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Senator Arlen Specter flips the aisle

April 29, 2009 by  

Senator Arlen Specter flips the aisle Saying the GOP has moved too much to the right, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania announced yesterday he will be seeking reelection as a Democrat next year.

The move will also offer Senate Democrats a possible 60th vote, allowing them to block filibuster and facilitate the Obama administration’s implementation of its new agenda.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine commented on Specter’s move saying his willingness to set politics aside and be part of a solution to the country’s problems will find a welcome reception in the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden admitted he had encouraged Specter to switch for several years.

The Republicans, on the other hand, did not hide their disappointment and warned the Pennsylvania senator’s decision will lead to unchecked power by the White House and Congress.

"The threat to the country presented … by this defection really relates to the issue of whether or not in the U.S. our people want the majority party to have whatever it wants without restraint, without a check or balance," said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

However, Elsie Hillman, former Republican National Committeewoman, said that while she was saddened by the news, Specter "is the brightest member of the U.S. Senate and I will continue to support him and will vote for him in next year’s general election."


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  • s c

    With ‘friends’ like Specter, conservatives truly need no enemies. Most people do not know that he started his political career as a Democrat. No one forced him to join forces with a morally and philosophically bankrupt band of losers.
    What matters is that conservatives/republicans are minus a fence-sitter who should have switched sides decades ago. Any politician who claims that conservatives/republicans are “too far to the right” are self-made victims of their own politically-motivated delusions.
    The Dems need quislings like Specter. We don’t. Good riddance!
    That new aroma caused by his absence is good, old-fashioned FRESH AIR.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      What can one possible say about this, except that it is best for us to be rid of this rotten bastard for once and all. Now we know where is votes will fall, and they wont be against us from our own side. He is a career politician that need to go a long time ago, the poster boy for term limits, him and Robert “Sheets” Byrd. These guys wouldnt know morals if they hit them, and it is all about what they can get for themselves. I sure am glad that it has been written, that one day “all wrongs will be made right”. I am glad I wont be in their shoes when this happens.
      Good riddance Specter, or should I say SPECTRE. Seems more like a spinxter.

  • Maruj Carr

    Great news!!! He was never a Conservative!!! Never a Republican, he joined the party to get his personal agenda forward, not even the state that he represents.
    He can go to hell with his fellow baby abortionists.

    • Mrs. G. Egeberg

      I agree. So happy to wave bye bye to Specter. Yes join your lib buddies & just try to hold on to the power you love so much. Hope the door hits you on your way out.

  • Arthur J. Bryant

    If only his comment on moving too far right were true!!!</p>

    • DaveAZ

      Oh…if only being too far to the right was the problem. Gosh…when McCain was running I almost thought I was a Democrat…now we’re too far to the right? Weird.

      • Arthur J. Bryant

        I was planning on voting Libertarian but Sarah convinced me to hope for the best. At least the Democrats are the ones to take the blame for the stupidity that has emerged.

        • http://personalliberty Lisa

          Since when have the Democrats taken reponsibility for anything? They are the party of finger pointing. If anything is wrong, it’s Bushes fault, even if Bush had nothing to do with it. They are a joke. People better open their eyes before all of their freedoms are snatched away from them. Are they to blind to see that the Dems are power hungry, greedy theives that would sell their mothers if it meant it would further their agenda?

        • Richard

          Vote Libertarian. Both Democrats and Republicans have taken us further and further towards tyranny over the years. If we don’t get this country back to what our founding fathers set it up to be, we’re all doomed.

  • Robin from Indiana

    I am not from Pennsylvania, but I know I would be upset with this Senator for just being a Senator from my state. He was in part responsible for passing the absurd stimulus bill, not to mention that he has been a RINO for quite some time, from what I understand. Of course the Democrats would welcome him with open arms. I can only hope that the people of Pennsylvania will do the right thing and make sure he does not get reelected. It would make me very mad to vote someone in to have them change parties. It shouldn’t even be allowed!

  • LEN D

    I am a Pennsylvanian. I have to say that Spector has always been a worthless piece of shit anyway. He has always voted against any moves to expel illegals from being here, voted with the Democrats on taxing and spending. So no one should really be astounded. He is just showing his true colors and at least being honest. I have always felt he was a whore for whoever paid him the most. Not to worry at all! He will NEVER be re-elected. The redeeming quality is that now the dummycrats are stuck with him.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Yes, but the dumb ass democrats elected him as a Republican, so you know they are all going to show up en-mass now that he is a Dumbocrat. So my question is, are you people of Pennsylvania smart enough to vote this walking case of cranalanalitus out of office? I sure hope you folks up there realize what a scumbag he now is, always has been, but now that it is right there for all to see that he cant be trusted, dump him

  • http://personalliberty Lisa

    To far to the right?!!! What a joke. Seems to me the Republican Party has moved to far to the left. As far as I’m concerned Specter belongs with the Democrats. He is just as low and corrupt as they are. He has never been for what’s best for the country, It’s all about him. It would serve him right if he got kicked to the curb in 2010.

