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Shanghaied By Gore And The Greens

October 5, 2011 by  

Shanghaied By Gore And The Greens

Editor’s note: This is part 2 in a two-part series on the dangers of going green.

In 1992, Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping said: “The Middle East has oil. China has rare earths.”

American liberals are determined to sell out America — even it means a deal with the devil: China, a nation whose ambitions include world domination within the next 20 years.

The only thing standing in Beijing’s way is the United States, a quickly fading superpower that owes more than $1.4 trillion in Treasury debt.

America’s total servitude may soon stretch beyond money. If the Greens get their way, America will need China just to power itself up each day. That is because China has a near monopoly of rare earth elements, the essential ingredients that power renewable energy — something President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress insist on.

Last week, told the dirty truth about clean energy: “It’s official — China’s de facto monopoly on current rare earths production is a threat to the global economy.”

Rare earth elements were the substance discussed at length during the Sept. 21 meetings by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific.

New American Security analyst Christine Parthemore laid out what was said at the national security meeting: “Reliable access to critical minerals is a matter of both economic and geostrategic importance to the United States. … Today, no minerals are more troubling to U.S. security and foreign policy than rare earth elements. … Supplies are concentrated mostly in the hands of one supplier [China] with its own rising demand, and the United States today has no good options for recycling rare earth minerals or substituting more easily obtained minerals.”

What are rare earth elements? Noted energy analyst and writer Robert Bryce points out that lanthanides power most green technologies. Within them is a subset that is the cornerstone to clean energy: neodymium and praseodymium.

According to Bryce, these two materials, along with the other elements found in the lanthanides’ row of the periodic table, are essential commodities in nearly all of the technologies that are seen as solutions to our energy challenges, from wind turbines and hybrid cars to solar panels, computers and batteries.

Why are they so important? Lanthanides, which are also called “rare earths,” have special features at the quantum mechanics level. The configuration of their electrons allows them to have unique magnetic interactions with other elements. In other words, they have the elements to power the green industry.

There’s just one catch: The characteristics make lanthanides a key choke point in the development of the green economy.

Made In China

This has been one of the biggest lies that Al Gore, Barack Obama and other Greens have told the nation. According to these liars, if we simply use more hybrid cars, wind turbines, solar panels and other such inventions, we will no longer have to go begging sheiks and mullahs for Middle East oil.

Rather, we will have to beg somebody else: America’s rival for superpower status. You see, China controls almost all of the world’s lithium, the essential element in all high-capacity batteries.

Bryce writes: “In its headlong rush to go ‘green,’ the United States may simply be trading reliance on one type of import for reliance on another. Instead of requiring oil supplied by dozens of producers located in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere, it will need rare earth commodities produced by the Chinese as well as lithium mined by a handful of foreign countries.”

It was reported just last month that China now produces nearly 95 percent of the world’s rare earth materials. In today’s “Go Green” society, this gives the Chinese a future monopoly over America’s future energy dependence that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries only could have dreamed about.

People like Gore are either willfully ignorant of this truth about China’s monopoly over Green components or they gleefully ignore it, so they can collect their own green.

In 2007, Gore won his Nobel Peace Prize and declared that the United States should commit to producing 100 percent of our electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources within 10 years. In a November 2008 opinion piece in The New York Times, Gore said the nation must replace “dangerous and expensive carbon-based fuels with 21st-century technologies that use fuel that is free forever: the sun, the wind and the natural heat of the earth.”

Earlier that year, Gore and the Alliance for Climate Protection launched a $300 million media campaign designed to stop global climate change. Their goals were backed by a number of Web sites, including, and

In less than a year, more than 2 million people had joined and had agreed to the statement, “I want to Repower America with 100 percent clean electricity within 10 years.”

Gore’s grassroots partners include the National Audubon Society, the Evangelical Environmental Network and many other groups. All Gore’s partners seem either very stupid or shortsighted.

It is true that most Americans have no idea why rare earth elements are important or why the Chinese monopoly on them is so dangerous.

The American Dream reported last month that China is enforcing strict new quotas on the export of all these essential metals. Why is that a problem? According to one Web site: “(It is because) these metals are essential in an increasing number of high technology products.”

We are just into our second decade of the 21st century, and China owns the minerals that make critical products, including:

  • Hybrid car batteries,
  • Supercomputers.
  • Flat-screen televisions.
  • Cellphones.
  • iPods.
  • Radar systems.
  • Missile-guidance systems.
  • Satellites.
  • Aircraft electronics.
  • Smart bombs.

We may not be able to alter the world’s geology. We may have to make deals with Beijing to import these goods that are essential to America’s future. But we don’t have to turn our back on the proven power of petroleum only to further enable our Communist competitors in China.

On the eve of 2012, America can count on two things:

  1. Petroleum remains the best source of energy in the world.
  2. Washington must not be allowed to mortgage America’s future on unproven clean energy, the key components of which belong to China.

The only other alternative is Green energy, a future in which America’s biggest enemy — communist China — dictates our future and our eventual servitude.

Joseph Stalin said: “When we hang the capitalists, they will sell us the rope.” It is an ideology that persists in China today.

Yours in good times and bad,

John Myers
Editor, Myers Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • DaveH

    John says “People like Gore are either willfully ignorant of this truth about China’s monopoly over Green components or they gleefully ignore it, so they can collect their own green”.
    Could it be that Gore and his cohorts envy the absolute power of the Chinese Leaders? Could it be that their goals are more sinister than just collecting more green?

    • Patriot II


      Yes, of course, anyone with the slightest intelligence you say so.

    • CJ

      Do you think this is why Apple Computer has him (Gore) as the highest compensated exec. on their board?

      • eddie47d

        The Right’s new web site is “wecan’” or “destroythe”. Maybe just more to the point for them would be the slogan . “No We Can’t”! This problem has been around for 50 years and you still think that kicking the can down the road in new energy sources and technology is the way to be independent. Every new product has fits and starts and seldom does a product go straight to the market.It took years to perfect the phone and the numerous problems will be had with new energy sources.The same when oil was first used. If we a a problem with rare earth minerals then our brilliant scientists and inventors better get cracking in finding substitutes.Al Gore may be a bloated millionaire but he has always been on the right track in moving this country forward. You’re all obsessed with going back to the future and keeping us dependent on oil and coal. Now don’t get your britches in a bind there will be plenty of oil and coal for you to play with for many years to come. Actually Meyers article was an urgent one and worthy of being aware of. It doesn’t mean we stop looking ahead and feel our future is doomed in the realm of computers,TVs and other technology. All the oil,coal and gas in the world can’t help with the rare earth problem.That always seems to be where these conversations end up.

        • Rusticus

          Well said, Eddie. Concise, accurate and right on point!!

        • Voice Of Reason

          Only a certifiable loon would make the statements contained in your post. The left would remake the US into a Stalinist communist state if they could, and that would be anything but moving us forward, it would move us back to the 1930′s. Zerobama has tried his best to do this through his communist “czars”.

          The Right is right. The Greenies can’t solve anything, they just unwittingly funnel taxpayer money through slapdash, uneconomic “green” companies to Democrat campaigns, and that must be stopped.

          • eddie47d

            Voice of Doom! Rattle away with your typical nonsense of the Right. Plenty of money from the energy companies go into the hands of their favorite candidates so try being a little more honest.

          • JC

            American liberals are determined to sell out America, even it means a deal with the devil: China. If the Greens get their way, America will need China just to power itself up each day. That is because China has a near monopoly of rare earth elements, the essential ingredients that power renewable energy.

            Great! let’s put our future, our lives, and our children’s lives in the hands of people who are potential enemies and who value life…not at all. Certainly not “our” lives.

            Screw the Liberal idiots. We need more responsible stewardship…not commie cowards with wishy washy ideas.

          • eddie47d

            Apparently JC thinks we should abandon technology to spite China.Then he blames it all on Liberals. Are you for real JC? We have things they want and they have things we want. It’s called commerce so use it or lose it.

          • Opal the Gem

            eddie we have NOTHING China wants except items to make a pattern from so they can sell us a cheap immitation of it and the land mass known as USA. That is ALL they want from us.

        • Yapes41

          I’m convinced that anyone who thinks ALGore is on the right path, isn’t.

          • eddie47d

            As you can see above no mention of global warming in my comment yet Dave below went on a tirade about it. So who is to be believed Yapes. Maybe you need to choose a better side or stay neutral.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Al Gore is so irrelavent. He is out there grasping straws looking for his next wind to ride in on. He should have been a salesman.

        • DaveH

          How can anybody, Eddie, be so ignorant and so condescending at the same time? Only the most colossal fools can think mankind can alter the weather. And only the most colossal fools are still running with that Homogenic Global Warming hoax.
          Anybody who wants to wake up to the reality of the thieving leftist political football of “global warming” can watch this free video:

          • denniso

            Ignorant and condescending at the same time? Could that be you,DaveH??

            It’s the height of ignorance and stupidity for uneducated and ill informed people to blindly question what thousands of scientists all around the world support,that global warming is very real and that man plays a major or total role in it.

          • Iva Raggon

            The Earth is not flat, nor is it the center of the universe. The the tooth fairy is not real, nor is the Easter Bunny. Earth’s climate change IS real. 99% of reputable scientists agree, satellite photos of melting glaciers ad ice caps prove it

            The cause is open to debate, but only the type of person who wanted to burn Galileo at the stake for proving that earth orbited around the sun would not recognize that human activity is at least a factor in climate change.

            Despite your loathing for the messenger, Al Gore, the message has some truth worth considering.

          • Dale on the left coast

            denniso . . . the “Thousand Scientists” . . . was another Fat Al LIE!!!
            The reality is . . . the Globe has warmed about 1 degree in the last 100 years . . . at the present time the Globe is COOLING!!! So Alarmism is nonsense . . . the other reality staring us in the face today . . . is the FACT that there is NOTHING to replace oil, gas and coal TOMORROW . . .

          • eddie47d

            Let’s put it this way Dale there are far more scientists saying there is global warming vs those who say there isn’t. Yes both side have thousands to attest to there point of view. That makes for a healthy change of ideas with so many involved.

          • Truther

            Wouldn’t it be best if people stop running into their political cubby holes? Wouldn’t it be best if we always consider what is best for our country and stop the name calling! And by the way, scientists and academics can no longer always be trusted , because people have their agenda. How do I know this? I was one of them except that I love this country( though a naturalized citizen ) and will fight to keep the liberties and the prosperity it provides. i am grateful.

            Indeed we want to keep our planet clean, and , let we can find a better and ECONOMICAL way to produce energy. There is always more than one way to reach a goal. To be able to think straight, we have to keep cal m, stop being so angry. as for Al Gore, it is hard to believe a man means well when he stands to make millions! Does that sound reasonable, which ever side you’re on?

          • DaveH

            Did any of you Liberal Ignoramuses bother to watch the movie?

            1000s of scientists, my fanny. Most of the drivers for the Homogenic Global Warming scam are politicians. They are making fools out of those of you who aren’t part of the rip-off.
            Read here for more:

          • DaveH

            As usual, Eddie just fabricates his facts. First of all, we’re not talking about Global Warming, we’re talking about Global Warming caused by Man. The Earth is always heating and cooling. The sun is the driver of that heating and lack of it the driver of the cooling.
            These scientists say you’re full of it, Eddie:

          • DaveH

            And here are 31,000 scientists that agree (Eddie is full of it):

          • Iva Raggon


            You are a sad case of willful ignorance.

            You have the GAUL to call someone else an ignoramus?

            When seeking an ignorant, intractable, intolerant dullard you need go no further than the nearest mirror.

          • DaveH

            Only if you’re standing in front of me.

          • DaveH

            By the way, Iva, you ignoramus, the word is GALL.

          • eddie47d

            Bring on the name calling Dave H it’s what you have been good at. I know about the 31,000 scientists but you left out the thousands more on the other side.

          • Iva Raggon


            (offensive comment removed)

          • JC

            eddie47d says:
            October 5, 2011 at 2:08 pm
            Let’s put it this way Dale there are far more scientists saying there is global warming vs those who say there isn’t. Yes both side have thousands to attest to there point of view. That makes for a healthy change of ideas with so many involved.

            Cite your source. That’s Bull.

          • denniso

            I don’t think the 31,000 number is real,but even if it is,I do know that most of the deniers are not climate scientists…some are geologists,biologists,meterologists. The overwhelming majority of actual climate scientists,who are trained in it and work only on climate science, agree that man is creating the imbalance in the atmospheric greenhouse gases that is causing warming and climate change. Again,how do these lay people who have no education in the field,and in some cases little education at all,think they have the ability to disagree w/ what most scientists support? It’s laughable!

            It reminds me of all the rightwingers disagreeing w/ the vast majority of GLOBAL economists who said we had to stimulate the economy to escape the recession. People w/ little or no knowledge about economics thinking they know better!!

          • alanjo55

            Don’t worry folks, volcanoes have a reverse effect on CO2 when they release sulfur dioxide gas. There have been a number of volcanoes erupting around the world recently. Hawaii has a volcano erupting daily and releasing sulfur dioxide gas. The amount of sulfur dioxide gas which has been released the last yr by volcanoes is probably good for 1000 yrs of man made CO2.

            The greatest volcanic impact upon the earth’s short term weather patterns is caused by sulfur dioxide gas. In the cold lower atmosphere, it is converted to sulfuric acid by the sun’s rays reacting with stratospheric water vapor to form sulfuric acid aerosol layers. The aerosol remains in suspension long after solid ash particles have fallen to earth and forms a layer of sulfuric acid droplets between 15 to 25 kilometers up. Fine ash particles from an eruption column fall out too quickly to significantly cool the atmosphere over an extended period of time, no matter how large the eruption.

            Sulfur aerosols last many years, and several historic eruptions show a good correlation of sulfur dioxide layers in the atmosphere with a decrease in average temperature decrease of subsequent years. The close correlation was first established after the 1963 eruption of Agung volcano in Indonesia when it was found that sulfur dioxide reached the stratosphere and stayed as a sulfuric acid aerosol.

