But it isn’t deductible, why should I pay for them to make more money that they don’t have to pay taxes on? Don’t make sense to me. I can’t afford the Army of Accountants and Lawyers to get me out of paying as much as the IRS says I have to pay. Can you? I don’t remember the year that the EXXON Valdiz dumped all the oil in Alaska, but I do remember thinking that they made over $27 Billion that year. EXXON paid about $2,400 in taxes, I paid just over $2,500 the same year with a wife and two sons, as an E3 in the Military. Sound fair to you?

        Make it where the Government has to live within their means. Congress writes Laws all the time, and what they can’t think up Obummer just writes a Presidential Executive Order for it. What the heck, they can ignore the Bill of Rights and the Constitution at will, do you really think they would abide by that Law either? A little credit is acceptable now days but $16+ Trillion!!!! If you or I spent God only knows how many times what we make, how long do you think it would take for the powers that be to clamp down on your habits?

        The IRS (Infernal Revenuers Stormtroopers) is over populated with some of the biggest Tax cheaters in history. Yet they want and will actively chase you and me down for our last dollar. I would make the tax code on one sheet of paper. You make a Dollar, send us a dime. Simple. Even Shell Oil could figure their “fair Share” on a $2.00 Calculator.

        Government Officials and their family and/or staff want to travel all over the world at our expense. OK, I understand that sometimes they have to go somewhere to be able to do the job they were elected to do for us and the country at large. It shouldn’t take two weeks to hold a 30 minute meeting. Send them the bill for the rest. The US Government is one of the largest holders of Real Estate. Much of it unused or abandoned. Stay in Government facilities. And that only covers the Official. He pays rent for everyone that is not. He wants to take his wife and kids. OK, no problem. They pay for their own transportation, housing, food etc costs. I didn’t vote for Michelle Obama, did you? Then why should I pay for her and her kids to jet all over the world on “Vacations, shopping expeditions (she has lousy taste) and school class trips” for their kids and their friends to other countries?

        What other President do you know of that has another plane to carry the family pet, with paid handler. Unless I have completely lost count, that makes at least three Airplanes with crews, etc. So far.

        He says that he wants to control the guns in this country. BS. What he wants to control is every person in the country. More specifically, our money. And yes, that includes yours. To do what with it? Give it to the largest collection of Dictators in history (UN) so they can further control everything you and I do? Not to mention doing away with the Constitution that this country has done very well with for over 200 years, thank you very much. Why do you think they want to get rid of the Constitution? It damn sure isn’t so we can enjoy more freedom. Nope, it is to make us more suitable to the next great idea they want to shove down our throat, or under their heel.

        If we really want to start cutting spending, don’t you think that even some of these Ideas should be looked at? Are we supposed to bankrupt our country to pay other countries not to like us, or even attack us? Then perhaps you might want to go find a robber, give him most of your money, tell him that you won’t resist if he attacks you and your family. Then NOT expect him to be in bed with your wife some dark night while you stand at your own bedside and watch while he laughs at you. Or are you just happy as a clam to have your head stuck up his – - -. And are you, more than willing to pay him and the rest for the privilege?

        If you think he and his cronies want to make you more safe. History certainly does not bear that out. One last thought.

        They (Obummer, Biden,Feinstien, Reed, the UN et al) are all screaming for Gun Control. But they, like the News Paper or Mullet wrapper (that is a fish by the way) that printed the names and addresses to the CCW holders, are the first to get as many guns as they can get to protect their own collective butts. What about yours? Oh incidentally, some (if not a lot) of the names and addresses of the CCW holders are Cops. And it is a FEDERAL Law that giving out that information is punishable with prison and fines. What do you think are the chances that the “Powers that Be” are going to go after their media lap dogs on that little item? If I were one of the COPS on that list, I would be dragging the jerk that wrote the article, with red dots on the map, out in handcuffs. Along with all the other co-conspirators that went along with it.

        Personally? I don’t see it happening. Do you? Or are you just going to sit and sing Koombyah while it all comes down around your ears? Or just point to your wife while screaming “Take her, Don’t hurt me, I’m a Liberal”? Assuming of course that you have a wife. Or would “significant other” be more politically correct? Your choice, in more ways than one.

