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Senators In Swing States May Be Hurt By Support For Elena Kagan

July 28, 2010 by  

Senators In Swing States May Be Hurt By Support For Elena KaganAs the full Senate prepares to vote on Elena Kagan’s nomination for the Supreme Court, a new poll has found that lawmakers from swing states may be punished during the upcoming midterm elections for their support of the controversial jurist.

Judicial Crisis Network released results last week of a series of surveys that showed that voters in Arkansas, Wisconsin and Nebraska are significantly opposed to President Obama’s nominee. The polls also revealed that this disapproval may affect the way they vote this November.

For example, respondents in Arkansas were asked how they would vote if Senator Blanche Lincoln, a conservative Democrat, supported Kagan, and nearly 50 percent said they would be less likely to reelect her. Only 22 percent expressed the opposite view.

“Senators need to understand that their constituents equate a vote for Elena Kagan as support for all of Obama’s radical liberal agenda,” said Gary Marx, executive director of The Judicial Crisis Network.

Meanwhile, Carrie Severino, the organization’s policy director, stressed that the polls showed that the more potential voters learn about Kagan’s experience and her actions vis-a-vis military recruiters at Harvard Law School, the more opposed they are to her ascension to the nation’s highest court.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19904019-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    It is so nice to be able to smoke my last Cuban Montecristo in peace. The century old malt scotch I’m drinking is so smooth that I marvel at how long it’s been since my last one. The sunset was beautiful, and at last the night wind is wafting through the trees.
    Back in lala Land (Washington), it sounds as though some demigods (aka senators) got the message. That message is (in case some are wondering), get off the pot, grow a spine and act like you have something between your ears other than silly putty. You CAN be replaced, you miserable, useful idiot schmucks.

  • Conscience

    By now, swing state or not, Senators have voted their futures (or lack there of). Citizens can guess what their states’ Senators will vote and no avalanche of opposition from their constituencies is even taken into consideration. A protest brings a form letter. This country needs a radical reformation of the government — which is too lazy and incompetence to even enforce laws. So, a filibuster is called for to restore the electorate that there are people in Congress worth voting for. OR, maybe there aren’t.

  • Jim H.

    How much more proof does Congress need to see Kagan is a poor choice? What is obvious to the rest of us hasn’t seemed to sunk in over in Congress.

    • Bruce

      Jim, Its the plan they must follow the plan that they have been given.
      We the people have only just started to show our discontent they the Masters have only just started to understand that WE the People can replace them. Now watch thier spin as we round into September how many of these life long political BS-ers are going to go home with their pants on fire asking what just happened? We really thought we had them all fooled into doing what we wanted, after all we passed laws to control them, we told them whow stupid they are and that we know better. We did it all by the play book, what happened?

      We the people said “NO we are not all Socialist now afterall.”

  • http://yahoo Upsidedownjack

    EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE THEM “ALL” OUT! A clean sweep of DC is the ONLY thing that “WE” the People can do to stop this??? I think there is more, but————————

    • http://ElanaKaganarticle Annie

      Well now we have to remind people we know to vote out the n’er do wells and, hopefully, take our country back. The illegals are getting out and so should some of our members in the Congress and Senate and the “Big Kahuna” also.

      • http://google Leonard W Giddens Jr.

        Don’t be so sure about the illegals. All good byes are not gone. I will calibrate when the door hit the last one in the back pocket. Be ware, this may be an attempt to cool us off. You have forgotten that Americans are forgiving, and have a short memory. As soon as the election is over, they will be back if you drop your guard. We will not comply. Have you ever seen a more arrogant, ignorant bunch of people in you life? I am talking about a group that has no business here in the first place. Give an inch and the take a mile.

  • Robin, Arcadia, IN

    Voters need to stay informed. Vote for the values you want to see in office!

    • bonecollector27

      Well said,



    • trudy

      you stupid Idiot .go back to School

      • http://GOOGLE JHSUNBUM


      • wayne a

        TRUDY,you seem to be the only idiot i’ve seen on here so far!

    • Steve

      It’s about time that that someone recognizes just how anti American and anti capitolism the dems. are! Thanks for calling a spade a spadeJHSUNBUM

    • joe williams

      The biggest threat to our freedom, Obama, Reid and Pelosie. If these corrupt politicians are not leaning towards communisum then someone out there please tell me what the hell is going on in America?

  • Jack

    It would certainly be wonderful if they were punished to the extent that they are thrown out of their cushy jobs. Then the next thing that should happen is that their pensions and retirement benefits be taken away. What do they deserve for doing the opposite of the “will of the people?”

