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Senate Republicans Poised To Prevent Arms Treaty With Russia

November 30, 2010 by  

Senate Republicans Poised To Prevent Arms Treaty With Russia Senator Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) says that he has enough votes to block the proposed nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia.

According to FOX News, Kyl said on Nov. 24 that he doesn’t expect the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) to pass during the lame-duck session, which could squash the deal altogether, considering that Republicans will gain control of the House of Representatives in January, and the GOP will gain seats in the Senate.

In a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, GOP members claim that the Obama administration does not have the authority to limit U.S. missile defenses outside of a treaty that currently does not exist.

The recent artillery battle between North and South Korea has also raised skepticism about the administration’s efforts to reduce weaponry.

"President Obama has already cut 44 percent of our missile defense force that would protect the United States from Iran but primarily a North Korean threat," James Carfano, of the Heritage Foundation, told the news provider.

A treaty requires two-thirds majority, so the White House would need the support of at least nine Republicans in the Senate before the end of the current congressional session. If START is delayed until 2011, supporters of the treaty would need at least 14 Republicans.

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  • SodBuster

    are provissions hidden in the new treaty to spell the end of the second amendment as we know it?

    • Robert Smith

      No. You are falling for scare mongering tactics.


      • Delores Smith

        The Preamable to the New Start Treaty is not a part of the Treaty. It states that Russia can opt out of the treaty at any time. This is a ploy, and the treaty should not be ratified. Take care.
        Delores Smith

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

        If this treaty is so good, then why has Obama refused to release the negotiation notes, from the people who negatiated the treaty for us, to the Senate Oversight Committee on Treaties? The Senate Oversight Committee even threatened to subpoena the negotiation notes, but Obama still refuses to release them to the people who’s responsibility it is to protect the American people by either ratifying or refusing Treaties. What is Obama hiding this time, for he’s pulling another Pelosi on the American people by insisting the treaty be voted on to find out what it really means. The negotiation notes would explain the understanding of each point in the treaty, which as it stands now is very vague on rather it limits our defensesive missile systems and research there of.

    • Delores Smith

      You are correct. The Preamble to the New Start Treaty states that Russia can opt out of the Treaty at any time. The Preamble is NOT a part of the Treaty, and the Treaty does not include this information. This is a ploy. Please call your Senators and tell them not to ratify this Treaty. I heard Hillary Clinton state at a Senate Committee Hearing on C-Span that “Of course, the Preamble is NOT a part of the Treaty.”
      Delores Smith Delores109

  • Carole Howell

    You can get a copy of it.

  • Mick

    SodBuster says:
    November 30, 2010 at 7:44 am
    are provissions hidden in the new treaty to spell the end of the second amendment as we know it?

    SodBuster,,,you bet ..
    I read an article about it a couple month ago but i’ll be damned if i can find it again…..

    • http://yahoo jowolo

      That would be the small arms treaty by the U.N. that Hillarius Clitoris supports

      • castaway

        OH ICK! Peeuuuw

  • Mick

    jowolo says:
    November 30, 2010 at 8:41 am
    That would be the small arms treaty by the U.N. that Hillarius Clitoris supports

    **************************Thanks jowolo……….Love hillary’s new name,,,,,

    • castaway

      Yes, she is a perfect example of a Weapon of Mass Destruction! LMAO Simply air drop her naked into the Palace compound of North Korea, and we can watch as everything living dies.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        It would be just like Medusa in that everyone would turn to stone!!!! Hell, even Medusa herself would turn to stone and no mirror needed!!!

  • OtherTim

    Russia is not the problem anymore. He had better come up with a plan to deal with Iran, N. Korea, Venezuala, Pakistan, etc.