            Without replenishment, the sulfuric acid aerosol layer around the earth is gradually depleted, but it is renewed by each eruption rich in sulfur dioxide. This was confirmed by data collected after the eruptions of El Chichon, Mexico (1982) and Pinatubo, Philippines (1991), both of which were high-sulfur compound carriers like Agung, Indonesia.

            Volcanic Gases and Climate Change Overview
            Volcanoes can impact climate change. During major explosive eruptions huge amounts of volcanic gas, aerosol droplets, and ash are injected into the stratosphere. Injected ash falls rapidly from the stratosphere — most of it is removed within several days to weeks — and has little impact on climate change. But volcanic gases like sulfur dioxide can cause global cooling, while volcanic carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, has the potential to promote global warming.

            Eruption of Mount Pinatubo on June 15, 2001.

            The most significant climate impacts from volcanic injections into the stratosphere come from the conversion of sulfur dioxide to sulfuric acid, which condenses rapidly in the stratosphere to form fine sulfate aerosols. The aerosols increase the reflection of radiation from the Sun back into space, cooling the Earth’s lower atmosphere or troposphere. Several eruptions during the past century have caused a decline in the average temperature at the Earth’s surface of up to half a degree (Fahrenheit scale) for periods of one to three years. The climactic eruption of Mount Pinatubo on June 15, 1991, was one of the largest eruptions of the twentieth century and injected a 20-million ton (metric scale) sulfur dioxide cloud into the stratosphere at an altitude of more than 20 miles. The Pinatubo cloud was the largest sulfur dioxide cloud ever observed in the stratosphere since the beginning of such observations by satellites in 1978. It caused what is believed to be the largest aerosol disturbance of the stratosphere in the twentieth century, though probably smaller than the disturbances from eruptions of Krakatau in 1883 and Tambora in 1815. Consequently, it was a standout in its climate impact and cooled the Earth’s surface for three years following the eruption, by as much as 1.3 degrees at the height of the impact. Sulfur dioxide from the large 1783-1784 Laki fissure eruption in Iceland caused regional cooling of Europe and North America by similar amounts for similar periods of time.

            For more information about sulfur in the atmosphere, please see Volcanic Sulfur Aerosols Affect Climate and the Earth’s Ozone Layer.

            While sulfur dioxide released in contemporary volcanic eruptions has occasionally caused detectable global cooling of the lower atmosphere, the carbon dioxide released in contemporary volcanic eruptions has never caused detectable global warming of the atmosphere. This is probably because the amounts of carbon dioxide released in contemporary volcanism have not been of sufficient magnitude to produce detectable global warming. For example, all studies to date of global volcanic carbon dioxide emissions indicate that present-day subaerial and submarine volcanoes release less than a percent of the carbon dioxide released currently by human activities. While it has been proposed that intense volcanic release of carbon dioxide in the deep geologic past did cause global warming, and possibly some mass extinctions, this is a topic of scientific debate at present.

            Larger forces than man made are at work. Read this paper for the truth in ecological understandings.

        • herman hootenholler

          eddie, you come across as very sensible and insightful. you’re worth replying to. as i was reading this article about rare earths; i came to, also, think that we could develop substitutes for these rare earths(i wasn’t aware of the “rare earths”issue)e,g, synthetics, etc.

          • JeffH


          • wolfie

            Let me guess you do not believe in science, the earth is flat, you never went to college or if you did you dropped out because you did not apply yourself (do homework) I suppose you approve of polluting the air and water. Maybe you never heard of cancer. But knowing about cancer would involve believing in science

        • David J. Sanchez

          eddie47 when will you realize that Al Gore is solely in this for his own gain as he flies about the globe and travels by limousine to promote his green agenda. He makes a very debatable case about man made pollution contributing to climate change, and yet he is one of the greatest contributors to it. Sure we should develop new technology for energy, but NOT at the taxpayer’s expense. It should be developed at a pace that makes it affordable but not taking from the citizens pockets through loans from the U.S. government—-Think Solyndra. Plus since when can we lubricate motors and other equipment without petroleum products? And since nearly all the plastics we use are manufactured from petroleum what then ? If everyone drove electric automobiles there wouldn’t even be nearly enough energy to power all these vehicles, unless an additional hundreds of power plants were built. Let us develop our own sources of power independent of China, and until that time utilize the abundant oil and natural gas that our own continent provides.

        • Winston Smith

          Yes, it is true that our oil reserves are not infinite and that we’d all be better off working towards alternative energy sources as our LONG TERM future! But, remember, a free, prosperous, productive, creative America went from “glorified skyrockets” to a man on the Moon in TEN years! So, if we stop throwing BILLIONS down the ‘rabbit hole’ of some miniscule “Green” company and quit obstructing the way to local oil we can regain those lost attributes and do more, similar, miracles! Yes, oil can be seen as a “crutch”. But we can go through the door of “Oil independence” faster on “crutches” than crawling on our belly in the approaching “Socialist Paradise”!

          • denniso

            Everyone who really looks into the numbers knows that we can’t drill our way to energy independence,unless we filled most of our country and coasts w/ drilling rigs and pump jacks…even then,if we don’t nationalize our entire oil industry and force it to sell only to us,the oil goes to the world market and to whomever will pay the best price for it.

            No rightwingers or oil pushers in general ever mention one aspect of the problem. We represent 5% of the world population and use 25% of the energy…something a little wrong there? Why are some people opposed to us becoming more efficient and less wasteful in the pursuit of being less dependent on foreign oil? Is it their personal investment in oil co stocks?

        • alex

          Currently, engines designed and manufactured for the European market are built in Tennessee. They are super efficient, super clean and illegal to be sold in the USA.
          What is wrong with this picture?

    • Ed Scott

      It is amazing how “so-called” smart people will interpret Thomas Jefferson’s philosophy regarding Separation of Church and State, incorrectly, and totally ignore his position regarding a person or country being able to sustain itself.

      When you walk into Monticello, Jefferson’s plantation, the first thing you will see is why the home was built the way it was, self sustaining. Jefferson believed you would lose your freedom, if you lost the ability to provide for yourself. I believe this country is going to learn that lesson the hard way and either China or Russia will become our benefactor.

      • slayerwulfe

        A very interesting comment and one I can relate to especially since there has never been separation of church and state. (see: voting)
        While FDR’s intentions may have been good it was, the road to hell for us in that everyone expects government to help them now with ever little problem they face.

        • denniso

          If you guys don’t think we should have separation of church and state,then you must be in favor of allowing Islamic law into our gov’t,whether at the local,state or national level. Most Muslim countries do exactly that,incorporate their religion into their gov’t. Is that what we should do? We would have to be open to accepting any or all religious strictures into any or all gov’t institutions. I know,those who want to abolish the separation clause from the constitution imagine that it only means allowing our majority religion into our gov’t functions…but unless you also write a new clause into the constitution to say specifically that only Christianity will be allowed into our governance and schools,it would be open to all religions,Islam included.

          I also realize that there are people who can’t seem to understand the separtion clause,but that should mean they work harder at that and not try to change the constitution they claim to love,and open the door of civic affairs to any kook religion that has enough support somewhere in the country. Talk about a Pandoras Box!

          • Opal the Gem

            Show me where in the constitution it says we must have absolute seperation of church and state.

          • denniso

            ‘Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion’.

            The first ammendment…

            That means,simply,that since what Congress does is make law,there can be no connection between religion and gov’t. Religion can exist anywhere it wants,just not w/ any funding or support from the gov’t. Religious events or symbols on gov’t(public) land is support by the gov’t. You people who can’t seem to understand the first ammendment need to study it a bit more and figure it out. You let your religious bias blind you to the obvious.

            Why would you want to open the door to Sharia law,or Muslim/Mormon/Hindu practices in public schools/buildings/events?

    • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

      USMC Goes Green ?

      Corps going green to save lives on battlefield
      By Julie Watson – The Associated Press
      Posted : Monday Mar 21, 2011 16:35:07 EDT

      • DaveH

        You want to save lives? It’s simple. Get our military out of other countries’ business.

        • Iva Raggon

          Here is a topic which we agree upon.

    • Roy Major

      From my perspective it appears that dirty energy has absolute power in this country to kill any efforts to save lives thru the transition
      to clean energy production and consumption. where are the prolifers?
      We don’t have to prove human caused climate change to have a motive for the transition to clean energy. We only have to see the human caused “red smog alerts”. This affects the born and the unborn.

      • Dale on the left coast

        Roy . . . name just 1 Country with 300 million plus inhabitants that is CLEANER??? Anthropogenic Gorebull Warming has NEVER been proven by Science . . . CO2 is a benign, odorless, colorless gas, it is NOT CARBON . . . it is Plant Food period!!!

        • eddie47d

          Too much of it is falling into the oceans which accelerates the bleaching(killing) of coral and plankton which important fish feed on.That part of global warming and CO2 has been proven around the world. No true scientist is going to deny something that is visible for them to see.

          • DaveH

            You’re fabricating facts, once again. It must be nice to have no integrity and be able, with a straight face, to just make up whatever facts you want to support your positions.
            Can you ever just supply some references to your supposed facts?
            You surely know by now that you have no credibility on this board.

          • eddie47d

            By denouncing others the way you do you have even less credibility and a very closed mind on some subjects.

          • djdrew103

            Eddie, you have to ignore these people that are “stuck on stupid” who attack you. They demand references for facts, but fail to say they haven’t, won’t and never will accepts facts.

            They would rather tout their opposition banners and wave their protest flags, and pretend they are doing the world a favor, as they hand down a future to their descendants (if we are burdened by the outlook of their ability to propagate) based on lies, foolish gullibility and idiotic stubbornness to merely argue points back and forth.

            There’s no doubt and no question that we are experiencing global warming and a lessening ability to balance the gases we live under, and pollute. They will say prove it, while being blind and ignorant of news reports of dwindling rain forests, over production of lumber for trees and the death of even large forests as warmer winters allow pests harmful to tree populations survive winter and feast on the forests, killing off thousands of acres more and more each year.

            Hype and lies have hurt both sides of the argument, in not sinking tax payers dollars into foolishly wasteful and fraudulent means, or on the other hand simply promoting the global warming problem with so much hype and lies that no one wants to listen. The facts remain we have a problem and both sides have harmed our ability to resist corporations and countries that ignore the issues in the name of greed.

            There are countries that are leaving the US far behind in research and development just because the fools on both sides of the arguments have no desire to be honest about the situation and that’s a fact.

            Anyone that isn’t a moron can look up on the internet now and see the dwindling glaciers and forests, and only blind moronic behavior to merely resist opposition parties will say it isn’t so. Many falsely claim it is merely the natural order of things, as if there is no need to try and control our pollution and emissions. Its those idiots alone who form the largest most guilty party of handing our children a wasted world, and adding to the efforts by powers and corporations to leech and suck the planet dry in the name of their profits.

            These same dead brained opinions will ignore the fact that the US doesn’t even rank a low percentage score for holding oil reserves in the, but swallow oil company claims that we have enough oil for centuries in order to get permits opened up to drill more and deeper, as if that’s a cure to our energy problems.


            “Comparison to oil reserves throughout the world”

            Based on data at the end of 2009 the highest proved oil reserves including non-conventional oil deposits are in Saudi Arabia (18 per cent of global reserves), Canada (12 %, mostly oil sands), Venezuela (12 %, mostly tar sands), Iran (9 %), Iraq (8 %), Kuwait (7 %), UAE (7 %) and Russia (5 %).

            The United States doesn’t even rate within this field, much to the chagrin of claims by supposedly expert opinions that say that our demand for oil can be solved by merely drilling for more oil, opening licensing restrictions and producing more petroleum locally in the US.

            Supplies prove that this would only be a momentary fix for answers creating the false conception of independence from foreign oil. It would not suffice to cure our long-term need for foreign dependancies but rather would deplete our own limited reserves and resources making the US far more dependant on foreign oil and hold far less bargaining power. thsi woudl of course result in outlandishly far higher prices at the pump as in other countries where gasoline is $18 per gallon, as news of the increased US depletion of resources spread.


            Fact is, just as these claims in the article suck up the over-hype that we would be dependent on China for these precious metals, they ignore the fact that we are dependent even now for those same metals for a multitude of products that are economically sound and they elude from mentioning that theses metals are abundant throughout the world, merely not produced by other countries since the market isn’t demanding enough to be competitive with China and their poverty level work force of a billion people. If the demand increases, more countries will enter the market even as they are now.

            “China’s near-monopoly position in world rare earth production.”

            REE reserves and the reserve base are more dispersed throughout the world. China holds 50% of the world’s reserves (55 million metric tons out of 110 million metric tons) and the United States holds about 13% according to the most recent USGS estimate. South Africa and Canada (included in the “Other” category) have significant REE potential, according to the USGS. REE reserves are also found in Australia, Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, Malaysia, and Malawi.

            Rare earth element reserves and resources are found in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Missouri, Utah, and Wyoming. HREEs dominate in the Quebec-Labrador (Strange Lake) and Northwest Territories (Thor Lake) areas of Canada. There are high-grade deposits in Bayan Obo, Inner Mongolia, China (where much of the world’s REE production is taking place) and lower-grade deposits in South China provinces providing a major source of the heavy rare earth elements. Areas considered to be attractive for REE development include Strange Lake and Thor Lake in Canada; Karonga, Burundi; and Wigu Hill in Southern Tanzania.


            Fact is, the batteries for non-gasoline vehicles are 80-90% recyclable, and countries overseas are even now instituting retailer/dealer programs to lease those batteries to the end user to insure that they get recycled appropriately.

            Fact is, if we listen to these “traitors to our descendants”, we will never be on the road to alternative fuels and less dependent on foreign oil.

            Fact is, if most of these dissenters were guaranteed that they would be held accountable to our future offspring and have to face their criticisms of how we failed them when we could have made a difference when change needed to be made, they would cower in their cowardly corners, but with the prospect of free speech with no responsibility for their words or actions, they can falsely claim facades of bravado as they ignorantly shout out their non-fact-based arguments.

