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Setting Up A Food Storage Pantry

July 18, 2011 by  

Setting Up A Food Storage Pantry

I strongly suggest you find a place in your home or on your property somewhere — either in a basement, spare bedroom, closet, junk room, under the stairway, heated garage, out building or root cellar — and turn it into your own home grocery store and pharmacy. Somehow, get shelves in there: Build them, have them built or buy them pre-built. The room needs to be well insulated so it doesn’t freeze in the winter or overheat in the summer.

My pantry is located in the utility room next to my kitchen. I had about 2 feet of wasted space between the door and the wall, so I had two sets of rolling shelves built to fit in the space. They pull out and can be loaded from the back so the cans roll down and get rotated before their expiration date. This is where I keep the food that our family uses on a daily basis. These rolling shelves hold case goods that I purchase when the grocery stores have case lot sales and other items that we use on a regular basis. (see photo below)

 Kitchen Pantry

My freezer is also located in this room, and I keep it stocked with the meats and frozen vegetables. I always store yeast in the freezer for making bread as well as other items like nuts, sunflower and sesame seeds, and butter. Even cheese can be kept frozen to extend its shelf life.

I call my pantry “my home grocery store.” I set it up like a well-stocked storehouse so I can shop at home. It is convenient and saves me money by eliminating impulse buying. I encourage you to set up your own home grocery store. I have covered the subject of what to store and how much to store in previous articles. It is recommended that you “store what you eat and eat what you store,” otherwise you might get sick. A crisis is not the time to change your family’s diet.

My Dehydrating, Sprouting And Baking Center

On each side of my rolling shelves, I have regular shelves on which I keep my baking items. After I dry the food, I put it in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid and store it on the shelves in the pantry.

I like to dehydrate excess fruits and vegetables from my garden and orchard. Every year, we have an abundance of apples, pears, peaches, apricots, cherries and plums. I take the pits out, slice the fruit and place it on the dehydrating trays in my commercial dehydrator.

I even dry tomatoes, onions, cabbage, corn, peas, beans and zucchini. I really like to make zucchini chips by slicing the zucchini into thin, round slices, sprinkling Italian herbs on them and dehydrating them. We eat these chips as a fun snack.

 Kitchen PantryI also sprinkle Italian herbs on slices of tomatoes and dry them. They are great to snack on or use in any recipe calling for sun-dried tomatoes

One of my favorite things to do is to dehydrate the tops of the onions we harvest. I cut them into 1-inch pieces and dry them. I crush them up and use them when I need extra flavoring for omelets, spaghetti sauce or anything else that needs onion seasoning. I store the onion tops in plastic containers.

I also like to dehydrate vegetables (such as zucchini, green and red peppers, and onions) and herbs together. I put them in the blender after they are dry and make an herbal seasoning that can be mixed with salt to make herbal seasoning salt. It is very good on all foods, and I use it like salt.

I like to make bread, so I have a wheat grinder, bread maker and tortilla maker. I also have many grains that I use to make multi-grain bread. I put the grains in gallon-sized, see-through containers so I can see what I have and can find them easily. I like to keep them in an easy-to-access location; because if I can’t find my products, I probably won’t use them. Being organized is very important and helps me rotate my food. This ultimately helps me save money because I am purchasing in bulk, storing what I eat and eating what I store.

The top shelf of my pantry was designed to hold my canning equipment, sprouting jars, roaster pan and other seasonal equipment.

My Extended Pantry

 Kitchen Pantry

Your extended pantry should contain all the food and non-food items necessary to replenish the kitchen pantry. My extended pantry is in a well-insulated shed that my husband built on top of our root cellar. It is close to our house, so I can get to it year round. A closet under a stairway, garage or storage room would work well also for extra items. Just make sure it doesn’t freeze or overheat.

Every time I go to the grocery store, I get two of each item that I normally buy, such as ketchup, barbecue sauce, pickles, olives, cream soups, mayonnaise, salad dressing, spaghetti sauces, mixes, etc. I put one away and use the other. I keep adding more and more of a variety of items to my home grocery store. It is so nice to have food items on hand when I make meals. This saves me time, since I don’t have to run to the grocery store because I am out of something. If we did have a situation where I could not get to the grocery store for an extended period of time, I would have what I needed.

Planned menus can eliminate the panic feeling you get when you know you should store food and you don’t know where to begin. I have included a chart in my book, Food Storage 101. Where do I begin? for planning menus for two weeks. It asks you to list every ingredient to make sure you have each item on hand.

If you plan your food storage program out carefully, you can avoid impulse or panic buying, which will save you a lot of money and grief. Anticipate your needs for a three-month period of time. Buy bulk foods in larger quantities and store them in plastic food-grade buckets that have airtight lids. See my previous articles, Dehydrated Food: What To Store And How Much To Store and How To Store Bulk Foods.

My Long-Term Food Storage

 Kitchen Pantry

My long-term food storage area is in my basement. I store six large cases of toilet paper and various other paper products like paper plates, cups, paper towels, plastic utensils etc.