    • http://GOOGLE JHSUNBUM


  • vance drake

    send them all to prison they all done something to go to jail for.if it was you are I we would already be in prison.kick them all out.and start over so the new one know we the people mean bussiness.god bless the voter.

  • http://google Leonard W Giddens Jr.

    People we are looked upon as a herd of cattle that is dependant on them for our every need. They beleave they should think for us no matter how we disapprove. The things that we are allowed to have say so over, does not amount to a hill of beans.If what we disapprove of means less money and power for them up under, it blowing in the wind.For too long the people have stood by and let this small group, in the super loop, make all the calls knowing that all of us are too busy with distractions, scratching to survive, and the latest gadgets that make you lazier by each introduction. As I look at face book, there are for too many young and some old that are living a fanticy life style. They have no concern for what the GODS on the hill are doing to destroy our once wonderful country. When it comes time to vote, these same uninformed groups, in between the fun and games, will listen to the bull being spread that gives them free bees.Nothing in this world comes without a price. Wake up young people, it is your future. The titanic is sinking.

    • Viktor Leben

      Nearer my God to Thee !

      I think the Republicans are going to turn the Tea Baggers into TEA BEGGARS !!!!

  • Cameron

    Our elected officials in Washington, and too often in State Capitols also, seem to have forgotten that they are public servants and that we, the public, can replace them at will if they don’t do as they are expected to do, namely represent our wishes. When they can serve one term and retire with six-figure retirement incomes, and when they can be convicted of felonies (committed while acting as lawmakers) with prison sentences but keep drawing their retirement, why should they worry about what we, the people, want? It is time for the States to amend the Constitution with the Twenty-eighth Amendment.

  • JJ

    Great comments. Keep helping everyone to see how important it is for all citizens to get to the polls in Nov. and in 2012 to vote these egotistical socialists out. Let’s send them back to where they came from and take a new direction. Libs will pull out all the stops, illegal money, and cheap tricks they can conjure up to beat us. We cannot be complacent…they need to know they work for us, not the other way around. Fire OB and his ego, plus all his Chicago thugs; socialistic/communistic advisors,foreign dictator buddies; Muslim extremists, and cohorts, starting with Nancy P.; Harry; Michelle and her food police, parties, and vacations; sleezy press secretary; Rahm; Chris Dodd; cheaters like Rangel who’ll probably get a slap on the wrist for his lies and evasions, with a warning to hide things better; Kagan who plans to rewrite the constitution and tear democracy apart when she’s on the Supreme Court; the New England turncoat triplet RINOs who consistently vote with OB and dems; John Kerry the tax evader who keeps his yacht in a tax free state to avoid paying state taxes on it while he lives the high life on his wife’ huge inheritance; I could go on and on. It is all so bizarre.

  • Rennie

    Interesting coincidence that Kagan, as solicitor general, is supposed to have handled the citizenship legitimacy lawsuits against Obama. That is something rivals should hang around the neck of anyone who votes for her, including and especially Collins and Graham.

    • Jeep

      Could this be payback for “handling” those lawsuits so well? Or, maybe a “please, don’t tell anyone what you know about the case”. Hmmm…


    It is my fondest hope that Barry Sotero, Hairy Reed and the darling nominee Elana Kagan all add up to a mass crucifixtion of the Deemer party and as result a monumental RE-PARE of American governments across every state in the union. I want these reprehensible people ratted out and banned from politick and if possible I would kick their communist butts out of my Republic.

    Never have so few intend to harm so many and use their office to destroy a country built on man’s inalienable freedom…May this nation damn them to hell.

  • Vic Bailey

    IMPEACH!, IMPEACH!!, IMPEACH!!! America that is the ONLY out we have, Bama is like a college student with a limitless credit card, and if he and Bernanke is not stopped America WILL be RUINED! If you don’t have it DON’T SPEND IT. Semper Fi.

    • JERRY K.

      I AGREE 100% impeach recall vote of no confidence what ever it takes. vote vote it is the only way to take back our country outside of revolution

  • Jim Wright

    Here in Colorado our Senators and our Representatives have shown that they represent Mr. Obama, not us. I have sent letters and made phone calls till I am blue in the face and the response is always the same, “The One” knows what is best. In November I will not vote for any incumbent. They all need to go and in 2012 “The One” needs to go. I only wish that they would do the investigation that should have been done before “The One” set foot in the White House.

    • Bruce

      Jim, Keep it up, it all must be of record thats how the law works.
      If you let them know you do not agree with Barry Soetoro’s master plan, and yet your congress and senate persons still vote along the Barry lines. Then when the time comes they will have no loop holes to slide through.