            Fact is, we are a nation of weak and worthless people who ignore our wasteful habits and use blind criticisms to prompt false claims and weaker goals. That is what our youth have for a promise of their future, an impudent ancestry.

          • eddie47d

            Thanks Drew. Dave attacks me no matter what is said. It’s either his facts or no facts.

          • JC

            Oh come on eddie, 90% of what you put up here is pure propogandist conjecture…that “you” see as gospel. You deserve to be attacked on a regular basis…you’re a “communist idiot”.
            Have a good one Kamrade. :)

          • eddie47d

            JC is kind as per usual just like a few other trolls

          • Opal the Gem

            eddie you have yet to provide any facts. If you had any FACTS you would have references, sources, and/or links so others could check them for themselves. Since you can NEVER provide any sources for your “facts” it is logical to draw the conclusion your “facts” are made up.

          • denniso

            Good post,djdrew103…

            And isn’t it interesting to see DaveH repeat the same tired phrases.
            Anytime he doesn’t agree w/ someone he spouts the exact smae thing,’surely you know that you have no credibility on this board’. He can’t seem to come up w/ anything more original,and certainly can’t respond w/ a rational thought. DaveH,I think you need a break. You’ve been here too long.

      • DaveH

        We don’t have to prove anything, Roy, just vote with your own dollars in the marketplace. If you think alternative energy is the way to go, then buy it. It’s as simple as that. But don’t try to force the rest of us to do things your way.

        • Void1972

          djdrew states;

          “Fact is, if we listen to these “traitors to our descendants”, we will never be on the road to alternative fuels and less dependent on foreign oil.
          Fact is, if most of these dissenters were guaranteed that they would be held accountable to our future offspring and have to face their criticisms of how we failed them when we could have made a difference when change needed to be made, they would cower in their cowardly corners, but with the prospect of free speech with no responsibility for their words or actions, they can falsely claim facades of bravado as they ignorantly shout out their non-fact-based arguments.
          Fact is, we are a nation of weak and worthless people who ignore our wasteful habits and use blind criticisms to prompt false claims and weaker goals. That is what our youth have for a promise of their future, an impudent ancestry.”

          dj, I couldn’t agree more! “traitors to our descendants” are what the liberal is all about! You have sold out the last stand for freedom, spent our children’s, childrens future for a communist one world government.

          You state “Fact is, if most of these dissenters were guaranteed that they would be held accountable to our future offspring and have to face their criticisms of how we failed them when we could have made a difference when change needed to be made, they would cower in their cowardly corners, but with the prospect of free speech with no responsibility for their words or actions, they can falsely claim facades of bravado as they ignorantly shout out their non-fact-based arguments.

          dj, please explain to me how accountable the black community really is? How accountable are you to your future “offspring” when 70% of you are born out of wedlock and our prisons are currently filled with 70% of your offspring?
          Talk about “no responsibility for their words or actions”, Holy Cow! You and yours are the most hypocritical of every culture in the world!
          I agree that many American do “cower in their cowardly corner”, but most of them are liberals and the rest are rinos that love political correctness!

          And you do have the insight to state “Fact is, we are a nation of weak and worthless people who ignore our wasteful habits and use blind criticisms to prompt false claims and weaker goals. That is what our youth have for a promise of their future, an impudent ancestry.”

          Very truthful statement, but mainly aimed at your community. This is how your upbringing has effected your perception. Your understanding of America is extremely different from those who have worked and fought and contributed to the greatness of America.
          Yours is an, what can my country do for me attitude and what can I take from those who contribute, because I’m ENTITLED!
          Yes dj, you are weak and worthless and because of you and all that think like you; “That is what our youth have for a promise of their future, an impudent ancestry.”
          Very well stated dj!
          We finally agree!
          God Bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

    • Jackie Fontes

      Is China our enemy? Is China involving us in wars all over Africa and the Middle East in our quest for oil? China is a competitor, as is OPEC. Only we can make China our enemy. Fossil fuels are destroying the planet, this is undebateable. If China has the materials we need, we have to have something that China needs; if not, we lose the competition. Right now that’s a huge consumer base, but that won’t last forever (We are annihilating the manufacturing sector; the result will be a reduced consumer class – this is already happening). We have to be more inventive, more original in our thinking. It’s silly to cling to fossil fuels as an answer, as this attitude will make us more obsolete.

      • moonbeam

        “If China has the materials we need, we have to have something that China needs;”

        Almost everything in our homes is made in China. We borrow 40 cents from China for every dollar we spend. China has us by the short hairs and all they need is to get a wild one up their wazoo and tell us to take a hike.

        Not only are we dependent on the ME for oil, we depend on China not to sanction us for being a world bully. However, I’ve heard it said that China needs us just as much as we need them. Strange symbiotic relationship and quite freaky.

    • professor

      The fact is that people like Gore will not be effected by any of this nonsense! His life style won’t change…he will always have more than enough of everything he wants or needs. This is only a way for him to increase his personal wealth and sell his own country (that has been very good to his family) down the river! That makes him a despicable, greedy person that should be “shunned” by all…

      We need to quit involving China in everything this country does! China is our enemy, and they can’t believe we are so gullible (stupid) and naive. Get as far away from China as possible and stop importing the toxic trash they manufacture…especially for us! Stop borrowing money from them! This country, once again, needs to start producing the things we need. Our government wants to make us dependent on other countries for everything…food, energy, medicine.They will destroy our defense and take away our firearms. If they accomplish this, we will be slaves, without having a way to feed ourselves. We will be thrown back to live and die,as “primitives,” if we are accorded even that much humanity.

      Tell them to “eat” that debt. If they want they can try to come get it. (They will anyway, it is just a matter of when.) China spends the majority of their GNP on their military…..One of these days they are going to use that military might and unlimited manpower.

      • eddie47d

        Great reply Jackie Fontes. Now Professor? Think again who is selling this country down the river and increasing their wealth. Look no further than Wall Street and the Corporate Elites. Do you shun the Koch Brothers who have indictments against them and who have also polluted America for profit. Is that who you have in your corner? Is it fine for them to increase their wealth or do you believe in selective capitalism. If China is our enemy why have we been trading with them since the Nixon era? You say to “tell them to eat our debt” so is that a new way of doing business as a capitalist.Doing that would really make us irrelevant in the world and at a much faster pace. Now remember they are only beating us at our own game so we have to come up with a better product and not allow the patten to leave our shores.

        • DaveH

          You’re polluting the board right now with your BS, Eddie.
          “Koch Brothers who have indictments against them”?
          Care to back that up, Eddie? The regulars know you as a slanderous liar, so it would be best for you to supply evidence for your fabricated facts.

          The Koch Brothers have long had free-market, limited government political beliefs. I guess Eddie prefers the Crony Capitalists who work symbiotically with Politicians to feather each other’s nests.

          • eddie47d

            The only liar I see right now Dave H is you and your famous name calling. Look up Bloomberg News you hateful troll of denying others their opinions and facts. In May 2008 a subsidiary of Koch Industries (Koch-Glitsch)paid bribes to win contracts. They are also involved in improper payments to win business in Africa,India and the Middle East. They are now involved in selling millions of dollars of equipment to Iran which has been banned. They did this through foreign subsidiaries thus thwarting the ban. Nice guys right.. They have also rigged prices with competitors,lied to regulators and run afoul several times to environmental laws.(that has made 5 criminal convictions since 1999). Hardly poster boys for trust and honesty. So please stop your arrogant trashing of others it makes you look foolish.

          • JeffH

            Of course eddie wouldn’t post the whole story would he…

            Melissa Cohlmia, Koch’s director of corporate communications, said in an e-mailed statement that the company has developed a good relationship with environmental regulators and now complies with all rules. Cohlmia says the company has learned lessons from past mistakes, including the improper payment scheme that Koch outlined in its letter filed in French court.

            ‘Steps to Correct’

            “We are proud to be a major American employer and manufacturing company with about 50,000 U.S. employees,” she wrote. “Given the regulatory complexity of our business, we will, like any business, have issues that arise. When we fall short of our goals, we take steps to correct and address the issues in order to ensure compliance.”

            Cohlmia says Koch fired the employees and sales agents involved in the illicit payments and strengthened internal controls.

            Regarding sales to Iran, she wrote, “During the relevant time frame covered in your article, U.S. law allowed foreign subsidiaries of U.S. multinational companies to engage in trade involving countries subject to U.S. trade sanctions, including Iran, under certain conditions.”

            Koch has since stopped all of its units from trading with Iran, she says.

            The company tells all of its employees around the world that its top two values, which it calls Guiding Principles, are integrity and compliance. Koch Industries and its subsidiaries have won 436 awards for safety, environmental excellence, community and customer service and innovation since January 2009, Cohlmia says.

            The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has recognized several of the company’s units for their commitment to the workplace, the company says. Koch Industries has also supported charitable causes in Wichita and beyond, including the Kansas Special Olympics and Big Brothers Big Sisters. The company has also helped enlistees in the U.S. Army Reserve.

            Koch Industries has donated millions of dollars to the Nature Conservancy, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

          • eddie47d

            Why would I Jeff when Dave demanded proof that Koch did anything wrong. Which I did so lay off your typical spin of what was asked. . Even your pal Adolph bounced children on his knee to show how decent he was or was that for publicity. The Koch’s do put up a good front when needed.

          • djdrew103

            Dave H.

            I have serious doubts now as to your mental capability to hold any form of realistic view or input.

            “The Koch Brothers have long had free-market, limited government political beliefs”

            Boy oh boy, is that ever slinging the crapola freely? That’s a pretty verse to re-describe:

            “The Koch brothers have long sought for a control free path to using their financial powers as billionaires, unrestricted by laws or policy, to control and manipulate present governmental functions to protect the people from corporate greed and malice.”

            I bet they are interested in limited governmental involvment for sure, they prove it here:

            Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Secret Iran Sale


            Anyone so utterly blind enough to ignore the current media reports concerning the Koch Brothers, and claim in argument that others are wrong on their viewpoint of the same, has serious mental issues son.

            Do you think that making such claims somehow magically goes unnoticed? And you think Eddie spreads propaganda? God, such blatant ignorance of facts and you think you are touting some form of accurate argument?

            You would have heckled Jesus son! Just for the fun of standing in the crowd and jeering his sermons for the sake of self importance and attention! Your personal attacks on others and wildly extravagant claims that are totally chaotic and false, do nothing but boost their (your self proclaimed opponents) validity, even if there was a possibly in viewer’s opinions that they were wrong.

            China right now has shown us their might as they sought to control Japan’s imports of those spouted precious metals, and Japan has always had to worry about such imports to bolster their manufacturing and trade production. Japan simply is finding other sources, and everyone else will too, in order to proceed with seeking alternative energy and “green” transportation. Its actually a bad business decision on China’s part, as it bolsters the production in other countries and the US holds the only other viable fields of resources in those metals compared to other countries who hold third place if they pooled ALL their resources. That would merely make more jobs here, and increase and strengthen our competitive field in those metals. We all know what happens in competitive markets, prices drop.

            So jump on your infamous bandwagon son, these claims and wars on others merely increase the validity of their arguments. Belittling their views doesn’t hamper their effort to expose the truth.

            We need those alternative resources, and no one ever claimed they would replace our present use of coal and oil, merely make us less dependent on them is all, and that is the overall goal. Pure and simple.

          • djdrew103

            dave H. and Jeff H…


            seems like maybe the Koch brothers got on here and created some cartoon characters to allow them to voice their counter measures…smiling.

            I doubt if the Koch brothers would publicly respond to the accusations by saying “So What?”

            I am sure they spends millions out of their billions to present a facade of good will towards their public image.

            Of course they will claim that it was their employees faults, and fire people as scapegoats, and claim they never knew what was going on. What makes you guys look foolish is the end results when released of just what the Koch brothers will be found guilty of. Oh I am sure the investigative committee will go round and round with them just like they did with S&P and Goldman Sachs, but in the long run, they will probably pay their fines and go on with their evil ways all in the name of profits.

            Of course no one brought the Koch Brother’s publicity stunt to the surface, there was no need too, it is too openly viewed as hype, not as actual solid evidence of their innocence. Their actual involvement, and personal responsibility will be proven in the courts.

            But if you think we are to believe that they conducted business with Iran as a company and had no knowledge of it, then you are about as ignorant as they are for believing that we would swallow it.

    • Ronbo

      Gore barely made a peep when the Republicans on the Supereme Court stole the election for Bush. I don’t think that is a power-hungry monster. Someone needs a dose of reality and quit sniffing buttholes.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Stole the election? Your still there? Really? Ever heard of the Electorate vote, you know, the one they use in every election? You have no idea of the damage we dodged had Al Gore gotten elected. And we are lucky for that.

    • Ronbo

      There are no quotatuibs from Al Gore in this piece. Only accusations that Gore did this, said that or meant that. It’s all just an opinion piece attacking Gore. No facts, no truth.

    • ‘Dan az

      Well John I couldn’t agree more.They just figured out how they are going to pay down the debt.Check this out.

  • Insurgent

    Yes America, please use the solar panels manufactured by the now 535 million dollar defunct “Solandra” that Buckwheat used as one of America’s fine stimulus examples. Al Gore and Buckwheat and Company have one thing in common: They are a phoney JOKE!!!

    Washington, DC is America’s cesspool for liars, whores, and thieves !!!

    • Vagabond

      Insurgent you are 150% correct,

    • Patriot II

      To Insurgent: What interview was it yesterday or the day before when Obama sluffed it off, by claiming it was just an honest mistake and business as usual.

    • theotherrhalf

      Your an ass

      • Handyman

        commit all your money to al gore and obozo and the earth will not be warming!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Its not warming anymore remember? Its climate change now. And by the way, when it was cooler in the spring and its cooler now, where is Al Gore and the climate change/global warming cries? Hmmm. Oh yeah, thats right, they all got caught lying about their information they conjured up.