I also store large quantities of dehydrated vegetables, fruit, mixes, sauces, rice, soup mixes, powdered milk and baking items in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and in a place that stays a constant temperature of around 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hot or cold fluctuations in temperatures can destroy the nutritive value of the food and shorten its shelf life. A well-insulated basement or cold storage area, garage or shed is ideal. I realize that some people don’t have a basement; that’s why it is so important to plan a space that can stay cooler than the rest of the house.

Buckets Of Wheat, Rice, Beans, Pastas, And Sprouting Seeds

 Kitchen Pantry

I keep all my bulk foods in buckets. All my mixes, grains, beans, pastas, sprouting seeds, e-Foods, prepackaged meals, baking items, sauces and gravy mixes go in buckets as well. This keeps mice from getting to the food and any other critters that can burrow through packages.

I label my buckets with what is in them and the date they were purchased. When I run out of rice, beans, wheat, etc. in my pantry, I get another bucket from the basement to replace it. I know what I have and how much is there so it can be rotated and replaced. It’s a good idea to keep an inventory sheet with what you have on hand and how long it takes to use it up.

Packaged Meals

I have been storing packaged meals called eFoods. They are ideal for long-term food storage because they are packaged in Mylar® pouches that serve four people. Everything is in the pouch except water. Just add water and cook the food for 15 minutes, and it’s done. The meals are delicious, and the company will let you try samples of the meals before you buy. Just pay $9.95 for shipping and you get three meals that serve four people. I find them very delicious and easy to make. That is what you need in a crisis situation. I don’t just save them for a rainy day; I make the e-foods for meals when I am in a hurry, in the mountains, camping, hiking or feeding a crowd. I have decided that premade meals are the best food storage you can buy. They are fast, easy and convenient. You don’t waste food that way. This company has a program through which you can get one box of food per month. They call it “auto-shipment,” and it’s great! All you need is 10 minutes to set it up, and your food storage will be on auto-ship. Each month, you get a box of food delivered to your home. Go to the website, click on take the Freedom Tour, sign up for the free food and enjoy. Check it out at

Water Storage

 Kitchen PantryWater is king. It is actually more important than food. Without good, clean, potable water, you won’t be able to eat the dehydrated food you are storing.

I keep water in several locations. I have a 185-gallon water storage tank that sits in the corner of my camping-equipment room. It needs to be located in an area that won’t freeze or overheat. The ideal temperature to store water in is room temperature or below (65-45 degrees Fahrenheit).

If water heats up in plastic containers, it will leach the plastic into the water and can be harmful to your health. Do not leave bottled water in a vehicle in the heat of the sun for the same reason.

I also keep smaller 5-gallon containers filled with water and ready to grab if needed.

Any food-grade plastic container can be used to store water in. The bottles that apple, cranberry or grape juices come in are ideal for water storage. Never use milk jugs because they are made to break down after about six months, and they will start to collapse and leak.

 Kitchen Pantry

Stabilized Oxygen

I use ION (stabilized oxygen) water treatment in my water tank and containers. It kills all bacteria and keeps the water safe for five years. One 2-ounce bottle will treat 110 gallons of water.

The Goal

The goal is to acquire a three-month, well-rounded stock of food, water, medical supplies, non-food items, sanitation items, warm clothing, fuel, lighting, shelter and anything necessary for survival, so you will be prepared for any situation. Keep these items in a place where they can be easily found if needed

Emergency Food Storage and Survival HandbookThis information came from my books Food Storage 101. Where do I begin? And Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook. For more information about the products mentioned in this article, such as ION water treatment, 185-gallon water storage tanks, eFoods long-term dehydrated food storage, as well as the books I have written, go to my website.

–Peggy Layton

Peggy Layton

a home economist and licensed nutritionist, holds a B.S. in Home Economics Education with a minor in Food Science and Nutrition from Brigham Young University. Peggy lives in Manti, Utah with her husband Scott. Together they have raised seven children. Peggy owns and operates two businesses: One called "The Therapy Center", where she is a licensed massage therapist and hypnotherapist, and the other an online cookbook and preparedness products business. She is nationally known for publishing a series of seven books on the subject of food storage and also lectures and teaches seminars about preparedness and using food storage products. Peggy practices what she preaches, has no debt, grows a huge garden, lives off the land, raises chickens, bottles and dehydrates food and has time left over to operate her businesses. To check out Peggy's cookbooks and self sufficiency products go to her website To get a free sample of three different storable meals that have a 15-year shelf life go here.

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  • skippy

    WOW…great article Peggy. Thank you….I hope a lot more people read this and get motivated…………….

  • jerimiah son of asa

    I have up to about 6 months of food and water. I recently purchased a small heat plate fueled by propane cannisters that is used for camping purposes for some of my food is preserved and requires some hot water to make tasty and consumable. I also have cannisters of juice drinks preserved that just require adding water. Most of my supplies will last for years.I am getting some of the items I use reguarlly and I rotate these thru after gaining some increase supply allowing shelf lifes not to play much of a role. I had not thought of the pharmacy aspect so this will be part of my plan now plus assuring first aid plus extra batteries I rotate also.

