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Senators Look To Create Commission To Battle Rising Debt

December 9, 2009 by  

Senators look to create commission to battle rising debtAs the national debt continues to climb to record highs, select members of Congress are discussing the idea of putting together a bi-partisan commission to help tackle the nation’s swelling deficit.

Since 2002, the national debt has doubled and is now rising at a rate of $3.8 billion per day. In the last eight years, members of Congress have voted seven times to increase the statutory debt limit to allow more borrowing, McClatchy Newspapers reports.

With the proposed healthcare bill and a possible escalation of U.S. efforts in Afghanistan on the table, at least a dozen senators are threatening to vote against any increase in the debt limit unless Congress passes a deficit-fighting plan.

"I will not vote for raising the debt limit without a vehicle to handle this. … This is our moment," said California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, quoted by the news source.

Feinstein and a group of other senators wrote a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asking Congress to create a commission that would make recommendations on budget cuts.

Some critics believe that creating a permanent deficit commission would take too much power away from Congress.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued that the biggest complaint that Americans have is not that the deficit is too large, but that they are not seeing any benefits associated with the increased debt, Fox News reports.

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  • Carl Hames

    Who are these people kidding? How many more ways can they insult our intelligence? This is like a 400 lb man telling us he’s going into IHOP to eat breakfast, but don’t worry, he’ll be drinking low fat milk.

    • AZ Rifleman

      No MS Pelosi!
      The biggest complaint from John Q Public IS the rising deficit and the fact you folks don’t know where the money is, How much and where it has been squandered, and so far that a T-R-I-L-L-I-O-N tax Dollars has been wasted and or used to line the pockets of politicians, Pork Barrels and special interest groups on the left.

    • Vic Bailey, Auburn, Georgia

      They can’t keep up with what’s going on in their own state and now they will have another commision to pull away the Congress from the job that they are supposed to be doing anyway, JUST SAY “NO” TO SPENDING, NO RAISES, TAKE A CUT IN PAY FOR NOT DOING YOUR JOB, FLY COACH, MAKE LOBBYING A CAPITAL OFFENCE, SAY NO TO “BAMA”, FIRE THE FEDERAL JUDGES THAT PROTECT CRIMINALS, if they would do that much this country would see a change in just a short while, Oh, Pelosi, FIRE YOURSELF for being a TRAITOR!!!

    • cr747

      I bet she could put a SOFTBALL in her mouth and close it. Looks like the south end of a north bound JACKASS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Warrior

    First, I’m going to obtain new credit cards and run up charges to the max. Then, I’m going bet on every sports game available. When my wife finds out, I’m just going to have to tell her I need professional help. Kinda sounds familiar although instead of professional help, I’ll just confer with the family dog on how to get out of the fiscal mess. The American people need to send these bureaucrats on a (permanent) vacation.

  • Dale, Oklahoma

    Senator Tom ( Dr. NO ) Coburn should be put in charge
    of that committee. If anybody can cut the cancerous waste
    out of our nations debt, I’d give him the scalpel.
    Although one of those HUGE marble slab cutting buzzsaws
    may be better.

  • Sandy

    OMG – lets pay for another commission! that would certainly help the rising debt. What the heck are they talking about? Just stop spending and giving away our hard earned dollars to those who choose not to be responsible for themselves – lets see we have given then food stamps, subsidized housing, welfare, medicaid, free clinics, oh you get it the list goes on and on and on. Maybe those programs should be cut, the illegals should be send home so Americans can again go back to work. For those of you that believe illegals and visa workers do menial jobs, they are in construction, landscaping, restaurants, etc. and those were once high paying American jobs. We need our economy fixed and until they stop spending it will just get worse until we are a third world country.

  • Doug

    It’s a picture of the ANTI-CHRIST I know if you look on the back on this idots head you will see 666 she is the beast!

  • http://I/E Everett darling

    The only way to fix all this is vote these nitwits out of office.

