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Senator Heavily Criticizes Ohio Workers' Compensation Policy

December 3, 2009 by  

Senator heavily criticizes Ohio workers' compensation policyRepublican State Senator Bill Seitz of Cincinnati recently condemned the nation’s largest state-run injured worker insurance program due to a loophole in the legislation that allows illegal aliens to collect benefits, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

Seitz said the he was stunned to learn that the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation doesn’t require injured workers to document their status before receiving benefits.

He is planning to introduce a bill to the State Senate to amend the current policy; a change that he believes will lower business premiums.

"We are going to provide a mechanism for those claims to be investigated and if the people turn out to be unauthorized, there will be no coverage," said Seitz, quoted the news source. "We will try to wring costs out of the system," he added.

David Leopold, president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, claims that Seitz is conducting a publicity stunt and that there are no statistics to back up his claims.

Dennis Smith, president of the American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds, told the AP that while workers’ compensation policy differs from state to state, most states allow injured illegal immigrants to receive benefits.

Meanwhile, a separate debate is raging on over illegal aliens’ inclusion in the proposed healthcare bill. In the most recent version, scheduled to be discussed in the Senate in the coming weeks, illegal immigrants would not receive public assistance in purchasing health coverage.

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  • Robin from Indiana

    How do illegal aliens get hired by the government to begin with? Why is this even allowed? Don’t you have to have a social security number to become employed? It’s bad enough that small businesses hire illegals and pay them under the table because they will work for less, but a government office hiring them is inconceivable! With so many people out of work right now, this is really a slap in the face to all unemployed Americans.

    • Robert

      Robin. I don’t think the article meant to imply that illegal aliens were being hired by state and local governments, but I could be wrong. In any event, during this time of high unemployment (I’m a casualty of it presently)the fact that there are illegal immigrants working in our country infuriates me. Some might argue that they pay taxes, social security and medicaid but cannot receive those benefits. I don’t believe that for one second. A recent article stated that there are over 60,000 workers who have a social security number of 000-00-0000. Where the hell are our high paid government workers who should be tracking down these people? I guess it’s not important to them, they have a lifetime paycheck on the backs of law abiding American citizens.

      • Joe H.

        The way these people get hired is they steal ss # from people and the social security dept never checks up to see if the person is working both jobs!!

  • s c

    Illegals get hired via selective enforcement of statutes and politicians who have no use for the American people. It sounds like Ohio is a great place to clean house and toss out hack politicians on their defective ears. They aren’t concerned about right and wrong. These scum live to get elected ad re-elected.
    This ‘practice’ gives politicians a form of immunity. It also deprives America of representation. It makes taxes a form of SLAVERY.
    How is it that taxation without representatio helped start a war in the 18th century, but now it’s a ho-hum issue? When you have criminals in office, you either get rid of them, or you learn to like being a SLAVE. WAKE UP, AMERICA! People of Ohio,
    here’s your chance to make America a free country again.

    • c lee

      this is a prime example of why everyone needs to get on board with voting out all incumbets good or bad. This will send a clear message that we are finished being screwed over by these criminals we have in office that allow things like this to happen. They set there day after day collecting a fat pay check and perks playing solitare and playing on my space and face book while one of there members is on the floor trying to get support for a bill to get our economy back on track. They are basicly stealing from the tax payer every time they cash a pay check. And I to would like to know why any of us are putting up with the fact that while we have a 10% unemployment rate in this country as of today we are still competing with illegal aliens for jobs. What in the HELL is going on in our country.

  • Marilyn

    What ever happened to ‘background checks’ on new employees? Would that not prevent illegals from obtaining jobs in the United States? We moan and cry about U.S. businesses sending work to other countries to get a price break. It appears the “other countries” are coming here and working for more money, taking jobs from legal citizens. Does not add up.

    • Joe H.

      The conservatives tried to make E verify permanent and the dem majority would only go as far as to extend it another year. I guess they think what you don’t know won’t hurt you! WRONG!!!!

      • Joe H.

        I am from Ohio BTW!!!

  • Rita

    Robin, the article was about workers’ compensation in the private sector. When you are injured on the job, you file a claim with the Workers’ Compensation Bureau. The Bureau is run by the State.

    The article is about the fact that you don’t have to prove citizenship to apply for benefits for being injured on the job. You need all kind of doctor reports–both from private doctors and from a State-paid doctor–but no proof that you are a legal citizen.