  • Becky

    This is a great article, however, in a worst case scenario, much of it assumes that we will have electricity. I live in Texas and my brother stored 5 gallon jugs of water which slimed up fairly rapidly. I’m canning everything I grow and vacuum sealing dry goods. Water will be my biggest problem.

    I researched a list of edible wild plants in Texas. I have accumulated hand tools such as knives, axes, hand saws, fire starters, etc. I’m 65. Am I too old to be doing this?

    • bill

      Hi Becky
      I sure hope you’re not too old. My wife and I are 66 and 67 y/o and are trying to be able to provide for grandchildren when tshtf. We also live in Texas and are having a rough time trying to keep the garden going in this draught. We live in the central Texas area and are keeping in touch with foks of similar concerns. Hope to be able to help each other when the need arises. Really enjoyed the article and hope all goes well with you and your’s. Bill

    • Barbara

      Becky, no one is to old to be making plans for emergencies. Everyone should be doing this but many way to many are not and will be looking for a hand out at first then later riots can and will break out. The longer someone is without food or water will get desperate. So don’t tell anyone your storing food and water, don’t give hand outs to just anyone cause the word would spread.
      I have stored lots of beans and rice along with other goods. Easy way to cook beans if you don’t have a way to cook them for the length of time it takes is to clean the beans, boil water, place beans in one of the old metal thermos fill with boiling water close lid and wait. I’m not so how long it takes but I would think about three to four hours.
      I have two ways to cook with in emergencies, Coleman stove and sterno lots of sterno. Sterno is good for boiling water, making coffee or to heat up canned foods. This save the Coleman fuel for cooking.
      Get a solar power flash light / radio combo.
      We have been without electricity many times and over the years we’ve added items to get us through.

    • Old Henry

      Becky / Bill:

      Age is a state of mind. I am 61 and legally blind and have been working on getting prepared for when tshtf since last September. It is truly a huge undertaking, but worth the effort. However, time is short and I may run out of it.

      Sheesh. I spent almost 40 years preparing financially and keeping my financial house in order. Now the paradigm has changed at this stage of my life!

      I feel for you flolks in Texas. I heard on the WC that 85% of your state is in a draught. I lived thru a drought here in the Land of Stinclon where we have the best “guvment” money can buy back in 1988, but it was nothing compared to what you folks are suffering thru. See what happens when you elect all those Republicans? And a RINO governor to boot! Please keep him in TX. LOL!

    • C130 Gunship

      Miss Becky…..I suggest you get a Berky Water Filter system-best prices I’ve seen is on Amazon. $231.00 get you a nice one (plastic) with 2 filters. Find it here:

      Or make you own for much less:

      Keep prepping ma’am.

  • Xmarine

    Is it not amazing that this is even a topic, because the reason for this topic is not because of a natural event like Katrina, this is to help up through the worst of times when it hits the fan.
    I am amazed that in such a short time, I no longer feel confident in my government or my future.

    • Old Henry


      You said exactly what has been in the back of my head for about 3 years. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Howver, with folks like Peggy leading the way those of us “with eyes to see and ears to hear” will survive, or at least have a better chance.

    • richard cranium

      yuppers – its the fear of the ass-hats that occupy my government that makes me do the things that I do.

  • Barbara

    I agree with you xmarine, not amazing but very sad. I am 55 and never even dreamed we’d be in fear of our government.

  • judith


    • Old Henry


      It sounds like you have given up already. Do you live in a metroplitan area? Do you have relatives that may live in a rual setting? Remember, when tshtf most of the slugs in the cities will have no way to get out to “the hinterland”. Also remember, it will not only be the looters / robbers who have guns.

      Peggy talks about having your own source of food. Her fruit trees and garden. So, when the money is no longer viable she / we can “grow our own” as we used to say in the 60s.

      Never give up Judith, never give up.

      As far as living week to week I don’t know what to say.I was in that position back in the 70s, but with God’s help I was able to work my way out of that – slowly. However, time is no longer on our side.

      • granny mae

        Yes Judith, you can do it. I did. and I still am. I am 69 years old living on social security and have found myself in the position of having to raise my teen age grandson and help to support his father at the same time. At the present time I am expecting another granddaughter to come here to live with her two children so that will be more mouths to feed. There is my husband my son his son and soon his daughter and her son and daughter. Both her children are babies so it is going to be an experience, but not one that I haven’t been through before. Times are real hard for a lot of people and that calls for extreme measures. Not always doing what we would like to do but finding a way to do what we have to do. Our government has let us down and in some respects it is our fault. We just haven’t kept a close enough eye on them and trusted them to do what they should have been doing instead of feathering their own pockets. Now we have to clear out all the junk in the capitol and that isn’t going to be so easy. Say did you know that Weiners wife is a devout muslim and has close ties with the muslim brotherhood and the muslim sisterhood and she holds a very critical job in the cabinet for Obama thanks to Hilary Clinton ? People need to look into her a lot closer. She is from Egypt. I got some very interresting e-mails about her; from people that should know. It’s not just Obama that we need to be concerned about but Hilary is another piece of work. There is a lot going on right now and we need to keep our eyes wide open and not get distracted. Especially where Obama wants to let the UN dictate our gun rights. We should never let the UN dictate to us anything about the goings on in this country. They want us to submit to the gun treaty and that is a bad idea. They will take our guns and we will then be like any other third world country without a way to defend ourselves ! It is against our constitution.