      That goes for all of you; you must email fax and write letters, make sure you CC them to your files.
      This gang of thugs runs by a game book that I am quite well aware of, you see I used to be in the SDS years ago when I was young and totaly stupid. I am a Democrat amd I am a real Liberal, but I am not one of these nuts that have hijacked both words and twisted them to mean something totaly differant. There are countless Democrats who want Barry Soetoro and all these thugs out just as bad as many Republicans and Independants.

      At this point in time they are waiting on two things from anyone who does not want to be under a Marxist government that Barry Soetoro is selling along with his gang of thugs.

      #1 They want one of you to commit an act of violience so they can drop the hammer on everyone and make that one last change.

      #2 They want you to just feel that you have made no effect and just throw up your hands and walk away.

      People thats the game plan, and at where we are now we are very close to making them do the same on both counts, SO PLEASE Don’t do either, just keep moving forward and keep doing what you have been doing.
      We can and will win back our country and FREEDOM.

      • Viktor Leben


        Did you ever see that movie called “The Postman” ? The Federal government was overthrown by the militias. I think it was called “The Battle of Washington” or something like that. This could happen for real anytime now. …

        Who to say what is right to do. It’s all relative right now. I think we all have “crossed the Rubicon”….

        These are adventurous times !

  • chuck b

    this ruling by the federal judge in arizona should tell us all something. we don’t stand a chance when we have a judge make this kind of decision, this is nothing more than a crime when the federal courts start aborting the law and make their own. barry and holder saw the arizona law as an impedance to their amnesty reform bill, thats why the ruling came down as is.

    we either revolt or join the communist party, that’s where it is headed.
    they only laugh at our letters of complaint.

    • Claire

      chuckb–I heard this judge was put into office by Clinton, and McCain voted for her.

    • Viktor Leben

      The Republican governor should declare martial law … but she won’t because she is a Republican. SHe’s only going to do enough to get you tea baggers suckered in to vote for her.

      Governor Brewer should declare martial law and seal the border – use the national guard and/or deputize a lot of civilians !!! But she won’t do it because that’s not part of the Republican strategy.

      • Jeep

        Calm yourself Viktor, the gov cannot declare martial law. She can declare a state of emergency and request disaster relief from the fed. Now, wouldn’t that be a hoot!

    • Stanb

      To Chuck b
      They can laugh now but go to the POLES NOV 2TH, vote the commies all out, then we can impeach the lying commie in the white house, then WE WILL GET THE LAST LAUGH……

  • http://gmail i41

    Well does anyone still have any doubt about all socialist democrats, that bone headed judge, appointed by Whorehound Clinton, sure proves what a bunch of dumbasses that keep being elected by the no minded citizens of the USA. It is going to take Az. and other states with illegal problems to tell the muslim Ag. and his muslim marxist boss to be told to jam it up their rears. Does anyone hear any thing from the democrap natioal union party about USA citizens having to produce valid ID, even if you don’t drive, hell no, but our B–l s–t judges think it might cause profiling, I guess if they don’t have to produce valid ID, send them to the dump site , never here, never was, never seen, and no problem. Mexico doesn’t seem to have a problem with dump sites, and the muslim marxist seems to obey the worthless bastard leader of Mexico. Now the muslim nut jobs cannt be asked for ID either or status, just USA citizens. So if I was still in law enforcement I’d ask every human organism I stopped and all people in the vehicle for ID, don’t have any or will not answer, drag out the zip ties, and shoot the first one to run. Then the rainbowed bastards cann’t whine they are being prophiled. Guess I”l have to revert to Wyo. law that gives the OK to shoot possible rustlers and trespassers. As we do with wolves, follow the 3 SSS, shoot, shovel. shut up, and no problem. Bears, coyotes, fox, skunks, badgers, and vultures all like greasy rotten meat.

    • Viktor Leben

      Your solution will probably be implemented by the local Chief of Police. Since society is breaking down they will have to take the criminals out of town and execute them. Why ? because dysfunctional criminals (like illegal immigrants) put a burden on small town economies. I guess the three S’s (shoot shovel and shut up) will hopefully be coming to the small towns in Arizona very soon…..

      Just make sure you elect a strong Chief of Police that will take care of the invasion from Mexico ….

  • Steve

    I told my wife when the “Village Idiot” got elected that this would all end up with a lot of blood shed. I’ve seen nothing so far that makes me
    not think it will happen. You know it’s getting bad when you see black preachers publically saying that the idiot is going down the wrong path by stirring up a race war, you know they can see the same thing I do…..

    Gun sales are at their highest point ever and the militias are growing by leaps and bounds. If they manage to steal enough elections to keep their majority this November then that’s when I think all hell will break loose…. (I hope not but it’s beginning to look that way).