      • Vicki

        Flashy says:
        “Dale…try to think OK? ”

        Have you considered following your own sage advice?

      • Bill

        What drugs have you been taking. Oh, I forgot. You are a shill and will say any lies that fit your story. What you just said is so blatantly untrue that you cannot even fool the ten year olds. You need to go back and check with your progressive handbook and come up with something better than that

  • http://midcontent range rider

    People that trust anything a socialist/communist says and swears by it USA always gets more like a dictator run country. Stay an indepentant or a libatarian, an the socialist/communist party will always win. If you don’t like how the organization is run get up off your hind quarters and speak out. As more college, book trained, unemployeed. morons keep get taxpayer funded funds. The socialist/cpommunist democraps will be put into office.

    • Lawrence

      Already tried your solution. Nothing works’ When they turn socialist there is no turning them back.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Even Putin tried to warn us about socialism but we didn’t listen.

  • T. Jefferson

    All obama has to do is hold America hostage and the GOP will cave. Sometimes it hurts to do the right thing. You cowards in DC need to do the right thing, the Constitutional thing. Read the words of our Founding Fathers and quit being marxist puppets.


    Washinton keeps talking about raising taxes and the American people whine but never realize that paying taxes (income taxes) are for only federal employees, that’s the law. If you are not engaged in a trade or business with the United States or you do not hold a federal occupation, then you are not a federal taxpayer and if you do not meet the requirements, you commit perjury. But don’t worry if you like committing perjury because the Government has never prosecuted anyone doing so because the money you send in to the IRS is a free gift. Your freedom is right around the corner if you would only research the law and find out the truth. When you send in your 1040 return you lie because you are not “returning” anything that was never paid to you in the first place. Signing Government tax forms is “voluntary” because these forms contain a jurat (self administered oath) of under penalties of perjury. You volunteer to put yourself up for prosecution by the Government if some dodo at the IRS should believe you shorted the Government some money. Unless you have the mind of God (which no one does) then you cannnot ever be certain that there might be something on that tax form that is not true. If you don’t sign the form and send it in, the IRS will reject the form. So where do you want to end this nonsense? Either keep paying the tax that you do not owe (Don’t you know that you are protected by the Constitution?) and that the 16th amendment never repealed Article 1 section 2 clause 3 section 9 clause 4 which is the Supreme Law of the Land. When will you statrt demanding your rights under the Bill of Rights of the Constitution? The Internal Revenue Code is just what the first word declares, it’s “internal” not “external”, which means it governs those who work for the Government in Federal jurisdiction. Raising taxes is just another pile of crap that politicians go for because there are benefits to be acquired from the ignorance of the public private sector. They call it “Pork money”!

    • Flashy

      Do do do do (Outer Limits theme)

    • David

      Alvis, That may be the truth but the government doesn’t care about the truth and I’ve seen people that made mistakes with the IRS and they got their lives taken away. Answer me two questions do you volunteer your taxes each year? Do you legally have too?


        No David, I do not volunteer to pay federal income tax. I only pay (volunteer) taxes for which I ascertain to be valid such as the federal tax that is included with the purchase of gasoline. I have no legal responsibilitty to pay the federal income tax as a private (non-federal) citizen not engaged in a trade or business with the United States as a federal occupation. Many people talk about those who have been incarcerated by federal judges for not paying income taxes. Those people who were not federal employees, were incarcerated by fraud. You would have to know the law and read the court transcripts to see where the person on trial was falsely prosecuted. People of the private sector cannot commit federal crimes in the private domain. You must have been in a jurisdiction of the Government to have committed a federal crime. People through ignorance accept federal indictments and make their way to federal court where they learn real quick that the court is governed by Statutory (federal law) and that the Constitution has no effect. These people have no business of ever being in federal court. What you don’t know about the law will surely be your demise as it has for many a innocent patriot. The internal revenue code is all about federal business. If you want to see the truth of the matter, I suggest you get a copy of the Code which will be around a $100. Then research what you discover by looking on the internet. Lets look at an example concerning federal income tax in the Code. Look in the index of the Code and look under the caption “Liability for tax” and see if “Income” is listed as a taxable subject. Then look in subtitle A (which consists of 1,564 sections) and find any section that makes you or anyone else liable for the income tax. You will not find it! Only federal withholding agents are made liable for “collection” of the tax on non-resident aliens and foreign corporations that volunteer to pay the tax. Then look in subtitle C and look in section 3401(c) and see who a employee is for the collection of income tax at source. Then look at section 3402(n) and 3402(p) and see where a federal employee can file his W-4 as exempt but he/she can “volunteer” to pay the tax. Nowhere in the code is there any instruction for non-federal employees of the private sector to exempt himself or to volunteer to pay the tax. Then lastly, look at section 3404 where the tax return and payment is to be made by governmental employer. David do you work for the Government? You now have your homework if you so choose. There is an old law maxim that says, “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. Either you will hold to your rights under the Constitution or you will yield to statutory law which as a private sector citizen will keep you in slavery to the corrupt IRS.