    • C130 Gunship

      judith….Please take your CAPS off! It hurts our eyes. I beg to differ that you can’t prep living from check to check. You can buy a pound of rice, beans, legumes, straight pasta, dried peas, and other foods for right at $1.00 a pound at the grocery store. You might not like eating it for weeks on end, but you will survive.

      Remember, you only need 4 things to live; Sunshine, oxygen, food and water. Everything else is a want. I’m specifically exempting meds from this list.

    • independant thinker

      judith what you do is buy one or two things extra when you go to the store. This week it might be an extra can of generic peaches nest week a can of peas the next some extra rice and so on. It might take time but eventualy you will have at least a small supply built up.

    • Big Mike

      Please turn CAPS LOCK OFF, it is hard to read. You shop hard not spend hard. I am on a very tight budget with a large family. We get coupons and then look for those items when on sale and go to stores where they double coupon value-3X the discount then. Go to warehouse grocery stores and buy rice at 2 cents an ounce,etc. You just have to make good choices. You have to eat to live not live to eat so don’t indulge even a little bit if you cannot afford too. Don’t plan for just 3 months, think that you will need supplies for three years. You can get free seeds from the produce you already buy or buy them from close out stores, grow food and learn to preserve it. Nobody gets this stuff together fast. It takes just a little bit every week. Rich folks don’t think they will ever need to do it anyway.

    • richard cranium

      Ok folks with the CAPS – u bitch piss and moan of being poor in this land of opportunity; yet you seemed well informed and have formed specific opinions and post those here.

      This is about being honest with yourself first about your priorities. Turn off your internet service for a few months, turn off your cable or satellite TV for a few months; Turn off cell phone frills (if u have a land land – turn one phone system off for a few months) THEN: a) pay off your bills b) budget c) save a reserve fund d) collect your survival needs as funds support e) find other sources of income – in this country you are only limited by your imagination f) stay positive – take baby steps to become more self sufficient and more self reliant – the more you do, the easier it becomes – the more positive your out look on life becomes.

      i was born poor, grew up poor – but promised myself I would not be poor. so i worked hard, got myself an education, then a career….But the funny thing is – i never stopped living like I was poor. Now I live free.

  • judith


    • Tobias says. ?

      Hear, Hear Judith! My family and I are in the same boat as you, been there for 21 years. This is definitly a rich mans pastime. Same goes if you need a vet, insurance, good medical coverage and enough decent food to eat each month, new clothes ect. Thanks for those words. I wonder how many will wake up

      • AMJ

        This is NOT a rich man’s past time. I live from paycheck to paycheck every 2 weeks. It only takes me 1/2 hour to spend on bills what it took me 2 weeks to earn. I’ve had to prioritize my wants and needs. I know there will be a reason to store goods for myself. It could be a natural disaster, government melt down, or the loss of a job. I’ve been storing goods for myself, and as much as I want it all done now, I’ve had to acquire my goods a little at a time. Sometimes I don’t have the means to buy any extra, sometimes I have more and can buy more than planned. The point is, if it’s a priority, you’ll find a way to store and put goods away for future use. I also have faith that God will help me accomplish my goals, and He has certainly provided.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      not being nosy, but do you smoke or drink alcohol? Just a pack of cigarettes a day will buy quite a lot of dry goods. I’m not judging you in any way, believe me. i do, however, know quite a few people that complain they are living from paycheck to paycheck but they are buying a carton of smokes a week or buya couple of sixers a week. they need to put things in two groups, need and want. Needs come FIRST. wants come AFTER all needs are taken care of.

    • Rosanna


  • FreedomFighter

    Dont forget about a bug-out-bag, esp if you live in coastal area. Even if you are well prepared for in-place, a situation may arise that calls for fast bug-out, like rising water.

    As well as a good bug out bag, I have chosen Ruger 10/22, lightest version and Ruger Mark III laser/grip targeting as bug out weapons, can carry 2k rounds easy. Also IIIrd generation night vision.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Dons621

      I like my Browning 12Ga. with multi-defense buckshot 1×650″RD 6×1 BK.

      I will take as many as possible with me. 2 wars at 84 I will go down fighting, not hoarding and hiding.

      Sempre Fi

      • Old Henry


        Why not do both? You may be too hungry and weak to use the Browning if you do not have stores of food on hand, and water.

        Oh, that’s assujing you still have your guns. Remember Hillary and Little Barry are on the march in unison with the commie U.N.