  • http://Googel/InternetExplorer Vladas Mockus

    70% all Sen.&House Reps.are corupped/unamericans.To fill ther own pockets,they SOLD out America.They remind me when I was in refugy camps in Germany,Helenor ROSEWALD CAME IN ON A GOODWILL TOUR,and gave the Rushens permision to come in all the Camps and restract the people to be taken to ther home countries, But 55000 wher taken right to SIBIRIA SALTMINES.This is one highranking women Senetor would do if she had a chance..

  • Joe H.

    I am very sorry for what you went through. No human being that was not a terrorist should have gone through what you went through!!! We must vote these mental midgets out of office!!! They are out to ruin this great country!!!

  • http://Don'thaveone Sally

    Ir would be so great to be able to fire them all and start afresh. And when starting afresh, to have term limits so that this couldn’t happen again for a while. When I read the items that were in the healthcare bill, I couldn’t even imagine how they came up with such stupidity. It is mind boggling. None of this came out on TV. And then, hidden, nothing said, they passed the Death Tax which goes into effect in Jan. 2010 of 45%. Thank goodness for emails that one learns the truth.

  • Joe H.

    Don’t laugh, I know a guy that DID run his cards up to the max buying things that the companies would not take back and then he went bankrupt!!! Surprise! He was a democrat!!!!

  • Chuckles

    There are a lot of people in Michigan who lost their jobs through no fault of their own who can tell Congress how to curb the national debt. It is done by buying only essentials and cutting out discretionary purchases.

    It is done by cancelling vacations and junkets like date nights in NYC, vacation rental compounds on Cape Code, fish and chips visits London.

    It is done by staying home when it is not absolutely essential to travel. We pay for Pelosi’s weekly round trip flights home. Cut that out. She can rent herself an apartment in Washington DC and go home with the same frequency as our troops who are deployed to Afghanistan.

    The president can cut out unnecessary trips. We already have a representative in Copenhagen. His presence is superfluous. The Nobel committee can FedEx his “Peace Prize” to him. He can make his acceptance speech from the Oval Office.

    With the miracles of mass communications there are few situations that require the president to leave the White House, thus cutting out millions in travel and security expense.

    We can save trillions by tabling the health control bill until we can better afford it.

    If we have to wage war we can devote ample resources — soldiers and equipment — to win the war and come home so it doesn’t drag on costing lives and money.

    Members of Congress can help, too, by opting out of their “Cadillac” health care (and retirement) plans so they will have to live like ordinary citizens and deal with the realities of life firsthand. It will give them a valuable and much-needed lesson.

    We can save money by firing the czars. Congress already has committees to handle the czar jobs. This is the time to make Congress do all the work they should.

    Terrorists are enemies and we can save money by nipping terrorism in the bud before the terrorists are emboldened, as they became during the Clinton administration, and they escalate their activities to greater costs in human lives and money.

    Government can stop robbing Peter to pay Paul. If the Social Security account had been left intact instead of being plundered by Congress there would be a lot less debt.

    So it’s really simple, Congress. Reduce expenditures by buying only what you can afford and stop charging things — just like people in Michigan are having to do. Every little bit saved helps.


  • Warrior

    The glass is always half empty with these people and it’s always the same recurring themes that they have to fix. Education, Healthcare, Education, budget deficits, Education, illegal immigration, Education.

    We would be better served by electing people with moral values who would keep repeating the message – Take responsibility for your own actions.

  • Warrior

    Chuckles, you may have to change your name to Bingo!

  • Darreld

    Americans have forgotten. Caviet Emptor, Buyer Beware. We have created an entire generation of illiterate imbeciles and they are all being led over the cliff by the corrupt Democrats unfortunately.

  • Disgusted

    Chuckles, you are spot on. How come our representatives in Washington can’t get that concept through their thick skulls.
    Another thing we should be doing besides curbing our spending is buying American Made when we do spend. With all the crap coming out of China – toxic drywall, killer baby formula, killer dog/cat food, lead painted childrens toys and who know what other suprises we have waiting for us – we should boycot buying their products even if they are cheaper. That lotion you use (made in china) is probably going to give you skin cancer in 10 years! China owns the United States and knows we won’t do anything about this stuff politically – the only voice we have is our purchasing power.