    • Margaret

      Do you not pay taxes? When did you stop doing so?

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Once you sign a W 2 then you are obliged to pay taxes….you gave away your rights. Of course nobody tells you this

        I read that income tax should only apply to money you make off of foreign trade so I don’t do that but they still expect payment.

        I wonder if anyone has ever gotten away with refusing to pay income tax?


        I do not pay federal income taxes. I stopped back in the year 2000. There is no legal responsibility for me to pay the federal income tax based upon my private sector citizenship and the fact that I do not have a federal occupation as a taxpayer. The Constitution protects me at Article 1, section 2, clause 3, section 9, clause 4. The 16th amendment that so many tax lawyers will tell you that this amendment gave the Government the power to tax all income is not so, but rest assured, the Article I just mentioned has yet to be repealed, which means that the 16th amendment only pertains to “indirect taxes” or “excise taxes” encountered within federal jurisdiction. If you really want to know the truth, begin today by doing serious research about this tax and set yourself free and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Remember that, “ignorance of the law is no excuse” when it comes to paying taxes. All government tax forms that have a jurat of under penalties of perjury, makes the form voluntary. The common W-4 is a voluntary form. You can fill one out and hand it to your new employer but don’t sign it. When the employer looks it over seeing that you filled it out correctly, then he/she will tell you that you need to sign it. If you say, why should I sign it? The employer will say, well, I cannot withhold unless you sign it!. What you have done is that you have given the employer permission to withhold, and you did so voluntarily. The internet is ripe for knowledge. Get it before Obama changes it or tries to change it. Beware though that there is a lot of snake oil on the internet. Always verify what you read on any one website.

      • Walter Helfrecht

        Rhonda Reichel, you really have a very bad understanding of what the Form W-2 does or is supposed to be used for. First of all, YOU don’t sign a Form W-2. It is an “information return” form that is filed with the IRS which, in its proper application, tells the IRS that a Federal “employer” had withheld thus and so amounts from an “employee” for the year in question. The reason why I have quote marks around those two words is because they are defined as terms in the Internal Revenue Code and as-defined, they don’t mean anyone who hires anyone (“employer”), or anyone who works for anyone else (“employee”). They specifically refer to persons who are elected officials or who are working in federal offices for those persons, or in any other capacity within a Federal jurisdiction.

        As for what you wrote regarding foreign trade, that’s governed by treaty made between United States and the foreign nation. Private-sector individuals and companies do not make such contracts; only sovereign governments can make treaties between/among themselves. That being said, if you have some investment in a private company in a foreign nation, the proceeds from that investment to you is outside the scope of the Federal Income Tax (unless there is some sort of treaty provision that makes it otherwise).

    • Walter Helfrecht

      AMEN, and AMEN! Another educated American! I am so thrilled to see that at least one other person has the courage (guts, balls, call it what you will) to speak the TRUTH! Everything ALVIS JENKINS has said is dead-on correct and if anyone would take the time to read the US Constitution, and then Title 26 United States Code (Internal Revenue Code), one would unveil the truth eventually. But, if you want to get to that truth quickly, go to this website and read through everything there and see the PROOF!!!


        Thanks Walter for the comment. You can contact me at and anyone else interested in knowing more about income taxes.

