Severe Weather Seals Off California Town


Severe Weather Seals Off California TownLast week’s severe weather in California caused a lot of damage to property and inconvenience to residents, and one town learned the importance of being prepared for a disaster.

The 800 residents of the town of Green Valley Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains became sealed off from the surrounding area after flood waters rose and rock slides covered roadways. Both roads in and out of the community, California Highways 330 and 18, were closed Dec. 22, according the Los Angeles Times.

The newspaper reported that on Dec. 23 the local store was out of milk, but a local malt shop had a stock of chicken nuggets available.

Other areas of the country were hit with flooding or large snow storms as the weather system moved east, causing hardships for travelers and power outages. The intense weather was caused by a powerful, cold storm from the Gulf of Alaska that collided with a river of subtropical moisture from the western Pacific, according to the news source.

Severe weather, earthquakes or other natural disasters, as well as accidents and terrorist attacks are all capable of shutting down the power grid or sealing communities off from rescuers. That’s why having at least a three-day supply of food and water set aside for emergencies is so important.

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