    • Ronbo

      That 535 is what percent of the Bush bank bailout? Which bank has been investigated? Now you want to attack because a drop in the bucket? Priorities guys. Lets go after the theives who are taking the bulk – not the crumbs.

      • JC

        It’s a matter of principle…either it’s wrong or it isn’t…go after them all!

  • Presp

    There is nothing rare about “rare earths”. The only reason your hated China has a monopoly on them is because they sold them cheaper than anybody else. Most of the worlds production (like in the US) simply shut down because your “investment buyers” only buy the cheapest they can to make the most profit. After all, your “golden God” needs maximum profit at virtually any cost to society.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Good insight, thanks.

    • Tazio2013

      Sapere Aude Presp,

      WOW: An understanding of REEs based on knowledge, reality and objectivity; kudos to you!. Most of the PLD “first responders” appear to be racists, white wing wackos and fundamentalist evangelical christian extremists (acronym?) REEs are, in fact, not so rare but are relatively costly to refine into pure elements; especially costly if the country doing the refining is sensitive to the environment, which China is not, therefore, they can sell at well below fair market value. Within a few years the US could be a net exporter of REEs due to an innovative, environmentally friendly refining technology.

      Semper fi!

    • BigBadJohn
    • M Munday

      well said, but hey look at the bright side-very little of all things listed above are actually “made in the USA”. Its our pushers-oops sorry I meant “suppliers” that are going to have the problem. No wait thats China tooooo…..ah well, lets see, Japan-no they now glow in the dark. Europe? LOL! maybe not. Middle East, Africa, South America. No other help in site. Ever get the feeling you have painted yourself into the corner that has the hornets nest in it? And you say who puts a hornets nest in their house? exactly! apparently we do.

    • Al Sieber

      Good post Presp, you hit the nail on the head.

    • TimAZ

      China has control of most of the rare minerals on earth, because they have been buying the rights to the rare mineral deposits through out the world since Mao-Bama was elected, and began to demonstrate his abilities to financially collapse America’s economy to realize the dreams of his father.

      • eddie47d

        China is also in the Middle East and Africa. Are they starting wars and killing people there? Right now they are negotiating good deals all over the world even with Cuba. That is where they are getting ahead of us and winning these countries over. We keep thinking we can win by clobbering a nation with missles but that only stalls out diplomacy and commerce. Nations at war such as Iraq and Afghanistan seldom produce anything and have to take years to catch up after the war is over. China just waltzes into an African nation builds them a railroad or a dam and has a friend for life. We tried that in the 50′s and did very well with companies like Sears and those countries loved us. Then we had to go into the arms trade(along with Russia) and war is what we left behind but made few friends(trading partners).

        • JC

          “That is where they are getting ahead of us and winning these countries over.”

          Yep! With capitalism…maybe we should give it a try! ;)

          • eddie47d

            With a majority crony capitalism. I highly doubt it.

          • Opal the Gem

            eddie the only thing you know about captitalism is “business bad union good”.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          You really think China is sweet and innocent and isnt involved in arming countries, and threatening others with force? They just do it behind the curtains, whereas everything we do is in the press for the whole world to see. If their press printed what our press prints, they would all be put to death. Dont think of them as so innocent. They arent.

    • Ronbo

      So true. It’s the wealthy corporate class who are moving money (and jobs) overseas.

  • wandamurline

    Gore is determined to get cap and trade on the books so he and his buddies can open their energy credit store…you see, manufacturers who do not meet their requirements on emissions, could purchase “credits” from Gore…they would not have to change their emissions, just purchase “credits”….when the tea party stopped cap and trade, Gore lost potentially billions of dollars in this scheme….so he is moving to another. Since he has lost his credibility in the US even though the progressive liberal news medias continue to help him, he has continued this insanity in other countries. It is all about money and power for himself and to hell with everyone else.

  • Steven Grumman

    gore is absolutely correct!

    • AlleninReality

      He should be! He and slick willie sold all our secrets and resources to China a long time ago. Now our aviation industry and military industrial complex depends on China to keep national defense afloat.

      • eddie47d

        Since it was the Republicans who continually pushed for free trade without understanding the consequences you got what you asked for.

        • Rusticus

          I think the Republicans DID understand the consequences of “free trade agreements”. Instead of calling them “free trade agreements,” they should be called “Corporate Criminal Conspiracies.” The Republicans’s goal is to create an aristocracy (actually a plutocracy) of the wealthy.

          I think they are delighted that “free trade agreements” have resulted in the transfer of wealth to the banksters and corporations and away from 98% of the American people.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Of course.Only Republicans want to assume control of everything.-CC.

          • eddie47d

            If the shoe fits wear it whether Republican or Democrat.

        • OB1

          Which president pushed to pass NAFTA? Both the Rep and the Dems supported it. Now, it’s your turn to figure out who the enimy of the US is, fool.

      • Ronbo

        That’s a new accusation. I guess your big brain just invented it.

        Next time look to the Koch Brothers. There is actual proof that they have been making illegal sales.

    • Patriot II

      Why do you say that, do you not watch Fox news, or listen to Truth Radio, where have you been? there is so much evidience (Not on main stream media though) that Gore is a bonifide Whacko. Here is an exercise for you, lean backward and walla!,, Your head Pops up out of the sand!!

  • judyr

    they have found an area in cali that might produce these minerals for us. lets just hope pelosi is not on an animal saving binge again.

    • Al Sieber

      judyr, one of the worlds largest deposits of rare earths is in Mountain Pass Calif. on I-15 s.w. of Las Vegas, NV. if they didn’t sell out to China.

      • eddie47d

        These newer rare earths may be more precious than gold.It’s also odd that when we recycle the modern products that use rare earths they are sent to China or India to to torn apart. They get us coming and going instead of recycling them ourselves.

        • DaveH

          Pool your ill-gotten gains with other like-minded Liberals and start your own recycling company, Eddie.

          Show us how it’s done instead of giving us your useless lip-service.

          • Ronbo

            Dave H, do you even know what a liberal is? Or are you just repeating FOX Mews without passing the “attack” past your noggin?

  • peter

    Is that what is commonly referred to as “Gotcha?”. Lithium and other rare earths are commonly found in Siberia and in the sea. Difficult to mine though, so more expensive than China’s. So if we don’t have hybrid cars, flat screen tv’s and lithium batteries, will we survive? Betcha we can.

  • FreedomFighter

    China is not the friend to the USA. US Food production will get us metals.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Palin12

    Does anyone listen to Al Gore, the Bozo from the Ozone, anymore? Nice job Al, flying all over the world in your corporate jet leaving a huge carbon footprint. How’s the new mansion in Malibu? Tired of your 20-bedroom home in Nashville with a monthly electric bill of $2,500…mostly derived from fossil fuels.

    • eddie47d

      As if you really care about who lives in a mansion or who owns a corporate jet.If you’re really concerned you’d go after all of those abusers not just the select few you deem worthy of bashing. Most millionaires are arrogant trolls who thumb their noses at the rest of us so look around they are everywhere.Power corrupts absolutely once you’ve reached that pinnacle in America.

      • Dale on the left coast

        eddie . . . Al Bore is an uneducated loon . . . a British Judge ruled that there was NO SCience in his lame movie and could not be shown to school children. Another Judge ruled that a British Enviro-whack was “Religeous” for his “Belief” in the Unprovable.
        Fat Al made a lot of money . . . cap and trade has funelled Billions into bankers coffers in Europe . . . then they planted a tree in Africa . . . just pickin your pocket eddie!!!

        • eddie47d

          Al Gore is hardly uneducated but I do agree that An Inconvenient Truth should not be shown in schools(as with most movies).There was allot of truth in the movie but also allot of hype.I’ve never been a fan of anybody making allot of money off of anything no matter what business they are in but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be listened to. I think Al Gore is on the right track although not infallible to making errors in judgements. (I don’t like cap and trade and think it can be manipulated by big companies)

          • Palin12

            Some of the footage in “An Inconvenient Truth” was taken from the science fiction film “the Day After Tomorrow”.

        • Ronbo

          Dude, you appear to be a bigger nitwit than Gore. Or do you consider FOX Mews an “education”?

      • Opal the Gem

        eddie the whole point is Al Bore is practicing “do as I say not as I do”. When he starts flying commercial, moves into a very energy effecent house, and starts driving small energy effecient vehicles then he MIGHT be believable. He has reportedly even purchased a beach front home in an area he swears will be flooded by the “rising oceans” in the next few years.

  • ADP

    Myers has ignored most facts in this article and down right lied about others.

    CNG is the best way to go, most Solar went to china for cheaper mfg rates.
    No biggie to fire it up again here in the states, unlike other heavy mfg.

  • s c

    #^&*+ China. Let Gore marry himself. Then he can divide his activities between groping trees and ^&#$*^& himself. Are we supposed to think that we don’t have enough world-class scientists and REAL leaders to learn how to compensate and find other ways to tell China to ram its collective ego wherever it’s convenient?
    It’s clear that our “leaders” have sold themselves, or America would still be a #1, prime nation. It’s time to clean house, America. We have far too many first-rate minds to surrender to those who hate America.
    First, let us admit that those minds are not in Washington. Now, let us show the world again what we’re made of, and Gore and his braindead lemmings can move to China. Flush the toilets. Start all over again.

    • Jeep

      It’s even worse than that sc. Afghanistan has some of the richest deposits of rare earth metals in the world. Some estimates put these deposits at the top of the list. Immediately after we chased out the Taliban, China was lobbying for mineral rights to mine. GW put them off and said no. Chinese companies have were allowed to begin mining by this administration (protected by us, of course.) So, in effect, we are providing free protection to the Chinese to mine in Afghanistan so they can sell us minerals at a cheap rate.

      • eddie47d

        Hey how else are we going to support these wars. We’ve been hiring mercenaries for several years now and they are indeed picking our pockets.Whether Blackwater or China they know we are easy picking.

  • MrB

    This is all BS… The highest annual production of Lithium is Chile with 7400 tons. Chile has had the largest deposit of Lithium until larger deposits of Lithium were discovered in Argentina and Bolivia. Australia is also a major supplier. So much for China’s strangle hold on the world……..

    • eddie47d

      The author didn’t lie about China having the most rare earths but did fail to mention that other countries also have them. I’m sure that was deliberate since he is an oil man defending his turf.He also has been against alternatives to get us off of foreign oil because that is not where he and his buddies make their living. It’s easier to attack his nemesis Al Gore so the profits keep flowing his way.

      • Dale on the left coast

        eddie . . . logic would dictate that if China controlled only MOST of the REM’s . . . that which is not included are ELSEWHERE . . . are you still with me???
        Foreign oil . . . The USA has enough oil on its coasts in on the continent to keep us going for over 100 years, enough Natural Gas for over 200 years and enough Coal forever maybe.
        Someday an alternative to these valuable resources will be discovered . . . it will not be Solar Panels or Windmills.

        • eddie47d

          I know how much energy we have but as the population grows those sources could dry up in a few generations from now. Maybe we have too many people entrenched in the oil business via the stock market and they don’t want to take a chance on changing.They don’t want their stocks going down so they attack alternatives.We could have prepared for the future 50 years ago but apparently you chose not to so we just continue this insane argument.

          • OB1

            The population of US citizens is actually shrinking as it is in Russia. The immigrants and illegals are actually increasing live births from both reproduction statistics as well as immigration.

          • Palin12

            Blah blah blah….global warming….blah blah blah….Al Bore says blah blah blah….yadda yadda yadda!

          • eddie47d

            Palin2 conquered another comment with her genius and an attempt at thought process.

          • Palin16

            edduh are you stalking me? It seems like you spend all day here!

        • djdrew103

          Enough oil for 100 or 200 years, along with natural gas adnunlimted coal…well, that’s good …we’re safe now. We got Nuclear energy for when that runs out, I am sure we will be flying aorund in Jetson cars powered by nuclear motors, but shucks, we’ll have to go back to using coal fired steam engines for the rest maybe, natural gas for heating and cooking works now, but there are plenty of places that don’t have natural gas, so they’re shick out of luck. 200 years huh? We’ll be alright by then, but god! Don’t let us start looking for alternative fuels now! Let’s wait till its too late okay, we can’t jump too fast or mercy, we might end up being prepared beforehand!

  • Thor

    The duplicity of politics (just a nice way of saying ‘the stupidity of politics’)never ceases to amaze in its ability to produce fools. Simple mathematics and some knowledge of atmospheric demands (along with some common rational ability) prove the point:

    Present technology in solar energy (as one example of alternative power)is based on the ‘photovoltaic’ cell. The best photovoltaic cell available today, if it were large enough to cover every square inch of the US land mass, would produce enough electricity to meet the demands of the US…in 1975.

    Meantime, it would cast a permanent shadow large enough to cool a portion of the earth’s surface capable of changing the entire atmospheric dynamic of the planet by lowering the ambient temperature of the atmosphere.

    Speculation has it that a drop in temperature of only a few degrees could being the polar ice cap as far south as Washington, D. C.

    Maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all.

    • ADP

      You are one dumb cluck

      • Dale on the left coast

        ADP – He makes a lot more sense than Fat Al and the Enviro-loons.

  • Adam

    Actually the USA — used to have rear earth-metal mines and production. It was closed not to long time ego, since the Chinese import WAS CHEAPER – a “good business decisions”[=short sited greed] pays off –as you could see…

  • MrB

    Next time DO SOME RESEARCH before saying “the sky is falling”.

    • Dale on the left coast

      I didn’t read anywhere that the sky is falling . . . .
      BUT . . . I do know that the Chinese have been cornering the “Rare Earth” Minerals for well over a DECADE NOW. Of course you and Obambie will be always the last to know.
      China has bought up resource companies and minieral rights from Canada to Africa . . . while the White House has just been buying Foor Stamps for the masses.