  • Ellen

    I think Arlen Specter should be charged with fraud. The people voted him in on the Republican ticket and flip-flops after he gets in office. It should not be allowed to change parties until a term is complete.

    • Lou

      Question: Is there a way to sue Spector to recover the contributions made to him as a republican??

      Look, at his age does he still have the competance to make sound decisions? I think there should be a limit to how long a senator should serve. I kind of get the idea that it is a good old boys club and they kind of just run around playing grab ass all day until the cameras are turned on for the show.

      Why do we need more than one senator per state in the era of fast communication and high mobility? They do not have to hussle from DC to their state to back to DC by stagecoach or horseback. If the lib’s think the constitution is a living breathing document then I’m sure that more than one senator per state is fraud waste and abuse.

  • Catherine

    Thank God he is going to the Democrats. This is a good thing. Obviously he used the Republican ticket. He was a false Republican.
    Let’s hope a Great Republican will take his place !! One who is for the American people and this great U.S.A. !!!

    • Krillin

      You’re dreaming. Republicans have become irrelevant in the civilized parts of the country. As Specter noted, last year more than 200,000 Pennsylvanians made the switch from R to D. National defense and fiscal conservatives and the majority of the professional class have for good reasons abandoned the party, leaving behind nothing but corporate CEOs and a rural white rump of Christian fundamentalists.

      I’ll consider coming back when you guys stop being the party of rum, Romanism, and rebellion, but not before then.

      • Frank

        Your comment show how stupid and gullible you are. Corporate CEO’s being Republican is another myth the media has perpetuated on its minions like you. Research any true information on CEO’s and who they vote for and to whom they give their money. Almost all of the people being trashed by the obamanuts, the media, and the left-wing kooks votes for obama.

      • Dale

        when you are reffering to the “civilized” parts of the country, do mean cities like Detroit, Cincinatti, Miami, Cleveland, Newark, St. Louis, Buffalo, Milwaukee and
        Philadelphia? Those are just some of the MANY cities
        that have some of the longest running POVERTY
        rates ( and correspondingly…CRIME rates ) in the
        country. And what pray tell do they all have in
        common you ask? They have all been run ( and run
        DOWN ) by DEMOCRATS for DECADES!
        If any group of cities needs some Republican
        “rebellion” AND “fundamentals of Christianity”, it’s
        THESE UN-civilized cities. But hey, if you want to
        stick with the dems, good luck. Especially if you live
        in any of those dem-run-down cities.

  • Connie

    Now it is up to the voters to pay very close attention to the records of the next candidate & vote for someone who pays attention to the voters!

  • Rich

    Good riddance to the back stabber, Arlen “Spincter”.

    He belongs with the parasites on the left.

  • Rob

    I find it very interesting when either party is in the majority — they see no problem with so called “one-party rule” — (as long as they are that party in power!) but as soon as they become the “minority”– because of the voters desire to change—- then they are crying that it is a bad thing — and that they, not the majority — are the true “voice of the people”. As President Obama has rightly said, the other side was in charge for 8 years and the people voted for a change.

    • Arthur J. Bryant

      B. O. ran almost solely on the platform of change. But change to what? He never said and many voters never asked. Democrats, left wing Republicans (like Specter), corruption (being redundant), and the left wing press drumming “it is all Bush’s fault”, undefined change did not sound too bad. But there was another candidate years ago who promised change. He was elected and instituted change. His name was Lenin. The result was the Soviet Union that after 75 years ended up with an economy he size of that of little Belgium; then collapsed. B.O. is following closely in Lenin’s footsteps.

      • Rob

        You have quite an “interesting” view of history. There is not time or space enough here to discuss this in detail –But –

        Lenin was not exactly “elected”
        The Russian Revoultion was a whole different situation at that time

        The USSR in 1920 is not the USA in 2009.
        Question for you?: Are you better off today then you were in 1999? Yes or No
        BO (as you call him) did indeed go into a good amount of details about what he wanted to do when he was running –and if you have watched any of his press conferences since he became President –he is not “shy”about talking about what his goals are — I am neither a Dem or a member of the GOP — and as i said, i have seen both parties be in charge — The GOP had control of Congress not too many years ago –Were not very concerned about “one party rule” and how bad “pushing a one-sided agenda was at that time — It hurts not to win –I know –Seems it is only OK to spend the taxpayers money on stuff when it is stuff you like — But if it is not to your personal likeinng then it is “communist?!