        And thank you sir for helping to keep us free. I’m guessing WWII and Korea?

    • Old Henry

      FreedomFighter :

      I am legally blind, but realize the coming need for self-defense. I have never owned a gun, but have used them in the past.

      I have been thinking about a Mosburg 12 gauge semi-automatic with #4 bird shot. That way my aim does not have to be perfect and the small pattern would minimize collateral damage.

      This is not simething Peggy deals with, but what do you think?

      • FreedomFighter

        You should have a well trained dog, friends to help dont be alone, oh, and nothing beats a good scatter gun, better than a machine gun in some instances.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

  • Violet

    How do you stock pile prescription medicine for chronic medical conditions? All the food in the world won’t help if you have a condition that requires a prescription.

    • Old Henry


      I have wondered about that in the past. Maybe Peggy can shed some light on it.

      I’m guessing that if the meds do not require refridgeration you might be able to get your doctor to “load you up”. My Dr. if somewhat like-minded and I think if I needed meds he might accomodate me.

    • Ma Kettle

      Violet, con your doctor. I insist on generic meds as I feel they are safer, ask for 3 month Rxs as they are cheaper. I store them in the fridge and occasionally “run out” and call the doc for an extension until I can get in to see him. Somehow he always forgets then writes a full Rx for me In 4 years I have gotten ahead by about 1 1/2 yrs, my goal is 2 yr. back up.

      To any of you who are broke and living pay check to pay check – you can prep, it is NOT a rich mans game. In the early ’80s I finally got down to 6 kids at home we hit a long and enduring family recession. I had $15/week allowaqnce for food. I made a point of getting to know the department managers in a couple of local grocery stores and let them know that I waqs intereswted in any close to code and damaged product they had if the price was right. It takes work to cull but we ate well and I was able to work ahead on product. At times I could only get one extra package of pasta or flour etc. but it is amazing how over time with the right mind set extra supplies CAN be set in

      • independant thinker

        We have a salvage grocery near where I live that we frequent. They do not always have a good assortment of meat but I have gotten $15 rib eyes for $2.50 and there was nothing wrong with them not even close dated. I can get 2.75 cans of Progresso soup for .85-1.00 a can. Check around your area and see if you have a salvage food store within a reasonable distance.

  • Kathleen

    I have a small emergency surplus of food for maybe 2 months. We have no place to store more food/water. I grow a few things in the summer but my garden is small. These articles leave those of us who do not have adequate storage or the financial ability to better prepare, feeling helpless. I agree that when the government decides to turn on the people, they will confiscate everything through military searches. I think the goal of global government is to starve the people to bring down the populations in order to better control them. Those who are rich will hold out a little longer than the rest of us.

    • ValDM

      Rather than be stymied by your less than adequate situation, consider converting your flower beds to herb beds. Mine grow & flower and my neighbors can’t tell the difference. Also, consider friends, family, neighbors for a loosely based food co-op. With a co-op, everyone has to bring something to the “table”.

  • Dons621

    Let me see now the last time we had a CRISIS it was the BOMB-PROOF shelters that was the scare tactics RIGHT!!! Just remember 100% of nothing is still NOTHING. Even a starving bird will attack you OBOMINATION.

  • Ricardo36


  • Old Henry


    I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles here in PLD. They are indeed informative and helpful on the road to self-suficiency.

    I live in a house that has a “coal room” in the basement. I’m guessing not many people have those. A few years ago I washed it down completely and painted the wals and floor for a work shop. It now has been converted into a food storage room.

    I have purchased three shelving units from a lumber yard, I guess now they are called home centers.

    I have shelves for canned corn, carrots, peas, beans. beets.spinich, soups, broths, ketchup, baked beans, etc. We purchase them when the grocery stores have sales. I then use a Sharpie Marker and put the month / year on each can.

    I do the same for items such as laundry soap.

    AS of yet I still have not gotten any dried bulk foods.

    I might add that my wife and relatives think I have “gone around the bend”.

    • http://gmail PATTY

      I have bought 5 gallion buckets with lids to store beans, rice, flour, sugar,oatmeal, and anything else you can think of to buy in the bulk I start with 25# of each. I also collect seeds for a garden to have on hand. every little bit helps.

  • Joyce

    Freeze your flours for a couple months – then all the bugs will die
    and then you can store in buckets with lids.

  • John H

    Hey folks,
    I have been out of work for 6 years and have chronic illnesses. But with my wife working we go to the farmers market.”dekalb Farmers market, Atlanta, GA” Buy 50 pound sacks of dry beans and peas, rice, and pasta. Beans you can live on and they are only 17-20 dollars per 50 pounds. Add water and you can survive. But you must be able to protect your family. Whaever you believe will be your threat you MUST prepare for. We live 35 miles from the city and in fairly secluded area which we have talked wit neighbors who are also preparing. We personally have several weapons and 15000 plus rounds of ammo. We can survive well as we are able to live off the land. We have a 33 foot motor home ready to bug out if need be and pile in our food and we can et 400 miles in a day. BE PREPARED always not just now. Yes the administration right is the absolute worst in our history. But remember 2012 and Americans will stand up for what is right. Skin color has no meaning in a christian enviroment. Pray, live Laugh Love everyday. Also remember, the military is all our families, do you really think they will turn against their own families in real times of trouble. God Bless you all and BE PREPARED, Always.

