Sex Offender: Sudan Better Than Canada


WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Aug. 17 (UPI) — A Sudanese refugee in Canada who served his sexual assault prison sentences is complaining Canada won’t send him back to his war-torn homeland.

Clato Mabior, 33, was transferred to a jail west of Winnipeg, Manitoba, last December after he served prison time for two counts of aggravated sexual assault. Mabior didn’t tell at least two sexual partners he was HIV positive and was convicted in 2006, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported.

Prior to that conviction, Mabior was also convicted of assault and drunken driving after he arrived in Canada as a refugee in 2000.

A deportation order was issued for him a year ago.

However, federal government officials say because of political violence and turmoil in Sudan — which split into two countries this year — they haven’t been able to procure travel documents for Mabior.

He told the CBC he was trapped in a legal no-man’s-land.

“They can’t deport me and they can’t release me,” he said. “There are no other charges that I’m dealing with because the charges I was convicted of I served time for already.

“They can just throw me in the ocean or throw me in the desert — I don’t even care because I’m sick of all this.”

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