        • Frank

          Yes, I am better off than I was in 1999. There have been no terrorist attacks – er, sorry, man-made catastrophes – since 2001. If Bush just would have stood up the the dems in congress and vetoed their spending plans we would be in fine shape. That being said, I’d rather have my 401K cut in half then have my head cut off or be killed by terrorist attacks!

        • Rob

          Well, Frank, I am glad you are so much bettter off in 2009 (after GW Bush) than you were in 1999 (before him) — You must have made so brillant investment moves — since the vast majority of the Americans (and the world econmys) are NOT. But OK. I have another offer for you –

          Give me all you money and don’t ask any questions about what I am doing or –or how I do it — or where your money is going –and I will promise to protect you from the invisible giant boggy man/monsters living under your bed… Don’t see any? Well, guess that only means i really good at it — right? ~ ; ) )

        • Arthur J. Bryant

          Elected was certainly an exageration since technically it was a revolution, but the government was then overwhelming, so it is not too different from U.S. now, although we still have a distance to go. It was also somewhat like an election since the public supported the change. But then they got super government which is deadly not only for freedom but for any semblance of prosperity. The newly freed serfs got serfdom in spades.

    • Gina


      One party being a majority is very different from “One Party Rule”. There are 3 branches of government, Legislative, with two groups, House of Representatives and Senate. Administrative (President & Secretaries of various and sundry governmental agencies) and Judicial (Supreme Court). Legislative: Totally controlled by the Democratic Party in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Administrative: Totally controlled by the Democratic Party and the President has grabbed things from various departments, notably the Census. Judicial: This administration is in a position to replace 2 justices right away and remember, there are a number of justices who are very elderly and one that is ill. Obama is well on his way to creating a Supreme Court that will be his personal picks. He will then have “ONE PARTY RULE” something that has not happened to this extent.

      As far as Specter is concerned, at least he identified exactly why he changed parties, because he felt it would be easier to win in the primary against a Democrat!!

      The Millionaires in the House and Senate are raiding our wallets and spending like drunken sailors (I apologize to drunken sailors everywhere). Here’s is a brief list of the Millionaires in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. If anybody thinks either party truly wants to help the people of the United States, think again. Not one of them want to lose their positions because the money funnel will stop.

      78-year old Senator Arlen Specter was honest, very uncharacteristically for a politician, about his reason for recently switching from the Republican to the Democratic Party: He thought he would have a better chance to be reelected as a Democrat than a Republican because he was lagging in current polls and knew he would lose the seat he has held for decades. He couldn’t care less about the Republican constituency that has donated to his campaigns and voted for him for decades, he just wants to have another term in the Senate.

      These politicians are so out of touch with the American people it is a joke, and very few of them have anyone interests at heart except their own on the election day where their seats in Congress are on the line.

      40 millionaires in US Senate

      At least 40 of the 100 US senators are millionaires, some many times over, according to financial disclosure filings in mid-2008. Republicans on the list only outnumbered Democrats by a narrow margin of 22 to 18. However, Democratic senators hold the top five spots on the list and eight of the top ten, according to an analysis of the forms by CNN (a chronically Liberal news outlet).

      These financial disclosures underscore the ever-widening income/net worth gap between the average American and those who claim to represent them in government. Even those congressmen who report a relatively modest net worth are pulling down a salary of $154,700, with leadership positions paying $171,900 annually and all of this for a couple of days a week for about 40 weeks a year.

      Heading the list is the Massachusetts Democrat and presidential candidate John Kerry, with an estimated net worth of between $164 million and $211 million. He reports holdings in 75 mutual funds, along with two held jointly with his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, heiress to the Heinz food company fortune. Assets that she owns independently, which other sources estimate at hundreds of millions more, are not required to be included.

      Second on the list, at a minimum of $111 million, is Democrat Herb Kohl of Wisconsin, who sold a chain of grocery and department stores (Kohl’s) before going into politics. He currently owns the Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team.

      Next are Democratic senators John J. Rockefeller of West Virginia at $81.6 million, former Wall Street executive Jon Corzine of New Jersey at $71 million and California’s Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who is married to financier Richard Blum, at $26.3 million (her husband’s money does not need to be included, but it is hundreds of millions).

      The two Republicans in the top ten are banking heir Peter Fitzgerald of Illinois at $26.1 million and Bill Frist of Tennessee at $15.1 million. Frist’s family founded HCA, which has become the largest for-profit hospital chain in the country, with annual revenues of nearly $20 billion last year. Frist reported blind trusts valued at between $6.5 million and $31 million. And, lets’ not forget the Kennedy money.