    • Delores Smith

      OTHER TIM,
      Russia is still a problem. When Hillary Clinton spoke before the Senate Committee Hearing, she stated that the Preamble to the New Start Treaty is NOT a part of the treaty. She was not discussing small arms. The Preamble to the New Start Treaty lets Russia opt out of the Treaty. This is not the time for this Treaty.
      Contact your Senators.
      Delores Smith

  • castaway

    The start treaty is important and you can never count the RUSSIANS out, as they are communists. If we do nothing, and add anything to our arsenal, the Russians will do same. Many of you I’m sure do not remember the cold war,and we do not want to revisit it. The big issue is that everyone should have some input into any new treaty and not just the ignorant Democrats. Once Republicans are in office, then everyone could begin discussion over the treaty to decide the best contents of it. Obama is in way too much of a hurry with everything he does, which really tells you alot about his agenda. GET IT DONE, BEFORE THEY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. Also for the good of this country, we do not want another term of this commy, so we need him to fail miserably like he has been doing.

    • Carole Howell


      Here is some info for you.

      IN 1990,Mikhael Gorbhachev was sworn as Russia’s President and he had an open mind,The Russian Government was extinguishing all their Nation’s Economy in acheiving Military Power as large as America.People began to think of Life in Western Countries and through it they discovered their living standards by Communication Media and TV ,Mikhel Gorbhachev had many plans for the upliftment of the country and Made Russia a Democratic Country.

      Russia does still have a Communist Party, but then so does Italy, but no one considers them a Communist Country.

  • castaway

    Be on the look out, and be smart, as the Democrats want us all in Chains! Do not believe anything they say, or anything their paid for media spews about. The media is so very liberal biased, that you cannot believe their reporting on anything, as it is all propaganda.

    • eddie47d

      Oh,rubbish! The Republicans can’t be trusted to get anything done.So you want Obama destroyed? I could say you are being honest with yourself, but I think you are more of a fool in your bitterness. We still have plenty of nuclear weapons and Russia doesn’t need all of theirs either.

      • Dogma-Free

        Nice, Eddie! It’s nice to see some common sense on here from time-to-time.

        But one thing is for sure; You can always count on the Republicans to rush us all into war at any chance they get…after all, war is good business for Big Business, and fear keeps the sheeples in their places.

        The Nazis knew that, and so did the Bush administration…and so do all the Republicans, as well as all their parrots at FAUX “news”…well, and at this website too, of course!

        The Great Pumpkin (aka: Allah, Zeus, Vishnu, ‘god’, etc.) Blesses you all!

  • Delores Smith

    Hillary Clinton spoke at a Senate Committee Hearing on C-Span. It bothered me that when she was discussing the Preamble to the New Start Treaty, she made it a point to state, “Of course, the Preamable is not a part of the Treaty.” I checked the Preamble and it states that Russia can opt out of the Treaty at any time. The Preamble is not a part of the Treaty, and experts wonder if this is a ploy. I’ve called my rep and Senators. We should NOT ratify this treaty. Please contact your Senators. Tell them to vote NO.
    Delores Smith Delores109

  • Stan Lee

    Notice how the Obama Administration delves in peripheral issues, instead of dealing effectively with more serious and current problems. An arms treaty with Russia is a waste of time. It’s only window dressing to bluff the American people that Obama and SoS Clinton are actively pursuing substantial international agreements.

    At every step the present administration has taken, Russia has trumped it. After years of discussions, even before Obama, regarding anti-missile defenses for both Poland and Czech Republic, all Russia had to do was threaten Obama & Co. that it would install of its own missiles based near Kaliningrad,(formerly Konigsberg) on the far western Russo-Polish border. The Obama “military strategists” acceded to years of American negotiating, pre Obama,to Russian intimidation.

    Russia has a poor record of keeping treaties, therefore this proposed treaty’s authors, being well aware of Russia’s past defacto breaking of treaties, included in this proposed treaty a legal “weasel clause” for Russia to exit at any time. Because, by its very nature it will.

    This so-called “treaty” provides cover for Obama and Hillary Clinton that they’re hard at work and being productive for the benefit of our nation. We know this is not so. Russia regards Obama as a very weak American President, it has no fear of any American reaction, such as it had with Presidents Reagan and G.W. Bush. When Russia senses weakness it becomes the bully it is.
    The Kremlin likes nothing more than to tweak and test the American President.