      • mark

        Yes, I know a lot of people who followed Alvis Jenkins’ ideas that no one has to pay federal income tax. It took a while for the government to catch up with them but they are all in federal prison now after having most of their assets and property seized by the government. Think twice before you follow these assinine ideas that you don’t have to pay federal income tax. The prisons are full of these geniuses.

      • Walter Helfrecht

        mark, you are shooting from the hip because you are simply incorrect in what you think you know is true about the Federal Income Tax. The folks in jail are there because they were not accorded due process and probably because what they started out with and perhaps tried to correct was done using improper form and/or procedure. There are THOUSANDS of others who are not so injured and who have made their case in Tax Court. So before you dismiss out-of-hand the absolutely wonderful information that Alvis or I share with you, please be sensible enough to at least make an effort to understand why we say what we do and why what has been said is the TRUTH. Trivia Question for the Day: When was the Federal Income Tax first enacted by Congress?

  • mark

    More endless nonsensical scare tactics. In four more years there will be no America. Yeah, right. Don’t these Chicken Littles have anything else to do with their lives than pee their pants every morning when they wake up and read the news. Please, what a joke.

  • Nobody’s Fool

    Here is the way oBlamer “negotiates”:
    Rep: We will give you this and this and this, and you give us spending cuts.
    oBlamer: No, I want it all.
    Rep: Okay, we’ll throw in this and this and this in addition to all we’ve already given up, and you give SOME spending cuts.
    oBlamer: No, I want it all.
    Rep (you might think this is Boehner): Okay, here, raise our taxes and raise entitlement spending and we get nothing in return.
    oBlamer: I want it all. The Repubs are not fair.

  • Margaret

    These Senators are right. The GOP just gave up it’s leverage tool. This was a mistake they will pay for as now the left gets it’s way.
    The tax cuts that were extended will be undone by the taxes imposed by the health care bill and still we continue to raise the debt ceiling and it is not over yet. The president want even more spending. There is no end to the path of financial destruction they are headed for and taking us with them.

  • Bill

    It is such a shame that only a small amount of our so called “representatives” can see the debacle that we are facing

  • Don

    The dictator is engaged in “Political Jihad.” The destruction of America from within. It’s common knowledge by the enemies of America that you cannot defeat America militarily, but you can take her down from within. Destroy America financially, and you will also destroy her military and influence. Ask yourself, “If one wanted to destroy the country financially, what would one do different from what is already being done?” It’s really simple folks, but most people cannot grasp it because they cannot get their arms around it.

    • mark

      No, a far better way to destroy America would be for foreign investors from China, India, Europe, Japan, and Brazil to cash in all their U.S. bonds and treasury notes and demand immediate payment. That would be the quickest and most efficient way to destroy America fiscally – not by increasing domestic deficits. But they will not do so. Why? Because they want to maintain access to our lucrative consumer markets, they have trillions in investments in America, and some of them count on the United States for a significant amount of their defense. If America went down fiancially the whole world would go down. That is why the relatively weak dollar remains the world’s reserve currency and why foreign investors still pour their money into our banks, companies, and treasury as the safest, most secure haven for their cash and savings.

  • Don

    Mark, you missed the point entirely. Political Jihad is not about China, India, Europe, Japan, or Brazil. Political Jihad is about Islam. Like I said, most people cannot get their arms around the idea, anymore than most people can believe that their president would want to intentionally destroy their country. You have to learn who he is, and what he is about, before you can understand what he is doing.

    • mark

      Don, Just because you think that President Obama is deliberately destroying our country does not mean he is. Just because you think he is al Al Qaeda operative and traitor does not make it so. This is simply your opinion with zero foundation in proof. If anything Obama has been supervising a modest recovery from the state of our nation following the disasterous previous adminstration whose ludicruous wars, wild domestic spending during a period of growth, and recklessly speculative, non-regulatory fiscal policies got us into this mess. Obama has been trying to get us out of it with limited success so far. But he has done far less damage to our nation than George W. Bush, that celebrated born-again Christian accomplished. And far less than Ronald Reagan did who tripled our national debt from 900 billioin to $2.6 trillion in 8 years and started this whole massive deficit, cut everyone’s taxes merry-go-round that has wounded us so badly.