      Two other Democratic candidates for the presidency are high on the list. At ninth, North Carolina’s John Edwards reported a net worth ranging from $12.8 million to $60 million; at twelfth, Florida’s Bob Graham reported a range of from $7.7 million to $31.6 million. Before turning politician, Edwards made millions as a trial lawyer who won some of the largest jury awards in the history of North Carolina. Graham and his brothers developed family farmland near Miami Lakes into valuable suburban real estate

      The vagueness of the Congressional disclosure requirements conceals many millions of dollars of assets and income. Specific items are reported in broad categories, such as from $1 million to $5 million. In addition, the value of a primary residence—which in some cases may exceed $1 million by itself—need not be reported at all.

      Thus, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s stated (disclosable) net worth could be as low as $352,000, or it could be as high as $3.8 million. Since her minimum is below $1 million, she is not counted among the 40 millionaires. This, in spite of the fact that her husband former president Bill Clinton took in $9.5 million last year for speaking appearances and that she had received $4 million of the $8 million advance on her recently released book, Living History.

      Another prominent Democrat, presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman, is not counted for the same reason, even though he reported a possible worth of up to $1.8 million.

      A complete and precise financial disclosure would no doubt push the percentage of senators who are millionaires to well over half of the Senate.

      There are also dozens if not hundreds of millionaires among the 435 members of the US House of Representatives.

      One of the most prominent is Nancy Pelosi, currently Speaker of the House, who listed assets of up to $92 million held jointly with her businessman husband Paul (CB Richard Ellis Real Estate Company Founder). They include two vineyards, one valued between $5 million and $25 million and the other valued between $1 million and $5 million, and a stake in a restaurant chain worth as much as $25 million. They also own three pieces of prime San Francisco real estate—one being their personal dwelling in the posh Pacific Heights neighborhood—each valued at up to $5 million. Rounding out their real estate holdings are two mountain townhouses and a share in a resort, worth up to $11 million combined.

      One House millionaire, Wisconsin Republican James Sensenbrenner, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, reported his net worth down to the penny at $9,315,491.13. The heir to a paper manufacturing fortune, he holds two stocks—Kleenex manufacturer Kimberley Clark and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer—valued at between $500,000 and $1 million, along with three others in the range of $250,000 to $500,000 apiece.

      Representative John Dingell, Democrat of Michigan and the longest-serving member of the House, listed 37 mutual funds owned alone or with his wife Debbie. She works as an executive for General Motors, and his disclosure form lists her as owning GM stock options worth between $1 million and $5 million as well as holding between $500,000 and $1 million in a GM savings-stock purchase program, which have obviously lost value, but she is a multi-millionare in her own right.

      While the aggregate number of US House millionaires has not been reported in the media, a survey by the San Francisco Chronicle tallied

      at least 8 of the 12 representatives
      from the San Francisco Bay area
      falling into the millionaire

      The lone Republican elected from the area was not included among the millionaires because he obtained an extension for filing his financial report.

      This social layer of millionaires and near-millionaires in the US House and Senate pushed through the Bush administration’s massive tax cut for the rich, while somehow dropping the much touted per-child tax credit for families with incomes less than $20,000. Both Houses recently also approved a “reform” of Medicare that in reality guarantees no prescription drug benefits for American seniors. These millionaires and near-millionaires also rammed through without reading, the recent “stimulus” (aka: ’spending’) bill and have plans for pushing through legislation momentarily for trillions and trillions of the hard-working American tax dollars.

      I am getting sick and tired of the Democratic Party leaders pointing their bejeweled fingers at the Republican Party and calling them the party of the rich. You should be too.

      Stop the madness before out country is plunged into bankruptcy and Socialism. Cry out and let your elected officials know you will vote them out at the next election if they do not protect you and the rest of the Americans in this country. I am hoping for a Democratic Party Bloodbath in 2010. The Democrats took control of the Senate the last two years of the Bush Administration, so they have only themselves to blame for much of the regulatory meltdown and out-of-control spending. And yet, they continue to point their fingers at Bush and the Republicans even as they implement processes that the Republican Party leaders have no defense against.

      Look out Democratic Party … the people, you remember them right? The people that elected your sorry asses are “mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it anymore!” Hold on to your behinds, because your “seats” are on the block and the candidates are circling.

  • Brian

    Specter is the “brightest member of the US Senate?” That doesn’t say a lot for the collective IQ of these folks. He never was a fiscal or limited-government conservative, and he sees the political hand-writing on the wall. The formerly Grand Old Party isn’t doing too well nowadays, and he’s jumping on the political bandwagon as it parades down Broadway.

  • Roxanne

    I am glad to see Senator Spector change parties. He has been forced out of the closet to reveal that he has been a true Democrat all a long. Spector knows that he will not get re-elected if he stayed with the Republican party therefore, with this action He has proven to us that his political career has and is most important to him then the people of Pennsylvania in which is suppose to serve and to represent.