      • eddie47d

        That means you were well aware of it during the Bush years yet he got reelected. Yet you slam only Obama when it takes Congress or private companies to go after those rare metals. The Republicans haven’t allowed Obama to do anything on almost every issue.Not only do we waste our energy on wars around the world we have to deal with constant political wars right here. Hardly a good combination in getting things done.

        • Dale on the left coast

          eddie . . . the govt doesn’t open mines . . . private industry does. But . . . when you have the enviro-whacks/czars and the marxist/illegal/clueless pres in the WH attempting to stamp out “Free Enterprise” everywhere in the country, you get the exact results we are seeing every day now.
          I know its a Shock to you . . . but govts don’t create jobs . . . they can only create an environment where the industrious can prosper. This present regeme attempts to Regulate, Tax, Re-regulate everything that moves . . . I hear QE3 is on the drawing board . . . another disaster about to take place.
          Didn’t Bush have less than 5% unemployment for 7 years???

          • eddie47d

            Dale is continuing these squabbles about government vs private investments when private companies aren’t doing a thing but causing us to lose more revenue while making buckets of money. Nothing changes except the level of thunder.

  • home boy

    to bad people will do nothing until they have nothing left. buy the way these people do work for the devil ,you just have not come to that realization yet because you have no faith that satan exists.

  • Alex

    So what if, and I do not know that this is true, China has a near monopoly a rare earth? If Mali had a monopoly on, say, vitamin C, I guess they would be very wealthy, right?
    This stupid country has ignored green energy for decades and so we are behind the Chinese. Oh well. Capitalism.
    We cannot cry that we allowed China to take the lead on this—like on so many other issues (slavery, environmentalism, health care, etc) we allowed the love of money to override the good of all.
    Reich Wingers exhibit their naivete by questioning the profit motive behind Al Gore in particular and the environmental movement in general yet never question the profit motive for the Koch brothers, James Inhofe, or the energy industry. Silly Fright Wing sheeple. Baaa baaa baa

  • ADP

    Thor chum you are so wrong, it is not even worth a responce to your pea brained statement.
    But I will and be glad to expose your lack of knowledge about solar.
    Happy to be of help.

    • eddie47d

      Great catch Alex. Not sure when they will snap out of their stupor and realize China owns them but then they sit back and allow hundreds of companies to flee to China. They complain about China but turn around and help our companies establish themselves in foreign countries. What a hoot! Our solar industry was top notch but they allowed China to move in under their noses which brought the US solar industry down. I think that is called malaise.

      • speedle

        I’m curious Eddie. Based upon your posts, you seem to be a kind of flat earth nineteenth century eco isolationist. Does that pretty well sum up your position (along with an acute paranoia of anyone who is wealthy).

        • eddie47d

          Depending on coal and oil as the only resources we can use would put you in the 19th century without any hope of moving forward. Yes I do have an acute paranoia of the wealthy who steal,manipulate for profits,destroy economies and cause the American worker to lose jobs. I do love a healthy environment and want companies to be good stewards of our country. Maybe when they can show respect the wealthy will get respect. American citizens shouldn’t just sit back and be their pawns when they screw up.

          • Dale on the left coast

            eddie . . . what do you suggest we replace coal and oil with TOMORROW???
            Name me one country with over 300 million enhabitants that is CLEANER than the USA???
            And . . . what makes you think Fat Al . . . who was Less Educated than Bush . . . would have an answer for anything . . . except maybe what to have for lunch!!!

          • speedle

            Eddie says, (referring to the wealthy) “When they screw up”

            Tell me Eddie, other than the Wall Street/Democrat administration Crony Capitalism complex, what “wealthy” people have “screwed up” so that they should be deserving of your envy (or wrath or whatever)? Do they screw up when they start businesses, hire people and add to the economy? Or perhaps you think they screw up when after they have taken the risks, worked hard and reward themselves by buying a lot of expensive “things” (which also create even more jobs). So tell me Eddie, do you really want to punish and slander everyone who makes a certain level of income because of what the Crony Capitalists have foisted on us?

          • eddie47d

            I have never said that coal and oil is going to be replaced tomorrow. You must not be paying attention to what I said today and what I have said over the months. I have always emphasised that coal and oil will be with us for a very long time yet it would be for the betterment of the country if we start changing over to alternatives.

          • eddie47d

            Who are these wonderful corporations Speedle ( I know they are out there) but the bad ones seem to be winning and we are losing.

    • Dan az

      Yes he did make a mistake in that if every inch of this nation was covered in panels that it would supply enough energy.It would not even cover half the energy.But I would like to ask you and others if you live what you believe in.The fact is I do and know exactly what it takes to create energy and also know what its limitations are,Do You?
      You spew this BS from the left utopian dream world but don’t live it do you.Why Not?The truth is you don’t believe what your saying anymore than Gore does.He is just in it for the money.He is a blood sucking parasite and your know better by believing the lies and calling them truth.You are a waste of skin.

      • ADP

        Ole Dan in AZ get the sand out of your big dirty ears bozo.
        I have a 6.9 solar system and I put my money up cash by the way.
        Stupid twit.

        • Dale on the left coast

          EDP . . . soooo, would your “System” run a Ford Plant? Not friggin likely . . . you could not even power my auto repair shop . . . especially during the night or on a rainey day.
          Al is a moron . . . a very rich moron!!!

          • eddie47d

            Dale had a mean sandwich for lunch and he’s making sure we all know it. Even when someone is doing something right you got to knock it.

          • djdrew103

            The fact is, the FACT IS! THE FACT IS!!!

            That if we R&D’d more alternative sources for energy, if we strongly promoted those resources and put them into action, we WOULD USE LESS COAL and other contaminants!!! There are plenty of unused wasted lands, deserts and open areas where these solar grids can be used, where weather is not a factor, and that effort to develop and put alternative power into use is not there, mainly because those demigods I mentioned are empowering you, the foolish people, the moronic influence of an ignorant and uneducated mass energy harnessed in the winds of the voice of the American people, are so willingly swayed to spread their hype. Be proud, be very proud at just how much you’re influencing the futures of your children.

            WE would have less emissions, and we would be doing ourselves allot more of a service instead of a disservice. Following up and supporting Repug hype is merely allowing the demigods to play in their sand box with our futures.

            Sure, there is a lot of hype in Gore’s BS, and it is a pity he has to resort to such overplaying tunes. Yet, who would listen anyways to a tuned down version of the truth of the matter? You out there in dummy land wouldn’t. You’d rather dance around with your cohorts and drink the swill and pretend like you are actually doing something for the common good and growth and wealth of the nation. Most comments I see here are based very little in “broad spectrum” facts. The US is second only to China in these rich deposits, we just don’t produce them due to trade arrangements and the lack of a competitive market.

            Fools claiming we’re just fine for a couple of hundred years on our present petroleum sources and need to drill more and more and more, offer it like that is some form of a positive point, when really it is the challenging point. We have spills now, more and more and more and shucks, we need less and less and less regulation don’t we. Have you ever listened to your verminous chatter?

            Heck, your asses won’t be around in a hundred years, so what and who gives an F right? You don’t give a sheet about great-grandchildren and what we leave them for a land to inherit, like you have any right? Who needs to worry about those worthless rug rats anyways, let them fend for themselves when they grow older!

            You ought to have “shamed” branded across your foreheads for one an all to see when they entomb you for descendants to be able to pass by and point and say, “It was people like that….”

            They say we are not wise enough to rule ourselves with less government and people are the living proof of that. You criticize and spread your opinions of discontent like a virus and foolishly feel that its some form of self-politicizing power to be proud of.

            By not realizing and supporting the simple facts of the nature of these problems, by criticizing all the time and spreading your own version of verbal diarrhea, you merely fuel the fires of those who are more interested in their own personal political engines than they are about how much the poor dogs are gonna howl in the cold of winter nights.

            They damn sure aren’t worried about energy 200 years from now, they aren’t even worried about it now, even if gas was $18 a gallon as in other places in the world. Its you the people that fuel their tanks anyways.

            So listen close to their rhetoric, listen real close, learn how to recite. Strengthen yourselves, especially the skinned leathery area about your shoulders, so the puppet strings don’t pull out prematurely.

  • Baba

    Gore and Unions kind of go hand in hand, don’t they? China has been using all of their U.S. Dollars to buy up Assets. They aren’t dumb. They know what is about to happen.

    • eddie47d

      Tell us which union wants jobs to go to China Baba? Do tell us when all this transfer of wealth and jobs went to China. Under who’s administration and who’s policies?

      • Dan az

        I see that your still pushing the two sided coin on everyone.You ask who’s policy’s lets start with bush pushed it then clinton signed it and the boy wonder is adding to it to finish us off.We know bush was a NWO plant along with his daddy and you blame them because you think that the left is doing a good job by allowing every thing that was put into place by this cabal and its not your fault that its still going on because why????Give it a rest and help stop this crap by showing everyone that its not a right left thing and take the first step in the right direction and start pushing the truth about RP.You know it as well as anyone here that this is about to come crashing down on us if we don’t do the right thing.Are you man enough to admit that there really is only one way to fix this problem or are you just going to sit there and complain about how bush or who ever did this and the unions really are good people and are only in it for the people.Come on eddie lets see what your made of.

        • JeffH

          Brother Dan, don’t confuse the man any further than he already is…”two sided coin”…confusion say… :)

          • ‘Dan az

            Brother Jeff
            I can’t help my self,Times running out and they all still want to play games.I don’t know with the mess that things are in now I wonder if we couldn’t just start over from scratch and hang them all.Then at least we can start fresh.

          • ‘Dan az

            Hey i heard that either north or south carolina found a train full of guillotines and they just past a law for the death penalty to include them.Why not round them up in DC and have a party. :)

          • JeffH

            eddie, what conclusion did I jump to? That you are confused enough without confusing you any further? That’s not jumping to conclusion…that’s called a conclusive fact!

          • Al Sieber

            Dan, time is run out, I with you on those issues.

          • eddie47d

            Did you pop your insanity pills today Jeff or will you be going cold turkey today in trying to rid yourself of all that venom?

        • eddie47d

          I didn’t say anything about Bush in my comment yet Dan and Jeff jumped to there famous conclusions. I was referring to Nixon and the continued policies since then.

          • ‘Dan az

            I was referring to all your post here not just that one.And I did expect a reply on what I said.So I take it you have to think about it or you just don’t have a set.I’m not just picking on you but all of the libs here.All of you need to get your heads on straight before the election or you will become the first to go.

            Hey Al
            couldn’t agree more.

          • ‘Dan az

            Look were all human and make mistakes but it takes an honest person to realize that.We all have read and heard that the only person that is for the protection of this once great country that all looked up to is Ron Paul.Admit it.You know what has to be done and arguing back and forth of which Rhino is going to take it over the edge is not going to change a thing.With whats going on in the world today I don’t think anyone is good enough but the closest thing that we have in front of us is only one person that believes that we have lost our way and is willing to help change it so our grandchildren will have a life that befits them.Greedy politicians can only do one thing and that’s steal everything that we have accomplished in this life span.Are we really going to let them do it.Let the man do whats right for all of us not for the blood suckers that will leave after they have gotten everything that they wanted.What I call a wasted vote is anyone that just votes D or R rather than the man him self.Think about it and quit being stuck in a rut.We wont survive this time around.

          • eddie47d

            I think I have spoken up plenty on this topic. Too much of it is spent battling name calling from Dave H.and a a couple of others. Yes there is a serious problem out there created by Liberals and Conservatives alike. Sometimes I find it hard to defend either side and just stick to my own opinion. I do not condone the other topic that gave Hank Williams Jr a green light to compare Obama to Hitler yet the hollowing mob was there doing just that. There are extremes on the left but I can’t and won’t show favor to Conservatives who are filled with evil thoughts.I also don’t think some Conservatives have a positive vision on “saving” America especially on energy resources. Good night and see you tomorrow.

  • spxz

    Australia will probably become the major supplier of Rare earth elements in the near future. Mines and refining have to be expanded, however, there is reason to believe they have incredible reserves (especially in the little developed interior).
    Would someone please hand Al Gore a cup of “Shut the F___ up” and send him off to play with his little boy and girlfriends, while leaving a Carbon Footprint larger than the state of Rhode Island.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    Gore and his crooks are the ones holding back job creation.

    • eddie47d

      I think it’s the Wall Street banksters and their corporate cronies that are holding back jobs in America.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Coal should be a bargaining chip for us but we have no one wise enough to use it. We have stripped our land of the minerals needed for good health and yet if we were smart enough we could harvest what we need from the sea. We have many in authority that have sold their soul for a mess of pottage and every federal agency must be put out to pasture or cleansed..

    • ADP

      You need to start with the DOE, a shovel ready shovel shoveler for crooks & swindlers in our Government.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    We have been sold out and are being used up.

  • mrbill

    I write a blog for my local paper ( I covered the “green” last Sat. and titled it Green Goo. Stop by.

  • slayerwulfe

    The basis of your article concerning rare earths is intelligent but not the personal points of view. Please try to understand how powerful Solar is that it’s the only source capable of powering this planet Sol vs petrol is the proverbial no contest. The view that China is more evil than Opec,Why!? Do you feel that China may start operating as a cartel or maybe it’s payback time for us, as no longer dominating and starting wars to take even more. It is scary to think someone else may become us and we will become them.

    • eddie47d

      That was Classic Slayerwulfe.

  • slayerwulfe

    To continue in specifics, plants use solar but not rare earths also weather, oceans and most of the life forms on this planet. Aluminum, Nickel and Copper none of these elements are magnetic but as Alnico a strong magnetic source. The position we need to take is to find a different strategy such as development in understanding possibilities that are outside of what is currently known. The only way to maintain our status is in development of new technologies.

  • Moby49

    Sorry, t’aint so. We have large reserves of the materials, tons of obsolete weapons that can be salvaged for those materials and the Japanese have found very large reserves in the ocean sediments and so can we. This is a totally uneducated and bogus article.

    • Donald

      Good point! We need to explore the oceans and elsewhere to locate additional rare earth metals.