    • Old Henry

      Well JohnH, the Nazis turned against their families and friends.

      Do you keep an additive in the gas of your motorhime? Gasoline goes bad in a short time. I use a product called Sea Foam in everything I own. It keeps the gas fresh and cleans the fuel system / spark plugs.

      Do you drive your motorhome to town occasionally? That will keep the tires in good shape as well as the mechanicals.

      • johnh

        yes i use sta-bil and lucas. we drive our motor home 2-3 times each month to camp. we also use it just for a family night out. i also use gibbs (distributor) on all the electronics and the tires to keep the rubber on my 12 ply michelins. 23 year professional driver and trainer has me better prepared than most vehicle owners. i also have two generators and solar panels.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I saw a show the other day that showed the Dekalb farmers market! Looked like one heck of a place!! BTW, I have a lot of relatives in Cedartown. good country there.

  • Sgt Don Handley

    I am a thirty year military vet eran and I am offering people an Act Of Kindness,(A.O.K.), twelve free servings of long storage food. No strings attached. Al we’re asking is for people to try the food as this is some of the best long storage food on the market today. Shelf life is 15 years, except bread mixes which are 3 to 4 years.
    Just got to and take the tour and than order you FREE food. This not a fly by night company and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    Any questions, please feel free to respond to

    Great article and I will share with people.

    Thank You
    Donald l. Handley (Sgt Don)

  • Yeshua friend

    While a food pantry may help for a few years, how many of us have enough storage space to stock up for the next twenty or thirty years?
    And this is what the Bible says is coming. Personally I am relying more on Elohim promises to the faithful, than upon my own strengths or the strengths of any other man. Rev.6:5-8. & Rev. 12:6,14. 1Ki.19:4-8.


    • AMJ

      If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. It is recorded twice in the New Testament that the Lord fed thousands. What did those people do on every other day of their lives? They prepared as if it all depended on them but prayed as if it all depended on God.

  • B

    I can’t afford it. I know you will say I can’t afford not to.
    Bills, Bills, Bills, or I will go to Debter’s prison when Socialist finally and fully takes over America.


    • granny mae

      Here is a start, At m local farm feed store I can buy 50lb. bags of wheat for $9.25…..corn for $10.75 50lb. bag….sot beans $18.00 for 50lb. bag. My husband bought a 25lb. bag of rice a few weeks ago and paid about $18.00 for it. So if you take things one at a time you can make a food storage. For instance, if you have flour, oil, salt and some sugar or honey and water,baking powder and baking soda, and that was all you had you could make tortillas, pancakes, Gluten, biscuits crackers, muffins, pasta and if you had some wheat you could make sprouted wheat and cooked cracked wheat. Not the greatest diet but it would keep you alive . In the meantime you can be looking for some canned fruit and vegies. Look in the stores and discount stores for dented cans. If you do any home canning you can open the dented cans and recan them and they will be just fine to store for a long time. Buy some yeast and put it in a jar with a screw top lid and store it in the refrigerator or in a cleanded out plastic peanutbutter jar and store it in the freezer. Keep some 2-liter soda bottles and was them out and fill them with water to store. I have heard some people say they have experienced a slime on their stored water and I have no idea what that is from , unless the containers were ot washed out well or if it was well water that was used for storage and in that case I would take a sample down to have it tested. I would also put 5 teaspoons of pool chlorine or plain bleach in each 55 gal. drum of water when I fill them. 4 drops per 2 liter bottle—-8 drops per,gallon bottle or approximately 1/8th teaspoon. When boiling water from a questionable source you may need to boil it for three to five min. Most times boiling vigerously for 1 min is all that is necessary. Also if you are confronted with having to use water that has a scum on it run it through a coffee filter first and then boil it ! I would suggest , if all you could afford was a few small things at grocery time maybe you could buy some dry soup mixes, or a couple extra dried scalloped potatoe mixes or mac and cheese or rice-a-roni and things like that. Anything is better than nothing. You can also make hamburger helper without the meat if you had to. Chop up a couple onions and put them in a couple sip-lock freezer bags and put them in the freezer of your fridg. there is nothing to preparing them, and then when you need to make some bean soup you will have some onion to season it with. While you are at it take a carrot and slice it and par boil it for four min. and put it in a freezer bag and squeeze all the air out of it and freeze it also and you could add it to your soup also. Pick up some boxes of jello (good protein when needed) and store it in the cupboard. Any canned foods or dried foods from the grocery store can be stored for quite a while. I think everyone has used Lipton Onion Soup or some of the other dried soups and they store for a long time. The reason I mention these things is they are less bulky as they are dried so they take less room in the cupboard ! Shop carefully and look at several stores for the best prices. Try the off brands if they are cheaper. You may not be as crazy for them right now but if it was all there was between you and starvation it would taste mighty good. These are things you can do one or two things at a time and believe me it all adds up. I shop for the cheapest price I can get and I have even taken a pad of paper and a pen with me and looked up certain items and wrote the price down and went to another store and did the same till I found the store with the cheapest price on that item and that is where I bought it. I gave up drinking sodas and took to water so I could aford a bag of beans to eat. I have at times bought dented cans and beat up boxes so I could get a price that I could afford. I have been through some really hard times in my life and never have I cried poor me or I can’t, or Have too many bills. We all have bills and most of us have a limited income on which to pay those bills but you do what you can do and you do it one thing at a time most times ! After a while it becomes a challenge as to see where I can find the best bargan. I seldom shop the major super markets and hardly ever food shop at Wal-Mart. It has to be a real good bargin for me to food shop at Wal-Mart. I find better deals at other places. I store canned milk and powdered milk when I can find it at a good price. Do you have a baby in the house that no longer drinks formula and there is a left over can or two of baby formula left? Don’t throw it out, keep it you can drink it, use it in coffee, make chocolate milk from it and cook with it when ever regular milk is needed ! Surprise it is just a filled milk ! You can even use the soy formula the same way ! Where there is a will there is a way. And to Judith, I say what a pesamist. I have my food storage and if anyone comes to take it they better have nine lives, because they will not get it by me or anyone in my family just stepping aside and letting them have it. I don’t mind sharring but if someone thinks they are going to try to steal from me it will be their last try ! I worked hard for this food and I went without a lot of other things so my family could survive if TSHTF so I won’t give it up easily ! If you haven’t started your food storage, start now even if it is one bag of beans. Put it in a box and next week buy a container of dried onion and put it in the box, next week pick up an extra bottle of cooking oil and so on soon the box will be full and you will need another box ! That is how it is done.