    The Democrats wants to control the American ways of life, and they feel they are on there way. They have liberal television stations that send out there propaganda and sugar covers any gaffs and mistakes.

    We American are smarter then they think and time is on our side. Every day that someone looses a job, home and their way of life will be the ones who will vote out Obama, Pelosi, Reed and Spector!

    • bill

      the word looses is spelled loses

      • Roxanne


  • Rebecca

    I say, adios, good riddens, aloha, and don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. He has no back bone and is a weak republican. First he’s a democrate then he switches to a republican, now back to a democrate. He goes with the party that is in the majority. I hope the people in his state have the good sense not to relect someone that can’t make up his mind. Or is it dementia?

  • Jim

    Wow! The unmitigated rancour of the above comments is frightening. It certainly reinforces the senator’s decision to abandon the GOP direction. If these people are as angry and irrational as their comments suggest they are, Republicans need to follow someone other than Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter and ‘the FOX’. They are in danger of becoming the raging hate party. That’s sad because I agree with some of the conservative values that Republicans have traditionally stood for. Here’s hoping that the party can re-invent itself on a more positive footing.

    • Paul

      I see your point Jim, but ask if you have ever read or heard of the comments on from the left. Just two that come to mind are the Huffington Post and the Daily Kos. I have never heard any Dem, including the President himself, the professed agent of changing the way we do politics in DC, denounce any of the hate-filled comments by the left. One prime example: Tony Snow, former WH spokesman; the left cheered when he was diagnosed with cancer, then celebrated when he died. And you speak of rancor and the raging hate party? At least, while it could be toned down, the sentiment is not without foundation, something the left is totally devoid of.

      • Frank

        Good post, Paul. If you’re not convinced, Jim, just watch MSNBC (of course you’ll be the only one watching)

    • Gina

      So, Jim, shoe’s on the other foot now, eh? For the entire 8 years of the Bush administrations, the liberals were out for blood. It started with their claims that Bush “stole” the Florida elections and thus the Presidency from Gore.

      The Liberal’s cried and chanted and screamed from the rooftops for 8 years and called it Patriotism.

      Suddenly the conservatives are holding “TEA parties” and protesting out-of-control legislators, out-of-control spending and the liberals point and laugh and call them whiny rich people.

      And through it all, the fingerpointing at Bush continues unabated. Obama campaigned on the premise he would bring the troops home in 60 days. Not we’re looking at 2011 or 2012. He said he would absolutely close Guantanamo … hasn’t happened yet, he now says he has to do it in an orderly fashion. Obama said he wasn’t for war, he was for talking. Now, he is putting more and more troops in Afghanistan. Congress screamed like stuck pigs at allocating money for troops in Iraq, and recently, they gleefully approved money for troops to go to Afghanistan.

      If anyone is the raging hate party, it’s the Democrats. Even Nancy Pelosi couldn’t resist blaming Bush for the entire financial meltdown. Carter signed the Community Reinvestment Act into law which mandated that financial institutions make more loans to minorities and low income folks, and if they couldn’t afford the houses, they were to find a way. Along came the “stated income” loan that was the catalyst for the surge in housing during the last 5 years.

      One of the last signatures Bill Clinton put on paper, other than the ones that pardoned most if not all of his criminal friends, was to mandate that Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae would purchase loans made to people with “Stated Income”.

      So, here’s the thing … now that there is effectively “one-party rule” the Democrates are going to run out of people to blame, and very soon they are going to run out of other people’s money to spend!

  • ss_sid

    With this swing of Spekcter it gives the Democrats the power they needed to overpower any and all resistance to their socalistic ways. Now he will be appointing a Supreem Court Judge. What a hoxe. A lateno at that. Now the illegals will be free to do as they will.
    There never should be a one party congress with either party. This nation is in for a great fall if the things that that this Illegal, supposed, President gets his way. Why won’t he show his legal birth certificat???? Funny he has spent $800,000.00 to prevent the courts from demanding it be shown.

    Lets see, he has made killing of full term new born legall, freed many terrorist, taken over our banking system with tax payer money, instead of letting them fall as they should have, taken over and fired CEO’s of our largest manufacturing, the auto industry, and strapped the American people with a, soon to be passed, 3 Trillion budget WAKE UP AMERICA

  • Paul

    Specter’s move reinforces what’s really wrong with this country. He did so not out of some real concern for his convictions, but rather for the concern for his pocketbook. Losing the next election would remove him from the trough of public $$$, where he and all politicians feed with no real concern for this country. He’s a lawyer, BO is a lawyer, Clinton’s a lawyer; most of Congress are lawyers. So, why would it surprise anyone that money is their god. America needs to wake up and realize that no matter what happens to this country in the way of the economy, the mortgage crisis, the auto industry, warming, you name it, CONGRESS will ensure that CONGRESS does not get hurt. Look at his Bio., it will tell volumes of his mentality and allegiance.