    Of all the nonsensical statements Joe Biden has made, the one that rings true was that “This President will be tested.” (I may be paraphrasing that) In any case, Obama’s been tested a few times to date. He has failed miserably.

    • 45caliber


      I agree with you.

  • http://com i41

    Why should anyone be surprised at the turn of the wormsin the beltway. The State Department is loaded with socialist slobbering UN lovers. Hillary no exception, these career employees are appeasers to any 3rd world thug dictator. The method these wonks promote is the same one all national Marxist Communist Democrat Union Party idoits promote. Including intellectal moron Onumnutts beleives, yap, yap, yap, and then give in to the freaks. With a buy off to keep “peace” or put out a BS story. Omoron gave away away the store for nothing when he meet with his marxist communist buddies Russia.

  • Rick N.

    The nuclear arms race is all bluster and showmanship. It has been for decades. The US and Russia both possess nuclear arsenals that could reduce the entire face of the planet to rubble. To continue spending money to build/maintain these arsenals does nothing to actually improve our defense posture, or Russia’s. It’s just a GIANT waste of taxpayer money for both countries. This very expensive game of one-upmanship is ludicrous.

    In a duel, having two pistols may have been an advantage over one; but, having 900 pistols didn’t really improve your odds of winning. It just cost a lot of money.

    In a real war scenario, nuclear weapons could not be strategically used. Our defense money is much better spent developing faster, smarter, more versatile missile systems with conventional warheads -better range, better guidance systems, better deployment options, etc. Unlike nuclear stockpiling, this actually WILL improve our chances of winning a military conflict swiftly and decisively.

    • 45caliber

      This is the first time I’ve seen anyone insist that we have enough nukes to destroy the world since Mt. St. Helens blew up.

      Perhaps you didn’t know at the time but calculations stated that if ALL nukes in the world had gone off at the site, it would be about 100 times less power than the volcano had.

      The idea that we can destroy the world with our nukes kinda faded away after that.

      Besides, it isn’t really Russia we have to fear any more. It is China and N. Korea and soon to be Iran.

      • Rick N.

        I don’t remember hearing that calculation, but it sounds like propaganda. Modern nuclear weapons have a wide range of yields, generally in the range of 0.1 megaton up to 10 megatons. (Russians test devices in the 1960′s were producing as much as 50 megatons) A quick Google search reveals the Mt. St. Helens explosion produced 24 megatons of energy – or about 2 to 3 large nuclear devices. Now take into account that Russia and the US each possess THOUSANDS of nuclear devices (exact number unknown, but perhaps 20,000 total) and the picture becomes pretty clear.

        I agree that Russia isn’t really the problem, but we will never unleash nukes on Iran, N. Korea, China, or anyone. Nukes are just there for a show of strength.

  • Norman Taber


    You are the same group that wants something for nothing. No increase in taxes, continued low taxes, and no responsibility for reducing the debt.

    We have a situation where more capital formation will mean more international investment that will not help the domestic situation. The tax breaks on international business only produce the lack of domestic investment and slow increase in jobs. More money is needed to improve transportation facilities. The passing of Proposition 26 only tied the hands of the California State Government, just as the Jarvis Property Tax restriction and former Governor Reagan’s cancelling the East Valley Canal and highway improvements has retarded business. The state park tax proposal defeat only foretold the downgrading of the state parks system.

    I think the presentations of the Hoover Institute at Stanford University are slanted toward conservative management of government. One can group different periods of the past in order to show a different reality. The use of President Hoover’s executive staff to propose the reorganization of the banking system for President Roosevelt is a case in point. Yes, we have to still protect the lower class, the poor. A review of President Reagan’s core politics shows an bumbling of the economic situation. Those same areas in this paper is covered up by adjusting the outcomes to protect what really happened.

    President George Bush did almost nothing to releave the situation taken over by President Obama. The conquest of a country with five religions and the largest religion divided into five sects and its past history should have been to stay away. Iran wanted Quate(S), which Iraq protected and later tried to take. Fighting drug lords in Afghanistan should have been avoided. The withdraw of U.S. troops would have forced the ‘Shanghai 5′ to take over the situation of prevent a Central Asian revolution, even now it is slow developing the area..