  • Jeffrey A. Williams

    The facts are that we in this country have a bountiful supply of raw earth elements that currently are not being mined. Most of my fellow Americans simply are not aware of that fact. Secondly the US has the largest deposits of Bauxite which is essential in necessary in making aluminum and a resource that the Chinese need to ramp up their industrial base. The Trade Commission should be aware of these facts at act accordingly when considering trade agreements with China.

  • Old Henry

    Hoooollllyyy Cow John. I felt like I was back in school while reading your article. Darn ear got a headache.

    However, it is a very good article and hammers home some points that definitely need to be brought to the forefront.

    I wish you had elaborated on the wind turbine / rare earth aspect and how those turbines are dependent on those metals.

    You say our biggest enemy is Communist China. I tend to disagree with that statement. The biggest enemy to America is the communists in our government, starting at the highest levels, and the gutless bums, AKA Congress, who stand idly by and do NOTHING about it.

    • eddie47d

      Yes those darn gutless do nothing Republicans! Couldn’t agree more.

    • John Myers

      You are right Old Henry. What I should have said is our biggest “foreign” enemy may be China. We have domestic ones, like the ones you mentioned, that are worse.

      Thanks for the comment,


    • Dale on the left coast

      The EPA has led the charge to DESTROY America, followed by the marxist unions and now by the marxist in the WH. If one studies a little history . . . it started with the Steel Industry and continues to this day . . . regulations and govt interference destroyed the free market in the USA . . .

      • eddie47d

        I do believe you could lay it directly on Corporate greed and the numerous ponzi schemes that have floated around over the years.

        • OB1

          How much are you paid, eddie? Hmmmmmmmmmmm………..

          • eddie47d

            For babysitting you guys or my grandson? Zero for both.

  • Chris

    I wouldn’t expect anything less from an oil industry hack. It’s time to move into the future. People like Myers would have us standing around with our fingers up our butts when the oil runs out.

    • Dale on the left coast

      And what is this “Future” Chris . . . please enlighten us!!!
      If you think Solar Panels and Windmills will power a Modern Industrial Nation . . . you are friggin NUTS!!!

  • http://yahoo Skyraider6

    what we need is a change in washington dc shake the tree of the house and senate on election day 2012

  • Lance Hottrod

    Fuels can be made from coal, and the US has lots of coal, but they won’t do it. This is old technology from WW 2. Germany did it because no one would sell them fuel. I have said it for years, that the Greens are destroying this economy.

    • eddie47d

      Coal is still used in abundance in the USA so the greens are not destroying our economy. They are only enhancing our economy our health and trying to help us be less dependent of foreign dictators. I see coal trains going by each and every day and twice on weekends. These loads come from Wyoming and Colorado and continuously head to Texas.

  • Roger

    John Myers…you have forgotten the biggest MONOPOLY EVER-the U.S.A. monopoly called: Worlds Reserve Currency

    No look at the MESS that America has created in this world because of that monopoly, but I guess because it is an Ameican Monoply it is Ok???

    • dwright77

      Reply to Roger…..Please help me, I’m a little confused. How did the World’s Reserve Currency get us in this mess? I understand how government entitlements, government over regulation of small business owners and government corruption, etc. have aided in this mess not only in our country but in the world as a whole but have little understanding of how the World’s Reserve Currency has contributed?

  • dwright77

    Green Greed. Appropriate term. Example, Al Gore was worth a little over $2M when he left office as Vice-President. He is now worth over $100M. Green executives are in it for the money not to save the planet. John Myers is right in saying if China gains any more control of our economy, we will be held hostage by them as we are the OPEC nations. Whether your looking at Wall Street (huge donators to the Obama campaign), housing overseers Fannie May/Freddie Mac (Democrats Chris Dodd/Barney Frank), the old saying goes “Follow the Money, Honey”, whether its to their “campaign” or to their bank.

  • ADP

    Don’t mess with nature and the ole Sun is nature.

    If you cannot depend on the Sun, surely you are not counting on Gore are you.

    SOLAR POWER the only way to go.

  • ADP

    Oh hell I forgot myers is a oil hack…..
    Get out of the way fat boy the CNG train is fixing to run over you.

    • Dale on the left coast

      CNG requires a considerable amount of energy to create the stuff . . . where do you suppose that will come from? Windmills and solar panels??? It will come from the Cheapest, Most Reliable sources we have today . . . Coal, Oil and Natural Gas.
      Anthropogenic Gorebull Warming is a myth!!!
      Do you remember when the Climate did not CHANGE??? And what do you suppose the “Ideal” temperature would be???

      • ADP

        Well muffin, CNG is natural gas.

        This is what I get for trying to reason with idiots.

  • Jay

    Mono-crystalline & polly-crystalline solar panels use NO rare earth elements at all. Geothermal power plants need NO rare earth elements to produce power 24/7. The ONLY renewable technologies that use rare earth minerals are certain (not all) wind turbine designs, and SOME thin-film solar products. And certain battery technologies….but NOT all of them.
    This article sounds 1. Extremely biased & uninformed, and 2. makes me think John Myers is getting paid hansomely as an oil company lobbyist!
    What are they paying lobbyists these days John?

    • Dale on the left coast

      Jay . . . the only one I know that got “Hansomely Paid” was Fat Al . . . 100 million and counting!!!
      Reality is Jay . . . while solar panels might work at the cabin or the ranch . . . they certainly will not power a modern industrial city or nation . . . EVER!!!

      • eddie47d

        Name one person who says solar will power a whole nation. Even Al Gore wouldn’t make that claim yet you insist on repeating it. It can be a supplement in many arenas so who has said differently.

      • ADP

        Well Well, you keep repeating the same-O same-O.
        You must be trying to convince yourself, it is laughable

  • HarryButtle

    Rare earths were processed in the United Stales in 2009 from intermediate rare-earth concentrates at the Mountain Pass Mine in California. U.S. rare earth imports were primarily from China, with lesser amounts, in decreasing order, from France, Hong Kong, Japan, Austria and Russia. China does not have a monopoly on rare earths. Primary uses are not in green technology. Future plans to restart mining at the Mountain Pass Mine progressed in 2009 as Molycorp continued its modernization and expansion project. Major uses for these mineral commodities were in automotive catalytic converters, petroleum fluid-cracking catalysts, permanent magnets, glasspolishing compounds, ceramics, metal-alloying additives, phosphors and rechargeable batteries.

    Lots of other uses. Once upon a time, the American Right could tell a good lie, but now they’re just phoning it in. You’re being played.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    We have large deposits in California, Alaska, and Canada of REE’s. It is the Green’s that have stopped the mining and production of these minerals here. It is not that we don’t have them. Why don’t all of you Communists leave this site now and forever. Your diatribes are, to say the least, ignorant and boring.

  • Joe Berger

    North America is a civilization in decline. And the Republicans are worse than the Democrats in furthering that decline.
    Our main problem is….. POLLUTION CAUSED BY OVER POPULATION….AND THE IMMINENT EXTINCTION OF THE EUROPEANS. World renowned “environmentalist” David Zuzuki (A Japanese Canadian) is the only guy I’ve ever heard talk about the problems of OVER POPULATION.
    We in North America and Europe are simply not reproducing ourselves ….at present birh rates, we have a half life of about 50 years. We have chosen to remedy this problem by unrestricted immigration from 3rd world countries. Skilled immigration from 3rd world countries is not a problem….as was the case 40 years ago.

    As we continue to import UNSKILLED immigrants from the 3rd world we will become more and more like a 3rd world country ourselves.
    SIMPLE AS THAT. China is the biggest polluter in the world.
    Kicking Obama out of office …solves absolutely nothing.

  • Carol J

    And haven’t any of you noticed that this article has been written by a Canadian living in Canada????

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Carol J,

      I’m not sure why you felt the need to attempt to define John Myers’ citizenship, but you are wrong. John is an American living in Canada.

      Best wishes,

      • ADP

        Oh great a freaking hypocrite

        • John Myers

          There are tens of thousands of Americans living and working in Alberta. It is one of the oil centers of the world. According to the Wall Street Journal, 960 U.S. companies are involved in Alberta’s energy industries. Not sure how all these citizens or companies are hypocrites.

          • ADP

            O boy a response from from the man that is writer of sorts.
            As one old oil patch roughneck to another wanna be.

            Your article has too many holes in it, please there is enough of
            misinformation out there.

            I have been to Alberta many times hauling Lufkin pump jacks to Edmonton, as a owner Operator for the Noble foundations BF Walker division.
            I notice the Canadian’s do have a different out look on Americans.
            You might say they live in a different zip code.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear ADP,

          If you wish to make a reasoned argument, please do so, but your gratuitous insults are annoying and unappreciated and the sign of a small mind.

          Best wishes,

          • ADP

            I just have thank you.

  • chuckb

    we have all the energy we need and it’s sitting in alaska, off both coasts and in between. let the greenies worry about the sun shinning and see how far their batteries get them, maybe the wind will blow every day for them. absolute hippie nonsense. we will be a third world nation reverting to and depending on such power. some people have worked on inventing a dependable battery since 1907, have they succeeded yet? “no”. sun light is a diminishing power. wind is not profitable, not environmentally sound. natural gas is proven and clean and far more dependable than magnifying sun beams. maybe the hippies should look into reverting back to the horse and buggy, they could use the horse droppings to turn into methane gas. “what a bunch of hog wash,”

    • ADP

      I am a American on retirement saving myself $200.00 with a 6.9 solar system I paid for fool.
      I also drive a American made CNG Honda Civic GX that burns bio-methane from the Dallas City dump.
      It has 130 octane far more than your corn shine at 87 octane.
      With a home refil pump gas would cost me .85 cents a gal.
      You turkey are one dumb twit.

      • JeffH

        ADP, I see you get great satisfaction from calling people names like “fool” and “dumb twit”…kinda childish wouldn’t ya think and raises the question as to who is really the fool and dumb twit here?

        Bully for your bought and paid for 6.9 solar system and your 130 octane Dallas dump fuel…enjoy it.

        • ADP

          I will turkey.

        • ADP

          Oh I can come with more if needed, I have very little patience with wankers

          • Dale on the left coast

            What works for you . . . will certainly not power a modern Industrial Nation . . . and driving a Civic is not a receipe for a long life . . . they don’t do well in accidents, especially with pickup trucks which abound in Texas.
            By the way . . . your Civic can be exported to Japan, unlike a Fusion or Impala . . . why you ask? Because a Civic is a Japanese car!!!

          • S.C. Murf

            adp, you come up with more every time you make that popping sound don,t ya! You spew more garbage than al(fat man)gore. You have a need to make yourself better than everyone else, your car, solar panel’s etc., in your own eye’s. So why is that? Are you really just a sleeze ball trying to make himself acceptable in his own eye’s? Do you dare go out in the daylight and have people laugh at you, or do you wait for nightfall? I would call you a moron but your daddy told me you are more off than on. Get a life and get lost.

            up the hill

          • JeffH

            “turkey” & “wankers”…brilliance on display… :)

      • Al Sieber

        Hey, ADT, your $200 is gonna be gone through inflation. you spew enough methane you could drive for free. does mommy know you still live in the basement?

        • ADP

          Well stinky Al,just what have you contributed to the subject except your mouth?
          Surely not your brain.

      • Carol

        Honda’s are not made in America. The parts are made in Japan, then shipped to the US to be assembled here.

  • John R. Harbison

    When we get back to making our own products and growing our own food here in the good old U.S.A everone will have a job.We have plenty of energy in Texas,Alasska,offshore and other states to keep us in production for many many years.Bring or manufactories back home,buy home grown foods USA made products, quit worring and trading so much outside the U.S. Bring are military back and beef up our own boarders and things will take care of them selves.#-1 Get read of the union’s, I’d rather have a job with some kind of pay than no job at all.We can develope our own wind,sun, and water power unit and improve our elct.and battried powered units. Were the greates country in the world with some of the smartest people. Lets get it back to gather and keep it that way.

  • DaNorseman

    It’s about time that government officials stop heeding to the demands of these eco idiots, known as the Greens, who are the main reason why our nation is in such a mess with all these ridiculous emissions laws when in fact they want us to believe that greenhouse gases are caused by human enduced emissions, which is a bunch of B.S.!!!

    America is being duped by these Greens, these tree huggers, who are just a bunch of girlie wusses and sissies who are only in it for publicity, not wanting the public to believe in the actual truth they call a lie.

    The earth is a living thing like all creatures great or small. Emissions have always been the norm even before the very existence of man. Volcanic eruptions account for the worst emissions. A single volcano emits one hundred times more toxic gases into the atmosphere than all human emissions throughout the world combined. Earth is designed to heal itself. While I believe there is global warming, but it has already reached its peak where it is arcing toward global cooling. Global warming occurred during the last ice age.

    Lies, lies, lies! Even the rock group Boston promotes all this Green nonsense on the title track of one of their least popular albums “Corporate America”, which only promotes Algore’s crap. The beginning of the song has a recording “Scientists were stunned when an ice chunk the size of Rhode Island broke away” which, of course, Greens will conclude that it was “all due to global warming”. What they don’t want you to know and they will bribe anyone to keep their mouths shut about it (I wouldn’t care about their money anyway)since they want people to remain dumb enough to accept their claim. This ice chunk the size of Rhode Island broke away due to the rotation of the earth by a phenomenon known as centrifugal force, which radiates away from the poles outward.

    A lot of these Greens and tree huggers should be rounded up and placed in institutions for the mentally insane including Algore who is already going nuts in my opinion. But we can’t use that term because of another insane, whacked out ideology known as “political correctness”, which needs to be outlawed, especially in all of our public schools, colleges and universities. I’m proud to be “politically incorrect”!

    My conclusion, “Guck the Freens!!!”

    • Dale on the left coast

      The first “Green” movement on the planet was in Germany . . . in the 30′s. The regeme consisted of “Earth Worshipers” as the modern green loons are. Greens today belong to the Watermellon Party . . . Green on the Outside, Red on the Inside. The are by definition totalitarian extreemists . . . and need to be stopped!!!