  • Robert Ingham

    Hi Everyone,
    We have been revolving our food supplies for over 5 years. We spend $1000+ every 2 years as we build up our supply and replace the large items we have used up. Picking the right company is crucial.

    We talked to people that had done business with another company. Some claimed that doing business with E-Foods Direct was a big mistake, as was ours! Their food is good but their customer service is poor and are not customer oriented. This happens sometimes when companies get an edge through advertising. They grow fast and get the big head. Before long their main focus is on the dollar and their popularity while their dedication to customers suffer greatly. It’s important to talk to others before making a purchase. You can find these people on forums related to food storage.

    There is a solution!

    After our bad experience we were recommended to EFOODS GLOBAL from 2 of their long time happy customers. Everything we have found about EFOODS GLOBAL has been positive. Loyalty to their customers is directly responsible for a growing client base and we look forward to being a part of it.

    EFOODS GLOBAL is a well balanced company, and if you have a problem, they will assist you to the fullest.

  • ken M.

    Storing grains. You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth throughout your container and then shake it off when eaten. Or eat it, as it is a good dewormer too. Get the earth via a health food outlet or if you have to, it is a product of swimming pool filtration. Ken

    • granny mae

      ken M.

      You should only use food grade diotomatous earth in any of your food products and to eat. I have some and it isn’t very expensive. I can use the food grade for anything you would use any grade for but only food grade is for eating . Not the swimming pool kind. Plus you should always be careful not to breath in the dust when using it, it is not good for your lungs or your eyes.

  • Rinchem

    Is the final times?… If you really want change this you have to change your American system ways. Your economic sistem are killing our planet. Yes, OUR PLANET. You don’t need store water or food…for what. How many days can you live without these elements?… is more short to understand your human responsability and them change your soul, your mind and your body for ever.

  • Lonna B

    Great article! I loved it.
    You are SO organized!
    I don’t have nearly as much stuff as you do, but I have been getting a little at a time. I am currently layed off so I won’t be doing much until the middle of August (school starts). I have been buying certain things by the case (stuff we use a lot – like tomatoes). I made the *”mistake” of buying a case of Kraft Mac & Cheese – I was thinking that EVERY case was 24 count. The count for Mac & Cheese is 35. (*A “mistake” in my favor.)

    Thank you for sharing your information.

  • bdr

    What a shame, we Americans have to deal with this situation!! Through out the years, the Marxists, Communists, Liberals, have been taking over, little by little. But, they just didn’t find the right President to infiltrate the White House. NOW, they have Obama, he is another Hitler – a dictator.
    Impeachment proceedings should have been started a year ago – there is enough evidence for Impeachment – but where are the “good guys” ?? He has appointed so many Marxist believers, how can you combat them now? The Supreme Court is looking the other way – why??????????
    Look to God for Divine Providence – be believers like the forefathers and do good. God will help, trust him……

  • louise

    this is for JUDITH who wrote a reply on July 18th 2011 at 9:42 am.