    And the article pointed out that “David Leopold, president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, claims that Seitz is conducting a publicity stunt and that there are no statistics to back up his claims.” OF COURSE THERE ARE NO STATISTICS–the current law in Ohio doesn’t require any proof that you are a citizen.

    • Joe H.

      you need more than that. I applied on my back and even when their own Dr. said I was disabled they had me go see another Dr. of theirs!!!

  • Cliff Meyer

    Not totally related
    Workers Comp in general is a drag on all OH businesses. My little Co. was paying $37,000.00 per yr. when we were not in a group rating. This is devastating for a small business.
    When Government runs it, triple the cost.
    KY’s WC is private Ins. A lot less expensive
    Many Companies’s have eliminated Employees because of Workers Comp

    • Joe H.

      your company must be real small. the one I put a claim in on only had 65 employees and theirs was an insurance type in BTW Ohio. In Fact up until a few years ago if you didn’t have any accidents for awhile a percentage was returned!!!


    The problem is not Workers Comp – the problem is companies that hire illegal workers! If you were to exempt illegal workers from Comp, it would only encourage them to hire more. As a long-time trucker, I know that illegal workers are being used on some of the most dangerous jobs in many companies . . .often with no safety oversight.I see them working the docks in every state in the country – often for government-contracted companies.It’s obvious that these companies are skimping on both pay and safety under the cover of using illegal workers. So, if they abuse said illegal worker like this and they are then injured, make them pay Workers Comp at the very least!Actually, they should be charging these companies double the Comp premium if they have an illegal worker injured on their premises.Two wrongs will never make a right. That said, these illiterate illegal workers come from a society where there is little concern for safety. They often take chances and shortcuts and endanger themselves in the name of ‘macho’. These companies know this and abuse this tendency accordingly. We cant do much about instilling a completely new attitude in these workers but we CAN do something about them being hired in the first place. DONT give these companies a break by absolving them from paying Comp – instead, make it too expensive for them to hire illegal workers!

    • Joe H.

      Actually they should be fining the companies that hire them!! Make it too expensive to hire them and the work for them will dry up!!! When that happens they will go back home where they belong!!!!

  • RICH


  • J H

    I think the common denominator here is the word ILLEGAL. I would be inclined to support a “tent style” dormitory prison for ALL ILLEGAL aliens caught within the USA. But no free living there either… They must work to on a chain-gang type road repair to complete their sentence. Not only would this deter the revolving door of catch-release-reafend, it would also save thousands of local jobs and lost revenue that is being wired back to Mexico every payday.

    • Joe H.

      J H,
      Yup put sheriff Joe Arrapo over them!!! They won’t cost too much that way!!!

  • RICH


    • Joe H.

      The non-stupid ones knew what you meant! No prob!!!

    • Jana

      Rich, believe me most of us are angry too.
      I shudder to even go to a Fast Food place or restaurant because that is who is working there and their cleanliness is very lacking.
      The type of cleanliness that we are accustomed to is not even taught in their country.
      Its more cost effective to eat at home anyway.

  • Scott M.

    This is easy, employers pay into Ohio’s WC, the State Pays it out adding tax money as necessary. It is therefore in the best interests of the employers to ensure that their workers are legal and also in the public interest to see that the state makes good use of their tax money. Ohio needs to lock out the illegal people from this money regardless of the circumstances. The key being their illegal employment.

  • Pam

    You all aren’t getting this. The law needs to be changed so that those who are paid BY EMPLOYERS who do NOT check their legal immigration status do NOT get paid workers comp benefits. If workers are here illegally, then they are being paid illegally. BWC can only do what the law requires them to do and if there’s a loophole and they’re stuck compensating people who should not be compensated, then Senator Seitz is correct in introducing a bill to correct that. Workers comp is funded by a percentage of payroll of companies. If loose employers aren’t reporting illegal immigrants on payroll, then they’re not paying workers comp on them. Why should ALL Ohio employers pay higher premiums to make up claims costs of people who should not be receiving compensation?