    • ADP

      A small part of your long spew is correct about the schools & colleges.
      But most of your hate list should be about our crooked political leaders.
      You voted the swindlers in, now be a good little boy and vote them out.

      • Dale on the left coast

        The reality is . . . the Greens are living large with their Klimat Change Drivil.
        Example . . . Greensleeze . . . now worth almost 400 million and a Global Corporation. Then there is Suzuki . . . owns 3 houses, has 5 kids, has lived off the system all his life. He is a Bug Scientist . . . by rambles on about Climate, Population and Ice Caps . . . things he knows little or nothing about.
        This is common in the so-called green world.
        The reality is . . . The Sun controlls the temperature of the earth, not computer models (which have been 100% wrong for decades).
        And, CO2 is a rare, benign, invisible gas. It is also a heavy gas . . . so concentrated close to the surface, thus its only effect on the globe is the enable plants to process sunlight throught Photosynthesis.

        • Al Sieber

          Dale, you’re wasting your time with this paid TROLL.

          • bob wire

            Do you believe Dale is being paid for that?!!!

            I want that job! Where do I sign? I could do much better.

          • ADP

            Neither one of you wankers are very smart, I doubt if you could give anyone correct directions from a block or more from your home.

      • DaNorseman

        And the thing is, ADP, I did not vote for those swindlers who are predominantly on the left. So be a good little boy and help a lot of us who want those idiots out.

        • ADP

          Really? You could have fool me, so be sure and vote next time.

  • http://google Sandra Henley

    There are always other options: US must return to ALIEN technology sources to move past the need for rare earth elements.

    On a serious note: The mantra on Wall Street should be no more US tax dollars for foreign aid. No more US dollars to the UN and IMF. Americans are jobless, hungry and homeless, how about aid for our people.

    • Dale on the left coast

      And one more . . . defund the EPA . . .

      • ADP

        You can add the DOE to the list

  • ADP

    Dale on the left coast says:
    October 5, 2011 at 2:58 pm
    What works for you . . . will certainly not power a modern Industrial Nation . . . and driving a Civic is not a receipe for a long life . . . they don’t do well in accidents, especially with pickup trucks which abound in Texas.
    By the way . . . your Civic can be exported to Japan, unlike a Fusion or Impala . . . why you ask? Because a Civic is a Japanese car!!!
    Oh great I have one with duel citizenship,They are one of the safeties small cars on the highways, but made in the USA.
    With a 300,000 mile engine life it beats the hell out of Detroit offerings.
    You will soon see them at your dealers in all of the States.

    • ADP

      One more thing, big trucks are going CNG.

      Ford & GMC are both offering pickups in CNG for 2012.
      AT&T service vans are now CNG powered.
      Most garbage trucks are now CNG powered nation-wide

      Flying J truck stops are going nation-wide with refill stations for OTR truck lines.

      It looks like your statement is not true.

    • Dale on the left coast

      ADP . . . the 2012 Civic is at the bottom of the list of compact cars . . . right with the Corolla . . . another car with a DATED Platfrom and fading reliability. The Koreans are eating the lunch of the Japanese auto makers today. Best Compact car today . . . . Ford Focus, nothing from Japan is even close.
      Natural Gas pickups? Where I live Ford had offered Nat Gas Trucks and E-vans since the early 90′s.
      You didn’t tell me how you are going to Compress Nat Gas with a Windmill . . . lol

      • ADP

        You don’t have a clue much about anything.

        • Al Sieber

          Either do you ADT, keep eating those Moon Pies, and swilling those Yahoo’s.

          • ADP

            (offensive comment removed)

      • ADP

        Lefty, Why would you monkey with something that works like Detroit?
        If any car has a solid platform only change it for improvement.
        You sound like a used saleman in a tote-your-note carlot.

    • Dale on the left coast

      Small car safety is RELATIVE . . . when an F250 or Dodge Ram hits you . . . you lose period!!! Did you know that in the last 7 years, Japanese auto makesr have dominated the recalls?
      Drove an 88 T-bird turbo coupe to work for 18 years . . . logged over 300,000 miles. At that time it would still dust a BMW 3 series. My buddy at work drove civics, he had 3 while I drove the Ford . . . my son still drives the 88 Bird . . . but where are the 88 civics and acuras???
      Best mid-size car today Fusion. Did you know that the Accord first got a 5 star carsh rating in 2004, they year is gained 700 lbs in weigh?

      • ADP

        At 4.00 a gal for gas you can have mine, I drove F250 & F350s for 40 years. No more

        • http://deleted Claire

          I love my Chrysler Town & Country van. On a trip to Wisconsin 3 weeks ago we got 27 miles per gallon–driving 65 MPH. Gas is $ 3.32 per gallon here today–but it will go up again for the weekend.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Ooops! I forgot to add: “Imprted from Detroit.” Cool.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Dang!!! “Imported from Detroit.” Wish I had a bumper sticker that says this.

  • Jay

    This week I was shown a wonderful, suppressed invention.

    The biggest obstacle to world prosperity has been energy. This week I was shown an invention that could change all that.The Ryukyu Electric Power Company showed me a battery they have developed that can store large volumes of electricity at over 90% efficiency. These batteries would make it possible to start up the business model of handing out free solar panels and batteries to households and collect a small monthly fee for a couple of years. After that the households would own it and would never have to pay an energy bill again.

    For some mysterious reason no Japanese bank will lend them money and no big corporation will help them get this into production. The reason of course is that up until now anybody who tried to market products of this sort was killed or otherwise suppressed by the big energy companies. According to the American Academy of Science over 6,000patents have been suppressed in the US alone for “national security reasons.”Once this suppressed technology is released we will be able to live in a science fiction reality. -Benjamin Fulford

  • chuckb

    only environmental whackos fall for the free energy syndrome, smelling too many mushrooms will dull your senses. it cost more to manufacture a solar panel cell than they will ever get out of it. i know many people in the desert area who depend on solar power and they all are waiting for the power company to furnish them electricity, most have had it with the hippie dream stuff. nuclear power is the one thing that can furnish us with clean, safe in-expensive power, unfortunately these same funny people will do everything they can to stop it. natural gas is plentiful and we have an infinite supply, cars run clean and the engine will last twice as long. the same goes for power plants. the mushroom crowd think they will get something for nothing and “it aint goin to happen”

    • ADP

      You lie alot too I notice.

      • chuckb

        keep smelling the mushrooms.

        • ADP

          It is probably better than being a used car saleman.
          The facts tend to get in your way when comes to the truth.

        • Al Sieber

          chuckb, he’s smelling more then mushrooms, probably bicycle seats also.

          • ADP

            You do have a nasty habit. Al the twit, careful about talking about your bad habits.
            Dogs & used car saleman do the same thing.

    • ADP

      You dumb twit nothing is free, not in this life.
      You need to try something else to lie about.

    • bob wire

      “it cost more to manufacture a solar panel cell than they will ever get out of it.” Chucky that just not so. They are cheap to make and maintain and have 100′s of different application for which they are well suited.

      But if you had said, solar panel cannot do the heavy lifting and do it often you would be on the button. You can’t run any thing like ac’s, drill motors,or power resistance heat but you can power small LED lamps and electronic control circuits and radio receives with great consistency. Transmit too! small distances. Bigger transmitters would require a huge battery storage and down time.

      People that plan to use much solar for home use will have to change their habits and demand for power. and of course it not practical in all areas of the country in much the same way wind would be.

      Nuclear is great too ~ but it does come with a down side much like everything else one might consider.

      Falling water is probably the worlds oldest and best power source.

      It’s true the world is coming to an end and it’s true there will be shortages of many things before that time arrives. But there is little wrong with investing a little time and money in all the many options we can consider. We need to have a track record of such things to understand what they offer and don’t offer and why.

      This R&D is not hurting other projects or making sheeples want to hug trees.

    • ADP

      You might want to check out GVA Granite Construction Co.s solar system in Southern Calif, they have it big enough to run their asphalt plants and material plants.


    I am absolutely sure Algore is hedging his bets as to how long it will be before his CO2 scheme and GW are determined to be fraud and lawsuits arrive at his door step enmasse.

    Rare Earth is a bit of a misnomer, it is actually found in a number of places but the manufacturing process is toxic and many counries avoid their production. Ca. at one time had a processing plant but enviromental regs shut it down and it interrupted the chain of RE supply in this country and now the PRC is doing the same to western nations all over to keep them off balance. There are some now reconsidering and will be processing RE again in the near future, it will be a decent investment…..we need to remove this suicidal political cancer from our country and rebuild our skills and production abilities.

    • bob wire

      It rare earth similar to Unobtainium ?

  • bob wire

    Well I don’t know if China is the devil or not but I do know China’s leadership works on a 100 years master plan and the United States works on a 4 years plan.

    Make me King and I’ll see what I can do for you.

    It’s like at 63 I can sit and not leave my porch for 5 years and be 20 years a head of some of my friends.

    go figure?

  • Alex

    How come people on the Right say, ‘We must cut spending in order to live within our means’ yet think it is fine to spend energy like there was no tomorrow?

    We need to stop whining about “Amerika’s energy needs” and learn to live with less.

    Ignorant and greedy Amerikans.

  • chuckb

    what’s wrong alex, think we are running out of energy? keep believing that, the traders love it on the commodities market the oil companies appreciate your concern. the local gas station appreciates the profit.
    and barry will thank you for your vote.

  • Roger

    to “dwright77″.sorry to b late answering you question,but was busy

    That is exactly the problem ,Americans, and many others too, dont understand how the American monopoly of the Worlds Reserve currency has been a major contributor to the Economic problems around the world , so I can only say “dwright77″ ,with great respect, DO YOUR HOMEWORK or ask,John Myers…. He knows EXACTLY what I mean, or he should, being in the occupation he is in.

    • ADP

      I doubt if John Myers knows as much as he lets on after this article.
      There just to many half truths & out right wild speculation.
      He has missed his calling, should have been a writer in hollywood.
      Doing SiFi or monster movies.

    • dwright77

      Reply to Roger….Oh, you don’t know either.

      • dwright77

        Reply to Roger….The reason I say this is that you couldn’t answer my question.

  • Boo-Hoo

    Congress has been corruput for more than a 100 years! It’s goal was always the destruction of the Constitution.

    HOW DARE the people have power over us! So as soon as a country that may be more powerful than America in certain ways, the corrupt demoncraps immediatly sense a powershift that can finally give them the power they want over us.

    And what a better way than CHINA? A corrupt, shrewd, and with a very fatalistic idealogy.

    Demoncrap, be careful what you wish for, for you will be certainly the first to go.

    • Listen here

      Are some of you for real? If this isn’t the process of fear mongering unfolding in front of my eyes… This article is wacky. Why would makind more export deals from China enslave us? Explain that again Mr. Author. Capitalists fear that for one reason. Because the shift in mineral dependence would take away all that flow of sweet sweet oil money that oil companies put in their pockets. It has nothing to do with China taking over the world. No matter which way you look at it, we have to import something from somewhere. Why not go cheaper and cleaner. Oh and have you ever heard of Biodiesel? Wake up.

  • http://deleted Claire

    As far as I am concerned, both parties sold us out.

    • Al Sieber

      Years ago Claire, that’s what I believe.

      • bob wire

        There little question enough have to make meaningful corrections very difficult.

      • http://deleted Claire

        Al Sieber: Yup, sold us out a long time ago.

  • Jay

    Ex-CIA Officer Explains New World Order’s Demise.

  • Pete from Australia

    Interesting article. I’d like to mention a few points. Al Gore’s film had quite a few errors, and no one takes this seriously anymore, except a few schoolteachers!
    On rare earths: The US has/had a few rare earth mines, but the prices used to be so low they were uneconomic. I have heard that one may be re-opening, owing to the price rise.
    The article was correct in saying there were deposits in foreign countries, I think Afghanistan has reserves.
    If I can mention just one Australian company (I don’t currently have shares in it) Arafura resources is one of a handful of Aussie companies that are US friendly and are trying to ramp up production.
    I have to take issue with one point: there is a large lithium company in the US (they either produce or import the product), and I believe that South America has a huge resource that has been mined profitably for years.
    Australia also has some juniors prospecting for lithium, so there is possibly more reserves coming on line.
    I don’t think the Chinese are hoarding these minerals to cause problems to the US: the Chinese take a long-term view, and probably look to their future demand for these resources internally, a policy any country might sensibly adopt.
    If the US wants to increase its production of these rare earths, why not introduce tax incentives for prospecting and production of these materials.
    Or is that too sensible for the current crop of incumbents of political office in the US?

    • ADP

      Afghanistan is rich in minerals of all types, why do you think Russia tried to intervene years back in their war in the ashcan.

  • Sancheleezy

    Liberty and freedom is the TRUTH. Bring the troops home out of harms way and end the policy of nation building—no more wars! Less government control of the free enterprise system and more of the United States problems will be solved. One past president was right when he said ” when a government official says that I am here to help you” you better run the other way, because that is the opposite of what will occur. The Republicrats have screwed things as well as the Democrans. So vote Congressman Ron Paul for President in 2012.

  • Polski

    even more dangerous is the EVIL EMPIRE, Monsanto, their partner, The Bill Gates Foundation, and the GMOs, Genetically MOLESTED Organisms, that they are inflicting on us. Read for more.

  • Peter

    Sorry John, I’m a conservative Christian, but what you’re putting out is just a smokescreen. China is dangerous for far more than the fact they hold a monopoly on rare earth elements. They hold a vast amount of American debt for a start. They have a mortgage on America and have already visited BO to dictate their requirements to him. Not only that, but the biggest issue facing America at the moment is a combination of corporate and Wall St greed, where the emperor has been naked for many years, plus government stupidity in only governing for the short term and the latest opinion poll or 10 second TV grab. The fact is, the age of oil is fast coming to a close. The earth NEEDS to find and fund alternatives NOW, but corporate greed has placed control of many items in the hands of China, by exporting manufacturing and many other processes to them, such that now they have effective control over the world’s basic needs, they will not let it go willfully. Governments of both flavors have perpetrated this. It’s time ‘we the people’ took control back.