    Ok I do agree that obama is showing his true colors and no I did not vote for him. however as far as the food issue and storing. I would highly suggest you take these peoples advice and put food back. the more the better. you say after three months then what. well you dont have to eat like you do now and what you have put back for three months could last you maybe six months. get smart….trust me if you have nothing but maybe a couple of weeks worth of food when this happens you will give anything to have that three months worth of food. like i said the more the better. I know people who have a years worth of food maybe more. they just keep roating the food everytime they go to the store. It is not hard nor expensive to put food back. again be smart. look for sales or clearance…i have found many on clearance that dont expire for a year maybe more. I dont buy anything like damaged cans. but a box that is messed up is ok. I just re-package it. I cut out the front of the box and either tape it to the new container or stick it inside so I know what it is. I also make sure I put the expired date on it. I would suggest you start right now, this min. I have already seen prices going up. just focus on one or two things each week, buy what you can and look for those sells. because if you dont you are going to be the one crying when everyone else is eating. if you have never been hungry before. dont eat anything for a couple of days…that will give you an idea of how you might feel. nothing like being hungry and no food.

    • granny mae


      You are so right. I have been storring food for many years. I started as a hedge against job loss because that is what the experience was that I had. My husband had lost his job and we had 5 little kids to feed. He found a job quickly but it didn’t pay a lot. Just enough to pay the bills and buy a few groceries if I was real careful. I decided I would never see my kids go through that again and they never did. We went without a lot of things but never food again. We even had one Christmas when all I had was $10.00 to spend on each child for a gift but at least they had Christmas and we had a good Christmas dinner. Putting buy food has been the norm for people since the pioneers. People always put up food to store to make it through the winter to the next spring. It has only been in modern times that we got away from doing that. As far as I’m concerned it is something we should have never gotten away from. Your food storage can see you through some tuff times and not necessarily the collapse of a country. It is stupid to pile up so many bills that you have no money to use in case of an emergency. Pay off your bills and keep your money in your pocket !It took me a few years to learn that but I finally did. Today everything is going well and I pray to God it stays that way.

  • Brian Fahey

    HI: Two important items needed for a Prepper are a really good hand operated can-opener and various fuels.

    CAN OPENER: Lots of stores sell hand operated can openers. We have 2 of the hand operated restaurant type. We really like them much better than the home models. Essentially one part is screwed to the counter, while the other floats in a hole provided by the first. Not Cheap, but essential when the power is out for some time.

    FUELS: Yes your car will need fuel, but so will your; Coleman lantern, oil lamps, lighters, propane stove, soldering torch, and anything else around the house in which special fuels are used.

    In addition to the above, don’t forget about lard for cooking, and even stock those items you don’t normally eat but are found at a discount. If someone you know comes to your door needing food, and you are willing to help them then offer them the foods you don’t use. When starving, people will eat anything. For your car keep cases of engine oil and filters, in addition to a set of new tires.

    Finally purchase locally if possible, make sure everything is grown in north or south America. Nothing from China. We have already heard about the poisons in their food. Pay off your debts, and get rid of mortgages. Why pay banks to own your home, ask a relative, friend, or even your attorney to hold a mortgage if necessary.

    We heat with coal and have several years supply. In addition our stove and water heater use propane, but we can also use coal. To be resourceful, you need alternatives.

  • No Thanks

    Been stocking up on food for about 9 months now. Nice article I picked up a few pointers that I had overlooked. Thanks.

  • Danielle

    I know this is a little late, but hope it helps someone. We live way below paycheck to paycheck. We juggle all of the bills and sometimes it just doesn’t help. Yet I have a fully stocked pantry…Without spending anymore than I normally would at the grocery store. Others in my family say they can’t do what I do because the don’t have enough money. I try and help them by giving advice, here it is….When you go to the grocery store and see something on sale (big sale) buy it. Buy more of it than you planned on. Then cut something from the budget to cover it. Two examples for you… I went to the store and saw ketchup on sale 40oz. for $1 (normally 2.50-3) I bought 10. I then cut some things from the grocery budget..we had beans a couple of days. But I had enough ketchup to last a year without going bad. I saved $15. Last example, my store had hamburger helper on sale for $1. Normally at that store it is $1.88. I told family members who use it to stock up. I even offered coupons for $.75 off when you buy 3. It made each box .75. They only bought how much they needed for that week. (2 boxes so they did not use the coupon=$2-it would have only been .25 more to add another box with the coupon) The next week the price went back up, and they still had to buy it, even though they complained the whole time about how much it was.($3.76-2 boxes) If they had made mac n cheese for dinner one night instead of tacos they could have bought what they needed ahead of time. They would have spent $4.50 for 6 boxes. Instead they spent $5.76 on 4 boxes. They paid more and got less. If you take any left over money from sales you can stock up on other food. For example if you buy that ketchup once a month, it goes on sale for $1 buy 3. (that is what you normally would have spent for one) Then the next 2 months you don’t need to buy ketchup. Use that extra money to buy something else on sale. Eventually you will have a decent stockpile of food. It takes I while, but I doubt anyone stocked up on their food in one day.


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