  • Meteorlady

    Chuckles – can we use you as a write-in candidate in the next election. Pick an office any office and I’ll vote for you!!!!!!!!

  • Warrior

    Sounds like we may require multiple education czars and then let’s set up another congressional subcommittee to study the problem. Debate, debate, debate…. Final answer? MORE FUNDING!!

  • Elizabeth

    Why didn’t more VOTERS go with VOTER Beware, when they voted this Community Activist in to Office. How is the “Change” working for you NOW! Just you wait, when we all only get 4 hours of Electric to use per day, how will that affect people that work from home. How will those with all Electric Houses stay warm???? This administration wants us to be just like Europeans. We left England many many years ago, to become THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the best Country in the World. I thinks this President and his cronies, should resign and move, instead of trying to change the USA. Elizabeth in VA

  • http://none Sharon

    LOL LOL – for ANY Democrat in Congress to even think Committee to fight the Deficit is like dreaming of no taxes at all thing!! I sure don’t see Pelosi or any of her coherts trying to cut an ever growing highest budget ever – how does one think we got to over trilions in debt this year?!

  • Norma Miller

    To Chuckles: You are “right on” the mark with everything you said. And to Disgusted, I agree we need to buy “American”. My husband and I do whenever possible and we’re proud of it. We have NEVER bought a foreign car. To NANCY PELOSI: Where have you been? You claim “Americans’ biggest complaint is not that the deficit is too large but that we are not seeing any benefits with the increased debt”. We have listened to so many lies from Nancy Pelosi and this is another great lie. Yes, we want to see benefits from what government has already spent against our wishes. We aren’t seeing them BUT we didn’t want the money spent in the first place. President Obama and his “followers” keep just “printing” money that we don’t have and spend it on things the American people don’t want it spent on. I was against giving money to AIG, the banks. Then they had the nerve to give themselves “bonuses”. Now Diane Feinstein wants a commission created to make “cuts” in the budget. What’s wrong with our elected officials just saying “NO” to spending and quit increasing the debt limit? I emailed and called my senators demanding they not increase the debt limit in the past but Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold voted Democratic Party plan instead. I am a democrat but am fed up with their spending. I plan to personally hit the pavement next year when Russ Feingold runs for re-election and give out flyers of my personal interaction with him. He does not listen to his constituents; neither does Herb Kohl. They only vote party plan. I really do not want Russ Feingold in Washington any longer. He’s made it plain to his constituents that their views don’t matter to him. We should send “Chuckles” to Washington. He has the right plan for our spending. I am sick of watching “pampered” Nancy Pelosi telling Americans how we feel and what we believe in, and if we should disagree with her, she has all sorts of “names” for us. Let’s send “Chuckles” to Washington!

  • Elizabeth

    AMEN, WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO GO TO THE POLES AND VOTE ALL THE INCUMBENTS OUT! Maybe then they will get the message. They are all wealthy off of the TAXPAYERS. WRONG! They are destroying the Constitution too! Elizabeth

  • Bob Miller

    The beauty of our political system… is that the folks that vote for these CAREER POLITICIANS… do not care about America… JUST what their elected official has done for them lately.

    Those career politicians MUST be voted out of office… we need TO VOTE OUT all politicians with over three terms in office. We need to mandate campaign finance accountability for all monies given to the politician from ALL sources.

    Obama bought the last election with 800 Million dollars of unaccountable campaign donations… NOW we see who gave him money… these are the fools he has TAKEN CARE of at the expense of the American Tax payer..


  • Elizabeth

    AMEN, Again!