  • http://naver Samurai

    Robin, I too am originally from Elkhart, Indiana and let me tell you that manu of the factories in Elkhart County have upwards of 95% of their workforce as illegal aliens. All of them are Hispanic (Not trying to be prejudice here.) and none of them speak English. When I retired from the Army in 2005 (20 years served) I tried to get a job at a factory. I knew my skills and leadership would be useful in the civilian sector. No matter where I went or what I did, the Mexicans (Most of them are from Mexico.) always seemed to come first. I, along my family in Indiana, have written to governor Mitch Daniels about this matter. He is actually trying to do something about this, but I don’t know what. Well, I keep hoping that our leaders try to return to the ways of our Founding Fathers and do things right. If you have a comment, please do so in good taste.

    • Joe H.

      If you can prove that they are illegals, call immigration and tell them what is going on!!!

      • c lee

        Been there done that my friend it wont work. The I.N.S. is part of the govt. They are run by the govt. That would be the same govt. that allows the illegals to be here in the first place. The only thing we can do is like I stated in an earlier response, vote out all incumbets and start over. Send a clear message its our way or the highway.

        • Joe H.

          Then report them to your states Attorney Generals Office. See that is the problem, people hit one roadblock and say I CAN’T!!!

          • c lee

            See you made an assumption. Before I retired I was a field superintendent for a large south Florida constrution co. and I had the opertunity to interact with maney immigrants most of which were mexicans. I was simply an employee for this firm so the desicion to use these people was not up to me however it was the reason I terminated my employment there. I saw first hand the things that go on in the use of illegals and I strongly opposed it. The list of negatives are to long to dwell on so why dont we just state the obvious an illegal aleian means just what it implies they are breaking the law they dont belong here. I started with the local authorities who informed me that their hands were tied in the problem of illegals so I moved on to the state level to be told it was a federal issue so when I moved on to the federal avenue I was told they were monitering the situation( more washington rederict).In the beginning of this posting I said you had made an assumption and I felt compelled to follow up with this statement. I had a Marine Corp. D.I. tell me one time assumption is the mother of all F……UPS. So good luke on following up with the govt. to get our country straightened out but untill we get our govt. under control we are fighting a lost cause. UNTILL WE VOTE OUT EVERY INCUMBENT IN OFFICE AND PUT IN FRESH LEADERSHIP ALL THE WHILE SENDING A CLEAR MESSAGE ( ITS OUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY) WE ARE LOST.

  • Joe H.

    I assumed nothing I have seen first hand what I said work. Maybe not where you are from but here!!! A restaurant chain here was raided on a tip from some worker in the area and they raided about ten restaurants nation wide and netted almost 50 illegals. so when I post guy don’t assume. It makes an ass out of u and me!!!

    • c lee

      The ass out of you and me was the first that came to mind when I first posted my reply however I didnt want to make it personal. The example you gave with the resturaunt chain really impressed you I can see that. But what you dont see is that is the govt posturing for you,me and every other person who disagrees with illegal immigration. I will never speak on a subject that I have not had exspearence in and I can tell you this is one area I have. It cost me my job as well as my wifes job in southwest florida. You said it yourself when you stated your example went nationwide and they only made 50 arrest. The co. that I worked for was only one of thousands of contracting co. in the state of florida and they were all the same. My co. had 250 mexicans working there. And your telling me a national chain could only find 50 illegals come on brother think! If you think that our govt in its current state is going to stop illegal immigration well I could come up with all kind of little quippy statements for you like I got a bridge for sale or some swamp land etc etc etc. But seriously untill we all wake up take the blinders off open our eyes and smell the hoarse hocky were heading down a dead end street at light speed.

      • Joe H.

        c lee,
        50 here 50 there, it adds up. If 50 had been fired on your job you might still be working!!! We can’t just roll over and give up. That is what they want us to do and I refuse. If I get 2 of them fired I will! If only one I will still call and make a pain in the lower regions to do it. We have to kick some collective assets in power and remind them that their job is at stake!!! We did it when Bush Jr tried to pass scamnesty and we can do it with this problem also. We just have to get together! We heard a few say that those politics didn’t scare them but they voted against amnesty didn’t they??