    • Mac M

      Ah, now we have come to the crux of the matter. The 51% of this country that supposedly voted for him this time around just will not look. Simple fact of Math. You cannot have more than 100% of something. Yet in many poling places they reported as much as 159% of the registered voters did indeed vote for Obummer. And in some cases, not even ONE person voted for the anyone else. Come on, no area of the world let alone this country, doesn’t have at least one person that is going to vote against everyone else just to be different. In 59 precincts????? Get real.

      It is not a matter of them not understanding what is going on, it is more a matter of them not WANTING to know. Just keep the freebies coming….. They don’t see the part where he takes it ALL away. And at some point it will come.

      • Don

        Mark, where did I say that Obama was an al Qaeda operative? Also, where did I say that Obama was a traitor? I base my opinion on what I have read from the Center For The Study of Political Islam, the Koran, Mohammed and the Unbelievers, The Political Traditions of Mohammed, Dreams From My Real Father, Obama’s America 2016, and many other readings, investigations, observations, and words spoken out of the mouths of the president of Kenya, Obama’s grandmother, and both Obama and his wife.

        Now, what exactly does Ronald Reagan and George Bush have to do with where we are right now? To my knowledge, Reagan is dead, and Bush is not and has not been the president for four years. Wouldn’t you love to have $2.6 trillion in debt? Apparently, Obama has been sitting on the sidelines for the last four years while someone else racked up a debt of $16 trillion plus. You guys can blame Bush and Reagan, and even Abe Lincoln(he was a Republican you know) if it makes you feel better, but the fact is that Obama put us on the so-called fiscal cliff, and you cannot change that fact. You will wake up when real inflation hits, and when financial collapse does come, and it will. However, it will be too late.

        Actually Mark, it was Jimmy Carter who started the crises with the Community Reinvestment Act, and Bill Clinton who put the program on steroids. George Bush actually called for the program to be investigated by congress on five occasions, but was rebuffed by the likes of Congressmen Franks and Dobbs who kept saying the the program was financially sound, when it really wasn’t.

        The key to getting out of this mess is cheap domestic energy, which includes oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, and approving the XL pipeline. Are you aware that it costs 21 cents to produce a kwh of electricity using coal, and $21.00 to produce a kwh of electricity using wind power because of the required taxpayer subsudies? It’s a no-brainer, unless of course, like I said, your goal is to destroy the country.

        P.S: One has to first be a U.S. citizen in order to commit treason.

  • cedarridgefarmsinc

    I remember when President Clinton balanced everything when he was in office even the social security had a surplus of money and our government got this big idea that they needed to invest that money in the stock markets because the baby boomers were getting ready to retire and they didn’t feel there would be enough money to pay everyone their entitlements. Look what happened to that money, it is long gone now and social security is bankrupt now and coming to a close. So now when anyone from the government makes some kind of deal with our money (the people) we automaticly grab for our wallets because we know soon we cannot pay for the coffee we just purchased….

  • Bob Reynolds

    To All Replies: And the rhetoric marches on. Comfort: the luxury that enervates and destroys nations. What part of patriot do you not understand? Everyone…that is not a rhetorical question! Why would anyone spend energy debating or attempting to educate “Flashy”. One cannot reason with a liberal. Stop the talk and begin to walk the walk.

  • barleywheets

    respect most of the people in that godforsaken city have for every single one of the rest of us. We’re not witnessing the usual partisan Republican versus Democrat political theater. We’re witnessing the politicians teaming up to stick it to the rest of us. Should my Congressman choose to continue to toe the line, I’ll contact him from the ballot box. Remember this moment. Obama and his liberal cronies are waging war on our most basic freedoms. And when the time came to stand fast at the proverbial battle of Thermopylae, the Republicans didn’t run away. Worse, they turned and joined the onslaught.

  • nickkin

    There will be only one party—socialist-communist party with a dick-tator. All dick-tators will have foreign names with an islam twang—all judges including the supreme-idiots will be retrained in sharia law…..oh happy dayyyyyysssss!


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