  • Bob McCormick

    For all you conspiracy theorists; All those photos of glaciers melting, bare ground in the Arctic and drowning polar bears are FAKE!!! If you would just pull your heads out of wherever their stuck for five minutes you would see that global warming is real. The degree to which the warming is a natural phenomenon verses human causation is open for debate, but the reality of a warmer planet and the negative consequences this will have for us, is not. Carbon previously locked up in fossil fuel deposits is being released into the atmosphere at an ever increasing rate and it is contributing to the greenhouse effect, plain and simple.
    Now here’s one for all you greenies; people pollute, get over it. Since man first rubbed two sticks together to make a fire so he could cook a brontosaurus burger, man has been polluting his environment. The problem today is, there are too damn many of us, we have become too successful for our own good. It’s this simple as we continue to multiply we are approaching the point where the planet can not handle the amount of pollution we generate. I don’t see world wide government mandated population control coming anytime soon, at least I don’t see government being successful at it. We are not about to stop breeding on our own, and pollution in one form or another is going to continue, so we need to stop bitching at each other and begin to work on our problems, if we don’t do something, mother nature will. For all of you that cite similar warming cycles in the earth’s past, I would also remind you of extinctions in the distant past as well. If we continue on the path we are on we will see population control and it won’t be coming from the government.
    Now for one last shot at the anti green energy folks. Is it sane to have our entire civilization dependent on a single source of energy? Transportation and agriculture are solely dependent on diesel, if the supply is disrupted for even a short period of time there will be chaos. I don’t think a total switch to some rare earth dependent technology is the answer, diversification is. Keep petroleum, but continue development of alternatives, it’s called progress people. The issue with foreign oil is that we have to have it, switching our dependence to a different commodity from a different country solves nothing, If we had the ability to utilize several different sources of energy, we would not be dependent on any of them.

  • ADP

    Reminiscing about old cars & big pickups is fine in your old age but not now.
    We need solutions for a long term fix, that means other viable fuels. But for crying out-loud not ethanol, do you people realize the entire US is nothing but cornfields growing corn at a subsidized prices.
    Just how many of you so-called experts have taken a long cross county trip lately? Not many I would venture.
    Do you understand the farmers & truckers are getting rich from the stimulus tax funding.
    The tax credits companies get for a new CNG powered truck is tremendous.
    I hate to say is being abused, I paid cash for my little puddle jumper.

  • Bob Eisenbart

    The planet has warmed and cooled many times over tens of thousands of years and this has been studied for decades by geologists and paleontologists. Man did not contribute significantly to it prior to the industrial revolution and is contributing insignificantly to it now. If all humans were removed from the equation, warming/cooling would continue to happen. Gore and his bunch are fear mongers, pseudo scientists, and opportunists (making money off of their distorted facts). Nobody wants the human race to expire over climate change but there are some that want to control human progress for their own desire for power and control.

    • denniso

      So, in all your ‘wisdom’,you think that the vast majority of climate scientists are ‘pseudo’ scientists? I wonder who the real scientists are? The ones who believe in creationism,the holy ghost,bodies floating up to an imaginary heaven?

      As an aside,watching Obama’s press conference right now,I still can’t get over the fact that we actually have a president who can speak and put together cogent,deliberative thoughts…after living through 8 yrs of the dumbest and most intellectually challenged president we’ve ever had in the history of the country…so refreshing,like him or not.

      • ADP

        Pick up your barbie dolls and go play elsewhere child.

      • Bob Eisenbart

        I also said they were in it for the power and the money. Some scientists for money and the power of thier prstige. As far as your other comment, your socialist idol can only talk when he reads it from a prompter. Otherwise he can’t finish a sentence properly!

        • denniso

          You people are all the same,clueless,in your ideologically driven fervor. Do you really think that scientists go into their field because they expect or want to get rich? Do you know how few scientists ever make a lot of money? You know that most Americans,and especially business people,do what they do because they want to make as much money as possible,so you can’t imagine people like scientists or artists doing what they love despite the small financial gain from it.

          You also confuse Obama w/ the previous president,the nitwit Shrub,who literally couldn’t put a sentence together,under any circumstances,teleprompter or not. Obama was answering questions from the press,live,and if you had the honesty to watch him you would see that he can speak off the cuff. You Obama haters just lie and twist the truth or facts any direction you wish to serve your small minded purposes. All thinking people know that Obama is one of the best spoken presidents we’ve ever had…that’s partly why he was elected by a wide margin. People were tired of being ashamed of Shrub’s inability to speak or think.

          • Pete from Australia

            Sorry Denniso, there is far more “ideological fervor” on the socialist side of politics.

            The definition of madness is to keep doing the same thing when there is no change in the result.

            Socialism, communism, redistributionism, the welfare/warfare state is failing everywhere.

            Unfortunately Obama is firmly in the socialist mold, and they will keep doing what has failed everywhere else where it has been tried until they run out of other people’s money.

            Also the US is not “capital friendly” these days, it certainly was in its days of economic expansion.

            On “climate scientists” there are many who oppose the prevailing ideology. The IPCC is composed of mostly non-scientists. They just see the cash coming from us to their corrupt third-world governments.
            Scientists are not gods, they get funding from wherever they can, and there is so much tainted “science” these days, from outright fraud to “gilding the lily” for the money from, for instance, drug cartels.

            What the US needs is less bureaucracy, smaller government, a capital friendly administration, no unproductive wars, and less intrusion into the personal and financial lives of its citizens.

            The brother of socialism is control, and don’t they love it.
            Even when centralised domination of production has been a crashing failure world-wide, they still love it.

            Don’t worry folks, we have our problems here, a government still thumping the barrel of class-based politics, paying themselves huge salaries, saying they “saved” the economy and lying through their teeth.

          • denniso

            Where do you live down there? I’ve wanted to visit but haven’t yet.

            As to Obama being a socialist…that’s pretty funny since the left is castigating him for bailing out the larges banks and the car companies,and calling him a friend of our financial sector. If he’s a socialist,why didn’t he bail out the homeowners and directly save individuals from the crash? His healthcare plan is a lousy compromise w/ what the Repubs favored back when Clinton tried to give us univerasl care…he should have fought tooth and nail for a single payer plan,that could then be called ‘socialist’,but he didn’t,did he.

            All gov’ts have varying degrees of so called ‘socialism’,and ones like Germany and Scandinavia are doing much better than we are and they are inherently more ‘socialist’. Your country is more socialist, as is Canada,and you both are doing better than we are. Why is that,if so called socialism is failing? More accurate top say that what we are witnessing is a massive failing of capitalism. The crash was not brought about by govt’s around the world,but rather the bubble economies that the financial and housing markets created.

          • Jay

            When Obama spoke of “Yes, we can” that “we” did not include most Americans. But it was still a stirring moment when he said it. Obama does give a good speech. He can often be inspirational. The problem is that his policies don’t fit his rhetoric. He gives an uplifting speech and immediately starts walking back the promises he made in it. He talks of a “new way of doing things”. But this new way consists mostly in reaching out to Republicans, a discredited, deeply unpopular, and increasingly extremist group, who rebuff him, demand concessions that eviscerate bills, and, receiving them, still vote against his legislation.

            Some say that Obama does this because he hates conflict and does everything he can to avoid it. But he exhibits no such qualms when he deals, or rather refuses to deal with, progressives and the base of his own party. There is a similar notion that Obama doesn’t like to fight for what he wants. This too is untrue. When Obama wants something, like the Paulson bailout for banks, he pushes hard to make it happen. It is only when he doesn’t really care one way or the other that he pulls back.

            Nor is Obama a reformer as his embrace of the Washington Establishment makes clear. He has by no means adopted all of Bush’s extreme policies, but neither has he rejected all of them, and some he has even expanded. Obama is not Bush, or even Clinton for that matter, but in some strange way his Presidency is shaping up as the third term of both.

  • Jay

    Car that runs on nothing but water unveiled in Japan. No gasoline, no battery recharging and no emissions.

    Japanese company Genepax presents its eco-friendly car that runs on nothing but water. The car has an energy generator that extracts hydrogen from water that is poured into the car’s tank. The generator then releases electrons that produce electric power to run the car. The electric powered car can run on any type of water (you can even use tea and soda…etc). The car can run for an hour at about 50 miles per hour on just a liter of water; about 2 cans of soda worth. Genepax, the company that invented the technology, aims to collaborate with Japanese manufacturers to mass produce it.

    Unlike other electric cars, the Genepax car does not require that batteries be recharged and has no emission. The water electrical generator is located in the back of the car and when water is poured it is then broken down in order to create electricity to power the car. Imagine what such a generator could do to the oil industry, the nuclear plants and the electrical grid.

    That story broke in 2008. Today Japan is producing hydrogen fueled cars – the Honda FCX Clarity. Combine the technology of Genepax with the technology of the Honda FCX Clarity and you have a full production vehicle that uses no gasoline. No gasoline combustion means zero emissions.
    In 2010, it is reported that there are a total of 50 FCX Clarity available for lease in the U.S with a target to have 200 available world-wide.

    The Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell-electric vehicle has been chosen to be the pace car for the opening race of the 2011 IZOD IndyCar Series, from 25-27 March 2011. This is the first-time a hydrogen-powered vehicle will pace an IZOD IndyCar Series race in the United States.

    Propelled by an electric motor that runs on electricity generated in a fuel cell, the FCX Clarity’s only emission is water and its fuel efficiency is three times that of a similar-sized petrol-powered automobile. The FCX Clarity’s performance and acceleration are comparable to a 2.4-litre, 4-cylinder engine with an EPA certified range of 240 miles. The compact and powerful Honda V Flow Fuel Cell Stack allows for unprecedented spaciousness and a futuristically stylish, low-slung design and spacious interior.

    Since the vehicle’s unveiling there were nearly 80,000 people around the world who expressed interest in owning a FCX Calrity. 80,000 people who won’t be buying any more gasoline once they take possession.

  • Emmitt

    If you people want to see something that will blow your mind about the story of two house’s (one owned by Mr.(GLOBAL WARMING) Al Gore, the other on owned by George W. Bush) go to

  • denniso

    Why does this article and most rightwingers still pander to the fearmongers and uneducated,when China is using capitalism to raise it’s people out of dire poverty? Shouldn’t we be pleased that they are not extreme communists like they were under Mao? No,articles like this have to whip up fear and hate toward China because they may be an economic threat to us.

    If we want to look at world domination,we’d better look in the mirror!
    The U.S. has dominated the globe for 70 yrs,and it’s absurd to accuse China of wanting to take over the world. There defense budget is a small percentage of ours,and we still dominate.

    • ADP

      You are one of the useful idiots.

      • denniso

        At least I’m useful,unlike you.

        • ADP

          But still a idiot

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Not really a small percentage of our denniso. Our defense budget is 4.7% of our GDP and theirs is 2.2% of their GDP. So that is close to half, and of course, you also realize they most likely have a lot of military expenditures no one knows about, and they arent wasting millions having bases in France and Germany and Okinawa and a whole lot of other places. Plus right now, ours is accelerated because of the spending in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. When we finally come home, which in reality should be soon, that number will drop considerable. So its not as much as a difference as you think.

  • ADP

    Go here for a update on CNG vehicles.

  • Russ

    Al Gore has been beholden to Red China since they bought him and Clinton an election with illegal foreign campaign contributions !

  • FreedomFighter

    America can get metals and rare earths for:


    China refuses to deal, hold back the food, they will deal.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    Im not sure, as it has been a couple of years, but I thought I had read an article that said we have areas here with more of these rare earth minerals but the green enviro’s in conjuction with the government who for some reason bow down to them, wont let us mine them. Does anyone know, is this true? I could see it happening, as we have all this oil and we are allowed to recover that either, because of the clout of the greenies.

  • Concerned

    John Myers. Nixon originated the face to face with China. Who by the way, Mao tse-tung, said we will destroy America from within, but Nixon went ahead anyway.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    And talk about Al Gore and the environmentalist wackos, BHO says the GOP wants dirtier air and dirtier water, according to CNSnews on 10/17/11. Listening to these leftwing miscreants tell such lies is enough to make us scream!! I’m so tired of this BS!! Even more frustrating is the fact that so many Republicans lack the courage to stand up and fight back, especially against the leftwing environmentalist wackos. STAND FIRM!! We should not only refute all of the Democraps’ lies about the GOP, but also expose the agenda of the leftwing democrap party and its special interest groups such as the flat-earth no-growth leftwing environmentalist wackos. They’re anti-American, anti-prosperity, and destroying freedom and jobs; while doing nothing to clean the air or water.

    Let’s give the environmentalist wackos a dose of their own medicine. Perhaps they want city dwellers to share their homes with bedbugs?? My understanding is that there was an effective pesticide which nearly made bedbugs extinct. But that pesticide was banned, so bedbugs have returned. And what about CAFE standards?? Can we suggest the environmentalist wackos want to see more Americans die on the road due to manadated less safe vehicles?? Likewise, can we also say that the environmentalist wackos want blacks to die?? Well, the environmentalist wackos certainly don’t care about the millions who’ve needlessly died of malaria – a majority of whom are black, and many of whom are children!! Remember, most of these deaths can/could’ve been prevented were it not for the DDT ban which the environmentalist wackos have supported.

    Perhaps dealing with the flat-earth no-growth leftwing environmentalist wackos is the GOP’s greatest weakness. Of course, we’ll never get rid of the EPA with Democraps in power. What we need is to have firm republican candidates pledging to eliminate the EPA, and reverse all of its damage to America and the economy over the past few decades. And we can’t rely on RINOs such as Nitwit Romney who go along with the environmentalist wackos. GET REAL!! The environmentalist wackos are just a bunch of frauds and liars. Just say “NO” to them!!

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