    The last year without a job and being poor has given me time to read American history and some of the operations in China during WWII. The book “FDR and Reagan” really gives insight into the situation. Some light reading of President Nixon’s trying to control the economy indicates that each president has had problems. Different things controlled them, but there were no solutions to different situations, we lived through them. This know nothing group can only say give us more money and have no plans for increasing the needed superstructure improvements.

    I have degrees in Accounting (MS) and Finance (MBA), teaching in Africa twice and teaching and living in China with students that could not understand what I was teaching due to cultural differences, leads me to know that our general public does not understanding what it has done to itself.

    You are working me too hard. I am reviewing tax law, last four days, to support my Enrolled Agent IRS designation to get a temporary job with a cheap paying organization.

    No hard feelings.

    • 45caliber

      I would be happy to see a reduction in debt and spending by the government. We could shut down foreign aid, welfare (over five years), the Education Dept which doesn’t work, the Dept of Energy which is designed to keep us on taxable fuel, HUD which is useless, etc. All would help pay off the debt and cut spending as well. So don’t say we conservatives aren’t willing to cut the debt and spending.

  • 45caliber

    The big problem in verification. Personally, I have no problem with both countries reducing the number of nukes – but how do we know Russia is doing that?

    From what I’ve heard Russia has more than 10 times as many existing as the US does. We’ve reduced our nukes several times – and it appears that Russia still has the same number as they started with.

    However, there is one point in our favor. Our military believes that they have less than half as many nukes as we do capible of being delivered. Time and lack of maintenance has grounded the rest.

  • http://com i41

    Norman, you may have a MBA, but you are deficient in the area of infracture reality, even if billions were placedout to rebuild infra cture, it will not happen for at least 8-10 years. All thanks to idoits in the pletra of non elected agency wonks. Over 50 cents of ever dollar spent for infra stucture goes to studies, enviormental, wildlife, feasabilty cost effectiveness, entomology, benefits to area and region, hydrology, topographic, financial benefits to country,state,and federal government, at least 6 surveys, and then the non stop hearings and community hearings. Also don’t forget the all the law suits from every wildlife and eco nut bag idoits, all slowig progress, before a shovel full of dirt can be moved. If we are going to create jobs, s-it can all the costs for permittting, agency wonks just acting like morons with out a nat a$$ worth of common sense. Hold the contractor responsible to fix and rebuild any project for the expected life of projects. That way the contractor will keep an eye on prevention and deterioation from weather and wear, while holding the state and federal government’s feet to the fire instead of ignoring problems until a catastrophy happens.The more taxes and regulations placed on business in the USA slows job creation. Also international companies are given breaks and benifits, citizens don’t get. If the flat tax was implemented, accounts and tax manipulators would be out of work. A flat 10% tax on any money earned or received, wheatther for SS, dividends, welfare, businesses, farming, or what ever, pays the same amount. The ones who will bitch, will be the Holley wood freaks, ultra rick, welfare and SS recieptants, ihede fund manulipators, and of course Wall Street crooks and beltway boobs and their special dealings, because their bennies would have a value compared to the average citizen. Also FRD was an Omoron lite as far as his ideology and plans.

    • Rick N.

      Keep in mind that these obstacles (National Environmental Policy Act, Endangered Species Act, etc.) were passed into law by Congress. The “agency wonks” are only fulfilling duties that Congress created. If you want this silliness to stop, it will need to start with Congress amending/repealing the laws.

      Benefit/cost ratio studies are good for the taxpayer, so you don’t want those to stop. They help ensure that taxpayers don’t pay $10 for a project that only returns $1 of value. (Unless you are New Orleans, in which case benefit/cost ratio apparently doesn’t matter) Call your Congressman. Let your voice be heard.

  • Claire

    When will the insanity stop? I will let my voice be heard–I will let all politicians (Democrat and Republican) know just how really stupid they ALL are. I am sick of their shenanigans. I am sick of their games.

  • charles

    We nwwd this treaty like a fish needs a bike.


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