    Added to the above, look at the comments of those who welcomed him to the Dems. Ethics, integrity, moral or civic values were never an issue. All that counts is the ability to push an agenda.

    • Paul Trood

      Most accurate comment here Paul. The U.S. system of congress is totally flawed and absolutely repugnant. Pigs at a trough doesn’t come close to describing the disgustingly self interest based system that runs the U.S. Whilst this system continues America, the people, are doomed to a life with less freedoms, less control of their earnings, less ownership of their property, and a Federal Government that knows everything about it’s serfs.
      It truely is time for a revolution.


    The good Senator in his confusion as a long time RINO needs to restate that he moved further to the left until he fell over that barb wire fence that gave him the crotch rash for so long.

    It’s going to be amusing watching him vote while the Republicans watch the confusion and frustration he gives to the Dems. Enjoy the heartburn libs, you can call him a DINO.

  • http://ONTIMEMay1.2009 BECKY NANCE

    I guess I just want to say that Arlen Specter and his kind need to get booted out of congress and we need to clean does not matter what party he is from ...his values are defunct...We the people need to let the voice of the ordinary person be heard...How bad does it have to get? I think the good ol USA is becoming the post American country that we hear about and we need to be bold and stop the insanity...the only way to be an influence for the values of God and country is to get on the blogs and let others know they are not alone....keep the faith and keep on praying..

    Becky in I don't claim Kathleen Sebelius and I would never vote for her

  • Roger Davis

    Good bye Benedict Arlen. Best wishes for a short political career

  • John

    This has been brewing for quite some time now. Ever since he voted for Obamas massive stimulus package he has been under fire from conservatives within the GOP. He knew if he stayed in the Republican party he would face enormous opposition. This was his only choice to keep his job. Good riddance!

  • Patton45

    I am a Constitutionalist and both sides in this debate need
    to wake up! Nirther the Dems or the Repubs have stood by the Constitution for years. It is time to thruogh out the two
    “major” parties and put men in who will obey the Constitution.
    And, yes, I’m going to tell you the party I support and that is
    the Constitution Party Why? they want to get back to the Constitution ( what a concept). But don’t take my word for it, investigate for yourselves! Isn’t saving the country from the destuction worth it!

  • Deborah Finks

    I sent a reply last night, but oh well, I am not seeing it.

    I think one of our biggest issues is that we have had numerous “lifers” represent us over the years. The average taxpayer would die to have the kind of security going into retirement that we give these jerks. And just think we all get to pay for the “Life of Riley” retirements for the likes of: Ted Kennedy, Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, Byrd from West Virginia, and yes, Arlon Specter, the defector.

    I WANT TERM LIMITS!! Our governors and other state officials have term limits, so why are we letting them suck us dry, while the average American now can’t even think about retiring because we don’t have enough in our retirement and Medicare.

  • ginger smith

    Do you know why Specter switched? He was offered seniority in the Senate
    to make the change!

  • Monika Demarest

    I wish all the RINOs would go over to the Democrats.

    • s c

      You got that right! Should the list now include Lamar Alexander [R, TN]? I’d like to see a list of RINOs and similar weasels who are neolibs/libs/turncoats. It sickens me to see anyone who calls himself/herself a conservative/republican, when they are busy acting like moronic neolibs/libs. Nelson Rockefeller was one of the earlier RINOs. Methinks Rockefeller’s main role model was Aaron Burr. No wonder conservatives with standards are so hard to find. They’re busy being bought off and sent to Washington (and/or somehow re-elected).

  • SuzyQtoo

    Boy are you all angry! Alan Spectra a fine man. A type rarely found in our Congress had the ball to vote as an individual not as a party. Democrats Republicans what about it none of them are for me. I declare Republican but when I go into that voting booth it is about who supports me and my concerns. Each party has their own agenda but it is about the individual. How will the legislation affect me. Good looking out Alan we need legislators with guts balls in these troubled times. You other guys are poor losers. Quit Whining!!! It is time for someone else to run things and I am sure they can do a better job as they are not short sighted like you. This is why the vote is so powerful. It is about the individual. I will be dropping him a note to make him aware of my support. Fine man.

    • Dale

      Ah Suzy,
      if…ALAN is such a “fine man”, then why can’t you spell
      his first OR last name correctly ( if he’s made such a
      great impact on you ) ? ARLEN like any public official
      who’s been in office for so long that he wouldn’t know
      what to do in the real world, simply wanted to keep his
      Senate seat no matter what political party he was with.
      He knew he would lose to his Republican rival in the
      next PA elections, so he cut bait and like Judas he
      sold out to the ones in power. And after he sees what
      the Dems and the Obamessiah do to this country over
      the next decade, he may well decide to take Judases
      way out.