    Too bad that people just go vote for whoever instead of researching the candidates. I’m not saying McCain was a good choice but he was the lesser of 2 evils being a RINO.

    • Viktor Leben

      What’s going to happen is a few brave Americans will try armed resistance. The majority of Americans will just watch the “suckers” be mowed down by the Federal Armed Forces…..

      Most Americans won’t fight because they are cowards, they will allow a small group of Americans the “privilege” to fight for them. Isn’t that arrogant ? That’s my prediction…. The dysfunctional Americans that did not fight and survive will probably all have nervous breakdowns. Crime and the underground economy will flourish…

      Just make sure your local town police force is well armed. If not you will probably be ruled by a Mexican Crime lord from over the border. The illegals invaders will shake down the local businesses for “protection money”. Pacification by an invading force (illegal aliens) is what will happen .. good bye Arizona !

  • bagelnosher

    The author of this piece calls Kagan a “controversial jurist” — he/she is half right. Controversial, yes. But she’s not a “jurist”. Kagan has never been a judge. That’s the problem.

    • Viktor Leben

      Maybe she was called for jury duty at one time ?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        she’s never been a judge but she stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night!!!!

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    The sad thruth is for the last 24yrs,our elected public servants,( self proclaimed masters of the universe,have forgotten who the american citizen really is,and that is,we can vote them out in a heart beat,and its time to flex our muscles and vote out every self serving moron that has destroyed this nation, a republic and are turning it into a communist police state,that dictates to its citizens,what the radicals ,want and that is to destory our liberties,freedom of speech,the right to bear arms,unibridged and the right to privacy,and those are just a few,but since these upper crust professional people,have decided to do as they wish and not listen to the wishes of the citizens needs here, they should be voted out of government this election,and lose any chance to run again for public office,and be replaced with non professional people from american people,why? because at least they would be more open to the needs of this nation than their political careers,power corrupts if that power is given for to long of time,anything more than 8yrs is way to far as kagan,its a bad,bad choice,anyone that supports her should be voted out of office.of course i am just a trouble making american citizen that is sick of these masters of the universe,destroying this wonderful nation and its voters that believe in the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS this election will be pay back time,for the american people are fed up with these people in government on every level,the tea pot is boiling and the next move is ours,so use your votes well this year and just remember the names of the folks in office that did not do as you wished.and dont vote for them or support them with their careers over your own rights.

    • Viktor Leben

      The Marxist Commies are better at cracking the computerized ballot boxes….. The election can also be rigged by allowing massive voter fraud …. it’s called “illegal aliens” who will be allowed to vote. Why ? because the Federal Judges will say identifying illegal immigrants at the ballot box is unconstitutional…

  • Viktor Leben

    The Republicans, once again, are straddling the fence. Lot of them are voting for Kagan.

    I think the Republicans are going to play the game of “party of last resort” with the Tea Baggers. I hope the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party win a few seats, but it’s highly doubtul.

    Kagan’s nomination could have been stop .. The republicans didn’t stop it…. thanks Lindsay Graham…

    The Republican Party always makes up some excuse or another to vote Marxist…. They are not reliable.

  • http://charter howe

    The committee is comprised of 11 Democrats and 7 Republican Senators. In order for a nominee to be selected for nomination vote, it takes a majority of 9 YEA votes, however all the Democrats voted Yes as they they usually do, because their ideoloy is in lockstep with President Obama. However this administration is so damned corrupt that a blind eye has been turned to all the inconsistencies and concerns that surfaced during Kagans evaluation by the Senators. An organization which discovered some information about Kagans papers from the Clinton library revealed an intentional effort by Kagan to hide the truth from Senator Orin Hatch when he specificallly questioned her about providing any data to the administration which may have affected the outcome of the investigation going on to provide background information to the supreme court. I wrote the following to Senator Lugar, Senator Graham and Senator Cornyn to express my outrage at the way this committee not only put on a pathetic dog and pony show but then Lugar, Graham and all the Democrats voted for her nomination. I also told Lugar and Graham I would do my best to insure that every constituent in their districts and in the country knew that they voted for a radical supreme court nominee who believes it is OK to murder babies by stabbing them in the head with surgical scissors during partial birth abortions and also she condones senior uethanization as a justifiable method for end of life situations without regard for what the individual and family want, which will no doubt open a new world order of govt run Kivorkian procedures. It is apparent that her radical ideology will not serve justice to our constitution and the republic. I also stated that they were elected by WE THE PEOPLE and thats who they work for and not to support a President who has shown a propensity to support anti-american ideals. I would have expected the traitor Spector to vote the way he did and the radical liberal progressive democrats who are in lockstep with liberal ideology to support a President with an anti-american ideology, but it violates the trust of the people and what our Nation stands for by voting for this wolf in sheeps clothing (Kagan)who could seriously jeapordize the outcome of Constitutinal arguments for decades to come. If we do not maintain a sense of decency in the conservative coalition of Republicans why are we trying so hard to take back the House and the Senate from the radical left. I spent 29 years in the military and in my opinion these wrong headed Congress people have aided and abetted the enemy and I am deeply saddened by that. It is a matter of record that this nominee has committed fraud to change the outcome of a past supreme court ruling and has also unconstitutionally violated the rights of military people for over a year while she was Dean of Harvard College. This information is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the radiculism that surfaced under intense pressure. If these Congressional YEA votes reflect the character and moral turpitude we expect from a supreme court justice then we have a major overhaul to do with the people who should be protecting the interest of WE THE PEOPLE. The pathetic lack of tough questions by the democrats to really find out if Elena Kagan is worthy of being a member of the supreme court, has caused a situation where WE THE PEOPLE now have to deal with possible corruption extending to the highest court in the land.