        • c lee

          I realize this is not about me and you personaly however a little background on who you speak with on here I feel is always a little helpfull. I wasnt fired because of illegals I resigned. My wife however lost her job when the co. she worked 20 years for pulled up one day and moved to mexico. That being said I dont disagree with your Idea just the exicution of your solution. At 50 a day being deported with our open boarders how long do you think it will take that same 50 to re enter. Not to mention the additional thousands that are entering that have nothing to do with the origanal 50. I dont want you to loose your passion for the cause Iam just pointing out that its not working. We need a new stradigy. When its time to vote send a clear message to washington vote out all incumbents good or bad and start over. Sending the message its our way or the highway. So far polititions count on us to buy into their lying and decietfull ways, once there in nothing they promise happens just the opposite. This idea cant be any worse than what we have already tried. If we dont get controll of our country we are on a path of destution from with in. I remember watching Walter Cronkites evening new as a youg boy. On one news cast I heard it said that the United States would not be conqoured from attack we would be taken from within. Think about that carefully as you think about whats going on in our Great country today, IT sends chills down my spine, how about you. We cant give up the fight however we must change our stradigy.

  • Brittancus

    Next year Americans had better be on their guard against fraudulent voter registrations and the possibility of illegal immigrants voting in the 2010 Senate elections. Sen.Harry Reid (D-NV) comes up for re-election and if you didn’t know already, the great state of Nevada is overwhelmed by foreign nationals of the illegal kind. Be aware that under current voting law, a–UTILITY BILL– is officially identified as a legal document as identification in Nevada. In states that are heavily involved with illegal immigrants and the product of welfare fraud, Nevada and California specifically should be under the eye of the election authorities. As of now only contractors and subs are required to use E-Verify, which is very loosely audited. E-Verify must be enacted permanently as its success rate is progressively moving forward. E-Verify could be introduced to identify drivers license applicants, car registration, health care and even voter registrations. Then organizations that facilitate in suspicious activities would have a major obstacle to contend with, including fraudulent documentation.

    During this ACORN controversy these two Western states have very large apportionment’s of political illegal immigrant sympathizers and–MUST–be removed from their career seats. ACORN and its big brother SEIU. ACORN and SEIU are the lead organizations behind Health Care and Comprehensive Immigration Reform known in truth as AMNESTY, which is the principle entities aggressively shoving for the passage of these very serious issues. ACORN is better known for hiring people with questionable backgrounds, to be engaged in fraudulent voting registrations. Sen.Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi can be attributed to the near destruction of E-Verify, the federal verification program that a growing number of nationwide employers are beginning to use. As a pro-illegal immigrant incumbent he must be ejected from his Senatorial seat, because he is directly involved in the 2010 Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.These are the worst of the worst with a grading of ( F ) – as according to NUMBERSUSA.

    They have been adamant conspirators against any immigration enforcement and readily agreeable with another BLANKET AMNESTY. WE NEED TO MAKE EXAMPLES OF THEM AND THROW THE IDIOTS OUT OF OFFICE NEXT YEAR? These individuals are just part of the political conspirators who don’t mind illegal aliens settling in our nation and stealing AMERICAN JOBS.
    Bennet, Michael F. – (D – CO) ,Bennett, Robert F. – (R – UT),Dodd, Christopher J. – (D – CT),Feingold, Russell D. – (D – WI),Gillibrand, Kirsten E. – (D – NY),Inouye, Daniel K. – (D – HI),Leahy, Patrick J. – (D – VT),Lincoln, Blanche L. – (D – AR), Mikulski, Barbara A. – (D – MD), Murray, Patty – (D – WA), Reid, Harry – (D – NV), Schumer, Charles E. – (D – NY), (R – AL),Wyden, Ron – (D – OR),

    Statement from Gov. Jim Gibbons “Our voting system is very simply the greatest in the world and is the basis of what makes this country great. The allegation that an organization that’s main purpose is to register new voters was doing so fraudulently is very troubling. I believe that requiring a photo ID to vote is a very reasonable protection for our voting system and should be enacted as law by the 2009 Legislature.”

    Those who believe in America’s survival, without OVERPOPULATION as stated by the US Census bureau better read facts at NUMBERSUSA not the lies spawned by open border entities. Those who want details of corruption in WASHINGTON and state government go to JUDICIAL WATCH. Overpopulation, traffic hell should go to CAPSWEB. Other sites of interest on Immigration enforcement is ALIPAC and AMERICAN PATROL. We the people have the ultimate power to throw out anti-sovereignty incumbent politicians. Call and command these do-nothings to–STOP–this facade at 202-224-3121.

  • Steve

    If this is “a publicity stunt and that there are no statistics to back up his claims,” then nobody should be opposed. If the new law wouldn’t effect anybody, then no harm done by having it.


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