  • Meteorlady

    Firing them or voting them out of office only gets more like them because we are an established TWO PARTY system in this country. The media has conditioned everyone to believe that if they vote for a third party candidate they are wasting their vote and taking a vote away from one of the two parties. What a crock – NO VOTE IS WASTED!!!!!!!!! If one candidate gets too much publicity or the public likes them too much, they are portrayed as right of left wing kooks and we then discount them and go back to the main two parties. The problem with the two main parties is that we are not allowed to vote for just anyone – we only get to vote for the ultimate winner in the primaries – or the winner once the Democratic Super delegates are finished. In order for a candidate to get support is to sign onto the parties platform, take money from the party for their campaign. By then they owe support to anyone that gives the parties hugh amounts of money. We need some write-in candidates and some good third party or independents to get in there and fight. With the internet we should be able to do that. We also need to take the money out of elections so maybe the news media has to give each person running equal time without editorial comments after they are through.

  • Joe H.

    I leave her picture on the computer at night….. it keeps the cat and dog away from the electronics!!!!

  • Joe H.

    more for not being a human being!!!!

  • Joe H.

    I don’t know, he forgot that a lot of those people in Michigan voted democrat!!! That’s why I left there!!!

  • Joe H.

    I swear that if this woman gets any uglier!!! If I had a poodle that looked like her I shave its behind and make it walk on its front legs!!!!

  • cr747

    Only thing swelling that Pelosimino is going to tackle is her BANK ACCOUNT!!!!! Course, she will need it after the 2010 election. UUUGGGHHH, Boy she’s ugly. gives me the creeps to look at her.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    The Dems calling for fiscal responsibility? That’s like the pot calling the tea kettle black. Give me a break. All last week, these politicians talked about a second stimulus (graft) package to create jobs (Where, in Washington?). And they voted to increase the federal deficit cap. Reason, so they can pay the bills. Who amoung us Americans will step up to the plate this comming November and vote all these bums out? I plan to. And if Pelosi, Reid and Obama have their way, the November elections are going to be temporarily suspended to ensure their political longevety. I bet Rham Emanuel and the rest of the white house staff are working on a plan to do just that.

  • Richard Pawley

    They are going to raise the budget another TRILLION and a half so they don’t have to raise it near next years election. Those who study such things say our taxes are going to be raised but the biggest tax of all is a hidden tax and the monies they have spent so far are going to be responsible for about 200% inflation over the next few years (and possibly more). As we print money with nothing to back it (the term is monetization) the value of all the other dollars in existence drops. This is why the Chinese government is telling their citizens to buy gold and why gold is being sold in ever post office and bank in China because they know as we keep printing money they will have to match us or they won’t be able to sell us the goods we buy. Other countries are doing the same and one day, it might take months, but some time in the future the whole house of make believe money is going to come crashing down. Our official national debt is over 12 TRILLION and will soon be 14 and our unofficial debt, what we owe for social security and health care and medicare etc. (the unfunded liabilities) are now over 100 TRILLION DOLLARS. How much is just One Trillion? Well, if you started to spend a million dollars a day when Jesus was having the Last Supper with his friends, and you spent one million dollars a day, every day, week after week, month after month, year after year, generation after generation, century after century, you would have almost, but not quite, spent one Trillion Dollars. What we are headed for is unlike anything that anyone has ever experienced before. There will be deflation on a few things but food and fuel, electricity and gasoline, and anything imported is going to skyrocket in the future, and then be suddenly not available. This may take a few more years, no one can say but you cannot throw away money as we have been doing and not create inflation. And our debt is so big that the plan to inflate it away won’t work either because it is just to big. These are truly the last days of the way things have been and by the next presidential election the country will be far poorer and possibly in chaos, caused by Congress and the President who cannot see what a child could see: You cannot solve a problem caused by to much spending by spending more! Congress can pretend they care all they want. A handful do care but the majority are going to squeeze this country dry. This truly is “The Last Days of the Late Great United States”.

  • Meteorlady

    Gads – Pelosi the biggest spender of the bunch. What a crock. If I lived in California and she was my rep I would be embarrassed if she was ever elected again. Her husband the beneficiary of most of the laws that are passed – isn’t that called insider trading? All these people do anymore is feather their own beds and try to look like that aren’t doing that by speaking out the side of their mouths. What an ugly person she is – mostly on the inside.


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