    This is what organization has uncovered from the papers retrieved from the Clinton Library.

    Not just a memo from her desk, but her actual
    hand-written notes!

    These handwritten notes prove that Kagan
    willfully and intentionally altered evidence
    presented to the Supreme Court purely to
    push a radical pro-abortion agenda!

    Kagan’s efforts compromised ACOG’s scientific
    findings and caused the Supreme Court to issue
    a ruling on corrupted grounds.

    P.S. I wish folks would quit playing the devisive game that Obama has created to divide this country and pay attention to the matter at hand, otherwise we won’t have a country or our freedoms to pass onto our kids. Think about all the divide and conquer situations thaty this President has been involved in and ask yourself why. Find the answer by searching out the 1960′s organization called the weather underground whose charter was to transform the country into a marxist society. I am just an old veteran who wants his family to be safe.

  • rwnut

    Any Anti-American “Senator” who voted for that Anti-American beast,Kegan,has got to be voted out! KEEP SCORE till Nov.

  • E.J Vaughn

    Howe, your a great American and I thank you for your service and what your wrote!! Wish people like you would run for some form of government!

  • Sassy Lou

    You Republitards are so delusional about reality..and do nothing but harm..the past 30 years!

    ..because in your minds…nothing makes more sending more jobs overseas..causing less people to be paying into the pot…which thus causes the government to go after the people who have something to take. However, if the “wealthier and business owners” finally get it that they are the next on the “target” to be moved to the lower class…or same as the “last Scrooges” alive…struggling just to stay in the upper middle classes..blaming the poor….just like the classical scrooge..they will realize they are the NEXT in line to be overshadowed and overtaken by the larger multi-national corporations who want nothing more than to run their businesses into the ground so they can get more control over the planet!

    Start looking up people..and I mean above the family owned mom and pop businesses in your community..looking will find no answers there.


    • Tolyaso

      Sassy Lou………..Thanks to your Dictator-In-Chief, I, am being forced to go overseas to work. You Calling ME “Delusional” about
      reality??? I cannot wait until YOU read about the Thousands of Jobs
      LOST that this drilling moratorium WILL cause. There are over 150 of
      them right HERE. The businesses we supported in Gulf Coast Region;
      Hotels, restaurants, Transportation Companies, Airlines, Porters, waiters, cab drivers, bus boys, dishwashers. ALL GONE BECAUSE OF YOUR
      “Dictator-In-Chief”. Guess What Sassy-Lou….WE ain’t comin’ back any
      time soon if at all.
      So………Ms. Sassy Lou……When you’re out there payin’ $5 a gallon
      fillin’ up your lil’ “Smart Car”…….Just remember to Thank Obama
      for adding to the unemployment roles, Devestating the economy of the
      entire Gulf Coast region, by his total “Knee-Jerk” reaction to the
      Horizon Tragedy. Keep in mind, this “Community Organizer”cum Dictator
      didn’t know a drill bit from a donut before this happened…………
      But, He’s gettin’ really good at RUINING private Industries; like the
      car companies, banks, wall street firms, Can’t Wait ’til he lets the
      Bush Tax-Cuts Expire!!! Heck……..You’ll probably vote for the idiot
      again won’t you. Sassy Lou………Please put down the kool-aid before
      it’s too late for our country…and put down the crack pipe Too!!!!

      • libertytrain

        Excellent reply – I don’t think the average guy realizes what you are all going through because of these reckless decisions – BP isn’t in the news much now so your trauma will be forgotten quickly – how sad for you all.


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