    • s c

      All right! Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? If you really think Specter is someone worth having around in an elected capacity, are you willing to sacrifice?
      Personally, I think you’re another talking-head.
      However, if you’re honest, and you act on your beliefs, then PLEASE do America a favor, and dig until it hurts. Find a way to get thousands of dollars together, and give it to Specter. Cash in your insurance policies, empty your bank accounts, and sell everything you don’t use and fork it over to Specter.
      I’m betting you wouldn’t give the old #%&* a dollar on a bet. Please let us know just how much you truly ‘respect’ him. Oh, if you need more money than you have, remember you can always take out a big LOAN, too!

  • Dale

    As one poster pointed out, “last year more than
    200,000 Pennsylvanians made the switch from
    R to D”. Would that be from R easoning to
    D umb? Because as I pointed out earlier,
    one of the most poverty stricken cities in the nation
    that has been run ( into the ground ) by Democrats for
    over 5 DECADES is PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania,
    state home of new Democrat Arlen ( the spooky )
    Specter. But I’m sure all of those social welfare
    programs and “entitlements” are keeping the
    ( incredibly VIOLENT ) “city of brotherly love”
    from ALL becoming homeless. When all of the
    brothers in Philly and the Pitt realize that their votes
    for Dems are nothing more than INDENTURED
    SERVITUDE or modern SLAVERY, maybe they’ll
    finally realize that the party of Lincoln and Jack Kemp
    want to EMPOWER them to succeed, instead of
    continuing to keep them fat, stupid & happy with
    mediocrity & poverty with the demagog-ocrats.

  • independent Claudia

    What a hateful group………..”The threat to the country presented … by this defection really relates to the issue of whether or not in the U.S. our people want the majority party to have whatever it wants without restraint, without a check or balance,” said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

    Hmmm…..did he say the same when “W” didn’t have checks or balances for 6 out of 8 years?

    I agree with suzyQ and Krillin. The Republicans have gone too far to the right (and off the deep end).
    Gone are the days of the moderate and intelligent GOP: The Ronnie Reagans and George H.W.Bushs, both of which I voted for. You want to know what happened to the GOP? “W” and Karl Rove. And because of them this country is shifting far left.(and thats not good.)

    I voted Dem for the first time in this election because I truly felt McCain had no idea what was going on. And I won’t get into details but I have had many a tangle with Blue Cross and Blue Shield, insurance companies, credit card companies, just to name a few. But know this!!!! I RESPECT MY FELLOW AMERICAN REGARDLESS OF PARTY AFFILIATION!!!! D for Dumb? WHAT IS THAT!!!. Shall I follow up with what R stands for (and its not reason). So long as the Sean Hannities and the Limbaughs are considered the voice of the right, the party will continue to shrink. And I find that most unfortunate. I respect everyones opinion and don’t feel the need to belittle their spelling errors or call them stupid and ignorant. Thats for bullies in the playground.
    Thats why people went From R to D.

    Respectfully, Claudia
    NRA member
    Pro capital punishment

    • Gina

      Ah, Claudia,

      It it were only so that the Republican Party had gone too far to the right. In fact, the Republicans started behaving like Democrats and spent money they didn’t have, raised taxes, created needless social programs, enriched lots of Senators, and all started gathering in the Moderate circles, enraging the very right Conservatives. That’s what did McCain in … he wasn’t conservative enough for the party loyals.

      Obama promised no “Pork” and there were more than 8000 “pork additions” to the recent “stimulus” (aka: spending) bills passed by the glassy-eyed Democrats.

      I can’t say enough that the out-of-control pork, special interest add-ons, increases in the National Debt and debt service interest must stop. Both parties should clean house and get the pork out of the Senate and House of Representatives seats in 2010.

      I don’t consider Hannity or Rush the “voice of the right”, I think they are two people that believe passionately in their own opinions, and lots of people listen to them. There are hundreds of liberal talk radio stations that have their own listeners. I truly believe everyone has a right to their own opinions, and our country allows free speech (so far) so let everyone have their say regardless of who agrees with it.

      I have been a registered Republican for about 39 years and I have wavered back and forth with my vote over the years and have never been sorry until I voted for Bill Clinton in his second bid for the White House. His second term was an abomination and an embarrassment to this country. I consider myself a moderate social liberal and a moderate fiscal conservative and walk a wavy line down the middle. Personally, I think both parties have a lot of house-cleaning to do, and a lot of reform on how they “lead” and they should all have a primer on how to adequately represent the people that put them in office in the first place. No one gets elected to either the House or the Senate that doesn’t come out a millionaire several times over. the salaries are the lunch money. it’s the budgets and staffing and travel money that push them over the top …

      Also, respectfully
      Say what you will about Bush and his doctrine, at least he was able to keep his pants on during his administrations.

      I too have had my share of disagreements with health care managing companies. However, I want to continue to choose my health care program, the premium I will/can pay, the facility I want to visit and the freedom to choose an appointment date and get treatment for whatever ails me. We already have medical service programs in many states, it’s called welfare and Medical (in CA) and Medicaid elsewhere … and let’s not forget Medicare for those 65 and above. My Canadian friends said that as bad as it is in Canada for getting medical care, they hope the U.S. doesn’t follow suit.

  • duke

    Amazing how fast the memory of the first (s)election of Mr. Bush ||. Our son lives in Florida and we were in the state during the voting. His county used optical scans rather than the mark the card with a punch further south of his area. And it still uses them.

    By separating the time consuming step of choosing the person/object/ to be voted on from the adding the counts to the tally it costs much less to process the votes on a single machine than dozens of touchy/feely screens that each cost as much as a scanner. Guess how much more the salesman gets for the less efficient expensive machines.

    It was an education in the line to get flu shots to talk to a voter couple who had just voted. One of them had made an error in the ballot and it was rejected. That person had to go and mark a new blank correctly. Moral: catch the error before it becomes a rejection later when it can’t be fixed. I thought rather than bitch about having to fix the spoiled ballot one should be happy the machine did its thing to get a valid ballot.

    If all of Florida had used these methods Mr. Bush probably would not have prevailed in the state and lost the election.

    We also visited during the second term voting and we spent some time chatting with those who ran the election. It was interesting to see how smoothly one can run an honest count with the proper tools.

    I just hope by next election these devices can replace the screens our home state uses.

    We learned a lot in these two trips.

    As to the change of party of the Senator, his reasons are tempered by the far right types who want him out to put in a new really right wing face. His choice was smart to avoid such a conflict in a primary.

    More power to him!!!

    I will have to save up some funds for his next election!

    • independent Claudia

      Well said.

  • Sue Bee

    Poetic Justice would be for Specter to lose his seat to a real conservative now that he has shown his true colors for all to see….

  • Buckroo

    Specter, you have been aways been afraid to hang your hat anywhere. This is going to be your life story.
    ( How I fliped , floped to the top )
    Remember Sir: When you kiss hinnie, you get mudd on your lipps.

  • s c

    Is Colin Powell acting like Arlen Specter, or is Arlen Specter
    acting like Colin Powell? It was predictable to see Specter spend most of his career sitting on a fence, frantically sucking up to anyone who tells him he serves a purpose. In the case of Colin Powell [who has had serious 2nd Amendment issues since the Reagan administration], it’s nice to know that we are minus another multi-faced fence-sitter. Those spineless weasels on the other side of the aisle need – and deserve – all the ‘talented’ people they can get. As was the case with Specter, good riddance.

  • s c

    Regardless of the term used [neocon, neolib, fence-sitter, useful idiot, prostie, pond scum, back-stabber], the list is growing and will continue to grow UNTIL conservatives get fed up with this outrageous ‘party’ stupidity. As of today, add Kenneth Starr [an icon in his mind, no doubt] to that infamous list.
    My advice for Mr. Starr is to retire, and go far, far away. His support for Sotomayor says much about his role in helping gut the Republican Party and in further confusing conservatives who have STANDARDS for its members. The least Starr could do is to declare himself another ultralib. Get off the fence, Mr. Starr. You are NOT wanted or needed.

  • s c

    I heard something on the radio that sounds so stupid that it may be true. An announcer said that Specter is the one who came up with the ‘single bullet theory’ in the JFK murder. Can it be true? It’s hard for me
    to believe that someone like Specter [who knows squat about ballistics] would dare to come down off his fence-sitting perch and render a decision about anything. If it’s true, then I can see why he is being protected at all costs. We have a special breed of historical revisionists in the US, and their favorite methodology is to confuse facts with crap. Their battle has been made easy by owning the media, who will do anything to protect ‘certain’ politicians. Food for thought.

  • s c

    What is wrong with Specter? Can he read? Does he read any legislation? Does he understand what is so wrong about an elected official who acts like he’s ‘too good’ to read?
    Specter needs to be reminded that he can be replaced with anyone who reads at the high school level. He can be replaced by someone who will work for minimum wage.
    He can be replaced by someone who doesn’t need 17 different health care insurance options. He can be replaced by someone who is homeless.
    For an elected official who seems to suffer from a mind-boggling arrogance, he acts like he’s never considered that Americans see through his obama-style ‘transparency.’
    I get the distinct impression that anyone who votes for Specter is in dire need of a mental competency evaluation. What did America do to deserve people like Specter in Congress?


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